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1750: : - Wildflowers of the Western State: 147 West Australian Species Illustrated.
616: ----: - Digest of the Turtles.
3507: ----: - Codes of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock: Domestic Fowls. Leaflet 703.
2689: ADAM, M. S., N. R. MERRETT, R. C. ANDERSON, J. E. RANDALL & R. H. KUITER: - Additions to the fish fauna of the Maldive Islands. Part 1: An annotated checklist of the deep demersal fishes of the Maldive islands. (with) Part 2: New records of fishes from the Maldive Islands, with notes on other species.
2831: ADLER, K: - Three new frogs of the genus Hyla from the Sierra Madre del sur of México.
2832: ADLER, K. & D. M. DENNIS: - New tree frogs of the genus Hyla from the cloud forests of western Guerrero, México.
3930: ADLER, K: - The influence of prehistoric man on the distribution of the box turtle.
3468: ADLER, K: - Extraocular photoreception in amphibians.
3467: ADLER, K: - The role of extraoptic photoreceptors in amphibian rhythms and orientation: A review.
2489: AGASSIZ, G. R., T. BARBOUR, O. BANGS, & G. M. ALLEN: - Vertebrata from Madagascar.
4486: AKESTER, J: - Successful mating and reproduction by a Gaboon Viper, Bitis gabonica gabonica, in captivity.
3999: AKESTER, J: - Further observations on the breeding of the Gaboon Viper (Bitis g. gabonica), in captivity (Serpentes: Viperidae).
4702: ALDERTON, C. J. T: - Aspects of the ecology of a population of the brown tree frog, Litoria ewingi (Dumeril & Bibron) near Wellington, New Zealand.
755: ALDERTON, D: - Wildcats of the World.
14: ALDERTON, D: - Turtles & Tortoises of the World.
3501: ALEXANDER, R. MCN: - Structure and function in the catfish.
3763: ALLEN, E. R. & W. T. NEILL: - The life history of the Everglades rat snake, Elaphe obsoleta rossalleni.
3764: ALLEN, E. R. & W. T. NEILL: - Increasing abundance of the alligator in the eastern portion of its range.
3765: ALLEN, E. R. & W. T. NEILL: - The treefrog, Hyla septentrionalis, in Florida.
3766: ALLEN, E. R. & W. T. NEILL: - Juveniles of Brooks' kingsnake, Lampropeltis getulus brooksi.
517: ALLEN, G. R: - Damselfishes of the South Seas.
1062: ALLMON, W. D: - A plot study of forest floor litter frogs, Central Amazon, Brazil.
3330: ALTIG, R. & G. F. JOHNSTON: - Major characteristics of free-living anuran tadpoles.
4903: ANDERSON, J: - On some Indian Reptiles.
4676: ANDERSON, S. C. & A. E. LEVITON: - A new species of Phrynocephalus (Sauria: Agamidae) from Afghanistan, with remarks on Phrynocephalus ornatus Boulenger.
4251: ANDERSON, J. D. & G. K. WILLIAMSON: - The breeding season of Ambystoma opacum in the northern and southern parts of its range.
4252: ANDERSON, J. D. & G. K. WILLIAMSON: - Nocturnal stratification in larvae of the mole salamander, Ambystoma talpoideum.
4253: ANDERSON, J. D., D. D. HASSINGER & G. H. DALRYMPLE: - Natural mortality of eggs and larvae of Ambystoma t. tigrinum.
4250: ANDERSON, J. D: - Behavior of three subspecies of Ambystoma macrodactylum in a soil moisture gradient.
2800: ANDERSON, J. D. & P. J. MARTINO: - The life history of Eurycea l. longicauda associated with ponds.
2858: ANDERSON, J. D: - Description of the spermatophore of Ambystoma tigrinum.
2863: ANDERSON, J. D: - Phototactic behavior of larvae and adults of two subspecies of Ambystoma macrodactylum.
3769: ANDERSON, J. D. & D. C. WILHOFT: - A new subspecies of Eumeces multivirgatus from Mexico.
4540: ANDERSSON, L. G: - New lizards from South America. Collected by Nils Holmgren and A. Roman.
4539: ANDERSSON, L. G: - A new Leptodactylus and a new Nototrema from Brazil.
1518: ANDREONE, F., R. FORTINA & A. CHIMINELLO: - Natural History, Ecology and Conservation of the Italian Spadefoot Toad, Pelobates fuscus insubricus.
1614: ANGEL, F: - La Vie des Cameleons et autres Lezards. (The Life of Chameleons and other Lizards).
1920: ANGEL, H.: - Seashore Life on Sandy beaches: A fully illustrated introduction to some of their animal and plant inhabitants.
1031: ANSTIS, M: - Breeding biology and larval development of Litoria verreauxi (Anura: Hylidae).
4311: APPLEBY, L. G: - British Snakes.
1208: APPLEGATE, R: - The General Care and Maintenance of Milk Snakes.
4928: ARNOLD, E. N: - Recently extinct reptile populations from Mauritius and Réunion, Indian Ocean.
1224: ARNOLD, E. N: - Fossil reptiles from Aldabra Atoll, Indian Ocean.
1237: ARNOLD, E. N. & A. E. LEVITON: - A revision of the lizard genus Scincus (Reptilia: Scincidae).
1236: ARNOLD, E. N: - Relationships of the Palaearctic lizards assigned to the genera Lacerta, Algyroides and Psammodromus (Reptilia: Lacertidae).
1238: ARNOLD, E. N: - Osteology, genitalia and the relationships of Acanthodactylus (Reptilia: Lacertidae).
2381: ARNOLD, E. N. & D. W. OVENDEN: - A Field Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Britain and Europe.
4438: ARTNER, H., B. FARKAS & V. LOEHR (EDITORS): - Turtles: Proceedings: International Turtle & Tortoise Symposium Vienna 2002.
1344: ASHE, J: - Observations on Gunther's garter or coral snake, Elapsoidea sundevalii Guntheri Loveridge.
2073: ATATÜR, M. K. & B. GÖÇMEN: - Kuzey Kibris' in Kurbaga ve Sürüngenleri. (Amphibians and Reptiles of Northern Cyprus).
3025: AUERBACH, R. D: - The Reptiles of Gaborone: A Guide to the Reptiles of the South-Eastern Hardveld of Botswana.
4802: AUFFENBERG, W: - A new family of Miocene salamanders from the Texas Coastal Plain.
4801: AUFFENBERG, W. & C. J. GOIN: - The status of the salamander genera Scapherpeton and Hemitrypus of Cope.
4629: AUFFENBERG, W: - Remarks on some Miocene anurans from Florida, with a description of a new species of Hyla.
4261: AUFFENBERG, W: - The epaxial musculature of siren, amphiuma, and necturus (Amphibia).
2923: AUFFENBERG, W. & C. J. GOIN: - The status of the salamander genera Scapherpeton and Hemitrypus of Cope.
1737: AVIGAD (LEVY), B., S. BERLINGER & Z. SILBERSTEIN: - Trees and Shrubs in Israel (Arbres et Arbustes d'Israel): Twenty Seven Wild Trees and Shrubs (Vingt Sept Arbres et Arbustes des Champs).
1752: AVIGAD (LEVY), B., S. BERLINGER & Z. SILBERSTEIN: - Carmel Flowers (Fleurs du Carmel): Thirty Two Wild Flowers (Trente Deux Fleurs des Champs).
2030: AXELROD, H. R: - Salamanders and Newts.
366: AXELROD, H. R: - African Cichlids of Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika.
4630: AYALA, S., D. HARRIS, & E. E. WILLIAMS: - New or problematic Anolis from Colombia. I. Anolis calimae, new species, from the cloud forest of western Colombia.
4631: AYALA, S. C. & E. E. WILLIAMS: - New or problematic Anolis from Colombia. VI. Two fuscoauratoid anoles from the Pacific lowlands, A. maculiventris Boulenger, 1898 and A. medemi, a new species from Gorgona Island.
523: AYLING, T. & G. J. COX: - Collins Guide to the Sea Fishes of New Zealand.
2976: BACON, J. P: - Systematic status of three scincid lizards (Genus Sphenomorphus) from Borneo.
529: BAGENAL, T. B: - Identification of British Fishes.
774: BAGLIN, D. & B. MULLINS: - Australian Wildflowers in Colour.
4117: BAIG, K. J. & W. BÖHME: - Callous scalation in female agamid lizards (Stellio group of Agama) and its functional implications.
3484: BAILEY, J. R: - A new species of Rhadinaea from San Luis Potosí.
3485: BAILEY, J. R. & A. L. DE CARVALHO: - A new Leptotyphlops from Mato Grosso, with notes on Leptotyphlops tenella Klauber.
26: BAILEY, R. M: - Iowa's frogs and toads.
3483: BAILEY, J. R: - Herpetological Notes: Microhyla carolinensis in northeastern Tennessee.
3480: BAILEY, J. R: - Notes on plethodont salamanders of the southeastern United States.
3479: BAILEY, J. R: - Leptotyphlops anthracinus, a new blind snake from eastern Ecuador.
3482: BAILEY, J. R: - A review of some recent Tropidophis material.
3478: BAILEY, J. R: - The snakes of the genus Chironius in southeastern South America.
3481: BAILEY, J. R: - New forms of Coniophanes Hallowell, and the status of Dromicus clavatus Peters.
4382: BAIN, R. H., A. LATHROP, R. W. MURPHY, N. L. ORLOV, & HO THU CUC: - Cryptic species of a cascade frog from southeast Asia: taxonomic revisions and descriptions of six new species.
2587: BALLASINA, D: - Amphibians of Europe, a colour field guide.
1273: BALLETTO, E., M. A. CHERCHI & B. LANZA: - Hildebrandtia macrotympanum (Boulenger, 1912), a distinct species (Amphibia Ranidae).
1780: BALLETTO, E., M. A. CHERCHI & B. LANZA: - Collection of Herpetological Papers.
3949: BANARESCU, P. M. & T. T. NALBANT: - A new gudgeon of the genus Gobio from Shansi (Pisces, Cyprinidae).
4638: BANGS, O., W. W. BROWN, JR., J. E. THAYER & T. BARBOUR: - The Vertebrata of Gorgona Island, Colombia.
2346: BANISTER, K. E: - A revision of the large Barbus (Pisces, Cyprinidae) of east and central Africa. Studies on African Cyprinidae: Part II.
2422: BANISTER, K. E: - The anatomy and taxonomy of Indostomus paradoxus Prashad & Mukerji.
3373: BANISTER, K. E: - On the cyprinid fish Barbus alluaudi pellegrin: A possible intergeneric hybrid from Africa. Studies on African Cyprinidae: Part I.
5067: BARBOUR, T: - A new snake from northern Brazil.
5015: BARBOUR, T: - A new race of chameleons from British East Africa.
5066: BARBOUR, T: - A new snake from southern Peru.
5019: BARBOUR, T: - A new colubrine snake from Java.
5021: BARBOUR, T: - A new genus of Amphibia Salientia from Dutch New Guinea.
5016: BARBOUR, T: - Two new species of Chamaeleon.
5017: BARBOUR, T: - A new species of flying lizard from Sarawak, Borneo.
5018: BARBOUR, T: - A new batrachian from Sarawak, Borneo.
4675: BARBOUR, T: - An undescribed Microhyla.
2490: BARBOUR, T: - Notes on the herpetology of Jamaica.
3349: BATTERSBY, J. C. & W. E. SWINTON: - Zoological Record: 16b. Reptilia.
3350: BATTERSBY, J. C. & W. E. SWINTON: - Zoological Record: 16b. Reptilia.
2622: BATTERSBY, J. C. & W. E. SWINTON: - Zoological Record: 16b. Reptilia.
3504: BATTERSBY, J. C: - Description of a new species of snake, Prosymna pitmani, sp. n., from Tanganyika Territory and notes on the genus.
3503: BATTERSBY, J. C: - On further amphibians and reptiles from the northern frontier division of Kenya.
3505: BATTERSBY, J. C: - A new amphisbaenid lizard from Tanganyika Territory and notes on the rare snake Chilorhinophis.
16: BAUCHOT, R. (EDITOR): - Snakes - A Natural History.
4711: BAUER, A. M. & R. E. PETIT: - On the herpetology of Perry's Arcana and two forgotten reptile names.
3584: BAUER, A. M. & A. P. RUSSELL: - Phyllodactylus wirshingi.
648: BAUR, G: - The relationship of the Lacertilian genus Anniella, Gray.
1328: BAYLIS, H. A: - Delayed reproduction in the spotted salamander.
122: BECHTLE, W: - Bunte Welt im Terrarium.
4208: BEDDARD, F. E: - Some notes on the muscular and visceral anatomy of the batrachian genus Hemisus, with notes on the lymph-hearts of this and other genera.
4328: BEEBEE, T. J. C: - The Natterjack Toad.
5057: BELL, G: - The diet and dentition of Smooth newt larvae (Triturus vulgaris).
4326: BELLAIRS, A. D'A: - Cleft palate, microphthalmia and other malformations in embryos of lizards and snakes.
27: BELLAIRS, A. & R. CARRINGTON: - The World of Reptiles.
18: BERGMAN, R. A. M: - Dendrophis pictus.
4995: BERGMAN, R. A. M: - The anatomy of Ablabes baliodeira, a colubrid snake from Java.
1383: BERGMAN, R. A. M: - The anatomy of the Acrochordinae. I, II, III, IV.
4821: BERRY, J. R: - Designer-Morphs. Volume one: Ball python & Boa constrictor. A guide to mutations and variations.
2977: BEZY, R. L: - A new species of the genus Lepidophyma (Reptilia: Xantusiidae) from Guatemala.
4264: BISCHOFF, W. & W. BÖHME: - Der systematische Status der türkischen Wüstenrenner des Subgenus Eremias (Sauria: Lacertidae).
2981: BISCHOFF, W. & W. BÖHME: - Zur Kenntnis von Paramesotriton caudopunctatus (Hu, Djao & Liu, 1973) n. comb. (Amphibia: Caudata: Salamandridae).
2985: BISCHOFF, W: - Beobachtungen bei der Pflege von Lacerta simonyi stehlini (Sauria, Lacertidae).
4511: BISPLINGHOF, H. & H. BELLOSA: - Professional Breeders Series: Anacondas.
5003: BISWAS, S. & L. N. ACHARJYO: - Observations on Geochelone elegans (Schoepff) in captivity, Orissa, India.
664: BJORN, B: - A Complete Guide to Newts and Salamanders.
3602: BLACK, J. H. & C. C. CARPENTER: - Arthur Norris Bragg, 18 December 1897-27 August 1968. (Obituary).
4693: BLAIR, A. P: - A new Rana from San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
4682: BLANCHARD, F. N: - Comments on ring-neck snakes (Genus Diadophis), with diagnoses of new forms.
4683: BLANCHARD, F. N: - A synopsis of the king snakes: Genus Lampropeltis Fitzinger.
4678: BLANCHARD, F. N: - Two new snakes of the genus Lampropeltis.
4679: BLANCHARD, F. N: - Three new snakes of the genus Lampropeltis.
4680: BLANCHARD, F. N: - A new snake of the genus Arizona.
4681: BLANCHARD, F. N: - A new North American snake of the genus Natrix.
1616: BLANCHARD, F. N: - Snakes of the genus Tantilla in the United States.
2986: BLANCHARD, F. N: - The number of eggs produced and laid by the four-toed salamander, Hemidactylium scutatum (Schlegel) in southern Michigan.
2987: BLANCHARD, F. N: - The date of egg-laying of the four-toed salamander, Hemidactylium scutatum (Schlegel) in southern Michigan.
2988: BLANCHARD, F. C: - A test of fecundity of the garter snake Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis (Linnaeus) in the year following the year of insemination.
3770: BLANCHARD, F. N: - The white-spotted phase of the racer (Coluber constrictor flaviventris (Say)) in Louisiana.
4427: BLANCK, T., W. P. MCCORD & MINH LE: - On the variability of Cuora trifasciata (Bell, 1825); the rediscovery of the type specimen, descriptions of a new Cuora species & subspecies, remarks on the distribution, habitat & vulnerability of these species (Reptilia: Testudines: Geoemydidae).
4828: BLATCHFORD, D. R. (EDITOR): - The Herptile.
994: BLAUSTEIN, A. R. & R. K. O'HARA: - An investigation of kin recognition in red-legged frog (Rana aurora) tadpoles.
1594: BOGART, J. P. & J.-L. PERRET: - The karyotype of Bufo danielae Perret.
4762: BOGERT, C. M: - A new box turtle from southeastern Sonora, Mexico.
4668: BOGERT, C. M: - Pseudohaje Günther, a valid genus for two West African arboreal cobras.
4670: BOGERT, C. M: - Two additional races of the patch-nosed snake, Salvadora hexalepis.
4672: BOGERT, C. M. & B. L. MATALAS: - Results of the Archbold Expeditions. No. 53. A review of the elapid genus Ultrocalamus of New Guinea.
4677: BOGERT, C. M. & A. P. PORTER: - A new species of Abronia (Sauria, Anguidae) from the Sierra Madre del Sur of Oaxaca, Mexico.
4064: BOGERT, C. M. & B. L. MATALAS: - Results of the Archbold Expeditions. No. 53. A review of the elapid genus Ultrocalamus of New Guinea.
4167: BOGERT, C. M: - Relative abundance, habitats, and normal thermal levels of some Virginian salamanders.
4502: BÖHME, W: - Psammodromus algirus (Linnaeus 1766) - Algerischer Sandläufer.
4335: BÖHME, W: - Indizien für natürliche Parthenogenese beim Helmbasilisken, Basiliscus basiliscus (Linnaeus 1758) (Sauria: Iguanidae).
4334: BÖHME, W: - Further specimens of the rare cat snake, Telescopus rhinopoma (Blanford, 1874) (Reptilia, Serpentes, Colubridae).
4333: BÖHME, W., K. BUSSE, & F. GLAW: - The identity of Mantella cowani Boulenger, 1882 and Mantella haraldmeieri Busse, 1981 (Anura: Mantellinae).
1065: BÖHME, W. & R. HUTTERER (EDITORS): - Bonner Zoologische Beitrage, Ergebnisse des 1. Symposiums ,,Herpetologia Canariensis''.
3254: BÖHME, W: - Die Identität von Rana esculenta bilmaensis Angel, 1936, aus der südlichen Sahara.
3258: BÖHME, W: - Martin Eisentraut 75 Jahre.
3262: BÖHME, W: - A record of Dimorphognathus africanus from Bioko, Equatorial Guinea, and deletion of Phrynodon sandersoni from the faunal list of this island (Anura: Ranidae: Petropedetinae).
1458: BOULENGER, G. A: - Descriptions of six new Perciform fishes from the coast of Natal.
4945: BOULENGER, G. A: - List of the batrachians and reptiles obtained by Prof. Stanley Gardiner on his second expedition to the Seychelles and Aldabra.
4840: BOULENGER, G. A: - Sur l'existence d'une seule espèce du genre Pelomedusa Wagler.
4194: BOULENGER, G. A: - On some newly-described Jurassic and Cretaceous lizards and Rhynchocephalians.
5055: BOULENGER, G. A: - Descriptions of four new African snakes in the British Museum.
4930: BOULENGER, G. A: - A list of the reptiles and batrachians collected by Mr. H. H. Johnston on the Rio del Rey, Cameroons District, W. Africa.
4875: BOULENGER, G. A: - A list of the snakes of north-east Africa, from the tropic to the Soudan and Somaliland, including Socotra.
4872: BOULENGER, G. A: - Descriptions of new reptiles from Yunnan.
4871: BOULENGER, G. A: - A list of snakes from Mesopotamia, collected by members of the Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force, 1915 to 1919, with field notes by Capt. C. M. Ingoldby.
4926: BOULENGER, G. A: - Le Lézard vert de la Péninsule Ibérique, ses variations et sa distribution.
4874: BOULENGER, G. A: - A list of the snakes of East Africa, north of the Zambesi and south of the Soudan and Somaliland, and of Nyassaland.
4868: BOULENGER, G. A: - Concluding report on the late Capt. Bottego’s collection of reptiles and batrachians from Somaliland and British East Africa.
4838: BOULENGER, G. A: - Les espèces du genre ophiomore.
4841: BOULENGER, G. A: - Sur une forme intéressante de Triton provenant de Moldavie et observations sur le genre Pelonectes Lataste.
5054: BOULENGER, G. A: - Descriptions of three new snakes discovered by Mr. G. L. Bates in south Cameroon.
5047: BOULENGER, G. A: - Descriptions of three new lizards and a new frog, discovered by Dr. W. J. Ansorge in Angola.
4931: BOULENGER, G. A: - Descriptions of new reptiles discovered in Mexico by Dr. H. Gadow, F.R.S.
4947: BOULENGER, G. A: - On a new snake of the genus Lamprophis now living in the society’s gardens.
969: BOULENGER, G. A: - The Tailless Batrachians of Europe.
1349: BOULENGER, G. A: - Un cas intéressant de dimorphisme sexuel chez un Serpent africain (Bothrolycus ater Gunther).
1354: BOULENGER, G. A: - Sur le Pelobates wilsoni, Bosca.
4956: BOUR, R: - Essai sur la taxinomie des Testudinidae actuels (Reptilia, Chelonii).
4957: BOUR, R: - Systématique des Tortues terrestres des iles Mascareignes: genre Cylindraspis Fitzinger, 1835 (Reptilia, Chelonii).
2286: BOUR, R: - Etude systématique du genre endémique malgache Pyxis Bell, 1827 (Reptilia, Chelonii). (Systematic survey of the malagasy endemic genus Pyxis Bell, 1827 (Reptilia, Chelonii)).
2288: BOUR, R: - Pelomedusa subrufa (Lacepède, 1788), Pelusios subniger (Lacepède, 1788) (Reptilia, Chelonii) et le séjour de Philibert Commerson à Madagascar.
4967: BOURN, D: - Reproductive study of Giant tortoises on Aldabra.
4773: BOURRET, RENÉ LÉON: - Les Lézards de l'Indochine.
4410: BOUSKILA, A. & D. EHRLICH (EDITORS): - Hardun: Journal of The Israel Herpetological Information Center. No. 5, Winter 1990.
4317: BOWLER, J. K: - Longevity of reptiles and amphibians in North American collections as of 1 November, 1975.
992: BRADSHAW, S. D. & A. R. MAIN: - Behavioural attitudes and regulation of temperature in Amphibolurus lizards.
993: BRADSHAW, S. D: - Growth and mortality in a field population of Amphibolurus lizards exposed to seasonal cold and aridity.
4796: BRAGG, A. N: - Observations on the life history of Pseudacris triseriata (Wied) in Oklahoma.
4795: BRAGG, A. N: - Bufo terrestris charlesmithi, a new subspecies from Oklahoma.
4794: BRAGG, A. N: - A study of Rana areolata in Oklahoma.
2463: BRAME, A. H. JR., & D. B. WAKE: - A new plethodontid salamander (Genus Magnadigita) from the Cordillera Occidental of Colombia.
2429: BRAME, A. H. JR. & D. B. WAKE: - Redescription of the plethodontid salamander Bolitoglossa lignicolor (Peters), with remarks on the status of B. palustris Taylor.
2237: BRAME, A. H. JR. & D. B. WAKE: - The salamanders of South America.
2464: BRAME, A. H. JR: - Status of the plethodontid salamander Spelerpes sulcatum Brocchi, of México.
2468: BRAME, A. H. JR. & G. E. FREYTAG: - Ein Halbalbino von Chioglossa lusitanica.
1702: BRANCH, W. R: - The wolf snakes Lycophidion capense and Lycophidion variegatum (Reptilia, Serpentes, Colubridae) in South Africa.
1705: BRANCH, W. R: - Two exceptional food records for the African bullfrog, Pyxicephalus adspersus (Amphibia, Anura, Ranidae).
4674: BRANDT, B. B. & C. F. WALKER: - A new species of Pseudacris from the southeastern United States.
599: BRASWELL, A. L., W. M. PALMER & J. C. BEANE: - Venomous Snakes of North Carolina.
4120: BRATTSTROM, B. H: - Notes on the herpetology of the Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico.
439: BREEN, J. F: - Encyclopedia of Reptiles and Amphibians.
906: BRISTOWE, W. S: - A Book of Spiders.
4985: BROADLEY, D. G. & R. BLAYLOCK: - The Snakes of Zimbabwe and Botswana.
2168: BROADLEY, D. G: - A new species of Crotaphopeltis (Serpentes: Colubridae) from Barotseland, Zambia.
4288: BROADLEY, D. G: - A review of the northeastern forms of the Pachydactylus capensis complex (Sauria: Gekkonidae).
1258: BROADLEY, D. G. & C. FINDLAY: - Dicephalism in the African striped skink Mabuya striata striata (Peters).
1446: BROADLEY, D. G: - The herpetology of Southern Rhodesia. Part 1. Snakes.
2161: BROADLEY, D. G: - A review of Psammophis leightoni and Psammophis notostictus in southern Africa (Serpentes: Colubridae).
2169: BROADLEY, D. G. & C. GANS: - Southern forms of Chirindia (Amphisbaenia, Reptilia).
2170: BROADLEY, D. G. & C. GANS: - Distribution, variation, and systematic status of Zygaspis violacea (Peters) (Amphisbaenia, Reptilia) endemic to southeastern Africa.
3053: BROADLEY, D. G., C. T. DORIA & J. WIGGE: - Snakes of Zambia: An Atlas and Field Guide.
3518: BROADLEY, D. G: - A revision of Aspidelaps scutatus (A. Smith) (Serpentes: Elapinae).
4660: BROCKIE, R. E: - Distribution and abundance of the hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) L. in New Zealand, 1869-1973.
4998: BROGHAMMER, S: - Python regius Atlas of Colour Morphs: Keeping and Breeding.
4613: BRONGERSMA, L. D: - Some notes on species of the genera Bachia and Scolecosaurus.
4614: BRONGERSMA, L. D: - On an Alopoglossus from Surinam.
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