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14860: ATTRIBUTED TO JOSIAH CONDER1789-1855. - The Modern Traveller. A Popular Description, Geographical, Historical and Topographical, of the Various Countries of the Globe. Brazil & Buenos Aires Vol. I and Vol. II.
14514: [JOHN BUMPUS]. - Love Letters.
14750: - Hand crafted wooden statuette of Saint Peter holding a key to Heaven.
14811: [CHURCH OF ENGLAND]. - The Holy Bible, containing The Old Testament and the New: Translated out of the Original Greek, and with the former Translations diligently compared and revised, by his Majesty’s special command. Appointed to be read in Churches.
14812: - The London Kalendar, or, Court and City Register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, for the year 1783; Including a Complete and Correct List of the present Parliament; more extensive and useful than any other Book of the Kind yet published.
15204: - A Commonplace Book. Scrap Book. Judging by the contents, it is an American collection of rhymes, tales, illutrations and junior magazine.articles.
14244: - The Illustrated Carpenter and Builder. Half year volume LXVIII, from Friday, July 1, 1910 to Friday, December 30, 1910.
14458: - Le Faustissime Nozze Dell' Ornatissimo Signore Luca Gava Colla Gentilissima Signora Checca Gava. Gens autem Gavia, ut posteriore Libro ostendam, Veronae et vetustissima et nobilissima fuit; cujus in multis vetustis inscriptionibus frequentissima mentio est. ONUPH. PANV. Antiq. Ver. 1. 3. c. 5. p. 97.
14481: - Prospect eines Plazes in Petersburg.
14483: - Carta Generale d'Italia alla scala da 1:1,850,000. Di A. Petermann.
14229: - A vellum leaf from a Roman Catholic Church Psalter. F11.
14230: - A vellum leaf from a Roman Catholic Church Psalter.
13459: [EDITED BY JEAN LE CLERC]. - Pervigilium Veneris, Ex Editione Petri Pithoei. Cum ejus & Justi Lipsii Notis; Itemque ex alio Codice Antiquo, Cum Notis Cl. Salmasii Et Pet. Scriverii. Accessit ad haec Andr. Rivini Commentarius. Ausonii Cupido Cruci Adfixus, Cum Notis Mariang. Accursii, El. Vineti, Pet. Scriverii Et Anonymi. Accessere ad Calcem Jos. Scaligeri Et Casp. Barthii Animadversiones.
14886: - Japanese leporello with six decorative panels.
11330: - Bryan, Daniel, The Sailor who nobly Volunteered at the risk of his own life to bury the French General during the Siege of Acre (Akko, Israel) [1799]. Sketched on the spot by F. B. Spilsbury & Drawn by Danl. Orme.
12129: - Late 19th or early 20th century long-handled Library Stick.
11808: [MAIR, JOHN.] - Compendious Geographical and Historical Grammar: Exhibiting a Brief Survey of the Terraqueous Globe: and Shewing The Situation, Extent and Boundaries of Various Countries their Chief Towns, Mountains, Rivers, Climates, and Productions; their Governments, Revenues, Commerce, and their Sea and Land forces; likewise, The Religion, Language, Literature, Customs, and Manners of the respective Inhabitants of the different Nations: and also, A Concise View of the Political History of the several Empires, Kingdoms, and States. Embellished with Maps.
14460: [WOENSEL, PIETER VAN] - Etat Present de la Russie.
14362: [METHODIST CHURCH HYMNS] - The Methodist Hymn-Book.
14999: - Iraq in War Time. ‘al-Iraq fi zaman al-harb’. Contents. Groups and Postraits; Local Events; Views; A Tour through Central Arabia.
11384: - Buchmesse. A story in pictures. Un Recit en Photos. Eine Geschichte in Bildern. Una historia en fotografias. With an introduction by Peter Weidhaas, Director of the Frankfurter Buchmesse. Photographs Tim Hielkema.
12147: [CHURCH OF ENGLAND]. - The Thirty Nine Articles, and the Constitutions and Canons, of the Church of England; Together with several Acts of Parliament and Proclamations Concerning Ecclesiastical Matters, That were not in the former Editions, Some whereof are to be Read in Churches. To which are added several Injunctions of His Majesty to the Clergy of this Kingdom, and the Directions of the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury to the Clergy of his Province. Printed by Order of his Grace the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, for the Use of the Parochial Clergy.
14984: [DESCRIBED AND EDITED BY G. A. POOLE, AND OTHERS.] [POOLE, GEORGE AYLIFFE, 1809-1883.] - Churches of Yorkshire. Vol. I. Adel; Methley; Skelton; Bolton Percy; Thirsk; Birkin; Bubwith. [Also bound in: Patrington; Skirlaugh; Church of All Saints, Rotherham; Ripon, Chapels; Stainburn; Nun Monkton.]
13728: [CHANTS]. - Chants.
14702: - The Tryals and Condemnation of Thomas White, alias Whitebread, Provincial of the Jesuits in England, William Harcourt, Pretended Rector of London, John Fenwick, Procurator for the Jesuits in England, John Gavan alias Gawen, And Anthony Turner, All Jesuits and Priests; for High Treason, in Conspiring the Death of the King, The Subversion of the Government, and Protestant Religion; At the Sessions in the Old-Bailey for London and Middlesex, on Friday and Saturday, being the 13th and 14th of June 1679. Published by Authority.
12167: [SPECTATOR, THE]. - Spectator, in Eight Volumes, The. To which is prefixed Sketches of the Lives of the Authors. In this Edition each paper is marked with the Author's Name; and Explanatory Notes are added.
11322: - English Musical Repository. A choice selection of Esteemed English Songs Adapted for the Voice, Violin and German Flute.
12522: [DEFOE, DANIEL, 1661?-1731]. - Consolidator: or, Memoirs of Sundry Transactions from the World in the Moon, The. Translated from the Lunar Language, by the Author of The True-born English Man.
14931: [SOMETIMES ATTRIBUTED TO JOHN LOCKE ACCORDING TO ESTC.] - A Common-place Book to the Holy Bible: or, the Scriptures Sufficiency Practically Demonstrated. Wherein Whatsoever is contain’d in Scripture, Respecting Doctrine, Worship, or Manners, is reduced to its Proper Head: Weighty Cases Resolved, Truths Confirmed, difficult Texts Illustrated, and Explained by others more plain.
14831: - In Loving Service. A monthly text-book with a message for every day.
10186: - Cabala, Sive Scrinia Sacra, Mysteries of State and Government: In Letters of Illustrious Persons and Great Ministers of State as well Forreign as Domestick, In the Reigns of King Henry the Eighth, Q: Elizabeth, K: James, and K: Charles: Wherein Such Secrets of Empire, and Publick Affairs, as were then in Agitation, are clearly Represented; And many remarkable Passages faithfully Collected. Formerly in Two Volumes. To which is added several Choice Letters and Negotiations, no where else Published. Now Collected and Printed together in One Volume.
14468: [NEW TESTAMENT]. - The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Translated out of the Original Greek; and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised.
10620: [PSALMS, HYMNS] - Psalms and Hymns, for the use of the Parish of St. Mary-Le-Bone.
15024: - Party Game. Write the Word “Cricket”. Twelve Cards with Key. G.841.
15033: [CAZOTTE, JACQUES.] [WITH COPPER ENGRAVINGS BY J. E. LABOUREUR.] - Le Diable Amoureux, Nouvelle Espagnole.
11699: [PSALMS]. - A Golden Treasury of Psalms and Prayers for All Faiths. This volume is set in the electra types and is printed on a specially-made paper. It is designed, printed and published at the office of The Peter Pauper Press Mount Vernon New York. Decorations and cover design by Fritz Kredel.
14805: - Cir-Q-Lar Playing cards.
12457: [GRAPHOTONE CO, THE] - One Hundred Gems of English Scenery. A Collection of Permanent Photographs.
12879: [ENGLISH LAW]. - Law of Commons and Commoners, The: or A Treatise Shewing the Original and Nature of Common, and the several Kinds thereof, viz. Common Appendant, Appurtenant, Estovers, Turbary, Pischary and pur Cause of Vicinage, of Commons in Gross, and Sans number, with the Pleadings in reference to every of them. As also the Powers and Priviledges of Commoners, in reference to the Soil, to the Lord, to Strangers, and of the Remedies and Actions they may have. Of Declarations, Pleadings, in and to Actions brought by and against Commoners. Approvement, Apportionment, Suspension and Extinguishment of Common. Of Grants of Common, and by what Words Common shall pass. Together With the Leanring [sic] of Prescriptions in General; the Forms and Manner of Pleading Prescription, in reference to Common in several Rules. Of Prescription and Pleading by a Copyholder in reference to Common. Of Evidence to prove Prescription for Common, the several Customs of Commoners, and of Enclosures. With several Forms of Presidents [sic] adapted to every Sort of Common.
10362: [HOLY COMMUNION] - New Week's Preparation For a Worthy receiving of the Lord's Supper, As Recommended and Appointed By the Church of England; Consisting of Meditations and Prayers for the Morning and Evening of every Day in the Week. With Forms of Examination, and Confession of Sins: And Meditations to enable us to live well after receiving the Holy Sacrament. The Fifth Edition. [The New Week's Preparation Compleat in Two Parts.]
13756: - Concise Household Encyclopedia. A Practical Guide Written by the Leading Experts in all Branches of Homecraft. 6,000 Illustrations. Complete in One Volume.
13855: - Collection de Douze Vues de Waterloo. [With a plan of the Battle of Waterloo.]
13511: [POETAE LATINI MINORES]. - Poetae Latini Minores, sive Gratii Falisci cynegeticon, M. Aurelii Olympii Nemisiani Cynegeticon, Et Ejusdem Eclogae IV. T. Calpurnii Siculi ecologae VII. Claudii Rutilii Numatiani iter, Q. Serenus Samonicus De Medicina, Vindicianus sive Marcellus De Medicina. Q. Rhemnius Fannius Palaemon De Ponderibus & Mensuris, et Sulpiciae Satyra. Cum integris Doctorum Virorum Notis, & quorumdam excerptis, Curante Petro Burmanno, Qui & suas adjecit adnotationes.
13887: [FOLENGO, TEOFILO, 1496-1544.] - Opus Merlini Cocaii poetae Mantuani Macaronicorum, totum in pristina[m] formam per me magistrum Acquarium Lodolam optime redactum, in his infra notatis titulis diuisum. Zanitonella, quae de amore Tonelli erga Zaninam tractat. Quae constat ex tredecim sonolegijs, septem ecclogis, & una strambottolegia -- Phantasiae macaronicon, diuisum in vigintiquinque macaronicis, tractans de gestis magnanimi, & prudentissimi baldi -- Moschaeae facetus liber in tribus partibus diuisus, & tractans de cruento certamine muscarum & formicarum -- Libellus epistolarum, & epigrammatum, ad varias personas directarum.
13630: [MACKY, JOHN, WRITER AND SPY, D. 1726] - Journey through England, A. In Familiar Letters from A Gentleman Here, To His Friend Abroad. The Second Edition, considerably Improv'd.
13671: [ART]. - Art of Medieval Manuscripts, The.
14688: [DIDEROT, DENIS]. - Lecons de Clavecin, et Principes d'Harmonie, Par Mr Bemetzrieder.
14228: - A vellum leaf from a Roman Catholic Church Psalter. Sabbato alle Laudi.
13859: - Tabulae Illustres or The Paternal Arms of the Present Nobility of Great Britain and Ireland, With their Titles & the Stile of the Eldest Sons.
13885: YOSHIMASU UTAGAWA. ALSO KNOWN AS KOCHOEN SHUNSHO. ACTIVE 1830-54 - Japanese woodblock print, showing geisha, standing, with fan.
13886: YOSHIMASU UTAGAWA. ALSO KNOWN AS KOCHOEN SHUNSHO. ACTIVE 1830-54. - Japanese woodblock print, showing geisha, seated, with pen in hand.
13909: [HALLWAG], [BURGESS AND BOWES]. - Europa | Hallwag | Europe, Europa | Carte Automobile, Motoring Map | Automobilkarte, Carta Automobilistica | Hallwag Berne | Imprime en Suisse’. 'Midget Dictionaries, English-French, French English, Containing Automobile Terms, Dialogues, Geographical and Christian Names, Photographic Terms, etc, Revised and Corrected'; Published by Burgess & Bowes Ltd., Waterloo Road, N.W.2., no date; [7], 8-278, [3], 4-233, [1] pages. 'Midget Dictionaries, English-German, German-English, Containing Dialogues for all Occasions, Motoring, Photographic, Architectural Terms; Christian & Geographical names, etc'; Published by Burgess & Bowes Ltd., Waterloo Road, London N.W.2., no date, Printed in Belgium; [7], 8-287, [6], 6-222, [2] pages. 'Midget Dictionaries, English-Italian Italian-English, Containing Automobile Terms, Dialogues, Geographical and Christian Names, Architectural and Photographic Terms, Idioms, etc'; Published by Burgess & Bowes Ltd., Waterloo Road, N.W.2., no date; [5], 4-252, [2], 3-254, [2] pages. 'Midget Dictionary, English-Spanish, Spanish-English, Containing Dialogues for all Occasions, List of Geographical, Christian Names, Photographic Terms, Automobile Parts, etc'; Published by Burgess & Bowes Ltd., Waterloo Road, London N.W.2, Printed in Belgium; [6], 3-236, [2], 7-274, [2] pages.
13921: - Die Erschaffung der ersten Menschen. Der Fall der ersten Menschen. Die ersten Menschen nach dem Fall. Strasse der ersten Suende.
13951: [ALLESTREE, RICHARD, 1619-1681. WHOLE DUTY OF MAN.] - The New Whole Duty of Man, Containing The Faith as well as Practice of a Christian: Made easy For the Practice of the Present Age, As the Old Whole Duty of Man was designed for those unhappy Times in which it was written; and Supplying the Articles of The Christian Faith, Which are Wanting in that Book, Though Essentially necessary to Salvation. With Devotions proper for several Occasions.
14449: VIRGIL. [VERGIL]. EDITOR: GEORG FABRICIUS 1516-1571. COMMENTATORS: TIBERIUS CLAUDIUS DONATUS; JOHANN HARTUNG 1505-1579. - P. Vergilii Maronis Bucolica, Georgica, & Aeneis, nunc cum veris commentariis Tib. Donati & Seruii Honorati summa cura editis, ... Accesserunt his Ioannis Hartungi annotationes in libros Maronis Aeneidos, diligenti cura ab ipso authore collectae ... Cum indice duplici, Donati uidelicet, & Seruij Honorati altero: summa cura & fide ab eodem Fabricio collecto.
14500: [ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH]. - Antiphonal in two parts. First part: Antiphonarium Romanum Iuxta Breviarium Ex Decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini Restitutum, Et Clementis VIII. auctoritate recognitum, Ecclesiis Ruralibus praecipue accommodatum. Second part: Sequitur Commune Sanctorum Cum Officio Matutini et Horarum. In Natali Apostolorum. Ad primas Vesperas. Anae.
14038: - Japanese perfume flask in ivory or bone [?].
14114: [AUSTRALIA]. - Federated Australia. A Rare and Elaborate Collection of Photographic Views Depicting Sceneries, Cities, Industries, and Interesting Phases of Australian Life. New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania. Cover title: Federated Australia its sceneries & splendours, commemorative volume 1901.
14119: [TABLET OF MEMORY]. - The New Tablet of Memory, Shewing Every Memorable event in History, from the Earliest Period to the Year 1807, Comprehending an Epitome of English History: With an Exact Chronology of Painters, Eminent Men, &c. With Several Useful Lists. Illustrated with a Chart of British and Foreign History.
14712: [BY PETER PARLEY, PSEUD.? I.E. S. G. GOODRICH?] - The Life of Benjamin Franklin. Illustrated by Tales, Sketches, and Anecdotes. Adapted to the Use of Schools. With Engravings.
14713: - 1941 Calendar with Postal Information and Notes. Summer time allowed for.
14714: - Calendar for 1924. Postal regulations.
14721: - Calendar for 1932.
14909: - A Collection of 27 early 20th century Japanese Postcards, each approximately 140x90mm in size.
11394: [BERESFORD, JAMES ]. - Bibliosophia; or Book-Wisdom. Containing some account of the Pride, Pleasure, and Privileges, of that Glorious Vocation, Book-Collecting. By an Aspirant. II. The Twelve Labours of an Editor, separately pitted against those of Hercules. Advertisement. The first of the following Pieces contains a feeling of Remonstrance against the prose work lately published by the Reverend T. F. D. [Dibdin] under the Title of Bibliomania; or Book-Madness. Containing some account of The History, Symptoms, and Cure of that Fatal Disease.
15050: - The Library of George Cosmatos: Part I. London Wednesday, 23 March 2005. The Library of George Cosmatos: Part II. New York Friday, June 17, 2005.
14548: - Picturesque Views of Ealing. Photographic Views of Ealing.
14288: - Japanese fragment of an Erotic Parody of ‘The Thirty-Six Poems’ BOUND BETWEEN pages concerning Laws and Regulations Regarding Land Transport (1829).
14340: [CHURCH OF ENGLAND]. - The Book of Common Prayer, And Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church… . Hymns Ancient and Modern for the use in the Services of the Church. Complete Edition.
14353: [CHURCH OF ENGLAND AND IRELAND]. - The Book of Common Prayer, And Administration of the Sacraments, And other rites and ceremonies of the Church According to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches. ALSO BOUND IN: A New Version of the Psalms of David, Fitted to The Tunes Used in Churches. By N. Tate, and N. Brady, Oxford: Printed at the University Press, by S. Collingwood and Co. Printers to the University. Sold by R. Gardner, Oxford Bible Warehouse, Paternoster Row, London, 1831.
15049: - William Shakespeare. The First Folio, 1623. The Dr Williams's Library Copy. Lot 95 in the Sale of English Literature…London, Thursday 13 July 2006.
15048: - The Library of the Earls of Macclesfield removed from Shirburn Castle. Part Ten: Applied Arts and Sciences, including Military and Naval Books.
15047: - The Wardington Library, Important Atlases & Geographies. Part One: A-K, Tuesday 18 October 2005. Part Two: L-Z, Tuesday 10 October 2006.
15045: - Catalogue of The Cetus Library: Food & Drink, Agriculture, Gardening and Social History 1543-1829. Sale 35839. Thursday 22nd September 2011 at 1.00pm.
15046: - Chatsworth. The Attic Sale. Session One, Tuesday 5 October 2010 10.30 AM. Session Two, Wednesday 6 October 2010 10.30 AM. Session Three, Thursday 7 October 2010 10.30 AM.
14453: - Manuscript letter addressed to Pope Pius VII requesting assistance for an orphan girl, Maria Rosa Prandi born in the Parish of Santa Maria della Terra di Doccia. [Pope Pius VII (1800-1823) was born Barnaba Chiaramonti at Cesena, in the Pontifical States in 1742. He was the son of Count Scipione Chiaramonti and his mother was of the house of Ghini. Chiaramonti was elected Pope Pius VII at Venice 14 March, 1800.]
12479: [ROYAL NAVY]. - By Authority. The Navy List, Corrected to The 20th December, 1868.
12532: ANONYMOUS. BY JONATHAN SWIFT 1667-1745. - Conduct of the Allies, and of the Late Ministry, in Beginning and Carrying on the Present War, The.
14606: - Plaisir et Gaite, 1824.
14701: - The Tryals of Sir George Wakeman Barronet. William Marshall, William Rumley, and James Corker, Benedictine Monks. For High Treason, for Conspiring the Death of the King, Subversion of the Government, and Protestant Religion. At the Sessions in the Old-Baily, holden for London and Middlesex, on Fryday the 18th of July 1679. Published by Authority.
14730: [SOMERVILLE, MARY, 1780-1872.] - Cookery and Domestic Economy by Mrs Somerville, (Practical Teacher of the Art.) Respectfully Dedicated to the Ladies of Scotland. Containing upwards of one thousand carefully tested receipts, expressed in simple terms, suitable for every-day life. Illustrated with Numerous Engravings.
10934: ABERNETHY, JOHN. - Surgical Observations On the Constitutional Origin and Treatment of Local Diseases; and on Aneurisms: Including Directions for the Treatment of Disorders of the Digestive Organs.
15023: ABRAM LYLE & SONS, LTD. SOLE MANUFACTURERS OF LYLE'S GOLDEN SYRUP. - Some Every-Day Dishes. Being a number of Tasty, Nutritious and Economical Cookery Recipes for use with Lyle's Golden Syrup.
15078: ACTON, HAROLD 1904-1994. QUENNELL, PETER 1905-1993. - Oxford Poetry 1924. Edited by Harold Acton and Peter Quennell.
14042: ADDINGTON, STEPHEN [1729-1796]. - A Practical Treatise on Afflictions. To which is added, A Short Discourse on Visiting the Sick. By Stephen Addington.
12387: AEMYLLI, PAULI. [EMILI, PAOLO, D. 1529]. DU TILLET, JEAN, BISHOP OF MEAUX [D. 15 DEC 1570]. LE FERRON, ARNOUL [1515-1563]. - Historiae iam denuo emendatae Pauli Aemylii Veronensis, de rebus gestis Francorum, a Pharamundo Primo Rege usque ad Carolum octavum, Libri x. Arnoldi Ferroni Burdigalensis, Regii Consiliarii, de rebus gestis Gallorum libri ix, ad historiam Pauli Aemylii additi, a Carolo octavo usq[ue] ad Henricum II. Ad huius historiae lucem, in fine adiunctum est: Chronicon Ioan. Tilii De Regibus Francorum, a Pharamun. do usque ad Henricum II. Cum omnium Regum imaginibus. The second part of the title-page to the second part reads: 'Ad historiam Pauli Aemylii additi, perducta historia usque ad tempora Henrici II. Francorum Regis.' The title-page to the third part reads: 'Ioannis Tilii Chronicon de Regibus Francorum, a Faramundo usque ad Franciscum primum. Cui de inceps adiunximus quae a Francisco Primo us[que] ad Henricum II. gesta sunt.'
12451: AIGER, ARTHUR CAMPBELL. SET TO MUSIC BY JOSEPH BARNBY [1838-1896]. - Eton Songs. Illustrated by Herbert Marshall.
14128: ALAMANNI, LUIGI [1495-1556]. - Gyrone il Cortese di Luigi Alamanni al christianissimo, et invitissimo re Arrigo secondo.
13911: ALBERTI, LEANDRO [1479-1552]. - Descrittione di tutta Italia di F. Leandro Alberti Bolognese, nella quale si contiene il sito di essa, l'origine, et le Signorie delle Citta, & delle Castella, co i nomi antichi, & moderni, i costumi de popoli, le conditioni de Paesi. Et piu gli huomini famosi che l'hanno Illustrata, i monti, i laghi, i fiumi, le fontane, i bagni, le minere, con tutte l'opre marauigliose in lei della Natura prodotte.
13464: ALBINOVANUS, CAIUS PEDO. - C. Pedonis Albinovani elegiae iii, et fragmenta, cum interpretatione et notis J. Scaligeri, Frid. Lindenbruchi, Nic. Heinsii, Theod. Goralii et aliorum. As usual, also bound in: Aetna, & quae supersunt fragmenta, cum notis et interpretatione Jos. Scaligeri, Frid. Lindenbruchii & Theod. Goralli. Accessit Petri Bembi Aetna.
14221: ALCIATI, ANDREA [1492-1550]. ALCIATUS, ANDREAS. TRANSLATOR: DAZA, BERNARDINO; DAZA PINCIANO, BERNARDINO. - Los Emblemas de Alciato. Traducidos en rhimas Espanolas. Anadidos de figuras y de nueuos Emblemas en la tercera parte de la obra. Dirigidos al Illustre. S. Iua. Vazquez de Molina. Illustrated by Le Petit Bernard [i.e. Salomon Bernard] (V&A Libraries)
15176: ALDISS, BRIAN W. [BRIAN WILSON] 1925-. - The Brightfount Diaries by Brian W. Aldiss illustrated by Pearl Falconer.
15114: ALEXANDER, CHRISTINE. - An Edition of the Writings of Charlotte Bronte, Part 1: 1833 - 1834 and Part 2: 1834 - 1835.
14048: ALLESTREE, RICHARD [1619-1681]. NOTE: ATTRIBUTED TO RICHARD ALLESTREE. SOMETIMES ALSO ATTRIBUTED TO DOROTHY PAKINGTON, RICHARD STERNE, JOHN FELL, OR HUMPHREY HENCHMAN AND OTHERS. - The Government of the Tongue By the Author of The Whole Duty of Man, &c. The third Impression. BOUND WITH: The Art of Contentment. By the Author of The Whole Duty of Man, &c. The third Impression. Attributed to Richard Allestree. At the Theater in Oxford, M. DC. LXXV. [1675].
14968: ANANT, VICTOR. - The Revolving Man.
15005: ANDERSON, ROBERT [1770-1833] AND OTHERS. - Ballads, in the Cumberland Dialect, chiefly by R. Anderson, with Notes and a Glossary: the remainder by various Authors.
15165: ANON - The Best and Easiest Method of Preserving Uninterrupted Health to Extreme Old Age: Established upon the justest laws of the animal oeconomy, and confirmed by the suffrages of the most celebrated practitioners among the antients and moderns. From a manuscript found in the library of an eminent physician lately deceased, and by him intended as a legacy to the world.
15179: ANONYMOUS. [YOUNG, ARTHUR, 1741-1820.] - The Farmer’s Letters to the People of England: Containing the Sentiments of a Practical Husbandman, on various Subjects of great Importance: Particularly The Exportation of Corn. The Balance of Agriculture and Manufactures. The present State of Husbandry. The Circumstances attending large and small Farms. The present state of the Poor. The Prices of Provisions. The Proceedings of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, &c. The Importance of Timber and Planting. Emigrations to the Colonies. The Means of promoting the Agriculture and Population of Great-Britain, &c. To which are added, Sylvae: or, Occasional Tracts on Husbandry and Rural Oeconomics. The Third Edition, Corrected and Enlarged. [NB: This is not the London, third edition.]
13024: ANONYMOUS. BY SIR JAMES STEWART, 1635-1715. - An Accompt of Scotlands Grievances By reason of The D. of Lauderdales Ministrie, Humbly tendred To his sacred Majesty.
13702: ANONYMOUS. - Le Coffret du Bibliophile. Lettres Amoureuses d'un Frere a son Eleve.
14419: ANONYMOUS. - Jack Jingle, and Sucky Shingle. A delightful tale, that will not fail, To please you all, both great and small.
9606: ANVILLE, JEAN BAPTISTE BOURGUIGNON D', 1697-1782. - Etats Formes en Europe Apres la Chute de l'Empire Romain en Occident. Par M. d'Anville, de l'Academie Royale des Inscriptions & Belles-Lettres, & de celle des Sciences de Petersbourg; Secretaire de S.A.S. M. le Duc d'Orleans.
13455: ARNOBIUS, OF SICCA. - Arnobii Afri Adversus Gentes Libri VII. Cum Recensione Viri Celeberrimi, & integris omnium commentariis. Editio novissima atque omnium acuratissima.
14077: ARRIAN. ARRIAN OF NICOMEDIA. LUCIUS FLAVIUS ARRIANUS (C.87-AFTER 145). - Arrianou Techne taktike, Ektaxis kat Alanon, Periplous Pontou Euxeinou, Periplous tes Erythras Thalasses, Kynegetikos Epiktetou Encheiriodion, tou autou Apophthegmata kai apospasmatia, a en to Ioannou Stobaiou anthologio, kai en tais Agelliou Agrypniais Attikais sozomena. Arriani Ars tactica, Acies contra Alanos, Periplus Ponti Euxini, Periplus Maris Erythraei, liber De venatione, Epicteti Enchiridion, ejusdem Apopthegmata et fragmenta, quae in Joannis Stobaei Florilegio, et in Agellii Noctibus Atticis supersunt. Cum Interpretibus Latinis, & Notis. Ex Recensione & Museo Nicolai Blancardi.
14933: DESIGNED BY HIRONOBU ASAI - Shin'an Moya Shu [New fabric design patters].
14525: AUNG, MAUNG HTIN. - Burmese Folk-Tales
13501: AUSONIUS, DECIMUS MAGNUS. - D. Magni Ausonii Burdigalensis Opera. Interpretatione et notis illustravit Julianus Floridus Can. Carnot. Jussu Christianissimi regis in usum serenissimi Delphini. Recensuit, supplevit, emendavit, dissertationem de vita & scriptis Ausonii suasque animadversiones adjunxit Joannes-Baptista Souchay, Regiae Inscript. & Human. Litter. Academiae socius.
14187: AWDLAY, JOHN. [AUDELAY, JOHN, FL. 1426]. - Alia Cantalena de Sancta Maria. Illustrated by Loyd Haberly.
13018: BACONI, FRANCISCI. [FRANCIS BACON, 1561-1626]. - Francisci Baconi Baronis de Verulamio, Vice-Comitis S. Albani, Summi Angliae Cancellarii, Opera Omnia, Quae extant: Philosophica, Moralia, Politica, Historica. ... In Quibus Complures Alii Tractatus, Quos Brevitatis Causa praetermittere visum est, comprehensi sunt. Hactenus Nunquam Conjunctim Edita, Jam vero Summo Studio Collecta, Uno Volumine Comprehensa, & ab innumeris Mendis repurgata: Cum Indice Rerum ac Verborum Universali absolutissimo. His praefixa est Auctoris Vita.
14442: BADESLADE, THOMAS. ARMSTRONG, JOHN, 1674-1742. - The History of the Ancient and Present State of the Navigation of the Port of King’s-Lyn, and of Cambridge, And the rest of the Trading-Towns in those Parts: And of the Navigable Rivers that have their Course through the Great-Level of the Fens, called Bedford Level. Also The History of the Ancient and Present State of Draining in that Level, in the Province of Marshland, and the Hundreds and Parts adjacent. From Authentick Records, and Ancient Manuscripts; and from Observations and Surveys carefully made upon the Spot these Three Years last past. With The Method propos’d for draining the the said Fens, and amending the Harbour of Lyn: by Col. John Armstrong, chief Engineer of England. Illustrated with Maps.
13094: BARR, JOHN. - Officina Bodoni, The, Montagnola, Verona, Books Printed by Giovanni Mardersteig on the Hand Press 1923-1937. Catalogue of an Exhibition held in The King's Library British Library Reference Division 9 August - 22 October 1978.
13854: PAULINUS A S. BARTHOLOMAEO. - Centum Adagia Malabarica cum textu originali et versione latina nunc primum in lucem edita. a P. Paulino a S. Bartholomaeo Carmelita Discalceato, Malabariae Missionario.
14241: BARTLETT, W. H. (WILLIAM HENRY) [1809-1854]. - Walks About the City and Environs of Jerusalem. By W. H. Bartlett. Second Edition.
14696: F. BASAN. - Catalogue Raisonne des differens objets de curiosites dans les sciences et arts, qui composoient le Cabinet de feu Mr. Mariette... . Par F. Basan, Graveur. ALSO BOUND IN: Catalogue de Tableaux, Dessins, Estampes en Feuilles, en Volumes Encadrees, Quelques Morceaux en Terre Cuite,…Dont la Vente se sera le Lundi 8 Mars 1784, & jours suivans de relevee, a l'Hotel de Buillon, rue Platriere.
15175: BATEMAN, H. M. [HENRY MAYO] 1887-1970. - The Possibilities of a Vacuum Cleaner. A Stretch of Imagination by H.M. Bateman. Series: The Bateman Booklets.
13527: LA BAUNE, JACQUES DE, [EDITOR]. - Panegyrici veteres. Interpretatione et notis illustravit Jacobus de la Baune Soc. Jesu. Jessu Christianissimi Regis, Ad Usum Serenissimi Delphini.
13085: BAWDWEN, THE REV. WILLIAM, VICAR OF HOOTON PAGNELL, YORKSHIRE. - Translation of the Record called Domesday, A, so far as relates to the County of York: including also Amounderness, Lonsdale, and Furness, in Lancashire, and such parts of Westmoreland and Cumberland as are contained in the survey. Also the counties of Derby, Nottingham, Rutland and Lincoln, with an introduction glossary & indexes.
12937: BAYROS, FRANZ VON. (CHOISY LE CONIN). - Oh! DU-U-U- - Die Malerin -. From Boudoir de Madame, XIII.
14693: BENSON, ARTHUR CHRISTOPHER [1862-1925]. WEAVER, LAWRENCE, SIR, K.B.E. LUCAS, EDWARD VERRALL [1868-1938]. - The Book of the Queen’s Dolls’ House Edited by A. C. Benson, C.V.O. and Sir Lawrence Weaver, K.B.E. With ninety-two plates, of which twenty-four are in colour, Volume I. The Book of the Queen's Dolls’ House Library Edited by E. V. Lucas With twenty-four plates of which eight are in colour, Volume II.-
14946: BENSON, E. F. (EDWARD FREDERIC) 1867-1940. - Bensoniana. [A collection of apophthegms taken from the works of E. F. Benson.]
8875: BERQUIN, M. [ARNAUD], 1747-1791. - L’Ami des Enfans, Par M. Berquin. Morale. Includes: Avril, 1782, No. IV. Novembre 1782, No. XI. Decembre 1782, No. XII. Octobre 1783, No. X. Novembre 1783, No. XI.
10406: BIBLE. - Bibl, yr Addoliad Teuluaidd. Gyda Nodau a Sylwadau ar Bob Pennod o'r Neu Testament a'r Newndd a Chyfeirnodau Gwerthfawr, gan y Parch Peter Williams.
13711: BINGHAM, JOSEPH, 1668-1723. - Works of the learned Joseph Bingham, M. A., The. Containing, I. Origines Ecclesiasticae: Or, The Antiquities of the Christian Church. In twenty three Books. II. A Scholastical History of Lay-Baptism. In two Parts. III. The French Churches Apology for the Church of England. IV. A Discourse concerning the Mercy of God to Penitent Sinners. In Two Volumes. [John Sturt 1658-1730, engraver]. Sturt, John [1658-1730], [engraver].
13667: BLACKMORE, SIR RICHARD [D. 1729]. - Paraphrase on the Book of Job: As likewise on the Songs of Moses, Deborah, David: On Four Select Psalms: Some Chapters of Isaiah, and the Third Chapter of Habakkuk, A. By Sir Richard Blackmore, Kt. M.D. One of His Majesty's Physicians in Ordinary, and Fellow of the College of Physicians in London.
11739: M. DE BLAINVILLE [CHARLES HENRI, 1711-1769]. - Histoire Generale, Critique et Philologique de la musique, Dediee a Madame La Duchesse de Villeroy.
14103: BLAIR, HUGH [1718-1800]. - Sentimental Beauties, and Moral Delineations from the writings of the Celebrated Dr. Blair, and other much admired authors; selected with a view to Refine the Taste, Rectify the Judgment, and Mould the Heart to Virtue. The Third Edition.
10856: BLANDY, ADAM. - Chronological Tables of the World: Commencing wth the Creation And Ending with the Nativity of Jesus Christ, Comprehending ye Space of 3950 years Digested into ye same Metd. With ye Chronological Tables of Col. W. Parsons, By the Reverend Mr Adam Blandy, M.A. and late Fellow of Pembroke Coll: Oxon. To which are added, The Characters of the Hight Priests, Emperours, Kings, Judges, &c. mention'd in ye Tables By William Blandy, M.A. and Fellow of Pembroke C. in Oxford. Brevis esse Laboro.
10710: BLANKAART, STEPHEN. [BLANCARD]. - Lexicon Medicum Renovatum. In quo totius artis Medicae termini, in Anatome, Chirurgia, Pharmacia, Chymia, Re Botanica, etc.
14966: BLIGHT, LESLIE. - The Stone Pigeon.
15096: BOCCIUS, GOTTLIEB. - Fish in Rivers and Streams: A Treatise on the Production and Management of Fish in Fresh Waters, by Artificial Spawning, Breeding and Rearing: Showing also the Cause of the Depletion of all Rivers and Streams. By Gottlieb Boccius.
13458: BOETHIUS, D. 524. - Anicii Manlii Severini Boetii Consolationis philosophiae libri quinque.
14668: BOETHIUS (CA.AD 480–524 OR 525). - Boetio Severino di Consolatione Philosophica volgare, Nuouame[n]te reuisto et di molti errori porgato [by Anselmo Tanzo], opera al tutto dignissima Eccelente & Bella.
11315: BOILEAU, DANIEL. - The Art of French Conversation. With An Introduction by D. Boileau.
14405: BOSWELL, JAMES. - The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. A New Edition. In Four Volumes.
14965: BOTSFORD, KEITH. - The Eighth-Best-Dressed Man in the World.
14125: BOURRIENNE, M. DE. [FAUVELET DE BOURRIENNE, LOUIS ANTOINE, 1769-1834]. - The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, By M. de Bourrienne, His Private Secretary. With Notes, now first added, from the dictation of Napoleon at St. Helena, from the Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo, of General Rapp, of Constant, and numerous other authentic sources.
14905: BOWDLER, THOMAS [1754-1825]. SHAKSPEARE, WILLIAM [1564-1616]. [SHAKESPEARE]. - The Family Shakspeare, In Ten Volumes; in which nothing is added to the original text; but those words and expressions are omitted which cannot with propriety be read aloud in a family. By Thomas Bowdler, Esq. F.R.S. & S.A. The Second Edition.
13898: BOXHORN, MARCUS ZUERIUS [1612-1653]. - Monumenta Illustrium Virorum, et Elogia. Cura ac studio Marci Zuerii Boxhornii. [Monumenta aliquot sepulchralia veterum Romanorum aeri incisa].
10498: BRADY, ROBERT [1627?-1700]. - An Historical Treatise of Cities, and Burghs or Boroughs. Shewing, Their Original, and Whence, and from Whom they Received their Liberties, Privileges, and Immunities; What they were, and what Made and Constituted a Free Burgh, & Free Burgesses. As also shewing When they first sent their Representatives to Parliament. With a Concurrent Discourse Of most Matters, and Things Incident, or Relating thereto. By Rob. Brady, Doctor in Physick. The Second Edition.
14524: BRAMLEY, REV. HENRY RAMSDEN, M.A.. SIR JOHN STAINER, M.A.. - Christmas Carols New and Old. The words edited by the Rev. Henry Ramsden Bramley, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of Saint Mary Magdalen College, Oxford. The Music edited by Sir John Stainer, M.A., Mus. Doc., Of the same college.
14265: BRANYAN, LAWRENCE. FRENCH, NEAL. SANDON, JOHN. - Worcester Blue and White Porcelain 1751-1790 An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of the Patterns.
10930: BREE, JOHN. - Cursory Sketch of the Naval, Military and Civil Establishment, Legislative, Judicial, and Domestic Oeconomy of this Kingdom During the Fourteenth Century; with a Particular Account of the Campaigns of King Edward the Third in Normandy and France, in the Years 1345 and 1346, to the Taking of Calais.
14117: BRENTON, EDWARD PELHAM. - The Naval History of Great Britain, from the year MDCCLXXXIII to MDCCCXXII.
12935: BREUER, JOSEF, 1842-1925. SIGMUND FREUD, 1856-1939. - Studien uber Hysterie von Dr Jos. Breuer und Dr. Sigm. Freud in Wien.
14979: BROWN, JOHN, THE CORDWAINER. HUNTINGTON, REV. GEORGE, M.A., RECTOR OF TENBY [EDITOR]. - John Brown the Cordwainer: Shewing What Part he Took in The Spread of Church Principles Among the Working Classes. Edited by the Rev. George Huntington, M.A., Rector of Tenby.
14018: BROWN, THOMAS. [BROWNE, THOMAS, SIR. 1605-1682]. - Pseudodoxia Epidemica: Or, Enquiries into Very many Received Tenents, And commonly presumed Truths. By Thomas Brown Dr of Physick. The Third Edition, Corrected and Enlarged by the Author. Together With some Marginall Observations, and a Table Alphabeticall at the end.
13420: BRUNET, JACQUES-CHARLES. - Manuel du libraire et de l’amateur de livres; contenant, 1. Un nouveau dictionnaire bibliographique. 2. Une table en forme de catalogue raisonne.
13642: BUCHANANI, GEORGII. BUCHANAN, GEORGE [1506-1582]. - Georgii Buchanani Scoti, Poetarum sui seculi facile Principis, Paraphrasis Psalmorum Davidis poetica; Ex optimis Codicibus summo studio recognita & castigata a Thoma Ruddimanno. Praemissa est accuratior quam antehac carminum explicatio. Accessere duae ejusdem Geo. Buchanani Tragoediae sacrae, Jephthes & Baptistes.
13129: THEOPHYLACTI ARCHIEPISCOPI BULGARIAE. [THEOPHYLACTUS, OF OCHRIDA, ARCHBISHOP OF OCHRIDA, CA. 1050-CA. 1108]. - In quatuor Evangelia Enarrationes, diligenter iam tandem atq' adamussim recognitae. In Matthaeum 1. In Marcum 38. In Lucam 58. In Iohannem 106. Superadditae sunt variae ad margine adnotationes, omnia q' scripturarum loca longe nunc demum q' prius adiecta locu pletius. Editio Ultima. Also bound in: Theophylacti Archiepiscopi Bulgariae, in omnes Diui Pauli Epl'as Enarrationes, luculente' ac prorsus diuinae, ex multis approbatis exemplaribus ... Elenchus et Ordo Epistolarum Pauli apostoli. Ad Romanos. 1. Ad Corinthios I. 26. Ad Corinthios II. 53. Ad Galatas 72. Ad Ephesios 82. Ad Philippenses 95. Ad Colossenses 105. Ad Thessaloniceses I. 112. Ad Thessaloniceses II. 118. Ad Timotheum. I. 121. Ad Timotheum. II. 131. Ad Titum 137. Ad Philemonem 141. Ad Hebraeos 143. Christophoro Porsena Romano Interprete. Coloniae, Anno M. D. XLII.
13426: BURE, GUILLAUME-FRANCOIS, DE, LE JEUNE. - Bibliographie Instructive: ou Traite de la Connoissance des Livres Rares et Singuliers. Contenant un catalogue raisonne de la plus grande partie de ces livres precieux, qui ont paru successivement dans la republique des lettres, despuis l'invention de l'imprimerie, jusques a nos jours; avec des nottes sur la difference & la rarete de leurs editions, & de remarques sur l'origine de cette rarete actuelle, & son degre plus ou moins considerable: la maniere de distinguer les editions originales, d'avec les contrefaites, avec une description typographique particuliere du compose de ces rares volumes, au moyen de laquelle il sera aise de reconnoitre facilement les exemplaires, ou mutiles en partie, ou absolument imparfaits, qui s'en recontrent journellement dans le commerce, & de les distinguer surement de ceux qui seront exactement complets dans toutes leurs parties / Dispose par ordre de matieres & de facultes, suivant le systeme bibliographique generalement adopte; avec une table generale des auteurs, & un systeme complet de bibliographie choisie, par Guillaume-François de Bure, le jeune, libraire de Paris.
10643: BUTLER, SAMUEL, THE POET. - Hudibras. In Three Parts. Corrected, with several Additions and Annotations. [Three Parts in One].
14185: CARACCI, ANIBALE. [CARRACCI, ANNIBALE]. - Pensieri Diversi Lineati et Intagliati D'Anibale Caracci. [Printmakers]: Caracci, Anibale or Carracci, Annibale [Italian artist, 1560-1609]; Bellavia, Marcantonio [Italian artist, 17th century]; Bloemart, Frederick or Bloemaert, Frederick [Dutch artist c.1610-p.1668].
14655: CARY, JOHN [CA.1754-1835]. - Cary's New and Correct English Atlas: Being A New Set of Country Maps from Actual Surveys Exhibiting All the Direct & principal Cross Roads, Cities, Towns, and most considerable Villages, Parks, Rivers, Navigable Canals &c. Preceded by a General Map of South Britain, Shewing The Connexion of one Map with another. Also A General Description of each County, And Directions for the junction of the Roads from one County to Another.
13434: CATULLUS, GAIUS VALERIUS. - Catullus, Tibullus et Propertius ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii, cum notis integris Jos. Scaligeri, M. Ant. Mureti, Achill. Statii, Roberti Titii, Hieronymi Avantii, Jani Dovsae patris & filii, Theodori Marcilii, nec non selectis aliorum.
12576: CAUNTER, REV. HOBART, B.D. - Oriental Annual, The. Lives of the Moghul Emperors. With Twenty-two engravings from drawings by William Danieli, R.A.
14932: CAVE, WILLIAM, [1637-1713] AND TAYLOR, JEREMY [1613-1667]. - The History of the Life and Death of the Holy Jesus, the Saviour of the World: As also the Lives, Acts, and Martyrdoms of his Apostles. With Instructive Notes by Several Eminent Divines. In Two Parts. The First Part, containing The Life of Christ, written by Jer. Taylor, late Lord Bishop of Down and Connor. The Second, Containing The Lives of the Apostles, with an Enumeration of, and some Brief Remarks upon their first Successors in the Five Great Apostolical Churches, By William Cave, D.D. Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. The Ninth Edition.
14559: CHACON, PEDRO [1527-1581]; CIACCONIUS, PETRUS. TRANSLATOR: ORSINI, FULVII [URSINUS, FULVIUS, 1529-1600]. MERCURIALE, GIROLAMO [1530-1606]. - Petrus Ciacconius Toletanus de Triclinio, sive de Modo Convivandi Apud priscos Romanos, & de conviviorum apparatu. Accedit Fulvii Ursini Appendix, & Hier. Mercurialis De accubitus in coena Antiquorum origine, Dissertatio.
14039: CHAMBERLAYNE, EDWARD [1616-1703]. - Angliae Notitia: or The Present State of England. The First Part. Together with divers Reflections upon The Antient State thereof. By Edw. Chamberlayne, Doctor of Laws. The Fifteenth Edition, with several Additions, and very many Alterations. ALSO BOUND IN: The Second Part of The Present State of England. Together with divers Reflections upon The Antient State thereof. The Twelfth Edition, with several Additions, and very many Alterations
11478: CHANDLER, GEORGE. - William Roscoe of Liverpool. Introduction by Sir Alfred Shennan. Sponsored by the City Council.
14847: M. CHAPELAIN. [CHAPELAIN, JEAN, 1595-1674.] - La Pvcelle ov, La France delivree. Poeme Heroiqve. Par M. Chapelain. Seconde edition, reueue & retouchee (Jeanne d’Arc). [La Pucelle ou La France Delivree. Poeme Heroique. Par M. Chapelain. Seconde Edition, reveue & retouchee. (Joan of Arc).]
13618: CHATELAIN, HENRI ABRAHAM. - Carte de L'Asie selon les auteurs anciens enrichie de Remarques Historiques sur les changemens qui y sont arrivez. Atlas historique.
13298: CHEVALIER, NICOLAS [CA.1650-CA.1720] - Histoire de Guillaume III. Roy d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse, de France, et d'Irlande, Prince d'Orange, &c. Contenant ses Actions les plus memorables, depuis sa Naissance jusques a son Elevation sur le Trone, & ce qui s'est passe depuis jusques a l'entiere Reduction du Royaume d'Irlande. Par Medailles, Inscriptions, Arcs de Triomphe, & autres monumens Publics, Recueillis par N. Chevalier.
14461: CHIGI, AGOSTINO. - De Respiratione, theses quas publice propugnandas exhibet in aula nobilis collegii Ptolemaei Augustinus Chisius, Romanus, ex principibus S. R. I. ac Farnesii,... Accedet mathematica exercitatio de calculo infinitesimali.
13775: CHILDE, V. GORDON, [1892-1957], D.LITT, D.SC., V.P.S.A., PROFESSOR OF PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY IN THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH. - Prehistoric Scotland. Historical Association pamphlet, no. 115.
14127: CHRISTOPHER KELLY, ESQ. - Memoirs and Wonderful Achievements of Wellington the Great. His Military and Heroic Career through a Long-Spared Life, to his Crowning Victory at Waterloo; With Sketches of the Heroes Who Aided Him in this ever-memorable battle, &c., &c.; Concluding with the National Public Funeral of this Distinguished Warrior, Illustrated by Portraits, Battle-Pieces, Charts, Plans, &c., Beautifully Engraved on Steel.
13295: CHURCHILL, C. [CHARLES, 1731-1764]. - Poems by C. Churchill. In two volumes. Vol. I. Containing The Rosciad. The Apology. Night. The Prophecy of Famine. An Epistle to William Hogarth. And The Ghost, In Four Books. The Third Edition. Vol. II: Containing The Conference. The Author. The Duellist. Gotham, in Three Books. The Candidate. The Farewell. The Times. Independence. And Fragment of a Journey.
13578: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS. - Works - Variorum edition. [1] Ciceronis (vel incerti Auctoris) Rhetoricorum ad Herennium libri quatuor. Et de Inventione Libri duo. Cum integris Dionysii Lambini, Fulvii Ursini, Jani Gruteri, Jacobi Gronovii & excerptis aliorum notis, Variantibus Codicum MSS. lectionibus, & ineditis Animadversionibus Joh. Georgii Graevii, additis sub finem Joh. Michaelis Bruti, & ineditis notis Francisci Oudendorpii, curante Petro Burmanno secundo. - [2] Epistolarum Ad Quintum fratrem libri tres, et Ad Brutum liber unus. Cum notis integris Petri Victorii, Paulli Manutii, Leon. Malespinae, D. Lambini, F. Ursini, Fr. Junii, J. Gruteri et Jacobi Gronovii, nec non Francisci Hotomanni Commentario in epistolam primam de Provincia admini-stranda. Adjectus est ad M. Tullium fratrem, De petitione consulatus, liber cum integro commentario Valerii Palermi Veronensis. - [3] M. T. Ciceronis liber de claris oratoribus, qui dicitur Brutus. Ad M. Brutum orator. Ad C. Trebatium topica. Oratorae partitiones. Liber de optimo genere oratorum / Cum interpretatione, ac notis, quas in usum serenissimi Delphini edidit Jacobus Proust, e Societate Jesu. Cum indice copioso. Juxta editionem novissimam Parisiensem. - [4] M. Tullii Ciceronis Academica. Recensuit, Variorum Notis suas immiscuit, et Hadr. Turnebi Petrique Fabri Commentarios adjunxit Joannes Davisius. Editio Secunda Emendata. Notis Auctior & Indice Rerum Locupletiori. - [5] M. Tullii Ciceronis ad Q. fratrem dialogi tres De oratore. Ex Mss. emendavit, notisque illustravit Zacharias Pearce, Decanus Wintoniensis. - [6] M. Tullii Ciceronis De Finibus Bonorum & Malorum libri quinque. Ex Recensione Joannis Davisii, Coll. Regin. Cantab. Praesidis. Cum Ejusdem Animadversionibus, Et Notis integris Petr. Victorii, P. Manucii, Joach. Camerarii, D. Lambini, ac Fulvii Ursini. Editio Secunda. - [7] M. Tullii Ciceronis De legibus Libri Tres. Recensuit, ac Petr Victorii, Paul Manucii, Jo. Camerarii, Dion. Lambini, et Fulvii Ursini Notis suas adjecit Joannes Davisius, Coll. Regin. Cantab. Praeses. Accedit Hadriani Turnebi Commentarius. Editio Secunda. - [8] M. Tullii Ciceronis De Natura Deorum Libri Tres. Cum Notis Integris Paulli Manucii, Petri Victorii, Joachimi Camerarii, Dionys. Lambini, Fulv. Ursini, & Joannis Walkeri. Recensuit, suisque Animadversionibus Illustravit ac Emaculavit Joannes Davisius. Coll. Regin. Cantab. Praeses. Editio Tertia, Emendatior & Auctior. - [9] M. Tullii Ciceronis De Officiis libri tres Cato Maior, Laelius, Paradoxa, Somnium Scipionis. Ex recensione Ioannis Georgii Graevii cum ejusdem notis, ut & integris animadversionibus Dionysii Lambini, Fulvii Vrsini, Caroli Langii, Francisci Fabritii Marcodurani, Aldi Manutii, nec non selectis aliorum. Accessit Favonii Eulogii Rhetoris Carthaginiensis in Ciceronis Somnium Scipionis disputatio, nec non Caelii Calcagnini disquisitiones in de officiis libros. M. Antonii Majoragii decisiones contra Calcagninum. Iacobi Griffioli defensiones Ciceronis contra eundem. - [10] M. Tullii Ciceronis Epistolarum libri XVI ad T. Pomponium Atticum ex recensione Ioannis Georgii Graevii cum ejusdem animadversionibus, et notis integris Petri Victorii, Paulli Manutii, Leonardi Malhespinae, D. Lambini, Fulvii Ursini, Sim. Bosii, Fr. Iunii, Aus. Popmae, nec non selectis Sebast. Corradi, Is. Casauboni, Ioan. Fred. Gronovii, & aliorum. - [11] M. Tullii Ciceronis Epistolarum libri XVI. ad familiares ut vulgo vocantur ex recensione Ioannis Georgii Grævii cum ejusdem animadversionibus auctis, et notis integris Petri Victorii, Pauli Manutii, Hier. Ragazonii, D. Lambini, F. Vrsini, nec non selectis Io. Fr. Gronovii, & aliorum. - [12] M. Tullii Ciceronis Libri De Divinatione et De Fato. Rencensuit, & suis Animadversionibus Illustravit ac Emendavit Joannes Davisius Coll. Regin. Cantab. Praeses. Accedunt Integrae Notae Paulli Manucii, Petri Victorii, Joach. Camerarii, Dion. Lambini, et Fulv. Ursini, Una cum Hadriani Turnebi Commentario in Librum de Fato. Editio Secunda, melior & emendatior. - [13] M. Tullii Ciceronis Orationes ex recensione Ioannis Georgii Graevii cum ejusdem animadversionibus, et notis integris Francisci Hottomanni, Dionysii Lambini, Fulvii Vrsini, Paulli Manutii ac selectis aliorum. Vt & Q. Asconio Pediano, & anonymo scholiaste. - [14] M. Tullii Ciceronis Tusculanarum disputationum libbi [sic] V. Cum Commentario Joannis Davisii, Coll. Regin. Cantab. Praesidis. Editio Quarta. Huic Editioni Accedunt Richardi Bentleii Emendationes, cum Indice Rerum & Verborum.
14091: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS. - M. Tvl. Ciceronis Familiarivm Epistolarum Libri XVI. Cvm singulis earum Argumentis, Varietatibus Lectionum, Annotationibus, Scoliis, atque obseruationibus doctissimorvm amplius Decemseptem virorvm, qui docte, ac erudite in eas scripserunt. His Lvcii Ioan. Scoppae Parthenopei, & Francisci Robortelli Vtinensis in loca quaedam difficiliora Lucubrationes addidimus. Ascensii item Familiaris accessit expositio, quam ... auxilio veterum codicum adiuti, pristinae integritati restituimus. Authorum Catalogus, Index que, quo Epistolarum omnium genera facile cognoscuntur. Quae omnia multo politius, ac diligentius, quam quae hactenus impressa fuere, & perfecta, & emendata a sunt.
14862: GUMUCHIAN ET CIE. - Catalogue De Reliures Du XVe Au XIXe Siecle, en Vente A La Librairie Gumuchian & Cie. Catalogue XII [12]. [Catalogue de reliures du quinzieme au dix-neuvieme siecle.]
12696: CLARK, HUGH; THOMAS WORMULL. - Arms of the Nobility, of England, Scotland & Ireland, brought down to the Year 1778, The. Engraved, by Hugh Clark, & Thomas Wormull, with the Mottos translated into English.
14910: A MEMBER OF THE JOCKEY CLUB. - Answer. To Three Scurrilous Pamphlets, Entitled The Jockey Club. By a member of the Jockey Club. ‘The Jockey Club’ was written by Charles Pigott in 1792.
15174: COCKBURN, GEORGE SIR [1772-1853]. - Extract from a Diary of Rear-Admiral Sir George Cockburn, with particular reference to Gen. Napoleon Bonaparte, on Passage from England to St. Helena, in 1815 on board H.M.S. ‘Northumberland’ Bearing the Rear-Admiral’s Flag. Price Two Shillings.
12183: COLE, BENJAMIN. COLLECTED BY EDWARD OAKLEY. - Magazine of Architecture, Perspective, & Sculpture: in five parts, The. ...The second edition, engraven on 97 copper plates. To which is annex'd, an alphabetical explanation of ye terms made use of in architecture. Collected from the most approv'd authors. Engraved by Benjamin Cole [1696/7-1783].
12637: T. W. [WALKLEY, THOMAS], COLLATED BY. - New Catalogue of the Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, Viscounts, Barons, of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with their Names, Sirnames, and Titles of honor, A. With the Knights of the Garter, Knight Baronets of England and Scotland, Knights of the Bath, from the first of King James; and Knight Batchelors, from the first of King Charls, to His Death. Whereunto is added those Honors which are exempted by Act of Parliament, since the Fourth of January, 1641.
14895: COLQUHOUN, KEITH. - The Money Tree. London: Hamish Hamilton, 90 Great Russell Street, London WC1.
14214: COLQUHOUN, PATRICK [1745-1820]. - A Treatise on the Wealth, Power, and Resources, of the British Empire, in every quarter of the world, including the East Indies: the rise and progress of the funding system explained; with Observations on the National Resources for the beneficial Employment of a redundant Population, and for rewarding the Military and Naval Officers, Soldiers, and Seamen, for their Services to their Country during the late War. Illustrated by Copious Statistical Tables, constructed on a new plan, and exhibiting a collected view of the different subjects discussed in this work. By P. Colquhoun, LL.D. The Second Edition, with additions and corrections.
13740: COMBE, WILLIAM [1742-1823]. - The Dance of Life: A Poem, by the author of "Doctor Syntax;" [i.e. William Combe]; Illustrated with Coloured Engravings, by Thomas Rowlandson. Illustrated by Rowlandson, Thomas [1756-1827].
10823: COPLESTON, EDWARD, D.D. PROVOST OF ORIEL COLLEGE, OXFORD, AND PREBENDARY OF ROCHESTER. - Enquiry into the Doctrines of Necessity and Predestination, An. In Four Discourses Preached before The University of Oxford, with notes and an appendix on the seventeenth article of the Church of England.
13015: CORELLI, ARCANGELO [1653-1713]. - Sonate a violino e violono o cimbalo / da Arcangelo Corelle da Fusignano. Opera Quinta. Parte Prima (Preludi Allemande Correnti Gigue Sarabande Gavotte e Follia. Parte Seconda).
11806: CORNARII, IANI. [JANUS CORNARIUS, 1500-1558]. - De conviviorum veterum Graecorum, & hoc tempore Germanorum ritibus, moribus ac sermonibus: item de Amoris praestantia, & de Platonis ac Xenophontis dissensione, Libellus. Item, Platonis philosopi Atheniensis Symposium, eodem Iano Cornario interprete. Et, Xenophontis philosophi Atheniensis, Symposium, ab eodem latine conscriptum.
13493: TACITUS CORNELIUS. - C. Cornelii Taciti Opera quae exstant, Integris Beati Rhenani, Fulvii Ursini, M. Antonii Mureti, Josiae Merceri, Justi Lipsii, Valentis Acidalii, Curtii Pichenae, Jani Gruteri, Hugonis Grotii, Joannis Freinshemii, Joannis Frederici Gronovii, & selectis aliorum commentariis illustrata. Ex recensione & cum notis Jacobi Gronovii.
14892: COSSERY, ALBERT. - If All Men Were Beggars.. Translated from the French by P. D. Cummins. London: MacGibbon & Kee.
14694: JOHN SELL COTMAN (1782-1842) - Etching of an ecclesiastical figure seated by a lectern.
13101: COWLEY, ABRAHAM. - Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley, The. Consisting of Those which were formerly Printed: and Those which he Design'd for the Press. Now Published out of the Authors Original Copies. Also bound in: The Second Part of the Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley. Being What was Written and Published by himself in his Younger Years. And Now Reprinted together. The Fourth Edition.
12535: ANONYMOUS. BY WILLIAM COWPER. [COWPER, WILLIAM, EARL, CA. 1665-1723.] - A Speech in the House of Lords, upon the Third Reading of the Bill for inflicting Pains and Penalties upon Francis late Lord Bishop of Rochester.
12091: CRABB, GEORGE. - Mythology of all Nations, The. Adapted to the Biblical, Classical, and General Reader.
15189: CRAIGIE, WILLIAM A. - Scandinavian Folk-Lore. Illustrations of the Beliefs of the Northern Peoples. Selected and Translated by William A. Craigie, M. A. B. A. Oxon, F.S.A. Scot.
14912: CURTIS & HENSON, LONDON. - Berwickshire. 8 miles from Berwick-on-Tweed. Famous Border Estate including Hutton Castle and the Edington Estates, Near Berwick-on-Tweed, comprising The Ancient Castle and Lands extending to 4,615 acres as described in the within particulars. Messrs. Curtis & Henson have been instructed to Sell the above by Public Auction, At the Royal Hotel, Princes Street, Edinburgh, On WEDNESDAY, 15th SEPTEMBER, 1915, at Three o'clock, unless previously disposed of privately.
13520: CURTIUS RUFUS, QUINTUS. - Quinti Curtii Rufi De rebus gestis Alexandri Magni, Regis Macedonum, Libri Superstites. Cum omnibus supplementis, variantibus lectionibus, commentariis ac notis perpetuis Fr. Modii, V. Acidalii, T. Popmae, J. Freinshemii, Joh. Schefferi, Christoph. Cellarii, Nic. Heinsii. Selectis & excerptis Ph. Rubenii, J. Rulgersii [et al.] ... Itemque Jac. Perizonii vindiciis, & aliorum observationibus auctioribusque Indicibus. Curavit & digessit Henricus Snakenburg.
15037: DALRYMPLE, DAVID, SIR, (1726-1792). - Remarks on the History of Scotland. By Sir David Dalrymple.
14041: DANET, PIERRE [CA. 1650-1709]. - A Complete Dictionary of the Greek and Roman Antiquities; Explaining the Obscure Places in Classic Authors, and Ancient Historians, Relating to the Religion, Mythology, History, Geography and Chronology of the Ancient Greeks and Romans; Their Sacred and Prophane Rites and Customs; Laws, Polity, Arts and Engines of War: Also an Account of Their Navigations, Arts and Sciences, and The Inventors of them; with the Lives and Opinions of their Philosophers. Compiled Originally in French, at the Command of the French King, for the Use of the Dauphin, the Dukes of Burgundy Anjou and Berry: By Monsieur Danet. Made English, with the Addition of very Useful Mapps. A translation of 'Dictionarium Antiquitatum Romanarum et Graecarum'.
14393: DANTE ALIGHIERI, 1265-1321. EDITOR: LOMBARDI, BALDASSARE, 1717-1782. - La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri Corretta Spiegata e Difesa dal P. Baldassarre Lombardi M.C. nel MDCCXCI. Riscontrata Ora Sopra Preziosi Codici Nuovamente Emendata di Molte Altre Vaghe Annotazioni e di Un Volume Arricchita. In cui tra le altre cose si tratta della visione de Frate Alberico. Vol. I: Inferno. Vol. II: Purgatorio. Vol. III: Paradiso. Vol. IV: Le Principali Cose Appartenenti alla Divina Commedia.
5636: DEMAISON, ANDRE. - Le Livre des Betes qu'on appelle sauvages. Illustrations de H. Deluermoz. [Henri Deluermoz].
14001: DEMPSTER, GEORGE F. - Finding Men for Christ.
15155: EDITOR & DESIGN DIRECTOR RICHARD POULIN, PRINCIPAL, POULIN + MORRIS INC. - Exposed. School of Visual Arts [SVA] 2008 Senior Library. MMVIII.
14609: DICKENS, CHARLES [1812-1870]. - Little Dorrit. With illustrations by H. K.Browne. [Browne, Hablot Knight [1815-1882].
14654: DICKENS, CHARLES, 1812-1870. DALZIEL, EDWARD GURDON, 1849-1889 [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Old Curiosity Shop / by Charles Dickens. With thirty-nine illustrations by C. Green. ALSO BOUND IN:
14653: DICKENS, CHARLES, 1812-1870. DALZIEL, EDWARD GURDON, 1849-1889 [ILLUSTRATOR] - Christmas Stories from ‘Household Words’ and ‘All the Year Round’ by Charles Dickens. With twenty-three illustrations by E. G. Dalziel. .
14596: DIODATI, GIOVANNI [1576-1649] TRANSLATOR. - Il Nuovo Testamento del Nostro Signore e Salvatore Gesu Cristo. Tradotto in Lingua Italiana da Giovanni Diodati.
12354: DODDRIDGE, PHILIP [1702-1751]. - Family Expositor: or, a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament: with Critical Notes; and a Practical Improvement of each Section. Vol. I: Containing the Former Part of The History of our Lord Jesus Christ, As recorded by the Four Evangelists, Disposed in the Order of an Harmony. Vol. II. Containing the Latter Part of The History of our Lord Jesus Christ, As recorded by the Four Evangelists, Disposed in the Order of an Harmony. Vol. III. Containing the Acts of the Apostles; With additional Notes, on the Harmony of the Evangelists; And Two Dissertations, I. On Sir Isaac Newton's System of the Harmony. II. On the Inspiration of the New Testament. With Proper Indexes to the Whole. The Second Edition.
12356: DODSLEY, ROBERT, 1703-1764, FIRST PART; SECOND PART IS ATTRIBUTED TO JOHN HILL 1714?-1775.] - Economy of Human Life, The. Translated from an Indian Manuscript, Written by An Ancient Bramin. To Which is Prefixed, An Account of the Manner in Which the Said Manuscript was Discovered, in a Letter from an English Gentleman now Residing in China to the Earl of E… .
14026: ARISTOTLE. TRANSLATOR: BERNARDINO DONATO. - Aristotelis Stagiritae Oeconomicorum, seu de Re Familiari Libri duo. Bernardino Donato Veronensi interprete. Cautum Priuilegijs Summi Pontificis, ac Illustrissimi Senatus Veneti, ne quis hunc Librum in aliquo suae ditionis loco imprimat, aut alibi impressum vendere audeat.
14829: DRINKWATER, JOHN. - The Way of Poetry.
14296: DRUMMOND, GEORGE HAY [1761-1807]. MILLER, EDWARD [1735-1807]. - Select Portions of the New Version of Psalms, For every Sunday throughout the Year; With the Principal Festivals and Fasts, for the use of Parish Churches. The Words Selected by The Rev. George Hay Drummond; the Music Selected, Adapted and Composed, By Edward Miller, Mus. Doct. Twelfth edition.
14463: DUPLESSI-BERTAUX, JEAN (1750-1819). - Entree des Francais a Venise. En Floreal, an 5 (April/May 1798). Grave a l'eau forte par Duplessi-Bertaux. Dessine par Carle Vernet. Termine par Delaunay le jeune.
14095: DUPRE DE SAINT-MAUR, NICOLAS-FRANCOIS, 1695-1774. TRANSLATED AND PARAPHRASED BY GEORGE SMITH GREEN. [MILTON, JOHN, 1608-1674]. - Milton’s Paradise Lost, or, The Fall of Man: with Historical, Philosophical, Critical, and Explanatory Notes, From the Learned Raymond de St. Maur. Wherein The Technical Terms in the Arts and Sciences are explained; the original Signification of the Names of Men, Cities, Animals, &c. and from what Language derived, render’d easy and intelligible. Also The Mythological Fables of the Heathens, wherever referr’d to, historically related; difficult Passages cleared of their Obscurity; and the Whole reduced to the Standard of the English Idiom. In Twelve Books. Embellished with Fourteen Copper Plates. [This prose version was originally published in French as 'Paradis perdu de Milton'.]
14822: TAI ZONG [599-649]. FIRST EMPEROR OF TANG DYNASTY. - Baiziming. One-Hundred Character Inscription.
15095: DYSON, C. C. - From a Punjaub Pomegranate Grove. With fourteen Illustrations [from photographs].
15004: EDITED BY LEVER, CHARLES JAMES [1806-1872] (HARRY LORREQUER). ILLUSTRATED BY BROWNE, HABLOT KNIGHT (PHIZ) [1815-1882]. - Our Mess. Vol. I. Jack Hinton, The Guardsman. With a Portrait of the Author and Numerous Illustrations on Wood and Steel, by Phiz.
14928: EDITED BY CHARLES B. SNEPP, LL. M., VICAR OF PERRY BARR, AND FRANCES RIDLEY HAVERGAL. - Songs of Grace and Glory. Musical edition. Hymnal and Musical Treasures of The Church of Christ from many centuries. Full edition of 1094 Hymns and 300 Tunes.
14198: EDITED BY S. FLOOD JONES, JAMES TURLE, J. TROUTBECK, J. STAINER, AND JOSEPH BARNBY. - The Cathedral Psalter Chants. (Price Three Shillings.) Cloth, 4s 6d.
14739: EDITORS: LIU WEN BIN, WANG LAN, XU SHEN YU. - Ancient Painting Copying Skills. Drawing Human Beings, First Part.
14850: BY EDWARD LISLE [1666?-1722], ESQ; LATE OF CRUX-EASTON, IN HAMPSHIRE. - Observations in Husbandry.
11635: EDWARDS, MARY ELLEN [1839-CA. 1910]. - Little Red Riding Hood. With original illustrations by M. E. Edwards. The vignettes by W. Gunston. Edwards, Mary Ellen.
15105: EGAN, CONSTANCE. ILLUSTRATED BY A E KENNEDY. - Epaminondas and his Mammy's Umbrella.
14290: KOBAYASHI EITAKU (1843-1890) (RECORDED AS SENSAI EITAKU ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE TITLE PAGE) - Banbutsu Hinagata Gafu. The Fifth Volume. Volume 5. Meiji period.
14292: KOBAYASHI EITAKU (1843-1890) (RECORDED AS SENSAI EITAKU ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE TITLE PAGE). - Banbutsu Hinagata Gafu. The Fifth Volume. Volume 5. Meiji period.
15130: ELLIS, GEORGE. AUTHOR OF "MODERN PRACTICAL JOINERY", "MODERN PRACTICAL CARPENTRY," "LESSONS IN CARPENTRY," "MODERN TECHNICAL DRAWING," ETC., ETC. - Modern Practical Stairbuilding and Handrailing: for the use of workmen, builders, architects, and others. Stair construction and Design. ALSO BOUND IN: Modern Practical Stairbuilding And Handrailing For The Use Of Workmen, Builders And Architects: Handrailing And Wreath Making.
14873: ELTON, RICHARD, LIEUTENANT-COL. [FL. 1650]. CAPT. THO. RUDD [1584?-1656] CHIEF ENGINEER TO K. CHARLES THE FIRST. - The Compleat Body of The Art Military. In Three Books. I. The Postures of the Pike and Musket... . II. Twelve Exercises, viz. Three with 24, three with 32, three with 64, and three with 144 Men. III. The Drawing up and Exercising of Regiments after the manner of Private Companies; with the forming Brigades and Armies, and the placing of Cannon and Artillery according to the practice of several Nations. Also, the Duties of all souldiers and officers: Of Military Watches; and the Ordering of Regiments and Private Companies to Funeral-Occasions. With the Postures of the Musket performed without the Rest. To which is added A Supplement Comprehending these Particulars: 1. The Duties and Qualifications of all Officers belonging to an Army. 2. The Enrolling, Arming and Exercising of the Cavalry... . 3. The Marching of an Army... . 4. The Designing and laying out of the Quarters for the Encamping of an Army... . 5. The manner of securing the Quarters by Intrenchments... . 6. Some of the practick part of the Art of Gunnery. Formerly written by Capt. Tho. Rudd, chief Engineer to K. Charles the First.
12861: HUNGARIAN EMBROIDERY. - Magyar Vaszonhimzesek. Hungarian Linen Embroideries. Ingarische Leinwandstickerein. Toiles brodees de Hongrie.
12200: CHURCH OF ENGLAND. - New Week's Preparation For a Worthy Receiving of the Lord's Supper, As Recommended and Appointed by the Church of England, The. Consisting of Meditations and Prayers for the Morning and Evening of every Day in the Week; With Forms of Examination and Confession of Sins; and A Companion at the Altar, Directing the Communicant in his Behaviour and Devotions at the Lord's Table: Also Instructions how to live well, after receiving the Holy Sacrament. To which are added, A Morning and Evening Prayer for the Closet or Family.
14063: [CHURCH OF ENGLAND - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
14402: CHURCH OF ENGLAND. - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Holy Communion According to the Use of the Church of England. Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David Pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches but without The Prefaces; Portions of the Calendar Some of the Occasional Services and Articles of Religion. ALSO BOUND IN: Hymns Ancient and Modern for use in the Services of the Church. Complete Edition. London: William Clowes & Sons.
14421: CHURCH OF ENGLAND. - The Self-Explanatory Family Bible. The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's special command. With Marginal Readings, and Original and Selected Parallel References Printed at Length.
13559: ENNIUS, QUINTUS. - Q. Ennii poetae vetustissimi Fragmenta quae supersunt ab Hieron. Columna conquisita disposita et explicata ad Joannem filium. Nunc ad editionem Neapolitanam [M D] XC. recusa accurante Francisco Hesselio, I.C. & in Ill. Roterod. Athenaeo Hist. & Eloq. Prof. accedunt Praeter Eruditorum Virorum emendationes undique conquisitas; M. A. Delrii opinationes, nec non G. J. Vossii castigationes & notae in Fragmenta Tragoediarum Ennii; Ut & Index omnium verborum Ennianorum.
13896: ENTICK, JOHN, M. A. - A New Naval History: or, Compleat View of the British Marine. In which The Royal Navy and the Merchant’s Service are Traced through All their Periods and different Branches: with The Lives of the Admirals and Navigators, who have Honour’d this Nation, and Distinguish’d Themselves by their Conduct, Courage, Victories, and Discoveries. Including The most considerable Naval Expeditions, and Sea-Fights: our Right to The Dominion of the Sea, and the Dignity of the British Flag: the Laws and Regulations for The Government and Oeconomy of His Majesty’s Navy; and The Business and Management of the several Royal Yards and Docks in this Kingdom. To which are added Our Right and Title to the British Colonies in North-America: and An Abstract of the Laws now in Force for regulating our Trade and Commerce. Illustrated with Copper Plates. By John Entick, M.A
14401: EPICTETUS. ARRIANUS, FLAVIUS. CROSSLEY, HASTINGS, [TRANSLATOR]. - The Golden Sayings of Epictetus with the Hymn of Cleathes. Translated and Arranged by Hastings Crossley, M.A. With Frontispiece. One of the Golden Treasury Series.
14078: ERASME. ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS, D. 1536. - L'eloge de la folie, Compose en forme de Declamation, par Erasme, Et traduit par M. Gueudeville, Avec les notes de Gerard Listre, & les belles figures de Holbein. Le tout sur l'original de l'Universite´ de Basle. Nouvelle Edition Revue, augmentee, & mise dans un meilleur ordre.
13020: [COTTON, SIR ROBERT, 1571-1631]. J. H. ESQ = JAMES HOWELL, 1594?-1666, WHO SIGNS THE DEDICATION. - Cottoni Posthuma: Divers Choice Pieces of that Renowned Antiquary Sir Robert Cotton, Knight and Baronet, Preserved from the injury of Time, and Exposed to publick light, for the benefit of Posterity.
14906: EVELYN, JOHN [1620-1706]. HUNTER, A[LEXANDER], [1729-1809]. - Silva: or, A Discourse of Forest-Trees, and the Propagation of Timber in His Majesty's Dominions; as it was delivered in the Royal Society, on October XV, MDCLXII, upon occasion of certain queries propounded to that illustrious assembly, by the Hon. the principal officers and commissioners of the Navy. Together with an Historical Account of the Sacredness and Use of Standing Groves. To which is added The Terra: a philosophical discourse of Earth. By John Evelyn, Esq. F.R.S. With notes by A. Hunter, M.D. F.R.S. L.& F. The Fifth Edition, with the Editor's last corrections.
13432: FENNE, FRANCOIS DE. - Institutio linguae Gallicae praeceptis brevissimis ac ordini meliori restitutis. Nunc octavo recognita et novis observationibus locupletata per J[ean-Baptiste] B[oucher] D[e] B[egnicour], cum Indiculo Dictorum Atque Phrasium in familiari sermone occurrentium. Also bound in: Entretiens Familiers pour les amateurs de la langue francoise, divises en deux parties, dont la premiere contient un abrege des regles, & des observations de la grammaire, & l'autre la maniere dont on se doit gouverner parmi le beau monde. Fr. & Lat.
14975: DE LA FERE, NATALA. - All My Fathers.
13771: FERGUSSON, ROBERT [1750-1774]. EDITOR: JOHN TELFER - The Scots Poems of Robert Fergusson. Edited with biographical sketch “Who's Who” in Fergusson and other explanatory notes by John Telfer.
13532: FESTUS, SEXTUS POMPEIUS [2ND CENTURY]. - Sex. PompeI Festi et Mar. Verrii Flacci De verborum significatione. Lib. XX. Notis et Emendationibus Illustravit Andreas Dacerius, in usum serenissimi Delphini. Accedunt in hac Nova Editione Notae integrae Josephi Scaligeri, Fulvii Ursini, & Antonii Augustini, cum Fragmentis & Schedis, atque Indice novo.
14970: FIFIELD, WILLIAM. - The Sign of Taurus.
12058: FLEW, R. NEWTON. [ROBERT NEWTON, 1886-1962]. [WESLEY, CHARLES, 1707-1788]. - Hymns of Charles Wesley, The. A Study of Their Structure. [Wesley Historical Society lecture, 1953].
13794: LA FONTAINE. - Le Petit La Fontaine.
14390: LA FONTAINE, JEAN DE, 1621-1695. - Fables de La Fontaine.
13127: FORESTI, JACOBUS PHILIPPUS, BERGOMENSIS [1434-1520]. FORESTI, JACOPO FILIPPO. GIACOMO FILIPPO, DA BERGAMO. SANSOVINO, FRANCESCO [1521-1586]. GUICCIARDINI, LODOVICO [1521-1589]. - Sopplimento delle Croniche universali del Mondo, di F. Giacopo Filippo da Bergamo; tradotto nuovamente [with additions] da M. Francesco Sansovino; nel quale si contengono tutte le cose auuenute nel mondo, dalla creatione d'Adamo, fino a quest'anno present 1581. Con i nomi de i Re antichi di tutti i Regni, de Pontefici, de gli Imperadori, & de Prencipi, & letterati, che furono di tempo in tempo. Con due Tavole; l'una del primo, & l'altra del Secondo Volume, aggiunto dal detto Sansovino. Con Privilegio per anni XX.
12848: FORSYTH, WILLIAM. - Treatise on the Culture and Management of Fruit-Trees; In which a new method of pruning and training is fully described. To Which is Added, A new and improved edition of 'Observations on the Diseases, Defects, and Injuries, in all kind of fruit and forest trees:' with an account of A Particular Method of Cure, Published by order of Government. The fourth edition.
9806: FORSYTH, WILLIAM. - Treatise on the Culture and Management of Fruit-Trees; in which a new method of pruning and training is fully described, A. To Which is Added, A new and improved edition of 'Observations on the Diseases, Defects, and Injuries, in all kinds of fruit and forest trees:' with an account of a Particular Method of Cure, Published by order of Government.
12325: FORTEGUERRI, NICCOLO, POET. - Ricciardetto di Niccolo Carteromaco [pseudonym for N. Forteguerri].
14825: FOSTER, MICHAEL, SIR [1689-1763]. - A Report of Some Proceedings on the Commission of Oyer and Terminer and Goal Delivery for the Trial of the Rebels in the year 1746 in the County of Surry, and of other Crown Cases. To which are added discourses upon a few branches of the Crown Law.
12929: FUCHS, LEONHART [1501-1566 ]. - Methodus seu ratio compendiaria perueniendi ad veram solidamq[ue]; medicinam, mirifice ad Galeni libros recte intelligendos utilis, nunc recens in luce[m] edita. Leonharto Fuchsio, scholae medicae Tubingensis professore publico, autore. Eiusdem De Usitata huius temporis componendorum miscendorumq[ue]; medicamentorum ratione libri III. iis qui medicina faciunt, vel, ut hodie loquuntur praxim exercent, maxime necessarij. Indice duplici latino & graeco, utroque copiosissimo, adiecto.
13685: FUGEDI, MARTA. - Mezokovesd es Videke Himzesei. I. Szalanvarrott Vaszonhimzesek and II. Szabadrajzo himzesek. [Embroidery from Mezokovesd and its region. I. Cross stitch patterns; II. Freehand drawn embroidery]
14061: FUGEDI, MARTA. - Mezokovesd es Videke Himzesei: I. Szalanvarrott Vaszonhimzesek. II. Szabadrajzu Himzesek. [Embroidery from Mezokovesd and its region: I. Cross stitch patterns. II. Free hand-drawn embroidery.]
14505: FULLARTON, COLONEL (WILLIAM) [1754-1808]. - A View of the English Interests in India; and an account of the Military Operations in the Southern Parts of the Peninsula, during the Campaigns of 1782, 1783, and 1784. In Two Letters; Addressed to the Right Honourable the Earl of *********, and to Lord Macartney and the Select Committee of Fort St. George. By William Fullarton of Fullarton, M.P., F.R.SS. of London and Edinburgh, and late Commander of the Southern Army on the Coast of Coromandel.
14466: GABELKOVER, OSWALD, 1539-1616. TRANSLATOR: A. M., FL. 1599. DOLENDO, BARTOLOMEUS WILLEMSZ, ENGRAVER. - The Boock of Physicke Wherin Throughe commaundement of the most illustrious, & renoumned Duke & Lorde, Lorde Lodewijcke, Duke of Wirtenberghe, & of Teck, Earle of Mompelgart, &c. Most of them selected, and approued remedyes, for all corporall diseases, and sicknesses, which out of manye highe, and common Persons written Physick-boockes, are compacted, and vnited together. Through his renoumned Graces most famous Physition Mr. Doctour Oswaldus Gabelhouer. Faithfullye translated out of High-duche by the right worshipfull Mr. Doctour Charles Battus, ordinarye Physitione of the Citye of Dorte. And now nuelye translatede out of Low-duche into Englishe by A.M. A translation of Nutzlich artzneybuch fur alle des menschlichen leibes anliegen und gebrechen.
14375: LE GALLIENNE, RICHARD, 1866-1947. SUBJECT: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS, 1850-1894. - Robert Louis Stevenson An Elegy and Other Poems Mainly Personal By Richard Le Gallienne.
13001: GAMBADO, GEOFFREY. [HENRY WILLIAM BUNBURY, 1750-1811]. - Academy for Grown Horsemen: containing the completest instructions for walking, trotting, cantering, galloping, stumbling, and tumbling, illustrated with copper plates and adorned with a portrait of the Author, An. By Geoffrey Gambado, Esq.
10489: GAY, JOHN [1685-1732]. - Fables by John Gay, With a Life of the Author, And embellished with a Plate to each Fable. [Two parts in one].
14613: GECK, ELISABETH [1922- ]. [JOHANNES GUTENBERG, 1397?-1468.] [GUTENBERG, JOHANN.] - Johannes Gutenberg Vom Bleibuchstaben zum Computer. [Johannes Gutenberg from Lead Letter to the Computer.]
13086: GELLIUS, AULUS. - Auli Gellii Noctes Atticae. Editio nova et prioribus omnibus docti hominis cura multo castigatior.
13504: GELLIUS, AULUS. - Auli Gellii Noctium Atticarum libri XX prout supersunt Quos ad libros MSStos Novo & multo labore exegerunt, Perpetuis notis & emendationibus illustraverunt Johannes Fredericus et Jacobus Gronovii. Accedunt Gasp. Scioppii integra MSStorum duorum codicum collatio, Petri Lambecii lucubrationes Gellianae, & ex Lud. Carrionis castigationibus utilia excerpta, ut & selecta variaque commentaria ab Ant. Thysio & Jac. Oiselio congesta.
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12898: GIRARDET, PAUL, ENGRAVED BY, AFTER A PAINTING BY E. BOUTIBONNE [CHARLES EDOUARD BOUTIBONNE, FRENCH ACADEMIC CLASSICAL ARTIST (1816 - 1897)]. - Coup Difficile, Un. [A Difficult Shot] [Elegant Ladies playing Billiards]. After a painting by E. Boutibonne.
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14607: BY SEVERAL HANDS. [COMPILED BY MARY KETTILBY]. - A Collection Of above Three Hundred Receipts in Cookery, Physick and Surgery; For the Use of all Good Wives, Tender Mothers, and Careful Nurses. By several Hands. The Fourth Edition. To which is Added, A Second Part, Containing a great Number of Excellent Receipts, for Preserving and Conserving of Sweet-Meats, &c.
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13335: HATTON, J. L. AND EATON FANING. - Songs of England, The. A Collection of 274 English Melodies, including the most popular traditional ditties, and the principal songs and ballads of the last three centuries, edited, with new symphonies and accompaniments. In three volumes. Volume One (new edition).
14310: HEARNE, THOMAS [1678-1735]. - Vindication Of those who take the Oath of Allegiance, To His present Majestie from Perjurie, Injustice, and Disloyaltie, Charged upon them by Such as are against it. Wherein is evidently shewed That the Common Good of a Nation is what is Primarily and Principally Respected in an Oath, and therefore when the Oath is inconsistent with that, the Persons who have taken it, are absolved from it. In Proving of whivch the Case of Maud and King Stephen is particularly Consider'd. In a Letter to a Non-Juror.
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14976: HOWIS, ELAINE. - Almost an Island.
14675: HUBNERS, JOHANN. - Kurtze Fragen aus der Politischen Historia Biss auf gegenwartige Zeit continuiret, Und mit einer nutzlichen Einleitung vor die Anfanger, Und einem vollstandigen Register versehen. Achter Theil.
14944: G. T., OF STAPLE INNE. - The Practick Part of the Law: Shewing the Office of an Attorny, And a Guide for Solicitors In all the Courts of Westminster, viz. the Courts of Chancery, Kings-Bench, Common-Pleas and Exchequer, with the manner of their Proceedings in any Action Real, Personal or Mixt, from the Original to the Execution. As also The Practice of the Courts in the City of London, Court of Admiralty, Ecclesiastical Courts, and other Inferiour Courts in the Country. To which is added The exact Table of Fees of all the said Courts at Westminster as they were delivered into the House of Commons, with the Abstract of the Parchment and Paper Act by Order of the Queen and Council. Carefully Corrected and Enlarged by several Practisers of the several Courts, and brought down to the year 1695. With a new Table of the Principal Matters.
12342: IRELAND, SAMUEL, AUTHOR OF PICTURESQUE TOUR THROUGH HOLLAND, BRABANT AND PART OF FRANCE. - Picturesque Views on the River Thames, from its source in Glocestershire to the Nore; with Observations on the Public Buildings and other Works of Art in its vicinity. In two volumes.
14533: UNITED CHURCH OF ENGLAND AND IRELAND. - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments; and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church According to the Use of The United Church of England and Ireland: Together With The Psalter or Psalms of David … . With Notes and Illustrations.
14133: JACKSON, JAMES GREY. - An Account of The Empire of Marocco, and The District of Suse; Compiled from Miscellaneous Observations made during a long residence in, and various journies through, these countries. To which is added, An Accurate and Interesting Account of Timbuctoo, the great emporium of Central Africa. By James Grey Jackson, Esq. Illustrated with engravings.
13590: JAGER, PROF. DR. MED GUSTAV. [JAEGER]. GRONBECK, SELMA. - Warum kussen sich die Menschen?
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14872: JENKINS, ALEXANDER - The history and description of the city of Exeter : and its environs, ancient and modern, civil and ecclesiastical: comprising the religion, and idolatrous superstition of the Britons, Saxons and Danes; the rise and progress of Christianity... with a catalogue of the bishops... also, a general and parochial survey and description of all the Churches, Places of Divine Worship, public Buildings, … and a list of mayors & baliffs to the Close of the Eighteenth Century.
15158: JEROME K JEROME. AUTHOR OF 'THE IDLE THOUGHTS OF AN IDLE FELLOW', 'ON THE STAGE - AND OFF', ETC, ETC. - Told After Supper. With 96 or 98 Illustrations by Kenneth M. Skeaping.
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10493: JUVENALIS. - Decii Junii Juvenalis Aquinatis Satirae Decem et Sex. Also includes Auli Persii Flacci Satirae Sex.
14846: HARADA KANPO. - Kanpo Harada / Kanpo shokan (1911-1995). [Calligraphic specimens by Kanpo].
14060: KARDOS, KATALIN. - Kalocsai Gephimzes. [Machine embroidery from Kalocsa].
14594: KEILL, JOHN [1671-1721]. - An Introduction to the True Astronomy: Or, Astronomical Lectures, Read in the Astronomical School of the University of Oxford. By John Keill, M.D. Fellow of the Royal-Society, and Professor of Astronomy in that University.
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12278: KITTO, J. [JOHN KITTO 1804-1854.] - History of Ancient and Modern Jerusalem.
14254: KLEIN, NAOMI [1970- ]. - No logo: no space, no choice, no jobs: taking aim at the brand bullies. [No space, no choice, no jobs, no logo.]
11385: KRAMER, WOLF. - Book of the Frankfurt Book Fair, The. Illustrated by Christian Roder.
14969: LACOUR, JOSE-ANDRE. TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY HUMPHREY HARE. - Death in that Garden. [La Mort en ce Jardin.]
14420: A LADY [ANONYMOUS]. - The Mother's Gift. [A Chapbook.]
14471: COLLECTED BY ALAN M. LAING. - Prayers and Graces a little book of extraordinary piety. With Illustrations by Mervyn Peake.
13849: COLLECTED BY ALAN M. LAING. - More Prayers and Graces a Second Book of Unusual Piety. With Illustrations by Mervyn Peake. Mervyn Peake
10116: LAING, ALLAN M., COLLECTED BY. - Prayers and Graces a Little Book of Extraordinary Piety. With 30 illustrations by Mervyn Peake.
14715: COLLECTED BY ALAN M. LAING. - More Prayers and Graces a Second Book of Unusual Piety. With Illustrations by Mervyn Peake.
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14664: M. SAMUELEM GLONERUM POETAM LAUREATUM. [GLONER, SAMUEL, 1598-1642.] - Novae Sacrorum Bibliorum figurae versibus Latinis & Germanicis expositae: Das ist/ Newe Biblische Figuren mit Latinischen und Teutschen versen aussgelegt/ Dem gemeinen Mann und der lieben Jugendt zur Anreissung wahrer Gottseligkeit und anderen Christlichen Zugendten/ an tag gegeben/ Durch/ M. Samuelem Glonerum Poeetam Laureatum.
14242: LAWRENCE, T. E. [1888-1935]. [THOMAS EDWARD LAWRENCE]. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom a triumph.
14959: LEE, MARJORIE. - The Lion House.
14897: LEE, MARJORIE. - The Lion House. Andre Deutsch Limited, 12-14 Carelisle Street, Soho Square, London W1.
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11937: LEMON, JANE. - Metal Thread Embroidery. Tools, Materials and Techniques.
13645: LEMON, JANE. - Metal Thread Embroidery. Tools, Materials and Techniques.
14982: LEWIS, SAMUEL [D. 1865]. - A Topographical Dictionary of England, Comprising the several Counties, Cities, Boroughs, Corporate and Market Towns, Parishes, Chapelries, and Townships, and the islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Man, with Historical and Statistical Descriptions; Illustrated by Maps of the different counties and islands; A Map of England, shewing the principal towns, roads, railways, navigable rivers, and canals; and a plan of London and its environs; and embellished with engravings of the arms of the cities, bishopricks, universities, colleges, corporate towns, and boroughs.. and of the seals of the several municipal corporations. In Four Volumes.
11413: LEWIS, BERNARD. - Behind the Type. The Life Story of Frederic W Goudy.
13754: LEWIS, WILLIAM [1787-1870]. TEACHER OF CHESS, AND AUTHOR OF SEVERAL WORKS ON THE GAME. - Chess for Beginners. In a Series of Progressive Lessons. Showing the most approved methods of beginning and ending the game. With various situations and checkmates, illustrated by numerous diagrams, printed in colours. Second Edition. Second Edition. Revised and Corrected.
13677: ALZBETA LICHNEROVA. - A Himzes Varazsa. [The magic of embroidery].
8929: LINSING, PETRO AND JOANNE FRANCISCO LOW. [LINSING, PETRUS] [LOEW, JOHANN FRANZ]. - Tentamen et Examen Medicum Institutisticum. Quaestiones Juxtamentem Veterum et Recentiorum Breviter Deucidatum an. 1699. In Alma Catholica Caesareo Archiducal Universitate Oemnipontata Publicae Disputationi Submissum Sinc Additis Quibusdam Necessriis Erlangae Anno 1701 Noviter Editum. [Half titles suffixed for] Institutionum Medicarum Pars Prima Continens Librum I Physiologicum; Institutionum Medicarum Pars Secunda Continens Libros III Hygienem Pathalogiam & Semeioticam; Institutionum Medicarum Pars Tertia Continens Lib. I Therapeuticam.
14269: LIVY [TITUS LIVIUS]. NARDI, JACOPO [1476-CA. 1563] TRANSLATOR. - Le Deche di T. Livio Padovano delle Historie Romane, Tradotte nella lingua Toscana, da Iacopo Nardi cittadino Fiorentino, & nuouamente dal medesimo riuedute & emendate, con le postille parimente accresciute nelle margini del libro, che diachiarano molti uocaboli delle cose uecchie, piu degne di cognitione: & molti nomi di Paesi, & citta, fiumi, monti, & luoghi, illustrati co nomi moderni. Etappresso, la ualuta delle monete Romane, ridotta al pregio di quelle de tempi nostri: insieme con la dichiaratione di tutte le misure, quanto e stato necessario alla piena intelligenza dell'autore. Allequali, per maggior satisfattione de lettori, habbiamo anchora aggiunto la Tauola de Re, Consoli, Tribuni militari con la podesta Consolare, & Dittatori: che per i tempi correnti sono stati creati nella citta di Roma. Et appresso, la Tavola di tutte le cose, fatti, & detti notabili, nella presente opera contenuti.
14896: LLOYD, LAVENDER. - The Linton Memorial. Longmans, Green and Co, London, New York, Toronto.
14803: LONGINUS, ALSO CALLED DIONYSIUS LONGINUS OR PSEUDO-LONGINUS (FLOURISHED 1ST CENTURY AD), NAME SOMETIMES ASSIGNED TO THE AUTHOR OF ON THE SUBLIME (GREEK PERI HYPSOUS), ONE OF THE GREAT SEMINAL WORKS OF LITERARY CRITICISM [ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA]. - DIONUSIOU LONGINOU PERI HUPSOUS HUPOMNÊMA [Greek title Romanized]. Dionysii Longini De Sublimitate commentarius, quem nova versione donavit, notis illustravit, & partim manuscriptorum ope, partim conjectura emendavit (additis etiam omnibus ejusdem auctoris fragmentis) Zacharias Pearce, A.M., Regiae Majestati a Sacris Domesticis etc. Editio secunda, notis & emendationibus auctior.
10948: LORINI, BUONAIUTO FL. 1600. - Le Fortificationi di Buonaiuto Lorini, Nobile Fiorentino. Nuovamente Ristampate, Corrette & Ampliate di tutto quello che mancaua per la lor compita perfettione, con l'aggiunta del sesto libro. Dove si mostra, con la Scienza, e con la Pratica, l'ordine di Fortificare le Citta, & altri luoghi, con tutti gli auuertimenti, che piu possono apportar beneficio, per la sicurta delle Fortezze.
15019: LOWE, E. J. [EDWARD JOSEPH LOWE 1825-1900]. - A Natural History of British Grasses. With Coloured Illustrations.
10341: LOWER, MARK ANTONY. - English Surnames. Essays on Family Nomenclature, Historical, Etymological and Humorous. With Chapters of Rebuses and Canting Arms, The Roll of Battel Abbey, A list of Latinized surnames, &c, &c.
11416: MRS LOWES. - Chats on Old Lace and Needlework. With 76 Illustrations.
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13748: PIRANESI, GIOVANNI BATISTA. - Teatro di Marcello. Questo fu fabricato da Augusto, e dedicato a Mercello suo Nipote. [Built for Marcello, a a nephew of Emperor Augustus.]
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12166: POPE, ALEXANDER, [1688-1744]. - Works of Alexander Pope, Esq, The. In Four Volumes Complete. With his last Corrections, Additions, and Improvements. Carefully collated and compared with former Editions: Together with Notes from the various critics and commentators.
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13394: PORTRAITS. - Portraits. Book-shape slip case.
10185: PRATT, SAMUEL JACKSON. - Pity's Gift: A Collection of Interesting Tales, to excite the compassion of youth for the animal creation. Ornamented with vignettes [by John Anderson, Bewick school (?)]. From the Writings of Mr Pratt. Selected by A Lady.
13165: PRESTON, ARTHUR EDWIN. - Church and Parish of St. Nicholas, Abingdon, The. The Early Grammar School to end of sixteenth century. Fitzharris, an old Abingdon manor; the Tesdales and the Bostocks. [With plates.]
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13510: PROPERTIUS, SEXTUS. - Sex. Aurelii Propertii Elegiarum Libri Quatuor Ad fidem Veterum Membranarum sedulo castigati. Accedunt Notae, & terni Indices; quorum primus Omnes Voces Propertianas complectitur.
13496: PRUDENTIUS [B. 348]. - Aurelii Prudentii Clementis Opera Interpretatione et notis illustravit Stephanus Chamillard, E Soc. Jesu. Jussu Christianissimi Regis, ad usum serenissimi Delphini.
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14620: RANDALL, JOHN, 1717-1799. - A Collection of Psalm & Hymn Tunes Some of which are new & others by Permission of the Authors with Six Chants and Te Deums Calculated for the Use of Congregations in General to which is prefixed a Scale of easy Examples for those who Learn to Sing. The whole revised & Harmonized by Dr. Randall, and Published by Wm. Hague, and Jno. Peppercorn.
12847: REDFIELD, JAMES W., M.D. - Comparative Physiognomy or Resemblances Between Men and Animals. Illustrated by 330 engravings.
10943: ANNUAL REGISTER. - Annual Register, or a View of the History, Politics, and Literature, For the Year 1792, The. A New Edition.
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11900: ROBERT, LE SR., GEOGRAPHE ORDINAIRE DU ROI. [SR. ROBERT DE VAUGONDY]. - Royaume de Hongrie. [Kingdom of Hungary] [Map of Hungary] Principaute de Transilvanie, Sclavonie. Croatie, et de partie de la Principaute de Valaquie, de la Bosnie, de la Servie et de la Bulgarie.
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13970: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM, [D. 1686?]. - Phraseologia Generalis; Continens, quaecunque sunt scitu necessaria, & Praxi, usuique studiosorum Philologicorum, maxime utilia, in cunctis operibus Phraseologicis, Anglico-Latinis, seu Latino-Anglicanis, hucusque, hic, in lucem editis; eaque succincte, & methodice, disposita; in gratiam studiosae juventutis, & ad faciliorem, ac foeliciorem, in studiis suis Philologicis, progressum. A Full, Large, and General Phrase Book; comprehending, Whatsoever is Necessary and most Usefull, in all other Phraseological Books, (hitherto, here, Published;) and Methodically Digested; for the more speedy, and Prosperous Progress of Students, in their Humanity Studies. By William Robertson, A.M. [Cambridge phrases].
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14980: ROODLETOOT, THE, [PSEUD.]. W. J. SANDERSON, [WILLIAM JOHN SANDERSON]. JAMES, GILBERT, 1865–1941, [ARTIST]. - W. J. Sanderson’s New Book for Children. Mind Your Own Buzziness. To Buzz or Not to Be. Verses by The Roodletoot, Microbe of Commonsense. Drawings by Gilbert James.
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13631: ROSS, ALEXANDER [1591-1654]. - Pansebeia: or, A View of all Religions in the World: With The several Church-Governments from the Creation, till these Times. Also, A Discovery of all known Heresies in all Ages and Places: and choice Observations and Reflections throughout the Whole. The Sixth Edition, Enlarged and Perfected, by Alexander Ross. To which is annexed, The Lives, Actions, and Ends of certain notorious Hereticks. With their Effigies in Copper-Plates.
14326: ROSSER, W. H. (WILLIAM HENRY). GORDON, WILLIAM JOHN. - The Bijou Gazetteer of the World: Briefly Describing, as regards Position, Area, and Popluation, every Country and State, Their Divisions, Provinces, Counties, Principal Towns, Villages, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Capes, etc. New and Revised Edition. Including Census of 1881. [Warne's Bijou Gazetteer].
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15172: ROWSE, A. L. [ALFRED LESLIE] 1903-1997. - The Regicides and the Puritan Revolution.
12266: RUSSELL, HON. FRANCIS A. R. [HON. FRANCIS ALBERT ROLLO RUSSELL, 1849-1914]. - Psalms of the West.
13843: SAAVEDRA FAJARDO, DIEGO DE, [1584-1648]. - Idea de un principe politico Christiano, Representada en cien empresas: Dedicada al principe de las Espanas nuestro senor, Por Don Diego de Saavedra Faxardo ....
15043: SACHS, MARYAM. - Le Baiser. Textes et illustrations reunis et choisis par Maryam Sachs.
13704: SADE, MARQUIS DE. - Zoloe et ses Deux Acolytes ou Quelques Decades de la vie de trois Jolies femmes.
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14972: SANCTON, THOMAS. - Count Rollerskates.
11822: CSERMELYI SANDOR. - Magyar Himzesek Kiallitasanak Leiro Lajstroma. [Hungarian Embroidery Exhibition Catalogue]. Orsz. Magy. Iparmuveszeti Muzeum.
14428: SANTAGNELLO, M. [ED.] - Il Lettore Italico. The Italian Reader; Being A Selection of Extracts from Italian Writers, In Prose and Verse; Beginning with Soave and ending with Dante. With Explanatory Notes. By M. Santagnello, Master of Languages.
15051: SCHADL, JANOS. - Schadl Janos 1892-1944.
9702: SCHRAEMBL, F. A. [FRANZ ANTON SCHRAEMBL]. - Oestliche Halb Kugel & Westliche Halb Kugel. Verfasst von Herrn D'Anville Geographe der Konigs von Frankreich. Nach den neuesten entdeckungen verbessert herausgegeben.
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11250: SCOTT, THE REV. THOMAS. - Discourse upon Repentance, A.
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14639: SEYMOUR, RICHARD. JOHNSON, CHARLES. - The Compleat Gamester: in three parts. Containing, I. The court gamester: Or, Full and Easy Instructions for playing the Games of Whist, Ombre, Quadrille, Quintille, Picquet, and the Royal Game of Chess. II. The City Gamester: Or, True Manner of playing the most usual Games at Cards viz. All-Fours, Cribbidge, Put, Lue, Brag, Lottery, &c. With several diverting Tricks upon the Cards; also Rules for playing at All the Games both Within and Without the Tables; and at English and French Billiards: With the Laws of each Game annexed, to prevent Disputes. III. The gentleman’s diversion: or, the arts of riding, racing, archery, Cocking, and Bowling. First Written for the Use of the Young Princesses, by Richard Seymour, Esq; and now carefully revised, very much enlarged and improved, agreeable to the present Method of playing the several Games, by Charles Johnson, Esq;
14698: SHAW, PETER. - An Enquiry into the Contents, Virtues, and Uses, of the Scarborough Spaw-Waters: with The Method of examining any other Mineral-Water. By Peter Shaw, Physician at Scarborough.
14830: SHELLEY [PERCY BYSSHE]. - Moments with Shelley. The Oxford 'Moment' Booklets.
15119: SMITH, GEORGE ADAM SIR 1856-1942. DRUMMOND, HENRY 1851-1897. - The Life of Henry Drummond by George Adam Smith. Tenth Edition, completing 33,000 Copies.
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14997: BY A SOCIETY OF GENTLEMEN, MEMBERS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. - The Oxford Magazine: or, Universal Museum. Calculated for General Instruction and Amusement, on A Plan Entirely New. Embellished with Copper-Plates, Satirical, Political, and Scientifical, from Original Designs. By A Society of Gentlemen, Members of the University of Oxford. Vol. V. July 1770-December 1770.
14238: SPEKE, JOHN HANNING [1827-1864]. - Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile By John Hanning Speke ... With map and portraits, and numerous illustrations chiefly from drawings by Captain Grant. Grant, James Augustus, 1827-1892.
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13745: STOSCH, M. PHILIPPE DE, AND PICART, BERNARD. - Gemmae Antiquae Caelatae, Scalptorum Nominibus Insignitae. Ad ipsas gemmas, aut earum ectypos delineatae & aeri incusae, per Bernardum Picart. Ex Praecipuis Europae Museis selegit & commentariis illustravit Philippus de Stosch Polon. Regis & Sax. Electoris Consiliarius. A D Imp. Caes. Carolums Sxtum P.F.A.C.H.R. Gallice` reddidit H.P. de Limiers. | Pierres antiques grave´es sur lesquelles les graveurs ont mis leurs noms, dessine´es et grave´es en cuivre par Bernard Picart, et explique´es ; traduites en Franc¸ais par M. de Limiers.
12531: WEDNESDAYS CLUB IN FRIDAY-STREET. - An Inquiry into the Reasonableness and Consequences of an Union with Scotland. Containing a Brief Deduction of what hath been done, designed, or proposed, in the matter of the Union, during the last Age. A Scheme of an Union, as accommodated to the present Circumstances, of the two Nations. Also States, of the respective Revenues, Debts, Weights, Measures, Taxes and Impositions, and of other Facts of moment. With Observations thereupon. As Communicated to Laurence Philips, Esq; near York.
13904: STRUVII, GEORGII ADAMI. GEORGY ADAMI STRUVY. [GEORG ADAM STRUVE]. - Georgii Adami Struvii jcti Evolutiones controversiarum in syntagmate juris civilis, ab ipso olim in Academia Jenensi adornato, comprehensarum, nec non Resolutiones Dubiorum & textuum obstantium ibi allegatorum. Editio Quinta, prioribus auctior & correctior Adjecti sunt tres indices Autorum, textuum & rerum.
14161: STRYPE, JOHN [1643-1737]. - The Life and Acts of Matthew Parker, the first Archbishop of Canterbury in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Under whose Primacy and Influence the Reformation of Religion was happily Effected; And the Church of England Restored, and Established upon the Principles whereon it stands to this Day. Wherein Are related the said Archbishop's Actions in Ecclesiastical Commissions, and Synods; His Visitations of the Dioceses, Colleges and Hospitals within his Province, with his Injunctions and Regulations: Characters and Accounts of Bishops by him Consecrated: His Endeavours for Uniformity: His Diligence in Retrieving, and Publishing many Saxon, and other Ancient Historical Mss. of this Nation: His Procuring a more correct Translation of the Holy Bible: His Government of his own Dioces of Canterbury: His sober Thoughts, Counsels and Cares for Religion and this Church: And Many Particulars of the Ecclesiastical History of those Times, hitherto Unknown, or very Obscure, are discovered and brought to Light. Compiled Faithfully from Records, Registers, State-Papers, Orders of Council, Authentic Letters, and sundry other Original MSS. In Four Books. To which is Added, An Appendix, Containing various Transcripts of Records, Letters, Instruments, Ordinances, Commissions, Discourses, Relations, Intelligences, and other secret Papers, above an Hundred in Number; for the Asserting or Illustrating the foregoing History. Among which will be found the Latin Life of this Archbp. Entituled, Matthaeus, so much and so long wanted in the Editions of the British Antiquities. By John Strype, M.A.
14692: STRYPE, JOHN, 1643-1737. AUTHOR OF THE LIVES OF THE THREE FORMER PROTESTANT ARCHBISHOPS. - The Life and Acts of the Most Reverend Father in God, John Whitgift, D.D. The Third and last Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, In the Reign of Queen Elizabeth; Who, under Her Majesty, in that Station, Governed the Church of England for the Space of Twenty Years. Wherein Is Interwoven much of the History of the Affairs of this Church; viz. Nominations and Consecrations of Bishops; Bills and Petitions in Parliament about Religion, and for Reformation of Corruptions and Abuses in the Church; Transactions in Convocations, and Ecclesiastical Commissions; the Diligence of Popish Priests and Jesuits; Methods for the Restraint of them; The Endeavours of those they called Puritans, to set up a New Church-Discipline; and the Prosecution of some of them; … Some further Discovery and Account … of that Memorable Conference at Hampton-Court before King James the First, with the Issue thereof, and the Effects it produced … In Four Books. Together with a large appendix of the said papers, to the Number of Cxxix.
13497: SUETONIUS [CA. 69-CA.122]. - C. Suetonius Tranquillus, ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii cum ejusdem Animadversionibus, ut et Commentario Integro Laevini Torrentii, Isaaci Casauboni, et Theodori Marcilii, Nec non Selectis Aliorum. Editio secunda auctior & emendatior.
14904: SWAINSON, WILLIAM. - A Preliminary Discourse on the Study of Natural History by William Swainson, Esq. From the series: Cabinet Cyclopaedia. Conducted by the Rev. Dionysius Lardner, Assisted by Eminent Literary and Scientific Men. Natural History.
13431: PUBLIUS SYRUS. - Publii Syri Mimi aucti et correcti ex codice ms. Frisingensi; cum notis viri docti, et variis lectionibus.
13545: TACITUS, CORNELIUS. - C. Cornelii Taciti Opera, quae exstant, Integris J. Lipsii, Rhenani, Ursini, Mureti, Pichenae, Merceri, Gruteri, Acidalii, Grotii, Freinshemii, & selectis aliorum commentariis illustrata. Joh. Fred. Gronovius recensuit, & suas notas passim adjecit. Accedunt Jacobi Gronovii excerpta ex varii lectionibus MS. Oxoniensis.
14646: TANZEL, JOHANN WILHELM FRIEDICH. [TAENZEL]. - Hungaria seu Disputationes miscellaneae de natura Hungariae in alma, catholica, et episcopali Universitate Dilingana, Publice Susceptae ab illvstri ac generoso domino Joanne Guilielmo Friderico Tänzel L. B. de Trazberg … praeside P. Conrado Vogler … mense Augusto anno Christi M. DCC.
13607: TASSO, TORQUATO [1544-1595]. - Aminta: Favola Boscareccia di Torquato Tasso. Ristampata Per uso degli Amatori della Lingua Italiana da Nicolo Ciangulo Maestro Italiano in questa celebre Universita d'Utrecht.
13418: TAYLOR, JEREMY [1613-1667]; CAVE, WILLIAM [1637-1713]. - Antiquitates Christianae: or, The History of the Life and Death of the Holy Jesus: as also The Lives, Acts and Martyrdoms of His Apostles. In Two Parts. The First Part, containing the Life of Christ, Written by Jer. Taylor, late Lord Bishop of Down and Connor. The Second, containing the Lives of the Apostles, with an Enumeration, and some Brief Remarks upon their first Successors in the Five Great Apostological Churches; by William Cave, D.D. Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. By whom also is added an Apparatus, or Discourse Introductory to the whole Work, concerning the Three Great Dispensations of the Church, Patriarchal, Mosaical and Evangelical. Faithorne, William [1616-1691], engraver; Lombart, Pierre [1612-1682], engraver.
9042: TENNYSON, ALFRED TENNYSON, BARON, 1809-1892. - Enoch Arden, Etc. By Alfred Tennyson, D.C.L., Poet-Laureate.
13856: TERENCE. - Publii Terentii Afri Comoediae.
13453: TERTULLIANUS, QUINTUS SEPTIMIUS FLORENS. - Apologeticus, ad codices MStos & editiones veteres summa cura recognitus, castigatus, emendatus ut et perpetuo commentario ... studio & industria Sigeberti Havercampi. [Etc.].
13007: THOMAE A KEMPIS, CANONICI REGULARIS, ORDINIS S. AUGUSTINI. [THOMAS A KEMPIS, 1380-1471]. - Imitatione Christi Libri Quatuor, De. Ex accuratissima recensione Heriberti Ros-vveydi ... qui se ad fidem autographi anni M.CCCC.XLI. eos emendasse professus est. Cum ejusdem Thomæ vita a Ros-weydo ipso conscripta, & annotationibus illustrata.
14046: THOMAS, B., PSEUD. [I.E. THOMAS B. JOHNSON.] - The Shooter's Guide: Containing, The Natural History of Dogs; Of breeding Pointers and Setters, with Directions for training; Diseases incident to Dogs, and Methods of Cure, &c. The various Fowling-Pieces Considered, And the best pointed out, with Directions for charging the same: Of Shooting in General, with instructions to attain The Art of Shooting Flying. The Game Laws, With Remarks thereon; and every other Information which can be in any way useful or necessary for the Shooting Sportsman: Together with the best means to prevent poaching; and Occasional Remarks on Thornhill's Shooting Directory. Second edition. Related item: Thornhill, R. B. (Richard Badham) The Shooting Directory. The Shooter's Guide: containing the natural history of dogs, the various fowling pieces ... and remarks on Thornhill's Shooting Directory. London, 1809.
14381: THOMPSON, FRANCIS, 1859-1907. - Selected Poems of Francis Thompson. Edition not stated. Pagination conforms with a copy in Brasenose College Library, Oxford, listed on COPAC which states it is the second edition.
12122: THORNDIKE, HERBERT [1598-1672]. - An Epilogue to the Tragedy of the Church of England, Being A Necessary Consideration and brief Resolution of the Chief Controversies in Religion that divide the Western Church: Occasioned by the present Calamity of the Church of England; In three Books: viz. Of I. The Principles of Christian Truth. II. The Covenant of Grace. III. The Lawes of the Church.
12536: FRIEND TO K. G. - The Necessity of a Plot: or, Reasons for a Standing Army. By a friend to K. G. [King George].
14057: TOMPA, BELANE AND DR. VARGA, MARIANNA. - Paloc himzesek. [Embroideries from Paloc].
13900: TORII KIYOTADA, A.K.A. TADAKIO (1875-1941). (JAPANESE WOODBLBOCK PRINT) - Edo Sakura, Kabuki actor, in the role of Sukeroku, the Edo dandy. Torii Kiyotada, a.k.a. Tadakio (1875-1941).
14792: TREVELYAN, GEORGE OTTO [1838-1928]. - The Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay. By his nephew George Otto Trevelyan, M.P. New Edition.
14815: TREVENA, JOHN PSEUD. [I.E. ERNEST GEORGE HENHAM]. - Adventures Among Wild Flowers. [With illustrations.]
13973: TREVIGAR, L. [LUKE]. - Sectionum Conicarum Elementa Methodo Facilllima [sic] Demonstrata. In Usum Juventutis Academicae. Authore L. Trevigar, A.M. Aulae Clarensis Socio.
12136: TROYTE, CHARLES A. W., OF HUNTSHAM COURT, DEVONSHIRE. A MEMBER OF THE ANCIENT SOCIETY OF COLLEGE YOUTHS, LONDON. - Change Ringing. An Introduction to the Early Stages of the Art of Church and Hand Bell Ringing. For the use of Beginners.
12078: TURNER, D. H., EDITOR. - Henry Bradshaw Society Founded in the Year of Our Lord 1890 for the editing of Rare Liturgical Texts, Vol. XCVII [97]. The Claudius Pontificals (from Cotton MS. Claudius A. iii in the British Museum).
14949: CAPTAIN BARCLAY OF URY. [BARCLAY, ROBERT, CAPTAIN [1779-1854]. - Agricultural Tour in the United States and Upper Canada, with Miscellaneous Notices.
14889: VALENTINI, DOMENICO. - Prose versi epigrafi in morte di Maria Anna Tinti Luzi Marchesa di Votalarca.
14030: VARENIUS, BERNHARDUS, 1622-1650. NEWTON, ISAAC, SIR, 1642-1727. - Bernhardi Vareni Med. D. Geographia Generalis, In qua Affectiones Generales Telluris Explicantur, Summa cura quam plurimis in locis Emendata, & XXXIII Schematibus Novis, Aere incisis, una cum Tabb. aliquot quae desiderabantur Aucta & Illustrata. Ab Isaaco Newton Math. Prof. Lucasiano apud Cantabrigienses. Editio Secunda Auctior & Emendatior.
12887: VARGA, MARIANNA. - Regi Turai Himzesek. Himzessel diszitett textilek. [Old embroidery from Tura].
12924: VARGA, MARIANNA. - Regi Turai Himzesek. Himzessel diszitett textilek. [Old embroidery from Tura].
12049: VERA, GEORGE. AUTOGRAPH ALBUM - George Vera. Autograph Album.
14407: VERGIL, POLYDORE, 1470?-1555. - Polydori Vergilii Vrbinatis De rerum inuentoribus libri octo, per autorem, tertio iam, ac diligentius recogniti, & locupletati. Qua re ille contentus tum demum supremam manum imposuit. Eiusdem in dominicam precem commentariolum.
5534: VERLET, PIERRE, MICHEL FLORISOONE; ADOLF HOFFMEISTER, FRANCOIS TABARD. - The Book of Tapestry. History and Technique. Preface by Jean Lurcat.
14570: VERSTEGAN, RICHARD [CA. 1550-1640]. - A Restitution of Decayed Intelligence: In Antiquities. Concerning the most noble and renowned English nation. By the Studie and Trauell of R.V. Dedicated vnto the Kings most excellent Maiestie.
13784: VERY REVEREND JOSEPH T. CAHILL, C.C. - St John's University. New York. Citation The Right Honorable Kenneth Younger. Honoris Causa, the Degree of Doctor of Laws.
13555: VIBIUS SEQUESTER. COMMENTATOR: HESSELS, FRANS [1680-1746]. - Vibius Sequester De fluminibus, fontibus, lacubus, nemoribus, paludibus, montibus, gentibus; quorum apud poetas mentio fit. Ex recensione Francisci Hesselii cum ejusdem adnotationibus.
13499: VICTOR, SEXTUS AURELIUS. - Sexti Aurelii Victoris Historia Romana, cum Notis Integris Dominici Machanei, Eliae Vineti, Andreae Schotti, Jani Gruteri, nec non excerptis Frid. Sylburgii & Annae Fabri filiae. Curante Joanne Arntzenio, JCto.
13014: VIGNOLA, IACOMO BAROZZIO. - Regola delli Cinque Ordini D'Architettura di M. Iacomo Barozzio Da Vignola. Libro Primo, et Originale. Also includes: 'Alcune Opere D'Architettura Di Iacomo Barotio Da Vignola Raccolte et poste in luce da Francesco Villamena. Lanno M.DC.XVII. Co l'Privilegio del Sommo Pontefice et l'autorita de Superiori. In Roma.
14149: VIRGIL. VIRGILIO. [VERGILIUS MARO, PUBLIUS.] CARO, ANNIBAL [1507-1566]. - Dell' Eneide di Virgilio del Commendatore Annibal Caro.
14961: WALKER, AUGUSTA. - The Eating Valley.
14120: WALKER, JOHN [1732-1807]. - A Rhyming Dictionary: Answering at the same time, the purposes of Spelling and Pronouncing the English Language, on a plan not hitherto attempted ... To which is prefixed A copious Introduction to the various Uses of the Work, with critical and practical Observations on Orthography, Syllabication, Pronunciation, and Rhyme; And, for the Purpose of Poetry, is added, An Index of Allowable Rhymes, with authorities for their usage from our best poets. By J. Walker, author of The Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, &c. Fourth Edition, Improved.
14189: WALKER, JOHN [1732-1807]. WALKER, JOHN, THE PHILOLOGIST. - The Academic speaker, or, A selection of parliamentary debates, orations, odes, scenes, and speeches from the best writers, proper to be read and recited by youth at school: to which are prefixed Elements of gesture, or, Plain and easy directions for keeping the body in a graceful position, and acquiring a simple and unaffected style of action by John Walker; explained and illustrated by plates. 6th edition, with alterations and considerable additions.
13379: WARD, ADOLPHUS WILLIAM. LITT.D., HON. LL.D., MASTER OF PETERHOUSE, CAMBRIDGE. - Electress Sophia and the Hanoverian Succession, The.
13785: THE REVEREND RICHARD WARNER [1763-1857]. - Antiquitates Culinariae; or Curious Tracts relating to the Culinary affairs of the Old English, With a preliminary discourse, Notes, and Illustrations, By the Reverend Richard Warner, of Sway, near Lymington, Hants. Non in Caro nidore voluptas Summa, sed in teipso est; tu pulmentaria quaere Sudando.
15055: WATSON, J. HANNAN, (TROOPER SCOTTISH IMPERIAL YEOMANRY). - A Trooper’s Sketch Book of the Boer War.
10511: WATSON, R., D.D. F.R.S., LORD BISHOP OF LLANDAFF, AND REGIUS PROFESSOR OF DIVINITY IN THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. - Apology for the Bible, in a series of letters, addressed to Thomas Paine, Author of a book entitled The Age of Reason, Part the Second, being an Investigation of the True and of Fabulous Theology. Seventh edition.
12135: WELCH, CHRISTOPHER, M. A. OXON. - Six Lectures on The Recorder and Other Flutes in Relation to Literature.
14111: WELCH, CHARLES [1848-1924]. COMPANY OF PEWTERERS (LONDON). - History of The Worshipful Company of Pewterers of the City of London Based upon their own Records. By Charles Welch, F.S.A. Author of 'Modern History of the City of London', etc. [History of the Pewterers' Company]. [In two volumes]. Together with: Additional Appendix to the History of the Pewterers Company.
14363: WERSHOVEN, FRANZ JOSEF. - Lilliput Dictionary. English-Italian.
13572: WESTON, ROBERT HARCOURT. - Letters and Important Documents Relative to the Edystone Lighthouse, Selected Chiefly from the Correspondence of the Late Robert Weston, Esq. And from Other Manuscripts: to which is added A Report Made to the House of Lords of the Treasury in 1809, by the Trinity Corporation; with some observations upon that report. Embellished with two Views of the Lighthouse: one representing the Edifice as it appears on a Morning after a Storm, andthe other in a Calm.
15099: WHEELDON, J. P. - Angling Resorts Near London, the Thames and the Lea.
15170: WHISTLER, LAURENCE 1912-2000. - Pictures on Glass, engraved by Laurence Whistler.
9041: WHITE, HENRY KIRKE, 1785-1806. - The Poetical Works of Henry Kirke White.
15038: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS SMITH (1856-1923). AFTERWARDS RIGGS, KATE DOUGLAS. BROCK, CHARLES EDMUND, ILLUSTRATOR. - Penelope's English Experiences By Kate Douglas Wiggin. With fifty-three Illustrations by Charles E. Brock.
11701: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER. - Moments with Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
14954: WILSON, WILLIAM REVEREND. - The Post Chaise Companion: or, Traveller's Directory through Ireland. Containing a New and Accurate Description of the Direct and principal Cross Roads, with particulars of the Noblemen and Gentlemen's Seats, Cities, Towns, Parks, Natural Curiosities, Antiquities, Castles, Ruins, Manufactures, Loughs, Glens, Harbours, &c. &c. Forming An Historical & Descriptive Account of the Kingdom. To which is added, A Travelling Dictionary, or Alphabetical Tables, Shewing the distances of all the Principal Cities, Boroughs, Market & Seaport Towns in Ireland from each other. The 3d Edition, corrected and enlarged, With an entire New Set of Plates.
13792: WILSON, THOMAS. - A Short and Plain Instruction for the True Understanding of the Lord's Supper, with the Necessary Preparation Required; for the benefit of young communicants, and of such as have not well considered this holy ordinance: to which is annexed, the Office of the Holy Communion, With Proper Helps and Directions for joining in every Part thereof with Understanding and Benefit. By the Late Right Rev. Thomas Wilson, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. A New Edition.
12253: WITHERING, WILLIAM, [1741-1799]. - Botanical Arrangement of all the Vegetables Naturally growing in Great Britain, A. With Descriptions of the Genera and Species, According to the System of the celebrated Linnæus. Being an Attempt to render them familiar to those who are unacquainted with the Learned Languages... . The uses as Medicines, or as Poisons; as Food for Men, for Brutes, and for Infants... . With an Easy Introduction to the Study of Botany.
14923: WOODCOCK, CYRIL - Dictionary of Contemporary Violin and Bow Makers. [This is Vol. 6 of the Universal dictionary of violin and bow makers, by William Henley. Each volume in the series is complete in itself.]
14513: G. R. WOODWARD. [WOODWARD, GEORGE RATCLIFFE, 1848-1934, SOMETIME VICAR OF WALSINGHAM.] - A Bunch of Grapes from Ancient Greek Vineyards Crushed into English Measures by the Reverend G. R. Woodward, Mus. Doc.
15057: WOOLF, VIRGINIA 1882-1941. - Flush. A Biography
15060: WOOLF, VIRGINIA 1882-1941. STRACHEY, LYTTON 1880-1932. - Virginia Woolf & Lytton Strachey. Letters. Edited by Leonard Woolf & James Strachey.
14987: WORCESTER, ST. HELEN'S (WORCESTERSHIRE: PARISH). - The Parish Book of St Helen's Church in Worcester, containing the Parish Registers from A.D. 1538 to A.D. 1812. Vol. I Baptisms. Vol. II Marriages, Deaths and Burials. Transcribed and Edited by Joseph Bowstead Wilson, M.A., F.S.A. Rector of Knightwick with Doddenham, Hon. Sec. of the Worcestershire Historical Society. Formerly Rector of St. Helen's, Worcester (1873-1881). Late Scholar of Pembroke College, Cambridge.
13158: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD. - Modern Architecture. Being the Kahn Lectures for 1930.
12422: WYNDHAM, HENRY PENRUDDOCKE [1736-1819]. - Tour Through Monmouthshire and Wales, Made in the Months of June, and July, 1774, A. And in the Months of June, July, and August, 1777. The Second Edition.
13902: ZOSIMUS. - Zosimou kometos kai apophiskosynegorou Iistorias neas bibloi 'ex. Zosimi Comitis & Exadvocati Fisci, Historiae novae Libri Sex, Notis Illustrati.

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