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147343: (BUGEIL-LYFR EGLWYSIG). - Bugeil-Lyfr Eglwysig, Neu Gydymaith Y Gweinidog Ym Mysg Ei Braidd; Yn Cynnwys Y Drefn I Ymweled a’R Claf; Cymmun Y Claf; Gweinyddiad Bedydd Neillduol; Ynghyd Ag Amrywiaeth O Weddiau a Cholectau, &C. Cymmwys I’W Harfer Ourth Ymweled a Chleifion; Ac Ar Achlysuron Errail.
146835: (NATIONAL SMALL-BORE RIFLE ASSOCIATION). - The Rifleman. Volume XL. Nos. 391-394. The Journal of the National Small-Bore Rifle Association.
151922: (MAGNET). - The Magnet Companion. A Collective Biography, Index and Directory.
144968: (CWM GWENDRAETH). - Balchder Bro: Cwm Gwendraeth.
152046: (WILLIAMSON, HENRY). - The Henry Williamson Society Journal. Number 38. September 2002.
145127: (GRIFFITHS.) - Cofio Ann Griffiths (1805: 1955).
148486: (FEMINIST REVIEW). - Feminist Review. No. 44 [Only]. Summer 1993. Nationalisms and National Identities.
151765: (THOMPSON). - An Address Presented to Alexander Hamilton Thompson, with a Bibliography of His Writings.
150176: (BEANO). - The Legend of Lord Snooty and His Pals.
145618: (CLWYD). - Yr Eisteddfod/the Eisteddfod. Ei Thwf a’I Pharhad Yng Nghlwyd/a Living Clwyd Tradition.
150610: (CREIGHTON) [CREIGHTON, LOUISE.] - Life and Letters of Mandell Creighton, Volume I [Only], Dd. Oxon. And Camb. , Sometime Bishop of London... By His Wife.
146296: [JONES, GWILYN H. (EDITOR).] - Llawlyfr Y Beibl.
146207: [VARIOUS]. - Ar Y Cyd.
149820: [HOFLAND, BARBARA.] - The History of a Clergyman’S Window and Her Young Mammals. By the Author of the Officer’S Window, Merchant’S Window, Daughter-in-Law, Sisters, Woofy Bow-Ows, Meowers Madness, Panorama of Europe, Rude Picture of a Beedle, &C.
149910: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume XXXVII [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
152045: (WILLIAMSON, HENRY). - The Henry Williamson Society Journal. Number 37. September 2001.
149888: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume XXXIX [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
144944: (HYMN BOOK.) - Emynau’R Eglwys.
151940: [HORNE, THOMAS HARTWELL.] - The Complete Grazier; or, Farmer’S and Cattle-Breeder and Dealer’S Assistant. Comprising: Instructions for the Buying, Breeding, Rearing, and Fattening of Cattle; Directions for the Choice of the Best Breeds of Live Stock; the Treatment of Their Diseases, and the Critical Times of Calving and Yeaning; the General Economy of a Grass Farm; Irrigation, or Watering Meadows; Culture of the Best Natural and Artificial Grasses and Plants for Fodder; Various Methods of Cutting, Mixing, and Preparing Food in Severe Winters and Seasons of Scarcity; the Economy and General Management of the Dairy, Including the Making, Curing, and Preservation of Buttuer and Cheese, &C. &C. &C. Together with an Introductory View of the Different Breeds of Neat Cattle, Sheep, Horses, and Swine: Also an Appendix on the Shepherd’S Dogt, Horses, Asses, Mules, Poultry, Rabbits, Bees, Farm Accounts, and on the Improvement of British Wool. By a Lincolnshire Grazier.
151936: [HOME, HENRY, LORD KAMES.] - The Gentleman Farmer. Being an Attempt to Improve Agriculture, by Subjecting to the Text of Rational Principles.
152049: (WILLIAMSON, HENRY). - The Henry Williamson Society Journal. Number 33. September 1997.
147537: (VARIOUS). - Beirdd Ein Canrif. Llyfr I [Only]. Detholiad O Farddoniaeth I’R Ysgolion.
149891: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume XLVII [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
145477: B.B.C. - Learn Welsh. The Ideal Aid to Speaking and Writing. Up-to-Date and Easy to Use.
149890: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume L [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
150384: [HOFFMANN, E.T.A.] - Soeur Monika: Recits Et Aventures. Document Philanthropinico-Philantropico-Physico-Psychoerotique Du Couvent Seculer de X*** a S***. Traduit de L’Allemand Par E.L.
152051: (WILLIAMSON, HENRY). - The Henry Williamson Society Journal. Number 31. September 1995.
150524: (SAISONS). - Saisons. Numero 2, Printemps 1946. Almanach Des Lettres Et Des Arts.
148513: (SAADAWI). - The Nawal El Saadawi Reader.
149678: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Handley Cross; or, Mr. Jorrocks’S Hunt.
149674: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Handley Cross; or, Mr. Jorrocks’S Hunt.
149675: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Mr. Sponge’S Sporting Tour.
149676: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Hawbuck Grange; or, the Sporting Adventures of Thomas Scott.
149680: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Mr. Sponge’S Sporting Tour.
149679: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Mr. Facey Romford’S Hounds.
149681: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Hillingdon Hall, or, the Cockney Squire. A Tale of Country Life.
149682: [SURTEES, R.S.] - “Ask Mama;” or, the Richest Commoner in England.
149673: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Mr. Romford’S Hounds.
149753: (SIMPSONS). - Simpsons Comics Big Bonanza. Simpsons #28; Simpsons #29; Simpsons #30; Simpsons #31.
147345: (EISTEDDFOD GENEDLAEITHOL FRENHINOL CYMRU). - Rhestr Testunau Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Frenhinol Cymru: Llandudno a’R Cylch, Awst 5-10, 1963.
146532: (METHODISTIAD CALFINAIDD). - Y Drysorfa: Cylchgrawn Misol Y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd. 1860. Llyfr XIV. O’R Gyfres Newydd, a Llyfr XXX. O’R Hen Gyfres.
146039: (PUW). - Dan Pwy, Dyn Y Parc.
152048: (WILLIAMSON, HENRY). - The Henry Williamson Society Journal. Number 35. September 1999.
147636: [ERFYL, GWYN.] - Dan Sylw.
103145: [GREY, ZACHARY]. - A Free and Familiar Letter to That Great Refiner of Pope and Shakespear, the Rev Mr. William Warburton, Preacher of Lincoln’S-Inn. With Trials of Radclyffe Hallon the Epistle of Friend A.E. In Which His Unhandsome Treatment of This Celebrated Writer Is Expos’D in the Manner It Seserves. By a Country Curate.
152047: (WILLIAMSON, HENRY). - The Henry Williamson Society Journal. Number 36. September 2000.
149683: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Jorrocks’ Jaunts and Jollities. The Hunting, Shooting, Racing, Driving, Sailing, Eccentric and Extravagant Exploits of the Renowned Sporting Citizen, Mr. John Jorrocks. With an Introduction by Michael Wharton.
149889: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume LVII [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
146291: [GWENALLT, NEL.] - Ffwrneisiau. Cronicl Blynyddoedd Mebyd.
150266: (MEDALS). - Honours and Awards: Royal Navy and Airforce 1914-19. Recipients of the: Air Force Cross; Air Force Medal; Albert Medal; Order of the Bath; Board of Trade Medals; Order of the British Empire; Conspicuous Gallantry Medal; Distinguished Conduct Medal; Distinguished Flying Medal; Distinguished Flying Cross; Distinguished Service Cross; Distinguised Service Medal; Distinguised Service Order; Foreign Orders; Order of the Garter; Imperial Service Order; Order of the Indian Empire; Order of Merit; Meritorious Service Medal; Military Cross; Royal Red Cross; Order of St. Michael and St. George; Order of the Star of India; Royal Victorialn Order; Victoria Cross.
146836: (NATIONAL SMALL-BORE RIFLE ASSOCIATION). - The Rifleman. Volume XL. Nos. 399-402. The Journal of the National Small-Bore Rifle Association.
147724: (DYFED). - Gwaith Barddonol Dyfed. Cyf. II [Only].
148693: (BRITISH SCHOOL AT ROME). - Papers of the British School at Rome. Volume XV (New Series, Volume II) [Only]. 1939.
149909: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume XXXVIII [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
146533: (METHODISTIAD CALFINAIDD). - Y Drysorfa: Cylchgrawn Misol Y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd. 1874. Llyfr XXVIII. O’R Gyfres Newydd, a Llyfr XLIV. O’R Hen Gyfres.
151277: [ANONYMOUS]. - Little Frank.
151278: [ANONYMOUS]. - Little Peepy.
149911: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume LV [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
147467: (THOMAS, J. HEYWOOD.) - Gallica. Essays Presented to J. Heywood Thomas by Colleagues, Pupils and Friends.
151939: [LAWRENCE, JOHN.] - The New Farmer’S Calendar; or, Monthly Remembrancer, for All Kinds of Country Business: Comprehending All the Material Improvements in the New Husbandry, with the Management of Live Stock. Inscribed to the Farmers of Great Britain. By a Farmer and Breeder.
150173: (SPEARMINT). - This Is a Souvenir: The Songs of Spearmint & Shirley Lee.
146276: [THOMAS, WILLIAM.] - Gwaith Barddonol Islwyn 1832-1878.
144760: [HUNT, EDGAR (EDITOR).] - Instructions & Tunes for the Treble Recorder from the Modern Music Master C. 1731.
146324: [GENINEN.] - Y Geninen: Cylchgrawn Chwarterol Cenedlaethol. Cyfrol XVIII [Only]: 1900.
146353: (BANGOR). - Emynau’R Llan.
152044: (WILLIAMSON, HENRY). - The Henry Williamson Society Journal. Number 39. September 2003.
151295: (GRUBB) [MURRAY, LINDLEY (EDITOR).] - Some Account of the Life and Religious Labours of Sarah Grubb. With an Appendix, Containing an Account of Ackworth School, Obserbations on Christian Discipline, and Extracts from Many of Her Letters.
146834: (NATIONAL SMALL-BORE RIFLE ASSOCIATION). - The Rifleman. Volume XL. Nos. 395-398. The Journal of the National Small-Bore Rifle Association.
146833: (NATIONAL SMALL-BORE RIFLE ASSOCIATION). - The Rifleman. Volume XXXIX. Nos. 387-390. The Journal of the National Small-Bore Rifle Association.
146053: (COME AND LEARN WELSH). - Dewch I Ddysgu Cymraig/Come and Learn Welsh 1.
149684: [SURTEES, R.S.] - “Plain or Ringlets?”
151275: [WHYMPER, ELIJAH (ILLUSTRATOR).] - The Hero without Courage.
149486: (CYMMRODORION SOCIETY). - The Dictionary of Welsh Biography Down to 1940. Under the Auspices of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion.
147249: (MORRIS, WILLIAM). - Llythyrau’R Morysiaid. Detholiad Ar Gyfer Ysgolion.
150523: (JEANSON). - Bibliotheque Mrcel Jeanson. Premiere Partie: Chasse [Only]. Par le Ministere de Me M. -Th. Escaut-Marquet, Huissier a Monaco. Jours de Vente Samedi 28 Fevrier 1987 a 21 Heures (1-205), Dimanche 1er Mars 1987 a 15 Heures (206-421) Et a 21 Heures (422-598).
149896: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume XXXI [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
149897: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume XLII [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
149898: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume LVI [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
149902: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume XL [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
149903: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume XXXII [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
149905: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume XLIII [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
149906: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume XLIV [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
151276: [HARRILD, THOMAS & WHYMPER, ELIJAH.] - Twelfth Night.
147022: [COBB, BOB (EDITOR).] - The Best of Bass Master. A Treasury of Bass Fishing’S Greatest Years...
149894: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume LXII [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
150618: TRAD. - Bold Turpin. A Romance As Sung by Sam Weller.
147747: (WELSH ARTS COUNCIL TOURING EXHIBITION). - 10 Crochenwyr Potters. A Welsh Arts Council Touring Exhibition, with the Support of Thecrafts Advisory Committee, in Conjunction with the Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales, Cardiff, 1978.
151279: [WHYMPER, ELIJAH]. - Much Ado About Nothing, or, a Day at the Gardens.
147315: (EISTEDDFOD GENEDLAETHOL FRENHINOL CYMRU). - Rhestr Testunau Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Frenhinol Cymru: Penybont-Ar-Ogwr a Gynhelir of Dan Nawdd Cyngor Yr Eisteddfod Benedlaethol, Awst 2-7 1948.
149821: [MACDUFF, JOHN ROSS.] - Grapes of Eshcol; or, Gleanings from the Land of Promise. By the Author of “Morning and Night Watches,” “Memories of Bethany,” “Memories of Gennesaret,” Etc. , Etc.
152050: (WILLIAMSON, HENRY). - The Henry Williamson Society Journal. Number 32. September 1996.
145050: [VARIOUS.] - Newydd a Hen. Detholion O Lenyddiaeth Gymraeg Rhyddiaith a Barddoniaeth.
152043: (WILLIAMSON, HENRY). - The Henry Williamson Society Journal. Number 41. September 2005. Hws 1980-2005: Silver Jubilee Issue.
147172: [KALOYEROPOYLOY, A. (EDITOR).] - Acta of the 1st International Scientific Congress on the Volano of Thera. Held in Greece, 15th-23rd September 1969.
147162: [PLATNAUER, MAURICE.] - Fifty Years (and Twelve) of Glassical Scholarship. Being Fifty Years of Classical Scholarship Revised with Appendices.
144468: (OPEN UNIVERSITY). - Film and Television History. Resource Book 2. Aa310 Rb 2.
144467: (OPEN UNIVERSITY). - Film and Television History. Resource Book I. Aa310 Rb 1.
144462: (ELECTRIC SHEEP). - Electric Sheep: A Deviant View of Cinema. Winter 09. I Fought the Law. Gangsters, Thieves, Bikers and Banned Filmmakers: What Makes a Cinematic Outlaw. Also in This Issue: Pop Art Kafka: The Prisoner; Interview with John Hillcoatt; Film Noir Comic Strips; the Art of Polish Film Posters.
144466: (OPEN UNIVERSITY). - Film and Television History. Hollywood. Aa310 Book 2.
144549: (Y DIWYGIWR). - Y Diwygiwr; Yn Cynwys Cofiantau, Duwinyddiaeth, Gwleidiadaeth, Barddioeth, Peroriaeth, Oaolydiadau, Hanesion Cartrefol a Thramor, &C. 1849. Dan Nawdd Gweinidogion Yr Anymddibynwyr. Cyfrol XIV.
144559: [JONES, THOMAS (EDITOR).] - Rhyddiaith Gymraeg. Yr Ail Gyfrol. Detholion O Lawysgrifau a Llyfrau Printiedig 1547-1618.
144600: (BANGOR). - Emynau’R Llan.
116453: (HAYNES.) - Renault 14 Owners Workshop Manual 1977 to 1983. All Models; 1218cc, 1360cc
118972: [AMBROSE, TOM.] - Hitler’S Loss. What Britain and America Gained from Europe’S Cultural Exiles.
121424: (MONTFORT, SIMON DE). - The Seventh Centenary of Simon de Montfort’S Parliament, 1265-1965. An Account of the Commemorative Ceremonies and an Historical Narrative.
122652: (ROYAL COMMISSION). - Report of the Royal Commission Appointed Under Order in Council P.C. 411 of February 5, 1946 to Investigate the Facts Relating to and the Circumstances Surrounding the Communiction, by Public Officials and Other Persons in Positions of Turst of Secret and Confidential Information to Agents of a Foreign Power. June 27, 1946. Honourable Mr. Justice Robert Taschereau, Honourable Mr. Justice R.L. Kellock, Commissioners.
122653: (H.M.S.O.) - Miscellaneous No. 9 (1939). Documents Concerning German-Polish Relations and the Outbreak of Hostilities between Great Britain and Germany on September 3, 1939. Presented by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to Parliament by Command of His Majesty.
124429: [FAIRBRIDGE, KINGSLEY.] - Kingsley Fairbridge: His Life and Verse. Reprint of the 1927 Edition of the Autobiography of Kingsley Fairbridge, with Additional Text and New Illustrations; and Slections Form the 1909 and 1928 Editions of His Veld Verse.
124542: [HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL.] - Over the Teacups. By the Author of the Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.
124607: (JOHNSON CLUB) - Johnson Club Papers. By Various Hands. Second Series.
124640: (KIPLING). - Kipling Calendar.
125243: (BROOKS). - Andreas and the Fates of the Apostles. Edited with and Introduction and Commentary by Kenneth R. Brooks.
125627: (MOFFAT, ROBERT.) - Rivers of Water in a Dry Place, or, from Africaner’S Kraal to Khama’S City.
126177: [GROLIER CLUB.] - Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of Some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Langland to Wither. With Collations & Notes, & Eighty-Seven Facsimiles of Title-Pages and Frontispieces. Being a Contribution to the Bibliography of English Literature.
126711: (THOMPSON). - An Address Presented to Alexander Hamilton Thompson. With a Bibliography of His Writings.
127370: [MARSH, ANNE]. - Two Old Men’S Tales. The Deformed and the Admiral’S Daughter.
128115: [ANONYMOUS.] - The Goodman of Paris. (le Memagier de Paris). A Treatise on Moral and Domestic Economy by a Citizen of Paris, C. 1393. Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Eileen Power.
128172: (HOUSE OF COMMONS.) - Calendarium Inquisitionum Post Mortem Sive Escaetarum. Vol. IV [Only]. Temporibus Regum Hen. V. Hen. VI. Edw. IV. & Ric. III. Cum Appendice de Quamplurimis Aliss Inquisitionibus a Regno Hen. II Usque Jac. I. Nuper Repertis. Printed by Command of His Majesty King George IV. In Pursuance of an Address of the House of Commons of Great Britain.
128300: [KNELL, THOMAS.] - An Answer at Large, to a Most Hereticall, Trayterous, and Papisticall Byll, in English Verse, Which Was Cast Abrode in the Streetes of Northamton, and Brought Before the Judges at the Last Assizes There, 1570.
128972: (PUECKLER-MUSKAU, PRINCE). - Puckler’S Progress. The Adventures of Prince Pueckler-Muskau in England, Wales and Ireland As Told in Letters to His Former Wife, 1826-9. Translated by Flora Brennan.
128982: (COBDEN CLUB). - Commercial Policy of France, and the Treaty with England of 1860.
129062: (SOCIETY OF FRIENDS.) - The Annual Monitor for 1863, or, Obituary of the Members of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland, for the Year 1862. New Series No. 21.
129082: (ANNUAL REGISTER). - The Annual Register, or, a View of the History, Politics, and Literature for the Year 1771.
129106: [COOPER, THOMAS (EDITOR).] - Cooper’S Journal, or, Unfettered Thinker and Plain Speaker for Truth, Freedom and Progress (1850). Volume I, Number 1, January 5, 1850-Number 30, October 26, 1850.
129111: (UNITED TELEPHONE COMPANY). - Three Victorian Telephone Directories. A Reprint of the United Telephone Company’S Professional and Trades Classified Direcotry 1885; the United Telephone Company’S Instructions for the Use of Exchange Lines and the South of England Telephone Company’S (Brighton) Directory 1885; the London and Globe Telephone and Maintenance Company’S Directory 1884.
129439: [WYSS, JOHANN]. - The Swiss Family Robinson. With Illustrations by H.M. Brock.
129797: [ANON.] - The Pastor’S Address; or, Shall We Meet in Heaven?
131553: H.M.S.O. - The 1931 International Code of Signals. Volume I [Only]. For Visual and Sound Signalling. [with] Supplement No. 1 to Both Volumes I and II.
131554: H.M.S.O. - B.R. 229. Admiralty Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy. Volume I. Magnetism and Electricity. Volume II. Wireless Telegraphy Theory.
131860: [MARSH, CATHERINE M.] - Memorials of Captain Hedley Vicars, Ninety-Seventh Regiment.
131934: (COULTER, JOHN MERLE). - A Record of the Doctors in Botany of the University of Chicago, 1897-1916, Presented to John Merle Coulter, Professor and Head of the Department of Botany by the Doctors in Botany, at the Quarter-Centennial of the University, June, 1916.
132392: [RAWLINGS, SAM (EDITOR).] - Time. Time. Time.
132465: (ARISTOTLE). - Aristotle: An Excerpt from the General Catalogue of Printed Books in the British Museum.
133336: (LEWIS). - Wyndham Lewis, 1882-1957. The Collection of Wayne Hugo Green, M.D.
133403: [GRANT, JAMES]. - Random Recollections of the Huose of Lords, from the Year 1830 to 1836, Including Personal Sketches of the Leading Members.
134290: (MINARDI). - Bruno Minardi. Architectural Monographs No. 51.
134506: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 6. Tremadog and Teh Moelwyns. By Mike Mortimer.
134507: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 11. Cwm Silyan and Cwellyn. By Mike Yates and Jim Perrin.
134510: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 1. Carneddau. By A.J. J. Moulam.
134511: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 2. Ogwen by Zdzislaw Leppert.
134512: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 3. Llanberis Pass. By Geoff Milburn.
134514: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 10. Snowdon East. By A.J. J. Moulham.
134516: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 7. Lliwedd. By Harold Drasdo.
134517: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 2. Cwm Idwal. By A.J. J. Moulham.
134518: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 8. Snowdon South. By Trevor Jones. Including Moel Y Gest Quarry by Les Holliwell.
134800: (KOVAC). - Tom Kovac. Architectural Monographs No. 50.
135286: 20/1631. - Some Personalities.
135452: (VANITY FAIR). - Shall We Join the Ladies? Portraits and Caricatures from Vanity Fair. A Gallery of Women Who Appeared in Caricature between 1869 and 1914.
136209: (RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS). - Rules of Discipline of the Religious Society of Friends, with Advices: Being Extracts from the Minutes and Epistles of Their Yearly Meeting, Held in London, from Its First Institution. [Bound with: -] Supplement to the “Rules of Discipline of the Religious Society of Friends, with Advices. ”
136898: [SPILLING, JAMES.] - Giles’S Trip to London. A Farm Labourer’S First Peep at the World. By the Village Schoolmaster.
137098: (COLETTE). - Belles Saisons. A Colette Scrapbook. Assembled, and with Commentary by Robert Phelps.
137182: (GIDE). - The Correspondence 1899-1926 between Paul Claudel and Andre Gide. Introduction and Notes by Robert Mallet. Prefaced and Translated by John Russell.
137192: (GIBRAN). - The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran.
137723: (SCHILLER) - The Life of Friedrich Schiller: Comprehending an Examination of His Works.
137807: (TOMLINSON). - In Black & White. The Graphics of Charles Tomlinson. With an Introduction by Octavio Paz.
138001: (RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE). - The Centennial Celebration of Renssleaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York. October 3rd and 4th, 1924.
138020: (REPTON SCHOOL). - Repton School. Schemes of Work. Michaelmas Term, 1912.
138035: (UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SCHOOL). - An Angel without Wings. A History of University College School, 1830-1980.
138052: O.E. - Eton Under Hornby. Some Reminiscences & Reflections.
138061: (CHRIST’S HOSPITAL SCHOOL). - Some More Gleanings. A Selection of Pieces in Prose & Verse, from the Pages of “the Blue” 1870-1895.
138068: (GEORGE PEABODY COLLEGE). - The Semicentennial of George Peabody College for Teachers 1875-1925. The Proceedings of the Semicentennial Celebration, February 18, 19, and 20, 1925.
138092: (WYGGESTON SCHOOL). - The Wyggeston Grammar School for Boys. Jubilee 1927.
138098: (MERCHANT TAYLORS’ SCHOOL). - Merchant Taylors’ School: Its Origin, History and Present Surroundings.
138099: (BATH COLLEGE). - Thomas William Dunn. Fellow and Dean of Peterhouse, Assistant Master at Clifton College, Founder and Head Master of Bath College.
138132: (MANCHESTER GRAMMAR SCHOOL). - A Biographical Register of Old Mancunians 1910-1993. The Manchester Grammar School.
138183: [SPARROW, KENNETH C.] - The Boy Scouts’ Complete Signalling Instructor.
138189: (BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION). - The Diamond Jubilee Book of Scouting 1907-1967. Publication Approved by the Boy Scouts Association.
138427: (WHITCLIFFE MOUNT SCHOOL). - Whitcliffe Mount School. Justly, Skilfully, Magnanimously.
138446: (MERCHANT TAYLORS’ SCHOOL). - Merchant Taylors’ School: Its Origin, History and Present Surroundings.
138464: (ABBOTSHOLME SCHOOL). - A History of Abbotsholme School 1889-1989.
138524: (GREAT AYTON SCHOOL). - History of Great Ayton School. Published for the Jubilee Committee, June 25th, 1891.
138553: (CASTLEFORD GRAMMAR SCHOOL). - Castleford Grammar School 1906-7 - 1956-7. The First Fifty Years.
138565: [FREETH, MISS E. (EDITOR).] - Clapham County School 1909-1959.
138590: (HARRISON). - John Harrison & His School. Some Chronicles of the Merchant Taylors Company and Its School at Great Crosby.
138629: (WOODHOUSE GROVE SCHOOL). - Woodhouse Grove School 1812-1962. A Hundred and Fifty Years of Memories and Recollections.
138632: (KIRKBY STEPHEN GRAMMAR SCHOOL). - Kirkby Stephen Grammar School 1566-1966. Commemorative Issue of Kirkby Stephen Grammar School Magazine to Celebrate the Foundation of the School by Thomas First Lord Wharton in 1566, Containing an Account of Kirkby Stephen Grammar School in the Years 1566 to 1966 Together with Short Accounts of the Other Endowed Schools in the Area Served by Kirkby Stephen Grammar School.
138635: (MARY DATCHELOR SCHOOL). - The Story of the Mary Datchelor School 1877-1957.
138638: (BACUP AND RAWTENSTALL GRAMMAR SCHOOL.) - Seventy-Five Years. A History of Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School.
138659: (KING EDWARD VII SCHOOL). - “Tha’LL Never Gerr in Theer... ” a Living History of King Edward VII School.
138671: (SADDLEWORTH UPPERMILL SECONDARY MODERN SCHOOL). - The First Fifty Years 1911-1961.
138708: (EXETER SCHOOL). - Exeter School 1880-1983.
138735: (RYDAL SCHOOL). - Rydal School, 1885-1935.
139097: (WAR FACSIMILES, THE). - Ocean Front. The Story of the War in the Pacific 1941-44.
139223: (PHARMACOPOEIA). - The Extra Pharmacopoeia [Together with: ] Supplement. Incorporating Squire’S Companion.
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141469: BLACK, PENNY. - The Book of Pot Pourri. Fragrant Flower Mixes for Scenting & Decorating the Home.
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151270: BLACKALL, WILLIAM E. & GRIEVE, BRIAN J. - How to Know Western Australian Wildflowers. Part III [Only]: A Key to the Flora of the Temperate Regions of Western Australia. Fair Copy Scripted by Yvonne Chadwick.
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