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MPS2476: - Hearing Before the Committee on Commerce United States Senate Ninety-Second Congress Second Session on Provisional U.S. Charts Delimiting Alaskan Territorial Boundaries - May 15, 1972 - Serial No. 92-69
MPS4360: - Chinese Translations No. 6 Yueh Ware Kiln-Sites in Chekiang
MPS4361: - Chinese Translations No. 4
000010: - Catalog Llyfrau Cymraeg 1969
000009: - The Mentor Vol. 9 No. 2
BDG127: - The Will Weissberg Collection of Rare Photographs, Cameras & Related Devices. [Parke-Bernet Galleries Inc, Auction Catalogue, Sale Date: 16 May, 1967 ].
003799: - Extraction and Refining of the Rarer Metals
MPS2586: - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott
MPS2595: - Memoires Posthumes de Odilon Barrot - Four Volumes
MPS2677: - La Perpetuite de la Foi de L'Eglise Catholique Touchant L'Eucharistie, Defendue Contre le Livre Du Sieur Claude, Ministre de Charenton. Six Volumes
MPS4141: - Ram Gopal in His Classical, Folk and Creative Dances
MPS2961: - La Puglia Nelle Antiche Stampe
MPS4257: - Fine Watches, Wristwatches and Clocks; Wednesday, April 19, 1989
MPS1503: - Museo Nazionale Di Napoli Vol. I
MPS1504: - Museo Nazionale Di Napoli Vol. XI
MPS1505: - Museo Nazionale Di Napoli Vol. IV
MPS1506: - Museo Nazionale Di Napoli Vol. III
MPS4081: - Royal Central Asian Journal January, 1962 Part I
MPS4082: - Royal Central Asian Journal - April 1962 Part II
MPS2307: - A Catalogue Raisonne of the Works of the Most Eminent Dutch, Flemish, and French Painters; in Which Is Included a Short Biographical Notice of the Artists, with a Copius Description of Their Principal Pictures.
PMD156: 'Y' - The Autobiography of an Englishman
003777: - Corinth Films Volume 1 No. 1
B0298: - Nato Symposium on Image Evaluation
C0014: - Edward Hopper 1882-1967
MPS1404: - The Studio March 1950
C0176: - A Relation of Maryland
003778: - United States Educational Scientific and Cultural Motion Pictures and Filmstrips Suitable and Available for Use Abroad
MPS3793: - Annual Reports of the Department of the Interior for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1904. Indian Affairs. Part I. Report of the Commissioner, and Appendixes.
DAG_20: - Magnificent Tiffany, the David Geffen Collection, December 15, 1984. Christie's New York Auction Catalogue.
004043: - International Directory of Eighteenth-Century Studies 1995 (Repertoire International Des Dix-Huitiemistes)
MPS4252: - Costume, Textiles and Quilts; South Kensington Tuesday, 20 August, 1991 at 2. 00 P.M.
000053: - Daring Adventures Among the Indians, Being a Narrative of Border Warfare, and the Exploits of Famous Hunters
bdg72: N/A - Views of Glasgow, Clyde, and Vicinity. Views in the Glasgow & Clyde District
MPS1222: - Modern Masters from European and American Collections
004044: - William Strang Ra, 1859-1921: Painter-Etcher
PMD208: - Swansong of Steam: Nsw Rail Transport Museum
MPS4167: - Kelly's Alphabet for Hemel Hempstead - a Ready-Reference Guide to the Life and Business of the Borough 1972
MPS3122: - Hanes Bywyd Henry M. Stanley Yn Cynnwys Trem Ar Ei Yrfa Anturiaethus, a'i Archwiliadau Llwyddiannus, Yn Nghyfandir Tywyll Affrica.
MPS2427: - The General Reciter: A Unique Selection of the Most Admired and Popular Readings and Recitations.
RD157: - Rerum Anglicarum Scriptorum Ventrum. Tom I.
003791: - Principals of Modern Building - Vols 1 & 2
PD634: - Bethel 1803 - 2003
PD630: - Soo's Umbrella
PD603: - Annales Des Chemins Vicinaux, Regueil de Memoires, Documents Et Actes Officiels Concernant le Service Vicinal. Premiere Partie Travaux D'Art, Memoires Et Documents. Tome V (1849). Tome VI (1850). Tome VII (1851)
004109: - Pauli Aemylii Veronensis, de Rebus Gestis Francorum, a Pharamundo Primo Rege Usq Ad Carolum Octauum, Libri X. Arnoldi Ferroni Burdigalensis, Regii Cosiliarii, Derebus Gestis Gallorum Libri IX. Ad Historiam Pauli Aemylii Additi a Carolo Octavo Usque
BDG114: - Bertram Mills Circus Olympia 1966-67
PD577: - Y Golygydd; Neu, Ysgubell Cymru: Yn Cynnwys Athrawiaethau, Traethodau, Adolygiadau, Hanesion, Amrywiaethau Etc.
PMD327: A.L.O.E. - The Claremont Tales; or, Illustrations of the Beatitudes
MPS4201: - Decorative, Topographical, Modern and Contemporary Prints - South Kensington Wednesday 7 March 1990 at 2. 00 P.M.
MPS4142: - Old Master and 19th Century Drawings from the Estate of Christian Humann, New York. Madison Avenue Galleries Friday, April 30, 1982.
MPS4029: - Paintings in the Collection of Joseph Widener at Lynnewood Hall
MPS3957: - A Galaxy of Glory - the Salvation Army's First Century of Service in San Francisco Chinatown
MPS4011: - The Commission of Fine Arts Eight Report January 1, 1918-July 1, 1919
MPS4021: - Lutz 19 Mars - 16 Mai 1992
MPS4024: - Debrett's Peerage and Titles of Courtesy 1940
MPS4065: - Gwlad Fy Nhadau Rhodd Cymru I'w Byddin
MPS4086: - Verbatim Report - 91st Conservative Conference Blackpool 1973
MPS3899: - Memorial Services Held in the House of Representatives of the United States Together with Remarks Presented in Eulogy of Thaddeus H. Caraway Late a Senator from Arkansas
MPS3799: - Scandinavian Literatures in Czechoslovakia from 1945 to May 1964
MPS3839: - Succession de Mme Helene Beaumont
MPS3810: - Hearings Before the Committee on Indian Affairs United States Senate on the Bill S. 2087 to Incorporate a Company for Breeding Horses on the Crow Indian Reservation, Montana, and for Other Purposes and on the Bill S. 2963 for the Survey and
MPS4005: - The National Commission of the Fine Arts Eleventh Report January 1, 1926-June 30, 1929
MPS4009: - The Morris Half-Ton Van (Series III) Service Parts List (Second Edition)
PD212: - Jayhawker 1939 Volume 51 Year Book.
PD220: - Smith College 1942
MPS2407: - Honda Tn 360 Shop Manual
dg387: - Langenscheidts Taschenwôrterbuch: Der Portugiesischen Und Deutschen Sprache. Erster Teil: Portugiesisch - Deutsch. Zweiter Tail: Deutsch - Portugiesisch. 2 Volume Set.
03359: - The Builder: Abbeys Etc. , 1884-1898
003787: - The American West 1867 - 1930 Andrew Smith, Inc. Fine American Photography Catalog No 2
MPS4111: - Men Who Have Risen - a Book for Boys
02450: - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Works by John Leech (1817-1864
dg478: - Creative Camera, May/June 1981. Arbeiter Fotografie. The British Worker in Photographs 1839-1939
000086: AVANT GARDE 13 - Portraits of the American People, a Monumental Portfolio of Photographs
H2064: S.P.I.E. - S.P. I.E. Seminar Proceedings Volume 12: Underwater Photo-Optical Instrumentation Applications
MPS4203: - Technical Instruction F. 3 - Arriflex 35-MM Motion-Picture Camera Model Iia
MPS4255: - Catalogue of Opera, Ballet and Cabaret Dcostumes from the Monte Carlo Opera House (Sunday 16th November 1980 at 6. 00 P.M. )
003918: - The Indigenous World 1999-2000
MPS4128: - A Plaine and Familiar Exposition of the Ten Commaundements Plus a Plaine and Familiar Exposition of the Ninth and Tenth Chapters of the Proverbs of Salomon.
MPS1405: - The Studio April 1950
MPS1410: - The Studio May 1950
MPS1438: - Hyfforddiadau I Ymddygiad Defosiynol a Gweddus Yng Nghyhoedd Wasanaeth Duw; Yn Fwy Enwedigol Yn Yr Arferiad o'r Weddi Gyffredin a Appwyntiwyd Gan Eglwys Loegr
dg450: - Hawkes & Son's Simplicity Instruction Book, the Mandoline
dg243: - Jak Cartoons from the Standard (London) and the Daily Express Book Fifteen
PMD286: A.L.O.E. - Sunday Chaplet of Stories
MPS4263: - L&N Bibliography of Polarographic Literature - Bibliography E-90(1) 1950
003926: - The Christian Age: A Sunday Paper for Home Reading - Volume 56 - July - December 1899
MR41: - Die Azteken Und Ihre Vorlaufer Glanz Und Untergang Des Alten Mexiko
004055: - Polish People's Republic Constitution Regulations of the Diet People's Councils Act
004206: - Cycling Touring and Driving Road Map of Sixty Miles Abour Sheffield with One Mile Circles
MPS3979: - John Graham Brooks Helen Lawrence Brooks 1846-1938
MPS4031: - Modern Sporting Guns and Vintage Firearms South Kensington Wednesday 7 November 1990 at 2. 00 P.M.
MPS4202: - Fine Prints, Watercolours and Oil Paintings Decorative Arts Post 1860
MPS3283: - The Scots Law Times Volume VI May 14 1898 to May 6 1899
D104: - Photography Magazine January, February, March, April, May , June 1953
MPS4371: - Indien & Siam Plastik Des 2. -18. Jahrhunderts - Sammlung Kurt Stavenhagen, Teil II - Persische Bronzen (Luristan & Amlasch) Sammlung R. Und Beitrage Aus Anderem Besitz
MPS4337: - Guide to the Photographic Exhibition of English Art and the Mediterranean
MPS4341: - Edward Everett Robbins (Late a Representative from Pennsylvania) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States Sixty-Fifth Congress Third Session
MPS4342: - Memorial Address on the Life and Character of Samuel J. Randall, a Representative from Pennsylvania, Delivered in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, Fifty-First Congress, First Session.
MPS4253: - American and European Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture and Prints; Thursday, October 25, 1990 at 7: 00 P.M. - Sale #23
000104: - Revue Internationale D'Amiante-Ciment/Internationale Asbestzement-Revue/International Asbestos-Cement Review
C0227: - Modern Paintings and Sculptures
dg489: - The Photograph and the Book - II. Section One : Images; Section Two: Books. Catalogue 41/42.
003784: - Jordan Antiquities
J279: - Esquisse Dela Nature Humaine Expliquee par le Magnetisme Animal
MPS3281: - The Marshall Collection of Old Master Paintings
003971: - Songs of Britain
003905: - Important Old Master Pictures. The Property of Brenda Lady Cook and from Various Sources. 21 April 1989
003906: - Arts Decoratifs Du Xxe Siecle Monaco Dimanche 26 Avril 1992
003907: - The Trail 1935
MPS4228: - The Dublin Review. New Series. -No. LIX. January, 1878.
PMD269: A.L.O.E. - The Truant Kitten and Other Stories
MPS4278: - The Ulster Year Book the Official Handbook of Northern Ireland 1973
003959: - The Kodak Museum - a Permanent Exhibition Illustrating the History of Photography and Some of Its Applications in Science Art and Industry
003964: - Architectural Precast Concrete
003965: - Drying, Evaporation and Distillation : The Potential for Improving Energy Efficiency in Twelve Industrial Sectors
BDG110: A.L.O.E. (CHARLOTTE MARIA TUCKER) - The Haunted Room a Tale
003894: - Ernest Jackson Drawings and Lithographs
003892: - Pauline Bewick - Watercolours and Tapestries - 26 Nov-24 Dec 1987
003893: - American Artists in Europe 1800-1900.
003962: - Margot Fonteyn (Dancers of to-Day No. 1)
02810: - Reports of the Department of the Interior for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30 1914; Administrative Reports in 2 Volumes - Volume II, Indian Affairs Territories
MPS4030: - Illustrated Catalogue of Modern Paintings the Private Collection Formed by the Late Frederick S. Gibbs New York
MPS4240: - The Epigram Club Collection 1891
003871: - Colliery Cable Makers Handbook Volume One
MPS3977: - Golden Lives a Memoir of Charles and Katherine Rochester Shepard
02230: - The Beginning of the World: Twenty-Five Pictures by Edward Burne-Jones
AS109: - Le Style Second Empire
004191: - Grandes Familles Photographies de Chantale Noel
003988: - IL Novecento a Palazzo Isimbardi Nelle Collezioni Della Provincia Di Milano
MPS3501: - Photography without Failures
DGS55: - A Jolly Book of Trains . A Jolly Miller Production
MPS4300: - Album Von Zermatt Souvenir de Zermatt
MPS4301: - Edwin Robert Anderson Seligman 1861-1939
MPS4309: - The Poetical Register and Repository of Fugitive Poetry for 1801.
jcc4: - Modern Belgian Paintings Drawings and Sculpture
MPS4218: - Six-Figure Logarithms Antilogarithms and Logarithmic Trigonometrical Functions
004028: - 1. Biennale Der Europäischen Grafik Heidelberg - 1st Biennial of European Graphic Arts Heidelberg - 1ere Biennale de la Gravure Europeenne Heidelberg. 5. August - 7. Oktober 1979
003925: - Papers Presented at the Fourth International Symposium on Jet Cutting Technology Canterbury England 1978 Volume One
dg474: - Fotologia 7 - Maggio - 1987
MPS4083: - Royal Central Asian Journal April 1961 Part II
MPS3229: - House of Commons First Special Report from the Defence Committee Session 1982-83 - Positive Vetting Procedures in Hm Services and the Ministry of Defence
dg429: - The Readers Digest Braille Edition . Part 4 . Vol 121 No 725
dg430: - Daily Word Volume 117 December 1882 Number 6
D37: - Iron--Popeye--No27--Adults Only
MPS378: - Musee de L'Ermitage Peinture de L'Europe Occidentale Catalogue 1 - Italie, Espagne, France, Suisse
MPS1412: - The Studio January 1950
MPS3059: - A Seventeenth Century News Letter - Volumes 24-26 1966-1968
dg230: - Liverpool Prints and Documents Catalogue of Maps Plans Views Portraits Memoirs Literature &C. In the Reference Library Relating to Liverpool and Serving to Illustrate Its History Biography Administration Commerce and General Condition and Progress
MPS4282: - Shared Space - a Research Journal on Peace, Conflict and Community Relations in Northern Ireland. Issue 8 October 2009
MPS3035: - Beeton's England's Orators - a Collection of Specimens of British Eloquence
003775: - Paintings in the Art Institute of Chicago
003895: - Drawings of Rembrandt
MPS4264: - Fundamentals Mechanisms of Photographic Sensitivity - Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the University of Bristol in March 1950
MPS4022: - Adventures with Form in Space - the Fourth Balnaves Foundation Sculpture Project
D105: - Popular Photography - July, August, September, October, November 1958
C0602: - 15. Auktion, 20. Jahrhundert, 19. Jahrhundert Frankreich
D103: - Photography - the Magazine of Popular Photography January, February, March, April, June 1952
MPS3477: - Film Assembly & Offset Platemaking
MPS4219: - The Liturgy and Hyms Authorized for Use in the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) in Great Britain and Ireland
MPS4235: - Sale Number 4048 Fine French and English Furniture Important Tapestries Rugs Decorative Objects - Property of the Estate of the Late Walter H. Merrall - the Estate of the Late Laura A. Curtis
PD351: - Gli Animali Parlanti, Poema Epico Diviso in Ventisei Canti Di Giambatista Casti. Tomo Primo.
MPS1602: - Beruhmter Ufficieller Gonservatoriums Ausflug
MPS1932: - Titi Petronii Arbitri Satyricon Qvae Supersunt Cum Integris Doctorum Virorum Commentariis; & Notis Nicolai Heinsii & Guilielmi Goesii Antea Ineditis; Quibus Additae Dvpeyratii & Auctiores Bovrdelotii Ac Reinesii Notae.
MPS1939: - Laws of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Passed at the Session of 1903, in the One Hundred and Twenty-Seventh Year of Independence.
MPS2306: - A Catalogue Raisonne of the Works of the Most Eminent Dutch, Flemish, and French Painters; in Which Is Included a Short Biographical Notice of the Artists, with a Copius Description of Their Principal Pictures.
MPS2340: - Hood's Photos of the World - Two Volumes
MPS2393: - Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales; Comprising Laws Supposed to Be Enacted by Howel the Good, Modified by Subsequent Regulations Under the Native Princes Prior to the Conquest by Edward the First: And Anomalous Laws, Consisting Principally of
MPS2886: - Camera - William Henry Fox Talbot 1800 - 1877
MPS2955: - Un Siecle - Mouvement Du Monde de 1800 a 1900 - Three Volumes
MPS2982: - Morgannwg Volume XXVI 1982 - the Journal of Glamorgan History
MPS2983: - Morgannwg Volume XXIII 1979 the Journal of Glamorgan History
MPS3126: - 100 Views of Oxford - the Charm of Oxford Beautifully Portrayed in Sepia Photogravure
MPS3333: - Exhibition & Public Sale on the Premises of 812 Fifth Avenue, New York Tapestries & Furnishings Belonging to the Estate of the Late Florence Mathews
MPS359: - Masterpiece - Treasures from the Collection of the Royal Photographic Society Arts Council 1971-72
MPS2314: - Vauxhall Chevette Owners Workshop Manual
MPS2391: - Proceedings of the Joint Committee of the Legislature of the State of Kansas, Appointed at the Session of 1891, to Investigate the Explosion Which Occurred at Coffeyville, Kansas, October 18, 1888.
MPS2365: - The Inspection of Churches Measure - the London Diocesan Fund Scheme for the Periodic Survey of Church Buildings
MPS4234: - Books at Brown Volume XXII 1968
PD439: - 1951-1962 12. Winterausstellung Der Bildenden Kunstler Von Rheinland Und Westfalen. Vom 2. Dezember 1962 Bis 1. Januar 1963 IM Kunstpalast Dusseldorf, Ehrenhof
MPS4097: - Catalogue of Important Hebrew Manuscripts and Printed Books - the Property of the Late Ralph and Phyllis Yablon
003991: - The Bucyrian 1913
MPS1314: - Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs
MPS1054: - Poems of William Edmondstoune Aytoun
MPS1316: - Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs
PD395: - Teulu Jac Do
004023: - Kostbarste Juwelen Aus Den Nachlassen Frau Kaja Blackmer Und Baronin D'Outremont
MPS4446: - Annual Report of the Northern Ireland Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration for 1979
MPS4450: - The Lady's Magazine or Polite Companion for the Fair Sex. Vol. III.
MPS472: - Learning Welsh Exercises in Translation and a Summary of Grammar
MPS4445: - The Ulster Year Book : The Official Handbook of Northern Ireland 1978-79
MPS4432: - Passive Design Ideas for the Enery Conscious Builder
MPS4409: - Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Volume 13 1992
MPS4410: - Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Volume 21 2000
MPS4411: - Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Volume 16 1995
MPS4413: - Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Volume 11 1990
MPS4414: - Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Volume 17 1996
MPS4415: - Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Volume 20 1999
MPS4412: - Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Volume 19 1998
000045: - Earth Week '70
MPS4418: - Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Volume 15 1994
MPS4417: - The Journal of New Zealand Art History Volume 23, 2002
MPS4419: - Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Volume 14 1993
MPS4420: - Fine Chinese Export Porcelain and Works of Art Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 June 1987
MPS4431: - Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Zachariah Chandler, (a Senator from Michigan), Delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives, Forty-Sixth Congress, Second Session, January 28, 1880.
MPS4403: - Rubens Ses Maitres, Ses Eleves Dessins Du Musee Du Louvre Lxve Exposition Du Cabinet Des Dessins
MPS4405: - Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Volume 10 1989
MPS4406: - Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Volume 18 1997
MPS4407: - Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Volume 12 1991
MPS4408: - Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Volume 22 2001
MPS4381: - Les Objets D'Art Dans L'Union Europeenne: Aspects Juridiques Et Pratiques Actes D'Une Rencontre Organisee le 27 Septembre 1993 = Works of Art in the European Union Legal and Practical Aspects
MPS4377: - Proces de Napoleon-Louis Bonaparte Et de Ses Coaccuses - Devant la Cour Des Pairs.
MPS4416: - The Journal of New Zealand Art History Volume 24, 2003
MPS4434: - French XVIII Century Furniture Objets de Vertu, Russian Icons & Enamels, Paintings, Rugs; Belinging to Mrs Inga L. De Irigoyen and to the Estates of the Late Mrs Marie R. Scott Ruth Metcalf Roebling and from Other Owners
MPS4437: - Driver's Handbook (Fourth Edition) for the Morris J. 2 Light Van Light Pick-Up Minibus
MPS4368: - The Statue of John P. Hale Erected in Front of the Capitol and Preseted to the State of New Hampshire by William E. Chandler of Concord. An Account of the Unveiling Ceremonies on August 3, 1892, with a Report of the Addresses Delivered by the Donor
PD361: H.M.S.O. - Ulster Year Book 1981: The Official Handbook of Northern Ireland
MPS4363: - Chinese Translations No. 2 - Report on the Excavation of Lung-Ch'Uan Celadon Kiln-Sites in Chekiang
MPS4362: - Chinese Translations No. 3 - Report on the Investigation of Kiln-Sites of Ju-Type Ware and Chun Ware in Lin-Ju Hsien, Honan.
MPS4359: - Chinese Translations No. 5 Kiln-Site Investigations
MPS742: - The Motion Picture Annual 1990 Covering Films of 1989
MPS4289: - Old Master Prints Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Prints Posters - Sale Number 4661m
D106: - Photography - July, August, September, October, Novemeber & December 1953
004026: - The Art of the Regent
MPS2919: - Cameras and Photographic Equipment
MPS3061: - The Work of John S. Sargent R.A. With an Introductory Note by Mrs. Meynell
MPS3301: - Y Mabinogion Cymreig: Sef, Chwedlau Rhamantus Yr Hen Gymry.
MPS3311: - Bunty #73 "Lost - One School" Picture Story Library for Girls
dg431: - The Braille Forum Vol XXL September 1982 No 3.
MPS2931: - L'Australie - Decouverte - Colonisation - Civilisation - Troisieme Edition - Revue Et Corrigee
MPS3475: - Basic Color for the Graphic Arts
MPS3480: - The Color-Separation Scanner
MPS3521: - Kodak Handbook for the Professional Photographer Volume One
PMD163: - Fundamental English. Junior Series. Book Two, Book Three & Book Four.
MPS3592: - Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly
MPS3672: - King Philip's War Narratives - March of America Facsimile Series Number 29
003719: - The Geographical Review Volume 70 - 1980 Nos 1-4
dag405: - Image. Vol 19. No 3
MPS3898: - Acceptance and Unveiling of the Statue of Wade Hampton Presented by the State of South Carolina
MPS3892: - Memorial Services Held in the House of Representatives of the United States, Together with Remarks Presented in Eulogy of Nicholas Longworth Late a Representative from Ohio
MPS3896: - Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States in Memory of John R. Tyson
MPS3897: - Memorial Services Held in the House of Representatives of the United States, Together with Remarks Presented in Eulogy of Charles G. Edwards
000033: - Russian Jewellery of the 18th-Early 20th Century
MPS785: - The Walker Art Gallery
MPS848: - The Archive Number 18 May 1983
MPS957: - Private Realities: Recent American Photography
BDG15: - The Photographs of Hg Ponting . Japan ,China and India
PD217: - The Thistle of 1924. Published by the Junior Class of the Carnegie Institute of Technology
PD219: - The Bucyrian 1914
MPS4346: - Proposed Settlement of Maine Indian Land Claims - Hearings Before the Select Committee on Indian Affairs United States Senate Ninety-Sixth Congress Second Session on S. 2829 to Provide for Settlement of the Maine Indian Land Claims - Volume 2
PD295: - Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Lewis V. Bogy, (a Senator from Missouri,) Delivered in the Senate January 16, 1878, and in the House of Representatives January 23, 1878.
MPS672: - Venetsianov 1780 - 1847
MPS735: - Studies in French Language and Medieval Literature and Medieval Literature Presented to Professor Mildred K. Pope
MPS898: - Plaisir de France Noel Decembre 1945 Numero Special 120 Frs
MPS986: - Cinema Quindicinale Di Divulgazione Cinematografica Indice Generale Per Materie Anno II - Volume II - 10 Luglio, 25 Dicembre 1937. XVI
MPS988: - Cinema Quindicinale Di Divulgazione Cinematografica
dag406: - Image. Vol. 21, No. 1, March 1978
P253: - Indians in Minnesota
PD419: - Les Antiquaires Au Grand Palais Xe Biennale Internationale Paris 20 Septembre - 7 Octobre 1984
MPS4365: - I Grandi Fotografi Serie Argento Fulvio Roiter
MPS2460: - Pirelli Calendar 1974 10th Anniversary Edition
dg446: EDMUND B. D'AUVERGNE - Some Left-Handed Marriages: Misalliances, Irregular and Secret Unions of Royalty
dg164: P.O'BRIEN M.D - Eyres' Press Warrington 1756-1803 an Embryo University Press
DGS_39: W.T.O'DEA - The Meaning of Engineering
PD613: JACOB ABBOTT - Cousin Lucy on the Sea-Shore by the Author of the Rollo Books
PD612: JACOB ABBOTT - Cousin Lucy at Study by the Author of the Rollo Books
PD611: JACOB ABBOTT - Cousin Lucy at Play by the Author of the Rollo Books
PD610: JACOB ABBOTT - Cousin Lucy Among the Mountains by the Author of the Rollo Books
dg254: CLAUDE COLLEER ABBOTT - The Life and Letters of George Darley . Poet and Critic.
000044: FREDERICK H. ABBOTT - The Administ,Ration of Indian Affairs in Canada: Report of an Investigation Made in 1914 Under the Direction of the Board of Indian Commissioners
PMD39: ABE, TAKUMA - A Comparative Study of Islamic Ownership: Conceptual Frameworks of Ownership in Islamic and Western Value Systems. Working Papers Series No. 10
P0033: ABEL, CHARLES - The Business of Photography: Professional Photography for Profit.
PMD267: ABINGDON, ALEXANDER - Boners Being a Collection of Schoolboy Wisdom, or Knowledge As It Is Sometimes Written, Compiled from Classrooms and Examination Papers by Alexander Abingdon, and Illustrated by Dr. Seuss
003829: R. J. ABRAHAM, J. FISHER AND P. LOFTUS - Introduction to Nmr Spectroscopy
PMD186: ABRAMSON, BEN (EDITOR) - Reading and Collecting: Monthly Review of Rare and Recent Books Vol. 1 No. 1 December 1936 to Vol. 2 No. 3 February - March 1938
H1448: L'ACADEMIE D'ARCHITECTURE - L'Ancienne France. Sculpteurs Et Architectes L'Academie D'Architecture Ouvrage Illustre de 1998 Gravures Et D'Une Chromolithographie
MPS109: SWAMI SRIANANDA ACHARYA - Life and Nirvana Volumes 1 & 2
PD620: ADAMS, EVELYN C. - American Indian Education: Government Schools and Economic Progress
003774: AUDAX - VYVYAN ADAMS - Men in Our Time
DAG194: DORIS SUTCLIFFE ADAMS - Power of Darkness
003931: ADAMS, ANSEL (CHAIRMAN) - The Friends of Photography
MPS4192: ADAMS, WILLIAM HOWARD - Gouverneur Morris : An Independent Life
D116: CHARLES STERLING ET HELENE ADHEMAR - Peintures Ecole Francaise XIX Siecle
H361: ADLE, KAMRAN - Recollection
PD628: ASSOCIATION OF LEGAL ADMINISTRATORS - A Taste of New Orleans: A Collection of Recipes from the Association of Legal Administrators New Orleans Chapter. Aba Annual Meeting August 4-10, 1994
BDG101: SECRETARY OF STATE FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS - Further Documents Relating to the Conference of the 18-Nation Committee on Disarmament (Miscellaneous No. 5)Further Documents Relating to the Conference of the 18-Nation Committee on Disarmament (Miscellaneous No. 5)
PMD279: COMMISSIONER OF INDIAN AFFAIRS - Annual Reports of the Department of the Interior for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1897. Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
PD146: SELECT COMMITTEE ON INDIAN AFFAIRS - Hearings Before the Special Committee on Investigations of the Select Committee on Indian Affairs United States Senate One Hundred First Congress First Session on Federal Government's Protection of Wind River and Sac and Fox Water Resources. May 16
PD92: COMMITTEE ON INDIAN AFFAIRS - Five Civilized Tribes of Indians. Hearings Before the Committee on Indian Affairs of the House of Representatives on H.R. 108 to Confer Upon the Superintendent of the Five Civilized Tribes Certain Jurisdiction
MPS4320: AIKEN, FRANK (PROINSIAS UAS. MAC AOGAIN) - Eire Ag Na Naisiuin Aontaithe - Ireland at the United Nations
PD499: ALARCON, PEDRO ANTONIO DE - The Three-Cornered Hat
dg396: MARVIN H ALBERT - The Lady in Cement
003846: ALCOCK, DEBORAH - The Well in the Orchard
B0343: ALDER (R.H.) - Movie Making for Everyone
MPS3540: CLIFFORD LINDSEY ALDERMAN - The Rhode Island Colony
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