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3552: C.C. AND D.G. - The English in Love A Museum of Illustrative Verse and Prose Pieces from the 14th Century to the 20th
3407: A. H. S. - Customs of the Service (Advice to Those Newly Commissioned) Sixth And War Edition
FRM00006: S.S. - Self-Sufficient Small Holding
3456: ABELARD, PETER - The Lives, Amours and Misfortunes of Abelard and Heloise
CFT00018: ACANTHUS (HOAR, FRANK) - Ancestral Manners.
SST00007: ADAIR, GILBERT - The Postmodernist Always Rings Twice
PTY00010: ADAMS, RICHARD - Legend of Te Tuna
2824: ADDISON, WILLIAM - Audley End
SAF00081: ADEDEJI, ADEBAYO, EDITOR - Indigenization of African Economies
SAF00075: ADEJUYIGBE, OMOLADE - Boundary Problems in Western Nigeria, a Geographical Analysis
TOP00191: AINSWORTH, HARRISON - Views and Legend of the Devil's Dyke (third reprint of the 1876 original)
SFC00022: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - A Romance of the Equator: Best Fantasy Stories
SFC00067: ALDISS, BRIAN W. & WINGROVE, DAVID - Trillion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction
2763: ALDRICH-RUENZEL, NANCY (EDITOR) - Designer's Guide to Print Production: A Step-by-Step Publishing Book
3472: ALEXANDER , ADAM - A summary of Geography and History, both ancient and modern: Containing an account of the Political State, and principal revolutions of the most illustrious nations in ancient and modern times; Their manners and customs: Local Situation of Cities; especially of such as have been distinguished by memorable events: with an abridgement of the Fabulous History of Mythology of the Greeks. Sixth Edition (Corrected)
2595: ALEXANDER & PULLINGER, JOHN & JOYCE - Roman Cambridge: Excavations on Castle Hill 1956-1988 (Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society Volume LXXXVIII)
PLY00026: ALFIERI, VITTORIO - Tragedie. Vol. III
PLY00027: ALFIERI, VITTORIO - Tragedie. Vol. II
3395: ALLARD, BERT E. - Can Your Mother Skin a Rabbit?: Tales of a Suffolk Lad
HST00103: ALLEN H. C. - A Concise History of the U.S.A.
ART00054: ALSTON, ROWLAND. - The Mind And Work Of G. F. Watts.
2879: AMAMOO, JOSEPH G. - Chocolate Lady
2881: AMAMOO, JOSEPH G. - The Ghanaian Revolution
2500: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Rudyard Kipling (Literary Lives)
ART00003: D'ANCONA, PAOLO. - Leonardo Da Vinci.
CHD00027: ANDERSEN, HANS - Tales from Hans Andersen
CHD00089: ANDERSEN, HANS - The Ugly Duckling
CHD00288: ANDERSEN, H. C. - Eventyr Og Historier
SFC00060: ANDERSON, POUL - Winter of the World
3288: ANDREWS, TED - Enchantment of the Faerie Realm: Communicate With Nature Spirits and Elementals
2449: ANDREWS, EWART S - An Introduction to Applied Mechanics (Cambridge Technical Series)
3688: ANGER, KENNETH - Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon: The Legendary Underground Classic of Hollywood's Darkest and Best Kept Secrets
3599: ANON - An Island Race: A Ballad for the TT
EST00190: ANTHONY, CARL K. - A Guide to the I Ching
SFC00025: ANTHONY, PIERS - Man from Mundania
SFC00079: ANTHONY, PIERS - Vale of the Vole
SFC00080: ANTHONY, PIERS - Heaven Cent
SFC00117: ANTHONY, PIERS - Battle Circle: A Trilogy
3280: ARBERRY, ARTHUR JOHN - Omar Khayyám: A New Version Based Upon Recent Discoveries
2618: ARCHER, FRED - When Adam Was a Boy
CHD00003: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Tim to the Rescue
CHD00008: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Tim to the Rescue
CHD00014: ARDIZZONE, EDWARD - Tim to the Rescue
EST00127: D'ARÈS , JACQUES - Encyclopédie de L'Esotérisme: Tome 4: Au delà du Christianisme
3717: ARNOLD, EDMUND C. - Ink On Paper: A Handbook of the Graphic Arts
CHD00125: ARNOLD, NICK - Chemical Chaos
2468: ARRECGROS, J. - Petit Guide Panoramique De La Flore Mediterraneenne
THG00076: ARVISENET, CLAUDIO - Memoriale Vitae Sacerdotalis
3612: ASCROFT, PATRICIA N. - The Border Collie: Sheepdog Extraordinary
3690: ASHE, GEOFFREY - The Tale of the Tub: A Survey of the Art of Bathing Through the Ages
EST00037: ASHE, GEOFFREY - The Finger and the Moon
EST00189: ASHE, GEOFFREY - Avalonian Quest
3507: ASSER, SIMON KEYNES & MICHAEL LAPIDGE (TRANSLATORS) - Alfred the Great: Asser's Life of King Alfred and other contemporary sources
ART00146: ASTIN, DAVID ET AL. - Learn to Paint and Draw
HST00125: ASTON, MICK; DIXON, K. R. & STEPHENSON, I. P. - Roman Cavalry Equipment
3038: ATKINSON, REV. J. C. - Forty Years In A Moorland Parish: Reminiscences And Researches In Danby In Cleveland (Limited Illustrated Edition: No. 167 of 500)
PTY00044: AULT, NORMAN, (CHOSEN, EDITED AND ARRANGED BY) - Elizabethan Lyrics from the Original Texts
3548: AUSTIN, RICHARD - Lynn Seymour: An Authorised Biography
3199: NO AUTHOR - Catalogue of a Collection of English Furniture, Barometers and Clocks , Formed by a Gentleman Residing in New York
3114: AUTHOR N/A. - Imray Yachting Chart: Y16 Rivers Stour and Orwell
3118: AUTHOR N/A. - Bartholomew's New Reduced Survey Map Coloured for Tourists & Cyclists: Sheet 3 - Lower Clyde (Mounted on Cloth)
3120: AUTHOR N/A. - Geographia Road Map Of England And Wales
3129: NO AUTHOR - Bestway Pictorial Dressmaking.
ART00149: NO AUTHOR - Fitzwilliam Museum Annual Report 1992
NAT00050: NO AUTHOR - Nature Reserves and Sites of Scientific Interest:: Survey Report 1965
MAP00033: NO AUTHOR - The City of Cambridge : Official Guide 1957
HST00052: AUTY, ROBERT; OBOLENSKY, DIMITRI - An Introduction to Russian History - (Companion to Russian Studies)
EST00051: AYTON, MARGARET - The Voice Within: A Collection Of Inspirational Poetry And Thoughts
3644: MEHER BABA - Discourses
PSY00012: BADDELEY, ALAN D. - The Psychology of Memory
3681: BAILEY, ALICE A. - A Treatise on White Magic or the Way of the Disciple
3682: BAILEY, ALICE A. - Letters on Occult Meditation
MDC00025: BAILEY, ROSEMARY E - Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing
3441: BAILLIE, GRANVILLE HUGH - Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World
MED00001: BAILY, LESLIE (ED.) - Leslie Baily's BBC scrapbooks, volume one: 1896-1914
2777: BAKER, E.C. STUART - The Game-Birds of India, Burma and Ceylon. Volume III. Pheasants and Bustard-Quail
ART00042: BALDRY, A. L. - Sir Joshua Reynolds : (Newnes Art Library)
2581: BALL, BRIAN N. - Timepiece
3318: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Selections from the Droll Stories of Honoré de Balzac, arranged and translated by André de Lignolles, with 20 illustrations by Cees Woltman.
2766: BANNATYNE-CUGNET, JO - A Prairie Year
CHD00177: BANTOCK, NICK - Wings: A Pop-up Book of Flight
THG00054: WATTERSON BARBARA - Coptic Egypt.
ART00144: BARBER, BARRINGTON - The Fundamentals of Drawing Portraits: A Practical and Inspirational Course
3062: BARLAY, STEPHEN - Aircrash Detective: the Quest for Aviation Safety: An International Report
BOG00014: BARNARD, MARY - Diary of an Optimist
HST00181: BARNARD, E.A.B. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, October 1931- October 1932 with Communications Made to the Society - Vol XXXIII
HST00182: BARNARD, E.A.B. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, October 1931- October 1932 with Communications Made to the Society - Vol XXXIII
ART00125: BARNES, RICHARD - The Year of Public Sculpture: Norfolk
NAT00026: BARNES, JOHN A. G. - Titmice of the British Isles
TOP00140: BARNES, ALISON - Essex Eccentrics
3651: BARON, ALEXANDER - The Human Kind
TOP00071: BARR, DAVID - A Family Way
EST00048: BARRETT, ROSA M. (EDITOR) - The Seekers - Talks By 'Dr Lascelles'
PLG00038: BARRITT,, BRIAN & DAVID BALL - Whisper: A Timescript
2857: BARROW, JOHN D. - The Artful Universe : The Cosmic Source of Human Creativity
HST00098: BARTLETT, RICHARD A. - The New Country : A Social History of the American Frontier 1776-1890
SCE00035: BARTON, EDWIN H. - A Text-Book on Sound
3080: BATCHELER, KENNETH C. - A Century of Cambridgeshire Parish Councils, 1894-1994
3607: BAWDEN , T. A. WITH L. S. GARRAD; J. K. QUALTROUGH & J. W. SCATCHARD - The Industrial Archaeology of the Isle of Man
2882: BAXTER, GLEN - Glen Baxter Returns to Normal
POL00015: BAXTER, ANGUS - Orange & Purple: The Story of the Conservative Party in Norwich
3014: BAYNES, NORMAN H. - Intellectual Liberty and Totalitarian Claims. The Romanes Lecture Delivered at Rhodes House (Oxford) 12 June 1942
MUS00018: BEAMENT, JAMES - The Violin Explained : Components, Mechanism, and Sound
SFC00024: BEAR, GREG - Psychlone
EST00129: BEARD, PAUL - Survival of Death
EST00158: RADHA SOAMI SATSANG BEAS - A Spiritual Primer
2695: BEAUCLERK, HELEN - Green Lacquer Pavilion
2768: BELL, ADRIAN - Silver Ley
2832: BELL, ROBERT - Wisbech: Town and City Memories
ART00025: BELL, CLIVE - An Account of French Painting
ART00046: BELL, CLIVE - Art
CHD00228: BELL, ANTHEA - The Great Menagerie : An Adaptation of the Antique Pop-Up Book
POL00013: BELOFF, MAX - Thomas Jefferson and American Democracy
3702: BENFORD, HARRY - The Gilbert and Sullivan Lexicon: In Which is Gilded the Philosophic Pill : Featuring New Illustrations and the Complete Libretto for the Zoo
3195: BENINGFIELD, GORDON - Poems of the Seasons - (Pictures by Gordon Beningfield)
2826: BENNETT, DAVID - True to Form (Wildlife Art Series)
2981: BENSUSAN, SAMUEL LEVY - Marshland Voices
CRM00076: BENTLEY, NICOLAS - The Events of That Week
3314: BERJEAU, JEAN PHILIBERT (EDITOR) - Calcoen. A Dutch narrative of the second voyage of Vasco da Gama to Calicut, printed at Antwerp circa 1504. [A facsimile.] With introduction and translation by J. Ph. Berjeau.
3188: BERNA, PAUL - A Hundred Million Francs
SAF00016: BERNHEIM, MARC & EVELYNE - The Drums Speak - The Story of Kofi, a Boy of West Africa
SFC00037: BESTER, ALFRED - Extro
3487: BETH, RAE - The Green Hedge Witch: A Guide to Wild Magic
3253: BETH, RAE - Spellcraft for Hedge Witches: A Guide to Healing Our Lives
2692: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Sweet Songs of Zion
2745: BETTERTON, ALEC & DAVID DYMOND - Lavenham: Industrial Town
TVL00031: BEURDELEY, JEAN - Provins
TOP00045: BEVIS, TREVOR A. - The Fens and West Norfolk: Selected Places of Interest Incorporating a History of Wisbech Castles
TVL00024: BHARDWAJ, SURINDER MOHAN - Hindu Places of Pilgrimage in India: A Study in Cultural Geography
3709: BINDER, JAMIE - Planets in Work: A Complete Guide to Vocational Astrology
3312: BIRRELL, AUGUSTINE - Collected Essays: Volume I & Volume II
HST00083: BISHOP, JAMES ALONZO - The Day Lincoln Was Shot
3082: BLAIR, BETSY - The Memory of All That
THG00023: BLASS, FRIEDRICH - Grammar of New Testament Greek
3638: BLATTER, ETHELBERT - Beautiful Flowers Of Kashmir (two volume set)
3230: BLAXLAND, GREGORY - Amiens: 1918
EST00151: BLOFELD, JOHN - The Wheel of Life : The Autobiography of a Western Buddhist
3185: BLOMFIELD, SIR REGINALD - Six Architects
2670: BLONCOURT & ENGELMANN, , NELSON & KAREN - Visions of Angels : 34 Photographers Share Their Images
LNG00004: BLOOMFIELD, MORTON W. & NEWMARK, LEONARD - A Linguistic Introduction to the History of English
CHD00150: BLYTON, ENID - The Knights of the Round Table
3102: BOARDMAN, JOHN - Athenian Black Figure Vases
SCE00037: BOBBETT, DAVID G. (EDITOR) - World Radio TV Handbook : The Directory of International Broadcasting
3462: BOBO, J. B. - Modern Coin Magic: 116 Coin Sleights and 236 Coin Tricks
EST00270: BODHIDHARMA (RED PINE - TRANSLATOR) - Zen Teachings of Bodhidharma
MDC00036: BODMAN, DR. FRANCIS HERVEY - Insights into Homoeopathy
PLG00014: BOISSIERE, ROBERT - Meditations with the Hopi
ART00136: BOLTON, RICHARD - Texture and Detail in Watercolor
PLY00025: BOND, EDWARD - Derek and Choruses from After the Assassinations
3648: BONVILLAIN, NANCY - The Mohawk: Indians of North America
HST00076: BOORSTIN, DANIEL J - The Americans; 2 Vols. (1 - The Colonial Experience; 2 - The National Experience)
3358: BOSTOCK, L. & S. CHANDLER - Mathematics: Mechanics and Probability
LIT00026: BOWRA, C. M. - Sophoclean Tragedy
2858: BOWYER, MICHAEL J.F. - Action Stations 1: Wartime Military Airfields of East Anglia 1939-1945
MUS00004: BOYCE-TILLMAN, JUNE - Constructing Musical Healing: The Wounds That Sing
PLG00031: BOYD, LOREE - Spirit Moves : The Story of Six Generations of Native Women
LIT00031: BRADBROOK, M. C. - The Tragic Pageant of 'Timon of Athens'
WST00002: BRAND, MAX - Tenderfoot
SPT00014: BRANDER, MICHAEL - Gundogs : Their Care and Training
HST00060: BRANDON, PETER & SHORT, BRIAN - South East from 1000 A. D.
CFT00007: BRAUN, HUGH - English Medieval Architecture
CHD00144: BRAZIL, ANGELA - The Nicest Girl in the School
HST00065: BREITMEYER, HUGO ( INTRODUCTION ) - Two Accounts of the Life and Adventures of Bampfylde Moore Carew, the King of the Beggars
CHD00132: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Jo to the Rescue
CHD00134: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Janie Steps in
CLS00004: BRETONNE, RESTIF DE LA (TRANS. & EDIT. BALDICK, ROBERT ) - Monsieur Nicolas or the Human Heart Laid Bare.
TOP00213: BRIDGWATER, BETH - Bridgwater's Norfolk
PLY00020: BRIDIE, JAMES - A Sleeping Clergyman and Other Plays
CHD00194: O'BRIEN, D. V. - The Three at St. Christopher's
CHD00206: BRIGGS, RAYMOND - Quand Souffle Le Vent
CHD00189: BROADBENT, HELEN - The Dew-Babies
SCE00059: BROCK, WILLIAM H. - History of Chemistry
3689: BROOKE, BRIGADIER GEOFFREY - The Way Of A Man With A Horse [Lonsdale Library Of Sport Volume 1]
3214: BROOKS, PAMELA - Norwich: Stories of a City
2586: BROWN, FREDRIC - Paradox Lost and Twelve Other Great Science Fiction Stories
ART00051: BROWN, J. HULLAH - Elementary Water-Colour Painting
CFT00003: BROWN, R. J. - English Village Architecture
PLG00073: BROWN, JOSEPH EPES - Animals of the Soul : Sacred Animals of the Oglala Sioux
THG00074: BROWNE, SIR THOMAS - Religio Medici and other Essays
LIT00013: BROWNING, ROBERT - Balaustion's Adventure Including a Transcript from Euripides
HST00089: BRUCHEY, STUART - The Roots of American Economic Growth, 1607-1861
SFC00115: BRUNNER, JOHN - The Stone That Never Came Down
2600: BRUNTON, PAUL - The Notebooks of Paul Brunton: Volume 4. Part 2: The Body.
2601: BRUNTON, PAUL - The Notebooks of Paul Brunton: Volume 7: Part 1: Healing of the Self. (&) Part 2: The Negatives
2602: BRUNTON, PAUL - The Notebooks of Paul Brunton: Volume 10: The Orient: Its Legacy to the West
2603: BRUNTON, PAUL - The Notebooks of Paul Brunton: Volume 13: Relativity, Philosophy and Mind
3149: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Adventures of Dickson McCunn: (Huntingtower; Castle Gay; The House of the Four Winds)
SAF00104: BUFORD, BILL (EDITOR) - Granta (The Magazine of New Writing) No. 48 - Autumn 1994 - Africa
SAF00105: BULPIN, T. - Tavern of the Seas: The Story of Cape Town, Robben Island and the Cape Peninsular
CHD00074: BUNYAN, JOHN - A Book for Boys and Girls; or, Country Rhymes for Children
2590: BURDETT, WILL & DR. JOSEPH BATTY - The Orpington Fowl
CHD00175: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON - The Little Hunchback Zia
CHD00085: BURROUGHES, DOROTHY - How Nature Helps You
3508: BURROW, ED. J. - Burrow's Guide to Devon and Cornwall
2638: BURY & PICKLES, M. E. & J. D. - Romilly's Cambridge Diary 1842-1847: Selected passages from the diary of the Rev. Joseph Romilly, Fellow of Trinity College and Registrary of the University of Cambridge
THG00053: BUTLER, JOHN - The Quest for Becket's Bones : The Mystery of the Relics of St Thomas Becket of Canterbury
2705: CABLE, JAMES - A Lifeboatman's Days: The History of James Cable, Ex-Coxswain of the Aldeburgh Lifeboat.
SFC00078: CADIGAN, PAT - Mindplayers
PLY00028: CALDERÓN DE LA BARCA, PEDRO - Casa con dos puertas, mala es de guardar-La dama duende-Mañanas de Abril y Mayo
2552: CALLAGHAN, HELEN - Britain in Old Photographs: Cambridge University
3431: CALVINO, ITALO - Adam, One Afternoon & Other Stories
LIT00014: CAMPAGNAC, E. T. (EDITOR) - Prose Selections from Matthew Arnold
TQS00005: CAMPANA, MICHELE - Oriental Carpets
3070: CAMPBELL, SUSAN - A Calendar of Gardeners' Lore Revealing the Secrets of the Walled Kitchen Garden: Being an Unrivalled Collection of Useful Directions and Observations with the Addition of Curious Facts and Fantasies Relating to the History, Planning, Planting and Management of Walled Kitchen Gardens
3285: CANNON, DOLORES - Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit
SCE00009: CANNON, ROBERT L. & BANKS, MICHAEL A. - The Rocket Book: A Guide to Building and Launching Model Rockets for Students and Teachers of the Space Age
LIT00008: CARDUCCI, GIOSUE - Il Libro Delle Prefazioni
3179: CARITA, HELDER & ANTONIO HOMEM CARDOSO (FOTOGRAFIA) - Tratado da Grandeza dos Jardins em Portugal ou da Originalidade e Desaires desta Arte
2588: CARNIE, T. WEST - In Quaint East Anglia
3399: CARR, EDITH; RUTTERFORD, BETTY; & STOREY, GERTRUDE - People and Places: An East Anglian Miscellany (containing: Trumpington: A Cambridgeshire Village; A Wheelwright of Hoxne; & Culford Hall)
EST00075: CARROLL, PETER J. - Liber Kaos
CHD00064: CARRUTH, JANE - Dougal & the Cheeky Rabbit
CHD00065: CARRUTH, JANE - Look Out, Dougal
CHD00066: CARRUTH, JANE - Dougal & the Space Rocket
CHD00067: CARRUTH, JANE - Dougal, the Best Detective
CHD00068: CARRUTH, JANE - Florence & the Magic Bean
3107: CARRUTHERS, LESLIE & RONALD GINNS - Echeverias: A Guide to Cultivation and Identification
LNG00001: CARTER, RONALD - Vocabulary: Applied Linguistic Perspectives
2556: CASSON, HUGH - Hugh Casson`s Cambridge
3425: CATHER, WILLA - My Mortal Enemy
PLG00040: CATLIN, GEORGE - Life Among the Indians
2725: CAUSTON, RICHARD - The Buddha in Daily Life
MAP00035: CAVE, E. (EDITOR) (CITY LIBRARIAN) - The City of Cambridge : Official Guide 1965
MAP00034: CAVE, E. (EDITOR) (CITY LIBRARIAN) - The City of Cambridge : Official Guide 1963
3704: CAZALET, MAJOR V. A. - With Sikorski to Russia
3170: CECIL, HENRY - Unlawful Occasions
2592: CERVANTES, MIGUEL DE - The Adventures of Don Quixote
2939: CESARESCO, COUNT EUGENIO MARTINENGO - The Psychology and Training of the Horse
TOP00047: CHAINEY, GRAHAM - A Literary History of Cambridge
3615: CHALONER, JAMES - A Short Treatise of the Isle of Man, Digested Into Six Chapters. Originally Published in 1656 as an Appendix to "King's Vale Royal of England; Or, The County Palatine of Chester, Illustrated"
3396: CHAMBERLAIN, MARY - Fenwomen: A Portrait of Women in an English Village
HST00096: CHAMBERS, CLARKE A. (EDITOR) - The New Deal at Home and Abroad, 1929-1945 (Sources in American History)
3477: CHANCE, TOBY & PETER WILLIAMS: - Lighthouses : the Race to Illuminate the World
3473: CHAPMAN, CAROLINE AND JANE DORMER - Elizabeth & Georgiana: The Duke of Devonshire and his two Duchesses
3593: CHAPPELL, CONNERY - Island of Barbed Wire : Internment on the Isle of Man in World War Two
3183: CHAPPELL, W. (WILLIAM), F. S. A. - Popular Music of the Olden Time; a Collection of Ancient Songs, Ballads, and Dance Tunes, Illustrative of the National Music of England (Two Volumes)
SCE00031: CHAPPELL, ALAN, EDITOR; - Optoelectronics : Theory and Practice
3141: CHARTERIS, LESLIE - Vendetta for the Saint
3559: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Tremendous Trifles
3560: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Superstition of Divorce
3549: CHEYNE, , N. GILBERT - Queen Emma: The Flower of Normandy
3307: CHINERY, MICHAEL - The Natural History of the Garden
EST00262: CHOQUETTE, SONIA - Balancing Your Chakras : How to Balance Your Seven Energy Centres for Health and Wellbeing
2849: CHRISTIANSEN, RUPERT - Cambridge Arts Theatre: Celebrating Sixty Years
TQS00006: CHRISTIE'S - Oriental Rugs and Carpets (from various sources) April 30 1998
ART00138: CHRISTY, G. - Step by Step Pastel
3496: CLARK, WENDY - Once around Wandlebury
TOP00217: CLARK, JOHN WILLIS - A Concise Guide to the Town and University of Cambridge
2537: CLARK, JOHN WILLIS - Cambridge: Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes
2561: CLARK, J. G. D. (EDITOR) ASSISTED BY K. P. OAKLEY AND PROF. S. PIGGOTT - Proceedings of the PREHISTORIC SOCIETY for 1950 (New Series, Vol. XV I)
HST00073: CLARK, SIR GEORGE - Early Modern Europe from About 1450-1720
PLY00019: CLARK, BARRETT H. (SELECTED BY) - World Drama Vol. 2 : An Anthology
TOP00098: CLARK, WENDY - Once around Wandlebury
2674: CLARKE, W. G. - Guide to the Town of Brandon and the Oldest Industry in Britain
CHD00075: CLARKE, COVINGTON - Desert Wings
SFC00039: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Expedition to Earth
SFC00064: CLARKE, ARTHUR C & BAXTER, STEPHEN - Time's Eye (A Time Odyssey: Book One)
COM00006: CLEAVENGER, DORIAN - Trinity : The Works and Visions of Dorian Cleavenger
3309: CLEGG, SAMUEL - A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture and Distribution of Coal- Gas. Its Introduction and Progressive Improvement; Illustrated by Engravings from Working Drawings, with General Estimates. (4th edition Greatly Enlarged, & with Numerous Additional Illustrations)
THG00033: CLEOBURY, F H. - A Study in Christian Apologetic (Supplement to Faith & Thought Vol. 00)
PLG00069: CLIFTON, JAMES A. (EDITOR) - Being and Becoming Indian: Biographical Studies of North American Frontiers
3310: SOTHEBY & CO - 1000 Ways of Seeing. The Private Collection of the Late Stanley J. Seeger. 5 & 6 March 2014, Sotheby's Auction Sale Catalogue
3685: COBAIN, KURT - Kurt Cobain: Journals (Nirvana)
SCE00003: COCHRANE, PETER - Tips for Time Travellers: Visionary Insights into New Technology, Life and the Future by One of the World's Leading Technology Prophets
EST00260: COCKELL, JENNY - Past Lives, Future Lives
ART00041: COGNIAT, RAYMOND - Gauguin
NAT00014: COLE, F. J. - A History of Comparative Anatomy from Aristotle to the Eighteenth Century
SCE00051: COLE, HENRY W. - Understanding Radar
3511: COLEMAN, DOROTHY S.; ELIZABETH A. & EVELYN J. - Collector's Book of Doll's Clothes: Costumes in Miniature: 1700-1929
3406: COLEMAN, A. P. & W. A. PARKS - Elementary Geology with special reference to Canada
3561: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR (STEPHEN POTTER - EDITOR) - Coleridge: Select Poetry & Prose
CHD00216: COLFER, EOIN - Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
LIT00009: COLLINS, J CHURTON (EDITED BY) - Sidney's Apologie for Poetrie
PTY00042: COLUM, PADRAIC (EDITOR) - The Poems of Jonathan Swift
3130: UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE COMMISSIONERS - The Statutes of Trinity College Cambridge: 1926-1943
3385: CONLAY, IRIS & PETER F. ANSON - The Art Of The Church (Volume 11 in The New Library of Catholic Knowledge)
3283: CONWAY, D. J. - Celtic Magic
ANL00026: CONWAY, GERRY - Superman Official Annual 1980
2523: COOK, ARTHUR BERNARD - The Rise and Progress of Classical Archaeology
MDC00022: COOKE, ALISTAIR - The Patient Has the Floor
CHD00080: COOKSON, CATHERINE - Bill and the Mary Ann Shaughnessy
CHD00167: COOKSON, CATHERINE - Matty Doolin
CHD00168: COOKSON, CATHERINE - Matty Doolin
3213: COOLAHAN, JOHN WITH PATRICK F. O'DONOVAN - A History of Ireland's School Inspectorate, 1831-2008
CHD00291: COOPER, MRS - Tom's First Friend
EST00224: COOPER, DIANA - A Little Light on Spiritual Laws
3173: COPPER, BOB - A Song for Every Season: A Hundred Years of a Sussex Farming Family
3700: CORKRAN, ALICE - Down The Snow Stairs: or, From Good-Night to Good- Morning.
LIT00024: COTTLE, BASIL - The Triumph of English 1350-1400 (History and Literature Series)
HST00001: COTTRELL, LEONARD - The Bull of Minos
HST00178: COWLEY, A.E. - The Hittites: The Schweich Lectures for 1918
3203: COX-JOHNSON, ANN - John Bacon R. A. 1740 - 1799
2852: CRAFT, RUTH - Pieter Brueghel's The Fair
HST00197: CRANE, D. G. - Fulbourn Chronicle 1901-1930
HST00154: CRAVEN, AVERY - An Historian and the Civil War.
ART00132: CRAWSHAW, ALWYN - Oil Painting Course
ART00135: CRAWSHAW, ALWYN - Crawshaws Watercolour Studio
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SCE00021: DODD, PETER (G3LDO) - The Antenna Experimenter's Guide
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2524: DUNN, JOHN - The "Previous" (Fourth Series) containing all the papers on PALEY, EUCLID, ARITHMETIC, ALGEBRA, ACCIDENCE, ADDITIONAL ALGEBRA, TRIGONOMETRY, and MECHANICS set at the previous examinations from June, 1877, 8, to June, 1883, inclusive, with answers to the questions on ARITHMETIC, ALGEBRA, and the ADDITIONAL SUBJECTS.
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2461: EAST, W. GORDON - An Historical Geography of Europe
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2851: EVANS, PETER (COMPILER) - The Beat Generation: Eighteen Songs that Inspired a Generation in the Beat Boom of the Swinging Sixties - Piano, Vocal & Guitar Arrangements with Lyrics & Guitar Chords
2988: EVANS, A. H. - A Flora of Cambridgeshire with an Appendix on the Origin and Drainage of the Fens.
TOP00010: EVANS, GEORGE EWART - The Pattern under the Plough
TOP00011: EVANS, GEORGE EWART - Where Beards Wag All : The Relevance of the Oral Tradition.
2938: EVDOKIMOV, PAUL (TRANLATED BY FR. STEVEN BIGHAM) - The Art of the Icon: A Theology of Beauty
3452: EVENS, G. BRAMWELL / ROMANY - Out with Romany Once More
SAF00001: FAIRBRIDGE, DOROTHEA - Historic Farms of South Africa
2709: FAIRFAX, JOHN - John Fairfax's Sermon at the Opening of the New Erected Meeting House at Ipswich 26th April 1700
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3489: FARRAR, JANET - The Witches' Goddess
3252: FARRAR, JANET & STEWART, AND GAVIN BONE - The Pagan Path: The Wiccan Way of Life
2628: FARRAR, MICHAEL - Genealogical Sources in Cambridgeshire: A Summary List
3341: FARSON, DANIEL - Gilbert and George: A Portrait
3108: FARTHING, F. HADFIELD - The Week-End Gardener: A Companion to "Saturday in my Garden" & A Practical Guide to the Work of Every Week in the Year with Special Reference to Favourite Flowers & Vegetables Easy of Cultivation
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CHD00163: FINE, ANNE - Frozen Billy
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LIT00020: FORSTER, LEONARD WILSON - The Poets Tongues: Multilingualism in Literature (The de Carle Lectures at the University of Otago, 1968)
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3124: FOWLER, GEO. - How to Bottle Fruit, Vegetables, Game, Poultry, Milk, Tomatoes, etc. ... for Domestic and Commercial Purposes
2741: FOY, ROBIN P. - In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship
2718: FRANCIS-LEWIS, CÉCILE - A Practical Handbook on Leatherwork
2991: FRANCIS, DICK - Banker
3266: FRANKLIN, ARIANA - Mistress of the Art of Death
2608: FRANZINI & GROSSBERG, LOUIS R. & JOHN M. - Eccentric and Bizarre Behaviors
PSY00015: FRANZINI, LOUIS R.; GROSSBERG, JOHN M. - Eccentric and Bizarre Behaviors
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CHD00154: FRIGOUT, R. DE B. - The Smugglers' Hole - A Story for Brownies
EST00275: FULLER, JOHN G. - The Interrupted Journey : Two Lost Hours Aboard a Flying Saucer
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3374: GABRIEL, RONALD - English Drinking Glasses
2490: GAIL, ABBE - Realize Your Psychic Power : The Handbook to the Resources of Your Mind
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CHD00131: GERARD, GEOFFREY - The Young Man's Guide to Electrical Engineering
BOG00005: GÉRIN, WINIFRED - Horatia Nelson
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MDC00021: GIBSON, ALEXANDER GEORGE - The Physician's Art : An Attempt to Expand John Locke's Fragment De Arte Medica
PLG00010: GIBSON, MICHAEL - The American Indian from Colonial Times to the Present
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3594: NOT GIVEN - Guide to the Isle of Man with map of the Island plans of Douglas and Ramsey and numerous illustrations. Special Appendix for Anglers. (Tenth Edition)
SAF00061: GLEAVE, M. B., & WHITE, H. P. - Agricultural Systems and Pastoralism in Tropical Africa
SAF00062: GLEAVE, M. B - Population & Settlement in Tropical Africa
3293: GLEIG, REV. G. R. - Germany, Bohemia And Hungary Visited in 1837 -Volume 2 only!
2829: GODFREY, ROBERT S. - Lincoln Cathedral: A Paper on the Early History and the Various Disasters and Restorations in the Past, and the Present Special Repairs
2753: GODWIN, JOSCELYN (EDITOR) - Paul Brunton: Essential Readings
3535: GOLDBERG, B. Z. - The Sacred Fire: The Story of Sex in Religion
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LIT00015: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Good-Natured Man
3542: GOLDSTON, ROBERT - Satan's Disciples
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2610: GRAY, RONALD - Cambridge Gardens
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BUS00004: GRAY, BERNARD - Investors Chronicle Beginner's Guide to Investment and the City
TOP00113: GRAY, ARTHUR BEALES - Cambridge Revisited
3174: GREAVES, HELEN - Testimony Of Light: An extraordinary message of life after death
3246: GREEN, MARIAN - Witch Alone, A: Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic
3424: GREEN, MARIAN - Witch Alone, A: Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic
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3221: GROHE, FRIEDRICH - The Beauty of the Mountain: Memories of J. Krishnamurti
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SAF00015: GRUTTER, WILHELM - A Name Among Seafaring Men - a history of the training ship General Botha.
3073: GUERINI , GIOVANNI - Trenta Novelle (Thirty Stories)
3468: GUIRDHAM, ARTHUR - Cosmic Factors in Disease
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2560: GUNNARSSON, DAGUR - A Portrait of Cambridge: Panorama Pictures from the Beautiful City of Cambridge
2457: HABELER, PETER - Der Einsame Sieg: Mount Everest '78
TOP00150: HAINES, PAMELA - Hastings in Old Photographs
CHD00095: HALE, KATHLEEN - Orlando (the Marmalade Cat) Keeps a Dog
2697: HALES, JANE - Norfolk Year
EST00212: HALL, MANLY PALMER - Buddhism & Psychotherapy: The Healing of Heart Doctrine
WST00006: HALLERAN, E.E. - The Hostile Hills
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ECN00003: HANSEN, ALVIN H. - Postwar American Economy : Performance and Problems
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PLY00015: HARDY, THOMAS - The Famous Tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall at Tintagel in Lyonesse: A New Version of an Old Story Arranged as a Play for Mummers, in One Act, Requiring No Theatre or Scenery
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3334: HARRIS, VICTORIA - Selling Sex in the Reich : Prostitutes in German society, 1914-1945
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3627: HARRISON, WILLIAM - Mona Miscellany: A Selection of Proverbs, Sayings, Ballads, Customs, Superstitions, and Legends, Peculiar to the Isle of Man (First Series)
3626: HARRISON, WILLIAM - Bibliotheca Monensis: A Bibliographical Account of Works Relating to the Isle of Man
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3631: HARRISON, WILLIAM - Illiam Dhone and The Manx Rebellion 1651: Records and Proceedings Relating to the Case of William Christian of Ronaldsway, Receiver-General of the Isle of Man, who was Shot for Treason at Hango Hill, 2d January 1662-3
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MUS00016: HART, GEORGE - The Violin: Its Famous Makers and Their Imitators
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2693: HARTLEY, L. P. - The Sixth Heaven
2694: HARTLEY, L. P. - Eustace & Hilda
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PLG00036: MARQUIS, THOMAS B. (INTERPRETED BY) - Wooden Leg: A Warrior Who Fought Custer
3215: MARSHALL, MRS. EMMA - Castle Meadow: A Story of Norwich a Hundred Years Ago
2786: MARSHALL, SYBIL - Fenland Chronicle: Recollections of William Henry and Kate Mary Edwards collected and edited by their daughter.
3047: MARSHALL, S. J. - The Mandate of Heaven: Hidden History in the Book of Changes
CRM00067: GRIMES. MARTHA, - The Old Fox Deceiv'd
3151: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. & GARDNER DOZOIS - Songs of the Dying Earth: Stories in Honour of Jack Vance
SCE00023: MARTIN, A. V. J. - Technical Television
THG00042: MARTIN, MALACHI - Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Living Americans
THL00006: MARTIN, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - Moving Jewels: An Anthology of Writing and Art by Cambridgeshire Schoolchildren.
SCE00029: MASSEY, B.S. - Mechanics of Fluids
MDC00037: MATHUR, R,S. - Homoeopathy for Laymen
PLG00039: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - Indian Country
SAF00017: MAXWELL, MR. MARCUSWELL - Big Game Photographs from The Times
3570: MAYS, SPIKE - Reuben's Corner - An English Country Boyhood
MAT00002: MAZUR, BARRY - Imagining Numbers (Particularly the Square Root of Minus Fifteen)
2891: MCBAIN, ED - Beauty and The Beast
THG00080: MCBRIEN, RICHARD P. - Catholicism: Study Edition
PLG00006: MCCARY, BEN C. & ROUSE, JR., PARKE - Virginia Indians; Before and After Jamestown
EST00081: MCCOY, EDAIN - Making Magick: What It Is and How It Works
2716: MCDOWELL, COLIN - Manolo Blahnik
POL00002: MCGINNISS, JOE - The Selling of the President
3675: MCKEANEY, MR. JOSEPH - Opening The Inner-Mind: Meta-Psychology And The Masters Of Wisdom
SFC00054: MCKILLIP, PATRICIA A. - The Sorceress and the Cygnet
HST00085: MCLAUGHLIN, ANDREW CUNNINGHAM - The Confederation and the Constitution 1733-1789
MDC00019: MCNICHOL, RONALD W. (MD) - The Treatment of Delirium Tremens and Related States
EST00269: MEADOWS, , KENNETH - Shamanic Experience: A Practical Guide to Contemporary Shamanism (Earth Quest)
SAF00073: MEAKINS, ROBIN H. - Development, Disease & the Environment.
PTY00033: DE’ MEDICI, LORENZO - Poesie
3350: MEE, ARTHUR (EDITOR) - The King's England: Herefordshire: The Western Gate of Middle England
3322: MEETING FOR SUFFERINGS. ABORIGINES' COMMITTEE, LONDON YEARLY MEETING (SOCIETY OF FRIENDS). - Some Account of the Conduct of the Religious Society of Friends towards the Indian Tribes in the Settlement of the Colonies of East and West Jersey and Pennsylvania: with a brief narrative of their labours for the civilization and Christian instruction of the Indians, from the time of their settlement in America, to the year 1843
3515: MEISS, MILLARD WITH ASSISTANCE OF KATHLEEN MORAND & EDITH W. KIRSCH - French Painting in the Time of Jean De Berry: The French Boucicaut Master
2720: MEISSEN, CONNY - Das Männchen kommt zum Zauberer. Eine neue Bildergeschichte vom Männchen - (The Male is a Magician . A new picture story from the Male)
MDC00032: MELHUISH, ANDREW - Executive Health
3207: MELVILLE, LEWIS - The Life of William Makepeace Thackeray - with a Series of Illustrations
EST00035: MENZEL, DONALD H. - Flying Saucers
TQS00009: MERCK, ROBERT M. - Deck the Halls: Treasures of Christmas Past
2453: MEYER, R. M. - Die Hundert Besten Gedichte (Epik)
2452: MEYER, R. M. - Die Hundert Besten Gedichte (Lyrik)
2731: MEYNELL, ALICE - The School of Poetry: An Anthology Chosen for Young Readers
PHL00010: MICHALSON, GORDON E., JR. - Kant and the Problem of God
SAF00058: MIKESELL, MARVIN W. - Northern Morocco: a Cultural Geography
3238: MILEHAM, MAJOR PATRICK J. R. - Fighting Highlanders! : the History of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
PTY00058: MILFORD, H.S. - The Oxford Book of English Verse of the Romantic Period, 1798-1837
3586: MILLER, HAROLD 'DUSTY' - "It's A Fact"
3305: MILLER, HENRY - Sexus: (Book One & Book 2 - Complete in One Volume)
2809: MILLER, EDWARD - Portrait of a College: A History of the College of Saint John the Evangelist in Cambridge
PLG00072: MILLER, LEE (EDITOR) - From the Heart : Voices of the American Indian
TOP00050: MILLER, ALICE GRUBB - There's Life in the Old Land Yet
HST00046: MILLIS, WALTER - Arms and Men: A Study of American Military History
MDC00008: MINETREE, HARRY - Cooley: The Career of a Great Heart Surgeon.
2448: MITCHELL, GEORGE A & A. M. - Building Construction And Drawing - I. Elementary Course
2703: MITCHELL, SIDNEY JOHN D. - Perse: A History of the Perse School 1615-1976
EST00225: MITCHELL, STEPHEN - Bhagavad Gita : A New Translation
SAF00024: MOFFETT, J P, EDITOR - Handbook of Tanganyika
CHD00174: MOLE, JOHN - Back By Midnight
3698: MOLESWORTH (MRS), MARY LOUISA - 'Grandmother Dear'; A Book for Boys and Girls
2910: MOLESWORTH, SIR GUILFORD LINDSEY - Life Of John Edward Nassau Molesworth: An Eminent Divine Of The Nineteenth Century
2921: MOLESWORTH , E. J. (EDIT.) - Life of Sir Guilford L. Molesworth K. C. I. E. "The Nestor of the Engineering Profession"
2947: MONROE, DOUGLAS - The 21 Lessons of Merlyn: A Study in Druid Magic & Lore
3720: MOORE, BERNARD - Cornish Catches and Other Verses
CRM00008: MORGAN, FIDELIS - Unnatural Fire
PLY00035: MORGAN, JOAN - This Was a Woman
2933: MORLEY HEWITT, A. T. - Roman Villa: West Park, Rockbourne, Nr. Fordingbridge, Hants. - Illustrated Report, Easter 1968
CHD00184: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - Red Eyes at Night
3568: MORRIS, RICHARD (EDITOR); BOETHIUS; GEOFFREY CHAUCER - Chaucer's Translation of Boethius's 'De Consolatione Philosophiae'. Edited from British Museum Additional Ms. 10,340 collated with Cambridge University Library Ms. Ii.3.21
3502: MORTIMER, JOHN - Dunster
CHD00226: MOSELEY, KEITH & WHITEHOUE, ALAN - Steam Locomotives: a Three Dimensional Book
3340: MOSLEY, LEONARD - Battle of Britain: The Making of a Film
TRN00006: MOULTON, R G - Flying Scale Models
GDN00005: MOWAT, J.L. (EDITOR) - The Journal of The Scottish Rock Garden Club - Vol. VIII Part I - No.30 - April, 1962
3187: MUNAKATA, SHIKO - Shiko Munakata
3632: MUNCH, PETER ANDREAS (HISTORICAL NOTES BY) - Chronica Regvm Manniae Et Insvlarvm: The Chronicle of Man and the Sudreys, from the Manuscript Codex in the British Museum, Volumes I & II (set)
3267: MUNDY, CAPT. GODREY CHARLES - Pen and Pencil Sketches, Being the Journal of a Tour in India by Captain Mundy late Aide-de-camp to Lord Combermere - in Two Volumes
3050: MUNRO, JANE - British Landscape Watercolours 1750-1850
ART00034: MUNRO, THOMAS (EDITOR) - The Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism. Volume 14 No. 4. (June, 1956)
ART00035: MUNRO, THOMAS (EDITOR) - The Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism. Volume 20 No. 3. (Summer, 1962)
ART00036: MUNRO, THOMAS (EDITOR) - The Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism. Volume 23 No. 3. (Spring, 1965)
CHD00279: MUNRO, NEIL - The Pirate Ship (and two other stories)
FRM00002: MUNROE, C. J. - The Smallholder's Guide
PLY00041: MURDOCH, IRIS & J.B. PRIESTLEY - A Severed Head: A Play in Three Acts
SCE00064: CHESNEY D NOREEN & CHESNEY MURIEL O - Radiographic Photography
2541: MURPHY, MICHAEL J, - Cambridge Newspapers and Opinion 1780-1850
CHD00078: MURPHY, JILL - Geoffrey Strangeways
2451: MURRAY (EDITOR), SPENCE - Petersen's: Vw Rabbit Tune Up And Repair
2895: MURRAY, JENNIFER - Now Solo: One Woman's Record-breaking Flight Around the World
2896: MURRAY, JENNIFER - Broken Journey: A True Story of Courage and Survival
PLG00016: MURRAY, DAVID - Modern Indians: Native Americans in the twentieth Century
2848: MYERS, PAUL - Leonard Bernstein (20th Century Composers)
PLG00025: NABOKOV, PETER (EDITOR) - Native American Testimony: A Chronicle of Indian-White Relations from Prophecy to the Present, 1492-2000
PLY00012: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Selected Plays of Eugene O'Neill
ART00102: NELSON, PHILIP - Ancient Painted Glass in England 1170-1500 . "The Antiquaries Books" Series
SCE00038: NELSON, WILLIAM R. - Interference Handbook
MUS00017: NEMESSURI, MIHALY & SZENDE, OTTO - The Physiology of Violin Playing
CHD00070: NESBIT, E - Five of Us and Madeline
CHD00214: NEWING, F.E. & BOWOOD, RICHARD - Levers, Pulleys and Engines. A Ladybird Junior Science Book
NAT00044: NEWMAN, L. HUGH - Butterfly Farmer
3218: EASTERN EVENING NEWS - Images of Norwich
SFC00085: NICHOLLS, PETER (EDITOR) - The Science in Science Fiction
3454: NICHOLS, RICHARD - Classic American Cars
LIT00028: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE - A History of Early Nineteenth Century Drama 1800-1850 - Vol.1
3556: NIMROD, (CHARLES JAMES APPERLEY) - The Chace, the Road and the Turf
CHD00229: NISTER, ERNEST - The Children's Picture Book
CHD00230: NISTER, ERNEST - Keepsake Carousel
PTY00021: NIYAZI, SHOVKAT: (EDITOR) - Voices of Friends: Soviet Poets
2508: NOBLE, W. ALEX - Verses of a Fenland Vet
3582: NORRIS, SAMUEL - Two Men of Manxland: Hall Caine - Novelist & T. E. Brown - Poet
THG00067: NOTT RT. REVD. (BISHOP OF NORWICH), PETER - Bishop Peter's Pilgrimage : His Diary and Sketchbook 1995-96
ECN00004: NUGENT, WALTER T. K. - The Money Question During Reconstruction
HST00104: OATES, STEPHEN B. - The Fires of Jubilee : Nat Turner's Fierce Rebellion
3408: THE WAR OFFICE - Signal Training Vol. II (2) - Part II (2) Wireless 1936
3255: D'OLBERT, GERVAS - Chastisement Across the Ages: A Scientific Survey - (The Gruesome Story of Corporal Punishment with Much New Information)
3633: OLIVER, J. R. - Monumenta de Insula Manniae, or a Collection of National Documents Relating to the Isle of Man. (set of Three Volumes)
3351: OLIVIER, EDITH - Wiltshire (The County Books)

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