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32493: - Images in Clay: Popular Art from Ancient Civilizations
32501: - Watch Your Language: An Exhibition Exploring the Use of Words in Art
25683: - Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, Session 1898-99
27108: - Archaeologia Cambrensis; The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association Seventh Series Vol. VI/6. Vol. LXXXI/81 part 1, June 1926
20868: - Special Reports: 1. The Public Ownership of Land 2. Rent Control
39324: [RUSKIN, JOHN] - Can Art Save Us?
20205: - Warwick Castle: An Illustrated Survey of the Historic Warwickshire Home of the Earls of Warwick
34979: A. E. [GEORGE WILLIAM RUSSELL] - The Inner and the Outer Ireland (reprinted by permission from Pearson's Magazine USA)
26085: - Notes of the Retreat conducted by The Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Zanzibar at The House of Retreat, Lloyd Square for the Associates of the Community of the Sacred Passion June 2nd-6th 1914
20140: - The Faringdon Collection
37836: M.A.P. - The "Now" Letters
28952: - The Golden Gate: A Book of Simple Verse (Herbert Strang's Readers Grade 1)
13651: - Les Poetes Bretons (Nouvelle Bibliotheque Populaire)
25512: - The Psalter together with the Canticles according to the use of the Church of Ireland
15968: - Parliamentary Chronicle (The Senator or Chronicle of the Proceedings and Debates of the Second Session of the Imperial Parliament Commencing October 29 1801)
15977: - British Sea-and-Air Power
32430: - The Edinburgh Gazetteer or Geographical Dictionary GAV-LOF Volume III/3 [only]
17328: - From the Window: The Line for all Seasons (Severn Valley Railway)
40174: - German Graphic Designers: Hermann Zapf, Jan Tschichold, Kurt Schwitters, Jan Balet, Friedrich Kurt Fiedler, Jamiri, Christoph Meckel et al
20207: - Birtsmoreton Court, Worcestershire
33305: - Battle Paintings (VADI Knowledge Guides)
28180: - Catalogue of the Select Publications of the Berlin Photographic Company
31162: - Markus Sannheten (Evangelie-Serien) [Life of Saint Mark]
38297: - The Apocrypha in the Revised Version Translated out of the Greek and Latin Tongues (Oxford World's Classics No. CCXCIV/294)
26211: - The Vatican: Visiting the Vatican
31124: - Les Chateaux No 2.01 Documentation Scolaire - Histoire (Images Autocollantes)
31024: - Spanish Drawings from the Witt Collection
19883: - A Short History of Pembroke Castle
19735: - 174 Artistic Views of the Isle of Man with Map and Guide
19733: - Philadelphia
20244: - Athelhampton
33307: - Landscape Paintings (VADI Knowledge Guides)
14202: - Royal Kalendar and Court and City Register...for the year 1860
20867: - The Future of Industrial Assurance: Labour's proposals for mutual ownership by the policyholders
12898: [KEARY, ANNIE] - Early Egyptian History for the Young
16025: F.M.L. - York
32061: C.L. - A Book of Happiness for Mothers and Daddies and the Other People
11881: - Lanarkshire: An Inventory of the Prehistoric and Roman Monuments
3385: - Pearson's Magazine, Volume 6: (July to December 1898) (vol. VI)
32540: - ChinaMania: Oriental Taste in Europe 1650-1820 [China Mania]
32522: - Anything Goes: Art and Design of the 20s and 30s
20397: - Rent Controlled Tenancies - The Case for Reform: A Report on the Operation of the Rent (Northern Ireland) Order 1978
22287: - Archaeologia Cambrensis: The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association (Vol. LXXIX Part 2 7th Series Vol. IV December 1924) (volume 79)
22288: - Archaeologia Cambrensis: The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association (Sixth Series Vol. XIX Parts 1, 2 January-April 1919) (volume 19)
22289: - Archaeologia Cambrensis: The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association (Sixth Series Vol. XIX Part 4 October 1919) (Volume 19)
22282: - Archaeologia Cambrensis: The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association (Vol. LXXVI 7th Series Vol. I Part I June 1921) (volume 76)
22284: - Archaeologia Cambrensis: The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association (Vol. LXXXII Part 2 7th Series Vol. VII December 1927) (volume 82)
3387: - Pearson's Magazine, Volume 8: (July to December 1899) (vol. VIII)
19993: - Signed and Designed: An Exhibition of English 19th Century Furniture
25728: - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as they are to be Sung or Said in Churches.
32518: - Exhibition of Landscape in Flemish and Dutch Drawings of the 17th Century from the Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Brussels
29408: - Kingston Lacey, Dorset
29281: - Gale's Book of Britain's Waterways
28664: - Mexico: Fabulous Archaeological Sites, Splendour of Baroque
28660: - Uxmal Official Guide
28657: - 50 Views of Oxford and Pocket Guide
24951: - Vieillisons Ensemble (Petit Livre de Citations)
34315: - Dictionary/Worterbuch No CHP.0.3 Chemical Processes and Products; Chemische Prozesse und Produkte English-German/Deutsch-Englische
28793: - Marmoutier, Maursmunster
28298: - Italian Drawings of the Eighteenth Century in the Ashmolean Museum
27662: - Swift Book of Pets
28831: - Auvergne (Suivez Le Guide)
23422: - The Tate Gallery's Wartime Acquisitions Second Exhibition
27725: - Ernest Evans DD: Priest, Scholar 1889-1982
27312: - San Remo - 12 Vedute Artistiche
27327: - Die Meisterbilder von Van Dyck (Weichers Kunstbucher Nr 2)
22291: - Archaeologia Cambrensis: The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association (Vol. LXXVI Seventh Series Vol. 1 Pt 2 December 1921) (volume 76)
22751: - Institut D'Etudes Politiques 1958-59
27085: - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Sessions 1943 and 1944
27081: - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Session 1916-17
27078: - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Session 1906-7
31093: - Ruskin Reading Guild Journal Birthday Appendix: February 8, 1889
13742: - Programme to Overcome Violence: An Introduction (Programme Unit III - Justice, Peace and Creation International Affairs/CCIA)
40470: - PICTURE POST Volume 8 Nos. 10, 11, 12 and 13: September 1940
29484: - Hetty and her Uncle: or, Six days at Service
26516: - China in Focus: China - One Billion Keeping Fit
31603: - The Lloyd George Museum: Illustrated Catalogue, Llanystumdwy
19981: - Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire
19978: - Sissinghurst Castle: An Illustrated Guide
19972: - Standen, Sussex
26262: - The Crib, Its Meaning
43409: - Rainbow Good News Bible (GNB)
43410: - Rainbow Good News Bible (GNB)
41254: - Holman Bible: Large Print Compact Bible (King James Version KJV)
41255: - New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs: Contemporary English Version (CEV)
41259: - The Holy Bible: Authorized King James Version (Self Pronouncing Red Letter Edition)
26184: - In Hoc Signo: Hymns of War and Peace with Tunes
33000: - Love Collection: You Must Love Me
30489: - The New Congregational Hymn Book: Psalms and Hymns for Divine Worship
26705: - Solennita Dei Santi Apostoli Pietro E Paolo: Capella Papale Presieduta Dal Santo Padre Giovanni Paolo II per la Benezione e Imposizione Dei Palli
27206: - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Herefordshire in 3 Volumes; Volume 1/I South West.; Volume 2/II East; Volume 3/III North-west
21585: - The Swedish Penal Code 1986: The translation is that of the wording of the Penal Code as at April 1 1986 (Report 1986:2)
19751: - An Album of Views of the Isle of Man
28252: - Bronte Society Transactions (Part 94 No 4 of Volume 18)
28253: - Bronte Society Transactions (Part 95 No 5 of Volume 18)
28255: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 19 Part 3)
28256: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 19 Part 4)
28257: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 19 Part 5)
28258: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 19 Part 6)
32690: - Knit Wits! Whitworth Art Gallery 23 May-12 September 1987
23376: - Victoria Art Gallery Bath: Concise Catalogue of Prints and Drawings
33796: - Russian Heritage: Visages de la Russie: In Russlands Gedenken
20776: - Methods of Family Living Studies
18111: - The Ruskin Programme Bulletin 25 January 2001
20457: - Soonest Mended: A Review of the Repair, Maintenance and Improvement of Council Housing
20454: - Women and Housing Policy: Reports Submitted to the GLC Housing and Women's Committees (GLC Housing Research and Policy Report No 3)
37233: - The Songs of England and Scotland in Two Volumes Vol. I and Vol. II [complete]
10652: - The Basket of Flowers: Piety and Truth Triumphant
31296: - Pictures in the Walker Art Gallery Liverpool: A Guide Published 1974 to Commemorate the Building of the Gallery 1874
28167: - The Trumbull Gallery in the Yale University Art Gallery
32524: - Bodytalk: The Art of Human Gesture and Expression
38541: - Torah: The Five Books of Moses (The Pentateuch). Interlinear Hebrew/English
30586: - A Guide to St Pancras Church, Widdecombe-in-the-Moor
18114: - Tokyo Ruskin Library Newsletter 1987-2004 (50 issues)
31824: - S P G Challenge: The World Church and the Parish Priest No 1 Autumn 1949
40264: - Mini Bumper Book of Parlour Songs
22671: - NATO Handbuch: Die Organisation des Nordatlantikvertrags
22670: - Manuel de L'OTAN: Organisation du Traite de l'Atlantique Nord
22523: - Chivers' Party Booklet
22299: - Archaeologia Cambrensis: The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association (Vol. XCI Part 1 June 1936) (volume 91)
22285: - Archaeologia Cambrensis: The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association (Vol. LXXVIII Part 1 7th Series Vol. III/3 June 1923) (volume 78)
20152: - Kingston Lacey, Dorset
30588: - Gressingham in the Late 19th Century
22017: - La 2 Idees I Imatges de Dones
28259: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 19 Part 7)
28260: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 19 Part 8)
28261: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 20 Part 1)
28262: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 20 Part 2)
28263: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 20 Part 3)
28265: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 20 Part 5)
28268: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 21 Part 3)
20747: - Social Welfare in Europe, United Kingdom: Guide for Advanced Students of Social Welfare
27079: - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Session 1918-19
29389: - The Life of Our Lord: His Ministry, Death and Resurrection
20007: - Follies and Fantasies
18224: - Norfolk Boy Scouts Song Book (Norfolk Booklet No 4)
18193: - Scenes and Sights in Town and Country being Descriptive Views of some of the most Picturesque Places, Buildings etc in the United Kingdom
26873: - Ricordi Di Genova (32 Vedute)
25682: - Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, Session 1946-1947
28686: - Tula: Official Guide
28715: - John Knox's House: An Illustrated Guide with a Short Biographical Note on the Great Scottish Reformer.
32134: - Thanksgiving for Victory Order of Service 1945 [Form I]
20137: - Cragside, Northumberland
32656: - National Gallery of Ireland Guide
32135: - A Form of Prayer and Dedication for use on Sunday evening May the Ninth 1937 being the Sunday before the Coronation of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth [Form B]
19946: - A Picture Book of English Paintings 1600-1800 in the Manchester City Art Galleries
19146: - Bericht Der Kommission Fur Die Reform Des Auswartigen Dienstes
37835: - The Gospel According to Saint John, Translated out of the Original Greek: and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised, By His Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to be Read in Churches.
29955: - Quebec (Michelin Touring Guide)
10986: - The North Midland School Laundry Book
43786: - The CTS New Catholic Bible (Compact Edition).
15950: - The Agricultural Register 1933-4 Being a Record of Legislation, Organization, Supplies and Prices
13358: - The Educated Woman in Indian Society Today: A Study Carried out by the YWCA of India
13368: (US DEPARTMENT OF STATE) - The Republic of China
13369: - Le Camarade Mao Tse-Toung sur L'Imperialisme et Tous Les Reactionnaires sont des Tigres en Papier': Bureau de Redaction du Remmin Ribao (27 octobre 1958)
13386: - Vie de Henri Martyn, Missionnaire Aux Indes Orientales et en Perse
3339: - A Concise History of Worcester: Containing an Ample and Authentic Description of Whatever is Worthy of Remark in that Ancient City
27073: - Victorian Britain: Library Association Public Libraries Group (Readers Guide No 8)
3103: - Neutron Research Facilities at the High Flux Reactor of the ILL
27084: - The Episcopal Registers of the Diocese of St. David's 1397 to 1518. Volume 1. (1397-1407) (Cymmrodorion Record Series No 6)
30800: - Reflections of Venice: The Influence of Venetian Glass in Victorian England 1840-1900
24574: - Tibetans on Tibet
32324: - The Modern Part of an Universal History from the Earliest Account of Time Volume XXIII/23: The History of France
24459: - South Africa: A Study by a Group of Young Quakers
33034: - Le Musee Du Louvre (Encyclopedie par L'Image)
28200: - Royal Academy of Arts: Exhibition of the Chantrey Collection Catalogue (Winter Exhibition 1949)
20117: - University of Birmingham: Barber Institute of Fine Arts. Some of the Pictures and Works of Art
25680: - Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, Session 1936
24329: - Stories from Seven Old Favourites (The Children's Hour Volume V) (vol. 5)
27082: - The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Session 1915-16
27107: - Archaeologia Cambrensis: The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association Sixth Series Vol. III/3 part 2, April 1903 (Vol. IV/4 part II/2)
34984: - Second Programme for Economic Expansion Part II/2: Laid by the Government before each House of the Oireachtas, July 1964
22848: - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated Out of the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised, By His Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to be Read in Churches
32212: - A Thousand Years in Thy Sight - to commemorate the centenary of the present building and its elevation to Cathedral rank. Blackburn Parish Church Pageant September 8-9-10-11 1926
32436: - Nouveau Dictionnaire Historique ou Histoire Abregee TAB-ZYP Tome XI [Volume 9 only]
28269: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 21 Part 4)
28270: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 21 Part 5)
28274: - Bronte Society Transactions (Volume 22)
28279: - Bronte Society Transactions: The Journal of Bronte Studies (Volume 25 Part 1 April 2000)
28280: - Bronte Society Transactions: The Journal of Bronte Studies (Volume 25 Part 2 October 2000)
28281: - Bronte Society Transactions; The Journal of Bronte Studies (Volume 26 Part 1 April 2001)
20139: - The Faringdon Collection
35313: H.H. [HELEN HUNT JACKSON] - Bits of Travel at Home
29674: - Special Forms of Service in Commemoration of His Late Majesty King George VI of Blessed and Glorious Memory
29595: - Fac-Simile of the Black Letter Prayer Book containing manuscript alterations and additions made in the year 1661 out of which was written the Book of Common Prayer, subscribed, December 20 AD 1661, by the Convocations of Canterbury and York, and annexed to the Act of Uniformity, 13 & 14 Car.II., C.4, AD1662. Photo-zincographed at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton.
29579: - The Cook's Book, Cleveland Mississippi
9507: [INGELOW, JEAN] - Some Recollections of Jean Ingelow and Her Early Friends
43154: - Le Nouveau Testament de notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ.
35486: - The Old Testament Bible in Hebrew
40904: - Brussels and its Beauties
40539: [RUSKIN, JOHN] - A Ruskin Calendar 1819-1900
30059: - Selectae e Profanis Scriptoribus Historiae quibus admista sunt varia honeste vivendi praecepta, ex iisdem scriptoribus deprompta
28247: - Bronte Society Transactions (Part 89 No 4 of Volume 17)
28248: - Bronte Society Transactions (Part 90 No 5 of Volume 17)
28249: - Bronte Society Transactions (Part 91 No 1 of Volume 18)
28250: - Bronte Society Transactions (Part 92 No 2 of Volume 18)
28251: - Bronte Society Transactions (Part 93 No 3 of Volume 18)
42740: AASE, LAILA, ANNE-BRIT FENNER, DAVID LITTLE AND TURID TREBBI - Writing as a Cultural Competence: A study of the relationship between mother tongue and foreign language learning within a framework of learner autonomy (CLCS Occasional Paper No 56)
43418: ABBOTT, STAN - To Kill a Railway
37295: ABRAHAM, GEORGE D ET AL. - Burrows Guide to the Lake District with Sections on the Chief Mountain Passes and Mountain Paths and Fell Walks: A Practical Handbook for the Visitor and Tourist
43377: ABSE, DANIEL - Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve
40215: ACKERLEY, FREDERICK GEORGE - A History of the Parish of Mitton in the West Riding of Yorkshire
36008: ADAM, ALEXANDER - Roman Antiquities, or an Account of the Manners and Customs of the Romans
43038: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY ED. DAVID GRAYSON ALLEN, ROBERT J TAYLOR, MARC FRIEDLAENDER AND CELESTE WALKER - Diary of John Quincy Adams (The Adams Papers) Volume 1 November 1779-March 1786: Volume 2 March 1786-December 1788 [complete]
32913: ADAMS, TONY, MELANIE TEBBUTT AND JOHN WILSON (EDS.) - Manchester Region History Review 2001 Volume XV (Vol. 15)
42627: ADAMS, PENNY, BRIAN HEATON AND PETER HOWARTH (EDS.) - Socio-Cultural Issues in English for Academic Purposes (Review of English Language Teaching Volume 1 Number 2)
22421: ADAMS, MORLEY - The Children's Games and Amusements Book
32915: ADAMS, TONY, MELANIE TEBBUTT AND JOHN WILSON (EDS.) - Manchester Region History Review 2000 Volume XIV (Vol. 14); Special Issue - 100 Years of Labour 1900-2000
32912: ADAMS, TONY AND JOHN WILSON (EDS.) - Manchester Region History Review 1999 Volume XIII (Vol. 13)
32911: ADAMS, TONY AND NEVILLE KIRK (EDS.) - Manchester Region History Review 1998 Volume XII (Vol. 12)
38657: ADAMS, DUNSTAN - What is Prayer?
26387: ADAMSON, JOHN WILLIAM AND COCK, ALBERT ARTHUR - The Mother Tongue Book II/2; The Practice of English Part III/3
39897: ADCOCK, MARGARET: RICHARD WHITE AND OLWEN ROWLANDS - The Administrative Parent: A Study of the Assumption of Parental Rights and Duties (Research Series 2)
42860: ADDISON, JOSEPH - Sir Roger de Coverley From The Spectator (The Choice Books)
24209: ADISESHIAH, MALCOLM S - Illiteracy and Poverty (International Literacy Year Literacy Lessons)
26807: ADKINS, ELLA - Six More One-Act Plays
34172: AESOP - Fabeln von Aesop
23560: THE EARL OF SUFFOLK AND BERKSHIRE HEADLEY PEEK AND F G AFALO - Encyclopaedia of Sport (2 vols. complete)
32569: AGNEW, GEOFFREY - Presents from the Past: Gifts to Greater Manchester Galleries from Local Art Collectors
30817: AGNEW, GEOFFREY - Presents from the Past: Gifts to Greater Manchester Galleries from Local Art Collectors
41457: AICKMAN, ROBERT - The Unsettled Dust
42329: STUDY-AIDS - Notes on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (Study Aids)
42330: STUDY-AIDS - Notes on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (Study Aids)
42332: STUDY-AIDS - Notes on Thompson's Lark Rise (Study Aids)
42331: STUDY-AIDS - Notes on Shakespeare's King Henry IV Part I (Study Aids)
42328: STUDY-AIDS - Notes on Chaucer's The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales (Study Aids)
32405: AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON - The Spanish Match or Charles Stuart at Madrid
167: AISTRUP, INGA (PHOTOS) - Langs Jyllands Vestkyst (Along the West Coast of Jutland)
32622: AKSAN, H IBRAHIM - Klido Tdaoudyotho (Key to World Religions)
42590: ALAVI, SAYYED MOHAMMED AND ANNE-MARIE DE MEJIA - Data Analysis in Applied Linguistics
13868: ALBALAT, ANTOINE - L'Art Poetique de Boileau
30679: ALBRECHTSBERGER, JOHANN GEORG (ED. DARVAS GABOR AND PIANO SCORE BY JENO VECSEY) - Concerto per Trombone Alto ed. Archi Riduzione per Trombone e Pianoforte 1769 (Musica Rinata No 10)
35516: ALBRIGHT, W F AND T O LAMBDIN - The Evidence of Language (Revised edition of Volumes I and II)
40460: ALEXANDER, FRANCESCA ED. JOHN RUSKIN - Christ's Folk in the Apennine: Reminiscences of her Friends among the Tuscan Peasantry
40969: ALEXANDER, BEVIN - Such Troops as These: The Genius and Leadership of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson
41624: ALEXANDER, FRANCESCA AND JOHN RUSKIN (ED.) - The Story of Ida: Epitaph on an Etrurian Tomb
42297: ALFORD, JOHN A AND M TERESA TAVORINA (EDS.) - The Yearbook of Langland Studies Volume 3
37275: ALFORD, CLEM - The Sitar Manual for the Western Musician
32316: ALIGHIERI, DANTE AND LUIGI POLACCO - La Divina Commedia Cantica Terze: Paradiso - Rimario Perfezionato della Divina Commedia (Volume 3)
31647: ALINGTON, C A - Commemoration of the Venerable Bede 735-1935: A Historical Play
43693: ALISON, JAMES - Knowing Jesus
32349: ALISON, ARCHIBALD - History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution in 1789 to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815, Volume the Fifth
32347: ALISON, ARCHIBALD - History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution in 1789 to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815, Volume the First
32348: ALISON, ARCHIBALD - History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution in 1789 to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815, Volume the Tenth
43796: ALIZADEH, ALI AND JOHN KINSELLA (EDS. AND TRANS.) - Six Vowels and Twenty Three Consonants: An Anthology of Persian Poetry from Rudaki to Langrood
43187: ALLAN, J DAVID - Stream Ecology: Structure and Function of Running Waters
43422: ALLEN, CECIL J - The North Eastern Railway
42780: ALLEN, PATRICK AND MERRILL SWAIN (EDS.) - Language Issues and Education Policies (ELT Documents 119)
40161: ALLEN, PHOEBE - Old Galleries of Cumbria and the Early Wool Trade
42970: ALLEN, DAVID ELLIS - Books and Naturalists (New Naturalist Library No 112)
28894: ALLEN, PETER AND GRAHAM ROBSON - Transport Pioneers of the Twentieth Century (signed)
30841: ALLEY, RONALD - Contemporary Paintings from the Sebastian de Ferranti Collection
43118: ALLOTT, KENNETH - The Penguin Book of Contemporary Verse 1918-1960
23683: ALLWRIGHT, DICK - Developing an Association for Language Teachers: An Introductory Handbook
28104: AMAYA, MARIO (ED.) - Art and Artists Volume Two Number Six September 1967 (Vol 2 No 6)
37314: AMES-LEWIS, FRANCIS - Drawing in Early Renaissance Italy
40896: AMIS, MARTIN - God's Dice (Penguin 60s)
11979: ANDERSEN, HANS (TRANS. H W DULCKEN) - Put Off is Not Done With and Other Stories (Hans Andersen's Fairy Library)
43121: ANDERSEN, HANS TRANS. M R JAMES - Forty-two Stories
42678: ANDERSON, J J (ED.) - Patience (Old and Middle English Texts)
43456: ANDERSON, NEIL T AND STEVE GOSS - The Freedom in Christ: Discipleship Course
43027: ANDERSON, GARY CLAYTON - Ethnic Cleansing and the Indian: The Crime that should have Haunted America
39054: ANDERSON, JOHN REDWOOD - Almanac and Other Poems
40923: ANDERSON, JOHN P - The Book of British Topography: A Classified Catalogue
28711: ANDRADE, J M PITA - Il Cammino de Santiago
42854: ANDREWS, LINTON ET AL - The Bronte Parsonage Museum
28932: PRESBYTER ANGLICANUS - Private Devotions: For the Young in Spirit of all Ages
29399: ANNANDALE, CHARLES - The New Popular Encyclopedia (14 volumes complete)
43160: ANON. - The Lads of Heatherwood: A Tale
43399: ANOUILH, JEAN: UGO BETTI AND JEAN-PAUL SARTRE - Three European Plays: Ring Around the Moon, The Queen and the Rebels, In Camera
43181: ANTAYA, CHRISTINE ED. PAUL SLOMAN - Book Art: Iconic Sculptures and Installations Made from Books
18245: GENERAL ANTHEMS - Selection of General Anthems (words and music edition)
43811: APPLEBY, ANDREW - Skara
40831: ARBITER, T PETRONIUS TRANS. WILLIAM BURNABY (1694) - The Satyricon (The Abbey Classics)
40102: ARBOLA, SALVI AND MARCO ONESTI - Piggy Banks (Itinerari d'immagini)
40113: ARCARO, JEROME S - The Baldridge Award for Education: How to Measure and Document Quality Improvement
30856: ARCHIPENKO, ALEXANDER AND SCOTT, DAVID W (INTRO) - Archipenko (Exposition Organisee par le Ministere de la Culture Propagande Artistique au Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles)
43447: ARDEN, PAUL - God Explained in a Taxi Ride
41898: D'ARDENNE S R T O - The Liflade Ant Te Passiun of Seinte Iuliene (Early English Text Society)
42353: ARDERN, P S (ED.) - First Readings in Old English
13660: ARGHEZI, TUDOR - La Roumanie
41348: ARMITAGE, SIMON - Seeing Stars
39141: ARMITAGE, SIMON (TRANS.) - The Death of King Arthur
43631: ARMSTRONG, MICHAEL - Armstrong's Handbook of Reward Management Practice: Improving Performance through Reward
42842: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - The Strayed Reveller, Empedocles on Etna and Other Poems (The Canterbury Poets)
43872: ARNOLD, BRUCE - The Scandal of Ulysses
31446: ARRINGTON, DORIS BANOWSKY (ED.) - Art, Angst, and Trauma: Right Brain Interventions With Developmental Issues
40162: ARROWSMITH, PETER - Stockport: A History
43184: ARSCOTT, CAROLINE - William Morris & Edward Burne-Jones: Interlacings
27310: MARLBOROUGH FINE ART - Nineteenth and Twentieth Century French Paintings from English Private Collections
41485: ROYAL ACADEMY OF ART - Royal Academy Pictures: Royal Academy Supplement of The Magazine of Art 1900
32671: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - Guide to the Metropolitan Museum of Art
41728: ARTHUR, ANTHONY - Literary Feuds: A Centenary of Celebrated Quarrels from Mark Twain to Tom Wolfe
33605: ASCH, SHOLEM - Salvation - A Novel
41231: ASH, JOHN - In the Wake of the Day
43529: ASHDOWN, DULCIE - The Royal Line of Succession (Pitkin Guide)
37281: ASHTON, WILFRED - A Saddleworth Miscellany: Stories and Poems
43758: ASLET, CLIVE - Villages of Britain: The 500 Villages that made the Countryside
42986: AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION - Greater London Street Atlas
26615: SCOUT ASSOCIATION - The Scout Association Policy Organisation and Rules 1991 Edition
40005: FAMILY WELFARE ASSOCIATION - Guide to the Social Services
32654: ASTE, RICHARD: HEATHER BIRCHALL, CHERYL HARTUP, SALLY-ANNE HUXTABLE, ALISON SMITH - Die Schone Slaapster: Victoriaanse Schilderkunst uit het Museo de Arte de Ponce
43224: ASTE, TOMASO AND DENIS WEAIRE - The Pursuit of Perfect Packing
43210: WADSWORTH ATHENAEUM - Hudson River School Paintings: A Book of Postcards
43311: ATKINSON, R J C - Stonehenge
43608: ATTHILL, ROBIN - The Somerset & Dorset Railway
41033: ATTWELL, HENRY (CHOSEN AND ARRANGED) [JOHN RUSKIN] - Thoughts from Ruskin with Portrait
28372: AUBARDIER, JEAN-LUC AND MICHEL BINET - Wonderful Perigord
38476: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - A Law for the Lion
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41480: CHRISTIE'S - British Pictures 1500-1850
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32102: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's East: Space Exploration - Catalogue of Sale Wednesday 9 May 2001
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43162: CLARKE, AUSTIN ED. W J MCCORMACK - Selected Poems
39155: CLARKE, HEWSON - The History of the War from the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Present Time [Volume II/2 ONLY]
26804: CLARKE, NORMAN - Prayers for Today
43243: CLARKE, DAVID - The Angel of Mons: Phantom Soldiers and Ghostly Guardians
18816: CLARKSON, JOHN AND ROY FENTON - Ships in Focus: Record 31
16664: CLARKSON, JOHN AND ROY FENTON (EDS.) - Ships in Focus: Record 22
16636: CLARKSON, JOHN AND ROY FENTON - Ships in Focus: Record 14
16654: CLARKSON, JOHN AND ROY FENTON (EDS.) - Ships in Focus: Record 16
14705: CLARY, WILLIAM W - The Claremont Colleges: A History of the Development of the Claremont Group Plan
41702: CLARY, WILLIAM WEBB - Fifty Years of Book Collecting
17967: CLARY, WILLIAM W - Songs
42496: CLAXTON, GUY - Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind
35338: CLAYTON, K M (ED.) - Guide to London Excursions: 20th International Geographical Congress London 1964
37202: CLEMENT, RICHARD W - The Book in America
24232: DE CLERCK, MARCEL - The Operational Seminar; A Training Method to Foster Development (International Literacy Year Literacy Lessons)
42294: CLEVE, GUNNEL - Elements of Mysticism in Three of William Golding's Novels
38944: CLIFFORD, FREDERICK - A History of Private Bill Legislation in Two Volumes [Vols. I and 2 complete]
42764: CLIFT, MARC (INTRO) - 105 The Use of the Media in English Language Teaching (ETIC Publications/ELT Documents)
43806: CLOGG, RICHARD - A Concise History of Greece
39760: CLOUGH, ROGER AND PHYLLIDA PARSLOE (EDS.) - Squaring the Circle? Being Cared for and Caring After Firth, Griffiths and Wagner
39761: CLOUGH, ROGER AND PHYLLIDA PARSLOE (EDS.) - Squaring the Circle? Being Cared for and Caring After Firth, Griffiths and Wagner
39750: CLOUGH, ROGER - Homes for Heroines and Heroes? Hotels for Pensioners? Housing and Care for Older People
32532: CLOUGH, G T - Catalogue of the Clough Collection of Early German, Flemish, and Italian Engravings and Woodcuts
22016: CLOUGH, ROGER - Homes for Heroines and Heroes? Hotels for Pensioners? Housing and Care for Older People: An Inaugural Lecture
37509: CLOUSE, ROBERT G: RICHARD V PIERARD AND EDWIN M YAMAUCHI - The Story of the Church (The Essential Bible)
27289: SOTHEBY AND CO. - Catalogue of Important Modern Paintings and Drawings the property of James Sarlie Esq.,
27290: SOTHEBY AND CO. - Catalogue of Impressionist and Modern Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture
43641: SUZUKI MOTOR CO. - Servicing Suzuki Motor Cycles GT550
38941: COCKS, R C J - Sir Henry Maine: A Study in Jurisprudence
11328: CODRINGTON, F I - The Town of Lone Bamboo: A Tale of a Chinese Baby
43454: COFFEY, IAN AND STEPHEN GAUKROGER (EDS) - Housegroups: The Leaders' Survival Guide
32928: COHEN, MAX - I Was One of the Unemployed (facsimile of 1945 edition)
39635: COLAIACO, JAMES A - James Fitzjames Stephen and the Crisis of Victorian Thought
43188: COLDHAM, J D - Northamptonshire Cricket: A History
43477: COLEMAN, TERRY - The Railway Navvies
29715: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and other poems
38795: COLKER, RUTH - American Law in the Age of Hypercapitalism: The Worker, the Family and the State
42817: COLLEDGE, EDMUND - Lay Piety as a Force in Late Medieval Spirituality
41841: COLLINGWOOD, W G - The Art Teaching of John Ruskin
41483: COLLINGWOOD, W G ILLUS. A REGINALD SMITH - The Lake Counties (Autographed Edition)
37413: COLLINS, TERRY AND PAUL DAVIS - H P Lovecraft's Cthulhu: The Whisperer in Darkness Part Three
42395: COLLINS, MARIE: JOCELYN PRICE AND ANDREW HAMER - Leeds Studies in English, Sources and Relations:Studies in Honour of J E Cross (New Series Volume XVI 1985)
42867: COLLINS, V H (COMPILER) - A Book of Narrative Verse (Oxford World's Classics 293)
26686: NATIONAL BENZOLE COMPANY - Our National Heritage 3: Sport and Pastime
26687: NATIONAL BENZOLE COMPANY - Our National Heritage II (Our National Heritage 2)
26649: NATIONAL BENZOLE COMPANY - Our National Heritage II (Our National Heritage 2)
35351: COMPTON, PAUL A - Group of Specialists on the Demographic Situation of National Minorities (PO-S-MIN) 5th Meeting: Catholic/Non-Catholic demographic Differentials in Northern Ireland, Revised Version
40003: CONTINUING CARE CONFERENCE - Framework Contract between Residential Care Provider and Resident
35749: CONNELL, J H - Urban Villages and Social Networks (Occasional Paper No 11)
41904: CONNOLLY, MARGARET (ED.) - Contemplations of the Dread and Love of God (Early English Text Society)
29786: O'CONNOR, REBECCA - Poems
40889: O'CONNOR, FRANK - The Genius and Other Stories (Penguin 60s)
36115: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Victory: An Island Tale (The Works of Joseph Conrad in Twenty Volumes Volume 15)
43066: CONRAD, JOSEPH - 'Twixt land and Sea: Tales (The Works of Joseph Conrad in Twenty Volumes Volume 13)
31237: CONRAD, JOSEPH - The Arrow of Gold; A Story Between Two Notes (The Works of Joseph Conrad in Twenty Volumes Volume 17)
31231: CONRAD, JOSEPH AND FORD MADOX HUEFFER - Romance: A Novel (The Works of Joseph Conrad in Twenty Volumes Volume 7)
31236: CONRAD, JOSEPH - The Rescue; A Romance of the Shallows (The Works of Joseph Conrad in Twenty Volumes Volume 18)
31234: CONRAD, JOSEPH - The Mirror of the Sea: Memories & Impressions (The Works of Joseph Conrad in Twenty Volumes Volume 19)
31240: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Almayer's Folly: A Story of an Eastern River with Tales of Unrest (The Works of Joseph Conrad in Twenty Volumes Volume 1)
40149: CONRAN, ANTHONY - Claim Claim Claim: A Book of Poems
30846: CONSOLATI, STEFANO AND FERRUCCIO DELLE CAVE - Die Etsch fliesst nun sanfter: L'Adige Scorre Piu Tranquillo
35352: CONSTANDSE, A K: M CEPEDE, G E JONES AND J LUNZE (EDS.) - Sociologia Ruralis: Journal of the European Society for Rural Sociology Vol. VI No 3-4 1966: Special Issue
43045: CONSTANTINE, DAVID - A Brightness to Cast Shadows
32577: CONSTANTINE, FRANK (FOREWORD) - Continuum: Bob Janz, Dante Leonelli, Michael McKinnon
35480: CONTANSEAU, LEON - The First Step in French being an Easy Method of Learning the Elements of the French Language
35280: CONWAY, JEAN AND RAMSAY, EUAN - A Job to Move: The Housing Problems of Job Seekers (SHAC Research Report 8)
35295: CONZEN, MICHAEL (ED.) - World Patterns in Modern Urban Change: Essays in Honor of Chauncey D. Harris (University of Chicago Geography Research Paper No 217-218)
39970: COOK, GLENDA: JAN REED, SUSAN CHILDS AND AMANDA HALL - Does Money Matter? Older People's Views of Their Monetary Resources
41025: COOK, E T - Homes and Haunts of John Ruskin
30964: COOK, EDWARD T - Studies in Ruskin: Some Aspects of the Work and Teaching of John Ruskin
31593: COOK, D V ED. ERIC DELDERFIELD - Brief Guide to Kings and Queens of England and Great Britain From Saxons to Windsors
32479: COOK, EDWARD AND JOHN RUSKIN - A Popular Handbook to the National Gallery including by special permission notes collected from the works of Mr Ruskin
43851: COOK, JAMES ED. JOHN BARROW - Captain Cook's Voyages of Discovery
36525: COOKE, GORDON (INTRO) - The London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy of Arts 1-4 December 1989
29487: COOLIDGE, SUSAN - What Katy Did
26695: COOMBS, JOYCE - One Aim: Edward Stuart 1820-1877
26683: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Deerslayer or The First War-Path
25058: COOPER, J FENIMORE - The Spy
43396: COOPER, WILLIAM - Scenes from Provincial Life
42645: COOPER, CHARLES R AND LEE ODELL - Evaluating Writing: Describing, Measuring, Judging
43667: COOPER, SIMON - Life of a Chalkstream
42638: COORAY, NIHAL G - Thoughts and Reflections on English Language Teaching and Teacher Education
42420: COOTE, S H - Shakespeare: Macbeth
42312: COOTE, S H - Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights (Penguin Passnotes)
13834: COPPEE, FRANCOIS - L'Epave: Poeme dit par M Mounet-Sully a l'Assemblee Generale du 19 Mai 1880 de la Societe Centrale de Sauvetage des Naufrages
39690: CORACE, ERMINIA (ED.) TRANS. PAOLA CORAZZA - Mattia Preti: From Drawing to Color
41090: CORELLI, MARIE - Holy Orders: The Tragedy of a Quiet Life
41088: CORELLI, MARIE - A Romance of Two Worlds: A Novel
41091: CORELLI, MARIE - Cameos: Short Stories
42879: CORVIN, MICHEL - Le Theatre Nouveau en France
35394: COTTON, C A - Geomorphology of New Zealand - Part I. Systematic: An introduction to the Study of Land-Forms
42720: ARNOLD MATTHEW ED. A T QUILLER-COUCH - The Poetical Works of Matthew Arnold
42766: BRITISH COUNCIL - 107 The University of Malaya English for Special Purposes Project (ELT Documents)
42763: BRITISH COUNCIL - Games, Simulations and Role-Playing (ETIC Publications/ELT Documents)
40127: COUPE, MARION: JANET TURNER AND KATH WAYLAND - The Listed Buildings of Lytham St Annes: Buildings Recorded by English Heritage as of Special Architectural or Historic Interest
11978: COWLEY, ABRAHAM - The Poetical Works of Abraham Cowley From the Text of Dr Sprat etc. with a life of the author. Volumes 1 & 2 [of 4] only.
36491: COWLING, G H - A Yorkshire Tyke: Rustic Tunes Mainly in the Doric Mode
25490: COWPER, WILLIAM - The Poetical Works of William Cowper
25931: COWPER, WILLIAM - Poems by William Cowper to which is prefixed a Memoir of the Author by John McDiarmid
802: COXE, WILLIAM - An Historical Tour through Monmouthshire
43269: CRABBE, GEORGE ED. HOWARD MILLS - Tales, 1812 and Other Selected Poems
43176: CRACE, JOHN - Brideshead Abbreviated: The Digested Read of the Twentieth Century
34826: CRADDOCK, MARY AND PAT LARMAR - Parlez-Vous Journalese? A Glossary of Business Newspaper French
26021: CRAIG, DAVID (ED.) - Fresh Starts: Portrait of a Creative Writing Course
41869: CRANE, WALTER - Of the Decorative Illustration of Books Old and New
38974: CRANSTON, ROSS (ED.) - Making Commercial Law: Essays in Honour of Roy Goode
39894: CRAWFORD, SHEILAGH: HILARY CHAMBERS, CHRISTINE REEVES AND GWEN JAMES - Whose Child? We Need Parents (International Year of the Child)
42111: CRAWFORD, CHARLES (TRANS.) - A Mirror for Simple Souls
43468: CREER, STANLEY - BR Diary 1948-1957
35226: CREGAN, D F (ED.) - Studia Hibernica No. 8 1968
28531: CRESCENZO, LUCIANO DE - Les Grands Philosophes de la Grece Antique
13859: CRESSON, ANDRE - Les Courants de la Pensee Philosophique Francaise [2 volumes]
32491: CRICK, CLARE - Historic Wallpapers in the Whitworth Art Gallery
32536: CRICK, CLARE AND JOAN ALLGROVE - Guide to the Whitworth Art Gallery
41571: CRISPIN, EDMUND - Love Lies Bleeding
31287: CRISPIN, EDMUND - Holy Disorders
19885: CROMWELL, GEO. R - Marvels of America: A Tour Through the New World - America, Scenic and Descriptive
35070: CRONE, G R - Modern Geographers: An Outline of Progress in Geography Since 1800 AD
35588: CRONIN, DAVID - Town Planning in Ireland
37520: CROSS, ALFRED W S AND ALAN E MUNBY - Practical Notes for Architectural Draughtsmen
30792: CROSSLEY, PAUL - Medieval Architecture and Sculpture in the North West
32561: CROSSLEY, PAUL - Medieval Architecture and Sculpture in the North West
6766: CROSTON, JAMES - Nooks and Corners of Lancashire and Cheshire
41907: CROTCH, W J B (ED.) - The Prologues and Epilogues of William Caxton (Early English Text Society)
37745: CROW, W B - The Calendar (Mysteries of the Ancients No 7)
37853: CROW, W B - Noah's Ark (Mysteries of the Ancients No 5)
37851: CROW, W B - The Planetary Temples (Mysteries of the Ancients No 3)
25825: CROWTHER, GEORGE - Mnemonics British and General. Compiled for the use of candidates for the London University Matriculation, and also for the use of schools etc
30853: CRUWELL, G A - William Caxton's Vroegste Drukkers-Werkzaamheid (overdruk uit het tijdschrift)
20418: CULLINGWORTH, J B - English Housing Trends (Occasional Papers on Social Administration No 13)
41472: CULPAN, NORMAN - Modern Adult Fiction for School and College Libraries
41883: CUMBERLAND, RICHARD AND VICESIMUS KNOX - The Observer, The Connoisseur, Essays Moral and Literary by Vicesimus Knox in One Volume (Jones's University Edition of British Classics)
40336: CUMMINS, GERALDINE - I Appeal Unto Caesar (The Scripts of Cleophas)
40340: CUMMINS, GERALDINE - When Nero was Dictator
8511: CUNDALL, JOSEPH - The Story of the Life of William Shakespeare and His Work (Brief Annals of His Life and Works)
43262: CUNNINGTON, ROBERT H ED. JAMES DYER - From Antiquary to Archaeologist: A Biography of William Cunnington, 1754-1810
41428: CURTIS, CHARLES P - The Oppenheimer Case: The Trial of a Security System
41046: CURWEN, JOHN F - The Castles and Fortified Towers of Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire North-of-the-Sands together with a brief Historical Account of Border Warfare (Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society Extra Series Vol. XIII)
40011: NATIONAL ASSEMBLE FOR WALES/CYNULLIAD CENEDLAETHOL CYMRU - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Residential Units Wales: A Review of Safeguards and Standards of Care, Follow Up Inspection
40014: NATIONAL ASSEMBLY FOR WALES/CYNULLIAD CENEDLAETHOL CYMRU - Too Serious a Thing: The Review of Safeguards for Children and Young People Treated and Cared for by the NHS in Wales. The Carlile Review March 2002
24234: DALBERA, CLAUDE - Arithmetic in Daily Life and Literacy (International Literacy Year Literacy Lessons)
13844: DALE, E HILDA - La Poesie Francaise en Angleterre 1850-1890: Sa Fortune et Son Influence
43480: DALZIEL, NIGEL AND APRIL WHINCOP - A Maritime Trail in Lancaster
42414: DANBY, JOHN F - Wordsworth: The Prelude and Other Poems
43239: DANDO-COLLINS, STEPHEN - Legions of Rome: The Definitive History of Every Imperial Roman Legion
43375: DARBY, ELISABETH AND NICOLA SMITH - The Cult of the Prince Consort
43170: DARLING, WILL Y - The Bankrupt Bookseller
31542: DARLINGTON, E M - The Radcliffes of Leigh, Lancashire - A Family Memorial
31838: DARLINGTON, JAMES - The Diary of James Darlington from August 12th 1852 to April 20th 1898: Extracts from the diary with reference to the Parish of Charnock Richard
31837: DARLINGTON, JAMES - The Diary of James Darlington from August 12th 1852 to April 20th 1898: Extracts from the diary with reference to the Parish of Charnock Richard

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