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E036411: - A Welsh Welcome
E035420: - The Triumph Herald Workshop Manual Group Two Comprising Clutch, Gearbox and Propellor Shaft Saloon & Coupe
N018908: C. E. M. (MARGARET E. CLARKE) - Chilbury Folk
E030276: EDITOR - Coates's Herd Book Containing the Pedigrees of Shorthorn Cattle Volume 92
E032725: G.G.S. - Mother Goose Tales
E032917: - Guide to the National Library of Scotland
N028568: R.N.I.B. - The Revelation of St. John the Divine
N028968: A.W.Y & E.Y. - The St Andrew's Lectionary of Bible Lessons for Use in Services of Public Worship
N029293: - Andy Pandy's Annual 1959
N030012: T.L. - Sisidonia: Neu Drem Ar Helynt y Cristionogion
N018633: - Fortuna Domus
E035497: - The Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: Approved Souvenir Programme
E034845: B.B.C. - B.B. C. Opera Librettos - le Roi L'a Dit
E034843: B.B.C. - B.B. C. Opera Librettos - Pelleas and Melisande
E034844: B.B.C - B.B. C. Opera Librettos - Lakme
E034226: - Five Language Business Dict Hb
E0326825: - åoç>yã®ç>¸å?äº?ã''ã'ãã'¸21ä¸-ç´?ã®å>½és>ç'°å¢Fã¨Ae-¥Aeo¬ 1)
E035244: - Alfred Sisley (1839-99) Impressionist Landscapes
E035670: - The World of the Neverending Story
E035664: - Manual of Firemanship: A Survey of the Science of Fire-Fighting
E031513: - Hommages à la Mémoire de Serge Sauneron 1927-1976: II: égypte Post-Pharaonique
E032921: - Current Medicine
E035501: - New Song Book, Llyfr Canu Newydd,for Schools and General Use. Part I Melody Edition with Companion Melodies
E034480: - English Ukrainian Dictionary
E034481: - Narodnoe Hoejaistvo Rsfsr V1987g
E034379: - ??????? ???????? ? ??????
E031770: EDITOR - Egyptian Museum Cairo
E032682: ?? ?? - ????? ????????????????? (??21???????&#
E035082: - Cerddi Cynan - Casgliad Cyflawn
E035979: - Map of Wales
E030973: - Building World an Illustrated Weekly Trade Journal Volume 7 Oct 1898 to April 1899
E036031: - Dam Removal: Science and Decision Making
E036488: A.L.O.E. - A Braid of Cords
E033653: A.A. - Town Walks in Britain
E034657: - Kratkij Molitvoslov'
E034658: - The John Ray Celebrations - 1686 Historia Plantarum 1986
E035951: - Atlas Routiers : France - Belgique - Luxembourg (Légende en 5 Langues)
E034846: B.B.C. - B.B. C. Opera Librettos - Faust
E035518: - The Book of Common Prayer for Use in the Church in Wales. Volume 1
E035929: - "Daily Telegraph" International Road Map: Italy
E035986: - Essential Knowledge for All
E034182: - Agro-Ecological Land Resources Assessment for Agricultural Development Planning: A Case Study of Kenya : Resources Data Base and Land Productivity (World Soil Resources Reports)
E035772: - Teachers' Notes on Nature Study - Plants and Animals
E035629: - Deutsche Weihnachts Lieder
E033518: - South Africa's Yesterdays
E034911: - Memorial Exhibition Works of Art from the Collection of Paul J. Sachs(1878-1965)
E034437: - Antiquaries Journal, 1976, Volume LVI, Part 1 , Prehistoric Crop Cultivation, Antler Cheekpieces of Late British Bronze Age; Romano-British Chimney-Pots and Finials; Roman Mosaic House at Hinton, St Mary ; Hadstock Church, Essex
E035727: - Ward Lock's Red Guide Northern Scotland Inverness to John o'Groats
E033782: - Pit Memories (Up and Under). Atgofion y Pwll (Lan a Lawr).
E036670: - L'Oblique Az N°9 Large-Door Filing Cabinet Labels Pack of 10 Sheets Assorted Colours
E033736: - Multiple Choice Questions Related to "Medicine International"
E034518: - Microbiology Volume XXXVI Book 6
E036108: - Bible Readings for the Home Circle
E036061: - Charles Buchan's Soccer Gift Book 1968-69
E035349: - The How and Why Wonder Book of : Beginning Science (the Science Library, Volumes 1)
E035137: - Basisgrammatika Spaans
E033147: - Cash Advance: The Story of Ncr in Scotland 1946-1996
E036125: - Carmarthen County Bowling Association 1926-2001
E036077: - Kenilworth Castle (English Heritage)
E034377: ???????, ? ? - ????? ? ??? ??? 3-4
E035260: - The Calderdale Way
E033467: - Saskatchewan: A Pictorial History
E036212: - L'Indispensable Paris par Arrondissment Nouveau Repertoire Des Rues. - Metro Autobus.
E036055: - The Congregational Federation Year Book 2011
E034478: - Rossia Xviib Glaeami Inostrancev
F211215076: - West Wales
N026404: R.A.C. - R.A. C. Circular Tour in Devon and Cornwall
E030704: - Illustrated London News 1953
E034800: - Documents of the Egyptian Empire, 1580-1380 B. C: A Collection of Egyptian Sources on Imperialism Under the New Kingdom, from the Wars with the Hyksos to... Near East for Secondary School Studies)
E035149: - George IV and the Arts of France
E036753: - Air France Revue, 1953
E035295: - The Early History of Science
E034074: - Apartment Book
E036671: - Oxford Copies Doubles, Grands Carreaux Perforees 17*22cm, 200 Pages
E036745: - All About Faraway Places (Fischer Price)
E033599: - Namibia
E035948: - Decision Making in Britain (Course D208)
E034378: ???????? ???? ???? - ??????????
E036746: - All About Where We Live (Fischer Price)
E036747: - All About Animals (Fischer Price)
E034515: - Iz Russkoi Khudozhestvennoi Prozy: Kniga Dlia Chteniia S Parallelnymi Tekstami Na Russkom I Angliiskom Iazykakh, Kommentariem Na Angliiskom Iazyke =... (Russkaia Literatura V Originale I Perevode)
E036062: - Charles Buchan's Soccer Gift Book 1967/1968
E035205: - Cerddi Crwys
E036720: - Church Voluntaries. Original Compositions for the American Organ or Harmonium Book 3
E035731: - Wolseley 6/99 Brochure
E035730: - Wolseley 6/110 Mark II Brochure
E035973: - United States Pharmacopoeia: Usp 24-Nf 19 Supplements 1-4
E035694: - Master Drawings from the Art Institute of Chicago, an Exhibition Held at Wildenstein
E035695: - Sketches of Two Eminent Men
E034655: - Voprosy Virusodogii 4
E031052: 180 - Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research
E035683: - Dartmoor and South Devon Coast (Leisure Maps)
E034517: - Microbiology Volume XXXVI Book 4
E036418: - Preparing for Secondary School: Arithmetic, English and General Intelligence
F250116036: - Y Caniedydd
E035417: - George III Collector and Patron
E033180: RICHARD S. O'BRIEN - Color Television: Selections from the Journal of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.
E035520: AA - Illustrated Guide to Country Towns and Villages of Britain
E033128: AA - Ordnance Survey Discovery Guide - Scottish Highlands
F250116083: ABBOTT, DAVID - Inorganic Chemistry
E036563: ABBOTT, B.H. - Gladstone and Disraeli
N018586: ABELE, RUDOLPH VON - The Vigil of Emmeline Gore
E033970: ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES - Poetry: Its Music and Meaning
E035059: JOHN ABERNETHY - Collins Scottish Place Names
E034780: UNIVERSIRTY OF WALES ABERYSTWYTH - Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Foundation of the College 1872-1947
N004557: ABKOUDE, CHR. VAN - Kruimeltje
E033703: ABRAHAM, GERALD - New Oxford History of Music: The Age of Humanism 1540-1630
F030516005: ABRANTES, LAURE JUNOT - At the Court of Napoleon: Memoirs of the Duchesse D'Abrantes
N022749: ROYAL ACADEMY - Royal Academy Pictures 1891-1893
N022748: ROYAL ACADEMY - Royal Academy Pictures 1900,
E033379: ILFORD ACHDUT - Simply Scrumptious: A Collection of Treasured Kosher Recipes
N027734: ACKERMAN, MARTIN S. - The Curtis Affair
E031773: CLIFFORD S. ACKLEY - Private Realities: Recent American Photography
N017348: ACLAND, RICHARD, SIR (1906-1990) - Only One Battle
E036434: GOLDEN ACORN - Colouring Scotland ( Including 12 Tartans ) (Heritage Series Book2)
N027507: ACTON, HAROLD - Nancy Mitford : A Memoir
E034238: ADAM, ROBERT - Rhymes of a Weary Roadman
E036399: ADAMS, HENRY; GOHEEN, ELLEN R. - Thomas Hart Benton: An American Original
N028976: ADAMS, D. - Esboniad Ar Yr Epistol at y Galatiaid
N027764: ADAMS, ANDY - The Log of a Cowboy
E033207: H.G.ADAMS - Favourite Song Birds
E033540: ADAMS, JILL - Wild Flowers of the Northern Cape; Veldblomme Van Noord-Kaapland
E036433: ADAMS, CAROL - Tower of London Workcards
N028108: ADAMSON, JOY - The Story of Elsa : Containing 'Born Free', 'Living Free', 'Forever Free'
E032080: JOSEPH ADDISON - Addison's Sir Roger de Coverley from the Spectator with Introduction and Notes
N028483: ADER, BERNHARD - Orgelkunde Donderdruck Aus Musik in Gottesdienst Band 2
E034617: ADHEMAR, HELENE; DAYEZ-DISTEL, ANNE - Musee Du Louvre, Musee Du Jeu de Paume
E036785: KATE ADIE - Corsets to Camouflage: Women and War
N023724: ADLAND, D.E. - Group Drama - Teacher's Book
N029206: ADLER, DER - Helmut Wick: Das Leben Eines Fliegerhelden
E031135: ALFRED ADLER - Social Interest: A Challenge to Mankind
N026392: ADMIRALTY - Admiralty Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy Volume II Wireless Telegraphy Theory
E030989: HARNACK. DR. ADOLPH - History of Dogma. Volume 5. Translated from the Third German Edition by James Millar.
E035160: AESCHYLUS - Aeschylus: : the Oresteia Trilogy (Agamemnon, Choephoroe, Eumenides), Promethus Bound (Laurel Classical Drama)
E030661: MANMOHAN AGARWAL - Paraguay: Economic Memorandum (a World Bank Country Study)
E035005: AGEE, WILLIAM C.; FAXON, SUSAN C. - Coming of Age: American Art, 1850's to 1950's
E030792: INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY - Medical Radioisotope Scanning: Volumes I & II
F190416054: MEDICINES CONTROL AGENCY - Towards Safe Medicines: A Guide to the Control of Safety, Quality & Efficacy
E030778: INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY - Nuclear Reactors (Bibliographical Series;No. 2)
E030779: INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY - Large Radiation Sources in Industry Volume 1
E034429: AGNEW, JULIAN - Van Dyck: A Loan Exhibition of Pictures and Sketches Principally from Private Collections in Aid of the National Trust Neptune Appeal and the King"S Lynn Festival Fund
E035531: AGUTTER, RODNEY - Fearnley and Eger, 1869-1969 (Publications / World Ship Society)
N026561: AHNEBRINK, LARS - The Beginnings of Naturalism in American Fiction. A Study of the Works of Hamlin Garland, Stephen Crane, and Frank Norris with S
E033948: AIRD, CATHERINE - Some Die Eloquent
E034090: AIRD, CATHERINE - His Burial Too (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
E034087: AIRD, CATHERINE - Henrietta Who? (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
F150815041: AIRD, CATHERINE - Harms Way
E034088: AIRD, CATHERINE - Last Respects (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
N026439: STAFF OF AIREVIEW - General View of Japanese Military Aircraft in the Pacific War
E036271: AIRNE, C.W. - The Story of Saxon & Norman Britain Told in Pictures
E036272: AIRNE, C.W. - The Story of Mediaeval Britain Told in Pictures
N023767: AITCHISON, JEAN - General Linguistics
E033600: AITKEN, JONATHAN; POWELL, CLAIRE; BLASHFORD-SNELL, JOHN; JACKSON, TIM - Today"S Best Nonfiction Selected and Edited by Reader"S Digest : Nixon: A Life, Murder at White House Farm, Something Lost Behind the Ranges, Virgin King
N004891: AJTMATOV, TSJINGIZ - Afscheid Van Goelsary
E035576: ALAIN, PIERRE - Lyon Et Sa Region
E033475: ALBAN, J.RICHARD - Swansea in Old Picture Postcards
N027441: ALBERT, ADRIEN - Selective Toxicity with Special Reference to Chemotherapy
E030257: DASNOY ALBERT - Les Beaux Jours Du Romantisme Belge
E035167: ALBION, GORDON - Think It over
E035410: ALBRIGHT, HOWARD - A Text-Book of Klever Kard Kodes / by Howard P. Albright. Over 30 Methods and Systems of Transmission. Clearly Explained, and Illustrated with Charts and Diagrams
E033192: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY - Little Women/Little Men/Jo's Boys
E032100: LOUISA MAY ALCOTT - Little Men . Illustrated by Jill Elgin (Peveril Classic. )
F071015007: ALDERMAN, CLIFFORD LINDSEY - Death to the King: English CIVIL War
N021905: ALDERSON, ALEXANDER - The Subtle Minotaur
N018686: ALDERSON, ALEXANDER - The Subtle Minotaur
F180715018: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - The Saliva Tree and Other Growths
E033847: HARRY HARRISON; BRIAN ALDISS - The Year's Best Science Fiction: No. 2
F180715048: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - Rude Awakening
F211215002: CYRIL ALDRED - Akhenaten: Pharaoh of Egypt - a New Study
E031954: CARLOS F. DIAZ ALEJANDRO - Essays on the Economic History of the Argentine Republic (Publications / Yale University. Economic Growth Center)
E032158: THOMAS A. CLINGAN; LEWIS M. ALEXANDER - Hazards of Maritime Transit
N027227: ALFRED, HEDWIG - St Francis in Singapore
E035655: MOZART ALLAN - The Carlton Waltz Album - for Young Pianists with Piano Accordian Accompaniment
N027442: ALLAN, IAN - British Railway Diesels Summer 1959
N030003: ALLCROFT, A.H.; MASOM, W.F. - Caesar de Bello Gallico Book VII
N030002: ALLCROFT, A.H.; MASOM, W.F. - Caesar Gallic War Book VII
N028860: ALLEN, J. S. - History of Horseley, Tipton : Two Centuries of Engineering Progress
E034325: ALLEN, LOYD V. - The Art, Science, and Technology of Pharmaceutical Compounding
E031772: G.FREEMAN ALLEN. - Modern Railways International Review
F190416051: ALLEN ROSENBAUM, EDITOR - Old Master Paintings from the Collection of Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza
E036447: ALLEN, PETER - Practice of Exporting (Handbook Series)
F291015056: ALLEN, IAN C. - Gleneagles to Glastonbury
N018501: ALLENDE, ISABEL - Ruhlarin Evi
E036625: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - The Tiger in the Smoke
E035014: GORDON H. ALLISON - Jumbo English Thai Dictionary
E035177: ALLMAND, CHRISTOPHER ; ARMSTRONG, C.A.J. - English Suits Before the Parlement of Paris 1420 - 1436.
N028717: ALMEDINGEN, E.M. - Francis of Assisi
E034549: ALMOND, DAVID - The Fire-Eaters
E033869: ALPERS, SVETLANA - Frans Hals
E036346: ALTAMIRANO ,IGNACIO MANUEL - El Zarco, the Bandit
E033330: ALTON, DAVID - Signs of Contradiction: People Who Changed Our World
E031729: T.M. ALUKO - One Man, One Matchet
E036002: ALVAREZ, WALTER C. - Live at Peace with Your Nerves
N022793: AMBRIERE, FRANCIS (PREFACE) - Mediterranee Orientale: Guide de Croisiere Pour Les Escales Et Pour Les Excursions a Partir de Ces Escales
E036065: AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL, BRISTOL - Cooking with Star Appeal
E036400: AMES, WINSLOW - Drawings from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Winslow Ames
N028517: LES AMIS DE L'ORGUE - Dix Années Au Service de L'Orgue Français (1927-1937)
N027683: AMOS, ALAN - Panic in Paradise
E031267: AMRINE, MICHAEL - Secret, a Novel
E034407: AMY, WHITE, CHRISTOPHER; PROWN, JULES DAVID ; OTHER CONTRIBUTORS MEYERS - Windows on That World - Essays on British Art Presented to Brian Allen
E035569: ANDERISSE, J. H, KRUIDHOF, E. A, OOSTMEIJER, J - Carebeka 1939-1983
N027047: ANDERSEN, CARL - Real Fun Way Big Note Tunes
E032600: ANDERSON, DONALD M - Elements of Design
F180715022: ANDERSON, PAUL - Shield
E036719: ANDERSON, J.S. - Famous Transcriptions No 1 from the Works of the Great Masters Gor the American Organ or Harmonium
F150815013: ANDERSON, POUL - The Trouble Twisters: Polesotechnic League Book 3
E031248: R.E.ANDERSON - The Story of Extinct Civilizations of the East
F150815007: ANDERSON, POUL - The Star Fox
E035752: ANDERSON, JANE - The Co-Op Cookery Collection Volume One
E036721: ANDERSON, J.S. - Selected Voluntaries No. 2 : For the Harmonium or American Organ from the Works of the Great Masters
E036564: ANDERSON, P.C.; CLINGBINE, G. - Advanced Level Biology: Model Answers: London Board, 1983
E032297: ANDO, TAKATURA - Reflections on God, Self and Humanity. Tenri Jihosha. 1968.
N022799: GUIEU ANDRÉ - Les Grandes Croisieres en Méditerranée Occidentale Aux Canaries Et Aux Acores
N030038: ANDREW, SARAH - All Aboard
E033735: ANDREW, SARAH - Wah Hey Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire
E031266: ANDREW, PRUDENCE - A Man with Your Advantages
F211215019: ANDREWS, AMY - Sydney Harbour Hospital: Evie's Bombshell (Mills & Boon Largeprint Medical)
N030037: ANDREWS, RICHARD G. - A Guide to Restoring Antique Furniture
E034962: ANDREWS, VAL - Sherlock Holmes and the Brighton Pavilion Mystery
E034963: ANDREWS, VAL - Sherlock Holmes and the Eminent Thespian
E034964: ANDREWS, VAL - Sherlock Holmes and the Yule-Tide Mystery (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
E034965: ANDREWS, VAL - Sherlock Holmes and the Holborn Emporium (Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (Breese))
N028280: ANDREWS, KEITH - The Masters 25 Parmigianino
E034936: ANDREWS, VAL - Sherlock Holmes and the Circus of Fear (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
E030219: PETER ANDREWS - Les Tsars
E034917: ANDREWS, WILLIAM - England in the Days of Old
N003317: ANDRONICOS, M; CHATZIDAKIS, M; KARAGEORHIS, V - Die Museen Griechenlands
E033309: ANG, TOM. - Silver Pixels: An Introduction to the Digital Darkroom.
N022534: O. ANGABE - Slovensko
E031610: AN UKNOWN ANGEL - Just between Us
N003305: OTTINO DELLA CHIESA ANGELA (TESTO DI) - L'Arte Moderna. Dal Neoclassico Agli Ultimi Decenni
E036802: ANGER, KENNETH - Hollywood Babylon
E035768: ANNAND, J.K. - Hugh Macdiarmid: Early Lyrics
E032803: JOSEPH S. ANNINO - Clinical Chemistry: Principles and Procedures
N029326: ANON - Bridgend Remembered - an Anthology
N018017: ANON - The Institute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants: A Short History 1885 - 1960
N020628: ANON - Italian Cooking
F180715043: ANON - Fife's Early Archaeological Heritage: A Guide
N018014: ANON - An Account of the Ceremony in Westminster Hall on Thursday May 9th 1935 on the Occasion of the Presentation of Addresses by Both Houses of Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northe
E036501: ANON - The National Gallery, Illustrated General Catalogue, 1973
E036067: ANON - Psion Series 3 Programming Manual
F180715028: ANON - Nz Native Birds of Shore & Wet
E036261: ANON - Les Grandes Decouvertes Archeologiques de 1954. Numero Special (la Revue Du Caire Vol XXXIII. No. 175)
E033210: ANON - Our Song Birds
E033271: ANON - The Kingdom of Fife in Days Gone by
E030749: ANON. - Soldier Poets: Songs of the Fighting Men
E036621: ANON - The Book of Common Prayer with Hymns Ancient and Modern
N022732: ANON - Domenico Theotocopuli : El Greco : Esposition Organise par la "Gazette Des Beaux-Arts", 140, Faubourg Saint-Honore, Paris, 1937
E030703: ANON - A Banking Centenary : Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas) 1836-1936
E031447: ANON. - Royal School Series Highroads of Geography: Book II: Scouting at Home
E033361: ANON - The Work of the Egypt Exploration Fund 1882-1918
E033394: ANON - The Story of Wales
E035001: VARIOUS/ANON - The War in Pictures; [Six Volumes of Six. ]
E036081: ANON - Psion Series 3 User Guide
N029901: ANONYMOUS - Bibliotheque Universelle Des Romans Ouvrage Periodique
E032040: ANONYMOUS - World's Greatest Detective Stories
N022453: ANONYMOUS - Evanston to New Delhi 1954 -1961 : Report of the Central Committee to the Third Assembly of the World Council of Churches
N001870: JEAN ANOUILH - Le Rendez-Vous de Senlis" Suivi de "Léocadia
E0344789: ANPILOGOV, G. N - Novye Dokumenty o Rossii Konca XVI - Nacala XVII B
E033823: LEBEL; NIMMO; MAROWITZ; DEWEY; OBALDIA; KAPROW; ANTROBUS - New Writers IV Plays and Happenings
E036736: AOYAMA, SHIGERU - Nara
E030660: APPLEYARD, JOSÉ LUIS - IMágenes sin Tierra Colección Cultura Paraguaya
E031963: B.M. MACIEJEWSKI; FELIX APRAMIAN - Karol Szymanowski and Jan Smeterlin. Correspondence and Essays. ******* B.M. Maciejewski Inscription
N001430: ARAGON, LOUIS - Les Poetes Poeme
F280315066: ARCAMBEAU, EDME - The Cathedrals of France Vol III Southern Section
N029392: ARCHARD, CARY - Poetry Wales Volume 19 No 3
E036552: ARCHER, JEFFREY; HIGGINS, JACK; GRISHAM, JOHN; YORKE, MARGARET - Reader's Digest Condensed Books the Eleventh Commandment, Flight of Eagles, the Street Lawyer, False Pretences
N026903: ARCHER - Archer Transistor Substitution Guide
E034072: ARCHER, MILDRED - Natural History Drawings in the India Office Library
E031906: E. H. H ARCHIBALD - National Maritime Museum: Travellers by Sea
E035359: ARIYOSHI, SAWAKO - De Vrouw Van de Dokter
N021344: ARMITAGE, SIMON - A Prophet in Two Countries - the Life of F.E. Simon
E031144: ARMITAGE, ETHEL - Garden and Hedgerow
E035845: ARMSTRONG, KATHARINE F. - Aids to Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses
E034015: ARMSTRONG, SYBIL - Clachan Days
E036093: ARMSTRONG, CAMPBELL - Blackout
E030307: HAROLD COURTENAY ARMSTRONG - Grey Steel: J.C. Smuts; a Study in Arrogance
E031000: JESSIE ARMSTRONG - Eve Chaloner's Temptation
E031603: ARMSTRONG, JAMES A - Uch Tepe I: Tell Razuk, Tell Ahmed Al-Mughir, Tell Ajamat: 1 (the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago)
N026737: SALVATION ARMY - The Musical Salvationist Twenty-Second Volume 1908
N023545: ARNOLD, MATTHEW; PAYNE, F.W. - Sohrab and Rustum; the Scholar Gypsy and Thyrsis
E035224: ARNOLD, DENIS - Monteverdi (Master Musician)
F250116080: ARNOLD, ARTHUR - Tramping in the Tracks of George Borrow
N029663: ARNOUX, GUY - Les Marins de France
N029648: MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Current Affairs British Painting and Sculpture in the 1980s
F190416028: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART - Paintings and Sculpture from the Kress Collection
E032671: GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART - Come All Ye: An Exhibition of Broadsides, Broadsheets, Chapbooks and Street Literature of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries : Glasgow School of Art, 17th-28th February 1975
E035713: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART - Master Drawings from the Collection of the National Gallery of Art and Promised Gifts
E036333: WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART - Catalogue of the Collection
E034137: ARWAS, VICTOR - Glass: Art Nouveau to Art Deco
E034207: ASHBY, ERIC - Technology and the Academics
E033438: ASHE, T. - The Poetical Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 2 Volume Set. Aldine Edition
E033991: ASHEY, MIKE - Building and Detailing Scale Model Ships
N027457: ASHMORE, P.G. - Principles of Reaction Kinetics
E034104: ASIMOV, ISACC - Treasury of Humour
E034031: ASIMOV, ISAAC - The Gods Themselves
E034972: ASIMOV, ISAAC; ETC. - Sherlock Holmes Through Time Space
E036107: ASLET, CLIVE - Landmarks of Britain: The Five Hundred Places That Made Our History
E034060: ASPIOTI - The Enchanted Island of Corfu
N027367: ASQUITH, MARGOT - The Autobiography of Margot Asquith Volume 1
E034802: ASSAM, MARIA HELENA - Arte Egipcia
E033490: GENERAL ASSEMBLY - The History, Constitution, Rules of Discipline, and Confession of Faith of the Calvinistic Methodists or the Presbyterians of Wales
E035478: AMATEUR BASKETBALL ASSN. - Basketball (Know the Game)
N027492: DEVONSHIRE ASSOCIATION - The Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science Literature and Art
E030267: THE WESTERN FRONT ASSOCIATION - Luik de Eerste Horde in Het Schlieffenplan
E035481: ROYAL YACHTING ASSOCIATION - Sailing (Know the Game)
E032451: YORKSHIRE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND TOPOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATION - The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal. Vol. IX. (Issued to Members Only)
E033819: ROYAL YACHTING ASSOCIATION - Recognized Sailing Schools
N018491: ATAY, FALIH RIFKI - Cankaya - Ataturk Devri Hatiralari 1918-1938
E035468: ATKINSON, J.H.; BRANSBY, P.L. - Mechanics of Soils: An Introduction to Critical State Soil Mechanics (Mcgraw-Hill University Series in CIVIL Engineering)
E035207: ATKINSON, JAMES - Rome and Reformation a Stubborn Problem Re-Examined
E036341: ATKINSON, WILLIAM C, DE TORRES VILLARODELL, DIEGO - The Remarkable Life of Don Diego Being the Autobiography of Diego de Torres Villarrodel
E031097: ATTWELL, MABEL LUCIE - Lucie Attwell's the Giant's Boot
E031831: HANS VAN DEN BERG; ERIC AUBOURG - Hieroglyphic Text Processing Volume II
E034445: BONHAMS AUCTIONEERS - Bonhams Marine Sale Tuesday 16 September 2008
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N027373: BUSIGNANI, ALBERTO - Benozzo la Capella Medici
N029559: BUTKOVIC, IVO; VEJVODA, VERA - Museums and Galleries in Zagreb
N027554: BUTLER, BRENDAN - The Dream Fulfilled Basingstoke Town Development 1961-1978
E036494: BUTLER, JOAN - Double Figures
N026216: BUTLIN, MARTIN - Turner at the Tate
F030516034: BUTMAN, HARRY R. - Far Islands, the True Story of the Adventures of David Snow
E035490: BUTTERWORTH, S. - Electrical Characteristics of Overhead Lines
E034603: BUXTEHUDE - Jesu, Joy and Treasure: A Sacred Cantata for Soli (Soprano or Tenor, Bass) and Four Mixed Voices, with Piano or Violins L, LL, and Bassoon
E035504: BUXTON, C.R.; JACKSON, H. SHELDON - Translation from Russian for Scientists
E033154: BYATT, A S - The Children's Book
E034387: BYNG, GEORGIA - Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism
E032573: BYRNES, EUGENE - Commercial Art: A Complete Guide to Drawing, Illustration, Cartooning and Painting
N029992: BYRON, MAY - Let Nothing You Dismay
E034820: LORD BYRON - The Poetical Works of Lord Byron. Reprinted from the Original Editions. With Explanatory Notes, &C.
F150815069: CABANNE, PIERRE - Van Gogh (World of Art)
N029845: CABASSUTIO, R.P.J. - Synopsis Conciliorum, Seu Notitia Ecclesiastica Historiarum, Conciliorum Et Canonum Inter Se Collatorum, Autore R.P. J. Cabassu
N029074: CADALSO, JOSE DE - Cartas Marruecas
N026367: CADE, LAURIE - The True Book About Pioneer Airmen
F250116015: MARY CADOGAN - Cuisine Pernod
E033774: GWASG PRIFYSGOL CAERGRAWNT - Beibl y Plant Bach
E030291: EDWARD CAIRD - Hegel
E035955: CAIRNCROSS, ALEC - Introduction to Economics
E035947: CAIRNS, DONALD - Essentials of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
E036502: CALDECOTT, R. - R. Caldecott's Picture Book (No. 2)
N025047: CALDER, RITCHIE - Two-Way Passage
N001786: CALDERÓN DE LA BARCA, PEDRO - En la Vida Todo Es Verdad y Todo Mentira (Textos B)
N029680: CALKIN, J. BERNARD - Kimmeridge Coal-Money, the Romano-British Shale Armlet Industry
E035189: CALLEO, DAVID - Europe's Future: The Grand Alternatives
E032777: R.Y. CALNE - Nephron Vol 26, No 2, 1980
E032914: CALNE, ROY YORKE - A Colour Atlas of Renal Transplantation
E035415: CALTHORP, LIONEL C.E. - Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy: For Bath Attendants, Nurses and Biophysical Assistants
F030515048: CALTHROP, DION CLAYTON - English Costume Painted and Described
E035237: CAMERON, LOU - Tancredi
E031826: F.J.CAMM. - News Chronicle Encyclopedia of Popular Mechanics.
E034897: CAMP, ANTHONY J. - Wills and Their Whereabouts... Being a Thorough Revision and Extension of the Previous Work of the Same Name by B.G. Bouwens
N029438: CAMPBELL, A.C. - Good Farm Accounting
N027364: CAMPBELL, ALICE - Flying Blind
F231015019: BEBE MOORE CAMPBELL - Brothers and Sisters
E031133: PATRICK GORDON CAMPBELL - Come Here Till I Tell You . Illustrations by Quentin Blake
E035893: CANNING, VICTOR; ARKELL, REGINALD;, DEAL, BORDEN; SEARLS, HANK - Reader's Digest Condensed Books. The Dragon Tree, Trumpets over Merriford, Dunbar's Cove, the Big X
E035720: CANNON, JIM; CLARK, B.; SMUGA, G - The Great Powers (Oliver & Boyd Modern Studies)
N018662: WILLIAM CANTON - The Story of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary . With Eight Illustrations by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale
E031608: CAREY, CATHERINE - Show Jumping Summer (Crown Ponies S. )

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