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15454: - Practical Flying for Amateurs
16522: - Nimrod's Hunting Tours interspersed with characteristic anecdotes sayings and doings of sporting men including notices of the principal crack riders of England
16578: - Handbook of the Austin Sixteen Light-Six
16759: - Man Ray: Paintings, Objects, Photographs - Property from the Estate of Juliet Man Ray, the Man Ray Trust and the Family of Juliet Man Ray, 22 and 23 March 1995
14534: - The Association of Men of Kent and Kentish Men, Roll of Members and Rules, September 1922
8258: - Punch 1929
14636: - Sea Paintings, 30 full-colour cards to keep or send
14600: - The Turner Collection in the Clore Gallery, An illustrated guide, Published to celebrate the opening of the Gallery by Her Majesty The Queen 1 April 1987
16100: - Wild Life in Art
14593: - 'A New Wave' Contemporary Japanese Oil Paintings
16035: - Thrilling Air Stories
14927: - QFINANCE The Ultimate Resource 2nd Edition
15118: - Little Dickie, A Simple Story for Little Children
14879: - Chief Magistrates of England and Wales1897. A Memento of the Sixtieth Year of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria of Britain, and Empress of India
15150: - Bacon's Motoring and Cycling Road Map: North Devon - Half-Inch Series
14596: - The Art of Ancient Mexico
14613: - Homage to Barcelona, The City and its Art 1888-1936
14610: - Harrods, A Selection from Harrods General Catalogue 1929, There is only ONE Harrods
16542: - The Tate Gallery, Illustrated Calalogue of Acquisitions 1984-86
14724: - 1996 `FirstBus Bus Handbook
16591: - Brooklands Official Race Card 60 th Anniversary Meeting 1907-1967. Sunday 11 June
16135: - Albert Goodwin R.W.S. 1845-1932, 129 of his best works borrowed from Private Collections
14643: - The Poetical Works of S Johnson, LL.D with the Life of the Author, Cook's Edition, Embellished with superb engravings
14720: - The Eastern Bus Handbook
10419: - 5 cwt & 7cwt Thames Vans Instruction Book
11634: - An Exhibition of American Silver and Art Treasures : An Exhibition
13147: - Archaelogia or Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity, Volume 90
13207: - Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquiity Vol. 102
13156: - Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity Vol. 95
13153: - Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity Vol. 96
8382: - Auktion 4 Teutoburger Munzauktion 19-21 Oktober 2000
7214: - Aunt Louisa's Jumble Picture Book of Pictures and Stories for Little Folk
13311: - Black's Picturesque Guide to the County of Sussex and its watering Places
7173: - Cassell's Family Magazine Illustrated
14372: - Cassell's Illustrated History of England, Volume VII from the accession of George IV to the Irish Famine 1847
10828: - Cyclopaedia of English Literature, Consisting of a Series of Specimens of British Writers in Prose and Verse. Connected by a Historical and Critical Narrative.
11754: - Dialogues of Lucian from the Greek, Volume III
14031: - Diderot's Enclopedie: 4 antique prints showing the tools and skill of master craftsmen in the Gilding Trade including Gilding on Wood, Leather and Metal
10322: - Dinah, Jum & Mac
6745: - Elvis : The Man And His Music
7089: - Festiniog Pictorial, One of the Great Little Trains of Wales Series Two
8819: - Film Fun Annual 1953
9098: - Film Show Annual
12608: - Gems of British Poesy comprising Miscellaneous Poems, pathetic, moral, lyrical and Descriptive
12286: - Kent Airfields in the Battle of Britain.
11912: - Merry Months with Pop-up Pictures
8512: - Meteorological Observer's Handbook 1939
10711: - Ordnance Survey Illustrated Atlas of Victorian & Edwardian Britain
9145: - Our Boys' Magazine, A monthly paper for schoolboys with articles by University Men 1922
13342: - Pearson's Magazine, Vol. VIII, July to December 1899
8564: - Picture Show Annual, 1920 The World's latest and best in pictures life stories and photographs of screen favourites
14005: - Principles of Modern Building Volume 1
10066: - Radio Fun Annual 1955
10070: - Radio Fun Annual 1957
10065: - Radio Fun Annual 1958: Laugh With Benny Hill
11239: - Robert Jones 1857-1933
8817: - Rupert and the Little Tree
10217: - Rupert Annual, the Daily Express Annual
10216: - Rupert Annual, the Daily Express Annual
13369: - Rupert Annual, the Daily Express Annual
9077: - Rupert, The Daily Express Annual
10835: - Russia's Top Guns, Soviet Air Power
8421: - Tea on Service
13018: - The Annual Register or a View of the History, Politics, and Literature for the Year 1791
12058: - The Book of Common Prayer,and Adminstration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of The Church of England
11966: - The Bookman Biographies, Robert Louis Stevenson
9788: - The Bristol Tune Book
13988: - The British Film Annual, Daily Mail 1949, National Film Award
9513: - The Coronation Service June 26 1902
13173: - The Croydon Advertiser Special, Old & New Croydon, Illustrated
8816: - The Feathers Annual
10367: - The Girl's Own Annual 1902-03
8766: - The Golden Picture Book of Dogs
11755: - The Greyfriar's Holiday Annual for Boys and Girls 1930
7132: - The Industrial Self-Instructor and Technical Journal. Containing Instructions in the Leading Branches of Technical Science and Industrial Arts and Processes. Comprising Building and Mechanical Design and construction
10222: - The Pictorial Cabinet of Marvels
12262: - The Poetical Works of James Beattie, William Collins and Thomas Gray with a short biographical account of the authors
13343: - The South American Handbook, 1954/55 South & Central America, Mexico, Cuba,
7134: - The Technical Educator, An Encyclopaedia of Technical Education
9573: - The Viking
13199: - THRILLS BY AIR LAND & SEA, A Thrill on Every Page
8665: - Top Record Stars
7133: - Ward and Lock's Technical Journal and Industrial Self-Instructor
8886: - Whizzer and Chips Annual 1978
8885: - Whizzer and Chips Annual 1979
9107: - Whoopee Annual 1978
10834: - Wings of Fame, The Journal of Classic Combat Aircraft, Premier Issue, Volume 1
8129: - British Defence Equipment Catalogue 1981-1982
9434: - China After Five Years of War: Prepared under the auspices of the Ministry of Information of the Republic of China
1734: - Collected Verse of Rudyard Kipling
7782: - Conversations on Botany with plates
6374: - Copper for Bus-Bars
6570: - Dr Goldsmith's Roman History, Abridged by himself for the use of Schools
6748: - Elvis Special 1975
2604: - Encyclopedia of Magic and Superstition
12674: - Franco's Rule, A Survey, Back To The Middle Ages
7783: - Golden Hours
8724: - Hudibras, the first Part, Written in the time of the Late Wars
4377: - Important Old Master Paintings from the Collection of Alice Tully
9204: - Mr Magoo Annual 1976
2021: - R.A.F. The Second Year
3402: - Romantic Style
8769: - Rupert and the New Rose
8770: - Rupert and the Wild Goose Chase
8771: - Rupert, The Daily Express Annual
8772: - Rupert, The Daily Express Annual
4347: - Rupert, The Daily Express Annual
4582: - Rupert. The Daily Express Annual.
2756: - The Arctic World Illustrated, its Plants, Animals, and Natural Phenomena
8668: - The Beatles by Royal Command, their own story fo the most fabulous night of their career
6488: - The Complaint or Night-Thoughts on Life, Death & Immortality
5730: - The Concise Dictionary of National Biography, Part II, 1901-1970
4007: - The Conquest Book for Boys
10048: - The Polity Reader in Social Theory
5982: - The Silk Book
8774: - The Story of the Three Bears
4082: - The Wonder Book of the Navy
3547: - TV Fun Annual
9300: - U.S. Navy SEAL Patrol Leader's Handbook, Navy SEALS
9021: W.B. (W M BAUCKE, OTOROHANGA): - Where the White man treads, across the pathway of the Maori
16133: - Pennsylvania Railroad Heavyweight Passenger Equipment, Plan and Photo Book `
15863: - British Automobile Racing Club (B.A.R.C.) Year Book 1955
16594: - Shell Successes 1961
14545: - Recipes for High-class Cookery, As used in the Edinburgh School of Cookery
16536: - Horae Diurnae Breviarii Romani, Ex Decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini restituti, Pii V. Pont. Max. jussu editi, Clementis VIII & Urbani VIII auctoritate recogniti.
16561: - The Passionate Eye: Impressionist and Other Master Paintings, E.G. Buhrle Collection
8640: - The Natural History of Insects Volume 1
15151: - The Champion Annual for Boys 1933
15152: - Ordnance Survey Contoured Road Map of Windsor, Popular Edition, Sheet 114
15140: - The Quiver, From November, 1900 to April., 1901
15135: - Victory, The Weekly for India Command. June 18, 1945.
15137: "Q" (SIR ARTHUR QUILLER COUCH): - Poison-Island
15129: - Elementary Carpentry and Joinery A description of the Timber, Tools and Simple processes used in Building and Wood-working, for the help and guidance of all Amateur Artisans & Mechanics, at home and abroad. With 257 Illustrations, 57 Diagrams, &c.
15066: - The Wreath containing the Minstrel and other favourite poems
15904: - The Field Annual 1953
15700: - Workshop Manual for Jaguar Mk II 2.4 3.4 3.8 Litre from 1957 to 1967. Intereurope Workshop Manual 186
16558: - Smitten City the Story of Portsmouth under Blitz 1940-1944.
14603: - Gilbert and George; the Complete Pictures 1971-1985
15907: - Rosie Dimples's Pictures and Stories for Tiny Folk
14640: - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott
14721: - The South East Bus Handbook
14716: - The Mamba Propeller Turbine
16000: - Aeroplane Adventures
14926: - Who Was Who Volume IV 1941-1950
16116: - The Call of t he Running Tide, 2006, Marine Paintings over Three Centuries.
16124: - Annual Exhibition of Twentieth Century British Pictures
15856: - A Book of Steamers
16520: - Kelly's Directory of Worthing and Neighbourhood with Map
16518: - Paintings and Calligraphy of Xinjiang
16517: - The 1906 BING Toy Catalogue Including 1907 Supplement
15974: - Peter Brown n.e.a.c.
15971: - The Boys' Budget
15970: - Thrilling Air Stories, "Happy Landing !"
16608: - Captain America. The Blood Stone .Parts 1-6.
16554: - AIR International, January - June 2004 Vol. 66
15963: BY AN OFFICER OF THE 'DIE HARDS.': - Tales of a Dug-Out
15312: - Corvette Roadster A History of Chevrolet's Open Sports Car from 1953
14421: AARON, ELIZABETH: - Quilling, The Art of Paper Scroll Work
13435: ABBOTT, GEOFFREY: - Lords of the Scaffold: a History of the Executioner
12260: ABERNETHY, JOHN: - Surgical Observations on the Constitutional Origin and Treatment of Local Diseases and on Aneurisms
14631: ACKROYD, PETER: - Thames, Sacred River
14819: ACRES, W MARSTON: - The Bank of England From Within 1694-1900 Volume I & II
1824: ACWORTH, W M: - The Railways of England
14520: ACZEL, AMIR: - Probability 1 Why there must be intelligent life in the Universe
8261: ADAIR, JOHN: - Founding Fathers, The Puritans in England and America
16021: ADAMS, JOSEPH H: - Harper's Indoor Book For Boys
12921: ADAMS, JAMES: - Sell Out. Aldrich Ames: The Spy who Broke the CIA
15073: ADAMS, H G: - Beautiful Butterflies the British Species; Nests and Eggs of Familiar British Birds and (Series 2) Nests and Eggs of Familiar British Birds
16787: ADERS, GEBHARD: - History of the German Night Fighter Force 1917-1945
14286: ADKIN, F J: - Through the Hanger Doors, RAF Ground Crew since 1945
11380: ADKIN, F.J: - From the Ground Up
16218: ADLER, KATHLEEN GASRB, TAMAR: - Berthe Morisot
13952: ADLER, KATHLEEN: - Unknown Impressionists
11547: AEROSMITH & DAVIS, STEPHEN: - Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith
948: AGRA, DELHI AND SIKRI, FATEHPUR: - Cities of Mughul India
11828: AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON: - Old Saint Paul's : A Tale of the Plague and the Fire
15052: SMITH ALAN: - A Collector's Guide to Antique Clocks and Watches
12744: COOPER ALAN W: - Bombers Over Berlin: The RAF Offensive November 1943 - March 1944
1511: THE DUCHESS OF ST ALBANS: - Uncertain Wings
15196: ALBERTI, JOHANNA: - Eleanor Rathbone (Women of Ideas series)
15706: ALBERY, WILLIAM: - A Parliamentary History of the Ancient Borough of Horsham, 1295-1885, With Some Account of Every Contested Election, and So Far as Can Be Ascertained, a List of Members Returned
16430: ALEXANDER, JEAN: - Russian Aircraft since 1940
4629: ALINE, COUNTESS OF ROMANONES.: - The Spy Wore Red. My Adventures as an Undercover Agent in World War ll.
15292: ALLEN, JOHN: - PORSCHE 956 962
13818: ALLEN, AGNES: - The Story Of The Book
10798: ALLEN, BENEDICT.: - Hunting the Gugu: in search of the lost ape-men of Sumatra
14687: ALLEN, CECIL J: - Modern Railways, Their engineering, Equipment and Operation
14678: ALLEN, PETER: - On the Lines, Locomotives round the World
12577: ALMOND, PETER: - Aviation - the Hulton Getty Picture Collection - the Early Years - Die Anfange Der Luftfahrt - Les Premieres Annees De L'aeronautique
16752: ALSTON, MADELINE: - From the Heart of the Veld
1376: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E.: - The Victors, Eisenhower And His Boys: The men Of World War II
14622: AMERY, COLIN: - A Celebration of Art & Architecture, The National Gallery Sainsbury Wing
8714: AMINI, MAJID: - Oriental Rugs, Care and Repair
11821: AMSTELL, MARGARET: - A Start To Collecting Commemorative Medals
8220: ANDERSEN, HANS: - Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales
14806: ANDERSON, EMILY (TRANS).: - Mozart's Letters: An Illustrated Selection
14115: ANDERSON, GEORGE K: - The Literature of the Anglo-Saxons
12985: ANDERSON, JERVIS: - Harlem, The Great Black Way, 1900-1950
9999: ANDERTON, DAVID A.: - Strategic Air Command
16858: BROOKES ANDREW: - Crash! Military Aircraft Disasters, Accidents and Incidents.
16551: ANDREWS, JOHN: - British Antique Furniture Price Guide and Reasons for Values
11397: ANGELUCCI, ENZO & BOWERS, PETER M: - The American Fighter - the Definitive Guide to American Fighter Aircraft From 1917 to the Present
16184: ANGIER, CAROLE: - The Double Bond: Primo Levi, a Biography
14318: ANGLE, PAUL M. (EDITED BY): - Pioneers: Narratives of Noah Harris Letts and Thomas Allen Banning 1825-1865
9594: ANGUS, ALEXANDER D: - Old Quebec in the days before our day
9576: ANON: - Birds and Flowers of the Fifty States: A Collection of United States Commemorative Stamps
4583: ANON: - Rupert. The Daily Express Annual.
4115: ANON: - The Prince of Wales' African Book,` A Pictorial Record of the Journey to West Africa, South Africa and South America
10816: ANON: - The World's Great Stealth and Reconnaissance Aircraft
16876: APLING, HARRY: - Norfolk Corn Windmills
8328: APOSTOLO, GIORGIO: - World Encyclopedia of Civil and Military Helicopters
14287: APPIGNANESI, LISA: - The Dead of Winter
12799: ARCHER, GLADYS: - My Research Into the Unknown
5058: ARIS, ERNEST A.: - The Three Bad Ducklings
5913: ARLOTT, JOHN AND DALEY ARTHUR: - Pageantry of Sport: From the age of chivalry to the age of Victoria.
2771: ARMITAGE, MICHAEL (EDITOR IN CHIEF): - Classic RAF Battles from World War One to the Present
457: ARMITAGE, MICHAEL. (EDITOR IN CHIEF): - Classic RAF Battles From World War One To The Present.
16158: ARMSTRONG, KAREN: - Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time
15646: ARMSTRONG, PETER: - Ancient and Medieval Modelling Masterclass
16257: ARMSTRONG, DOUGLAS (EDITED BY): - Automobile year 20 1972/73
16515: ARMY COUNCIL, THE WAR OFFICE.: - Manual of Driving and Maintenance for Mechanical Vehicles (Wheeld) 1937
9813: ARNOLD, JAMES: - Farm Waggons and carts
16510: ARNOLD, GWEN.: - Radar Days: Memoirs of a WAAF Radar Operator
13876: ARONSON, JOSEPH: - The Book of Furniture and Decoration, Period and Modern
13378: ARONSON, THEO: - Heart of a Queen: Queen Victoria's Romantic Attachments
6481: ARTHUR, MAX: - Forgotten Voices of the Great War, A new history of WW1 in the words of the men and women who were there
14172: ROYAL SOCIETY OF MARINE ARTISTS: - A Celebration of Marine Art :Fifty Years of the Royal Society of Marines Artists: Fifty Years of the Royal Society of Marine Artists
16122: THE GUILD OF RAILWAY ARTISTS: - Great Railway Paintings Inspired by the Seaside: The Guild of Railway Artists
10088: ARWAS, VICTOR: - Art Deco
12473: ARWAS, VICTOR: - Art Deco
10475: ARWAS, VICTOR: - Glass, Art Nouveau to Art Deco
10086: ARWAS, VICTOR (FOREWORD BY): - Tiffany, all colour paperback
16073: ASH, RUSSELL: - Victorian Masters and Their Art
14441: ASH, BRIAN: - Who's Who in H G Wells
14408: ASHDOWN, DULCIE M: - Christmas Past, A selection from Victorian Magazines
14481: ASHLEY, MICHAEL (EDITED BY): - The History of the Science Fiction Magazine Part 2 1936-1945
12190: AIRCRAFT OWNERS & PILOTS ASSOCIATION: - Flying Training for the Private Pilot Licence Student Manual
1533: ASTON, CHRISTOPHER: - A Durable Love
3693: ATKINSON, FRANK: - Victorian Britain - The North East
11574: ATKINSON, FRANK.: - Industrial Archaeology of North-East England: Volume 1
8008: ATLAS, JAMES: - Bellow, A Biography
9003: AUSUBEL, HERMAN: - John Bright Victorian Reformer
579: D'AUVERGNE, EDMUND B.: - The Prodigious Marshal.
15848: AVERY, HAROLD: - Head of the School
16290: AVEY, DENIS: - The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz
5685: AYER, A.J.: - Part of My Life
14122: AYRES, HARRY MORGAN (TRANSLATED FROM THE MIDDLE DUTCH): - The Marvelous History of Mary of Nimmegen who for more than seven year lived and had ado the Devil
15276: BABINGTON, ANTHONY: - For the Sake of Example: Capital Courts Martial 1914-18, the Truth
14059: BACKHOUSE, JANET: - The Illuminated Manuscript
12675: BADENI, JUNE: - Slender Tree, The: Life of Alice Meynell
7220: BAEDEKER, KARL: - Northern France from Belgium and the English Channel to the Loire excluding Paris and its Environs
15409: BAGOT, RICHARD: - The Italian Lakes
5652: BAILY, LESLIE.: - Leslie Baily's BBC Scrapbooks. Vol 1: 1896-1914
14895: BAILY, J T HERBERT: - George Morland, A Biographical Essay
14896: BAILY, J T HERBERT: - Francesco Bartolozzi, A Biographical Essay
14684: BAIN, F W (TRANSLATED FROM THE ORIGINAL): - A Digit of the Moon, A Hindoo Love Story
14659: BAINBRIDGE, CYRIL: - Brass Triumphant
10839: BAKER, MAURICE: - Shetland Sheepdogs Today
12783: BALDICK.R.: - The Duel. A History of Duelling
1427: BALDINI, GABRIELE: - The Story of Giuseppe Verdi, Oberto to Un Ballo in Maschera
1685: BALDOCK, ROBERT: - Destination Z The History of the Future
4620: BALDRY, DENNIS (ED,): - Hamlyn History of Aviation
15545: BALKWILL, RAY: - Painting Landscapes with Atmosphere, An Artist's Essential Guide
6571: BALL, SIR ROBERT S: - The Story Of The Heavens.
16557: BALL, WILFRED: - Wet Watercolour
16647: BALL, J. DYER: - Things Chinese; or, Notes Connected with China.
13976: BALLARD, ROBERT D.: - Exploring The Lusitania, Probing The Mysteries Of the Sinking That Changed History.
15384: BALY, MONICA. EDITED BY: - As Miss Nightingale Said: Florence Nightingale through Her Sayings a Victorian Perspective
15309: BAMSEY, IAN: - The 1000 BHP Grand Prix Cars
15280: BAMSEY, IAN: - Ferrari 312 and 512 Sports Racing Cars : The Porsche Hunters
1536: BANNISTER, JO.: - Gilgamesh
16459: BARBER,MARY: - Warningcamp The History of a Sussex Community.
511: BARBOUR, NEVILLE. (EDITED BY): - A Survey Of North West Africa (The Maghrib)
15711: BARKER, RALPH: - Men Of The Bombers: Crews Who Fought and Won the Campaign
7097: BARKER, A J: - Dunkirk, The Great Escape
14119: BARKER, BRIAN: - The Symbols of Sovereignty
11628: BARKER, C.M.: - Flower Fairies of the Seasons
5060: BARKER, CICELY MARY: - Flower Fairies of the Autumn
1816: BARLAY, STEPHEN.: - The Final Call, Air Disasters, When Will They Ever Learn?
15363: BARLOW, FRANK: - The Godwins: The Rise and Fall of a Noble Dynasty
7375: BARNES, MAJOR R.M., ILLUSTRATED: - A History of the Regiments & Uniforms of the British Army, The development of Weapons & Tactics
2060: BARNES, ROBERT D.: - Invertibrate Zoology
16639: BARNES, GINA L.: - China, Korea, and Japan: The Rise of Civilization in East Asia
15764: BARNSLEY, MIKE: - Midland & South Western Junction Railway. Volume 2 - Locomotives
1096: BARONTE, GERVEE: - Your Previous Life on Earth, Reincarnation Simplified
10825: BARRACLOUGH, GEOFFREY,: - The Times Concise Atlas of World History
14799: BARRINGTON, GEORGE WINSLOW: - Remarkable Voyages & Shipwrecks, being A Poplular Collection of Extraordinary and Authenic Sea Narratives Relating to all parts of the Globe
16439: BARROW, T: - The Decorative Arts of the New Zealand Maori
1016: BARRY, JOHN.: - The Great Climbing Adventure.
13177: BARRYMORE, CHERYL: - Catch a Falling Star, My Life with Michael Barrymore
6029: BARTHOLOMEW, J. G. (EDITED BY): - The Survey Gazetteer Of The British Isles: Topographical, Statistical And Commercial; Compiled From The 1901 Census And The Latest Official Returns; With Appendices & Special Maps
10900: BARTHOLOMEW, J. G. (EDITED BY): - The Survey Gazetteer Of The British Isles: Topographical, Statistical And Commercial; Compiled From The 1901 Census And The Latest Official Returns; With Appendices & Special Maps
10428: BARTLETT, W B: - God wills it! An Illustrated History of the Cruscades
6572: BARTLETT, W H: - The Pilgrim Fathers or the Founders of New England in the Reign of James I
15043: BARTON, K. J.: - Pottery in England from 3500 BC-AD 1750
12895: BASE, BYRON: - Starring Roles How Movie Stardom in Hollywood is Won and Lost
3653: BASE, RON: - If the Other Guy Isn't Jack Nicholson, I've Got the Part: Hollywood tales of big breaks, bad luck, and box-office magic.
2637: DEAN BASIL: - Seven Ages
8153: BASSERMANN-JORDAN, ERNST VON: - The Book of old Clocks and Watches
16789: BASSETT, RONALD: - Battle-Cruisers: A History 1908-48
15926: BATCHELOR, JOHN; CHANT, CHRISTOPHER: - The Complete Encyclopedia of Sailing Ships : 2000 BC - 2006 AD
16306: BATT, REG: - The Radar Army : Winning the War of the Airwaves
3025: BATTY, DAVID: - David Batty: The Autobiography
16449: BAUM, JULIUS: - Romanesque Architecture in France
8426: BAUVAL, ROBERT & GILBERT, ADRIAN.: - The Orion Mystery. Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids
8336: BAYNE, ALLAN.: - Madras and Beyond
14913: BAYNHAM, HENRY: - Before the Mast, Naval Ratings of the 19th Century
15839: BEASLEY, NORMAN: - Men Working, A Story of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
12130: BEASLEY, C RAYMOND: - Voyages and Travels mainly during the 16th and 17th Centuries Vol. II
10700: BEAUCHAMP, GERRY: - Mohawks Over Burma
8360: BEAUMONT, BILL: - The Autobiography of Bill Beaumont,
14644: BEAUMONT, R A , WITH CONTRIBUTIONS BY 12 SPECIALIST AUTHORS: - Aeronautical Engineering, A Practical Guide for Everyone Connected with the Aircraft Industry
16881: BEAVER, PAUL: - The British Aircraft Carrier
9238: BEAVOR, ALFRED: - Memorials of Old Chelsea: A New History of the Village of Palaces
11958: BEAZLEY, C.RAYMOND (INTRODUCTION BY): - Voyages And Travels Mainly During The 16th And 17th Centuries An English Garner Volume 1
16030: BECK, CHRISTOPHER: - The Crimson Aeroplane, A Thrilling Story of Adventure in the Clouds and on the Earth
16488: BECKE, LOUIS EDITED BY: - Old Convict Days
12677: BECKETT, FRANCIS: - Enemy Within - The Rise and Fall of the British Communist Party
1981: BEDDARD, ROBERT.: - A Kingdom Without A King
10744: BEDE, CUTHBERT: - The Adventures of Mr Verdant Green
15402: BEEDLE, J.: - 43 (F) Squadron, Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force: The History of the Fighting Cocks, 1916-1984
13683: BEER, BARRETT L: - Tudor England Observed: The World of John Stow
4069: BEETLE, CLARA: - ALA Cataloging Rules for Author and Title Entries
16854: BEEVOR, ANTONY: - Ardennes 1944: Hitler's Last Gamble
11617: BEISNER, MONIKA: - Fantastic Toys
229: BELL, CHRISTOPHER.: - Portugal & The Quest For The Indies.
7158: BELL, ELIZABETH TURNER: - Fifty Figure and Character Dances
1464: BELL, MARTIN.: - An Accidental MP
12526: BELL, QUENTIN: - Ruskin
7529: BELL, S. PETER: - Victorian Lancashire
14427: BELLAMY, DAVID: - The Wild Coast Of Britain
6596: BELLAMY, DAVID: - Waterside Walks
15880: BELLAMY, THOMAS LUDFORD (COMPILED BY): - Lyric Poetry of Glees, Madrigals, Catches, Rounds, Canons, and Duets as performed in the Noblemen and Gentlemens Catch Club, The Glee Club, The Melodist's Club, The Adelphi Glee Club and all Vocal Societies of the United Kingdom
1845: BELLEW, HELENE: - Ballet in Moscow Today
14114: BELLOC, HILAIRE: PICTURES BY B.T.B.: - The Bad Child's Book of Beasts
13150: BENEST, E E: - Inland Waterways of France
16026: BENNETT, IAN: - Rugs and Carpets of the World
5372: BENNETT, JOHN R.: - Smetana On 3000 Records
47: DE BENNEVILLE, JAMES S.: - Tales Of The Tokugawa II: Bakemono Yashiki: The Haunted House
15507: BENSLEY, MICK: - The Sheringham Lifeboats 1838-2000
16057: BENSON, J K: - The Book of Sports & Pastimes, Home Pets, Hobbies and many other interesting recreations for young people.
16744: BENSON, JEFFREY; MACKENZIE, ALASTAIR: - Sauternes: A Study of the Great Sweet Wines of Bordeaux
14887: BENTLEY, NICOLAS: - Selection from the Reminiscences of Captain Gronow
2384: BENTLEY, ERIC: - The Modern Theatre, A Study of Dramatists and the Drama
15012: BENTLEY, JOHN.: - Portrait of Wycoller
14782: BERG, A. SCOTT: - Lindbergh
16321: BERGEL, HUGH: - Fly and Deliver. A Ferry Pilot's Log Book
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8157: EVE, A S: - Rutherford, Being the Life and Letters of the Rt. Hon. Lord Rutherford, O.M.
13434: EWEN, DAVID: - The Life and Music of George Gershwin: A Journey to Greatness
15878: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA: - Daddy Darwin's Dovecot
13299: EWING, ELIZABETH: - Fashion in Underwear
12050: EWING, J.A: - The Steam Engine and Other Heat Engines
15977: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA: - Jackanapes, with illustrations by Randolph Caldecott.
16713: EXNER, A.H.: - Japan As I Saw It
16611: SPONSORED BY THE DAILY EXPRESS: - RAC British Grand Prix 15th July 1967. Silverstone
7507: EYLES, DESMOND: - Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs
16496: EYLES,DESMOND AND DENNIS RICHARD: - Royal Doulton Figures, Produced at Burslem c1890-1978
16020: EYSTON, CAPT.G.E.T.: - Speed of The Wind, A Comprehensive And Romantic Story Of Speedmen In Every Sphere
16246: FABIJANSKA-PRZYBYTKO, KRYSTYNA: - Morze W Malarstwie Polskim
16738: FAGAN, BRIAN: - Southern Africa During the Iron Age
13037: FAIRBANK, JOHN K., EDWIN O. REISCHAUER, AND ALBERT M. CRAIG: - A History of East Asian Civilisation Volume Two, East Asia The Modern Transformation
16753: FAIRBRIDGE, DOROTHEA: - Lady Anne Barnard at the Cape of Good Hope 1797 - 1802
11590: MADAN FALCONER: - Books in Manuscript
15430: FARAGO, LADISLAS: - The Game Of The Foxes; British and German Intelligence Operations and Personalities which Changed the Course of the Second World War
10983: FARMAN, JOHN AND MARSHALL, RAY: - The Guinness Pop-up Book of Records, If seeing is believing --- You're not going to believe your eyes
14350: FARNOL, JEFFERY: - The Geste of Duke Jocelyn, A Romance in Prose and Verse
16860: FARQUHAR, IAN: - The Tyser Legacy: A History of the Port Line and Its Associated Companies
14584: FARSON, DANIEL: - With Gilbert & George in Moscow
6631: FAWDRY, KENNETH: - Everything But Alf Garnett. A Personal View Of BBC School Broadcasting
1844: FAY, C R: - Great Britain from Adam Smith to the Present Day, An Economic and Social Survey
11542: FEARON, PETER: - Hamptons Babylon : Life among the Super Rich on America's Riviera
9439: FEATHERSTONE, DONALD: - MacDonald of the 42nd
5920: FEILD, RACHAEL: - MacDonald Guide to Buying Antique Silver and Sheffield Plate
10539: FEINSTEIN, ELAINE: - Ted Hughes, The Life Of A Poet.
600: FEINSTEIN, ELAINE.: - Pushkin.
14471: FEIR, GORDON D: - H G Wells at the End of His Tether, His Social and Political Adventures
7615: FENTON, ELIJAH: - Poems on Several Occasions
14878: FERGUSSON, LT.-COLONEL ALEXANDER: - The Chronicles Of The Cumming Club And Memories Of Old Academy Days MDCCCXLI - MDCCCXLVI
3122: FERNETT, GENE: - A Thousand Golden Horns
9631: FEYNMAN, RICHARD P: - Six Not-So-Easy Pieces : Einstein's Relativity, Symmetry and Space-Time
2710: FIDO, MARTIN: - To Kill & Kill Again
1663: FIDO, MARTIN.: - Shakespeare
10159: FIELD, JUNE: - Collecting Georgian and Victorian Crafts
16231: FIELD, MARION: - The Story of Guildford
9367: FIENNES, RANULPH: - Captain Scott
2390: FINDLER, JOEL W: - All Time Movie Greats
14608: FINLAYSON, IAIN: - Denim, An American Legend
15303: FINN, JOEL E: - Maserati Birdcage The Tipo 60 & 61 Sports Racing Cars
11037: FINNE, K. N.: - Igor Sikorsky. The Russian Years
16579: FINNEGAN, SUSAN: - Acari as Agents transmitting Typhus in India, Australasia and the Far East
12839: FINNIS, BILL: - The History of the Fleet Air Arm
16734: FIRESTONE, ROSS: - Swing, Swing, Swing:The Life and Times of Benny Goodman
16071: FISCHER, KATRINA SIGSBEE IN COLABORATION WITH ALEX A HURST.: - Anton Otto Fischer: Marine Artist His Life and Work
13468: FISCHER, PETER: - The Origins of the Federal Republic of Germany's Space Policy 1959-1965 - European and National Dimensions, HSR-12 January 1994 1994
14588: FISCHER, RICHARD: - British Piers
15013: FISHER, ERNEST ARTHUR: - Anglo-Saxon Towers Architectural and Historical Study
3116: FITZGIBBON, CONSTANTINE: - Red Hand, The Ulster Colony
2317: FITZGIBBON, CONSTANTINE.: - Selected Letters Of Dylan Thomas

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