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1328G: - Stories of Road & Track
771DM: - The Mind Alive Encyclopedia of Technology
783DM: - The Longacre Book of Cars
406A: - Handbook of Gasoline Automobiles 1904-1906
422A: - A Chronicle of the Automotive Industry in America 1892-1936
463A: - Plymouth Dodge Chrysler
271Mb: - Enjoying MG Volume 9 Number 4
271Mb3: - Enjoying MG Regional Roundup
271Mb4: - Enjoying MG Regional Roundup
56ME: - 100 Years of Motor Cars Daimler Benz
174M: - Autocar & Motor Scrapbook Jaguar 1935-1990
57ME: - 100 Years of Motor Cars Daimler Benz
665D: - The Exciting World of Jackie Stewart
319M: - L'Automobile De France
381M: - Triumph Autobook Two
4CM: STATON ABBEY - The Book of Austin
16CM: STANTON ABBEY - The Book of the Morris Minor 1000
370MF: TREVOR ALDER - Standard Vanguard and Ensign 1955 to 1963
10Mb: BRUNO ALFIERI - Alfa Romeo Pocket History
1bG: ROBERT ALLAN - The Royal Road
1108G: ENZO ANGELUCCI - Encyclopaedia of Automobiles
708DM: R F ANSDALE - Automatic Transmissions
1CM: B M C AUSTIN - Austin A90 Six and A105 Drivers Handbook
14CM: AUTOCAR - Autocar Jaguar D Type - Top Narques Series
19CM: AUTOCAR - Porsche 917 - by Autocar
1RF: AUTOSPORT - Autosport April 27th 1956
794DM: KENNETH BAILEY - The Age of MacHines
287bG: JAMES BARRON AND D B TUBBS - Vintage Cars
131M: DEAN BATCHELOR - Ferrari The Gran Turismo & Competition Berlinettas
118Mb: DEAN BATCHELOR - Illustrated Ferrari Buyer's Guide
121M: DEAN BATCHELOR - Ferrari the Early Spyders & Competition Roadsters
1281G: LORD MONTAGU OF BEAULIEU - The Gilt and the Gingerbread
11MEb2: ROGER BELL - Great Marques Mecedes-Benz
64MF: W O BENTLEY - My Life and My Cars
255M: DAIMLER-BENZ - The Annals of Mercedes-Benz Motor Vehicles and Engines
60bG: CECIL CLUTTON - PAUL BIRD - ANTHONY HARDING - The Vintage Motor Car Pocketbook
20bG: ANTHONY BIRD - The Motor Car 1765 1914
12aME: GEORGE BISHOP - Classic Mecedes
330MF: GEORGE BISHOP - Classic Rolls-Royce
12ME: STUART BLADON - Mercedes Benz
913R: BODDY - History of Motor Racing
30bG: JOHN DE BONDT - Canada on Wheels a Portfolio of Early Canadian Cars
1134G: KEN BOTTO - Past Joys
21bR: MICHAEL BOWLER - Track Tests Sports Cars
35bG: MICHAEL BOWLER - The Fastest Cars from Around the World
1137G: T A BOYD - Professional Amateur
714DM: BP - Diesel Engines Medium and High Speed
38bG: T C BRIDGES & H HESSELL TILTMAN - The Romance of Motoring
24ME: BROOKLANDS - Mercedes S & 600 - 1965-1972
16ME: BROOKLANDS - Mecedes Benz Cars 1954-1957
19ME: BROOKLANDS - Mercedes 190 & 300 SL 1954-1963
20ME: BROOKLANDS - Mercedes 230/250/280 SL 1963-1971
719DM: E T BROWN - Motors and Motoring
43bG: J R BUCKLEY - Classic Cars
1145G: TAD BURNESS - Imported Car Spotter's Guide
537A: JEAN CALVIN - Rallying to Win
1153G: COLIN CAMPBELL - The Sports Car
1154G: COLIN CAMPBELL - The Sports Car It's Design and Performance
636D: RUSS CATLIN - The Life of Ted Horn American Racing Champion
615D: CHULA CHAKRABONGSE - Road Racing 1936
25bR: XAVIER CHIMITS & FRANCOIS GRANET - Renault Formula 1 Motor Racing Book
721DM: A G CLARK - Text Book on Motor Car Engineering
457A: R M CLARKE - Plymouth Muscle Cars 1966-1971
681D: PAUL CLIFTON - The Fastest Men on Earth
11CM: FORD MOTOR COMPANY - Mercury for 1961 Handbook
465A: THE CHRYSLER CORPORATION - A Pictorial History of the Chrysler Corporation Cars
940R: ROBERT CUTTER AND BOB FENDELL - Encyclopedia of Auto Racing Greats
32ME: S C H DAVIS - Mercedes Benz
1189G: JOHN R DAY - The Story of the London Bus
1190G: JOHN R DAY - London's Trams and Trolleybuses
81ME: SCHRADER / DEMAND - The Supercharged Mercedes
602D: KEVIN DESMOND - The Man with Two Shadows
279MF: JOHN DOWDESWELL - Book of the Morgan
33ME: PHIL DRACKETT - The Classic Mercedes Benz
93Gc: PHIL DRACKETT - Veteran Cars
34ME: PHIL DRACKETT - The Classic Marcedes Benz
95bG: CHARLES S DUNBAR - Swift Picture Book Buses Coaches Lorries
110Mb1: GODFREY EATON - Great Marques Ferrari
110Mb2: GODFREY EATON - Great Marques Ferrari
601D: LYLE KENYON ENGEL - Mario Andretti the Man Who Can Win Any Kind of Race
980R: RICHARD HUDSON-EVANS - Competing with Production Cars
625D: G E T EYSTON - Fastest on Earth
134Mb: JOEL E FINN - V12 Ferrari Testa Rossa
136Mb2: WARREN W FITZGERALD & RICHARD F MERRITT - Ferrari the Sports and Gran Turismo Cars
152aM: B C FORBES & O D FOSTER - Automotive Giants of America
65MG: NICHOLAS FOULKES - Bentley a Motoring Miscellany
946R: CHARLES FOX - The Great Racing Cars & Drivers
329MF: MIKE FOX & STEVE SMITH - Rolls-Royce The Complete Works
13M: MICHAEL FROSTICK - Alfa Romeo- Milano
37ME: MICHAEL FROSTICK - The Mighty Mercedes
264M: MICHAEL FROSTICK - The Mighty Mercedes
398MF: ROBIN FRY - The VW Beetle
38ME: NIGEL FRYATT - Mercedes
172M: PETER GARNIER - Jaguar Sports
31aM: PETER GARNIER - Aston Martin
331MF: G N GEORGANO - The Classic Rolls-Royce
145M: BARRIE GILL & MICHAEL FROSTICK - Ford's Competition Cars
511A: ANTHONY GRANATELLI - They Call Me Mister 500
360MF: ROBERT GRAY - Rolls on the Rocks
960R: TERRY GRIMWOOD - Road Car Racing & Preparation
22CM: ROOTES GROUP - The Sunbeam Rapier
1222G: DAVID HALBERSTAM - The Reckoning
61bR: MAURICE HAMILTON - British Grand Prix
1226G: MAURICE A HAMMOND - Motorcade
1229G: ANTHONY HARDING - Car Facts and Feats
382Mc: J H HAYNES - Triumph TR5, 250,and 6 Owner's Workshop Manual
113M: ALAN HENRY - Ferrari The Grand Prix Cars
80DG: TIM HILL - British Grand Prix Heroes
741DM.: V A W HILLIER & F W PITTUCK - Motor Vehicle Technology Related Studies
646D: CHRISTOPHER HILTON - Nigel Mansell
966aR: S HIRST - Grand Prix Chronlogy
399MF: K B HOPFINGER - The Volkswagen Story
545A: MARK HOWELL - Racing Stutz
44ME: NORMAN HOWELL - Formula One Racing with Marlbro McLaren Mercedes
508A: ROGER HUNTINGTON - Indy Car Design & Development of
150bG: G GIBBARD JACKSON - The Romance of the Motor Car
6DF: DOUGLAS YOUNG-JAMES - Donald Campbell an Informal Biography
155bG: RHYS JENKINS - Motor Cars and the Application of Mechanical Power to Road Vehicles
269M: ERIK JOHNSON - The Dawn of Motoring - How the Car Came to Britain
756DM: A W JUDGE - Motor Manuals Vol. 1 Automobile Engines
1256G: BEVERLY RAE KIMES - Complete Handbook of Automobile Hobbies
238M: RICHARD L KNUDSON - M.G. The Sports Car America Loved First
397M: ANTON KONRAD & CHARLES MEISL - The VW Beetle Handbook
50ME: BRIAN LABAN - Classic Mercedes Benz
300MF: RICHARD M LANGWORTH - Porsche a Tradition of Greatness
1266G: RAYMOND LEE - Fit for the Chase Cars and the Movies
417A: HENREY B LENT - The Automobile - USA
79bR: THE EARL OF LONGSDALE - Motor Racing
227M: THE MG CAR COMPANY LTD - The Instruction Manual for the MG Series TC Midget
7118DM.: VOSPER LTD. - Operation Manual for Vosper V8 Marine Engine
5CM: THE AUSTIN MOTOR COMPANY LTD. - Austin Mini Drivers Handbook
27CM: WOLSELEY MOTORS LTD - Wolseley 1500
213bG: L A MANWARING - The Observer's Book of Automobiles
479A: MITCH MAYBORN - Mustang
321M: J DEWAR MCLINTOCK - Renault the Cars and the Charisma
628D: OLIVER MERLIN - Fangio Racing Driver
1219G: DIDIER MERLIN - Pininfarina Prestige and Tradition 1930-1980
1275G: H E MILLBURN - The Motor Trade,
1276G: JOHN MILLS - The Family Car Companion
1007R: CHRISTAN MOITY - The Le Mans 24 Hour Race
776DM: E MOLLOY - Diesel Engine Operation
101RF: VALERIO MORETTI - La Scommessa Di Gianni Lancia
452A: MICHAEL MORITZ AND BARRETT SEAMAN - Going for Broke the Chrysler Story
1385G: COMPANY OF VETERAN MOTORISTS - Official Handbook of Veteran Motorist's 1938-39
923aR: BROOKLANDS MUSEUM - Under Starter's Orders
1396G: C N & A M WILLIAMSON - The Car of Destiny
185bG: ELIZABETH NAGLE - Old Cars the World Over
193M: EDMUND NANKIVELL - The Jowett Jupiter the Car That Leaped to Fame
1294G: T R NICHOLSON - The Motor Book an Anthology
1299G: T R NICHOLSON - Automobile Treasures
122Rc: JON NICHOLSON & MAURICE HAMILTON - Inside Formula One 1996 The Grand Prix Teams
199bG2: T R NICHOLSON - Automobile Treasures
403M: GLADYS NICOL - Volvo
65ME: W ROBERT NITSKE - Mercedes Benz a History
64ME: W ROBERT NITSKE - Mercedes Benz 300 SL
253M: W ROBERT NITSKE - Mercedes-Benz Production Models Book 1946-1938
66ME: W ROBERT NITSKE - Mercedes Benz - Diesel Automobiles
67ME: W. ROBERT NITSKE - Mercedes Benz - ProductionModels Book - 1946-1990
68ME: W. ROBERT NITSKE - The Complete Mercedes Story
51M: JAN P NORBYE - BMW Bavaria's Driving Machines
130RF: DOUG NYE - Motor Racing Great Moments in Sport
1320G: VANCE PACKARD - The Waste Makers
1321G: MEYER H PARRY - Aggression on the Road
71ME: DOMINIQUE PASCAL - Mercedes Benz
70ME: DOMINIQUE PASCAL - Mercedes Benz
1317G: HAROLD PERKIN - The Age of the Automobile
155cM: PETERSEN'S - Ford in the Thirties
1325G: CYRIL POSTHUMUS - Classic Sports Cars
1329G: RUPERT PRIOR - Motoring the Golden Years
1044aR: ANTHONY PRITCHARD - Competition Cars of Europe
1044R: ANTHONY PRITCHARD - The Racing Sports Car
117M: ANTHONY PRITCHARD - Grand Prix Ferrari
1332G: KEN PURDY - Ken Purdy's Book of Automobiles
4bG: AUTOMOBILE QUARTERLY - Automobile Quarterly Vol.11 No 1
2bG: AUTOMOBILE QUARTERLY - Automobile Quarterly Vol 15 No 8
3bG: AUTOMOBILE QUARTERLY - Automobile Quarterly Vol 5 No 8
1047R: HENRY RASMUSSEN - American Classic Cars
1196G: HENRY RASMUSSEN AND JACK DOO - Japanese Exotic Cars
73ME: HENRY RASMUSSEN - Mercedes for the Road
282M: MORRIS REGISTER - Morris Cars the First Thirty-five Years
148Rc: R P REYNOLDS & K R CLARK - Sixty Miles of Pencil an Intimate Impression of the Brighton Run
1337G: P A REYNOLDS - Motor Trade Practice
1338G: P A REYNOLDS - Garage Organization and Management
74ME: MICHAEL RIEDNER - Mercedes Benz W196
233bG: PETER ROBERTS - Veteran and Vintage Cars
233bG2: PETER ROBERTS - Veteran and Vintage Cars
240bG: PETER ROBERTS - A Picture History of the Automobile
241bG: PETER ROBERTS - Any Color So Long as It's Black the First 50 Years of Automobile Advertising
1342G: PETER ROBERTS - A Picture History of the Automobile
1343G: PETER ROBERTS - Veteran and Vintage Cars
160MF: GRAHAM ROBSON - The Big Healeys
76ME: GRAHAM ROBSON - Magnificent Mercedes
75ME: GRAHAM ROBSON - Magnificent Mercedes
137M: GIANNI ROGLIATTI - The Ferrari
137Mb2: GIANNI ROGLIATTI - The Ferrari
244bG: L T C ROLT - Horseless Carriage the Motor Car in England
52M: HANNS PETER ROSELLEN - BMW Portrait Einer Groaen Marke
1347G: HARRIS SAUNDERS - Top Up Top Down
1056R: JOE SAWARD - The World Atlas of Motor Racing
78ME: F SCHIDBERGER - History of Mercedes Benz Motor Vehicles & Engines
86ME: F SCHILDBERGER - Gotlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Mayback and Karl Benz
80ME: INGO SEIFF - Mercedes Benz - Portrait of a Legend
798DM: REINHARD SEIFFERT - A Miracle on 4 Wheels
258bG2: CARL SIFAKIS - 175 Money Saving Tips for Every Car Owner.
103DMc: J R SINGHAM - Autocar Handbook Complete Guide to the Modern Car
311M: JERRY SLONIGER - Porsche 924 928 944
158bR: JERROLD SLONIGER & HANS-HEINRICH VON FERSEN - German High Performance Cars 1894-1965
1363G: NORMAN SMITH - Case History
1361G: L E SNELLGROVE - From Steam Carts to Minicars
153M: LORIN SORENSEN - The Ford Road
1365G: LOUIS T STANLEY - Behind the Scenes
1362G: LOUIS WILLIAM STEINWEDEL - The Golden Age of Sports Cars
151dM: P VD STERN - Tin Lizzie
667D: JACKIE STEWART - Jackie Stewart World Champion
1371G: WILLIAM STOBBS - Motor Museums of Europe
1372G: WILLIAM AND MICHAEL STOBBS - The Best Cars a New Computerized Guide to Performance and Efficiency
87ME: SPARROW / STOBBSI - Mercedes Benz Legends
1374G: BOB STUBENRAUCH - Runabouts and Roadsters
48DF: JOHN SURTEES - John Surtees Speed
275bG: RICH TAYLOR - Modern Classics the Great Cars of the Postwar Era
278bG: J L THOMAS - Motoring Law A to Z
27ME: BROOKLANDS & ROAD & TRACK - Road & Track on Mercedes - 1963-1970
26ME: BROOKLANDS & ROAD & TRACK - Road & Track on Mercedes - 1952-1962
281bG: PHILIP A TURNER - Motorcars
256M: ALEXANDER E ULMANN - Mercedes Pioneer of an Industry
1377G: JEAN-PAUL THEVENET / PETER VANN - Cabriolets -- Magnificent Convertibles of Yesterday & Today
7116DM: ERNEST A VENK & WALTER E BILLIET - Automotive Fundamentals
169bR: PETER WHERRETT - Drive it! The Complete Book of High Speed Driving on Road & Track
1393G: JOSEPH H WHERRY - Concours D' Elegance
49bG: DAVID BURGESS WISE - The Illustratrated Encyclopedia of Automobiles
51bG: DAVID BURGESS WISE - The David Burgess Wise Guide to Veteran & Vintage
1149G: DAVID BURGESS-WISE - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Automobiles
1398G: JOHNATHAN WOOD - Great Marques Boxed Edition 3 Books
97ME: NICKY WRIGHT - Mercedes Benz

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