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002534: - Ruth Bloom's Hard Lot and Who Made It So
001314: - Business Man's Answer-All and Commercial Data Book Volume Three
000430: - Berlin: Colour Guide to the German Capital
000493: - Infection Today: A Lancet Review
000556: - Smp Topic Maths: The Nucleus
000605: - Mille et Une Histoires: Le Prince et Les Fees (No. 17)
000645: - Paestum
000680: - L'Inquisizione Romana in Italia Nell'eta Moderna: Archivi, Problemi Di Metodo E Nuove Ricerche Atti Del Seminario Internazionale Trieste, 18-20 Maggio 1988
000817: - Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen 1952-1977 (Official Souvenir Programme)
001089: - A Traveller's Guide to Festiniog Railway
001090: - Railways Restored: Association of Railway Preservation Societies' Official 1981 Year Book
001100: - Pocket Reference Dictionary of Biology
001321: - Wordsworth: A Bicentenary Exhibition Organised by the Arts Council
002352: - Shiver and Shake Annual 1980
001485: - Gambling
002343: - Jack and Jill Magazine (18th September 1982)
002339: - Dandy Comic Library No. 183 (Cuddles and Dimples in Babysit Bedlam)
001679: - The Garden at Bodnant
000003: - Welsh Dictionary
000184: - A Book of Thoughts on Courage
002700: - The New Motoring Encyclopedia & Complete Guide to British Touring For Veteran & Learner
000685: - Sharpening Competitiveness and Innovation: Recent Developments in the Malaysian Financial Sector
001210: - Teachers' Benevolent Fund Cook Book (TBF)
002345: - Twinkle Magazine January 24th 1987 (No. 992) (The Picture Paper Especially for Little Girls)
001459: - The Times: Past Present Future
001421: - The Hollies Live (Concert Programme)
001313: - The Dodo: Journal of the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, Number 17 (1980)
002342: - Jack & Jill Magazine (25th September 1982)
001254: - 5th EMBL Transcription Meeting
001556: - Quality (Using Information in Managing the Nursing Resource)
000972: - All-Colour Highway Code Question & Answer Quiz Book
000772: - Medieval Comic Tales
000776: - Lawn Tennis (Know The Game Series)
000788: - Discover: East Surrey Walks
000789: - Discover: West Surrey Walks
000099: - Radio, Television and Electrical Repairs
002392: - The New English Bible
000053: - Half Hours In The Far South: The People and Scenery of the Tropics
000174: - University of Newcaste upon Tyne Medical Gazette October 1969
000173: - University of Newcaste upon Tyne Medical Gazette May 1970
000172: - University of Newcaste upon Tyne Medical Gazette January 1972
000171: - University of Newcaste upon Tyne Medical Gazette January 1971
000147: - The London Planetarium
002456: - The Beano Annual 2012
002533: - Fireside Stories for Winter Evenings
000900: - Just William Annual 1978
001609: - Singer Illustrated Dressmaking Guide
002340: - Dandy Comic Library No. 68 (Ham and Egghead The "Clueless Detectives")
002341: - Dandy Comic Library No. 40 (Micky the Mouth Say "Aaah!")
001101: - Beatson International Cancer Conference: Genomic Regulation and Cancer (July 2001)
002350: - Whoopee Annual 1987
001084: - Earth-Moving Machinery Lubrication
002376: - The Topper No. 1768 December 20th 1986 (Comic)
000895: - The Book of Artemas: Concerning Men, and the Things That Men Did Do, at the Time When There Was War
002375: - Buttons for Play School Children (Number 68; 15th to 21st January 1983)
002696: - Princess Margaret's Wedding Day: The Pictorial Mememto of the Royal Wedding Ceremony and Pageantry
000481: BLACKWOOD, R. A.; DAVIES, T. M. - A Guide to the MRCP Part II Examination
001446: PARR, M.J.A.; CRAFT, T. M. - Resuscitation: Key Data
000118: N/A - The 1969 World Book Year Book
001195: ABRAHAMS, MARC - The Ig Nobel Prizes: The Annals of Improbable Research
002132: YVONNE ADAIR - Three Stories to Music
002643: ADAIR, HUNTER - Shooting and the Countryside
001801: ADAM, DAVID - Power Lines: Celtic Prayers about Work
002527: ELLINOR DAVENPORT ADAMS - Miss Mary's Little Maid
000915: GEORGE BURTON ADAMS - Constitutional History of England
002011: DELUCA, STEVE ADRIEN; GARCIA, MARCILINA S.; WHALEN, EDWARD; THOMPSON, DEAN - Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Performance Tuning: Technical Reference
002394: JEON KYUNG AE - The Dandelion Ranch
001972: THE SOCIETY OF ARTISTS' AGENTS - The Directory of Illustration Originals Five
002567: GRACE AGUILAR - The Vale of Cedars or The Martyr (A Story of Spain in the Fifteenth Century)
001247: E. D. AGYEMAN AND A. W. BRINDLEY - Bookkeeping: The Basis of Accounting
001720: THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF ALBUQUERQUE - Simply Simpatico: A Taste of New Mexico from the Junior League of Albuquerque
002554: LOUISA M. ALCOTT - Good Wives
002463: LOUISA MAY ALCOTT - Little Women
002552: PANSY (ISABELLA MACDONALD ALDEN) - Ruth Erskine's Crosses
000525: ALEKSANDER, IGOR - How to Build a Mind
001187: KENNETH ALLEN - Sailors in Battle
002418: FRANK W. ALLERTON - Tomatoes for Everyone (including Ring Culture & growing on Straw Bales)
002359: R. ALWYN - From Downs to Shires: A Hunting Novel
002711: ERIC AMBLER - A Kind of Anger
002422: AMOS, S.W. - Principles of Transistor Circuits: Introduction to the Design of Amplifiers, Receivers and Digital Circuits
002691: HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN - Andersen's Fairy Tales
002216: HANS ANDERSEN - Andersen's Fairy Tales
002031: WIGLEY, ANDY; ROXBURGH, PETER - Building .NET Applications for Mobile Devices
000531: IAN O. ANGELL - High-Resolution Computer Graphics Using C
000368: LAURENCE ANHOLT - Snow White and the Seven Aliens
002603: SALLY ANNE & CAMILLA OULTRAM - The Story of Ted
001467: MIKE ASHCROFT - GCSE Passbook: Mathematics
002549: TWO MEMBERS OF THE YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION - Daily Thoughts for Morning and Evening (Series 1)
001109: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Stories for Reading and Telling: Short and Simple Tales
000930: AVERY, GILLIAN - A Likely Lad
001783: AVERY, JEANNE - The Rising Sign: Your Astrological Mask
001344: EDWARD BABUN - The Varieties of Man: An Introduction to Human Races
002665: ENID BAGNOLD - National Velvet
002156: BAILEY, ADRIAN - Lakeland Rock: Classic Climbs with Chris Bonington
001770: BAKER, RICHARD - Richard Baker's London: A Theme with Variations
001815: BAKER, DOUGLAS M. - Pisces Rising
000491: DAVID BALDWIN AND KEITH HOPCROFT - A Handbook for Housemen
002008: BALLINGER, KEITH - .NET Web Services: Architecture and Implementation
000571: HONORE DE BALZAC - Eugenie Grandet
000691: JILL BARKLEM - The High Hills: Wilfreds Mountain Adventure
000020: BIDDY BAXTER, EDWARD BARNES AND ROSEMARY GILL - Blue Peter Ninth Book (Annual 9)
000019: BIDDY BAXTER, EDWARD BARNES AND ROSEMARY GILL - Blue Peter Fifth Book (Annual 5)
000018: BIDDY BAXTER, EDWARD BARNES AND ROSEMARY GILL - Blue Peter Eighth Book (Annual 8)
000510: BARNES, J. G. P. - Programming in ADA
002064: LEN BARNETT - Challenge to Commitment: Fifty-two Discussion Topics on the Christian Faith for Young People's Groups
000599: E. C. BARRETT - Viewing Weather From Space
002274: J. M. BARRIE - The Little Minister
001420: JAMES BARTON - Wasteworld 2: Resurrection
002440: DOUGLAS BARTRUM - Magnolias and Camellias (Foyles Handbooks)
001692: H. MORTIMER BATTEN - Romances of the Wild
001551: DAVID BATTEN - An Introduction to Stillwater Fishing
001241: D. BATTIE & M. TURNER - The Price Guide to 19th & 20th Century British Porcelain
002278: ALIDA BAXTER - Emmie and the Witch's Button
002326: BEACHAM, BARBARA - The House on the Headland
000471: BEAUMARCHAIS - Theatre Choisi
000512: BEAUMONT, P. B. - Change in Industrial Relations: The Organization and Environment
002164: BECK, IAN - The Oxford Nursery Book
002489: STAN BECKENSALL - Northumberland Field Names
002525: STAN BECKENSALL - Northumberland Place-Names
002410: SISTER WENDY BECKETT - The Mystery of Love: Saints in Art Through the Ages
001776: BECKMAN, HOWARD - An Introduction to Vedic Astrology: Spiritual Science of the Ancients
002570: GREGORY T. BEDELL AND CHRISTOPH VON SCHMID - The Basket of Flowers or Piety and Truth Triumphant
000937: HELENE BELLEW - Ballet in Moscow Today
000683: NATHANIEL BENCHLEY - Small Wolf: An 'I Can Read' History Book No. 86
000060: PHYLLIS BENHAM - In Livingstone's Trail - 'The Quest of the Mighty'
000486: DAVID GOLDBERG, SIDNEY BENJAMIN AND FRANCIS CREED - Psychiatry in Medical Practice
001913: D. BERCIU - Romania: Before Burebista
002413: PAUL BERNA - The Vagabonds Ashore
002169: BERREBY, DAVID - Us and Them: Understanding Your Tribal Mind
001601: ADRIAN BESLEY - All Sorts of Funny Stuff About England, Germany and the World Cup
002112: S. T. BINDOFF - 5: Tudor England (Penguin)
001131: H. BINNS - Examples in Engineering Drawing: Volume 1 (First Year Course)
001034: BIRKINSHAW, MARIE - Castle Under Attack (Dorling Kindersley Readers: LEGO)
002600: BIRLEY, ROBIN - Garrison Life on the Roman Frontier
002614: GEORGE A. BIRMINGHAM - Do You Know Your Bible?
002706: BISLAND, RALPH B. - DATABASE MANAGEMENT: Developing Application Systems Using Oracle
001143: GEORGES BIZET - Carmen: Musique De Georges Bizet
002374: GEORGE BLAKE - The Constant Star
002602: EDITED BY ADAM R. BLAKE - The Best of Wood Boxes: Ideas and Plans for 59 Unique Wood Boxes
001676: ALAN BLOOM - Bressingham Gardens & Live Steam Museum
001443: BLUMENTHAL, HOWARD - The Blues CD Listener's Guide
002502: BLYTH, HORACE RONALD - Quiz Questions on the Bible
000733: ENID BLYTON - Billy and the West Wind (Blyton Pocket Library)
001545: NATIONAL COAL BOARD - Notes for Fitters: Materials and Hand Tools
002538: HILDA BODEN - Foxes in the Valley (Seagull Library)
002363: WENDY BODY - The Secret (Longman Reading World, Level 2, Book 10)
002069: FORTUNE DU BOISGOBEY - The Angel of the Chimes
002292: ROLF BOLDREWOOD - A Modern Buccaneer
000539: MICHAEL BOND - The Best of Paddington: A Spot of Decorating; Paddington Cleans Up and A Day By the Sea
000079: EDITED BY MICHAEL BOND - Michael Bond's Book of Bears
001482: WHICH? BOOKS - Buying a Second-Hand Car
000875: REV. BASIL GRAHAM BOURCHIER - Safety Last: A Furthur Plea for the Recovery of Vital Christianity
000366: BOURGEOIS, PAULETTE - Franklin's School Play
002577: CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH BOWEN - The Babes in the Basket or, Daph and her Charge
000600: W. C. BOWMAN - Pharmacology of Neuromuscular Function
002507: BOYD, ANNE - The Monks of Durham: Life in a Fifteenth-Century Monastery (Cambridge Topic Series)
002657: BRANDER, MICHAEL - The Sporting Roughshoot
001869: E. B. BRANSON AND W. A. TARR - Introduction to Geology
000963: ANGELA BRAZIL - A Harum-Scarum Schoolgirl
002136: BREITHAUPT, JIM - Physics
001339: CHRIS BREWSTER & STEPHEN CONNOCK - Industrial Relations Training for Managers
001250: BRIDE, MAC - HTML: Publishing on the World Wide Web
002576: CHARLOTTE O'BRIEN - Gipsy Marion: A Story of the New Forest
002004: O'BRIEN, GERRY - WSH and ADSI Administrative Scripting
001636: ANDREW BRITTON - Katharine Hepburn: Star As Feminist
001929: K. G. BROCKLEHURST AND HELEN WARD - General School Biology
002548: EMILY BRODIE - Ruth's Rescue or, The Light in Ned's Home
002707: MICHAEL BRONZITE - Introduction to Oracle
001269: BROOKES, ANDREW - Disaster in the Air
001165: BROOKES, ANDREW - Flights to Disaster
000521: E. S. BROOKS - Historic Boys: Their Endeavours, Their Achievements and Their Times
002001: XAN BROOKS - Choose Life: Ewan McGregor and the British Film Revival
000014: HELENA BROOKS - Bertha Pemberthy or 'The Gift That Is In Thee'
001823: H. W. MEIKLE (PREFACE BY P. HUME BROWN) - The Story of Scotland for Junior Classes
002426: BROWN, ROSWYN A. - Portfolio Development and Profiling for Nurses
002638: BROWN, MIKE - Computers from First Principles
000956: ROBERT BROWNING - The Poetical Works of Robert Browning
000962: BROWNING, ROBERT (INTRODUCTION BY EDWARD F. HOERNLE) - Poetical Works of Robert Browning
002677: JOHN BUCHAN - The Four Adventures of Richard Hannay: The Thirty-Nine Steps, Greenmantle, Mr. Standfast and The Three Hostages
002438: E. MARGARET BUCKLE - Summer's End
001130: BUCKLEY, RUTH V. - Control Engineering: Theory, Worked Examples and Problems
002372: JOHN BUDDEN - Further Adventures of Jungle John
000625: BUISSERET, DAVID - Huguenots and Papists
002557: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrim's Progress
001865: BURCHILL, JULIE - Girls On Film
001470: CHAS NEWKEY-BURDEN - The Little History of Britain: The Story of the World's Greatest Island Nation Squeezed Into 101 Moments
001185: BURDIGE, JOHN L. - Production Planning
002714: LACHLAN M. MACKINNON; ALBERT G. BURGER AND PHILIP W. TRINDER - 21st Annual British National Conference on Databases, Edinburgh 7-9 July 2004, Proceedings Volume 2 (BNCOD21)
001005: CHRISTOPHER V. BURGESS - Short Plays for Large Classes
002466: BURMAN, EDWARD - Shift: The Unfolding Internet Hype, Hope and History
001478: LINDA BURNHAM - Amsterdam and Holland, 1991-92 (Frommers)
001878: EDITED BY HESTER BURTON - A Book of Modern Stories
001273: ROBERT BUSTARD - Sea Turtles: Their Natural History and Conservation
001517: JACK BUTLER - Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock
000458: IAN GRAY (EDITED BY) - Myocardial Medley
000673: HELEN EXLEY (EDITED BY) - Our Family Record Book
000577: MICHAEL WILLIAMS (EDITED BY) - Pony Magazine Annual 1975
000578: MICHAEL WILLIAMS (EDITED BY) - Pony Magazine Annual 1976
000712: GENEVIEVE MURPHY (EDITED BY) - The Pony Club Annual 1982
000031: R. M. LEONARD (SELECTED BY) - Echoes from the Classics
000499: SIMON D. W. PAYNE (EDITED BY) - Medicine, Sport and the Law
002102: W. LORCAN O'BYRNE - A Land of Heroes: Stories of Early Irish History
001604: KREINES, DAVID C.; LASKEY, BRIAN - Oracle Database Administration: The Essential Reference
001448: EDITED BY CARROLL C. CALKINS - The Story of America
002265: TOM CALVERT - The Lakeland Ridges Challenge Walk
001772: CAMILLERI, STEPHANIE - The House Book: The Influence of the Planets in the Houses
002085: A. E. CAMPBELL - America Comes of Age: The Era of Theodore Roosevelt
002660: GAYLON S. CAMPBELL - An Introduction to Environmental Biophysics
000011: E. FRANK CANDLIN - An English Course for Professional Students
002162: CANNING, B. W. - Pitman 2000 Shorthand: Dictation Practice Workbook Part 2
002190: CESARE CAPELLO - Firenze: 80 Tavole
002056: P. LEONARD CAPPER AND W. FISHER CASSIE - The Mechanics of Engineering Soils
002417: ALFRED F. CARPENTER - Faces and Places: A Pictorial Record of Didcot and District 1946-1956
001639: FRANCES CARPENTER - A Rebel Schoolgirl
000697: DAVID CARR - Roses: A Green Fingers Guide
000189: A. T. CARTER - A History of the English Courts: Being a Fifth Edition of a History of Legal Institutions
001943: JOYCE CARY - Mister Johnson
001660: RAYMOND CAUCHI - The Mosta Rotunda: Short History and Guide
002172: CHAMBERS, MARK L. - Mac OS X Panther Edition: Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks
002553: JENNIE CHAPPELL - A Lady of High Degree
002640: BERYL CHARLTON - Upper North Tynedale: A Northumbrian Valley and its People
000978: CHARMAN, MARY - Contract Law
002512: CHENG-KHEE CHEE - The Work of Cheng-Khee Chee
000100: D. N CHESNEY AND M. O. CHESNEY - Radiographic Photography
000054: G.H.CHETTLE - Hampton Court Palace
002465: CHIRLIAN, PAUL M. - Analysis and Design of Integrated Electronic Circuits (Volume 2: Digital Circuits)
000105: MICHAEL CHISHOLM - Rural Settlement and Land Use
001765: CHIU, ERIC - EBXML Simplified: A Guide to the New Standard for Global e-Commerce
001671: GARTH CHRISTIAN - Down the Long Wind: A Study of Bird Migration
000207: F. J. CHRISTOPHER AND ROSEMARY BRINLEY CHRISTOPHER - The Good Handyman's Encyclopedia
001555: MUSCIANO, CHUCK; KENNEDY, BILL - HTML: The Definitive Guide
001951: ANNE CIVARDI AND JAMES GRAHAM-CAMPBELL - The Time Traveller Book of Viking Raiders
001715: JOY ST. CLAIR - Love's Tangled Web
000459: ALISTAIR M. CLARK - Product Liability
002425: LEONARD CLARK - Mr. Pettigrew and the Bell-Ringers
001871: DAVID CLARK - Plane and Geodetic Surveying for Engineers, Volume One: Plane Surveying
002255: DENIS CLARK - The Sea Kingdom of Corsica
002573: MRS. HENRY CLARKE - Honor Pentreath: A Story in Two Parts
000630: LORD MACKAY OF CLASHFERN - Halsbury's Laws of England: Volume 55, 1998, Consolidated Index (A-I)
001718: MARIE CLAYTON - Elvis Presley: Unseen Archives
001902: CLEMENT, JANE T. - The Sparrow, and Other Stories with Poems
000093: JULIA CLEMENTS - Pictures with Flowers
001501: C. J. SANSOM; CLIVE & DIRK CUSSLER; MARTIN BOOTH; RENNIE AIRTH - Dark Fire; Black Wind; Gweilo; The Blood-Dimmed Tide
001573: THE BRITISH SUB-AQUA CLUB - Safety and Rescue for Divers
001070: THE BRITISH SUB AQUA CLUB - The British Sub Aqua Club Diving Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to the Techniques of Underwater Swimming
001322: NESTA CLUTTERBUCK - Dove Cottage: A Short Guide to the Home of William Wordsworth, 1799-1808
001393: I. BERNARD COHEN - The Birth of a New Physics
001103: A. J. COKER - Factory Installation Work (The Electrical Engineer Series Volume 7)
002486: COLE, HARRY - Policeman's Progress
000038: HENRY W. COLE - Understanding Radar
001214: BORD, COLIN; BORD, JANET - Mysterious Britain: Ancient Secrets of the United Kingdom and Ireland
002189: HARRY COLLINGWOOD - The Log of a Privateersman
000281: JOHN STEWART COLLIS - Christopher Columbus
001525: COMPILED AND EDITED BY JAMES MCGURN AND ROBERT POOLE - Tyneside Memories: First-Hand Accounts of Life before the Second World War
002629: RALPH COMPTON - The Chisholm Trail (The Trail Drive Series Book 3)
001975: LAURA CONWAY - Heiress Apparent
002223: DOROTHEA CONYERS - Two Imposters and Tinker
002224: DOROTHEA CONYERS - The Arrival of Antony
002213: DOROTHEA CONYERS - Treasury Notes
002313: DOROTHEA CONYERS - The Blighting of Bartram
002565: SUSAN COOLIDGE - All That Katy Did: An Omnibus of Katy Stories
001709: W. E. SHEWELL-COOPER - Chrysanthemum Growing
002234: JAMES FENIMORE COOPER - The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757
001094: LENA COOPER - Love is a Coloured Balloon
001085: H. J. COOPER - Worked Examples in Engineering Science
000940: TREWIN COPPLESTONE - Rembrandt
000279: JUDY CORBALIS - The Cuckoo Bird
002191: MRS. HUGH CORBET / KATHLEEN CORBET - Letters to the Pony Club
001007: CORNWELL, JOHN - Coleridge, Poet and Revolutionary, 1772-1804: A Critical Biography
002302: MARJORIE CORYN - The Marriage of Josephine
000785: STEPHEN COSGROVE - Nitter Pitter
001394: COSTELLO, JOHN - Teaching and Learning Mathematics, 11-16
000867: TOM COTCHER - Otto and the Kidnap
002446: DONALD COTTON - The Bodkin Papers: Bodkin of the Beagle (1831-1836) (Being the Memoirs of Josiah Bodkin, Bird About Town and Parrot of the World)
001315: CLOTHING INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL - A Short Guide to the Factories Acts 1937 & 1948
000713: COUSINS, LUCY - Maisy's Book of Colours
000151: COX AND DYSON - The Practical Criticism of Poetry
000109: COX, CAROLINE - Sociology: An Introduction for Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors
000317: COX, DAVID - Financial Accounting: Tutorial, NVQ Level 3 Accounting
001978: EDITED BY ROGER CROMBLEHOLME AND TERRY KIRTLAND - Steam '81: A Complete Enthusiasts' Handbook to Railway Preservation Activities and Minor Railways in the British Isles
001375: ANNE CRONE - This Pleasant Lea
000921: JAMES E. CRONIN - Labour and Society in Britain 1918-1979
001880: CRONIN, THOMAS E. - Direct Democracy: The Politics of Initiative, Referendum, and Recall
001909: CROSS, GILLIAN - The Dark Behind the Curtain
002644: FRANK CULLUM (EDITED BY PAULINE CULLUM) - Both Sides of the Fence: The Autobiography of a Poacher Turned Gamekeeper
001182: JANE LOUISE CURRY - Over the Sea's Edge
001881: CUTBUSH, MARGERY - Quilting: A Step by Step Guide
002578: THEODORE LEDYARD CUYLER - Newly Enlisted: A Series of Talks with Young Converts
000386: MICHAEL R. CZINKOTA; ILKKA A RONKAINEN; MICHAEL H. MOFFETT - International Business (3rd Edition) (International Edition)
001186: ROMANS, D.; SIMONS, ERIC N. - Welding Processes and Technology
002637: BACON, M. D.; STOKES, A. V.; BACON, J. - Computer Networks: Fundamentals and Practice
001031: RUSHNELL, SQUIRE D.; HAZEN, BARBARA SHOOK - Little David's Adventure
000495: BARR, MURRAY L. M.D.; KIERNAN, J. A. - The Human Nervous System: An Anatomical Viewpoint
000607: DAFT, RICHARD L. - Organization Theory and Design
000372: ANNIE DALTON - The Frog Files
000717: PENNY DANN & FRANCESCA STICH - Let's Play Little Petal!; Wake Up Little Petal!; and Peepo Little Petal! (Secret Fairy Series)
001248: BLUNDY, DAVID; VALLELY, PAUL - With Geldof in Africa: Confronting the Famine Crisis
001608: CROWDER, DAVID; CROWDER, RHONDA - Mastering Macromedia Dreamweaver 3
002639: NELSON, DAVID; STIRK, SUE; EDWARDS, HELEN; MCGARRY, KENNETH - 22nd British National Conference on Databases: Workshops and Posters
000858: GILL DAVIES - The Adventures of Fluffytuft
002159: DAVIES, GILL - Rory's Story
000300: PAUL DAVIES - Stardoom: A Scientific Account of the Beginning and the End of the Universe
001331: EDITED BY WILLIAM DAVIES - The Punch Guide to Good Living
002703: BEYNON-DAVIES, PAUL - Relational Database Design (Information Systems Series)
001320: DAYS, WALFORD - Occasions
002310: DURHAM COUNTY COUNCIL ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT - More Country Walks in County Durham
002563: CHARLES DICKENS - Great Expectations (Regent Classics)
002609: ARMIN DIEL; JOEL PAYNE - Gault Millau Guide to German Wines
000698: DIERKS, LESLIE - Wreaths from the Garden: 75 Fresh & Dried Floral Wreaths to Make
001263: ANTONI DILLER - Z: An Introduction to Formal Methods (Second Edition)
001882: CHRISTOPHE DILLINGER - Making Money on the Net: The Smart Guide to Making & Saving Money with your PC
000233: JENNIFER DIMARCO - Fall Through The Sky
001028: CAROLYN DINAN - Goodnight, Monster
001509: ROBERT A. DIVINE; T. H. BREEN; GEORGE M. FREDRICKSON; R. HAL WILLIAMS - America : Past and Present, Volume One to 1877
001510: ROBERT A. DIVINE; T. H. BREEN; GEORGE M. FREDRICKSON; R. HAL WILLIAMS - America : Past and Present, Volume Two from 1865
002688: SCOTT DOBSON - Histry O' The Geordies (Book One)
002689: SCOTT DOBSON - Larn Yersel' Geordie
000801: MERYL DONEY - Tailor Green and the Grand Collection
002669: LLOYD C. DOUGLAS - The Robe
001343: JAMES M. DOWNIE - Mutiny in the Air
002337: ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE - The Stark Munro Letters: Being a Series of Sixteen Letters Written by J. Stark Munro, M. B., to his Friend and Former Fellow Student, Herbert Swanborough, of Lowell, Massachusetts, During the Years 1881-1884
002391: ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE - Sir Nigel
001699: C. W. DRURY - The Riddle of the Screen
000454: D. C. TURK, I. A. PORTER, B. I. DUERDEN AND T. M. S. REID - A Short Textbook of Medical Microbiology
002131: CHRISTOPHE DUFOUR AND JEAN-PAUL HAENNI - Musee l'Histoire Naturelle de Neuchatel
001805: TERRY DWYER - How to Write an Astrological Synthesis: A Guide for Students
001129: EADINGTON, JOAN - Jonny Briggs and the Silver Surprise
000955: J. G. EDGAR - Cressy & Poictiers: The Story of the Black Prince's Page
000675: EDGE, SEAN - Mountain Man
000500: DAVID GREENWOOD (EDITOR) - Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
000534: IAN GALER (EDITOR) - Applied Ergonomics Handbook
000946: ENZO ORLANDI (GENERAL EDITOR) - The Life and Times of Leonardo (Portraits of Greatness Series)
001218: KATHERINE DRAPER (EDITOR) - Practice of Psychosexual Medicine
001098: RAYMOND B. CLAYTON (EDITOR) - Methods in Enzymology: Volume XV Steroids and Terpenoids
000965: WALTER D. EDMONDS - Young Ames
002449: EDMONDSON, MADELEINE - Anna Witch
002099: CAPON, EDMUND; MACQUITTY, WILLIAM - Princes of Jade
001452: JOSEPINE ELDER - Cherry Tree Perch
002499: MADGE ELDER - Ballad Country: The Scottish Border
002713: BERTINO, ELISA; MARTINO, LORENZO - Object-Oriented Database Systems: Concepts and Architectures (International Computer Science Series)
000855: RETOLD BY VIRGINIA WILLIAMS-ELLIS - Day By Day Stories About Daniel
000103: EDWARD S. ELLIS - Bear Cavern
000606: ELSOM, DEREK M. - Atmospheric Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control Policies
002311: CHARLIE EMETT - Pub Walks in County Durham
002539: ALFRED H. ENGELBACH - Dick Darlington, at Home and Abroad
000777: M. C. ENGLAND - How To Solve Physics Problems
000632: BARBRO LINDGREN-ENSKOG - Hier ist das Kleine Haus
002010: ESPOSITO, DINO - Applied XML Programming for Microsoft .NET
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