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18031402-113: - Croydon Old and New
17101603-63: ANDRÉ PAGE2 - What do You Know About Surrey?
18031227-111: - Rijksmuseum Kunstkrant Jaargang 27, Mei - Juni 2001, Nr.3
16123011-113: - Stockholm med Omgivningar
16030117-122: - Yoshitsune (15) shielding (Kodansha Comics Monthly Shonen Magazine)
16062710-24: A R CLAPHAM, ET AL - Field Studies Vol.I, No.5 September 1963
911780-136: CHERYL A AARON - Laundry: photographs By Cheryl A Aaron
914635-124: STATON ABBEY - The Ford New Anglia, New Prefect and New Popular Handbook: a Practical Handbook Covering All Models of the Anglia, Anglia Super and Prefect from 1953 Onwards, the Popular from September 1959 and the Escort, Squire and 5-cwt and 7-cwt Vans
16032006-123: STATON ABBEY - The book of the Sunbeam Rapier, Alpine and Humber Sceptre: A practical handbook covering all models up to and including 1968 (Pitman's Motorists' library)
16092403-164: RIEVAULX ABBEY - A Descriptive Account of the Fresco Paintings in the Pavilion on Rievaulx Terrace to which is annexed a brief historical notice of Rievaulx Abbey in the North Riding of the County of York
13020103-85: TIM ABBOTT - Where to Go on Exmoor
16030109-164: TIM ABBOTT - Exmoor Coastal Walks
13022803-23: BARBARA ABDY - Victorian Ewell Revealed Through the Centuries: Occasional Paper 33
919035-155: CHARLES ABDY - The Taxman Cometh to Epsom & Ewell (Nonsuch Antiquarian Society Occasional Paper No.32)
13111601-155: BARBARA ABDY - Ewell Wills of the 16th-20th Centuries (Nonsuch Antiquarian Society Occasional Paper No.43)
915421-34: CHARLES ABDY - Ewell Past
917046-155: CHARLES ABDY - The Epsom Vestry (Nonsuch Antiquarian Society Occasional Paper No.30)
13101614-85: M L JOHNSON; MICHAEL ABERCROMBIE - New Biology 2
13101615-37: M L JOHNSON; MICHAEL ABERCROMBIE - New Biology 2
13101618-85: M L JOHNSON; MICHAEL ABERCROMBIE - New Biology 5
13101617-37: M L JOHNSON; MICHAEL ABERCROMBIE - New Biology 3
13101616-85: M L JOHNSON; MICHAEL ABERCROMBIE - New Biology 3
13011002-37: L M JOHNSON; M ABERCROMBIE - New Biology 1
15031601-134: BASIL JOSEPH MATHEWS; ARTHUR EUSTACE SOUTHON; R W ABERNETHY - The Spirit of the Game: a quest by Basil Mathews and some stories by A E Southon and R W Abernethy (The Camp Fire Library)
922609-85: MRS ABLE - Household Hints By Mrs Able
16022204-95: ASHLEY P ABRAHAM - Beautiful North Wales
18030604-134: GERALD ABRAHAM - Music of the Masters: Sibelius. A symposium
16020210-162: DANNIE ABSE - Poetry Supplement Christmas 1975
17091411-92: ROYAL ACADEMY - Italian Art: an illustrated souvenir ot the exhibigtion of Italian art at Burlington House London
17061132-111: ROYAL ACADEMY - Kings and Queens AD 653 - 1953
16072716-146: BRITISH ACADEMY - Proceedings of the British Academy 1989 Volume LXXV (75)
14080902-63: C R ACTON - Stories of the Saddle
915344-124: ALOIS ADAM - Guide-Book Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Its Environs: Mittenwald, Oberammergau, Royal Castles, Excursions and Car-Tours
18020608-13: CHARLES PHYTHIAN-ADAMS - Re-thinking English Local History
922534-135: HOAGY CARMICHAEL; STANLEY ADAMS - Little Old Lady from 'The Show is On'
913048-85: RAMON F ADAMS - The Old-Time Cowhand
14070509.13070103-23: CHRIS ADAMS - Circular North Devon Walks
9920749-132: JOHN ADAMS - The Herbartian Psychology Applied to Education, Being a Series of Essays applying the Psychology of Johans Friedrich Herbart
17051302-145M: F E WEATHERLY; STEPHEN ADAMS - Nirvana: song. No.2 in C. Voice and Piano. The words by F E Weatherly, the music by Stephen Adams.
911732-85: CLIFTON ADAMS - Doomsday Creek
915930-104: ROBERT ADAMSON - Reading the River: Selected Poems
17061117-63: GRETE TARTLER; FLEUR ADCOCK - Orient Express (Oxford Poets)
920500-144: TED ADDY - Dutch Schultz
98842-126: T E HEADRICK; THE ROYAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION - The Town Clerk in English Local Government
922485-81: CROYDON ADVERTISER - Old & New Croydon Illustrated, May1894: the Croydon Advertiser Special
18041013-74: ANDOVER ADVERTISER - Scenes Around Andover in years gone by
13111911-157: BETHANIE AFTON - Wiltshire Family History Society Journal 122, July 2011
13111908-157: BETHANIE AFTON - Wiltshire Family History Society Journal 124, January 2012
13111909-157: BETHANIE AFTON - Wiltshire Family History Society Journal 125, April 2012
13111907-157: BETHANIE AFTON - Wiltshire Family History Society Journal 127, October 2012
13111906-157: BETHANIE AFTON - Wiltshire Family History Society Journal 129, April 2013
15012904-156: MARIA AHLSTEDT - Uinirakastetulle: runoja ja lauluja
16061306-163: D R AHUJA - Folklore of Rajasthan
916764-83: JOAN AIKEN - Died on a Rainy Sunday: a Novel
14110506-144: W HARRISON AINSWORTH - The Elixir of Life (Auriol)
917882-38: W HARRISON AINSWORTH - The Elixir of Life
17051327-145M: JOHN KEEGAN CASEY; GEORGE AITKEN - Maire my Girl (Irish Love-Song). No.3 in E. Voice and piano. Words by John Keegan Casey, music by George Aitken
17021908-17: ILHAN AKSIT - The Civilisation of Western Anatolia
17051346-145M: BENNY DAVIS; HARRY AKST - Dearest, You're the Nearest to my Heart. Words by Benny Davis, music by Harry Akst
916900-113: PAUL ALBERTS - South African Military Buildings Photographed: An Historical Heritage
921440-144: JOAN P ALCOCK - Discovering Salop
14031634-103: DEBORAH ALCOCK - Done and Dared in Old France
97042-134: JOHN E ALDEN - Alden's Oxford Guide: With Notes on the District & Rivers, Key-plan of the University & City, Map of Central Oxford & Numerous Illustrations
991935-22: H M ALDERMAN - The Charm of Old Surrey
992062-22: H M ALDERMAN - The Charm of Old Surrey
91936-22: H M ALDERMAN - The Charm of Old Surrey
16062403-111: HARRY MAYNARD ALDERMAN - The Charm of Old Surrey
15090402-126: HARRY HARRISON; BRIAN ALDISS - The Year's Best Science Fiction: No. 5
15090406-126: BRIAN ALDISS - The Malacia Tapestry
15081319-106: BRIAN W ALDISS - This World and Nearer Ones
15110610-123: HARRY HARRISON; BRIAN ALDISS - The Years Best Science Fiction No 1
15110611-123: HARRY HARRISON; BRIAN ALDISS - The Year's Best Science Fiction: Volume 2: 1969
15090401-126: HARRY HARRISON; BRIAN ALDISS - The Year's Best Science Fiction: No. 4
15090319-40PE: BRIAN ALDISS - Yet More Penguin Science Fiction
15081324-134: BRIAN W ALDISS - A Romance of the Equator: best fantasy stories
15090403-126: HARRY HARRISON; BRIAN ALDISS - The Year's Best Science Fiction: No. 6
15110603-123: BRIAN W ALDISS - Best SF 1973
15010701-165: DAVID H ALDRED - Bishop's Cleeve to Winchcombe in Old Photographs
13071208-112: AENEAS MACKINTOSH; FRED ALDSWORTH - The Chalk Walk: a circular walk over downland and through the Arun valley
921285-111: EWART M ALDWIN - Geology of Oregon
14051201-32: KOCH ALEX - Academy Architecture and Architectural Review vol.38 1910 II
16092602-34: NIGEL ALEXANDER - The Performance of Christopher Marlowe's Dr Faustus: Chatterton Lecture on an English Poet, British Academy 1971
99262-36: WILLIAM ALEXANDER - The Junior Officer's Handbook on Weather (Junior Officer's Handbook #2)
14031802-167: JAMES E ALEXANDER - The Albatross: Record of Voyage of the 'Great Britain' Steam Ship from Victoria to England in 1862
17061140-162: ROBERT L ALEXANDER - The Sculpture and Sculptors of Yazilikaya
9915581-85: RAY ALEXANDER - Haunting York
18030602-31: MARY ALEXANDER - 'With ramparts crown'd': the early history of Guildford Castle
97166-19: ALICIA, VALLIS - The Secret of St. Mary's
14101869-112: ALL ENGLAND CLUB, WIMBLEDON - The Lawn Tennis Championships 1969, Thursday 26th June, Fourth Day Official Programme
141018699-112: ALL ENGLAND CLUB, WIMBLEDON - The Lawn Tennis Championships 1969, Wednesday 2nd July, Ninth Day Official Programme
14101704-112: ALL ENGLAND CLUB, WIMBLEDON - The Lawn Tennis Championships 1972, Wednesday 28th June, Third Day Official Programme
141018696-112: ALL ENGLAND CLUB, WIMBLEDON - The Lawn Tennis Championships 1969, Saturday 28th June, Sixth Day Official Programme
1410186801-112: ALL ENGLAND CLUB, WIMBLEDON - The Lawn Tennis Championships 1968, Monday 24th June, First Day Official Programme
1410186812-112: ALL ENGLAND CLUB, WIMBLEDON - The Lawn Tennis Championships 1968, Saturday 6th July, Twelfth Day Official Programme
14101876-112: ALL ENGLAND CLUB, WIMBLEDON - The Lawn Tennis Championships 1976, Friday 2nd July, Eleventh Day Official Programme
16041309-108: MARIA EDGEWORTH; OLIVE ALLEN - The Birthday Present (Grandmother's Favourites)
15091421-31: GRANT ALLEN - Science in Arcady
911419-134: A J ALLEN - More Cotswold Stories
97777-104: CHRIS ALLEN - Africa Bibliography 1993: Works on Africa Published During 1993
95515-48: FRANCES & MARY ALLEN - Citizens of a Small Town: a Book of Postcards
1611504-74: ESMOND HARCOURT LYNN-ALLEN - Leaves From a Game Book
916094-126: ANNETTE ALLEN - An Ethiopian Odyssey: a 25,000 Mile Journey to Make my Dreams Come True
920569-35: PETER ALLEN - Interesting Times : Ugandan Diaries 1955 - 1986
17072106-131: NATALIE ALLEN - Through the Letter-box
18032505-85: FREDERICK LEWIS ALLEN - Only Yesterday: an informal history of the 1920's in America in Two Volumes
14022602-14: DOROTHY M A ALLEN - Old London 1665
17120401-144: MARGERY ALLINGHAM - Look to the Lady
15022037-85: MARGERY ALLINGHAM - More Work for the Undertaker
18032511-85: MARGERY ALLINGHAM - Take Two at Bedtime: Wanted: someone innocent and Last act
17092514-135: JEAN ALLISTER - Sing Solo Soprano
15111711-122: MARTIN ALMAGRO - Ampurias: history of the city & guide to the excavations
13111010-94x: GARTH ENNIS; JOHN MCCREA; KEVIN ALTIERI - The Demon #41, November 1993
93928-82: MARK A ALTMAN - At the Edge of the Final Frontier: Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Lightstorm; Terok Nor
16031617-93: TEDDY ALZIEU - Alger (Memoire en Images)
16031616-93: TEDDY ALZIEU - Constantine (Memoire en Images)
17082306-82: CHRISTOPHER WADE; KINGSLEY AMIS - A Portrait of Hampstead
16102201X920135-77: ABD AL-RAUF AHMAD AMR - Tarikh al-alaqat al-Misriyah al-Amrikiyah, 1939-1957 (Tarikh al-Misriyin)
915540-127: ANATOLE FRANCE; AGNES FARLEY, AGNES - Jocasta & The Famished Cat
18041126-113: ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE ANCIENT AND HISTORICAL MONUMENTS OF SCOTLAND - North-East Perth: an archaeological landscape
17011704-26: BERNICE G ANDERSON - Indian Sleep Man Tales : Authentic Legends of the Otoe Tribe
919651-82: JULIE R ANDERSON - Treasures from Sudan
920489-144: POUL ANDERSON - Three Worlds to Conquer
9920490-144: POUL ANDERSON - We Claim These Stars
16022508-23: IAN G ANDERSON - History of Esher
15100801-94: TERESA ANDRESEN - Francisco Caldeira Cabral (LDT Monograph #3)
16022401-136: WILLIAM ANDREW - The Challenge: a Cornish story
96653-142: WILLIAM ANDREWS - Bygone Essex
919278-21: CYRIL BRUYN ANDREWS - Art and Ourselves
914603-145: NICHOLAS HAMMOND; JOHN ANDREWS - Birds of Field and Hedgerow: Eight Beautiful Colour Prints of Field and Hedgerow Birds
914609-145: NICHOLAS HAMMOND; JOHN ANDREWS - Waterside Birds: Beautiful Colour Prints of Eight of the Most Attractive Birds of the Waterside
914610-145: NICHOLAS HAMMOND; JOHN ANDREWS - Woodland Birds: Eight Beautiful Colour Prints of the Most Attractive Woodland Birds
919604-102: JAMES ANDREWS - Reminiscences of Epsom
18022103-151: HUBERT HENRY ANDREWS - Electricity in Transport: over sixty years' experience 1883-1950
17082105-143: HEATHER ANGEL - Small Wonders: Brooke Bond Picture Cards
94899-25: MARGARET ANGUS - Old Stones of Kingston: Its Buildings Before 1867
9919647-33: JANUSZ PODLECKI; STANISLAW ANIOL - Wieliczka: a Royal Salt Mine
17022307-137: THE BRITISH INSTITUTE OF ARCHAEOLOGY IN ANKARA - Anatolian Studies vol.XXXVI 1986: Journal of the British Institute of Archaeology in Ankara
17022309-137: THE BRITISH INSTITUTE OF ARCHAEOLOGY IN ANKARA - Anatolian Studies vol.XIX 1969: Journal of the British Institute of Archaeology in Ankara
16111004ZX13025-71: ANON - Adventures of Girlhood
18032003-63: ANON - Bonnie Scotland, the land of Romance: exclusive copyright photographs in photogravure of Scotland's rugged beauty
1260505-85: ANON - Making Lampshades
18032002-63: ANON - Picturesque Scotland: 90 exclusive copyright photographs in photogravure of Scotland's rugged beauty
921627-164: ANON - I Spy Surrey
13101610-84: ANON - East Anglia's Humour
14071116-71: ST ANSELM - Cur Deus Homo? To which is added a selection from his letters
17082316-162: IAN ANSTRUTHER - The Knight and the Umbrella: an account of the Eglinton Tournament 1839
9126191-14: JOCELYN JAMES ANTROBUS - Bishop's Hatfield; some memories of its past
918863-24: SAMAAN B SAMAAN; ABDULLAH H MUHAREB; MOHAMMAD SAMI ANWAR - An Aggression on the Mind: a Critical Study of Sa'd al-Bazzaz's Book A War Gives Birth to Another
916048-61: LEWIS APJOHN - William Ewart Gladstone: His Life & Times
13071205-12: NORMAN APPLETON - The Ryedale District of North Yorkshire: Official Guide
910496-153: VASUDEO GOVIND APTE - The Concise Sanskrit-English Dictionary
17072111-122: EDWARD ALEXANDER NEWELL ARBER - The coast scenery of North Devon, being an account of the geological features of the coast-line extending from Porlock in Somerset to Boscastle in North Cornwall
918554-144: GARDNER DOZOIS; JOHN VARLEY; MIKE RESNICK; GEOFFREY A LANDIS; TOM PURDOM; DAVE SMEDS; DIANE DE AVALLE-ARCE - Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine Vol.16 No.9, August 1992
13112028-157: NORFOLK ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL RESEARCH GROUP - The Quarterly (Journal of the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group): Index to Volumes 21 - 40
16092617-21: FRED ARCHER - Evesham to Bredon in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)
14063003-164: T A ARCHER - English History by Contemporary Writers: the Crusades of Richard I 1189-92. Extracts from the Itinerarium Ricardi,Bohadin, Ernoul, Roger of Howden, Richard of Devizes, Rigord, Ibn Alathir, Li Livres, Eracles, &c
13101816-39: ARCHIE AND NAN CLOW - Science News 49
13101820-39: ARCHIE AND NAN CLOW - Science News 54
13101809-39: ARCHIE AND NAN CLOW - Science News 41
13101810-39: ARCHIE AND NAN CLOW - Science News 42
13101811-39: ARCHIE AND NAN CLOW - Science News 43
13101814-39: ARCHIE AND NAN CLOW - Science News 47
13101813-39: ARCHIE AND NAN CLOW - Science News 46
13101818-39: ARCHIE AND NAN CLOW - Science News 51
13101817-39: ARCHIE AND NAN CLOW - Science News 50
13101819-39: ARCHIE AND NAN CLOW - Science News 52
13101808-39: ARCHIE AND NAN CLOW - Science News 40
13101812-39: ARCHIE AND NAN CLOW - Science News 45
16121132-161: ARCHIVES AND ORAL HISTORY DEPARTMENT (SINGAPORE) - The land transport of Singapore: from early times to the present
96414-32: EDWARD ARDIZZONE - Tim to the Rescue
17060713-94: MARK ARMAN? - John Webb's Windmill, Thaxted, Built 1804 (Thaxted History Card No.3)
17060813-163: MARK ARMAN - A Short History of Thaxted Church
920339-153: ALFRED ARMITAGE - Loyal to Napoleon, or the Young Spy of Fouche
13121103-165: PATRICK H ARMSTRONG - Nature's Roundabout: Introduction to Ecology (Ladybird conservation books)
16100919-111: ARTHUR C ARMSTRONG - Bouverie Street to Bowling Green Lane: fifty-five years of specialized publishing
13110513-46: PATRICK ARMSTRONG - Nature's Roundabout: an introduction to ecology
13120703-144: PATRICK H ARMSTRONG - Nature's Roundabout: Introduction to Ecology (Ladybird conservation books)
914964-162: A C ARMSTRONG - Trouble-free Television and an Illustrated Buyer's Guide to Representative 1951 Televisors
13031106-87: EDWARD ARMSTRONG - The French Wars of Religion, their political aspects: an expansion of three lectures delivered before the Oxford University Extension Summer Meeting of August, 1892
13090904-m135: ARMY MAP SERVICE, U.S. ARMY - Italy Road Map 1:200,000 Sheet 10
14031120-135M: ARMY MAP SERVICE, CORPS OF ENGINEERS, US ARMY - Blind River, Canada - United States, Map Sheet 41J, 1:250000
14031121-135M: ARMY MAP SERVICE (KCSX) CORPS OF ENGINEERS, US ARMY - Saulte Ste Marie, Canada - United States Map Sheet 41K Edition 1 1:250000
14032507-86M: ARMY SURVEY ESTABLISHMENT, R.C.E. - Dixon Entrance, British Columbia - Alaska. 1:250000 Provisional Map 103K
14030406-86M: ARMY SURVEY ESTABLISHMENT, R.C.E. - The Pas, Manitoba - Saskatchewan. Canada 1:250000 Map Sheet 63 F
14030409-86M: ARMY SURVEY ESTABLISHMENT, R.C.E. - Fort William, Canada - United States. 1:250000 Map Sheet 52 A
14033110-86M: ARMY SURVEY ESTABLISHMENT, R.C.E. - Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, west of Second Meridian. Canada 1:250000 Map Sheet 63D
14033113-86M: ARMY SURVEY ESTABLISHMENT, R.C.E. - Glace Bay, Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia. Canada 1:250000 Map Sheet 11G-11J
14040105-86M: ARMY SURVEY ESTABLISHMENT, R.C.E. - Hecate Strait, British Columbia. Canada 1:250000 Map Sheet 103 G
14030412-86M: ARMY SURVEY ESTABLISHMENT, R.C.E. - Churchill, Manitoba. Canada 1:250000 Map Sheet 54 L
14030413-86M: ARMY SURVEY ESTABLISHMENT, R.C.E. - Cape Churchill, Manitoba. Canada 1:250000 Map Sheet 54 K
99641-164: MATTHEW ARNOLD - Poems
911372-154: PAT ARROWSMITH - Camp Christopher
18052101-115AT: FREYTAG-BERNDT U. ARTARIA - Stubaier Alpen, Hochstubai Alpenvereinskarte Nr.31/1 1:25000
18030116-102: HUMPHREY ARTHURE - Life and Work in Old Chiswick
96876-162: JOHN ASHBROOK - In the Footsteps of the Opium Eater
15062403-38: SAXON ASHE - I am Saxon Ashe
91785-134: DAISY ASHFORD - Where Love Lies Deepest
13081014-24: R J ASHLEY - The Visitor's Guide to Cornwall, 27th edition
15110303-43: MIKE ASHLEY - The Illustrated Book of Science Fiction Lists
9919151-162: DAVID ASHLEY - The Lemon Groves of Louvaras
16062901-P60A: MAURICE ASHLEY - England in the Seventeenth Century (1603-1714): The Pelican History of England 6
18031508-77: BORIS VALLEJO; ISAAC ASIMOV - Fantasy Art Techniques
919502-131: JAMES P ASPINALL - Reports of Cases Relating to Maritime Law Vol.1, New Series, from 1870 to 1873
919503-131: ASPINALL, JAMES P [ED] - Reports of Cases Relating to Maritime Law Vol.2, New Series, from 1873 to 1876
14092203-165: R J L SMITH & ASSOCIATES - Much Wenlock Tourist Guide
16041604-16: THE INLAND WATERWAYS ASSOCIATION - Facilities Offered by Boat Hiring and Boatyard Owning Members of the Inland Waterways Association with Map of the Navigable Rivers and Canals of England and Wales
16032402-64: AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION - Conversation Handbook for Tourists
921769-24: AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION - Continental Throughway Town Plans No.11
17060901-102: EPSOM COMMON ASSOCIATION - Epsom Common (Living History Publications Local Guide No.5)
912701-134: LOCHABER TOURIST ASSOCIATION - Official Guide to Fort William and Romantic Lochaber
13061309-11: SID VALE ASSOCIATION - Bypaths Around Sidmouth
18052310-132: AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION - The Automobile Association Members Handbook 1966/67
13110606-115: AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION - Eastern Spain and the Pyrenees: AA Area Route Planning Map 2
14071016x21784-154: NORWAY TRAVEL ASSOCIATION - Tourist-Map of Norway
13081206-18: SID VALE ASSOCIATION - By-Paths in and Around Sidmouth
15050522-123: AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION - Lyme Regis & Sidmouth District (AA Day Drives)
18010403-125: BARMOUTH PUBLICITY ASSOCIATION - Barmouth Calling: the perfect holiday haunt for all. Official Guide
921349-39: BRUCE TRAIL ASSOCIATION - The Bruce Trail Guidebook
14030107-152: COPPER DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION - Copper Flashings and Weatherings: a practical handbook
16020407-134: THE ALL ENGLAND NETBALL ASSOCIATION - Netball (Know the Game)
15032902-131: EPSOM GRAND STAND ASSOCIATION - The Epsom Story
18052502-136: JOAN ASTELL - Somerset out of camera: the secret side of Somerset in photographs
18010206-84: NEIL ASTLEY - Darwin Survivor
17070907-14: NEIL ASTLEY - Darwin Survivor
16051703-92: KATHLEEN ASTON - Pembridge: a Walk Around the Church and Village
13061001-15: NABIL SELIM ATALLA - Coptic Egypt; L'Egypte Copte; Koptisches Ägypten (Orbis Terrae Aegyptiae)
18022211-32: KATHY ATHERTON - The Lost Villages: a history of the Holmwoods
17061130-92: JUAN RODRIGUEZ FREILE; WILLIAM C ATKINSON - The Conquest of New Granada
910586-32: MARCEL AUBERT - La Cathédrale de Chartres
921134-141: LOUIS AUCHINCLOSS - I Come As a Thief
16051604-92: JOHN D AUSTIN - Merevale and Atherstone 1485: Recent Bosworth Discoveries
13112713Z-77: G D AUSTIN - Peterborough Tramways (Peterborough Papers)
17101525-135: FREDERIC AUSTIN - Songs in a Farmhouse: a Cycle of traditional Songs arranged for S. A. T. B. with accompaniment for pianoforte or orchestra by Frederic Austin
13111116-94x: TERRY AUSTIN - Excalibur vol.1 no.28, September 1990
13101624-36: NO AUTHOR - Science News 7
14092902.916746-133: NO AUTHOR - The Beano and The Dandy - Crazy About Creatures (70 Seventy Years Series)
13071013-16: NO AUTHOR - Nuova Pianta di Palermo. Guida Toponomastica Monumentale
921216-34: PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY - The Port of London River Bye-Laws, 1938 & 1958 : With Diagrams Illustrating Lights, Visual Signals, Day Marks. etc.
923176-166: KONGELIG NORSK AUTOMOBILKLUB - Bilkartet Sørlandet. Målestokk 1:250000
98831-85: HAROLD AVERY - The Triple Alliance
18022628-112: JOHN G AVERY - The Cholera Years: An account of the cholera outbreaks in our ports, towns and villages
15041510-15: THE CORPORATION OF STRATFORD-UPON-AVON - Stratford-upon-Avon Official Guide
97245-46: W AWDRY - Main Line Engines
93178-46: W AWDRY - Three Railway Engines
93184-46: W AWDRY - Mountain Engines
911464-46: W AWDRY - Gordon the Big Engine
18010406-122: THE FRIARS AYLESFORD - Guide to 'The Friars' Aylesford, Kent, Englanf
18041003-25: SAMUEL AYSCOUGH - An Index to the Remarkable Passages and Words Made Use of by Shakespeare
1261604-32: UGUR AYYILDIZ - Contemporary hand made Turkish carpets
912684-165: ERIC GERADA-AZZOPARDI - Malta Revisited: An Appointment with History
13070304-166: STUDIO F.M.B. - Bologna Casalecchio di Reno. Pianta Della Città, Plan de la Ville, Stadtplan, Map of the City. Scala 1:13000. Edizione Aggiornata
16062706-136ch: H. F. B. - Parish Church of S. Michael, Brimpsfield (Deanery of Bisley)
913059-32: ELSIE WORTHINGTON CLEWS PARSONS; BARBARA A BABCOCK - Pueblo Mothers & Children: Essays
16092309-81: J P BACHEM - Bonn: in alten Graphiken
15061217-84: JEAN BACON; STUART BACON - Orford, Suffolk
9915754-85: BACON, FRANCIS - Essayes or Counsels, Civill & Morall of Francis Bacon Lord Verulam
16100912-63: MOUNTFORD JOHN BYRDE BADDELEY - The English Lake District
16062708-136ch: C J BADDELEY - The Church of Saint Michael, Baddesley Clinton
13081010-17: H G BADGER - The Beauty of St Ives
91567-47: KARL BAEDEKER - Schweiz nebst den angrenzenden teilen von Oberitalien, Savoyen und Tirol: handbuch fur reidende.
921736-61: HENRY BAERLEIN - Under the Acroceraunian Mountains
16111517-74: J J BAGLEY - Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Chershire for the Year 1950. Volume 102
922498-114: GEOFFREY SPINK BAGLEY - A Connoisseur's Guide to Rye
920773-113: PETER BAGSHAWE - Passion for Flight : Braving the Hazards of Aviation in War and Peace
16011309-164: HENRY CHRISTOPHER BAILEY - Beaujeu
914207-92: BRIAN J BAILEY - Ashridge Observed
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14070418-112: FOSTER CADDELL - Foster Caddell's Keys to Successful Landscape Painting: a problem/solution approach to improving your landscape paintings
917713-14: DAVID CADDY - Tears in the Fence 15, March 1995
917716-14: DAVID CADDY - Tears in the Fence 25, Spring 2000
917717-14: DAVID CADDY - Tears in the Fence 27, Autumn 2000
917718-14: DAVID CADDY - Tears in the Fence 30, Autumn 2001
917719-14: DAVID CADDY - Tears in the Fence 32, Summer 2002
917720-14: DAVID CADDY - Tears in the Fence 35, Summer 2003
917721-14: DAVID CADDY - Tears in the Fence 36, Autumn 2003
917722-14: DAVID CADDY - Tears in the Fence 38, Summer 2004
917723-14: DAVID CADDY - Tears in the Fence 40, Spring 2005
917724-14: DAVID CADDY - Tears in the Fence 41, Summer 2005
917725-14: DAVID CADDY - Tears in the Fence 42, Autumn 2005
917312-15: GLYN PURSGLOVE; ALEX CADOGAN - The Swansea Review No.21
922060-62: KENNETH BULMER; NICK CAFFREY; ET AL - Fantasycon 3 Programme Booklet 26-27th February, 1977
17072009-145: CHARLES NODIER TAYLOR; ALPHONSE CAILLEUX - Voyages Pittoresques et Romantiques dans l'Ancienne France: Normandie
16062416-127: NIGEL CALDER - The World in 1984 Volume 1: the complete New Scientist series
14121102-14: HANS CALM - Lehrbuch Der Sprechtechnik. Für Pädagogen, Theologen, Offiziere, Juristen, Schauspieler und Sänger, Lehrer- und Lehrerinnenseminare
922837-37: APRIL CALTHORPE - Christmas Gifts and Decorations (Foyles Handbooks)
16042034-71: CHARLES STUART CALVERLEY - Fly Leaves
18031308-37: CHARLES STUART CALVERLEY - Fly Leaves
16052417-75: ARTHUR WALLACE PICKARD-CAMBRIDGE - Demosthnes and the last days of Greek freedom 384-322 B.C.
14021206-32: T F CAMERON - An Outline of Railway Traffic Operation
99651-66: GEORGE C CAMERON - The Scots Kirk in London
16072615-62: F J CAMM - The Practical Motorist's Enclyclopaedia: principles, upkeep and repair
15041608-144: L SPRAGUE DE CAMP - The Unbeheaded King (The Reluctant King Vol. 3)
15082005-141: L SPRAGUE DE CAMP - The Dragon of the Ishtar Gate
15090321-121: L SPRAGUE DE CAMP - An Elephant for Aristotle
15041607-144: L SPRAGUE DE CAMP - The Goblin Tower
17012205X150907220953-143: JOHN W CAMPBELL - Astounding Science Fiction vol.52, no.1, September 1953
16080907-102: RAMSEY CAMPBELL - Ancient Images
17021705-73: DUGALD CAMPBELL - Wanderings in Widest Africa
15062109-48: C G CAMPBELL - From Town and Tribe
17060802-163: W A CAMPBELL - A Century of Chemistry on Tyneside 1868-1968
15111724-66: A B CAMPBELL - When I Was in Patagonia
91514-21: FRANCES ELIZABETH CAMPBELL - Dragon-on-the-wheel & other poems.
922062-62: STEPHEN JONES; RAMSEY CAMPBELL; ET AL - Fantasycon IV Programme Booklet 24-26th February, 1978
16011301X96619-145: JOACHIM HEINRICH CAMPE - Été 89: Lettres d'un Allemand à Paris
922481-162: JOANNA CANNAN - And be a Villain
912763-127: A ELLIOTT-CANNON - In Quest of the Doones
14040114-12: PAUL CAPON - The Golden Cloak
913188-136: DOROTHY CARBONELL - Winchester Cathedral Embroideries
99908-92: WILLMAR CARDELL - Visitor's Come Handy: a Very Cornish Story
13120504-83: DAVID CAREY - Merchant Ships (Ladybird recognition books)
17072710-132: ROSA NOUCHETTE CAREY - Queenie's Whim: a novel
13110409-46: DAVID CAREY - How it Works: The Rocket
17012703-41: P H CARNE - Discovering Wessex: an 'Echo' guide for the motorist and walker to places of special interest
15102810-122: JOHN CARNELL - The Best from New Worlds Science Fiction
17012203X1509071708-143: JOHN CARNELL - Science Fiction Adventures vol.2 no.8 1959
15082522030-91: JOHN CARNELL - Science Fiction Adventures vol.5 no.30, 1962
15082523045-91: JOHN CARNELL - Science Fantasy vol.15 no.45 1961
17111201-102: LADY MAXSE (MARY CAROLINE) - Petworth in Ancient Times
18050107-85: JOHN DICKSON CARR - The Mad Hatter Mystery
14112802-124: JOHN DICKSON CARR - The Witch of the Low-Tide
14031708-16: AUDREY CARR - Richmond in Old Picture Postcards volume 2
919751-33: FRANK G G CARR - The Yacht Masters' Guide and Coaster's Companion
922571-135: JIMMY KENNEDY; MICHAEL CARR - South of the Border (Down Mexico Way) [Sheet Music]
950200107-31: HARRY CARR - The Early French Exposures
15110609-123: TERRY CARR - The Best Science Fiction of the Year # 3
15110606-123: TERRY CARR - The Best Science Fiction of the Year # 7
15053114-163: JOHN DICKSON CARR - The Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
18031509-85: JOHN DICKSON CARR - The Mad Hatter Mystery
15090715-146: CHRISTOPHER CARRELL - Beyond This Horizon: an anthology of science fiction and science fact
17051411-145M: ARTHUR BRANSCOMBE; CECIL ROBERTS; ARTHUR CARRINGTON - The Dover Patrol: song. Voice and piano. Words by Arthur Branscombe (adapted from a poem by Cecil Roberts), music by Arthur Carrington
17051317-145M: FLORENCE ATTENBOROUGH; A VON AHN CARSE - The Rose Garden: song. No.1 in C, voice and piano. Words by Florence Attenborough ('Chrystabel'), music by A von Ahn Carse
13070403-115: CARTA - Carta's Holy Land Touring Map (incl. Sinai)
13091702-27: CARTA - Carta's Israel Present and Past Map
16062414-127: VICTOR BONHAM-CARTER - The English Village
17072113-122: RICHARD LARN; CLIVE CARTER - Cornish Shipwrecks. Volume 1: The South Coast
16032001-34: WINIFRED CARTER - Son of Arlotte
16111207X0302-82: J D CARTHY - Field Studies vol.3 no.2, September 1970
919009-154: LITOGRAFIA ARTISTICA CARTOGRAFICA - Firenze 1:9,000 Nuova Pianta / Nouveau Plan / New Plan / Neuer Standplan [Florence]
96349-14: PHYLLIS & WINIFRED CARY - Into the Fourth Century: History of Epsom United Reformed Church, Tercentenary 1688-1988
994000-47: JOYCE CARY - Britain & West Africa
17051330-145M: P G WODEHOUSE; IVAN CARYLL - There's a Light in Your Eyes: song, from the Musical Play 'Kissing Time'. Voice and piano. Words by P G Wodehouse, music by Ivan Caryll
998496-124: AGNES CASTLE; EGERTON CASTLE - Panther's Cub
17070911-16: CATALOGUES OF BOOKS: MEDICINE AND SCIENCE 899, 911, 922 PART 2, 932, NATURAL HISTORY BOOKS 934 - Bernard Quaritch
14032502-86M: INSTITUTO GEOGRAFICO Y CATASTRAL - Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Mapa Provincial 1:200,000
14032503-86M: INSTITUTO GEOGRAFICO Y CATASTRAL - Las Palmas, Mapa Provincial 1:200,000
17021710-152: PHILO H J HOUWINK TEN CATE - The Records of the Early Hittite Empire (c. 1450-1380 B.C.)
922230-84: EXETER CATHEDRAL - Guide to the Cathedral Church of St Peter in Exeter
16071104-76: R E JONES; H W CATLING - Science in Archaeology: proceedings of a meeting held at the British School at Athens, January 1985 (Fitch Laboratory Occasional Paper 2)
18031301-37: PETER BEARD; CHRISTIAN CAUJOLLE - Peter Beard (Collection Photo Poche)
916228-62: GEORGE CAUNT - Ilford's Yesterdays: The Village That Became a Town
17012201X15061233-141: HENRY CECIL - Independent Witness
17031207-144: HENRY CECIL - The Painswick Line
918071-135: CECIL SHARP, CECILY; DORIS ROWLEY; HENRY GEEHL - Country Gardens, 3 Part Female Voices (Vocal Trio S.S.C.)
913938-112: VYTAUTAS CEKANAUSKAS; ET AL - Vilniaus Architektura
9126192-14: ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS CENTRE - Tanks Of Other Nations: an illustrated record of the development of armoured fighting vehicles
913244-127: HUGH BRAILSFORD CHADWICK - Chivalry and other Short Poems
920227-83: JOHN C CHADWICK - Wessex Peculiar: a Search for the Unusual
916549-132: SOMERSET DE CHAIR - Songs from St Osyth: the Collected Verse of Somerset de Chair (English Lyric Poets Vol.IX)
923308-26: SURREY HISTORY SOCIETY; R O CHALKLEY - Surrey History Volume 2 Number 1
16100901-64: ALEXANDER CHALMERS - The British Essayists; with Prefaces, Historical and Biographical, vol. XXIV
16032101-34: EDWARD BAINES; W H CHALONER - History of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain
12112806-33: LORD CHAMBERLAIN - The Official Guide to Windsor Castle
14031618-165: E R CHAMBERLIN - Guildford: Town Under Siege
17080207-84: HARRY CHAMBERS - An Enormous Yes: In Memoriam Philip Larkin, 1922-1985
14080311-63: ADALBERT VON CHAMISSO - Peter Schlemihls wundersame Geschichte
18031307-164: ALFRED EDWARD CHAMOT - Selected Russian Short Stories (The World's Classics 287)
13112013-157: MATTHEW CHAMPION - The Quarterly No.56, Dec 2004: The Journal of the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group
13112014-157: MATTHEW CHAMPION - The Quarterly No.54, June 2004: The Journal of the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group
13112015-157: MATTHEW CHAMPION - The Quarterly No.53, March 2004: The Journal of the Norfolk Archaeological and Historical Research Group
16120602-144: RAYMOND CHANDLER - The Little Sister
17061120-144: RAYMOND CHANDLER - Trouble is my Business and other stories
17080214-84: KEITH CHANDLER - The English Civil War, Part 2
17013102-42: JOHN CHANDLER - The Vale of Pewsey
18022010-144: RAYMOND CHANDLER - The Lady in the Lake
915354-121: CHANEY, EDWARD F - François Villon in his Environment
18022605-38: WALTER GEORGE CHAPMAN - The 10.30 Limited: a railway book for boys of all ages
922339-84: COLIN R CHAPMAN - Tracing Ancestors in Northamptonshire: Guidance on Local, Social and Family History
921809-84: RAYMOND CHAPMAN - A Short Way to Better English
13102406-94: MICHAEL JAN FRIEDMAN; TRAVIS CHAREST - The Darkstars 6, March 1993
16011307-154: PETER CHARIG - Slapton: the village past and present including the church, the chantry and the village
14092201-144: CHARLES AND LOUISE SAMUELS - The Girl in the House of Hate (The Story and all the Facts of the Lizzie Borden Murders)
17060607-163: ELIZABETH CHARLES - Chronicles of the Schönberg-Cotta Family
9922429-144: ALAN CHARLES - The Ridgeway Path
14020501-142: MRS RUNDLE CHARLES - Sketches of Christian Life in England in the Olden Time
922424-144: CHARLES JOHN KER TEVIOT, LORD TEVIOT - Walks along the South Downs Way
922425-144: CHARLES JOHN KERR TEVIOT, LORD TEVIOT - Walks along the South Downs Way
13091112-112: BRIAN CHARLESWORTH - Biology Letters, volume 4 number 3
13091109-113: BRIAN CHARLESWORTH - Biology Letters, volume 4 number 1
13091110-113: BRIAN CHARLESWORTH - Biology Letters, volume 4 number 2
13112203-165: PETER CHARLISH - Journal of the East Surrey Family History Society vol.23 no.1, March 2000
13112204-165: PETER CHARLISH - Journal of the East Surrey Family History Society vol.22 no.2, March 1999
13112205-165: PETER CHARLISH - Journal of the East Surrey Family History Society vol.22 no.3, September1999
13112206-165: PETER CHARLISH - Journal of the East Surrey Family History Society vol.22 no.4, December1999
15090714-146: GRAHAM CHARNOCK - Seacon '79: 37th World Science Fiction Convention
13100806-85: LESLIE CHARTERIS - Saint Errant
919786-38: LESLIE CHARTERIS - Señor Saint
13100805-27: LESLIE CHARTERIS - The Saint Sees it Through
13100802-27: LESLIE CHARTERIS - Alias the Saint
13100803-85: LESLIE CHARTERIS - The Saint Around the World
14040520-122: LESLIE CHARTERIS - The Saint On Guard
13100926-85: LESLIE CHARTERIS - The Saint on the Spanish Main
14040519-122: LESLIE CHARTERIS - The Saint goes West
14040527-127: LESLIE CHARTERIS - Thieves' Picnic
16062106-168: LESLIE CHARTERIS - The Saint Closes the Case
14040524-124: LESLIE CHARTERIS - The Saint in Miami
16012902-144: LESLIE CHARTERIS - Thanks to the Saint
16012903-144: LESLIE CHARTERIS - Trust the Saint
13100804-85: LESLIE CHARTERIS - The Saint's Getaway
13021914-37: LESLIE CHARTERIS - The Saint Intervenes
15041606-156: LESLIE CHARTERIS - Señor Saint
922750-81: YEVGENY CHARUSHIN - My Animal Book
18010508-42: JOHN CHASE - Glitter, Stucco and Dumpster Diving: Reflections on Building Production in the Vernacular City
17021714-162: GEORGE L CHATHAM - Steam at Round Oak
16111516-74: SUBARNO CHATTARJI - Memories of a Lost War: American Poetic Responses to the Vietnam War (Oxford English Monographs)
17111110-107: EDWARD KEBLE CHATTERTON - The 'Königsberg' Adventure
99250-112: E KEBLE CHATTERTON - Sailing Models Ancient & Modern
911516-162: K HEADLAM-MORLEY; A E CHATTIN - The Journal of the Iron & Steel Institute Vol. CXLVIII. No.II 1943
16083004-62: CHRISTINE CHAUNDLER - The Technical Fifth: Girls' School Story
15080910-141: ANTHONY CHEETHAM - Science Against Man
93253-26: ANTON CHEKHOV - Don Juan (In the Russian Manner)
18020604-142: FISHING FOR ROACH WITH MR CHERRY AND JIM - Bernard Venables
17051510-27: IAN NAIRN; NIKOLAUS PEVSNER; BRIDGET CHERRY - Surrey (The Buildings of England)
14080306a-142: C J CHERRYH - The Faded Sun: Kutath
14080305-142: C J CHERRYH - The Faded Sun: Shon'Jir
16011002X14080304Z-142: C J CHERRYH - The Faded Sun: Kesrith
16030122-22: D N CHESTER - Public Control of Road Passsenger Transport: a study in administration and economics
16031347-123: G K CHESTERTON - The Incredulity of Father Brown
918104-135: GEOFFREY SHAW; FRANCES CHESTERTON - How Far is it to Bethlehem? Arranged for S.S.C. & Pianoforte Accompaniment
16031346-123: G K CHESTERTON - The Innocence of Father Brown
912235-164: JEAN CHEVALLIER - The Traveller in France: Useful Phrases and Words in French
14032103-32: BERNARD CHEVALLIER - Napoleon: Centres of Power
915393-37: BATTLE RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL; C T CHEVALLIER - Battle (Sussex) Rural District [Official Guide]
15061226-49: PETER CHEYNEY - Try Anything Twice
15061224-49: PETER CHEYNEY - Dance Without Music: a mystery novel
15061223-49: PETER CHEYNEY - Dark Hero
15062122-142: PETER CHEYNEY - Ladies Won't Wait: a novel
15062121-19: PETER CHEYNEY - Ladies Won't Wait: a novel
15062119-49: PETER CHEYNEY - Ladies Won't Wait: a novel
15062117-49: PETER CHEYNEY - G-Man at the Yard
15062116-49: PETER CHEYNEY - He Walked in Her Sleep
15061231-142: PETER CHEYNEY - Knave Takes Queen
15022706-33: FRIENDS OF THE CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF CHICHESTER - The Chichester Cathedral Journal 1960
15022321-36: THE CORPORATION OF CHICHESTER - The City of Chichester: the sole official guide issued by The Corporation of Chichester
9921985-37: SANDRO CHIERICHETTI - Pisa: an Artistic & Illustrated Guide; Useful Information for the Tourist
913969-82: CHARLES CHILTON - Second Round-up with the Riders of the Range
16121138-81: T'AN TAN-CHIUNG - Masterpieces of Chinese Tibetan Buddhist Altar Fittings in the National Palace Museum
914785-62: FAY CHIVERS - and
16081402-94: KAZIMIERZ CHODKIEWICZ - Oracles of Nostradamus
18031124-154: RICARDO CHOO - The Spirit & Voodoo World of Thailand
16041214-127: AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Labours of Hercules

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