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70635: - Critchell House, Dorsetshire.
71129: - The Illustrated London News. Christmas Number 1976.
71566: - The Striped Hyaena. Hyaena vulgaris.
54142: - The Dorset Year Book, for 1935.
60662: - The Boy's Own Annual. Vol.56.
69571: - Corfe Castle 2000. A diary of the village.
74128: - The I-Spy Annual.
79378: - Collection of 4 Albums of Original Edwardian Photographs Ca 200 Foreign TRAVEL
72556: - The Dorset Year Book for 1935.
70796: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 1.
70763: - Progress in Cargo Handling. Papers read at the General Technical Conference of the International Cargo Handling Co-Ordination Association, Naples, 1954.
71581: - The Giraffe. Camelopardalis Giraffa.
71583: - The Sturgeon. Acipenser Sturio.
71580: - The Peacock. Pavo cristatus.
61975: - Dod’s Parliamentary Companion 2002. 170th Year.
61997: - The Dorset Year Book for 1952 - 53.
62311: - A Choice of Dorset Churches. Foreword by Sir Owen Morshead.
70626: - Greenwich Hospital. Drawn and Engraved for Dugdale’s England and Wales Delineated.
63316: - Stourhead. Wiltshire.
70819: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 2.
70821: - Gazette of Fashion.
70824: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion.
72557: - The Dorset Year Book for 1937.
72558: - The Dorset Year Book for 1932. With "The Literature of Dorset", by H. F. Johnstone (extensive bibliography of Dorset related books - 18 pp.).
68131: - Weymouth. Greetings from Weymouth. The Resort for Sun, Sands, Sea.
63996: - Athelhampton.
67118: - The Third Country Life Picture Book of Britain. Country Life Picture Book Series.
67131: - View of Lulworth Castle in the County of Dorset.
67957: - The Kennel Club’s Illustrated Breed Standards. Foreword by His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent. President of the Kennel Club.
68165: - The Illustrated Guide to Weymouth the Island of Portland and its Neighbourhood.
61907: - William Camden. William Camden Clarenceux. Obijt A.D.1623. Aetatis Suce LXXIII.
68784: - The Eddystone. Original engraving of The Eddystone Lighthouse.
68871: - Dorset Churches.
69034: - P & O Passenger Services. Cover Half The World. From Moments from the P & O Poster Collection sir Jeffrey Sterling.
69031: - P & O Cruises BOOK HERE - No Fee Poster From Moments from the P & O Poster Collection sir Jeffrey Sterling.
65866: - Weymouth Borough of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis. The English Naples. Weymouth Corporation Guide.
67135: - Ilam Hall
69035: - A Selection of California Lighthouse Drawings: from Discovering the California Coast, A Sunset Pictorial. From Moments from the P & O Poster Collection sir Jeffrey Sterling.
70493: - A Tour of Wiltshire Churches. Under the Guidance of the Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust.
70803: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 2.
70811: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 1.
70812: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 3.
70813: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 2.
71602: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion
71603: - Gentleman’s Magazine Fashion Engraving
71961: - Haunts and Hints for Anglers. Fresh Water Angling, River, Lake, Mere and Canal. Sea Angling, Boat, Pier, Rock and Shore. Two volumes in one.
72754: - AIDN - INLA, Nuclear Inter Jura ‘91. Nuclear Law and Nuclear Energy for the future. Bath, England. September 1991. Some papers in French or German.
72763: - Wessex. An Annual Record of the Movement for a University of Wessex. Vol III No 2.
73359: - The Hillier Dictionary of Trees and Shrubs. The Hillier Arboretum.
70363: - The Book of Bournemouth. Written for 102nd. Annual Meeting of the Brit. Medical Ass. Held in Bournemouth in July, 1934. President: Dr. S. Watson Smith.
70659: - A Choice of Dorset Churches. Foreword by Sir Owen Morshead.
70797: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 2.
70802: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 2.
70804: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 2.
70808: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 3.
70809: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 2.
70815: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion.
70814: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 2.
70817: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 1.
70820: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion
70825: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion.
70822: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plates 1 and 2.
70823: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plates 1 and 2.
70871: - Elegant Extracts: or, useful and entertaining pieces of poetry, Selected for the Improvement of Young Persons: being similar in design to Elegant Extracts in Prose.
71586: - The Goat. Capra Hircus.
71584: - The Brown Bear. Ursus Arctos.
72022: - Vancouver. Western Canada’s Hub of Commerce.
72132: - The Children’s Friend. A Monthly Magazine for Boys and Girls. Vol.41 (Jan.-Dec. 1901) .
75023: - A Large Wall Hanging Tapestry Which Depicts Grape Harvesting
78582: ‘REUBEN RAMBLE’ (REV. SAMUEL CLARK): - Hampshire. Original Antique Hand Coloured Engraved Map of Hampshire. With decorative surrounding illustrations.
72358: - Minutes of the Examination taken before the Select Committee who were appointed to try and determine the Merits of the Petition of Hans Wintrop Mortimer, Esquire, complaining Of an undue Election and Return for the Borough of Shaston, otherwise Shaftesbury, in the County of Dorset.
71120: - Charles Dickens. Some Notes on his Life and Writings, with Eight Portraits, Thirty-seven Illustrations, and Facsimiles of his Handwriting and Autographs.
71121: - The Dickens House.
70816: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion.
73929: - The Dorset Year Book for 1936.
70046: - Nonconformist Congregations in Great Britain. A list of histories and other material in Dr Williams’s Library.
68782: - Birthplace of Cowper, The Poet. Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire.
68769: - Budleigh Salterton - from the Sea. Engraving.
73928: - The Dorset Year Book for 1935.
72287: - Charley the Chicken.
73104: - A Large Poster of Cliff Richard “As he appears in the Elstree Distributor’s Film, Summer Holiday.”
74375: - PUDDLETOWN View Outside Hawkins Saddler. Antique Photo Printed on Canvas
71574: - The Woodcock. Scolopax rusticola.
71577: - The Harpy Eagle. Harpyia destructor.
71579: - The Ass. Equus Asinus.
71572: - The Llama. Auchenia Glama.
71563: - The Common Snake. Coluber Natrix.
71550: - The Oxford Library of Words and Phrases. Vol I, Quotations; Vol II, Proverbs; Vol III, Word Origins. Second edition.
68765: - Winterbourne Steepleton, Dorset. Lithograph.
70794: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 1.
71570: - The Cassowary. Casuarius Emeu.
71894: - Motor Touring in Scotland. Illustrated with Road-Maps, Indexed on General Map, and accompanied with suggested series of extended Tours. Also Guide to the Border for Visitors approaching from England and Wales. Reprinted from the Glasgow Herald and since revised and amplified. Eighth Edition, 1953.
68908: - A Choice of Dorset Churches. Foreword by Sir Owen Morshead.
70810: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 1.
46803: - The Dorset Year Book for 1969 - 1970.
68848: - Life in Our Own and Other Lands. With coloured illustrations. Chambers’s Supplementary Readers.
71587: - The Long-Eared Bat. Plecotus auritus.
53446: - Time and Adams Court, an Attempt at Reconstruction. Signed limited edition
72212: - Original engraving of Vicar’s House, Portland, Dorsetshire. Pub.12 Mar 1784 by S.Hooper. D.L.Sculpt.
68574: - Snowdon and District Beauty Spots. 16 Camera Studies produced in Sepia Matt Photogravure.
73622: - The Writers Directory 1980-1982. A reference companion guide to living English language writers and their works.
72357: - Anno Regni Georgii III. Regis Magnae Britanniae, Franciae, & Hiberniae, Primo. At the Parliament begun and holden at Westminster, the Thirty first Day of May, Anno Dom. 1754 in the Twenty seventh Year of the Reign of our late Sovereign Lord George the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. And from thence continued by several Prorogations to the Eighteenth Day of November 1760, being the Eighth Session of this present Parliament.
62917: - Original Early Photograph of Puddletown. DORSET View from Church Tower looking over Mill Street & High Street.
72947: - Transactions of the Opthalmological Society of the United Kingdom. 57 volumes.
68157: - The Illustrated Guide to Weymouth, the Island of Portland and the Adjacent Neighbourhood.
76986: - The Scientific Results of The Royal Geographical Society’s Oman Wahiba Sands Project 1985-1987. The Journal of Oman Studies. Special Report No. 3.
64391: - The Dorset Year Book, for 1930.
69032: - B.I Best Both Ways. Travel & Freight British Inida Steam Navigation Co Ltd. From Moments from the P & O Poster Collection sir Jeffrey Sterling.
68156: - Weymouth Official Guide. and Melcombe Regis.
72559: - The Dorset Year Book, for 1927.
70800: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 2.
70798: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion.
70799: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Official Costumes - Military uniforms.
75350: - Baily's Hunting Directory 1934-1935 With Diary and Hunt Maps. Official Register of Winners, with meetings, and placed Horses, at Point-to-Point Races, 1934.
72577: - East Knoyle Estate, Wilts. Auction sale at the “Red Lion” Hotel, Salisbury, on Tuesday, April 2nd, 1946 at 2.30 P.M.
63987: - Hidden Dorset. With illustrations by Pip Challenger.
70756: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 3.
73305: - A Collection of State Trials and Proceedings, upon High Treason, and other Crimes and Misdemeanours, from the Reign of King Edward VI to the Present Time. The Eight Volume with Tables to the Viith and VIIIth Supplemental Volumes. The Second Edition.
58089: - Biggles Publisher’s pamphlet of Biggles books with prices.
72621: - The Dorset Year Book, for 1945-46.
71650: - Hatfield Record 2012.
78374: “JEHU JUNIOR” - The VANITY FAIR Album. Vol. XII. (12) A Show of Sovereigns, Statesmen, Judges, and Men of the Day. Biographical and Critical Notices by JEHU JUNIOR. Twelfth Series.
70801: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 1.
76419: - (03) Proceedings of The Dorset Natural History & Antiquarian Field Club. Volume 3.
61595: “AN AMATEUR”: - Boid’s History of Architecture. A Concise History and Analysis of all the Principle Styles of Architecture; namely Egyptian, Grecian, Roman, that of the Dark Ages, of The Arabians and of the Normans; including a detailed description of the origin, progress and decline of The Gothic. To which is added, a sketch of the Architecture of England, down to the present time. By an amateur.
70934: - Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow. A.D.1573-1642.
71119: - Corfe Castle. Topographical and Historical Guide to Corfe Castle in the Island of Purbeck, Dorset. Authorized edition.
60277: -
72575: - The Russian Chronicles. A Thousand Years that Changed the World: From the Beginnings of the Land of Rus to the New Revolution of Glasnost Today.
70818: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 3.
79478: - Military Photo Postcard Album Ca 1910-1920
70795: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 3.
72215: - Evans and Morris shop front. Evans and Morris, Drapers and Outfitters, 78, 81 and 82, St.Mary Street, Weymouth.
69033: - BI Discovery Cruises. Nobody else cruises to such varied & interesting places. From Moments from the P & O Poster Collection sir Jeffrey Sterling.
70806: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 1.
70805: - Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion. Plate 2.
78259: A FOX: - A Run with The Tyndale Hounds A Romantic Drama, In Two Acts.
77838: A’BECKETT, GILBERT: - The Comic History of England. Illustrated with Twenty Coloured Etchings, and Two Hundred Woodcuts. by John Leech. Two Volumes.
77464: ABERCONWAY, CHRISTABEL; - The Story of Mr. Korah Illustrated by Rex Whistler.
79156: ABERCROMBIE, JOHN: - Essays and Tracts By the Late John Abercrombie M.D. First Physician to the Queen for Scotland, Etc.
63055: ABNEY, CAPTAIN W DE W.: - Colour Measurement and Mixture. Romance of Science Series. With numerous illustrations.
74356: ABRAHAM, J. JOHNSTON, - The Surgeon’s Log Being Impressions of the Far East
72978: ACKROYD, PETER: - The Clerkenwell Tales.
74026: ACKROYD, PETER: - Thames. Sacred River.
77510: ADAM & CO.; - The History of Southern & Central Africa: It’s Topography, Geography, Natural Productions, &c., &c. The Whole embracing the results of the travels and researches of the most celebrated and eminent African explorers. In Three Volumes.
77872: ADAMS, THOMAS; HARVEY, WILLIAM J.; WHITSON, THOMAS B.; - Edinburgh 1329 - 1929 Sexcentenary of Bruce Charter.
74622: ADAMS, REV. W.; - Sacred Allegories; The Shadow of The Cross. The Old Man’s Home. & The King’s Messengers. Tenth/ Tenth/ Fourth Editions. Three Volumes in One.
69998: ADAMS, JOSEPH: - The Angler’s Guide to the Irish Fisheries. Containing descriptions of Angling Days spent on the Rivers and Principle Loughs throughout the country. Setting forth their True Sporting Quality; with Hints on Flies, Tackle, and other information helpful to Fishermen. With a Preface by the Marquis of Sligo. With sixteen illustrations.
78723: ADAMS BECK, L.: - The Splendour of Asia. The Story and Teaching of The Buddha. By the Author of “the Way of The Stars,” “The Treasure of Ho,” etc.
71987: ADAMS, CHRIS: - Circular Coast Walks. Weymouth to Poole Bay. A selection of scenic circular walks. Each walk includes a section of the Coast Path and also includes details of Carparks, Tearooms and pubs, Public transport, and thorough route guides.
78554: ADAMS, WILLIAM: - The Mediterranean Illustrated. Picturesque Views and Descriptions of its Cities, Shores and Islands. By the author of "The Buried Cities of Campania", "Catacombs of Rome", etc;
64428: ADAMS, RICHARD: - The Girl in a Swing.
75280: ADAMS, GEOFFREY PHARAOH; POPHAM, HUGH; - No Time For Geishas Journeys of a Far East Prisoner of War.
76876: ADAMS, M.; MAYHEW, C.; - Publish It Not... The Middle East Cover-Up. Signed Copy.
76901: ADCO; - Oil, A Dream Comes True.
77921: ADDISON, A. CHRISTOPHER; - The Story of The "Birkenhead" A Record of British Heroism. In Two Parts.
75117: ADDISON, WILLIAM; - The County Books. Suffolk.
73883: ADDISON, WILLIAM: - Worthy Dr.Fuller. Illustrated with twelve pages of half-tone plates.
77848: ADDISON, JOSEPH; STEELE, RICHARD; - The Spectator. In Eight Volumes. (No.1 - 635, 1710-14.)
79445: ADLAM, BRIAN: - The Book of Dorchester. County town of Dorset.
78021: AESOP; WINDER, BLANCHE; - Aesop’s Fables. Retold by Blanche Winder.
75670: AIKEN, JOAN; - A Necklace of Raindrops. Illustrated by Jan Pienkowski.
55733: AIKEN, JOHN: - Nightly Deadshade. A Novel of Suspense with Dangerous Drugs and Jokes.
74574: AKEHURST, RICHARD; - Sporting Guns.
65209: AKHMATOVA, ANNA: - The Way of All the Earth. Poems. Translated by D.M.Thomas.
74204: ALAN PORTER - Patterns of Greatness
65771: ALCOCK, FRANK: - A Fiery Eye. Signed copy.
75179: ALCOCK, C. W. (ED.): - Famous Cricketers and Cricket Grounds. 1895.
73129: (ALDIN, CECIL) / IRVING, WASHINGTON / STEELE, RICHARD: - Wives. Wives by Washington Irving and The Henpecked Man by Sir Richard Steele. Pictures by Cecil Aldin.
74491: ALDIN, CECIL: - The Romance of the Road. Written & illustrated by C. Aldin. ‘Cheap Edition’
77926: ALDIN, CECIL; - Sleeping Partners. A Series of Episodes.
58227: ALDINGTON, RICHARD: - Images.
72779: ALDISS, BRIAN: - Helliconia Spring, Helliconia Summer, Helliconia Winter. Three volume trilogy.
70078: ALDRED, CYRIL: - The Egyptians. Revised and enlarged edition.
79106: ALEXANDER, RUSSELL GEORGE: - Poems Limited Numbered & Signed Edition by John & Edward Bumpus.
76909: ALEXANDER, FRANCESCA; RUSKIN, JOHN; - Christ's Folk In The Apennine. Reminiscences of Her Friends Among The Tuscan Peasantry.
79429: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - A Second Furness Sketchbook.
79403: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Lakeland Mountain Drawings. Volume Five
79430: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - A Wyre Sketchbook.
79431: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Three Westmorland Rivers. The Kent, The Sprint and The Mint.
79432: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Fellwalking With A Camera.
79433: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Fellwalking With Wainwright.
79434: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Wainwright’s Coast To Coast Walk.
79435: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Wainwright On The Pennine Way
79436: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Westmorland Heritage
79420: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - A Bowland Sketchbook.
79422: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Scottish Mountain Drawings. Volume One. The Northern Highlands.
79413: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - A Third Lakeland Sketchbook.
79414: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - A Fifth Lakeland Sketchbook.
79412: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - A Dales Sketchbook.
79415: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - A South Wales Sketchbook.
79416: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - A North Wales Sketchbook.
79417: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - A Lune Sketchbook.
79418: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - A Ribble Sketchbook.
79419: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - An Eden Sketchbook.
79421: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - A Peak District Sketchbook.
79423: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Scottish Mountain Drawings. Volume Two. The North-Western Highlands.
79424: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Scottish Mountain Drawings. Volume Three. The Western Highlands.
79425: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Scottish Mountain Drawings. Volume Four. The Central Highlands.
79409: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Welsh Mountain Drawings.
79428: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - A Furness Sketchbook.
79426: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Scottish Mountain Drawings. Volume Five. The Eastern Highlands.
79411: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - A Second Dales Sketchbook.
79427: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Scottish Mountain Drawings. Volume Six. The Islands.
79437: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - The Outlying Fells Of Lakeland.
79410: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Kendal in the Nineteenth Century.
79404: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Lakeland Mountain Drawings. Volume One
79408: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Lakeland Mountain Drawings. Volume Two
79405: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Lakeland Mountain Drawings. Volume Five
79406: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Lakeland Mountain Drawings. Volume Four
79407: ALFRED WAINWRIGHT - Lakeland Mountain Drawings. Volume Three
69115: ALLAN, ARTHUR B.: - The Middle Ages. 1154 - 1485. The background book.
75135: ALLAN, JOHN R.; - The County Books. The North-East Lowlands of Scotland.
79122: ALLEN, CECIL J.: - Railways of To-Day Their Evolution, Equipment and Operation. With appendices etc. Illustrated with 26 Coloured plates, Sectional Chart of Express Locomotive, 200 Photo Reproductions and 25 Diagrams. With supplement.
78417: ALLEN-BROWN, A. & D.: - The Violet Book. Coloured Illustrations by Irene M. Johns.
74383: (ALLESTREE, RICHARD) PUBLISHED ANONYMOUSLY; - The Works of The Learned and Pious Author of The Whole Duty of Man. The Third Impression.
50588: ALLINGHAM, HELEN / HUISH, M. B.: - Happy England. With a Memoir and Descriptions. Reissued LARGER SIZE.
78304: ALLINGHAM, HELEN: HUISH, MARCUS. B.: - Happy England. With a Memoir and Descriptions. Reissued Larger Size.
77044: ALLOM, THOMAS; ROSE, T: - Cumberland, It's Lake and Mountain Scenery. Illustrated From drawings on the Spot by Thomas Allom. With descriptions by R. Rose.
70118: ALMACK, T. F: - A Village Heritage. The Story of Blandford St.Mary.
77538: ALPHONSE WILLEMS, DE FEU M.; - Catalogue de Livres Anciens Rares et Precieux. Poets Francais des XVIe et XVIIe Siecles... &c. &c... Provenant de la Bibliotheque.
76390: (93) ALTRINGHAM, JOHN: - British Bats. (The New Naturalist 93 ).
77206: AMEDIO OF SAVOY, LUIGI; - On The "Polar Star" in the Arctic Sea. By His Royal Highness Duke of the Abruzzi. With Statements of Commander U. Cagni upon the Sledge Expedition to 86* 34’ North, and of Dr. Cavalli Molinelli upon his return to the Bay of Teplitz. Translated by William Le Queux. In Two Volumes, with 212 Illustrations, 16 Full-Page Photogravure Plates, 2 Panoramas, and 5 Maps.
75188: AMES, HUGO; SIDNEY, HERBERT; - The Dwarf A Weekly Illustrated Social Journal, No. 1 Vol. 1, December 9th 1890, to No. 26 Vol. 1, June 9th, 1891.
73677: AMOS, ROGER: - The Complete Book of Model Railway Electronics. Second edition.
78654: AMSINCK, PAUL: - Tunbridge Wells, and its Neighbourhood. Illustrated by a Series of etchings by Letitia Byrne.
79189: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN: - The Snow Queen And Other Fairy Tales. Illustrated by E. A. Lemann.
68991: ANDERSEN, ROBERT: - Fifty Hats That Changed The World.
71241: ANDERSON, MONA: - The Good Logs of Algidus. Signed copy.
73995: ANDERSON, JOHN REDWOOD: - Paris Symphony. With a foreword by John Cowper Powys.
68679: ANDERSON, R.C. / FRANKIS, G.G.A.: - A History of "Royal Blue" Express Services.
76662: ANDERSON MRS. (ATTRIB.); - Addressbook, Notebook. Containing Notable Dates Such as The Death of King George VI 1952. In Mauchline Ware Binding.
77459: ANDERSON, D. CORBET; - Croydon Inclosure 1793 - 1803. Of the Commissioners appointed to Inclose the Commons of Croydon; Acts of Parliament relating thereto; and an Appendix containing Lists of Occupiers of the Parish in A.D. 1793 and 1803. with an Introduction and Notes.
78635: ANDRE: - The Cruise of the Walnut Shell Written and Illustrated by Andre.
75361: ANDREWS, WILLIAM; - England in the Days of Old.
76282: ANDREWS, IAN; - Poole A Pictorial History.
72102: ANNABEL MERULLO AND NEIL WENBORN - British Military Greats Including Essays by Kate Adie, Max Arthur, Patrick Bishop, Len Deighton & more.
79158: ANNAEI, MARCI: - Lucani Pharsalia, Sive de Bello Civili, Libri X (Pharsalia, or the Civil War, Volume 10) Ad Editionem Cortii fideliter expressi. (Ad Cortii faithfully reproduced.) LATIN LANGUAGE.
77179: ANON; - Les Termes De La Ley: Or, Certain difficult and obscure Words and Terms of the Common and Statute Laws of this Realm, now in use, expounded and explained. Corrected and enlarded, with the addition of many other words; particularly of those that have been lately introduced into the Statute Law of Great Britain, Never printed in any other Impression.
66274: ANON: - Life in the Walls, The Hearth and The Eaves. Four titles in one volume.
58386: ANON: - Petra. A Brief History and Some Photographs.
62845: ANON: - Fragments: In The Manner of Sterne.
74675: ANON; VARIOUS; - The History of The Town and Parish of Halifax. Containing; A Description of the Town, The Nature of The Soils &c &c. An Account of the Gentry and opther Eminent Persons. Also, It’s Ancient customs, Modern Improvements, Unparalleled Tragedies of Sir John Eland of Eland, His Grand Antagonists, With a Full Account of the Lives and Deaths of Wilkiin Lockwood and Adam Beamont Esquires. And A Catalogue of Several Vicars of Halifax Church...
67071: ANON: - Victoria. An Appreciation.
61347: ANON: - Attractive original steel engraving of Weymouth. Burdon Hotel and Victoria Terrace. 4 June 1860.
67822: ANON: - The Correct Art of Candy-Making.
62324: ANON: - Wareham Forest Walk.
63967: ANON: - The Historie of The Olde Palace Mayfield Sussex from the 9th to the 19th centurye.
72077: ANON: - The New Bath Guide: or, Memoirs of the B-N-R-D Family in a series of Poetical Epistles. A New Edition.
74590: ANON; - An Anecdote to the Miseries of Human Life, In the History of the Widow Placid, and Her Daughter Rachel. The Seventh Edition.
60974: ANON: - Enodia.
61368: ANON: - Attractive original engraving of Otter, Badger and Seal.
61374: ANON: - Attractive original engraving of dress for Order of the Garter. Instituted 1344.
61375: ANON: - Attractive original engraving of Glass case with Ferns.
61449: ANON: - Capitol, Washington. From Illustrated London News.
74647: ANON; VARIOUS; - Dictionnaire Universel Des Synonymes de La Langue Francais. Contenant les synonymes de Girard; Indiques par le Grand-Maitre de l’Universite de France pour l’usage des Colleges; et ceux de Beauzee, Roubaud, Dalembert, Diderot, et autres Ecrivans Celebres. Nouvelle Edition. Two Volumes.
58200: ANON: - In Memoriam. John Rylands. Born February 7, 1801. Died December 11, 1888.
61361: ANON: - Attractive original Colour Chromo Lithograph of Lapageria.
62391: ANON: - Dorset County Guide.
60225: ANON: - St.Paul’s Cathedral. Views and Notes.
61450: ANON: - River Life in Ohio. From Illustrated London News.
59521: ANON: - The Guide to the Regal Green Vaults at Dresden.
61451: ANON: - Troy, New York. From Illustrated London News.
61453: ANON: - Chester. From Illustrated London News.
61454: ANON: - The New Screw Steamship “Thunder”. From Illustrated London News.
57249: ANON: - Shepherd’s Illustrated Almanack and Diary. Illustrated Nottingham Town and County. 1884.
61456: ANON: - The Rock of Gibraltar. Point D’Europ. Sketched from the Signal-House with Cueta and Tangier in the Distance. From Illustrated London News.
61457: ANON: - Opening of the Bute East Dock, Cardiff. From Illustrated London News.
77851: ANON; - Biographia Ecclesiastica: Or, The Lives of the Most Eminent Fathers of the Christian Church. Who flourish’d in the First Four Centuries, and part of the Fifth. Adorn’d with all the Effigies (curiously Ingraven). With a Discourse concerning the State of Religion During those Ages. In Two Volumes.
66673: ANON: - Hallmarks. Hallmarks on gold, silver & platinum.
67349: ANSARI, HUMAYUN (ED): - The Making of the East London Mosque, 1910-1951. Minutes of the London Mosque Fund and East London Mosque Trust Ltd. Camden Fifth Series Volume 38.
74820: ANSELMI, ANGELO TITO; - Tipo 166. The Original Sports Ferrari.
67679: ANSTEY, F.: - Voces Populi. Reprinted from “Punch”. With twenty illustrations by J.Bernard Partridge. Third edition.
73480: ANTHONY, P.D.: - John Ruskin’s Labour. A Study of Ruskin’s social theory.
77066: ANTIQUE VIEW: - TURNER, J.M.W. / COOKE, GEORGE (ENGRAVED BY): - POOLE. Dorsetshire. Dorset
69934: ANTIQUE ENGRAVING BY SCOTT SCULP - Dalmatian. Printed "P. Reinagle" and on the right side is printed "J. Scott sculp"
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51757: BOGARDE, DIRK: - A Period of Adjustment
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72286: BOSWELL, HILDA: - Edward and Gumbo.
77963: BOSWELL, JAMES; - The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Comprehending An account of his studies and numerous Works. In Chronological Order. A Series of his epistolary Correspondence and conversations with many eminent Persons. And Various Original Pieces of his Composition, never before published. The whole exhibiting a view of literature and literary men in Great Britain, for near half a century during which he flourished.
77625: BOSWORTH SMITH, R.; - The Reasons of a Layman and a Liberal for Opposing Disestablishment. Three Letters to The “Times” and One to Mr. Gladstone. Fourteenth Thousand. Revised by the Writer. Also includes a small paperback by the same author bound inside titled “Sunday”, by SPCK, 1910. Dorset Tracts.
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70623: BOWEN, E.: - Original Engraved Antique Map of Dorsetshire. Map of Dorset on one side and road map from Gloucester to Worcester on reverse.
70629: BOWEN, E.: - Original Engraved Antique Map. The road from Dunkton to Weymouth. Engraved for Bowen’s Britannia Depicta.
76085: BOWEN, EMAN; - Original Hand Coloured Engraved Antique Map of Dorsetshire. Divided into Hundreds, Containing the Borough and Market Towns &c. With concise historical extracts relative to its Natural Produce, with the trade & manufacturers of the principle towns. Describing also the Church Livings, with improvements not inserted in any other half sheet county maps extant.
73469: BOWEN, JOHN (ED): - Scale Model Warships.
77946: BOWEN, E.: - Original Engraved Antique Map of Dorsetshire. Map of Dorset on one side and road map from Gloucester to Worcester on reverse.
78932: BOWLES’S - New Medium Map of Oxfordshire. Divided into its Hundreds. Exhibiting the Road, Towns and Villages with their Distance from London, church Livings, Seats of the Nobility, and Historical Remarks.
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79356: BRANDT, JOHANNA: - The Petticoat Commando Or, Boer Women in Secret Service. With Ten Illustrations.
77577: BRASSEY, MRS: - A Voyage in the "Sunbeam". Our home on the Ocean for Eleven Months.
52588: BRAULT, GERARD J. - Eight Thirteenth-Century Rolls of Arms in French and Anglo-Norman Blazon.
79055: BRAUN, HUGH: BELLOC, H.: - The English Castle. Foreword by Hillaire BELLOC.
77493: BRAY, JOHN FRANCIS; - A Voyage From Utopia. Edited with an Introduction by M. F. Lloyd-Prichard.
79239: BRAZIL, ANGELA: - The School By The Sea Illustrated by John Campbell.
79238: BRAZIL, ANGELA: - A Harum-Scarum Schoolgirl Illustrated by John Campbell.
79240: BRAZIL, ANGELA: - Schoolgirl Kitty Illustrated by W. E. Wightman.
78035: BRAZIL, ANGELA: - The Princess of the School. Illustrated by Frank Wiles.
78033: BRAZIL, ANGELA: - The Youngest Girl In The Fifth. A School Story. Illustrated by Stanley Davis.
74125: BRERETON, JOHN: - Chain Mail. The History of the Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry 1798-1991.
78190: BRERETON, CAPT. F. S.: - Jones of the 64th. A Story of Assaye & Laswaree.
68022: BRETT, REGINALD B.: - The Yoke of Empire. Sketches of the Queen’s Prime Ministers. Signed copy.
72814: BRIDGES, ROBERT: - The Testament of Beauty. A Poem in 4 Books by Robert Bridges, Poet Laureate. Second edition with the Author’s final corrections.
69614: BRIDGEWATER, ALAN / BRIDGEWATER, GILL: - The Craft of Wood Carving.
71595: BRIDGMAN, LEONARD (ED): - Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft. 1943-44. (Issued August 1944). Thirty-Third Year of Issue. Compiled and Edited by Leonard Bridgman.
78206: BRIDIE, M. F.: - Across Canada With Two Cameras (July - September, 1938) Being the Diary of M. F. Bridie.
76433: BRIGGS, K. M.; - Pale Hecate's Team. An Examination of the Beliefs on Witchcraft and Magic among Shakespeare’s Contemporaries and His Immediate Successors. SIGNED.
78889: BRIGHT, RICHARD: - Travels from Vienna Through Hungary; With Some Remarks on the State of Vienna During the Congress in the Year 1814.
73378: BRILL, EDITH: - Cotswold Ways. Illustrated by Michael Stainton. Signed copy.
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76882: BRITISH MUSEUM (NATURAL HISTORY); - Report on the Geological Collection Made During The Voyage of the "Quest" On the Shackleton-Rowett Expedition to the South Atlantic & Weddell Sea in 1921-1922.
76570: BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY; - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments. Translated out of the Original Tongues; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty’s Special Command. Appointed to be Read in Churches.
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78411: BROADLEY, A. M.: - The Royal Miracle. A Collection of Rare Tracts, Broadsides, Letters, Prints & Ballads concerning the wanderings of Charless II after the Battle of Worcester (Sept 3 - Oct 15, 1651). With a Preface, Historical Introduction, Appendix, Bibliography and Illustrations.
78986: BROADLEY, A. M.: - The Royal Miracle. A Collection of Rare Tracts, Broadsides, Letters, Prints & Ballads concerning the wanderings of Charless II after the Battle of Worcester (Sept 3 - Oct 15, 1651). With a Preface, Historical Introduction, Appendix, Bibliography and Illustrations.
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78013: BROCK, C. E.; MANNING, ANNE: - The Household of Sir Thomas More. The Series of English Idylls. Twenty-Four Coloured Illustrations by C. E. Brock.
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77113: (BROCK, C.E.); IRVING, WASHINGTON: - The Keeping of Christmas at Bracebridge Hall. With twenty-four coloured illustrations by C. E. Brock. The Series of English Idylls.
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74688: CATLOW, AGNES; - Popular Conchology; Or, The Shell Cabinet Arranged. Being An Introduction to The Modern System of Conchology. With a sketch of the natural history of animals, an account of the formation of shells, and a complete descriptive list of the families and genera.
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75892: CAVAN, EARL OF; - With The Yacht, Camera, and Cycle in the Mediterranean.
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75227: CAVENDISH, GEORGE; - The Life and Death of Thomas Wolsey the Great Cardinal of England.
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76357: CHAMBERS, E; REES, ABRAHAM; - Cyclopaedia: Or, An Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences. Containing an Explanation of the Terms, and an Account of the Several Subjects, in the Liberal and Mechanical Arts, and the Sciences, Human and Divine. Intended as a Course of Ancient and Modern Learning. With the Supplement, and Modern Improvements incorporated in one Alphabet, by Abraham Rees. ‘New Edition’. IN FOUR VOLUMES.
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78749: CHANDLER, DAVID (ED): - Robert Parker and Comte de Merode-Westerloo. The Marlborough Wars. Military Memoirs. SIGNED.
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69455: CHAPMAN, GUY: - Vain Glory. A miscellany of the Great War, 1914-1918, written by those who fought in it on each side and on all fronts. Edited with an introduction by Guy Chapman O.B.E., M.C.
72614: CHARLES HERBERT MAYO - Bibliotheca Dorsetiensis. Being a carefully compiled account of printed books and pamphlets relating to the History and Topography of the County of Dorset.
66533: CHARLES, ALAN: - The Isle of Wight Coastal Path. Foreword by David Bellamy.
79337: (CHARLES DICKENS): - Bentley’s Miscellany. Oliver Twist, The Marchioness of Brinvilliers, Stanley Thorn, Richard Savage, Jack Sheppard, Brian O’Linn, Ingoldsby Legends, Guy Fawkes, Mr Ledbury, Various Articles, ‘Old Miscellany Days’. Volumes 1-12. Lacks Volume 2.
49878: CHARLOT, GYONNE B: - Tea-Cup Fortune-Telling. With a Chapter on Mascots & Lucky Charms.
74322: CHARLOTTE BRONTE - Shirley Literature of Yesterday & To-day. (Introduction: May Sinclair)
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55918: CHASE, JAMES HADLEY: - just a matter of time
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54193: CHERADAME, ANDRE: - The Pangerman Plot Unmasked. Berlin's Formidable Peace-trap of "The Drawn War".
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78947: (CHOLERTON, P. & C.) JEFFERIES, RICHARD: - Under the Acorns. A Selection of Nature Essays. (SIGNED & LIMITED EDITION)
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78412: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S.: - The Story of the Malakand Field Force. An Episode of Frontier War.
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76974: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S: - The Great War. Complete in 26 Fortnightly Parts.
75965: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S.: - Great Contemporaries. (Biographical essays on 21 Great Men.)
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78307: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S: - Step By Step. 1936-1939.
78305: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S.: RANDOLPH S.: - Arms and The Covenant. Speeches by the Right Hon. Winston s. Churchill. Compiled by Randolph S. Churchill.
78314: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S.: - India. Speeches and an introduction by The Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill.
78713: (CICERO) CICERONIS, M.T.: - Orationes. Interpretatione & Notis illustravit P. Carolus de Merouville, Societatis Jesu, Jussu Christianissimi Regis, ad usum Serenissimi Delphini.
79443: CLARK, CUMBERLAND: - The Bournemouth Song Book.
71312: CLARK, RONALD W.: - The Life of Bertrand Russell. Signed copy.
73672: CLARK, LLOYD: - World War I. An Illustrated History.
71243: CLARK, LEONARD: - Sark Discovered. The Prospect of an Island. Being a literary and pictorial record of the island of Sark, wherein is portrayed her beauties and glories, and the true essence of her ancient being. With 16 pages of photographs by Charles Bollen Blore.
76125: CLARK, KENNETH: - Landscape into Art. Introduction by Will Gompertz.
69968: CLARKE, NIGEL J.: - From Hope’s Nose to St.Alban’s Head Dorset, Devon Shipwrecks.
78181: CLARKE, MRS. HENRY: - A Trusty Rebel. Or, A Follower of Warbeck.
78651: CLARKE, HEWSON: - The History of the War, from the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Present Time. Embellished with Beautiful Engravings.
75069: CLAY, SAMPSON; - Present-Day Rock Garden Being A Complimentary Volume To Farrer's English Rock-Garden
55749: CLEARY, JOHN: - Ransom. A Scobie Malone story.
55916: CLEEVE, BRIAN: - The Dark Side of the Sun. A novel.
78602: CLEMENT XIV (GANGANELLI): - Lettres Interessantes du Pape Clément XIV (Ganganelli), (Letters of Pope Clement XIV) Traduites de l’Italien & du Latin; Seconde édition, Exactement revue, corrigée, et augmentée de la Traduction des Passages Latins, & d'une Table Alphabétique des Matieres. (Translated from Italian & Latin; Second edition, Exactly revised, corrected, and augmented by the Translation of the Latin Passages, and an Alphabetical Table of Contents.) In Three Volumes.
68085: CLEMENTS, PATRICIA / GRINDLE, JULIET (EDS): - The Poetry of Thomas Hardy. A Vision Critical Study.
75800: CLEW, K.R: - The Kennet & Avon Canal.
66957: CLIFFORD, FRANCIS: - The Naked Runner.
71226: CLOUGH: - Expansion of the British Empire.
79298: CLOWES, WM. LAIRD: - The Royal Navy, A History From the Earliest Times to the Present. Edited by Sir William Laird Clowes assisted by Sir Clements Markham, Capt. A. T. Mahan, H.W. Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, E. Fraser, etc.; Complete in 7 Volumes.
73343: CLUNES, ALEC: - The British Theatre.
54227: CLUNN, H.P: - The Face of the Home Counties. Portrayed in a Series of 18 week-end drives from London.
73975: COBB, RICHARD: - Still Life. Sketches from a Tunbridge Wells Childhood.
73976: COBB, RICHARD: - French and Germans, Germans and French. A Personal Interpretation of France under Two Occupations 1914-1918 / 1940-1944.
73590: COBB, RICHARD: - Paris and its Provinces. 1792-1802.
78724: COBBETT, WILLIAM: - Rural Rides In the counties of Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hants, Berks, Oxford, Bucks, Wilts, Somerset, Gloucester, Hereford, Salop, Worcester, Stafford, Leicester, Hertford, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Nottingham, Lincoln, York, Lancaster, Durham and Northumberland, during the Years 1821 to 1832. With Economical and Political Observations. A New Edition, with Notes, by Pitt Cobbett. Two volumes.
77240: COBBETT, WILLIAM: - Rural Rides An Abridgment with biographical Introduction by E. R. Chamberlain.
50209: COCHRANE, R.(COMPILED & SELECTED BY): - The Treasury of Modern Biography. A Gallery of Literary Sketches of Eminent Men and Women of the Nineteenth Century.
75531: COCHRANE, IAN; - Jesus on a Stick
73560: COCHRANE, C.: - Poole Bay and Purbeck (1) 300 BC-AD 1600. (2) 1660-1920. two volumes.
70108: COCHRANE, C.: - Poole Bay and Purbeck. 300 BC - AD 1660.
52250: COHEN EDWIN - Birds of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
77180: COKE, EDWARDO; - The First Part of the Institutes of the Law of England. In Three Volumes. Or, a Commentary upon Littleton; Not the name of the Author, but of the Law itself. The Fifteenth Edition, Revised Corrected, with further additions of notes, references, and proper tables by Francis Hargrave and Charles Butler. Including also the notes of Lord Chief Justice Hale and Lord Chancellor of Nottingham, and Analysis of Littleton written in 1658-9
79307: COLE, BARBARA: - The Elite, The Story of the Rhodesian Special Air Service
74037: COLEMAN, LONNIE: - The Legacy of Beulah Land.
69341: COLERIDGE, HARTLEY: - Biographia Borealis; or the lives of distinguished northerners.
64934: COLES, MANNING: - The Three Beans. The twentieth Secret Service adventure of Thomas Elphinstone Hambledon of British Intelligence.
79279: COLESWORTHEY, GRANT: - Rural Life in Bengal. Illustrative of Anglo-Indian Suburban Life. Letters from an artist in India to his sisters in England. BY THE AUTHOR OF “Anglo-Indian Domestic Life.” Illustrated with One Hundred and Sixty Six Engravings.
64921: COLLINGWOOD, HARRY: - Under the Meteor Flag. The Log of a Midshipman during the French Revolutionary War.
78471: COLLINGWOOD, HARRY: - Through Veld and Forest. An African Story. Illustrated by Arch. Webb.
73288: COLLINS, IRENE: - Jane Austen and the Clergy.
44926: COLLINS, WILLIALM: - Drafts & Fragments of Verse. Edited from the Manuscripts by J. S. Cunningham.
74021: COLLINS, LARRY: - Fall From Grace.
78149: COLLINS, WILLIAM; BLUNDEN, EDMUND; - The Poems of William Collins. Edited with an introductory essay by Edmund Blunden.
74992: COLLINS; - Graphic Stories of Kings. With Eight Illustrations in Colour and More in Black and White.
79355: COLLIVER RICE, C.: - Shirin A Story of Modern Persia.
73625: COLQUHOUN, KATE: - Mr.Briggs’ Hat. A Sensational Account of Britain’s First Railway Murder.
60765: COLVILLE, ROBERT: - The County Books. London, The Northern Reaches.
73339: COLWELL, STELLA: - The Family History Book. A Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors.
55915: CONDON, RICHARD: - Arigato. A novel.
77741: CONDRY, W.M.: - The Snowdonia National Park. (The New Naturalist 47).
75526: (47) CONDRY, W.M.: - The Snowdonia National Park. (The New Naturalist 47).
78113: CONFUCIUS; LAU, D.C.; - Confucius, The Analects, Lun Yü. Translated with an Introduction by D. C. Lau. Preface by A. C. Grayling.
69502: CONNOLLY, JOSEPH: - P.G.Wodehouse. An Illustrated Biography. With complete bibliography and collectors guide.
68833: CONNOLLY, JOSEPH: - Children’s Modern First Editions Their Value to Collectors.
76941: CONRAD, JOSEPH: - The Mirror of The Sea. Memories and Impressions.
76942: CONRAD, JOSEPH: - The Shadow Line, A Confession. The Wayfarer’s Library.
74998: CONWAY, PETER; - Revised Proof.
78950: COOK, C. F.: - Another Book of Sussex Verse Signed.
74995: COOK, E. T.; - Trees & Shrubs for English Gardens.
78648: COOK, JANE E: - The Sculptor Caught Napping. A Book for the CHildren's Hour.
76752: COOK, DR. FREDERICK A.; - My Attainment of the Pole. Being the Record of the Expedition that First Reached the Boreal Center 1907-1909. With the Final Summary of the Polar Controversy.
76696: COOK, SIR ALBERT R.; - Uganda Memories (18997-1940) Limited Numbered & Signed Edition.
71123: COOKE, ROBERT: - Athelhampton.
76903: COOKE, M.C.: - A Plain and Easy Account of British Fungi. With especial reference to the Esculent and Economic Species. With coloured plates of thirty-four species and numerous woodcuts.
77943: COOKE, GEO; PROUT, S.; - Weymouth Castle, Dorsetshire. Antique Hand Coloured Engraving, With a Historical Description.
77944: COOKE, GEO; PROUT, S.; ALLEN, J.C.; - Lulworth Cliffs, Dorsetshire. Antique Hand Coloured Engraving, With a Historical Description.
56442: COOKSON, G.M.: - The Dark Companion.
70754: COOLIDGE, OLIVIA: - Caesar’s Gallic War. With line decorations by William Stobbs.
74457: COOPER, J. FENIMORE, - Homeward Bound: Or, The Chase. AND Eve Effingham; A Sequel To Homeward Bound. A Tale of The Sea. A New Edition. Two Volumes in One.
66742: COOPER, GEOFFREY: - Farnborough and the Fleet Air Arm. A History of the Naval Aircraft Department of the Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough Hampshire. Signed copy.
77724: CORBET, PHILLIP; BROOKS, STEPHEN; - Dragonflies. The New Naturalist (41.)
72865: CORDINGLY, DAVID: - Spanish Gold. Captain Woodes Rogers and the Pirates of the Caribbean.
76160: CORNWELL, BERNARD; - The Grail Quest Series. Harlequin; Vagabond; & Heretic. Three Volumes.
70744: CORPE, HILDA R.: - Prisoner Beyond the Chindwin. With a foreword by Frank Owen.
79184: COTTIN, MADAME: WESTALL, RICHARD: - Elizabeth; Or The Exiles Of Siberia. A Tale Founded Upon Facts. From The French of Madame Cottin.
73491: COULSTOCK, P.H.: - The Collegiate Church of Wimborne Minster. Studies in the History of Medieval Religion 5.
79162: COUSIN, JAMES; COSIN: - The Names of The Roman Catholics, Nonjurors, and others who refus’d to take the Oaths To His Late Majesty King George. Together with Their Titles, Additions, Places etc... Transmitted to the late Commissioners for the Forfeited Estates of England and Wales, After the Unnatural Rebellion in the North, in the Year 1715. As appears by the returns of the Clerks of the Peace... Taken from an original manuscript... and now Published with a generous view to promote and serve the true Protestant Interest of these kingdoms.
78755: COWAN, PETER: - Toy Knights “The Other 100 Years War.” SIGNED.
75157: COWARD, T.A; - Life of the Wayside & Woodland. When, Where, and What to Observe and Collect. A Handy Guide with descriptive Text.
79121: COWARD, T. A.; - Life of the Wayside & Woodland. When, Where, and What to Observe and Collect. A Handy Guide with descriptive Text.
73264: COWEN, PAINTON: - English Stained Glass. With 200 colour illustrations.
72510: COX, MICHAEL: - The Cream of Noel Coward. Selected by Michael Cox. Illustrated by Helen Smithson. Preface by Graham Payne and Sheridan Morley.
58620: COX, J.STEVENS / COX, G.STEVENS (ED): - The Thomas Hardy Year Book. No.27.
58615: COX, J.STEVENS / COX, G.STEVENS (ED): - The Thomas Hardy Year Book. No.16.
75413: COX, BERNARD; - Paddle Steamers.
58624: COX, J.STEVENS (ED): - Two Dorset Ballads. C.1700.
58621: COX, J.STEVENS / COX, G.STEVENS (ED): - The Thomas Hardy Year Book. No.29.
58619: COX, J.STEVENS / COX, G.STEVENS (ED): - The Thomas Hardy Year Book. No.20.
58618: COX, J.STEVENS / COX, G.STEVENS (ED): - The Thomas Hardy Year Book. No.19.
58617: COX, J.STEVENS / COX, G.STEVENS (ED): - The Thomas Hardy Year Book. No.18.
73617: COX, BEN: - Blandford Forum. A Pictorial History.
76992: COX, BENJAMIN G.; - The Book of Blandford Forum The Story of the Town’s Past.
79302: COX, HARDING (EDITOR): LOWE, G. S.: - Foxhounds Dogs By Well-Known Authorities. Volume II. Part VI. Profusely illustrated with full-page plates finely printed in colours and in photogravure from originals specially painted for this work.
79303: COX, HARDING (EDITOR): LOWE, G. S.: HULKES / DAVIDSON / HESELTINE: - Harriers, Beagles, Otter-Hounds and Basset-Hounds. Dogs By Well-Known Authorities. Volume II. Part VII. Profusely illustrated with full-page plates finely printed in colours and in photogravure from originals specially painted for this work.
69057: COX, J.CHARLES: - Pulpits, Lecterns, & Organs in English Churches. With 155 illustrations.
73389: COX, MICHAEL: - The Glass of Time. The secret life of Miss Esperanza Gorst. Narrated by Herself.
58613: COX, J.STEVENS (ED): - Dorset of the Poets. 1622-1968.
58616: COX, J.STEVENS / COX, G.STEVENS (ED): - The Thomas Hardy Year Book. No.17.
77927: COX, J.STEVENS (ED): - The Wigmaker’s Art in the 18th Century. A Translation of the section on Wigmaking in the 3rd Edition (1776) of the Encylopedie of Denis Diderot & Jean D’Alembert.
58622: COX, G.STEVENS (ED): - The Thomas Hardy Year Book. No.32.
74342: CRABB, GEORGE; - Universal Historical Dictionary. Or, Explanation of the Names of Persons and Places, in the departments of biblical, political, and ecclesiastical history, mythology, heraldry, biography, bibliography, geography and numismatics. Illustrated by Portraits and Medallic Cuts. TWO VOLUMES.
61650: (CRABBE): - The Poetical Works of the Rev.George Crabbe. With Letters and Journals, and Life. By his Son. In eight volumes.
78961: CRADOCK, MRS. H. C.: APPLETON, HONOR C.: - The Big Book of Josephine Pictured by Honor C. Appleton.
68790: CRAMB, J.: - Jaffa. Engraving taken from a photograph and printed in colour.
70477: CRANE, NICHOLAS: - Mercator. The man who mapped the planet.
72128: CRANE, WALTER: - Renascence A Book of Verse by Walter Crane. Limited edition.
61354: CRANE, WALTER: - Attractive original illustrated song “Jog On, Jog On”. From the book, “Pan Piped”.
77976: CRANE, WALTER; DELAND, MARGARET; - The Old Garden. And other verses, decorated by Walter Crane.
79164: CRANE, LUCY: CRANE, WALTER: GRIMM: - Household Stories From the Collection of The Brother Grimm. Translated from the German by Lucy Crane and done into pictures by Walter Crane.
78636: (CRANE, WALTER) MARZIALS, T: - Pan-Pipes. A Book of old Songs. Newly arranged & with accompaniments by T. Marzials. Set to Pictures by Walter Crane. Engraved and Printed in colours by Edmund Evans.
77249: CRANE, NICHOLAS: - Clear Waters Rising. A Mountain Walk Across Europe.
77248: CRANE, NICHOLAS: - Two Degrees West. A Walk Along England’s Meridian. SIGNED COPY.
59075: CREASY, SIR EDWARD: - The Fifteen Decisive Battles Of The World. From Marathon To Waterloo.
77277: CRESWICKE, LOUIS; - South Africa and the Transvaal War. From the Foundation of Cape Colony... With Numerous Illustrations and Maps. In Seven Volumes.
79076: CRIAG, W. J.: SHAKESPEARE: - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Edited with a glossary by W. J. Craig.
70261: CRIBB, JOE / COOK, BARRIE / CARRADICE, IAN: - The Coin Atlas. The World of Coinage from its origins to the present day.
79296: CRIRIE, JAMES: - Scottish Scenery: Or, Sketches in Verse Descriptive of Scenes Chiefly in The Highlands of Scotland: Accompanied with Notes and Illustrations; and Ornamented with Engravings by W. Byrne from Views Painted by G. Walker.
70972: CRISWELL, GROVER C.: - Confederate and Southern State Currency. Criswell’s Currency Series. Vol I. 1st Revised Edition. A Descriptive Listing, Including Rarity and Prices. “The Confederate States of America” and all of the Southern States Including “The Territory of Florida” and “The Republic and Government of Texas”.
78767: CRISWICK, J.: - A Walk Round Dorchester; Containing an account of every thing worthy the observation of the traveller and antiquary, within that ancient town, and the circumference of a few miles, compiled from the best authorities; Also an account of the Abbeys of Milton, Cerne and Bindon, Together with Sherborne, Lulworth, and Corfe Castles. Embellished with a finely executed View of Dorchester and Fordington, and a Correct Map of the County.
64362: CRITCHLEY, MACDONALD (ED): - Trial of Neville George Clevely Heath. Notable British Trials Series. Vol.75

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