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7824: - The Four Gospels
7255: - Milkmade Vol XIV September 1964
7434: - Mariquita 1911
7763: - The Creative Review Handbook 2011
004232: - The Big Book of Needlecraft: A Book of Practical Information and Interest for the Home Needlewoman, the Dressmaker, the Embroideress, the Knitter and the Craftswoman
6594: - Boyle's Price Book of Automobile Service and Repair
7796: - Les Joueurs et M. Dusaulx (1781) and Le Désoeuvré ou L'Espion du Boulevard du Temple (1782) and Le Chroniqueur Désoeuvré, ou L'Espion du Boulevard du Temple Tome Second (1783) and Tableau de Spa (1782)
6325: - Musee des Hospices Civil de Lyon Hotel-Dieu
7540: - Britannica Book of the Year 1963
004431: - The Story of the Babes in the Wood
7431: - Turner & Newall Limited The first fifty Years 1920-1970
7066: - British Military Museums and Events in the Silver Jubilee Year
6097: E.H.A. - The Common Birds of Bombay
003941: N/A - The Eton Calendar 1932
000672: ABBEY, STATON (GENERAL EDITOR) - Practical Automobile Engineering Illustrated
003401: ABBOTT, P. AND H. MARSHALL - National Certificate Mathematics Volume II (Second Year Course)
7078: ABBOTT, P. E. AND J. M. A. TAMPLIN - British Gallantry Awards
005434: ABBOTT, THE REV. EDWIN A. AND SIR J. R. SEELEY - English Lessons for English People
001156: VAN ACKER, ANDRE - Moments of Ecstasy Before Memlinc
7579: ACTON, HAROLD - The Pazzi Conspiracy: The Plot against the Medici
5652: ADAMS, JANE - Bird
7805: ADAMS, ELIZABETH - Bow Porcelain
6699: ADAMS, ANNA - Angels of Soho
7235: ADAMS, BARBARA - Egyptian Mummies
6001: ADAMS, REGINALD H. - Latin in Oxford: Inscriptioness Aliquot Oxonienses
004079: ADAMS, SAMUEL HOPKINS - Alexander Woollcott: His Life and His World
002689: ADAMS, PETER D. - The Art of Bonsai
7815: ADAMSON, JOY - The Spotted Sphinx
004926: ADCOCK, FLEUR & ANTHONY THWAITE (EDITORS) - New Poetry 4: An Anthology
004204: AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON - Old Saint Paul's: A Tale of the Plague and the Fire
6785: AITKEN, G. A. (EDITOR) - Satires of Andrew Marvell Sometime Member of Parliament for Hull
004411: AITON, JOHN - The Lands of the Messiah, Mahomet, and the Pope; as Visited in 1851
5487: ALCOTT, LOUISA M. - Jo's Boys and How They Turned Out. A Sequel to "Little Men"
6812: ALEX, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Perspectives Number Eight
005155: ALEXANDER, PAUL - Rough Magic: A Biography of Sylvia Plath
001775: ALGAR, NIGEL AND JENKINS, STEPHEN - Films on Offer 1979
001777: ALGAR, NIGEL AND JENKINS, STEPHEN - Films on Offer 1978
5980: AMEER ALI, SYED - The Spirit of Islam: A History of the Evolution and Ideals of Islam with a Life of the Prophet
5811: DANTE ALIGHIERE - La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri Giusta La Lezione del Codice Bartoliniano Vol. III Parte I
5808: DANTE ALIGHIERI - La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri Giusta La Lezione del Codice Bartoliniano Vol. III Parte II
5809: DANTE ALIGHIERI - La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri Giusta La Lezione del Codice Bartoliniano Volume Primo
6131: ALLAN, P.B.M. - The Book-Hunter at Home
003165: ALLCHIN, A. M., D. JASPER, J. H. SCHJORRING, AND K. STEVENSON (EDITORS) - Heritage and Prophecy. Grundtvig and the English-Speaking World
000227: ALLILUYEVA, SVETLANA - Only One Year
5967: ALLINSON, T. R. - Medical Essays, Volume I
003362: ALTHEN, ADOLF - Munchen
6483: MELIHA BENLI ALTUNISIK AND OZLEM TUR - Turkey. Challenges of continuity and Change
7555: AMEERUDDIN, SYED (EDITOR) - Indian Verse in English
003108: AMES, WINSLOW - Italian Drawings from the 15th to the 18th Century. Drawings of the Masters
004919: D'ANCONA, P. & E. AESCHLIMANN - The Art of Illumination: An Anthology of Manuscripts from the Sixth to the Sixteenth Century
004137: ANDERESSON, INGVAR AND OTHERS - Introduction to Sweden
002234: ANDERSON, PERRY (EDITOR) - New Left Review 81 Industrialization in the Third World
002740: ANDERSON, HANS C. - The Ugly Duckling and Other Fairy Tales
001921: ANDERSON, VICTOR - Energy Efficiency Policies
003517: ANDREW, DONNA T. AND RANDALL MCGOWEN - The Perreaus and Mrs Rudd: Forgery and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century London
7465: MARTIN ANDREW - Francis Frith's Around Chichester (Photographic Memories)
003856: ANDREWS, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Price Guide to Antique Furniture
003955: ANDRONICOS, MANOLIS - Delphi
7237: ANGELL, JOHN A. AND JOHN G. MORLEY - Practical Guide to Sanitary Legislation Containing a Synopsis of the Acts Relating to Public Health and Local Government..
003844: D'ANNUNZIO, GABRIELE - La Citta Morta: Tragedia
7305: ANON - Royal Opera House Annual Report 1970/1971
7589: ANON - Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: As Amended by the Sixth Session of the Seventh Supreme Soviet of the USSR
7499: ANON - Cellobond Polyester Resins Technical Manual No. 12
6901: ANON - Scottish Silver and Jewels, Scottish and Sporting Paintings, Drawings and Watercolours
6891: ANON - Catalogue of Important English and Foreign Silver.
005015: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Michaelmas School-Time 1940
005016: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Lent School-Time 1940
003626: ANON - Photography Year 1978/79
6957: ANON - Il Seicento Fiorentino. Arte a Firenze Da Ferdinando I a Cosimo III Disegno/Incisione/Scultura/Arti Minori
004444: ANON - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of The Church of England; and the Sunday Lessons from the Old Testament with Notes on...
5522: ANON - The Photo-Amateur's Pocketbook 1950
004966: ANON - Francois Perier Vie et Souvenirs
004132: ANON - The Book of Good Needlework.
6947: ANON - Extracts from the Proceedings Volume 126 2002
000863: ANON - The Work of Botticelli
7518: ANON - Petworth (Sussex) Rural District
7692: ANON - Hasselblad 500C/M, SWC, 500EL/M and 2000FC Camera & Lenses Brochure 1977
6897: ANON - Important Silver Sale Number 3009
000024: ANON - Marcus Aurelius and His Times - The Transition from Paganism to Christianity
7052: ANON - Holbein and the Court of Henry VIII
001163: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Michaelmas School-Time 1944
001232: ANON - Búzios Cabo Frio Arraial Do Cabo
001380: ANON - The Eton Calendar 1937
001146: ANON - Hachette World Guides: Greece
5837: ANON - The Contribution of Transnational Mining Corporations to the Asia-Pacific Region
6902: ANON - Catalogue of European Silver.
6903: ANON - Fine English Silver.
000400: ANON - Excerpta E Statutis
000963: ANON - Record of Service of Members of the Staff of Coutts & Co. In the War 1939-1945
001761: ANON - Wellington College Register. Tenth Edition. January 1859 - December 1984
004916: ANON - 12 Days on the Norwegian Coastal Steamer
002026: ANON - The British Heritage. The People, Their Crafts and Achievements as Recorded in Their Buildings and on the Face of the Countryside.
002066: ANON - The Arabian Nights Entertainments, Consisting of One Thousand and One Stories Told By the Sultaness of the Indies to Divert the Sultan... Volume II
002090: ANON - Documents and Materials Relating to the Eve of the Second World War. Volume I November 1937-1938
002161: ANON - General Regulations Established By the Supreme Grand Chapter for the Government of the Order of Royal Arch Masons of England
002168: ANON - Guide to Corfe Castle in the Island of Purbeck Dorsetshire
002132: ANON - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to the Isle of Wight in Six Sections, with Walks and Excursions By Motor, Rail and Steamer from Each Centre.
002473: ANON - Fourth Leaders from The Times 1953. A Selection from the Past Twelve Months
002913: ANON - The Honeyman Collection of Scientific Books and Manuscripts. Complete Set of 7 Volumes.
004251: ANON - S. Hurok Presents The Ballet Theatre Coast to Coast Tour 1944-1945
003631: ANON - A Brief Treatise on Various Ailments and Their Treatment by Nature's Remedies
003880: ANON - Johnston's New Premier Atlas of the World
003884: ANON - The Strand Magazine. An Illustrated Monthly Vol. X July to December
001737: ANON - The Eagle Looks Back. A Silver Jubilee Anthology of Twenty-five years' Contribution to "The Spread eagle"
001808: ANON - Swan Lake
003573: ANON - Sussex Churches
000949: ANON - Elections Year. Selected Articles from the Anarchist Weekly Freedom 1964 Volume Fourteen
003984: ANON - Garden Statuary and Architectural Items
001634: ANON - Constitutions of the Antient Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, Under the United Grand Lodge of England Containing the General Charges, Laws and Regulations Etc.
001677: ANON - The Beehive. An Eton Magazine
001678: ANON - Marvels of Modern Science. The Story of the Discoveries of Modern Science and How They are Applied to Shape Our Lives and Direct Our Futures.
001594: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Summer School-Time 1941
004003: ANON - Gleanings from Popular Authors, Grave and Gay.
7539: ANON - Lata Mangeshkar at the Royal Albert Hall March 1974
6083: ANON - Travellers: Beyond the Grand Tour
6650: ANON - The Dunlop Guide to Great Britain
002648: ANON - The Cornhill Magazine No. 1008
003670: ANON - The Niarchos Collection
7261: ANON - Guide to the Exhibited Series of Insects in the Department of Zoology British Museum (Natural History) Cromwell Road, London, S.W.
001593: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Lent School-Time 1939
001070: ANON - Grieben's Guide Books Vol 126 Norway and Copenhagen A Practical guide
6259: ANON - The Cliftonian Volume XV June 1897 - April 1899
003374: ANON - The Eton Calendar 1936
7287: ANON - Old Master Drawings From Chatsworth: A Loan Exhibition from the Devonshire Collection 5th July to 31st August 1969
001587: ANON - The Leisure Hour 1874
6021: ANON - Spring '86
003419: ANON - Family Care in Sickness and in Health
7333: ANON - Britain's Austral Empire: Portraits of the Statesmen and Officials Concerned in the Work of Establishing the Commonwealth of Australia.
004186: ANON - Everybody's Home Lawyer: A Comprehensive Alphabetical Guide to the Law and Its Problems
6179: ANON - Catalogue of Antique and Modern Furniture, Fishing Tackle, Antique and Modern Silver and Plate, Jewellery, Glass, English and European Ceramics, Oriental Ceramics and Eastern Works of Art, Oil Paintings, Watercolours and Prints, Antique and Modern Furnitu
6178: ANON - Naval & Military Books, Manuscripts & Autographs. Catalogue 1027
6174: ANON - Bibliography: Catalogue 1168 Books from the collections of Alan G. Thomas, E.P. Goldschmidt Ltd., and E.M. Dring
7288: ANON - Paintings and Drawings from Christ Church, Oxford: An Exhibition in aid of The Christ Church United Clubs, Kennington 27th April - 11th June 1960
003346: ANON - L'Art Français Du Thé
003100: ANON - Prospect - Photography in Contemporary Art
7265: ANON - Sir Stanley Spencer, R.A. 1891-1959: A collection of paintings and drawings
7510: ANON - The Phillips Collection: A Museum of Modern Art and its Sources Catalogue
004442: ANON - Nauki humanistyczno-spoleczne.
000679: ANON - Johnston's A & B Roads Motoring Atlas of Great Britain
001315: ANON - The Royal Academy Illustrated 1955. a Souvenir of the One Hundred and Eighty-Seventh Exhibition
001147: ANON - Davidson's Miscellany of French and German Lyrics
001164: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Lent School-Time 1937
001166: ANON - Royal Yachting Association 1959 Year Book
002242: ANON - Art Reference and Bibliography. Printed Books. Monday 30th April 1984
6768: ANON - Valadon Utrillo
7689: ANON - Three 1960s Nikon Microscope Instruction Books for Differential Interference Microscope Model R, Model T and Interference-Phase Attachment for Model S
000977: ANON - Japan in Transition: One Hundred Years of Modernization
001575: ANON - Holland Seen By the Camera
004564: ANON - International Socialism A Quarterly Journal of Socialist Theory Summer 2001
6466: ANON - Il Seicento Fiorentino. Arte a Firenze Da Ferdinando I a Cosimo III
6745: ANON - The Morris Oxford (Series V) Graphoref 9
004674: ANON - The Saturday Book 16
005397: ANON - Daniel Quintero: Recent Paintings and Drawings
005010: ANON - Physical Education: The Daily Lesson. Suggestions for Infant, Junior, Senior, Rural, and Senior Girls' Work
005023: ANON - Journal des Ouvrages de Dames No.421 Avril 1923 Revue Mensuelle Pratique Des Arts Feminins
6676: ANON - The Morris Owner's Road Book
6677: ANON - Yugoslavia in Colour
7205: ANON - Old Master Drawings from Chatsworth sold by Order of the Trustees of the Chatsworth Settlement at Christie's Great Rooms on Monday 6 July 1987
6869: ANON - Drawings of Views of Rome, Florence and Elsewhere by Giuseppe Zocchi (Florence 1711-1767)
6921: ANON - Giorgio Morandi 1890-1964
002952: ANON - Magical Cross Stitch. Over 25 Enchanting Fantasy Designs.
003449: ANON - The Strand Magazine. An Illustrated Monthly Vol. XVII January to June
6910: ANON - Catalogue of Important English and Foreign Silver and Plate
7472: ANON - The Antique Dealers' Fair and Exhibition in the Great Hall Grosvenor House
7319: ANON - Memorials of Families of the Surname of Archer
6120: ANON - The Bookworm. An Illustrated Treasury of Old-Time Literature
6911: ANON - Fine Silver
000517: ANON - The Intifada. A Message from Three Generations of Palestinians
6914: ANON - Important Japanese Works of Art
6006: ANON - Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Drawings and Watercolours
003378: ANON - Little Folk's Bedtime Book
003379: ANON - I Believe. A Project of Artistic Optimism
001148: ANON - Royal Yachting Association 1960 Year Book
004798: ANON - L'Illustration No 3859
7025: ANON - English and Continental Books printed before 1800. Catalogue 1028
6019: ANON - The Scottish Sale: Made in Scotland. 11am Friday August 25th and Saturday August 26th 2000 65 George Street, Edinburgh
7378: ANON - English Literature and Private Press Books: George's Catalogue 663
003143: ANON - Guide Du Pneu Michelin Perigord Limousin, Quercy
7266: ANON - Paintings and Drawings by Samuel Palmer in the Ashmolean Museum Oxford
004198: ANON - Majority 1931-1952: An Anthology of 21 Years of Publishing
7671: ANON - Journal of the British Institution of Radio Engineers Volume 12 Number 12 December 1952
6817: ANON - An Important Painting by Pontormo from The Collection of Chauncey D. Stillman
6885: ANON - Important Silver.
6980: ANON - The British Press
002719: ANON - The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony
6593: ANON - The Dunlop Guide to Great Britain
004538: ANON - Dinner Invitation from Dr. Ing. Hermann Neubacher
7362: ANON - Recueil des Travaux de La Société d'Agriculture, Sciences et Arts d'Agen Pendant Le Cours de L'An XII Premier Cahier
7586: ANON - Leninist Solution to the National Question in the USSR
7587: ANON - Principles of Lenin's Foreign Policy
001673: ANON - The Family Song-book
6198: ANON - Bibliography Catalogue 1158
6197: ANON - Palaeography and Medieval History: Books from the Collection of K.W. Humphreys - Catalogue 1205
7606: ANON - V. I. Lenin: A Short Biography
7228: ANON - The Story of St. Mary's Church Melton Mowbray
001591: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Lent School-Time 1941
001592: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Lent School-Time 1944
6884: ANON - Catalogue of Important English and Foreign Silver
000583: ANON - The Royal Marines. The Admiralty Account of Their Achievement 1939-1943
003965: ANON - Blickling Hall, Norfolk
6016: ANON - The Scottish Tourist, and Itinerary; or, A Guide to the Scenery and Antiquities of Scotland and the Western Islands. With a description of the Principal Steam-Boat Tours.
004361: ANON - Australian Scene
6989: ANON - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Translated out of the Original Greek: and with the Former Translation Diligently Compared and Revised, by His Majesty's Special Command
000086: ANON - Let Us Live in Peace and Friendship
000091: ANON - A List of Eton College 1907-9
7784: ANON - Belgium: The Official Account of what happened 1939-1940
6907: ANON - Fine Silver, Silhouettes and Portrait Minatures
6909: ANON - Catalogue of Important English and Foreign Silver and Plate.
6675: ANON - Instruction Manual No. 4 for the Triumph Terrier and Triumph Tiger Cub
7361: ANON - Second Recueil des Travaux de La Société d'Agriculture, Sciences et Arts d'Agen
002837: ANON - L'Angleterre Comparee a La France Sous Les Rapports Constitutionnels, Legaux, Judiciaires, Religieux, Commerciaux, Industriels, Fiscaux, Scientifiques, Materiels, Etc. Par Un Ancien Avocat a La Cour De Cassation et au Conseil d'Etat
7691: ANON - Hasselblad 500C/M, SWC/M, 500EL/M and 2000FC Camera & Lenses Brochure 1979
7560: ANON - AA Hotels England, Wales and Scotland 1953 Coronation Year Edition
004962: ANON - Dialog: Miesiecznik Poswiecony Dramaturgii Wspolczesnej Teatrainej, Filmowej, Radiowej, Rok XIII, Wrzesien 1968 NR 9 (149)
6814: ANON - Three Renaissance Masterworks From Chatsworth Lots 50-52
6102: ANON - Annual Exhibition Modern British Art 23 June-23 July 1993
7446: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Michaelmas School-Time 1939
7383: ANON - Royal Investigation; or, Authentic Documents Containing the Acquittal of H. R. H. the P--ss of W--s Officially Compiled by A Serjeant at Law
6883: ANON - Scottish and Sporting Paintings, Drawings and Watercolours, Scottish Silver
6882: ANON - European Silver
6881: ANON - Works of Art from the Collection of the Late Paul Wallraf
001876: ANON - South African Travel Digest
6979: ANON - The Frick Collection Handbook of Paintings
003265: ANON - Sam Taylor-Wood
005257: ANON - La Dame Blanche Opera Complet pour Piano et Chant Paroles De E. Scribe musique de Boieldieu
7543: ANON - The Amrita Bazar Patrika Centenary Year 1968
7269: ANON - Milkmade Vol XIV August 1964
001270: ANON - The National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty. Report 1965-66
002455: ANON - Who's Who 1974. An Annual Biographical Dictionary
7466: ANON - Work Journal of Handicrafts Vol. XXXIX Nos. 1,099 to 1,124 From April 9 to October 1, 1910
6890: ANON - Important English Silver.
6888: ANON - European and English Silver.
6889: ANON - Belle Collection d'Emaux Cloisonnes et de Porcelaines de Chine.
6886: ANON - Twenty-Second Antiquarian Book Fair
005289: ANON - Le Nozze di Figaro (Figaros Hochzeit) Comic Opera in 4 Acts by Lorenzo Da Ponte, Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Kochel No 492 First performed 1st May, 1786, at Vienna, Burgtheater. Edited from the original MS, with Forward by Hermann Abert
6829: ANON - The Hall Magazine Number Eighty-Eight September 1945
7822: ANON - A Kalendar for Lads
004656: ANON - The Strand Magazine. An Illustrated Monthly Vol. VII January to June
005228: ANON - British Railways Rules for Observance by Employees. To operate from 1st January, 1962
005367: ANON - Contemporary Thursday 16 November 2000
005303: ANON - Beethoven Concerto for Violin and Orchestra D Major Op. 61
7252: ANON. - An Exhibition of Old Master Drawings from Chatsworth
7380: ANON - Catalogue of Printed Books Comprising The Properties of The Right Hon. Lord Banbury, Lewis Jeffrey Selznick, Esq. and other properties
6299: ANON - Homage to Rodin. Collection of B. Gerald Cantor
6282: ANON - Technical Pamphlets for Workmen D.11.: C.B. Exchanges 22 Volts
003885: ANON - Fine Furniture Reproductions: 18th Century Revivals of the 1930s & 1940s from Baker Furniture
001332: ANON - An Anthology of Pieces from Earlier Editions of Enclycopaedia Britannica
7251: ANON. - The Court and Camp of Buonaparte
6983: ANON - Dance and Dancers February 1950
002226: ANON - Sotheby's Catalogue of Important Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Prints: Day of Sale Wednesday 13th May 1981
002690: ANON - The City of Sydney Official Guide
7658: ANON - Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress for Applied Mechanics Cambridge, England July 3rd-9th 1934
001544: ANON - Practical Home Woodworking Illustrated. Everything the Amateur Woodworker Should Know About His Craft with Detailed Working Instructions and Drawings.
002038: ANON - Norwegen. Geschichte - Kultur - Wirtschaft in Wort Und Bild
6156: ANON - Catalogue of the Bookplate Exhibition at the National Book League September 1972
002750: ANON - Photograms of the Year 1949
003851: ANON - American Manufactured Furniture
005029: ANON - The Illustrated London News No. 6354 Volume 238 May 13 1961
004133: ANON - Good Needlework Second Gift-Book .
5743: ANON - Les Jours sur Toile IIme Série
5759: ANON - Egypt: A Historical Synopsis - Selected Studies No. 3
001726: ANON - The Vyne Hampshire. A Property of the National Trust
002003: ANON - Feldman's 27th Blue Book Containing the Words of 100 Song Hits
002162: ANON - Old Master, Decorative, Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Prints. London Thursday 19th and Friday 20th April 1990
002356: ANON - Catalogue of Impressionist and Modern Drawings and Watercolours. Day of Sale Wednesday 26th March 1980
005004: ANON - Journal des Ouvrages de Dames No.448 Juillet 1925 Revue Mensuelle Pratique Des Arts Feminins
7366: ANON - Épitre aux Haricots, Dédiée au Beau Sexe de Tous les Pays
6622: ANON - The Wonders of The World: The Marvels of Nature and Man as They Exist Today Part XI
6034: ANON - Important Old Master Paintings Wednesday 8th April 1981
6972: ANON - Leitz General Catalogue of Photographic Equipment November 1967
7769: ANON - The Queen and Mr. Punch: The Story of a Reign Told by Toby, M.P.
6701: ANON - Emil Nolde 1867-1956
7230: ANON - Guide Indicateur des Rues de Paris avec les stations du Métropolitain les plus proches Autobus-Metro Renseignements Utiles
7789: ANON - The Autocar Handbook: A Guide to the Motor Car
6423: ANON - Kodak Exhibition - Royal Photographers On Behalf of King Edward's Hospital Fund for London and the Voluntary Hospitals. The Catalogue of The Exhibition of Pictures by Royal Photographers which started on a World Tour on behalf of the Hospitals on May 23rd
6028: ANON - Spring '85
6017: ANON - Great Cities in the 19th Century 4th November - 29th November 1985
5868: ANON - Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and Related Drawings from the Courtauld Collections
5818: ANON - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church according to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as they are to be sung or s
5753: ANON - Vaccine Therapy: The Prophylaxis and Treatment of Bacterial Disease by means of Vaccines
5745: ANON - Jugoslavian Embroideries IInd Series
5663: ANON - A Selection of Interesting Books on a Great Variety of Subjects
5593: ANON - École Libre des Sciences Politiques: Organisation et Programme des Cours. Année Scolaire 1938-1939
5586: ANON - Cast Iron Soil, Drain and General Castings Revised 1959 Edition
5546: ANON - The Model Engineer Vol. 85 No.s 2101 & 2102 Thurs., August 14 & 21, 1941
5511: ANON - Report for 1963-64 of the T.U.C. Women's Advisory Committee to the Thirty-Fourth Annual Conference of Representatives of Unions Catering for Women Workers
5508: ANON - L.M.S. (London) Photographic Society Twelfth Annual Exhibition
005433: ANON - Chester Official Guide 20th Edition
005429: ANON - The Rededication of the Church of All Hallows Berkyngechirche-by-the-Tower in the Presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on Tuesday the Twenty-Third of July 1957 at 6.30 p.m. By the Right Reverend and Right Honourable the Lord Bishop of
005422: ANON - Speech By A. I. Mikoyan Member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the C.P.S.U., And First Vice-Chairman of the Council of Minsters of the U.S.S.R. At the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union February 16 1956
005420: ANON - Popular Foreign Birds: Housing, Feeding, Management, Breeding, Suitable Species
005411: ANON - Transactions of the Institution of Engineers & Shipbuilders in Scotland Volume 90 Part 4
005383: ANON - Franklin & Andrews 125 Years Quality in a Changing World
005365: ANON - Important Latin American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture (Part I and II)
005363: ANON - Flight International: A Picture Pageant of the RAF and Its Museum
005362: ANON - Treadway Toomey Galleries 20th Century Auction December 4th & 5th 1999
005336: ANON - North London Railway: A Pictorial Record
005324: ANON - The R. H. Smith Collection of English Porcelain
005308: ANON - The Fine Art Society 2005
005225: ANON - The Lily Year Book 1956 Number Nineteen
005084: ANON - Selected Textiles & Fans Thursday 2nd April 1998
005020: ANON - Shush Mum's Writing Again
005014: ANON - Musée Hans Memling Hôpital St. Jean Bruges St. Jans Hospitaal Brugge
005007: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Michaelmas School-Time 1938
005002: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Michaelmas School-Time 1937
002644: ANON - India
004979: ANON - Dressmaking, Trimming Finishing: Perfections in Details Finishes and Trimmings
004944: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Michaelmas School-Time 1946
004937: ANON - L'Illustration No 4206
004905: ANON - Isobel's Home Cookery No.60 Vol III (July 1898)
004897: ANON - L'Illustration No 4287
004809: ANON - L'Illustration No 3261
004769: ANON - L'Illustration No 3253
004762: ANON - The Student's Romanised Practical Dictionary: Hindustani-English and English-Hindustani
004780: ANON - L'Illustration No 3270
004695: ANON - Bury St. Edmunds
004675: ANON - Underwater Archaeology: a Nascent Discipline
004629: ANON - Indian Engineering Association: Memorandum Submitted By the Indian Engineering Association in Reply to the Questionnaire Issued By the Government of India Labour Investigation Committee May 1945
004536: ANON - Royal Academy Pictures and Sculpture 1915 Illustrating the One Hundred and Forty-Seventh Exhibition of the Royal Academy
004524: ANON - The Indian Heritage: Court Life & Arts Under Mughal Rule
004422: ANON - Jewellery Studies Volume 3
004367: ANON - Sussex County Cricket Club Handbook 1979
003500: ANON - Staining and Polishing Including Varnishing & Other Methods of Finishing Wood
003432: ANON - The Sixty Best Humorous Recitations. A Collection of Humorous Verse and Prose Comprising Standard Favourites and Modern Copyright Pieces
003375: ANON - The Eton Calendar 1938
003252: ANON - Ancestors of an Industry
003196: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Summer School-Time 1943
003195: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Summer School-Time 1938
003194: ANON - The Eton Calendar for the Lent School-Time 1938
003162: ANON - The Quest for Sanity. Reflections on September 11 and the Aftermath
003067: ANON - Punch Vol 98
002912: ANON - The Evelyn Library sold by Order of the Trustees of the Wills of J.H.C. EVELYN, deceased and Major Peter Evelyn, deceased
7484: ANON - Stothert & Pitt Ltd: Data upon Pumps - Data Sheets Nos.1-21
002832: ANON - BBC Year Book 1949
002763: ANON - The Nagel Travel Guide Series: Norway
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004726: ELLIOTT, JANICE - The Country of Her Dreams
002442: ELTRINGHAM, D. - Agriculture
7495: ELWIN, WARWICK (EDITOR) - Some XVIII Century Men of Letters: Biographical Essays by The Rev Whitwell Elwin Some Time Editor of the Quarterly Review with a Memoir Volume II
001782: EMANUEL, W. V. - River Thames
6964: EMANUEL, W. D. - Retina Guide: How To Get The Best Out Of Your Retina
7306: WILLIAM EMBODEN - Sarah Bernhardt
000941: ENGEL, FRITZ-MARTIN - Creatures of the Earth's Crust
7041: ENGEL, HOWARD - Lord High Executioner: An Unashamed Look at Hangmen, Headsmen, and Their Kind
002959: ENGELBREIT, MARY - Cross Stitch for All Seasons
000674: ENNION, E. A. R. - The British Bird
000092: ERITH, JOHN - Erith on Portraiture
7377: LA SALLE DE L'ETANG (SIMON PHILIBERT) - Manuel D'Agriculture pour le Laboureur, pour le Propriétaire, et pour le Gouvernement: contenant les vrais & seuls moyens de faire prospérer l'agriculture, tant en France que dans tous les autres Etats où l'on cultive ; avec la réfutation de la nouvelle méthode de M. Thull.
001119: BY ETONIANS - Sixpenny. Stories and Poems By Etonians. Number Five
002229: PRESENT ETONIANS - The Bubble
7346: EVANS, A. A. - By Weald and Down
000417: EVANS, GEORGE EWART - Where Beards Wag All. The Relevance of the Oral Tradition
7793: EVANS, WILLIAM - Traité Théorique et Pratique de L'Agriculture : adapté à la culture et l'économie des productions animales et végétales de cet art en Canada
6843: EVANS, SEBASTIAN (TRANSLATOR) - The High History of The Holy Graal
001347: EVELYN, JOHN - The diary of John Evelyn, Esq., F.R.S. From 1641 to 1705-6 with Memoir.
004553: EVELYN, J. - A Warrior King: The Story of a Boy's Adventure in Africa
004585: EVERITT, WILLIAM LITTELL - Communication Engineering
6050: EWAN, JOSEPH AND NESTA - John Banister and His Natural History of Virginia 1678-1692
7713: EWERS, DR. HANNS HEINZ - The Ant People
002624: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA - Daddy Darwin's Dovecot
002748: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA - Jan of the Windmill
002747: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA - A Flat Iron for a Farthing. Or, Some Passages in the Life of an Only Son.
002746: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA - Dandelion Clocks and Other Tales
004101: FAISON, S. LANE - A Guide to the Art Museums of New England
000967: FANTONI, BARRY (COMPILER AND EDITOR) - Private Eye's Colemanballs
6305: LE FANU, SHERIDAN - The Flying Dragon
005394: FARBRIDGE, MAURICE - English Literature and the Hebrew Renaissance
6789: FAULKNER, R. O. - Egypt From The Inception of the Nineteenth Dynasty to the Death of Ramesses III Volume II, Chapter XXIII
005224: FAWCETT, HENRY - Manual of Political Economy
002085: FEILING, C. E. AND JOHN OXENFORD - Flugel's Dictionary of the German and English Languages.
004038: FEINBERG, GERALD - Solid Clues: Quantum Physics, Molecular Biology, and the Future of Science
000447: FELLOWS, MALCOLM STUART - Home Movies
001839: FERGUSON, DONALD N. - Piano Interpretation: Studies in the Music of Six Great Composers
6357: FERGUSSON, N. D. M. (EDITOR) - Antenna Volume 8 Number 1 January 1984 Bulletin of the Royal Entomological Society of London
004836: FERMAN, EDWARD L. (EDITOR) - Fantasy and Science Fiction
003060: FERRAND, HENRI - Grenoble and Thereabouts. Chartreuse, Oisans, Vercors, Belledone, Urage-Les-bains, Allevard, Trieves, Salette, Laffrey
002227: FERRIER, NEIL (EDITOR) - Churchill: The Man of the Century. A Pictorial Biography
6719: FÉVAL, PAUL - Le Capitaine Fantome
000089: FICY, PIERRE - Le Menetrier Des Hautes-Chaumes
002438: FILICORI, MARCO (EDITOR) - The Role of Luteinizing Hormone in Folliculogenesis and Ovulation Induction
7678: FINBERG, ALEXANDER J. - The History of Turner's Liber Studiorum with a new catalogue raisonné

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