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20140514: - Xxxviii Subasta Filatelica 22 de Abril de 1999
20091230: - Frida Kahlo
A385: - The Malleus Maleficarum of Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger
20150205: - Wonderbook the Art on Oasis of the Seas
20131101: - Above Hallowed Ground: A Photographic Record of September 11, 2001
20100104: - A Collection of Australian Bush Verse
20130115: - The Petit Trianon: Marie Antoinette's Domain
A398: - The Subsidence Handbook: A Practical Guide to Subsidence in Domestic Property
2009_8_18: - The Spck Book of Christian Prayer (First Printing)
2009_6_11: - Painting with Words an Anthology of Art and Poetry
2009_10_21: - The Analysis of Bond Rating (Japanese Text)
20100224: - The Treasured Thangkas in Yonghegong Palace
20140406: - Highly Important Ancient Coins - October 9th 1984
20140302: - Henri Cernuschi 1821-1896 Voyageur Et Collectionneur
20141005: - Conducting Business in Ukraine
2009_1_17: - Plastic Surgery: The World's Top Surgeons & Clinics
2009_4_25: ABDOLAH KADER - My Father's Notebook First Printing
3462CK: ABRAMS DOUGLAS CARLTON - The Lost Diary of Don Juan
20100708: ACHEBE CHINUA - The Education of a British-Protected Child (First Printing)
A401: ACKROYD PETER - Thames: Sacred River
20100615: ACKROYD PETER - The Fall of Troy (Plus Loosely Inserted Signed Bookplate)
IS117: ACKROYD PETER - The Clerkenwell Tales
2009_5_5: ACKROYD PETER - Dickens (Signed First Printing )
2158CK: ACKROYD PETER - The Collection (Signed First Printing)
2007_32: ACKROYD PETER - Chaucer (Signed First Printing)
3503MN: ADAMS AMANDA - A Mermaid's Tale: A Personal Search for Love and Lore
3896MN: ADAMS MAX - The Firebringers: Art, Science and the Struggle for Liberty in Nineteenth-Century Britain (First Printing)
20160302: ADAMS GUY - The Clown Service
20140501: ADAMSON ROB AND NETTLETON CHRIS - Mallard and the A4 Pacifics
2007_07_116: ADICHIE, CHIMAMANDA NGOZI - Half of a Yellow Sun Signed
3879CK: ADIE KATE - Into Danger: Risking Your Life for Work (Signed First Printing)
2200CK: ADLARD JOHN - The Timid, Bending Venus
2009_3_6: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Seven Deadly Sins
A388: AKER FRANK - October 1973: The Arab-Israeli War
2006 19: AKUNIN BORIS - Turkish Gambit
A371: AKUNIN BORIS - The Death of Achilles Signed in Japanese and Russian
2006_56: AKUNIN BORIS - The Winter Queen (First Printing)
3754CK: AKUNIN BORIS - Pelagia & the Black Monk (Signed First Printing)
3710CK: AKUNIN BORIS - Pelagia & the White Bulldog
20100315: AKUNIN BORIS - Special Assignments Signed in Russian and Japanese
2006_167: AKUNIN BORIS - The Death of Achilles (Signed in Both Japanese and Russian)
2006_19: AKUNIN BORIS - Turkish Gambit (Signed in Both Japanese and Russian)
20121104: AKUNIN BORIS - The State Counsellor (Signed Bookplate)
20100814: ALBAHARI DAVID - Gotz and Meyer
20100605: DE ALCANTARA PEDRO - Befiddled (First Printing)
20140904: ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH - Travle Tales: Feel at Home with East Coast
3912CK: ALI MONICA - Untold Story (First Printing)
20150903: ALLEN EDWARD - Stone Shelters
2004_139: ALLEN CANDACE - Valaida +Signed +
X3363: ALLENDE ISABEL - Zorro the Novel
3673CK: ALLENDE ISABEL - The Sum of Our Days (Signed First Printing)
2009_2_11: ALLENDE ISABEL - The Sum of Our Days Signed
20141015: ALLISON ROBERT - The Letter Bearer
A322AD: ALMOND DAVID - Mouse Bird Snake Wolf
2004_4: ALMOND DAVID - Counting Stars +++ Signed +++First Printing
2009_10_8: ALVAREZ AL - The Writer's Voice
1996DL: AMBLER ERIC - The Story So Far - Memories and Other Fictions
2006_156: AMIS MARTIN - Yellow Dog Signed
1350DL: ANDAHAZI FREDERICO - The Anatomist
1582CK: ANTONIO SAN - Alien Archipelago
A294: APTER T E - Virginia Woolf: A Study of Her Novels
2007_71: ARCHER JEFFREY - Cat O' Nine Tales
2682CK: ARDAGH PHILIP - The Not-So-Very Nice Goings-on at Victoria Lodge Signed
2554CK: ARDAGH PHILIP - The Rise of the House of Mcnally Signed
2007_07_130: ARDEN JOHN - Silence Among the Weapons (First Printing)
2005 48: ARJOUNI JAKOB - Idiots - Five Fairy Tales and Other Stories
2005_48: ARJOUNI JAKOB - Idiots - Five Fairy Tales and Other Stories
A323RA: ARKIN C RONALD - Behavior-Based Robotics
20160303: ARMSTRONG GEOFFREY - The Sparks Fly Upward
20100301: ARMSTRONG JOHN - The Intimate Philosophy of Art
3843MN: ASIMOV ISAAC - Magic: The Final Fantasy Collection (First Printing)
2009_6_35: ASWANY ALAA AL - Chicago
3747CK: ATKINS GAVIN - A Lover's Odyssey
20130908: ATWOOD MARGARET - Bottle (Signed)
20091110: ATWOOD MARGARET - The Blind Assassin
A397: AUCOIN KEVYN - The Art of Makeup
2004_18: AUGARDE STEVE - The Various Signed First Printing with Drawing
IS72: AUGARDE STEVE - Winter Wood Signed Lined and Dated
3569CK: AUGARDE STEVE - Winter Wood Signed and Dated First Printing
2004 18: AUGARDE STEVE - The Various Signed First Printing with Drawing
20110711: AUSLANDER SHALOM - Beware of God
20100310: AUSTEN JANE - Hugh Thomson's Illustrations of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
IS08_04_54: AUSTER PAUL - Lulu on the Bridge
IS08_07_14: AUSTER PAUL - La Vie Interieure de Martin Frost
20100603: AUSTER PAUL (ADAPTATION BY PAUL KARASIK AND DAVID MAZZUCCHELLI) - City of Glass (First Printing of This Adaptation)
3584CK: AUSTER PAUL - Leviathan
3396CK: AUSTER PAUL - Oracle Night
2009_6_4: AUSTER PAUL - The Book of Illusions First Printing
20101218: AUSTER PAUL - Man in the Dark
2491CK: AUSTER PAUL - Timbuktu
CF8: AW TASH - The Harmony Silk Factory
3784CK: AW TASH - Map of the Invisible World (First Printing)
B2005_55: AW TASH - The Harmony Silk Factory +Signed
2007_08_11: AYCLIFFE JONATHAN - The Matrix
2007_07_35: AYLWEN AXEL - The Falcon of Siam
X2106: AZZOPARDI TREZZA - Remember Me Signed First Printing
558CK: AZZOPARDI TREZZA - The Hiding Place Signed First Printing
2009 4 2: BABELOWSKY BEN - The Art of Ben Babelowsky Signed with Best Wishes
2009_4_2: BABELOWSKY BEN - The Art of Ben Babelowsky Signed with Best Wishes
20110322: BAIGENT MICHAEL - Racing Toward Armageddon
X2595: BAIL MURRAY - Eucalyptus
2004 9: BAIL MURRAY - Camouflage
2004_9: BAIL MURRAY - Camouflage
20100409: BAILEY BLAKE - Cheever: A Life (First Printing)
20140504: BAILEY PAUL - Chapman's Odyssey
2003_27: BAILEY PAUL - Uncle Rudolf (First Printing)
2009_3_8: BAINBRIDGE BERYL - Front Row Evenings at the Theatre: Pieces from the Oldie
1945CK: BAKER NICHOLSON - The Size of Thoughts
2007_61: BAKER NICHOLSON - Vox
20091202: BAKER NICHOLSON - The Mezzanine (First Printing)
2003_35: BAKER NICHOLSON - Room Temperature First Printing
20140911: BAKEWELL JOAN - She's Leaving Home
2009_7_16: BAKEWELL JOAN - All the Nice Girls Signed First Printing
20101119: BALLARD J G - Miracles of Life: Shanghai to Shepperton
2009_2_13: BALLARD J G - The Complete Short Stories First Printing
2244CK: BANKS IAIN - Canal Dreams
20140607: BANKS IAIN - Raw Spirit
20091210: BANVILLE JOHN - The Sea (First Printing)
20100141: BANVILLE JOHN - The Untouchable (Signed First Printing)
709CK: BANVILLE JOHN - Ghosts Signed First Printing
842CK: BANVILLE JOHN - Shroud Signed
3751CK: BARDSLEY RICHARD - Body Parts: The Anatomy of Love (First Printing)
2007_55: BARICCO ALESSANDRO - Without Blood
2009_10_20: BARICCO ALESSANDRO - Homero, Iliada
20140206: BARKER CLIVE - Abarat: Days of Magic Nights of War
3886CK: BARKER NICOLA - Burley Cross Postbox Theft
3394CK: BARKER PHIL - Alexander the Great's Campaigns - a Guide to Ancient Political and Military Wargaming
2005_37: BARKER NICOLA - Clear Signed First Printing
2475CK: BARKER NICOLA, DE BERNIERS LOUIS & PERKINS EMILY - Does the Sun Rise over Dagenham? Signed By Nicola Barker
2007_09_31: BARKER NICOLA - Darkmans (First Printing)
2008_7: BARKER NICOLA - Wide Open (First Printing)
1887CK: BARKER NICOLA - Five Miles from Outer Hope Signed First Printing
718CK: BARKER NICOLA - Five Miles from Outer Hope Signed First Printing
2004_21: BARKER A.L. - Submerged First Printing
2340CK: BARKER A.L. - Zeph
2003_40: BARKER PAT - Another World Signed
20100403: BARNABY CONRAD III - Les Chats de Paris
2003_42: BARNARD ROBERT - The Bad Samaritan Signed
2009_8_9: BARNES TESS - Women of Substance: 50 Portraits of High Profile Women of Our Times
20111010: BARNES JULIAN - The Sense of an Ending (First Printing Plus Bookmark + 2011 Man Booker Booklet)
2005_172: BARNES JULIAN - Arthur & George Signed
2003_45: BARNES JULIAN - Something to Declare
2003_47: BARRETT ANDREA - The Voyage of the Narwhal
347CK: BARROW ANDREW - The Tap Dancer
2005 56: BARRY SEBASTIAN - A Long Long Way Signed
2005_56: BARRY SEBASTIAN - A Long Long Way Signed
2004_185: BARTH JACK - Travels with Elvis
2004 23: BASU KUNAL - The Opium Clerk (First Printing)
2004_23: BASU KUNAL - The Opium Clerk (First Printing)
3556MN: BATCHELOR JOHN - Lady Trevelyan and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
20120305: BAUDOT FRANCOIS - Alaia
20110704: BAUM MARSHA L - When Nature Strikes: Weather Disasters and the Law
2576MN: BAUSCH RICHARD - Aren't You Happy for Me? and Other Stories
IS70: BAXTER STEPHEN - The H-Bomb Girl
2959CK: BAXTER STEPHEN - Longtusk
2004_24: BAXTER CHARLES - The Feast of Love
A355: BAYARD LOUIS - The Pale Blue Eye
2009_7_12: BAYARD PIERRE - Who Killed Roger Ackroyd? the Mystery Behind the Agatha Christie Mystery
20120206: BEASLEY-MURRAY R GEORGE - John - Word Biblical Commentary - Vol 36 Second Edition
3894CK: BEATON ALISTAIR - A Planet for the President
1626DL: BEATTIE ANN - Picturing Will
2007_07_65: BEAVEN DEREK - His Coldest Winter
3637CK: BECKER JASPER - City of Heavenly Tranquillity: Beijing in the History of China
2009 9 23: BECKETT ALICE - Fakes: Forgery and the Art World
2009_9_23: BECKETT ALICE - Fakes: Forgery and the Art World
2009_7_22: BEDINGFELD HENRY ET AL - Heraldry
20111008: BEDOLLA LISA GARCIA - Latino Politics
20100405: BEESON TREVOR - The Bishops (Included Is a Newspaper Article/Review of the Book)
2008_11_14: BELANGER JEFF (COMPILED AND EDITED BY) - Encyclopedia of Haunted Places: Ghostly Locales from Around the World
2007_08_08: BELLO ANDRES - Selected Writings of Andres Bello
3908CK: BENJAMIN MELANIE - Alice I Have Been
2007_107: BENJAMIN BLACK - Christine Falls Signed
Aa1: BENMORE JAMES - Dodger of the Dales
IS13: BENNETT RONAN - Zugzwang Signed First Printing
3712CK: BENNETT RONAN - The Catastrophist
2009_8_17: BENNETT ALAN - Untold Stories First Printing
20140204: BENNETT DAVID - Metro: The Story of the Underground Railway
2005_17: BENNETT RONAN - Overthrown By Strangers (Signed First Printing)
2009_1_16: BENNETT RONAN - The Catastrophist
2009_6_27: BENNETT ALAN - Father! Father! Burning Bright
2004_28: BENSON BARBARA - The Underlings
2619CK: BENTLEY TONI - Sisters of Salome
2009_1_1: BERENDT JOHN - The City of Falling Angels
3800CK: BERGER ALAN - Reclaiming the American West
20100910: BERKELEY JON - The Palace of Laughter (First Printing)
2004_69: DE BERNIERES LOUIS - Birds without Wings (Signed First Printing)
2004_53: DE BERNIERES LOUIS - A Day out for Mehmet Erbil
2004_50: DE BERNIERES LOUIS - Birds without Wings - Signed Limited Edition
20100726: BERRIDGE A.L. - Honour and the Sword (First Printing)
2003_62: BERRY JAMES - The Future Telling Lady (First Printing)
IS08_06_1: BIBBY JAMES - Ronan's Rescue
2251CK: BIBBY JAMES - Ronan the Barbarian
20140211: BIBBY JAMES - Ronan's Revenge
20121002: BING-WU LI (EDITOR) - Eqsetwh Emperor Qin Shihuang's Eternal Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses
2004_30: BIRCH CAROL - Turn Again Home (First Printing)
20151003: BIRRER B RICHARD ET AL - Common Foot Problems Primary Care
3610CK: BLACK BENJAMIN - The Silver Swan (First Printing)
2009_6_9: BLACK BENJAMIN - The Lemur First Printing
20140702: BLANNING T C W & WENDE PETER (EDS) - Reform in Great Britain and Germany 1750-1850
2003_116: BLOCK LAWRENCE - Tanner on Ice
20140808: BLUM DILYS E; HAUGLAND KRISTINA - Best Dressed
3499CK: BLYTH HENRY - The Rakes
20100920: BOBBITT PHILIP - Terror and Consent: The Wars for the Twenty-First Century
20101013: BOLANO ROBERTO - 2666
20101215: BOLANO ROBERTO - Nazi Literature in the Americas
20130111: BOLANO ROBERTO - Monsieur Pain
20130112: BOLANO ROBERTO - The Skating Rink
2007_08_01: BOLGER DERMOT - Father's Music (First Printing)
2007_07_97: BOLGER DERMOT - Emily's Shoes
2003_121: BOLITHO JANIE - An Absence of Angels
2003 121: BOLITHO JANIE - An Absence of Angels
2006_284: BOLITHO JANIE - Paying the Price
20120208: BOLT RODNEY - Lorenzo Da Ponte: The Adventures of Mozart's Librettist in the Old and New Worlds
611CK: BOND MICHAEL - Monsieur Pamplemousse Takes the Cure
2009_8_29: DE BONO EDWARD - New Thinking for the New Millennium First Printing
20140806: DE BONO EDWARD - Six Thinking Hats
2007_2: BOTHAM IAN (FOREWORD) - 100 Great Country Walks
2009 10 29: DE BOTTON ALAIN - Status Anxiety First Printing with Loosely Inserted Signed Bookplate
3785CK: DE BOTTON ALAIN - The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work (Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
A365: DE BOTTON ALAIN - The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work
20130113: DE BOTTON ALAIN - Religion for Atheists
2009_10_29: DE BOTTON ALAIN - Status Anxiety First Printing with Loosely Inserted Signed Bookplate
20120201: BOUDINOT RYAN - The Litttlest Hitler
2004 85: BOWES RICHARD - Minions of the Moon
2004_85: BOWES RICHARD - Minions of the Moon
20100602: BOYCE FRANK COTTRELL - Cosmic (First Printing)
2995CK: BOYD WILLIAM - The Destiny of Nathalie 'x' and Other Stories Signed
20141018: BOYD WILLIAM - Nat Tate
1987CK: BOYD WILLIAM - Brazzaville Beach Signed
A338: BOYD WILLIAM - Restless Signed First Printing
A314WB: BOYD WILLIAM - Sweet Caress
2003_124: BOYLE T C - A Friend of the Earth (First Printing)
2003 124: BOYLE T C - A Friend of the Earth (First Printing)
2734CK: BOYLE T. CORAGHESSAN - If the River Was Whiskey
20100101: BOYNE JOHN - Mutiny on the Bounty
3111DCK: BOYNE JOHN - The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
20140601: BRADBURY JIM - Philip Augustus King of France 1180-1223
IS45: BRADBY TOM - The God of Chaos (Signed First Printing)
2009_4_24: BRADLEY JAMES - The Resurrectionist
000019: BRAGLIA RICCARDO - Mantua - the Calendula and the Eagle
20101009: BRAILSFORD DENNIS - British Sport a Social History
3746CK: BRANDON RUTH - Other People's Daughters: The Life and Times of the Governess
20091104: BRAUTIGAN RICHARD - Dreaming of Babylon (First Printing)
3664CK: BRESLIN THERESA - The Medici Seal First Printing
20101136: BREWER SONNY - The Widow and the Tree (Signed First Printing)
20131110: BREWER SONNY - The Widow and the Tree (Signed)
000062: BREYTENBACH BREYTEN - A Season in Paradise
2004_1: BREYTENBACH BREYTEN - Mouroir - Mirrornotes of a Novel (Signed and Dated First Edition)
20150101: BRILL KLAUS; KIEFFER ROB - Das Saarland Aus Dem Heibluftballon; la Sarre En Montgolfiere; the Saarland By Hot Air Balloon
2007_07_148: BRINA SVIT - Death of a Prima Donna
IS95: BRINK ANDRE - The Blue Door (First Printing) Signed
2121CK: BRINK ANDRE - Imaginings of Sand Signed
2241CK: BRINK ANDRE - States of Emergency Signed
20110401: BROOKS GERALDINE - March
20100835: BROOKS KEVIN - Being (First Printing)
000021: BROOKS GERALDINE - Year of Wonders (First Printing)
2009_9_10: BROWN JULIAN (EDITOR) - Collectors' Cars: A Generation of Post-War Classics
2009_8_20: BROWN IVOR - Shakespeare and His World
A374: BROWN R ALLEN - The Architecture of Castles: A Visual Guide
2006_292: BROWN DAN - The Da Vinci Code (First Printing)
2006_233: BRYSON BILL - Made in America Signed First Printing
2009_7_10: BRYSON BILL - The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid First Printing
2007_07_47: BUCK PEARL S - The Woman Who Was Changed and Other Stories
2009_9_19: BUKDAHL JORGEN - Soren Kierkegaard and the Common Man
20140306: BULAWAYO NOVIOLET - We Need More Names
20110902: BULLOCK MICHAEL - Sonnet in Black and Other Poems
20120601: BURGESS ANTHONY (INTRODUCED BY) - Private Pictures
B2006_195: BURGESS MELVIN - Sara's Face Signed
3024CK: BURTON RICHARD FRANCIS - The Land of Midian (Revisited)
1110CK: BUSI ALDO - Sodomies in Eleven Point
2003 131: BYATT A S - The Biographer's Tale +Signed +
2003_131: BYATT A S - The Biographer's Tale +Signed +
2003_133: BYATT A.S. - Sugar and Other Stories +Signed +
3828CK: BYATT A.S. - Sugar and Other Stories (Signed First Printing)
2003 133: BYATT A.S. - Sugar and Other Stories +Signed +
2898CK: BYATT A.S. - Little Black Book of Stories Signed
1902CK: BYATT A.S. - The Biographer's Tale - Signed -
2009_2_12: BYATT A S - Little Black Book of Stories
2003_132: BYATT A S & SODRE IGNES - Imagining Characters +Signed+ First Printing
20141004: BYNUM HELEN - Spitting Blood: The History of Tuberculosis
3269CK: CALDER ANGUS (EDITED BY) - Byron and Scotland - Radical Or Dandy?
2005_105: CALDWELL IAN & THOMASON DUSTIN - The Rule of Four
20111207: CALLINICOS ALEX (EDITIOR) - Crisis and Resistance
20140602: CALMAN CLAIRE - Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
3907CK: CALVINO ITALO - Numbers in the Dark & Other Stories (Plus a Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted By the Translator Tim Parks)
2004_95: CAMERON PETER - The City of Your Final Destination First Printing
2955CK: CAMPBELL JANE - A.S. Byatt and the Heliotropic Imagination
2004_96: CAMPBELL JAMES - Paris Interzone
2006_108: CAMUS ALBERT - The First Man
A309: CAREY PETER - My Life As a Fake (Signed First Printing)
3278CK: CAREY PETER - Oscar and Lucinda Signed
A363: CAREY PETER - His Illegal Self
2006_140: CAREY PETER - Theft Signed and Dated
2004_97: CAREY PETER - 30 Days in Sydney Signed
2006_27: CAREY PETER - Wrong About Japan
3280CK: CAREY PETER - Theft - a Love Story Signed & Dated
20101217: CARL KLAUS H - Saigon: Ho Chi Minh City
20110511: CARMON HAGGAI - Triple Identity
20120303: CARTER ANGELA - The Curious Room
X978: CARTER ANGELA - American Ghosts & Old World Wonders
1898CK: CARTWRIGHT JUSTIN - Not Yet Home (Signed First Printing)
IS08_04_8: CARTWRIGHT JUSTIN - Half in Love (Signed First Printing)
550CK: CARTWRIGHT JUSTIN - Not Yet Home (Signed First Printing)
2008_4: CARTWRIGHT JUSTIN - The Song Before It Is Sung Signed
IS08 04 8: CARTWRIGHT JUSTIN - Half in Love (Signed First Printing)
20100140: CARVER CAROLINE - Blood Junction Signed First Printing
X2800: CARVER CAROLINE - Black Tide
A306CC: CASATI G; CHIRIKOV B - Quantum Chaos
2007_07_145: CATHLEEN JORDAN EDITED BY - Alfred Hitchcock's Home Sweet Homicide: Stories from Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine
000027: CEZAIR-THOMPSON MARGARET - The Pirate's Daughter
20130313: CHABON MICHAEL - The Final Solution (Plus Loosely Inserted Signed Bookplate)
IS83: CHABON MICHAEL - The Yiddish Policemen's Union (First Printing)
3594CK: CHADBOURN MARK - The Burning Man: Kingdom of the Serpent: Book 2
A305AC: CHAH AJAHN - The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah (Vol 3) Talks on Renunciant Practice
20140515: CHAMBERS DAVID - Joan Hassall Engravings & Drawings
2093CK: CHAMOISEAU PATRICK - Solibo Magnificent
2003_138: CHANDLER ROBERT - The Magic Ring and Other Russian Folktales
20100617: CHARLES PAUL - Family Life (First Printing)
B2007_23: CHARLES PAUL - The Justice Factory Signed
20100923: CHARLES KATE - A Dead Man out of Mind
20100417: CHAUDHURI AMIT - The Immortals (First Printing)
2007_84: CHERRYH C J - Rimrunners
20130401: CHERRYH C J - Hammerfall
20120905: CHEVALIER TRACY - Girl with a Pearl Earring
2007_46: CHEVALIER TRACY - Burning Bright Signed
2184CK: CHEVALIER TRACY - The Lady and the Unicorn - Signed -
1637CK: CHEVALIER TRACY - Falling Angels - Signed -
3468CK: CHIASSON, PAUL - The Island of Seven Cities: Where the Chinese Settled When They Discovered North America
20110107: CHIKWAVA BRIAN - Harare North (First Printing)
20120505: CHURCHILL SIR WINSTON - The History of the English-Speaking Peoples Volume Iv the Great Democracies
20101201: CLARK VICTORIA - Holy Fire: The Battle for Christ's Tomb
3903CK: CLARK CLARE - The Great Stink (Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
20130303: CLARK CLARE - Beautiful Lies (Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
2005_181: CLARK CLARE - The Great Stink
ISCLA: CLARKE SUSANNA - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (First Printing - Signed By Author and Illustrator)
20100907: CLARKE MARCUS - For the Term of His Natural Life
2653CK: CLARKE SUSANNA DOUBLE SIGNED - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
3589CK: CLELAND ANGELA - And in Here, the Menagerie (Signed First Printing)
3225CK: CLELAND JOHN - Fanny Hill - Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure
3899CK: LE CLEZIO J.M.G. - Desert
2004_188: CLINGMAN R STEPHEN - The Novels of Nadine Gordimer (Signed By Nadine Gordimer)
2004 188: CLINGMAN R STEPHEN - The Novels of Nadine Gordimer
20130106: CLOSSNER WOLFGANG - Die "Ddr" - Ihre Menschen - Ihre Eisenbahnen: Auf Den Mull Der Geschichte?
Aa7: COBY J PATRICK - Thomas Cromwell Henry Viii's Henchman
2006_97: COE JONATHAN - The Closed Circle Signed
2006 97: COE JONATHAN - The Closed Circle Signed
20130909: COE JONATHAN - Expo 58
2007_09_03: COE JONATHAN - Like a Fiery Elephant - the Story of B.S. Johnson
20140603: COETZEE J M - Slow Man
2005 165: COETZEE J M - Stranger Shores - Essays 1986-1999 First Printing
2009_9_18: COETZEE J M - Summertime
2005_165: COETZEE J M - Stranger Shores - Essays 1986-1999 First Printing
A381: COHN NORMAN - Cosmos, Chaos and the World to Come: The Ancient Roots of Apocalyptic Faith
165CK: COLEMAN NICK AND HORNBY NICK (EDITED BY)) - The Picador Book of Sports Writing (Signed Bookplate By Nick Hornby)
20101124: COLFER EOIN - And Another Thing . . .
2009_9_33: COLFER EOIN - The Artemis Fowl Files
2904CK: COLFER EOIN - The Supernaturalist Signed
2004_101: COLFER EOIN - The Supernaturalist +Signed + Shamrock!
3867CK: COLLINS MICHAEL - Midnight in a Perfect Life (First Printing)
2004 103: COLLINS MICHAEL - The Feminists Go Swimming (First Printing)
2007_07_64: COLLINS MICHAEL - Lost Souls
2004_103: COLLINS MICHAEL - The Feminists Go Swimming (First Printing)
A303MC: COMBELLACK MYRNA - The Playing Place
1669CK: COMBELLACK MYRNA - The Playing Place - a Cornish Round Signed !
2665MN: COMTE-SPONVILLE ANDRE - The Little Book of Philosophy
20140908: CONAGHAN BRIAN - When My Dog Bites (Signed First Printing)
IS49: CONNOLLY JOSEPH - Winter Breaks - Signed First Printing
20141204: CONNOLLY COLM - Michael Collins
3709MN: COOK JUDITH - School of the Night
3750CK: COOK THOMAS H. - Master of the Delta Signed First Printing
2009_1_7: COOK THOMAS H - Master of the Delta Signed
IS08_04_29: COOPER SUSAN - Green Boy
2009_4_19: COREN GILES - Winkler
20140110: CORNWELL PATRICIA - Food to Die for
A347: CORNWELL BERNARD - Sharpe's Tiger
3824CK: CORNWELL BERNARD - The Burning Land
3787CK: CORNWELL BERNARD - The Burning Land First Printing
92CK: CORNWELL BERNARD - Storm Child Signed
000025: COSSE LAURENCE - A Corner of the Veil
A351: COUGHLIN CON - Khomeini's Ghost
1479CK: COURLANDER HAROLD - The Crest and the Hide & Other African Stories
3891CK: COWARD RICHARD - A Dream Too Far (Signed First Printing)
20100815: COZARINSKY EDGARDO - The Moldavian Pimp (Included the Interview of the Author By Patrick O'connor for the Literary Review Noveber 2006)
X405: CRACE JIM - The Devil's Larder Signed First Printing
20100415: CRACE JIM - All That Follows
2009_2_5: CRACE JIM - The Devil's Larder Signed
2009_5_15: CRACE JIM - De Visu Signed By Author
2006_277: CREECH SHARON - Heartbeat
20100509: CRISPOLTI ENRICO - Ernst, Miro, and the Surrealists
1187CK: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND KEVIN - Arthur at the Crossing-Places Signed
451CK: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND KEVIN - Viking! Myths of Gods & Monsters Signed
2005_74: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND KEVIN - Arthur - the Seeing Stone
2006_252: CROWTHER YASMIN - The Saffron Kitchen First Printing
3755MN: CRUMLEY JAMES - The Final Country
20131005: CRYER BARRY - Butterfly Brain (Signed)
3726CK: CRYSTAL JACK - The Vagabond Poet 5 - Political Poems
1552CK: CRYSTAL DAVID - Just Like Frank
2005_43: CUNNINGHAM MICHAEL - Specimen Days Signed
A302: CUOCO LORIN; WILLIAM H GASS (EDITORS) - Literary St. Louis: A Guide (Signed Copy)
2009_9_24: CUSK RACHEL - The Temporary
2007_07_27: CUSK RACHEL - The Lucky Ones Signed
2007_80: CUSK RACHEL - Arlington Park Signed
109MN: CUSK RACHEL - The Temporary Signed
B2006_21_8: CUSK RACHEL - Saving Agnes Signed
3892CK: CUTLER JUDITH - The Keeper of Secrets
1922CK: CUTLER JUDITH - Power Games
IS08_04_51: D'AGUIAR FRED - Bloodlines
3044CK: D'AGUIAR FRED - Bethany Bettany
20120101: DAHL ROALD - Roald Dahl's Even More Revolting Recipes
20101222: DAHL ROALD - The Roald Dahl Treasury (First Printing)
2007_15: DAHL ROALD - The Vicar of Nibbleswicke
20140903: DAHL SOPHIE - Playing with the Grown-Ups
2007_09_35: DAHL ROALD - More Tales of the Unexpected
2008_11_06: DALI SALVADOR - Diary of a Genius
20140704: DALLMAYR FRED; YAKUNIN VLADIMIR - Taking Stock - Facing the Future: Tenth World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations" Anniversary in Rhodes
20131003: DALLOS RUDI; DRAPER ROS - An Introduction to Family Therapy: Systemic Theory and Practice
000004: DANEAGLE - Two Five and the Penis Dialogues
2004_46: DANEMAN PAUL - If I Only Had Wings
X2953: DARRIEUSSECQ MARIE - A Brief Stay with the Living
2485CK: DARRIEUSSECQ MARIE - Pig Tales: A Novel of Lust and Transformation
2006_235: DARWIN EMMA - The Mathematics of Love Signed
3288CK: DASGUPTA RANA - Tokyo Cancelled First Printing
2009_7_24: DAVARAS COSTIS - Phaistos Hagia Triada - Gortyn
1925CK: DAVENPORT W.A. - The Art of the Gawain-Poet
2004_47: DAVEY JANET - English Correspondence First Printing
3077MN: DAVEY JANET - First Aid
2009_10_7: DAVID SAUL - Zulu Hart Signed First Printing
20141113: DAVIDSON JAMES - The Greeks & Greek Love
2009_6_3: DAVIDSON CRAIG - The Fighter First Printing
Aa4: DAVIES PETER - Constructions
2007_93: DAVIES NINA M - Egyptian Paintings
2006_299: DAVIES FREDA - Bound in Shallows
164CK: DAVIS LINDSEY - Two for the Lions
20141110: DAWSON JILL - The Tell-Tale Heart
2008_12_13: DAWSON JILL (EDITED BY) - The Virago Book of Love Letters
2779CK: DAWSON JILL - Fred & Edie Signed
2006_158: DAWSON JILL - Watch Me Disappear Signed First Printing
Aa8: DAX, OLGA DAVYDOFF - On the Estate: Memoirs of Russia Before the Revolution
20131206: DAY MALCOLM - Voices from the World of Jane Austen
2004_49: DAY MARELE - The Last Tango of Dolores Delgado
3354CK: DEAN LOUISE - Becoming Strangers
2006_100: DELACORTA - Nana
20130408: DENNIS FELIX - Tales from the Woods (Signed)
2007_91: DENNY NORMAN & FILMER-SANKEY JOSEPHINE - The Bayeux Tapestry - the Norman Conquest 1066
3361CK: DESAI KIRAN - The Inheritance of Loss Signed
2006_287: DESAI KIRAN - The Inheritance of Loss Signed
20091105: DESCHAMPS MARC - Homo
2009_5_7: DEVEREUX DAVID - Hunter's Moon First Printing
20131114: DIAZ JUNOT - The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
IS39: DIAZ JUNOT - Drown (First Printing)
20120801: DIAZ JUNOT - This Is How You Lose Her
20121007: DIAZ JUNOT - This Is How You Lose Her
20101017: DICKINSON JOHN - The Cup of the World
20091220: DICKINSON PETER - A Summer in the Twenties
IS08_04_21: DICKINSON DAVID - Death & the Jubilee (First Printing)
2007_56: DICKINSON PETER - Skeleton-in-Waiting First Printing
2009_6_5: DICKINSON JOHN - The Lightstep First Printing
2007_09_29: DIDION JOAN - The Last Thing He Wanted
20130105: DILL RAINER - Rund Um Magdeburg: Eisenbahn Im Magdeburger Raum 1975-1980
IS56: DITCHFIELD SIMON - Liturgy, Sanctity and History in Tridentine Italy : Pietro Maria Campi and the Preservation of the Particular (
20100906: DIXON ISOBEL - A Fold in the Map (Plus Signed Bookplate)
Aa3: DJEBAR ASSIA - The Tongue's Blood Does Not Run Dry
20110205: DOBBS MICHAEL - Never Surrender (Signed First Printing)
2009_5_12: DOBBS MICHAEL - The Touch of Innocents Signed First Printing
20141202: DOHERTY PAUL - The Last of Days
2009_8_10: DOHERTY PAUL - The Poisoner of Ptah
2007_73: DOHERTY PAUL - The Devil's Domain Signed
2313CK: DOHERTY PAUL - The Plague Lord
20100911: DOHERTY PAUL - The Queen of the Night
20131009: DOLINEK VLADIMIR; DURDIK JAN - The Encyclopedia of European Historical Weapons
20151001: DONATELLI ROBERT - The Biometrics of the Foot and Ankle
CF5: DONOGHUE EMMA - Room (Signed First Printing)
CF2: DONOGHUE EMMA - Room (Signed First Printing)
2005 76: DONOVAN ANNE - Buddha Da First Printing
2004_57: DONOVAN GERARD - Schopenhauer's Telescope
2005_76: DONOVAN ANNE - Buddha Da First Printing
X1347: DOODY MARGARET - Aristotle and Poetic Justice
2009_10_31: DOODY MARGARET - Aristotle Detective (First Printing)
20100125: DOOLEY TERENCE (EDITED BY) - So I Have Thought of You: The Letters of Penelope Fizgerald
20130905: DORGAN THEO (EDITED BY) - A Book of Uncommon Prayer
A311: DOUGHTY LOUISE - Dance with Me
3389CK: DOUGHTY LOUISE - Stone Cradle (Plus Signed Bookplate)
A324RD: DOUGLAS RAY - Liberals: The History of the Liberal and Liberal Democrat Parties
3724CK: DOUGLAS DAVID - The Mayan Prophecy 2012: The Mayan Calendar and the End of Time
2006_319: DOUGLAS ANN - Terrible Honesty - Mongrel Manhattan in the 1920s
2007_27: DOVEY ZILLAH - An Elizabethan Progress - the Queen's Journey Into East Anglia 1578
3423CK: DOWNER MARTYN - Nelson's Purse Signed
2004_58: DOYLE RODDY - The Van (First Printing)
20120704: DRNDIC DASA - Trieste
2006_34: DUDMAN CLARE - Wegener's Jigsaw
2004_60: DUDMAN CLARE - 98 Reasons for Being (First Printing)
20130311: DUDSON AUDREY M - A Pottery Panorama 1800- 2000
20130609: DUFFY CAROL ANN - Meeting Midnight (Plus Loosely Inserted Signed Bookplate)
3281CK: DUFFY CAROL ANN - The Good Child's Guide to Rock'n'roll
20100407: DUFFY CAROL ANN - Answering Back
20140208: DUNMORE HELEN - Recovering a Body
2004_61: DUNMORE HELEN - The Silver Bead Signed
2506CK: DUNMORE HELEN - Out of the Blue - Poems 1975-2001 Signed
1170CK: DUNMORE HELEN - Your Blue-Eyed Boy Signed
X1077: DUNMORE HELEN - Love of Fat Men Signed
3172CK: DUNMORE HELEN - House of Orphans Signed
20120401: DUNN STEPHEN - Local Visitations
2538CK: DUNSTAN MIKE ( INTRODUCED BY ) - Islanders: Stories, Poetry and Prose from the People of Sheppey
A320SD: DUNSTAN SIMON; WILLIAMS GERRARD - Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler
X2968: DURAS MARGUERITE - Yann Andrea Steiner
1605MN: DURRANT BERNARD - The Dark Mirror +Signed +
2007_07_126: EASTERBROOK GREGG - The Progress Paradox - How Life Gets Better While People Feel Worse
1388MN: EBERSTADT FERNANDA - Isaac and His Devils
3567DL: ECO UMBERTO - The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana: An Illustrated Novel
3459MN: ECO UMBERTO - On Literature
2009_5_19: EDWARD VERRALL LUCAS - The Book of Shops
20141012: EGAN JENNIFER - The Orphan Master's Son
2005 79: EGUCHI KATSUHIKO - The Art of Good Leadership
2005_79: EGUCHI KATSUHIKO - The Art of Good Leadership
2009_2_1: EINHORN NICHOLAS - The Art of Magic and Sleight of Hand (First Printing)
20100622: EISENSTEIN BERNICE - I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors (First Printing)
X3572: ELLIS BRET EASTON - Lunar Park (First Printing)
20130911: ELLIS PETER BERRESFORD - Celt and Greek: Celts in the Hellenic World
A337: ELLIS ALICE THOMAS - The Evening of Adam
20110510: ELLIS BRET EASTON - Imperial Bedrooms
2258DL: ELLMANN LUCY - Man Or Mango? a Lament
2006 307: ELOFSON W.M. - The Rochingham Connection and the Second Founding of the Whig Party
2006_307: ELOFSON W.M. - The Rochingham Connection and the Second Founding of the Whig Party
20091128: ELSON DIANE - This Realm: Poems and Prose
2009_5_23: ELTON JOHN & TAUPIN BERNIE - The Complete Lyrics First Printing
20101004: VAN EMDEN RICHARD - The Trench: Experiencing Life on the Front Line, 1916 (Signed First Printing)
3677DL: EMERSON KATHY LYNN - Face Down Under the Wych Elm
3678DL: EMERSON KATHY LYNN - Face Down Before Rebel Hooves
3210CK: EMERSON SALLY - Broken Bodies Signed
2555CK: ENDO SHUSAKU - The Girl I Left Behind
20130407: ENGELMANN KAREN - The Stockholm Octavo
2009_1_8: ENGER LEIF - So Brave, Young, and Handsome
Aa2: ENGLISH CHARLIE - The Snow Tourist
20110702: ENRIGHT ANNE - The Forgotten Waltz
615CK: ERDRICH LOUISE - Love Medicine (First Printing)
2005_11: ERIAN ALICIA - Towelhead (First Printing)
2007_09_19: ERICA WAGNER - Seizure 1st Printing
20130705: EROCHKINE VLADIMIR; EROCHKINE PAVEL - Russia's Oil Industry: Current Problems and Future Trends
20120406: ESCOLME-SCHMIDT LIBBIE - Glamour in the Skies: The Golden Age of the Air Stewardess
1643DL: ESTEVEZ ABILIO - Distant Palaces
3813CK: EVANS RICHARD PAUL - The Last Promise Signed
2005_184: EVANS DIANA - 26a (First Printing)
2007_59: EYRE LUCY - If Minds Had Toes (First Printing)
IS08_07_22: FALCONES ILDEFONSO - Cathedral of the Sea
20100608: FANE JULIAN - Small Change: Shorter and Longer Stories (Signed First Printing)
1403CK: FARMER PENELOPE - Sisters - an Anthology
20130402: FARMER PHILIP JOSE - Red Orc's Rage
3451CK: FAULKNER R.O. (TRANSLATOR) CAROL ANDREWS (EDITOR) - The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead
2007 07 118: FAULKS SEBASTIAN - Engleby Signed
IS08_05_5: FAULKS SEBASTIAN - Devil May Care (Signed Limited Edition)
20091124: FAULKS SEBASTIAN - Devil May Care (Signed First Printing)
20110707: FAULKS MARTIN - Becoming a Ninja Warrior: A Quest to Recover the Legacy of Japan's Most Secret Warriors
2007_33: FAULKS SEBASTIAN - Human Traces (Signed First Printing)
2007_07_118: FAULKS SEBASTIAN - Engleby Signed
2006_314: FEIST E RAYMOND - Shards of a Broken Crown
20141108: FELLOWES JULIAN - Past Imperfect
20101132: FERRIS JOSHUA - Then We Came to the End (First Printing)
2007_07_71: FESPERMAN DAN - The Small Boat of Great Sorrows
2006_293: FESPERMAN DAN - The Prisoner of Guantanamo (First Printing)
20100717: FFORDE JASPER - The Well of Lost Plots (Signed First Printing)
2006_194: FFORDE JASPER - The Fourth Bear Signed
1160CK: FIGES EVA - The Seven Ages
3384DL: FINE ANNE - Raking the Ashes
2003 144: FINE ANNE - All Bones and Lies (First Printing)
2003_144: FINE ANNE - All Bones and Lies (First Printing)
20130906: FINNEY PATRICIA - Firedrake's Eye
2009_3_7: FISCHER TIBOR - Good to Be God
3793CK: FISCHER TIBOR - Good to Be God
2007_10: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT; EDITED BY MATTHEW J BRUCCOLI - The Price Was High: The Last Uncollected Stories of F Scott Fitzgerald
2008 12 4: FLANAGAN RICHARD - Gould's Book of Fish (Black and White Edition)
2008_12_4: FLANAGAN RICHARD - Gould's Book of Fish (Black and White Edition)
3151CK: FLANNERY TIM - The Birth of Sydney
2495MN: FLAVELL LINDA & ROGER - Dictionary of Word Origins
20131102: FLETCHER CHARLIE - Stoneheart
X2655: FLETCHER SUSAN - Eve Green
000039: FOER JONATHAN SAFRAN - Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (Signed First Printing)
3715CK: FOER JONATHAN SAFRAN - Everything Is Illuminated First Printing
2006_226: FOER JONATHAN SAFRAN - Everything Is Illuminated (First Printing)
2004 110: FORD RICHARD - A Multitude of Sins
2004_110: FORD RICHARD - A Multitude of Sins
IS08_10_13: FORDER NICK - Masterpieces in Miniature Doll's Houses (First Printing)
2007_07_95: FORDYCE, DHANALAKSHMI - Pushpa Bharathi - Flower Arrangements of India
3353CK: FORTINI FRANCO - Summer Is Not All - Selected Poems
2500CK: FORTUNE MARIE M. & LONGWOOD W. MERLE (EDITORS) - Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church
20120211: FOULDS ADAM - The Quickening Maze
2006_283: FOWLER CHRISTOPHER - Seventy-Seven Clocks (Signed First Printing)
28CK: FOWLER CHRISTOPHER - Psychoville (Signed First Printing)
20130702: FOWLER CHRISTOPHER - Plastic (Doubly Signed)
20100903: FRANZEN JONATHAN - The Discomfort Zone
20120209: FRASER ANTONIA (EDITED BY) - Marie Antoinette
A313: FRASER GEORGE MACDONALD - The Light's on at Signpost (First Printing)
2009_2_8: FRASER GEORGE MACDONALD - The Light's on at Signpost
000034: FRASER ANTONIA (EDITED BY) - The Pleasure of Reading
2008_11_10: FRASER GEORGE MACDONALD - The Reavers
1016CK: FRAYN MICHAEL - Spies Signed
2007_08_12: FRAYN MICHAEL - The Trick of It (First Printing)
20120308: FREEMANTLE BRIAN - Charlie's Chance
20110321: FREEMANTLE BRIAN - No Time for Heroes
20091122: FREI MAX - The Stranger (First Uk Printing)
2007_51: FREUDENBERGER NELL - The Dissident (First Printing)
20120502: FREYDONT SHELLEY - Sudden Death Sudoku
A310ROF: FRIEDEL O ROBERT; EVANS L DWIGHT (EDITORS IN CHIEF) - Neuropsychiatric Disorders; Schizophrenic and Related Psychotic Disorders
20101114: FRIEDMAN CARL - The Shovel and the Loom
2005_180: FUENTES CARLOS AND ORTEGA JULIO EDITED BY - The Picador Book of Latin American Stories
2005 180: FUENTES CARLOS AND ORTEGA JULIO EDITED BY - The Picador Book of Latin American Stories
2004 111: FUENTES CARLOS - The Old Gringo (First Printing)
805CK: FUENTES CARLOS - Diana: The Goddess Who Hunts Alone
2004_111: FUENTES CARLOS - The Old Gringo (First Printing)
2003_149: FULLER JOHN - The Memoirs of Laetitia Horsepole, By Herself
3331CK: FULLER JOHN - Flawed Angel: A Tale
2006_171: FULLER JOHN - Flawed Angel
2006_6: FULLERTON ALEXANDER - Non-Combatants
2005_110: FULLERTON ALEXANDER - Stark Realities (First Printing)
20120705: FUNDER ANNA - All That I Am
000040: FUNKE CORNELIA - Inkheart (Signed First Printing with Specific Book Marker!)
ISFC: FUNKE CORNELIA - Dragon Rider (Signed First Printing, Dated, Includes Bookmark)
X3415: FURST ALAN - The Foreign Correspondent (First Printing)
IS08_09_10: FURST ALAN - Dark Voyage
2005_82: FURST ALAN - The Polish Officer
20111002: FURST ALAN - The Spies of Warsaw (First Printing)
20111203: FURST ALAN - Spies of the Balkans
IS31: FURST ALAN - The Foreign Correspondent
2009_7_18: FUST MILAN - The Story of My Wife: Reminiscences of Captain Storr
20141001: GAARDER JOSTEIN - The Christmas Mystery
2009_3_21: GAIMAN NEIL - Mirrormask Signed First Printing
20120701: GAKAS SERGIOS - Ashes
2009_6_29: GALE IAIN - Brothers in Arms First Printing
3305CK: GALGUT DAMON - The Quarry
A316: GALGUT DAMON - The Impostor
20130201: GALLAGHER JOHN J - The Battle of Brooklyn 1776
20110204: GANERI ANITA AND BARBER NICOLA - The Young Person's Guide to the Opera
20100914: GARCIA DE CORTAZAR FERNANDO - Atlas de Historia de Espana
20140901: GARDNER SALLY - The Red Necklace
2009_9_11: GARLAND ALEX - The Coma Doubly Signed First Printing
2009_8_1: GARNER HELEN - The Spare Room
20121106: GARRARD F TIMOTHY - African Gold: Jewellery and Ornaments from Ghana, Cote D'ivoire Mali and Senegal in the Collection of the Gold of Africa Barbier-Mueller Museum in Cape Town
2976DL: GATELY IAIN - The Assessor
617CK: GATES DAVID - Jernigan (First Printing)
2005_60: GAVIN JAMILA - The Blood Stone First Printing
2007_09_33: GEE MAURICE - Live Bodies (First Printing)
2007 09 33: GEE MAURICE - Live Bodies (First Printing)
A315: GEMMELL DAVID - Winter Warriors
20121107: GEMMELL DAVID - Stormrider
2009_2_3: GEMMELL DAVID - Winter Warriors
2009 2 3: GEMMELL DAVID - Winter Warriors
2007_57: GEMMELL DAVID - Midnight Falcon
X3645: GEMMELL DAVID - White Wolf
2009_10_34: GENET JEAN - Lettres a Roger Blin
20100408: GEORGE MARGARET - Helen of Troy
3263CK: GIBB CAMILLA - Sweetness in the Belly First Printing
20120604: GIBB BILL - Hollywood Knits
A314: GIBSON WILLIAM - All Tomorrow's Parties
3817CK: GIBSON WILLIAM - Spook Country
2005_61: GIBSON MILES - Dancing with Mermaids
2004_73: GILCHRIST ELLEN - In the Land of Dreamy Dreams
A307: DI GIOVANNI JANINE (SIGNED FIRST PRINTING) - Madness Visible: A Memoir of War
2569MN: GIUDICE DANIELE DEL - Lines of Light
20140606: GIUTTARI MICHELE - The Dark Heart of Florence
3737MN: GLASS JULIA - I See You Everywhere First Printing
2003_74: GLASS JULIA - Three Junes
20141107: GLENCROSS TIM - Barbarians
2004_39: GLIORI DEBI - Pure Dead Brilliant ++Signed ++
2004_40: GLIORI DEBI - Deep Trouble ++Signed ++
2004 40: GLIORI DEBI - Deep Trouble ++Signed ++
2005_13: GLIORI DEBI - Pure Dead Wicked (First Printing)
2007_07_128: GLIORI DEBI - When I'm Big
2009_6_28: GLYNN EUGENE D - Desperate Necessity: Writings on Art and Psychoanalysis First Printing
A307RG: GODDARD ROBERT - Blood Count
830CK: GODDARD TARIQ - Homage to a Firing Squad Signed
2007_07_92: GODDARD ROBERT - Sea Change +Signed
20101027: GOLDBERG DAVID J - The Divided Self: Israel and the Jewish Psyche Today
20111009: GOLDENBERG AMY - Papercutting: Reviving a Jewish Folk Art
3905CK: GOLDSTEIN REBECCA - 36 Arguments for the Existence of God (First Printing)
2007_07_84: GOODMAN CAROL - The Seduction of Water
3449CK: GOODWIN JASON - The Janissary Tree
2008 1: GOODWIN JASON - The Janissary Tree (First Printing)
2009_9_37: GOODWIN JASON - The Janissary Tree
2006_104: GOODWIN JO-ANN - Sweet Gum
2008_1: GOODWIN JASON - The Janissary Tree (First Printing)
2008_12_14: GORDIMER NADINE - Jump and Other Stories Signed First Printing
2007 07 120: GORDON GILES EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY - Shakespeare Stories (Signed By William Boyd)
1206MN: GORDON SHEILA - Waiting for the Rain
2007_07_120: GORDON GILES EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY - Shakespeare Stories (Signed By William Boyd)
2006_132: GOSLING PAULA - Ricochet (First Printing)
20130611: GOTLIB - Notre Dame de Paris (Cinemastock)
000026: GOUREVITCH PHILIP AND MORRIS ERROL - Standard Operating Procedure : A War Story
20140701: GOVE MICHAEL - Celsius 7/7
2004_181: GOWDY BARBARA - Falling Angels First Printing
2026CK: GOWDY BARBARA - Falling Angels
2671CK: GOWDY BARBARA - The Romantic
ISGB: GOWDY BARBARA - The White Bone (First Printing)
2063CK: GOYTISOLO JUAN - The Garden of Secrets
3436CK: GRAFTON SUE - R Is for Ricochet (First Printing)
20100502: GRAHAM WINSTON - The Ugly Sister (Signed First Printing)
20120212: GRAMBO REBECCA L - Wolf: Legend . Enemy. Icon
2006_113: GRANGER ANN - Watching out
20150504: GRANT JOHN (TEXT) - Faeries and Other Fantastical Folk: The Faery Paintings of Maxine Gadd
A390: GRAVES ROBERT - Man Does, Woman Is
20130910: GRAY ALASDAIR - Old Men in Love
2007_45: GRAY ALASDAIR - A History Maker
IS08_09_1: GRAYLING A.C. - Among the Dead Cities: Was the Allied Bombing of Civilians in Wwii a Necessity Or a Crime? (First Printing with Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
2009_3_26: GRAYLING A.C. - The Choice of Hercules First Printing
20101111: GREENBERG MARTIN HARRY & OLANDER JOSEPH D (EDITED BY) - Tomorrow, Inc. Sf Stories About Big Business
3450CK: GREENOFF JANE - Cross Stitch Antique Style Samplers
2009_3_13: GREER ANDREW SEAN - The Story of a Marriage (First Printing)
3250MN: GREGORY SUSANNA - A Conspiracy of Violence
3890CK: GREGORY PHILIPPA - The Red Queen (First Printing)
20101101: GREGORY PHILIPPA - Zelda's Cut (Plus Signed Bookplate)
2006 298: GREGORY PHILIPPA - The Virgin's Lover (First Printing)
2006_298: GREGORY PHILIPPA - The Virgin's Lover (First Printing)
3552CK: GREGSON JESSICA - The Angel Makers (First Printing)
2004_74: GRENVILLE KATE - Joan Makes History Signed
610CK: GRENVILLE KATE - Dark Places Signed First Printing
IS08_10_14: GREY GERRY - Masterpieces in Miniature Teddy Bears
20120603: GRIBBIN JOHN - Stardust
2003_102: GRILIKHES ALEXANDRA - Yin Fire
138MN: GRIMES MARTHA - The Train Now Departing
3276DL: GRINDLEY SALLY - Spilled Water
20091226: GROSENICK UTA EDITED BY - Women Artists in the 20th and 21st Century
2009_4_5: GROSSMAN DAVID - Lion's Honey - the Myth of Samson
A305: GROUND IAN - Art Or Bunk?
2006_269: LE GUIN URSULA - Voices
2006_151: GULLBERG JAN - Mathematics - from the Birth of Numbers
2006_117: GUNESEKERA ROMESH - The Match
2909CK: GUNESEKERA ROMESH - Monkfish Moon
X3837: GUO XIAOLU - 20 Fragments of a Ravenous Youth
IS109: GUO XIAOLU - 20 Fragments of a Ravenous Youth (Includes a Signed Post Card from "a Concice Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers"
LDP8: GUO XIAOLU - A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers Signed in Chinese and English Plus Signed Postcard
3410CK: GUO XIAOLU - A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers Signed in Chinese and English Plus Signed Postcard
2007_94: GUO XIAOLU - Village of Stone Signed
2604MN: GURNAH ABDULRAZAK - By the Sea (First Printing)
20140517: GUTKIND CHRISTOPHER - Inside to Outside
20110211: GUTMAN ROBERT W - Mozart: A Cultural Biography
20141013: HABER CAROLE - The Trials of Laura Fair
2007_07_60: HACKING HEATHER - Historical Cats (First Printing)
20120508: HADDON MARK - The Red House
20120410: HADDON MARK - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
IS08_07_28: HAGUE MICHAEL - In the Small (First Printing)
20140202: HAIG MATT - The Possession of Mr Cave
3070CK: HAINES JOHN - The Stone Harp
20091216: HALAT EVA - Contemporary Scrimshaw
2009_8_12: HALE ROBERT BEVERLY; COYLE TERENCE - Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters
2005_32: HALE GEORGIE - Hear No Evil Signed
20110703: HALE BENJAMIN - The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore
1314CK: HALL ANTHONY W - Perspectives
20100139: HAMILTON LAURELL K - Danse Macabre
2023DL: HAMILTON PETER F. - A Second Chance at Eden
3385CK: HAMILTON LAURELL K - Danse Macabre
2006_300: HAMILTON SYLVIAN - The Gleemaiden Signed
20140210: HAMILTON PETER F - The Evolutionary Void
2005_51: HAMMOND GERALD - Twice Bitten
20101123: HAMPSON JUNE - Damaged Goods
2006_154: HANDLER DANIEL - Adverbs (First Printing)
2003_103: HANDLEY GRAHAM (ED) - Trollope the Traveller
2004_78: HANLEY VICTORIA - The Light of the Oracle First Printing
700CK: HANNAH DONALD - Isak Dinesen & Karen Blixen: The Mask and the Reality
2007_07_69: HANSON NEIL - The Confident Hope of a Miracle +Signed +
2007_60: HARDING GEORGINA - The Solitude of Thomas Cave (Signed First Printing)
20100108: HARDYMENT CHRISTINA - Literary Trails: Writers in Their Landscapes
2007_64: HARDYMENT CHRISTINA - Malory - the Life and Times of King Arthur's Chronicler
3910CK: HARGREAVES ROGER; DEEDES BILL - Daily Encounters: Photographs from Fleet Street
X3860: HARRIS CHARLAINE - Dead As a Doornail (First Printing)
20131106: HARRIS JOANNE - The Lollypop Shoes (Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
20141111: HARRIS JOANNE M - The Gospel of Loki
IS08_04_30: HARRIS E LYNN - Not a Day Goes By
3330CK: HARRIS JANE - The Observations Signed
20130610: HARRIS JOANNE - The Lollipop Shoes
2009_2_9: HARRIS JOANNE - Gentlemen & Players (Signed)
2006_115: HARRIS JANE - The Observations Signed
2007_14: HARRIS JOANNE - Blackberry Wine (Signed First Printing)
2009_10_17: HARRIS CHARLAINE - Dead and Gone First Printing
20140910: HARRISON LESLIE - A Titanic Myth: The Californian Incident (Signed and Dated)
3877MN: HARRISON JIM - The Farmer's Daughter (First Printing)
20091118: HARRISON JIM - Returning to Earth (First Us Printing)
2009_4_18: HARTINK A.E. - The Complete Encyclopedia of Antique Firearms
2009_10_25: HARVEY JOHN - Cold in Hand Signed First Printing
2005 34: HARVEY JOHN - Off Minor (First Printing)
2005_18: HARVEY JOHN - Rough Treatment
2005_34: HARVEY JOHN - Off Minor (First Printing)
20100913: HATTERSLEY ROY - The Edwardians
20140705: HAWES JAMES - Excavating Kafka
96MN: HAWKES JOHN - Whistlejacket
20151201: HAWKINS PAULA - The Girl on the Train
3528CK: HAY SHERIDAN - The Secret of Lost Things
2006_85: HAZZARD SHIRLEY - The Great Fire (First Printing)
2006 85: HAZZARD SHIRLEY - The Great Fire (First Printing)
3634CK: HEALD TIM - Death and the D'urbervilles (First Printing)
2006_105: HEANEY SEAMUS - District and Circle Signed
2006_102: HEANEY SEAMUS TRANSLATED BY - The Burial at Thebes: Sophocles' Antigone
20110910: HEANEY SEAMUS - Beowulf
1392MN: HEILBRUN ROBERT - Offer of Proof
IS15: HEIMLER EUGENE - The Healing Echo
2005_100: HELLER ZOE - Notes on a Scandal (First Printing)
2006_99: HELMER JOHN - Mother Tongue
2009_3_27: HEMPEL AMY - The Dog of the Marriage
2008_11_04: HENKE JAMES - Lennon Legend - an Illustrated Life of John Lennon
20111007: HENRY SIMON - The Little Black Dress: How to Make the Perfect One for You
2005_101: HENSHER PHILIP - The Mulberry Empire
CF14: HENSHER PHILIP - King of the Badgers
2005_102: HENSHER PHILIP - Kitchen Venom
CF15: HENSHER PHILIP - The Mulberry Empire (Signed First Printing)
2007_09_20: HEPBURN SUSAN - Voices in Darkness (1st Printing)
20121102: HERBERT SUSAN - The Cats Gallery of Art
IS08_07_13: HERBERT SUSAN - Medieval Cats
20121101: HERBERT SUSAN; BARON STANLEY - Diary of a Victorian Cat
2755MN: HETTCHE THOMAS - The Arbogast Case
2009 6 21: HETTCHE THOMAS - What We Are Made of First Printing
2009_6_21: HETTCHE THOMAS - What We Are Made of First Printing
2009_7_21: HEUSS THEODOR; WAETZOLDT STEPHAN - Berlin and Its Museums
3460CK: HIAASEN CARL - Nature Girl
3119CK: HIAASEN CARL - Flush
000051: HIBBERT CHRISTOPHER - Napoleon His Wives and Women (First Printing)
20120804: HIGGINS JAMES E - The Little Prince: A Reverie of Substance
2460CK: HIGHSMITH PATRICIA - Little Tales of Misogyny
IS08_06_10: HIGSON CHARLIE - Bloodfever (Signed with the Added Phrase the Name's Higson Charlie Higson) + Postcards
IS27: HIGSON CHARLES - King of the Ants
IS08_10_04: HIGSON CHARLIE - Hurricane Gold
2009_10_19: HILL HARRY - The Further Adventures of the Queen Mum (First Printing)
20110316: HILL SUSAN - The Various Haunts of Men
3745CK: HILTNER KEN (EDITED BY) - Renaissance Ecology: Imagining Eden in Milton's England
3782CK: HILTON LISA - Queens Consort: England's Medieval Queens (First Printing)
X3831: HILU ALON - Death of a Monk
3566CK: HILU ALON - Death of a Monk (Signed First Printing)
3419CK: HILU ALON - Death of a Monk (Signed First Printing)
20140802: HINTON JONATHAN - A Gnat May Drink: One Hundred Annotated Games of Chess from 1900 to 1999
IS08_04_12: HIRSCH ODO - Bartlett and the Ice Voyage
3187CK: HOARE PHILIP - England's Lost Eden - Adventures in a Victorian Utopia
2003 96: HOBAN RUSSELL - The Bat Tattoo First Printing
2008_12_8: HOBAN RUSSELL - The Medusa Frequency
2003_96: HOBAN RUSSELL - The Bat Tattoo First Printing
20131109: HOBBS PETER - I Could Ride All Day in My Cool Blue Train
IS08_08_02: HOBBS PETER - The Short Day Dying Signed First Printing
1431CK: HOLLAND TOM - Supping with Panthers First Printing with a Signed Bookplate
2517CK: HOLLINGHURST ALAN - The Line of Beauty Signed
20110403: HOLLINGHURST ALAN - The Spell
20110802: HOLLINGHURST ALAN - The Stranger's Child (Signed First Printing)
2005_115: HOLMAN SHERI - The Mammoth Cheese Signed and Dated.
20111011: HOLTON DAVID (EDITED BY) - Literature and Society in Renaissance Crete
20130302: HOOBLER DOROTHY AND THOMAS - The Crimes of Paris
20110514: HOOK PHILIP - The Soldier in the Wheatfield
3897CK: HORNBY NICK - 31 Songs (First Printing + Signed Bookplate )
3805CK: HORNBY NICK - Slam (Plus Loosely Inserted Signed Bookplate)
3335CK: HORNBY NICK - A Long Way Down Signed First Printing
2006_248: HORNBY NICK - A Long Way Down Signed First Printing
20141102: HORNBY NICK - High Fidelity
2007_37: HORNBY NICK - 31 Songs (Signed First Printing)
IS84: HOROWITZ ANTHONY - The Killing Joke (First Printing Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
20110605: HOROWITZ ANTHONY - Necropolis (Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
2009_9_12: HOROWITZ ANTHONY - Eagle Strike First Printing
2009_9_1: HOROWITZ ANTHONY - Alex Rider: The Gadgets Signed By the Author
20141002: HOSKIN MICHAEL EDITED BY - The Cambridge Concise History of Astronomy
20131107: HOSSEINI KHALED - A Thousand Splendid Suns
2007_08_03: HOUELLEBECQ, MICHEL - Platform
2006_208: HOUELLEBECQ MICHEL - The Possibility of an Island (First Printing)
3054CK: HOUSER JOHN E - England's Legacy to America
IS116: HOWARD RICHARD - Bonaparte's Warriors
20110320: HOWARD SIDNEY; PUBLISHER AND EDITOR ANDREW SINCLAIR - Gwtw the Screenplay (Illustrated)
3818MN: HOWELL BRIAN - The Dance of Geometry
2005_116: HUGHES TED - Difficulties of a Bridegroom
20150904: HULTEN ERIC - Flora of Alaska and Neighboring Territories: A Manual of the Vascular Plants
20101021: HUMPHREY NICHOLAS - Seeing Red
A320: HUNT SAMANTHA - The Invention of Everything Else
A386: HUNT R W G - Measuring Colour
IS08_04_3: HUNT MARSHA - The Way We Wore - Styles of the 1930s and '40s and Our World Since Then
20140509: HUNTER ERIN - Omen of the Stars: Warriors: Fading Echoes
20140410: HUNTER ERIN - Eclipse (Warriors Power of Three )
20110912: HUNTER-JONES GEORGINA - Atlantic Warriors (Signed First Printing)
20130912: HUSSEY J M - The Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire
2007_07_26: HUSSEY CHARMIAN - The Valley of Secrets +Signed +
2009_7_4: HUSTVEDT SIRI - The Enchantment of Lily Dahl
2743CK: HUSTVEDT SIRI - The Enchantment of Lily Dahl Signed
A394: HYLAND M.J. - Carry Me Down
2005_90: IBBOTSON EVA - The Beasts of Clawstone Castle (First Printing)
IS08_07_21: IGGULDEN CONN - Lords of the Bow
20120404: IGGULDEN CONN - The Dangerous Book for Boys (First Printing)
IS08_04_49: IGGULDEN CONN - The Dangerous Book for Boys Yearbook
2009_6_26: IGGULDEN CONN & IGGULDEN DAVID - The Dangerous Book of Heroes
2009 6 26: IGGULDEN CONN & IGGULDEN DAVID - The Dangerous Book of Heroes
20100135: IGGULDEN CONN - Bones of the Hills
20140101: IGGULDEN CONN - The Dangerous Book for Boys Yearbook (Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
2006_30: IGGULDEN CONN - Emperor the Gods of War Signed
20130904: IHSANOGLU EKMELEDDIN - The Turks in Egypt and Their Cultural Legacy
20101211: ILIFFE GLYN - The Gates of Troy (First Printing)
1199CK: INGALLS RACHEL - Black Diamond (First Printing)
3490CK: INGS SIMON - The Weight of Numbers (1st Printing)
2007_07_133: INNES C.L. - A History of Black and Asian Writing in Britain
2003_160: IRWIN ROBERT - Exquisite Corpse
2009_7_5: ISHIGURO KAZUO - When We Were Orphans
000050: ISHIGURO KAZUO - Nocturnes (First Printing)
2004_117: IYER PICO - The Lady and the Monk (First Printing)
20140516: JACKOWSKA NICKI - The House That Manda Built
20140112: JACKSON-STOPS GERVASE - The Country House in Perspective
2004_118: JACKSON DAVID EDITED BY - Taboos in German Literature
1939CK: JACOBSON HOWARD - The Making of Henry Signed First Printing
605CK: JACOBSON HOWARD - Roots Schmoots: Journeys Among Jews Signed First Printing
A368: JACOBSON HOWARD - The Making of Henry (Signed First Printing)
3769CK: JACOBSON HOWARD - Who's Sorry Now? Signed First Printing
3340CK: JACOBSON DAN - All for Love
20121006: JACOBSON DAN - The God-Fearer
1104CK: JACOBSON HOWARD - Redback Signed First Printing
2003_162: JACQ CHRISTIAN - The Stone of Light : The Wise Woman
2003_163: JACQ CHRISTIAN - The Stone of Light: Nefer the Silent
1504CK: JACQ CHRISTIAN - The Empire of Darkness
2195CK: JACQ CHRISTIAN - The Empire of Darkness
A321: JAKEMAN JANE - Death at Versailles
2004_121: JAKEMAN JANE - Death at Versailles First Printing
3898CK: JAMES CLIVE - Angels over Elsinore: Collected Verse 2003-2008
3688CK: JAMES CLIVE - Angels over Elsinore: Collected Verse 2003-2008 (Signed First Printing)
20100309: JAMES CLIVE - Snake Charmers in Texas: Essays 1980-87
575CK: JAMES CLIVE - Brilliant Creatures (Signed First Printing)
2007_07_82: JANICOT STEPHANIE - Une Traviata
2007_07_111: JAPIN ARTHUR - In Lucia's Eyes (First Printing)
20140609: JAY MIKE - High Society Mind-Altering Drugs in History and Culture
2006_159: JAY RONI - The Book of Goddesses
X2289: JEAL TIM - Swimming with My Father
X1963: JEAL TIM - The Missionary's Wife
IS08_10_12: JEAN LACOUTURE - Robert Capa
2006_61: JECKS MICHAEL - The Outlaws of Ennor
3161MN: JECKS MICHAEL - The Boy-Bishop's Glovemaker
2005_119: JECKS MICHAEL - The Tolls of Death
2005_120: JEDAMUS JULITH - The Book of Loss
20100312: JEFFERIES HENRY ALAN - Cork: Historical Perspectives
B2005182: JENSEN LIZ - The Ninth Life of Louis Drax (First Printing)
A8: JHABVALA RUTH PRAWER - In Search of Love and Beauty
X2626: JIN HA - The Crazed
2004_123: JIN HA - Waiting (First Printing)
2484CK: JIN HA - In the Pond
20100822: JOHANNESSEN MATTHIAS; KARLSSON KRISTJAN - Voices from Across the Water
2008_12_15: JOHNSTON JENNIFER - Grace and Truth
2007_10_12: JOHNSTON PAUL - A Deeper Shade of Blue (Signed First Printing)
X3814: JOLLEY ELIZABETH - Cabin Fever
2003_166: JOLLEY ELIZABETH - Milk and Honey
2003_168: JONES SUSANNA - The Earthquake Bird Signed
3836CK: JONES LLOYD - Mister Pip (First Printing)
20110611: JONES SADIE - Small Wars (Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
20130301: JONES SADIE - The Uninvited Guests (Signed Bookplate Loosely Inserted)
20130109: JONES OWEN - The Grammar of Chinese Ornament
2007_09_30: JONES LLOYD - Mister Pip (First Printing) Signed
2006_119: JONES GAIL - Dreams of Speaking
2005_121: JONES DIANA WYNNE - Fire and Hemlock (First Printing)
IS55: JONSSON REIDAR - My Life As a Dog
2009_4_11: JORDAN LOUISE - How to Write for Children and Get Published
20120806: JOSEPH B L - Shakespeare's Eden: The Commonwealth of Englad 1558-1629
20141009: JOSEPH MONCURE MARCH - The Wild Party
2006_89: JOSHI RUCHIR - The Last Jet-Engine Laugh
20130606: JOSIPOVICI GABRIEL - Writing on the Body
2005_123: JOSS MORAG - Puccini's Ghosts (First Printing)
20140104: JOYCE RACHEL - Perfect
2005_83: JUDD ALAN - The Kaiser's Last Kiss First Printing
2005_124: JUDD ALAN - The Devil's Own Work
2006 257: KADARE ISMAIL - Doruntine (First Uk Printing)
2008 11 09: KADARE ISMAIL - The Siege
2006 258: KADARE ISMAIL - The Successor (First Printing)
3640CK: KADARE ISMAIL - The Siege
3595CK: KADARE ISMAIL - The Siege
3272CK: KADARE ISMAIL - The Successor
2006_257: KADARE ISMAIL - Doruntine (First Uk Printing)
2006_258: KADARE ISMAIL - The Successor (First Printing)
2008_11_09: KADARE ISMAIL - The Siege
2009 6 20: KADDOUR HEDI - Waltenberg First Printing
2009_6_20: KADDOUR HEDI - Waltenberg First Printing
2009_3_11: KAFFE FASSETT - Glorious Needlepoint
2007_07_19: KAKABADSE ANDREW - The Wealth Creators
20110206: KAMEN HENRY - The Disinherited: Exile and the Making of Spanish Culture 1492-1975
20100808: KAPLAN PHILIP & COLLIER RICHARD - The Few: Summer 1940, the Battle of Britain
20100208: KAPUR MANJU - Home (First Printing)
3404CK: KARLIN DANIEL - Proust's English
3826MN: KARNEZIS PANOS - The Maze (Signed First Printing)
2005_126: KARNEZIS PANOS - The Maze (First Printing)
2005_128: KAVAN ANNA - Mercury
IS08_06_6: KAVANAGH PATRICK - Gaff Topsails
1959CK: KAZANTZIS JUDITH - Minefield
20100149: KEATES JONATHAN - Allegro Postillions
2003 171: KEATING H R F - Bribery, Corruption Also Signed
2003_171: KEATING H R F - Bribery, Corruption Also Signed
20101115: KELLERMAN JESSE - The Brutal Art (First Printing)
2006_272: KELMAN JAMES - Greyhound for Breakfast (First Printing)
2257CK: KENAN RANDALL - Let the Dead Bury Their Dead Signed
3220CK: KENEALLY THOMAS - American Scoundrel Signed
3176CK: KENEALLY THOMAS - The Tyrant's Novel Signed
3445CK: KENEALLY THOMAS - The Widow and Her Hero Signed
2007_07_76: KENEALLY THOMAS - A River Town Signed

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