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502572: - Illustrierte Kinder Buche Aus Jahrhundert 300
kw1469: - The Heritage of British Literature
kw1402: - Public General Statutes Affecting Scotland
kw1449: - Sotheby's Catalogue of Valuable Printed Books from the Broxbourne library Illustrating the Spread of Painting. 2 Vols
kw6191: LOVE, GLEN A. ; LOVE, RHODA M. - Ecological Crisis : Readings for Survival
kw1147: CARRUTH, ALAN A.; OSWALD, ANDREW J. - Pay Determination and Industrial Prosperity
kw1524: MCWATT GREEN, A. AND HUNTER FORBES, R. - Transactions of the Chartered Accountants Students' Society of Edinburgh & Glasgow Chartered Accountants Students' Society: Sessions 1938-39 & 1939-40
006895: AALHOLM, O A; & BRYN, THOR - Arendals Forsikringsselskab A/S 1860-1960: Med bakgrunn: Av Aust-Agders Seilskipssaga
kw5431: ABBOTT, C. C. - The Sand Castle and Other Poems
9001: ABLOW, KEITH - Denial
502853: ABRAHAMS, HARALD - XVII Olympiad Rome 1960
007970: ACHEBE, CHINUA - A Man of the People
006912: ACHEBE, CHINUA - No Longer at Ease
kw6917: ACKERMANN, A S E - Popular Fallacies: A Book Of Common Errors Explained And Corrected with Copious References to Authorities
9002: ACZEL, TAMAS - The Hunt
kw6264: ADAMS, L. F. - Engineering Instrumentation and Control IV
kw6661: ADAMS, JILL ( ILLUSTRATOR ) - Wild Flowers of the Northern Cape
9004: ADAMS, JANE - Bird
kw1108: ADAMS, MILDRETTA - Historic Silver City:The Story of the Owyhees
9003: ADAMS, JANE - The Greenway
kw1171: ADELMAN, IRMA; & ROBINSON, SHERMAN - Income Distribution Policy in Developing Countries: a Case Study of Korea
9005: AELLEN, RICHARD - Redeye
kw1051: DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS - The North West : a Regional Study
kw1351: AGAR, HERBERT - A Time for Greatness
008421: D'AGUIAR, FRED - Airy Hall
008890: AICHELE, GEORGE - The Control of Biblical Meaning: Canon as Semiotic Mechanism
kw6414: BRYMAN, ALAN ; CRAMER, DUNCAN - Quantitative Data Analysis for Social Scientists
005758: ALCOCK, DEBORAH - Arthur Erskine's Story: a Tale of the Days of Knox
009021: ALDA, ALAN - Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, and Other Things I've Learned
kw00295: ALDERMAN, H M - A Pilgrimage in Hertfordshire
005783: COMFORT, ALEX: & BAYLISS, JOHN (EDITORS) - New Road 1944: New Directions in Art and Letters
9006: ALEXANDER, GARY - Deadly Drought
001597: ALLAN, JOHN R - Green Heritage
004201: ALLDRIT, NICOLAS; & TRIPP, DAVID - The Latin and French Inscriptions of Lincoln Minster
9010: ALLEN, JAY PRESSON - Just Tell Me What You Want
kw1276: ALLIGHAN, GARRY - The Welensky Story
007729: ALMEDINGEN, E M - Frossia: a Novel of Russia
kw1137: ALTER, STEVEN - Information Systems: A Management Perspective
kw6509: ARRIBAS ALVAREZ, JOSE FRANCISCO - Las Empresas mas Antiguas de Madrid
kw6828: AMADASI, MARIA GIULIA - L'Iconografia del Carro da Guerra in Siria e Palestina
005353: AMBROSE, E J - The Mirror of Creation
502108: GRAM-ANDERSEN, KNUT - The Purple-Eared Monster - and Its Relations. A Study in Word-Formation
500432: ANDERSON, GEORGE K - The Literature of Anglo-Saxons
kw6235: ANDERSON, J. M. - Ecology for Environmental Sciences: Biosphere, Ecosystems and Man
003702: ANDERSON, JAMES - They Finished Their Course in the 80's
kw1286: ANDERSON, H M - Kelston of Kells
008240: ANDERSON, MARJORIE O - Kings and Kingship in Early Scotland
kw1198: ANDERSON, J. P. - The Book of British Topography : A Classified Catalogue
008332: ANDERSON, ADRIAN - Living a Spiritual Year: Seasonal Festivals in Northern and Southern Hemispheres, an Esoteric Study
005840: ANDERSON, PERRY - English Questions
008057: ANDERSON, JOHN - Shadows of Sails
006359: ANDREAE, CHRISTINE - Smoke Eaters
008729: ANDREWS, FRED - Dorset Footplateman: From Boyhood to Main Line Fireman
kw1138: ANDRIOLE, STEPHEN, J. ( EDITOR ) - Software Validation, Verification, Testing: A Source Book
kw1019: BELLAIRS, ANGUS; CARRINGTON, RICHARD - The World of Reptiles
002398: ANON - Black's 1881 Guide to Warwickshire
009154: ANON - Piecework Magazine Presents a Facsimile Edition of Weldon's Practical Needlework: Volume 4
kw1039: ANON - Catalogue of the Library of the Zoological Society of London 1902
003261: ANON - The Scottish Municipal Annual, Eighth Issue
kw1208: ANON - The Adventures of Ralph Rashleigh: A Penal Exile in Australia 1825-1844
009054: ANON - Hello Kitty: Kitty's Sweet Goodies
502559: ANON - An Address Presented to Alexander Hamilton Thompson With a Bibliography of His Writings
kw1050: ANON - The West Midlands
009325: ANON - The Dark Side of the Moon
007683: ANONYMOUS - Gifted: The Tale of 10 Mysterious Book Sculptures
009180: ANTHONY, JANE - Wistaria Street Will Soon be Gone
003693: ARCHAMBAULT, PAUL J - A Monk's Confession, the Memoirs of Guibert of Nogent
004926: ARDEN, HENLEY I - Aunt Bell, the Good Fairy of the Family
007013: ARIDJIS, HOMERO - 1492: The Life And Times of Juan Cabezon of Castille
007710: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - Pilling Always Pays
kw1370: ARMSTRONG, J W SCOBELL - Yesterday
9022: ARMSTRONG, CHARLOTTE - The Dream Walker
9021: ARNOLD, CATHERINE - Imperfect Justice
007648: ARTHUR, BURT - Trouble Town
kw6889: ASHBY, M. K. - Joseph Ashby of Tysoe 1859-1919: a Study of English Village Life
kw6871: ASHTON, T. S. - The Industrial Revolution
003822.: ASKWITH, RICHARD - The Lost Village: In Search of a Forgotten Rural England
004708: ASQUITH, H H - An Election Guide
kw1518: ATKINSON, BROOKS - Sean O'Casey From Times Past.
kw1509: ATTALLAH, NAIM - Of a Certain Age
004098: ATTERTON, JULIAN - Knights of the Lost Domain
kw1305: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - Three Lives
kw6873: BAKER, THOMAS ( AUTHOR ); MAYOR, JOHN E. B. ( EDITOR ) - History Of The College Of St. John The Evangelist, Cambridge. 2 Volumes
003966: AYE, JOHN - Humour Among the Doctors
kw1432: AYEARST, MORLEY - The Republic of Ireland
008415: BABINGTON, K G - The Kremlin Cat and the Bomb
9014: BABSON, MARIAN - Murder, Murder, Little Star
007619: BAGBY, GEORGE - Dead Storage
008847: BAGLEY, DESMOND - Landslide
007293: BAGNOLD, ENID - The Loved and the Envied
008529: BAGNOLD, ENID - The Loved and the Envied
007789: BAGSTER, HUBERT - Doctor's Weekend
kw1127: BAIN, A. D. - Economics of the Financial System
kw6527: BAIRD, DOROTHY - Audrey's Old Man
kw1084: BAKER, B B - Glossary of Oceanographic Terms 1966
502724: BAKER, E - Black Country Stories
kw1228: BAKER, RICHARD T; & SMITH, HENRY G - A Research on The Pines of Australia
kw1101: BAKER, P F - Recent Advances in Physiology: No. 10
009110: BAKER, DAISY - Travels in a Donkey Trap
008528: BALCHIN, NIGEL - Sundry Creditors
006435: BALDWIN, FAITH - 24 Hours a Day
kw1357: BALFOUR, A J - Essays Speculative And Political
009272: BALL, KENNETH - Mini 1959-72 Autobook: Workshop Manual for Mini 850, 1000, Clubman, Countryman, Traveller, 1275 GT, Riley Elf, & Wolseley Hornet
009273: BALL, KENNETH - 1100 Mark 1 Autobook: Workshop Manual for the 1100 1962-1967 Austin, Morris, MG, Riley. Vanden Plas and Wolseley
004889: BALLANTYNE, R M - Six Months at the Cape: Letters to Periwinkle from South Africa
006375: BALUS, WOJCIECH - Sztuka Krakowa i Galicji w wieku XIX
008081: BANERJEE, SUMANTA (EDITOR) - Homes in Emptiness: Anthology of Bangla Stories
008154: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - Olympian Nights
kw1173: BANHAM, SIR JOHN - The Anatomy of Change: Blueprint of a New Era
9012: BANNISTER, JO - No Birds Sing
007281: BARBER, STEPHEN - Extreme Europe
kw1322: BARBER, WILLIAM J - The Economy of British Central Africa: A Case Study of Economic Development in a Dualistic Society
009042: BARCLAY, GORDON - If Hitler Comes: Preparing for Invasion, Scotland 1940
004825: BARCYNSKA, COUNTESS - Ships Come Home
001556: BARDGETT, FRANK D - Devoted Service Rendered: the Lay Missionaries of the Church of Scotland
kw6422: BARGHOORN, FREDERICK C. - Politics In The U.S.S.R
007419: BARKE, JAMES - The Song in the Green Thorn Tree
006538: BARKE, JAMES - The Song in the Green Thorn Tree
006970: BARKER, GEORGE - Dreams of a Summer Night
006968: BARKER, GEORGE - Poems of Places and People
005775: BARKER, C HEDLEY - They Stole a Ship
006594: BARKER, ANTHONY - Giving and Receiving: An Adventure in African Medical Service
kw6656: BARLING, TOM - Bikini Red North
9018: BARNARD, ROBERT - The Skeleton in the Grass
502044: BARNES, P A; & REES, D J - A Concise Textbook of Radiotherapy
9028: BARNES, TREVOR - Dead Meat
9030: BARNES, TREVOR - Taped
kw1396: RATCLIFFE-BARNETT, T - The Road to Rannoch and the Summer Isles
008023: BARNETT, T RATCLIFFE - Fairshiels: Memories of a Lammermoor Parish
9031: BARNETT, JAMES - The Firing Squad
009068: BARRAUD, GEORGE - What is Your Pleasure?
007971: BARRETT, C K - The Gospel According to St John: An Introduction with Commentary and Notes on the Greek Text
kw1307: BARRIE, J M - When a Man's Single: A Tale of Literary Life
502954: BARRUEL, PAUL - Birds of the World. Their Life and Habits.
001337: SCHWARTZ-BART, ANDRE - A Woman Named Solitude
kw1064: BARTIMEUS - Naval Occasions and Some Traits of the Sailorman
009108: BARTMANN, DAN; & FINK, DAN - Homebrew Wind Power: An Hands-On Guide to Harnessing the Wind
008621: BASSO, HAMILTON - Pompey's Head
kw1197: BATCHELOR, MESTON - Cradle of Empire: A Preporatory School Through Nine Reigns
007234: BATEMAN, WALTER L - The Navajo of the Painted Desert
007839: BATES, H E - When the Green Woods Laugh
009219: BATES, H E - The Feast of July
007284: BAUM, VICKI - Headless Angel
005383: BAXTER, J SIDLOW - His Part and Ours: Devotional Expositions Gathering Round the Scripture Usage of the Possessive Pronoun "My"
009005: BB - Bill Badger and the Pirates
500307: BEAN, J M W (EDITOR) - The Political Culture of Modern Britain: Studies in Memory of Stephen Koss
kw5908: BEANES, EDWARD - Decimals of a Pound Sterling. From ¼d to 11 ¾D. Advancing By a Farthing
001287: BEATTIE, DESMOND - Adventures of Joan, Billy, Willy and Bobby
kw1166: BEAUMONT, P. B. - Human Resource Management: Key Concepts and Skills
007608: BEBEK, BORNA - Santhana: One Man's Road to the East
kw6726: BECK, DR. J. B. - Die Melodien der Troubadours, Nach dem gesamten handschriftlichen Material zum erstenmal bearbeitet und herausgegeben, nebst einer Untersuchung uber die Entwickelung der Notenschrift (bis um 1250) und das rhythmisch-metrische Prinzip der mittelalterlich-
007856: BECKETT, SAMUEL J - The Fjords and Folk of Norway
004814: BEDFORD, MARTYN - The Houdini Girl
9026: BEDFORD, MARTYN - Acts of Revision
kw5874: BEECH, J (EDITOR) - Perspectives in Metallurgical Development: Conference Proceedings
kw1002: BEER, ARTHUR (EDITOR) - Vistas in Astronomy Volume 10
kw1003: BEER, ARTHUR (EDITS). - Vistas in Astronomy Volume 13
007673: BEGBIE, HAROLD - The Vindication of Great Britain: A Study in Diplomacy and Strategy with Reference to the Illusions of Her Critics and the Problems of the Future
003289: BEGG, ALISTAIR - Pathway to Freedom, How God's Laws Guide Our Lives
kw1083: BEISER, ARTHUR - The Sailor's World
005587: BELHAVEN, LORD - The Eagle and the Sun: An Historical Novel
kw1430: BELL, J J - The Glory of Scotland
004690: BELLOC, HILAIRE - The Eye-Witness
009267: BENHAM, HERVEY - Down Tops'l : The Story of the East Coast Sailing Barges
009114: BENJAMIN, ALISON; & MCCALLUM, BRIAN - Bees in the City: The Urban Beekeeper's Handbook
kw6417: BENNETT, ROBERT ( EDITOR ) - Territory and Administration in Europe
009317: BENNETT, SIMON HARRY - The Mysterious Universe and Other Poems
009196: BENT, MIKE - Coastal Express: The Ferry to the Top of the World
008524: BENTLEY, PHYLLIS - The House of Moreys
kw6175: BERENSON, BERNARD - Italian Painters of the Renaissance Vol. 1 : Venetian and Italian Schools
502725: BERENSON, BERNARD - Italian Pictures of the Renaissance. Florentine School
kw6874: BERGONZI, BERNARD - Heroes' Twilight: a Study of the Literature of the Great War
502664: BERLITZ, CHARLES - Native Tongues
004076: BERZINS, BAIBA - The Coming of the Strangers
008152: BESANT, WALTER - The Inner House
501008: BEST, THOMAS - The Art of Angling: Confirmed by actual Experience; with Several Recent Discoveries to Which is Added Nobb's Complete Troller; Also Diagnostics of the Weather with or Without the Barometer.
007827: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Sweet Songs of Zion
007289: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Summoned By Bells
9024: BIDERMAN, BOB - Koba
9032: BIDERMAN, BOB - The Genesis Files
kw6830: BIEBER, MARGARETE - Die Denkmäler zum Theaterwesen im Altertum
007448: BILLANY, DAN - The Trap
kw6287: BILLMEYER, FRED W. - Textbook of Polymer Science
005892: BINDER, FREDERICK M; & REIMERS, DAVID M - All the Nations Under Heaven: An Ethnic and Racial History of New York City
008761: BINDLOSS, HAROLD - A Risky Game
9023: BINGHAM, JOHN - Inspector's Morgan's Dilemma
9029: BINGLEY, D. E. - Caribbean Crisis
006938: BINNS, OTTWELL - Java Jack
006430: BINNS, HENRY BRYAN - The Free Spirit: Realisations of Middle Age with a Note on Personal Expression
009245: BINYON, LAURENCE - The Burning of the Leaves and Other Poems
009268: BIRD, ANTHONY; & HUTTON-STOTT, FRANCIS - Lanchester Motor Cars
kw7121: BIRKENHEAD, THE RT. HONOURABLE THE EARL OF - Famous Trials of History
006347: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A - Connaught to Chicago
005067: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A - Poor Sir Edward
kw1077: PHILLIPS-BIRT, DOUGLAS - British Ocean Racing
002943: BISHOP, MICHAEL - At the City Limits of Fate
001110: BISHOP, PATRICIA - Aubergine is a Gravid Woman
007170: BLACK, CLEMENTINA - Frederick Walker
007272: BLACK, WILLIAM - White Wings: a Yachting Romance
002853: BLACK, CHARLES STEWART - The Monk and the Miller: and Other Scottish Plays
002534: BLACKBURN, JOHN H - Land of Promise
006048: BLACKIE, NANSIE - In Love and in Laughter: a Portrait of Robert Mackie
008199: BLAIKIE, JIM - A Laddie Looks at Leith
008586: BLAINE, JOHN - The Phantom Shark
008587: BLAINE, JOHN - Sea Gold
009179: BLAIR, KATHRYN - Dearest Enemy
005907: BLAKE, NORMAN - In the Grip of the Barren Lands
007711: BLAKE, GEORGE - The Voyage Home
007712: BLAKE, GEORGE - The Constant Star
007713: BLAKE, GEORGE - The Five Arches
008328: BLATTI, JO (EDITOR) - Past Meets Present: Essays About Historic Interpretation and Public Audiences
009354: BLEVINS, PAMELA - Ivor Gurney and Marion Scott: Song of Pain and Beauty
003380: BLOCKER, SIMON - The Secret of Preaching Power Through Thematic Christian Preaching
009206: BLOCKWELL, ALBERT - Diary of a Red Devil: By Glider to Arnhem with the 7th King's Own Scottish Borderers
006257: BLOOMFIELD, PAUL - Journal 1939-1949
006188: BLUMENFELD, RALPH D - Home Town: Story of a Dream That Came True
007143: BLYTHE, RONALD - The View in Winter: Reflections on Old Age
004995: BLYTON, ENID - Teddy Bear's Party
kw6923: BOESCHENSTEIN, HERMANN - German Literature of the Nineteenth Century
006965: BOISGOBEY, FORTUNÉ DU - The Angel of the Chimes
500258: BOLITHO, HECTOR - No.10 Downing Street 1660-1900
009123: BOMBARD, ALAIN - The Bombard Story
008947: BOND, FRANCIS - Westminster Abbey
008948: BOND, FRANCIS - The Chancel of English Churches
008481: BOND, J M; & O'CONNOR, T P - Bones from Medieval Deposits at 16-22 Coppergate and Other Sites in York
008951: BOND, FRANCIS - Wood Carving in English Churches: Stalls and Tabernacle Work & Bishops Thrones and Chancel Chairs
kw1383: BONNARD, ANDRE - Greek Civilisation. From the Antigione to Socrates
kw1222: BONNIER, GASTON - British Flora
8053: BOOKER, MOLLY - Embroidery Design
kw6166: BOOTH, V. H. - Carotene : Its Determination in Biological Materials
006356: BORNSTEIN, SAM; & RICHARDSON, AL - Against the Stream: A History of the Trotskyist Movement in Britain 1924-38
008157: BOSE, MIHIR - The Aga Khans
005649: BOSMAN, HERMAN CHARLES - Almost Forgotten Stories
006193: BOSTOCK, PETER - Incurable Wanderlust
502112: BOSWELL, JAMES - Boswell's Column
kw6092: BOSWORTH, DEREK L. - The Employment Consequences of Technological Change
005249: BOURJAILY, VANCE - The Hound of Earth
007686: BOURNE, HOPE L - Wild Harvest
007536: BOURNE, PETER - Black Saga
009193: BOURNE, HESTER - Where is Evie Alton?
009104: BOUVIER, NICOLAS - The Japanese Chronicles
009115: BOUWMAN, HANS - Abundant Grace: a Missionary's Testimony
004872: BOWER, B M - Chip of the Flying U
kw6355: BOWMAN, F H - The Structure of the Cotton Fibre in its Relation to Technical Applications
kw7110: BOYD, MARTIN - Such Pleasure
500328: BOYD, FRANCIS - British Politics in transition 1945-1963
kw1491: BOYER, RICK - Moscow Metal
007119: BOYLE, DAVID - With Ardours Manifold
008771: BRADY, EILIS - All In! All In!
004815: BRADY, JOAN - The Emigre
008837: BRAITHWAITE, RODERICK - Palmerston and Africa: The Rio Nunez Affair - Competition, Diplomacy and Justice
007780: BRAMSON, ALAN - Master Airman: a Biography of Air Vice-Marshal Donald Bennett
502911: BRAMWELL, CRIGHTON - The Harveian Oration 1956: Practice Teaching and Research
kw1054: BRANDER, MICHAEL - Soho for the Colonel: On the Trail of Colonel Thornton
006062: BRASCH, CHARLES - Home Ground
008027: BRASIER, MARTIN - Darwin's Lost World: The Hidden History of Animal Life
502217: BRIAN, MICHAEL V - The World of an Ant Hill
500476: BRIDGES, ROBERT - The Spirit of Man
005769: O'BRIEN, PATRICK - The Yellow Admiral
008124: BRINKMAN, BABA - The Rap Canterbury Tales
003252: BRINNIN, JOHN MALCOLM - The Sway of the Grand Saloon: a Social History of the North Atlantic
007634: BRISBANE, COUTTS - Wheels of Fortune
kw6479: ARTS COUNCIL OF GREAT BRITAIN - Berlioz and the Romantic Imagination
005975: BRITTAIN, VERA - In the Steps of John Bunyan: An Excursion Into Puritan England
008705: BRIVATI, BRIAN - Lord Goodman
008041: BROADBENT, E H - The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, with Explanatory Notes and Paraphrases
003159: BROADFOOT, BARRY - Ordinary Russians
009380: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - The Rains Came
009220: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - Wild is the River
002563: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - The Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg
007922: BRONNER, HEDIN (ED) - Faroese Short Stories
kw1075: BROOKE, GEORGE, M - John M Brooke: Naval Scientist and Educator
004350: BROOME, RICHARD - Aboriginal Australians: Black Responses to White Dominance 1788-1994
kw00446: BROPHY, KEVIN T - Walking the Line: Scenes from an Army Childhood
005385: BROUGHTON, DOUGLAS G - Mongolian Plains and Japanese Prisons
kw1564: BROWN, CHRISTOPHER - Art in Seventeenth Century Holland
008239: BROWN, CALLUM G - Religion and Society on Scotland Since 1707
kw00069: BROWN, IVOR - The Way of My World
005120: BROWN, P HUME (EDITOR) - Letters Relating to Scotland in the Reign of Queen Anne By James Ogilvy, First Earl of Seafield, and Others
004586: BROWN, JAMES - The Round Table Club: Or, Conversations Scenical, Scientific, Historical, and Social
kw7046: BROWN, IVOR - Having the Last Word
007107: BROWN, JOHN - Winning Defence
007899: BROWN, D K - The Design and Construction of British Warships 1939-1945: The Official Record. Volume 1, Major Surface Vessels
007727: HAIG-BROWN, R L - Panther
009126: BROWN, LESLIE - The Mystery of the Flamingos
502382: BROWNE, KEVIN; DAVIES, CLIFF; & STRATTON, PETER (EDITORS). - Early Prediction and Prevention of Child Abuse
006949: CRICHTON-BROWNE, SIR JAMES - What the Doctor Thought
kw1454: POEMS OF ROBERT BROWNING - Browning, Robert
009209: BRÚ, HEÐIN - The Old Man and His Sons
008787: BRUCE, STEVE - No Pope of Rome: Militant Protestantism in Modern Scotland
008925: BRUCE, MAJOR GEORGE - The Rainbow of Saba
001510: BRUCE, DORITA FAIRLIE - Nancy to the Rescue
kw5762: BRUNNER, KARL ( EDITOR ) - Problems and Issues in Current Econometric Practice
500105: BRUSHWOOD, J.S. - The Romantic Novel in Mexico
004107: BUCHAN, JOHN (EDITOR) - Great Hours in Sport
kw00125: BUCHAN, WILLIAM - The Rags of Time: a Fragment of Autobiography
009132: BUCHAN, DAVID - Folk Tradition and Folk Medicine in Scotland: The Writings of David Rorie
009342: BUCHANAN, CAPTAIN ANGUS - Three Years of War in East Africa
007847: BUCHANAN, RUTH - The Bell and Other Stories
009213: BUCKROYD, JULIA - The Life of James Sharp, Archbishop of St Andrews 1618-1679
kw6216: BUNCE, VALERIE - Do New Leaders Make a Difference?: Executive Succession and Public Policy Under Capitalism and Socialism
002467: BURA, PAUL - The Space Between the Syllables
500414: BURGESS, KEITH - The Origins of British Industrial Relations
009334: BURGESS, ALAN - The Small Woman: The Heroic Story of Gladys Aylward
009237: BURGESS, ALAN - The Lovely Sergeant
007607: BURNS, JOHN - A Celebration of the Light: Zen in the Novels of Neil Gunn
009376: BURNS, WALTER NOBLE - Billy the Kid
kw1319: BUTCHER, GEOFFREY - Next to a Letter from Home: Major Glenn Miller's Wartime Band
006336: BUTLER, RICHARD - And Wretches Hang
004894: BUTLER, VICTOR - The Little Nord Easter: Reminiscences of a Placentia Bayman
500169: BUTLER, A S G - Portrait of Josephine Butler
500413: BUTTERWICK, MICHAEL; & NEVILLE-ROLFE, EDMUND - Agricultural Marketing and the E.E.C.
kw7094: WILMOT-BUXTON, E M - Britain Long Ago : Stories From Old English And Celtic Sources
kw1358: BUXTON, SYDNEY C - A Handbook to Political Questions of the Day : With the Arguments on Either Side
kw7078: BYRAM, GEORGE - Tomorrow's Hidden Season
004754: BYRNE, DONN - The Power of the Dog
006119: BYRNE, DONN - Brother Saul
004197: CADOGAN, LADY ADELAIDE - Illustrated Games of Patience
008125: CADWALLENDER, KEVIN - Baz Uber Alles: The Complete Baz Poems
009030: CAFFREY, STEPHANIE - Royal Flush: a Raven McShane Novel
009029: CAFFREY, STEPHANIE - Diva Las Vegas: a Raven McShane Novel
007204: CALDWELL, TAYLOR - The Wide House
502644: CALLAWAY, GODFREY - The Fellowship of the Veldt
005579: CALLENDER, GEOFFREY - The Naval Side of British History
009287: CALLISON, BRIAN - Trapp's Secret War
006869: CALLISON, BRIAN - The Dawn Attack
006660: CALVERT, FRANKIE - Vixen's Haunt
kw6328: CALVIN, HENRY - The DNA Business
008654: CAMIC, CHARLES - Experience and Enlightenment: Socialization for Cultural Change in Eighteenth Century Scotland
006737: CAMMELL, CHARLES RICHARD - Heart of Scotland
005330: CAMP, WILLIAM - Prospects of Love
007636: CAMPBELL, R W - Jimmy McCallum
500296: CAMPBELL, EDWINA S - Germany's Past and Europe's Future. The Challenges of West German Foreign Policy.
004248: CAMPBELL, MARION - The Squire of Val
004190: CAMPBELL, REGINALD - The Bangkok Murders
003990: CAMPBELL, SUSAN - Cottesbrooke, an English Kitchen Garden
001832: CAMPBELL, RAMSEY - The Face That Must Die
009226: CANNING, VICTOR - The Python Project
kw1275: CANNING, VICTOR - The Finger of Saturn
008804: CANNING, VICTOR - A Delivery of Furies
008436: CANTWELL, KAREN - Take the Monkeys and Run
006332: CAPEK, KAREL - Cross Roads
kw1071: CAPES, RENALT - Poseidon: A Personal Study of Admiral Lord Nelson
kw1273: CAPLAT, MORAN - Dinghies to Divas
kw1336: CARAMELLO, CHARLES - Silverless Mirrors : Book, Self & Postmodern American Fiction
009156: CARNEGIE, SACHA - Pigs I Have Known
006760: CARPENTER, EDWARD - Towards Industrial Freedom
008110: CARR, JUDITH - The New Girls of Netherby
007920: CARR, MARINA - Woman and Scarecrow
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006061: CASEY, GERARD - Echoes
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kw6209: CASSEL, GUSTAV - Fundamental Thoughts in Economics
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kw1102: CASTLE, FRANK - Practical Mathematics : Two Vols
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009362: DERRIDA, JACQUES - The Work of Mourning
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002214: DICKSON, GORDON - The Space Swimmers
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kw00400: DIXON, PETER - Amazon Task Force
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007012: DOLINGER, JANE - The Forbidden World of the Jaguar Princess
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003461: DUNCAN, URSULA K - Introduction to British Lichens
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008988: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M - Janie of La Rochelle
007824: DYMENT, CLIFFORD - The Railway Game: An Early Autobiography
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502168: EBERS, GEORG - Uarda; Roman Fra Det Gamle Aegypten
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008635: EDDISON, JOHN - The Search Party
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kw1053: EDMUNDS, F.H - British Regional Geology: The Wealden District
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007377: EDWARDS, DEIRDRE - Willowby's World
008247: EDWIN, MARIBEL - The Bridge Under the Water
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kw1269: EEMAN, HAROLD - Prelude to Diplomacy, My Early Years 1893-1919
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007195: ELDER, RAIBEART - After My Own Fashion
004024: ELLIS, C HAMILTON - Royal Journey: a Retrospect of Royal Trains in the British Isles
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003960: ELWOOD, ROSALIND - Botter Living, Life on a Dutch Sailing Botter
009238: EMERSON, KEN - Always Magic in the Air: The Bomp and Brilliance of the Brill Building Era
008766: ENEKWE, ONUORA OSSIE - Igbo Masks: The Oneness of Ritual and Theatre
008764: ERTZ, SUSAN - Charmed Circle
009141: ESBENSEN, SONJA - Knitted Lace in White (Knitted Lace III)
500379: GRIER, EUNICE AND GEORGE - Privately Developed Interracial Housing
006360: EVANS, G E - Come Wind, Come Weather: Chronicles of Tilehouse Street Baptist Church, 1669-1969
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kw6872: EVANS, B IFOR - English Literature Between The Wars
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009204: EVERTON, FRANCIS - Murder at Plenders
005759: M'EWAN, REV DAVID - The Celebration of the Ministerial Jubliee of the Rev. William Anderson LlD, Glasgow: With Historical Sketch of John Street United Presbyterian Church
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kw6338: COUGHLIN, ROBERT F. ; DRISCOLL, FREDERICK F. - Operational Amplifiers and Linear Integrated Circuits
006508: FABER, MICHEL - Some Rain Must Fall and Other Stories
006944: FABRICIUS, JOHAN - The Son of Marietta
501144: FAGAN, BRIAN - Elusive Treasure: The Story of the Early Archaeologists in the Americas
kw1089: FAIRCHILD, TONY - The America's Cup Challenge:There is No Second
kw1367: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL - The Grey Brethren and Other Fragments in Prose and Verse
008181: FALKUS, HUGH - Sea Trout Fishing: a Guide to Success
006055: FARNOL, JEFFREY - The Geste of Duke Jocelyn
006790: FARNOL, JEFFREY - The Amateur Gentleman
007205: FARNOL, JEFFREY - The Lonely Road
009024: FARRER, AUSTIN - Interpretation and Belief
kw1066: FARWELL, RAYMOND - Farwell's Rules of the Nautical Road
008908: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - The Mansion
003188: FAUSSET, MICHAEL - Pilate Pasha
500386: FAY, C R - English Economic History Mainly Since 1700
007537: FEAVER, VICKI - Girl in Red and Other Poems
kw7040: FEAVER, VICKI - The Handless Maiden
007742: FEDERSPIEL, J F - The Ballad of Typhoid Mary
006328: DE FELICE, RENZO - The Jews in Fascist Italy: a History
009294: FENN, GEORGE MANVILLE - George Alfred Henty: the Story of an Active Life
005948: FERGUSON, RONALD - Daily Readings with George MacLeod
003294: FERGUSON, SINCLAIR B - Man Overboard, the Story of Jonah
005743: FERGUSON, MARGARET - The Bachelors' Table
kw1287: FERGUSON, D A - The Miles to Dundee
007126: FERGUSON, DAVID M - Shipwrecks of North East Scotland 1444-1990
500185: FERRIER, JANET M - Forerunners of the French Novel: An Essay on the Development of the Nouvelle in the Later Middle Ages.
008649: FIEDLER, ARKADY - The River of Singing Fish
kw1391: FIELD, LESLIE A - Thomas Wolfe: Three Decades of Criticism
kw1316: FIELD, LESLIE A; & FIELD, JOYCE W - Bernard Malamud and the Critics
007569: FIELD, MARGARET C - Hilary of Taunton
008402: FIELD, MRS E M - At the King's Right Hand
kw00146: FIELDING, HENRY - The History of Joseph Andrews and His Friend Mr Abraham Adams
008555: FIENBURGH, WILFRED - No Love for Johnnie
kw1320: FINDLATER, RICHARD - The Player Queens.
kw1388: FINLAY, ROSS - Touring Scotland. The Unknown Highlands
007190: FISHER, CAROLINE ELIZABETH - A Brady Family History (1700-1990)
kw1487: FISHER, DAVID E - Variation on a Theme
502067: FISHER, P J - The Universe, Life & Man
501104: FITE, GILBERT C - American Farmers: The New Minority
kw6176: FITZPATRICK, E. A. - Pedology: A Systematic Approach to Soil Science
008030: FLANNERY, TIM - The Life and Adventures of John Nichol, Mariner
008200: FLEETWOOD, MICK; & DAVIS, STEPHEN - Fleetwood: My Life and Adventures with Fleetwood Mac
008292: FLEMING, JOAN - Hell's Belle
004709: FLETCHER, INGLIS - Roanoke Hundred: a Novel
003445: FLEW, JOSIAH - Studies in Browning
008380: FLORENCE, JUDY - Award-Winning Scrap Quilts
kw6660: FLORES, ANGEL ( EDITOR ) - Mediaeval Age : Specimens of European Poetry from the Ninth to the Fifteenth Century
007329: FLOTTUM, KIM - The Backyard Beekeeper's Honey Handbook
008495: FODEN, FRANK - On His Majesty's Service: Memoirs of a Non-Combatant Warrior
009181: FOLEY, HELEN - Fort of Silence
009186: FOOT, M R D - Six Faces of Courage
008911: FOOT, WILLIAM - Beaches, Fields, Streets and Hills: The Anti-Invasion Landscapes of England 1940
001035: FOOTNER, HULBERT - Officer!
007392: FORBATH, PETER - The River Congo: The Discovery, Exploration and Exploitation of the World's Most Dramatic River
004728: FORBES, ARCHIBALD - Barracks Bivouacs and Battles
009092: FORBES, ESTHER - The Running of the Tide
kw1104: FORREST, ALISTAIR - Companion to Psychiatric Studies
008411: FORSSTRÖM, TUA - I Studied Once at a Wonderful Faculty
006783: DE FOUBERT, E M - The Vac at St Verda's
008966: FOX, R FORTESCUE - The Spas of Britain: The Official Handbook of the British Spa Federation
007109: FOX, G C H - Duplicate Bridge: Its Procedure and Tactics
008410: FRANCE, LINDA - Red
009331: FRANCILLON, RENE J - McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Since 1920: Volume 2
009225: FRANCIS, DICK - Blood Sport
008594: FRANKAU, PAMELA - The Winged Horse
008909: FRANKAU, PAMELA - The Bridge
007505: FRASER, ANDREW F - Horse Twilight
008934: FRASER, ALLAN - Herd of the Hills
008464: FRASER, ANGUS - The Gypsies
005737: FRASER, DUNCAN - Riverside Rambles of an Edinburgh Angler
kw6609: FRAZIER, CHARLES - Thirteen Moons
009255: FREKE, TIMOTHY; & GANDY, PETER - The Hermetica: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs
500454: FROHOCK, W M - The Novel of Violence in America
kw6056: FROST, DAVID - The Bowring Story of the Varsity Match
007862: FRY, CHRISTOPHER - The Dark is Light Enough: a Winter Comedy
004725: FRY, NORA PHILIP - Naja
008033: FRY, MICHAEL - The Union: England. Scotland and the Treaty of 1707
004377: FULLER, BASIL - Bid Time Return
006145: FULLER, ROY - A Lost Season
kw1375: CERNY, PHILIP G. ; SCHAIN, MARTIN A. ( EDITORS ) - French Politics and Public Policy
kw6393: BALME, M. G. ; GREENSTOCK, M. C. - Scrutanda
kw6474: GAMOW, G. ; CRITCHFIELD, C. L. - Theory of Atomic Nucleus and Nuclear Energy-Sources
008642: GAINHAM, SARAH - Night Falls on the City
500367: FISCHER-GALATI, STEPHEN A - Eastern Europe in the 1980's
007959: GALE, IAIN - Brothers in Arms
500358: GALE, NORMAN - Collected Poems
008962: GALLICO, PAUL - Love, Let Me Not Hunger
009279: LE GALLIENNE, RICHARD - Attitudes and Avowals, with Some Retrospective Reviews
009101: GALLOWAY, PHILIPPA - Folk Tales from Scotland
004846: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Burning Spear
004851: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Island Pharisees
008116: GAMEZ, DAVID - What We Can Never Know: Blackspots in Philosophy and Science
009241: GANN, ERNEST K - In the Company of Eagles
009340: GARDINER, MARGARET - Barbara Hepworth:a Memoir
009370: GARDINER, MARGARET - A Scatter of Memories
kw1526: GARDNER, A H - Outline of English Architecture
007362: GARFIT, WILL - Will's Shoot
006818: GARLICK, RAYMOND; & MATHIAS, ROLAND - Anglo-Welsh Poetry 1480-1990
003847: GARNER, EDWARD - Hanged for Three Pennies: The Story of Capital Punishment in Derbyshire
kw1366: GARNER, WILLIAM - The Puppet-Masters
008843: GARNER, WILLIAM - The Us or Them War
006386: GARRY, ROBERT CAMPBELL - Life in Physiology: Memoirs of Glasgow University's Institute of Physiology During the 1920s and 1930s
kw6904: GARVICE, CHARLES - With All Her Heart
kw6908: GARVICE, CHARLES - Diana And Destiny
kw5907: GARVICE, CHARLES - Nance
kw6909: GARVICE, CHARLES - Her Heart's Desire
kw6902: GARVICE, CHARLES - Just a Girl
kw6907: GARVICE, CHARLES - A Girl from the South
kw6906: GARVICE, CHARLES - In Wolf's Clothing
kw6895: GARVICE, CHARLES - In Cupid's Chains
kw6905: GARVICE, CHARLES - A Fair Imposter
kw5815: GARVICE, CHARLES - In Exchange for Love
001807: GASCOIGNE, BAMBER - Murgatreud's Empire
kw5975: GAZZANO, GUIDO - Poesie e Prose
009374: GEAR, WENDY - John Walker's Shetland
008039: GEDDES, C F - Love Lifted Me
009058: GEE, SOPHIE - The Scandal of the Season
008991: GEELMUYDEN, HANS - Oceans Free
008937: GEORGE, PETER - Mrs Richardson's Washing Line, and Other Factors in the post-War Rise of Falkland Cricket Club 1947-2007
500165: LANGFORD. GERALD - Faulkner's Revision of Sanctuary. A Collation of the Unrevised Galleys and Published Book
008471: GIBB, JOHN PHILIP - An Edinburgh Man's Recollections
kw00771: GIBBON, MONK - Swiss Enchantment
007867: GIBBON, LEWIS GRASSIC - A Scots Hairst: Essays and Short Stories
008614: GIBBS, PHILIP - The Spoils of Time
kw6598: GIBBS, PHILIP - One of the Crowd
kw6820: GIBBS, PHILIP - Since Then
002225: GIBBS, EDDIE - In Name Only: Tackling the Problem of Nominal Christianity
007149: GIBSON, GEORGE - Rat in the Fo'c'sle
kw1192: GIDDINGS, ROBERT - Echoes Of War: Portraits of the War from Troy to the Gulf
007117: GIDE, ANDRE - The Vatican Cellars
007934: GIELGUD, VAL - One Year of Grace: a Fragment of Autobiography
006848: GIFFORD, DOUGLAS - Neil M Gunn & Lewis Grassic Gibbon
008329: GILLETT, ROY - Astrology and Compassion: The Convenient Truth
009089: GILLHAM, MARY - Sub-Antarctic Sanctuary: Summertime on Macquarie Island
500402: GINSBERG, ANTHONY S - Tax Havens
001817: PRESSBURGER, GIORGIO & NICOLA - Homage to the Eighth District: Tales from Budapest
008381: GIOVANNI, NIKKI - A Poetic Equation: Conversations Between Nikki Giovanni and Margaret Walker
004258: GIRODIAS, MAURICE (EDITOR) - The Best of Olympia
kw6112: GLASGOW, J. P. - The Distribution and Abundance of Tsetse
002506: GLASIER, J BRUCE - On the Road to Liberty: Poems and Ballads
005940: GLASPELL, SUSAN - Fidelity
kw00695: GLENDINNING, VICTORIA - A Suppressed Cry, Life and Death of a Quaker Daughter
008678: GODDEN, RUMER - The Battle of the Villa Fiorita
009307: GODDEN, MALCOLM; & LAPIDGE, MICHAEL - The Cambridge Companion to Old English Literature
502135: GODFREY, J W; & PARR, G - The Technical Writer: An Aid to the Presentation and Production of Technical Literature
007740: GOGARTY, OLIVER ST JOHN - Mr Petunia
009293: GOLDMANN, FR GEREON - The Shadow of His Wings
kw6311: GOMES, GUSTAVO MAIA - The Roots of State Intervention in the Brazilian Economy
kw6400: GOODALL, SUZY ( EDITOR ) - Poets on the Road
kw6399: GOODALL, SUZY ( EDITOR ) - Poets on the Road
004343: GOODCHILD, GEORGE - The Eye of Abu
007236: GOODING, DAVID - An Unshakeable Kingdom: Ten Studies on the Epistle to the Hebrews
009360: GOODING, MEL - A Discipline of the Mind: The Drawings of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham
008946: GORDON, LORD GRANVILLE - Sporting Reminiscences
003335: GORDON, RICHARD - Doctor at Large
003012: GORDON, RICHARD - The Captain's Table
005492: GORDON, SETON - Hebridean Memories
kw1507: GORDON, ANDREW - The Challenge: Sociology for Beginners
kw00366: GORDON, ADAM LINDSAY - Selected Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon
007869: MRS HARDY (JANET GORDON) - Afloat and Ashore with Sir Walter Raleigh
007312: GORKY, MAXIM - The Life of Matvei Kozhemyakin
kw00733: GOSSE, EDMUND - Selected Essays, Second Series
kw5786: GOTT, RICHARD; MAJOR, JOHN; & WARNER, GEOFFREY - Documents on International Affairs 1960
kw1480: GOUGH, LAURENCE - Serious Crimes
004205: GOULD, NAT - Not So Bad After All
009345: GOYTISOLO, JUAN - Cinema Eden: Essays from the Muslim Mediterranean
kw6084: GRADON, PAMELA - Form and Style in Early English Literature
009178: GRAEME, BRUCE - Almost Without Murder
kw6346: GRAHAM, A. C - The Problem of Value
008000: GRANT, ALEXANDER; & STRINGER, KEITH J - Uniting the Kingdom? The Making of British History
001697: GRANT, JAMES - The Ross-Shire Buffs
009299: GRANT, GRAHAM - Laggan Remembers: a Tribute to the Men of Laggan Who Gave Their Lives in Two World Wars
007864: GRANT, PETER - Picture Lessons By the Divine Teacher; or, Illustrations of the Parables of Our Lord
kw6485: GRANT, ALAN - Robin: Facing the Enemy
005538: GRAVES, ROBERT - Sergeant Lamb of the Ninth
006083: GRAZIOSI, PAOLO - The Prehistoric Paintings of the Porto Badisco Cave
006439: GREEN, F L - Odd Man Out
008668: GREEN, LAWRENCE G - Something Rich and Strange
006919: GREEN, BASSETT - A Cotswold Tragedy: a Tale of Pagan England
008592: GREEN, F L - On the Edge of the Sea
kw1422: GREENE, TIMOTHY - The Wall Has Two Sides: A Portrait of China Today
008676: GREENWALL, HARRY J - I Hate To-Morrow: An Autobiographical Experiment in Twenty-three Chapters and a Prologue
008956: GREIG, GAVIN - Logie o' Buchan: An Aberdeenshire Pastoral
005681: GREW, DAVID - The Untamed: Horses of the Wild
008812: GREY, SIR EDWARD - Fly Fishing
008841: GRIFFIN, GWYN - Shipmaster
008918: GRIFFITHS, DENIS - Steam at Sea: Two Centuries of Steam-Powered Ships
008578: GRIMBLE, ARTHUR - A Pattern of Islands
kw1020: GRODZINSKI, W. ( EDITOR ) - Methods for Ecological Bioenergetics
005585: GROSE, HELENA - Another Man's Wife: a Romance
kw6001: GROSVENOR, PETER; & MCMILLAN, JAMES - The British Genius
007958: GUARDIA, MIKE - American Guerrilla: The Forgotten Heroics of Russell W Volckmann
009313: GUARESCHI, GIOVANNI - The Don Camillo Omnibus
009262: GUILLOT, RENE - The King's Corsair
007481: GUNION, JEFFREY - Smiles and Sighs in Suburbia
002765: GUNN, GEORGE - Sting
007595: GUTHRIE, TYRONE - A Life in the Theatre
kw1441: HUNTER, GUY; BUNTING, A.H.; BOTTRALL, ANTHONY - Policy and Practice in Rural Development: Proceedings of the Second International Seminar on Change in Agriculture, Reading, 9-19 September 1974
006705: GWALTNEY, FRANCIS IRBY - A Moment of Warmth
kw6227: STAPLEY, J. H. ; GAYNER, F. C. H. - World Crop Protection: Volume 1, Pests and Diseases
kw6428: BAIN, WILLIAM H. ; HARPER, A. MURRAY ( EDITORS ) - Blood Flow Through Organs and Tissues
kw6489: COOMBS, PHILIP H. ; AHMED, MANZOOR - Attacking Rural Poverty
kw00129: HABE, HANS - Christopher and His Father
005246: HABE, HANS - Walk in Darkness
008781: HADFIELD, CHARLES - The Canals of the East Midlands (Including Parts of London)
009194: HADFIELD, R L - Mutiny at Sea
005420: HADOW, W H - Studies in Modern Music: Hector Berlioz, Robert Schumann, Richard Wagner
kw1021: HAES, E C M - Natural History of Sussex
001350: HAFFENDEN, JOHN - Novelists in Interview
009357: HAGGARD, H RIDER - Allan's Wife and Other Tales
007169: HALL, JOHN INGLIS - Fishing a Highland Stream: a Love Affair with a River
kw6464: HALL, A. R. - The Export of Capital from Britain, 1870-1914
008970: HALL, ROBERT A - The Good Bits: The Marines, the Massachusetts Senate and Managing Associations
008155: HALL, AUSTIN; AND FLINT, HOMER EON - The Blind Spot
008182: KING-HALL, MAGDALEN - Sturdy Rogue
8000: HALL, A J - Cotton-Cellulose: Its Chemistry and Technology
009222: HALL, ALBERT - Ploughing, Politics and Fellowship
009000: HALPENNY, BRUCE BARRYMORE - English Electric Canberra: The History and Development of a Classic Jet
002568: HAMBURGER, PHILIP - J P Marquand Esquire: a Portrait in the Form of a Novel
kw1484: HAMILTON, IAN - The Man with the Brown Paper Face
kw6637: WHYTE, HAMISH ; GALLOWAY, JANICE ( EDITORS ) - The Day I Met the Queen Mother : New Writings Scotland 8
003853: HAMPTON, LIONEL - Hamp: An Autobiography
008503: HANLEY, GERALD - The Year of the Lion
008504: HANLEY, GERALD - The Consul at Sunset
kw1284: HANLEY, CLIFFORD - The Redhaired Bitch
008641: O'HARA, JOHN - Ten North Frederick
004651: HARBEN, HENRY D - The Rural Problem
007585: HARDWICK, MICHAEL - The Four Musketeers (The Revenge of Milady)
003603: HARE, KENNETH - Roads and Vagabonds
005597: HARLAND, HENRY - The Cardinal's Snuff-Box
008850: HARLING, ROBERT - The Hollow Sunday
008561: HARLING, ROBERT - The Paper Palace
008759: HARMON, DAVID; & RUBIN, AMY S - Llamas on the Trail: a Packer's Guide
008312: HARRADEN, BEATRICE - In Varying Moods: Short Stories
008028: HARRE, ROM - Pavlov's Dogs and Schrodinger's Cat: Scenes from the Living Laboratory
006498: HARRINGTON, WILLIAM - Yoshar the Soldier
003330: HARRIS, JOHN - The Court Martial of Lord Lucan
008800: HARRIS, JOHN - The Sleeping Mountain
003629: HARRISON, TED - The Marks of the Cross: The Story of Ethel Chapman and the Stigmata
009235: HART, SUSANNE - Life with Daktari: Two Vets in East Africa
500218: HARTLEY, LODWICK - Laurence Sterne in the Twentieth Century
kw6543: HARWICK, JOAN - An Immodest Violet: The Life of Violet Hunt
009244: HASSALL, CHRISTOPHER - Words By Request: a Selection of Occasional Pieces in Verse and Prose
kw1321: ABDEL-KADER HATEM, M. - Land of the Arabs
009097: HAUGEN, E (EDITOR) - Minority Languages Today
500270: HAWKINS, KEVIN - British Industrial Relations 1945-1975
003428: HAYCOX, ERNEST - Action By Night
003112: HAYDE, PATRICK NIELSEN (EDITOR) - New Magics: an Anthology of Today's Fantasy
001141: HAYES, PAUL - The Twentieth Century 1880-1939, Modern British Foreign Policy
kw1356: HAYLOCK, JOHN - See You Again
005424: HEALY, IAN; & CRADDOCK, ROBERT - The Ian Healy Story: Playing for Keeps
008788: HEARN, CHESTER G - Tracks in the Sea: Matthew Fontaine Maury and the Mapping of the Oceans
kw6845: HEATH, SIDNEY - The Romance Of Symbolism And Its Relation To Church Ornament And Architecture
008902: HEATH, SIDNEY - Old English Houses of Alms: a Pictorial Record with Architectural and Historical Notes
kw6727: HEDDERWICK, MAIRI - Sea Change: The Summer Voyage from East to West Scotland of the Anassa
kw6128: HEILPRIN, LAURENCE B. (EDITOR) - Towards Foundations of Information Science
008811: HEMING, ARTHUR - The Living Forest
kw6964: HENDERSON, IAN - Power Without Glory: a Study in Ecumenical Politics
008636: HENDERSON, REV. GEORGE - Lady Nairne and Her Songs
008999: HENDERSON, RON - County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service: An Illustrated History
007228: HENDERSON, SIR NEVILE - Water Under the Bridges
008961: HENDRY, FRANCES MARY - Quest for a Queen: The Falcon
008960: HENDRY, FRANCES - Quest for a Kelpie
005357: HENNEL, INGEBORG NORDIN - Dömd och glömd: en studie i Alfhild Agrells liv och dikt
008619: HENRIQUES, ROBERT - Through the Valley
kw6240: MATTHEW, HENRY ; LAWSON, ALEXANDER A. H. - Treatment of Common Acute Poisonings
006844: HENTY, G A - Through Three Campaigns: a Story of Chital, Tirah, and Ashanti
kw00373: HERBERT, A P - She-Shanties
kw1062: KNOTEL, RICHARD, SIEG, HERBERT AND KNOTEL, HERBERT - Handbuch Der Uniformkunde
005350: HERBERTS, CAROLA - Någon annan tanke än dikten finns inte i en Dikt: Om det paradoxala i Gösta Ågrens trilogi Jär
502218: HERMS, WILLIAM BRODBECK; & GRAY, HAROLD FARNSWORTH - Mosquito Control: Practical Methods for Abatement of Disease Vectors and Pests
kw00375: HEWLETT, MAURICE - The Loving History of Peridore and Paravail
004637: HIETZ, MATHIAS; & GROSS, HEINZ - Symposion Lindabrunn 1976-1986: Der Neue Weg
007335: HIGGS, LIZ CURTIS - Mine is the Night
009282: HILDITCH, GEOFFREY - Halifax Passenger Transport from 1897 to 1963: Trams, Buses, Trolleybuses
kw6539: HILL, RONALD J. - Soviet Politics, Political Science and Reform
009281: HILL, GEOFFREY - The Worsdells: a Quaker Engineering Dynasty
004393: HILLERMAN, TONY - Talking God
kw6560: HILLMAN, HAROLD - The Cellular Structure of the Mammalian Nervous System : a Re-Examination, and Some Consequences for Neurobiology
007646: HILTON, JEREMY - Shadow Engineering
009190: HIND, ARCHIE - The Dear Green Place
002607: HINDS, E M - Nothing Venture
002608: HINDS, E M - Victorious Venture
009051: HINTON, DAVID - Hunger Mountain: a Field Guide to Mind and Landscape
kw5953: HIRST, MICHAEL - Sebastiano Del Piombo
005494: HISCOCK, ERIC - Two Yachts, Two Voyages
kw1180: HISS, ALGER - Recollections of a Life
kw00682: HOARE, REV EDWARD N - Foxholt, and the Light That Burned There
009138: HOBBS, ANNE STEVENSON - Beatrix Potter's Art
502610: HOBSON, R L - A Guide to the English Pottery and Porcelain In the Department of Ceramics and Ethnography (British Museum)
kw1363: HOCKING, JOSEPH - The Squire of Zabuloe
009264: HODGE, SIBEL - Voodoo, Lies, and Murder: An Amber Fox Murder Mystery
008308: HODGETTS, E A BRAYLEY - Vidocq: a Master of Crime
004888: HODGSON, STUART - Lord Halifax: An Appreciation
009174: HODSON, J L - Carnival at Blackport
006809: HOGG, COLIN - Angel Gear: On the Road with Sam Hunt
002447: HOGG, GARY - Airship Over the Pole: the Story of the Italia
008936: HOLLAND, CHARLES HEPWORTH - The Irish Landscape: a Scenery to Celebrate
008413: HOLLAND, VINCENZA - Mrs Turnbull's Tree
009203: HOLMAN, GORDON - Commando Attack
kw1458: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - The Guardian Angel
007351: HOLMES, MARTIN - Proud Northern Lady: Lady Anne Clifford 1590-1676
006478: HONE, WILLIAM - Ancient Mysteries Described
007679: HOPE, JANE - Leave it to Florence
kw6915: HOPE, ASCOTT R - The School of Arms: Stories of Boy Soldiers and Sailors
kw1478: HORANSKY, RUBY - Dead Centre
004567: HORN, ALFRED ALOYSIUS - Trader Horn in Madagascar
008502: HORN, ALFRED ALOYSIUS - Trader Horn: The Ivory Coast in the Earlies
009316: HORSFORD, DOROTHY - Sons of the Volsungs
005061: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE - The Unexpected Years
kw1453: HOWARD, THE HONOURABLE EDWARD; & BOAS, FREDERICK S (EDITOR) - The Change of Crownes: A Tragi-Comedy
kw1451: HOWARD, HENRY NEWMAN - Savonarola: a City's Tragedy
007878: HOWE, M A DEWOLFE - Phillips Brooks
006448: HRABAL, BOHUMIL - I Served the King of England
003450: HSUN, LU - A Brief History of Chinese Fiction
kw6533: HUGGETT, FRANK E - Teachers : First-Hand Views of the Classroom Crisis
kw6214: HECLO, HUGH ; SALAMON, LESTER M. ( EDITORS ) - The Illusion of Presidential Government
008300: HUGHES, HOWARD - Stagecoach to Tombstone: The Filmgoers' Guide to the Great Westerns
kw1410: HUGHES, THOMAS P; & HUGHES, AGATHA C - Lewis Mumford: Public Intellectual
kw1088: HULL, SEABROOK - The Bountiful Sea
008075: HULME, SUSAN - Native Ponies of the British Isles
007129: HUME, DAVID - Requiem for Rogues
007815: HUMFREY, MICHAEL - Portrait of a Sea Urchin: a Caribbean Childhood
006176: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM - Farther Off from Heaven
008297: HUNT, WRAY - Galleons Doom Deep
009315: HUNT, PETER - Oscar Slater: The Great Suspect
500391: HUNTER, GUY (EDITOR) - Industrialisation and Race Relations: a Symposium
009176: HUNTER, ALAN - Gently Floating
502601: HUNTER, SAM ; & CIRLOT, JUAN-EDUARDO - Joan Miro Su Obra Grafica
009229: HURD, DOUGLAS; & OSMOND, ANDREW - Send Him Victorious
500704: HURT, JOHN - Education in Evolution. Church, State, Society and Popular Education 1800-1870.
009075: HUTCHINSON, VERE - Thy Dark Freight
kw1567: HUTINGER, EDUARD - Hollandischer Malerei Im XVII Jahrhundert
502128: HUXLEY, JULIEN - TVA: Adventure in Planning
008513: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - Four Guineas: a Journey Through West Africa
008325: IBARGUENGOITIA, JORGE - The Dead Girls
007791: ILES, GERALD - Magnificat
kw1574: INGE, W R - The Fall of the Idols
502130: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby Legends
006882: INNES, HAMMOND - The Mary Deare
009045: INNES, HAMMOND - The Strode Venturer
009224: INNES, HAMMOND - Sea and Islands
009044: INNES, HAMMOND - Atlantic Fury
008770: INNES, HAMMOND - The Doomed Oasis: a Novel of Arabia
009323: IRVINE, JAMES W - Lerwick: The Birth and Growth of an Island Town
009324: IRVINE, JAMES W - The Giving Years: Shetland and the Shetlanders 1939-1945
007747: IRVING, H B - Last Studies in Criminology
008907: IRWIN, MARGARET - The Stranger Prince: The Story of Rupert of the Rhine
008698: IYER, RAGHAVAN (EDITOR) - The Mystery of the Avatar
kw6180: HAYES, WAYLAND J. ; LAWS, EDWARD R. - Hayes Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology : Vol. 1 General Principles
500099: JACK, GRATUS - A Man in His Position
006249: JACKSON, GEORGE - The Table Talk of Jesus and Other Addresses
008008: JACKSON, HOOLE - The Sign of the Glove
001392: JACKSON, JEAN - Beyond the Pale
009333: JACOB, NAOMI - Second Harvest
007451: JACOBS, ALAN - When Jesus Lived in India
001787: JACOT, LOUIS - Earth's Flight Beyond
007359: JAKOB, ERIC - Just a Boy From London's East End
008579: JAMESON, STORM - Last Score
009359: JAMIE, KATHLEEN - This Weird Estate
003493: JAMIESON, LYNN; & TOYNBEE, CLAIRE - Country Bairns, Growing Up 1900-1930
kw6461: JANOSSY, L. - Cosmic Rays and Nuclear Physics
006517: JANSON, HANK - Ultimate Deterrent
009069: JAY, MIKE - The Atmosphere of Heaven: The Unnatural Experiments of Dr Beddoes and His Sons of Genius
008921: RUSSELL-JEAFFRESON, JOSEPH - The Faroe Islands
009195: JEANS, FLEET-SURGEON T T - A Naval Venture: The War Story of an Armoured Cruiser
004481: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Amateur Poacher
004270: JEFFERS, JO - Ranch Wife
kw6897: JEFFERSON, JOSEPH - "Rip Van Winkle" The Autobiography of Joseph Jefferson
007894: JEFFERSON, DAVID - Coastal Forces at War: Royal Navy 'Little Ships' in World War 2
kw1446: JEFFREY, WILLIAM - Sea Glimmer: Poems in Scots and English
005718: JENKINS, HERBERT - Adventures of Bindle
009306: JEROME, JEROME K - The Diary of a Pilgrimage (and Six Essays)
004776: JERROLD, DOUGLAS - The Essays of Douglas Jerrold
008975: JERVIS, HENRY JERVIS-WHITE - History of the Island of Corfu, and of the Republic of the Ionian Islands
009346: BUHLE, MARI JO & PAUL; & KAYE, HARVEY J (EDITORS) - The American Radical
500382: HACKETT, JOHN AND ANNE-MARIE - Economic Planning in France
kw5972: JOHN, RICHARD ( EDITOR ) - Creations and Recreations : Published to Coincide with the Exhibition of Alec Cobbe : Thirty Years of Design and Painting
kw00409: JOHN, EVAN - Crippled Splendour
kw6155: FERNIE, JOHN ; PITKETHLY, ALAN S. - Resources: Environment & Policy
008049: ST JOHN, HAROLD - An Analysis of the Gospel of Mark: The Son of God as Mark Portrayed Him
004976: BREWSTER, JOHN; HERSHAW, WILLIAM; HOLTON, HARVEY; HUBBARD, TOM - Four Fife Poets: Fower Brigs Ti a Kinrik
007671: STEELE, JOHN & NOREEN - The American Connection to the Sinking of HMS Dasher
005432: ST JOHN, PATRICIA - Harold St John: a Portrait By His Daughter
005328: JOHNS, GEOFFREY - Any Advance?
009199: JOHNS, CAPTAIN W E - Worrals of the Islands
kw6544: JOHNSON, C. G. - Migration and Dispersal of Insects by Flight
kw1531: JOHNSON, PERCY - Painting Round the World
502915: JOHNSTON, MARY - By Order of the Company
008386: JOHNSTONE, CHRISTIAN ISOBEL - Clan-Albin: a National Tale
009086: JOHNSTONE, AIR VICE MARSHAL SANDY - Diary of an Aviator: An Autobiography
kw5796: MICHIE, JONATHAN ; SMITH, JOHN GRIEVE ( EDITORS ) - Unemployment in Europe
009098: JONES, NORA OWENS; FUOSS, EDITH MATTISON; & SMITH, CAROLINE; - Black Glass Buttons, Combined with Return Engagement of Black Glass Buttons
003824: JONES, ALAN - Snowtown: The First Century 1879-1978
kw6521: JONES, HENRY - The Working Faith of the Social Reformer and Other Essays
006046: JONES, GWYN - The Buttercup Field and Other Stories
002992: JONES, STEPHEN; & SUTTON, DAVID (EDITORS) - Dark Terrors 2: the Gollancz Book of Horror
009373: JONES, A M (EDITOR) - The Marine Biology of the Orkney Isles
008079: JONES, GLYN - The Island of Apples
kw1128: JONES, T. COLWYN - Accounting and the Enterprise: A Social Analysis
006303: HALL-JONES, JOHN - Goldfields of Otago: An Illustrated History
kw1587: JONES, MAX - Throwing
009285: JONES, NIGEL H - Hitler's Heralds: The Story of the Freikorps 1918-1923
009091: SHEPPARD-JONES, ELISABETH - Scottish Legendary Tales
008798: MALLET-JORIS, FRANCOISE - House of Lies
007213: JOSHI, P S - The Tyranny of Colour: a Study of the Indian Problem in South Africa
500068: PEMBERTON, JOYCE AND JOHN - The University College at Buckingham
006767: LODWICK, JOYCE & VICTOR - The Story of Carmarthen
006768: JUDD, JOHN W - The Coming of Evolution: The Story of a Great Revolution in Science
502381: JUDSON, ALEXANDER CORBIN - Thomas Watts, Archdeacon of Middlesex (and Edmund Spenser)
009149: KLIOT, JULES AND KAETHE - The Knitted Lace Patterns of Christine Duchrow, Volume 2
009150: KLIOT, JULES AND KAETHE - Knitting: Nineteenth Century Sources
kw1373: KAMINER, WENDY - It's All the Rage: Crime and Culture
009094: KARAGEORGHIS, VASSOS - Salamis in Cyprus: Homeric, Hellenistic and Roman
009363: KARCHER, STEPHEN - How to Use the I Ching; a Guide to Working with the Oracle of Change
kw6540: KARN, LAURA E. - The Kinzie Family Tree 1738 - 1961
kw1297: KATAYEV, VALENTIN - The Grass of Oblivion
000952: KAYSER, AUDUN - Edvard Grieg in Words and Music
kw5577: KEDDIE, JAMES; & CLEGHORN, WILLIAM - Brick Manufacture in Developing Countries

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