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49516: [GIBERNE, AGNES] A. G. - Willie and Lucy at the Sea-Side
49235: [NEEL, L. B.] AND [LOTTIN, A. M.] - Voyage de Paris a St. Cloud par Mer, Et Retour de St. Cloud a Paris par Terre
47175: SPOTLIGHT NO. 62 - JANUARY 1943 - The Spotlight Casting Directory for Stage and Screen - No. 62 January 1943
47176: SPOTLIGHT NO. 66 - MAY 1944 - The Spotlight Casting Directory for Stage and Screen - No. 66 May 1944
47174: SPOTLIGHT NO. 53- AUTUMN 1940 - The Spotlight Casting Directory for Stage and Screen - No. 53 Autumn 1940
47173: SPOTLIGHT NO. 49 - AUTUMN 1939 - The Spotlight Casting Directory for Stage and Screen - No. 49 Autumn 1939
47172: SPOTLIGHT NO. 43 - SPRING 1938 - The Spotlight Casting Directory for Stage and Screen - No. 43 Spring 1938
47170: SPOTLIGHT NO. 39 - SPRING 1937 - The Spotlight Casting Directory for Stage and Screen - No. 39 Spring 1937
28366: [ MENON ] - La Cuisiniere Bourgeoise, Suivie de L'Office, a L'Usage de Tous Ceux Qui Se Melent de Depense de Maisons. In Two Volumes.
35985: [ LATIMER, J. B. ] - Tables of the Tonnage of Ships Calculated According to the Rules Prescribed by Law, Including Every Description of Vessels from 12 to 600 Burthen: Together with a Complete Explanation of the Method of Admeasurement Etc Etc
49401: [SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH] - Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour
51617: F. E. H. - Writ in Remembrance [Original Photographs of East Anglia 1902]
35209: - The Huntingdon Papers (the Archives of the Noble Family of Hastings)
45489: (JACKSON, MARIA ELIZABETH) - The Florist's Manual, or Hints for the Construction of a Gay Flower-Garden; with Directions for Preventing the Depredations of Insects. Second Edition, Enlarged, with Observations on the Treatment and Growth of Bulbous Plants, Curious Facts
48540: [ COMMON PRAYER ] - The Book of Common Prayer the Pictorial Edition of the Book of Common Prayer
25287: - Delicious Dishes - a Reference Book for All Households
46459: - The Old Woman and Her Pig, an Old Story in a New Dress
49417: [WORLIDGE, JOHN] - Systema Agriculturae Being the Mystery of Husbandry Discovered and Laid Open by J.W. [Systema Agriculturae, the Mystery of Husbandry Discovered : Treating of the Several New and Most Advantageous Ways of Tilling, Planting, Sowing, Manuring,
45465: [ONWHYN, THOMAS] - Pleasures of the Water Cure: By a Patient Who Has Been Well Drench'd and Wrench'd and Restored to Health. Portraits of Celebrated Water Doctors
41526: [ WHATELY, THOMAS ] - Observations on Modern Gardening Illustrated by Descriptions
28401: [PANORAMA DES RHEINS] [RHINE] - Panorama Des Rheins Von Mainz Bis Coln Zu Haben Bu Gebr Avanzo in Coln [Together with] Guide Des Voyageurs Sur le Rhin Depuis Mayence Jusqu'a Cologne. Necessaire Pour Expliquer le Panorama Du Rhin Et de Ses Environs. [Rhine]
48812: [DICKINSON, EMILY] - A Masque of Poets. Including Guy Vernon, a Novelette in Verse - No Name Series
31330: [BERLIN] - Victoria-Album Von Berlin in 48 Ansichten Mit Plan Und Fuhrer
35339: [ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE] - Rudiments of Ancient Architecture, Containing an Historical Account of the Five Orders, with Their Proportions, and Examples of Each from Antiques Also, Extracts from Vitruvius, Pliny, &C. Relative to the Building of the Ancients. Calculated for the
33731: B. V. P. - The Art of Screen Play Writing - Including a Complete Screen Play of the World Famous Story Sinbad the Sailor
48839: [DENIS. MAURICE] - Maurice Denis 1870-1943
15064: [TEMPLE, SHIRLEY] - Shirley Temple Twinkletoes
46524: [ GUINNESS ADVERTISING ] - Untopical Songs
48545: [ PRIZE BINDING ] - The World's Workers ; Charles Dickens ; Handel ; Turner the Artist
40357: [MONTESQUIEU, CHARLES DE SECONDAT] - Considerations Sur Les Causes de la Grandeur Des Romains Et Leur Decadence. Nouvelle Edition a Laquelle on a Joint Un Dialogue de Sylla Et Eucrate
48810: [ARMSTRONG, MOSTYN JOHN] ? - The History and Antiquities of the County of Norfolk, Containing an Account of the Hundred of Depwade.
34916: (BECKMANN, MAX) - Max Beckmann, Die Nacht : Katalogbuch Zur Ausstellung in Der Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen Dã¼Sseldorf
37583: [ALFORD, HENRY] - A History and Description of the Restored Parish Church of Saint Mary, Wymeswold, Leicestershire
5573: [ YOUATT, WILLIAM ] - The Horse with a Treatise on Draught and a Copious Index Published Under in the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
39984: [ WILSON, JOHN ] - Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life
48320: [COLE, SIR HENRY] - The Veritable History of Whittington and His Cat
42360: - Dichtkundig Praal-Tooneel Van Neerlands Wonderen Eerste Deel
46937: [HELPS, SIR ARTHUR] - Friends in Council: A Series of Readings and Discourse Thereon
3906: [ALBUM VON BERLIN] - Album Von Berlin [King Jessie M. ] Cover Artist
42204: [VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS] - The Child's Companion and Juvenile Instructor 1874 and 1875
40459: [COLLINS, WILLIAM], [THOMAS GRAY], [LORD LYTTLETON] & [JAMES HAMMOND] - Poems by Mr Gray, Poems by the Right Honourable the Late Lord Lyttleton, the Poetical Works of Mr William Collins, to Which Are Added Mr Hammond's Elegies
47845: [SCANDINAVIAN PAINTING] - Dreams of a Summer Night: Scandinavian Painting at the Turn of the Century
46522: [ GUINNESS ADVERTISING ] - What Will They Think of Next? a Guinness Inventory
41376: [BERDON, MAURICE] - Maistre Pierre Pathelin, Farce Du Quinzieme Siecle.
48482: [ PLAYING CARDS ] - Playing Cards - the Arms of the English Peers
49433: [MASSON, CHARLES FRANCOIS PHILIBERT] - Secret Memoirs of the Court of Petersburg: Particularly Towards the End of the Reign of Catharine II and the Commencement of That of Paul I. Serving As a Supplement to the Life of Catharine II. Translated from the French.
43499: (BAYATI, BASIL AL-) - Basil Al-Bayati, Architect
40997: [ SCOTT, RICHARD ] - A Topographical and Historical Account of Hayling Island, Hants
34095: [ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS] - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Oxford
49469: [WOOD, JOHN RYLE] - Some Recollections of the Last Days of His Late Majesty King William the Fourth
52313: I.E.B.C. - Facts and Useful Hints Relating to Fishing and Shooting: Being a Collection of Various Methods for Capturing Birds, Beasts, Vermin, and Fish; Together with a Great Variety of Recipes of All Kinds Useful to the Fisherman and Sportsman...
38103: [ MAXIMES ] - Maximes Tirees de L'Ecriture Sainte, en Latin & en Francois. Nouvelle Edition, Revue & Corrigee
35683: . - A Companion to Shakespeare and Performance
48871: - La Mode Feminine
53697: A. M. - Cherrycomb and Silvertail : A Tragedy in 2 Acts. Being a Page from the Log of the Good Ship Nile, Containing the Only True Account Yet Published of the Lives, Loves & Adventures of Cherrycomb & Silvertail
44029: [JACOBITE SONG] - The Jacobite Songs of Scotland Chronologically Arranged, with Notes
33346: - The Order of the Administration of the Lord's Supper or Holy Communion
5871: - The Gentle Life, Essays in Aid of the Formation of Character
3942: [PEARSON'S] - Pearson's Photographic Portfolio ; Footlight Favorites of Footlight Favourites by Eminent Photographers
37336: (THUN, MATTEO) - Matteo Thun: (Designer Monographs, Vol. 2)
27427: [YOUNG, EDWARD] - Love of Fame, the Universal Passion. In Seven Characteristical Satires.
49984: [EXHIBITION CATALOGUE] - Light Dimensions. The Exhibition of the Evolution of Holography
33751: [ RITSON, JOSEPH ] - Bibliographia Poetica: A Catalogue of Engleish Poets, of the Twelfth to the Sixteenth Centurys, with a Short Account of Their Works [ English ]
52692: [LUTYENS, SIR EDWIN] - Lutyens - the Work of the English Architect Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869 - 1944)
45745: AQUINAS AND EDITED BY A. P. D'ENTREVES - Aquinas: Selected Political Writings
30116: ABBOT, CHARLES D.; WYETH, N. C. - Howard Pyle. A Chronicle
46404: ABRAHAM, GERALD - On Russian Music: Critical and Historical Studies of Glinka's Operas, Balakirev's Works, Etc... .
46403: ABRAHAM, GERALD - Studies in Russian Music: Critical Essays on the Most Important of Rimsky-Korsakov's Operas, Borodin's 'Prince Igor'...
46450: ABRAHAM, RALPH, RUPERT SHELDRAKE, TERENCE MCKENNA - The Evolutionary Mind: Trialogues at the Edge of the Unthinkable
50632: ABRAHAMS, I. - Studies in Pharisaism and the Gospels. First and Second Series. Two Volumes
49099: ACADEMIA REGALIS SERBICA AND PUPIN, MICH. - Decani. Two Volumes [Decani Serbian Orthodox Monastery] Monumenta Jugoslaviae Artis Veteris Series Prima Monumenta Serbica Artis Mediaevalis Liber II
40868: ACHDJIAN, ALBERT - Le Tapis /the Rug; Un Art Fondamental / a Fundamental Art
53577: ACHEBE, CHINUA - A Man of the People
51909: ACHERMANN, BEDA - Big Time: The Legendary Style of Manner Vogue 1984-1989
53446: ACHERMANN, BEDA (EDITOR) - Alfredo Haberli Design Live
48079: ACIDINI-LUCHINAT, CRISTINA (EDITOR) - The Chapel of the Magi : Benozzo Gozzoli's Frescoes in the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, Florence
53576: ACKERMANN, RUDOLPH - The History of St. Paul's School [History of the Public Schools]
41228: ACKROYD, PETER - London Lickpenny
39237: ACKROYD, PETER - The Diversions of Purley : And Other Poems
51212: ACTON, HAROLD - The Villas of Tuscany
46305: ACTON, HAROLD - Tuscan Villas
44764: ACTON, HAROLD - Tuscan Villas
53140: ADAM, PETER - Eileen Gray - Architect / Designer : A Biography
42311: ADAMS, HENRY - The Education of Henry Adams Illustrated with Portraits of the Author's Family, of His Friends, and of Leading Figures of the Day
53713: ADAMS, PERCY G. - Travelers and Travel Liars 1660-1800
51460: ADAMS, ANSEL - Basic Photo. 1. Camera & Lens. 2. The Negative. 3. The Print. 4. Natural-Light Photography. 4 Volume Set
51361: ST. JOHN ADCOCK - A Book of Bohemians
50072: ADDISON, JOSEPH AND RICHARD STEELE AND OTHERS - The British Classics. In 24 Volumes Complete. The Tatler (4 Vols), the Spectator (8 Vols), the Guardian (2 Vols), the Rambler (4 Vols), the Adventurer (4 Vols), the Idler (2 Vols)
51564: ADDISON, JOSEPH AND RICHARD STEELE AND OTHERS - The Spectator. In Eight Volumes
53098: ADDISON, JOSEPH WITH NOTES BY RICHARD HURD - The Works of the Right Honourable Joseph Addison. A New Edition, with Large Additions, Chiefly Unpublished, Collected and Edited by Henry G. Bohn. In Six Volumes
53349: ADDISS, STEPHEN WITH AN ESSAY BY FUMIKO Y. YAMAMOTO - Haiga: Takebe Socho and the Haiku-Painting Tradition
53348: ADDISS, STEPHEN - Tall Mountains and Flowing Waters : The Arts of Uragami Gyokudo
43235: ADLER, PETER & BARNARD, NICHOLAS - African Majesty: Textile Art of the Ashanti and Ewe
52115: ADRIANI, GOTZ - Toulouse-Lautrec : The Complete Graphic Works - a Catalogue Raisonne - the Gerstenberg Collection
52947: AESOP - Fables of Aesop
38997: AGHINA, GUIDO - Gli Annitrenta: Arte E Cultura in Italia
44142: D'AGLIANO, ANDREINA ALESSANDRO BIANCALANA ; LUCA MELEGATI ; GINO TURCHI ; MANIFATTURA GINORI; - Lucca E le Porcellane Della Manifattura Ginori Commissioni Patrizie E Ordinativi Di Corte ; Lucca and the Porcelain of the Ginori Manufactory. Works Commissioned by Aristocratic Families and Court Patronage
35865: AICKMAN, ROBERT - The River Runs Uphill : A Story of Success and Failure
47754: AIKEMA, BERNARD & BROWN, BEVERLY LOUISE ( EDITORS ) - IL Rinascimento a Venezia E la Pittura Del Nord Ai Tempi Del Bellini, Durer, Tiziano
50734: AIKEN, JOAN - The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
48439: AIKEN, LUCY - Memoirs of the Court of King James the First
3512: AIMARD, GUSTAVE [ GLOUX, OLIVIER ] - Tiger Slayer - a Tale of the Indian Desert
52577: AINSLIE, KATHLEEN - Lady Tabitha and Us
51630: AINSWORTH, W. HARRISON - Jack Sheppard
50069: AKENSIDE, MARK - The Poetical Works of Mark Akenside, M.D. With the Virtuoso, a Fragment Never Before Published, and the Life of the Author
52419: AKENSIDE, MARK - The Poetical Works of Mark Akenside. With the Life of the Author. Bell's Edition. The Poets of Great Britain. In Two Volumes
37119: ALBRECHT, DONALD - The Work of Charles and Ray Eames : A Legacy of Invention
39992: ALDRICH, RICHARD J. - The Key to the South : Britain, the United States, and Thailand During the Approach of the Pacific War, 1929-1942
5610: ALEXANDER, JONATHAN J. - The Painted Page: Italian Renaissance Book Illumination, 1450-1550
51816: ALFORD, FRANK - Brangwyn in His Studio : The Diary of His Assistant Frank Alford
35138: TENNYSON ALFRED - Idylls of the King - Vivien - Elaine - Enid - Guinevere
53574: DANTE ALIGHIERI - La Divina Commedia or the Divine Vision of Dante Alighieri in Italian and English [Divine Comedy]
46801: DANTE ALIGHIERI - The Divine Comedy
44435: ALISIO, GIANCARLO, BRIGITTE DAPRA AND OTHERS - IL Mito E L'Immagine: Capri, Ischia E Procida Nella Pittura Dal '600 Ai Primi Del '900
49392: ALISON, ARCHIBALD - History of Europe. From the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Restoration of the Bourbons in Mdcccxv [14 Volumes]. From the Fall of Napoleon in Mdcccxv to the Accession of Louis Napoleon in Mdccclii [8 Volumes]. Index Volume. Complete in
53228: ALISON, ARCHIBALD - Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste. In Two Volumes
40031: ALKIM, U. BAHADIR & METZGER, HENRI - Archaeologia Mundi Anatolia 1 and 2
51643: ALLAIN, MARIE-FRANCOISE - The Other Man Conversations with Graham Greene
46174: ALLEN, JAMES LANE - A Kentucky Cardinal and Aftermath
32907: ALLEN, B ARTHUR ET AL - The Psychology of Punishment
45719: ALLEN, FRED - Treadmill to Oblivion
41602: ALLEN BROWN, JNO. - Palaeolithic Man in N.W. Middlesex the Evidence of His Exixtence and the Physical Conditions Under Which He Lived in Ealing and Its Neighbourhood, Illustrated by the Condition and Culture Presented by Certain Existing Savages
44663: ALLEN, GRANT - The Woman Who Did
48128: ALLEY, HUGH; ARCHER, IAN; ETC. - Hugh Alley's Caveat: Markets of London in 1598
51439: ALLHUSEN, DOROTHY - Unusual Savouries
46800: ALLINGHAM, HELEN; HUISH, MARCUS B. - Happy England
50455: ALLISON, DALE C., JR. - The End of the Ages Has Come: An Early Interpretation of the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus
53351: ALLIX, CHARLES - Carriage Clocks : Their History and Development
41725: ALONSO, PEDRO & PETER DOROSHENKO - Spank the Monkey
43234: ALSTON, J. W. - Hints to Young Practitioners in the Study of Landscape Painting Illustrated by Ten Engravings. Intended to Show the Different Stages of the Neutral Tint... . to Which Are Added Instructions in the Art of Painting on Velvet
45179: ALSTON, ROWLAND - The Mind and Work of G.F. Watts: With Introduction and Special Reference to the Watts Gallery, Compton, Guildford
49428: VIRGILII MARONIS [VIRGIL] EDIDIT J. A. AMAR - Publii Virgilii Maronis Opera Quae Exstant Omnia Ex Heynio-Brunckiana Recensione
53315: AN AMERICAN - The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte : Containing Historical Sketches, and Anecdotes Illustrative of His Public and Private Character
33825: AMERY, COLIN - Period Houses and Their Details
45481: AMERY, COLIN - Three Centuries of Architectural Craftsmanship
52428: AMES, PERCY W., EDITOR - The Mirror of the Sinful Soul. A Prose Translation from the French of a Poem by Queen Margaret of Navarre, Made in 1544 by the Princess (Afterwards Queen) Elizabeth, Then Eleven Years of Age.
52598: AMHERST, ALICIA - A History of Gardening in England
49176: AMICHAY, GIDEON - No, No, No, No, No, Yes. Insights from a Creative Journey
50335: AMIES, HARDY - The Englishman's Suit. A Personal View of Its History, Its Place in the World Today, Its Future and the Accessories Which Support It
50187: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Mr. Barrett's Secret and Other Stories
51558: AMIS, MARTIN - Other People: A Mystery Story
52479: AN OFFICER, LATE OF THE CEYLON RIFLES [SUCKLING, HORATIO JOHN] - Ceylon : A General Description of the Island, Historical, Physical, Statistical. Containing the Most Recent Information. In Two Volumes
44284: ANACREON, SAPHO - Anacreon, Sapho, Bion Et Moschus, Traduction Nouvelle en Prose, Suivie de la Veillee Des Fetes de Venus... Par M. M*** C***
46052: ANDERSEN, HANS AND TRANSLATED BY L. W. KINGSLAND - Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales
53737: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN AND TRANSLATED BY JEAN HERSHOLT - The Complete Tales of Hans Christian Andersen. In Two Volumes
30657: ANDERSEN, HANS - Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales
5535: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Stories from Hans Anderson
5349: ANDERSEN, HANS - Fairy Tales by Hans Andersen Illustrated by Kay Nielsen
49494: ANDERSEN, HANS - Hans Andersons Fairy Tales
44403: ANDERSON, M.L. (EDITOR) - International Architecture 1924-1934 - Catalogue to the Centenary Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Architects
48661: ANDERSON, WILDA C. - Diderot's Dream
53152: ANDERSON, MARGARET - My Thirty Years' War : An Autobiography
42337: ANDERTON, RICHARD - A Millennium Bestiary
52287: ANDREWS, WILLIAM - Curiosities of the Church: Studies of Curious Customs Services and Records
25905: THE ANGLO-SOUTH AMERICAN BANK, LTD - Commercial Atlas of Latin America
36470: FILM PICTORIAL ANNUAL - Film Pictorial Annual 1940
49599: ANON - London Scenes, or a Visit to Uncle William in Town; Containing a Description of the Most Remarkable Buildings and Curiosities in the British Metropolis
35974: ANON - Things Great and Small, Nature Stories and Pictures for Little Folk
51394: ANON - Complete Etiquette and Letter-Writer. A Guide to the Rules and Observances of Good Society, with Full Information on the Subject of Correspondence, and Specimen Letters That May Be Adapted to Meet Any Case
52552: ANON - In the Polar Regions : Or, Nature and Natural History in the Frozen Zone. With Anecdotes and Stories of Adventure and Travel
53518: ANON - Picture Story of Chinese Old Farming
44875: ANON - 1001 Nights. 1001 Nacht: Illustrierte Marchen Aus Tausendundeiner Nacht
49410: ANON - The Modern Portrait Gallery. In Six Volumes
53517: ANON - Picture Story of Preparing Tea
49346: ANON - Ricordanza: Or, Friendship's Memento
52126: ANON [VINCENT, JOHN] - Fowling, a Poem (in Five Books) Descriptive of Grouse, Partridge, Pheasant, Woodcock, Duck, and Snipe Shooting
49880: ANON - Aladdin. Cut-out Story Book
5461: ANON - Richmond in 1892. Illustrated. Its History, Trade and Attractions
52603: ANON [GALT, JOHN] - George the Third, His Court, and Family. In Two Volumes
50061: ANON - Etiquette for Ladies: A Guide to the Observances of Good Society
49555: ANON - "the Book!" or, the Proceedings and Correspondence Upon the Subject of the Inquiry Into the Conduct of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales... To Which Is Prefixed a Narrative of the Recent Events... With a Statement of Facts Relative to the
45808: ANON - The History and Adventures of Little Henry, Exemplified in a Series of Figures
53369: ANON [JOHN GALT] - The Ayrshire Legatees; or, the Pringle Family
49270: ANON - The Laws and Customs, Rights, Liberties, and Privileges, of the City of London
53435: ANON - Favourite Rhymes and Riddles : Favourite Rhymes for the Nursery [with] Riddles and Rhymes. The Favourite Nursery Library. Two Volumes in One
53345: ANON [SMITHURST, BENJAMIN] - The English Chronology : Being a Brief Chronological Account of the Most Considerable Publick Occurrences That Have Happen'd in These Kingdoms, and Other Adjacent Parts, Since King William the Third's Accession to the Crown. From 1688, to 1696
48226: ANON [NEW FOREST] - An Abstract of All the Claims on the New Forest, in the County of Southampton, Entered at the Lord Chief Justice in Eyre's Court, Adjourned from the Swainmote Court, Held at Lyndhurst, the 27th of June, in the 22nd Year of King Charles the Second
49837: ANON - The Forget Me Not
53496: ANON - The Casquet of Gems : Choice Selections from the Poets
53477: ANON [MAJOR CHAMBERS] - Indian Horse Notes : An Epitome of Useful Information Arranged for Easy Reference and Specially Adapted for Officers and Country Residents
52950: ANON - Nursery Rhymes
49287: ANON - The Arabian Nights
52526: ANON - Old English Love Songs and Madrigals
53516: ANON - The Holding of Flat-Peach Meeting by the Eight Fairies in Honour of the King's Mother of Fairy Kingdom
52379: ANON - The Twelve Great Battles of England. Inscribed to the British Rifle Volunteers of 1860
51277: ANON - Souvenir of the Lakes of Killarney and Glengariff
52878: ANON - The Arabian Nights' Entertainments
53689: ANON - La Veritable Politique Des Personnes de Qualite. La Vera Politica Delle Persone Di Qualita
39824: ANOUILH, JEAN - Ring Round the Moon a Charade with Music
49988: ANSLEY, HENRY - I Like the Depression
52970: ANSTEY, F. - The Tinted Venus : A Farcical Romance. Arrowsmith's Bristol Library Vol. VI
36591: ANTHONIOZ, MICHEL - Verve: The Ultimate Review of Art and Literature 1937 -1960
48107: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME - Poã¨Mes ã  Lou
5930: APPLETON, HONOR C - Dumpy Proverbs
49263: APULEIUS - Metamorphoseon Libri XI. Cum Notis Integris Petri Colvii, Joannis Wowerii, Godeschalci Stewechii, Geverharti Elmenhorstii, & Aliorum, Inprimis Cum Animadversionibus Hucusque Ineditis Francisci Oudendorpii. Praefationem Praemisit David Ruhnkenius
52427: ARAD, RON AND ASA BRUNO - Design(Ing) Museum
52553: ARBUTHNOT, ALEXANDER JOHN - Lord Clive : The Foundation of British Rule in India. Builders of Greater Britain Series
51659: ARCHER, MILDRED - Early Views of India ; the Picturesque Journeys of Thomas and William Daniell 1786-1794. The Complete Aquatints.
31897: ARCHER MILDRED, TOBY FALK - The Passionate Quest - the Fraser Brothers in India
44249: ARCHER, LEONIE J. AND SUSAN FISCHLER AND MARIA WYKE, EDITORS - Women in Ancient Societies : An Illusion of the Night
41585: ARISTOPHANES - The Birds
50991: ARISTOTELIS [ARISTOTLE] - Categoriae de Interpretatione Topica Et de Sophisticis Elenchis [Bound with] Analytica Priora Et Posteriora
35010: ARLEN, MICHAEL - The Green Hat a Romance for a Few People
35045: ARMSTRONG, J.; JONES, S. - Business Documents : Their Origins, Sources and Uses in Historical Research
51585: ARMSTRONG, R. A. - A Gaelic Dictionary. In Two Parts: I. Gaelic and English. II. English and Gaelic; in Which the Words, in Their Different Acceptations, Are Illustrated by Quotations from the Best Gaelic Writers... With a Short Historical Appendix of Ancient Names...
53465: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY - The Poison Trail : A Jimmie Rezaire Story. New Ninepenny Novels Number 20
52423: ARMSTRONG, JOHN AND EDMUND SMITH - The Poetical Works of J. Armstrong, , M.D. [Bound with] the Poetical Works of Edmund Smith. With the Life of the Author. Bell's Edition. The Poets of Great Britain
49517: ARNOLD, MATTHEW WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY A. T. QUILLER-COUCH - The Poems of Matthew Arnold 1840-1867
52630: ARNOLD, EVE - Eve Arnold in Britain
50987: ARNOLD, RONNIE - American Rally Action
45733: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - God and the Bible: A Review of Objections to 'Literature & Dogma'
6034: ARNOLD, SIR EDWIN - The Song Celestial or Bhagavad Gita, Being a Discourse between Arjuna , Prince of India, and the Supreme Being Under the Form of Krishna
46791: ARPE, PETER FRIEDRICH - De Prodigiosis Naturae Et Artis Operibus Talismanes Et Amuleta Dictis Cum Recensione Scriptorum Huius Argumenti.
40525: ARROWSMITH, R L (DESCRIPTIVE TEXT) - Charterhouse, Coloured Reproductions of Two Exterior Views As Originally Published by Ackermann in 1816
45764: MARLBOROUGH FINE ART - Rb Kitaj Pictures from an Exhibition
49388: OTA MEMORIAL MUSEUM OF ART - Ukiyo-E Masterpieces in the Collection of the Ota Memorial Museum of Art
52196: ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART - After Butler's Wharf: Essays on a Working Building
42985: ARTHAUD, CLAUDE - Homes of the Great
24673: IDEMITSU MUSEUM OF ARTS - Yamato-E in the Idemitsu Collection
26617: ARUNDALE, F. - Illlustrations of Jerusalem and Mount Sinai; Including the Most Interesting Sites between Grand Cairo and Beirout. From Drawings by F. Arundale, Architect, with a Descriptive Account of His Tour and Residence in Those Remarkable Countries.
52194: ASBURY, NICK AND ALMACANTAR - Centre Point: 34 Stories
49243: ASCH, FRANK - Yellow Yellow
51954: ASFOUR, AMAL; WILLIAMSON, PAUL - Gainsborough's Vision
47809: ASHBEE, C. R. - Kingfisher out of Egypt a Dialogue in an English Garden
34335: ASKEW, ALICE & CLAUDE - Lavender's Inheritance
38791: ASLET, CLIVE - Quinlan Terry : The Revival of Architecture
51312: ASQUITH, CYNTHIA, COMPILED BY - The Black Cap. New Stories of Murder & Mystery
51905: ASQUITH, CYNTHIA, COMPILED BY - The Black Cap. New Stories of Murder & Mystery
918: ATCHLEY, SHIRLEY CLIFFORD & TURRIL:L, W. B. - Wild Flowers of Attica
44624: ATGET, EUGENE;CUZIN, JEAN PIERRE;MUSEE DE L'ILE-DE-FRANCE;MEYENBOURG, MARIANNE DE - Fonds Atget, Hauts-de-Seine: Catalogue Des Photographies Anciennes
52558: ATKIN, G. DUCKWORTH - House Scraps
47467: ATKINSON, GEORGE FRANCKLIN, CAPTAIN BENGAL ENGINEERS - Curry & Rice (on Forty Plates) or, the Ingredients of Social Life at "Our" Station in India
33064: ATL, ESIN - Turkish Art
52348: AUBENAS, SYLVIE AND XAVIER DEMANGE - Elegance: The Seeberger Brothers and the Birth of Fashion Photography
53803: AUDEN, W. H. - Collected Shorter Poems : 1927-1957. Collected Longer Poems. Two Volumes
40970: AUDI - Audi a History of Progress 1988
41865: AUDSLEY, GEORGE A., AND BOWES, JAMES L. - Keramic Art of Japan
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51718: OUR OWN STORY BOOK - Our Own Story Book. A Volume of Pictures and Stories
51756: ANONYMOUS POCKETBOOK OR COMMONPLACE BOOK - Anonymous Pocketbook or Commonplace Book. Poetry from the London and New Monthly Magazine
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48394: BOWNESS, ALAN ET. AL. - John Piper
53445: BOXER, ARABELLA - First Slice Your Cookbook : The Three-Tier Menu Guide
53444: BOXER, ARABELLA - First Slice Your Cookbook : The Three-Tier Menu Guide
47283: BOXER, ARABELLA - A Second Slice: An Anthology Compiled by Arabella Boxer
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42695: BOYLE, ROBERT - Introductio Ad Historiam Qualitatum Particularium. Cui Subnectuntur Tractatus. De Cosmicis Rerum Qualitatibus. De Cosmicis Suspicionibus. De Temperie Subterranearum Regionum. De Temperie Submarinarum Regionum. De Fundo Maris
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50296: BRADDON, EDWARD - Thirty Years of Shikar
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48981: BRADY, WILLIAM - The Kedge-Anchor: Or, Young Sailors' Assistant Appertaining to the Practical Evolutions of Modern Seamanship, Rigging, Knotting, Splicing, Blocks, Purchases, Running-Rigging...
5435: AN ANCIENT BRAHIM [DODSLEY, ROBERT] - The Oeconomy of Human Life, Translated from an Indian Manuscript, Written by an Ancient Bramin, to Which Is Prefixed an Account of the Manner in Which the Said Manuscript Was Discovered, in a Letter from an English Gentleman Now Residing in China
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44096: BRAINE, JOHN - Room at the Top
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38963: BRAZIL, ANGELA - A Fourth Form Friendship
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45802: BREESKIN, ADELYN DOHME - Mary Cassatt : A Catalogue Raisonne of the Graphic Work
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39552: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - Blue at the Mizzen
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46095: BROADFOOT, MAJOR W - Billiards (the Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes)
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53325: BROCKEDON, WILLIAM - Road-Book from London to Naples : Illustrated with Twenty-Five Views, from Drawings by Stanfield, Prout, and Brockedon
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44601: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - Shirley
52296: BRONTE, EMILY - Wuthering Heights. [Read the Book - See the Film. A Samuel Goldwyn Production]
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44228: BROOK, RICHARD - The Cyclopaedia of Botany and Complete Book of Herbs: Forming a History and Description of All Plants, British or Foreign Which Are Known to Be Useful to Man
53173: BROOKE, ROSALIND B. - Early Franciscan Government : Elias to Bonaventure
51388: BROOKE, RUPERT - The Complete Poems of Rupert Brooke
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53698: BROOKMAN, L. - Self-Propelled Electric Vehicles and Their Applications
52646: BROOKS, NICHOLAS - The Early History of the Church of Canterbury: Christ Church from 597 to 1066. Studies in the Early History of Britain
52851: BROPHY, BRIGID - The Snow Ball
51307: LE BROSQUY, ANNE MADDEN - Seeing His Way: Louis le Brocquy, a Painter
30014: BROUN, ELIZABETH - Albert Pinkham Ryder
51943: BROWN, CHRISTOPHER; VLIEGHE, HANS - Anthony Van Dyck 1599 - 1641
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53565: BROWNE, PHYLLIS - A Year's Cookery : Giving Dishes for Breakfast, Luncheon, and Dinner, for Every Day in the Year
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53433: BROWNING, ROBERT AND HARRY AND MARY QUILTER - The Pied Piper of Hamelin : A Child's Story : Set Forth in a Series of Designs and Decorative Borders... And Written in Ornamental Text
50736: BROWNJOHN, ALAN - The Railings. Poems
35599: BRUCE, GRACE WU - Living with Ming: The Lu Ming Shi Collection
48968: BRUGGEMANN, WERNER - Yayla - Form Und Farbe in Der Turkischer Textilkunst
50123: BRUNET, JACQUES-CHARLES - Manuel Du Libraire Et de L'Amateur de Livres. In Eight Volumes Complete.
40966: BRYANT, JULIUS - The Tomorrow of My Yesterday: The Complete Works of Barry Martin
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52829: BUCHAN, JOHN - Prester John
38211: BUCHAN, JOHN - Castle Gay
52981: BUCHAN, JOHN - Oliver Cromwell
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35704: BUCHANAN, ROBERT - The Piper of Hamelin, a Fantastic Opera in Two Acts by Robert Buchanan
46414: BUCKMAN, PETER - The Limits of Protest
50470: BUDGEN, N. F. - Aluminium and Its Alloys: Their Production, Properties and Applications
48808: BUDWORTH, D. W. - Jonathan Carr's Bedford Park
53255: BUFFETT, MARY AND DAVID CLARK - Buffettology: The Previously Unexplained Techniques That Have Made Warren Buffett the World's Most Famous Investor
53254: BUFFETT, MARY AND DAVID CLARK - Buffettology: The Previously Unexplained Techniques That Have Made Warren Buffett the World's Most Famous Investor
51989: BUFFON [GEORGES-LOUIS LECLERC, COMTE DE BUFFON] - Buffon's Natural History. Carefully Abridged. In Four Parts: Beasts, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles. Four Parts in One Volume
34565: BUIST, K. A. - Birds Their Cages and Their Keep Being a Practical Manual of Bird-Keeping, and Bird Rearing
49260: BUKHSH, S. KHUDA - Studies: Indian and Islamic. Trubner's Oriental Series
25086: BULLEN, FRANK T. - The Log of a Sea-Waif, Being Recollections of the First Four Years of My Sea Life
38249: BULLOCK, ALFRED .E. - Grinling Gibbons and His Compeers Illustrtated by Sixty Phototypes of the Principle Carvings in the Churches of Saint James's Piccadilly and Saint Paul's Cathedral
35637: BULLOCKE, J. G. (EDS) - The Tomlinson Papers Selected from the Correspondence and Pamphlets of Captain Robert Tomlinson R. N & Vice - Admiral Nicholas Tomlinson
26024: BULWER LYTTON, SIR EDWARD - Devereux; Paul Clifford
50227: BUNKER, JOHN P. - The Anesthesiologist and the Surgeon. Partners in the Operating Room
47748: BUNNELL, PETER C. - Jerry N Uelsmann an Aperture Monograph
44977: BUNYAN, JOHN ; ESSEX HOUSE PRESS ; C. R. ASHBEE - The Pilgrims Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come. Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream. Wherein Is Discovered the Manner of His Setting out; His Dangerous Journey and Safe Arrival at the Desired Country.
41198: BURGER, W. - Radar Observer's Handbook
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44150: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Kingdom of the Wicked
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53430: BURNET, JOHN - Platonism
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51979: BURNETT, M. A. - Plantae Utiliores, or Illustrations of Useful Plants, Employed in the Arts and Medicine. Vol. III and Vol. IV
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49647: BURNS, ROBERT - The Illustrated Family Burns with an Original Memoir. In 4 Volumes.
51878: BURNS, HOWARD; BELTRAMINI, GUIDO; PADOAN, ANTONIO - Andrea Palladio: The Complete Illustrated Works
51994: BURROW, JAMES - Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Court of King's Bench. Since the Death of Lord Raymond; Since the Time of Lord Mansfield... Five Volumes
53582: BURROW, S. M. - The Buried Cities of Ceylon : A Guide Book to Anuradhapura and Pollonarua; with Chapters on Dambulla, Kalawewa, Mihintale, and Sigiri
53486: BURROW, ED J. - The Dunlop Book the Motorist's Guide Counsellor and Friend
53383: BURSCH, CHARLES W. AND JOHN LYON REID - High Schools : Today and Tomorrow
5570: BURT, ISABELLA - Historical Notices of Chelsea, Kensington, Fulham and Hammersmith
39464: BURTON, CAPTAIN SIR R. F. ; DE LACERDA - The Lands of Cazembe - Lacerda's Journey to Cazembe in 1798...... . Also Journey of the Pombeiros... . . Resume of the Journey of MM. Monteiro and Gamitto
45563: BURTON, ANTHONY - The Canal Builders
38484: BURTON, EDWARD REV - A Description of the Antiquities and Other Curiosities of Rome: From Personal Observation During a Visit to Italy in the Years 1818-19 with Illustrations from Ancient and Modern Writers
47247: BURTON, SIR RICHARD F. - The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night the Illustrated Editiom of the Arabian Nights in 12 Volumes
43573: BURY, ADRIAN - Joseph Crawhall the Man and the Artist
5593: BURY, ADRIAN - Shadow of Eros, a Biographical and Critical Study of the Life and Work of Sir Alfred Gilbert,
49142: BUSCH, WILHELM - Busch Bilderbogen Coloriert
34431: BUSCH, WILHELM - Hookeybeak the Raven, and Other Tales
48649: BUSSAGLI, MARIO - Oriental Architecture
53012: VAN DEN BUSSCHE, W., EDITOR - From Ensor to Delvaux : Ensor, Spilliaert, Permeke, Magritte, Delvaux. 5/10/96 - 2/2/97
35266: BUTLER, JOSEPH - The Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature. To Which Are Added Two Brief Dissertations. I. Of Personal Identity. II. Of the Nature of Virtue
52429: BUTLER, SAMUEL - Hudibras: In Three Parts. Written in the Time of the Late Wars. Corrected and Amended: With Additions. To Which Is Added Annotations to the Third Part, with an Exact Index to the Whole; Never Before Printed. The Third and Last Part. Corrected and
47814: BUTLER, PERRY - Gladstone : Church, State and Tractarianism, a Study of His Religious Ideas and Attitudes, 1809-1859
49612: BUTLER, EDWARD A. - Silkworms. Young Collector Series
53047: BUTLER, SAMUEL - Erewhon
47132: BUTTS, MARY - The Macedonian
53715: BUXTON, DAVID - Travels in Ethiopia
33228: O' BYRNE, ROBERT - A Supplemental Apology for the Believers in the Shakespeare Papers; Being a Reply to Mr Malone's Answer Which Was Early Announced But Never Published
51045: BYRNE, ANDREW - London's Georgian Houses
4055: BYRON, LORD - The Works of Lord Byron [ Fore-Edge Paintings ]
41328: BYRON, LORD ; FINDEN - Finden's Illustrations of the Life and Works of Lord Byron. With Original and Selected Information on the Subjects of the Engravings by W Brockendon
50790: BYRON, LORD - Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. A Romaunt
53322: BYRON, LORD - The Works of Lord Byron. In Six Volumes
52582: BYRON, LORD - The Illustrated Byron. With Upwards of Two Hundred Engravings from Original Drawings
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41652: BYRON, MAY - Just for a Change
49550: BYRON, GEORGE LORD - Poetical Works. With Original Life and Notes by A.C. Cunningham, Esq.
48034: CABLE, MICHAEL - Whitstable Natives the Story of the Whitstable Oyster
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48301: CAERDINAEL, FREDERIC AND MAURICE - Ardennes Cuisine Through the Season
45915: CAESARIS, JULII [ CAESAR ] - C. Julii Caesaris Commentarii de Bello Gallico Et CIVILI Accedunt Libri de Bello Gallico Alexandrino Africano Et Hispanesi E Recensione Francisci Oudendorpii Post Cellarium Et Morum
50051: CAGMAN, FILIZ - Turks : A Journey of a Thousand Years, 600-1600
51023: CAGMAN, FILIZ - Turks: A Journey of a Thousand Years, 600-1600
53789: CAILLEBOTTE, GUSTAVE - Gustave Caillebotte, 1848-1894: Paris, Galeries Nationales Du Grand Palais, 12 Septembre 1994 - 9 Janvier 1995 [Et] Chicago, Art Institute, 15 Fevrier - 28 Mai 1995 (French Edition)
52607: CAIRD, MONA - The Morality of Marriage : And Other Essays on the Status and Destiny of Woman
53267: CALASSO, ROBERTO - Ka : Stories of the Mind and Gods of India
48956: CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH - R. Caldecott's Collection of Pictures & Songs
43853: CALEGARI, G. ; GIANNOTTI, P. - IL Mobile Pesarese. Dai Maestri Artigiani Alla Produzione Industriale
47664: CALLOWAY, STEPHEN - Gosling : Classic Design for Centemporary Interiors
47412: CAMARD, FLORENCE; MACEY, DAVID (TRANSLATOR) - Ruhlmann : Master of Art Deco
5989: CAMARD, FLORENCE; MACEY, DAVID (TRANSLATOR) - Ruhlmann : Master of Art Deco
46106: CAMARD, FLORENCE; MACEY, DAVID (TRANSLATOR) - Ruhlmann : Master of Art Deco
53132: CAMBON, PIERRE - The Poetry of Ink ; the Korean Literature Tradition, 1392-1910
44751: CAMBON, PIERRE AND JEAN-FRANCOIS JARRIGE - Afghanistan: Les Tresors Retrouves. Collections Du Musee National D'Afghanistan
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53067: CAMFIELD, GREGG - The Oxford Companion to Mark Twain
52992: CAMPAGNE, JEAN-MARC - Les Week-End de Saint-Ouen
36459: CAMPANELLA, TOMASO - Poesie Filosofiche
53498: CAMPBELL, THOMAS - Specimens of the British Poets : With Biographical and Critical Notices, and an Essay on English Poetry
38935: CAMPBELL, ROY - Broken Record
45966: CAMPBELL, MALCOLM - Pietro Da Cortona at the Pitti Palace a Study of the Planetary Rooms and Related Projects
51820: CAMPBELL, COLIN; JAMES, MERLIN; ETC. - The Art of William Nicholson: British Painter and Printmaker
38495: CANNING, GEORGE ET AL - Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin: Comprising the Celebrated Political & Satirical Poems, Parodies, and Jeux-D'Esprit
37966: CANNON, RICHARD - Historical Record of the Seventeenth or the Leicestershire Regiment of Foot; Containing an Account of the Formation of the Regiment in 1688... . . (Historical Records of the British Army, Comprising the History of Every Regiment in Her Majesty's
53298: CANTU, CESARE - Margherita Pusterla : Racconto. Two Volumes in One
53268: CAPLAN, RALPH - The Design of Herman Miller : Pioneered by Eames, Girard, Nelson, Propst, Rohde
52261: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - In Cold Blood
3839: CARDELLA, JOE (EDITOR) ; ART / LIFE MAGAZINE - Art / Life. Collector's Edition. Volume 13, Number 11, December / January. Thirteenth Anniversary Issue
39469: CARDELLI, M. - Manuel Du Limonadier Et Du Confiseur; Contenant Les Meilleurs Procedes Pour Preparer le Cafe, le Chocolat, le Punch, Les Glaces, Les Boisson Rafraichissantes, Liqueurs, Fruit a L'Eau-de-Vie, Confitures, Pates, Vins Artificiels, Patisseries Legeres,
39468: CARDELLI, M. - Manuel Du Cuisinier Et de la Cuisiniere a L'Usage de la Ville Et de la Campagne; Contenant Toutes Les Recettes Les Plus Simples por Faire Bonne Chere Avec Economie, Ainsi Les Meilleurs Procedes Pour la Patisserie Et L'Office;
50215: CARDON, GEORGES - Les Beaux-Arts
52852: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Sartor Resartus and on Heroes, Hero Worship and the Heroic in History
38511: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Sartor Resartus
32845: LE CARON, MAJOR HENRI - Twenty-Five Years in the Secret Service - the Recollections of a Spy
31305: CARPENTER, MAURICE; BARKER, GEORGE - The Black Ballads and the Love Words
53535: CARR, MICHELLE - The Velvet Hammer Burlesque
53353: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
53027: LE CARRE, JOHN - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
52235: CARRETTA, VINCENT - George III and the Satirists from Hogarth to Byron
50234: CARRINGTON, DORA AND INTRODUCTION BY DAVID GARNETT - Carrington: Letters and Extracts from Her Diaries. (Dora Carrington)
46762: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
52343: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
45840: CARROLL, LEWIS - The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony, in Eight Fits
49268: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Centenary Edition
21237: CARROLL, LEWIS - Sylvie and Bruno & Sylvie and Bruno Concluded
48188: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
34985: CARROLL, LEWIS - Rhyme? and Reason?
48850: CARROLL, LEWIS - Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
42725: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There
45375: CARROLL, LEWIS; LORD, JOHN VERNON; GOODACRE, SELWYN HUGH - Through the Looking-Glass : And What Alice Found There
50771: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
43517: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland
52596: CARROLL, LEWIS ; PETER BLAKE - Alice: Through the Looking Glass : And What Alice Found There
50881: CARROLL, LEWIS - The Hunting of the Snark an Agony, in Eight Fits
47063: CARROLL, LEWIS - Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
49513: CARROLL, LEWIS - The Hunting of the Snark. An Agony, in Eight Fits
51482: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
50901: CARRUTHERS, ANNETTE; CREENSTED, MARY - Good Citizens Furniture : The Arts and Crafts Collection at Cheltenham
45830: CARTER, WILLIAM H. - Horses, Saddles and Bridles
53807: CARTER, ANGELA - The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories
53336: CARTIER-BRESSON, HENRI - About Russia : Photographs
48816: CARTIER-BRESSON, HENRI - Images ã  la Sauvette Photographies par Henri Cartier-Bresson [the Decisive Moment]
33986: CARTMELL, R MARGARET - The Mistress of Coon Hall or the Last of the Wybeers
46359: CARY, JOHN - Cary's Traveller's Companion or a Delineation of the Turnpike Roads of England and Wales
47077: CARY, M. ; J. D. DENNISTON ; J. WRIGHT DUFF ; A. D. NOCK ; W. D. ROSS ; H. H. SCULLARD - The Oxford Classical Dictionary
41000: CARY, JOHN - Cary's New Map of England and Wales with Part of Scotland on Which Are Carefully Laid Down All the Direct and Principal Cross Roads, the Course of the Rivers and Navigable Canals, Cities Etc Etc Etc.........
50668: CASARES, ADOLFO B.; BORGES, JORGE LUIS - Extraordinary Tales
51356: CASEY, GERARD - Echoes
51502: CASTLE, AGNES AND EGERTON - Our Sentimental Garden
49725: CASTLE, CHARLES - Oliver Messel - a Biography
49123: CASTLE, CHARLES - Oliver Messel - a Biography
50416: CATCHPOLE, DAVID R. - The Quest for Q
38521: CATHERS, DAVID M. - Gustav Stickley
53828: CATO, NANCY - The Dancing Bough
41178: CAVENDISH, GEORGE - The Life and Death of Thomas Wolsey the Great Cardinal of England
5523: CAVENDISH - The Laws and Principles of Whist Stated and Explained and Its Practice Illustrated on an Original System by Means of Hands Played Completely Through
51255: CBRE - Urban Photographer of the Year
51256: CBRE - Urban Photographer of the Year
5690: CELLINI, BENVENUTO; SYMONDS, J. A. (TRANSLATER) - The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini
49849: CEPPI ZEVI, CLAUDIA - Matisse. La Revelation M'Est Venue de L'Orient
42084: CERA, DEANNA FARNETI - The Jewels of Miriam Haskell
52911: CERVANTES DE SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL AND T. SMOLLETT - The History and Adventures of the Renowned Don Quixote. To Which Is Prefixed, Some Account of the Author's Life by T. Smollett, M.D. In Two Volumes
1456: CHAFFERS, WILLIAM - The New Keramic Gallery (2 Vols. ) Cundall, H. M (Edited by)
51265: CALLIMACHI CYRENAEI [CALLIMACHUS] [BOUND WITH] LYCOPHRONIS CHALCIDENSIS [LYCOPHRON] - Callimachi Cyrenaei Hymni (Cum Suis Scholiis Graecis) & Epigrammata. Ejusdem Poematium de Coma Berenices, a Catullo Versum. Nicodemi Frischlini, Balingensis Interpretationes Due Hymnorum: Una, Oratione Soluta: Alter, Carmine... [Bound with]
43370: CHALMERS, JAMES AND GILL, W.WYATT - Work and Adventure in New Guinea 1877 to 1885
49231: CHALMERS, PETER R. - Birds Ashore and a-Foreshore
52107: CHAMBERLAIN, B. H. - My Lord Bag o'Rice. Japanese Fairy Tales Series, No. 15
48991: VON CHAMISSO, ADALBERT - Peter Schlemihl's Wundersame Geschichte
52643: CHANCE, MICHAEL R. A. AND DONALD R. OMARK, EDITORS - Social Fabrics of the Mind
51496: CHANCELLOR, E. BERESFORD - Christ Church, Oxford
47447: CHANCELLOR, E. BERESFORD - The History and Antiquities of Richmond, Kew, Petersham and Ham, Etc.
51572: CHANCELLOR, BERESFORD .E. - Wanderings in Marylebone, a Gossip About the Squares and the Streets and Their Past Residents
51505: CHANCELLOR, E. BERESFORD - Wanderings in Piccadilly, Mayfair and Pall Mall
51907: CHANCELLOR, E. BERESFORD - The History and Antiquities of Richmond, Kew, Petersham and Ham, Etc.
51504: CHANCELLOR, E. BERESFORD - Wanderings in Piccadilly, Mayfair and Pall Mall
51516: CHANCELLOR, E. BERESFORD - The Pleasure Haunts of London During Four Centuries
51933: CHANCELLOR, E. BERESFORD - Liberty and Regent Street
51922: CHANCELLOR, E. BERESFORD - Memorials of St. James's Street. Together with the Annals of Almack's
51506: CHANCELLOR, E. BERESFORD - The Life of Charles I, 1600-1625. Taken from Authentic Sources
51923: CHANCELLOR, E. BERESFORD - Literary Types. Being Essays in Criticism
51148: CHANCELLOR, E. BERESFORD, EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR - The Diary of Philipp Von Neumann 1819-1850. In Two Volumes
52489: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - Playback
53409: CHANEY, EDWARD (EDITOR); MACK, PETER (EDITOR) - England and the Continental Renaissance, Essays in Honour of J.B. Trapp.
49821: CHAO-LING, FANG - A World Beyond All Books. Paintings and Calligraphy by Fang Chao-Ling
46148: CHAPIN, ANNA ALICE - The Now-a-Days Fairy Book
49581: CHAPLIN, ARNOLD - The Illness and Death of Napoleon Bonaparte. A Medical Criticism
49232: CHAPMAN, FREDRIK HENRIK AF - Architectura Navalis Mercatoria a Facsimile of the Classic Eighteenth Century Treatise on Shipbuilding
53242: CHAPMAN, R. W., EDITOR AND SAMUEL JOHNSON - The Letters of Samuel Johnson, with Mrs. Thrale's Genuine Letters to Him. In Three Volumes
32339: CORM CHARLES - L'Art Phenicien
45117: DICKENS CHARLES - Sketches by Boz, Edwin Drood, Reprinted Pieces
45114: DICKENS CHARLES - Dombey and Son
45118: DICKENS CHARLES - Martin Chuzzlewit
45110: DICKENS CHARLES - Barnaby Rudge
48277: CHARLTON, MICHAEL - The Last Colony in Africa : Diplomacy and the Independence of Rhodesia
50474: CHARLTON, JOHN - Twelve Packs of Hounds: Being a Collection of Sketches of Some of the Hounds, and Their Masters, That I Have Seen
31911: CHARTERIS, LESLIE - The Saint to the Rescue
53790: CHASSMAN, GARY AND RANDI DANFORTH - Culinaria: The United States: A Culinary Discovery
44895: DE CHATELAIN, MADAME - The Captive Sky-Lark; or Do As You Would Be Done by a Tale
52113: CHATWIN, BRUCE - Lady Lisa Lyon
51549: CHATWIN, BRUCE - Photographs and Notebooks
46519: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales
41471: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer - the Aldine Edition
52077: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer: The Life of the Author: A Critique from Mr. Thomas Warton: Essays, Notes and a Glossary, by Thomas Tyrwhitt. In 14 Volumes
48639: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer [Kelmscott Chaucer]
49541: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Canterbury Tales
53221: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY AND PUT INTO MODERN ENGLISH BY JOHN S. P. TATLOCK AND PERCY MACKAYE - The Complete Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer : The Modern Reader's Chaucer
52560: CHEN, PENG - A Great Revolution on the Cultural Front
1766: CHENEVIERE, ANTOINE - IL Mobile Russo - L'Epoca D'Oro 1780 - 1840
45825: CHESHUNT - Cheshunt College Cambridge Annual Reports 1933- 1943 (11 Issues)
52655: CHINNERY, VICTOR - Oak Furniture: The British Tradition: A History of Early Furniture in the British Isles and New England
48197: CHISHOLM, LOUEY - The Enchanted Land
51731: CHISHOLM, LOUEY AND AMY STEEDMAN - A Staircase of Stories
51865: CHIUSOLE, ANTONIO - IL Mondo Antico, Moderno, E Novissimo, Ovvero Trattato Dell' Antica, E Moderna Geografia. Con Tutte le Novita Occorie Circa la Mutazione de' Domini Stabiliti Nelle Paci Di Utrecht, Bada, Passarowitz, Vienna Ec. . in Three Volumes
49425: CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL, H. - The Book of the Pike with a Chapter on Spinning for Trout in Lakes and Rivers
5486: CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL, H - Fishing: Salmon and Trout [and] Pike and Other Coarse Fish. The Badminton Library. Two Volumes.
46420: CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL, H - Puck on Pegasus
41058: CHORIER, NICOLAS - En Vol Au-Dessus de L'Inde
45921: CHRISTIAN ANDERSON, HANS - The Sand - Hills of Jutland
53545: CHRISTIAN, F. W. - Eastern Pacific Lands : Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands
53610: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Ordeal by Innocence
5851: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Cards on the Table
43364: FATHER CHRISTMAS - Here Comes Santa Claus
50426: CHRISTOPHERSEN, ALF WITH CARSTEN CLAUSSEN, JORG FREY AND BRUCE LONGENECKER - Paul, Luke and the Graeco-Roman World : Essays in Honour of Alexander J.M. Wedderburn. Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement Series Volume 217
52729: CHURCH, A. J. - Helmet and Spear. Stories from the Wars of the Greeks and Romans
53415: CHURCH, REV. ARTHUR J. - The Story of the Persian War from Herodotus
53243: CHURCH, ALFRED J. - Isis and Thamesis : Hours on the River from Oxford to Henley
52713: CHURCH, ALFRED J. - Early Britain. The Story of the Nations Series
41402: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Thoughts and Adventures
30616: CHURCHILL, THE RT. HON. WINSTON S. - Step by Step 1936 - 1939
50031: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. AND GILBERT, MARTIN. - Winston S. Churchill - 8 Volumes - Youth ; Young Statesman ; 1914 - 1916 ; 1916 - 1922 ; 1922 - 1939 ; Finest Hour ; Road to Victory ; Never Despair
42840: CHURCHILL, WINSTON ET AL - The Harmsworth Monthly Pictorial Magazine Vol 1 1898-9
49267: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The World Crisis 1915
53131: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The War Speeches of Winston Churchill in 7 Volumes
52388: CHURCHILL, CLEMENTINE - My Visit to Russia
52459: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Frontiers and Wars : His Four Early Books Covering His Life As Soldier and War Correspondent. Edited Into One Volume
49266: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The World Crisis 1916-1918. In Two Volumes.
40147: CHURCHILL, THE RT. HON. WINSTON S. - The World Crisis 1911-1918 Abridged and Revised
45862: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The River War, an Account of the Reconquest of the Soudan
45982: CHURCHILL, WINSTON SPENCER - My African Journey
53248: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Second World War. In Six Volumes Complete
45909: THE OFFICES OF MICHELIN & CIE - Rheims and the Battles for Its Possession (Illustrated Michelin Guides to the Battle Fields 19-14 - 1918)
53367: AN ENGLISH CIVILIAN - The Trinity of Italy : Or, the Pope, the Bourbon, and the Victor; Being Historical Revelations of the Past, Present, and Future of Italy
44596: CLAIR, JEAN - L'Oeuvre de Marcel Duchamp
38856: CLAMPITT, AMY - The Kingfisher
52622: CLAPHAM, JOHN - The Bank of England : A History. Volume Two: 1797-1914. With an Epilogue: The Bank As It Is
53109: CLARK, T. J. - Farewell to an Idea: Episodes from a History of Modernism
46719: CLARK HALL, JOHN R - Beowulf and the Finnsburg Fragment
45166: CLARK, HARTLEY - Bokhara, Turkoman and Afghan Rugs
53391: CLARKE, ADAM - The New Testament, of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; Containing the Text... With a Commentary and Critical Notes; Designed As a Help to a Better Understanding of the Sacred Writings. , in Three Volumes
43275: CLARKE, PETER (EDS) - Islam (the World's Religions Series)
51988: CLARKE, GRAHAM - Gout de Grenouille a Plain Englishmans Observations in Rural France
45991: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - The Fountains of Paradise
53761: CLARKE, MOLLIE - Little Rogue
45992: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Tales of Ten Worlds
48525: CLARKE, D. H. - What Were They Like to Fly?
45994: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Imperial Earth: A Fantasy of Love and Discord
53553: CLAXTON, WILLIAM AND JOACHIM E. BERENDT - Jazzlife : A Journey for Jazz Across America in 1960 [25th Anniversary Special Edition]
53829: CLAXTON, WILLIAM J. - London Past and Present
46961: CLAYTON, JOHN - The Temple of the Goddess Covetina at Procolitia Northumberland
43719: CLEGG, JEANNE; TUCKER, PAUL - Ruskin and Tuscany
50633: CLEGG, GILLIAN - Chiswick Past
52823: CLEMENTS, KEITH - Henry Lamb
51420: CLEMMER, JEAN - Canned Candies: The Exotic Women and Clothes of Paco Rabanne
34558: LE CLEZIO, J. M. G. - The Flood
52639: CLIFTON, E. AND A. GRIMAUX AND REMODELLED AND INCREASED BY J. MAC LAUGHLIN - A New French-English and English-French Dictionary. Composed on a New Plan. In Two Volumes
51284: CLINCH, GEORGE - Marylebone and St. Pancras. Their History, Celebrities, Buildings and Institutions
52249: CLUNN, HAROLD P. - The Face of London. The Record of a Century's Changes and Development
46571: THE OFFICES OF SOTHEBY & CO - Pierre - Joseph Redoute's Les Liliacees the Empress Josephine's Copy with the Original Drawings and the Text on Vellum Auction Novemnber 10th 1985
46698: SOTHEBY AND CO - The Estate of Ambassador Pamela Harriman
49981: COBLE, PARKS M. - Chinese Capitalists in Japan's New Order the Occupied Lower Yangzi, 1937-1945
53346: COCH, IOANNE [JOHANNES COCCEIUS] - Duo Tituli Thalmudici Sanhedrin Et Maccoth : Quorum Ille Agit de Synedriis, Judiciis, Suppliciis Capitalibus Ebraeorum; Hic de Poena Falsi Testimonii, Exsilio Et Asylis, Flagellatione: Cum Exceptis Ex Utriusque Gemara...
46779: GRAVELOT ET COCHIN M M - Iconologie par Figures Ou Traite Complet Des Allegories, Emblemes &C Ouvrage Utile Aux Artistes Aux Amateurs, Et Peuvent Servir a L'Education Des Jeunes Personnea
47521: COCTEAU, JEAN - Oevres Completes de Jean Cocteau in 11 Volumes
53432: COFFIN, LEWIS A., JR. AND ARTHUR C. HOLDEN - Brick Architecture of the Colonial Period in Maryland and Virginia
51862: COHEN, JEAN-LOUIS - Le Corbusier and the Mystique of the Ussr: Theories and Projects for Moscow, 1928-1936
53271: COHEN, BEN - The Thames, 1580-1980 : A General Bibliography
47947: COHN-SHERBOK, DAN - The Blackwell Dictionary of Judaica
51815: COLE, NATHAN - The Royal Parks and Gardens of London Their History and Mode of Embellishment, with Hints on the Propagation and Culture of the Plants Employed Etc
43767: COLEMAN, ROGER - By Accident or Design? the 1992 Kelmscott Lecture
50874: COLERIDGE, S. T. - Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Dramatists
41535: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
51626: COLERIDGE, SARA - Pretty Lessons in Verse for Good Children. With Some Lessons in Latin, in Easy Rhyme.
47761: COLES, ROBERT - The Darkness and the Light: Photographs by Doris Ulmann with a New Heaven and Earth by Robert Coles
35465: COLLIER, WILLIAM - Beken of Cowes, the Beken Albums
46259: COLLINS, MINTA - A Medieval Herbal : A Facsimile of British Library Egerton Ms 747
52031: COLLINS, JAMES - The Nature and Attributes of the Church; and the Right of Private Judgment, As Taught by the United Church of England and Ireland, Explained and Defended... In Three Letters to the Rev. Thomas Maguire...
53573: COLLINS, JUDITH; CRAFTS COUNCIL (GREAT BRITAIN) - The Omega Workshops, 1913-19: Decorative Arts of Bloomsbury Crafts Council Gallery, 18 January-18 March 1984 a Crafts Council Exhibition
53508: COLLINS, WILKIE - The Moonstone: A Romance
49064: COLLIS, MAURICE - Quest for Sita: Of Ravana, the Dark Angel and His Paradise at Lanka. Of Hanuman and the Divine Vultures Jatayus and Sampati
48565: COLLODI, CARLO - Pinocchio the Story of a Puppet or the Adventures of Pinocchio
49337: COLNAGI ; GLAZEBROOK, MARK (INTRO.) - Edward Wadsworth 1889 - 1949 - Paintings Drawings and Prints [ Colnaghi's ]
49902: COLQUHOUN, JOHN - Sporting Days
31850: COLVIN, SIR SIDNEY - Memories and Notes of Persons and Places
50955: COLVIN, CLARE - John Nash Book Designs
47406: JUVENALIS ET PERSIUS ARTHUR JOHN MACLEANE (COMMENTARY - Decii Junii Juvenalis Et a Persii Flacci Satirae
50077: S. T. TAYLOR COMPANY - Instruction Book with Diagrams to S.T. Taylor's System of Cutting Ladies' Garments
44387: THE GRAPHOTONE COMPANY - One Hundred Gems of British Scenery, a Collection of Permanent Photographs
52571: THE CHART PUBLISHING COMPANY - Map of England and Wales
53566: GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY - G.E. C. Cookery Book
50075: S. T. TAYLOR COMPANY - Instruction Book with Diagrams to S.T. Taylor's System of Cutting Ladies' Garments
52146: ANON AND THE GREEN SERIES COMPLETE AND THE YELLOW SERIES COMPLETE - The Angler's Note-Book and Naturalist's Record: A Repertory of Fact, Inquiry and Discussion on Field-Sports and Subjects of Natural History. Two Volumes: The Green Series Complete and the Yellow Series Complete
3485: THE GREEN SERIES COMPLETE - The Angler's Note-Book and Naturalist's Record - a Repertory of Fact, Inquiry and Discussion on Field-Sports and Subjects of Natural History
53673: LE COMPTE, LOUIS [LE COMTE, LOUIS] - Memoirs and Observations Topographical, Physical, Mathematical, Mechanical, Natural, CIVIL, and Esslesiastical; Made in a Late Journey Through the Empire of China, and Published in Several Letters
50040: COMPTON, HERBERT - The Twentieth Century Dog. Volume I: (Non-Sporting) and Volume II: (Sporting). Two Volumes
53682: LE COMTE, LOUIS - Memoirs and Observations Topographical, Physical, Mathematical, Mechanical, Natural, CIVIL, and Esslesiastical; Made in a Late Journey Through the Empire of China, and Published in Several Letters
47784: COMUS [BALLANTYNE, R.M.] - Mister Fox by Comus , Author of "Three Little Kittens"
48697: CONAN DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
41542: CONAN DOYLE, ARTHUR - The Guards Came Through and Other Poems
49014: CONAN DOYLE, A. - The Hound of the Baskervilles. Another Adventure of Sherlock Holmes
49065: CONAN DOYLE, A. - The Sign of Four
49015: CONAN DOYLE, A. - The Return of Sherlock Holmes
48700: CONAN DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR - A Study in Scarlet & the Sign of the Four

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