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14279: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: February 1756
14911: - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer for February 1750
10181: [CLELAND, JOHN] - Specimen of an Etimological Vocabulary, or, Essay, by Means of the Analitic Method, to Retrieve the Antient Celtic. By the Author of a Pamphlet Entitled, the Way to Things by Words, and to Words by Things.
14931: - The London Magazine for March 1741
14944: - The London Magazine for September 1746
14945: - The London Magazine for November 1746
11727: N/A - Victorian Children's Books. Selectes from the Library of the Victoria and Albert Museum London
13103: N/A - Le Tableau de la Croix Represente Dans Les Ceremonie de la Ste. Messe Ensemble la Tresor de la Devotion Aux Soufrances de Nre. S.I. C. Le Tout Enrichi de Belles Figures
14246: - The London Magazine and Monthly Chronologer Mdccxxxix
262: N/A - Grotesques at Wills Hall
15207: [STATE LOTTERY] - First-Drawn Ticket £10,000. Incomparable Scheme. State Lottery, 1804, Begins Drawing 13th of This Month. The Tickets... Are Now Selling, in Great Variety of Numbers...... the Money for Prizes Paid on Demand by Hornsby & Co. Stock-Brokers... . No. 26 Cornhill
1571: N/A - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, Sixth Series, Vol. XI
9441: [SANDERSON, SIR WILLIAM (1586?-1676)] - Aulicus Coquinariae: Or a Vindication in Ansvver to a Pamphlet, Entituled the Court and Character of King James. Pretended to Be Penned by Sir A.W. And Published Since His Death, 1650.
16010: N/A - The Gentleman's and London Magazine. For April, 1755
12206: [MANLEY, DELARIVIER A.K.A MARY DE LA RIVIERE MANLEY] - Secret Memoirs and Manners of Several Persons of Quality of Both Sexes. From the New Atalantis an Island in the Mediteranean. [with] Memoirs of Europe, Towards the Close of the Eighth Century
11761: N/A - Proporzioni. Annali Della Fondazione Roberto Longhi: Nuova Serie. II-III, 2001-2002
14997: N/A - Pietro Annigoni: A Retrospective Exhibition
10222: I.V.A.R. [COOKE, IOANNES: JOHN GAUDEN, WILLIAM PRYNNE, WILLIAM SEDGWICK ET AL] - Sylloge Variorum Tractatuum Anglico Quidem Idiomate & Ab Auctoribus Anglis Conscriptorum Sed in Linguam Latinam Translatorum; Quibus Caroli Magnae Britan. Franciae Et Hiberniae Regis Innocentia Illustratur Et Parricidium Injustissimè & Immanissimè... .
13570: [ROY W. & BARLOW, JEROME] - Rede Me and Be Nott Wrothe for I Saye No Thynge But Trothe. I Will Ascende Makynge My State So Hye, That My Pompous Honoure Shall Never Dye... . . [a Satire, in Verse, by W. Roy and Jerome Barlow Against Cardinal Wolsey]
3473: N/A - British Literary Manuscripts from the Folger Shakespeare Library,Washington D.C. : English Renaissance,C. 1500-1700
14948: - The London Magazine for February 1747
11758: N/A - Rubens y Su Epoca; Tesoros Del Museo Ermitage, Rusia
11756: N/A - Liechtenstein Museum Wein Die Sammlungen
17789: N/A - Dick and Sal at Canterbury Fair - an Early 19th Century Poem in the Kentish Dialect of the Period
14922: - The London Magazine for January 1744
12077: N/A - A Modest Enquiry Into the Causes of the Present Disasters in England, and Who They Are That Brought the French Fleet Into the English Channel, Described
9711: N/A - Pasajes: Spanish Art Today
14192: [ATRRIBUTED TO JOHN OWEN] - Moderation a Vertue: Or, a Vindication of the Principles and Practices of the Moderate Divines and Laity of the Church of England, Represented in Some Late Immoderate Discourses, Under the Nick-Names of Grindalizers and Trimmers. By a Lover of Moderation
15168: [BINCKES, WILLIAM] - A Prefatory Discourse to an Examination of a Late Book, Entituled an Exposition of the Thirty Nine Articles of the Church of England, by Gilbert, Bishop of Sarum. With an Examination of Some Passages in the Preface to the Exposition by Way of Appendix...
14275: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: August 1756
14255: - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer 1749
14941: - The London Magazine for June 1746
14942: - The London Magazine for July 1746
15360: N/A - An Impartial Account of Divers Remarkable Proceedings the Last Sessions of Parliament Relating to the Horrid Popish Plot, &C. Viz... . .
12451: N/A - Jonah, Judith, Ruth: Three Stories from the Old Testament King James Authorized Version (Illustrated by Michele Forgeois)
1608: N/A - Grundriss Der Romanischen Literaturen Des Mittelalters. Band X/1: Die Italienische Literatur IM Zeitalter Dantes Und Am ûbergang Vom Mittelalter Zur Renaissance.
16025: N/A - The Gentleman's and London Magazine. For November, 1757
4630: N/A - En Chantier: The Collections of the Cca, 1989-1999
4821: - Archaeological Sites and Churches in Northampton (Vol. V)
2224: N/A - Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery.
14950: - The London Magazine for June 1747
3519: [CHAPMAN, R.W] - Some Account of the Oxford University Press 1468 - 1926
15893: [CROSTHWAITE, PETER] - [ Maps of the Lakes ]
15038: N/A - Options and Alternatives: Some Directions in Recent Art
15359: N/A - From Aboard the Van-Herring. A Letter from Legorn, Decem. 1. 1679. [with] Another Letter from Legorn, to an Eminent Merchant in London [with] an Answer to a Letter Written by a Member of Parliament in the Countrey... 11th December, 1679
6961: N/A - The Fine Art of the Teddy Bear 2001
11770: N/A - Les Musées Royaux Des Beaux-Arts de Belgique: Deux Siecles D'Histoire
12211: A----R O----W [ARTHUR ONSLOW] - The Speech of the Right Honourable a-R o-W, Esq; S---R of the Hon---Ble H--Se of C----Ns; at the Bar of the H--Se of P---Rs, Upon Presenting the Money-B--Ls to His M-----y, April 29, 1740.
8895: [ARMSTRONG, JOHN] - Of Benevolence: An Epistle to Eumenes
14943: - The London Magazine for August 1746
1924: N/A [W. W. ROUSE BALL?] - The Kings Scholars and King's Hall: Notes on the History of King's Hall... .
10203: N/A - Renato Guttuso. Opere Di Grafica 1983 - 1987
3876: N/A - Money and Banking in Malaysia
4215: [SURTEES, ROBERT S.] - Ask Mamma or the Richest Commoner in England [2 Volumes]
5689: N/A - The Ashley Library a Catalogue of Printed Books, Manuscripts, and Autograph Letters Collected by Thomas J Wise with a New Preface by Simon Nowell-Smith [Complete in 11 Volumes]
7594: N/A - Museum of Ancient Art: A Selection of Works
13997: [MCHENRY, GEORGE] - A Familiar Epistle to Robert J. Walker, Formerly of Pennsylvania, Later of Mississippi, More Recently of Washington, and Last Heard of in Mr. Coxwel's Balloon.
14959: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: April 1762
14960: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: June 1762
6010: N/A - The 0. 303in Bren Light Machine Gun (1939, 1942 and Home Guard Pamphlets)
15010: N/A - Cross Currents: Ten Years of Mixed Media- a Royal College of Art Perspective
14913: - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer for April 1750
14939: - The London Magazine for February 1746
4942: N/A - The Debate at Large between the House of Lords and House of Commons at the Free Conference Held in the Painted Chamber in the Session of the Convention Anno 1688 Relating to the Word Abdicated and the Vacancy of the Throne in the Commons Vote
15034: N/A - Warhol Gems - June 2007, King Street, London
15035: N/A - Cubism 1910-1912
15352: [HOUSE OF COMMONS] - The Information of Francisco de Faria, Delivered at the Bar of the House of Commons, Munday the First Day of November... . 1680. Perused and Signed to Be Printed, According to the Order of the House of Commons, by Me William Williams, Speaker.
14278: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: June 1756
6345: N/A - Wiltshire Studies: The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine: Volume 102 2009
10206: N/A - Pisa: Iconografia a Stampa Dal XV Al XVIII Secolo
4775: N/A - Secret Court Memoirs Complete in 20 Volumes.
1912: N/A - Edward Cludd 1603 - 1678: Cromwelian Man of Affairs.
8098: - The Flintstones 3-D
8099: - Red Mask 3-D
486: N/A - Headlock - New Poetry Number 2 Autumn 1994
593: N/A - Catalogue of Printed Music in the British Museum. Accessions: Part 53 - Music in the Hirsch Library
701: N/A - Patrick Heron
905: N/A - The Folio Society Prospectus 1972.
1049: N/A - Stubbs and Wedgwood: Unique Alliance between Artist and Potter
1171: N/A - The Printers Tale
2193: N/A - National Maritime Museum Catalogue of the Library, Volume One: Voyages & Travel
2419: N/A - Bibliography in Politics, for the Honour School of Philosophy, Politics and Economics
2548: N/A - Computers and Early Books: Report of the Loc Project Investigating Means of Compiling a Machine-Readable Union Catalogue of Pre-1801 Books in Oxford, Cambridge and the British Museum
2724: N/A - Book Bindings from the Library of Jean Grolier. A Loan Exhibition 23 Sept -31 Oct 1965
3576: N/A - Catalogue of a Most Important & Interesting Collection of Early English Plays, the Property of the Lord Mostyn
4712: - Het Groot Sprookjesboek - de Mooiste Verhalen Van Grimm, Perrault en Vele Andersen (Illustraties Van Warwick Goble)
14004: [BROUGHAM, HENRY PETER, FIRST BARON BROUGHAM AND VAUX] - Orders in Council, or, an Examination of the Justice, Legality, and Policy of the New System of Commercial Regulations: With an Appendix of State Papers, Statutes and Authorities
1420: N/A - Francesco Michielin: Dipinti, Disegni, Incisioni.
1567: N/A - Transactions of the Lancashire & Cheshire Antiquarian Society Volume 91 for 1995
15175: [EARBERY, MATTHIAS] - An Historical Account of the Advantages That Have Accru’D to England, by the Succession in the Illustrious House of Hanover.
14912: - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer for March 1750
14193: [HARRINGTON, JAMES (1664-1693)] - A Defence of the Proceedings of the Right Reverend the Visitor and Fellows of Exeter College in Oxford· with an Answer to 1. The Case of Exeter College Related and Vindicated. 2. The Account Examin’D.
12076: [BOK, JUDGE CURTIS] - Commonwealth 'v' Gordon Et Al. The Opinion of Judge Bok March Eighteenth 1949
14952: - The London Magazine for September 1747
15985: J. D. - A True Narrative of That Grand Jesuite Father Andrews; Who Lived at Hardwick in Monmouthshire. How He Fled Into a Large Wood to Escape Justice. How He Came to an Untimely End, and the Manner of His Burial. In a Letter to a Friend in London.
14930: - The London Magazine for February 1741
14951: - The London Magazine for August 1747
14256: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: 1761
6792: N/A - The Halifax County Borough Directory, 1936
10180: [CLELAND, JOHN] - The Way to Things by Words, and to Words by Things; Being a Sketch of an Attempt at the Retrieval of the Antient Celtic, or, Primitive Language of Europe. To Which Is Added, a Succinct Account of the Sanscort, or Learned Language of the Bramins... .
15361: N/A - The Instrument; or, Writing of Association: That the True Protestants of England Entred Into, in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. While Her Life, and the Protestant Religion, by Hellish Popish Plots, Was Attempted... .
14935: - The London Magazine for October 1741
14936: - The London Magazine for November 1741
14964: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: December 1762
8088: N/A - Posse: Publishers of Strange Stories in Extremo No. 8
15358: N/A - The Tryals of Sir George Wakeman Barronet. William Marshall, William Rumley, and James Corker, Benedictine Monks. For High Treason, for Conspiring the Death of the King, Subversion of the Government and Protestant Religion... Fryday 18th of July 1679
15350: [KING CHARLES II] - His Majestie's Message to the Commons in Parliament, Tuesday the 9th Day of November 1680. Together with the Humble Address of the Commons to His Majesty, in Answer to the Said Message. Humbly Presented by Mr Speaker at the Banquetting-House... .
15366: [LEWIS, WILLIAM] - The Information of William Lewis, Gent. Delivered at the Bar of the House of Commons, the Eighteenth of November, 1680. Together with His Further Narrative Relating Thereto. In All Which Is Contained a Confirmation of the Popish Plot... .
3350: [BLAKE, WILLIAM] - Poetical Sketches. By W. B
717: N/A - Modern British and American Private Presses, 1850-65
11888: [MANDEVILLE, BERNARD] (1670-1733) - An Enquiry Into the Origin of Honour, and the Usefulness of Christianity in War. By the Author of the Fable of the Bees
14178: N/A - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
12450: N/A - Dialogues of Creatures Moralised. Being Ancient Fables, Curious to the Philologer, Interesting to the Lover of Natural History and Helpful to the Moralist.
14914: - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer for May 1750
14916: - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer for July 1750
14917: - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer for August 1750
14918: - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer for September 1750
15986: - The Whole Proceedings on the Trial of the Indictment, the King on the Prosecution of William Jones, Gentleman, Against the Rev. William Davies Shipley, Dean of St. Asaph, for a Libel, at the Assize at Shrewsbury... . .
16011: N/A - The Gentleman's and London Magazine. For May, 1755
14946: - The London Magazine for December 1746
14940: - The London Magazine for March 1746
11892: [GLEIG, GEORGE ROBERT] - The Chronicles of Waltham
9943: [MOON, MEREDITH] - A Checklist of Books on Music Published Before 1800 in the Bodleian
6950: N/A - Print: A Quarterly Journal of the Graphic Arts, Volume I, Number 2. September, 1940
6952: N/A - The Italian Book 1465 - 1900
14258: - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer 1748
3387: N/A - Handlist of Books in the Library of the Bibliographical Society
14954: - The London Magazine for December 1747
14955: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: January 1762
14957: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: February 1762
14267: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: September 1758
6658: [CANNING, GEORGE & GIFFORD, WILLIAM (EDS.) ] - Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin
3467: N/A - Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Medical Society
15354: [KING CHARLES II] - His Majestie's Gracious Speech to Both Houses of Parliament, on Thursday the 21st of October 1680.
14919: - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer for October 1750
14920: - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer for November 1750
14921: - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer for December 1750 + Appendix and Index
15172: [WALPOLE, HORATIO, 1ST BARON WALPOLE] - The Case of the Hessian Forces in the Pay of Great-Britain: Impartially and Freely Examin'd; with Some Reflections on the Present Conjuncture of Affairs. In Answer to a Late Pamphlet, Intitled, Considerations on the Present State of Affairs, &C
14615: [CRAIG, WILLIAM MARSHALL] - Description of the Plates, Representing the Itinerant Traders of London, in Their Ordinary Costume; with Notices of the Remarkable Places Given in the Background
14266: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: July 1758
15030: N/A - Anslem Keifer; Peintures de 1983 - 1984
14260: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: 1759
15883: [WHATLEY, STEPHEN] - Englands Gazetteer; or, an Accurate Description of All the Cities, Towns, and Villages in the Kingdom, in Three Volumes. Vol. 1 and Vol. II Contain a Dictionary of the Cities... . . Vol. III a New Index Villaris... .
3261: N/A - The History of the Charter-House
16012: N/A - The Gentleman's and London Magazine. For June, 1755
14947: - The London Magazine for January 1747
14949: - The London Magazine for May 1747
2519: N/A - Publishing History XIV
14262: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: February 1758
14263: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: March 1758
14264: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: April 1758
14953: - The London Magazine for November 1747
14938: - The London Magazine: 1745
6573: N/A - Musicians of the Millennium: A Biographical Guide to Members of the Worshipful Company of Musicians
15747: [CAMM, THOMAS & MARSHAL, CHARLES] - The Memory of the Righteous Revived Being a Brief Collection of the Books and Written Epistles of John Camm & John Audland, Those Two Faithful and Honourable Servants of the Lord, Who Were Called to the Work of the Ministry... .
14929: - The London Magazine for January 1741
8139: - The Monotype Recorder. Theory, Design and Practice in Visual Communications. New Series No. 5 September 1985
15962: - University of Bristol. Calendar 1938-39
16013: N/A - The Gentleman's and London Magazine. For August, 1755
14269: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: October 1758
5445: N/A - The Jewish Nation: Containing an Account of Their Manners and Customs, Rites and Worship, Laws and Polity
10204: N/A - Renato Guttuso. Opere Di Grafica 1983 - 1987
15346: N/A - Paris - Moscou 1900 -1930. Catalogue de L'Exposition 1979
14934: - The London Magazine for September 1741
16023: N/A - The Gentleman's and London Magazine. For August, 1757
14281: - The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer January 1750
15385: [GIBBINGS, ROBERT] - A Tale of Two Benches
7939: N/A - The National University [of Ireland] Handbook 1908-1932
14380: -
9055: [ATTRIBUTED TO CHARLES DAVENANT] - The Old and Modern Whig Truly Represented; Being a Second Part of His Picture and a Real Vindication of His Excellency the Earl of Rochester,... . and of Several Other True Patriots of Our Establish'd Church, English Liberty and Ancient Monarchy...
4980: [MONTEITH] - Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions, Chiefly in Scotland
1970: N/A - Bristol Medico-Historical Society Proceedings: 1995-99
2062: N/A - Economic and Social Benefits of Meteorological and Hydrological Services: Proceedings of the Technical Conference Geneva, 26-30 March 1990 (W M o Series)
1954: N/A - Lives of the Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 1974-1982
1969: N/A - Bristol Medico-Historical Society Proceedings: 1986-90
2815: N/A - Calendar of Assize Records: Surrey Indictments, James I
9728: N/A - Jacques Damase, Editeur: Visuelle Leidenschaft : 40 Jahre Buchkunstler Und Verleger in Frankreich
1944: N/A - The Brotherton Collection & Opening of the Brotherton Library
14923: - The London Magazine for February 1744
14924: - The London Magazine for April 1744
14925: - The London Magazine for August 1744
14926: - The London Magazine for September 1744
14927: - The London Magazine for October 1744
14018: [TRIPON, JEAN BAPTIST] - Traite Elementaire de Topographie Et de Lavis Des Plans. Illustre de Nombreuses Planches Coloriees Vvec Soin Et Precedee de Notions de Geometrie... .
15185: [FREDERICK II, KING OF PRUSSIA] - Memoires Pour Servir a L'Histoire de la Maison de Brandenbourg
14963: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: October 1762
13962: - Ukiyoe Shuka [Vol. 19] - Index
14874: N/A - Jack and the Bean-Stalk. A New Version.
14051: H.H.M. [HERBERT HENRY MARKS] - Pastoral or Virtue Requited
10261: [CHARLES I] - The Kings Maiesties Declaration to His Subiects, Concerning Lawfull Sports to Bee Vsed
10255: N/A - To the Right Honourable the Lords and Commons Assembled in Parliament, the Humble Petition of the Lord Major, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of London in Common-Councell Assembled. As It Was Presented by the Sheriffes, Common-Councell... .
15882: [SOAMES, JENYNS] - A Free Enquiry Into the Nature and Origin of Evil. In Six Letters to --- . The Third Edition, Amended
14933: - The London Magazine for August 1741
15363: [COMYNE, EUSTACE] - The Information of Eustace Comyne, Servant to Mr. Keadagh Magher Treasurer to the Papists in Ireland, of Their Mony to Carry on This Horrid Plot; Who Was Barbarously Murthered for Discovering the Same, and Turning Protestant... .
17788: N/A - The Tragical Death of A. Apple Pie
16009: N/A - The Gentleman's and London Magazine. For March, 1755
15174: - Justice Done to the Late Ministry: Or, the Charge of Their Designing to Make the Pretender King of Great Britain, Prov'd from Their Conduct to Be Groundless. And the Reasons for a Parliamentary Inquiry Consider'd.
11187: [PARDOE, F. E.] - Industry and Genius: Or, the Origin of Birmingham. A Fable. Re-Printed from a Copy of Aris's Birmingham Gazette, Dated 21st January 1751.
14932: - The London Magazine for June 1741
13952: - Ukiyoe Shuka [Vol. 8] - Fogg Art Museum, Harvard Univ. , Worcester Art Museum, Yale Univ. Art Gallery, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Nelson Gallery of Art and Atkins Museum of Fine Arts
16026: N/A - The Gentleman's and London Magazine. For December, 1757
13946: N/A - Chiswick Press Keyboard Typeface
6011: N/A - The Us 105mm M3 Howitzer. Us War Department Tm 9-1326 January 1944: Technical Data
10486: [CUNNAEUS, PETRUS] - Vierde Deel Van de Republyk Der Hebreen of Gemeenebest Der Joden
14271: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: December 1756
14272: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: November 1756
9192: [ATTRIBUTED TO THOMAS HAYTER] - An Examination of a Book, Lately Printed by the Quakers; and by Them Distributed to the Members of Both Houses of Parliament, Entitled, a Brief Account of the Prosecutions of the People Called Quakers,... So Far As the Clergy of the Dioceses of Oxford...
11186: N/A - Poetical Descriptions of Orkney (1652)
14909: - Unto the Right Honourable, the Lords of Council and Session, the Petition of the Presbytery of Paisley,... [Bound with] Answers for David Erskine, Clerk to the Signet, Patron of the Parish of Erskine; to the Petition of the Presbytery of Paisley.
15622: [BARLOW, EDWARD] - Meteorological Essays, Concerning the Origin of Springs, Generation of Rain, and Production of Wind. With a Rational and Historical Account of the Causes and Course of the Tide: Its Propagation Thro’ the Great Ocean; and Its Reception Into the Narrow Seas
14273: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: October 1756
12235: N/A - Collection de Danses Cosaques, Russes, Et Bohemiennes Pour le Pianoforte
11520: - Colony and Protectorate of Kenya: Report of the Development Committee, Volumes 1 & 2
14304: [HAMADY, WALTER] - Two Decades of Hamady and the Perishable Press Ltd. An Anecdotally Annotated Check List for an Exhibition at Gallery 210 University of Missouri/St. Louis
14937: - The London Magazine for December 1741
12058: N/A - Gouaches Di Graham Sutherland, a Cura Di Roberto Tassi
15169: - The Sense of an Englishman on the Pretended Coalition of Parties, and on the Merits of the Whig Interest
16017: N/A - The Gentleman's and London Magazine. For April, 1757
16016: N/A - The Gentleman's and London Magazine. For May, 1757
16014: N/A - The Gentleman's and London Magazine. For September, 1755
12028: N/A - Inauguration of the Royal Regiment of Wales (24th/41st Foot) and Presentation of Colours to the First Battalion by Colonel in Chief His Highness, the Prince of Wales. Cardiff Castle, 11th June 1969.
16008: N/A - The Gentleman's and London Magazine. For February, 1755
13998: [DYER, ELISHA] - A Summer's Travel to Find a German Home
14315: [OLD STILE PRESS] - Benedicte Omnia Opera
8557: N/A - Subterranean Lisbon. Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, 26 Frb. - 31 Dec. 1994.
7247: N/A - The Gold Fields 1887-1937
6934: N/A - The Calligraphic Arts of Ogawa Toshu
10116: [SHARP, H. FARQUHARSON] - Catalogue of a Collection of Early Printed Books in the Library of the Royal Society
14274: - The Gentleman's and London Magazine: September 1756
9838: VV.AA., - Pop Español Los años Sesenta. El Tiempo Reencontrado
3308: ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES - The Sale of Saint Thomas
15229: ACCUM, FREDRICK [FRIEDRICH] - A Practical Treatise on Gaslight; Exhibiting a Summary Description of the Apparatus and Machinery Best Calculated for Illuminating Streets, Houses and Manufactories, with Carburetted Hydrogen of Coalgas; with Remarks on the Utility, Safety... .
4389: ACKROYD, PETER - Chatterton
14994: ADAMS, NORMAN - Norman Adams : Colour Chart of a Way
15048: ADKINS, LESLEY & ROY - A Feild Guide to Somerset Archaeology
15867: AESOP - The Fables of Aesop Illustrated by Edward J. Detmold
15273: AESOP - The Fables of Aesop Illustrated by Edward J. Detmold
1544: AIRY, OSMUND - Charles II
9166: AITCHISON, JOHN; THOMPSON, W.F.K. - An Ensign in the Peninsular War: Letters of John Aitchison
2819: AITKEN, JOHN (ED.) - Census of Religious Worship, 1851: The Returns for Worcestershire
13408: AITKEN, REV P. HENDERSON - Some Notes on the History of Paper
4661: ALBERTI, L. DE & CHAPMAN, A.B. WALLIS (EDS.) - English Merchants and the Spanish Inquisition in the Canaries. Extracts from the Archives in Possession of the Most Hon. The Marquess of Bute
7054: ALFORD, B.W.E. & RODNEY LOWE & NEIL ROLLINGS - Economic Planning, 1943-51: A Guide to Documents in the Public Record Office
11255: ALLEN, WILLIAM & BANN, STEPHEN - Interpreting Contemporary Art
13538: ALLINGHAM, WILLIAM - The Diaries
9743: ALT, OTMAR - Otmar Alt
8134: AMES, JOSEPH & HERBERT, WILLIAM - Typographical Antiquities: Or an Historical Account of the Origin and Progress of Printing in Great Britain and Ireland: Containing Memoirs of Our Ancient Printers
14880: ANDERDON, FRANK J. - Private Presswork: Bibliographic Approach to Printing As an Avocation
4757: ANDERSON, ARTHUR JAMES - E.B. White a Bibliography
9594: ANON. - An Adventure
9510: ANONYMOUS [H. L. D'ERBIGNY] - Le Danger Des Passions Ou Anecdotes Syriennes Et Egyptiennes. Traduction Nouvelle par L'Auteur de L'Ecole de L'Amitie [2 Vols]
17786: ANSELL, EVELYN - Twenty Five Poems
13155: ANTILL, PETER D. - Japan 1945: From Operation Downfall to Hiroshima and Nagasaki
13131: ANTILL, PETER D. - Stalingrad 1942 the Tide Turns in the East
15019: ARAGON, LOUIS - Feu de Joie. Avec Un Dessin de Pablo Picasso
5756: ARBER, EDWARD - A List, Based on the Registers of the Stationers Company, of 837 London Publishers . Between 1553 and 1640, A. D
14979: ARCHER, MICHAEL & NORMAN ROSENTHAL - Apocalypse: Beauty and Horror in Contemporary Art
15184: ARETINO [PIETRO] - Geschichten Aus Aretino. Mit Fünfzehn Bildern Von Choisi-Nérac. Nicht IM Handel
13907: ARMSTRONG, ROBIN - The Painted Stream: A River Warden's Life
13945: ARMSTRONG, ROBIN - The Painted Stream: A River Warden's Life [Publisher's Dummy]
2492: ARNOTT, JAMES FULLARTON & ROBINSON, JOHN WILLIAM. - English Theatrical Literature, 1559-1900
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14714: GRANT, MICHAEL - Nero
13484: GRAVES, RICHARD PERCEVAL - Robert Graves and the White Goddess: 1940-1985
15744: GRAVES, ROBERT - The Siege and Fall of Troy
1792: GRAY, THOMAS - Poems by Thomas Gray
13427: GRAY, THOMAS - An Ode on a Favourite Cat Drowned in a Tub of Goldfishes
6283: GREEN, JONATHON - Chasing the Sun Dictionary Makers and the Dictionaries They Made
17787: GREEN, RON; HORSLEY, PATRICK ET AL - The Shingle of Memory
9447: GREENLEE, - Malrauxs Heroes & History
2674: GREENLEY, GORDON E. - Strategic Management
12399: GREENSTED, MARY & WILSON, SOPHIA (EDS.) - Originality and Initiative the Arts and Crafts Archives at Cheltenham
6472: GREEPE, THOMAS - WITH INTRODUCTION, NOTES & BIBLIOGRAPHY BY DAVID W. WATERS - The True and Perfecte Newes of the Woorthy and Valiaunt Exploytes, Performed and Doone by That Valiant Knight Syr Frauncis Drake... 1587
13197: GREGORY, WILLIAM - Outlines of Chemistry, for the Use of Students
2149: GRENVILLE-FREEMAN, G.S.P. - Chronology of African History.
9890: GRIESHABER, HELMUT ANDREAS - Hap Grieshaber; Coventry Cathedral June-July 1980 & St. Giles, Edinburgh August-September 1980
1485: GRIFFITHS, SIR PERCIVAL - Licence to Trade: History of the English Chartered Companies
11403: GRIFFITHS, BEDE - The Marriage of East and West
15006: GRISHIN, SASHA - David Blackburn and the Visionary Landscape Tradition
15007: GRONLUND, MELISSA & POLLY STAPLE - Frieze Projects: Artists' Commissions and Talks: Artists Commissions and Talks 2003-2005
1636: GROSE, DONALD - The Flora of Wiltshire
4920: CAPTAIN GROSE - Lexicon Balatronicum: A Dictionary of Buckish Slang, University Wit and Pick Pocket Eloquence. Compiled Originally by Captain Grose and Now Considerably Enlarged and Altered with Modern Changes and Improvements by a Member of the Whip Club......
15028: ARTEMIS GROUP - Fifteen Etchings by Rembrandt
10200: GROVES, NAOMI JACKSON - Ernst Barlach: Leben IM Werk. Plastiken Zeichnungen Und Graphiken Dramen Prosawerke Und Briefe
5752: GROWOLL, A. & EAMES, WILBERFORCE - Three Centuries of English Booktrade Bibliography: An Essay on the Beginnings of Booktrade Bibliography Since the Introduction of Printing and in England Since 1595
11771: GRUNCHEC, PHILIPPE - Les Concours D'Esquisses Peintes, 1816-1863, [Vol. 1]
9897: GRUTZKE, JOHANNES - Johannes Grutzke; IM Banne Der Provokation Pastelle
2223: GUIDICE, D.A. - Radio Astronomy: A Revision of Chpt 22, Handbook of Geophysics & Space Environments
9092: GUIDOTT, THO. [THOMAS] - A Discourse of Bathe, and the Hot Waters There. Also Some Enquiries Into the Nature of the Water of St. Vincent's Rock, Near Bristol: And That of Castle-Cary. To Which Is Added, a Century of Observations, More Fully Declaring the Nature, Property...
13048: GUINNESS, BRYAN - The Engagement
12149: GUNN, DR - The Parish Church of Peebles A.D. 1784-1885. Presbyterianism
8327: GUNTHER, DR. JORN - ANTIQUARIAT - Sechzig Rara (1466 - 1557)
15617: EDWARD LOMAX & THOMAS GUNYON (EDS.) - Nicholson's Dictionary of the Science and Practice of Architecture, Building, Carpentry, Etc. , Etc. , Etc. , from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time [2 Vols Complete]
3417: PREFACE BY HENRY GUPPY - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Mediaeval Manuscripts and Jewelled Book Covers Shown in the Main Library from January XII to December MCMXII Including Lists of' Palaeographical Works and of Historical Periodicals in the John Rylands Library Manchester
4705: DAS GUPTA, A. K. - An Essay in Personal Bibliography: Ranganathan Festschrift. Volume 2 : A Bibliography of the Writings on and by Dr S.R. Ranganathan (Ranganathan Series in Library Science)
6388: GURNEY, EDMUND - The Power of Sound
15369: DAFYDD AP GWILYM - Houses of Leaves. A Selection of Poems in Translation by Rachel Bromwich, with Drawings by John Elwyn
8335: HAARLEM, STADSBIBLIOTHEEK - De Zestiende Eeuw in de Stadsbibliotheek Haarlem
3844: HABGOOD, JOHN - The Concept of Nature
3845: HABGOOD, JOHN - The Concept of Nature
4824: HABGOOD, JOHN & PETER BURMAN - Treasures on Earth Good Housekeeping Guide to Churches and Their Contents
642: HACKMANN, W. D. & TURNER, A. J. (EDS.) - Learning, Language and Invention: Essays Presented to Francis Maddison
9719: HAENLEIN, CARL - Jannis Kounellis Frammenti Di Memoria
15314: HAFFNER, SEBASTIAN - The Meaning of Hitler
1632: HAGGARD, H. RIDER. - A Gardener's Year
10007: HAINES, C. R. - The Library of Dover Priory: Its Catalogue and Extant Volumes [Extract from the Library]
12853: HAKLUYT, RICHARD - The Tudor Venturers: Selected from the Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffics and Discoveries of the English Nation, Made by Sea or over Land
12273: HALE, SIR MATTHEW - A Letter from Sr Matthew Hale, Kt. Sometime Lord Chief Justice of England: To One of His Sons, After His Recovery from the Small-Pox
576: HALEVY, ELIE - A History of the English People 1895-1905
1482: BY HIS WIFE. PREFACE BY VISCOUNT HALIFAX - Life & Letters of W.J. Birkbeck, by His Wife
4167: HALL, RUPERT A. - Science for Industry : A Short History of the Imperial College of Science and Technology and Its Antecedents
7085: HALL, ROBERT E.; REISMAN, DAVID - Theories of the Mixed Economy: The Economic System in a Socialist State V. 2
1480: HALLIDAY, EUGENE - Collected Works of Eugene Halliday: Christian Philosophy
14287: COMPILED BY STEVEN HALLIWELL - Alan Clodd and the Enitharmon Press: A Checklist of His Publications, 1967-1987 and Private Printings, 1958-1998
9725: HAMANO, TOSHIHIRO - Toshihiro Hamano
4474: HAMILTON, G. H. - The Art and Architecture of Russia
9459: HANAGAN, MICHAEL P. - Nascent Proletarians: Class Formation in Post-Revolutionary France
4796: HANRAHAN, DAVID - Charles II and the Duke of Buckingham the Merry Monarch and the Aristocratic Rogue
12655: HARDY, THOMAS - The Return of the Native
15378: HARDY, THOMAS - The Three Wayfarers
3546: HARPER, KENN - Pangnirtung
3038: HARRIS, JOHN: LEVER, JILL & RICHARDSON, MARGARET. - Great Drawings from the Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects
12521: HARRISON, JOHN F.C. (ED.) - Utopianism and Education, Robert Owen and the Owenites
3451: HARTHAN, JOHN P. - Bookbindings
13201: HARTLEY, WALTER NOEL - Air and Its Relations to Life. Being with Some Additions the Substance of a Course of Lectures Delivered in the Summer of 1874 at the Royal Institution of Great Britian
1277: HARVEY, PETER (ED. ) - Dimensions of Buddhism (World Religions: Themes & Issues S. )
12404: HASBROUCK, W. R. (ED.) - Architectural Essays from the Chicago School: Thomas Tallmadge, Louis H. Sullivan, Jens Jensen, and Frank Lloyd Wright from 1900 to 1909
14298: HASSALL, JOAN - My Engraved Work [Extracted from 'the Private Library", Second Series, Volume 7: 4, Winter 1974']
1827: HATEFUTSOTH, BETH - A Century of Zionist Immigration to Eretz Israel
14320: HAUSER, FRANK - Dinosaur Days. Poems
4448: INTRODUCTION BY EMIL HAUSKNECHT - The Romance of the Sowdone of Babylone and of Ferumbras His Sone Who Conquered Rome
3964: HAWKES, JOHN W. & FASHAM, P.J. - Excavations on Reading Waterfront Sites, 1979-1988 (Wessex Archaeology Report)
11911: HAYNES, DEBORAH J. - The Vocation of the Artist
13942: HAZEL, JOHN - Who's Who in the Greek World :
13943: HAZEL, JOHN - Who's Who in the Roman World :
15187: HAZEN, ALLEN T. & LEWIS, WILMARTH SHELDON - A Catalogue of Horace Walpole's Library Volumes I-III [Complete]
12201: HAZEN, ALLEN T. - Eighteenth Century Quartos with Vertical Chain-Lines
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11890: HEAD, SIR GEORGE - A Home Tour Through the Manufacturing Districts of England in the Summer of 1835
12345: SELECTED AND INTRODUCTION BY TIM HEALD - The Best After-Dinner Stories
13120: HEALY, MARK - Kursk 1943: The East Turns the Tide
13117: HEALY, MARK - Midway 1942 Turning Point in the Pacific
15559: HEATH-STUBBS, JOHN - The Twelve Labours of Hercules
14021: HEAWOOD, EDWARD - Sources of Early English Paper Supply. II: The Sixteenth Century [Extracted from the Bibliographical Society Transactions]
11415: HECKER, JULIUS FRIEDRICH - Moscow Dialogues : Discussions on Red Philosophy
8588: HEIGHWAY, CAROLYN - East and North Gates of Gloucester
14855: HELEY, RICHARD - Jigsaw World; Poetry, Tall Tales, Paintings and Drawings
15988: HELLIER, H. ( REV. HENRY HELLIER (1826-1892), RECTOR OF NEMPNETT THUBWELL, SOMERSET) - Commonplace Book of Henry Hellier
8348: HELLINGA, LOTTE. TRANSLATED BY TOSHIYUKI TAKAMIYA - Caxton in Focus [Japanese Edition]
12734: HENDERSON, GEORGE & RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - The Age of Illumination [3 Volumes]: Early Medieval Art and Civilisation; Byzantine Art and Civilisation; Gothic Art and Civilisation.
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6827: HENNELL, COLONEL SIR REGINALD - The History of the King's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard: The Oldest Permanent Body Guard of the Sovreigns of England, 1485 to 1904
15109: HENRY, WILLIAM - A Review of Some Experiments, Which Have Been Supposed to Disprove the Materiality of Heat
1628: HENRY LEWIS, THOMAS ROBERTS, IFOR WILLIAMS - Cywyddau Iolo Goch Ac Eraill (Argraffiad Newydd)
9453: HEPPLE, BOB ET AL - Bibliography of the Literature on British and Irish Labour Law
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6860: HERRMANN, CHRISTA-MARIA - The Way of Raku
11698: HEWISON, ROBERT - Ruskin and Oxford: The Art of Education
13584: HEWLETT, MAURICE - A Ballad of 'the Gloster' & 'the Goeben'
479: HIATT, CHARLES. - Ellen Terry.
15237: HIBBARD, HOWARD - Michelangelo
12983: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Cities and Civilizations
13520: HICKEY, WILLIAM - Memoirs of a Georgian Rake
13198: HIGGINS, WILLIAM - Experiments and Observations on the Atomic Theory, and Electrical Phenomena
11173: HILTON, RONALD - A Bibliography of Latin America and the Caribbean, the Hilton Library
4794: HINES, JOHN - Pace of Change Studies in Early-Medieval Chronology
2901: HINTON, HAROLD C. - The Grain Tribute System of China (1845-1911)
6189: HOARE, SIR SAMUEL - A Flying Visit to the Middle East
13470: HOBERG, ANNEGRET - Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Munter
8892: HOBSON, FRED - Serpent in Eden: H.L. Mencken and the South
10199: HOFMANN, WERNER - Experiment. Weltuntergang Wien Um 1900
8401: HOLBROOK, NEIL - Cirencester: The Roman Town Defences, Public Buildings, and Shops (Cirencester Excavations V)
8085: HOLBROOK, DR M. L. - Physical, Intellectual and Moral Advantages of Chastity
13019: HOLFORD-STREVENS, LEOFRANC - A Short History of Time
12752: HOLFORD-STREVENS, LEOFRANC - A Short History of Time
13283: HOLFORD-STREVENS, LEOFRANC - A Short History of Time
7187: HOLLIDAY, MICHAEL - Making It New: John Cowper Powys and the Modernist Tradition
15884: HOLLIS, BARON DENZIL [1599-1680] - Lord Hollis His Remains: Being a Second Letter to a Friend, Concerning the Judicature of the Bishops in Parliament, in the Vindication of What He Wrote in His First; and in Answer to a Book Since Published Against It......
8243: HOLLIS, D. (ED.) - Calendar of the Bristol Apprentice Book 1532-1565. Part I 1532-1542
1913: HOLMES, REG - Cromwell's Ely
14341: HOLMES, EDWARD - The Life of Mozart Including His Correspondence
13141: HOLMES, TONY - Britain 1940: The Battle of Britain
13386: HOLMES, EDWARD - The Life of Mozart Including His Correspondence
1286: A. L. HOLT - Folklore of Somerset
1556: HOLT, THOMAS - Black over White: Negro Political Leadership in South Carolina During Reconstruction
11736: HOPE, SIR WILLIAM ST. JOHN - Recent Discoveries in the Abbey Church of St Austin at Canterbury. (Offprint, Archaeologia Cantiana, Vol 32. )
8811: HOPE, T. E. - Lexical Borrowing in the Romance Languages [2 Vols in Slipcase]
3872: HOROWITZ, DAVID - In the Heart of Events: Israel and the World Community. A Personal Perspective.
12183: HOSKEN, WILLIAM T. - Rhymes of a Cornish-Man
15110: S. L. GENTLEMAN OF THE LORD AMBASSADOR HOWARD'S RETINUE - A Letter from a Gentleman of the Lord Ambassador Howard's Retinue, to His Friend in London: Dated at Fez, Nov. 1. 1669. Wherein He Gives a Full Relation of the Most Remarkable Passages in Their Voyage Thither, and of the Present State of the Countries...
14015: HOWLETT, BARTHOLOMEW - A Selection of Views in the County of Lincoln Comprising the Principal Towns and Churches, the Remains of Castles & Religious Houses and Seats of the Nobility and Gentry with Topographical & Historical Accounts of Each View
5641: HOYT, EDWIN - The Pusan Perimeter, Korea, 1950
7022: HUDLESTON, C. ROY (ED.) - Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society. Volume LXXIV
12806: HUDSON, ROGER ( COMPILED BY) - London, Portrait of a City
12886: HUDSON, ROGER (ED.) - Nelson and Emma
12581: HUGHES, TED - Selected Poems, 1957-1981
12577: HUGHES, TED - Weasels at Work
12578: HUGHES, TED - Wolf-Watching
15612: HUNT, ROBERT (ED.) - Ure's Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines [3 Volumes Complete]
2057: HUNT, I. V. (ED. ) - Hill-Land Productivity: Proceedings of a Symposium of the European Grassland Federation. - Published As British Grassland Society Occasional Symposium No. 4.
14987: HUNTER, SAM & LARRY RIVERS - Larry Rivers
14839: HUNTER, MIC - The Twelve Steps and Shame
1057: HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER - The Fairy Land of England
11337: HUTTO, DANIEL D. - Wittgenstein and the End of Philosophy: Neither Theory Nor Therapy
15881: IBBETT, WILLIAM J. - A Greek Garland of Amorous Trifles
11357: INCE, JOHN - The Politics of Lust
3433: INEICHEN, GUSTAV (ED.) - Romanische Bibliographie 1971-1972 [3 Volumes] I. Verzeichnisse, Register, II. Sprachwissenschaft, III. Literaturwissenschaft
4152: INNES, BRIAN - The Book of the Havana Cigar
11190: ISAAC, PETER. - Some Alnwick Caricatures. A Note and a Handlist
5699: JACKSON, WILLIAM A. - An Annotated List of the Publications of the Reverend Thomas Frognall Dibdin, D.D. Based Mainly on Those in the Harvard College Library with Notes of Others
15616: JACKSON, MRS F. NEVILL - A History of Hand-Made Lace
1389: JACKSON, W. T. H. (ED. ) - Interpretation of Medieval Lyric Poetry
14993: JACKSON, RICHARD - Manual of Instructions for "the Maid's Room"
1469: SHIPHERD JACOB R (COMPILER) . - History of the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue
3298: JACOBS, MICHAEL - A Guide to Provence
8367: JACOBS, W.W. - Ship's Company
1194: JOYCE JAMES - Pomes Penyeach
10008: JAMES, C. W. - Some Notes on the Library at Holkham. [Extract from the Library]
2952: JANSSON, MAIJA (ED.) - Proceedings in the Opening Session of the Long Parliament: House of Commons: Strafford Trial - 22 March 1641-17 April 1641 Vol 3
2953: JANSSON, MAIJA (ED.) - Proceedings in the Opening Session of the Long Parliament: House of Commons: Strafford Trial - 22 March 1641-17 April 1641 Vol 3
14872: JAUFRE - Roman Arthurien Du Xiiie Siecle en Vers Provencaux Publie par Clovis Brunel [2 Volumes]
8390: JEDLICKA, GOTTHARD. - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
893: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - The Gamekeeper at Home.
11339: JEFFERS, ROBERT J - Principles and Methods for Historical Linguistics
5788: JEFFORD, C. G. - Observers and Navigators: And Other Non-Pilot Aircrew in the Rfc, Rnas and Raf
8700: JENKINS, JAMES RAVIS - Bibliogrpahy of Whaling
10163: JENKINSON, HILARY - English Current Writing and Early Printing
8222: JENKS, STUART - Robert Sturmy's Commercial Expedition to the Mediterranean (1457/8) with Editions of the Trial of the Genoese Before the King and Council and of Other Sources. : Bristol Record Society's Publications Vol. 58
11972: JESSUP, HELEN IBBITSON - Court Arts of Indonesia
3208: JESSUP, FRANK W. - Sir Roger Twysden 1597-1672
9875: JIANOU, IONEL & PELY, ANNICK - Marta Pan. Preface de A.M. Hammacher
7199: JOCHUM, K.P.S. - W.B. Yeats. A Classified Bibliography of Criticism. Including Additions to Allan Wade&Apos;S Bibliography of the Writings of W.B. Yeats and a Section on the Irish Literary and Dramatic Revival
8828: JOHN, GARDNER - The Life & Times of Chaucer
14016: [MOORE], JOHN, LORD BISHOP OF BANGOR - A Sermon Preached Before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; at Their Anniversary Meeting in the Parish Church of St. Mary-le-Bow, on Friday February 15, 1782,
9879: JOHNS, JASPER - Working Proofs
13049: JOHNSON, SAMUEL. EDITED & INTRODUCED BY MATTHEW HODGART - The Vanity of Human Wishes. The Tenth Satire of Juvenal Imitated by Samuel Johnson. With Eight Etchings by Denis Tegetmeier.
3300: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - The Lives of the English Poets
12290: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Lives of the English Poets
17785: JOHNSON, LYNDON [PAUL PETER PIECH] - The One Huge Wrong. President Lydon Johnson Speaking at Howard University in Washington on June 4, 1965, Analysing the Negro Problem.
3930: JOHNSTONE, JOHN K. - The Isle of Axholme; Its Place-Names and River-Names
10101: JONES, ROBERT - The Muses Gardin for Delights, or the Fift Booke of Ayres, Onely for the Lute, the Base-Vyoll and the Voice. Composed by Robert Jones. Edited with an Introduction by William Barclay Squire.
14157: JONES, SHIRLEY - Etched in Autumn
8396: JONSON, BEN - Volpone. Autoris. Dt. Ausgabe Von Margarete Mauthner.
11381: JORDAN, RUDOLF - Bridges to the Unknown: An Essay on Religion
7233: HAVEM RICHARD & JOSEPHINE (EDS.) - Samuel Taylor Coleridge: An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism and Scholarship, Volume 1: 1793-1899
10604: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS; GLATZER, NAHUM N. & W. WHISTON - Second Jewish Commonwealth: From the Maccabean Rebellion to the Outbreak of the Judaeo-Roman War
3440: JUDD, BERNICE: BELL, JANET E. & MURDOCH, CLARE G. - Hawaiian Language Imprints, 1822-1899: A Bibliography
2431: JUNG, HERMANN - Ullstein Autographenbuch Vom Sammeln Handschriftlicher Kostbarkeiten
16006: JUNIUS (PSEUD.) - The Letters of Junius
3953: KANDEL, ROBERT - Water from Heaven: The Story of Water from the Big Bang to the Rise of Civilization and Beyond
11439: KANT, IMMANUEL - TRANSLATED BY ABBOT, THOMAS KINGSMILL - Kant's Critique of Practical Reason and Other Works on the Theory of Ethics
689: KANTAR, EDDIE. - Topics in Declarer Play at Bridge.
2920: KAYE, BARBARA (MRS PERCY MUIR) - Second Impression: Rural Life with a Rare Bookman
2922: KAYE, BARBARA (MRS PERCY MUIR) - Second Impression: Rural Life with a Rare Bookman
2921: KAYE, BARBARA (MRS PERCY MUIR) - Second Impression: Rural Life with a Rare Bookman
11719: KEEBLE, BRIAN - Yourself the Finder Found; a Preface to the Poetry of Edwin Muir
15690: KEEGAN, JOHN & WHEATCROFT, ANDREW & WILSON, ALASTAIR & CALLO, JOSEPH F. - Who's Who in Military and Naval History (2 Volume Set in Slipcase) Keegan
9154: KEEGAN, JOHN - The Battle for History: Re-Fighting World War Two
10053: KEELING, DENIS F. - British Library History 1977-80: Bibliography
3475: KEELING, DENIS F. - British Library History: Bibliography 1985-1988
3293: KEELING, DENIS F. - British Library History: Bibliography 1985-1988
3292: KEELING, DENIS F. - British Library History: Bibliography 1985-1988
8693: KELLER, AUGUST - Bibliographie Universelle D'Apiculture: Elenchus Librorum de Apium Cultura
1421: KELLER, JOSEPH ET AL. - Arthurian Interpretations, Vol. 1 No. 1
1626: KELLY, DOUGLAS - Internal Difference and Meanings in the "Roman de la Rose"
1401: KELLY, DOUGLAS - Chretien de Troyes: An Analytic Bibliography: Supplement 1 (Research Bibliographies & Checklists
15964: KELLY'S DIRECTORIES - Kelly's Directory of Somersetshire 1927
8814: KELSEY, HARRY - Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
1413: KENNEDY, ANGUS J. - Christine de Pizan: A Bibliographical Guide (Research Bibliographies & Checklists)
9202: KENNEDY, MARGARET - Dewdrops
9203: KENNEDY, MARGARET - Dewdrops
15647: KERR, W.J.W - Records of the 1st Somerset Militia (3rd Bn. Somerset L.I. )
3385: KEYNES, GEOFFREY - A Bibliography of Henry King, D.D. , Bishop of Chichester

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