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139672: (METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY). - Proceedings of the Meteorological Society, During the Session 1838-1839. [Together with] the Horoscope, a Monthly Magazine of Science and Literature. January-May, 1841 [and] the Horoscope, a Weekly Miscellany of Astrology, Astronomy, Phrenology, Meteorology, &C. Nos. 1-4, May 8-29, 1841.
130146: H.M.S.O. - Entitlement Carts and Identity Fraud. A Consultation Paper. Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for the Home Department by Command of Her Majesty, July 2002.
126436: H.M.S.O. - Military Electric Lighting. Volume II. Edition 1909. (Reprinted with Amendments, 1915).
129106: [COOPER, THOMAS (EDITOR).] - Cooper’S Journal, or, Unfettered Thinker and Plain Speaker for Truth, Freedom and Progress (1850). Volume I, Number 1, January 5, 1850-Number 30, October 26, 1850.
127370: [MARSH, ANNE]. - Two Old Men’S Tales. The Deformed and the Admiral’S Daughter.
117310: [RICHARDSON, STUART (EDITOR).] - The Secret History of World War II. The Untra-Secret Wartime Letters and Cables of Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill.
124542: [HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL.] - Over the Teacups. By the Author of the Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.
134512: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 3. Llanberis Pass. By Geoff Milburn.
142097: (ALPINE JOURNAL). - Index to the Alpine Journal. Volumes 16-38; Volumes 38-50; Volumes 59-73.
134506: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 6. Tremadog and Teh Moelwyns. By Mike Mortimer.
134507: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 11. Cwm Silyan and Cwellyn. By Mike Yates and Jim Perrin.
136898: [SPILLING, JAMES.] - Giles’S Trip to London. A Farm Labourer’S First Peep at the World. By the Village Schoolmaster.
128172: (HOUSE OF COMMONS.) - Calendarium Inquisitionum Post Mortem Sive Escaetarum. Vol. IV [Only]. Temporibus Regum Hen. V. Hen. VI. Edw. IV. & Ric. III. Cum Appendice de Quamplurimis Aliss Inquisitionibus a Regno Hen. II Usque Jac. I. Nuper Repertis. Printed by Command of His Majesty King George IV. In Pursuance of an Address of the House of Commons of Great Britain.
134511: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 2. Ogwen by Zdzislaw Leppert.
103145: [GREY, ZACHARY]. - A Free and Familiar Letter to That Great Refiner of Pope and Shakespear, the Rev Mr. William Warburton, Preacher of Lincoln’S-Inn. With Trials of Radclyffe Hallon the Epistle of Friend A.E. In Which His Unhandsome Treatment of This Celebrated Writer Is Expos’D in the Manner It Seserves. By a Country Curate.
137192: (GIBRAN). - The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran.
125677: MEMOIRES DE L’INSTITUT FONDAMENTAL D’AFRIQUE NOIRE. NO.86. - Le Massif Des Monts Loma (Sierra Leone). Fascicule I. Recherches Geographiques, Botaniques Et Zoologiques.
137807: (TOMLINSON). - In Black & White. The Graphics of Charles Tomlinson. With an Introduction by Octavio Paz.
129028: [MARSH, CATHERINE M.] - Memorials of Captain Hedley Vicars, Ninety-Seventh Regiment. By the Author of “the Victory Won. ”
140948: [ARTHUR, SIR GEORGE COMPTON ARCHIBALD.] - Letters from a Man of No Importance 1914-1929.
135286: 20/1631. - Some Personalities.
128115: [ANONYMOUS.] - The Goodman of Paris. (le Memagier de Paris). A Treatise on Moral and Domestic Economy by a Citizen of Paris, C. 1393. Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Eileen Power.
140679: - C19th Miscellany I [Only].1. Von Lettow-Vorbeck “ Kriegsgeschichteliche Beispiele” (Berlin, 1896) [Extracts].2. Salperin “in Wehr Und Waffen. Wehrbuerger, Soeldner Un Soldaten in Oldenburgh Und Den Hansestaedten. ” (Stuttgart, 1983) [Extracts].
126177: [GROLIER CLUB.] - Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of Some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Langland to Wither. With Collations & Notes, & Eighty-Seven Facsimiles of Title-Pages and Frontispieces. Being a Contribution to the Bibliography of English Literature.
138001: (RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE). - The Centennial Celebration of Renssleaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York. October 3rd and 4th, 1924.
138020: (REPTON SCHOOL). - Repton School. Schemes of Work. Michaelmas Term, 1912.
138035: (UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SCHOOL). - An Angel without Wings. A History of University College School, 1830-1980.
138052: O.E. - Eton Under Hornby. Some Reminiscences & Reflections.
138061: (CHRIST’S HOSPITAL SCHOOL). - Some More Gleanings. A Selection of Pieces in Prose & Verse, from the Pages of “the Blue” 1870-1895.
138068: (GEORGE PEABODY COLLEGE). - The Semicentennial of George Peabody College for Teachers 1875-1925. The Proceedings of the Semicentennial Celebration, February 18, 19, and 20, 1925.
138079: (MERCHANT TAYLORS’ SCHOOL). - The Taylorian. Volume II [Only]. A Journal Devoted to the Interests and Amusements of the Boys of Merhant Taylors’ School.
138092: (WYGGESTON SCHOOL). - The Wyggeston Grammar School for Boys. Jubilee 1927.
138098: (MERCHANT TAYLORS’ SCHOOL). - Merchant Taylors’ School: Its Origin, History and Present Surroundings.
138099: (BATH COLLEGE). - Thomas William Dunn. Fellow and Dean of Peterhouse, Assistant Master at Clifton College, Founder and Head Master of Bath College.
138132: (MANCHESTER GRAMMAR SCHOOL). - A Biographical Register of Old Mancunians 1910-1993. The Manchester Grammar School.
138183: [SPARROW, KENNETH C.] - The Boy Scouts’ Complete Signalling Instructor.
138189: (BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION). - The Diamond Jubilee Book of Scouting 1907-1967. Publication Approved by the Boy Scouts Association.
141210: (HANDBOOK). - Instructions for British Servicement in France, 1944.
138427: (WHITCLIFFE MOUNT SCHOOL). - Whitcliffe Mount School. Justly, Skilfully, Magnanimously.
138446: (MERCHANT TAYLORS’ SCHOOL). - Merchant Taylors’ School: Its Origin, History and Present Surroundings.
138464: (ABBOTSHOLME SCHOOL). - A History of Abbotsholme School 1889-1989.
138473: (RASTRICK GRAMMAR SCHOOL.) - A Short History & Description of Rastrick Grammar School (Mary Law’S Endowed School): Compiled at the Request of the Governing Body.
138524: (GREAT AYTON SCHOOL). - History of Great Ayton School. Published for the Jubilee Committee, June 25th, 1891.
138525: (BRADFORD GIRLS’ GRAMMAR SCHOOL). - Bradford Girls’ Grammar School. Jubilee Chronicle 1875-1925.
138553: (CASTLEFORD GRAMMAR SCHOOL). - Castleford Grammar School 1906-7 - 1956-7. The First Fifty Years.
138565: [FREETH, MISS E. (EDITOR).] - Clapham County School 1909-1959.
138590: (HARRISON). - John Harrison & His School. Some Chronicles of the Merchant Taylors Company and Its School at Great Crosby.
138624: [CHAPMAN, RONALD.] - A History of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield.
138629: (WOODHOUSE GROVE SCHOOL). - Woodhouse Grove School 1812-1962. A Hundred and Fifty Years of Memories and Recollections.
138632: (KIRKBY STEPHEN GRAMMAR SCHOOL). - Kirkby Stephen Grammar School 1566-1966. Commemorative Issue of Kirkby Stephen Grammar School Magazine to Celebrate the Foundation of the School by Thomas First Lord Wharton in 1566, Containing an Account of Kirkby Stephen Grammar School in the Years 1566 to 1966 Together with Short Accounts of the Other Endowed Schools in the Area Served by Kirkby Stephen Grammar School.
138635: (MARY DATCHELOR SCHOOL). - The Story of the Mary Datchelor School 1877-1957.
138638: (BACUP AND RAWTENSTALL GRAMMAR SCHOOL.) - Seventy-Five Years. A History of Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School.
138659: (KING EDWARD VII SCHOOL). - “Tha’LL Never Gerr in Theer... ” a Living History of King Edward VII School.
138671: (SADDLEWORTH UPPERMILL SECONDARY MODERN SCHOOL). - The First Fifty Years 1911-1961.
138684: (PRESCOT GRAMMAR SCHOOL). - Prescot Grammar School. Quatercentenary 10th October, 1944. Futuram Civitatem Inquirimus.
138702: (RYDAL SCHOOL). - Rydal School, 1936-1963.
138708: (EXETER SCHOOL). - Exeter School 1880-1983.
138726: (EASTBOURNE COLLEGE PREPARATORY SCHOOL). - “the First Ten Years. ” Eastbourne College Preparatory School, 1945-1955.
138735: (RYDAL SCHOOL). - Rydal School, 1885-1935.
140849: (O’CONNOR). - The Trial of Feargus O’Connor and Fifty-Eight Others on a Charge of Sedition, Conspiracy, Tumult & Riot [1843].
139097: (WAR FACSIMILES, THE). - Ocean Front. The Story of the War in the Pacific 1941-44.
135668: (HALI). - Hali. The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles. January 1999. Issue 102.
121424: (MONTFORT, SIMON DE). - The Seventh Centenary of Simon de Montfort’S Parliament, 1265-1965. An Account of the Commemorative Ceremonies and an Historical Narrative.
142988: (BRITISH MUSEUM). - A Guide to the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities in the British Museum.
131784: [FRANKLIN, GORDON] ‘G.F.’ - A Naval Digression. The Story of a Ship’S Company.
126711: (THOMPSON). - An Address Presented to Alexander Hamilton Thompson. With a Bibliography of His Writings.
143847: (MALT WHISKY). - The Classic Malts. [a Collection of Six Pamphlets, Comprising: -] Talisker. Isle of Skye Single Malt Whisky; Oban. ‘Oban Distillery. ’ Producers of a Delicate Single Malt, West Highland Malt Whisky; Glenkinchie. Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky; Dalwhinnie. Single Highland Malt; Lagavulin. Single Islay Malt Whisky; Cragganmore. Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky.
143638: [THOMAS, IVOR]. - The Remaking of Italy. By Pentad.
143610: [CLARKE, EBENEEZER.] - The Worship of Bacchus a Great Delusion. Illustrated by Drawings, Diagrams, Facts, and Figures.
143520: [SCHOLEFIELD, ARTHUR (EDITOR).] - The Treatment of Brewing Yeast: Some Notes.
141529: (VARIOUS.) - 10 Military Essays by Various Authors Bound Together in One Volume. Comprising: I. Cadell, Captain J.F. - Ammunition Columns and Parks, Considered with Reference to the Replacement of Ammunition, Horses and Men During and After an Action. Duncan Gold Medal Prize Essay, 1896. ; II. Lambart, Major E.A. - Ammunition Supply in the Field. An Extract from a French Work on ‘Artillery in Conjuncition with Other Arms. ’ N.D. ; III. Williamson, Captain O.C. - Encampments in Hill Walrfare on the N.W. Frontier of India, N.D. ; IV. Elmsie, Major F.B. - the Advantages and Disadvantages of Q.F. Guns for Artillery in the Field. Silver Medal Prize Essay, 1898. ; V. Inglefield, Major N.B. - the Advantages and Disadvantages of Q.F. Guns for Artillery in the Field. Silver Medal Prize Essay, 1898. VI. Montgomery, Captain R.A. K. - the Advantages and Disadvantages of Q.F. Guns for Artillery in the Field. Commended Essay, 1898. ; VII. Barlow, Captain H.W. - the Advantages and Disadvantages of Q.F. Guns for Artillery in the Field. Commended Essay, 1898. ; VIII. Buckle, Lieutenant A.S. - the Advantages and Disadvantages of Q.F. Guns for Artillery in the Field. Commended Essay, 1898. ; IX. Maurice, Major-General J.F. - Quick-Fire Guns for Field Artillery. A Discussion of the Essays Rewarded and Published in the ‘Duncan’ Gold Medal Competition, 1898. Held at the Royal Unitied Service Institution, Whitehall, Wednesday, 13th July, 1898. ; X. Hoenig, Fritz. - Twenty-Four Hours of Moltke’S Strategy, Displayed and Explained from the Battles of Gravelotte and St. Privat, on the 18th of August, 1870. The First Detailed Account of the Struggle of the First Army in the Mance Ravine. Translated by Colonel N.L. Walford. Royal Artillery Institution, 1895.
122338: (HANSARD SOCIETY.) - What Are the Problems of Parliamentary Government in West Africa? the Report of a Conference Held by the Hansard Society for Parliamentary Government at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, September 957 Under the Chairmanship of Geoffrey de Freitas, M.P.
140708: (ANNUAL REGISTER). - The Annual Register [1822], or, a View of the History, Politics, and Literature, of Hte Year M. Dccc. XXII.
132132: [CHORLEY, KATHARINE C. (EDITOR).] - The Fell and Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District. Volume 9. No. 1 1931.
116453: (HAYNES.) - Renault 14 Owners Workshop Manual 1977 to 1983. All Models; 1218cc, 1360cc
131554: H.M.S.O. - B.R. 229. Admiralty Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy. Volume I. Magnetism and Electricity. Volume II. Wireless Telegraphy Theory.
134290: (MINARDI). - Bruno Minardi. Architectural Monographs No. 51.
139877: (INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF ORIENTALISTS). - Proceedings of Hte Seventeenth International Congress of Orientalists, Oxford, 1928.
125627: (MOFFAT, ROBERT.) - Rivers of Water in a Dry Place, or, from Africaner’S Kraal to Khama’S City.
135670: (HALI). - Hali. The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textile Art. May 1998. Issue 98.
136209: (RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS). - Rules of Discipline of the Religious Society of Friends, with Advices: Being Extracts from the Minutes and Epistles of Their Yearly Meeting, Held in London, from Its First Institution. [Bound with: -] Supplement to the “Rules of Discipline of the Religious Society of Friends, with Advices. ”
142703: (SALM-REIFFERSCHEIDT-DYCK). - The Armoury of Their Serene Highnesses the Princes Zu Salm-Reifferscheidt-Dyck. Part I [Only]. Wednesday, 15 April 1992 at 11. 00am and 2. 30pm Precisely, at 8 King Street, St. James’S, Sw1.
135172: (NICHOLSON, BREVET LIEUTENANT-COLONEL JOHN PAGE). - Catalogue of Library of Brevet Lieutenant John Page Nicholson, U.S. Vols. A.M. Litt. D. , Relating to the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866.
143185: (DUNCAN) [DUNCAN, MARY GREY LUNDIE.] - Memoir of Mrs. Mary Lundie Duncan; Being Recollection of a Daughter. By Her Mother.
135653: (HALI). - Hali. Carpet, Textitle and Islamic Art. September/October 2001. Issue 118.
140526: (JUNIUS). - Junius.
134514: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 10. Snowdon East. By A.J. J. Moulham.
141667: (FRENCH GOVERNMENT). - French Yellow Book. Documents of the Conference of Foreign Ministers of France, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. S.R. , Held in Paris from the 27th June to Hte 3rd July, 1947, and Papers Relating to the Diplomatic Negotiations Undertaken in Consequence of the Speech Delivered by Gerneral Marsahll, Secretary of State of the United States on the 5th June, 1947. Published by Authority of the French Government.
137182: (GIDE). - The Correspondence 1899-1926 between Paul Claudel and Andre Gide. Introduction and Notes by Robert Mallet. Prefaced and Translated by John Russell.
131934: (COULTER, JOHN MERLE). - A Record of the Doctors in Botany of the University of Chicago, 1897-1916, Presented to John Merle Coulter, Professor and Head of the Department of Botany by the Doctors in Botany, at the Quarter-Centennial of the University, June, 1916.
118972: [AMBROSE, TOM.] - Hitler’S Loss. What Britain and America Gained from Europe’S Cultural Exiles.
133464: (MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT.) - Return to Two Orders of the House of Commons, Dated 4 May 1876 and 9 May 1877;- for, (Order, 4 May 1876. ) Return “of the Names of Every Member Returned to Serve in Each Parliament from the Year 1696 Up to the Present Tine, Specifying the Names of the County, City, University, Borough, of Place for Which Returned. ” (Mr. Gerard Noel). (Order, 9 March 1877. ) “That There Be Added to the Return Relative to Members of Parliament, Ordered by This House on the 4th Day of May 1876, a Return, from So Remote a Period As It Can Be Obtained Up to the Year 1696, of the Surnames, Christian Names, and Titles of All Members of the Lower House of Parliament of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with the Name of the Constituency Represented, and Dte of Return of Each. ” (Sir William Fraser). Part I [Only]. Parliaments of England, 1213-1702.
129439: [WYSS, JOHANN]. - The Swiss Family Robinson. With Illustrations by H.M. Brock.
141572: (VERSAILLES). - Galeries Historiques Du Palais de Versailles. Tome Septieme, Deuxieme Partie [Only]. Connetables Et Marechaux de France.
135452: (VANITY FAIR). - Shall We Join the Ladies? Portraits and Caricatures from Vanity Fair. A Gallery of Women Who Appeared in Caricature between 1869 and 1914.
139223: (PHARMACOPOEIA). - The Extra Pharmacopoeia [Together with: ] Supplement. Incorporating Squire’S Companion.
133336: (LEWIS). - Wyndham Lewis, 1882-1957. The Collection of Wayne Hugo Green, M.D.
125243: (BROOKS). - Andreas and the Fates of the Apostles. Edited with and Introduction and Commentary by Kenneth R. Brooks.
132392: [RAWLINGS, SAM (EDITOR).] - Time. Time. Time.
125976: (SYDNEY UNVERSITY UNION). - The Union Book of 1902. Being the Contribution of the Sydney University Union to the Celebration of the Jubilee of the University (1852-1902).
130816: L.-S., P. [LEIGH-SMITH, PHILIP]. - Record of an Ascent. A Memoir of Sir Richmond Thackeray Ritchie.
126167: [BEATTY, CHESTER.] - The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin.
140282: [CHARLES, ELIZABETH.] - The Martyrs of Spain and the Liberators of Holland: The Story of the Sisters Dolores and Costanza Cazalla. By the Author of “Chronicles of Hte Schonberg-Cotta Family,” Uc. &C.
121893: (PEEL, ROBERT.) - Life and Times of the Rt. Hon: Sir Robert Peel, Bart.
122653: (H.M.S.O.) - Miscellaneous No. 9 (1939). Documents Concerning German-Polish Relations and the Outbreak of Hostilities between Great Britain and Germany on September 3, 1939. Presented by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to Parliament by Command of His Majesty.
143229: (ILLINGWORTH) [ILLINGWORTH, CATHERINE] (EDITOR). - The Life and Work of John Richardson Illingworth, M.A. , D.D. As Portrayed by His Letters... Edited by His Wife, with a Chapter by the Rev. Wilfrid Richmond. With a Preface by Chares Gore.
134800: (KOVAC). - Tom Kovac. Architectural Monographs No. 50.
132465: (ARISTOTLE). - Aristotle: An Excerpt from the General Catalogue of Printed Books in the British Museum.
129062: (SOCIETY OF FRIENDS.) - The Annual Monitor for 1863, or, Obituary of the Members of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland, for the Year 1862. New Series No. 21.
124640: (KIPLING). - Kipling Calendar.
133403: [GRANT, JAMES]. - Random Recollections of the Huose of Lords, from the Year 1830 to 1836, Including Personal Sketches of the Leading Members.
124607: (JOHNSON CLUB) - Johnson Club Papers. By Various Hands. Second Series.
128300: [KNELL, THOMAS.] - An Answer at Large, to a Most Hereticall, Trayterous, and Papisticall Byll, in English Verse, Which Was Cast Abrode in the Streetes of Northamton, and Brought Before the Judges at the Last Assizes There, 1570.
142961: [CAIRNES, CAPTAIN WILLIAM ELLIOTT]. - Social Life in the British Army. By a British Officer.
131553: H.M.S.O. - The 1931 International Code of Signals. Volume I [Only]. For Visual and Sound Signalling. [with] Supplement No. 1 to Both Volumes I and II.
143849: (MACALLAN). - The Definitive Guide to Buying Vintage Macallan. The Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky.
137098: (COLETTE). - Belles Saisons. A Colette Scrapbook. Assembled, and with Commentary by Robert Phelps.
124429: [FAIRBRIDGE, KINGSLEY.] - Kingsley Fairbridge: His Life and Verse. Reprint of the 1927 Edition of the Autobiography of Kingsley Fairbridge, with Additional Text and New Illustrations; and Slections Form the 1909 and 1928 Editions of His Veld Verse.
143842: (GLENLIVET). - Glenlivet: Where Romance and Business Meet. Being the Annals of the Glenlivet Distillery Founded by George Smith in 1824. Dedicated to All Who Have Been Associated with the Founder Nad His Descendants in the Development of the Distillery and Particularly to Bill Smith Grant.
122652: (ROYAL COMMISSION). - Report of the Royal Commission Appointed Under Order in Council P.C. 411 of February 5, 1946 to Investigate the Facts Relating to and the Circumstances Surrounding the Communiction, by Public Officials and Other Persons in Positions of Turst of Secret and Confidential Information to Agents of a Foreign Power. June 27, 1946. Honourable Mr. Justice Robert Taschereau, Honourable Mr. Justice R.L. Kellock, Commissioners.
139647: (SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION). - Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. Volume 54 (No. 1922); Volume 59, No. 17 & 18; Volume 60, No. 14; Volume 74, No. 3; Volume 82, No. 4; Volume 87, No. 20; Volume 91, Nos. 8, 15 & 23; Volume 94, No. 9; Volume 95, Nos. 4 & 13; Volume 96, No. 6; Volume 94, Nos. 10 & 12; Volume 101, Nos. 8, 12 & 18; Volume 103, No. 3; Volume 104, Nos. 11 & 20; Volume 106, Nos. 6, 8 &17-20; Volume 107, Nos. 14, 16, 17 & 18; Volume 110, Nos. 3 & 9; Volume 111, Nos. 1 (2 Copies) 3, 4, 8 & 10; Volume 116, No. 6; Volume 117, Nos. 1-3, 5, 7, 8, 13 & 15; Volume 121, Nos. 2, 3, 6 & 12; Volume 122, Nos. 2 & 14; Volume 123, No. 4; Volume 128, Nos. 1 & 7; Volume 131, Nos. 3, 4, 7 & 11; Volume 134, Nos. 3, 5, 6, 8 & 11; Volume 135, Nos. 2, 6 & 7.
131860: [MARSH, CATHERINE M.] - Memorials of Captain Hedley Vicars, Ninety-Seventh Regiment.
137723: (SCHILLER) - The Life of Friedrich Schiller: Comprehending an Examination of His Works.
141681: [ANONYMOUS.] - What Men Know About Women.
134510: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 1. Carneddau. By A.J. J. Moulam.
139980: (BOWRA). - Essays Presented to C.M. Bowra.
135663: (HALI). - Hali. The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textiles. March/April 1999. Issue 103.
135673: (HALI). - Hali. The International Magazine of Fine Carpets and Textile Art. July/August 1999. Issue 105.
126080: (UNITED STATES COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY.) - Centennial Clelebration of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey April 5 and 6, 1916, Washington D.C.
134516: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 7. Lliwedd. By Harold Drasdo.
134517: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 2. Cwm Idwal. By A.J. J. Moulham.
129082: (ANNUAL REGISTER). - The Annual Register, or, a View of the History, Politics, and Literature for the Year 1771.
129111: (UNITED TELEPHONE COMPANY). - Three Victorian Telephone Directories. A Reprint of the United Telephone Company’S Professional and Trades Classified Direcotry 1885; the United Telephone Company’S Instructions for the Use of Exchange Lines and the South of England Telephone Company’S (Brighton) Directory 1885; the London and Globe Telephone and Maintenance Company’S Directory 1884.
128982: (COBDEN CLUB). - Commercial Policy of France, and the Treaty with England of 1860.
134518: (CLIMBERS’ CLUB GUIDE TO WALES) - 8. Snowdon South. By Trevor Jones. Including Moel Y Gest Quarry by Les Holliwell.
129797: [ANON.] - The Pastor’S Address; or, Shall We Meet in Heaven?
128972: (PUECKLER-MUSKAU, PRINCE). - Puckler’S Progress. The Adventures of Prince Pueckler-Muskau in England, Wales and Ireland As Told in Letters to His Former Wife, 1826-9. Translated by Flora Brennan.
130734: (MARYLAND). - Maryland Weather Service. Volume One [Only].
133465: (MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT.) - Return to Two Orders of the House of Commons, Dated 4 May 1876 and 9 May 1877;- for, (Order, 4 May 1876. ) Return “of the Names of Every Member Returned to Serve in Each Parliament from the Year 1696 Up to the Present Tine, Specifying the Names of the County, City, University, Borough, of Place for Which Returned. ” (Mr. Gerard Noel). (Order, 9 March 1877. ) “That There Be Added to the Return Relative to Members of Parliament, Ordered by This House on the 4th Day of May 1876, a Return, from So Remote a Period As It Can Be Obtained Up to the Year 1696, of the Surnames, Christian Names, and Titles of All Members of the Lower House of Parliament of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with the Name of the Constituency Represented, and Dte of Return of Each. ” (Sir William Fraser). Part II [Only]. Parliaments of Great Britain, 1705-1796. ; Parliaments of the United Kingdom, 1801-1874. ; Parliaments and Conventions of the Estates of Scotland, 1357-1707. ; Parliaments of Ireland, 1559-1800.
135824: AARON, RICHARD I. - Knowing and the Function of Reason.
123713: AARON, SOAZIG. - Refusal. Translated from the French by Barbara Bray.
143165: ABBEY, CHARLES J. - The English Church and Its Bishops 1700-1800.
130068: ABEL, ANNIE HELOISE & KLINGBERG, FRANK J. (EDITORS). - A Side-Light on Anglo-American Relations 1839-1858. Furnished by the Correspondence of Lewis Tappan and Others with the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society. With an Introduction and Notes.
120587: ABELLA, IRVING AND TROPER, HAROLD. - None Is Too Many. Canada and the Jews of Europe, 1933-1948.
135558: (WEIL) ABOSCH, HEINZ. - Simone Weil: An Introduction. Translated from the German by Kimberly A. Kenny.
136418: ABRAHAM, GERALD. - The Concise Oxford History of Music.
138240: ABRAMS, FRAN. - Songs of Innocence. The Story of British Childhood.
122373: D’ABY, F.J. AMON. - La Cote D’Ivorie Dans la Cite Africaine.
123112: THE ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY. - The Transactions. Volume XVIII.
123114: THE ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY. - The Transactions. Volume XXVIII. Science.
123117: THE ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY. - The Transactions. Volume XXIV. Science. Polite Literature. Antiquities
123113: THE ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY. - The Transactions. Volume XXV. Science.
142905: PROCEEDINGS OF THE BRITISH ACADEMY. - Volume 105: 1998 Lectures and Memoirs.
142904: PROCEEDINGS OF THE BRITISH ACADEMY. - Volume 101: 1998 Lectures and Memoirs.
142903: PROCEEDINGS OF THE BRITISH ACADEMY. - Volume 111: 2000 Lectures and Memoirs.
108918: ACCAMPO, ELINOR ET AL. - Gender and the Politics of Social Reform in France, 1870-1914.
137017: ACKERLEY, J.R. - My Father & Myself.
123714: ACKERLEY, J.R. - My Father and Myself. Introduction by W.H. Auden.
137820: (THOMAS) ACKERMAN, JOHN. - Dylan Thomas. His Life and Work.
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142120: BOWMAN, MARTIN. W. - We’Re Here to Win the War for You. The Us 8th Air Force at War.

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