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001418: - Souvenir De Pau Lourdes Bétharam
001706: ABRAHAM, GEORGE & ASHLEY - Rock Climbing in North Wales
001799: ABRAHAM, GEORGE D [ THE KESWICK BROTHERS ] - Swiss Mountain Climbs & British Mountain Climbs 2 Vols
001459: ABRAHAM, GEORGE - British Mountain Climbs
001614: ADAMS, ANSEL & OTHERS - Summit - Vittorio Sella Mountaineer & Photographer the Years 1879 - 1909
001765: AIKIN, ARTHUR & CHARLES ROCHEMONT - A Dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy, with an account of the Processes employed in many of the most important Chemical Manufactures. To which are added a description of Chemical Apparatus.
001725: ANDERSON, SIR CHARLES - An Eight Weeks' Journal in Norway etc in 1852, with Rough Outlines
001401: ANON - Authentic Narratives of Most Calamitous Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea
001707: ANON - The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte : late Emperor of France, from his birth in 1769 to his arrival in Elba containing an account of his parents, education, preferment, battles, etc, interspersed with numerous and interesting Anecdotes
001386: ANON - The History of Lady Godiva & Peeping Tom of Coventry .
001395: ANON - English Forests & Forest Trees Historical, Legendary & Descriptive with Numerous Illustrations
001085: ANON - Tyrolese Scenery or Continental Travels, Illustrated with Fine Steel Engravings with Descriptive Letterpress
001572: ANON - Bible Natural History containing a description of Quadrupeds, Birds, Trees, Plants, Insects Etc
001918: ANON - The Children's Friend Being a Selection from the Works of Berquin
001708: ANSTED, PROF D T (F.R.S.) - Geological Science including the Practice of Geology & the Elements of Physical Geography
001337: ARAGO, FRANCOIS - Biographies of distinguished Scientific Men
001800: ASHTON, J R & STOCKS, F R - The Open-Air Guide for Wayfarers
001564: AULDJO, JOHN - Narrative of an Ascent to the Summit of Mont Blanc
001927: BBC AUTHORS - BBC Hand Book [Year Book] 1928 - 1932 Set of 4
001757: AZEMA, M A - The Conquest of Fitzroy
000696: BABBAGE, CHARLES - The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise. A Fragment
001631: [ BADCOCK, WILLIAM ] & REYNOLDS, JOHN - A Touch-Stone for Gold & Silver Wares - bound with - Tables to Cast Up Silver & Gold
001627: BAIN, JOSEPH - The Border Papers. Calendar of Letters & Papers Relating to the Affairs of the Borders of England & Scotland Preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office London
001884: BAKER, G P - Mountaineering Memories of the Past
001874: BAKER, E A - The British Highlands with Rope and Rucksack
001114: BALL, JOHN, COOLIDGE, W A B, VALENTINE-RICHARDS, A V, BROKE, G - The Alpine Guide. The Western Alps & the Central Alps Parts I & II, 3 Volumes
000847: BANKS, MIKE - Rakaposhi
000889: BARNES, M. WHILLANS COPY - The Mountain World 1960/61 Don Whillans Copy
001812: BARROW, JOHN F.R.S. - Mountain Ascents in Westmoreland and Cumberland
000602: BARTHOLOMEW, J G & HERBERSON, A J. ED: BUCHAN, A (FRS) - Atlas of Meteorology a Series of Over 400 Maps
001873: BATES, ROBERT (& OTHERS) - Five Miles High [ K2 ]
001922: BATES, LOIS. - Kindergarten Guide.
001229: BELL, J H B - A Progress in Mountaineering
001533: BENSON, C E - British Mountaineering
001888: BERLEPSCH, H - The Alps or Sketches of Life & Nature in the Mountains
000717: BHANJA, K C - Wonders of Darjeeling and the Sikkim Himalaya
001943: DE BIE, JACQUES - Les Vrais Portraits des Rois de France
000803: BILL, A F ET AL, HUGGARD, W R (INTRODUCTION) - Davos as Health Resort a Handbook
001889: BLACKBURN, H - The Pyrenees
001495: BODDY, ALEXANDER FRGS - With Russian Pilgrims Being an Account of a Sojourn in the White Sea Monastery & a Journey By the Old Trade Route from the Arctic Sea to Moscow
001885: BONATTI, W - On the Heights
001660: BONATTI, WALTER - The Great Days
001649: BONINGTON, CHRIS - Everest South West Face
001378: BONNEY, T G - The Building of the Alps
000840: BONNEY, T G - The Alpine Regions of Switzerland & the Neighbouring Countries; a Pedestrian's Notes on their Physical Features, Scenery, & Natural History
001435: BONVALOT, GABRIEL - Through the Heart of Asia over the Pamir to India
001619: BOURNE, JOHN - A Treatise on the Steam Engine in its application to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation and Railways by the Artizan Club
001713: BOURRIT, M T - Relation of a Journey to the Glaciers in the Dutchy of Savoy
000710: BOWER, KELLY, HOLLAND, GROSS, THOMSON & BASTERFIELD - Doe Crag; Pillar Rock; Scawfell Group; Great Gable & Borrowdale; Great Langdale & Buttermere
001629: BOWMAN, F H - The Structure of the Wool Fibre, in its Relation to the Use of Wool for Technical Purposes
000844: THE BRITISH AND COLONIAL DRUGGIST - The Manual of Formulae containing over 1000 Recipes 1892
001588: BROCKBANK, E M & DALTON, JOHN - John Dalton some unpublished Letters of Personal and Scientific Interest with additional information about his Colour Vision & Atomic Theories
001863: DALZIEL BROTHERS - A Round of Days. Described in original poems by some of our most celebrated poets, and in pictures by eminent artists, engraved by the brothers Dalziel
001250: BROWN, JOE - The Hard Years
001249: BROWN, T GRAHAM - Brenva [ Mont Blanc ]
001451: BROWN, T.GRAHAM & DE BEER, GAVIN - The First Ascent of Mont Blanc
001142: BROWN, B - Astronomical Atlases, Maps and Charts an Historical and General Guide
001771: BROWN, T.GRAHAM & DE BEER, SIR GAVIN - The First Ascent of Mont Blanc
001694: BROWNE, REV G F - Ice Caves of France & Switzerland a Narrative of Subterranean Exploration
001162: BRUNNING, CARL K - The British Mountaineering Journal Vol 1 No 1 June 1932
001716: BRYAN, MARGARET - A Compendious System of Astronomy in a Course of Familiar Lectures . also trigonometrical and celestial problems, with a Key to the Ephemeris & a Vocabulary of the terms of Science used in the Lectures
000976: BRYCE, VISCOUNT - Memories of Travel
001672: BRYCE, JAMES - Transcaucasia and Ararat with a Supplementary Chapter on the Armenian Question
001822: BUHL, HERMANN - Nanga Parbat Pilgrimage
001639: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress from this World to that which is to Come
000973: BURDSALL, RICHARD & EMMONS, A - Men Against the Clouds the Conquest of Minya Konka
001298: BURLINGHAM, FREDERICK - How to Become an Alpinist
001872: HOWARD-BURY, BRUCE, NORTON, MALLORY, SOMERVELL & OTHERS - The Everest Trilogy - 3 vols, Mount Everest the Reconnaissance 1921; The Assault on Mount Everest 1922 and The Fight for Everest 1924.
001613: BUSK, MISS R H - The Valleys of Tirol their Traditions & Customs & how to visit them.
001939: BYRNE, WILLIAM (ENGRAVER) - Brittania Depicta; a Series of Views (with brief descriptions) ... Part V Containing Twenty-Eight Views in Cumberland.
001944: CABLE, MILDRED & FRENCH, FRANCESCA - China, her Life and her People
001740: CARR, GLYNN [SHOWELL STYLES ] - Swing Away, Climber
001138: CARR, HERBERT & LISTER, GEORGE - The Mountains of Snowdonia in History, the Sciences, Literature and Sport
001473: CARR, H - A Climbers' Guide to Snowdon
001363: CARY, R & NAUNTON, R. - Memoirs of Robert Cary, Earl of Monmouth, with Fragmenta Regalia Being a History of Queen Elizabeth's Favourites
001432: CATLOW, AGNES & MARIA - Sketching Rambles or Nature in the Alps & Apennines
001576: CAULFEILD, VIVIAN - How to Ski and How Not to
001206: CAVIEZEL, M - Tourist's Guide to the Upper Engadine
001926: CAZIN - The Phenomena and Laws of Heat
001174: CLARE, CONSTANCE LEIGH - The Brenner Pass Tirol from Kufstein to Riva
001931: CLARK, R - An Eccentric in the Alps the story of the Rev WAB Coolidge the great Victorian Mountaineer
001900: CLARK, R - A Picture History of Mountaineering.
001358: CLARK, RONALD - The Early Alpine Guides
001719: CLARKE, REV C C - The Hundred Wonders of the World, and of the three Kingdoms of Nature, described according to the Best and Latest Authorities, and illustrated by Engravings
001808: THE RUCKSACK CLUB - The Rucksack Club Journal Vols 1-6, Nos 1-24, 1907-1930
001764: THE CAIRNGORM CLUB - The Cairngorm Club Journal - with the coloured Panoramas
001293: CLIMBERS' CLUB - Climbers's Club Bulletin No 1 June 1911 to No 7 May 1913
001555: THE YORKSHIRE RAMBLERS' CLUB - The Yorkshire Ramblers' Club Journal Vols I - VI, Nos 1-22, 1899 -1936
001755: THE CLIMBERS' CLUB - The Climbers' Club Journal
001756: MEMBERS OF THE ALPINE CLUB - The Alpine Journal a Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation Volumes 1-41
001827: THE ALPINE CLUB, NICHOLS, R, JOHNSTON, A K - The Alpine Club Map of Switzerland in original Gilt Leather Box
001839: THE CAIRNGORM CLUB - Map of the Cairngorm Mountains 1895
001841: COCKER, MICHAEL - Wasdale Climbing Book. A history of early rock climbing in the Lake District based on contemporary accounts from the Wastwater Hotel 1863-1919.
001492: COLE, ARTHUR C - Studies in Microscopical Science Vol I
001829: COLLIE, J NORMAN F.R.S. - Climbing on the Himalaya and other Mountain Ranges.
001840: COLLIE, J NORMAN & STUTFIELD, HUGH - Climbs & Exploration in the Canadian Rockies
001147: CONWAY, SIR MARTIN - The Bolivian Andes a Record of Climbing & Exploration in the Cordillera Real in the Years 1898 and 1900
001796: CONWAY, SIR MARTIN AND MCCORMICK, A D - The Alps Painted By A. D. McCormick
001031: COOLIDGE, W A B (& SELLA, V) - Alpine Studies
001013: COOLIDGE, W A B - Swiss Travel and Swiss Guide Books
001668: CORNISH, J & T - Cornish's Strangers Guide Through Manchester & Salford
001237: COSTANTIN, M J - Aperçu historique des progrès de la botanique depuis cent ans (1834-1934).
001929: COXE, WILLIAM. - Sketches of the Natural, Civil, and Political State of Swisserland in a Series of Letters to William Melmoth Esq.
001938: [CRAMER, J A & WICKHAM H L] - A Dissertation on the Passage of Hannibal Over the Alps. By a Member of the University of Oxford.
001160: CRAMM, BARONESS HELGA VON - Sunbeams from the Alpine Heights Illuminated by the Baronesse Helga Von Cram
001324: CROOKES, SIR WILLIAM F.R.S. - A Practical Handbook of Dyeing and Calico Printing
000749: CUMMING, CONSTANCE GORDON - Granite Crags of California
001609: CUNNINGHAM, C D & ABNEY, SIR W - The Pioneers of the Alps
001410: CURWEN, HENRY - A History of Booksellers the Old and the New
001791: CURWEN, JOHN F - The Chorography or a Descriptive Catalogue of the Printed Maps of Cumberland & Westmorland
001482: CURZON, HON ROBERT - Armenia a Year at Erzeroom & on the Frontiers of Russia, Turkey & Persia
001917: DAGLEY, RICHARD [GASPEY, THOMAS] - Takings or, the Life of a Collegian. A Poem. Illustrated by Twenty-Six Etchings from Designs by R Dagley
001415: FOURIER (PUB GASTON DARBOUX - Oeuvres de Fourier publiées par les soins de M. Gaston Darboux, sous les auspices du Ministère de l'Instruction Publique Tome Second
001831: DAVIES, REV J SANGER - Dolomite Strongholds the last untrodden Alpine Peaks
001695: DAWKINS, SIR W BOYD - Cave Hunting Researches on the Evidence of Caves Respecting the Early Inhabitants of Europe
001942: DESIO, PROF ARDITO - Ascent of K2 Second Highest Peak in the World
001216: DESMAISON, RENÉ - Total Alpinism
000975: DINGLE, GRAEME - Wall of Shadows Jannu the New Zealand Adventure
001038: DIXON, WILLIAM HEPWORTH - The Switzers
000946: BAYERISCHE JUGENDHERBERGEN DJH - Mein Wanderbuch Bayerische Jugendherbergen
001847: DOCHARTY, WILLIAM MCKNIGHT - A Selection of Some 900 British and Irish Mountain Tops
001416: DOWDING, G V. - Book of Practical Television.
001304: DOWSING, WILLIAM - Rambles in Switzerland with Reminiscences of the Great St Bernard, Mont Blanc and the Bernese Alps
001646: DURHAM, W E - Summer Holidays in the Alps 1898 - 1914
001810: DYHRENFURTH, G O - To the Third Pole the History of the High Himalaya
001601: NOELTING E, LEHNE A & PIEQUET O - Le Noir D'Aniline et ses Applications a la Teinture et a l'Impression
001310: EASTON, JOHN - An Unfrequented Highway through Sikkim and Tibet to Chumolaori Inscribed by the Author
001235: PRELL & EBERLE (EDITEURS) - Souvenir du Lac des Quatre Cantons
001497: TRAVEL EDITOR (QUEEN NEWSPAPER) - The Queen Newspaper Book of Travel
001573: EGGLER, ALBERT - The Everest Lhotse Adventure
001188: EISELIN, MAX - The Ascent of Dhaulagiri
001925: FABRIKANT, MICHEL - Les Topo-guides de l'Alpiniste et du Randonneur en Corse IV Incudine Renoso.
001932: FAIRLIE, G - Flight Without Wings the Biography of Hannes Schneider [Skier}
001890: FARRER, REGINALD - Among the Hills
001106: FATIO, GUILLAUME - Ouvrons les yeux! Voyage esthétique à travers la Suisse.
001852: FERLET, RÉNÉ AND POULET, GUY - Aconcagua South Face
001666: FILIPPI, FILIPPO DE & SELLA, VITTORIO - Ascent of Mount St Elias (Alaska) by HRH Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoy, Duke of the Abruzzi
001880: FINCH, GEORGE INGLE - The Making of a Mountaineer
000937: FIRSOFF, V A - The Cairngorms on Foot and Ski
001309: FITZGERALD, E A FITZ GERALD - The Highest Andes
001584: FLEMWELL, G - Chamonix Pictured and Described By G. Flemwell
001941: MARQUIS DE LANGLE [FLEURIOT, JEAN-MARIE-JÉRÔME] - Tableau Pittoresque de la Suisse
001605: FORBES, JAMES D - Occasional Papers on the Theory of Glaciers now first collected & chronologically arranged.
001632: FORBES, JAMES D (FRS) - Norway & its Glaciers visited in 1851 followed by Journals of Excursions in the High Alps of Dauphiné, Berne & Savoy
001818: FORBES, JAMES D (FRS) & COOLIDGE, W A B - Travels through the Alps
001487: FRANCO, JEAN & TERRAY, LIONEL - At Grips with Jannu
001754: FRANCO, JEAN - Makalu 8470 m the Highest Peak yet conquered by an Entire Team
001845: FRESHFIELD, DOUGLAS - Round Kangchenjunga.
001864: FRESHFIELD, DOUGLAS. - The Exploration of the Caucasus with illustrations by Vittorio Sella.
001377: FRESHFIELD, DOUGLAS W - Below the Snow Line
001833: FRESHFIELD, DOUGLAS W - Italian Alps Sketches in the Mountains of Ticino, Lombardy, the Trentino, and Venetia
001236: GALILEO GALILEI, SALUSBURY, THOMAS (TRANS) - Discourse on Bodies in Water
001643: GATTY, MRS ALFRED - Parables from Nature
001853: GEORGE, H B & EDWARDS, E - The Oberland and its Glaciers Explored and Illustrated with Ice-axe and Camera with 28 [mounted] photographs by Ernest Edwards
001850: GERVASUTTI, GIUSTO - Gervasutti's Climbs.
001628: GIBSON, CHARLES R - Wireless Telegraphy & Telephony Without Wires
001832: GILBERT, JOSIAH & CHURCHILL, G C (F.G.S.) - The Dolomite Mountains excursions through Tyrol, Carinthia, Carniola & Friuli in 1861, 1862 & 1863.
001737: GIRDLESTONE, REV A G - The High Alps without Guides a Narrative of Adventures in Switzerland
001680: JUSTITIA [ GLADSTONE ] - A Voice From the North or a Humorous Account of an Interview between John Bull and the Rt Hon. W. E. Gladstone on the Repeal of the Malt Tax, & Its Effects on Farms, Brewers & Licensed Victuallers
001569: HUMPHREYS & GLASGOW - Carburetted Water Gas and Carbon Monoxide
001807: GOLDAMMER, HERMANN. [ FROEBEL ] - The Kindergarten A Guide to Froebel's Method of Education, Gifts and Occupations
001625: GOODMAN, E J - New Ground in Norway Ringerike - Telemarken - Saetersdalen
001849: GOS, CHARLES - Alpine Tragedy
001475: GOS, F - Zermatt and its Valley
000805: GOTTHELF, JEREMIAS (ALBERT BITZIUS) - The Story of an Alpine Valley or Katie the Grandmother
001470: GRAHAM, PETER & HEWITT, H B - Peter Graham Mountain Guide Autobiography
001285: GRAHAM, ALEC & WILSON, JIM - Uncle Alec & the Grahams of Franz Josef
001945: GRANDE, JULIAN - The Simplon Route a Guide
001851: GRANT, CAPTAIN RICHARD - Annapurna II
001881: GRAY, DENNIS - Rope Boy
001051: GREEN, W S - Among the Selkirk Glaciers being the Account of a Rough Survey in the Rocky Mountain Regions of British Columbia
001520: GREENLY, HENRY - The Ravenglass and Eskdale Narrow Gauge (15") Railway the Smallest Railway in the World an Illustrated History & Description of the Line, Its Locomotives & Equipment
001763: GREENWOOD, WILLIAM H - A Manual of Metallurgy
001554: GRIBBLE, FRANCIS - The Early Mountaineers
001040: BAILLIE GROHMAN, W A - Tyrol and the Tyrolese the people and the land in their social, sporting and mountaineering Aspects
001729: GROVE, F C - The Frosty Caucasus. An account of a walk through part of the range and of an ascent of Elbruz in the summer of 1874.
001503: GYGER, W J - Guide to Climbs in the Upper Engadine
001901: HACKMAIR, A - My Life as a Mountaineer.
001599: HALLIWELL, J O (FRS) & WRIGHT, THOMAS - A Collection of Letters Illustrative of the Progress of Science in England from the Reign of Queen Elizabeth to that of Charles the Second with Popular Treatises on Science written during the Middle Ages, in Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman & English
001751: HALLOWS, R W - Finding Foreign Stations Long-Distance Wireless Secrets
001891: HAMER, S - The Dolomites
001691: HAMERTON, P G - The Etcher's Handbook giving an Account of the Old Processes, and of Processes Recently Discovered
001543: HARMAN, MARY - An Isle called Hirte a History and Culture of St Kilda to 1930
001248: HARMON, BYRON - The Canadian Rockies a Series of Eighteen hand colored Vandyck Photogravures
001322: HARRER, HEINRICH - The White Spider the Story of the North Face of the Eiger
001079: HARVARD, A & THOMPSON, T - Mountain of Storms the American Expeditions to Dhaulagiri 1969 and 1973
001630: HASTIE, W [ WRIGHT, THOMAS ] - Kant's Cosmogony as in his essay on the retardation of the rotation of the earth and his Natural history and theory of the heavens. With introduction, appendices, and a portrait of Thomas Wright of Durham
000740: HASTON, DOUGAL - Calculated Risk
001300: HEIM, A & GANSSER, A - The Throne of the Gods an Account of the First Swiss Expedition to the Himalayas
001620: HENDERSON, WILLIAM - Notes on the Folk Lore of the Northern Counties of England and the Borders, with an Appendix on Household Stories By S Baring-Gould
001892: HIEBELER, TONI - North Face in Winter
001731: HODY, HUMPHREY - De Bibliorum Textibus Originalibus, Versionibus Graecis , & Latina Vulgata
001776: HOEK, HENRY - The Parsenn a Ski-ing Guide and Some Notes
001859: HOOKER, JOSEPH DALTON & BALL, JOHN - Journal of a Tour in Marocco [ Morocco ] and the Great Atlas
001721: HORNBY, EMILY & SIGNED BY FANNY L CALDER - Mountaineering Records
000620: HORROCKS, JEREMIAH - HORROX - WHATTON, REV A B - The Transit of Venus Across the Sun: a Translation of the Celebrated Discourse Thereupon by Jeremiah Horrox, to which is Prefixed a Memoir of his Life and Labours by the Rev A B Whatton
001073: HUBANK, ROGER - North Wall
001277: HUBANK, ROGER - Hazard's Way
001906: RUTTLEDGE HUGH - Everest 1933
001936: HUGO, VICTOR - The Alps and Pyrenees
000723: HUMBLE, B H & MCLELLAN, W M - Songs for Climbers
001133: HUMBLE, B H - Tramping in Skye
001217: HUMPHREYS, HENRY NOEL - The Coinage of the British Empire an Outline of the Progress of the Coinage in Great Britain and her Dependencies, from the earliest Period to the Present Time.
001444: HUMPHREYS, HENRY NOEL - The Coins of England a Sketch of the Progress of the English Coinage from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
001930: HUNTER, ADAM M.D. - An Essay on Two Mineral Springs, recently discovered at Harrogate; and on the Springs at Thorp-Arch and Ilkley; Including the history, chemical analysis & medicinal properties of these Waters...
001734: HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM - The History of the County of Cumberland
001788: HYNE, CUTCLIFFE - Adentures of Captain Kettle. Illustrated By Stanley Wood
001369: INGLIS, H D - Switzerland, the South of France and the Pyrenees
001652: JACKSON, MONICA & STARK, ELIZABETH - Tents in the Clouds the First Women's Himalayan Expedition
001648: JACOBI, C T - Printing. A practical treatise on the art of typography as applied more particularly to the printing of books.
001893: JACOTTET, J - Coloured Litho Prints - Ascent of the Rigi
001636: J. JACOTTET - Grand Tour in Switzerland
001836: JAMES, EDITH E COULSON - Bologna its History Antiquities and Art
001125: JAYNE, K G. - Vasco Da Gama & His Successors 1460 - 1580.
001933: JEFFERS, LE ROY F.R.G.S. - Tha Call of the Mountains Rambles Among the Mountains and Canyons of the United States and Canada
001928: JOHNSON, DR JAMES M.D. - Excursion to the Principal Mineral Waters of England in Pursuit of Health & Information. Cover 'Dr Johnson's Excursion to the English Spas'
001325: JOHNSON, CUTHBERT WILLIAM - On Fertilizers [ On Fertilisers ]
001534: JONES, REV HARRY - The Regular Swiss Round in Three Trips
001597: JONES, DR BENCE - The Life & Letters of Faraday
001854: JONES, OWEN GLYNNE - Rock Climbing in the English Lake District
001715: JOYCE, REV J - Scientific Dialogues intended for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young People: in which the First Principles of Natural and Experimental Philosophy are fully Explained
000887: KÄMPFEN, WERNER - Die Schweiz und ihre Gletscher Von der Eiszeit bis zur Gegenwart
001781: KELLY - Kelly's Directory of Westmorland with Coloured Map 1925
001747: KING, REV S W - The Italian Valleys of the Pennine Alps
001176: KLUCKER, CHRISTIAN - Adventures of an Alpine Guide
001897: KUMAR, COL N - Kanchenjunga
001934: LARDEN, WALTER - Guide to walks & climbs around Arolla.
001894: LARDEN, WALTER - Recollections of an Old Mountaineer
001072: LARDEN, WALTER - Inscriptions from Swiss Chalets
001937: LAYCOCK, JOHN - Some Shorter Climbs (in Derbyshire and Elsewhere) {Some Gritstone Climbs on cover]
000806: LEE, KATHERINE - In the Alsatian Mountains a Narrative of a Tour in the Vosges
001736: LEIGH, SAMUEL - Leigh's Guide to the Lakes and Mountains of Cumberland, Westmorland & Lancashire
001895: LÉPINEY, J & T. - Climbs on Mont Blanc.
001924: LÉPINEY, J DE; CHARLET, AR; DEVIES, L; GERMAIN, F; PERRET, R - Les Aiguilles Rouges de Chamonix
001047: LEWIS, C A ORGANISER OF PROGRAMMES BBC - Broadcasting from Within BBC
001819: LIEBIG, JUSTUS VON & BLYTHE, JOHN (ED) - The Natural Laws of Husbandry
001921: LINTON, E LYNN. - The Lake Country with Signed Letter.
001471: LODGE, SIR OLIVER - Past Years an Autobiography
001665: SIR OLIVER LODGE, APPLETON, ECKERSLEY, FLEMING ET AL - Harmsworth's Wireless Encyclopedia written for Amateurs and Experimenters by Experts in all branches of Wireless Science, Containing Upwards of 5000 Illustrations
001882: LONGSTAFF, TOM - This my Voyage
001278: LOWE, JEFF - The Ice Experience
001782: LUBBOCK, SIR JOHN (FRS) LATER LORD AVEBURY - The Scenery of Switzerland & the Causes to Which it is Due
001896: LUKAN, K - The Alps and Alpinism.
001097: LUNN, SIR ARNOLD - A Century of Mountaineering 1857-1957. Centenary Tribute to the Alpine Club.
001825: LUNN, SIR ARNOLD - Oxford Mountaineering Essays
001399: ANON [ FRANKLIN ]; CAPT MACKEY - Arctic Travels or an Account of Several Land Expeditions to Determine the Geography of the Northern Part of the American Continent
001115: MAGNONE, GUIDO - The West Face
001287: MAHONEY, MICHAEL - Harry Ayres Mountain Guide
001935: MALLESON, COLONEL G B - Captain Musafir's Rambles in Alpine Lands
001186: MARAINI, FOSCO - Where Four Worlds Meet Hindu Kush 1959
001912: MARAINI, FOSCO - Karakoram the Ascent of Gasherbrum IV
001816: MARBEN, ROLF - Zeppelin Adventures
001357: MARTINEAU, HARRIET. - The English Lakes.
001120: MARTYN, T - Sketch of a Tour through Swisserland to which is added a Short Account of an Expedition to the Summit of Mont Blanc by M. de Saussure
001817: MATHEWS, C E - The Annals of Mont Blanc - a Monograph
001330: MAUNDEVILE, SIR JOHN. HALLIWELL, J O - The Voiage and Travaile of Sir John Maundevile
001910: MAZEAUD, PIERRE - Naked before the Mountain
001582: MAZUCHELLI, ELIZABETH SARAH ('NINA') - The Indian Alps & How we crossed Them being a Narrative of Two Years Residence in the Eastern Himalaya & Two Months Tour into the Interior by a Lady Pioneer illustrated by Herself
001074: MEADE, CHARLES - High Mountains
001018: MERZ, JOHN THEODORE - A History of European Thought in the Nineteenth Century 4 Volumes
001029: MESSNER, REINHOLD - The Seventh Grade Most Extreme Climbing
001678: MILLSWOOD, G - The New Receipt Book containing a large collection of highly estimated Receipts . Brewing, making and preserving British Wines, dying, rural and domestic Economy .for the Use of Publicans & Housekeepers in General
001595: MILNER, C DOUGLAS [ WHILLANS COPY] - Rock for Climbing illustrated with 97 photographs by the Author [signed By Whillans ]
000919: MILNER, C D - Mont Blanc and the Aiguilles
001510: MOFFAT, GWEN - Two Star Red - a Book about R.A.F. Mountain Rescue
000615: MONZINO, GUIDO - Italia in Patagonia Spedizione Italiana alle Ande Patagoniche 1957-1958
001559: MOORE, A W & KENNEDY, ALEX (ED) - The Alps in 1864 a private Journal
001730: MORFIT, CAMPBELL M.D., F.C.S. - A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Soaps
001685: MOSELEY, SYDNEY & CHAPPLE, BARTON [ BAIRD, JOHN L ] - Television Today & Tomorrow with a Foreword By John L Baird
001626: MOSELEY, S A & H J BARTON CHAPPLE - Television Today & Tomorrow
001801: MUMM, A L - The Alpine Club Register 1857 - 1863
001600: MURRAY, JOHN - Elements of Chemistry in two Volumes
001857: MURRAY, W H - The Spurs of Troodos a Novel [ Signed ]
001858: MURRAY, W H - Five Frontiers a Novel [ Signed ]
001811: MURRAY, W H - Mountaineering in Scotland
001455: MUSPRATT, DR SHERIDAN - Chemistry Theoretical, Practical & Analytical as Applied & Relating to the Arts & Manufactures
001579: NEGRI, N C - The Valley of Shadows [ Lyngen, Norway ] Story of an Arctic Expedition
001326: NESBIT, J C - On Agricultural Chemistry and the Nature & Properties of Peruvian Guano
001761: NEWBY, ERIC - A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush
001362: NICOLSON, J & BURN, R - The History & Antiquities of Westmorland & Cumberland
001558: NOEL, CAPTAIN J B L - Through Tibet to Everest
001856: NOYCE, WILFRED - The Gods are Angry
001722: NOYCE, WILFRID - Climbing the Fish's Tail
001243: ODDFELLOWS - Laws & Regulations of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Loyal Miners Refuge Lodge No 1117 of the Manchester Unity, 10 Dec 1836
001448: OPPENHEIM, E C (& MCCORMICK, A D) - New Climbs in Norway an Account of Some Ascents in the Sondmore District
001688: OSWALD, JOHN CLYDE - A History of Printing its Development through Five Hundred Years
001637: OWEN, SIR RICHARD F.R.S. - Palaeontology or a Systematic Summary of Extinct Animals and their Geological Relations.
001798: PALLISER, MRS BURY - Brittany and its Byways
000747: PALMER, HOWARD - Mountaineering & Exploration in the Selkirks A Record of Pioneer Work among the Canadian Alps 1908-1912
001670: PARIS, T CLIFTON - Letters from the Pyrenees during three months' Pedestrian Wanderings Amongst the Wildest Scenes of the French and Spanish Mountains in the Summer of 1842
001365: PARKER, CHARLES A - The Ancient Crosses at Gosforth, Cumberland
000251: PARKER, CHARLES A - The Story of Shelagh, Olaf Cuaran's Daughter a Saga of the Northmen in Cumberland in the Tenth Century
001908: PARKES, SAMUEL - The Rudiments of Chemistry illustrated by Experiments and Copper-Plate Engravings of Chemical Apparatus
001368: PARKINGTON, JOHN A - To the Alps and back : memories, adventures and impressions of two tours in Switzerland
001589: PARTINGTON, J R - A History of Greek Fire and Gunpowder
001468: PARVILLE, HENRI DE - L'électricité et ses Applications. Exposition de Paris [1881]
001107: PASCOE, JOHN - Unclimbed New Zealand
000826: PEARSON, A - Annals of Kirkby Lonsdale & Lunesdale
001392: PENNEY, NORMAN (ED) - The Household Account Book of Sarah Fell of Swarthmoor Hall
001338: PEPPER, J H - Pneumatics Embracing the Air Pump and the Diving bell [ and Acoustics ]
001651: PIERRE, BERNARD - A Mountain Called Nun Kun
001268: PILKINGTON, LAWRENCE - The Hills of Peace and Other Poems
001230: PILLEY, DOROTHY - Climbing Days
001207: PRITCHARD, H BADEN - Tramps in the Tyrol
001323: PYATT, EDWARD C - Sandstone Climbs in SE England
001883: PYE, SIR DAVID [ & ERIC BYNE ] - George Leigh Mallory a Memoir
001135: QUINCY, JOHN M. D. - Pharmacopoeia Officinalis & Extemporanea or A Compleat English Dispensatory in Four Parts.
001902: RAEBURN, H - Mountaineering Art
001046: RAMSAY, SIR WILLIAM (FRS) - The Gases of the Atmosphere the history of their discovery.
001830: RATTI, ABATE ACHILLE [POPE PIUS XI] - Climbs on Alpine Peaks
001769: REBUFFAT, GASTON - Starlight and Storm the Ascent of Six Great North Faces of the Alps
001661: RENAULT, MARY - North Face
001606: RENDU, L. FORBES, G (ED) - Theory of the Glaciers of Savoy
001317: SWISS FOUNDATION FOR ALPINE RESEARCH - The Mountain World. Ten Volumes. 10 Vols.
001196: REY, GUIDO - Peaks & Precipices Scrambles in the Dolomites & Savoy
001767: RHODES, DANIEL P - A Pleasure-Book of Grindelwald
001772: RICKMERS, W RICKMER - Ski-ing for Beginners and Mountaineers
001658: ROBERTS, ERIC - Welzenbach's Climbs
001848: FRISON ROCHE, ROGER - First on the Rope; The Last Crevasse; Return to the Mountains - 3 Volumes
001774: ROGET, F F - Ski Runs in the High Alps
000810: ROMM, MICHAEL - The Ascent of Mount Stalin
000939: ROPER, STEVE & STECK, ALLEN - Fifty Classic Climbs of North America
001064: ROSCOE, SIR HENRY E & SCHUSTER, A - Spectrum Analysis
001920: ROSCOE, SIR H E, F.R.S. AND SCHORLEMMER, C, F.R.S. - A Treatise on Chemistry
001213: ROTH, ARTHUR - Eiger Wall of Death
001241: ROWELL, G A. - Electric Meteorology.
001865: RUTTLEDGE, HUGH - Everest the Unfinished Adventure
000756: SACK, JOHN - The Ascent of Yerupaja
001327: SCANTLEBURY, E [ED] - The Journal of the Fell & Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District Volume 1
001483: SCARR, JOSEPHINE - Four Miles High
001820: SCHEELE, CHARLES-WILLIAM - The Chemical Essays of Charles-William Scheele
001045: SCHLEIDEN, M J - The Plant a Biography . In Thirteen Lectures.
001060: SCHMID, H & STIELER, K - The Bavarian Highlands & the Salzkammergut
000934: SCHUSTER, LORD. - Mountaineering.
001055: SCIOBERET, PIERRE & CONGREVE, L DORA - Tales of Country Life in La Gruyère
001903: SCOTT, J M - The Will and the Way
001603: SHAIRP, TATE & ADAMS-REILLY - Life and Letters of James David Forbes F.R.S.
001635: SHAW, HENRY. - Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages from the Seventh to the Seventeenth Centuries.
001002: SHAW, ROBERT - Visits to High Tartary, Yarkand and Kashgar (formerly Chinese Tartary) and Return Journey over the Karakoram Pass
001692: SHEARER, J - Panorama seen from the Observatory on the Summit of Ben Nevis
001866: SHIPTON, ERIC - Nanda Devi
001862: SHIPTON, ERIC - Blank on the Map
001374: SIMOND, L - Voyage en Suisse fait dans les annees 1817, 1818 & 1819.
001050: SINDALL, R W - Paper Technology
001083: SINGER, CHARLES - Studies in the History and Method of Science
001712: SINGER, GEORGE JOHN - Elements of Electricity and Electro-Chemistry
000884: SMITH, ALBERT & MRS HALL - The Boy's Birthday Book / A Boy's Ascent of Mont Blanc
001745: HASKETT SMITH, W P - Climbing in the British Isles 2 Vols
001346: SMITH, ALBERT - The Story of Mont Blanc
001842: HASKETT SMITH, W P - Climbing in the British Isles 2 Vols in One.
001869: SMYTHE, FRANK - Secret Mission
001773: SMYTHE, FRANK - Climbs and Ski Runs Mountaineering & Skiing in the Alps, Great Britain & Corsica.
001879: SMYTHE, F S - Edward Whymper
001868: SMYTHE, FRANK - Kamet Conquered with SIGNED Letter
001919: SMYTHE, F S - Camp Six an Account of the 1933 Mount Everest Expedition
001615: THE METCALFE SOCIETY - Metcalfe History of the Clan
001775: SOMERVILLE, D M M CRICHTON, RICKMERS, W R AND RICHARDSON, E C (ED) - Ski Running dedicated to the Ski Club of Great Britain
001723: SOPER, J, WILSON, J & CREW, P - The Black Cliff the History of Rock Climbing on Clogwyn Du'r Arddhu
001375: SPENDER, HAROLD - Through the High Pyrenees
001835: STANFORD - Stanford's Railway and Road Map of England and Wales 1860
001780: STEEPLE, E W, BARLOW, G & MACROBERT, H - The Scottish Mountaineering Club Guide Island of Skye
001732: STEPHEN, LESLIE - The Playground of Europe
001657: STEVENSON, SETH WILLIAM - A Tour in France, Savoy, Northern Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, in the Summer of 1825, including some Observations on the Scenery of the Neckar and the Rhine
001431: STOCK, ELLIOT - Scrambles in Sunshine & Storm Among Swiss & English Alps
001821: STODDARD, FREDERICK WALCOTT - Tramps Through Tyrol - Life, Sport & Legend
001681: STRANG, JOHN LL.D. - Travelling Notes in France, Italy and Switzerland
001314: STRUTT, JOSEPH & HONE, W - The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England
000938: STYLES, SHOWELL. - Mallory of Everest.
001940: STYLES, SHOWELL - The Lost Glacier
001705: STYLES, SHOWELL - Mountains of the Midnight Sun
001490: CLUB ALPIN SUISSE - Les Cabanes du Club Alpin Suisse en 1927
001759: SUTTON, GEORGE - Glacier Island the Official Account of the British South Georgia Expedition 1954-1955
000633: SUTTON, G & NOYCE, W - Samson the Life & Writings of Menlove Edwards
001546: SVENSON, ROLAND - Lonely Isles being an Account of Several Voyages to the Hebrides and Shetland (& St Kilda )
001006: SWAN, H N - The Alpine Ski Guides Valais and Haute Savoie, Morgins and Champéry
001923: SYDENHAM, P H - Measuring Instruments: Tools of Knowledge and Control
001650: TASKER, JOE - Savage Arena
001667: TEGG, THOMAS - A Young Man's Book of Knowledge
001644: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Idylls of the King
001875: TERRAY, LIONEL. - Conquistadors of the Useless from the Alps to Annapurna
001779: THOMPSON, THOMAS - The History of the Church & Priory of Swine in Holderness
001531: THOMPSON, SIR BENJAMIN COUNT OF RUMFORD F.R.S. - Experiments to determine the Force of fired Gunpowder.
001472: THOMSON, J M ARCHER & ANDREWS, A W - The Climbs on Lliwedd
001242: THOMSON, THOMAS - The History of Chemistry
001709: THOMSON, JAMES F.G.S. - A New Family of Rugose Corals & Description of the Genera
001342: THOMSON, THOMAS - A System of Chemistry in four Volumes
001408: THOMSON, THOMAS - An Attempt to Establish the First Principles of Chemistry by Experiment
001876: TILMAN, H W - Snow on the Equator
001119: TILMAN, H W - Mischief Among the Penguins
001870: TILMAN, H W - China to Chitral
001502: TILMAN, H W - The Ascent of Nanda Devi
001748: TILMAN, H W - Mount Everest 1938
001871: TILMAN, H W - Nepal Himalaya
001898: TISSOT, V - Unknown Switzerland
000745: TOUBERT, M & SOLER, J - Excursions dans les Pyrénées-Orientales les vallées du Canigou
001760: TRANTER, PHILIP - No Tigers in the Hindu Kush
001762: TRAVERS, MORRIS W (F.R.S.) - A Life of Sir William Ramsay K.C.B., F.R.S.
001786: TUCKETT, ELIZABETH - How we spent the Summer or a Voyage en Zigzag in Switzerland & Tyrol.
001663: TUCKETT, FRANCIS FOX - A Pioneer in the High Alps Alpine Diaries & letters of F. F. Tuckett 1856 - 1874. Edited by W. A. B. Coolidge.
001784: TUCKETT, ELIZABETH F - Zigzagging amongst Dolomites
001011: TUTT, J W - Rambles in Alpine Valleys
001227: TUTTON, A E H - The Natural History of Ice and Snow Illustrated from the Alps
000999: TYNDALL, JOHN FRS - Essays on the Floating Matter of the Air in Relation to Putrefaction and Infection
001783: TYNDALL, JOHN FRS - Mountaineering in 1861 a Vacation Tour
001437: UMLAUFT, PROF F. - The Alps.
001655: VENABLES, STEPHEN - A Slender Thread Escaping Disaster in the Himalaya
001622: WADE, JOHN - The Black Book or Corruption Unmasked! with an Appendix 'New Parliament'
001406: WALKER, J HUBERT - Mountain Days in the Highlands & Alps
001916: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - My Life a Record of Events and Opinions
001568: WALTON, ELIJAH AND BONNEY T G - English Lake Scenery
000961: WARD, MICHAEL - Mountain Medicine a Clinical Study of Cold and High Altitude
001270: WARREN, H W - Recreations in Astronomy with Directions for Practical Experiments and Telescopic Work
000963: WATSON, SIR NORMAN & KING, E J - Round Mystery Mountain a Ski Adventure
001735: WEBB, MARIA - The Fells of Swarthmoor Hall and their Friends
000859: WEDEKIND, BEATE & TASCHEN, ANGELIKA (ED) - Alpine Interiors Alpen Interieurs Intérieurs des Alpes
001560: WELD, CHARLES RICHARD - The Pyrenees East and West
001506: WEST, LIONEL F - The Climbers' Pocket Book. Rock Climbing Accidents With Hints On First Aid To The Injured. Some uses of the Rope, Methods of Rescue, and Transport.
001233: WESTON, REV WALTER - The Playground of the Far East
000530: WHERRY, G - Alpine Notes & the Climbing Foot
000964: WHITE, WALTER. - Holidays in Tyrol
001907: HOLT-WHITE, R - The Life and Letters of Gilbert White of Selborne
001686: WHYMPER, EDWARD - Travels amongst the Great Andes of the Equator
000838: WHYMPER, EDWARD - Guide à Zermatt et au Cervin ou Matterhorn
000839: WHYMPER, EDWARD - Guide à Chamonix et dans la Chaîne du Mont Blanc
001331: WHYMPER, EDWARD - Scrambles amongst the Alps in the Years 1860-69
001861: WHYMPER, EDWARD - How to Use the Aneroid Barometer
001911: CARL GEROLD'S SOHN IN WIEN - Album Der Arlbergbahn [ Arlberg ]
001733: WILLIAMS, REV CHARLES - The Alps, Switzerland and the North of Italy with numerous Engravings
001461: WILLS, ALFRED - Wanderings among the High Alps
001828: WILLS, ALFRED - The Eagle's Nest in the Valley of Sixt a Summer Home among the Alps : together with some excursions among the Great Glaciers
001499: WILSON, ANDREW - The Abode of Snow Observations on a Journey from Chinese Tibet to the Indian Caucasus, Through the Upper Valleys of the Himalaya
001909: WILSON, CLAUDE M.D. - Mountaineering
000952: WISE, A TUCKER M.D. - Alpine Winter in its Medical Aspects with notes on Davos Platz, Wiessen, St Moritz and the Maloja
001787: WOLFF, HENRY W - The Country of the Vosges
001682: WOOD, CHARLES WILLIAM - A Month at Gastein: or, Footfalls in the Tyrol.
001417: WOOD, ANNIE ( HAVARD, HENRY) - The Dead Cities of the Zuyder Zee a Voyage to the Picturesque Side of Holland
000701: WORSFOLD, REV J N - The Vaudois of Piedmont A Visit to their Valleys, with a Sketch of their Remarkable History as a Church and People to the Present Date
000780: WRIGHT, G F - Man and the Glacial Period
001899: WUNDT, T - Das Matterhorn
001032: YELD, G - Scrambles in the Eastern Graians 1878 - 1897
001877: YOUNG, GEOFFREY WINTHROP - Freedom Poems
001033: YOUNG, THOMAS M.D. - A Course of Lectures on Natural Philosophy and the Mechanical Arts
001231: YOUNG, GEOFFREY WINTHROP - The Grace of Forgetting
001457: YOUNG, GEOFFREY WINTHROP - Mountains with a Difference
000719: YOUNGHUSBAND, SIR FRANCIS - Wonders of the Himalaya

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