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099198: - Medieval Art and Architecture at Wells and Glastonbury: v. 4: The British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions for the year 1978
098531: - Futur Anterieur L'avant-garde et Livre Yiddish [ 1914-1939 ]
098274: - Nicholaus e L'arte Del Suo Tempo
098276: - Arte Veneta Rivista Di Storia Dell'arte [ Volume 32 ]
099002: - A India Portici Do Norte
098569: - The Christian's Complete Family Bible: Or, Library of Divine Knowledge. Containing the Sacred Text of the Old and New Testaments, Etc.
096544: - Official Record of the Entertainments Given By the London Members of the Incorporated Law Society in the Jubilee Year 1887
097355: - Johnston's Commercial & Industrial Map of England and Wales & Part of Scotland Showing the Lines of Railway Complete or in Progress the Seats of the Principal Trades & Manufactures & the Districts of Mines & Minerals, Distinguishing Canals & Navigable .
096819: - British Modern - Architecture and Design in the 1930s: British Modern - Architecture and Design in the 1930s No. 8 (Twentieth Century Architecture)
096484: - Annuaire De L'etat Militaire De France { 1827 ]
096946: - Price Book of the C. G. A. Trading Department. 1939
0004810: - Decor and Costume Designs, Portraits, Manuscripts and Posters
098649: - RAVE: Rave and its Influence on Art and Culture
097117: - The Geographical Journal [ July to December, 1904 ]
097287: - A Map Of The County Palatine Of Lancaster Divided Into Hundreds And Parishes From An Accurate Survey Made In The Years 1828 & 1829
096136: - Die Olympischen Spiele 1936: Two Volumes
096742: - Constructing Girlhood through the Periodical Press, 1850–1915 (Studies in Childhood, 1700 to the Present)
098035: C. K. C. - Summer Rambles [ the Isle of Wight. Ireland. North Wales. Chester ]
098255: - Ebrei e Sicilia [ Catalog of an exhibition held Apr. 24-May 22, 2002 at the Convento della Magione, Palermo. ]
098530: - The Cambridge History of Science: Volume 4, Eighteenth-Century Science: Eighteenth-century Science Vol 4
097077: - The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia 4 Volume Paperback Set: The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia: volume 1, part 2, From c. 1500 to c. 1800 ... Part 2 (Cambridge History of Southeast Asia)
096429: - The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the use of the Church of England; together with the Psalter , Psalms of David [ Bound with The Whole Book of Psalms ]
096433: - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments. The Psalms of David in Metre. Translations and Paraphrases in Verse of Several Passages of Sacred Scripture.
096947: - Debrett's Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage, and Companionage [ 148th Year ]
099208: - Medieval Art and Architecture at Lincoln (British Archaeological Associa)
097177: B. 2. 15 - Among the Broad-Arrow Men; a plain account of English prison life. By B.2.15
098207: ABERG NILS - The Occident and the Orient in the Art of the Seventh Century . The British Isles. Lombard Italy. The Merovingian Empire [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
098555: ACADE´MIE FRANC¸AISE. - Dictionnaire De L'academie Francaise [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
097399: ACHILLES TATIUS - Achillis Tatii Alexandrini De Clitophontis et Leucippes Amoribus Libri Viii Graece et Latine
097629: ACKERMANN R. [ PUBLISHER ] - The World in Miniature. Illyria and Dalmatia [ Complete in 2 Volumes, with All 32 Coloured Plates ]
000801: ACLAND-TROYTE C. E. - From the Pyrenees to the Channel in a Dogcart
097333: ACTON ELIZA - The English bread book for domestic use, adapted to families of every grade .
098822: ADAMS FRANCIS - The Genuine Works of Hippocrates. Translated from the Greek with a Preliminary Discourse and Annotations [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
095778: ADAMSON HENRY - The Muses Threnodie. or, Mirthful Mournings on the Death of Mr. Gall. Containing a variety of Pleasant Poetical Descriptions, Moral Instructions, Historical Narrations, and Divine Observations, with the most remarkable Antiquities of Scotland, Especially
008913: ADDINGTON WILLIAM - An Abridgment of Penal Statutes, which exhibits at one View, The Offence; the Punishment or Penalty annexed to that Offence; The Mode of Recovering and Application of the Penalty; The Number of Witnesses and Justices necessary to convict , Etc, Etc
008998: ADDISON JOSEPH - The Works of the Late Right Honourable Joseph Addison ( Complete in 4 Volumes )
003289: ADDISON JOSEPH - Miscellaneous Works, in Verse and Prose, of the Late Right Honourable Joseph Addison, Ezq; with Some Account of the Life and Writings of the Author By Mr. Tickell.
098514: ADLER JANKEL - Jankel Adler, 1895-1949
098897: ADLER MICHAEL - Jews of Medieval England
097131: ADOLF MAHR - Christian Art in Ancient Ireland (Two Volumes in One)
096164: ADRADOS FRANCISCO R. - Festival, Comedy and Tragedy: Greek Origins of Theatre
099181: ADRIEN DAUZATS - Adrien Dauzats, ou, La tentation de lOrient: Catalogue raisonné de loeuvre peint
097562: AESOP - Les fables d'Esope, mises en francois, avec le sens moral en quatre vers, et des figures a chaque fable. Nouvelle edition, revue, corrigee et augmentee de la vie d'Esope. Dediee a la Jeunesse
009011: AGARD ARTHUR - The repertorie of records, remaining in the 4. treasuries on the receipt side at Westminster, the two remembrancers of the Exchequer
098729: AGRIPPA D'ANBIGNE THEODORE - Les aventures du baron de Foeneste, par Théodore Agrippa d'Aubigné [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098964: AHIER PHILIP - The Halls in the Colne Valley [ Slaithwaite Old Hall. Slaithwaite Manor House. Linthwaite Old Hall. Milnsbridge House. Gledholt Hall. ] [ Studies in Local Topography ]
002317: AIKIN LUCY - Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth
099191: AKIYAMA JIN & MATSUNAGA KIYOKO - Treks Into Intuitive Geometry the Work of Polygons and Polyhedra
097072: AKIYAMA TERUKAZU [ AND OTHERS ] - Arts of China [ Complete in 3 volumes]. 1 Neolithic Cultures to the T'ang Dynasty . 2. Buddhist Cave Temples. 3. Paintings in Chinese Museums.
096923: ALCOTT LOUISA M. - Jo's Boys and How They Turned Out. A Sequel to "Little Men."
098223: ALDIS ELIJAH - Carvings and Sculptures of Worcester Cathedral
098520: ALEXANDER J. J. G. & GIBSON M. T. - Mediaeval Learning and Literature Essays Presented to Richard William Hunt
006096: ALEXANDER J. T. BURTON - Runs In Three Continents. Being A Short Record Of Actual Performances On Some European,Canadian,Australian And American Railways
097550: ALEXANDER SCHOUVALOFF - The Art of Ballets Russes: The Serge Lifar Collection of Theater Designs, Costumes and Paintings at the Wadsworth Atheneum
097682: ALEXANDER WILLIAM - picturesque representations of the dress and manners of the Austrians [ 50 Hand Coloured Plates ]
098584: ALEXANDRE PAPADOPOULO - Islam and Muslim Art
098497: ALHARIZI JUDAH - The Book of Tahkemoni: Jewish Tales from Medieval Spain
096397: ALI, SHARAF AL-DIN YAZD. - The History of Timur-Bec, known by the name of Tamerlain the Great, emperor of the Moguls and Tartars. [ Volume 1 Only ]
097656: ALIBERT JEAN LOUIS MARIE - Description des maladies de la peau observées à l'Hôpital Saint-Louis. Et exposition des meilleures méthodes suivies pour leur Traitement [ 45 Coloured Plates ]
009103: ALLAN JOHN - Rangers Eventful Years 1934-1951
008881: ALLAN LOIS - Contemporary Printmaking in the Northwest
009089: ALLAN JOHN - The Story of the Rangers Fifty Years of Football 1873-1923
097878: ALLAN BRODIE; JANE CROOM; JAMES O. DAVIES - English Prisons: An Architectural History
098539: ALLAN GEORGE - Historical and Descriptive View of the City of Durham and its Environs. To which is added a reprint of Hegg's Legend of St. Cuthbert from the edition of the late George Allan
097542: ALLEN THOMAS - Lancashire Illustrated
098333: ALLEN ROBERT - The Sportsman in Ireland with his Summer Route through the Highlands of Scotland. By A. Cosmopolite. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
009487: ALLEN THOMAS - The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Parts Adjacent
097189: ALLEN A. P. - The Ambassadors of Commerce
096333: W. H. ALLEN [ PUBLISHED BY ] - Map of the Routes in India, with Tables of Distances Between Principal Towns & Military Stations
097191: ALLIES JABEZ - On the Ancient British, Roman, and Saxon Antiquities and Folk Lore of Worcestershire
098283: ALLINGHAM HUGH - Captain Cuellar's Adventures in Connacht & Ulster A.D. 1588. To Which is Added Captain Cuellar's Narrative of the Spanish Armada
096400: ALLINGHAM WILLIAM - Laurence Bloomfield in Ireland. a Modern Poem
096859: ALLISS PERCY - Better Golf with an Introduction By George W. Greenwood
096879: ALLSOPP BRUCE [ EDITED BY ] - Historic Architecture of Newcastle Upon Tyne
098215: ALMAGIA PROF ROBERTO [ PREFACE CH WEIZMANN ] - Palestine with 265 Photogravures
097665: ALSAGER ESTATE [ FREEHOLD SALE ] - Particulars of Sale and Plan of a Most Valuable Freehold Estate Known as the '' Alsager Estate '' [ Sold at Auction By Messrs. Churton, Elphick, & Co ]
008778: ALTENBERG PETER - Was Der Tag Mir Zutragt Funfundfunfzig Studien
098785: ALTHAUS JULIUS - The Spas of Europe
097239: [AMELOT DE LA HOUSSAYE, ABRAHAM NICOLAS] - Histoire du gouvernement de Venise, derniere edition, revue & corrigee par l'auteur. [ Bound with Examen de la liberte´ originaire de Venise ]
095623: AMORT EUSEBIO - Systema Doctrinae.
097910: AMUCHASTEGUI AXEL - Some Birds and Mammals of North America
009477: ANDERSEN HANS CHRISTIAN ( TRANSLATED BY MARY HOWITT ) - The Improvisatore or Life in Italy
097005: ANDERSON PATRICIA - Contemporary Jewellery in Australia and New Zealand
099180: ANDERSON JOHN - History of the Belfast Library and Society for Promoting Knowledge, Commonly Known as the Linen Hall Library, Chiefly Taken From the Minutes of the Society, and Published in Connection with the Centenary Celebration in 1888.
097627: ANDERSON JAMES - An Account of the Present State of the Hebrides and Western Coasts of Scotland: in which an Attempt is made to Explain the Circumstances that have hitherto Repressed the Industry of the Natives
098575: ANDERSON WILLIAM - Descriptive And Historical Catalogue Of A Collection Of Japanese And Chinese Paintings In The British Museum. Printed By Order Of The Trustees.
096564: ANDERSON ROBERT - The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL. D. With Critical Observations on His Works
097388: ANDERSSON CHARLES JOHN - The Okavango River: a Narrative of Travel, Exploration, and Adventure
096024: ANDRÉ VELTER. MARIE-JOSÉ LAMOTHE - Le livre de L'outil
098577: ANDREOTTI MARGHERITA - Early Sculpture of Jean Arp
098889: ANN KUMAR; JOHN H. MCGLYNN - Illuminations: Writing Traditions of Indonesia [ Featuring Manuscripts from the National Library of Indonesia ]
099203: ANON - Medieval Art and Architecture at Gloucester and Tewkesbury: Volume 7.
099200: ANON - Congrès archéologique de France : Basse-Auvergne, Grande Limagne
098799: ANON - Guide to Belfast [ Ancient Order of Foresters Official Souvenir. 1920 ]
098537: ANON - Bristol and Its Environs Historical Desciptive & Scientific
095745: ANON - Westmister Hall Restoration ( Index to the Report from the Select Committee )
096783: ANON - The Town of Stamford: An Inventory of Historical Monuments
099084: ANON - The Case of the People of Western Australia in support of their desire to withdraw from the Commonwealth of Australia
097503: ANON - Act passed March 12 1805, making further provision for the Effectual Performance of Quarantine, also an Order in Council, Dated 5th April 1805
098570: ANON - Raster-noton Source Book 1 / Various
096053: ANON - The Royal Companion to the Sights of London and Twenty Five Miles of St. Paul's Containing a Mass of Valuable Information, Useful, Entertaining, and Instructive; Especially to Visitors to the Great Metropolis
097941: ANON - Atalanta's Garland Being the Book of the Edinburgh University Women's Union 1926
009560: ANON - The Livre Rouge, or Red Book; being a list of secret pensions, paid out of the public treasure of France: and containing characters of the persons pensioned, anecdotes of their lives, an account of their service. And observations tending to shew the Reaso
097980: ANON - The Falls Hotel and Restaurant Ennistymon
098536: ANON - Darlington Half Holiday Guide
099091: ANON - The vision of Hades, or, the region inhabited by the departed spirits of the blessed : with cursory notes, theological and metaphysical, to which is now added The vision of
008580: ANON - Jones' Views Of The Seats, Mansions, Castles, Etc. Of Noblemen And Gentlemen In England
004226: ANON - Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education; with Appendices 1844 ( with 18 Folding Engraved Plates )
004062: ANON - La Guerre ( Documents De La Section Photographique De L'armee ) (Ministere De La Guerre 20 Parts Bound in One Volume )
000867: ANON - The Ancient Monuments in Wales and Monmouthshire
004184: ANON - The Apologie of the Reformed Churches of France. Wherein are expressed the Reasons why they have Joyned their Armies to those of the King of Great Brittaine. Translated according to the French coppie [by J. Reynolds].
004464: ANON - Rotulus Cancellarii : vel, Antigraphum magni rotuli pipæ de tertio anno regni regis Johannis / printed by command of His Majesty King William IV. under the direction of the Commissioners on the Public Records of the Kingdom
000989: ANON - Ceremonials to be Observed By the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, Sheriffs, And Officers of the City of London
000172: ANON - Clarets and Sauternes
0004811: ANON - Impressionist and Modern Watercolours and Drawings
004477: ANON - Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales; Comprising Laws Supposed to be Enacted by Howel the Good. Modified by Subsequent Regulations Under the Native Princes Prior to the Conquest by Edward the First: and Anomalous Laws with an English Translation of Text
095791: ANON - The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine. An Illustrated Journal Combining Practical Information, Instruction, and Amusement
098633: ANON - The Birmingham Guild, ltd., Architectural and Decorative Metalworkers
098565: ANON - Housing a Survey of the Post War Housing Work of the London County Council 1945-1949
096504: ANON - Our Own Country. Descriptive, Historical, Pictorial
098636: ANON - The works of Messrs. C.A. Parsons & Co., Ltd. Newcastle-on-Tyne.
097102: ANON - The Geographical Journal 1919-1933, [ Run of 30 Volumes ]
097037: ANON - The New Statistical Account of Scotland. By the Ministers of the Respective Parishes. [ Complete in 15 Volumes ]
009263: ANON - Regolamento del Processo Civile, Per la Lombardia Austriaca.
098513: ANON - Sur la terre comme au ciel: Jardins d'occident à la fin du Moyen-âge : Paris, Musée national du Moyen-âge, Thermes de Cluny, 6 juin-16 septembre 2002
096899: ANON - Juche Culture - Flowering in the Beautiful Land
098443: ANON - The lakes and fjords of Kerry : the grand Atlantic coast tour to Killarney, Valencia, Waterville, Parknasilla, and Kenmare.
096126: ANON - Childs' Own Book of Pictures and Stories
096122: ANON - The Book of Trades or Circle of the Useful Arts
008758: ANON - Tri Color Pottery of the T'ang Dynasty
004311: ANON - A Visit to London Containing a Description of the Principal Curiosities in the British Metropolis By S. W. With Copper Plates a New Edition, with Additions and Improvements By H. T.
095703: ANON - Royal Agricultural Improvement Society of Ireland
097747: ANON - Particulars of the Life, Trial, Behavoiur, and Execution of William Clayton, Who Was Hanged at Nottingham, on Tuesday, the Second of April 1833, for Murdering Samuel Kay of Sutton-Cum-Lound, Near East Retford
008996: ANON - Tenth Annual Report of the Local Goverment Board 1880-81 Supplement Containing Report and Papers Submitted By the Board's Medical Officer on the Use and Influence of Hospitals for Infectious Diseases Presented to Both Houses of Parliament , Etc, Etc.
096902: ANON - The South American Handbook [ South & Central America, Mexico, Cuba ]
098937: ANON - The Sacred Buddha Images of Thailand
009041: ANON - Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1962-1963 ( Volume 34 )
097206: ANON - Reports from Committees of the House of Commons. Re- printed by order of the House. Volume XIV: Miscellaneous reports; - also, Port of London, with engravings, 1793-1802
098508: ANON - L'étrange et le merveilleux en terres d'Islam
098841: ANON - The beauties of poetry display'd. Containing observations on the different species of poetry, and the rules of English versification. Exemplified by a large collection of beautiful passages, similies, and descriptions, from the writings of Addison,
095786: ANON - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church According to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David
009429: ANON - The Royal Kalendar and Court and City Register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Colonies for the Year 1822 ( Bound with Companion to the Calendar . The Present Peerage of the United Kingdom. & The Present Baronetage )
099187: ANON. - Prague 1900-1938 Capitale Secrete Des Avant Gardes
099182: ANON - Hints to Purchasers of Horses
009038: ANON - Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1959-1960 ( Volume 32 )
009190: ANON - Burma Report on the Operations of the Department of Agriculture, Burma for the Year Ended the 30th June 1923
099135: ANON - The British Encyclopaedia Comprising Not Only a Dictionary of Terms But Ample Treatises Illustrative of the Arts and Sciences. [ Complete in 5 Volumes ]
098603: ANON - Lady's Pictorial a Newspaper for the Home [ 1884. Full Year. 2 Volumes ]
098535: ANON - The Illustrated Historical and Descriptive Guide to Bournemouth and Surrounding Scenery
099100: ANON - Satan's decoy, or the youth's faith in Christ : Shewing how a merchant's son, of the city of Bristol, was attacked in the fields as he went to Ringswood School, by a man in black clothes, whom he found out to be the Devil,
098754: ANSELL GEORGE FREDERICK - The Royal Mint: Its Working, Conduct, and Operations, Fully and Practically Explaied [ Inscribed Copy ]
098631: ANSELM RÖSSLER - Neumann - The Microphone Company: A Story of Innovation, Excellence and the Spirit of Audio Engineering
004222: ANSTED ALEXANDER & COOMBE ARTHUR E. - The Portfolio of Sussex Views and Antiquities Being a Collection of Painter Etchings ( 24 Plates of Which 16 are Signed )
096824: ANTHONY SUTCLIFFE - London: An Architectural History
098216: ANTONINA HARBUS - Helena of Britain in Medieval Legend
097492: APEL WILLI - The Notation of Polyphonic Music 900-1600
098643: ARAKI NOBUYOSHI; DAIDO MORIYAMA; EIKOH HOSOE; RYUICHI KANEKO - Provoke: Between Protest and Performance: Photography in Japan 1960-1975
098961: ARARAT ROGER - The Jacobite Peerage
097444: ARCHAEOLOGIA - Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity [ 51 Volumes Including Index ]
097228: ARCHITECTURE - Architectural Design [1959, 12 Issues, Full Year ]
097227: ARCHITECTURE - Architectural Design [1955, 12 Issues, Full Year ]
097230: ARCHITECTURE - Architectural Design [1960, 12 Issues, Full Year ]
097929: ARCHITECTURE - International Architect. An International Review of Architectural Projects, Theory, Practice and Criticism [ Numbers 1 to 7 ]
097229: ARCHITECTURE - Architectural Design [1957, 12 Issues, Full Year ]
096119: ARGENTINI GUIDO - Private Rooms
098604: ARGUS BOOKS LTD - The Model Engineer and Amateur Electrician. A Journal of Mechanics and Electricity für Amateuers and Students. [ Volumes 1-12 ]
009582: ARISTOTELE BERNARDO SEGNI - Rettorica et Poetica d'Aristotile tradotte di greco in lingua vulgare fiorentina da Bernardo Segni
096118: ARMENINI, GIOVANNI BATTISTA - De' veri precetti della pittvra, libri tre Ne' quali con bell'ordine d'vtili, & buoni auertimenti, per chi desidera in essa farsi con prestezza eccellente, di dimostrano i modi principali del disegnare, & del dipignere, & di fare le Pitture.
098449: ARMSTRONG GEORGE FRANCIS SAVAGE - Stories of Wicklow
097782: ARMSTRONG ISOBEL - Victorian Glassworld Glass Culture and the Imagination 1830-1880
097475: H H ARNASON: - Sculptures of Houdon
098523: ARNAUD E. - La Palestine ancienne et moderne ou géographie historique et physique de la Terre Sainte.
096802: ARNAULD, MARIE-PAULE; COLLECTIF - Architecture coloniale et patrimoine : Expériences européennes
098926: ARON RODRIGUE - Images of Sephardi and Eastern Jewries in Transition: The Teachers of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, 1860-1939
097983: ARRIANUS FLAVIUS - Ars Tactica Acies Contra Alanos, Periplus Ponti Euxini, Periplus Maris Erythraei, Liber de Venatione, Epicteti Enchiridion, Ejusdem Apothegmata et Fragmenta, Quae in Joannis Staei Florilegio, et in Agelli Noctibus Atticus Supersunt.
096729: ARROWSMITH. J. [ PUBLISHED BY ] - China
099105: ARTHUR NORMAN GIRLING - Stereoscopic Drawing: A Theory of 3-D Vision and Its Application to Stereoscopic Drawing
097549: ARTMONSKY RUTH - A Snapper Up of Unconsidered Trifles a Tribute to Barbara Jones
098999: ARTUR MARIO DA MOTA MIRANDA [ PUBLISHED BY ] - Ex-Libris. Enciclopaedia bio-bibliográfica da arte do ex-libris contemporâneo; encyclopédie bio-bibliographique de l`art de l`ex-libris contemporain; encyclopaedia bio-bibliographical of the art of the contemporary ex-libris; bio-bibliographische
098881: ASARIA ZVI - Book measures xiii,313pp, Bound in original publishers black cloth, with gilt lettering. Binding in very good clean firm condition. Dust jacket has a short closed tear. Jacket in very good clean condition. Internally, pages clean throughout.
009095: ASCHAM ROGER - Toxophilus the Schole or Partitions of Shooting . Contayned in II Books
098587: ASH JAMES MAJOR. [ HOLTZAPFFEL JOHN JACOB. APPENDIX BY ] - The Art of Double-Counting on the Lathe. Whereby a Variety of Patterns in the Form of Ellipses, Triangles, Squares, Pentagons, Hexagons and Octagons.
098586: ASH JAMES CAPTAIN - The Art of Double-Counting on the Lathe. Whereby a Variety of Patterns in the Form of Ellipses, Triangles, Squares, Pentagons, Hexagons and Octagons.
099155: ASHBERY JOHN - Art and Literature an International Review [ Complete Set. 12 Volumes ]
097898: ASHWORTH, J. H - The Saxon in Ireland: or, The rambles of an Englishman in the West of Ireland in search of a settlement.
096961: ASTRY J. A. - The royal politician represented in one hundred emblems : Written in Spanish by Don Diego Saavedra Faxardo, Knight of the order of St. Jago, plenipotentiary ambassador to the cantons of Switzerland, at the imperial Diet at Ratisbon, at the Famous.
097132: ATKINS SAMUEL ELLIOTT, OVERALL WILLIAM HENRY - Some Account of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers of the City of London
098933: AUBREY JOHN - Monumenta Britannica or A Miscellany of British Antiquities (Parts One and Two)
098929: AUBREY JOHN - Miscellanies Upon Various Subjects. a New Edition, with Considerable Improvements to Which is Prefixed Some Account of His Life
008237: AUDSLEY WILLIAM & GEORGE - la Peinture Murale Decorative Dans Le Style Du Moyen Age
098602: AUDSLEY W & G. - Cottage, Lodge, and Villa Architecture
096083: AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO [ SAINT AUGUSTINE ] - D. Aurelii Augustini Hipponensis episcopi Retractationum libri II.
008256: AUQUIER EUGENE - Du Decollement Hyaloidien
009389: AUSTEN JANE - Northanger Abbey & Persuasion
097310: AUSTEN JANE - The Novels of Jane Austen. [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
097688: AUSTEN JANE - The Novels of Jane Austen : the text based on Collation of the Early Editions.with Notes Indexes and Illustrations from Contemporary Sources [ 5 volumes, complete set ]
098281: AUSTEN JANE - The Novels of Jane Austen [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
096144: AUSTIN MRS SARAH - The Duchess of Orleans [ Helen of Mecklenburg-Schwerin ]
009143: AUTOSPORT - Autosport ( July to December 1957 )
097339: AUTOSPORT - Autosport [ 1950, 19 Issues ]
009142: AUTOSPORT - Autosport ( Jan to June 1957 )
009144: AUTOSPORT - Autosport ( July to December 1958 )
097340: AUTOSPORT - Autosport [1955, 26 Issues ]
097338: AUTOSPORT - Autosport [ Britain's Motor Sporting Weekly ] [ 1952 to 1954. 8 Volumes, Each Volume 26 Weekly Issues ]
096681: AXSOM RICHARD H. [ WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF PHYLIS FLOYD ] - The Prints of Ellsworth Kelly a Catalogue Raisonne 1949-1985
009521: AYLIFFE JOHN - Parergon Juris Canonici Anglicani, Or, A Commentary By Way of Supplement to the Canons and Constitutions of the Church of England: Not Only from the Books of the Canon and Civil Law, But Likewise from the Statute and Common Law of this Realm
095901: AYRES GILLIAN - Paintings and Works on Paper 2005-2007
008689: BACHAUMONT, LOUIS PETIT DE - Memoires secrets pour servir a l'histoire de la republique des lettres en France, depuis MDCCLXII jusqu'a nos jours : ou, Journal d'un Observateur
097111: BACON FRANCIS - Cabala : sive Scrinia sacra. Mysteries of state & government: in letters of illustrious persons, and great agents ; in the reigns of Henry the Eight. [ Bound with the Additional Supplement to the Cabala ]
097724: BACON FRANCIS - The Essays, Or Councils, Civil and Moral, with a Table of the Colours of Good and Evil. And a Discourse on the Wisdom of the Ancients
096758: BACON FRANCIS - The historie of life and death : With observations naturall and experimentall for the prolonging of life. Written by the Right Honorable Francis Lord Verulam, Viscount S. Alban.
097114: BACON SIR FRANCIS - The Essays or Counsels, Civil and Moral, of Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Alban. With a Table of the Colours of Good & Evil. Whereunto is added the Wisdom of the Antients. Enlarged by the Honourable Author himself; and now more Exactly.
096616: BACON FRANCIS - Sylva Sylvarum: Or, A Natural Historie. In Ten Centuries.
097298: BACON FRANCIS - Sylva Sylvarum : Or, a Naturall History. In Ten Centuries; Whereunto is Newly Added the History Naturall and Experimentall of Life and Death, or of the Prolongation of Life.
098856: BACON FRANCIS - Fables of the Ancients, in Philosophy, Morality, and Civil Policy; Illustrated and Explained
097115: BACON SIR FRANCIS - Lord Bacon's Essays or Counsels Moral and Civil [ Translated from the Latin By William Willymott ] [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
097957: BACON FRANCIS - Sylva Sylvarum : Or, a Naturall History. In Ten Centuries; Whereunto is Newly Added the History Naturall and Experimentall of Life and Death, or of the Prolongation of Life.
098980: BAEDEKER KARL - The United States with an Excursion Into Mexico
098981: BAEDEKER KARL - Berlin Und Umgebung
098919: BAER YITZHAK - A History of the Jews in Christian Spain [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098290: BAILY WILLIAM HELLIER - Rambles on the Irish Coast, Especially relating to its Geology, Natural History and Antiquities
096813: BAIN IAIN - Watercolours and Drawings of Thomas Bewick and His Workshop Apprentices
098446: BAINES THOMAS - Lancashire and Cheshire, past and present: a history and a description of the Palatine counties of Lancaster and Chester. Forming the north-western division of England. From the earliest ages to the present time
096911: BAKER JAMES [ EDITED BY ] - Perspecta 7. The Yale Architectural Journal.
096907: BAKER JAMES [ EDITED BY ] - Perspecta 3. The Yale Architectural Journal.
096910: BAKER JAMES [ EDITED BY ] - Perspecta 6. The Yale Architectural Journal.
096427: BALDWIN & CRADOCK [ PUBLISHERS ] - British Husbandry; Exhibiting the Farming Practice in Various Parts of the United Kingdon [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
097353: BALFOUR JAMES - Reminiscences of Golf on St. Andrews Links
098334: BANIM MARY - Here and There Through Ireland [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099204: BARASCH MOSHE - Gestures of despair in medieval and early Renaissance art
098452: BARBARA ABOU-EL-HAJ - The Medieval Cult of Saints: Formations and Transformations
097491: BARBARA HALLMAN - Italian Cardinals, Reform and the Church as Property, 1492-1563 (Publications of the UCLA Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies)
098542: BARCLAY JAMES THE REV. [ WOODWARD B. B. ] - A Complete and Universal Dictionary of the English Language: Comprehending the Explanation, Pronunciation, Origin, and Synonyms of Each Word; an Epitome of History, Biography, and the Useful Sciences; a Description of the Counties, Cities, .
008038: BARKER CLIVE - The Great and Secret Shadow the First Book of the Art
099018: BARLEY M. W. [ EDITED BY ] - The Buildings of the Countryside 1500-1750 [ Chapters from the Agrarian History of England and Wales . Volume 5. ]
098596: BARLOW ALFRED - The History and Principles of Weaving by Hand and by Power.
098116: BARNETT R. D. [ EDITED BY ] - Catalogue of the Permanent and Loan Collections of the Jewish Museum London
098262: BARON SALO WITTMAYER - Salo Wittmayer Baron Jubilee Volume on the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
098096: BARRAL I ALTET XAVIER - Artistes, artisans et production artistique au Moyen Age. Volume I. Les hommes. Volume II. Commande et travail. Volume III. Consommation de l'oeuvre et index général. { Complete in 3 Volumes ]
009296: BARRATT THOMAS J. - The Annals of Hampstead ( 3 Volumes, Limited Signed Edition )
099164: BARRELL JOHN - The Dark Side of the Landscape: The Rural Poor in English Painting 1730?1840
096560: BARRIE J. M. [ WITH LETTER FROM BARRIE ] - Quality Street a Comedy in Four Acts
097973: BARRIE J. M. - Quality Street a Comedy in Four Acts
098705: BARRON OSWALD [ EDITED BY ] - Northampton Families
096395: BARROW JOHN - Dictionarium Polygraphicum: or, the Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested [ Volume 2 Only. Complete with All Plates ]
095616: BARROW JOHN - Some Account of the Public Life, and a Selection from the Unpublished Writings, of the Earl of Macartney. The Latter Consisting of Extracts from an Account of the Russian Empire, a Sketch of the Political History of Ireland, and a Journal of an Embassy Fr
097865: BARRY STAPLETON - Waterlooville: A Pictorial History (Pictorial History Series)
097717: BARRY EDWARD - A Treatise on the Three Different Digestions and Discharges of the Human Body and the Diseases of Their Principal Organs
097796: BARSTOW H. G. - Not Only North Stoneham But Also
096954: BARTHOLOMEW J. - India. Thacker's Reduced Survey Map of India
096950: BARTHOLOMEW J. - Turkey in Europe
097238: BARTOLI PIETRO SANTO - Antiquissimi Virgiliani Codicis Fragmenta et Picturae ex Bibliotheca Vaticana.
097272: BASILIUS VALENTINUS - Basil Valentine his Triumphant chariot of antimony : with annotations of Theodore Kirkringius. M.D. With the true book of the learned Synesius a Greek abbot taken out of the Emperour's library, concerning the Philosopher's
009105: BASSOMPIERRE FRANCOIS BARON DE ( 3 WORKS BOUND IN 2 VOLUMES ) - Ambassade Du Maréschal De Bassompierre en Suisse l'an 1625. 2 Volumes. .Ambassade Du Maréschal De Bassompierre En Espagne l'an 1621..Négociation Du Maréchal De Bassompierre Envoyé Ambassadeur Extaordinaire, en Angleterre, etc.
003144: BASTIEN ALFRED - Classic Printing Type Alphabets
096534: BASTIEN, REGINALD AND ALFRED - Bastien Typographica [ Volume 1, Number 4. ]
098268: BASTIN J. - Les Subtiles Fables D'Esope. Lyon Mathieu Husz 1486.
097434: BATEMAN JOHN FITZHERBERT - Aquatic Notes, or Sketches of the Rise and Progress of Rowing at Cambridge. By a member of the C.U.B.C. With a Letter, Containing Hints on Rowing and Training, By Robert Coombes, Champion Sculler.
097842: BATES H. E. - Catherine Foster
097843: BATES H. E. - Seven Tales and Alexander
095966: BATES LINDON - The Path of the Conquistadores Trinidad and Venezuelan Guiana
097839: BATES H. E. - Through the Woods the English Woodland-April to April
097841: BATES H. E. - Day's End and Other Stories
097840: BATES H. E. - Charlotte's Row
098829: BATESON WILLIAM - Materials For The Study of Variation Treated With Especial Regard To Discontinuity In The Origin of Species.
099055: BAUDOUIN ALEXANDRE - The Man of the World's Dictionary. Translated from the French.
009014: BAUMEISTER - Die zum Vergnügen der Reisenden geöffnete Baumeister-Academie,
098464: BAYLE PIERRE - Dictionaire Historique et Critique [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
098874: BAYLISS JONES, BAYLISS - Iron Fencing & Gates [ Catlogue No 8. ]
098627: BAYLISS JONES - Ironwork. Fencing. Gates [ Catalogue No 38 ]
098578: BAZLEY THOMAS SEBASTIAN - Notes on The Epicycloidal Cutting Frame of Messrs. Holtzapffel & Co. With Special Reference To Its Compensation Adjustment And With Numerous Illustrations of its Capabilities.
097589: BEAUFORT (EMILY ANNE, VISCOUNTESS STRANGFORD). - The Eastern Shores of the Adriatic in 1863. With a Visit to Montenegro
098310: BEAUMONT FRANCIS & FLETCHER JOHN - The Works of Mr. Francis Beaumont and Mr John Fletcher [ 9 Volumes ]
097684: BECKFORD WILLIAM [ PETER ] - Thoughts on Hunting. In a Series of Familiar Letters to a Friend
096509: BECKFORD PETER - Thoughts on Hunting. In a series of familiar letters to a Friend
098736: BECKMANN JOHN [ TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN BY WILLIAM JOHNSTON ] - A History of Inventions, Discoveries and Origins [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098661: BEDWIN OWEN [ EDITED BY ] - The Archaeology of Essex: Proceedings of the 1993 Writtle Conference
008203: BEER GEORGE JOSEPH - The Art of Preserving Sight Unimpaired to an Extreme Old Age And of Re-Establishing and Strengthening it When it Becomes Weak
098642: BEGHAIN PATRICE, BENOIT BRUNO [ AND OTHER ] - Dictionnaire De Historique Lyon
098250: BEIT-ARIE MALACHI - The Makings of the Medieval Hebrew Book Studies in Palaeography and Codicology
009163: BELA RERRICH - Rerrich Bela with Preface By the Artist
008590: BELIDOR BERNARD FOREST DE - La Scienza Degli Ingegneri Nella Direzione Delle Opere Di Fortificazione Ed Architettura Civile
099064: BELL SIR CHARLES - The Hand Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments as Evincing Design and Illustrating the Power, Wisdom and Goodness of God
099141: BELLAFIORE GIUSEPPE - Arte in Sicilia [ 1302-1458 ]
098149: BELLLOSI LUCIANO [ EDITED BY ] - Francesco DI Giorgio e Il Rinascimento a Siena 1450-1500
097251: BEMBO PIETRO - Gli Asolani. Di M. Pietro Bembo Nuovamente Ristampati & Diligentemente Corretti
098865: BEN-ZVI ITZHAK - The Exiled and the Redeemed the Strange Jewish 'Tribes ' of the Orient
098240: BENESCH OTTO - Collected Writings [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
097138: BENGER MISS - Memoirs of the Life of Mary Queen of Scots [ Complete in 2 Volumes. Leather Bound ]
004509: BENITEZ DE LUGO R. P. FR CAJETANO - Vera Christi Gratia Illuminans, Vocans, & Efficaciter Adjuvans Infideles, Excoecatos, & Odburatos Etc
009316: BENNETT ARNOLD - The Human Machine
096084: BENNETT E. N. - With Methuen's Column on an Ambulance Train
098130: BENSON GEORGE - The Ancient Painted Glass Windows in the Minster and Churches of the City of York [ Inscribed to Edwin Ridsdale Tate ]
096353: BERENSON BERNARD - The Italian Pictures Of The Renaissance - A List Of The Principal Artists And Their Works With An Index Of Places. Venetian School [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099144: BERG KNUT - Studies in Tuscan Twelfth Century Illumination
098022: BERGER SAMMLUNG MAX - JUDENTUM IN WIEN "Heilige Gemeinde wien"
096833: BERGER LEWIS - A Visit to a Great Colour Factory with Lewis Berger & Sons, Ltd
098467: BERGH LEONARD JOHN VANDEN DR - On the Trail of the Pigmies
097683: BERKELEY GRANTLEY F. [ THE HON ] - A Month in the Forest of France
096775: BERKOVITZ JOSEPH - Stanislaus, or, the Polish Lancer in the Suite of Napoleon from the Island of Elba
097435: BERLIN OLYMPICS - XIth Olympiad Berlin 1936. Handbook General Rules and Programmes of the Competitions
097463: BERMONDSEY - Bermondsey. Map of the Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsey [ 1921 ]
096045: BERNARDINO ABE UCRIA - Hortus Regius Panhormitanus aerae vulgaris anno MDCCLXXIX noviter extructus Septoque ex indigenis, exoticifque plurimas complectens Plantas
097574: BERQUIN M. [ ARNAUD ] - Selected Stories For the Instruction and Entertainment of Children from the French of M. Berquin
096220: BERRIMAN WILLIAM - A review of the remarks on Mr. Chandler's Introduction to the history of the inquisition: in which his answer to the said remarks is consider'd; His Misrepresentations of Fact [ and 9 Other Works, Bound in One Volume ]
099115: BERRY WILLIAM - Encyclopædia Heraldica; Or, Complete Dictionary of Heraldry,. [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
002125: BERRY WILLIAM - Genealogia Antiqua or Mythological and Classical Tables Complied from the best authors on Fabulous and Ancient History.
097404: BERRY WILLIAM - Pedigrees of the Families in the County of Hants; Collected from the Heraldic visitations and other authentic manuscripts in the British Museum, and in the possession of private individuals, and from the information of the present resident families.
098453: BERTELLI SERGIO - Florence and Venice: Comparisons and Relations
098908: BERTHELOT M. - Essai de Mecanique Chimique Fondee Sur La Thermochimie [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098907: BERTHELOT MARCELLIN - Chimie Organique Fondee Sur La Synthese [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
008605: BERTRAND J. B. - A Historical Relation of the Plague at Marseilles in the Year 1720
098776: BERZELIUS J. J. - Lehrbuch Der Chemie [ Complete in 5 Volumes ]
097698: BESANT SIR WALTER - The Survey of London. Mediaeval London; Historical & Social; Ecclesiastical; London in the Time of the Tudors; London in the Time of the Stuarts; London in the Eighteenth Century; London in the Nineteenth Century. [ Complete Set in 10 Volumes ]
005018: BESSEL, JOHANN GEORG VON, COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES - Chronicon Gotwicense : seu, Annales liberi et exempti Monasterii Gotwicensis, ordinis S. Benedicti, inferioris Austriæ : faciem Austriæ antiquæ & mediæ usque ad nostra tempora, deinde ejusdem monasterii fundationem, progressum, statu mque hodiernum Exhibe
095940: BESTERMAN THEODORE - The travels and sufferings of Father Jean de Brebeuf among the Hurons of Canada as described by himself / Edited and translated from the French and Latin by Theodore Besterman
096116: BETHELL LESLIE [ EDITED BY ] - The Cambridge History of Latin America: Volume 4
097101: BETHELL LESLIE [ EDITED BY ] - The Cambridge History of Latin America [ Complete 10 Volumes Bound in 11 ]
008351: BETJEMAN JOHN - A Few Late Chrysanthemums
096801: BHATT VIKRAM - Resorts of the Raj: Hill stations of India
098156: BIALOSTOCKI JAN - The Message of Images: Studies in the History of Art
097655: BIBLE. GREEK - Bible, Greek.- Vetus Testamentum Græcum ex versione Septuaginta interpretum, juxta exemplar Vaticanum Romæ Editum. [ edited by John Biddle,]
097136: BIBLE - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments
096606: BIBLE - A companion to the altar: Shewing the Nature and Necessity of a Sacramental Preparation, in order to our worthy receiving the Holy Communion. Wherein Those Fears and Scruples about Eating and Drinking Unworthily, and of incurring our own Damnation .
095731: BIBLE - Novum Domini nostri Jesu Christi Testamentum Syriace cum versione Latina. Ex diversis editionibus diligentissime` recensitum. Accesserunt in fine notationes variantis lectionis, ex quinq impressis editionibus diligenter collectæ a` Martino Trosti
096619: BIBLE. GERMAN FINE BINDING - Die Bibel, das ist, Alle Bu¨cher der ganzen Heiligen Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testaments : nach der in Zu¨rich kirchlich eingefu¨hrten Uebersetzung auf's neue mit Gorgfalt durchgesehen.
098872: BIBLE - The Book of Common Prayer [ Bound with. A Companion to the Lord's Table & The Whole Book of Psalms ]
097495: BIBLE [ COMMON PRAYER, HOLY BIBLE, NEW TESTAMENT ] - The Holy Bible  containing the Old Testament and the New: newly translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compar’d & revis’d. By His Ma. special coman appointed to be read in churches
097137: BIBLE - The Christian Year: Thoughts in Verse for the Sunday and Holidays Throughout the Year
096951: BIBLE - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments
096059: BIBLE - The Devotional Diamond Pocket Bible:with Notes and Reflections By the Rev W. Gurney. [ Bound with the Devotional Diamond Pocket Testament: With Notes and Reflections ]
097410: BIBLE [ SUPERB SET IN FINE BINDINGS ] - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments. The Text Carefully Printed from the Most Correct Copies of the Present Authorised Translation., Including the Marginal Readings and Parallel Texts. [ Superb Set ]
096786: BIBLE - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Newly Translated Out of the Original Tongues: And with the Former Translation Diligently Compared and Revised
096038: BIBLE ( RARE COMPLETE COPY ) - The Holy Bible, Conteining the Olde Testament and the Newe ( Bound with the Psalmes )
096231: BIBLE [ LUTHERAN HOLY BIBLE ] - Biblia Bibel Cotta Tubingen [ Complete in 2 Volumes ] [ Fine Bindings ]
099021: BIER JUSTUS - Tilmann Riemenschneider His Life and Work
096031: BING BROTHERS [ TOYMAKER ] - Special Price List of Instructive Mechanical, Optical and Electrical Toys
097502: BINGHAM NATHANIEL - Observations on the religious delusions of insane persons, and on the practicability, safety, and expediency of imparting to them Christian instruction; : with which are combined a copious practical description and illustration of all the Principal
096628: BINSKI PAUL - The Painted Chamber at Westminster (Occasional paper)
099210: BINSKI PAUL - Medieval Death: Ritual and Representation
097752: BIRCH SAMUEL - Ancient Egyptian Texts of the Earliest Period From the Coffin of Amamu in the British Museum
097874: BIRKIN HAWARD - Suffolk Medieval Church Arcades, 1150-1550: A Measured Drawing Survey with Notes and Analysis
096017: BISHOP, M. C.; DORE, JOHN - Corbridge: Excavations of the Roman Fort and Town, 1947-80 (English Heritage Archaeological Report)
096163: BISSE THOMAS [ 9 WORKS BOUND IN 1 VOLUME ] - The Beauty of Holiness in the Common-Prayer: As set forth in Four sermons Preach'd at the Rolls Chapel [ and 8 Other Works By Bisse ]
096921: BLACKMORE C. E. - Some natural types of spiritual Things [ Biblical Text ]
098685: BLACKSTONE WILLIAM - Commentaries on the Laws of England in Four Books [ Complete Set. 4 Volumes ]
096176: BLAKE ANDREW - A Practical Essay on the Disease Generally Known Under the Denomination of Delirium Tremens; Written Principally with a View to Elucidate Its Division into Distinct Stages and Hence to Simplify its Method of Cure
096605: BLAND WILLIAM - The Principles of Agriculture
097518: BLANE GILBERT - Observations on the Diseases of Seamen
008779: BLEEK W. H. I. - Reynard the Fox in South Africa; or, Hottentot fables and tales. Chiefly translated from original manuscripts in the library of His Excellency Sir George Grey
098728: BLETERIE M. L'ABBE DE LA - Histoire del'Empereur Jovien et traductions de quelques ouvrages de l'Empereur Julien
009226: BLEW WILLIAM C. A. - The Noble Science a Few General Ideas on Fox Hunting
098970: BLOOM J. HARVEY - A History of Preston upon Stour in the County of Gloucester [ Limited to 25 Signed Copies ]
097474: BLUM SHIRLEY NEILSEN - Early Netherlandish Triptychs a Study in Patronage
098025: BLUMENKRANZ BERNHARD - Art et Archeologie Des Juifs En France Medievale
098051: BLUNT ATHONY - The Art of William Blake
097744: BOAT RACE - One Hundred Years of Boat Racing 1829-1929 [ the Official Centenary Souvenir of the Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Clubs ]
099157: BOB CARLOS CLARKE - Shooting Sex: The Definitive Guide to Undressing Beautiful Strangers
097459: BOCCACCIO GIOVANNI - Il Decamerone Nuovamente Corretto Et Con Diligentia Stampato.
008609: BOCCACCIO GIOVANNI - Libro di M. Gio. Boccaccio delle donne illustri, tradotto per messer Giovanni Betussi con vna additione fatta , Etc, Etc.
096552: BOCCACE JEAN - Le Decammeron [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
098553: BOETHIUS - De consolatione philosophiæ libri Quinque
098217: BOISSELIER J. - Asie Du Sud-Est. Le Cambodge. Le Viet-Nam [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
097946: BOLDERWOOD ROLF [ BROWNE T. A. ] - Ups and Downs: a Story of Australian Life
098739: BOLTON SOLOMON MR - The Extinct Peerage of England : Containing A Succinct Account of all the Peers Whose Titles are Expired : With Their Descents, Marriages, and Issues; Offices in Government, and Memorable Actions. From the Conquest to the Year 1769
096517: BOLTON J. L. [ EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY ] - The Alien Communities of London in the Fifteenth Century: Subsidy Rolls of 1440 and 1483-4 (Richard III Society)
099214: BONA ISTVAN - The Dawn of the Dark Ages the Gepids and the Lombards in the Carpathian Basin
003307: BONA JOANNIS - Eminentissimi domini D. Joannis Bona Opera omnia, quotquot hactenu`s separatim edita Fue re
097755: BONE JAMES - The London Perambulator [ Signed Limited Edition ]
009073: BONNEVAL CLAUDE ALEXANDRE - Memoirs of the famous Bashaw Bonneval. Containing, an account of the late war in Italy. Likewise The secret Intrigues of France, Spain, Savoy, &c. Intermix'd with a great Variety of genuine Adventures in Love and Gallantry of the principal Persons Concern
098837: BONOMI JOSEPH - Nineveh and Its Palaces the Discoveries of Botta and Layard, Applied to the Elucidation of Holy Writ
008550: BONVALOT GABRIEL - Du Caucase Aux Indes a Travers Le Pamir Ouvrage Orne De 250 Dessins et Croquis
097387: BOOK OF KELLS - Celtic Ornaments from the Book of Kells
096271: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER [ IN LATIN ] - Liber precum publicarum, seu ministerij ecclesiasticæ administrationis Sacramentorum, aliorumq´[ue] rituum & cæremoniarum in Ecclesia Anglicana
096272: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER - The book of common prayer and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church according to the use of the Church of England together with the Psalter or Psalms of David pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches
096858: BOOSEY THOMAS - Piscatorial Reminiscences And Gleanings By An Old Angler And Bibliopolist To Which Is Added A Catalogue Of Books On Angling
098579: BORRAS MARIA LLUISA - Picabia (Painters & sculptors)
008863: BOSNAKIS DIMITRIS & GAGTZIS DIMITRIS - Ancient Theatres Theaters Worth Seeing
098941: BOSTOCK J. - Sketch of the History of Medicine from Its Origin to the Commencement of the Nineteenth Century
095688: BOSWELL JAMES - The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Comprehending an Account of His Studies and Numerous Works in Chronological Order ( Complete in 6 Volumes )
009510: BOSWELL JAMES - The Life of Samuel Johnson Comprehending an Account of His Studies and Numerous Works in Chronological Order
009283: BOSWELL JAMES - James Boswell's Book of Company at Auchinleck 1782-1795
008518: BOTTOME MARGARET - A Sunshine Trip Glimpses of the Orient Extracts from Letters
008976: BOUCHER BRUCE - The Sculpture of Jacopo Sansovino ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
099027: BOUROUIBA RACHID - L art religieux musulman en Algérie
098440: BOVET MADAME DE - Three Months Tour in Ireland
097681: BOWEN EMANUEL [ PUBLISHER ] - An Accurate Map of the County of Kent Divided into its Lathes,
098763: BOWLES CHARLES - Hundred of Chalk [ Part of the History of Modern Wiltshire ]
098499: BOWLT JOHN & DRUTT MATTHEW [ EDITED BY ] - Amazons of the Avant-garde: Alexandra Exter, Natalia Goncharova, Liubov Popova, Olga Rozanova, Varvara Stepanova and Nadezhda Udaltsova
098875: BOWSKY WILLIAM M. - The Medieval Italian Commune Siena under the Nine 1287-1355
009514: BOYER MR A. - The Great Theater of Honour and Nobility
098448: BRADLEY MARTHA - The British housewife : or, the cook, housekeeper's, and gardiner's companion. Calculated for the Service both of London and the Country; And directing what is necessary to be done in the Providing for, Conducting, and Managing a Family throughout , Etc,
008890: BRADLEY MARTHA - The British housewife : or, the cook, housekeeper's, and gardiner's companion. Calculated for the Service both of London and the Country; And directing what is necessary to be done in the Providing for, Conducting, and Managing a Family throughout , Etc,
099134: BRAND JOHN - History and Antiquities of the Town and County of the Town of Newcastle upon Tyne, Including an Account of the Coal Trade of That Place and Embellished with Engraved Views of the Publick Buildings [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
000710: BRANDON RAPHAEL AND J. - The Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages
098886: BRANKO GRÜNBAUM - Convex Polytopes (Graduate Texts in Mathematics): Prepared by Volker Kaibel, Victor Klee, and Gunter Ziegler
099019: BRANNER ROBERT - St Louis and the Court Style in Gothic Architecture
098781: BRAUN DR JULIUS - On the curative effects of baths and waters : being a handbook to the spas of Europe. Including a chapter on the treatment of phthisis by baths and climate, by Dr. Rohden.
097262: BRAUN & HOGENBERG. INTRODUCTION BY R.A. SKELTON. - Civitates orbis terrarum, 'The towns of the world, ' 1572-1618 [ Complete 3 Volume Set ]
098085: BRAUN JOSEPH - Die Liturgischen Parament in Gegenwart Und Vergangenheit
009507: BRAYLEY EDWARD WEDLAKE - Londiniana or Reminiscences of the British Metropolis Including Characteristic Sketches Antiquarian, Topographical, Descriptive, and Literary
097059: BRAZENDALE GEOFF - Sidecar, The: A History
097982: BREE JOHN - The cursory sketch of the state of the naval, military and civil establishment, legislative, judicial, and domestic oeconomy of this kingdom, during the fourteenth century : with a particular account of the campaign of King Edward the third, in Normandy
098024: BREIER ALOIS, EISLER MAX, UND GRUNWALD MAX. - Holzsynagogen in Polen [ Wooden Synagogues in Poland ]
097456: BRENNER MADAME - Gymnastics for Ladies a Treatise on the Science and Art of Calisthenic and Gymnastic Exercises
096849: BRETON HENRI - The Devil's Whisper
097622: BREWER J. S. [ EDITED BY ] - Registrum Malmesburiense the Register of Malmesbury Abbey [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
097803: BRIAN EDWARDS - University Architecture
009018: BRINCKMANN A. E. - Barock-Bozzetti Complete in 4 Volumes.
000709: BRITISH MUSEUM - Ancient Terracottas
098669: BRITNELL RICHARD [ EDITED BY ] - The Winchester Pipe Rolls and Medieval English Society
097901: BRITTON JOHN - The History And Antiquities Of The See And Cathedral Church Of Winchester; Illustrated With A Series of Engravings.
097217: BROCK J. K. - Fortetsa Early Greek Tombs Near Knossos
009342: BROCKEDON W. - Finden's Illustrations of The Life and Works of Lord Byron ( Quarto Edition )
097954: BRODERIP FRANCES FREELING & HOOD THOMAS - Merry Songs for Little Voices [ Set to Music By Thomas Murby ]
002619: BROMLEY HENRY - A Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits, From Egbert the Great to the Present Time. Consisting of the Effigies of Persons in Every Walk of Human Life; as well those whose Services to their Country are Recorded in the Annals of the English History, as Ot
098998: BRONSON A,. A. & GALE PEGGY [ EDITED BY ] - Performance by Artists
096089: BROOKE RALPHE - A discoverie of certaine errours published in print in the much commended Britannia, 1594 : Very preiudicial to the discentes and successions of the auncient nobilitie of this realme / By Ralphe Brooke, [ Two Parts in one Volume ]
098951: BROOKES R. - The London General Gazetteer; or, Compendious Geographical Dictionary. Containing a Description of the Nations, Empires, Kingdoms, States, Provinces, Cities , Towns, Forts, Seas, Harbours, Rivers, Lakes, Canals, Mountains, Capes &c. Of the Known World
099082: BROOMHALL G. J. S. - Corn Trade Memories Recent and Remote
099136: BROUGHTON THOMAS - An Historical Dictionary of all Religions from the Creation of the World to this Present Time Containing. I. A Display of all the Pagan Systems of Theology, their Origin, their Superstitious Customs, Ceremonies, and Doctrines. II. The Jewish, Christian,
096540: BROWN ROSEMARY - Unfinished Symphonies: Voices from the Beyond
098624: BROWN ALFRED - Locks and Lock Furniture, Brass and Bronze Metal Foundry [ Catalogue
097658: BROWN CHRISTOPHER - An Anamorphic Alphabet
097259: BROWNING OSCAR - The New Illustrated History of England [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
006036: BROWNING ROBERT - Perleying with Certain People of Importance in Their Day
006034: BROWNING ROBERT - The Inn Album
099179: BRUCE COLE - Agnolo Gaddi (Studies in History of Art & Architecture)
097361: BRUCE JAMES - Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile in the Years, 1768,1769,1770,1771,1772, and 1773. [ 4 Volumes Only ]
097837: BRUN VINCENZ - Alcibiades Forsaken By Gods and Men
098840: BRUZEN DE LA MARTINIERE - L'art de conserver sa santé : composé par l'Ecole de Salerne / avec la traduction en vers françois, par Mr. B.L.M. [i.e. Bruzen de la Martinière].
098680: BRYANT ARTHUR - Collins's Peerage of England Genealogical, Biographical, and Historical [ Complete in 9 Volumes. Leather Bound ]
000078: BRYCE JAMES - South American Observations and Impressions
096868: BRYDGES SIR EGERTON - Collins's Peerage of England; Genealogical, Biographical, and Historical. [ Complete set in 9 Volumes. ]
096436: BRYDONE [ PUBLISHER ] - Brydone's Views of Edinburgh
098461: BUBER MARTIN & ROSENZWEIG FRANZ - Scripture and Translation
098090: BUCHTHAL HUGO & KURZ OTTO - A Hand List of Illuminated Oriental Christian Manuscripts
099162: BUCHTHAL HUGO - Art of the Mediterranean World : 100-1400 A. D.
098304: BUCK EDWARD J. - Simla Past and Present
096698: BUENDIA JOSE ROGELIO - Paintings of the Prado
098065: THE BUILDER [ LONG RUN 133 VOLUMES ] - The Builder No 1. December 31st, 1842 to December 26th, 1930 ] [ 133 Volumes ]
098165: BULARD MARCEL - Le Scorpion Symbole Du Peuple Juif Dans L'art Religieux Des XIVe , XVe , XVIe Siècles
098540: BULLAR JOHN - A Companion on a Tour Round Southampton. Comprehending various particulars, ancient and modern, of New Forest, Lymington, Christchurch, Romsey, Bishop's Waltham, Titchfield, & c, and a Tour of the Isle of Wight. With notices of the Villages,
009518: BULLINGBROOKE EDWARD. - Ecclesiastical law : or, The statutes, constitutions, canons, rubricks, and articles, of the Church of Ireland methodically digested under proper heads ; with a commentary, historical and juridical by Ed. Bullingbrooke
097625: BULWER JOHN - A view of the people of the whole world: or, A short survey of their policies, dispositions, naturall deportments, complexions, ancient and moderne customes, manners, habits & fashions·
097203: BUNYAN JOHN - The Works of John Bunyan with an Introduction to Each Treatise Notes, and a Sketch of His Life, Times, and Contemporaries [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
097367: BURDETT HENRY C. - Hospitals and Asylums of the World: Their Origin, History, Construction, Administration, Management, and Legislation [ Volumes 1 & 2 ]
095753: BURDON W. - The Life and Character of Bonaparte from His Birth to the 15th of August, 1804
095664: BURGESS JOHN CART - A practical essay on the art of flower painting : comprehending instructions in the drawing, chiaro-scuro, choice, composition, coloring, and execution or finishing of flowers, together with General observations and directions; and Accounts. Etcetera
097106: BURKE SIR BERNARD - A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Peerage and Baronetage, The Privy Council, Knightage and Companionage
097104: BURKE SIR BERNARD - A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Peerage and Baronetage, the Privy Council, Knightage and Companionage
098724: BURKE SIR BERNARD - Illuminated Heraldic Illustrations, with Annotations
097108: BURKE SIR BERNARD - A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage, the privy council, knightage and Companionage
097107: BURKE SIR BERNARD - Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Peerage Baronetage and Knightage Privy Council, and Order of Precedence
097105: BURKE SIR BERNARD - A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Peerage and Baronetage, the Privy Council, Knightage and Companionage
099119: BURNE-JONES EDWARD - The Beginning of the World Twenty Five Pictures
097018: BURROWS DONALD [ EDITED BY ] - Musica Britannica a National Collection of Music XCI. William Croft Canticles and Anthems with Orchestra
098676: BURTON WILLIAM - The Description of Leicestershire Containing Matters of Antiquity History Armoury and Genealogy
002350: BURTON R. F. CAPTAIN - The Lands of Cazembe. Being: Lacerda's Journey to Cazembe in 1798. Translated by Captain R.F. Burton. Also: Journey of the Pombeiros P.J. Baptista and Amaro Jose, across Africa from Angola to Tette on the Zambeze. Translated by B.A. Beadle. And: A Resume
097884: N. BURTON; PETER GUILLERY - Behind the Facade: London House Plans, 1660-1840
096857: BURY ADRIAN - Battle with the Dark and Other Poems
009122: BURY ADRIAN - Richard Wilson R. A. The Grand Classic
098945: BUSSY PASCAL & HALL ANDY - The Can Book
098944: BUSSY PASCAL & HALL ANDY - The Can Book
096437: BUTLER CHARLES [ BARRISTER-AT-LAW.] - An historical and literary account of the formularies, confessions of faith, or symbolic books of the Roman Catholic, Greek, and principal Protestant Churches, by the author of the Horæ biblicæ. To which are added four essays.
096064: BUTLER THOMAS - A safe, easy, and expeditious method of procuring any quantity of fresh water at sea : by a Menstruum entirely innocent and inoffensive: Highly beneficial, and earnestly recommended to all Sea-Faring Persons: [ 3 Works Bound in 1 Volume ]
009278: BUTLER SAMUEL - Hudibras in Three Parts Written in the Time of the Late Wars: Corrected and Amended with Large Annotations, and a Preface, By Zachary Grey
097467: BUTLET A. G. - The Three Friends a Story of Rugby in the Forties
098273: BUTLIN MARTIN [ INTRODUCTION BY ] KEYNES GEOFFREY [ PREFACE BY ] - Samuel Palmer's Sketch-Book. 1824 [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099098: BUXTON ANTHONY - Sport in Peace and War
098574: BYRNE & SPON [ EDITED BY ] - Spons' Dictionary of Engineering, Civil, Mechanical, Military, and Naval: With Technical Terms in French, German, Italian, and Spanish [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
096451: BYRON GORGE GORDON [ ANDERSON WILLIAM ] - The Works of Lord Byron with a Life and Illustrated Notes
098319: BYRON LORD - The Works of Lord Byron with His Letters and Journals and His Life By Thomas Moore [ Complete in 17 Volumes ]
096878: CALHOON, ROBERT M.; BARNES, TIMOTHY M.; RAWLYK, GEORGE A. - Loyalists and Community in North America (Contributions to American History)
097998: CALLMANN ELLEN - Apollonio Di Giovanni (Studies in History of Art & Architecture)
096183: CALNE ROY Y. - A Colour Atlas of Liver Transplantation (Colour Atlas on Single Surgical Procedures)
098266: CALZONA ARTURO - Immagine e Ideologia Studi in Onore Di Arturo Carlo Quintavalle
097450: CAMBERWELL - Plan of Borough of Camberwell [ Very Large Folding Map ]
009107: CAMERON JOHN - Association Football and How to Play it
097959: CAMERON KENNETH - The Place-Names of Lincolnshire [ Complete in 7 Volumes ]
095862: CAMPBEL JOHN - A Political Survey of Britain: being a Series of Reflections on the Situation, Lands, Inhabitants, Revenues, Colonies, and Commerce of this Island. Intended to shew that we have not as yet approached near the Summit of Improvement, but that it will Afford
008376: CAMPBELL RAMSEY - The Doll Who Ate His Mother
097327: CAMPBELL JOHN - Thirty Years' Experience of a Medical Officer in the English Convict Service
097389: CAMPBELL JOHN KERR - Rambles in South Africa. The Cape, Natal and Transvaal. A Record of Holiday Travel.
009513: CAMPBELL DR JOHN - Lives of the British Admirals Containing an Accurate Naval History from the Earliest Periods ( Complete in 8 Volumes ) ( Period Leather Bindings )
097588: CAMPBELL [ MAJOR GENERAL JOHN ] - A personal narrative of thirteen years service amongst the wild tribes of Khondistan for the suppression of human sacrifice
097835: CAMPION THOMAS - Fifty Songs
007056: CAMUS ALBERT - Oeuvres Completes d' Albert Camus Notices De Roger Genier ( Complete in 9 Volumes )
098554: CAPEFIGUE M. - Histoire De Philippe-Auguste [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
097939: CAPES ALFRED - The Old And New Churches of London Being A Series Of Illustrations Of The Existing Remains Of Church Architecture In London From The Norman Period To That Of The Great Fire With Numerous Examples Of The Churches Built From The Year 1844 To The Present
096166: CARABOTT, PHILIP; SFIKAS, THANASIS D. - The Greek Civil War: Essays on a Conflict of Exceptionalism and Silences (Publications of the Centre for Hellenic Studies, King's College, London)
096853: CARDWELL EDWARD - Report of the proceedings before the Committee of the House of Commons, on the bill of the Great Central Gas Consumers' Company.
009516: CAREW RICHARD - The Survey of Corwall and an Epistle Concerning the Excellencies of the English Tongue Now First Published from the Manuscript
009509: CARNE JOHN - Syria the Holy Land Asia Minor
098067: CARO BETTINA - Bettina Caro Works from 1975-2010
096175: CARPENTER WILLIAM B. - On the Use and Abuse of Alcoholic Liquors in Health and Disease. Prize Essay
099146: CARRA FERGUSON O'MEARA - Iconography of the Facade of Saint-Gilles-du-Gard
096753: CARROLL LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: An 1865 Printing RE-Described and Newly Identified as the Publisher's "File Copy": with a Revised and Expanded ... 1865 "Alice" Compiled by Selwyn H. Goodacre [ Catalogued By Justin G. Schiller ]
097342: CARROLL LEWIS - The Hunting of the Snark an Agony in Eight Fits
098292: CARSWELL R. [ PRINTED BY ] - Short Guide to Summer Tours in the North of Ireland
098034: CARY J. [ PUBLISHERS ] - New and Accurate Plan of London and Westminster, the Borough of Southwark and Parts Adjacent: Viz, Kensington, Chelsea, Islington, Hackney, Walworth, Newington, &c with an Alphabetical List of Upwards of 500 of the Most Principlal Streets with Reference
099026: CASSIDY BRENDAN [ EDITED BY ] - Iconography at the Crossroads: Papers from the Colloquium Sponsored by the Index of Christian Art, Princeton University, 23-24 March 1990
096915: CAUSEY ANDREW - Paul Nash's Photographs Document and Image
098194: CAVINESS MADELINE H. - Art in the Medieval West and its Audience
097154: CERAMIC SOCIETY - The Englsh Ceramic Society [ 34 Volumes ]
003308: CERBONI THOMAE MARIAE - F. Thomae Mariae Cerboni Ordinis Praedicatorum in Collegio Urbano de Propaganda Fide Sacrae Theologiae Professoris De Theologia Revelata Libri Tres.
009087: CERVANTES SAAVEDRA MIGUEL DE - A Dialogue Between Scipio and Bergansa Two Dogs Belonging to the City of Toledo
097446: CESCINSKY HERBERT - English Furniture from Gothic to Sheraton [ Inscribed By Cescinsky ]
096688: CHAMBERS EPHRAIM - Cyclopædia: or, An universal dictionary of arts and sciences : containing an explication of the terms, and an account of the things signified thereby, in the several arts. [ 4 Volumes. With Supplements ]
098541: CHAMBERS GEORGE F. - A Handbook for East-Bourne, Seaford, Pevensey & Herstmonceux Castles, Wilmington Priory, Michelham Priory, and the Neihbourhood
098758: CHAMBERS WILLIAM & ROBERT [ PUBLISHED BY ] - Chambers's Encyclopaedia a Dictionary of Universal Knowledge [ Complete in 10 Volumes. Leather Bound Set ]
098168: CHAMBON RAYMOND - L'history De La Verrerie En Belgique Du II Siecle a Nos Jour
009249: CHAPPELL WARREN - A Short History of the Printed Word
098502: CHARLES GIRY-DELOISON; LAURENCE BAUDOUX-ROUSSEAU - Le jardin dans les anciens Pays-Bas
098749: CHARLES R. [ PUBLISHER ] - The compiler, choice & select designs from the best authors, furniture & decorations. Compiled and published by R. Charles
099047: CHARLES R. DODWELL - Pictorial Art of the West, 800-1200 (The Yale University Press Pelican History of Art Series)
097888: CHARLES TRACY - English Gothic Choir-stalls, 1400-1550
097496: CHARLETON WALTER - Physiologia Epicuro-Gassendo-Charltoniana: or a Fabrick of Science natural, upon the Hypothesis of Atoms . The first part [all published],
098146: CHARLOTTE LACAZE - The "Vie de St Denis" Manuscript : (Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, Ms. fr. 2090-2092))
097586: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Compared with the Former Editions, and Many Valuable MSS. Out of Which, Three Tales are Added Which Were Never Before Printed
096381: CHEN THOMAS S & CHEN PETER S. - Understanding the Liver: A History (Contributions in Medical History Number 14 )
009292: CHESTERTON GILBERT K. - The Napoleon of Notting Hill
095762: CHEVALIER MICHEL - Des Interets Materiels En France. Travaux Publics. Routes, Canaux, Chemin's De Fer
009503: CHILD SIR JOSIAH - A New Discourse of Trade: wherein are recommended several weighty points, relating to Companies of Merchants; the Act of Navigation, Naturalization of Strangers, and our Woollen Manufactures, Etcetera
098651: CHIRANJIB KUMAR GUPTA - Chemical Metallurgy: Principles and Practice
098551: CHOISEUL-DAILLECOURT - De l'influence des Croisades sur l'état des peuples de l'Europe.
095894: CHOPE R. PEARSE ( EDITED BY ) - Early Tours in Devon and Cornwall
097051: CHRISTOPHER WOOD - Victorian Painters: [ 2 Volumes, Text & Plates ]
097025: CHRISTOPHER TADGELL - The History of Architecture in India from the Dawn of Civilization to the End of the Raj
097816: CHRISTOPHER WEBSTER - A Church as it Should be: The Cambridge Camden Society and Its Influence
098634: CHUBB LOCKS - Chubb Locks and Builders Hardware
008164: CHUNG HENRY - The Russians Came to Korea
097899: CHURCHILL WINSTON S. - The World Crisis
095850: CHURCHILL RANDOLPH S. & GILBERT MARTIN - Winston S. Churchill ( Complete Set 21 Volumes )
097121: CHURCHILL WINSTON S. - Marlborough His Life and Times [ Complete Set, Limited Presentation Edition ]
098835: CICERO MARCUS TULLIU - Opera. M. Tullii Ciceronis Opera. Cum Indicibus et Variis Lectionibus [ Complete in 10 Volumes ]
096793: CICERO MARCUS TULLIU - M. Tullii Ciceronis opera omnia uno volumine comprehensa, curis secundis emendatiora et adnotationibus indicibusque auctiora / edidit Carolus Fridericus Augustus Nobbe
009189: CINCINNATO B. C. - Le Portugal Au Point De Vue Agricole
098629: CLARE E. HORNE - Geometric Symmetry in Patterns and Tilings (Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles)
095872: CLARENDON EDWARD - The History f the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, Begun in the Year 1641. With the precedent Passages, and Actions, that contributed thereunto, and the Happy End, and Conclusion thereof by the King's blessed Restoration. ( Complete 6 Volumes )
008464: CLARENDON EDWARD EARL OF - The History of the Rebellion and Civil War in England, Together with an Historical View of the Affairs of Ireland
008465: CLARENDON EDWARD LORD - The Life of Edward Earl of Clarendon Lord High Chancellor of England and Chancellor of the University of Oxford: In Which is Included a Continuation of His History of the Grand Rebellion
095784: CLARENDON EDWARD - The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England Begun in the Year 1641. Written By the Right Honourable Edward Earl of Clarendon ( Complete in 3 Volumes )
098748: CLARENDON EDWARD - The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, Begun in the Year 1641 [ Complete in 12 Volumes ]
098462: CLARK MAINES - Western Portal of Saint-Loup-de-Naud
008978: CLARK K. R. ( FOREWORD BY LORD MONTAGUE OF BEAUIEU ) - Sixty Miles of Pencil an Intimate Impression of the Brighton Run
097368: CLARK ROBERT [ EDITED BY ] - Golf a Royal Ancient Game
009475: CLARKE G. E. - The History & Description of the Town and Borough of Ipswich Including the Villages and Country Seats in Its Vicinity More Particularly Those Situated on the Banks of the Orwell
001810: CLARKE W. G. - Norfolk & Suffolk
098850: CLARKE STEPHEN REYNOLDS - The New Lancashire Gazetteer. Or Topographical Dictionary, containing an Accurate Description of the Hundreds, Boroughs, Market Towns, Parishes, Townships and Hamlets of the County Palatine of Lancaster.
008861: CLARKE STEPHEN - The British botanist, or, a familiar introduction to the science of botany : explaining the physiology of vegetation, the principles both of the artificial & natural systems of Linnæus and the arrangement of Jussieu ; intended chiefly for the use of Young
099212: CLAUDE KEISCH [ EDITED BY ] - Adolph Menzel, 1815-1905: Between Romanticism and Impressionism
097493: CLAUDE DEBUSSY - Claude Debussy : lettres, 1884-1918
003051: CLEAVER M. M. EDITOR - A Young South African A memoir of Ferrar Reginald Mostyn Cleaver Advocate and Veldcornet (edited by His Mother)
009362: LE CLERC SEBASTIEN - Traite d' Architecture
097722: CLERC JEAN LE - Geschiedenissen der vereenigde Nederlanden [ 73 Plates ]
097906: CLUTTERBUCK ROBERT - The History And Antiquities Of The County Of Hertford; Compiled From The Best Printed Authorities And Original Records, Preserved In Public Repositories And Private Collections: Embellished With Views Of The Most Curious, Etc. [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
097526: COATTS MARGOT - Portable Pleasures & Edible Architecture [ 2 Volumes ]
099078: COBBETT WILLIAM - Rural Rides in the Counties [ 2 Volumes. Leather Bindings ]
008786: COBURN KATHLENN ( EDITED BY ) - The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Colefidge ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
098298: COCHRAN ROBERT - Report of the Excursion of the Cambrian Archaeological Association In Connexion With The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, to the Western Islands of Scotland, Orkney, and Caithness, June 1899.
098032: COCHRAND ROBERT - Galway [ Programme and Guide of Excursion in Connexion with the Connaught Meeting of the Society at Galway, on Monday, July 1st, 1901. With Papers on Ichagoill and Kilcoldgan Excursion. By the Rev. Jerome Fahey. [ Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland ]
009092: COCKBURN J. S. & GREEN THOMAS A. ( EDITED BY ) - Twlelve Good Men and True the Criminal Trial Jury in England 1200-1800
008911: COE ARTHUR - The Science and Practice of Gas Supply, Including the Economics of Gas Supply
098912: COE GROVER - Concentrated Organic Medicines: Being a Practical Exposition of the Therapeutic Properties and Clinical Employment of the Combined Proximate Medicinal Constituents of Indigenous and Foreign Plants.
098871: COHEN AMMON & LEWIS BERNARD - Population and revenue in the towns of Palestine in the sixteenth Century
008216: COHN HERMANN - Untersuchungen Der Augen Von 10060 Schulkindern Nebst Vorschlagen Zur Verbesserung Der Den Augen Nachtheiligen Schuleinrichtungen
000820: COKE GERALD - In Search of James Giles (1718-1780)
099218: COKER E. G. - A Treatise on Photo-Elasticity
098055: COLASANTI A. - Ceilings of the Italian Renaissance from the XIV to the XVIII Century
098855: COLBY FREDERIC THOMAS [ EDITED BY ] - The Visitation of the County of Somerset in the Year 1623
098959: COLDHAM PETER WILSON - Complete Book of Emigrants, 1751-1776:
098960: COLDHAM PETER WILSON - Complete Book of Emigrants, 1700-1750:
096611: COLE CAROL CASSIDY - Velvet Paws and Shiny Eyes
007096: COLEMAN CHARLES - The mythology of the Hindus / with notices of various mountain and island tribes, inhabiting the two peninsulas of India and the neighbouring islands; and an appendix, comprising the minor avatars and the mythological and religious terms, &c. &c., of the
096851: COLES NEIL - Neil Coles on Golf
096816: COLIN HUGHES - Lime, Lemon and Sarsaparilla: Italian Community in South Wales, 1881-1945
098902: COLIN HOLMES - Anti-Semitism in British Society, 1876-1939
099138: COLLECTIF - L'oeuvre de Limoges: Art et histoire au temps des Plantagenets : actes du colloque organisé au Musée du Louvre par le Service culturel, le 16 et 17 novembre 1995 (Louvre conférences et colloques)
098573: COLLECTIF - Minotaure 1933 1934-1936 1936-1939 [ Complete 3 Volumes ]
099037: COLLECTIF; ROLF, DAGMAR; BENET, JULIE - Les peintres du roi, 1648-1793: Musée des beaux-arts de Tours, 18 mars-18 juin 2000, Musée des Augustins à Toulouse, 30 juin-2 octobre 2000
096614: COLLINS C. TRELAWNY - Peranzabuloe the Lost Church Found: Or the Church of England Not a New Church, But Ancient, Apostolical, and Independent and a Protesting Chuch Nine Hundered Years Before the Reformation
009146: COLQUHOUN ARCHIBALD R. - Across Chryse Being the Narrative of a Journey of Exploration Through the South China Border Lands from Canton to Mandalay
009277: COLVIN H. M. EDITOR - The History of the King's Works ( 6 Volumes, Plus Volume of Plans )
096785: COMMON PRAYER - The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of the Church of England: together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches
097215: COMMON PRAYER - The Booke of Common Prayer [ Bound with the Psalter & Psalmes ]
096497: COMMON PRAYER [ BOUND WITH THE WHOLE BOOK OF PSALMS ] - THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, And Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches
096965: COMMON PRAYER - The Book of Common Prayer [ Bound with Hymns Ancient and Modern ]
096023: LE COMTE P. LOUIS - Nouveaux Memoires Sur L'etat Present De La Chine
098922: CONDER, LIEUT. COL. C. R. - The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem 1099 To 1291 A. D
098534: CONOLLY M. E. - Fifiana or Memorials of the East of Fife
098309: CONRAD JOSEPH - Suspense
098782: CONSTANTINE JOSEPH - Fifty Years of the Water Cure. With Autobiographical Notes
009376: COOK THEODORE ANDREA - A Short History of the Olympic Movement from 1896 to the Present Day, Containing the Account of a Visit to Athens in 1906, and of the Olympic Games of 1908 in London, Together with the Code of Rules for Twenty Different Forms of Sport and Numerous , Etc
097649: COOK THEODORE ANDREA - The Fourth Olympiad Being the Official Report of the Olympic Games of 1908
097685: COOK COLONEL - Observations on Fox Hunting, and the Management of Hounds in the Kennel and the Field. Addressed to a Young Sportsman, About to Undertake a Hunting Establishment
098852: COOKE ROBERT & FOSTER JOSEPH - The Visitation of Herefordshire Made By Robert Cooke, Clarencieux in 1569
098827: COOKE JOHN - Handbook for Travellers in Ireland
096513: COOMBES ALLEN J. - The Book of Leaves a Leaf By Leaf Guide to Six Hundred of the World's Great Trees
096394: COOPER BRYAN - The Tenth [ Irish ] Division in Gallipoli
097220: COOPER FRANCES MARY - The Cat's Festival
004494: COOPER C. P. - Correspondence of C. P. Cooper Esq Secretary to the Board with Thomas Thomson Deputy Clerk Rigister Memorial of Robert Pitcairn Reports of the Deputy Clerk Register from 1822 to 1831
003345: COOPER WILLIAM DURRANT - A Glossary of the Provincialisms in Use in the County of Sussex
098329: COPAGE ALAN F. - The Chadkirk Story
096733: COPPLESTONE TREWIN - Michelangelo
009076: CORBETT B. O. ( EDITED BY ) - Annals of the Corinthian Football Club
096805: LE CORBUSIER - The City of Tomorrow and Its Planning [ Translated from the 8th French Edition of Urbanisme with an Introduction By Frederick Etchells ]
096892: LE CORBUSIER - The Electronic Poem by le Corbusier
098017: CORDIER NICOLAS - Nicolas Cordier Recherches Sur La Sculpture a Rome Autour De 1600 [ Collection De L'ecole Francaise De Rome-73 ] [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
095898: CORIO BERNARDINO - L'historia di Milano / volgarmente scritta dall' eccellentissimo oratore M. Bernardino Corio ... ; nella quale non solamente si veggono l'origine, i fatti, & le fortune di essa Citta` nello spatio di duo mille et cento anni ; ma gli accidenti, & le Revolu
097016: CORK RICHARD - Vorticism and Abstract Art in the First Machine Age [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
096870: CORNFORTH JOHN - Country houses in britain can they Survive
098809: CORTES JOSE MIGUEL G. - Irudi Lausotua Trabestismoa Eta Indentitea Artean. El Rostro Velado Travestismo e Identidad En El Arte
097814: COSTEN MICHAEL - Anglo-Saxon Somerset
095952: COTTON SIR SYDNEY LIEUT-GENERAL - Nine Years on the North West Frontier of India from 1854 to 1863
096153: COULL THOMAS - The History and Traditions of Islington
096980: COUPLAND W. C. - The Elements of Mental and Moral Science
009075: COURAGE GUY MAJOR - The History of 15/19 the King's Royal Hussars 1939-1945 with a Foreword By Brigadier Sir Henry Floyd
098958: COURTAULD [ INSCRIBED COPY ] - Some Silver Wrought By the Courtauld Family of London Goldsmiths in the Eighteenth Century
008867: COWAN JAMES - Balgo Hills Aboriginal Paintings : Poster Book
097498: COWEN CHARLES [ EDITED BY ] - The South African Exhibition, Port Elizabeth , 1885.
009584: COWLEY ABRAHAM - The Works of Mr Abraham Cowley. Consisting of those which were formerly printed and those which he design' for the press, published out of the Author's original copies with the Cutter of Coleman-Street. ( Complete in 3 Volumes )
096594: COWPER WILLIAM - The life and works of William Cowper, Esq. : comprising his poems, correspondence, and translations. With a life of the author, by the editor, Robert Southey [ Complete in 15 Volumes ]
002606: COX NICHOLAS - The Gentlemans Recreation
096426: COXE WILLIAM - Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough; with his original correspondence: collected from the family records at Blenheim and other authentic sources: Illustrated with portraits, maps and military Plans ( Complete in 3 Volumes )
097943: COZENS-WALKER MARY - Objects of Obsession 1955-2011
097945: CRAIK GEORGE - The New Zealanders [ the Library of Entertaining Knowledge ]
098208: CRAWFORD HERNY S. - Handbook of Carved Ornament from Irish Monuments of the Christian Period
096095: CRAWFORTH MICHAEL A. - Weighing Coins: English Folding Gold Balances of the 18th and 19th Centuries
097326: CRÉBILLON PROSPER JOLYOT DE - Oeuvres De Crebilon [ Complete in 3 Volumes ] [ Nice Tree Calf Bindings ]
098834: CREIGHTON MANDELL - The Story of Some English Shires [ Limited Edition. Vellum Binding ]
097815: CREIGHTON OLIVER H. - Designs Upon the Land Elite Landscapes of the Middle Ages
008987: CRESCI GIOVAN FRANCESCO - Essemplare Di Piv Sorti Lettere
099093: CRICHTON ANDREW - History of Arabia Ancient and Modern [ Complete in 2 Volumes ] [ Bookplate of Peake Pasha ]
097563: CRICHTON ANDREW - History of Arabia and Its People an Account of the Country and Its Inhabitants, the Life and Religion of Mohammed, the Conquest, Etc
098237: CRICHTON G. H. & E. R. - Nicola Pisano and the Revival of Sculpture in Italy
098725: CRISP FREDERICK ARTHUR [ IN THE POSSESSION OF ] - Armorial China a Catalogue of Chinese Porcelain with Coats of Arms in the Possession of Frederick Arthur Crisp
009094: CROCKER T. CROFTON - Killarney Legends Arranged as a Guide to the Lakes
097895: CROKER T. CROFTON - The Tour of the French Traveller M. De La Boullaye Le Gouz in Ireland, A. D. 1644
009455: CROLE ANTHONY THE REV - The Order Observed at the Opening of the Countess of Huntingdon's College at Cheshunt Hertfordshire on Friday the 24th of August, 1792; with the Admonitory Address or Charge, Etctera
098620: CROWLEY DAVID & MUZYCZUK DANIEL - Sounding the Body Electric : Experiments in Art and Music in Eastern Europe 1957-1984
096804: CRUICKSHANK DAN & WYLD PETER - London: Art of Georgian Building
098538: CUDWORTH WILLIAM - Round About Bradford a Series of Sketches
008775: CULIN STEWART - A Trooper's Narrative of Service in the Anthracite Coal Strick 1902
002063: CUMMING JOSEPH GEORGE - The Isle of Man; Its History, Physical, Ecclesiastical , Civil, and Legendary
097921: CUNLIFFE BARRY - Excavations At Portchester Castle [ 4 Volumes, Plus Separate Folder ]
097845: CUNNINGHAM COLIN & WATERHOUSE PRUDENCE - Alfred Waterhouse 1830-1905
095605: CURWEN J. C. - Observations on the State of Ireland, Principally Directed to Its Agriculture and Rural Population; in a Series of Letters, Written on a Tour Through That Country
009386: CUSSANS JOHN EDWIN - History of Hertfordshire: Containing an Account of the Descents of the Varoius Manors; Pedigrees of Families Connected with the County; Antiquities, Local, Customs, Etctera
098100: CUTLER ANTHONY - Image Making in Byzantium, Sasanian Persia and the Early Muslim World
098839: D'ARCHENHOLTZ .JOHANN WILHELM VON ARCHENHOLZ - Histoire de la guerre de sept ans, commencée en 1756, et terminée en 1763.
097449: DACRE LADY [ BARBARINA BRAND ] [ INSCRIBED COPY ] - Dramas Translations and Occasional Poems
096778: DAGLEY ELIZABETH FRANCES - The Birthday with Other Tales
097567: DALI SALVADOR [ FRANCIS SCARPE ] - Metamorphosis of Narcissu
098179: DAMISCH HUBERT - Traité du trait: Tractatus tractus
099209: DAMISCH HUBERT - The Origin of Perspective
096995: DAMM CHRISTIANUS TOBIAS - Novum lexicon Graecum etymologicum et reale : cui pro basi substratae sunt concordantiae et elucidationes Homericae et Pindaricae cum indice universali Alphabetico
097791: DANIELS ROBIN - Anglo-Saxon Hartlepool and the Foundations of English Christianity
096889: DANNATT TREVOR [ EDITED BY ] - Architects Year Book [ Book 8 ]
007074: DANTE ALIGHIERI - Inferno
096440: DARE M. PAUL - Indian underworld; a first-hand account of Hindu saints, sorcerers, and Superstitions
096836: DARTON F. J. HARVEY - From Surtees to Sassoon Some English Contrasts ( 1838-1928 )
004359: DAUDET ALPHONSE - Contes Du Lundi
004361: DAUDET ALPHONSE - Oeuvres De Alphonse Daudet
096194: DAVID RUSSELL - Scenes from Bedlam: A History of Caring for the Mentally Disordered at Bethlem Royal Hospital and the Maudsley
098815: DAVID HILBERT; S. COHN-VOSSEN - Geometry and the Imagination
098169: DAVID CHAMBERS [ EDITED BY ] - War, Culture and Society in Renaissance Venice: Essays in Honour of John Hale
097778: DAVID HOROVITZ - The Place-names of Staffordshire
098870: DAVID S. KATZ - The Jews in the History of England, 1485-1850
098957: DAVID SANCTUARY HOWARD - Chinese Armorial Porcelain. Volume II
096489: DAVIES JOE - How I Play Snooker [ Signed Copy ]
008971: DAVIES, CECIL - Plays of Ernst Toller : A Revelation
097297: DAVILA ARRIGO CATERINO - Dell' Istoria Delle Guerre Civili Di Francia [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
098793: DAVIS ARTHUR - The Hebrew Accents of the Twenty-one Books of the Bible
098612: DAVIS CHANDLER & ELLERS ERICH W. - The Coxeter Legacy: Reflections and Projections (amsns AMS non-series title)
097469: DAVISON ELLEN SCOTT [ EDITED BY GERTRUDE R. B. RICHARDS ] - Forerunners of Saint Francis and Other Studies
009104: DAVY C. - Architectural Precedents with Notes and Observations ( Seven Parts Bound in One Volume )
005089: DAWLISH PETER - Captain Peg Leg's War
098468: DAWSON E. C. - James Hannington. First Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa
009287: DAWSON MAJOR A. J. - Britain's Life Boats the Story of a Century of Heroic Service ( Limited Signed By Edward The Prince of Wales )
097513: DEANNA FARNETI CERA - Costume Jewellery: Jewels of Miriam Haskell
008812: DEARN T. D. W. - The Bricklayer’s Guide to the Mensuration of all sorts of Brick-Work, according to the London practice, with observations on the causes and cure of smoaky chimnies, the formation of drains, and the best construction of ovens to be heated with coals, etc.
098737: DEBRETT J. [ PUBLISHER ] - The Peerage of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098738: DEBRETT J. [ PUBLISHER ] - The Pocket Peerage of England, Scotland, & Ireland, Containing the Descent and Present State of Every Noble Family with the Extinct, Forfeited and Dormant Titles of the Three Kingdoms [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098318: DEFOE DANIEL - The Shakespeare Head Edition of the Novels and Selected Writings of Daniel Defoe [ Complete in 14 Volumes ]
098613: DEMAINE, ERIK D. - Geometric Folding Algorithms
004979: DEMOUSTIER C. A. - Lettres a Emilie Sur La Mythologie
099033: DEMPSEY CHARLES [ EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY ] - Quattrocento Adriatico: Fifteenth-Century Art of the Adriatic Rim (Villa Spelman Colloquia, Vol 5)
095854: DENNE JOHN DR. REV. - The following register of benefactions to the parish of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex, was collected and composed by the Rev. Dr. John Denne, vicar of the said Parish, and Archdeacon of Rochester; in the year 1745. Messrs. Richard Bowles, and Peter B
009359: DENNIS GEORGE - The Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria
099112: DERRICKE JOHN - The Image of Irelande with a Discoverie of Woodkarne [ Limited Edition ]
003209: DESBOROUGH V. R. D'A - Protogeometric Pottery
098023: DESHEN SHLOMO & ZENNER WALTER P. [ EDITED BY ] - Jews among Muslims: Communities in the Precolonial Middle East
004499: DEVON FREDERICK - Issues of the Exchequer Being Payments Made Out of His Majesty's Revenue During the Reign of King James I
006057: DEVON FREDERICK - Issue Roll of Thomas De Brantingham Bishop of Exeter Lord High Treasurer of England Contating Payments Made Out of His Majesty's Revenue in the 44th Year of King Edward III A. D. 1370
006058: DEVON FREDERICK - Issues of the Exchequer Being Payments Made Out of His Majesty's Revenue During the Reign of King James I
006064: DEVON FREDERICK - Issue Roll of Thomas De Brantingham Bishop of Exeter Lord High Treasurer of England Contating Payments Made Out of His Majesty's Revenue in the 44th Year of King Edward III A. D. 1370
097736: DIACK WILLIAM - Rise and Progress of the Granite Industry in Aberdeen
097605: DICKENS CHARLES - The Personal History of David Copperfield
097216: DICKENS CHARLES - Dombey and Son
097535: DICKENS CHARLES - Works of Charles Dickens [ Complete in 15 Volumes ] in Period Bookcase
097254: DICKENS CHARLES - The Mystery of Edwin Drood
097604: DICKENS CHARLES - Bleak House
096156: DICKENS CHARLES - The Chimes: a Goblin Story of Some Bells That Rang an Old Year Out and a New Year in
099085: DICKES WILLIAM FREDERICK - The Norwich School of Painting Being a Full Account of the Norwich Exhibitions the Lives of the Painters the Lists of their Respective Exhibits and Descriptions of the Pictures[ Limited Edition ]
096671: DICKINSON H. T. - Caricatures and the Constitution, 1760-1832 (The English satirical print, 1600-1832)
098670: DICKINSON WILLIAM - The History and Antiquities of the Town of Newark, in the County of Nottingham, (the Sidnacester of the Romans), Interspersed with Biographical Sketches, and Embellished with Engravings
008903: DICKINSON ROBERT EDITED BY - The Registers of the Parish Church of Gawsworth in the County of Chester 1557-1837
099095: DICKSON H. R. P. - Kuwait and Her Neighbours
095899: DICKSON WILLIAM - Letters on Slavery to Which are Added Addresses to the Whites, and to the Free Negroes of Barbadoes
098549: DIONYSIUS OF HALICARNASSUS - Les Antiquitez Romaines De Denys D'halicarnasse [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
008941: DIONYSIUS CARTHUSIANUS. - D. Dionysii Carthusiani in Evangelium Iohannis enarratio praeclara admodum, exaltera eaq[ue] diligentissima ad archetypon Recognitione
096962: DIVER MAUD - The Englishwoman in India
098626: DIXON JAMES - Catalogue of James Dixon & Sons Ltd. Silversmiths, Cornish Place, Sheffield, London, Melbourne, Sydney
009071: DODD GEORGE - Days at the Factories or the Manufacturing Industry of Great Britian Described and Illustrated By Numerous Engravings of Machines and Processes ( Series 1- London )
096123: DODD GEORGE - British Manufactures [ Series 4/5/6 ]
009284: DODD JAMES WILLIAM - Ballads of Archery, Sonnets, Etc
097781: DODDS BEN & BRITNELL RICHARD - Agriculture and Rural Society After the Black Death Common Themes and Regional Variations
008043: DODGSON CAMPBELL - The Etchings of James McNeill Whistler
097349: DODSLEY ROBERT [ EDITED BY ] - A Collection of Several Hands [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
009573: DODSWORTH WILLIAM - An Historical Account of the Episcopal See, and Cathedral Church of Sarum, or Salisbury: Comprising Biographical Notices of the Bishops, Etcetera
098990: A DON [ STEPHEN LESLIE ] - Sketches from Cambridge [ Reprinted from the '' Pall Mall Gazette.'' ]
097452: DONALD CURRIE [ PUBLISHED BY ] - The Castle Line Atlas Of South Africa
000847: DONALD ROBERT - The Imperial Press Conference in Canada
097777: DONATELLA CALABI - The Market and the City: Square, Street and Architecture in Early Modern Europe (Historical Urban Studies Series)
098599: DOROTHY K. WASHBURN; DONALD W. CROWE - Symmetries of Culture: Theory and Practice of Plane Pattern Analysis
098909: DORVAULT - L'Officine ou Répertoire général de pharmacie Pratique
097007: DOSTOYEVSKY (FYODOR). - Crime and Punishment. A Russian Realistic Novel
097897: DOYLE J. B. - Tours in Ulster: a Hand-Book to the Antiquities and Scenery of the North of Ireland
097981: DOYLE J. B. & A.B.R. - The antiquities and folk-lore of Ireland; being the Lake-lore, or An antiquarian guide to some of the ruins and recollections of Killarney, By A.B.R. And the Antiquities and Secery of the North of Ireland By J. B. Doyle
096470: DRURY NEVILL & VOIGT ANNA - Fire and Shadow: Spirituality in Contemporary Australian Art
097464: DUBLIN - Report from the Committee on the City of Dublin Election Petition: And Also, the Minutes of Evidence Taken Before Them
008180: DUBOIS J. A. - Moeurs Institutions et Ceremonies Des Peuples De L'inde
098842: DUBOS, JEAN-BAPTISTE - Histoire de la Ligue faite à Cambray entre Jules II. Pape, Maximilien I. Empereur, Louis XII. Roy de France, Ferdinand V. Roy d'Arragon, & tous les Princes d'Italie. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098817: B. A. DUBROVIN; A. T. FOMENKO; S. P. NOVIKOV - Modern Geometry Methods and Applications: Part III: Introduction to Homology Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)
097653: DUFFY MICHAEL [ SERIES EDITOR ] - Walpole and the Robinocracy. Crime and the Law in English Satirical Prints. The Common People and Politics. Religion in the Popular Prints. The American Revolution. Caricatures and the Constitution.The Englishman and the Foreigner [ 7 Volumes ]
098066: DUFRENNE SUZY & NERSESSIAN SIRARPIE DER - L'illustration Des Psautiers Grecs Du Moyen Age [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099215: DUFY RAOUL - Raoul Dufy 1877-1953
096349: DUGDALE THOMAS - Curiosities of Great Britain [ England & Wales Delinated, Historical, Entertaining & Commercial ]
097770: DUGDALE WILLIAM - The Antiquities of Warwickshire Illustrated; From Records, Leiger-Books, Manuscripts, Charters, Evidences, Tombes, and Armes: Beautified With Maps, Prospects and Portraictures.
096588: DUGGAN G. C. - The Watchers on Gallipoli
098747: DULAURE J. A. - Histoire physique, civile et morale de Paris depuis les premiers temps historiques. [ Complete in 10 Volumes ] ]
098692: DUMAS ALEXANDER - Celebrated Crimes
098493: DUMOULIN ANDRE - Un Joyau De L'art Judaique Francais: La Synagogue De Cavaillon
004113: DUNCAN P. MARTIN - Natural History ( Complete in 6 Volumes )
004151: DUNCAN P. MARTIN - Natural History ( Complete, 6 Volumes Bound in Three )
098988: DUNEDIN [ NEW ZEALAND ] - Dunedin the City Beautiful 72 Views
002548: DUNN WILLIAM - Notes Upon the Divinity of Kings
009328: DUNN BARRIE D. - Metallurgical Assessment of Spacecraft Parts and Materials
098337: EARWAKER J. P. - East Cheshire Past And Present Or A History Of The Hundred Of Macclesfield In The County Palatine Of Chester From Original Records [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
008895: EARWAKER J. P. - The Constables’ Accounts of the Manor of Manchester from the year 1612 to the year 1647, and from the year 1743 to the year 1776. (3 Vols). [Printed under the superintendence of a committee appointed by the municipal council of the city of Manchester
096558: EDWARD STANFORD [ PUBLISHER ] - Stanford's New Two Inch Map of London and Its Environs [ Municipal Edition ]
097960: EDWARD STANFORD [ PUBLISHER ] - Stanford's Map of the County of London [ from Stanmore. N.W. Chigwell. N.E. Merton. S.W. Chislehurst S.E. ]
097664: EDWARD STANFORD [ PUBLISHERS ] - Collins' Standard Map of London [ Large Coloured Map ]
097934: EDWARD ROBERTS - Hampshire Houses 1250-1700. Their Dating & Development
009012: EDWARDS JOHN - The Tour of the Dove a Poem with Occasional Pieces
098593: EDWIN RICHARDS & SONS - Illustrated Catalogue. Axles, Springs, Carriage Hardware [ Portway Works, Wednesbury, Staffordshire ]
097669: EGAN PIERCE - Life in London; or, the Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq. and His Elegant Friend Corinthian Tom. Accompanied by Bob Logic, the Oxonian, in Their Rambles and Sprees through the Metropolis
098510: EHLERS JOACHIM & KOTZSCHE DIETRICH - Der Welfenschatz und sein Umkreis
098892: EIDELBERG SHLOMO - The Jews and the Crusades: Hebrew Chronicles of the First and Second Crusades
008549: EITEL ERNEST J. REV - Three Lectures on Buddhism
098811: EKELOF STIG [ EDITED BY ] - Catalogue of books and papers relating to the History of Electricity in the library of the Institute for Theoretical Electricity, Chalmers University of Technology. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098644: ELENA UNGEHEUER - Wie Die Elektronische Musik Erfunden Wur (Kölner Schriften zur neuen Musik)
099201: ELIANE VERGNOLLE; COLLECTIF - La création architecturale en Franche-Comté au XIIème siècle. : Du roman au gothique
095834: ELIENS TITUS M. ( EDITOR ) - Avant Garde Design: Dutch Decorative Arts 1880-1940
098830: ELIOT GEORGE [ MARY ANNE EVANS ] - Works [ Complete in 12 Volumes ]
096757: ELIOT T. S. - Geoffrey Faber 1889-1961
099132: ELISABETH DE BIEVRE - Utrecht: Britain and the Continent - Archaeology, Art and Architecture (British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions)
099126: ELLERN DR HERBERT - Military and Civilian Pyrotechnics
097847: ELLIOTT JOHN & PRITCHARD JOHN [ EDITED BY ] - George Edmund Street: A Victorian Architect in Berkshire
096737: ELLIS WILLIAM - Polynesian Researches, during a residence of nearly six years in the South Sea Islands; including descriptions of the natural history and scenery of the islands-with remarks on the history, mythology, traditions, Government. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
097178: ELLIS ROBERT - Disease in Childhood, Its Common Causes, and Directions for Its Practical Management
002515: ELLISON THOMAS - Slavery and Secession in America Historical and Economical
098640: ELSPETH LAMB - Papermaking for Printmakers (Printmaking Handbooks)
099039: ELTON W. R. - Shakespeares Troilus and Cressida and the Inns of Court Revels
098473: EMANUEL HARRY - Diamonds and Precious Stones Their History, Value, and Distinguishing Characteristics
098632: EMINA CEVRO VUCOVIC - Toni Meneguzzo Frammenti
098527: EMMERSON RICHARD K. [ EDITED BY ] - Studies in Iconography. Volume 20, 1999
098490: ENDELMAN TODD M. - Radical Assimilation in English Jewish History, 1656-1945
097318: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1922 ]
097316: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1923 ]
095976: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer
095977: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer 1928
097313: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1928 ]
097317: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1923 ]
097312: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1926 ]
095975: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer 1933
097314: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1929 ]
097315: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1921 ]
097311: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1927 ]
097322: ENGINEERING - Engineering an Illustrated Weekly Journal [ 11 Volumes ], [ 1941 to 1946 ]
097323: ENGINEERING - Engineering an Illustrated Weekly Journal [1947]
097321: ENGINEERING - Engineering an Illustrated Weekly Journal [ 1956 ]
097320: ENGINEERING - Engineering an Illustrated Weekly Journal [ 1955 ]
098491: ENLART CAMMILLE - Volles Mortes Du Moyen Age
095804: ENSOR JAMES - James Ensor: Catalogue raisonné des Peintures ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
098925: EPSTEIN ISIDORE - Studies in the Communal Life of the Jews of Spain: As Reflected in the Responses of Rabbi Solomon ben Adreth and Rabbi Simon ben Zemach Duran
099066: ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS - Des. Erasmi Roterod. Colloquia nunc Emendatiora
009530: ERASMUS DESIDEROIUS - Paraphraseon Des. Erasmi Roterodami, in Nouum Testamentum : uidelicet in quatuor Euangelia, & Acta apostolorum, nunc Postremum ab autore non oscitanter recognitus.
096550: ERIK ORSENNA; GÉRARD MACÉ - Henri Cartier-Bresson: Landscape/Townscape: City and Landscapes
096323: ERLANDE-BRANDENBURG, ALAIN - The Cathedral: The Social and Architectural Dynamics of Construction (Cambridge Studies in the History of Architecture)
098070: ERWIN PANOFSKY - Codex Huygens and Leonardo Da Vinci's Art Theory
097989: ESLER ROBERT - Guide to Belfast, Giant's Causeway, and North of Ireland
009451: ETCHEBASTER PIERRE - Pierre's Book the Game of Court Tennis
095760: ETIENNE VICTOR JOSEPH ( ETIENNE DE JOUY ) - L'hermite De Londres Ou Observations Sur Moeurs et Usages Des Anglais Au Commencement Du XIX Siecle
095756: ETIENNE VICTOR JOSEPH ( ETIENNE DE JOUY ) - L'hermite De La Chaussee Dantin ( 5 Volumes )
095757: ETIENNE VICTOR JOSEPH ( ETIENNE DE JOUY ) - Les Hermites En Prison, Par E. Jouy et A. Jay
095759: ETIENNE VICTOR JOSEPH ( ETIENNE DE JOUY ) - Guillaume Le Franc-Parleur Ou Observations Sur Les Moeurs et Les Usages Francais Au Commencement Du XIX Siecle
099173: ETTINGHAUSEN RICHARD - Aus Der Welt Der Islamischen Kunst. Festschrift Fur Ernst Kuhnel Zum 75. Geburtstag am 26.10.1957.
098797: EUCLID [ WILLIAM WHEWELL ] - The mechanical Euclid,: Containing the elements of mechanics and hydrostatics demonstrated after the manner of the elements of geometry; and Including. Reasoning and on the logic of Induction
098687: EUCLIDE [ HENRION D. ] - Les Quinze livres des Elemens d'Euclide. Traduicts de Latin en François par D. Henrion Mathematicien. Seconde édition, Reueuë, corrigée & augmentée.
098791: EULER LEONARD - Elements of algebra, compiled from Garnier's French translation of Leonhard Euler
098838: EUSTACE JOHN CHETWODE REV. - A Classical Tour Through Italy By the Rev. John Chetwode Eustace [ from the Sixth London Edition ] [ Complete in 2 Volumes. Vellum Bindings ]
098525: EVANS JOAN - Dress in Mediaeval France
098252: EVANS JOAN - Pattern a Study of Ornament in Western Europe from 1180 to 1900 [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
008980: EVANS G. H. VETY-CAPT - A Treatise on Elephants Their Treatment in Health and Disease
097166: EVANS E. P. - The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals
098133: EVE BORSOOK - Messages in Mosaic: Royal Programmes of Norman Sicily, 1130-87
095608: EVELYN JOHN ( WITH NOTES BY A. HUNTER ) - Silva or a Discourse of Forest Trees and the Propagation of Timber in His Majesty's Dominions ( Terra A Philosophical Discourse of Earth Has a Separate Title Page )
098325: EVELYN ACKERMAN - The genius of Moritz Gottschalk: Blue and red roof dollhouses, stores, kitchens, stables, and other miniature structures
098861: EVERARD JOHN - Nymph and Naiad
098761: EVERARD JAMES [ BARON ARUNDELL - Hundred of Dunworth and Vale of Noddre
098794: EVERETT J. D. - Elementary Treatise on Natural Philosophy. Based on the Traite De Physique of A. Privat Deschanel [ Complete in 4 Parts ]
097889: FADEN WILLIAM [ PUBLISHER ] - The Country Twenty-Five Miles Round London [ from Windsor to Basildon, and Ware to Reigate ] Large Coloured Map
095937: FADEN WILLIAM - A Topographical Map of the Country Twenty Miles Round London Planned from a Scale of Two Miles to an Inch By William Faden Geographer to the King
096942: FAITHHORN JOHN - Facts and observations on liver complaints, and bilious disorders in general, and on those derangements of that important organ, and of its immediate or intimate connections, which most sensibly influence the biliary secretion, with practical Deductions
098280: FARCY M. LOUIS DE - La Briderie Du XIe Siecle Jusqu'a Nos Jours D'apres Des Specimens Authentiques et Les Anciens Inventaires
098181: FARKAS ANN E. [ EDITED BY ] - Monsters and demons in the ancient and medieval worlds: Papers presented in honor of Edith Porada
098974: FARNHAM GEORGE F. [ COMPILED BY ] - Leicestershire Medieval Pedigrees
009045: FARNOL JEFFERY - The Amateur Gentleman
009120: FARRAR GUY B. { FOREWORD BY BERNARD DARWIN ) - The Royal Liverpool Golf Club a History 1869-1932
099086: FARRER REV EDMUND - The Church Heraldry of Norfolk: a Description of All Coats of Arms on Brasses, Monuments, Slabs, Hatchments, &c. Now to be Found in the County [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
097180: FARROW THOMAS - The Money Lender Unmasked
095945: FAULKNER T. - An Historical and Topographical Account of Fulham Including the Hamlet of Hammersmith
098576: FAVIER JEAN [ PREFACE BY M. EDMOND LABBE ] - Exposition Internationale Paris 1937 [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
008179: FEARNE CHARLES - The Posthumous Works of Charles Fearne . . . Consisting of A Reading on the Statute of Inrolments, Arguments in the singular Case of General Stanwix, and A Collection of Cases and Opinions. Selected from the Author's Manuscripts by Thomas Mitchell Shadwel
097546: FEARNSIDE W. G. [ EDITED BY ] - Tombleson's View of the Rhine
009531: FEDDERSEN, JUTTA - Soft Sculpture and Beyond : An International Perspective
098877: FELDMAN RABBI DR A. - The Parables and Similes of the Rabbis Agricultural and Pastoral
098109: FELICITY O'MAHONY [ EDITED BY ] - The Book of Kells: Conference Proceedings, Trinity College Dublin 1992
095873: FELLOWES W. D. - A visit to the monastery of La Trappe, in 1817: with notes, taken during a tour through Le Perce, Normandy, Bretagne, Poitou, Anjou, Le Bocage, Touraine, Orleanois, and the environs of Paris.
097050: FELSTEAD, ALISON; FRANKLIN, JONATHAN; PINFIELD, LESLIE - Directory of Victorian Architects, 1834-1900
009587: FENTON RICHARD - A Historical Tour Through Pembrokeshire
098012: FERRARA MIRANDA & QUINTERIO FRANCESCO - Michelozzo Di Bartolomeo
096401: FERUS JOHANN [ 1495-1554 ] - R.D. Ioan. Feri Moguntinae ecclesiae concionatoris, in sanctorum festa quae per totum annum in catholica celebrantur ecclesia, postillae. Nunc demùm per R.D. Ioannem à Via ... latinitate Donatae
099076: FFISKE HENRY - The Fiske Family Papers
009532: FIELDING T. H. - British Castles or a Compendious History of the Ancient Military Structures of Great Britain
096008: FINCH WILLIAM COLES - Watermills & Windmills a Historical Survey of Their Rise, Decilne and Fall as Portrayed By Those of Kent
097408: FINDEN W. AND E. - Findens' Tableaux of National Characters, Beauty, and Costume. Containing a Series of Sixty-one Beautiful Illustrations. [ Complete in 2 Volumes. Fine Bindings ]
098103: FINIGUERRA MASO - A Florentine Picture-Chronicle Being a Series of Ninety-nine Drawings Representing Scenes and Personages of Ancient History Sacred and Profane Reproduced from the Originals in the British Museum
098814: M. FISH; D. HALLBERY; HALLBURY - "Cabaret Voltaire": The Art of the Sixth Sense
097633: FISHER ALEXANDER - A Journal of a Voyage of Discovery to the Arctic Regions in His Majesty's Ships Hecla and Griper in the Years 1819 & 1820
097794: FISHER MICHAEL - Hardman of Birmingham Goldsmith and Glasspainter
096844: FLAHERTY FRANCES HUBBARD - Elephant Dance
009070: FLINT WILLIAM RUSSEL - In Pursuit an Autobiography
095754: FLORIAN JEAN PIERRE CLARIS DE - Oeuvres De M. De Florain
098997: FLORINE JEAN - La synthèse des machines logiques et son Automatisation Preface du Professeur Hoffman.
097571: FLORO [ LUCIO ANNEO FLORO ] - Historiæ Romanæ : epitome Lucii Iulii Flori. C. Vell. Paterculi. Sex. Aur. Victoris. Sexti Rufi Festi. Messalæ Corvini. Eutropii. Paulli Diaconi. M. Aur. Cassiodori. Iornandis, et Iulii Exuperantii. Ex museo Nic: Blanckardi.
097080: FLOUD RODERICK [ EDITED BY ] - The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
097306: FLOWERS DESMOND & MUNBY A. N. L. - English Poetical Autographs [ with Letter to Mrs Robert Bridges, '' Thank You Very Much for the Spendid Ms of the Larks ] ]
097516: FOLKARD HENRY TENNYSON - Wigan Free Public Library : its rise and progress, a list of some of its treasures, with an account of the celebration of the twenty-first anniversary of its opening by the conferment of the freedom of the County Borough upon the Right Honourable
096620: FORBES JAMES D. - Travels through the Alps of Savoy and other parts of the Pennin Chain with observations on the phenomena of glaciers. Second edition, Revised
098320: FORD BORIS [ EDITED BY ] - The Cambridge Guide to the Arts in Britain [ Complete in 9 Volumes ]
097279: FORD RICHARD [ COMPLETE IN 3 VOLUMES ] - A hand-book for travellers in Spain and readers at home, describing the country and cities, the natives and their manners, the antiquities, religion, legends, fine arts, literature, sports, and gastronomy, with notices on Spanish History
096850: FORD TREVOR - I Lead the Attack
096982: FORD EMILY E. - My Recreations. Verses
095881: FOREST JEAN CLAUDE - Barbarella
097052: FORRER L. - Biographical Dictionary of Medallists Coin Gem and Seal-Engravers [ Complete in 8 Volumes ]
095875: FORSYTH ROBERT - The Principles and Practice of Agriculture, Systematically Explained in Two Volumes: Being a Treatise Compiled for the Fourth Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and Revised and Enlarged
098824: FORSYTH JOSEPH - Remarks On Antiquities, Arts and Letters during an excursion in Italy in the years 1802 and 1803.
003245: FORTEGUERRI NICOLO - The First Canto of Ricciardetto : translated from the Italian of Forteguerri: with an introduction, concerning the principal romantic, burlesque, and mock-heroic poets ; and notes, Critical and Philological
009209: FORTNUM C. DRURY E. - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Maiolica Hispano Moresco, Persian Damascus, and Rhodian Wares in the South Kensington Museum
008699: FOSKETT, DAPHNE - Miniatures : Dictionary and Guide
097508: FOSTER J. W. & WHITNEY J. D. - Report] Report on the Geology and Topography of a Portion of the Lake Superior Land District, in the State of Michigan [ Complete in 2 Parts ]
002277: FOSTER WILLIAM SIR - The Travels of John Sanderson in the Levant 1584-1602
098965: FOSTER JOSEPH - Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, Made By Richard St. George, Norroy, King of Arms in 1615, and By William Dugdale, Norroy, King of Arms in 1666.
098684: FOSTER JOSEPH - Pedigrees of the County Families of Yorkshire [ Complete in 2 Volumes. Limited to 30 Copies ]
098050: FOSTER ANDREW - Tamara Karsavina: Diaghilev's Ballerina
096615: FOXE JOHN - Acts and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable, happening in the Church, with an vniuerall historie of the same. Wherein is set forth at large the whole race and course of the Church, from the primitiue age to these later times of Ours.
096578: FOXWELL ARTHUR - The Enlarged Cirrhotic Liver
008866: FRANCE, CHRISTINE - The Art of Marea Gazzard
098151: FRANCO PRATESI - La splendida basilica di San Miniato a Firenze: Il Rinascimento inizia da qui
098004: FRANÇOISE BOUDON - Le château de Fontainebleau de François Ier à Henri IV: Les bâtiments et leurs fonctions (De architectura)
098011: FRANITS WAYNE [ EDITED BY ] - Looking at Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art: Realism Reconsidered
098095: FRANK ANNE - The Diary of a Young Girl
099189: FRANTISEK SMEJKAL; ROSTISLAV SVACHA - Devetsil: Czech Avant-garde Art - Architecture and Design of the 1920's and 1930's
098048: FRANZ HEINRICH GERHARD - Niederländische Landschaftsmalerei im Zeitalter des Manierismus. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
096822: FRANZOI UMBERTO - The Grand Canal
097978: FRASER JAMES - Hand Book for Travellers in Ireland descriptive of its Scenery, Towns, Seats, Antiquities, etc. with all the railways now open and various statistical tables. Also an outline of its mineral structure, a brief of view its Botany and information for Anglers
098769: FRASER JAMES - Guide through Ireland descriptive of its Scenery, Towns, Seats, Antiquities etc. with Various Statistical Tables. Also an outline of its mineral structure, and a brief view of its Botany
098686: FRASER ROBERT WINCHESTER - Turkey Ancient and Modern a History of the Ottoman Empire from the Period of Its Establishment to the Present Time with Appendix
097307: FRAY KATHERINE - History of the East and West Ham [ Edited and Revised By G. Pagenstecher ]
098594: FREDDIE WILHELM - Freddie: Wilhelm Freddie, værker 1957-1995 (Danish Edition)
098326: FREEMAN RAY [ COMPLIED BY ] - Wrens-Eye View of Wartime Dartmouth (Dartmouth History Research Group Paper)
098853: FRESENIUS C. REMIGIUS - Anleitung zur quantitiven chemischen analyse fu¨r anfa¨nger und Geu¨btere. von Carl Remigius Fresenius. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098904: FRESENIUS DR C. REMIGIUS [ EDITED BY J. LLOYD BULLOCK ] - Instruction in Chemical Analysis [ Quantitive ]
099022: FRIEDMANN HERBERT - A Bestiary for Saint Jerome Animal Symbolism in European Religious Art
098993: FROST THOMAS - Reminiscences of a Country Journalist
004314: FRY CAROLINE - The Listener ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
095669: FURLEY ROBERT - A History of The Weald of Kent, with an Outline of The Early History of the County.
097916: FURNISS HARRY - Australian Sketches Made on Tour
096206: FUSELI HENRY - Lectures on painting : delivered at the Royal Academy by Henry Fuseli. With additional observations and notes.
097288: GALL & INGLIS [ PUBLISHERS ] - Gall & Inglis Handy Map of London. Scale 3 1/2 Inches to a Mile. With Illustrated Guidebook and Index to Streets
096985: GALLENGA A. - Italy Revisited [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
096371: GALLENKAMP - Laboratory Apparatus and Equipment
098061: GALLET MICHEL & BOTTINEAU YVES - Les Gabriel: Ouvrage Collectif
000391: GALLOWAY VINCENT - The Oil and Mural Paintings of Sir Frank Brangwyn R. A. 1867-1956
097675: GALTON FRANCIS - Finger Prints
098487: GAMESON RICHARD - The Earliest Books of Canterbury Cathedral Manuscripts and Fragments to C. 1200
098191: GAMESON RICHARD - The Role of Art in the Late Anglo-Saxon Church
098225: GANGLER ANETTE - Ein traditionelles Wohnviertel im Nordosten der Altstadt von Aleppo in Nordsyrien
097032: GANKIN OLGA HESS & FISHER H. H. - The Bolsheviks and the World War the Origin of The Third International [ Hoover Library on War, Revolution, and Peace Publication No 15 ]
098820: GARCON NATHALIE - Balcons
004185: GARDEN GEORGE ? - A Letter to Mr. James Webster, (in name of the episcopal clergy) concerning a sermon preached by him at Edinburgh, July 25. 1703. : Before Her Majesties High Commissioner, and the honourable estates of Parliament
097833: GARNETT DAVID - A Rabbit in the Air
095959: GARRICK MR - Dramatic Micellanies Consisting of Critical Observations on Several Plays of Shakspeare
098667: GASTER MOSES - Studies and Texts in Folklore, Magic, Mediaeval Romance, Hebrew Apocrypha and Samaritan Archaeology [ Completev in 3 Volumes ]
097993: GATTY MRS ALFRED - The Old Folks from Home: Or, a Holiday in Ireland in 1861
096585: GAULD TOM & LIA SIMONE - Second
096768: GAUNT MARY - Dave's Sweetheart
097774: GAVIN STAMP - An Architect of Promise: George Gilbert Scott Junior (1839-1897) and the Late Gothic Revival
095812: GEDDES JAMES - An Essay on the Composition and Manner of Writing of the Antients, Particularly Plato
098784: GEE GEORGE E. - The Jeweller's Assistant in the Art of Working in Gold
098303: GEIKIE ARCHIBALD - Geological Map of Scotland
096378: GELFAND MICHAEL - Christian Doctor and Nurse: The History of Medical Missions in South Africa From, 1799-1976
098622: GENNIFER WEISENFELD - MAVO: Japanese Artists and the Avant-Garde, 1905-1931 (Twentieth Century Japan: The Emergence of a World Power)
098306: GENTLEMAN TOM - Brae Farm
097811: GEOFF BRANDWOOD - Temple Moore: An Architect of the Late Gothic Revival
097144: GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL - The Geographical Journal [ July to December, 1912 ]
097146: GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL - The Geographical Journal [ January to June, 1909 ]
097147: GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL - The Geographical Journal [ July to December, 1914 ]
097994: GEORGE W. DAVISON AND HARRIET R. B. DAVISON - Our Fortnight in Ireland [ Signed Limited, with Christmas Card ]
098803: GEORGE E. MARTIN - Geometric Constructions (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)
008683: GERD HATJE ( EDITED BY ) - New Furniture, Neue Mobel, Meubles Nouveaux, Meubles Nouveaux ( No 9 )
098813: GERDES PAULUS - Otthava: Making Baskets and Doing Geometry in the Makhuwa Culture in the Northeast of Mozambique
098775: GERHARDT M. CHARLES - Traité de chimie Organique [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
098895: GERSHOM SCHOLEM - Sabbatai Sevi: The mystical Messiah, 1626-1676 (The Littman library of Jewish civilization)
008675: GESSNER SALOMON - New Idylles Translated by W. Hooper MD. With a letter to M: Fuslin, on landscape painting, and The Two Friends of Bourbon, a moral tale, by M. Diderot
096876: GIBBERD FREDERICK - Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool
097224: GIBBON EDWARD - The History of the Deline and Full of the Roman Empire [ Complete in 8 Volumes ]
009276: GIBBON EDWARD - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ( Complete in 8 Volumes )
096591: GIBBONS THOMAS - Juvenilia: Poems on Various Subjects of Devotion and Virtue.
003327: GIBBS A. E. - The Corporation Records of St Albans
009578: GIBSON EDMUND - A preservative against popery, in several select discourses upon the principal heads of controversy between Protestants and Papists
095906: GIBSON EDMUND THE RIGHT REV - A preservative against Popery, in several select discourses upon the principal heads of controversy between Protestants and Papists : being written and published by the most eminent divines of the Church of England, chiefly in the reign of King James II /
096033: GIFFORD JOHN - The history of France, from the earliest times, to the present important era. From the French of Velly, Villaret, Garnier, Mezeray, Daniel, and other eminent historians; with Notes, critical and explanatory by John Gifford.
098256: GIL MOSHE - A History of Palestine, 634-1099:
008955: GILBERT JOHN ( TRANSLATOR ) - Omar Al-Mukhtar the Italian Reconquest of Libya
099079: GILBERT MARTIN - Churchill's Political Philosophy
098323: GILL ERIC - Das Hohe Lied Salomo. The Song of Solomon.
009327: GILLESPIE DIANE F. - The Multiple Muses of Virginia Woolf
097984: GILLESPY THOMAS & HICKS W. - Narrative of a Tour Made By Two Members of the Court of the Salters Company in the Month of July, 1838
097862: GILLIAN HUTCHINSON - Medieval Ships and Shipping (Archaeology of Medieval Britain)
098597: GILLIAN GREEN - Traditional Textiles of Cambodia: Cultural Threads and Material Heritage
097900: GILPIN WILLIAM - Remarks on Forest Scenery and Other Woodland Views, [ Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty ] Illustrated By the Scenes of New-Forest in Hampshire
099143: GINOUVES RENE - Mosaique: Recueil dhommages à Henri Stern
098253: GINZBERG LOUIS - The Legends of the Jews [ Complete in 7 Volumes ]
002053: GIOVANNI, BOCCACCIO. (PLUCHON-DESTOUCHES) - Le Petit-Neveu De Bocace, Ou Contes Noveaux En Vers Nouvelle Edition
004772: GIRAUD RICHARD - Bibliotheque sacree, ou, Dictionnaire universel historique, dogmatique, canonique, ge ographique et chronologique des sciences eccle siastiques, par les re ve rends pe`res Richard et Giraud.
096935: GIRLS' FRIEND - The Girls' Friend a Home Story Paper for Readers of All Ages [ 25 Issues ]
096936: GIRLS' FRIEND - The Girls' Friend a Home Story Paper for Readers of All Ages [ 25 Issues ]
096934: GIRLS' FRIEND - The Girls' Friend a Home Story Paper for Readers of All Ages [ 25 Issues ]
096933: GIRLS' FRIEND - The Girls' Friend a Home Story Paper for Readers of All Ages [ 25 Issues ]
098307: GIROUARD MARK, CRUICKSHANK DAN, SAMUE; RAPHAEL - The Saving of Spitalfields
095646: GLADSTONE CHARLES ( EDITED BY M. R. D. FOOT ) - The Gladstone Diaries ( Complete in 14 Volumes )
098978: GLAUBER JOHN (JOHANN) RUDOLPH - Works of the Highly Experienced and Famous Chymist, John Rudolph Glauber. Containing, Great Variety of Choice Secrets in Medicine and Alchymy in the Working of Metallick Mines, and the Separation of Metals: also, Various Cheap and Easie Ways of Making
002458: GLRALDUS CAMBRENSIS: BARRI GIRALDUS DE - Itinerarium Cambriae Seu Laboriosae Baldvini Cantuariensis Archiepiscopi Per Walliam Legationis Accurata Description Auctore Silv Giraldo Cambrense Cum Annotationibus Davidis Poweli
009155: GOESIUS WILHELM - Rei agrariæ auctores legesque variæ : quædam nunc primum, cætera emendatiora prodeunt cura W. Goesii, cujus accedunt, indices, antiquitates agrariæ et notæ: una cum N. Rigaltii notis et observationibus, nec non glossario ejusdem.
009565: GOETHE JOHANN WOLFGANG VON - Goethe-Gallerie : nach Original-Cartons
097486: GOETHE - Goethe: From My Life, Poetry and Truth. [ 2 Volumes, Parts 1-4 ] [ Volumes 4 & 5 of a 12 Volume Set ]
098486: GOLDBERG SYLVIE ANNE - Crossing the Jabbok: Illness and Death in Askenazi Judaism in Sixteenth - through Nineteenth-Century Prague (Contraversions: Critical Studies in Jewish Literature, Culture, and Society)
004306: GOLDSMID EDMUND ( EDITED BY ) - The Voyages of the English Nation to America Before the Year 1600 from Hakluyt's Collection of Voyages ( 1598 -1600 ) ( 4 Volumes Bound in 3 )
096048: GOLDSMITH DR - The History of England from the Earliest Times to the End of the Reign of George II. By Dr Goldsmith. And Contined to the Present Period By Mr Morell [ Complete in 2 Volumes ] [ Published Bungay. Suffolk ]
008635: GOLDSMITH OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield
097570: GOLOVNIN, VASILII MIKHAILOVICH; PETR IVANOVICH RIKORD - Narrative of My Captivity in Japan, During the Years 1811, 1812 & 1813; with Observations on the Country and the People. To Which Is Added an Account of Voyages to the Coasts of Japan, and of Negotiations with the Japanese. [ Volume 1 Only ]
099104: GOODWIN GODREY - Sinan: Ottoman Architecture and Its Values Today
099007: GOSS VLADIMIR P. - Early Croatian Architecture a Study of the Pre-Romanesque
098857: GOTCH J. ALFRED - Squires Homes and Other Buildings of Northamptonshire
099038: GOULD JEREMY - Modern Houses in Britain, 1919-1939 [ Archiectural History Monographs: No 1 ]
098863: GOULVEN J. - Les mellahs de Rabat-Salé. Préface de Georges Hardy
098503: GRABAR ANDRE - Les Voies De La Creation En Iconographie Chretienne Antiquite et Moyen Age
098507: GRABAR ANDRE - L'iconoclasme Byzantin Le Dossier Archeologique
098205: GRABAR ANDRE - Empereur dans l'Art Byzantin
098140: GRABAR OLEG - Studies in Medieval Islamic Art
095900: GRAFF LAURENCE - Graff the Most Fabulous Jewels in the World
098947: GRAHAM GREENE - J'Accuse
098203: GRANDSDEN ANTONIA - Historical Writing in England c 550 to C. 1307- C. 1307 to the Early Sixteenth Century [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
095698: GRANGER JAMES - Letters Between the Rev James Granger, M. A. Rector of Shiplake and Many of the Most Eminent Literary Men of His Time: Composing a Copious History and Illustration of His Biographical History of England
096862: GRANT JOHN E. - The Problem of War And Its Solution
096458: THE GRAPHIC NEWSPAPER [ BOER WAR ] - The Graphic Newspaper [ 14th April to 15th September, 1900 ]
096548: GRAPHIC NEWSPAPER - The Graphic Newspaper [ Long Run, from December 1869 to September 1921. 104 Volumes. ]
096939: THE GRAPHIC NEWSPAPER 1878 - The Graphic Newspaper 1878
098614: GRAPHIC NEWSPAPER - The Graphic an Illustrated Weekly Newspaper [ January to June, 1875 ]

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