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096544: - Official Record of the Entertainments Given By the London Members of the Incorporated Law Society in the Jubilee Year 1887
096484: - Annuaire De L'etat Militaire De France { 1827 ]
0004810: - Decor and Costume Designs, Portraits, Manuscripts and Posters
096136: - Die Olympischen Spiele 1936: Two Volumes
096429: - The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the use of the Church of England; together with the Psalter , Psalms of David [ Bound with The Whole Book of Psalms ]
096433: - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments. The Psalms of David in Metre. Translations and Paraphrases in Verse of Several Passages of Sacred Scripture.
096635: ABBEY JOHN ROLAND - Travel in Aquatint and Lithography, 1770-1860, from the Library of J. R. Abbey [ World, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Antarctica, America ] (2 Vols)
000801: ACLAND-TROYTE C. E. - From the Pyrenees to the Channel in a Dogcart
009064: ADAMS BERNARD - London Illustrated, 1604-1851 : A Survey and Index of Topographical Books and Their Plates
095778: ADAMSON HENRY - The Muses Threnodie. or, Mirthful Mournings on the Death of Mr. Gall. Containing a variety of Pleasant Poetical Descriptions, Moral Instructions, Historical Narrations, and Divine Observations, with the most remarkable Antiquities of Scotland, Especially
008913: ADDINGTON WILLIAM - An Abridgment of Penal Statutes, which exhibits at one View, The Offence; the Punishment or Penalty annexed to that Offence; The Mode of Recovering and Application of the Penalty; The Number of Witnesses and Justices necessary to convict , Etc, Etc
008998: ADDISON JOSEPH - The Works of the Late Right Honourable Joseph Addison ( Complete in 4 Volumes )
003289: ADDISON JOSEPH - Miscellaneous Works, in Verse and Prose, of the Late Right Honourable Joseph Addison, Ezq; with Some Account of the Life and Writings of the Author By Mr. Tickell.
096028: ADELSON CANDACE - European Tapestry: In the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
096164: ADRADOS FRANCISCO R. - Festival, Comedy and Tragedy: Greek Origins of Theatre
009011: AGARD ARTHUR - The repertorie of records, remaining in the 4. treasuries on the receipt side at Westminster, the two remembrancers of the Exchequer
002317: AIKIN LUCY - Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth
096501: ALEXANDER LIEUTENANT BOYD - From the Niger to the Nile
006096: ALEXANDER J. T. BURTON - Runs In Three Continents. Being A Short Record Of Actual Performances On Some European,Canadian,Australian And American Railways
096397: ALI, SHARAF AL-DIN YAZD. - The History of Timur-Bec, known by the name of Tamerlain the Great, emperor of the Moguls and Tartars. [ Volume 1 Only ]
009103: ALLAN JOHN - Rangers Eventful Years 1934-1951
008881: ALLAN LOIS - Contemporary Printmaking in the Northwest
009089: ALLAN JOHN - The Story of the Rangers Fifty Years of Football 1873-1923
009050: ALLEN THOMAS - A New and Complete History of the County of York Illustrated By a Series of Views Engraved on Steel from Original Drawings By Nathaniel Whittock
009487: ALLEN THOMAS - The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Parts Adjacent
096333: W. H. ALLEN [ PUBLISHED BY ] - Map of the Routes in India, with Tables of Distances Between Principal Towns & Military Stations
096400: ALLINGHAM WILLIAM - Laurence Bloomfield in Ireland. a Modern Poem
008778: ALTENBERG PETER - Was Der Tag Mir Zutragt Funfundfunfzig Studien
096676: ALTICK RICHARD - Shows of London (Belknap Press)
095623: AMORT EUSEBIO - Systema Doctrinae.
009477: ANDERSEN HANS CHRISTIAN ( TRANSLATED BY MARY HOWITT ) - The Improvisatore or Life in Italy
008876: ANDERSON PATRICIA - Contemporary Jewellery in Australia and New Zealand
096564: ANDERSON ROBERT - The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL. D. With Critical Observations on His Works
096024: ANDRÉ VELTER. MARIE-JOSÉ LAMOTHE - Le livre de L'outil
095895: ANON - Le Grand paroissien latin, contenant l'office de l'E´glise pendant toute l'anne´e, a` l'usage du dioce`se d'E´vreux,
096666: ANON - Essays on Assemblage (Studies in Modern Art 2)
095745: ANON - Westmister Hall Restoration ( Index to the Report from the Select Committee )
008800: ANON - London and its environs described. Containing an account of whatever is most remarkable for grandeur, elegance, curiosity or use, in the city and in the country twenty miles round it. Comprehending also whatever is most material in the history and Anitqui
096053: ANON - The Royal Companion to the Sights of London and Twenty Five Miles of St. Paul's Containing a Mass of Valuable Information, Useful, Entertaining, and Instructive; Especially to Visitors to the Great Metropolis
009560: ANON - The Livre Rouge, or Red Book; being a list of secret pensions, paid out of the public treasure of France: and containing characters of the persons pensioned, anecdotes of their lives, an account of their service. And observations tending to shew the Reaso
095761: ANON - Biographie Universelle Ancienne et Moderne ( Complete in 52 Volumes, Leather Bindings )
008580: ANON - Jones' Views Of The Seats, Mansions, Castles, Etc. Of Noblemen And Gentlemen In England
004226: ANON - Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education; with Appendices 1844 ( with 18 Folding Engraved Plates )
004062: ANON - La Guerre ( Documents De La Section Photographique De L'armee ) (Ministere De La Guerre 20 Parts Bound in One Volume )
000867: ANON - The Ancient Monuments in Wales and Monmouthshire
004184: ANON - The Apologie of the Reformed Churches of France. Wherein are expressed the Reasons why they have Joyned their Armies to those of the King of Great Brittaine. Translated according to the French coppie [by J. Reynolds].
002368: ANON - The English Annual
004464: ANON - Rotulus Cancellarii : vel, Antigraphum magni rotuli pipĉ de tertio anno regni regis Johannis / printed by command of His Majesty King William IV. under the direction of the Commissioners on the Public Records of the Kingdom
000989: ANON - Ceremonials to be Observed By the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, Sheriffs, And Officers of the City of London
000172: ANON - Clarets and Sauternes
0004811: ANON - Impressionist and Modern Watercolours and Drawings
004477: ANON - Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales; Comprising Laws Supposed to be Enacted by Howel the Good. Modified by Subsequent Regulations Under the Native Princes Prior to the Conquest by Edward the First: and Anomalous Laws with an English Translation of Text
095791: ANON - The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine. An Illustrated Journal Combining Practical Information, Instruction, and Amusement
096504: ANON - Our Own Country. Descriptive, Historical, Pictorial
009263: ANON - Regolamento del Processo Civile, Per la Lombardia Austriaca.
096478: ANON - A weeks preparation towards a worthy receiving of the Lords Supper : after the warning in the Church for the celebration of the holy comunion : in meditations & prayers for morning and evening, for every day in the week : Also, some meditations .
095736: ANON - Trials for Adultery: or, the History of Divorces. Being Select Trials at Doctors Commons, for Adultery, Cruelty, Fornication, Impotence, &c. From the Year 1760, to the present Time. Including the whole of the Evidence on each Case.Together with Letters
002117: ANON - Quia Amore Langueo
096126: ANON - Childs' Own Book of Pictures and Stories
096122: ANON - The Book of Trades or Circle of the Useful Arts
008758: ANON - Tri Color Pottery of the T'ang Dynasty
004311: ANON - A Visit to London Containing a Description of the Principal Curiosities in the British Metropolis By S. W. With Copper Plates a New Edition, with Additions and Improvements By H. T.
095703: ANON - Royal Agricultural Improvement Society of Ireland
008996: ANON - Tenth Annual Report of the Local Goverment Board 1880-81 Supplement Containing Report and Papers Submitted By the Board's Medical Officer on the Use and Influence of Hospitals for Infectious Diseases Presented to Both Houses of Parliament , Etc, Etc.
009041: ANON - Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1962-1963 ( Volume 34 )
096054: ANON - London as it is to Day; Where to go, and What to See [ with Upwards of Two Hundred Engravings on Wood ]
095786: ANON - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church According to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David
009429: ANON - The Royal Kalendar and Court and City Register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Colonies for the Year 1822 ( Bound with Companion to the Calendar . The Present Peerage of the United Kingdom. & The Present Baronetage )
009038: ANON - Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1959-1960 ( Volume 32 )
009039: ANON - Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1948-1949 ( Volume24 )
009190: ANON - Burma Report on the Operations of the Department of Agriculture, Burma for the Year Ended the 30th June 1923
004222: ANSTED ALEXANDER & COOMBE ARTHUR E. - The Portfolio of Sussex Views and Antiquities Being a Collection of Painter Etchings ( 24 Plates of Which 16 are Signed )
096481: ANTONIO VALLARDI EDITOR - Napoli [ Folding Cloth Backed Map ]
009558: APULENIUS LUCIUS - ApuleI Madaurensis Platonici Opera omnia quae exstant / Geuerhartus Elmenhorstius ex m[anu]s[crip]tis & vett. codd. recensuit, librumque emendationum & indices absolutissimos adiecit..
096119: ARGENTINI GUIDO - Private Rooms
009582: ARISTOTELE BERNARDO SEGNI - Rettorica et Poetica d'Aristotile tradotte di greco in lingua vulgare fiorentina da Bernardo Segni
096118: ARMENINI, GIOVANNI BATTISTA - De' veri precetti della pittvra, libri tre Ne' quali con bell'ordine d'vtili, & buoni auertimenti, per chi desidera in essa farsi con prestezza eccellente, di dimostrano i modi principali del disegnare, & del dipignere, & di fare le Pitture.
009095: ASCHAM ROGER - Toxophilus the Schole or Partitions of Shooting . Contayned in II Books
009127: ATTFIELD DR D. HARVEY - A Private Journal in Egypt from May 1894 to May 1895
008237: AUDSLEY WILLIAM & GEORGE - la Peinture Murale Decorative Dans Le Style Du Moyen Age
096083: AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO [ SAINT AUGUSTINE ] - D. Aurelii Augustini Hipponensis episcopi Retractationum libri II.
008256: AUQUIER EUGENE - Du Decollement Hyaloidien
009389: AUSTEN JANE - Northanger Abbey & Persuasion
009480: AUSTEN JANE - The Works of Miss Austen: Sense and Sensibility; Emma; Mansfield Park; Northanger Abbey & Persuasion; Pride and Prejudice
095675: AUSTEN JANE - Sense and Sensibility
096527: AUSTEN JANE - The Works. The Adelphi Edition of the Works of Jane Austen. Comprising Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, Lady Susan and The Watsons.
096144: AUSTIN MRS SARAH - The Duchess of Orleans [ Helen of Mecklenburg-Schwerin ]
009143: AUTOSPORT - Autosport ( July to December 1957 )
009142: AUTOSPORT - Autosport ( Jan to June 1957 )
009144: AUTOSPORT - Autosport ( July to December 1958 )
096076: AVERY WEIGHING SCALES - Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue No 100 [ W. & T. Avery Ltd ] [ Weighing Scales ]
096681: AXSOM RICHARD H. [ WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF PHYLIS FLOYD ] - The Prints of Ellsworth Kelly a Catalogue Raisonne 1949-1985
009521: AYLIFFE JOHN - Parergon Juris Canonici Anglicani, Or, A Commentary By Way of Supplement to the Canons and Constitutions of the Church of England: Not Only from the Books of the Canon and Civil Law, But Likewise from the Statute and Common Law of this Realm
095901: AYRES GILLIAN - Paintings and Works on Paper 2005-2007
008689: BACHAUMONT, LOUIS PETIT DE - Memoires secrets pour servir a l'histoire de la republique des lettres en France, depuis MDCCLXII jusqu'a nos jours : ou, Journal d'un Observateur
096616: BACON FRANCIS - Sylva Sylvarum: Or, A Natural Historie. In Ten Centuries.
096427: BALDWIN & CRADOCK [ PUBLISHERS ] - British Husbandry; Exhibiting the Farming Practice in Various Parts of the United Kingdon [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
096648: BALLARIN ALESSANDRO - Jacopo Bassano Scritti 1964-1995 [ 2 Volumes ]
096361: BANKS & CO [ PUBLISHERS ] - Views of Edinburgh and Its Vicinity
008038: BARKER CLIVE - The Great and Secret Shadow the First Book of the Art
009296: BARRATT THOMAS J. - The Annals of Hampstead ( 3 Volumes, Limited Signed Edition )
096560: BARRIE J. M. [ WITH LETTER FROM BARRIE ] - Quality Street a Comedy in Four Acts
096395: BARROW JOHN - Dictionarium Polygraphicum: or, the Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested [ Volume 2 Only. Complete with All Plates ]
002433: BARROW JOHN SIR - Voyages of Discovery and Research within the Arctic Regions, from the Year 1818 to the Present Time: under the Command of the Several Naval Officers Employed by Sea and Land in Search of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific; with Two Atte
095616: BARROW JOHN - Some Account of the Public Life, and a Selection from the Unpublished Writings, of the Earl of Macartney. The Latter Consisting of Extracts from an Account of the Russian Empire, a Sketch of the Political History of Ireland, and a Journal of an Embassy Fr
009105: BASSOMPIERRE FRANCOIS BARON DE ( 3 WORKS BOUND IN 2 VOLUMES ) - Ambassade Du Maréschal De Bassompierre en Suisse l'an 1625. 2 Volumes. .Ambassade Du Maréschal De Bassompierre En Espagne l'an 1621..Négociation Du Maréchal De Bassompierre Envoyé Ambassadeur Extaordinaire, en Angleterre, etc.
003144: BASTIEN ALFRED - Classic Printing Type Alphabets
096534: BASTIEN, REGINALD AND ALFRED - Bastien Typographica [ Volume 1, Number 4. ]
095966: BATES LINDON - The Path of the Conquistadores Trinidad and Venezuelan Guiana
009014: BAUMEISTER - Die zum Vergnügen der Reisenden geöffnete Baumeister-Academie,
095607: BEAUFORT DANIEL AUGUSTUS - Memoir of a Map of Ireland; Illustrating the Topography of That Kingdom, and Containing a Short Account of Its Present State, Civil and Ecclesiastical; with a complete index to the map.
096509: BECKFORD PETER - Thoughts on Hunting. In a series of familiar letters to a Friend
008203: BEER GEORGE JOSEPH - The Art of Preserving Sight Unimpaired to an Extreme Old Age And of Re-Establishing and Strengthening it When it Becomes Weak
009163: BELA RERRICH - Rerrich Bela with Preface By the Artist
008590: BELIDOR BERNARD FOREST DE - La Scienza Degli Ingegneri Nella Direzione Delle Opere Di Fortificazione Ed Architettura Civile
008917: BELLERMINE ROBERTO FRANCESCO ROMOLO - Disputationum Roberti Bellarmini Politiani, S. J. S. R. E. Cardinalis De Controversiis Christianae Fidei Adversus Hujus Temporis Haereticos ( 7 Volumes Bound in 4 ) Folio
009032: BELLETETE HENRI NICOLAS - Contes Turcs En Langue Turque Extraits Du Roman Intitule Les Quarante Vizirs
096117: BENDALL SARAH EDITOR - The Cambridge History of Latin America 12 Volume Hardback Set: The Cambridge History of Latin America, Vol. 3: From Independence to c. 1870
096291: BENEVOLO LEONARDO - History of the City
004509: BENITEZ DE LUGO R. P. FR CAJETANO - Vera Christi Gratia Illuminans, Vocans, & Efficaciter Adjuvans Infideles, Excoecatos, & Odburatos Etc
009316: BENNETT ARNOLD - The Human Machine
096258: BENNETT, J.A. - The Divided Circle, The: History of Instruments for Astronomy, Navigation and Surveying
096084: BENNETT E. N. - With Methuen's Column on an Ambulance Train
096600: BENT THEODORE - Southern Arabia
096353: BERENSON BERNARD - The Italian Pictures Of The Renaissance - A List Of The Principal Artists And Their Works With An Index Of Places. Venetian School [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
096045: BERNARDINO ABE UCRIA - Hortus Regius Panhormitanus aerae vulgaris anno MDCCLXXIX noviter extructus Septoque ex indigenis, exoticifque plurimas complectens Plantas
096220: BERRIMAN WILLIAM - A review of the remarks on Mr. Chandler's Introduction to the history of the inquisition: in which his answer to the said remarks is consider'd; His Misrepresentations of Fact [ and 9 Other Works, Bound in One Volume ]
002125: BERRY WILLIAM - Genealogia Antiqua or Mythological and Classical Tables Complied from the best authors on Fabulous and Ancient History.
008605: BERTRAND J. B. - A Historical Relation of the Plague at Marseilles in the Year 1720
005018: BESSEL, JOHANN GEORG VON, COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES - Chronicon Gotwicense : seu, Annales liberi et exempti Monasterii Gotwicensis, ordinis S. Benedicti, inferioris Austriĉ : faciem Austriĉ antiquĉ & mediĉ usque ad nostra tempora, deinde ejusdem monasterii fundationem, progressum, statu mque hodiernum Exhibe
095940: BESTERMAN THEODORE - The travels and sufferings of Father Jean de Brebeuf among the Hurons of Canada as described by himself / Edited and translated from the French and Latin by Theodore Besterman
096114: BETHELL LESLIE [ EDITED BY ] - The Cambridge History of Latin America: Volume 8
096116: BETHELL LESLIE [ EDITED BY ] - The Cambridge History of Latin America: Volume 4
096115: BETHELL LESLIE [ EDITED BY ] - The Cambridge History of Latin America: Volume 5
008351: BETJEMAN JOHN - A Few Late Chrysanthemums
096664: BETTINA BRAND-CLAUSSEN; INGE JADI - Beyond Reason: Art and Psychosis - Works from the Prinzhorn Collection
095989: BEUYS JOSEPH - The Multiples Catalogue Raisonne of Multiples and Prints
096503: BIBLE - The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New newly translated out of the origimal tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised by His Majesties speciall command appointed to be read in churches
096606: BIBLE - A companion to the altar: Shewing the Nature and Necessity of a Sacramental Preparation, in order to our worthy receiving the Holy Communion. Wherein Those Fears and Scruples about Eating and Drinking Unworthily, and of incurring our own Damnation .
095731: BIBLE - Novum Domini nostri Jesu Christi Testamentum Syriace cum versione Latina. Ex diversis editionibus diligentissime` recensitum. Accesserunt in fine notationes variantis lectionis, ex quinq impressis editionibus diligenter collectĉ a` Martino Trosti
096619: BIBLE. GERMAN FINE BINDING - Die Bibel, das ist, Alle Bu¨cher der ganzen Heiligen Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testaments : nach der in Zu¨rich kirchlich eingefu¨hrten Uebersetzung auf's neue mit Gorgfalt durchgesehen.
096124: BIBLE - The holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Newly translated out of the Original Tongues; And with the former translations Diligently Compared and Revised, By His Majesty’s special Command. Appointed to be Read in Churches
096502: BIBLE - The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New: newly translated out of the originall tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by his Majesties speciall command. Appointed to be read in churches
096059: BIBLE - The Devotional Diamond Pocket Bible:with Notes and Reflections By the Rev W. Gurney. [ Bound with the Devotional Diamond Pocket Testament: With Notes and Reflections ]
096038: BIBLE ( RARE COMPLETE COPY ) - The Holy Bible, Conteining the Olde Testament and the Newe ( Bound with the Psalmes )
096231: BIBLE [ LUTHERAN HOLY BIBLE ] - Biblia Bibel Cotta Tubingen [ Complete in 2 Volumes ] [ Fine Bindings ]
096684: BICKERTON L.M. - Eighteenth Century English Drinking Glasses: An Illustrated Guide
096656: BILLS MARK - The Art of Satire: London in Caricature
096031: BING BROTHERS [ TOYMAKER ] - Special Price List of Instructive Mechanical, Optical and Electrical Toys
096628: BINSKI PAUL - The Painted Chamber at Westminster (Occasional paper)
096017: BISHOP, M. C.; DORE, JOHN - Corbridge: Excavations of the Roman Fort and Town, 1947-80 (English Heritage Archaeological Report)
096163: BISSE THOMAS [ 9 WORKS BOUND IN 1 VOLUME ] - The Beauty of Holiness in the Common-Prayer: As set forth in Four sermons Preach'd at the Rolls Chapel [ and 8 Other Works By Bisse ]
096176: BLAKE ANDREW - A Practical Essay on the Disease Generally Known Under the Denomination of Delirium Tremens; Written Principally with a View to Elucidate Its Division into Distinct Stages and Hence to Simplify its Method of Cure
096200: BLAKE WILLIAM - Blake Centenary Exhibition [ Burlington Fine Arts Club Catalogue ]
096605: BLAND WILLIAM - The Principles of Agriculture
008779: BLEEK W. H. I. - Reynard the Fox in South Africa; or, Hottentot fables and tales. Chiefly translated from original manuscripts in the library of His Excellency Sir George Grey
009226: BLEW WILLIAM C. A. - The Noble Science a Few General Ideas on Fox Hunting
096662: BLOCH-DERMANT JANINE & DELABORDE YVES - G.Argy-Rousseau: Glassware as Art - With a Catalogue Raisonne of the Pates de Verre
009441: BLUNT ANNE LADY - Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates ( Edited, with a Preface and Some Account of the Arabs and Their Horses By W. S. B. )
096621: BLUNT ANNE LADY - Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates ( Edited, with a Preface and Some Account of the Arabs and Their Horses By W. S. B. )
096368: BOADEN JAMES - Memoirs of the Life of John Philip Kemble, Esq., Including a History of the Stage from the Time of Garrick to the Present Period.
008609: BOCCACCIO GIOVANNI - Libro di M. Gio. Boccaccio delle donne illustri, tradotto per messer Giovanni Betussi con vna additione fatta , Etc, Etc.
096552: BOCCACE JEAN - Le Decammeron [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
096517: BOLTON J. L. [ EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY ] - The Alien Communities of London in the Fifteenth Century: Subsidy Rolls of 1440 and 1483-4 (Richard III Society)
003307: BONA JOANNIS - Eminentissimi domini D. Joannis Bona Opera omnia, quotquot hactenu`s separatim edita Fue re
009073: BONNEVAL CLAUDE ALEXANDRE - Memoirs of the famous Bashaw Bonneval. Containing, an account of the late war in Italy. Likewise The secret Intrigues of France, Spain, Savoy, &c. Intermix'd with a great Variety of genuine Adventures in Love and Gallantry of the principal Persons Concern
008550: BONVALOT GABRIEL - Du Caucase Aux Indes a Travers Le Pamir Ouvrage Orne De 250 Dessins et Croquis
096271: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER [ IN LATIN ] - Liber precum publicarum, seu ministerij ecclesiasticĉ administrationis Sacramentorum, aliorumq´[ue] rituum & cĉremoniarum in Ecclesia Anglicana
096272: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER - The book of common prayer and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church according to the use of the Church of England together with the Psalter or Psalms of David pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches
008863: BOSNAKIS DIMITRIS & GAGTZIS DIMITRIS - Ancient Theatres Theaters Worth Seeing
005042: BOSWELL JAMES - Boswell's Life of Johnson Including Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides and Johnson's Diary of a Journey Into North Wales ( Complete in 6 Volumes Bound By Bayntun )
095688: BOSWELL JAMES - The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Comprehending an Account of His Studies and Numerous Works in Chronological Order ( Complete in 6 Volumes )
009510: BOSWELL JAMES - The Life of Samuel Johnson Comprehending an Account of His Studies and Numerous Works in Chronological Order
009283: BOSWELL JAMES - James Boswell's Book of Company at Auchinleck 1782-1795
008518: BOTTOME MARGARET - A Sunshine Trip Glimpses of the Orient Extracts from Letters
008976: BOUCHER BRUCE - The Sculpture of Jacopo Sansovino ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
096215: BOWERS PETER M. - Boeing Aircraft Since 1916 (Putnam's US aircraft)
096653: BOWNESS ALAN & LAMBERTINI [ INTRODUCTION BY ] - Victor Pasmore with a Catalogue Raisonne of the Paintings, Constructions and Graphics 1926-1979
096098: BOXER C. R. - Salvador De Sa and the Struggle For Brazil and Angola 1602-1686
009514: BOYER MR A. - The Great Theater of Honour and Nobility
008890: BRADLEY MARTHA - The British housewife : or, the cook, housekeeper's, and gardiner's companion. Calculated for the Service both of London and the Country; And directing what is necessary to be done in the Providing for, Conducting, and Managing a Family throughout , Etc,
000710: BRANDON RAPHAEL AND J. - The Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages
009507: BRAYLEY EDWARD WEDLAKE - Londiniana or Reminiscences of the British Metropolis Including Characteristic Sketches Antiquarian, Topographical, Descriptive, and Literary
008935: BREUER MARCEL & PAPACHRISTOU, TICIAN - Marcel Breuer : New Buildings and Projects 1960-1970, and Work in Retrospect 1921-1960
009018: BRINCKMANN A. E. - Barock-Bozzetti Complete in 4 Volumes.
000709: BRITISH MUSEUM - Ancient Terracottas
009366: BROCKEDON W. - Finden's Landscape and Portrait Illustrations to the Life and Works of Lord Byron
009342: BROCKEDON W. - Finden's Illustrations of The Life and Works of Lord Byron ( Quarto Edition )
002619: BROMLEY HENRY - A Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits, From Egbert the Great to the Present Time. Consisting of the Effigies of Persons in Every Walk of Human Life; as well those whose Services to their Country are Recorded in the Annals of the English History, as Ot
096089: BROOKE RALPHE - A discoverie of certaine errours published in print in the much commended Britannia, 1594 : Very preiudicial to the discentes and successions of the auncient nobilitie of this realme / By Ralphe Brooke, [ Two Parts in one Volume ]
096540: BROWN ROSEMARY - Unfinished Symphonies: Voices from the Beyond
096350: BROWN J. WOOD - The Builders of Florence
095697: BROWN ANDREW - History of Glasgow and of Paisley, Greenock and Port-Glasgow Comprehending the Ecclisiastical and Civil History of these Places from the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time. ( 2 Volumes )
006036: BROWNING ROBERT - Perleying with Certain People of Importance in Their Day
006034: BROWNING ROBERT - The Inn Album
000078: BRYCE JAMES - South American Observations and Impressions
096436: BRYDONE [ PUBLISHER ] - Brydone's Views of Edinburgh
095693: BUC'HOZ PIERRE JOSEPH - The Toilet of Flora; or, a Collection of the Most Simple and Approved Methods of Preparing Baths, Essences, Pomatums, Powders, Perfumes, Sweet-Scented Waters
009518: BULLINGBROOKE EDWARD. - Ecclesiastical law : or, The statutes, constitutions, canons, rubricks, and articles, of the Church of Ireland methodically digested under proper heads ; with a commentary, historical and juridical by Ed. Bullingbrooke
096040: BUNYAN JOHN ] EDITED BY HENRY STEBBING ] - The Entire Works of John Bunyan [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
096447: BUNYAN JOHN - The Pilgrim's Progress
096543: BURCKHARDT, TITUS - Mirror of the Intellect: Essays on Traditional Science and Sacred Art
095753: BURDON W. - The Life and Character of Bonaparte from His Birth to the 15th of August, 1804
095664: BURGESS JOHN CART - A practical essay on the art of flower painting : comprehending instructions in the drawing, chiaro-scuro, choice, composition, coloring, and execution or finishing of flowers, together with General observations and directions; and Accounts. Etcetera
008710: BURKE JAMES LEE - In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead ( Signed Limited Edition )
096306: BURKE EDMUND - The Writings & Speeches of Edmund Burke [ Complete in 12 Volumes ]
096592: BURSTOW HENRY - Reminiscences of Horsham being Recollections of Henry Burstow, the Celebrated Bellringer and Songsinger
002350: BURTON R. F. CAPTAIN - The Lands of Cazembe. Being: Lacerda's Journey to Cazembe in 1798. Translated by Captain R.F. Burton. Also: Journey of the Pombeiros P.J. Baptista and Amaro Jose, across Africa from Angola to Tette on the Zambeze. Translated by B.A. Beadle. And: A Resume
009122: BURY ADRIAN - Richard Wilson R. A. The Grand Classic
096437: BUTLER CHARLES [ BARRISTER-AT-LAW.] - An historical and literary account of the formularies, confessions of faith, or symbolic books of the Roman Catholic, Greek, and principal Protestant Churches, by the author of the Horĉ biblicĉ. To which are added four essays.
096064: BUTLER THOMAS - A safe, easy, and expeditious method of procuring any quantity of fresh water at sea : by a Menstruum entirely innocent and inoffensive: Highly beneficial, and earnestly recommended to all Sea-Faring Persons: [ 3 Works Bound in 1 Volume ]
009278: BUTLER SAMUEL - Hudibras in Three Parts Written in the Time of the Late Wars: Corrected and Amended with Large Annotations, and a Preface, By Zachary Grey
096410: BYATT ANTHONY - Picture Postcards and Their Publishers: An Illustrated Account Identifying Britain's Major Postcard Publishers, 1894-1939, and the Great Variety of ... to 1939 and the Great Variety of Cards They
096451: BYRON GORGE GORDON [ ANDERSON WILLIAM ] - The Works of Lord Byron with a Life and Illustrated Notes
096609: CAIGER-SMITH, ALAN - Tin Glaze Pottery in Europe and the Islamic World: The Tradition of 1000 Years in Maiolica, Faience and Delftware
096183: CALNE ROY Y. - A Colour Atlas of Liver Transplantation (Colour Atlas on Single Surgical Procedures)
009107: CAMERON JOHN - Association Football and How to Play it
095862: CAMPBEL JOHN - A Political Survey of Britain: being a Series of Reflections on the Situation, Lands, Inhabitants, Revenues, Colonies, and Commerce of this Island. Intended to shew that we have not as yet approached near the Summit of Improvement, but that it will Afford
096665: CAMPBELL LORNE - The Fifteenth-century Netherlandish Schools (National Gallery Catalogues) (National Gallery London)
008376: CAMPBELL RAMSEY - The Doll Who Ate His Mother
009513: CAMPBELL DR JOHN - Lives of the British Admirals Containing an Accurate Naval History from the Earliest Periods ( Complete in 8 Volumes ) ( Period Leather Bindings )
007056: CAMUS ALBERT - Oeuvres Completes d' Albert Camus Notices De Roger Genier ( Complete in 9 Volumes )
096487: DU CANDA CHARLES - La vie de S. Thomas Archevesque de Cantorbie
096166: CARABOTT, PHILIP; SFIKAS, THANASIS D. - The Greek Civil War: Essays on a Conflict of Exceptionalism and Silences (Publications of the Centre for Hellenic Studies, King's College, London)
009516: CAREW RICHARD - The Survey of Corwall and an Epistle Concerning the Excellencies of the English Tongue Now First Published from the Manuscript
009509: CARNE JOHN - Syria the Holy Land Asia Minor
095847: CARNEGIE ANDREW - Triumphant Democracy or Fifty Years March of the Republic
096175: CARPENTER WILLIAM B. - On the Use and Abuse of Alcoholic Liquors in Health and Disease. Prize Essay
096522: CARROLL LEWIS - Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There
096613: CARROLL LEWIS - The Hunting of the Snark. An Agony in Eight Fits
009392: CARRUTHERS, R. J. B. - Planning Overhead Power Line Routes
008826: CASTILLO BERNAL DIAZ DEL - The True History of the Conquest of New Spain
096673: CELANT GERMANO - Joel-Peter Witkin: A Retrospective
003308: CERBONI THOMAE MARIAE - F. Thomae Mariae Cerboni Ordinis Praedicatorum in Collegio Urbano de Propaganda Fide Sacrae Theologiae Professoris De Theologia Revelata Libri Tres.
096547: CERVANTES SAAVEDRA MIGUEL DE - The History Don Quixote. The Text edited By F W Clark with a Biographical Notice of Ceventes By T Teignmouth Shaw
009087: CERVANTES SAAVEDRA MIGUEL DE - A Dialogue Between Scipio and Bergansa Two Dogs Belonging to the City of Toledo
096688: CHAMBERS EPHRAIM - Cyclopĉdia: or, An universal dictionary of arts and sciences : containing an explication of the terms, and an account of the things signified thereby, in the several arts. [ 4 Volumes. With Supplements ]
009249: CHAPPELL WARREN - A Short History of the Printed Word
002583: CHARLES FREDERICK - Cass Monken Hadley
096582: CHATELAIN MADAME DE - Pussy's Road to Ruin, or Do as You are Bid. Translated Freely from the German By Madame De Chatelain
096129: CHAUCER GEOFFREY - The Canterbury Tales [ the Prologue ]
095679: CHAUNCY SIR HENRY - Chauncy Sir Henry The Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
096381: CHEN THOMAS S & CHEN PETER S. - Understanding the Liver: A History (Contributions in Medical History Number 14 )
009292: CHESTERTON GILBERT K. - The Napoleon of Notting Hill
095762: CHEVALIER MICHEL - Des Interets Materiels En France. Travaux Publics. Routes, Canaux, Chemin's De Fer
009503: CHILD SIR JOSIAH - A New Discourse of Trade: wherein are recommended several weighty points, relating to Companies of Merchants; the Act of Navigation, Naturalization of Strangers, and our Woollen Manufactures, Etcetera
008634: CHIPPENDALE THOMAS - The Gentleman and Cabinet Makers Directory Being a Large Collection of the Most Elegant and Useful Designs of Household Furniture in the Most Fashonable Taste Including a Great Variety of Chairs, Sofas, Beds, and Couches, China Tables, Dressing Etc, Etc
095894: CHOPE R. PEARSE ( EDITED BY ) - Early Tours in Devon and Cornwall
008164: CHUNG HENRY - The Russians Came to Korea
009535: CHURCHILL WINSTON S. - The World Crisis
095742: CHURCHILL AWNSHAM & JOHN - A Collection of Voyages and Travels Some Now First Printed from Original Manuscripts Others Translated Out of Foreign Languages, and Now First Published in English ( Volume 1 )
096080: CHURCHILL AWNSHAM & JOHN - A Collection of Voyages and Travels, some now first printed from original manuscripts. 1744-1746 [ Volume 5 ]
095920: CHURCHILL WINSTON S. - The World Crisis 1911-1918
095850: CHURCHILL RANDOLPH S. & GILBERT MARTIN - Winston S. Churchill ( Complete Set 21 Volumes )
096512: CICELY MARY BARKER - Flower Fairies Library
009254: CICERO MARCUS TULLIU - Epistolarum
004978: CICERO MARCUS TULLIUS - Dictionarium Ciceronianum Francisci Priscianensis in quo omnia uocabula Ciceroniana leguntur, atque Italice` explicantur etc.
096598: CICERO MARCUS TULLIU - M. Tullii Ciceronis Epistolarum libri XVI ad T. Pomponium Atticum
009189: CINCINNATO B. C. - Le Portugal Au Point De Vue Agricole
095872: CLARENDON EDWARD - The History f the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, Begun in the Year 1641. With the precedent Passages, and Actions, that contributed thereunto, and the Happy End, and Conclusion thereof by the King's blessed Restoration. ( Complete 6 Volumes )
008464: CLARENDON EDWARD EARL OF - The History of the Rebellion and Civil War in England, Together with an Historical View of the Affairs of Ireland
008465: CLARENDON EDWARD LORD - The Life of Edward Earl of Clarendon Lord High Chancellor of England and Chancellor of the University of Oxford: In Which is Included a Continuation of His History of the Grand Rebellion
095784: CLARENDON EDWARD - The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England Begun in the Year 1641. Written By the Right Honourable Edward Earl of Clarendon ( Complete in 3 Volumes )
008978: CLARK K. R. ( FOREWORD BY LORD MONTAGUE OF BEAUIEU ) - Sixty Miles of Pencil an Intimate Impression of the Brighton Run
009475: CLARKE G. E. - The History & Description of the Town and Borough of Ipswich Including the Villages and Country Seats in Its Vicinity More Particularly Those Situated on the Banks of the Orwell
008912: CLARKE JAMES STANIER & M'ARTHUR JOHN - The Life of Admiral Lord Nelson K. B. From His Lordship's Manuscripts ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
001810: CLARKE W. G. - Norfolk & Suffolk
008861: CLARKE STEPHEN - The British botanist, or, a familiar introduction to the science of botany : explaining the physiology of vegetation, the principles both of the artificial & natural systems of Linnĉus and the arrangement of Jussieu ; intended chiefly for the use of Young
003051: CLEAVER M. M. EDITOR - A Young South African A memoir of Ferrar Reginald Mostyn Cleaver Advocate and Veldcornet (edited by His Mother)
009362: LE CLERC SEBASTIEN - Traite d' Architecture
009052: LE CLERC JEAN - A Supplement to Dr Hammond's Paraphrase and Annotations on the New Testament in Which His Interpretation of Many Important Passages is Freely and Impartially Examin'd, and Confirm'd or Refuted
096415: CLIFTON-TAYLOR ALEC - The Pattern of English Building
096572: CLINCH GEORGE - Mayfair and Belgravia, Being an Historical Account of the Parish of St. George, Hanover Square
008786: COBURN KATHLENN ( EDITED BY ) - The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Colefidge ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
009092: COCKBURN J. S. & GREEN THOMAS A. ( EDITED BY ) - Twlelve Good Men and True the Criminal Trial Jury in England 1200-1800
008911: COE ARTHUR - The Science and Practice of Gas Supply, Including the Economics of Gas Supply
008216: COHN HERMANN - Untersuchungen Der Augen Von 10060 Schulkindern Nebst Vorschlagen Zur Verbesserung Der Den Augen Nachtheiligen Schuleinrichtungen
000820: COKE GERALD - In Search of James Giles (1718-1780)
096611: COLE CAROL CASSIDY - Velvet Paws and Shiny Eyes
007096: COLEMAN CHARLES - The mythology of the Hindus / with notices of various mountain and island tribes, inhabiting the two peninsulas of India and the neighbouring islands; and an appendix, comprising the minor avatars and the mythological and religious terms, &c. &c., of the
096420: COLIN CRUISE - Love Revealed: Simeon Solomon and the Pre-Raphaelites
096614: COLLINS C. TRELAWNY - Peranzabuloe the Lost Church Found: Or the Church of England Not a New Church, But Ancient, Apostolical, and Independent and a Protesting Chuch Nine Hundered Years Before the Reformation
009146: COLQUHOUN ARCHIBALD R. - Across Chryse Being the Narrative of a Journey of Exploration Through the South China Border Lands from Canton to Mandalay
009277: COLVIN H. M. EDITOR - The History of the King's Works ( 6 Volumes, Plus Volume of Plans )
095615: COMMON PRAYER BIBLE - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England: Together with the Pslater, or Psalms of David, Pointed as They are to be Sung or Said in Churches
096497: COMMON PRAYER [ BOUND WITH THE WHOLE BOOK OF PSALMS ] - THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, And Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches
096023: LE COMTE P. LOUIS - Nouveaux Memoires Sur L'etat Present De La Chine
096289: CONNICK CHARLES J. - Adventures in Light and Color
096562: R D CONNOR - The Weights and Measures of England
009376: COOK THEODORE ANDREA - A Short History of the Olympic Movement from 1896 to the Present Day, Containing the Account of a Visit to Athens in 1906, and of the Olympic Games of 1908 in London, Together with the Code of Rules for Twenty Different Forms of Sport and Numerous , Etc
009377: COOK THEODORE ANDREA - The Fourth Olympiad Being the Official Report of the Olympic Games of 1908
096041: COOK D. K. CHRISTOPHER [ AND PTHERS ] - Water Plants of the World: A Manual for the Identification of the Genera of Freshwater Macrophytes
096513: COOMBES ALLEN J. - The Book of Leaves a Leaf By Leaf Guide to Six Hundred of the World's Great Trees
096394: COOPER BRYAN - The Tenth [ Irish ] Division in Gallipoli
004494: COOPER C. P. - Correspondence of C. P. Cooper Esq Secretary to the Board with Thomas Thomson Deputy Clerk Rigister Memorial of Robert Pitcairn Reports of the Deputy Clerk Register from 1822 to 1831
003345: COOPER WILLIAM DURRANT - A Glossary of the Provincialisms in Use in the County of Sussex
009076: CORBETT B. O. ( EDITED BY ) - Annals of the Corinthian Football Club
095898: CORIO BERNARDINO - L'historia di Milano / volgarmente scritta dall' eccellentissimo oratore M. Bernardino Corio ... ; nella quale non solamente si veggono l'origine, i fatti, & le fortune di essa Citta` nello spatio di duo mille et cento anni ; ma gli accidenti, & le Revolu
096601: CORNEILLE PIERRE - Theatre de P. Corneille Texte de 1682 avec notice et notes par Alphonse Pauly [ Complete in 8 Volumes ]
095952: COTTON SIR SYDNEY LIEUT-GENERAL - Nine Years on the North West Frontier of India from 1854 to 1863
096153: COULL THOMAS - The History and Traditions of Islington
009075: COURAGE GUY MAJOR - The History of 15/19 the King's Royal Hussars 1939-1945 with a Foreword By Brigadier Sir Henry Floyd
096520: COURTEAULT PASCAL - Automobiles Voisin 1919-1958
008867: COWAN JAMES - Balgo Hills Aboriginal Paintings : Poster Book
009584: COWLEY ABRAHAM - The Works of Mr Abraham Cowley. Consisting of those which were formerly printed and those which he design' for the press, published out of the Author's original copies with the Cutter of Coleman-Street. ( Complete in 3 Volumes )
096594: COWPER WILLIAM - The life and works of William Cowper, Esq. : comprising his poems, correspondence, and translations. With a life of the author, by the editor, Robert Southey [ Complete in 15 Volumes ]
002606: COX NICHOLAS - The Gentlemans Recreation
096426: COXE WILLIAM - Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough; with his original correspondence: collected from the family records at Blenheim and other authentic sources: Illustrated with portraits, maps and military Plans ( Complete in 3 Volumes )
006008: CRABB GEORGE - English synonymes explained : in alphabetical order; with copious illustrations and examples drawn from the best writers / by George Crabb.
096095: CRAWFORTH MICHAEL A. - Weighing Coins: English Folding Gold Balances of the 18th and 19th Centuries
008987: CRESCI GIOVAN FRANCESCO - Essemplare Di Piv Sorti Lettere
096421: CRINITO PIETRO - Petri Criniti viri doctissimi. De honesta disciplina, lib. XXV ; Poetis Latinis, lib. V ; Poematon, lib. II. Cum indicibus.
009094: CROCKER T. CROFTON - Killarney Legends Arranged as a Guide to the Lakes
096423: CROFT MURRAY EDWARD - Decorative Painting in England 1537-1837 [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
009455: CROLE ANTHONY THE REV - The Order Observed at the Opening of the Countess of Huntingdon's College at Cheshunt Hertfordshire on Friday the 24th of August, 1792; with the Admonitory Address or Charge, Etctera
096587: CRUMB ROBERT - R. Crumb's Kafka
008775: CULIN STEWART - A Trooper's Narrative of Service in the Anthracite Coal Strick 1902
002063: CUMMING JOSEPH GEORGE - The Isle of Man; Its History, Physical, Ecclesiastical , Civil, and Legendary
096300: CURL JAMES STEVENS - Georgian Architecture in the British Isles 1714-1830
096655: CURTIS JEAN-LOUIS - Baccarat
095605: CURWEN J. C. - Observations on the State of Ireland, Principally Directed to Its Agriculture and Rural Population; in a Series of Letters, Written on a Tour Through That Country
009386: CUSSANS JOHN EDWIN - History of Hertfordshire: Containing an Account of the Descents of the Varoius Manors; Pedigrees of Families Connected with the County; Antiquities, Local, Customs, Etctera
096469: EDITOR-DÁIBHÍ Ó CRÓINÍN - A New History of Ireland. [ Volumes 1 to 9 ]
007074: DANTE ALIGHIERI - Inferno
096440: DARE M. PAUL - Indian underworld; a first-hand account of Hindu saints, sorcerers, and Superstitions
004359: DAUDET ALPHONSE - Contes Du Lundi
004361: DAUDET ALPHONSE - Oeuvres De Alphonse Daudet
096194: DAVID RUSSELL - Scenes from Bedlam: A History of Caring for the Mentally Disordered at Bethlem Royal Hospital and the Maudsley
096489: DAVIES JOE - How I Play Snooker [ Signed Copy ]
096657: DAVIES, JOHN - Antique Garden Ornaments
008971: DAVIES, CECIL - Plays of Ernst Toller : A Revelation
009352: DAVILA ENRICO ( TRANSLATOR AYLESBURY WILLIAM ) - The Historie of the Warres of France
009198: DAVIS JOHN FRANCIS - Sketches of China: Partly During an Inland Journey of Four Months Between Peking, Nanking, and Canton: With Notices and Observations Relative to the Present War
009104: DAVY C. - Architectural Precedents with Notes and Observations ( Seven Parts Bound in One Volume )
005089: DAWLISH PETER - Captain Peg Leg's War
009287: DAWSON MAJOR A. J. - Britain's Life Boats the Story of a Century of Heroic Service ( Limited Signed By Edward The Prince of Wales )
008812: DEARN T. D. W. - The Bricklayer’s Guide to the Mensuration of all sorts of Brick-Work, according to the London practice, with observations on the causes and cure of smoaky chimnies, the formation of drains, and the best construction of ovens to be heated with coals, etc.
096623: DEFOE DANIEL [ EDITED & ANNOTATED BY SIR MAYSON M. BEETON & E. BERESFORD CHANCELLOR - A Tour Thro' London, About the Year, 1725; Being Letter V and Parts of Letter VI of 'a Tour Thro' the Whole Island of Great Britain' Containing a Description of the City of London, as Taking in the City of Westminster, Borough of Southwark and Parts
004979: DEMOUSTIER C. A. - Lettres a Emilie Sur La Mythologie
095854: DENNE JOHN DR. REV. - The following register of benefactions to the parish of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex, was collected and composed by the Rev. Dr. John Denne, vicar of the said Parish, and Archdeacon of Rochester; in the year 1745. Messrs. Richard Bowles, and Peter B
009359: DENNIS GEORGE - The Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria
005060: DERLETH AUGUST - The Casebook of Solar Pons
005057: DERLETH AUGUST - The Return of Solar Pons
003209: DESBOROUGH V. R. D'A - Protogeometric Pottery
004499: DEVON FREDERICK - Issues of the Exchequer Being Payments Made Out of His Majesty's Revenue During the Reign of King James I
006057: DEVON FREDERICK - Issue Roll of Thomas De Brantingham Bishop of Exeter Lord High Treasurer of England Contating Payments Made Out of His Majesty's Revenue in the 44th Year of King Edward III A. D. 1370
006058: DEVON FREDERICK - Issues of the Exchequer Being Payments Made Out of His Majesty's Revenue During the Reign of King James I
006064: DEVON FREDERICK - Issue Roll of Thomas De Brantingham Bishop of Exeter Lord High Treasurer of England Contating Payments Made Out of His Majesty's Revenue in the 44th Year of King Edward III A. D. 1370
096070: DEXTER COLIN - The Wench is Dead [ an Inspector Morse Novel ]
009557: DIBDIN THOMAS FROGNALL - An Introduction to the Knowledge of Rare and Valuable Editions of Greek and Latin Classics ( First & Second Edition Bound Together in 1 Volume )
096156: DICKENS CHARLES - The Chimes: a Goblin Story of Some Bells That Rang an Old Year Out and a New Year in
096671: DICKINSON H. T. - Caricatures and the Constitution, 1760-1832 (The English satirical print, 1600-1832)
008903: DICKINSON ROBERT EDITED BY - The Registers of the Parish Church of Gawsworth in the County of Chester 1557-1837
095899: DICKSON WILLIAM - Letters on Slavery to Which are Added Addresses to the Whites, and to the Free Negroes of Barbadoes
008941: DIONYSIUS CARTHUSIANUS. - D. Dionysii Carthusiani in Evangelium Iohannis enarratio praeclara admodum, exaltera eaq[ue] diligentissima ad archetypon Recognitione
009071: DODD GEORGE - Days at the Factories or the Manufacturing Industry of Great Britian Described and Illustrated By Numerous Engravings of Machines and Processes ( Series 1- London )
096123: DODD GEORGE - British Manufactures [ Series 4/5/6 ]
009284: DODD JAMES WILLIAM - Ballads of Archery, Sonnets, Etc
008043: DODGSON CAMPBELL - The Etchings of James McNeill Whistler
009573: DODSWORTH WILLIAM - An Historical Account of the Episcopal See, and Cathedral Church of Sarum, or Salisbury: Comprising Biographical Notices of the Bishops, Etcetera
009427: DOMENECH THE ABBE - Missionary adventures in Texas and Mexico. A personal narrative of six years' sojourn in those Regions
000847: DONALD ROBERT - The Imperial Press Conference in Canada
008138: DONGEN KEES VAN - Kees Van Dongen: Le Peintre 1877-1968
096568: DOYLE SIR ARTHUR CONAN - The Case for Spirit Photography
096470: DRURY NEVILL & VOIGT ANNA - Fire and Shadow: Spirituality in Contemporary Australian Art
008180: DUBOIS J. A. - Moeurs Institutions et Ceremonies Des Peuples De L'inde
096685: DUBOY PHILIPPE - Lequeu: An Architectural Enigma
095752: DUBRUNFAUT AUGUSTE PIERRE ( TRANSLATED BY JOHN SHERIDAN ) - A Complete Treatise on the Art of Distillation ( A complete treatise on the art of distillation ... also the whole art of rectification, in which is particularly treated the nature of essential oils ... From the French of Dubrunfaut )
096349: DUGDALE THOMAS - Curiosities of Great Britain [ England & Wales Delinated, Historical, Entertaining & Commercial ]
096588: DUGGAN G. C. - The Watchers on Gallipoli
004113: DUNCAN P. MARTIN - Natural History ( Complete in 6 Volumes )
004151: DUNCAN P. MARTIN - Natural History ( Complete, 6 Volumes Bound in Three )
002548: DUNN WILLIAM - Notes Upon the Divinity of Kings
009328: DUNN BARRIE D. - Metallurgical Assessment of Spacecraft Parts and Materials
008895: EARWAKER J. P. - The Constables’ Accounts of the Manor of Manchester from the year 1612 to the year 1647, and from the year 1743 to the year 1776. (3 Vols). [Printed under the superintendence of a committee appointed by the municipal council of the city of Manchester
096009: EASTON JOHN - The De La Rue History of British & Foreign Postage Stamps 1855 to 1901
096558: EDWARD STANFORD [ PUBLISHER ] - Stanford's New Two Inch Map of London and Its Environs [ Municipal Edition ]
009012: EDWARDS JOHN - The Tour of the Dove a Poem with Occasional Pieces
009501: EGAN PIERCE - Life in London; or, the Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq. and His Elegant Friend Corinthian Tom. Accompanied by Bob Logic, the Oxonian, in Their Rambles and Sprees through the Metropolis
096262: EIMER CHRISTOPHER - British Commemorative Medals and Their Values
008549: EITEL ERNEST J. REV - Three Lectures on Buddhism
095834: ELIENS TITUS M. ( EDITOR ) - Avant Garde Design: Dutch Decorative Arts 1880-1940
009325: ELLIOTT ROY - Cast Iron Technology
002515: ELLISON THOMAS - Slavery and Secession in America Historical and Economical
096425: EMERY WALTER B. & ZAKI YUSUF SAAD. - Excavations at Saqqara 1937-1938 Hor-Aha.
096596: ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA [ COMPLETE IN 18 VOLUMES, WITH 2 SUPPLEMET VOLUMES ] - Encyclopaedia Britannica, or Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Literature ; Constructed on a Plan, By Which the Different Sciences and Arts are Digested Into the Form of Distinct Treatises or Systems.
095976: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer
095977: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer 1928
095975: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer 1933
095954: ENGINEER - The Engineer 1883
095804: ENSOR JAMES - James Ensor: Catalogue raisonné des Peintures ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
009530: ERASMUS DESIDEROIUS - Paraphraseon Des. Erasmi Roterodami, in Nouum Testamentum : uidelicet in quatuor Euangelia, & Acta apostolorum, nunc Postremum ab autore non oscitanter recognitus.
096550: ERIK ORSENNA; GÉRARD MACÉ - Henri Cartier-Bresson: Landscape/Townscape: City and Landscapes
096323: ERLANDE-BRANDENBURG, ALAIN - The Cathedral: The Social and Architectural Dynamics of Construction (Cambridge Studies in the History of Architecture)
009451: ETCHEBASTER PIERRE - Pierre's Book the Game of Court Tennis
095760: ETIENNE VICTOR JOSEPH ( ETIENNE DE JOUY ) - L'hermite De Londres Ou Observations Sur Moeurs et Usages Des Anglais Au Commencement Du XIX Siecle
095756: ETIENNE VICTOR JOSEPH ( ETIENNE DE JOUY ) - L'hermite De La Chaussee Dantin ( 5 Volumes )
095757: ETIENNE VICTOR JOSEPH ( ETIENNE DE JOUY ) - Les Hermites En Prison, Par E. Jouy et A. Jay
095758: ETIENNE VICTOR JOSEPH ( ETIENNE DE JOUY ) - L'hermite De La Guiane Ou Observations Sur Les Moeurs et Les Usages Perisiens Au Commencement Du XIX Siecle
095759: ETIENNE VICTOR JOSEPH ( ETIENNE DE JOUY ) - Guillaume Le Franc-Parleur Ou Observations Sur Les Moeurs et Les Usages Francais Au Commencement Du XIX Siecle
008980: EVANS G. H. VETY-CAPT - A Treatise on Elephants Their Treatment in Health and Disease
095608: EVELYN JOHN ( WITH NOTES BY A. HUNTER ) - Silva or a Discourse of Forest Trees and the Propagation of Timber in His Majesty's Dominions ( Terra A Philosophical Discourse of Earth Has a Separate Title Page )
095937: FADEN WILLIAM - A Topographical Map of the Country Twenty Miles Round London Planned from a Scale of Two Miles to an Inch By William Faden Geographer to the King
009045: FARNOL JEFFERY - The Amateur Gentleman
009120: FARRAR GUY B. { FOREWORD BY BERNARD DARWIN ) - The Royal Liverpool Golf Club a History 1869-1932
096030: FARRAR-HOCKLEY ANTHONY - Korean War [ the British Part ] [ Volume 1. A Distant Obligation. Volume 2. An Honourable Discharge ] [ Complete in 2 Volumes ].
095945: FAULKNER T. - An Historical and Topographical Account of Fulham Including the Hamlet of Hammersmith
008179: FEARNE CHARLES - The Posthumous Works of Charles Fearne . . . Consisting of A Reading on the Statute of Inrolments, Arguments in the singular Case of General Stanwix, and A Collection of Cases and Opinions. Selected from the Author's Manuscripts by Thomas Mitchell Shadwel
009531: FEDDERSEN, JUTTA - Soft Sculpture and Beyond : An International Perspective
009315: FEENSTRA, ROBERT - Legal Scholarship and Doctrines of Private Law, 13th-18th Centuries
095873: FELLOWES W. D. - A visit to the monastery of La Trappe, in 1817: with notes, taken during a tour through Le Perce, Normandy, Bretagne, Poitou, Anjou, Le Bocage, Touraine, Orleanois, and the environs of Paris.
009587: FENTON RICHARD - A Historical Tour Through Pembrokeshire
096085: FERGUSSON WILLIAM - A System of Practical Surgery
096401: FERUS JOHANN [ 1495-1554 ] - R.D. Ioan. Feri Moguntinae ecclesiae concionatoris, in sanctorum festa quae per totum annum in catholica celebrantur ecclesia, postillae. Nunc demùm per R.D. Ioannem à Via ... latinitate Donatae
009532: FIELDING T. H. - British Castles or a Compendious History of the Ancient Military Structures of Great Britain
096008: FINCH WILLIAM COLES - Watermills & Windmills a Historical Survey of Their Rise, Decilne and Fall as Portrayed By Those of Kent
008925: FISCHER JAKOB - Dew Drops on a Lotus Leaf
096320: FISK FRED - The History of Tottenham
009097: FLEMING J. ARNOLD - Flemish Influence in Britain
009070: FLINT WILLIAM RUSSEL - In Pursuit an Autobiography
095754: FLORIAN JEAN PIERRE CLARIS DE - Oeuvres De M. De Florain
096620: FORBES JAMES D. - Travels through the Alps of Savoy and other parts of the Pennin Chain with observations on the phenomena of glaciers. Second edition, Revised
095881: FOREST JEAN CLAUDE - Barbarella
095875: FORSYTH ROBERT - The Principles and Practice of Agriculture, Systematically Explained in Two Volumes: Being a Treatise Compiled for the Fourth Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and Revised and Enlarged
003245: FORTEGUERRI NICOLO - The First Canto of Ricciardetto : translated from the Italian of Forteguerri: with an introduction, concerning the principal romantic, burlesque, and mock-heroic poets ; and notes, Critical and Philological
009209: FORTNUM C. DRURY E. - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Maiolica Hispano Moresco, Persian Damascus, and Rhodian Wares in the South Kensington Museum
008699: FOSKETT, DAPHNE - Miniatures : Dictionary and Guide
002277: FOSTER WILLIAM SIR - The Travels of John Sanderson in the Levant 1584-1602
096615: FOXE JOHN - Acts and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable, happening in the Church, with an vniuerall historie of the same. Wherein is set forth at large the whole race and course of the Church, from the primitiue age to these later times of Ours.
096578: FOXWELL ARTHUR - The Enlarged Cirrhotic Liver
008866: FRANCE, CHRISTINE - The Art of Marea Gazzard
004314: FRY CAROLINE - The Listener ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
096689: FURETIERE ANTOINE - Dictionnaire universel, Contenant généralement tous les Mots français, tant vieux que modernes, et les termes des sciences et des Arts [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
095669: FURLEY ROBERT - A History of The Weald of Kent, with an Outline of The Early History of the County.
096206: FUSELI HENRY - Lectures on painting : delivered at the Royal Academy by Henry Fuseli. With additional observations and notes.
009380: FUSSELL L. - A Journey Round the Coast of Kent Containing Remarks on the Principla Objects
008250: GALEZOWSKI XAVIER - Traite Des Maladies Des Yeux
096371: GALLENKAMP - Laboratory Apparatus and Equipment
000391: GALLOWAY VINCENT - The Oil and Mural Paintings of Sir Frank Brangwyn R. A. 1867-1956
004185: GARDEN GEORGE ? - A Letter to Mr. James Webster, (in name of the episcopal clergy) concerning a sermon preached by him at Edinburgh, July 25. 1703. : Before Her Majesties High Commissioner, and the honourable estates of Parliament
095959: GARRICK MR - Dramatic Micellanies Consisting of Critical Observations on Several Plays of Shakspeare
096585: GAULD TOM & LIA SIMONE - Second
009436: GAVIN ANTONIO - A Master Key to Popery Containing 1. a Discovery of the Most Secret Practices of the Secular and Regular Romish Priests, in Their Auricular Confession, Etcetera
008631: GAY JOHN - Plays Written by Mr John Gay viz. The Captives, a Tragedy, The Beggar's Opera, Polly, or, the Second Part of the Beggar's Opera, Achilles, an Opera, The Distress'd Wife, a Comedy, The Rehearsal at Goatham, a Farce to which is added an Account of the Life
095812: GEDDES JAMES - An Essay on the Composition and Manner of Writing of the Antients, Particularly Plato
096378: GELFAND MICHAEL - Christian Doctor and Nurse: The History of Medical Missions in South Africa From, 1799-1976
096519: GENEVOIX MAURICE, PREFACE - A. Kow: Quarante Ans de Creation Publicitaire Automobile
096332: GEORGE PHILIP [ PUBLISHED BY ] - Nouvelle Carte Generale De La Belgique et Du Grand Duche De Luxembourg [ Echelle De 1:300.000 ]
008683: GERD HATJE ( EDITED BY ) - New Furniture, Neue Mobel, Meubles Nouveaux, Meubles Nouveaux ( No 9 )
008675: GESSNER SALOMON - New Idylles Translated by W. Hooper MD. With a letter to M: Fuslin, on landscape painting, and The Two Friends of Bourbon, a moral tale, by M. Diderot
009276: GIBBON EDWARD - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ( Complete in 8 Volumes )
096591: GIBBONS THOMAS - Juvenilia: Poems on Various Subjects of Devotion and Virtue.
003327: GIBBS A. E. - The Corporation Records of St Albans
009578: GIBSON EDMUND - A preservative against popery, in several select discourses upon the principal heads of controversy between Protestants and Papists
095906: GIBSON EDMUND THE RIGHT REV - A preservative against Popery, in several select discourses upon the principal heads of controversy between Protestants and Papists : being written and published by the most eminent divines of the Church of England, chiefly in the reign of King James II /
096033: GIFFORD JOHN - The history of France, from the earliest times, to the present important era. From the French of Velly, Villaret, Garnier, Mezeray, Daniel, and other eminent historians; with Notes, critical and explanatory by John Gifford.
008955: GILBERT JOHN ( TRANSLATOR ) - Omar Al-Mukhtar the Italian Reconquest of Libya
009327: GILLESPIE DIANE F. - The Multiple Muses of Virginia Woolf
002053: GIOVANNI, BOCCACCIO. (PLUCHON-DESTOUCHES) - Le Petit-Neveu De Bocace, Ou Contes Noveaux En Vers Nouvelle Edition
004772: GIRAUD RICHARD - Bibliotheque sacree, ou, Dictionnaire universel historique, dogmatique, canonique, ge ographique et chronologique des sciences eccle siastiques, par les re ve rends pe`res Richard et Giraud.
096571: GIROUARD MARK, CRUICKSHANK DAN, SAMUE; RAPHAEL - The Saving of Spitalfields
095646: GLADSTONE CHARLES ( EDITED BY M. R. D. FOOT ) - The Gladstone Diaries ( Complete in 14 Volumes )
002458: GLRALDUS CAMBRENSIS: BARRI GIRALDUS DE - Itinerarium Cambriae Seu Laboriosae Baldvini Cantuariensis Archiepiscopi Per Walliam Legationis Accurata Description Auctore Silv Giraldo Cambrense Cum Annotationibus Davidis Poweli
008815: GODWIN WILLIAM - The Enquirer Reflections on Education, Manners, and Literature in a Series of Essays
009155: GOESIUS WILHELM - Rei agrariĉ auctores legesque variĉ : quĉdam nunc primum, cĉtera emendatiora prodeunt cura W. Goesii, cujus accedunt, indices, antiquitates agrariĉ et notĉ: una cum N. Rigaltii notis et observationibus, nec non glossario ejusdem.
009565: GOETHE JOHANN WOLFGANG VON - Goethe-Gallerie : nach Original-Cartons
004306: GOLDSMID EDMUND ( EDITED BY ) - The Voyages of the English Nation to America Before the Year 1600 from Hakluyt's Collection of Voyages ( 1598 -1600 ) ( 4 Volumes Bound in 3 )
096048: GOLDSMITH DR - The History of England from the Earliest Times to the End of the Reign of George II. By Dr Goldsmith. And Contined to the Present Period By Mr Morell [ Complete in 2 Volumes ] [ Published Bungay. Suffolk ]
008635: GOLDSMITH OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield
095818: GOMES EDWIN H. - Seventeen Years among the Sea Dyaks of Borneo, a record of intimate association with the native of the Bornean Jungles
000647: GORDON ALEXANDER - A Treatise Upon Elemental Locomotion and Interior Communication Wherein are Explained and Illustrated the History Practice and Prospects of Steam Carriages and the Comparative Value of Turnpike Roads Railways and Canals with Plates and an Appendix Etc,
095900: GRAFF LAURENCE - Graff the Most Fabulous Jewels in the World
095698: GRANGER JAMES - Letters Between the Rev James Granger, M. A. Rector of Shiplake and Many of the Most Eminent Literary Men of His Time: Composing a Copious History and Illustration of His Biographical History of England
096458: THE GRAPHIC NEWSPAPER [ BOER WAR ] - The Graphic Newspaper [ 14th April to 15th September, 1900 ]
096548: GRAPHIC NEWSPAPER - The Graphic Newspaper [ Long Run, from December 1869 to September 1921. 104 Volumes. ]
096492: THE GRAPHIC [ THE TIRHA CAMPAIGN ] - The Graphic Newspaper [ Januray 1st to, June 25th, 1898 ]
005087: GRATTAN SMITH T. E. - The Cave of a Thousand Columns
008375: GRAVES ROBERT - Good-Bye to All That an Autobiography
096474: GRAY SAMUEL FREDERICK - A supplement to the pharmacopoeia : being a treatise on pharmacology in general; including not only the drugs and compounds which are used by practitioners of Medicine, Etc,
095678: GREEN FRANCIS ( EDITED BY ) - West Wales Historical Records the Annual Magazine of the Historical Society of West Wales ( Complete in 14 Volumes )
096599: GREEN WILLIAM - The tourist's new guide, containing a description of the lakes, mountains, and scenery, in Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire, with some account of their bordering towns and villages. Being the result of observations made during a Residence
096508: GREEN WILLIAM - The tourist's new guide, containing a description of the lakes, mountains, and scenery, in Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire, with some account of their bordering towns and villages. Being the result of observations made during a residence
004589: GREENAWAY KATE - Marigold Garden, Pictures and Rhymes,
096283: GREENHALGH MICHAEL - The Survival of Roman Antiquities in the Middle Ages
096424: GREG THOMAS - A LETTER TO SIR JOHN SINCLAIR, BART. M.P. President of the Board of Agriculture; containing a statement of the system, under which a considerable farm is profitably managed in Hertfordshire. Second edition, with an appendix containing a subsequent Corresp
008698: GREGO JOSEPH - Rowlandson the Caricaturist a Selection from His Work with Anecdotal Descriptions of His Famous Caricatures and a Sketch of His Life, Times, and Contemporaries ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
009027: GREY RICHARD - A System of English Ecclesiastical Law Extracted from the Codex Juris Ecclesiastica
096051: GRIFFIN - The Book of Trades; or, Circle of the Useful Arts
096370: GRIFFIN & TATLOCK LTD - Griffin and Tatlock Ltd Chemical Apparatus Laborratory Equipment and Technical Testing Apparatus [ Griffex A. R. Chemicals ] [ Catalogue No 72L ]
095629: GRIFFITH JOHN - Albi Rosenthal : M.A. Oxon
096180: GRIFFITH CHARLES - An essay on the common cause and prevention of hepatitis, or disorder of the liver. With an appendix, ... recommending the old submuriates of mercury, etc. Second Title Page [ Obervations on the Calomel, or Hydrargyrus Submuriatus ]
096374: GRIFIN & TATLOCK LTD - A Catalogue of Scientific Apparatus for Lecture and Laboratory Use in the Study of Physics Chemistry Biology and General Science for University and Other Examinations [ Catalogue Number 54 AB ]
096006: GROHMAN W. A. BAILLIE - Fifteen Years Sport and Life in the Hunting Grounds of Western and British Columbia
008607: GROSE GEORGE - The Antiquities of England and Wales ( Complete in 8 Volumes, 631 Engraved Plates Including 18 Folding, 54 Hand Coloured County Maps )
009371: GROSE FRANCIS ( DARRELL REV W. ) - The History of Dover Castle with 10 Views, Anda Plan of the Castle ( Bound with A Provincial Glossary; with a Collection of Local Proverbs, and Popular Superstitions By Francis Grose. A New Edition, Corrected )
096624: GROSE FRANCIS - The Antiquarian Repertory: A Miscellaneous Assemblage of Topography, History, Biography, Customs, and Manners
004353: GROTIUS HUGUES - Le Droit De La Guerre et De La Paix ( Volume 1 Only )
000549: GROTIUS HUGO - De Veritate Religionis Christianae
096226: GRUBB GEOFFREY WATKINS - The Grubbs of Tipperary Studies in Heredity and Character
095851: GRUBER ALAIN - Classicism and the Baroque in Europe (History of Decorative Arts)
004358: GUARINI BATTISTA - Rime del molto illustre Signor Caualiere Battista Guarini., Bound Together with Verie Poesie Di Molti .
095801: GUEST JOHN - Historic Notices of Rotherham,Ecclesiastical, Collegiate, and Civil
095641: GUICCIARDINI FRANCESCO - The History of Italy from the Year 1490 to 1532 ( Translated Into English By the Chevalier Austin Parke Goddard )( Complete in 10 Volumes
004191: GUIZOT M. - The History of France from the Earliest Times to the Year 1789. Related for the Rising Generation ( Translated By Robert Black Complete in 8 Volumes )
009564: GULIELMUM FORBESIUM ( WILLIAM FORBES ) - Considerationes modestĉ et pacificĉ controversiarum : de justificatione, purgatorio, invocatione sanctorum et Christo mediatore, eucharistia. Per Gulielmum Forbesium S.T.D. & Episcopum Edenburgensem primum. Opus posthumum, diu desideratum.
009373: GUTHRIE G. J. - A Practical Treatise on the Operative Surgery of the Eye
009391: HAAGEN LOA ( EDITOR ) - Ferdinand Hodler Towards a Masterpiece
004365: HAGGARD H. RIDER - Dr Therne
004364: HAGGARD H. RIDER - Swallow A Tale of the Great Trek
009452: HAIG-THOMAS DAVID - I Leap Before I Look Sport at Home and Abroad
095738: HALL SPENCER T. - The Peak and the Plain Scenes in Wooldland, Field, and Mountain
096686: HAMILTON RICHARD - Collected Words 1953 - 1982
008345: HAMILTON A. COUNT - Memoirs of Count Grammont ( Translated From the French )
008418: HANCARVILLE PIERRE FRANCOIS HUGUES D' - Monumens De La Vie Privee Des Douze Cesars
008819: HANSON CAPTAIN JAMES - Route of Lieutenant-General Sir Miles Nightingall , K. C. B. Overland from India in a Series of Letters from Captain Hanson
096627: HANSON B - The golden city: Essays on the architecture and imagination of Beresford Pite
004183: HANWAY JONAS - Letters on the importance of the rising generation of the labouring part of our fellow-subjects; being an account of the miserable state of the infant parish poor; the great usefulness of the hospital for exposed and deserted young children properly Etc
004465: HARDY THOMA DUFFUS - Rotuli normanniae in Turri londinensi asservati : Johanne et Henrico quinto, Angliĉ regibus. / Accurante Thoma Duffus Hardy ... Vol. 1. De annis 1200-1205, necnon de anno 1417 ( Volume One All Published )
096579: HARLEY GEORGE - Jaundice: its Pathology and Treatment with the Application of Physiological Chemistry to the Detection and Treatment of Diseases of the Liver and Pancreas
096677: HARLEY, ROSAMOND D. - Artists' Pigments c.1600-1835; A Study in English Documentary Sources
008796: HARMON ROBERT B. - John Steinbeck and the Saturday review: An annotated and documented guide to information Sources
009393: HARMON ROBERT B. - John Steinbeck World War 2 Correspondent an Annotated Reference Guide
009176: HARRIS JOHN & HIGGOTT GORDON - Inigo Jones Complete Architectural Drawings
002336: HARRIS WILLIAM - An Historical and Critical Account of the Life of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland
004447: HARRIS WALTER B. - From Batum to Baghdad Via Tiflis, Tabriz, and Persian Kurdistan
095663: HARRIS PERCY W. EDITED BY - Home Movies and Home Talkies Official Organ of the Instittute of Amateur Cinematographers Ltd
009590: HARRIS JOEL CHANDLER - Uncle Remus or the Story of Mr. Fox and Brer Rabbit
002315: HARRIS WILLIAM - An Historical and Critical Account of the Life and Letters of Charles I. King of Great Britain.After the Manner of Mr. Bayle. Drawn from Original Writers and State Papers to Which is Added an Appendix of Original Papers Now First Published
096295: HARRIS JOHN & TAIT A. A. - Catalogue of the Drawings by Inigo Jones, John Webb and Isaac De Caus at Worcester College, Oxford
095994: HARRISON JOSEPH - The Floricultural Cabinet and Florists Magazine ( Complete Run from 1-16 Fine Bindings )
004678: HARRISON R. T. - A Digested Index to All the Reported Decisions in the Several Courts of Law and Equity and in the Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Courts with the Judgments of the Lord Chancellor of Ireland 1844 to 1850 ( 7 Volumes )
096595: HARTREE DOUGLAS RAYNER - The Mathematical Gazette [ Automatic Calculating Machine ] [ February 1948 to December 1960 ]
096326: HARVEY P. D. A. [ EDITED BY ] - Manorial Records of Cuxham, Oxfordshire, c.1200-1359: No. 50 (Joint publications / Great Britain. Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts)
096067: HATCH GEORGE - General Illustrated Catalogue [ Everything for Engineers ]
009489: HAUGH DAVID R. - Searching for Perfection an Encyclopedia of US Army T-Series Vehicle Development 1925-1958
096288: HAUSEN MARIKA [ AND OTHERS ] - Eliel Saarinen Projects 1896-1923
007042: HAVARD HENRY - Dictionnaire De L'ameublemnet et De La Decoration Depuise Le XIII Siecle Jusqu'a Nos Jours
008060: HAY ALEXANDER - The History of Chichester Interspersed with Various Notes and Observations on the Early and Present State of the City
095922: HAYLEY WILLIAM - The Life and Posthumous Writings of William Cowper with an Introductory Letter to the Right Honourable Earl Cowper
009522: HAYNES SAMUEL REV - A Collection of State Papers relating to Affairs in the reigns of King Henry VIII, Edward VI, Quween Mary and Queen Elizabeth from the Year 1542 to 1570. Translcribed from Original Letters and other Authntick Memorials left by William Cecil Lord Burghley
096216: HAZIOT DAVID - Chateau Pichon-Longueville Comtesse de Lalande:
095644: HEARNE THOMAS - Reliquiae Hearnianae the Remains of Thomas Hearne M. A. Of Edmund Hall Being Extracts from His MS Diaries, Collected with a Few Notes By Philip Bliss
095923: HEATH MR CHARLES - Illustrations to the Works of Lord Byron ( 36 Full Page Engraved Plates, 15 Partially Coloured )
096004: HEBER RIGHT REV REGINALD - Narrative Of A Journey Through The Upper Provinces Of India, From Calcutta To Bombay, 1824-1825 (With Notes Upon Cyelon); An Account Of A Journey To Madras And The Southern Provinces, 1826; And Letters Written In India
096242: HEDERICH BENJAMIN 1675-1748. - M. Beni. Hederici Lexicon manuale Graecum : omnibus sui generis lexicis longe locupletius: in duas partes divisum: ... / Recensitum et plurimum auctum a Sam. Patrick, ... Hanc tertiam editionem, ut prioribus auctior prodiret atque emendatior, curavit
009022: HELM MARTIN - Long Wavelength Infrared Emitters Based on Quantum Wells and Superlattices
001760: HELME ELIZABETH - Instructive Rambles in London and Adjacent Villages. Designed to Amuse the Mind and Improve the Understanding of Youth
096088: HENDERSON ALEXANDER - The History of Ancient and Modern Wines
096142: HENRI G. S. BLOWITZ. - Le Mariage Royal D'Espagne.
009057: HENRY J. - The Judgment of the Court of Demerare in the Case of Odwin v Forbes
095887: HENTY G. A. - At Agincourt a Tale of the White Hoods of Paris
095889: HENTY G. A. - With Frederick the Great a Story of the Seven Years War
004334: HERBERT LORD & EUGENE PRINCE - Autobiography a Collection of the Most Instructive and Amusing Lives Ever Published, Written By the Parties Themselves ( Two Works Bound in One Volume )
008177: HERBINIO M. JOHANNE - Dissertationes de admirandis mundi cataractis supra & subterraneis, earumque principio, elementorum circulatione, ubi eadem occasione Aestus Maris reflui vera ac genuina causa asseritur, nec non terrestri ac primigenio paradiso lotus situsque verus in Pal
095909: HERODOTUS - Herodoti Opera ( Textus Johannis Schweighaeuseri ) ( Complete in 6 Volumes )
004023: HESSE-WARTEGG, ERNST VON - Kanada und Neu-Fundland : nach eigenen Reisen und Beobachtungen
002051: HIGGINS, W. MULLINGER - Alphabet of Electricty
009318: HILLIARDS MRS - Lights and Shadows in a Canine Life, with Sketches of Travels
096445: HIRD ROBERT - Annals of Bedale (Publications / North Yorkshire County Record Office)
096196: HOBBES THOMAS - Thomĉ Hobbes Angli Malmesburiensis philosophi vita.
096690: HOFMANNI JOHANN JACOBI - Joh. Jacobi Hofmanni ... lexicon universale : historiam sacram et profanan omnis aevi omniumque gentium, chronologiam ad haec usque tempora, geographiam et veteris et novi orbis [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
009367: HOGARTH WILLIAM - The Works of William Hogarth Containing One Hundred and Fifty Eight Engravings By Mr Cooke, and Mr Davenport with Descriptions, in Which are Pointed Out Many Beauties That Have Hitherto Escaped Notice, with a Comment on Their Moral Tendency. John Trusler
095621: HOLE RICHARD - Remarks on the Arabian Night's Entertainments; in Which the Origin of Sindbad's Voyages and Other Oriental Fictions, is Particularly Considered
096165: HOLLAND, R. F.; MARKIDES, DIANA; HOLLAND, ROBERT - The British and the Hellenes: Struggles for Mastery in the Eastern Mediterranean 1850-1960
096376: HOLLMANN ARTHUR - Sir Thomas Lewis: Pioneer Cardiologist and Clinical Scientist
096248: HOLT GAVIN - Valse Caprice
095911: HOMER - Homeri Carmina cum brevi annotatione / accedunt variae lectiones et observationes veterum grammaticorum cum nostrae aetatis critica curante C.G. Heyne
009180: HONE JOSEPH - W. B. Yeats 1865-1939
009250: HOOD THOMAS - The Works of Thomas Hood Comic and Serious, in Prose and Verse, with All the Original Illustrations. With Memorials Prefixed. Edited , with Notes, By His Son and Daughter ( Complete in 10 Volumes )
095970: HOOK THEODORE - Maxwell
001953: HORACE - The Lyricks of Horace Comprising His Odes, Epodes, and Secular Ode in English Verse ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
008674: HORACE ( ZAEHNSDORF BINDINGS ) - A Poetical Translation of the Works of Horace with the Original Text, and Critical Notes Collected from His Best Latin and French Commentators ( By the Rev Mr Philip Francis ) ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
096580: HORACZEK, PAUL JOSEPH - Die gallige Dyscrasie (Icterus) mit acuter gelber Atropie der Leber.
009023: HORIKOSHI, KOKI - Alkaliphiles
096622: HORNE THE REV THOMAS HARTWELL - Landscape Illustrations of the Bible, Consisting of Views of the Most Remarkable Places Mentioned in the Old and New Testaments From Original Sketches Taken on the Spot, Engraved By W. And E. Finden. [ 2 Volumes ]
005065: HORSEMAN ELAIN - The Hubbles and the Robot
009110: HOSE G. ELLIOT - Natural Man a Record from Borneo
095785: HOTTINGER JOHANN HEINRICH - Thesaurus Philologicus seu Clavis Scripturae:: qua quic quid fere orientalium, Bebraeorum inaxime, & Arabum, habent monumenta de religione, ejusque variis speciebus, Judaismo, Samaritanismo, Christianismo, Muhammedismo.
096150: HOUSMAN LAURENCE [ RETOLD BY ] - Arabian Nights [ Stories from ]
009349: HOUSSAIE AMELOT DE LA - Histoire du gouvernement de Venise ( Part One Only )
008954: HOWARD COLIN - Strict Responsibility
096496: HOWE JOHN - The Blessedness of the Righteous Opened, and further recommended from the consideration of The Vanity of this Mortal Life: and, The Vanity of this Mortal Life or of Man, considered only in his Present Mortal State. [ Two Works in One Volume ]
096367: HUBER MICHEL - Notices Generales des Graveurs Divises par Nations, et des Peintres Ranges par Ecoles, Precedees de L'Histoire de la Gravure et de la Peinture Depuis L'Origine de Ces Arts Jusqu'a Nos Jours, et Suivies d'un Catalogue Raisonne d'une Collection Choisie
007092: HUDSON W. H. - Green Mansions a Romance of the Tropical Forest
095860: HUGHSON DAVID - London Being an Accurate History and Description of the British Metropolis and Its Neighbourhood To Thirty Miles Extent from an Actual Perambulation
095859: HUGHSON DAVID - London Being an Accurate History and Description of the British Metropolis and Its Neighbourhood To Thirty Miles Extent from an Actual Perambulation
095861: HUGHSON DAVID - London Being an Accurate History and Description of the British Metropolis and Its Neighbourhood To Thirty Miles Extent from an Actual Perambulation
009499: HUGO VICTOR - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
009383: HUISH ROBERT - A Treatise on the Nature, Economy, and Practical Management of Bees; in which the Various Systems of the British and Foreign Apiarians are Examined
096661: HULTEN PONTUS [ ORGANIZED BY ] - Futurism & Futurisms
000138: HUME W. F. - Geology of Egypt the Fundamental Pre Cambrian Rocks of Egypt and the Sudan Their Distribution Ange and Character ( Volume 2, Part 1 )
009019: HUMPHERUS HENRY - History of the Origin and Progress of the Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames with Numerous Historical Notes ( Complete in 3 Volumes )
096329: HUMPHREYS NOEL - Parables of Our Lord
096499: HUMPHREYS NOEL - The Miracles of Our Lord
002455: HUNT LEIGH - The Old Court Suburb; or, Memorials of Kensington, Regal, Critical, and Anecdota (complete in 2 Volumes)l
003297: HUNT LEIGH - The Old Court Suburb; or, Memorials of Kensington, Regal, Critical, and Anecdotical
004679: HUNTER JOSEPHUS - Magnum Rotulum Scaccarii Vel Magum Rotulum Pipae De Anno Tricesimo-primo Regni Henrici Primi . ( Presentation Copy Henry Cole & Lord Langdale )
096359: HUNTER GEORGE LELAND - Decorative Textiles An Illustrated Book on Coverings for Furniture, Walls and Floors, Including Damasks, Brocades and Velvets, Tapestries, Laces, Embroideries, Chintzes, Cretonnes, Drapery and Furniture Trimmings, Wall Papers, Carpets and Rugs, Etcetera
096058: HUSENBETH REV F. C. [ NEWLY ARRANGED AND TRANSLATED BY ] - The Vespers Book for the Use of the Laity; According to The Roman Breviary; with the Offices of the English Saints, and All the New Offices, in Their Respective Places
095810: IGNATIUS SAINT, BISHOP OF ANTIOCH - Tou en hagiois hieromartyros Ignatiou Archiepiskopou Antiochias, epistolai Sancti martyris Ignatij Antiochiĉ Archiepiscopi, epistolĉ
008942: INGLIS JAMES ( MAORI ) - Sport and Work on the Nepaul Frontier or Twelve Years Sporting Reminiscences of an Indigo Planter
096233: INTERIANO PAOLO - Ristretto delle historie Genovesi di Paolo Interiano.
004319: IRVING WASHINGTON - Oliver Goldsmith: a Biography
005009: IZACKE RICHARD & SAMUEL - Remarkable antiquities of the city of Exeter. Giving an account of the laws and customs of the place . the titles and privileges of the several corporations, and their distinct coats of arms engrav'd on copper plates.
009099: JACKSON N. L. - Association Football
096079: JACKSON ROBERT - An exposition of the practice of affusing cold water on the surface of the body, as a remedy for the cure of fever : to which are added, remarks on the effects of cold drink, and of gestation in the open air in certain conditions of that Disease
009454: JACOB GILES - A Grammar or Rudiments of the Law
002057: JACQUES, VERGIER - Oeuvres diverses de mr vergier, 1742
001836: JAMES GRACE - Green Willow and Other Japanese Fairy
095811: JAMES G. P. R. - Philip Augustus or the Brothers in Arms
095876: JANNSON JAN - Suffolciae Nova Et Accurata Delineatio
008860: JEAN LUC D' IHARCE - Erreurs populaires sur la me´decine : ouvrage compose´ pour l'instruction de ceux qui ne professent pas cette Science
095883: JEFFERIES RICHARD - Wild Life in a Southern County.
009270: JEFFERSON ROBERT L. - Roughing it in Siberia with Some Account of the Trans-Siberian Railway, and the Gold-Mining Industry of Asiatic Russia
096007: JENKINS J. GILBERT - A History of the Parish of Penn in the County of Buckingham
000125: JENKINS DAVID - Jenkinsius redivivus, or, The vvorks of that grave, learned, truly-loyal, and courageous Judge Jenkins, whilst a prisoner in the Tower, and Newgate, by command of the rebellious Long-Parliament, began at Westminster, Nov. 3, 1640 : wherein is plainly set
096533: JENNY HANS - Cymatics the Structure and Dynamics of Waves and Vibrations
007061: JESSE J. HENEAGE - London and Its Celebrities a Second Series of Literary and Historical Memorials of London ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
008918: JOHANNES CHRYSOSTOMUS - Opera ( 5 Volumes Bound in 4 )
008168: JOHANNIS REGIS - Rotulus Cancllarii Vel Antigraphum Magni Rotuli Pipae
096516: JOHN E. THORNES - John Constable's Skies: A Fusion of Art and Science
096210: JOHN A. RYLE - Natural History of Disease
096232: JOHNSON SAMUEL ( COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES ) - A dictionary of the English language, in which the words are deduced from their originals, explained in their different meanings, and authorized by the names of the writers in whose works they are found / abstracted from the folio edition, by the author S
096422: JOHNSON FOSTER MACY - The Romantic Legend of Jules Bourglay the Old Leather Man [ Limited to 100 Signed Copies ]
009546: JOHNSON SAMUEL ( COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES ) - A Dictionary of the English Language in Which the Words are Deduced from Their Originals and Illustrated in Their Different Significations By Examples from the Best Writers. To Which are Prefixed a History of the Language and an English Grammar
095635: JOHNSON SAMUEL - A dictionary of the English language: in which the words are deduced from their originals . to which are prefixed a history of the language, and an English grammar.
006016: JOHNSON SAMUEL - A dictionary of the English language : in which the words are deduced from their originals, explained in their different meanings, and authorized by the names of the writers in whose works they are found. / Abstracted from the folio edition, by the Author
095677: JOHNSON SAMUEL - A dictionary of the English language: in which the words are deduced from their originals . to which are prefixed a history of the language, and an English grammar.
009466: JOHNSON SAMUEL - A Dictionary of the English Language in Which the Words are Deduced from Their Originals and Illustrated in Their Different Significations By Examples from the Best Writers. To Which are Prefixed a History of the Language, and an English Grammar.
008827: JOHNSTONE CAPT. H. M. - A History of Tactics
096680: JOLY HENRI L. & TOMITA KUMASAKU - Japanese Art And Handicraft. An Illustrated Record Of The Loan Exhibition Held In Aid Of The British Red Cross In October-November, 1915
009569: JONATHAN EDWARDS ( PUBLISHED BY ) - An Account of the life of Mr David Brainerd. & The Journal of a two months tour with a view of promoting religion among the frontier inhabitants of Pensylvania. ( 2 Works Bound in 1 Volume )
096193: JONES. A.G.E. - Polar Portraits: Collected Papers
008626: JONES D. - The Secret History Of White-Hall From The Restoration Of Charles II, Down to the Abdication of the late K. James
096035: JONES & CO - Jones' Views of the Seats, Mansions, Castles, & c. of Noblemen and Gentlemen in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and other picturesque Scenery accompanied with historical Descriptions of the Mansions, List of Pictures, Statues, & c.and genealogical
095771: JOSEPHUS FLAVIUS - The Works of Josephus: with Great Diligence Revised and Amended, according to the excellent French Translation of Monseiur Arnauld D'Andilly. Also the Embassy of Philo Judaeus to the Emperor Caius Caligula, never translated before.
009311: JULES-ROSETTE, BENNETTA - The Messages of Tourist Art : An African Semiotic System in Comparative Perspective
096407: JULIEN EDOUARD - Les Affiches De Toulouse Lautrec [ Catalogue Par Fernand Mourlot ]
096524: JUNG C. G. [ EDITED BY SIR HERBERT READ, AND OTHERS ] - The Collected Works [ Complete in 20 Volumes ]
096000: JUNIUS FRANCISCUS - The Painting of the Ancient, in Three Bookes: Declairing by Historicall Observations and Examples, the Beginning, Progresse, and Consummation of that Most Noble Art. And how those Ancient Artificers attained to their still so much admired Excellencie.
008622: KALINOWSKI WOJCIECH - City development in Poland up to mid-19th century (Research Institute for Town Planning and Architecture ( Text and Illustrations )
096583: KARASIK PAUL - Bad News [ Number 3 ]
095951: KEATING H. R. F. - Inspector Ghote and Some Others
002440: KEATS JOHN - Odes Sonnets & Lyrics of John Keats
095711: KELLY T. W. - Menana a Romance of the Red Indians in Ten Cantos, with Notes to Which are Added the Death Robe and Two Other Poems of the American Woods
095739: KENDALL JOHN - An Elucidation of the Principles of English Architecture, Usually Denominated Gothic
096417: KENNA MARGARET E. - The Social Organization of Exile: Greek Political Detainees in the 1930s
096221: KING HENRY THE EIGHTH - State Papers [ 5 Parts in 11 Volumes ] [ Complete Set ]
007087: KING THOMAS H. - The Study Book of Mediaeval Architecture and Art. Being a series of working drawings of the principal monuments of the middle ages. Whereof the plans, sections, and deteils are drawn to uniform Scales. ( complete in 4 volumes )
096467: KING CHARLES 1ST - Eikon Basilike: Or the King's Book [ the Pourtraicture of His Sacred Majestie in His Solitudes and Sufferings ]
001359: KIRKBY B. - Lakeland Words
008612: KITCHINER WILLIAM - The cook's oracle, containing receipts for plain cookery, on the most economical plan for private families; containing also a complete system of cookery ... in the kitchen of William Kitchiner
095980: KLEIN WILLIAM R. - Close Up
009350: KNIGHT CHARLES ( EDITED BY ) - London
095628: KNIGHT CHARLES - The Gallery of Portraits with Memoirs ( 5 Volumes )
004793: KNIGHT RICHARD PAYNE - The Progress of Civil Society a Didactic Poem in Six Books
095891: KNIGHT - Modern and Antique Gems
008994: KNIGHT CHARLES - London ( Complete in 6 Volumes )
008048: KOONTZ DEAN R. - Nightmare Journey
095837: KRASHES LAURENCE S. - Harry Winston: The ultimate jeweler
096097: KRESS JOHN W. & SHERWOOD SHIRLEY - The Art of Plant Evolution
096675: KUBASIEWICZ JAN & STRAUSS MONICA - The Themersons and the Gaberbocchus Press - an Experiment in Publishing 1948 - 1979
009183: LACKINGTON JAMES - Memoirs of the forty-Five First Years of James Lackington, the Present Bookseller in Chiswell Street, Moorfield, London
009460: LACOSTE RENE - Lacoste on Tennis
007011: LAKE CHARLES S. - The world's locomotives: A digest of the latest locomotive practice in the railway countries of the World
009161: LAMBERT RICHARD C. - The Parliamentary History of Conscription in Great Britain Being a Summary of the Parliamentary Debates Etcetera
096441: LANDELLS E. & LANDELLS ALICE - The Girls Own Toy Maker and Book of Recreation
008855: LANGBAIN GERARD - THE LIVES AND CHARACTERS OF THE ENGLISH DRAMATICK POETS also an exact account of all the plays that were ever yet printed in the English tongue : their double titles, the places where acted, the dates when printed, and the persons to whom dedicated
095692: LANSDELL HENRY - Russian Central Asia including Kuldja, Bokhara, Khiva and Merv.
008961: LASKOWSKI J. S. EDITED BY - Frothing in Flotation II
000650: LAUDER SIR THOMAS DICK - Lochandha a Tale of the Eighteenth Century
095865: LAWRENCE JOHN - The new farmer's calendar; or, Monthly remembrancer, for all kinds of country business : comprehending all the material improvements in the new husbandry with the management of live stock. Inscribed to the farmers of Great Britain by a farmer and Breede
009117: LAWSON TANCRED THOMAS SIR - Records of a Yorkshire Manor
096408: LEACH PETER - James Paine (Studies in Architecture Volume XXV )
009164: LECHNER JENO - Jeno Lechner with Preface By the Artist
008962: LENTZ CAROLA EDITED BY - Changing Food Habits : Case Studies from Africa, South America, and Europe
008940: LEO 1ST POPE - D. Leonis papae huius nominus primi : qui summo iure magni cognomentum iam olim obtinet, sermones & homiliae : que¸ quidem extant omnes : eiusdem De conflictu vitiorum atque virtutum libellus / summa cum diligentia ad antiquissime exemplaria omnia Castiga
096290: LEONHARDT FRITZ - Brucken [ Bridges: Aesthetics and Design ]
002039: LETI GREGORIO - La Vie Du Pape Sixte Cinquie'me ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
009335: LEVER CHARLES - The Daltons or Three Roads in Life
008159: LILLIE CHARLES - The British Perfumer Snuff Manufacturer and Colourman's Guide Being a Collection of Choice Receipts Abd Observations Proven in an Extensive Practice of Thirty Years in the Above Branches of Trade
008183: LINTON W. J. - The Masters of Wood Engraving
096667: LIPPARD LUCY R. - Ad Reinhardt
008747: LISTER RAYMOND - Gabha
009495: LISTER THOMAS HENRY - Herbert Lacy
095708: LOCKHART J. G. - Ancient Spanish Ballads; Historical and Romantic
096670: LODDER CHRISTINA - Russian Constructivism
095749: LODGE EDMUND. COMPLETE IN 12 VOLUMES. - Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain : Engraved from authentic pictures in the Galleries of the Nobility and the Public Collections of the Country. With Biographical and Historical Memoirs of their lives and Actions.
001994: LOFTIE W. J. - Westminster Abbey
096559: LONDON SQUARES - Royal Commission on London Squares Plan. Shewing the Estates Referred to in the Memorandum Agreed to By the Committee Representing the Owners of Many of the Principal London Squares, Dated the 10th January. 1928. [ Large Folding Map Of London ]. No Text
096457: ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS 1881 - The Illustrated London News [ 1st January to 25th June, 1881 ]
096454: ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News [ July 3rd to December 25th 1880 ]
095880: ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News 1953
096455: ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News [ July 9th to December 31st, 1881 ]
009298: LONDON WESTMINSTER BRIDGE - Third Report fron the Selected Committee on Westminster Bridge and New Palace.
096313: THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News [ 1894 ]
096645: THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News 1957
096267: ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London New 1887
096456: ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News [ January 3rd to June 26th, 1880 ]
096646: THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News 1958
096639: THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News 1956
006031: LONDON JACK - The Little Lady of the Big House
096494: THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News [ Januray 3rd to June 27th, 1891 ]
096641: THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News 1955
096268: ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News 1888
096640: THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News 1955
096311: THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News [ July, 6th to December, 28th. 1889 ]
095799: LONDON JACK - The Letters of Jack London ( Complete in 3 Volumes )
096644: THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News 1959
095931: ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News 1860
096643: THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News 1956
096347: ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News [1895]
096642: THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News 1958
003348: LONGFELLOW HENRY WADSWORTH - The Song of Hiawatha
096066: LONGRIDGE CAPTAIN C. C. - Gold Dredging
007070: LORD ROBERTS OF KANDAHAR - Forty One Years in India from Subaltern to Commander in Chief ( with Letter )
009464: LOUBERE SIMON DE LA - Du Royaume De Siam Par Monsr. De La Loubere Envoye Extraordinaire Du Roy Aupres Du Roy De Siam En 1687-1688 ( Volume 1 Only )
096432: LOVETT EDWARD - Magic in Modern London
007066: LOWE E. J. - A Natural History of British Grasses
096390: LOWE FRANK A. - The Heron [ the New Naturalist. No 11 ]
008755: LOWKE W. J. BASSETT - The Model Railway Handbook a Practical Guide to the Purchase and Installation of the Equipment of Model Railway
006018: LUDLOW EDMUND GENERA - Three Tracts Published At Amsterdam,In The Years 1691 and 1692 Under The Name of Letters Of General Ludlow To Sir Edward Seymour and Other Persons Comparing The Oppresive Government of King Charles I In The First Four Years Of His Reign
008737: LUDLUM ROBERT - The Scarlatti Inheritance
008579: LYSONS, DANIEL, AND SAMUEL LYSONS - Magna Britannia; Being a Concise Topographical Account of the Several Counties of Great Britain
095676: M'CORMICK R. - Voyages of Discovery in the Arctic and Antarctic Seas, and Round the World: Being Personal Narratives of Attempts to Reach the North and South Poles; and of an Open-Boat Expedition Up the Wellington Channel in Search of Sir John Franklin
008536: M'LEOD REV DR - Extracts from Letters to the Rev. Dr. M'leod Glasgow Regarding the Famine and Destitution in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland
001005: MACCARTHY .J.H - Arabian Nights ( Complete in 6 Volumes )
001480: MACDONALD FREDERIKA - The Secret of Charlotte Bronte
096130: MACERONE FRANCIS - Defensive Instructions for the People: Containing the new and improved combination of Arms, called Foot Lancers: with miscellaneous instructions on the subject of Arms and Ammunition, Street and house Fighting
004067: MACGOWAN KENNETH & ROSSE HERMAN - Masks & Demons
004489: MACQUID PERCY - A History of English FurnitureWith plates in colour after Shirley Slocombe, and numerous illustrations selected and arranged by the author. ( Age of Walnut )
004490: MACQUID PERCY - A History of English FurnitureWith plates in colour after Shirley Slocombe, and numerous illustrations selected and arranged by the author. ( Age of Mahogany )
004503: MACRAY WILLIAM DUNN - A Register of the Members of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford from the Foundation of the College ( Volumes 1-7, Years 1520-1910 )
096528: MACROBIUS AMBROSIUS THEODOSIUS - Opera. Accedunt integrae I. Pontani, J. Meursii, J. Gronovii notae & animadversiones. Ed. novissima cum indice rerum & vocum Locupletissimo
008720: MADAN FALCONER - Books in Manuscript a Short Introduction to Their Study and Use with a Chapter on Records
096439: MADDOCK JAMES - The florist's directory, a treatise on the culture of flowers to which is added, a supplementary dissertation on soils, manures, &c.
009299: MADSEN A. P. - Antiquites Prehistoriques Du Danemark
096173: MAGNAN DR V. [ TRANSLATED BY W. S. GREENFIELD ] - On alcoholism The various forms of alcoholic delirium and their treatment
009562: MAGNUS CRUSIUS - Magni Crusii, S.R.M. Danicĉ legationis in Gallia pastoris, singularia Plessiaca, sive Memorabilia de vita et meritis, fatis, controversis et morte Philippi Mornĉi de Plessis : maximam partem ex ipsis Mornĉi scriptis, prĉcipue vero ejus Memoriis, Etcetera
008214: MAGNUS HUGO DR - Die Anatomie Des Auges Bei Den Griechen Und Romern
008261: MAIDEN J. H. - The Forest Flora of New South Wales ( Fine Decorative Leather Bindings )
000853: MAITLAND P. S. & CAMPBELL R. N. - Freshwater Fishes of the British Isles
009599: MALCOLM JAMES - A Compendium of Modern Husbandry Principally Written During a Survey of Surrey Made at the Desire of the Board of Agriculture Illustrative Also of the Best Practices in the Neighbouring Counties Kent Sussex, Etcetera ( Complete in 3 Volumes )
096602: MALLET DAVID - Edwin and Emma
009523: MALLORY JOHN - Quare impedit. In two parts. Part I. Containing an abridgment of the law concerning the patronages of churches, the titles of ecclesiastical persons . Part II. Containing precedents of Pleading
009482: MALORY THOMAS SIR - The Birth Life and Acts of King Arthur of His Noble Knights of the Round Table their Marvellous Enquests and Adventures the Achieving of the San Greal and in the end Le Morte Darthur with the Dolourous Death & Departing out of this World of Them All.
009497: MALTON THOMAS - A compleat treatise on perspective, in theory and practiceon the true principles of Dr. Brook Taylor. Made clear, in theory, by various moveable schemes, and diagrams; and reduced to practice ... Containing diagrams, views, and original designs, in Archit
095852: MAN FONG LEE - Paintings and Statues from the Collection of President Sukarno of the Republic of Indonesia ( Complete in 5 Volumes )
096143: MANET, FRANC¸OIS GILLE PIERRE BARNABE´ B. - Biographie des malouins ce´le`bres : depuis le 15e sie`cle jusqu'a` nos jours : pre´ce´de´e d'une notice historique sur la ville de Saint-Malo depuis son origine / Franc¸ois-Gille-Pierre Manet.
002379: MANGEY THOMAS - Practical Discourses Upon the Lord's Prayer
009468: MANSI, GIOVAN DOMENICO - Sacrorum conciliorum nova, et amplissima collectio / in qua prĉter ea quĉ Phil. Labbeus, et Gabr. Cossartius ... et novissime Nicolaus Coleti in lucem edidere ea omnia insuper suis in locis optime disposita exhibentur, quĉ Joannes Dominicus Mansi
096077: MANSON ALEXANDER - Medical researches on the effects of iodine, in bronchocele, paralysis, chorea, scrophula, fistula lachrymalis, deafness, dysphagia, white swelling, and distortions of the spine.
096663: MARCILHAC FELIX - Jean Dunand: His Life and Works
003124: MARGOLIOUTH THE REV M. - Vestiges of the Historical Anglo Hebrews in East Anglia
096603: MARIANA JUAN DE - Ioannis Marianae Hispani, e Socie. Iesu, De ponderibus et Mensuris
096230: MARKHAM MAJOR C. A. - The History of the Northamptonshire & Rutland Militia Now the 3rd Battalion (Militia) of the Northamptonshire Regiment, from 1756 to 1919
008582: MARMONTELL, JEAN-FRANCOISE - Contes Moraux
008637: MARQUES EMMANUELE - Defensio cultus SS. Cordis Jesu injuria oppugnati a doct. Camillo Blasio,... ejusque gregalibus, auctore Emmanuele Marques
095979: MARSHALL F. H. - Catalogue of the Jewellery, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman, in the Departments of Antiquities, British Museum.
009596: MARSHALL MR - On Planting and Rural Ornament a Practical Treatise ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
095871: MARTIN R. MONTGOMERY - The British Colonies Their History, Extent, Condition, and Resources
004190: MARTIN HENRI - Histoire De France Depuis Les Temps Les Plus Recules Jusqu'en 1789 ( Complete in 17 Volumes )
001756: MARTINEAU HARRIET - A Description of the English Lakes
096625: MARTYN THOMAS - Thirty-Eight Plates with Explanations; intended to Illustrate Linnaeus's System of Vegetables, and Particularly Adapted to the Letters on the Elements of Botany. [ 38 Hand Coloured Plates ]
002272: MASEFIELD JOHN - Some Memories of W. B. Yeats
095701: MASON RICHARD ( ANGELUS OF ST. FRANCIS MASON ) - A Liturgical Discourse of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Containing a Clear, Solid Explanation in General and Particular, Etcetera ( 2 Part Complete )
096146: MASON MICHAEL - The Paradise of Fools. Being an Account by a Member of the Party, of the Expedition which covered 6,300 miles of the Libyan Desert by Motor-car in 1935.
001538: MASON W. - The Poems of Mr. Gray. To Which are Prefixed Memoirs of his Life and Writings by W. Mason, M. A.( Complete in 4 Volumes )
096218: MATTEI CESAR COUNT - Electro-homœopathic medicine : a new medical system, being a popular and domestic guide founded on experience / by Count Cesar Mattei. translated by R. M. Theobald
008241: MAUNOIR JEAN PIERRE - Observations and Cases Relation to the Operation for Artificial Pupil in a Letter from Mr. Maunoir of Geneva ( Second Title Further Account of the Result of an Operation for Forming an Artificial Pupil )
096042: MAURO AMBROSOLI - The Wild and the Sown: Botany and Agriculture in Western Europe, 1350-1850 (Past and Present Publications)
008210: MAUTHNER LUDWIG DR - Lehrbuch Der Ophthalmoscopie
009437: MAWDSLEY - Mawdsley's Map of Liverpool 1876 Based on the Ordnance Survey and Specially Revised and Corrected to the Present Time By Ryder & Wrennall Surveyors Etc, Liverpool
006021: MAY THOMAS - The History of the Parliament of England Which Began November 3rd 1640 with a Short and Necessary View of Some Precedent Years
009160: MAYNARD JOHN - The Parish of Waltham Abbey Its History and Antiquities
096174: MCBRIDE C. A. - The Modern Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Narcotism
004993: MCINTOSH DR ELIZABETH & WALTON DR DAVID W. H. - Environmental Management Plan for South Georgia
096569: MCKELLAR ELIZABETH - The Birth of Modern London: The Development and Design of the City, 1660-1720 (Studies in Design & Material Culture)
009312: MCKENZIE GORDON - Delayed Action, Being Something of the Life and Times of the Late Brigadier General, Sir Duncan McKenzie, KCMG, CB, DSO, VD, Lgion d'Honneur.
009401: MELLADO DON FRANCISCO DE P. - Guia Del Viagero En Espana
009442: MENINSKI FRANCISCI MESNIEN - Institutiones linguae Turcicae, cum rudimentis parallelis linguarum Arabicae & Persicae.
006032: MEREDITH GEORGE - Selected Poems
008230: MEYER EDOUARD LE DOCTEUR - Maladies Des Yeux Lecons Sur La Refraction et L'accommodation
096682: MEYEROWITZ, JOEL; WESTERBECK, COLIN - Bystander: A History of Street Photography
008017: MICHENER JAMES A. - Iberia Spanish Travels and Refections
009082: MIDDLETON SIR ARTHUR E. - Sir Gilbert De Middleton and the Part he Took in the Rebellion in the North of England in 1317
095645: MIDON F. - The History of the Rise and Fall of Masaniello, the Fisherman of Naples Containing an Exact and Impartial Relation of the Tumults and Popular Insurrections, That Happened in That Kingdon, ( in the Year ) on Account of the Tax Upon Fruits
009079: MIGEOD FREDERICK WILLIAM HUGH - Through Nigeria to Lake Chad
002327: MILBOURN THOMAS (REVISED & EDITED) - The Vintners Company , Their Miniments, Plates, and Eminent Members, with Some Account of the Ward of Vintry
096515: MILLER, MERVYN - Hampstead Garden Suburb: Arts and Crafts Utopia
004985: MILLER THOMAS - Picturesque Sketches of London Past and Present
095603: MILLER PHILIP - The Gardener's and Botanist's Dictionary Containing the Best and Newest Methods of Cultivating and Improving the Kitchen, Fruit, and Flower Garden, and Nursery of Performing the Practical Parts of Agriculture of Managing Vineyards ( 4 Volumes )
095604: MILLER PHILIP - The Gardeners Dictionary Containing the Methods of Cultivating and Improving the Kitchen, Fruit and Flower Garden, as Also the Physick Garden, Wilderness, Conservatory, and Vineyard.
096305: MILLER PHILIP - The gardeners Kalendar, directing what works are necessary to be performed every month in the kitchen, fruit, and pleasure-gardens, as also in the conservatory and nursery. With Accounts I. Of the particular Seasons for the Propagation
096375: MILLER EDWARD - The History and Antiquities of Doncaster And its Vicinity With Anecdotes of Eminent Men.
096409: MILLS D. R. & WHEELER R. C. - Historic Town Plans of Lincoln, 1610-1920 (Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
096546: MILLS CYRIL BERTRAM - Bertram Mills Circus Its Story
096393: MILMAN HENRY HART - History of Latin Christianity Including That of the Popes to the Pontificate of Nicolas V. [ Complete in 9 Volumes ]
009341: MILNE JAMES JAMES - English Country Houses ( Baroque 1685-1715 )
009572: MILNER ISAAC REV - On the Precession of the Equinoxes Produced By the Sun's Attraction ( published in the 'Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London' )
096234: MILTON JOHN - Paradise Lost a Poem in Twelve Books [ a New Edition. With Notes of Various Authors, By Thomas Newton ] [ with Paradise Regain'd a Poem in Four Books. To Which is Added Samson Agonistes and Poems Upon Several Occasions ] [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
095938: MILTON JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Milton Printed from the Original Editions with a Life of the Author By A. Chalmers
008760: MINASIAN MINAS - The Armenain Alphabet
095983: MITCHELL LAWRENCE - The Meissen Collectors' Catalogue
096636: MITFORD WILLIAM - The History of Greece [ a New Edition, with Numerous Additions and Corrections. To Which is Prefixed a Brief Memoir of the Author, By His Brother, Lord Redesdale ]
009428: MOFFATT J. M. - The History of the Town of Malmesbury and of Its Ancient Abbey
004444: MONTALEMBERT DE THE COUNT - The Monks of the West from St Benedict to St Bernard ( 5 Volumes )
096678: MOON MARJORIE - John Harris's Books for Youth 1801-1843: With the Supplement Published in 1983: Checklist
096448: MOORE THOMAS - Moore's Irish Melodies [ Leather Binding ]
004983: MOORE H. C. - Omnibuses and Cabs Their Origin and History (
095657: MOORE JOHN - A View of Society and Manners in Italy with Anecdotes Relating to Some Eminent Characters ( Complete in 2 Volumes Period Full Calf Bindings )
095659: MOORE JOHN - A View of Society and Manners in France, Switzerland, and Germany with Anecdotes Relating to Some Eminent Characters
096179: MORANT PHILIP - The history and antiquities of the county of Essex : compiled from the best and most ancient historians; from Domesday-book, Inquisitiones post mortem, and other the most valuable records and mss. &c. [ 3 Volumes, Including Colchester ]
095729: MORANT PHILIP - The History and Antiquities of the County of Essex Compiled from the Best and Most Ancient Historians ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
009336: MORANT PHILIP - The History and Antiquities of the County of Essex ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
096477: MORE HANNAH - Sacred Dramas: Chiefly Intended for Young Persons. The Subjects Taken from the Bible
008573: MORGAN T. - The mechanical practice of physick : in which the specifick method is examin'd and exploded, and the Bellinian hypothesis of animal secretion and muscular motion consider'd and refuted.
096186: MORGAN ROGER - Tennis: The Development of the European Ball Game
096476: MORGAN JOHN - Lectures on Diseases of the Eye
095796: MORIARTY, CATHERINE; ROSE, JUNE; GAMES, NAOMI - Abram Games: His Life and Work
009301: MORIER JAMES - A Journey Through Persia, Armenia, and Asia Minor, to Constantinople, in the Years 1808 and 1809
096531: MORRIS DESMOND - The Biology of Art: A Study of the Picture-Making Behaviour of the Great Apes and Its Relationship to Human Art
096526: MORRIS REV F. O. - A History of British Birds, Revised and Brought Up To Date, With an Appendix of Recently Added Species and With Four Hundred Plates Specially Corrected for This Edition, and All Coloured By Hand [ in Six Volumes ]
006030: MORRIS WILLIAM - Poems By the Way
095602: MORTON JOHN CHALMERS - The Prince Consort's Farms an Agricultural Memoir
095972: MOSES HENRY - A Collection of Antique Vases, Altars, Paterae, Tripods, Candelabra, Sarcophagi, etc, from various museums and collections, engraved on 170 plates by Henry Moses.
006060: MOSSOM R.PREACHER OF GODS WORD AT S. PET. P. WH. LONDON. - An apology in the behalf of the sequestred Clergy
095654: MOXON ELIZABETH - English housewifry. Exemplified in above four hundred and fifty receipts, giving directions in most parts of cookery; and how to prepare various sorts of soops, made - dishes, pasts, pickles, cakes, creams, jellies, made - Wines
009355: MUILMAN PETER ( A GENTLEMAN ) - A New and Complete History of Essex, from a Late Survey; Compared with the Most Celebrated Historians; Containing, a Natural and Pleasing Description of the Several Divisions of the County , Etcetera
096178: MURCHISON CHARLES - Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Liver : Jaundice and Abdominal Dropsy Including the Croonian Lectures on Functional Derangements of the Liver Delivered at the Royal College of Physicians in 1874
009220: MURE WILLIAM - A Dissertation on the Calendar and Zodiac of Ancient Egypt; with Remarks on the First Introduction and Use of the Zodiac Among the Greeks
008849: MURRAY ALEXANDER - Account of the Life and Writings of James Bruce, of Kinnaird, Esq. F.R.S. author of Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, & 1773.
096672: MUSGRAVE VICTOR & CARDINAL ROGER - Outsiders: An art without precedent or tradition
096518: MYERS ROBIN - The Stationers' Company Archive, 1554-1984: An Account of the Records (St Paul's Bibliographies)
096414: MYERS, ROBIN ; MICHAEL HARRIS ; GILES MANDELBROTE - Fairs, Markets and the Itinerant Book Trade
009457: NARAYAN RUDY - Black England
096182: NAUNYN B. [ TRANSLATED BY ARCHIBALD E. GARROD ] - A Treatise on Cholelithiasis
009538: NESBIT E. - The Story of the Treasure Seekers Being the Adventures of the Bastable Children in Search of a Fortune ( Fine Binding )
009320: NESBIT E. - Many Voices Poems
096309: NEW TESTAMENT - New Testament. Le Nouveau Testament , C'est à dire, La nouuelle alliance de nostre Seigneur Iesus Christ. Reueu & corrigé de nouueau sur le Grec, par l'aduis des Ministres de Geneue: AVEC. Annotations reueuës & augmen- tees par M. Augustin Marlorat
009248: NEWNES GEORGE - The Sportfolio ( Complete in 6 Parts )
009121: NICHOLSON WILLIAM - The Book of Blokes
096100: NICOLL ALLARDYCE - A History of English Drama 1660-1900
095720: NIKHILANANDA SWAMI - Vivekananda a Biography
095719: NIKHILANANDA SWAMI - The Upanishads ( Volume 1 )
009225: NIMROD - My Horses and Other Essays
009223: NIMROD - Nimrod's Hunting Reminiscences Comprising Memoirs of Master Hounds Notices of the Crack Riders and Characteristics of the Hunting Countries of England
009224: NIMROD - My Life and Times
009500: NIMROD [APPERLEY,CHARLES J. 1778-1843] - Memoirs of The Life of the late John Mytton, Esqre. of Halston, Shropshire. (.) with Notices of his Hunting, Shooting, Driving, Racing, Eccentric, and Extravagant Exploits. Third Edition. Reprinted (with consideral Additions) from the New Sporting Magazin
096047: NOBLE MARK - The lives of the English regicides, and other commissioners of the pretended High Court of Justice : appointed to sit in judgment upon their sovereign, King Charles the First. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
003159: NOEL BAPTIST WRIOTHESLEY - The Rebellion in America
004347: NOLDIUS CHRISTIANUS - Concordantiĉ particularum Ebrĉo Chaldaicarum [ Bible.Appendix. Old Testament. Concordances. Hebrew ]
096265: NORTH THOMAS - The Church Bells of Leicestershire: Their Inscriptions, Traditions, and Peculiar Uses; with chapters on Bells and the Leicestershire Bell Founders.
096335: NORTH THOMAS [ EDITED BY THE REV. WILLIAM BERESFORD ] - English Bells and Bell Lore: a Book on Bells
095725: NORTON CAROLINE ( THE HONOURABLE MRS NORTON ) - The Dream and Other Poems ( Dedicated to Her Grace the Duchess of Sutherland )
008879: NÚÑEZ NICOLÁS - Anthropocosmic Theatre : Rite in the Dynamics of Theatre
009044: O'BRIEN M. B. - A Manual for Authors Printers and Publishers Being a Guide in All Matters Pertaining or Incidental to Printing and Publishing
096201: O'BRIEN, EOIN, CROOKSHANK, ANNE AND WOLSTENHOLME, SIR GORDON - A Portrait of Irish Medicine an Illustrated History in Ireland
096202: O'BRIEN EOIN [ COMPILED AND EDITED BY ] - The Charitable Infirmary, Jervis Street, 1718-1987: A farewell tribute
009271: O'CONNOR MRS T. P. - Herself-Ireland
003156: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - Spring Sowing
003265: OATES TITUS - Eikon basilike:, or the picture of the late King James drawn to the life. In which is made manifest, that the whole course of his life hath to this day been a continued conspiracy against the Protestant religion, laws, and liberties of the Three Kingdoms.
009537: OCCO ADOLF - Impp. Romanorum Numismata A Prompeio Magno Ad Heraclium Editio Altera, Multis nummorum millibus aucta.
096617: OGAWA K. - Sights and Scenes in Fair Japan [ 50 Coloured Plates, with an Additional 22 Illustrations ]
096020: OGDEN WILLIAM SHARP - Designs for Christian Grave Stones
005040: OLIPHANT MRS - William Blackwood and His Sons Signed Copy ( 3 Volumes )
009458: OLIVER WILLIAM DUDLEY - Crags and Craters Rambles in the Island of Reunion
096152: OLIVER PETER - The Scripture lexicon; or A dictionary of above four thousand proper names of persons and places, mentioned in the Bible ... also the explanation of many words and things in the Bible, which are not generally Understood
009533: OMAR KHAYYAM ( TRANSLATED BY EDWARD FITZGERALD ) - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
096049: ORDNANCE SURVEY - The History of the Retriangulation of Great Britain 1935-1962 ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
095696: ORIENT LINE - Illustrated guide of the Orient line of steamers between England & Australia issued on behalf of the Orient Steam Navigation Company and the Pacific Steam Navigation Company by the Managers of the Line
096345: ORMOND RICHARD - Early Victorian Portraits [ National Portrait Gallery ] [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
008167: ORPEN SIR WILLIAM - Stories of Old Ireland and Myself
009566: OSIANDER LUCAS - Epitomes Historiae Ecclesiasticae Centuriae Decimae Sextae pars prima.
096168: OSLER SIR WILLIAM - Aequanimitas with Other Addresses to Medical Students, Nurses, and Practitioners of Medicine
009006: OSWELL W. EDWARD - William Cotton Oswell Hunter and Explorer the Story of His Life
009290: OTTLEY WILLIAM YOUNG - An Inquiry Into the Origin and Early History of Engravings Upon Copper and in Wood with an Account of Engravers and Their Works from the Invention of Chalcography By Maso Finiguerra, to the Time of Marc Antonio Raimondi
003349: OULD HERMON ( EDITED BY ) - The Book of the P. E. N. ( Signed By Wiliam Sansom, Susan Ertz, & Pamela Hansford Johnson )
009541: OUTRAMO GUILIELMO - De Sacrificiis Libri Duo Quorum Altero explicantur Omnia Judĉorum, Nonnulla Gentium Profanarum Sacrificia : Altero Sacrificium Christi : utroque ecclesiĉ Catholicĉ his de rebus sententia contra Faustum Socinum, ejúsque sectatores Defenditur
009543: OUVAROFF M. - Essay on the Mysteries of Eleusis ( Translated from the French By J. D. Price )
009415: OVID - P. Ovidii Nasonis Metamorphoseon libri XV / Cum notis selectiss. varior: studio B. Cnippingii
008957: OWEN ROBERT ( CLAEYS GREGORY EDITED BY ) - Selected Works of Robert Owen
008565: OWEN COLIN - Anslow the History of a Staffordshire Village
096336: OWEN T. M. N. REV - The Church Bells of Huntingdonshire Their Inscriptions, Founders, Uses, Traditions, Etc
095620: PALAFOX Y MENDOZA, JUAN. - Histoire de la Conqueste de la Chine par les Tartares:: Contenant plusieurs choses remarquables, touchant la religion, les moeurs, & les coûtumes de ces deux nations. Ecrite en espagnol . & traduit en françois par le Sieur Colle.
009309: PALIN WILLIAM REV. - Stifford and Its Neighbourhood Past and Present & More About Stifford and Its Neighbourhood Past and Present ( Two Volumes )
095973: PALIN WILLIAM REV. - Stifford and Its Neighbourhood Past and Present & More About Stifford and Its Neighbourhood Past and Present ( Two Volumes )
009585: PALLADIO ANDREA - First Book of Architecture with All Ye Plates Exactly Copied from Ye First Itailan Edition
095667: PALMER GEOFFREY SIR - Les Reports De Sir Gefrey Palmer, Chevalier & Baronet; Attorney General A Son Tres Excellent Majesty le Roy Chales Le Second.
095737: PAMPLIN WILLAIM - A Botanical Tour in the Highlands of Perthshire
008220: PANAS PHOTINOS - Lecons Sur Les Retinites
008952: PARIS JOHN AYRTON - A guide to the Mount's Bay and the Land's End, being a sketch of the topography, natural history, agriculture, fisheries, antiquities, mineralogy, and geology of Western Cornwall
096322: PARISSIEN STEVEN - Regency Style (Life Style)
009291: PARK MUNGO - The Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa, in the Year 1805.
096167: PARKER, ROBERT; PARKER, ROBERT - Polytheism and Society at Athens
095724: PARKINSON RICHARD - The English Practice Of Agriculture: Exemplified In The Management Of A Farm In Ireland, Belonging To The Earl Of Conyngham, At Slane, In The County Of Meath : With An Appendix
096449: PASCAL BLAISE - Les Provinciales : ou, Lettres ecrites par Louis de Montalte a un provincial de ses amis et aux RR. PP. Jesuites sur le sujet de la morale et de la politique de ces Pe`res
004982: PASCOE CHARLES EYRE - London of To-day an Illustrated Handbook for the Season 1890
009456: PATERSON ALEXANDER - Memories of Monquhitter or Reminiscences of the Early Forties
009571: PAUL WILLIAM - The Rose Garden. In two Divisions. 1. Embracing the history of the rose, the formation of the rosarium . 2. Containing an arrangement, in natural groups, of the most esteemed varieties of roses recognised and cultivated.
009246: PAYNTER HILARY & KERSHAW PAUL - Two by two: a Noah's Ark. Essays by Hilary Paynter and Paul L. Kershaw. With 51 wood-engravings by Members of the Society of Wood Engravers, plus two tipped-in reproductions of images of Noah's Ark.
096412: PEARSON DAVID - Books as History the Importance of Books Beyond Their Texts
096192: PEARSON JOE - Drawn direct to the plate : Noel Carrington and the Puffin picture Books
096483: PEARSON HESKETH [ SIGNED COPY, BY PEARSON & GEORGE BERNARD SHAW ] - G.B.S. A Full Length Portrait [ Signed Copy ]
009262: PEARSON JOHN - Critici sacri : sive clarissimorum virorum in sacro-sancta utriusque foederis Biblia, doctissimae annotationes atque tractatus theologico-philologici...e` ix in vii tomos Redactum ( 7 Volumes, Without the Supplement )
009300: PEARY ROBERT E. - The North Pole with an Introduction By Theodore Roosevelt
005041: PECK FRANCIS - Academia Tertia Anglicana; or, The Antiquarian Annals of Stanford in Lincoln, Rutland and Northampton Shires [Plus The Survey and Antiquitie of the Towne of Stamford by Richard Butcher
008898: PEEK HEDLEY & AFLALO F. G. - The Encyclopaedia of Sport Edited By the Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire
009470: PEEL CAPTAIN W. - A Ride Through the Nubian Desert
096134: PENNANT THOMAS - A Tour from Downing to Alston Moor [ Bound with ] a Tour from Alston-Moor to Harrowgate and Brimham Crags
095943: PENNIE JOHN FITZGERALD - The Royal Minstrel; Or, The Witcheries of Endor, An Epic Poem, In Eleven Books
096360: PERCIVAL ROBERT - An Account of the Island of Ceylon,: containing its History, Geography, Natural History, with the Manners and Customs of its various Inhabitants; to which is added, The Journal of an Embassy to the Court of Candy.
096025: PETER HARBISON - The Golden Age of Irish Art: The Medieval Achievement 600-1200: Medieval Achievements, 600-1200
096039: PETRARACHA FRANCESCO - Chronica delle vite de pontefici et imperatori Romani / composta per M. Francesco Petrarcha allaquale sono state aggiu[n]te q[ue]lle che da tempi del Petrarcha insino al la eta nostra mancauano.
009550: PETRARACHA FRANCESCO - Il Petrarcha Colla Spositione Di Misser Giovanni Andrea Gesvaldo.
095671: PETRARACHA FRANCESCO - Chronica delle vite de pontefici et imperatori romani composta per M. Francesco Petrarcha allaquale sono state aggiunte quelle che da tempi del Petrarcha insino alla eta nostra mancauano.
002513: PEYTON JOHN LEWIS - The American Crisis; or, Pages from the Note Book of a State Agent During the Civil War ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
096091: PHELPS REV WILLIAM - Calendarium Botanicum, or a Botanical Calendar: Exhibiting, at one view, the Generic and Specific Name, the Class, Order, and Habitat of all the British Plants, from the Class Monandria Monogynia, to Polygamia Dioecia, inclusive.
095974: PHILLIPS SAMUEL - The Portrait Gallery of the Crystal Palace ( Bound with a Hand-Book to the Courts of Modern Sculpture )
096404: PHILLIPS ROGER & RIX MARTYN - The Botanical Garden [ Complete in 2 Volumes
096510: PICKERING THOMAS ALLOM GEORGE & ROSE T. - Westmorland, Cumberland, Durham, and Northumberland, Illustrated. From Original Drawings of Thomas Allom George Pickering, &c. with Descriptions by T. Rose.
096597: PIELAT BARTHELEMY - La Vie et Les Actions Memorables Du Sir Michel De Ruyter, Duc, Chevalier & Lieutnant Amiral General Des Provinces unies.
096536: PIRENNE, M. H. - Optics Painting and Photography
096563: PIRON ALEXIS [ WORKS ] - Oeuvres Complettes D'alexis Piron, Publiees Par M. Rigoley De Juvigny [ Complete in 7 Volumes ]
096505: PLAUTUS TITUS MACCIUS - M. Acci Plauti Comoedia : Superstites XX
009556: PLINY THE YOUNGER - Epistolarum libri X. Eiusdem Panegyricus Traiano Dictus.
009579: PLUTARCH - Ploutarchou Chaironeos Parallela en Biois Hellenon te kai Romaion [Graece]. Plutarchi Chaeronei Quae Vocantur Parallela: hoc est, Vitae illustrium virorum Graeci nominis ac Latini, prout quaeque alteri convenire videbatur, accuratius quam antehac unquam d
009322: PLUTARCH - Plutarch's Lives Englished By Sir Thomas North
095617: POCOCKE EDWARD - A Commentary on the Prophecy of Joel.
009306: POLEHAMPTON EDWARD REV. & GOOD M. JOHN - The Gallery of Nature and Art; or, a Tour Through Creation and Science, Comprising News & Entertaining Descriptions.
096545: POLIAKOFF NICOLAI - Coco the Clown
004608: POLLARD JOSEPHINE - Plays and Games for Little Folks
008765: POLLOCK JACKSON - Jackson Pollock 21 janvier- 19 Avril 1982
095707: PONTEY WILLIAM - The Rotten Reviewers; or, a dressing for the morbid branches of the Anti-Jacobin and Critical Reviews: being an exposition of the ... modesty ... of certain writers in these reviews; as exemplified in their remarks on the Forest Pruner.
095672: PONTEY WILLIAM - The Forest Pruner or Timber Owners Assistant.
005088: POOLE MICHAEL - Gwythen Clay Mystery
007053: POPE HENNESSY JOHN - Fra Angelico
096217: PORTAL ANTOINE - Observations sur la Nature et le Traitement des Maladies du Foie [Observations on the Nature and Treatment of Liver Diseases]
008832: PORTER SIR ROBERT KER - A Narrative of the Campaign in Russia During the Year 1812
008965: POSTAN M. M. EDITED BY - The Cambridge Economic History of Europe ( Complete in 7 Volumes )
096575: POTT AUGUST FRIEDRICH - Etymologische Forschungen, auf dem Gebiete der Indo-Germanischen Sprachen, mit besonderem Bezug auf die Lautumwandlung im Sanskrit, Griechischen, Lateinischen, Littauischen und Gothischen.
096471: POUND EZRA - Ezra Pound and Music
006015: POWELL ANTHONY - Afternoon Men
095942: POWELL HERBERT - Lyrics of the White City
009324: POWYS THEODORE FRANCIS - The Soliloquy of a Hermit
009219: POWYS T. F. - Kindness in a Corner
009414: PRAYER BOOK - The Booke of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England
096488: PRAYER BOOK - The book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the Church according to the use of the Church of England: together with the Psalter or Psalms of David.
002271: PRESTWICH JOHN - Prestwich's Respublica; or, a display of the honors, ceremonies, and ensigns of the Common-Wealth, under the Protectorship of Oliver Cromwell; together with the names, armorial bearings, flags and pennons of the different commanders of the English, Scotch
095857: PRÉVOST ANTOINE FRANÇOIS - Manuel Lexique, ou Dictionnaire Portatif des mots françois dont la signification n'est pas familière a tout le monde. Ouvrage fort utile à ceux qui ne sont pas versés dans les Langues anciennes et modernes, et dans toutes les connoissances.
003256: PRICKETT FREDERICK - The History and Antiquities of Highgate Middlesex
095870: PRINCE ALBERT - addresses delivered on different public occasions by his royal highness the Prince Albert
095699: PROFILY JOHN - An Easy and Exact Method of Curing Venereal Disease in all its Different Appearances: With an Account of its Nature, Causes, and Symptomd: . and Likewise a Method of Curing the Scurvy, Gleets, Whites , Etcetera
096343: F.R.C.S. [PSEUD. CLARKE, BENJAMIN] - Glimpses of Ancient Hackney and Stoke Newington. Being a Reprint of a Series of Articles Appearing in the Hackney Mercury, from April 23rd, 1892, to November 25th, 1893.
096443: PUBLISHED BY THE RAILWAY CLEARING HOUSE - Official Railway Map of London and Its Envirions Prepared and Published at the Clearing House London 1910. Drawn and Engraved By J. & W. Emslie
001976: PUFENDORF SAMUEL, FREIHERR VON, 1632-1694 - S. Pufendorfii De officio hominis & civis juxta legem naturalem libri duo. Selectis variorum notis, maximeq propriis illustravit, celeberrimi Buddei Historiam Juris naturalis notis adauctam prĉmisit, Indicemq; rerum subjunxit Tho. Johnson,
000389: PUGIN A. WELBY - Detaile of Ancient Timber Houses of the 15th & 16th Century
096348: PUGIN AUGUSTUS WELBY N. & AYLING STEPHEN - Specimens of the Architecture of Normandy, From the XIth to the XVIth Century, engraved by John and Henry Le Keux, with Historical and descriptive Notices by John Britton; New Edition, Edited by Richard Phené Spiers.
009202: QUARLES FRANCIS - Boanerges and Barnabus Judgment and Mercy or Wine and Oil for Wounded and Afflicted Souls ( in Two Parts )
008851: QUATREFAGES DE A. - The Rambles of a Naturalist on the Coasts of France, Spain, and Sicily
009434: DE QUINCEY THOMAS - Confessions of an English Opium Eater
008027: DE QUINCEY THOMAS - The Collected Writings ( Complete in 14 Volumes )
095912: QUINTILIAN MARCUS FABIUS - M. Fabii Quinctiliani De institutione oratoria, libri duodecim / juxta editionem Gottingensem Johannis Matthiae Gesneri, accedunt praefatio et indices Copiossisimi
095624: QUINTILIANUS MARCUS FABIUS - Institutionum Oratoriarum Libri Duodecim. Bound with Oratoris Eloquentissimi Declamationes Undeuiginto.
009504: RABELAIS FRANCIS - The Works of Francis Rabelais ( Translated from the French with Explanatory Notes, By Du Chat, Mottaux, Ozell. ) ( 4 Volumes, Leather Bindings )
008880: RABEY, DAVID I. - David Rudkin : Sacred Disobedience: an Expository Study of His Drama, 1959-1994
096002: RACKHAM BERNARD - Catalogue of Italian Maiolica ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
009245: RADCLIFFE F. P. D. ( REVISED, CORRECTED AND ENLARGED BY WILLIAM C. A. BLEW ) - The Noble Science a Few General Ideas on Fox Hunting
008613: RAFFALD ELIZABETH - The Experienced English Housekeeper keeper for the Use and Ease of Ladies, Housekeepers, Cooks, &c Written Purely from Practice Dedicated to the Hon.lady Elizabeth Warburton Whom the Author Lately Served as Housekeeper, Etc, Etc.
008611: RAFFALD ELIZABETH - The Experienced English Housekeeper keeper for the Use and Ease of Ladies, Housekeepers, Cooks, &c Written Purely from Practice Dedicated to the Hon.lady Elizabeth Warburton Whom the Author Lately Served as Housekeeper, Etc, Etc.
095718: RAMAKRISHNA SRI - Ramakrishna Prophet of New India Abridged from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna Translated with an Introduction By Swami Nikhilananda
096043: RATCLIFFE DOROTHY UNA - Lady of a Million Daffodils a Book of Recollections
096264: RAVEN JOHN JAMES - Church Bells of Suffolk A Chronicle in Nine Chapters, with a Complete list of the Inscriptions on the Bells and historical notes.
095866: RAVILIOUS ERIC - The Complete Wedgwood Designs of Eric Ravilious
002055: RECUEIL - Recueil des meilleurs contes en Vers
096328: REGEMORTER BERTHE VAN - Some Oriental Bindings in the Chester Beatty Library
096092: RELHAN RICHARD - Flora Cantabrigiensis, Exhibens Plantas Agro Cantabrigiensi Indigenas. Secundum Systema Sexuale Digestas, Cum Characteribus Genericis, Diagnosi Secierum
009461: REPTON HUMPHRY - Odd Whims and Miscellanies ( 2 Volumes )
096094: RERESBY SIR JOHN - The travels and memoirs of Sir John Reresby, Bart. The former (now first published) exhibiting a view of the governments and society in the principal states and courts of Europe, during the time of Cromwell's usurpation; the latter containing anecdotes an
008959: REYNOLDS DONALD MARTIN EDITED BY - Remove Not the Ancient Landmark : Public Monuments and Moral Values
008951: REYNOLDS FRANCIS - A Dialogue in the Devonshire Dialect, (In Three Parts) By A Lady : to which is added a glossary, by J. F. Palmer
096659: RHIE MARYLIN M. & THURMAN ROBERT A. F. - Wisdom and Compassion: The Sacred Art of Tibet
096632: RHIND, NEIL - Blackheath Village and Environs, 1790-1970: Wricklemarsh and the Cator Estate, Kidbrooke, Westcombe and St.Johns Park v. 2
005037: RHODE ISLAND - Acts and Laws Of His Majesty's Colony of Rhode-Island, and Providence-plantations, In New-England, In America.
096172: RICHARD ASHER - A sense of Asher: a new miscellany
009230: RICHEMOND STEPHANE - Terres Cuites Orientalistes et Africanistes 1860-1940
009422: RICHERET. - An abridged account of the state of religion in China and Cochinchina : during the years 1806-7
004272: RICHTER GISELA M. A. - Catalogue of Greek Sculptures in the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York
008636: RICKETTS CHARLES - Unrecorded Histories
096340: RIGBY EDWARD [ TRANSLATED BY ] - Italy Its Agriculture &c. From the French of Mons. Chateauvieux, Being Letters Written By Him in Italy, in the Years 1812 & 1813
096379: RIVETT GEOFFREY - The Development of the London Hospital System, 1823-1982 (King Edward's Hospital Fund)

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