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19305: - Smallholder's Harvest: Hay and Cereals from Crop to Barn
030892: - Preserved Buses - 5JP100 - 2009 Edition
17932: - Contemporary Indian Artists Montana/Wyoming/Idaho
024311: - Report of the Fourth Global Biodiversity Forum 1996: Montreal, Canada
031025: A. J. A. MORRIS - Army Records Society: The Letters of Lt. Col. Charles a Court Repington Cmg Military Correspondent of the Times, 1903-18
031420: A.P. WALTERS - The Margate R.N.L.I. Station and it's Lifeboats from 1860
028743: A.JOCK CAIRNS - The Book of Marlow
029856: A.E. COPPARD - Field of Mustard
031238: A.R. KAYE - Derbyshire's Bus Services. A Pictorial Observation of the Last Decade
030548: A.ROY HENDERSON - Crossing the Channel - A Review of Post-War Continental Ferry Services
029420: A. J. MULLAY - Sreamlined Steam: Britain's 1930s Luxury Expresses
030758: A.F.C. HILLSTEAD - Those Bentley Days
030936: A. BLACKBURN; J MACKETT - Railways and Tramways of Ryde
031129: ABBOTT, PATRICK; WALMSLEY, NICK - British airships in pictures: An illustrated history 1784-1998
026480: ABDY, CHARLES A. - History of Ewell
17262: ABDY, CHARLES A. - Epsom Past
021444: ABDY, CHARLES - Lost farms of Ewell: (Nonsuch Antiquarian Society Occasional Paper No.25)
026555: ABUZINADA, ABDULAZIZ H.; KRUPP, FRIEDHELM - The status of coastal and marine habitats two years after the Gulf War oil spill (Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg)
023821: ACHESON, ERMEST; ACHESON, ALEX - Memoirs of a Motorman
029151: ADAM WATSON; ROBERT MOSS - Grouse: The Natural History of British and Irish Species
18330: ADAMS JOHN & JORDAN, PAUL - Uruguay: Somos Un Pequeni Pais De Cuentos Breves - a Personal Anthology of the Uruguayan Short Story
020845: ADAMS, WILL; ADAMS, TRICIA - London : A Nostalgic Look at the Capital since 1945: Great Cities of the World past & Present
026035: ADAMSON, JOHN - Along the Arun
025365: ADAMSON, ROB - Oliver Cromwell and British Railways' Standard Pacific Locomotives (Famous British Locomotives)
031838: ADAMSON, JOHN - The Noble Revolt: The Overthrow of Charles I
022589: ADBURGHAM, ALISON - Shopping in style: London from the Restoration to Edwardian elegance
025803: ADDISON, SIR WILLIAM WILKINSON - Essex Worthies: A Biographical Companion to the County
031267: ADKINS, ROY A. - Trafalgar: The Biography of a Battle
031671: ADLEY, ROBERT - Countdown to 1968: Decline and Fall of Steam
030912: ADRIAN GREAVES; XOLANI MKHIZE - The Tribe That Washed its Spears: The Zulus at War
030165: ADRIAN B. RANCE - Southampton Then and Now
029463: ADRIAN STEWART - Carriers at War: 1939-1945
028588: AESOP - Fables
14514: AHLBERG, ALLAN - Mysteries of Zigomar
024036: AHLBERG, ALLAN; BRIGGS, RAYMOND - The Adventures of Bert
031854: AHLBERG, ALLAN - Collected Poems
18099: AHLBERG, ALLAN - The Bravest Ever Bear
15747: AHLBERG, ALLAN - Treasure Hunt
031679: AHLBERG, ALLAN; AHLBERG, JANET - It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
025718: AHLBERG, ALLAN; BRIGGS, RAYMOND - The Adventures of Bert
026095: AHLBERG, ALLAN - The Giant Baby
023396: AHLBERG, ALLAN - Woof!
19601: AIKEN, JOAN - Ghostly Beasts
028653: ALAIN PEYREFITTE - The Collision of Two Civilizations: The British Expedition to China 1792-4
029543: ALAN POSTLETHWAITE - The Last Days of Steam on the Southern: London and and South Western
031807: ALAN PALMER - Napoleon in Russia
031623: ALAN CROSBY - History of Woking
030759: ALAN BARWICK; MARJORIE CARREK - Henfield: A Sussex Villiage
029992: ALAN BENNETT - Untold Stories
031108: ALAN S PECK - The Great Western at Swindon Works
029196: ALAN F. TAYLOR - Folkestone (Images of England)
031280: ALAN PARKER - Shanklin Between the Wars
029823: ALAN HARFIELD - Pigeon to Packhorse: Illustrated Story of Animals in Army Communications
029990: ALAN COOPER - Air Battle of the Ruhr: RAF Offensive March to July 1943
029778: ALAN F. ALFORD - When the Gods Came Down
030791: ALAN W. BALL - Dorset Illustrated
030858: ALAN BIGNELL - Chatham & the Medway Towns (Photographic Memories)
030658: ALASTAIR ARNOTT - Maritime Southampton
028902: ALASTAIR ARNOTT - Maritime Southampton
029798: ALASTAIR ARNOTT; RACHEL SMITH WRAGG - Images of Southampton
031827: ALDER, KEN - The Measure Of All Things: The Seven Year Odyssey That Transformed the World
031868: ALDRED, DAVID H.; CURR, TIM - In & Around Bishops Cleeve Through Time
029695: ALEC BEILBY - Heroes All!: Story of the RNLI
031473: ALEXANDER MCKEE - The friendless sky: The story of air combat in World War 1
030426: ALEXANDER MCKEE - Tarquin's Ship: The Etruscan Wreck in Campese Bay
029230: ALEXANDER WINSTON - No Purchase, No Pay: Sir Henry Morgan, Captain William Kidd and Captain Woodes Rogers in the Great Age of Privateers and Pirates, 1665-1715
031677: ALEXANDER THAYER; ELLIOTT FORBES - Life of Beethoven
031338: ALEXANDER PIATIGORSKY - Who's Afraid Of Freemasons?
030159: ALEXANDER STILWELL - The Story of HMS Revenge
030561: ALEXANDER BARRIE - Mamod's Steam Power (Experts explain series)
031309: ALFORD, VIOLET - The hobby horse and other animal masks
030291: ALFRED GEORGE COURSE - Wheel's Kick and the Wind's Song: The Story of the John Stewart Line of Sailing Ships, 1877-1928
028595: ALISON UTTLEY - Little Grey Rabbit's Second Story Book
028986: ALISON GREEN - Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes
031631: ALISON GREEN - Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes: and how she came to tell them (Mother Goose's Rhymes)
030417: ALISON UTTLEY - Swans Fly Over
030097: ALISON M. ABEL - Make Hay While the Sun Shines: A Book of Proverbs
029015: ALISON UTTLEY - Fairy Tales
028331: ALLAN, MABEL ESTHER - Trouble at Melville Manor
023403: ALLAN, WILLIAM - History of the Campaign of Gen. T. J. (Stonewall) Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia: From November 4, 1861, to June 17, 1862
026508: ALLEN, PETER. - The 91 before Lindbergh.
023702: ALLEN, D.E. - The Flowering Plants And Ferns Of The Isle Of Man : An Annotated List
030794: ALLEN LEVY - Brilliantly Old Fashioned : The Story of ACE O Gauge Trains
026515: ALLISON, PHILIP; DRUMMOND, MALDWIN - The New Forest: A Photographic Record of 100 Years of Forest Life
026635: ALMOND, DAVID - My Dad's a Birdman
031415: ALMOND, DAVID - The Fire-Eaters
17902: ALTSHELER, JOSEPH A. - The Guns Of Shiloh
031823: ALVAREZ, A. - Offshore: A North Sea Journey
18003: ANAND, UMA - Mansions of the Sun : The Indian Desert Thaar
19627: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - A Christmas Greeting to My English Friends
022548: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN; CORRIN, STEPHEN - Ardizzone's Hans Andersen : Fourteen Classic Tales
13687: ANDERSEN, TREVOR - William Fletcher
022624: ANDERSON, ROY CLAUDE - Devils, Not Men: The History of the French Foreign Legion
025316: ANDERSON, P. HOWARD - Regional Railway Handbook 1: East Midlands
024318: ANDREAE, BERND; KESTNER, JEAN - The Economics of Tropical Agriculture
031065: ANDREW MOTION - The Customs House
030817: ANDREW BRITTON - Once Upon a Line, Reminiscences of the Isle of Wight Railways, Vol. 2
031800: ANDREW P. M. WRIGHT - Railway World Special - The Swanage Branch
030339: ANDREW SAUNDERS - Fortress Britain: Artillery Fortification in the British Isles and Ireland
029182: ANDREW SPIELMAN; MICHALE D'ANTONIO - Mosquito: The Story of Man's Deadliest Foe
029633: ANDREW P. HYDE - The First Blitz: The German Bomber Campaign Against Britain in the First World War
027951: ANDREW, MARTIN - Chichester: Photographic Memories
024738: ANDREW, MARTIN; FRITH, FRANCIS - Francis Frith's Around Reading (Photographic Memories)
031119: ANDREW LUCAS; JURGEN SCHMIESCHEK - Fighting the Kaiser's War: The Saxons in Flanders 1914-1918
15068: ANDREWS, JAMES - Reminiscences of Epsom: Being a Paper Read at a Meeting of the Epsom District Literary Sociey 0n 8th March 1903
028379: ANDREWS, IAN; HENSON, FRANK - Poole: The Second Selection ( Images of England)
030401: ANDY LITTLE - The Complete Carp Angler
029611: ANGELA CARTER - Sea-cat and Dragon King
030684: ANGELA TUCKETT - Scottish Carter : the history of the Scottish horse and motormen's association 1898-1964
030369: ANGELA CHERRETT - Alfa Romeo Tipo 6C: 1500, 1750, 1900
030503: ANN YEATES-LANGLEY - Lincoln: A Pictorial History
031123: ANNA BEER - Patriot or Traitor: The Life and Death of Sir Walter Ralegh
030355: ANNALENA MCAFEE - The Visitors Who Came to Stay
029244: ANNE FINE - Bad Dreams
030985: ANNE BORN - The Torbay Towns
031925: ANNE STRATHIE - Birdie Bowers: Captain Scott's Marvel
031738: ANNE BEBBINGTON; JOHN BEBBINGTON - The Box Hill Book of Bugs and Other Small Creatures
029312: ANON - Britain's Small Railways
023429: ANON - Surrey Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of the County Volume 92
20549: ANON - The Growth of London AD 43-1964, an Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum
026260: ANON - The County Borough of Ipswich Its Growth and Progress: A Souvenir
028427: ANTHONY LIGHT, GERALD PONTING - Fordingbridge and District: A Pictorial History (Pictorial History Series)
030769: ANTHONY BROWNE; MERIAN C. COOPER; EDGAR WALLACE; DELOS WHEELER LOVELACE - Anthony Browne's King Kong: From the Story Conceived by Edgar Wallace & Merian C. Cooper
031826: ANTHONY AIKMAN - Treehouses
029756: ANTHONY READ; DAVID FISHER - The Fall of Berlin
029070: ANTHONY BROWNE - Willy's Pictures
031307: ANTHONY CAWSTON & MICHAEL CURTIS - Arabian Days: Memoirs of Two Trucial Oman Scouts
031686: ANTHONY BROWNE - King Kong
029309: ANTHONY TRIGGS - Portsmouth Yesterday and Today
023434: APPLEBY, STEVEN - Miserable Families
030617: ARCH WHITEHOUSE - Subs & Submariners
029221: ARCHIE HUNTER - Wellington's Scapegoat: The Tragedy of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan
029651: ARTHUR PEARCY - A History of US Coast Guard Aviation ( United States)
030432: ARTHUR COTTERELL - First Emperor of China
028903: ARTHUR HAWKEY - Bligh's Other Mutiny
030174: ARTHUR R NICHOLLS - The London & Portsmouth Direct Atmospheric Railway: A Mere Puff of Wind
029368: ARTHUR COTTERELL - Chariot : The Astounding Rise and Fall of the World's First War Machine
021046: ASHER, MICHAEL - Get Rommel! : The SAS Mission to Kill Hitler's Greatest General
031354: ASHLEY, MAURICE - The English Civil War
021091: ASHLEY, BERNARD - Seeing Off Uncle Jack
15970: ASHTON, CHARLES - Time Ghost
031597: AUBREY BURL - Stonehenge: A New History of the Worlde's Greatest Stone Circle
025980: AUDEN, W. H.; BRITTEN, BENJAMIN - Paul Bunyan: Libretto
18077: AVILA, ALFRED; AVILA, KAT - Mexican Ghost Tales of the Southwest: Stories and Illustrations
026498: AWDRY, CHRISTOPHER - Over the Summit: How Britain's Railways Crossed the High Hills
026620: AYLWARD, BRUCE A.; ECHEVERRIA, JAMIE; LIZA FENDT; BARBIER, EDWARD B. - The economic value of species information and its role in biodiversity conservation: Costa Rica's National Biodiversity Institute
030669: B.W.L. BROOKSBANK - Triumph and beyond (EMCL 1939-1959)
030854: B. S. WATSON - Provincial Buses in Colour : 1960s
031112: B.K. COOPER - Great Western Railway Handbook
026621: B. GROOMBRIDGE;JENKINS, M.D. - Assessing biodiversity status and sustainability (WCMC biodiversity series)
031343: BAER, JOEL - Pirates of the British Isles
028206: BAINBRIDGE, JOHN - Hastings and Bexhill: Photographic Memories
027264: BAINBRIDGE, JOHN - Francis Frith's Around Weymouth
031751: BAKER, ANTHONY - A Battlefield atlas of the English Civil War
031113: BAKER, MICHAEL - The Waterloo to Weymouth Line
19168: BAKSHI, G.D. - War in the 21st Century
19172: BAKSHI, BRIGADIER G D - Afghanistan: The First Faultline War
029574: BALDWIN, NICK - Vintage Lorry Album: Number Two (No.2)
021993: BALEN, MALCOLM - A Model Victory: Waterloo & The Battle for History
025048: BALL, RICHARD - Mask of Aeschylus
028852: BALL, ALAN W. - Salisbury Illustrated: The City;s Heritage in Prints & Drawings
027302: BALL, ALAN W. - Winchester Illustrated: The City's Heritage in Prints and Drawings, 1656-1926
12977: BALL, D.W. - Loitering in the Lakes
031155: BALLARD, ROBERT D.; MCCONNELL, MALCOLM - Explorations: My Quest for Adventure and Discovery Under the Sea
024706: BANERJEE, JACQUELINE - Literary Surrey
20667: BANKOFF, GEORGE - Conquest of Brain Mysteries
031595: BANSTEAD HISTORY RESEARCH GROUP - Then and now: the changing scene of Surrey village life in Banstead
031039: BARBARA TUCHMAN - The Zimmermann Telegram
030054: BARBARA FULLER; BETTY TURNER - Bygone Uckfield
029401: BARBARA WILLARD - Snail & the Pennithornes Next Time
024211: BARBER, CHIPS; BENNETT, BILL - The Great Little Totnes Book
026249: BARBERO, ALESSANDRO - The Day of the Barbarians: The First Battle in the Fall of the Roman Empire
025185: BARCO, VIRGILIO - Second Kew Environmental Lecture
028419: BARKER, MALCOLM - Essence of Whitby
028485: BARRATT, JOHN - Armada 1588: The Spanish Assault on England (Campaign Chronicles)
031871: BARRATT, JOHN - Cavaliers: The Royalist Army at War 1642-1646
022078: BARRATT, JOHN - War for the Throne: The Battle of Shrewsbury 1403 (Campaign Chronicles)
030790: BARRIE PITT - Zeebrugge, St. George's Day 1918
021997: BARRUCAND MARIANNE; BEDNORZ ACHIM - Moorish Architecture in Andalusia
030502: BARRY BARNES - Barnes About Chess Problems B.P. Barnes : An Autobiographical Sketch With Selected Chess Problems
030488: BARRY AND MIKE HARRIS ARNOLD - Reshaping London's Buses
031695: BARTY-KING, HUGH - The Worst Poverty: A History of Debt and Debtors
15206: BATES, KENNETH F. - Enameling: Principles & Practice
031636: BATHURST, BELLA - The Wreckers: A Story of Killing Seas, False Lights and Plundered Ships
028384: BATHURST, DAVID - Around Chichester in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)
027358: BAUM, L. FRANK; ZWERGER, LISBETH - The Wizard of Oz
14601: BAWDEN, NINA - The Robbers
19426: BAWDEN, NINA - The Runaway Summer
021715: BAWDEN, NINA - The Robbers
025702: BAYNE-POWELL, ROSAMOND - English Country Life in the Eighteenth Century
14897: BAYNTON, MARTIN - Why Do You Love Me?
031789: BAZ, DANNY - The Secret Executioners: The Amazing True Story of the Death Squad Who Tracked Down and Killed Nazi War Criminals
029066: BB; WATKINS-PITCHFORD, D. J. - The Best of 'BB' - an Anthology
030653: 'BB' - Down the Bright Stream
19901: BEAMAN, S.G. HULME - Wireless in Toytown
19783: BEAMAN, BETTY & S.G. HULME - The Disgraceful Business at Mrs Goose's
027993: BEASLEY, JOHN D. - Peckham and Nunhead Remembered (Changing Times)
023400: BEAUMAN, FRAN - Shapely Ankle Preferr'd: A History of the Lonely Hearts Ad 1695 - 2010
16943: BEAVER, PATRICK - The Alsford Tradition : A Century of Quality Timber 1882-1982
029148: BECK, IAN - Peter and the Wolf
031756: BECKE, A.F. - Napoleon and Waterloo: The Emperor's Campaign with the Armee du Nord,1815 - Napoleonic Library
027355: BECKETT, DERRICK - Stephensons' Britain
14522: BEDARD, MICHAEL - Sitting Ducks
023166: BEECH. MARGARET - Peter the Cub
17639: BEECHAM, R. K.; BEECHMAN, R.K. - Gettysburg: The Pivotal Battle of the Civil War
031816: BEGG, EAN; RICH, DEIKE - On the Trail of Merlin: A Guidebook to the Western Mystery Tradition
027949: BELL, ARTHUR. - Pleasure Town: Cheltenham 1830-1860
030015: BEN MAILE - Enterprise on Canvas British Industry Through an Artist's Eye
031735: BEN MACINTYRE - Double Cross: The True Story of The D-Day Spies
028614: BENNETT, WILLIAM J. - The Childrens Book of Heroes
025237: BENNETT, DAPHNE - King without a Crown: Albert, Prince Consort of England, 1819-1861
029380: BENSON BOBRICK - East of the Sun: Conquest and Settlement of Siberia
031625: BENT J MUUS; PREBEN DAHLSTROM - Collins Guide to the Freshwater fish of Britain and Europe
031626: BENT J MUUS; PREBEN DAHLSTROM - Collins Guide to the Sea Fishes of Britain and North-Western Europe
027898: BENTLY, PETER - King Jack and the Dragon
19772: BENTON, TONY & PARISH, ALBERT - Upminster: The Story of a Garden Suburb
15418: BERESFORD, ELISABETH - The Happy Ghost
029974: BERLIE DOHERTY - The Midnight Man
029627: BERNARD IRELAND - Warships of the World: Submarines and Fast Attack Craft
029628: BERNARD IRELAND - Navies of the West
029689: BERNARD IRELAND - Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail: War at sea, 1756-1815
031803: BERNARD EDWARDS - War of the U-Boats: British Merchantmen Under Fire
029520: BERNARD EDWARDS - War Under the Red Ensign 1914-1918
024904: BERRIDGE, CLIVE - The Almshouses of London
026467: BERRY, PATRICIA - A Century Of Sutton: Events, People And Places Over The Last 100 Years
031608: BERRY, PATRICIA - Around Epsom in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)
025765: BERRY, GEORGE; BERRY, MARTHA - Under the Sun
023921: BERRY, PATRICIA - Century of Sutton
031703: BERYL COOK - Cruising
030118: BERYL FOLEY FISCHER - River Thames in Old Picture Postcards
028583: BETJEMAN, JOHN; GREEN, CANDIDA LYCETT - John Betjeman Letters: Vol 2: 1952 to 1984
028231: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Victorian and Edwardian London From Old Photographs
18442: BEVAN, BRYAN - Edward III: Monarch of Chivalry
027774: BICKERS, RICHARD TOWNSHEND - The First Great Air War
024815: BICKERS, RICHARD TOWNSHEND - Airlift Military Air Transport: The Illustrated History
031878: BICKERS, RICHARD TOWNSHEND - Home Run: Great Raf Escapes of the Second World War
021554: BIDDLE, GORDON; SPENCE, GEOFFREY - British Railway Station (Railway History in Pictures)
023595: BIGGS, MARGARET - Dilly Goes to Ambergate
028326: BIGGS, MARGARET - Bobby at Hill House
024277: BIGGS, MARGARET - The Two Families
18139: BILLINGTON, RACHEL - Rosanna and the Wizard-Robot
026417: BILLOWS, RICHARD A. - Marathon: How One Battle Changed Western Civilization
024448: BIRCH, CLIVE - The Book of Beaconsfield: An Illustrated Record
026768: BIRT, DAVID - Elizabeth's England
031489: BISHOP, PATRICK - Air Force Blue: The RAF in World War Two - Spearhead of Victory
031371: BITTERNE LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY - Bitterne before the by-pass
031502: BLACK, JEREMY - Warfare in the Eighteenth Century (History of Warfare)
031874: BLACKMAN, TONY - Vulcan Test Pilot: My Experiences in the Cockpit of a Cold War Icon
027534: BLACKMORE, DAVID - Blunders and Disasters at Sea
028841: BLAKE, QUENTIN - All Join In
029076: BLAKE, LEWIS - Before the War: A Portrait of bromley & District 1929-1939
026332: BLAKE, QUENTIN - Quentin Blake's Nursery Rhyme Book
17496: BLANCHARD, IRA - I Marched With Sherman: Civil War Memoirs of the 20th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
021787: BLANDFORD, EDMUND L. - Hitler's Second Army : The Waffen SS
14449: BLANN, ROB - Vintage Worthing: Images of a Lifeboat Town 1914-1945
17930: BLASSELLE, BRUNO - Chemins De Rencontre L'Europe Avant La Lettre
20334: BLENKINSOP, R. J. - Shadows of the Big Four
026725: BLEWITT, LYN; FIELD, BOB - Droitwich: a Pictorial History
16808: BLOOM, PAMELA - Amazon Up Close - the Passionate Adventurer's Guide to the Brazilian Amazon & the Pantanal
20131: BLUE, LIONEL - Blue Horizons
16320: BLYTH, M.R. - Fortune's Four - a Novel
029686: BOB OGLEY - Surrey at War 1939-1945
029088: BOB BURROWS - Fighter Writer: The Eventful Life of Sergeant Joe Lee, Scotland's Forgotten War Poet
022968: BOBRICK, BENSON - The Making of the English Bible
027243: BODO, PETER - Ashe vs Connors: Wimbledon 1975 - Tennis that went beyond centre court
031873: BONAVIA, MICHAEL R. - Four Great Railways
20229: BOND, MICHAEL - Monsieur Pamplemousse on the Spot
020934: BOND, MICHAEL - Paddington Helps Out
19411: BOND, MICHAEL - Paddington Takes the Test
031812: BOOKBINDER, PAUL - Marks & Spencer: The war years 1939-1945
024015: BOOKER, FRANK - The Great Western Railway A New History
031472: BOTHAM, NOEL; MONTAGUE, BRUCE - Catch That Tiger: Churchill's Secret Order That Launched the Most Astounding and Dangerous Mission of World War II
020915: BOTHWELL, JEAN - Romany Girl
12066: BOUCHER, ALAN - The Sword of the Raven
022233: BOULTER, MICHAEL C. - Darwin's Garden : Down House and the Origin of Species
19732: BOURGEOIS, SAMANTHA - The Stories That Shocked the Islands
031596: BOURNE SOCIETY - Then and now: The changing scene of Surrey life in Coulsdon & Purley
021258: BOWDEN, SCOTT;WARD, BILL - Last Chance for Victory: Robert E. Lee and the Gettysburg Campaign
021220: BOWEN, HANK - Queen's Gurkha Sapper: the story of the Royal Engineers (Gurkha), The Gurkha Engineers, The Queen's Gurkha Engineers 1948-1996
028459: BOWLER, TIM - Frozen Fire
031780: BOWMAN, MARTIN - Home by Christmas: Story of US 8th/15th Air Force Airmen at War
023321: BOWYER, CHAZ - Fighter Pilots of the RAF, 1939-1945
031900: BOWYER, MICHAEL J.F. - Aircraft for the Few: The R.A.F.'s Fighters and Bombers in 1940
031467: BOWYER, MICHAEL J.F. - Interceptor Fighters for the Royal Air Force, 1935-45
023661: BOYCE, FRANK COTTRELL - Cosmic
022430: BOYD, J. M.; BOYD, I. L. - Hebrides (Collins New Naturalist)
023750: BRACHER, TERRY; ARNOLD, MARION; JOSH, HANNAH; EATON, COLIN - Northampton (Images of England)
023696: BRADFORD, HARRY - Tales of London's Docklands
17928: BRADLEY, MICHAEL R. - It Happened in the Civil War
023801: BRADY, CIARAN;O'DOWD, MARY;WALKER, BRIAN MERCER - Ulster: An Illustrated History
031639: BRANDON, PETER - The South Downs
031693: BRANDON, DAVID; BROOKE, ALAN - Blood on the Tracks: A History of Railway Crime in Britain
030567: BRENDON MOORHOUSE - Forged by Fire: The Battle Tactics and Soldiers of a WWI Battalion: The 7th Somerset Light Infantry
027741: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M.; WOTTON, JOY - Elinor M. Brent-Dyer Collected Verse
027223: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Elizabeth the Gallant
026031: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Carnation of the Upper Fourth
024282: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Trouble at Skelton Hall
024475: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Kennelmaid Nan
13840: BRESLIN, THERESA - Remembrance
15862: BRESLIN, THERESA - Dream Master: Gladiator
024046: BRESLIN, THERESA - Saskia's Journey
18729: BREUER, WILLIAM B. - Secret War with Germany : Deception, Espionage and Dirty Tricks, 1939-45
022719: BREWER, JOHN - The American Leonardo: A 20th Century Tale of Obsession, Art & Money: A Tale of 20th Century Obsession, Art and Money
029453: BRIAN JACQUES - Marlfox
029297: BRIAN MILTON - Hurricane: The Last Witnesses: Hurricane Pilots Tell the Story of the Fighter that Won the Battle of Britain
030572: BRIAN EVANS - Bygone Ilford
031539: BRIAN HANDLEY - Graveyard of Steam
030392: BRIAN MACARTHUR - Surviving The Sword: Prisoners of the Japanese 1942-45
028842: BRIAN ALDERSON - The Arabian Nights
030453: BRIAN PLUMMER - The cottage at the edge of the world
030551: BRIAN COLLINS; TERRY POWELL - Old Crumlin to Pontymister in Photographs (v. 2)
030470: BRIAN BOND ET AL - Look to Your Front: Studies in the First World War by the British Commission for Military History
030729: BRIAN HARESNAPE; ALEC SWAIN - Churchward Locomotives: A Pictorial History
030728: BRIAN LAVERY - Nelson's Navy : The Ships, Men and Organisation 1793-1815
029765: BRIAN JACQUES - The Legend of Luke (A tale of Redwall)
029573: BRIAN LAVERY - In Which They Served: The Royal Navy Officer Experience in the Second World War
031283: BRIAN EVANS - Hornchurch, Elm Park & Harold Wood Through Time
031707: BRIAN PATTERSON - The Royal Navy at Portsmouth Since 1900
030402: BRICE, MARTIN H. - Stronghold : A History of Military Architecture
031209: BRIDGE, ANN - Moments of knowing: some personal experiences beyond normal knowledge,
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18098: FULLER, J.F.C. - Decisive Battles of the U.S.A.
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19096: GANSON, LEWIS - New Look at Card Fans
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18196: GARRISON, WEBB B. - More Civil War Curiosities : Fascinating Tales, Infamous Characters, and Strange Coincidences
17987: GARRISON, WEBB - The Encyclopedia of Civil War Usage : An Illustrated Compendium of the Everyday Language of Soldiers and Civilians
17923: GARRISON, WEBB - The Amazing Civil War: A Fascinating Collection of Little-Known Facts of the Four-Year Conflict That Changed America
029339: GARTH JAMES CAMERON: - From Pole to Pole: Roald Amundsen's Journey in Flight
029559: GARY L KILLION - The Convair twins, 240 to 640: One of the World's Most Successful Airliners
028578: GASS, IRENE - Dandy: The Story of a French Poodle
19948: GATER, DILYS - A Psychic's Casebook
031400: GATES, DAVID - The British Light Infantry Arm, c. 1790-1815
16143: GATHORNE-HARDY, JONATHAN - Cyril Bonhamy and Operation Ping
031001: GAVIN WEIGHTMAN - Eureka: How Invention Happens
022103: GEE, JACK - Mirage: Warplane for the World
028828: GEOFF GREEN - Bristol Aerospace Since 1910
031197: GEOFFREY PALMER; NOEL LLOYD - The Observer's Book of the Cotswolds and Shakespeare Country No 73
030905: GEOFFREY CARTER - Royal Navy at Portland Since 1845
029884: GEOFFREY BENNETT - Nelson The Commander
029352: GEOFFREY HOWSE - A Century of Sheffield
030998: GEOFFREY C. BEARE; W. HEATH ROBINSON - Heath Robinson Advertising (Cartoon library)
029500: GEOFFREY N. WRIGHT - Roads and Trackways of Wessex
030511: GEORGE DEAN; MAXINE BRADY - Chess Masterpieces: One Thousand Years of Extraordinary Chess Sets
030991: GEORGE S HEARSE - Tramways of Gatehead
030695: GEORGE FINKEL - The Dutchman bold: Abel Tasman
029079: GEORGE BOWYER; RAY POOLE - Staffordshire Moorlands: Portrait in Old Picture Postcards v. 2 (A Portrait in old picture postcards)
030919: GEORGE BLAKE - Poole Past and Present
030672: GEORGE WATKINS - Steam Engine in Industry (Historic Industrial Scenes)
030620: GERALD GOSLING - Beaminster (Towns & Villages of England)
029925: GERALD HOWAT - Plum Warner
029388: GERALDINE MCCAUGHREAN - The Oxford Treasury of Fairy Tales
027890: GERALDINE MCCAUGHREAN - Peter Pan in Scarlet
14643: GERAS, ADELE - Other Echoes
15915: GERAS, ADELE - Swan lake, The: The Magic of the Ballet
15253: GERAS, ADELE - Nutcracker, The: The Magic of the Ballet
028921: GERRIT J. KEIZER - The Complete Encyclopedia of Mushrooms
022805: GIARD, MICHEL - Rouen (Memoire en Images)

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