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502572: - Illustrierte Kinder Buche Aus Jahrhundert 300
kw1010: - The Astronomical Ephemeris 1973
kw1009: - The Astronomical Ephemeris 1971
kw1469: - The Heritage of British Literature
kw1402: - Public General Statutes Affecting Scotland
kw1474: - Reese Company Catalogue Eighteen: Americana Printed Books and Documents 1501-1830
kw1227: - Cassell's Practical Dictionary of Gardening. An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Practical Horticulture for All Classes
kw1449: - Sotheby's Catalogue of Valuable Printed Books from the Broxbourne library Illustrating the Spread of Painting. 2 Vols
kw6191: LOVE, GLEN A. ; LOVE, RHODA M. - Ecological Crisis : Readings for Survival
kw1147: CARRUTH, ALAN A.; OSWALD, ANDREW J. - Pay Determination and Industrial Prosperity
kw1524: MCWATT GREEN, A. AND HUNTER FORBES, R. - Transactions of the Chartered Accountants Students' Society of Edinburgh & Glasgow Chartered Accountants Students' Society: Sessions 1938-39 & 1939-40
kw7021: DIXON, JOHN A. ; JAMES, DAVID E. ; SHERMAN, PAUL B. - The Economics of Dryland Management
006895: AALHOLM, O A; & BRYN, THOR - Arendals Forsikringsselskab A/S 1860-1960: Med bakgrunn: Av Aust-Agders Seilskipssaga
kw5431: ABBOTT, C. C. - The Sand Castle and Other Poems
9001: ABLOW, KEITH - Denial
502853: ABRAHAMS, HARALD - XVII Olympiad Rome 1960
007970: ACHEBE, CHINUA - A Man of the People
006912: ACHEBE, CHINUA - No Longer at Ease
kw6917: ACKERMANN, A S E - Popular Fallacies: A Book Of Common Errors Explained And Corrected with Copious References to Authorities
001120: ACKROYD, PETER (EDITOR) - P.E.N. New Fiction 1
9002: ACZEL, TAMAS - The Hunt
kw6264: ADAMS, L. F. - Engineering Instrumentation and Control IV
kw6661: ADAMS, JILL ( ILLUSTRATOR ) - Wild Flowers of the Northern Cape
9004: ADAMS, JANE - Bird
kw1108: ADAMS, MILDRETTA - Historic Silver City:The Story of the Owyhees
9003: ADAMS, JANE - The Greenway
kw1171: ADELMAN, IRMA; & ROBINSON, SHERMAN - Income Distribution Policy in Developing Countries: a Case Study of Korea
9005: AELLEN, RICHARD - Redeye
kw1051: DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS - The North West : a Regional Study
kw1351: AGAR, HERBERT - A Time for Greatness
008421: D'AGUIAR, FRED - Airy Hall
008890: AICHELE, GEORGE - The Control of Biblical Meaning: Canon as Semiotic Mechanism
kw6414: BRYMAN, ALAN ; CRAMER, DUNCAN - Quantitative Data Analysis for Social Scientists
005758: ALCOCK, DEBORAH - Arthur Erskine's Story: a Tale of the Days of Knox
009021: ALDA, ALAN - Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, and Other Things I've Learned
kw00295: ALDERMAN, H M - A Pilgrimage in Hertfordshire
006486: ALDOUS, ALLAN - McGowan Goes to Sea
005783: COMFORT, ALEX: & BAYLISS, JOHN (EDITORS) - New Road 1944: New Directions in Art and Letters
9006: ALEXANDER, GARY - Deadly Drought
9008: ALEXANDER, DAVID - Paint the Town Black
001597: ALLAN, JOHN R - Green Heritage
004201: ALLDRIT, NICOLAS; & TRIPP, DAVID - The Latin and French Inscriptions of Lincoln Minster
9010: ALLEN, JAY PRESSON - Just Tell Me What You Want
kw7035: PRESCOTT - ALLEN, ROBERT, PRESCOTT -ALLEN, CHRISTINE - What's Wild Life Worth? : Economic Contributions of Wild Plants and Animals to Developing Countries
kw1091: ALLEN, EVERETT, S - Children of the Light: The Rise and Fall of New Bedford Whaling and the Death of the Arctic Fleet.
kw1276: ALLIGHAN, GARRY - The Welensky Story
007729: ALMEDINGEN, E M - Frossia: a Novel of Russia
006026: ALTENBERG, KARIN - Island of Wings
kw1137: ALTER, STEVEN - Information Systems: A Management Perspective
kw6509: ARRIBAS ALVAREZ, JOSE FRANCISCO - Las Empresas mas Antiguas de Madrid
kw6828: AMADASI, MARIA GIULIA - L'Iconografia del Carro da Guerra in Siria e Palestina
005353: AMBROSE, E J - The Mirror of Creation
9020: AMOS, R B - Perhaps I Look Simple
003965: ANATOLI, A - Babi Yar: a Document in the Form of a Novel
502108: GRAM-ANDERSEN, KNUT - The Purple-Eared Monster - and Its Relations. A Study in Word-Formation
500432: ANDERSON, GEORGE K - The Literature of Anglo-Saxons
kw6235: ANDERSON, J. M. - Ecology for Environmental Sciences: Biosphere, Ecosystems and Man
003702: ANDERSON, JAMES - They Finished Their Course in the 80's
kw1286: ANDERSON, H M - Kelston of Kells
008240: ANDERSON, MARJORIE O - Kings and Kingship in Early Scotland
kw1198: ANDERSON, J. P. - The Book of British Topography : A Classified Catalogue
008332: ANDERSON, ADRIAN - Living a Spiritual Year: Seasonal Festivals in Northern and Southern Hemispheres, an Esoteric Study
005840: ANDERSON, PERRY - English Questions
008057: ANDERSON, JOHN - Shadows of Sails
006359: ANDREAE, CHRISTINE - Smoke Eaters
kw6744: ANDRESKI, STANISLAV - Prospects of a Revolution in the USA
008729: ANDREWS, FRED - Dorset Footplateman: From Boyhood to Main Line Fireman
kw1138: ANDRIOLE, STEPHEN, J. ( EDITOR ) - Software Validation, Verification, Testing: A Source Book
kw1019: BELLAIRS, ANGUS; CARRINGTON, RICHARD - The World of Reptiles
001015: ANON - Excerpta e Statutis Universitatis Oxoniensis
002398: ANON - Black's 1881 Guide to Warwickshire
kw1039: ANON - Catalogue of the Library of the Zoological Society of London 1902
004196: ANON - Wear And Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia
003261: ANON - The Scottish Municipal Annual, Eighth Issue
kw1208: ANON - The Adventures of Ralph Rashleigh: A Penal Exile in Australia 1825-1844
001014: ANON - A Writer's Notebook
502559: ANON - An Address Presented to Alexander Hamilton Thompson With a Bibliography of His Writings
kw1050: ANON - The West Midlands
005550: ANON - Dougal and the Blue Cat
007683: ANONYMOUS - Gifted: The Tale of 10 Mysterious Book Sculptures
008153: ANSTEY, F - Tourmalin's Time Cheques
007538: ANTAL, DAN - Out of Romania
003693: ARCHAMBAULT, PAUL J - A Monk's Confession, the Memoirs of Guibert of Nogent
004926: ARDEN, HENLEY I - Aunt Bell, the Good Fairy of the Family
007013: ARIDJIS, HOMERO - 1492: The Life And Times of Juan Cabezon of Castille
002874: ARISTOPHANES; & FRERE, J HOOKHAM (TRANSLATOR) - The Acharnians, and Three Other Plays of Aristophanes
kw00494: ARMBRISTER, TREVOR - A Matter of Accountability, the True Story of the Pueblo Affair
008005: ARMOUR, RICHARD - The Classics Reclassified: In Which Certain Famous Books Are Not So Much Digested As Indigested, Together with Mercifully Brief Biographies of their Authors, a few Unnecessary Footnotes, and Questions which it Might be Helpful Not to Answer
007710: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - Pilling Always Pays
kw1370: ARMSTRONG, J W SCOBELL - Yesterday
9022: ARMSTRONG, CHARLOTTE - The Dream Walker
kw6758: ARNDT, H. W. - The Economic Lessons Of The Nineteen-Thirties
9021: ARNOLD, CATHERINE - Imperfect Justice
kw6745: ARNOLD, R. DOUGLAS - Congress and the Bureaucracy: a Theory of Influence
007648: ARTHUR, BURT - Trouble Town
kw6889: ASHBY, M. K. - Joseph Ashby of Tysoe 1859-1919: a Study of English Village Life
kw6871: ASHTON, T. S. - The Industrial Revolution
003822.: ASKWITH, RICHARD - The Lost Village: In Search of a Forgotten Rural England
004708: ASQUITH, H H - An Election Guide
kw1518: ATKINSON, BROOKS - Sean O'Casey From Times Past.
kw1509: ATTALLAH, NAIM - Of a Certain Age
004098: ATTERTON, JULIAN - Knights of the Lost Domain
kw1305: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - Three Lives
001811: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - The Education of Oscar Fairfax: a Novel
kw6873: BAKER, THOMAS ( AUTHOR ); MAYOR, JOHN E. B. ( EDITOR ) - History Of The College Of St. John The Evangelist, Cambridge. 2 Volumes
007647: AVENI, ANTHONY - The Book of the Year: a Brief History of Our Seasonal Holidays
003966: AYE, JOHN - Humour Among the Doctors
kw1432: AYEARST, MORLEY - The Republic of Ireland
005049: AYRE, J LOGAN - The Christology of the Earliest Gospel
002939: AYRES, P G (EDITOR| - Effects of Disease on the Physiology of the Growing Plant
kw1185: RICHARDS, IRENE, GOODSON, J.B. AND MORRIS, J.A. - A Sketch-map of the Two World Wars and After
008415: BABINGTON, K G - The Kremlin Cat and the Bomb
9014: BABSON, MARIAN - Murder, Murder, Little Star
007619: BAGBY, GEORGE - Dead Storage
008847: BAGLEY, DESMOND - Landslide
007293: BAGNOLD, ENID - The Loved and the Envied
008529: BAGNOLD, ENID - The Loved and the Envied
007789: BAGSTER, HUBERT - Doctor's Weekend
kw1127: BAIN, A. D. - Economics of the Financial System
kw6527: BAIRD, DOROTHY - Audrey's Old Man
kw1084: BAKER, B B - Glossary of Oceanographic Terms 1966
502724: BAKER, E - Black Country Stories
kw1228: BAKER, RICHARD T; & SMITH, HENRY G - A Research on The Pines of Australia
kw1101: BAKER, P F - Recent Advances in Physiology: No. 10
005395: BAKER, ASHLEY - Publishing Salvation: The Story of the Scripture Gift Mission
008528: BALCHIN, NIGEL - Sundry Creditors
008942: BALDWIN, JOHN R - Caithness: a Cultural Crossroads
006435: BALDWIN, FAITH - 24 Hours a Day
kw00352: BALFOUR, A P - Annual and Biennial Flowers
kw1357: BALFOUR, A J - Essays Speculative And Political
008910: BALFOUR, E B - The Living Soil & the Haughley Experiment
008108: BALL, KENNETH - 1100/1300 Autobook: Workshop Manual for the 1100 and 1300 1962-1968 Austin, Morris, MG, Riley. Vanden Plas and Wolseley
004889: BALLANTYNE, R M - Six Months at the Cape: Letters to Periwinkle from South Africa
004501: BALLARD, TODHUNTER - Westward the Monitors Roar
006375: BALUS, WOJCIECH - Sztuka Krakowa i Galicji w wieku XIX
008081: BANERJEE, SUMANTA (EDITOR) - Homes in Emptiness: Anthology of Bangla Stories
008154: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - Olympian Nights
kw1173: BANHAM, SIR JOHN - The Anatomy of Change: Blueprint of a New Era
kw7106: BANNERMAN, DAVID ARMITAGE - The Birds of West and Equatorial Africa Vol 2 Eurlaemidae to Ploceidae
9012: BANNISTER, JO - No Birds Sing
007281: BARBER, STEPHEN - Extreme Europe
kw1322: BARBER, WILLIAM J - The Economy of British Central Africa: A Case Study of Economic Development in a Dualistic Society
004825: BARCYNSKA, COUNTESS - Ships Come Home
001556: BARDGETT, FRANK D - Devoted Service Rendered: the Lay Missionaries of the Church of Scotland
kw6422: BARGHOORN, FREDERICK C. - Politics In The U.S.S.R
007419: BARKE, JAMES - The Song in the Green Thorn Tree
006538: BARKE, JAMES - The Song in the Green Thorn Tree
006970: BARKER, GEORGE - Dreams of a Summer Night
006968: BARKER, GEORGE - Poems of Places and People
005775: BARKER, C HEDLEY - They Stole a Ship
006594: BARKER, ANTHONY - Giving and Receiving: An Adventure in African Medical Service
kw6656: BARLING, TOM - Bikini Red North
9018: BARNARD, ROBERT - The Skeleton in the Grass
502044: BARNES, P A; & REES, D J - A Concise Textbook of Radiotherapy
9028: BARNES, TREVOR - Dead Meat
9030: BARNES, TREVOR - Taped
kw1396: RATCLIFFE-BARNETT, T - The Road to Rannoch and the Summer Isles
008023: BARNETT, T RATCLIFFE - Fairshiels: Memories of a Lammermoor Parish
9031: BARNETT, JAMES - The Firing Squad
005995: BARON, ALEXANDER - There's No Home
001345: BARRACLOUGH, GEOFFREY (EDITOR) - Mediaeval Germany 911-1250: Essays By German Historians Volume 2 Essays
007971: BARRETT, C K - The Gospel According to St John: An Introduction with Commentary and Notes on the Greek Text
kw00015: BARRIE, J M - The Greenwood Hat: Being a Memoir of James Anon 1885-1887
kw1307: BARRIE, J M - When a Man's Single: A Tale of Literary Life
502954: BARRUEL, PAUL - Birds of the World. Their Life and Habits.
001337: SCHWARTZ-BART, ANDRE - A Woman Named Solitude
005822: BARTER, S - Manual Instruction: Woodwork (The English Sloyd)
kw1064: BARTIMEUS - Naval Occasions and Some Traits of the Sailorman
008621: BASSO, HAMILTON - Pompey's Head
kw1197: BATCHELOR, MESTON - Cradle of Empire: A Preporatory School Through Nine Reigns
007234: BATEMAN, WALTER L - The Navajo of the Painted Desert
006724: BATES, H E - The Blossoming World
007839: BATES, H E - When the Green Woods Laugh
008286: BATES, H E - The Darling Buds of May
008653: BATES, H E - A Breath of French Air
007284: BAUM, VICKI - Headless Angel
005383: BAXTER, J SIDLOW - His Part and Ours: Devotional Expositions Gathering Round the Scripture Usage of the Possessive Pronoun "My"
9033: BAYER, WILLIAM - Peregrine
009005: BB - Bill Badger and the Pirates
500307: BEAN, J M W (EDITOR) - The Political Culture of Modern Britain: Studies in Memory of Stephen Koss
kw5908: BEANES, EDWARD - Decimals of a Pound Sterling. From ¼d to 11 ¾D. Advancing By a Farthing
001287: BEATTIE, DESMOND - Adventures of Joan, Billy, Willy and Bobby
kw1166: BEAUMONT, P. B. - Human Resource Management: Key Concepts and Skills
007608: BEBEK, BORNA - Santhana: One Man's Road to the East
kw6726: BECK, DR. J. B. - Die Melodien der Troubadours, Nach dem gesamten handschriftlichen Material zum erstenmal bearbeitet und herausgegeben, nebst einer Untersuchung uber die Entwickelung der Notenschrift (bis um 1250) und das rhythmisch-metrische Prinzip der mittelalterlich-
007856: BECKETT, SAMUEL J - The Fjords and Folk of Norway
005356: BECKWITH, ROBERT - The Faithful Years
004814: BEDFORD, MARTYN - The Houdini Girl
9026: BEDFORD, MARTYN - Acts of Revision
kw00340: BEDICHEK, ROY - Adventures with a Naturalist
kw5874: BEECH, J (EDITOR) - Perspectives in Metallurgical Development: Conference Proceedings
kw1002: BEER, ARTHUR (EDITOR) - Vistas in Astronomy Volume 10
kw1003: BEER, ARTHUR (EDITS). - Vistas in Astronomy Volume 13
007673: BEGBIE, HAROLD - The Vindication of Great Britain: A Study in Diplomacy and Strategy with Reference to the Illusions of Her Critics and the Problems of the Future
003289: BEGG, ALISTAIR - Pathway to Freedom, How God's Laws Guide Our Lives
kw1083: BEISER, ARTHUR - The Sailor's World
005587: BELHAVEN, LORD - The Eagle and the Sun: An Historical Novel
008745: BELL, ADRIAN - Sunrise to Sunset
kw1430: BELL, J J - The Glory of Scotland
kw00269: BELL, MALCOLM - The Early Work of Titian
008665: BELL, ADRIAN - Corduroy, Silver Ley & The Cherry Tree
004690: BELLOC, HILAIRE - The Eye-Witness
000850: BELSHAW, PATRICK - A Kind of Private Magic
002072: BENFEY, CHRISTOPHER - The Double Life of Stephen Crane: a Biography
kw6417: BENNETT, ROBERT ( EDITOR ) - Territory and Administration in Europe
007474: BENSON, E F - As We Were: a Victorian Peep-Show
005478: BENSUSAN, S L - Morocco
008524: BENTLEY, PHYLLIS - The House of Moreys
kw6175: BERENSON, BERNARD - Italian Painters of the Renaissance Vol. 1 : Venetian and Italian Schools
kw00136: BERENSON, BERNHARD - The Central Italian Painters of the Renaissance
502725: BERENSON, BERNARD - Italian Pictures of the Renaissance. Florentine School
kw6874: BERGONZI, BERNARD - Heroes' Twilight: a Study of the Literature of the Great War
502664: BERLITZ, CHARLES - Native Tongues
008886: BERNHEIM, PIERRE-ANTOINE - James, Brother of Jesus
004076: BERZINS, BAIBA - The Coming of the Strangers
008152: BESANT, WALTER - The Inner House
501008: BEST, THOMAS - The Art of Angling: Confirmed by actual Experience; with Several Recent Discoveries to Which is Added Nobb's Complete Troller; Also Diagnostics of the Weather with or Without the Barometer.
004959: BEST, ERNEST - A Commentary on the First and Second Epistles to the Thessalonians
007827: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Sweet Songs of Zion
007289: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Summoned By Bells
9024: BIDERMAN, BOB - Koba
9032: BIDERMAN, BOB - The Genesis Files
kw00216: BIDYABINOD, PANDIT B B - Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of India No. 32; Fragment of a Prajnaparamita Manuscript from Central Asia
kw6830: BIEBER, MARGARETE - Die Denkmäler zum Theaterwesen im Altertum
007448: BILLANY, DAN - The Trap
001836: BILLINGTON, SANDRA - Between Worlds
kw6287: BILLMEYER, FRED W. - Textbook of Polymer Science
005892: BINDER, FREDERICK M; & REIMERS, DAVID M - All the Nations Under Heaven: An Ethnic and Racial History of New York City
008761: BINDLOSS, HAROLD - A Risky Game
9023: BINGHAM, JOHN - Inspector's Morgan's Dilemma
9029: BINGLEY, D. E. - Caribbean Crisis
006938: BINNS, OTTWELL - Java Jack
006430: BINNS, HENRY BRYAN - The Free Spirit: Realisations of Middle Age with a Note on Personal Expression
kw7121: BIRKENHEAD, THE RT. HONOURABLE THE EARL OF - Famous Trials of History
006347: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A - Connaught to Chicago
005067: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A - Poor Sir Edward
kw1077: PHILLIPS-BIRT, DOUGLAS - British Ocean Racing
002943: BISHOP, MICHAEL - At the City Limits of Fate
001110: BISHOP, PATRICIA - Aubergine is a Gravid Woman
004249: BLACK, JIMMY - Yellow Wednesday
007170: BLACK, CLEMENTINA - Frederick Walker
007272: BLACK, WILLIAM - White Wings: a Yachting Romance
002853: BLACK, CHARLES STEWART - The Monk and the Miller: and Other Scottish Plays
002534: BLACKBURN, JOHN H - Land of Promise
003395: BLACKER, J F - The A B C of English Salt-Glaze Stone-Ware from Dwight to Doulton
006048: BLACKIE, NANSIE - In Love and in Laughter: a Portrait of Robert Mackie
008199: BLAIKIE, JIM - A Laddie Looks at Leith
008586: BLAINE, JOHN - The Phantom Shark
008587: BLAINE, JOHN - Sea Gold
008915: BLAKE, N F - The Language of Shakespeare
005907: BLAKE, NORMAN - In the Grip of the Barren Lands
007711: BLAKE, GEORGE - The Voyage Home
007712: BLAKE, GEORGE - The Constant Star
007713: BLAKE, GEORGE - The Five Arches
008703: BLANCHET, M WYLIE - The Curve of Time
kw1086: BLANDFORD, PERCY, W. - Canoeing Waters
008328: BLATTI, JO (EDITOR) - Past Meets Present: Essays About Historic Interpretation and Public Audiences
003380: BLOCKER, SIMON - The Secret of Preaching Power Through Thematic Christian Preaching
006257: BLOOMFIELD, PAUL - Journal 1939-1949
006188: BLUMENFELD, RALPH D - Home Town: Story of a Dream That Came True
502197: BLUNDEN, EDMUND - Cricket County
007143: BLYTHE, RONALD - The View in Winter: Reflections on Old Age
004995: BLYTON, ENID - Teddy Bear's Party
005378: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI; & RIGG, J M (TRANSLATOR) - The Decameron: Volume 2
kw1260: BODDY, FREDERICK A - Foliage Plants
kw6923: BOESCHENSTEIN, HERMANN - German Literature of the Nineteenth Century
008363: BOIA, LUCIAN - Romania: Borderland of Europe
006965: BOISGOBEY, FORTUNÉ DU - The Angel of the Chimes
500258: BOLITHO, HECTOR - No.10 Downing Street 1660-1900
007428: BOLITHO, HECTOR - Combat Report: The Story of a Fighter Pilot
008947: BOND, FRANCIS - Westminster Abbey
008949: BOND, FRANCIS - Fonts and Font Covers
008951: BOND, FRANCIS - Wood Carving in English Churches: Stalls and Tabernacle Work & Bishops Thrones and Chancel Chairs
008950: BOND, FRANCIS - Screens and Galleries in English Churches
008481: BOND, J M; & O'CONNOR, T P - Bones from Medieval Deposits at 16-22 Coppergate and Other Sites in York
008829: BOND, GEOFFREY - Lancastria
008948: BOND, FRANCIS - The Chancel of English Churches
kw1383: BONNARD, ANDRE - Greek Civilisation. From the Antigione to Socrates
kw1222: BONNIER, GASTON - British Flora
8053: BOOKER, MOLLY - Embroidery Design
kw6166: BOOTH, V. H. - Carotene : Its Determination in Biological Materials
007871: BOOTH, GEOFFREY - The Midlands: Industrial Archaeology (Wayland Regional Studies)
006356: BORNSTEIN, SAM; & RICHARDSON, AL - Against the Stream: A History of the Trotskyist Movement in Britain 1924-38
008157: BOSE, MIHIR - The Aga Khans
005649: BOSMAN, HERMAN CHARLES - Almost Forgotten Stories
006193: BOSTOCK, PETER - Incurable Wanderlust
502112: BOSWELL, JAMES - Boswell's Column
kw6092: BOSWORTH, DEREK L. - The Employment Consequences of Technological Change
005249: BOURJAILY, VANCE - The Hound of Earth
007686: BOURNE, HOPE L - Wild Harvest
007536: BOURNE, PETER - Black Saga
006659: BOWEN, MARJORIE - The Poisoners
006774: BOWER, URSULA GRAHAM - Naga Path
004872: BOWER, B M - Chip of the Flying U
kw6355: BOWMAN, F H - The Structure of the Cotton Fibre in its Relation to Technical Applications
kw7110: BOYD, MARTIN - Such Pleasure
500328: BOYD, FRANCIS - British Politics in transition 1945-1963
kw1491: BOYER, RICK - Moscow Metal
007119: BOYLE, DAVID - With Ardours Manifold
004254: BRADY, ARCHANGE J - A History of Fort Chipewyan, Alberta's Oldest Continuously Inhabited Settlement
004815: BRADY, JOAN - The Emigre
008837: BRAITHWAITE, RODERICK - Palmerston and Africa: The Rio Nunez Affair - Competition, Diplomacy and Justice
007780: BRAMSON, ALAN - Master Airman: a Biography of Air Vice-Marshal Donald Bennett
502911: BRAMWELL, CRIGHTON - The Harveian Oration 1956: Practice Teaching and Research
008957: BRAND, E P - A Fenman Remembers
kw1054: BRANDER, MICHAEL - Soho for the Colonel: On the Trail of Colonel Thornton
006062: BRASCH, CHARLES - Home Ground
008027: BRASIER, MARTIN - Darwin's Lost World: The Hidden History of Animal Life
008903: BRAUN, MOSHE A - The Jewish Holy Days: Their Spiritual Significance
kw00062: BRAUNSWEG, JULIAN - Braunsweg's Ballet Scandals
kw1113: BRAUNWALD, EUGENE - Protection of the Ischemic Myocardium: Proceedings of a symposium held at Brook Lodge, Augusta, Michigan, September 18-20, 1975
008880: GREEN, BRETT & OEHLER, ROBERT - Modelling the Messerschmitt Me 262
502217: BRIAN, MICHAEL V - The World of an Ant Hill
500476: BRIDGES, ROBERT - The Spirit of Man
005769: O'BRIEN, PATRICK - The Yellow Admiral
002486: BRIGHAM, RICHARD - Snowy Owls and Battered Bulbuls
001209: BRIGHT, MICHAEL - Animal Language
008124: BRINKMAN, BABA - The Rap Canterbury Tales
003252: BRINNIN, JOHN MALCOLM - The Sway of the Grand Saloon: a Social History of the North Atlantic
007634: BRISBANE, COUTTS - Wheels of Fortune
kw6479: ARTS COUNCIL OF GREAT BRITAIN - Berlioz and the Romantic Imagination
005975: BRITTAIN, VERA - In the Steps of John Bunyan: An Excursion Into Puritan England
008705: BRIVATI, BRIAN - Lord Goodman
008041: BROADBENT, E H - The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, with Explanatory Notes and Paraphrases
003159: BROADFOOT, BARRY - Ordinary Russians
9041: BROCK, ALAN - Miss Hamblett's Ghost
003073: DRAKE-BROCKMAN, H (EDITOR) - Coast to Coast: Australian Stories 1955-56
002563: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - The Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg
007714: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - The Rains Came
007922: BRONNER, HEDIN (ED) - Faroese Short Stories
502682: BROOKE, JOCELYN - Elizabeth Bowen
kw1075: BROOKE, GEORGE, M - John M Brooke: Naval Scientist and Educator
004350: BROOME, RICHARD - Aboriginal Australians: Black Responses to White Dominance 1788-1994
kw00446: BROPHY, KEVIN T - Walking the Line: Scenes from an Army Childhood
006915: BROSTER, D K - The Flight of the Heron
005385: BROUGHTON, DOUGLAS G - Mongolian Plains and Japanese Prisons
kw1564: BROWN, CHRISTOPHER - Art in Seventeenth Century Holland
008239: BROWN, CALLUM G - Religion and Society on Scotland Since 1707
001004: LANCASTER-BROWN, PETER - Halley and His Comet
kw00708: BROWN, CHARLES H - Deviation and the Deviascope, Including the Practice and Theory of Compass Adjustment
kw00069: BROWN, IVOR - The Way of My World
005120: BROWN, P HUME (EDITOR) - Letters Relating to Scotland in the Reign of Queen Anne By James Ogilvy, First Earl of Seafield, and Others
007108: BROWN, JOHN - Bidding Craft
004586: BROWN, JAMES - The Round Table Club: Or, Conversations Scenical, Scientific, Historical, and Social
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007892: DURHAM, PHIL - The Fuhrer Led, But We Overtook Him
003761: DURIE, ALASTAIR J - Vanishing Edinburgh: In the Steps of George Washington Wilson
007733: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Tunc
008803: DURRELL, GERALD - A Zoo in My Luggage & Encounters with Animals
007732: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Monsieur, or, the Prince of Darkness
kw7032: DURY, G. H. ( EDITOR ) - Rivers and River Terraces
007909: DYER, CHARLES - Staircase
006381: DYER, BARBARA - Seeming Parted
008988: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M - Janie of La Rochelle
007824: DYMENT, CLIFFORD - The Railway Game: An Early Autobiography
kw1073: EARL, CAPT, G.E. AND TAYLOR, CAPT. J.W.S. - Munro's Electricity and the Magnetic Compass
kw6184: PERREN, G. E. ; TRIM, J. L. M. - Applications of Linguistics
kw1511: HARTLEY, RUTH E. ; FRANK, LAWRENCE K.; GOLDENSON, ROBERT M. - Understanding Children's Play
kw00277: A.L.O.E. - The Blacksmith of Boniface Lane
005157: KEIR, DAVID E. & KENNEDY, WALTER P (EDITORS) - Our Tounis College; Being a Bouquet of Poesy Sung by Devoted Cives of our Ancient and Benign Alma Mater, and Culled from Divers Sources by D. E. K and W. P. K, Editors, at the Behest of the Students Representative Council of the University of Edinburgh
003118: EAREY, MARK - Producing Your Own Orders of Service
kw6827: BAUGHAM, E. EARL ; WELSH, GEORGE SCHLAGER - Personality: a Behavioral Science
002244: EAST, GEORGE - French Cricket
502168: EBERS, GEORG - Uarda; Roman Fra Det Gamle Aegypten
008635: EDDISON, JOHN - The Search Party
kw1368: EDEN, DOROTHY - The Salamanca Drum
kw6182: EDINGER, WILLIAM - Samuel Johnson and Poetic Style
kw1053: EDMUNDS, F.H - British Regional Geology: The Wealden District
kw6048: DEPT.OF EDUCATION & SCIENCE - Language for Life: Committee of Inquiry Report
003589: EDWARDS, DR NICK - In Stitches: the Highs and Lows of Life as an A&E Doctor
006714: EDWARDS, ANNE; & KNIGHT, PETER - Effective Early Years Education: Teaching Young Children
kw6234: EDWARDS, V. K. - The West Indian Language Issue in British Schools
007377: EDWARDS, DEIRDRE - Willowby's World
000948: EDWARDS, LT CDR K - The Navy of Today
008247: EDWIN, MARIBEL - The Bridge Under the Water
kw00255: EEMAN, HAROLD - Prelude to Diplomacy, My Early Years 1893-1919
kw1269: EEMAN, HAROLD - Prelude to Diplomacy, My Early Years 1893-1919
005245: EHRENBURG, ILYA - The Ninth Wave
008771: BRADY. EILIS - All In! All In!
008895: EIVIND, R - Finnish Legends for English Children
007195: ELDER, RAIBEART - After My Own Fashion
004024: ELLIS, C HAMILTON - Royal Journey: a Retrospect of Royal Trains in the British Isles
008056: ELLISON, NORMAN - Remembrances of Hell: The Great War Diary of Writer, Broadcaster and Naturalist Norman Ellison
kw1028: ELMS, E.F.M. - Resident Birds and How to Know Them
kw1268: ELRICK, GEORGE - Housewives' Choice: The George Elrick Story
kw6737: ELTON, CHARLES S. - The Pattern of Animal Communities
003960: ELWOOD, ROSALIND - Botter Living, Life on a Dutch Sailing Botter
008766: ENEKWE, ONUORA OSSIE - Igbo Masks: The Oneness of Ritual and Theatre
kw7027: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT - Sinews for Survival : Report on the Management of Natural Resources
003140: EPSTEIN, JUNE - Rosalie McCutcheon, a Memoir
kw6723: STIER, PROFESSOR DR. HANS ERICH ; ERNST , PROFESSOR DR. FRITZ ( EDITORS ) - Die Welt als Geschichte : Eine Zeit schrift fur Universal geschichte 1960 & 1961
008764: ERTZ, SUSAN - Charmed Circle
500379: GRIER, EUNICE AND GEORGE - Privately Developed Interracial Housing
005214: EVANOVICH, JANET - Hero at Large
006360: EVANS, G E - Come Wind, Come Weather: Chronicles of Tilehouse Street Baptist Church, 1669-1969
kw6876: EVANS, J A; & SHARP, C P - Decorators' Estimating
001648: EVANS, A S - Beneath the Waves, a History of HM Submarine Losses 1904-1971
kw6872: EVANS, B IFOR - English Literature Between The Wars
kw1335: EVANS, JOAN - The Endless Web: John Dickinson & Co Ltd 1804-1954
005759: M'EWAN, REV DAVID - The Celebration of the Ministerial Jubliee of the Rev. William Anderson LlD, Glasgow: With Historical Sketch of John Street United Presbyterian Church
kw1395: MIDWINTER, ARTHUR F; KEATING, MICHAEL; MITCHELL, JAMES - Politics and Public Policy in Scotland
kw6338: COUGHLIN, ROBERT F. ; DRISCOLL, FREDERICK F. - Operational Amplifiers and Linear Integrated Circuits
006508: FABER, MICHEL - Some Rain Must Fall and Other Stories
kw00307: FABRE, D G - Beyond the River of the Dead
006944: FABRICIUS, JOHAN - The Son of Marietta
501144: FAGAN, BRIAN - Elusive Treasure: The Story of the Early Archaeologists in the Americas
kw6984: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : June 1998 Vol 59, No. 2
kw6985: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : March 2000 Vol 61, No. 1
kw6986: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : December 2000 Vol 61, No. 4
kw6987: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies: June 2001 Vol 62, No. 2
kw6989: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies: March 1999 Vol 60, No. 1
kw6990: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies: December 1999 Vol 60, 4
kw6991: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : December 2001 Vol 62, No. 4
kw6992: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : March 1998 Vol 59, No. 1
kw6993: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : September 1998 Vol 59, No. 3
kw6994: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : June 1999 Vol 60, No. 2
kw6995: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies: September 2000 Vol 61, No. 3
kw6996: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : June 2000 Vol 61, No. 2
kw6997: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : March 2001 Vol 62, No. 1
kw6998: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies: December 1998 Vol 59, No. 4
kw6999: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : September 1999 Vol 60, No. 3
kw7000: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : December 1997 Vol 58, No. 4
kw7002: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : June 1997 Vol 58, No.2
kw7003: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : September 1997 Vol 58, No. 3
kw7004: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : December 1995 Vol 56, No. 4
kw7005: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : June 1996 Vol 57, No. 2
kw7006: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : March 1996 Vol 57, No. 1
kw7007: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : September 1996 Vol 57, No. 3
kw7008: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : June 1995 Vol 56, No. 2
kw7009: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : March 1995 Vol 56, No. 1
kw7011: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : June 1994 Vol 55, No. 2
kw7012: FAHEY, MICHAEL A. ( EDITOR ) - Theological Studies : December 1994 Vol 55, No. 4
kw1089: FAIRCHILD, TONY - The America's Cup Challenge:There is No Second
kw1367: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL - The Grey Brethren and Other Fragments in Prose and Verse
008181: FALKUS, HUGH - Sea Trout Fishing: a Guide to Success
004184: FARADAY, W BARNARD - Pendragon
006055: FARNOL, JEFFREY - The Geste of Duke Jocelyn
006790: FARNOL, JEFFREY - The Amateur Gentleman
007205: FARNOL, JEFFREY - The Lonely Road
009024: FARRER, AUSTIN - Interpretation and Belief
kw1066: FARWELL, RAYMOND - Farwell's Rules of the Nautical Road
008908: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - The Mansion
003188: FAUSSET, MICHAEL - Pilate Pasha
500386: FAY, C R - English Economic History Mainly Since 1700
007537: FEAVER, VICKI - Girl in Red and Other Poems
kw7040: FEAVER, VICKI - The Handless Maiden
007742: FEDERSPIEL, J F - The Ballad of Typhoid Mary
kw1369: FEELY, TERENCE - Limelight
006647: FELCE, DAVID; & TOOGOOD, SANDY - Close to Home
006328: DE FELICE, RENZO - The Jews in Fascist Italy: a History
005948: FERGUSON, RONALD - Daily Readings with George MacLeod
003294: FERGUSON, SINCLAIR B - Man Overboard, the Story of Jonah
005743: FERGUSON, MARGARET - The Bachelors' Table
9040: FERGUSON, W B M - The Shayne Case
kw1287: FERGUSON, D A - The Miles to Dundee
001838: FERGUSON, JIM - The Art of Catching a Bus, and Other Poems
007126: FERGUSON, DAVID M - Shipwrecks of North East Scotland 1444-1990
kw00645: FERGUSSON, BERNARD - The Rare Adventure
kw6178: FERRAR, W. L. - Algebra: a Text-Book of Determinants, Matrices and Algebraic Forms
500185: FERRIER, JANET M - Forerunners of the French Novel: An Essay on the Development of the Nouvelle in the Later Middle Ages.
008649: FIEDLER, ARKADY - The River of Singing Fish
007699: FIELD, JOANNA - A Life of One's Own
kw1391: FIELD, LESLIE A - Thomas Wolfe: Three Decades of Criticism
kw1316: FIELD, LESLIE A; & FIELD, JOYCE W - Bernard Malamud and the Critics
007569: FIELD, MARGARET C - Hilary of Taunton
008402: FIELD, MRS E M - At the King's Right Hand
kw00146: FIELDING, HENRY - The History of Joseph Andrews and His Friend Mr Abraham Adams
008555: FIENBURGH, WILFRED - No Love for Johnnie
004960: FILSON, FLOYD V - A Commentary on the Gospel According to St Matthew
kw1320: FINDLATER, RICHARD - The Player Queens.
kw7028: FINKHOUSE, JOSEPH; & CRAWFORD, MARK ( EDITORS ) - A River Too Far: The Past and Future of the Arid West
kw1388: FINLAY, ROSS - Touring Scotland. The Unknown Highlands
007190: FISHER, CAROLINE ELIZABETH - A Brady Family History (1700-1990)
kw1487: FISHER, DAVID E - Variation on a Theme
502067: FISHER, P J - The Universe, Life & Man
501104: FITE, GILBERT C - American Farmers: The New Minority
kw6176: FITZPATRICK, E. A. - Pedology: A Systematic Approach to Soil Science
008030: FLANNERY, TIM - The Life and Adventures of John Nichol, Mariner
008200: FLEETWOOD, MICK; & DAVIS, STEPHEN - Fleetwood: My Life and Adventures with Fleetwood Mac
008292: FLEMING, JOAN - Hell's Belle
004709: FLETCHER, INGLIS - Roanoke Hundred: a Novel
003445: FLEW, JOSIAH - Studies in Browning
008380: FLORENCE, JUDY - Award-Winning Scrap Quilts
kw6660: FLORES, ANGEL ( EDITOR ) - Mediaeval Age : Specimens of European Poetry from the Ninth to the Fifteenth Century
007329: FLOTTUM, KIM - The Backyard Beekeeper's Honey Handbook
008495: FODEN, FRANK - On His Majesty's Service: Memoirs of a Non-Combatant Warrior
008911: FOOT, WILLIAM - Beaches, Fields, Streets and Hills: The Anti-Invasion Landscapes of England 1940
001035: FOOTNER, HULBERT - Officer!
007392: FORBATH, PETER - The River Congo: The Discovery, Exploration and Exploitation of the World's Most Dramatic River
004728: FORBES, ARCHIBALD - Barracks Bivouacs and Battles
008554: FOREMAN, RUSSELL - Long Pig
008913: FOREMAN, CAROL - Lost Glasgow: Glasgow's Lost Architectural Heritage
kw1104: FORREST, ALISTAIR - Companion to Psychiatric Studies
008411: FORSSTRÖM, TUA - I Studied Once at a Wonderful Faculty
006783: DE FOUBERT, E M - The Vac at St Verda's
004493: FOWLER, W WARDE - More Tales of the Birds
008966: FOX, R FORTESCUE - The Spas of Britain: The Official Handbook of the British Spa Federation
007109: FOX, G C H - Duplicate Bridge: Its Procedure and Tactics
008410: FRANCE, LINDA - Red
kw6587: OWEN, FRANK ; JONES, RON - Numerical Analysis
008594: FRANKAU, PAMELA - The Winged Horse
008909: FRANKAU, PAMELA - The Bridge
004118: FRANKCOM, NICHOLAS - The Monivong Hit
006643: FRANSELLA, FAY; & BANNISTER, DON - A Manual for Repertory Grid Technique
007505: FRASER, ANDREW F - Horse Twilight
004767: FRASER, LINDLEY - Germany Between Two Wars: a Study of Propaganda and War Guilt
008934: FRASER, ALLAN - Herd of the Hills
008464: FRASER, ANGUS - The Gypsies
005737: FRASER, DUNCAN - Riverside Rambles of an Edinburgh Angler
008981: FRAZER, J G - Spirits of the Corn and of the Wild, Volume 2
008980: FRAZER, J G - Spirits of the Corn and of the Wild, Volume 1
008976: FRAZER, J G - The Magic Art and the Evolution of Kings Volume 1
008977: FRAZER, J G - The Magic Art and the Evolution of Kings, Volume 2
008979: FRAZER, J G - The Dying God
008978: FRAZER, J G - Taboo and the Perils of the Soul
kw6609: FRAZIER, CHARLES - Thirteen Moons
006928: FREETHY, RON - From Agar to Zenry: a Book of Plant Uses, Names and Folklore
004715: FRIEDMAN, NORMAN - Terrorism, Afghanistan, and America's New Way of War
007846: FRIEDRICH, ERICH - Mazurka: Kriminalroman
500454: FROHOCK, W M - The Novel of Violence in America
kw6056: FROST, DAVID - The Bowring Story of the Varsity Match
007862: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - The Dark is Light Enough: a Winter Comedy
004725: FRY, NORA PHILIP - Naja
008033: FRY, MICHAEL - The Union: England. Scotland and the Treaty of 1707
004377: FULLER, BASIL - Bid Time Return
000939: FULLER, DANIEL - Easter Faith and History
006145: FULLER, ROY - A Lost Season
kw1375: CERNY, PHILIP G. ; SCHAIN, MARTIN A. ( EDITORS ) - French Politics and Public Policy
kw6393: BALME, M. G. ; GREENSTOCK, M. C. - Scrutanda
kw7015: FONTANE, DARRELL G. ; TUVEL, HARRY N. ( EDITORS ) - Water Policy and Management : Solving the Problems
kw6474: GAMOW, G. ; CRITCHFIELD, C. L. - Theory of Atomic Nucleus and Nuclear Energy-Sources
008642: GAINHAM, SARAH - Night Falls on the City
500367: FISCHER-GALATI, STEPHEN A - Eastern Europe in the 1980's
007959: GALE, IAIN - Brothers in Arms
500358: GALE, NORMAN - Collected Poems
008440: GALLERY, DANIEL V - Twenty Million Tons Under the Sea
008962: GALLICO, PAUL - Love, Let Me Not Hunger
004846: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Burning Spear
004851: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Island Pharisees
008116: GAMEZ, DAVID - What We Can Never Know: Blackspots in Philosophy and Science
008851: GANN, ERNEST K - The Trouble with Lazy Ethel
007577: GANN, ERNEST K - Fiddler's Green
007005: GARDNER, JOHN - Nobody Lives Forever
kw1526: GARDNER, A H - Outline of English Architecture
007362: GARFIT, WILL - Will's Shoot
006818: GARLICK, RAYMOND; & MATHIAS, ROLAND - Anglo-Welsh Poetry 1480-1990
003847: GARNER, EDWARD - Hanged for Three Pennies: The Story of Capital Punishment in Derbyshire
kw1366: GARNER, WILLIAM - The Puppet-Masters
008843: GARNER, WILLIAM - The Us or Them War
006386: GARRY, ROBERT CAMPBELL - Life in Physiology: Memoirs of Glasgow University's Institute of Physiology During the 1920s and 1930s
kw6904: GARVICE, CHARLES - With All Her Heart
kw6908: GARVICE, CHARLES - Diana And Destiny
kw5907: GARVICE, CHARLES - Nance
kw6909: GARVICE, CHARLES - Her Heart's Desire
kw6902: GARVICE, CHARLES - Just a Girl
kw6907: GARVICE, CHARLES - A Girl from the South
kw6906: GARVICE, CHARLES - In Wolf's Clothing
kw6895: GARVICE, CHARLES - In Cupid's Chains
kw6905: GARVICE, CHARLES - A Fair Imposter
kw5815: GARVICE, CHARLES - In Exchange for Love
001807: GASCOIGNE, BAMBER - Murgatreud's Empire
002227: GAWAIN, SHAKTI - Living in the Light: a Guide to Personal and Planetary Transformation
kw5975: GAZZANO, GUIDO - Poesie e Prose
008039: GEDDES, C F - Love Lifted Me
008991: GEELMUYDEN, HANS - Oceans Free
kw1563: GELDART, GRAHAM - Hand Lapidary Craft
005814: GELFAND, MICHAEL - The Sick African: a Clinical Study
007663: GENET, JEAN - Our Lady of the Flowers
008937: GEORGE, PETER - Mrs Richardson's Washing Line, and Other Factors in the post-War Rise of Falkland Cricket Club 1947-2007
500165: LANGFORD. GERALD - Faulkner's Revision of Sanctuary. A Collation of the Unrevised Galleys and Published Book
008471: GIBB, JOHN PHILIP - An Edinburgh Man's Recollections
kw00771: GIBBON, MONK - Swiss Enchantment
007867: GIBBON, LEWIS GRASSIC - A Scots Hairst: Essays and Short Stories
008614: GIBBS, PHILIP - The Spoils of Time
kw6598: GIBBS, PHILIP - One of the Crowd
kw6820: GIBBS, PHILIP - Since Then
002225: GIBBS, EDDIE - In Name Only: Tackling the Problem of Nominal Christianity
007149: GIBSON, GEORGE - Rat in the Fo'c'sle
kw1192: GIDDINGS, ROBERT - Echoes Of War: Portraits of the War from Troy to the Gulf
007117: GIDE, ANDRE - The Vatican Cellars
007934: GIELGUD, VAL - One Year of Grace: a Fragment of Autobiography
kw00205: GIFFARD, SYDNEY - Japan Among the Powers 1890-1990
006848: GIFFORD, DOUGLAS - Neil M Gunn & Lewis Grassic Gibbon
007900: GILL, STUART - Blood in the Sea: HMS Dunedin and the Enigma Code
008820: GILL, ALEC - Lost Trawlers of Hull 1835-1987
006985: GILLESPIE, CURTIS - Playing it Through: a Year of Life and Links Along the Scottish Coast
008329: GILLETT, ROY - Astrology and Compassion: The Convenient Truth
006149: GILLIES, VALERIE - The Chanter's Tune
500402: GINSBERG, ANTHONY S - Tax Havens
001817: PRESSBURGER, GIORGIO & NICOLA - Homage to the Eighth District: Tales from Budapest
008381: GIOVANNI, NIKKI - A Poetic Equation: Conversations Between Nikki Giovanni and Margaret Walker
004258: GIRODIAS, MAURICE (EDITOR) - The Best of Olympia
kw6112: GLASGOW, J. P. - The Distribution and Abundance of Tsetse
002506: GLASIER, J BRUCE - On the Road to Liberty: Poems and Ballads
005940: GLASPELL, SUSAN - Fidelity
kw00695: GLENDINNING, VICTORIA - A Suppressed Cry, Life and Death of a Quaker Daughter
kw1233: GODDARD, NICHOLAS - Harvests of Change. The Royal Agriculture Society of England 1838-1988
008678: GODDEN, RUMER - The Battle of the Villa Fiorita
502135: GODFREY, J W; & PARR, G - The Technical Writer: An Aid to the Presentation and Production of Technical Literature
007740: GOGARTY, OLIVER ST JOHN - Mr Petunia
003750: GOLDBERG, ALF - World's End for Sir Oswald: Portraits of Working-Class Life in Pre-War London
008874: GOLDING, SIMON W - Life After Kes
kw1045: GOLDSTONE, DIANA - Training Your Horse or Pony
007268: GOLON, SERGEANNE - Angelique in Love
kw6311: GOMES, GUSTAVO MAIA - The Roots of State Intervention in the Brazilian Economy
kw6400: GOODALL, SUZY ( EDITOR ) - Poets on the Road
kw6399: GOODALL, SUZY ( EDITOR ) - Poets on the Road
004343: GOODCHILD, GEORGE - The Eye of Abu
007236: GOODING, DAVID - An Unshakeable Kingdom: Ten Studies on the Epistle to the Hebrews
008736: GOODWIN, JOHN - Military Signals from the South Coast: From Fire Beacons to the Railway Telegraph
008946: GORDON, LORD GRANVILLE - Sporting Reminiscences
003335: GORDON, RICHARD - Doctor at Large
003318: GORDON, ALEXANDER R - The Prophets of the Old Testament
003012: GORDON, RICHARD - The Captain's Table
kw00366: GORDON, ADAM LINDSAY - Selected Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon
005492: GORDON, SETON - Hebridean Memories
kw1507: GORDON, ANDREW - The Challenge: Sociology for Beginners
007869: MRS HARDY (JANET GORDON) - Afloat and Ashore with Sir Walter Raleigh
007312: GORKY, MAXIM - The Life of Matvei Kozhemyakin
kw00733: GOSSE, EDMUND - Selected Essays, Second Series
kw5786: GOTT, RICHARD; MAJOR, JOHN; & WARNER, GEOFFREY - Documents on International Affairs 1960
kw1480: GOUGH, LAURENCE - Serious Crimes
004205: GOULD, NAT - Not So Bad After All
kw1238: GOULD, J.D. - Economic Growth in History
kw6084: GRADON, PAMELA - Form and Style in Early English Literature
001855: GRAHAM, ANDREW - The Regiment
kw6346: GRAHAM, A. C - The Problem of Value
004781: GRAHAM, HARRY - A Group of Scottish Women
008000: GRANT, ALEXANDER; & STRINGER, KEITH J - Uniting the Kingdom? The Making of British History
001697: GRANT, JAMES - The Ross-Shire Buffs
007864: GRANT, PETER - Picture Lessons By the Divine Teacher; or, Illustrations of the Parables of Our Lord
kw6485: GRANT, ALAN - Robin: Facing the Enemy
kw6486: GRANT, ALAN - Robin: Im Angesicht des Feindes
005538: GRAVES, ROBERT - Sergeant Lamb of the Ninth
006083: GRAZIOSI, PAOLO - The Prehistoric Paintings of the Porto Badisco Cave
008879: GREEN, BRETT - Modelling the F4U Corsair
006439: GREEN, F L - Odd Man Out
008592: GREEN, F L - On the Edge of the Sea
006919: GREEN, BASSETT - A Cotswold Tragedy: a Tale of Pagan England
008660: GREEN, DEIRDRE - Gold in the Crucible: Teresa of Avila and the Western Mystical Tradition
008668: GREEN, LAWRENCE G - Something Rich and Strange
005451: GREENE, GRAHAM - Ministerstvo Strachu
kw1422: GREENE, TIMOTHY - The Wall Has Two Sides: A Portrait of China Today
008676: GREENWALL, HARRY J - I Hate To-Morrow: An Autobiographical Experiment in Twenty-three Chapters and a Prologue
002482: GREGORY, JACKSON - The Island of Allure: a Romance of the South Seas
kw7034: GREGORY, K J - The Nature of Physical Geography
008956: GREIG, GAVIN - Logie o' Buchan: An Aberdeenshire Pastoral
005681: GREW, DAVID - The Untamed: Horses of the Wild
005074: GREY, ZANE - The Maverick Queen
005075: GREY, ZANE - Valley of Wild Horses
008812: GREY, SIR EDWARD - Fly Fishing
008841: GRIFFIN, GWYN - Shipmaster

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