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7334: [ JOSSET (LAWRENCE) ]. - Mary Queen of Scots at St. Andrews (golfing), .
7724: [ BLAINE (DELABERE P.) ]. - [An Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports, or, a Complete Account, Historical, Practical, and Descriptive, of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Racing, and Other Field Sports and Athletic Amusements of the Present Day],
9535: [MCKAY (HELEN)]. - The Sunshine Harvest Cookbook, PAPERBACK,
7325: [ AUGIER (L.) ]. - New York in 1822 from heights near Brooklyn, (single large handcoloured engraved print)
7672: [ LOCKHART (JOHN GIBSON) ]. - Peter's Letters to His Kinsfolk [Peter Morris], The Third Edition,
8276: [ SALMON (THOMAS, JUNIOR) ]. - Historical Collections, Relating the Originals, Conversions, and Revolutions of the Inhabitants of Great Britain to the Norman Conquest, In a Continued Discourse, The Collections are chiefly made out of Caesar and Tacitus, Bede, and the Saxon Annals, Mr Camden, and Archbishop Usher, the Two Bishops of Worcester, Stillingfleet and Lloyd, The English Authors are Cited in their own Words, and the rest carefully Translated,
6878: B.A.T.. - [Cobler ! stick to your last, or, The Adventures of Joe Dobson, by B.A.T., exhibited in sixteen elegant copper plate engravings]
7616: [ HOLLAND (JOHN) ]. - The History and Description of Fossil Fuel, The Collieries, and Coal Trade of Great Britain,
7624: [ BROOME (RALPH) ]. - Letters from Simpkin the Second, to his Dear Brother in Wales, containing an humble description of the trial of Warren Hastings Esq. from the commencement to the close of the sessions in 1789, with notes and alterations by the author, to which are added, several letters in answer, from Simon, Aunt Bridget, and Shenkin, and an original poetical dedication to the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, by Simpkin, The Second edition,
3159: INTERNATIONAL 84. - International 84, Member of Association of Model Agents, photographic, fashion, television, hands
1008: DIE WIENER BORSE 1959. - Die Wiener Borse 1959, text in German
1032: WHO'S WHO 1992. - Who's Who 1992, an annual biographical dictionary, 144th year of issue
7326: [ AUGIER (L.) ]. - New York in 1850, (a large single handcoloured engraved print)
8556: APOSTOLIC DELEGATE 1939. - The Apostolic Delegate 1939
5117: G. (S.). - Ilka, the Captive Maiden, and other stories.
3437: WRITERS & ARTISTS YEARBOOK 1990. - Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 1990, Eighty-Third Year of Issue, a directory for writers, artists, playwrights, writers for film, radio and television, photographers and composers
7644: [RATTENBURY (JOHN)]. - Memoirs of a Smuggler, compiled from his Diary and Journal, containing the principal events in the life of John Rattenbury, of Beer, Devonshire, commonly called "The Rob Roy of the West",
3562: [ BARROW (ALBERT STEWART) ]. - Stand To Your Horses, Being the whole Art and Mystery of Horse-back Riding and Venery now for the first time most lucidly and reasonably expos'd and demonstrated to all sportsmen and supporters of ye Chase, whether Princes, Nobles, or Esquires, and likewise ye ladies of ye fame, whereby they shall most easily acquire every sort of Equestrian accomplishment by their most respectful servant Sabretache, The Whole embellished with illustrations by Patrick Bellew and ye author
8454: [ GOODE (W. T.) ]. - Graystoke Place L.C.C. Training College 1898 - 1914 A Souvenir
7982: [ THACKERAY (WILLIAM MAKEPEACE) ]. - The History of Henry Esmond, Esq. A Colonel in the Service of Her Majesty Queen Anne, written by himself,
7324: [ AUGIER (L.) ]. - New York in 1819 Broadway and the City Hall (a single large handcoloured engraved print)
7851: [ HUGHES (THOMAS) ]. - The Scouring of the White Horse, or, the Long Vacation Ramble of a London Clerk, by the author of "Tom Brown's School Days", old and new, illustrated by Ricahrd Doyle,
7328: [ AUGIER (L.) ]. - New York in 1822 from Weehawken, (handcoloured engraved print of New York)
8885: DELISLE (GUILLAUME): DE L'ISLE (GUILLAUME). - Carte De Tartarie (genuine large antique map of Tartary from Moscow to Peking), Dresse sur les Relations de plusieurs Voyageurs de differentes Nations et sur quelques Observations qui ont ete faites dans ce pais la Par Guillaume Del'Isle, Premier Geog. du Roy, de l'Academie Royale des Sciences,
4117: AA. - Book of British Villages, a guide to 700 of the most interesting and attractive villages in Britain
3745: AA. - AA Book of British Towns.
3240: AA. - Book of British Towns.
3121: AA. - Treasures of Britain, and Treasures of Ireland
2924: AA. - AA Book of British Towns.
2915: AA. - AA Book of British Towns.
3774: AA. - Treasures of Britain, and Treasures of Ireland
3372: AA. - AA Illustrated Guide to County Towns and Villages of Britain.
5955: ABBEY (STATON). - The Boy's Book of Model-Making, with 72 photographs and 150 diagrams and plans
7000: ABBEY (J. R.). - Scenery; Life; Travel, 2 volumes (comprising complete set of 4 volumes), Scenery of Great Britain and Ireland, in Aquatint and Lithography 1770 - 1860, from the library of J. R. Abbey, A Bibliographical Catalogue; Life in England in Aquatint and Lithography 1770 - 1860 architecture, drawing books, art collections, magazines, navy and army, panoramas, etc. from the library of J. R. Abbey, A Bibliographical Catalogue; Travel in Aquatint and Lithography 1770 - 1860 from the library of J. R. Abbey, Volume 1 World, Europe, Africa; Volume 11 Asia, Oceania, Antarctica, America, A Bibliographical Catalogue
6008: ABBEY (P.M.), MACDONALD (G. M.). - O' Level Cookery.
4192: ABBOTT (LAWRENCE). - The Listener's Book on Harmony.
3509: ABBOTT (LAWRENCE). - The Listener's Book on Harmony.
4295: ABBS (BARBARA). - French Gardens, a guide, photographs by Deidre Hall, maps by Susan Rowland
6129: ABBS (AKOSUA). - Ashanti Boy, A story for young people of all ages
4423: ACCOCE (PIERRE), QUET (PIERRE). - La Guerre A Ete Gagnee En Suisse L'Affaire Roessler 1939 1945.
9085: ACKROYD (PETER). - Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem, paperback
5114: ADAIR (CECIL). - Gabriel's Garden.
5790: ADAMS (W. H. DAVENPORT). - Master Minds in Art, Science, & Letters, A Book for Boys
5506: ADAMS (VIRGINIA), BOWSER (HAL), WALTER FOX AND OTHERS. - A - Z of the Human Body, An illustrated guide to the world's most amazing machine, a family answer book
3908: ADAMS (COLONEL R. M.). - Through to 1970 Royal Signals Golden Jubilee, devised by theRoyal Signals Institution to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Royal Corps of Signals and the Centenary of the formation of the first Telegraph Units in the British Army, editor Lieutenant-Colonel E. G. Day
2692: ADAMS (H. G.). - David Livingstone, The Weaver Boy Who Became A Missionary
8281: ADAMS (GEORGE WENDELL). - Landmarks from Bow to Boston, Revised Edition, foreword by George Wendell Adams,
8031: ADDISON (SIR WILLIAM). - The Old Roads of England,
8824: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - Ancient and Historical Monuments in the City of Salisbury, Volume One, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England),
8848: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northampton, Volume V1 (Volume 6), Architectural Monuments in North Northamptonshire, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, England,
8851: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northampton, Volume 1V (Volume 4) Archaeological Sites in South-West Northamptonshire, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, England,
8825: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - Ancient and Historical Monuments in the County of Gloucester, Volume One, Iron Age and Romano-British Monuments in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments England,
8847: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of York, Volume 1V (Volume 4), Outside the City Walls, East of the Ouse, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, England,
8849: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northampton, Volume 11 (Volume 2) Archaeological Sites in Central Northamptonshire, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, England,
8845: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - City of York, Volume V (Volume 5), The Central Area, An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of York, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, England,
8850: ADEANE (LORD, CHAIRMAN). - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northampton, Volume 111 (Volume 3), Archaeological Sites in North-West Northamptonshire,
6149: ADIE (KATE). - The Kindness of Strangers, The Autobiography
9371: ADIGA (ARAVIND). - The White Tiger,
8619: ADKINS (LESLEY) AND ROY A. ADKINS. - A Thesaurus of British Archaeology,
5139: ADLAM (ELIZABETH), AINLEY (HARRIET) AND OTHERS. - Reader's Digest Complete A-Z of Medicine & Health, Volume one. Sympton sorter, Abdominal pain to Blood pressure; Volume two. Blue Baby to Diathermy; Volume three. Diet to Hospice; Volume four. Hospital to Nutrition; Volume five. Leukaemia to Parkinson's disease; Volume six Seasickness to Zoonoses, Index; Volume seven. Sleep disorders to Zoonoses, Index
5165: ADLER (BILL). - Cats' Letters to Santa, compiled ad edited by Bill Adler, illustrations by Paul Bacon
2066: ADLER (MORTIMER J.), CAIN (SEYMOUR). - Religion and Theology, prefaces by John Cogley, Maurice Friedman and Wilhelm Pauck, The Great Ideas Program series
2790: ADLEY (ROBERT). - In Search of Steam 1962 - 68.
2789: ADLEY (ROBERT). - The Call of Steam.
6512: ADMIRALTY. - Manual of Seamanship Volume 1 B.R. 67(1/51).
3243: ADRIAN (WERNER). - Freaks Cinema of the Bizarre.
3244: ADRIAN (WERNER). - Speed Cinema of Motion.
2637: ADRIAN (WERNER). - Speed Cinema of Motion.
9566: ARCHAEOLOGIA AELIANA. - Archaeologia Aeliana or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity, Fifth Series, Volume 3, PAPERBACK
9565: ARCHAEOLOGIA AELIANA. - Archaeologia Aeliana or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity, Fifth Series, Volume 1, PAPERBACK
7905: DEMOSTHENES AND AESCHINES. - [Selections printed in Greek with notes printed in Latin], Volume 3 only, Graece et Latine, Tomus Tertius, edidit Joannes (John) Taylor LLD, Col. D. Ioan. Cant. Socius et Cancellarius Lincolniensis,
1803: AESCHYLUS. - The House of Atreus, being the Agamemnon, Libation-Bearers and Furies of Aeschylus, translated into English verse by E.D.A. Morshead
7972: AESCHYLUS. - The Tragedies, translated by R. Potter,
2033: AGATE (JAMES). - Red Letter Nights, A Survey of the Post-Elizabethan Drama in Actual Performance on the London Stage, 1921 - 1943
2032: AGATE (JAMES). - Thus to Revisit.
2166: AGATE (JAMES). - Thus to Revisit ....
2165: AGATE (JAMES). - First Nights.
2161: AGATE (JAMES). - Around Cinemas, with :- Around Cinemas (Second Series)
2160: AGATE (JAMES). - Alarums and Excursions.
2158: AGATE (JAMES). - Immoment Toys, A Survey of Light Entertainment on the London Stage, 1920 - 1943
2157: AGATE (JAMES). - The Contemporary Theatre, 1944 and 1945
2111: AGATE (JAMES). - Express and Admirable, The Breakfast Table Talk
7453: AGATE (JAMES). - The Masque Number Three, Oscar Wilde and the Theatre, edited by Lionel Carter,
3147: AGER (ANNE), WESTLAND (PAMELA). - The Hostess Cook Book, foreword by Prue Leith, a complete guide to perfect entertaining
5419: TRAINS THROUGH THE AGES. - Trains Through The Ages, Through the ages series 1
6609: AGNEW (LEA), HADEN-MILLER (JO ANN). - Atlanta And Its Lawyers, A Century of Vision 1888 - 1988, The Atlanta Bar Association
4144: AHO (C. MICHAEL), LEVINSON (MARC) AND OTHERS. - Foreign Affairs Winter 1988/89 Vol. 67, No. 2, The Economy After Reagan, Inescapable Entanglements, Latin America The Presidents Agenda, Technology and Sovereignty, The U.S. Decline or Renewal, The U.S.S.R. in Decline, Soviet Military Doctrine, Iran The Impossible Revolution, Sharing United Jerusalem
7426: AILLAGON (JEAN-JACQUES), WERNER SPIES, FABRICE HERGOTT - XXe/MNAM/Collections, Une Histoire Materielle, Centre Georges Pompidou, Musee National D'Art Moderne,
6186: AIMARD (GUSTAVE). - The Indian Scout, a story of the Aztec city, Everyman's Library series
4289: AINSWORTH (W. HARRISON). - Old St. Paul's, illustrated by J. Finnemore
2389: AINSWORTH (WILLIAM HARRISON). - Crichton, New Edition
1721: ALAIN (PIERRE). - The Great Places of France, translated by Evelyn Rossiter
3725: ALBION (JOHN), ALLEN (ALBERT) AND OTHERS. - The Dairy Book of Home Management.
4040: ALBRAND (MARTHA). - No Surrender.
8484: ALCOCK (LESLIE). - ' By South Cadbury is that Camelot ... ' The Excavation of Cadbury Castle 1966 - 1970, New Aspects of Antiquity series edited by Sir Mortimer Wheeler,
4271: ALCOHOL. - Alcohol Its Action On The Human Organism, by a Commitee originally appointed by the Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic) and later reconstituted by the Medical Research Council, Third Edition, Revised
7266: ALCOTT (LOUISA M.). - Little Men Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys, The Globe Edition, new and cheaper edition with an introduction by Mrs. C. C. Cairns, one hundred and thirty-eighth thousand,
1883: ALCOTT (LOUISA MAY). - A Double Life, Newly Discovered Thrillers, editor Madeleine B. Stern and associate editors Joel Myerson and Daniel Shealy, with an introduction by Madeleine B. Stern, with a preface by Fay Wheldon
7262: ALCOTT (LOUISA). - Jo's Boys, and how they turned out, a sequel to "Little Men", new and cheaper edition,
4456: ALCUIN. - Poland, text by Alcuin, drawings by M. Zulawski, maps and cover by T.L., Special Edition for the Exhibition Poland
5212: ALDERMAN (H. M.). - A Pilgrimage in Hertfordshire.
1722: ALDINGTON (RICHARD). - Italy, L'Italie, Italien, a book of photographs with an introduction by Richard Aldington in English, French and German
9065: ALDRED (CYRIL). - Middle Kingdom Art in Ancient Egypt 2300 - 1590 BC.
5526: ALESSI (ALBERTO). - The Dream Factory, Alessi since 1921
8768: ALEXANDER (JOHN T.). - Catherine The Great, Life and Legend,
5523: ALEXIE (SHERMAN). - Indian Killer.
5195: ALICE. - Alice's Diary, The Memoirs of a Cat
9289: DAVIDSON (J. L.) AND A. S. HENSH ALL. - The Chambered Cairns of Orkney, An Inventory of the Structures and their Contents,
2860: ALLAN (IAN). - Great Locomotives, selected from the Ian Allan magazine Trains Illustrated & Locomotives Illustrated
2816: ALLAN (IAN). - Sectional Maps of Britain's Railways, Revised Edition, with Gazetteer
2783: ALLAN (IAN). - Railtour in Colour.
9599: ALLDEN (ALISON). - A Study of Some Devon Barrows and Their Diminishing Future, SOFTBACK, Devon Committee for Rescue Archaeology, DAS / DCRA Publication No. 10
2881: ALLEN (G. FREEMAN). - Railway World Annual 1979.
6735: ALLEN (CECIL J.). - Trains Annual 1955, edited by Cecil J. Allen
4724: ALLEN (TERRY). - The Encyclopedia of Model Railways, foreword by David Jenkinson, more than 250 colour illustrations
2857: ALLEN (CECIL J.). - Salute to the LMS.
2856: ALLEN (G. FREEMAN). - Eric Treacy, Railway Photographer, compiled by G. Freeman Allen, general editor P. B. Whitehouse ARPS, introduction Dr J. A. Coiley
2851: ALLEN (IAN). - Britain's Railways in the Seventies North South East & West.
2850: ALLEN (CECIL J.). - Salute to the Great Western.
2647: ALLEN (OLIVER E.). - The Windjammers, The Seafarers, edited by Oliver E. Allen and the editors of time-life books
4213: ALLEN (MARIA FERNANDA). - Portuguese Dictionary, Portuguese - English; English Portuguese, a new dictionary for students and travellers to Portugal and Brazil, easy to read, easy to use, over 40,000 words defined
9748: ALLEN (REGINALD). - Sir Arthur Sullivan, Composer & Personage by Reginald Allen in collaboration with Gale R. D.'Luhy,
4631: ALLEN (GORDON). - The Smaller House of To-Day.
3896: ALLEN (CECIL J.). - Railway Planning and Making, with four coloured plates and illustrations from photographs
3895: ALLEN (CECIL J.). - Trains and Their Control, with four coloured plates and illustrations from photographs
2868: ALLEN (DR IAN CAMERON). - East Anglian Album.
8610: ALLEN (D. F.). - The Coins of the Ancient Celts, edited by Daphne Nash,
7092: ALLEY (RONALD). - Portrait of a Primitive, The Art of Henri Rousseau
1162: ALLEY (RONALD). - Tate Gallery Catalogues, The foreign paintings, drawings and sculpture
3653: ALLISON (SONIA). - The Classic 1000 Microwave Recipes.
7454: ST. ALBANS ALMANACK. - The St. Albans Almanack, Directory and General Advertiser for 1915, Fifty-sixth Year of Publication, Contents St. Albans, County, District, Calendar of 56 pages
5084: ALSTEAD (DR ELSPETH M.), BERKOWITZ (DR SAUL) AND OTHERS. - The Stomach & Digestive System, Your Body Your Health series
5346: ALSTON (ELIZABETH). - Biscuits and Scones, 62 recipes from breakfast biscuits to hommey deserts, illustrations by Sally Sturman
7757: BROWN (LESLIE) AND DEAN AMADON. - Eagles, Hawks, and Falcons of the World,
6416: AMBLER (ERIC). - Send No More Roses.
1150: AMES (WINSLOW). - Italian Drawings, from the 15th to the 18th century, Drawings of the Masters series
3715: AMRINE (DOUGLAS). - Did You Know ?, New insights into a world that is full of astonishing stories and astounding facts
1420: DESSINS ANCIENS. - Grand Palais Paris, text printed in French
4490: ANDERSEN (HANS). - Fairy Tales.
8731: ANDERSON (J. R. L.). - The Oldest Road, An Exploration of the Ridgeway, photography by Fay Godwin,
4803: ANDERSON (JANICE). - Working Life in Britain 1900 - 1950.
4345: ANDERSON (M. S.). - Europe in the Eighteenth Century 1713 - 1783, A Gernral History of Europe edited by Denys Hay
2852: ANDERSON (PAUL), SMITH (W. A. C.). - British Railways Illustrated Annual No. 2.
2618: ANDERSON (JANICE). - History of Movie Comedy, this edition produced exclusively for W. H. Smith
7774: ANDERSON (J. CORBET). - The Roman City of Uriconium at Wroxeter, Salop, illustrative of the history and social life of our Romano-British forefathers,
6611: ANDERSON (NANCY BRISKA). - Macon, A Pictorial History, The Middle Georgia Historical Society presents, in cooperation with The Macon Telegraph and The Macon News, Design by Fischbach & Edenton
4632: ANDERSON (MONA). - The Good Logs of Algidus.
3925: ANDERSON (W. R.), HARRISON (JULIUS), EDWARD J. DENT AND OTHERS. - The Musical Companion, A Compendium For All Lovers of Music, edited by A. L. Bacharach
2491: ANDERSON (HUGH). - The Story of Australian Folksong, with illustrations by Ronald G. Edwards
9057: ANDO (HIKOTARO). - Peking, The Beautiful World series,
6682: ANDREW (GEOFF), BORDWELL (DAVID), DAVID THOMSON, PHILIP FRENCH AND OTHERS. - Film, The Critics' Choice, foreword by Bernardo Bertolucci, 150 masterpieces of world cinema selected and defined by the experts, edited by Geoff Andrew
4045: ANDREW (CHRISTOPHER), MITROKHIN (VASILI). - The Mitrokhin Archive, The KGB in Europe and the West
3362: ANFIELD (GEORGE), MARTIN (NEAL V.). - Reader's Digest Family Guide to Alternative Medicine.
1614: ANGEL (HEATHER), DUFFEY (ERIC), JOHN MILES, M.A. OGILVIE, ERIC SIMMS, W.G. TEAGLE. - The Natural History of Britain and Ireland, photographs by Heather Angel, with foreword by Bruce Campbell
8500: ANGOULVANT (G.). - Les Indes Neerlandaises Tome Premier, Leur Role Dans L'Economie Internationale. Preface de Edouard Herriot, Tome Premier,
3239: ANNAN (DAVID). - Ape The Kingdom of Kong.
5064: ANNEXTON (MAY WINNIFRED), BEAN (ANITA), ELLEN DUPONT AND OTHERS. - You and Your Heart, Health and Healing the Natural Way
4704: BRITISH DESIGN & ART DIRECTION ANNUAL. - The 38th Annual of the Best in British and International Design and Advertising, British Design & Art Direction Annual
1851: ANON. - Far Trails, true yarns of adventure from many lands
8555: ANON. - Papa's Present.
2198: ANON. - The Big Book of Detective Stories.
2781: ANTELL (ROBERT). - Rail Scene in Colour, compiled by Robert Antell
6450: ANTHONY (DON, OF GUEVARA). - The Diall of Princes: by Don Anthony of Guevara translated by Sir Thomas North, being select passages now set forth with an introduction and a bibliography by K. N. Colville, The Scholar's Library series
5648: ANTHONY (LAURENCE). - Manchester United Special.
7443: APOLLONIO (UMBRO). - Miro the life and work of the artist illustrated with 80 colour plates, Dolphin Art Book series, translated from the Italian by Victor Corti,
7914: ARATUS. - The Skies and Weather-Forecasts of Aratus, translated with notes by E. Poste MA,
6823: ARCHBOLD (RICK). - Hindenburg, An Illustrated History, text by Rick Archbold, Paintings by Ken Marshall, historical consultants Dennis R. Kromm, Dr Henry Cord Meyer, John Provan
2930: ARCHER (JEAN). - Buckinghamshire Headlines.
5394: ARCHER (ROBYN), SIMMONDS (DIANA). - A Star is Born.
3051: ARCHER (JEAN). - Buckinghamshire Headlines.
9756: RUSSIAN ARCHITECTURE. - Russian Architecture and Art of the 11th - 19th Centuries,
1704: ARDAGH (JOHN). - The Book of France.
5680: ARDEN (PAUL). - It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be.
2698: ARDREY (ROBERT). - African Genesis, a personal investigation into the animal origins and nature of man, drawings by Berdine Ardrey
2682: ARDREY (ROBERT). - African Genesis, a personal investigation into the animal origins and nature of man, illustrated by Berdine Ardrey
5831: ARGAN (GIULIO CARLO), CONTARDI (BRUNO). - Michelangelo Architect.
5541: D'ARGENZIO (MIRTA). - The Natural History of Vedova Mazzei, translation from the Italian by Kate Davies
1651: ARISTOPHANES. - The Birds, translated into English verse with introduction and notes by Gilbert Murray
4251: ARKELL (REGINALD). - More Green Fingers, another present for a good gardener, pictured by Eugene Hastain
4250: ARKELL (REGINALD). - Green Fingers, a present for a good gardener, pictured by Eugene Hastain
4241: ARKELL (REGINALD). - Green Fingers Again, a further present for a good gardener, pictured by Edgar Norfield
4152: ARKELL (REGINALD). - A Cottage in the Country.
5505: ARLOTT (JOHN), BAILEY (PATRICK), F. R. BANKS AND OTHERS. - AA Illustrated Guide to Britain.
7144: ARMBRUSTER (G. M.). - Amalia, Operetta Morale di G. M. Armbruster, fu segretario imperiale aulico, Italianizzata da Giuseppe Voltiggi,
8157: ARMITAGE (E. LIDDALL). - Stained Glass, history, technology, and practice, foreword by the Very Reverend Richard Coombs,
1628: ARMSTRONG (WARREN). - Atlantic Bridge, from sail to steam to wings, a diverse record of 100 years North Atlantic travel
5768: ARNAU (FRANK). - Begegnungen.
6627: ARNHOLM (RONALD), CABIN (BETTY C.). - Lamar Dodd, A Retrospective Exhibition, The High Museum of Art Atlanta September 27 1970 - November 1, 1970, The Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, November 15, 1970 - January 15, 1971
4517: ARNOLD (PETER). - A Guide to the Buildings of Walsall, an illustrated architectural history
6753: ARNOLD (RICHARD). - Come Shooting With Me.
3777: ARNOLD (JAMES). - The Shell Book of Country Crafts, text and drawings by James Arnold, with twelve colour and sixty-four monochrome plates, and fifty-three line drawings
7316: ROYAL SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS. - Royal Society of British Artists, 255th Exhibition 27th April to 18th May 1972 at The Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, S.W.1
8135: ARTLEY (ALEXANDRA). - The Dairy Book of Family Cookery, over 700 recipes for every occasion,
1569: CONNAISSANCE DES ARTS. - Georges Pompidou Center, a special issue
1601: CONNAISSANCE DES ARTS. - Orsay, numero special
5085: ARUNDEL DR MORAG), BRAMHALL (SIMON) AND OTHERS. - The Liver, Pancreas & Gallbladder, Your Body your Health series
4905: ASBURY (HERBERT). - The Gangs of New York, An Informal History of the Underworld, foreword by Jorge Luis Borges
6188: ASCHER (J.), DAWSON (T. H.). - Essentials of English, a class book for evening institutes commercial, continuation, central and secondary schools
7462: ASCIONE (ERRICO). - Monti D'Italia l'Appennino centrale, fotografie Italo Zannier,
5921: ASHBY (PAT). - PECK (Tombi), The Art of Cake Decorating, Finishing Touches, photography by Melvin Grey
8604: ASHE (GEOFFREY). - The Landscape of King Arthur, with photographs by Simon McBride,
3514: ASHE (GEOFFREY). - Mythology of the British Isles.
9001: ASHE (GEOFFREY), LESLIE ALCOCK, C. A. RALEGH RADFORD, PHILIP RAHTZ AND JILL RACY. - The Quest for Arthur's Britain, hardback,
8701: ASHE (GEOFFREY). - King Arthur's Avalon, The Story of Glastonbury,
6779: ASHFORD (DAISY). - The Young Visiters, or Mr Salteenasplan, with a preface by J. M. Barrie, illustrated by Heather Corlass
9693: ASHFORD (DAISY). - The Young Visiters or Mr Salteenas Plan, illustrations by Diana Brough, coloured by hand,
4662: ASHLEY (MAURICE). - Dawn of a New Era, Milestones of History series no. 3
6283: ASHWORTH (JOHN). - Answered At Last, Strange Tales from Humble Life No. 21, Second Series-54,000
1036: ASIMOV (ISAAC). - Foundation's Edge.
5122: ASKEW (ALICE), ASKEW (CLAUDE). - The Shulamite.
5116: ASKEW (ALICE), ASKEW (CLAUDE). - Freedom, 7d Copyright Novels
3507: ASLANI (MARILYN). - Harrods Cookery Book.
1110: ASQUITH (COUNTESS OF OXFORD AND ASQUITH). - Places & Persons by Margot Asquith.
5696: WHY NOT ASSOCIATES. - Graphic Design, Photography and Film.
5872: WHY NOT ASSOCIATES. - Why Not Associates ?22, RRP when new 24.95
9762: DEVONSHIRE ASSOCIATION. - Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature, and Art, Report and Transactions, 71 volumes, SOFTBACK,
5315: ASTLEY (NEIL). - Staying Alive, real poems for unreal times edited by Neil Astley
9002: ASTON (MICHAEL). - Aspects of The Mediaeval Landscape of Somerset, Contributions to the landscape history of the county, edited by Michael Aston,
3646: ATHOLL (HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF), BACON (DOROTHY) AND OTHERS. - AA Hand-Picked Tours in Britain, day drives along quiet roads through all parts of the countryside, with halts in historic villages and towns and visits to castles, gardens, follies and other selected places of interest
4725: ATKIN (RONALD). - Dieppe 1942, The Jubilee Disaster
4059: ATKINS (HENRY GIBSON). - A Skeleton German Grammar.
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4275: BURNS (C. DELISLE). - A Short History of the World 1918 - 1928.
1003: BURNS (C. H.). - "Legs, Gentleman Legs!", notes on the theory and practices of riding and keeping horses, with reasons, with a foreword by Major-General Geoffrey Brooke D.S.O.
3702: BURROWS (HAROLD). - The Muscular System, Pocket Guide Series
6683: BURRY (MARK). - City Icons, Architecture 3 Twentieth Century Classics, Antoni Gaudi, Expiatory Church of the Sagrada Familia Barcelona 1882-; Warren and Wetmore, Grand Central Terminal; John Utzon, Sydney Opera House
3206: BURSTALL (PATRICIA). - The Golden Age of the Thames.
8563: BURTON (MAURICE). - The Hedgehog, A Survival Book, editor Colin Willock,
7829: BURTON (CAPTAIN SIR RICHARD F.). - First Footsteps in East Africa, or, an Exploration of Harar, edited by his wife Isabel Burton, Memorial Edition, in two volumes,
6585: BURTON (E. MILBY). - Famous Charleston Firsts, American Bicentennial Commemorative Edition
1583: BURTON (MAURICE). - Under the Sea, Vista Illustrated Science Series
3857: BURTON (ANTHONY). - Industrial Archaeological Sites of Britain, photographs by Clive Coote
3651: BURTON (JOHN A.), BURTON (PHILIP) AND OTHERS. - Owls of the World, their evolution, structure and ecology
2809: BURTON (ANTHONY). - The Great Days of the Canals.
9307: BURTON (ROBERT). - Exploring Hills and Moors, Countryside Leisure Series,
9603: BURTON (NEIL). - English Heritage from the Air, photographs by Skyscan, foreword by The Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, English Heritage,
1580: BURTT (EDWIN A.). - The English Philosophers from Bacon to Mill, edited, with an introduction, The Modern Library of the World's Best Books series
4347: BURY (J. P. T.). - France 1814 - 1940, A History
6492: BUSCH (FRANCIS X.). - Prisoners at the Bar, An Account of the Trials of The William Haywood Case, The Sacco-Vanzetti Case, The Loeb-Leopold Case, The Bruno Hauptmann Case, Notable American Trials series
2263: BUSH (ARTHUR). - Portrait of London, illustrated in gravure
6316: BUSH (DOUGLAS). - English Literature in the Earlier Seventeenth Century 1600 - 1660, Oxford History of English Literature
3369: BUSH (SARAH), MACKLEY (LESLEY). - The Book of Pizzas & Pasta.
6287: BUTCHER (S. H.). - The Poetics of Aristotle, edited with critical notes and a translation, Second Edition Revised
5404: BUTCHER (CAPTAIN HARRY C.). - Three Years with Eisenhower, The Personal Diary of Captain Harry C. Butcher USNR, Naval Aide to General Eisenhower 1942 - 1945
9183: BUTLER (SAMUEL). - The Way of All Flesh, with a critical and biographical profile of the author by Georgia Dunbar, A Watts Ultratype Edition,
5121: BUTLER (MAUDE M.). - Waiting and Serving, or the Major's Little Sentinel
4791: BUTLER (RUPERT). - Hand of Steel, The Story of the Commandos, the true story of the men who wore the green beret
1939: BUTLER (SAMUEL). - The Way Of All Flesh, Library of Classics
2087: BUTLER (LIEUT.-COLONEL EWAN), BRADFORD (MAJOR J. SELBY). - Keep the Memory Green, The First of Many, France 1939 - 40, seventh impression
1373: BUTLER (LORD). - The Art of the Possible, Memoirs
6360: BUTLER (SIR HARCOURT). - India Insistent.
4464: BUTLER (NICHOLAS MURRAY). - The American As He Is.
4081: BUTLER (SAMUEL). - The Way Of All Flesh, The Travellers' Library series
3320: BUTLER (IVAN). - Silent Magic, rediscovering the silent film era, foreword by Kevin Brownlow
2555: BUTLER (IVAN). - The War Film.
9636: BUTLER (JEREMY). - Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities, Volume One, The East, SOFTBACK,
7525: BYNG (ADMIRAL SIR GEORGE, FIRST VISCOUNT TORRINGTON). - The Byng Papers, Selected from the Letters and Papers of Admiral Sir George Byng, First Viscount Torrington, and of His Son Admiral The Hon. John Byng, and edited by Brian Tunstall, Publications of the Navy Records Society,
2519: BYRNE (RICHARD). - The London Dungeon Book of Crime and Punishment.
4524: BYRNE (M. ST. CLARE). - A History of Shakespearean Production, (Arts Council Exhibition Catalogue)
5676: BYRON (LORD). - The Corsair, Poetry First Editions series, with a note on the text by Michael Schmidt
4274: BYRON (LORD). - The Poetical Works, Oxford Edition
4163: CABELL (BRANCH). - The First American Gentleman, a Comedy of Conquest
4178: CABELL (JAMES BRANCH). - Jurgen, a comedy of justice, with an introduction by Hugh Walpole
6618: CACERES (FRANCISCO IGNACIO DE). - La Costa Cantabria.
8698: REED (SIR STANLEY) AND P. R. CADELL. - India, The New Phase, The Westminster Library series dealing with history, politics and economic life of the British Empire,
3226: CADOGAN (MARY). - Women with Wings, Female Flyers in Fact and Fiction
2947: CAFFREY (KATE). - Out in the Midday Sun, Singapore 1941 - 45
3079: CAHILL (MARIE). - Forever Marilyn.
7883: CAHUN (LEON). - La Banniere Bleue, Adventures D'Un Musulman D'Un Chetien et D'Un Paien, al'epoque des Croisades et de la conquete Mongole, ouvrage illustre de 73 gravures dessinees sur bois par J. Lix,
2436: CAHUSAC (A. N.). - First Aid to the Injured, the authorised textbook of the St. John Ambulance Association being the Ambulance Department of the Grand Priory in the British Realm of the Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem
8527: BENDER (BARBARA) AND ROBERT CAILLAUD. - The Archaeology of Brittany, Normandy and the Channel Islands, An Introduction and Guide,
6866: CAIRD (DR ROBERT). - Ape Man, The Story of Human Evolution, consultant scientific editor Dr Robert Foley, consultant for illustrations Dr Stephen Gooder
6540: CALDECOTT (RANDOLPH). - R. Caldecott's Picture Book (No. 1), containing The Diverting History of John Gilpin, The House that Jack Built, An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog, The Babes in the Wood
8024: CALDER (NIGEL). - Spaceship Earth, A Channel Four Book,
8084: CALLAWAY (DOROTHY J.). - Magnolias,
7160: CALLOWAY (STEPHEN). - Baroque Baroque The Culture of Excess.
7213: CALTHROP (DION CLAYTON). - The Charm of Gardens, New Edition with thirty-two full-page illustrations in colour,
1508: CAMERON (IAN). - Antarctica, The Last Continent
5240: CAMERON (KENNETH), FIELD (JOHN), JOHN INSLEY. - The Place-Names of Lincolnshire, English Place-Name Society Volume LV111 Part 1 The Place-Names of the County of the City of Lincoln, Volume LX1V/LXV Part Two Lincolnshire, Lindsey, North Riding, Volume LXV1 Part Three The Wapentake of Yarborough, Volume LXV1 The Wapentake of Walshcroft, Volume LXX1 Part Four The Wapentakes of Ludborough and Haverstoe, Volume LXX111 Part Five The Wapentake of Bradley
4681: CAMERON (IAN). - Lost Paradise, The Exploration of the Pacific
4306: CAMERON (J. HOME). - The Elements of French Composition.
2739: CAMERON (VERNEY LOVETT). - Across Africa, with numerous illustrations
9558: CAMERON (RODERICK). - Viceroyalties of the West, The Spanish Empire in Latin America,
4037: CAMERON (KENNETH). - English Place-Names.
3115: CAMERON (IAN). - Adventure & the Cinema, general editor Sheridan Morley, foreword by Douglas Fairbanks Jr
2567: CAMERON (IAN). - A Pictorial History of Crime Films.
8929: CAMMIDGE (JOHN). - The Black Prince, An Historical Pageant,
7871: CAMPBELL (THOMAS). - The Poetical Works, a new edition, with notes by the Rev. W. A. Hill MA, illustrated by twenty vignette engravings from designs by J. M. W. Turner RA,
3901: GRAHAM-CAMPBELL (JAMES). - The Viking World, foreword by David M. Wilson
2671: CAMPBELL (R. J.). - Livingstone.
1480: CAMPBELL (BRUCE). - The Dictionary of Birds in Colour, photographs from Ardea Photographics London, David Attenborough and others
9021: CAMPBELL (BRUCE). - Birds of Coast and Sea, Britain and Northern Europe, illustrations by Raymond Watson,
3993: CAMPBELL (ROY). - Talking Bronco.
5660: CAMPBELL (ROD). - My Stand Up Farm Animals, (pop up book)
2949: CAMPBELL (R. J.). - Livingstone, with illustrations
2676: CAMPBELL (R. J.). - Livingstone, Abridged edition prepared by David Chamberlin
4277: CANADAY (JOHN). - Metropolitan Seminars in Art, 12 volumes, Portfolios 1 to 12

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