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000048: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Dorsetshire a Lithographed Map of the County 6. 25"X 9" Coloured in Green with Borders Coloured Blue and Yellow.
000490: - C71/68. Britain Beautiful Britain the Scenery and Splendours of the United Kingdom Royal Residences, Homes of Princes and Noblemen Palaces, Castles and Stately Houses, Beauties of Mountain, Lake and River. From Photographs Taken by Permission of
000194: - Saturday: The Saturday Magazine Volume 1 No 1 to No 32 July to December 1832
000195: - Saturday the Saturday Magazine, Vols. , 16 & 17 No's 482 to 545
000165: - Picturesque Europe with Illustrations on Steel and Wood by the Most Eminent Aetists Ten Divisions Bound in Publishers Bright Red Cloth, Elaborately Gilt to Edges of Upper Boards with Attractive Gilt Ills. To Centre of Each Board; Five Vols Bound in
000500: - C72/73. Bunyan (John) the Pilgrims Progress Reprinted from the Facsimile of the First Edition. Intro by Charles Whibley Printed at the Chiswick Press Tall 8vo.
000496: - C71/69. Brown (C. ) Itinerarium Novi Testament: Or Sacred History and Doctrine of the New Testament 3rd Ed 8vo
000491: - C72/66. Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica a Dictionary of Arts, Science & General Literature Thirty Five Volumes 9th & 10th Edition a & C. Black 4to
000081: - Songs of the Edimburgh Angling Club
000092: - Dundee the Municipal History of the Royal Burgh of Dundee Compiled from Original and Authentic Documents and Records in the Archives of the Town and Other Sources...
000001: [GARTH (SIR SAMUEL)] - The Dispensory. A Poem in Six Canto
000115: EDITED BY AAMS (H.G.) - Cyclopaedia of Female Biography; Consisting of Sketches of All Women
000728: LEISTON ABBEY - A Fine View of the Abbey by T. Hearne Eng by W. Byrne Good Engraving
000428: BEAULIEU ABBEY - In the County of Mapshire Plate Size 11"X 9" Drawn by T. Hearne and Engraved by W. Byrne.
000736: MALMSBURY ABBEY - 8. 5"X 11. 5" Eng, 10. 5"X15. 5"X Sheet. The Scene Show Some Pigs on the Side with a Man Sitting with Hat and Cane Viewing the Remains.
000712: LEISTON ABBEY - In Suffolk 10. 5"X 8. 75" Plate, 15. 5"X 10. 5" an Attractive Plate Some Damping Two Men Inspecting at One End While Lady and Gent to Fore. Descriptive Sheet in English and French. Drawn by T. Hearn and Eng by W. Byrne
000372: ABBOTT (JOHN S.C.) - Kings and Queens; or Llife in the Palace
000374: ABERDEEN - Fine Chromo View Across the Dee to the City
000375: ABERDEEN - Map of the County of Aberdeenshire by Lizars Fo Blackwood
000376: ABERDEEN - Plan of the City of Aberdeen 534mm X 407mm
000377: ACHRAY - Attractive Chromo Litho View of Loch Achray
000535: CASTLE AT CASTLE-ACRE - In Norfolk 10. 75"X 8. 5" Engraving, 15. 5"X 10. 5 Sheet Size Descriptive Leaf in English & French
000534: CASTLE ACRE - Priory, 10. 75"X 8. 75" Plate, 15"X 10. 5" Page, Some Marginal Damping, Fine View Various Animals in the Forground, Man in Doorway and Smoke Coming from the Chimney, Drawing Made in 1771.
000379: AFRICA - Map Coloured in Outline of Africa Mostly to the Coast.
000378: AFRICA - Attractive Early 19th Century Map of Africa.
000380: AGHATE (JAMES) - The Contemporary Theatre 1st Ed.
000381: AIKEN (JOAN) - The Whispering Mountain; Proof Copy
000879: ST. ALBANS - View of the Abbey Church at St Albans, 8. 5"X 11. 5" 10. 5"X 15. 5" Engraving by W. Byrne and Drawn by T. Hearne
000859: SICKMAN (LAURENCE) SOPER (ALEXANDER) - The Art and Architecture of China. Royal 8vo.
000137: ALLEN (THOMAS) - The History of the County of Lincoln from the Earliest Period to the Present Time 2 Vols 4to
000383: ALLIES (THOMAS W.) - The Monastic Life from the Fathers of the Desert to Charlemagne 8th Vol of Formation of Christendiom
000385: ALNWICK - Map Covering the Area Around Alnwick. From Blyth to Liddisdale and Up to Berwick Upob Tweed.
000386: AMBROSE (ISAAC) - Media, the Middle Things, in Reference to the First and Last Things or the Means, Duties, Ordinances...
000871: SOUTH AMERICA - Fine Map Stretching from Panama and Trinidad in the North to Cape Horn in the South. Colombia Occupies Most of the Far North, the West Is Peru and Chile Goes Down to Port Mont. 8"X 9. 75" Coloured in Outline.
000872: SOUTH AMERICA - Map 7 1/4"X 10 1/2" Hancoloured in Outline Sidney Hall
000784: NORTH AMERICA - Map of North America Showing the Delineations,
000438: BEN A'AN - View of Ben a'an from the Slope of Ben Venue, 120mm X 75mm.
000139: ANON - The Laws of Honour: Or a Compendious Account of the Ancient Derivation of All Titles, Dignities, Offices, &: As Well Spiritual As Temporal, CIVIL or Military.
000388: SCOTLAND APPEALS - Appeals Scotland Administration of Justrice, Report of the Commissioners Appointed for Inquiring Into the Forms of Process in the Courts of Law in Scotland and the Course of Appeals from the Court of Session Torether with an Appendix. Folio.
000390: ARCHER (JEFFREY) - A Matter of Honour 1st Ed.
000391: ARCHER (JEFFREY) - As the Crow Flies 1st Ed.
000392: ARCHER (JEFFREY) - Honour Amon Thieves 1st Ed.
000393: ARCHER (JEFFREY) - The Eleventh Commandment Thou Shall Not Be Caught 1st Ed. Signed by Archer on Title Page.
000394: ARCHER (WILLIAM) - Play-Making a Manual of Craftmanship3rd Ed.
000395: ARDGOWER - The Ardgower Mountains from Ballachulish
000396: ARDREY (ROBERT) - The Brotherhood of Fear 1st Ed. Collins
000398: ARGYLLSHIRE - County Map of Argyllshire 7. 5"X 9. 5" by Blackwood, Hand Coloured; Engraved by Lizars
000095: ARMITAGE (DORIS MARY) - The Taylors of Ongar Portrait of an English Family of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Drawn from Family Records by the Great-Great Niece of Ann and Jane Taylor.
000399: ARRAN - Coloured Chromo View of the Castle at Loch Ranza on Arran 120 X 75mm It Shows the Castle on a Little Peninsula with Large and Small Boats on the Shore All in a Marvellous Sunset.
000401: ART - The Magazine of Art
000403: ASIA - Fine Contemporary Hand Coloured Map of Asia, 9. 5"X 8" Engraved Area: Engraved by J.C. Russell
000402: ASIA - Folding Map of Asia, 9. 25"X 7. 25" Engraved Surface. Coloured in Outline and Published by Longman Rees Orme Brown & Green
000404: ATHENS - The Temple of Jupiter Olympius Athens 7. 75"X 5" Engraved Surface, Steel Engraving Looking Beyond the Temple of Jupiter and on to the Parthenon.
000405: AUSTRIA - Fine Hand Coloured Map of the Austro Hungarian Empire in 1826 by Russell Plate 9. 75"X 8"
000406: AYE (JOHN) - Humour in the Theatre Universal Publishing 1st Ed.
000407: AYRSHIRE - Map of the County of Ayrshire Engraved on Steel by W.H. Lizars for Blackwoods.
000479: BACHARACH - Attractive View of Bacharach on the Rhine. Various Boats on the Water with Horses and Groups on the Shore, Castle on the Hill. A Superb View.
000410: BAINES (HENRY) - The Flora of Yorkshire with Two Plate 8vo
000411: BAKER (B.G.) - Waveney 1st Ed.
000412: BAKSHY (ALEXANDER) - The Theatre Unbound 1st Ed.
000413: BALCHIN (NIGEL) - Seen Dimly Before Dawn 1st Ed.
000414: BALMORAL - A Lovely Coloured Chromo Taken from the Other Side of the Dee
000417: BALZAC (HONORE DE) - The Physiology of Marriage. Privately Printed.
000415: BALZAC (HONORE DE) - The Physiology of Marriage or Meditations of an Eclectic Philosopher on Happiness in Marriage. Translated with an Introduction by Francis Macnamara. Casanova Society Limited Edition No 332 of 1,000 Copies 4to
000416: BANFFSHIRE - Map of the County of Banffshire, Outline Hand Colouring. Title and Mileage Bar to Bottom Right with Direction Arrow Above. Engraved on Steel by Lizars
000418: BARKER (DAVID) - The Arthur Negas Guide to English Clocks 8vo
000419: BARON (A.) - The Human Kind a Sequence 1st Ed.
000420: BARTHGOLOMEW (J.) - Pocket Atlas of Ireland with Index and Geographical Statistical Notes, New Ed 12mo
000421: BARTHGOLOMEW (J.) - The Handy Atlas of the British Empire Ward Lock and Co 12mo
000422: BARTHGOLOMEW (JOHN) - The Pocket Atlas of the World with Complete Index & Geographical Notes. John Walker & Co. 12mo
000387: ANCONA BAY DRAWN BY BARTLETT - Fine Steel Engraving of the Arch of Trajan Ancona Italy. Plate 195mm X 125mm a Very Lively Scene with the Arch on the Left and Town Rising Up the Hills from the Active Harbour.
000425: BATES (RALPH) - The Miraculous Horde Jonathan Cape. 1st Ed.
000424: BATES (H.E.) - The Purple Lain 1st Ed. Michael Joseph
000426: BAX (CLIFFORD) - Florence Farr, Bernard Shaw, W.B. Yeats Letters Edited by Clifford Bax 1st Ed.
000427: BAX (CLIFFORD) - Whither the Theatre a Letter to a Young Playwright 12mo
000429: BEDFORD - Map of the Area from Newnarket in the East, Brackley in the West 5 Miles South of Luton and 5 Miles North of Oundle at a Scale of 4mmls to the Inch. 16. 5"X 12. 5" Bartholomew
000430: BEETON (S.O.) - Beetons Dictionary of Geography. A Universal Gazetteer 8vo.
000431: BEINECKE (FREDERICK & CARRIE) - A Catalogue of the Frederick W. & Carrie S. Beinecke Collection of Western Americans Vol 1 Manuscripts, 285 Individual Items or Collections Detailed. Yale U.P. Tall 8vo.
000433: BELDAM (GEORGE W.) - Great Golfers Their Methods at a Glance Illustrated by 268 Action Photos. 8vo
000177: BELLAMY (MR.) - Ethic Amusenemts. By Mr Bellamy. Revised by His Son D. Bellamay, M.A. 4to Many Engravings.
000434: BELLOC (HILAIRE) - The Campaign of 1812 & Retreat from Moscow 8vo.
000437: BELLOW (SAUL) - Henderson the Rain King Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1st Ed.
000440: BERKSHIRE - Map of the County of Berkshire, Drawn by Creighton and Engraved by Walker 9. 5"X 7. 25" Parliamentary Map.
000561: NORTH BERWICK - Report and Map of the Burgh 10"X 8" Scale 6" to the Mile.
000441: BERWICKSHIRE - Map of the County of Berwickshire 9. 5"X 7. 5" Engraved by Lizars for Blackwood.
000442: BEVERLEY - Walker Map of Beverley, 7"X 4. 5" Published [1835]
000161: BEWICK - Bewick's Select Fables of Aesop and Others. In Three Parts. 1. Fables Extracted from Dodsley's.2. Fables with Reflections in Prose and Verse. 3. Fables in Verse. Engs by Bewick and Preface by Edwin Pearson. Sm 8vo.
000443: BIBLE - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues. 8vo.
000444: BIGLAND (JOHN) - A Topographical and Historical Description of the County of York; Containingan Account of Its Towns, Cathedral, Castles, Antiquities, Churches, Monuments, Public Edificies and Picturesque Scenery 8vo.
000583: CHINA & BIRMAH - Map Showing Eastern Asia 13"X 10", Hand Coloured with Decorative Border. Title to Top with Birds Above.
000453: BIRMINGHAM - Map of Birmingham 3" to the Mile 19. 25"X 12. 5"
000449: BIRMINGHAM - King Edwards School Rear View 7"X 4" C1845
000450: BIRMINGHAM - Fine Engraving of Birmingham from a Drawing by J.M. W. Turner 6. 5"X4,25" (10. 5"X 7. 25") Fine Dark Impression.
000451: BIRMINGHAM - The Market Hall 7. 5"X 4. 5". Very Active Scene Litho by Alan and Ferguson
000452: BIRMINGHAM - St. Martins Church 6. 5"X 4. 75" Buildings on Either Side with Church in the Centre.
000445: BIRMINGHAM - An Attractive and Busy Scene, in Paradise Street 5"X 4" C. 1840
000446: BIRMINGHAM - Fine Litho of the Society of Arts and the Town Hall 7. 25"X 5" Active Scene C1845.
000447: BIRMINGHAM - Fine and Active View of New Street Published by C. Hawker
000448: BIRMINGHAM - King Edward's School and New Street 6. 75"X 4. 75"Litho by Alan & Ferguson
000454: BISHOP (CECIL) - Women & Crime 1st Ed Chatto and Windus
000458: BLACK'S - Guide to England and Wales Containing Plans of the Principal Cities, Charts, Maps and Views, and a List of Hotels. 12th Ed
000456: BLACKBURNE (NEVILLE) - The Restless Ocean; the Story of George Crabbe the Aldeburgh Poet 1754-1832. 8vo.
000457: BLACKIE (W.G.) - The Comprehensive Atlas & Geography of the World: Comprising an Extensive Series of Maps, a Description, Physical & Political, of All the Countries of the Earth; Etc. Thick Folio
000461: BLOND (ANTHONY) - Family Business 1st Ed. Andre Deutsch
000463: BOAG (JOHN) - The Imperial Lexicon of the English Language, Exhibiting the Pronunciation, Etymology,
000464: BOCCACCIO (GIOVANNI) - The Decameron of Giovanni Boccacio Translated by Richard Aldington Illustrations by Jean de Bosschere Limited Edition. 2 Vols 4to Putnam's Sons
000466: BOOTH (EDWARD) - The Treble Clef (East Riding Related) 1st Ed T. Fisher Unwin
000467: BOSTON - Hand Coloured Map 7. 25"X 9. 25" by Dawson, C1" to the Mile Title and Compass Rose in Top Left. It Starts at Corporation Point in the South, 1 Mile West of Corporation Farm, 1 Mile North of Mount Pleasant and Boston Long Hedges in the East.
000005: BOULGER (PROFESSOR) - British Flowering Plants Illustrated by Three Hundred Full Page Coloured Plates Reproduced from Drawings by Mrs Henry Perrin with Detailed Descriptive Notes and an Introduction by Professor Boulger 4 Vols 4to (12"X10") in Cream Buckram, Titled in
000032: BOWEN (EMANUEL) - Chester an Accurate Map of Chester Divided Into Its Hundreds Drawn from the Best Authorities...
000031: BOWEN (EMANUEL) - Devon an Accurate Map of Devon Shire Divided Into Its Hundreds Drawn from the Best Authorities, Assisted by the Most Approved Modern Maps with Various Improvements... .
000030: BOWEN (EMANUEL) - Somerset an Improved Map of Somerset Divided Into Its Hundreds: Laid Down & Collected from the Best Materials and Illustrated with Various Additional Improvements; with Historical Extracts Relative to Its Natural Produce, Trade, Manufactures &.
000468: BOWLE (JOHN) - John Evelyn & His World a Biography 1st Ed.
000470: BOWLES (C.M.) - The Heritage of Symbolism 1st Ed.
000469: BOWLES (THOMAS GIBSON) - The Candid Quarterly Review of Public Affairs; Political, Scientific, Social and Literary 6 Vols
000471: BOWRA (C.M.) - The Creative Experiment 1st Ed 8vo
000472: BRADFORD - Town Plan by J & C Walker 3. 5"X 4. 5" a Compact Plan with Some Rail Lines Laid out to the South
000473: BRADFORD - Plan of Bradford 19"X 12. 5" with Street Index Down Either Side
000474: BRAEMAR - Castelton of Braemar 120mm X75mm, a Lovely View from Above the Village Showing the Churches on Either Side and the River Flowing out Beyond.
000475: BRAMAH (ERNEST) - Kai Lung's Golden Hours, Preface by Hillaire Belloc 1st Ed
000476: BRAND (MILLEN) - The Outward Room Advance Copy with Printed Dustwrapper.
000477: BRANDER - The Pass of Brander 120mm X 73mm. A Lovely Chromo View Looking Along the Pass with the Loch on the Left and a Carriage Travelling Along the Road.
000478: BRASSEY (MRS) - A Voyage in the Sunbeam Our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months. 6th Ed.
000536: BRAUBACH - And the Castle of Marksburg Fine Steel Engraving 190mm X 125mm Plus Good Margins (275 X 215) the Castle Stands on Top of a Promotory Beside the Rhine Withe Town of Braubach on the Banks Below and Traffic on the River.
000480: BRAUBACH - On the Rhine, a Lovely View of the Town with the Castle High Above , 130mm X 175mm a Very Active Scene.
000606: BRAUBACH - Braubach and the Castle of Marsburg Rhine 7. 5"X 52
000549: BRECHIN - Report on the Burgh of Brechin Together with a Folding Map, 13"X 10 "
000481: BRENNAND (GEORGE) - Saraband & Satyricisn Poems and Verses Orthodox and Heterodox 1st Ed Limited to 250 Copies
000548: WESTMINSTER BRIDGE - By Turner 6. 75"X 4. 25", (10. 5"X 7. 25") Bridge on the Right, Abbey on the Left with the Old Houses of Parliament in Front. Many Boats on the River Both Sailing & Rowing.
000482: BRIDGENORTH - A Fine View by J.M. W. Turner of Bridgenorth with the Bridge over the Severn, Boats on the River and Buildings Beyond.
000484: BRIDIE (JAMES) - John Knox and Other Plays by James Bridie 1st Ed. Constable
000485: BRIERLEY (WALTER) - Means Test Man 1st Ed Methuen
000487: BRIGHTON - Map, 16. 5"X 12. 5" Stretches from Havant in the West to Pevensey Bay in the East with Brighton in the Centre and Railways Every Where. J. Bartholomew X1890
000488: BRIGHTON - Plan of Brighton 19"X 12,5" Reduced from the Ordnance Survey
000489: BRISTOL - Plan of Bristol Scale of 5" to the Mile 19"X 12. 5"
000492: BRITTEN (BENJAMIN) - Libretto & Music for War Requiem Op 66 4to
000493: BROAD (C.D.) - The Philosophy of Francis Bacon an Address Delivered on the Occasion of the Bacon Tercentenary
000494: BROOK (DONALD) - The Romance of the English Theatre 1st Ed.
000495: BROOKE (L. LESLIE) - Ring O' Roses a Nursery Rhyme Picture Book with Numerous Drawings in Colour and Black-and-White 4to Warne & Co.
000150: BROOKES (R.) - A General Gazetteer; or, Compenious Geographical Dictionary Containing a Description of the Nations, Empires, Kingdoms, States, Etc in the Known World Illustrated with Maps Fifteenth Edition with Considerable Addiyions and Improvements.
000140: BROWN (THOMAS) - A Manual of Modern Farriery: Embracing the Cure of Diseases Incidental to Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Swine and Dogs; with Instructions in Racing, Hunting, Coursing, Shooting, Fishing, and Field-Sports Generally; Together with a Summary of the
000497: BROWNE (N.M.) - Hunted. Uncorrected Proof Copy. Bloomsbury
000498: BRYANT (WILLIAM CULLEN) - Poems by Collected & Arranged by the Author with an Introductory Essay, on the Genius & Writings of the Author. Sq 12mo
000499: BUIST (ALEXANDER) - Reverisco Poems by Alexander Buist 1st Ed.
000501: BURDETT (OSBERT) - Critical Essays 1st Ed Faber & Gwyer
000502: BURDETT (OSBERT) - William Blake; English Men of Letters Macmillan
000503: BURKE'S - Peerage and Baronetage for 1928. Over 2,500 Double Prited Pages.
000505: BURLINGTON - Two Prints Being a Plan on One & an Elevation on the Second. It Shows That the Ground Floor Has Storey Height of Twenty Feet As Does the First Except for the Great Room over the Hall Which Is Covered Into the Roof, & a Fine Elevation of the Front
000504: BURLINGTON - Plans of the First & Second Storeys with the Elevation of the Principal Front with an Arcade. The Lower Rooms Are 20 Feet High, Those Above Are 18 Feet High, the Great Room Is 30 Feet High & Covered Into the Roof & over the Other Rooms Is an Attic
000506: BURMEISTER (JON) - A Hot and Copper Sky 1st Ed. Michael Joseph
000507: BURNHAM (DOROTHY) - Thriough Dooms of Love Chatto and Windus
000510: BURNS - Sinton (John) Burns Excise Officer & Poet. A Vindication 2nd Edition Greatly Extended
000508: BURNS (ROBERT) - The Works of Robert Burns; with Dr Currie's Memoir of the Poet, and an Essay on His Genius and Character, by Professor Wilson. Also Numerous Notes, Annotations, and Appendices. Embellished by Eighty-One Portraits and Landscape Ills. 2 Vols 4to
000550: BURNTISLAND - Report on the Burgh Which Is Nearly Opposite Newhaven, and Has a Very Good Harbour.
000512: BUTE - The Kyles of Bute 120mm X 75mm a Lovely Chromo Showing the Lighthouse with a Steamer Sailing Up the Kyle.
000162: BUTLER (SAMUEL D.D.) - An Atlas of Ancient Geography by (Dr. ) Samuel Butler a New Edition Re-Engrabved, with Corrections. Edited by the Author's Son ; 35 Maps on 24 Double Page Hand Coloured Sheets Complete.
000514: BUTLER (CHARLES) - Calypso Dreaming Proof Copy
000134: DODS (REV MARCUS) TRANSLATED BY. - The City of God [an Interesting Series of Arguments, Pre Ad the Calamities Suffered by the Romans Before the Time of Christ! of Varro's Threefold Division of Theology, of the Select Gods of the CIVIL Theology; Etc. 2 Volumes
000516: BYRON (LORD) - The Works of Lord Byron, Including the Suppressed Poems. Also a Sketch of His Life by J.W. Lake Complete in One Volume.
000515: BYRON (LORD) - The Complete Works of Lord Byron from the Last London Edition, Collected and Arranged, and Illustrated with All the Notes. Tall 8vo Galignani
000518: CAISTER - Castle, 11"X 9" Plate, 15. 5"X 10. 5" Page Fine View of the Castel with Ducks and Three Young Ladies at the Water Edge, the Castle Behind and Trees Embelishing the View. Descriptive Leaf in English and French. Drawn by T. Hearne Eng by W. Byrn
000520: CALDWELL (TAYLOR) - Great Lion of God 1st Ed Collins
000521: CAMBRIDGE - History of English Literature 15 Volumes at the University Press 15 Volumes.
000522: CAMBRIDGESHIRE - Map of Cambridgeshire by J & C Walker Coloured in Outline 7. 25"X 9. 75"
000525: CAMPBELL (ROY) - The Flaming Terrapin 1st Ed. Jonathan Cape
000524: CAMPBELL (ROY) - Talking Bronco 1st Ed. Faber & Faber
000527: CANDID - The Candid Quarterly Review of Public Affairs; Political, Scientific, Social and Literary Conducted by Thomas Gibson Bowles. Vol 1, Issue 1 Feb 1914-= Vol 6 Issue No 12. 6 Vols.
000575: CANTERBURY - View of West Gate, Interior & Exterior of Canterbury Castle, St. Martins Church Interior and Exterior & Stone Font 3"X2" Six Engravings.
000528: CANTERBURY - Map, 16. 5"X 12. 5" . It Stretches from Tunbridge Wells in the S. To Hatfield in the North and out to Goodwin Sands and the Kentish Knock Sands. J. Bartholomew
000529: CARDIFF - Map 16. 75"X 12. 5" from Just West of Swansea to Just East of Thornbury, Just South of Watchet and Just North of Abergavenny All at 4mls to the Inch. J. Bartholomew
000530: CARDIGAN - Map from the Mouth of the Dovey to South of St. Davids, 16. 75"X 12. 5" by J. Bartholomew, Outl Line Colouring,
000532: CARLISLE - View of Carlisle Looking over the River Eden to the Town 6. 5"X 4. 35" (10. 5"X 7. 5") Drawing by Turner with the Huge Castle on the Right of the View, & the Cathedral Centre Left & the Town Around.
000533: CARNARVON - Map of 12. 5"X 16. 5" Anglesey in the North to About 6 Mls North of Aberystwith Coloured in Outline Bartholomew
000176: CARR (JOHN) - A Northern Summer; or Travels Round the Baltic Threough Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Prussia and Part of Germany in the Year 1804. 4to Illustrated with 10 Full Page and 1 Folding of (St) Petesburg. 4to .
000106: CARY (JOHN) - Cary's New Itinerary: Or an Accurate Delineation of the Great Roads, Both Direct and Cross Throughout England and Wales; with Many of the Principle Roads in Scotland.
000577: CAUB CASTLE - Caub Castle of Gutenfels, and the Pfalz, 7. 5"X 5" Steel Enng.
000808: PEEL CASTLE - Isle of Man,10. 75"X 8. 75" Plate15. 5"X 10. 5" Marginal Damp Some in Plate. Drawn by T. Hearne from a Sketch by Sir Geo Beaumont Bart Eng by W. Byrne & T. Medland Sketched in 1781 Description Sheet in English & French,Engraved
000727: LUDLOW CASTLE - 11"X 9" Eng, 15. 5"X 10. 5" Page, View of a Tower, a Couple Walkinmg Through between the Tower and the Castle Drawn by T. Hearne in 1787 and Eng Bty W. Byrne & W. Lowry
000582: CHESTER CATHEDRAL - Exterior Taken from the City Walls, Ltd to 150 Copies and Signed by the Artist E. Piper
000587: CLOISTERS CHESTER CATHEDRAL - Of Chester Cathedral Etching Which Shows a Choir Boy Posing on the Left, Seven Arches Nmarked, Etching 6. 5"X 9. 5", (Paper Size;11. 25"X 15. 75")
000579: CHAPMN (S.J.) - Johnson's Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland and Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson Oup
000152: WALTON (IZAAK) COTTON (CHARLES) - The Complete Angler or the Contemplative Man's Regreation Being a Discourse of Rivers Fish-Ponds Fish and Fishing & Insytrutions How to Angle for a Trout or Grayling in a Clear Stream with Original Memoirs Etc by Sir Harris Nicolas & 60 Ills. By
000423: BARTLETT (W.H.) MACKAY (CHARLES) - The History of the United States of America with a Continuation Including the Presidencies of Pierce & Buchanan and a Continuation to the Southern Secession 2 Vols in 8 Parts. Virtue and Co Royal 8vo
000580: CHART - Of the World After Mercators Projection Finally Engraved by J.C. Russell. Nd Np
000581: CHATTERTON (FREDERICK) - English Architecture at a Glance a Simple Review in Pictures of the Periods of English Architecture with Historical Notes. 5th Ed. Architectural Press.
000537: CHEPSTOW - Attractive View by Turner, 6. 35"X 4. 25" [10. 5"X 7. 25"] It Shows the Bridge Crossing the Severn, Castle on Hill Above & Town to the Left.
000632: EDGAR INN CHESTER - A Fine Etching by E. Piper 10"X 6" Sheet 15. 75"X 11. 25" Limited to 150 Copies.
000538: CHESTER - Fine Engraving of Chester by J. Walker from a Drawing by (J.M. W. ) Turner, 6. 6"X 4. 25"(10. 5"X 7. 25") It Shows Boats on the River, Two Bridges Crossing It, Workmen in the Foreground Pushing Barrows.
000455: BISHOP LLOYDS HOUSE CHESTER - A Fine Sepia Etching by E. Piper 6. 5"X 9. 5" Sheet Size. 11. 25x 15. 75" One of One Huindred and Fifty Copies
000709: LECTOR'S PULPIT CHESTER - Pilpit in the Wall, Chester Etching 6. 5"X 9. 5" 11. 25"X 15. 75" Etching Limited to 150 Copies
000397: ARGENTINE-CHILEAN - A Short Reply to the Chilian Statement, Argentine-Chilian Boundary, Heavily Illustrated with Plates and Tipped in Maps in Pockets to Front and Rear. 4to
000584: CHRONICLE - The London Chronicle: Or Universal Evening Post for the Year 1757 from Jul 1st to December 31st Issue No 79 to 157, Seventy Eight Issues, Plus 4to
000018: CLARENDON (EDWARD EARL OF) - The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, to which is added An Historical view of the Affairs of Ireland. 3 volumes bound in 6; LARGE 4to. Clarendon Press OXFORD 1816
000174: CLARKE (HEWSON) - An Impartial History of the Naval, Military and Political Events in Europe from Commencement of French Revolution to Entrance Allies Into Paris at Conclusion of General Peace; Comp. Account of Trans in America & East & West Indies Many Ills. 2 Vols
000585: CLARKE (HEWSON) - An Impartial History of the Naval, Military and Political Events in Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Entrance of the Allies Into Paris 2 Vols Bound in 3
000617: DANBY IN CLEVELAND - The Registers of Danby-in-Cleveland 1585-1812 Edited and Indexed by F. Collins Md Transcribed by J.B. Walker and F. Collins. Privately Printed
000462: BLUE COAT - Birmingham Blue Coat School Steel Eng. 6. 5"X 4. 75" C1840
000589: COLOGNE - Town Hall Cologne on the Rhine Steel Eng. 5. 25"X 7"
000588: COLOGNE - Steel Eng of the City of Cologne on the Rhine 7. 5"X 5" Plate (10. 25"X 8. 5")
000590: COMO - Lago Di Como, Italy 7. 5"X 5" Steel Eng
000608: COOKERY - The Mayflower Book of Cookery Issued at Denton
000615: COURNOCK (NEHEMIAH) - The Story of the Childrens Home with a Preface by Arthur E. Gregory 2nd Ed.
000542: HAMPTON COURT - Attractive View of Hampton Court Herefordshire by Turner 6. 65"X 4. 25" (10. 5"X 7. 25") River at the Bottom with Men Fishing, Cows & Sheep in Front & Hills Behind.
000360: [CRADOCK (JOSEPH)] - An Account of Some of the Most Romantic Parts of North Wales
000382: AILSA CRAG - View of Ailsa Craig from the Sea with Paddle Steamers and Sailing Yachts.
000551: CROMARTY - Report on the Burgh with Folding Map of the Town, 6" to 1 Mile.
000552: CULLEN - The Burgh of Cullen Was at the Time of This Report 'a New Town' Set Behind and Above Fishertown.
000553: CULROSS - Report on the Ancient Burgh Together with a Folding Plan at 6" to the Mile, 12"X 8", Hand Coloured,
000613: CUNNINGTON (C. WILLETT & PHILLIS) - Handbook of English Mediaeval Costume
000618: DANIELS (JEFFREY) - Architecture in England with Drawings by Leonora Ison
000619: DARWIN (CHARLES) - Journal of Researches Into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage of H.M. S. Beagle Round the World Under the Command of Captain Fitz Roy,
000158: ED. DAVIES (ROBERT) - The Life of Marmaduke Rawdon of York, or, Marmaduke Rawdon the Second of That Name. Now First Printed from the Original Ms. In the Possession of Robert Cooke.
000246: DAWSON (LT. ROBERT K.) - Essex
000620: DEBRETT -
000621: DENMARK - Attractive Map of Denmark Provinces Picked out in Colour, 8"X 9. 75" by Russell
000623: DERBY - Map of the Area from West of Ironbridge to East of Nottingham and Birmingham in the South to Haddon Hall in the North. 16. 5"X12,5" Outline Colouring. Bartholomew C1890
000141: DERTEL (DR.) - Titus Livius Romische Geschichte. 8 Vols Bound in 4 Square 12mo. Attractively Gilt to Spine.
000361: [DIXON (HENRY HALL)] - Saddle and Sirloin or English Farm and Sporting Worthies, by the Druid.
000122: DODD (REV WILLIAM) - The Beauties of Shakespeare by the Late Rev William Dodd a New Edition with Twelve Illustrations in Permanet Photography from the Boydell Gallery
000625: DONNE (JOHN) - Dean of St. Pauls Complete Poetry and Selected Prose Edited by John Hayward. The Nonesuch Press
000019: DORRET (JAMES) - An Accurate Map of Scotland Drawn from all the Particular Surveys hitherto Published with many Additional Improvements by James Dorret Land Surveyor. Robt Sayer LONDON 1761
000627: DUMFRIES - The County of Dumfriesshire, 9 1/2"X 7 3/4" Engraved by Lizar for Blackwoods.
000628: DUNWICH - Church of St. James Dunwich 10. 75"X 9"Eng 15. 5"X 10. 5" Drawn in 1780 It Shows a Man Possibly Sketching Inside, Drawn by Thomas & Eng by W. Byrne Descriptive Page in English and Frensh
000629: DURHAM - Map of Durham 9"X 7. 25" Coloured in Outline Creighton Walker
000578: CHAMBER (R.) ED. - The Book of Days a Miscellany of Popular Antiquities in Connection with the Calendar. 2 Vols Tall 8vo.
000658: GOMM (G. L.) ED. - The Gentleman's Magazine Library, Progress of Architecture in England, Architectural Antiquities Part 2
000821: POLLARD (GRAHAM) ED. - The Earliest Directory of the Book Trade by John Pendred (1785) Edited with an Introduction. Sm 4to
000408: BACON (EDWARD) ED. - Vanished Civikizations. Forgotten People of the Ancient World. Sm Folio
000775: C69/128. NICHOLS (JOHN GOUGH) ED. - The Chronicle of Calais, in the Reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII. To the Year 1540 from Mss in the British Museum. Sm 4to Camden Society
000084: MAXWELL (SIR HERBERT) ED. - The Lowland Scots Regiment Their Origin, Character and Services Previous to the Great War of 1914
000123: SAINTSBURY (GEORGE) EDITOR - Minor Poets of the Caroline Period 3 Vols Published 1905-1906-1921
000511: BURY ST. EDMUNDS - The Abbey Gate of St. Edmundsbury 10. 75"X 8. 75" Plate, 15. 5"X 10. 5", Marginal Browning, a Fine View with a Groom Leading a Horse Across, a Lady Playing with a Dog and a Man Walking out of the Entrance. Trees Surround the Edge of the Central Tower,
000539: ELGIN - Cathedral by Turner 6. 5"X 4. 35" (10. 5"X 7. 25") Cows on the Left, to Men Talking to the Right, Pretty View.
000089: ELLICE (EDWARD C.) - Place-Names of Glengarry and Glenquoich and Their Associations
000635: ELLIOT (ROBERT HENRY) - The Care of Eye Cases a Manual for the Nurse Practitioner & Student. With 135 Illustrations.
000540: ELY - Engraving of Ely Cathedral & Town, 6. 75"X 4. 35" (10. 5"X 7. 25") from a Drawing by Turner Cathedral to Right & Centre with Houses Around, Cows in Front with Small Group in Foreground.
000636: ENGLAND - Attractive Map of England by Russell with the Counties Picked out in Colour, 8"X 9. 75" Clean and Fresh.
000637: ENGLISH - Womans Domestic Magazine No 9 Vol LL, to 18 Vol LLL. From January 1861- September 1861. With Nine Fashion Plates and Ten Designs
000713: L'ESTRANGE (SIR ROGER) - The Wars of the Jews: With the Nost Deplorable History of the Siege and Destruction of the City of Jerusalem, 12mo
000022: ETHE (HERMANN) - Catalogue of Persian Manuscripts in the Library of the India Office in Two Volumes OXFORD 1903-1937
000638: EUROPE - Map of the Continent of Europe, Hand Coloured in Outline 9. 75 X 8" by J.C. Russell
000483: BRIGETT (T.E.) & KNOX (T.F.) - The True Story of the Catholic Hierarchy Deposed by Queen Elizabeth with Fuller Memoirs of Its Last Two Survivors. London 1889
000640: FABRE - Fabre's Book of Insects Retold from Alexander Teixeira de Mattos' Translation by Mrs Rodolph Stawell Illustrated by E.J. Detmold 4th Printiong
000641: FELTON (WILLIAM) - Felton's Carriages Being a Selection of Coaches, Chariots, Phaetons, & from a Treatise on Carriages. Ills by Alan Osbahr. Oblong Folio
000541: FLINT - From Park Gate by Turner 6. 5"X 4. 25" [10. 5"X 7. 25"] Situated on the Estuary of the Dee & Looking Across from Park Gate with Ships Sailing, Walkers & Dogs on Shore, Straw in Bales. Fine Print
000591: FLORENCE - And Fiesole Italy, Steel Eng. By Bartlett 7. 75"X 5"
000091: FOSTER (JOSEPH) - The Baronetage and Knightage of the British Empire
000148: FOURNIER (PIERRE SIMON) - Modeles Des Caracteres de L'Imprimerie Et Des Autres Choses Necessaires Audit Art. Nouvellement Graves Oblong 4to.
000645: FRANCE - Map by J. Rapkin, 12"X 10", Which Has a Decorated Border, with Railways Picked out. Highly Attractive Map. .
000646: FRANCE - France Shown in Departments, 9 1/2" X 7"
000647: FRANCE - Two Maps of France, Provinces 9. 5"X 8" & Departments 9. 75"X 8" in Map 2 the Whole of Corsica Is Shown. 2 Maps by Russell
000648: FURNESS - Urness Abbey 11"X 8. 75" Plate a, 15"X 10. 5" Page, Some Marginal Damping, Two Horses with Groom in Bottom Left While a Couple with Guide Stand in Front Centre. Of Abbey Within an Attractive Setting,
000649: FURNESS - Abbey Lancashire Plate B. 11"X 9" Plate, 15. 5"X 10. 5 Page Some Marginal Damping.
000559: NEW GALLOWAY - Report and Map of the Burgh 6 "X 8 " .
000015: GARNETT ( T.] - Observations on a Tour Through the Highlands and Part of the Western Isles of Scotland, Particularly Staffa and Icolmkill: To Which Are Added, a Description of the Falls of the Clyde,of the Country Round Moffat, and an Analysis of Its Mineral
000652: GENTLEMAN'S - Magazine by Sylvanus Urban January to June & July to December August Not Present. 2 Vols
000653: GENTLEMAN'S - Magazine and Historical Chronicle Volume IX, for the Year Mdccxxxix Containing: Proceedings and Debates in the Senate of Lilliput; II Essays Controversial, Humorous Etc. III Dissertations and Letters Etc IV, Poetry. V, Foreign Trans. VI. Births
000654: GENTLMANS - Magazine and Historical Chronicle Volume XII for the Year M. Dcc. XLII by Sylvanus Urban 8vo
000119: GIBBON (EDWARD) - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire in Seven Volumes.
000564: PORT GLASGOW - Report on the Burgh with Folding Map, 11"X 10" on a Scale of 6" to the Mile.
000126: GOLDSMITH (DR.) - An Abridgment of the History of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Death of George 11
000659: GRAPHIC - The Graphic an Illustrated Weekly Newspaper July to December Folio
000660: GRAPHIC - The Graphic an Illustrated Weekly Newspaper; July to December 1888 Plus Graphic Jubilee Celebration No June 28th 1887 Folio
000362: [GRAY (GEORGE CARRINGTON) - Miniature Map of Yorkshire 4. 25"X 4. 75" (from Grays Book of Roads)
000639: EVERETT-GREEN (E.) - In Taunton Town: Eight Coloured Illustrations by Richard Tod.
000661: GREENOCK - Plan of Greenock at a Scale of 6" to the Mile with the Clyde, Docks, Reservoirs and Ponds in Blue, Parks Cemetaryies Etc in Green. It Stretches from Fort Matilda in the West to Great Harbour in the East.
000156: GROSE (FRANCIS) - The Antiquities of Scotland 2 Vols Royal 8vo
000432: BELDAM (G.W.) TAYLOR (J.H.) - Golf Faults Illustrated, New and Enlarged Edition 3rd Imp
000664: HAINING (PETER) - The Traction Engine Companion
000666: HALL (WILLIAM HENRY) - The New Royal Encyclopaedia; Oer Complete Modern Universal Dictionary of Arts & Sciences... 3 Volumes Bound in Two Folio
000665: HALL (MR & MRS.) - The Book of the Thames from Its Rise to Its Fall. With Many Ills. Sm 4to New Ed
000094: HALL (MR AND MRS S.C.) - The Book of the Thames from Its Rise to Its Fall New Edition.
000124: HANKIN (ST. JOHN HANKIN) - The Dramatic Works of St. John Hankin with an Introduction by John Drinkwater 3 Volumes Edition Limited to 1,000 Copies.
000004: HARRINGTON (H.NAZEBY) - The Engraved Work of Sir Francis Seymour Haden P.R. E. An Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue with 109 Plates Containg Reproductions of 250 Etchings. No 19 of a Ltd Edition of 75 Copies Signed by the Author.
000593: HEIDELBERG - The Town and Castle of Heidelberg on the Rhine 7. 5"X 5"
000668: HEMINGWAY (ERNEST) - Death in the Afternoon Tall 8vo Scribner's.
000083: HENDERSON (JOHN A.) - Aberdeenshire Epitaphs and Inscriptions: With Historical, Biographical, Genealogical. And Antiquarian Notes.
000891: STONE HENGE - Fine Engraving of Stone Henge 12"X 7. 5" Plate, 15. 5"X 10. 5" Sheet Drawn in 1779 by T. Hearne Browned, Eng by W. Byrne & T. Medland, Descrioptive Sheet in English and French
000669: HERMITAGE - Hermitage at Warkworth in Northumberland 11"X 8. 75" Plate, 15"X 10. 5", Damping to Margins.
000670: HINDOOSTAN - Stretches from the Indus in the West to Islamabad in the East and Up to the Hindoo Kush and to Ceylon in the South. 7 1/4" X 10 1/2" Outline Hand Colouring, Sidney Hall
000671: HINDOOSTAN -
000672: HOBSON (R.L.) - Catalogue of the Collection of English Porcelain in the Department of British and Mediaval Antiquitie and Ethnography of the British Museum 4to B.M.
000010: HOLE ( WILLIAM ) - Quasi Cursores: Portraits of the High Officers and Professors of the University of Edinburgh at Its Tercentenary Festival Drawn and Etched by William Hole
000674: HOOD (THOMAS) - Whims and Oddities, in Prose and Verse: With Eighty-Seven Original Designs New Ed.
000675: HOUDINI - On Magic Compiled and Edited by Walter B. Gibson and Morris N. Young Dover Publications
000117: HOUGHTON (STANLEY) - The Works of Stanley Houghton Edited with an Introduction by Harold Brighouse 3 Vols
000883: STANLEY HOUSE - Chester Title Palace on the Etching, Girl with a Bucket at One of the Doors. Etching 9. 5"X 6. 5", Sheet 15. 75"X 11. 25"
000824: PROVIDENCE HOUSE - Chester an Attractive Scene by E. Piper Limited to 150 Copies 6"X 10", Sheet 15. 75"X 11. 25"
000676: HOUSMAN (LAURENCE) - Mendicant Rhymes Printed on Van Gelder Hand Made Paer, Watermarked. Limited to 300 Copies Essex House Press Sm 4to
000120: HULME (F.EDWARD) - Familiar Wild Flowers Figured and Described. Fives Series Illustrated with Coloured Plates. Five Vols Bound in Two.
000465: BONAVIA-HUNT (NOEL A.) - Horace the Minstrel a Practical & Aesthetic Study of His Aeolic Verse. Roundwood Press
000677: HUNTINGDONSHIRE - Political Map Showing County Boundaries, Places of Election, Polling Places & Borough Towns. Creighton & Walker
000685: ILLUSTRATED - Illustrated London News Vol XLII No 1188-1213 XLIII, IV, 543, 76 Pps.
000686: ILLUSTRATED - Illustrated London News Volume XLI July to December 1862. On Tp. Actual Sept. 27 1862 to Feb 7th 1863 Folio
000683: ILLUSTRATED - Illustrated London News Vol CIV No 2855 to 2880. Jan. 6th to June 30th 1894 Plus 40pps Supplement. Folio
000684: ILLUSTRATED - Llustrated London News Vol XLI July to Dec 1862. Folio
000680: ILLUSTRATED - Illustrated London News Vol 19 July to December
000681: ILLUSTRATED - Illustrated London News Vol 3 July 1st to December 30th 1843
000682: ILLUSTRATED - Illustrated London News Vol 30 Jan to June 1857 Folio
000678: ILLUSTRATED - Illustrated London News No 1138- Vol XL. Pages 327-670. From Sat. April 5th to Sat. June 28th 1862. Folding Plate Frayed and Torn at Fold Otherwise in Good Condition. Folio
000679: ILLUSTRATED - Illustrated London News Vol 18 Jan June 1851 Folio
000688: IPSWICH - Map Which Goes from Witham in the S. To Long Stratton in the N. The East Coast on the E. And Ely on the W. 16. 5"X 12. 5" Outline Colouring. By J. Bartholomew
000689: IRELAND - Attractive Map of Ireland by Russell 8"X 9. 5" Provinces Highlighted in Colour with the Counties Very Light Colour. Russell
000690: IRELAND - Map of Ireland 7 " X 9 3/4"
000630: EAST INDIA ISLANDS - Attractive Map of the East India Islands with Sumatra and Java Picked out in Red, Borneo and the Phillippines in Green, Part of New Holland Also in Green and Papua or New Guinea, 9. 5"X 8"
000692: ITALY - Taly North & South Two Maps of Italy, North of Italy and Switzerland 9 1/2" X 7 " Small Split to Lower Fold, Italy South Part 7 1/4" X 10 1/2" Both Coloured in Outline. Small Split to Left Margin
000693: ITALY - The Map Shows Nice in the Kingdom of Sardinia, 7. 75"X 9. 5", Venice in Lombardy and Naples and Sicily Stretching from About Halfway Down the Leg.
000594: ITRI - The Town and Castle of Itri 7. 5"X 5"
000008: JACKSON (WILLIAM A.) EDITOR - Records of the Court of the Stationers
000694: JAPANESE - Japanese Photographic Album Containing Fifty Coloured Photographic Plates of the Late 19th Century with Fine Decorated Boards. Most Are Titled in the Bottom Left or Right Corner.
000028: JEFFERYS (THOS) - An Accurate Map of the County of Warwick Divided Into Its Hundreds, Collected from the Best Materials Agreable to Sir Wm Dugdale's History with Various Improvements & Engraved by Tho's Jefferys...
000732: MACLAREN (IAN) PSEUDONYM OF WATSON (JOHN) - Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush Illustrated by William Hole One of a Limited Edition of 415 Copies Royal 8vo.
000045: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Cumberland a Lithographic Map of the County, 9"X 6. 25" Coloured in Green with the Other County Boundaries, Yellow, Blue and Pink and That with Scotland Grey.
000047: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Devonshire a Lithographed Map of the County 6. 25"X 9" Coloured Pink with the Borders Green, Blue and Yellow.
000046: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Derbyshire, an Attractive Map Lithographic Map of the County, 9"X 6. 25" with the Railway Stations Marked.
000049: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Durham a Lithographed Map of the County 6. 25"X 9" County Coloured Pink and Borders Green, Yelow and Blue.
000050: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Essex a Lithographed Map of the County 6. 25"X 9" County Coloured Yellow with the Borders Red and Blue.
000052: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Glocestershire a Lithographed Map of the County 9"X 6. 25"
000053: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Hampshire a Lithographed Map of the County 6. 25"X 9"
000054: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Herefordshire a Map of the County, 9"X6. 25" and Coloured Yellow with Boundaries in Red, Blue and Green.
000055: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Hertfordshire a Lithographed Map of the County 9"X 6. 25" County Coloured Blue and Borders Yellow, Green and Red.
000057: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Kent a Lithographed Map of the County, 6. 25"X 9" the County Coloured Blues and the Boundaries of the Adjoining Counties in Red Yellow and Green.
000056: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Huntingdonshire a Lithographed Map, 9"X 6. 25" Coloured Sea Green and the Boundaries Coloured Yellow, Blue and Lilac.
000060: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Lincolnshire a Lithographed Map of the County, 9"X 6. 25", County Coloured Blue and the Boundaries, Yellow, Green and Pink.
000058: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Lancashire an Attractive Lithographed Map of the County 9"X 6. 25" County Coloured Yellow and the Boundaries Blue, Lilac & Pink.
000061: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Nottinghamshire a Lithographed County Map 9"X 6. 25" the County Coloured Red and the Boundaries Blue, Lilac, Green and Yellow.
000063: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Norfolk a Lithographed Map of the County 6. 25" 9" Coloured Yellow with the Borders Pink and Blue.
000062: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Middlesex a Lithographed Map of the County, 6. 25"X 9" and Coloured Blue with the Boundaries Pink, Green, Yellow and Green.
000064: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Northumberland a Lithographed Map of the County 9"X 6. 25" Borders Are Coloured Blue, Yellow and Green.
000066: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Rutlandshire a Lithographed Map of the County 9"X 6. 25" Coloured Dark Pink with the Borders in Green, Yellow and Blue.
000078: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Wight Isle of a Lithographed Map 6. 25"X 9" and Coloured Pinky Red.
000065: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Oxfordshire a Lithographed Map of the County 9"X 6. 25" Coloured Yellow and the Boundaries in Blue, Pink, Lilac, Blue and Green.
000071: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Suffolk a Lithographed Map of the County, 6. 25"X 9" Coloured in Pale Red with the Borders in Blue Yellow and Green.
000070: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Staffordshire a Lithographed Map of the County 9"X 6. 25" the County Is Coloured Pinky Red and the Borders Are Yellow, Blue, Lilac & Green.
000069: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Somersetshire a Lithographic Map, 6. 25"X 9" County Coloured Blue with the Borders Pink, Yellow and Green.
000077: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Worcestershir a Lithographed Map of the County 6. 25"X 9" with the Borders Coloured, Pink, Yellow, Lilac & Blue.
000076: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Wiltshire a Lithographed Map of the County 9"X 6. 25" and Coloured Yellow with the Boundaries Pink, Blue, Green and Lilac.
000075: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Westmoreland a Lithographed Map of the County 6. 25"X 9" the Borders Are Lilac, Yellow, Green and Red.
000074: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Warwickshire a Lithographed Map of the County 9"X 6. 25 the County Coloured Yellow and the Border Green, Pink, Blue & Lilac.
000073: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Sussex a Lithographed Map of the County 6. 25"X 9" Coloured Green, with the Borders Lilac, Yellow and Blue.
000067: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Shropshire a Lithographed Map of the County 9"X 6. 25" Attractively Coloured Green with the Adjoining Counties in Yellow, Lilac, Pink & Blue.
000068: [JOHNSON (THOS)] - Bedfordshire a Lithographed Map of the County, 9"X 6. 25" Coloured Blue with the Borders in Green, Yellow, Pink and Lilac.
000695: JONES (OWEN) - The Grammar of Orinament by Owen Jone. Illustrated by Examples from Various Styles of Ornament. One Hundred and Twelve Plates 4to Bernard Quaritch
000696: JOSEPHUS (FLAVIUS) - The Works of Translated Into English by Sir Roger L'Estranbe, Containing 1. The Life of Josephus, 2. Antiquities of the Jews, 3. Book Against Apion, 4. Wars with Romans 5 Martyrdom of the Maccabees 6 Philo's Embassy. Folio Henry Galbraith
000400: ART JOURNAL - The Illustrated Catalogue for the International Exhibition 1862 4to
000090: M'KAY (ARCHIBALD) - The History of Kilmarnock, Fifth Edition Revised and Brought Down to Date by William Findley M.D. ("George Umber")
000699: KELLY'S - Directory of the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire, with the Cities of York and Hull Tall 8vo
000701: KENILWORTH - Priory Gate, Kenilworth 11. 25"X 9" Plate, 15. 5"X 10. 5" Page View Shows a Visitor Viewing the Entrance with Cattle to the Right. A Pleasantly Presented Print. Drawn by T. Hearne 1787 and Engraved by W. Byrne
000384: ALLINGTON CASTLE KENT - Fine Engraving with Charming View of the Castle Entrance Just North of Maidstone with Shepherd and Dog with His Flock, Chickens and Pigs Root Around Outside.
000340: IANNES VAN KEULEN - The New Sea Map of the Third Partie of the Chanell Betext England En France T' Amsterdam by Iannes Van Keulen Aande Nieuwe Brug Inde Gekroonde Lootsman Met Provilegie Opgestelt Door Gerard Van Keulen
000342: KIP - Great Ribston Fine Copper Engraving by Kip.
000703: KIPLING (RUDYARD) - The Supplication of the Black Aberdeen
000037: KITCHIN (THOS) - Brecknock an Accurate Map of Brecknock Shire Drawn from an Actual Survey with Various Improvements... By Thi. Kitchin Geographer
000038: KITCHIN (THOS) - Pembroke an Accurate Map of Pembroke Shire Drawn from an Actual Survey, with Various Improvements. Illustrated with Historical Extracts... . by T. Kitchin Geog... R.
000033: KITCHIN (THOS) - Carmarthen: An Accurate Map of Carmarthen Shire Drawn from an Actual Survey, with Various Improvements. Illustrated with Historical Extracts Relative to the Air, Soil, Natural Produce , Trade and Manafacture by Tho Kitchin Geographer.
000034: KITCHIN (THOS) - Glamorgan Shire an Accurate Map of Glamorgan Shire Drawn from an Actual Survey, with Various Improvements. Illustrated with Historical Extracts Relative to Its Natural Produce, Air, Soil, Trade, Manufactures, & by Tho: Kitchuin
000035: KITCHIN (THOS) - Cardigan Shire an Accurate Map of Cardigan Shire Drawn from an Actual Survey with Various Improvements. Illustrated with Historical Extracts Relative to Its Natural Produce, Trar, Air, Soil, &C. By T. Kitchin Geographer
000036: KITCHIN (THOS) - Radnor Shire an Accurate Map of Radnor Shire Drawn from an Actual Survey with Various Improvements Illustrated with Historical Extracts Relative to Its Natural Produce... . by Tho Kitchin Geog. . R.
000531: CARLISLE & LAKES - Map 4 Miles to the Inch Goes from Bellingham and Langholm and Dumfries in the North to St. Bees and Kirby Stephen in the South. 16. 5"X 12. 5" John Bartholomew
000705: LALANNE (MAXIME) - A Treatise on Etching. Text and Plates. Authorized Edition, Translated from the Second French Edition by S.R. Koehler with an Introductory Chapter and Notes by the Translator Sm 4to
000367: LANCASTER - Miniature Speed, 120x84mm Title and Mileage Bar Within Decorative Cartouche in Top Right with Mileage Bar Beneath, Browning to the Bottom Left Hand Corner.
000366: LANCASTER - Map of the County of Lancaster 27"X 25" from an Actual Survey by C & J Gtreenwood and Corrected to the Present Time
000707: LANCASTER - An Illustrated Itinerary of the County of Lancaster 8vo
000797: OUR NATIVE LAND - Its Scenery and Associations a Series of 36 Water Colour Sketches After Rowbottom, Read, Needham and Other Eminent Artists with Descriptive Notes. 4to
000554: LAUDER - Report on the Burgh with Map, 7"X 4" Which Shows the Burgh Running from South East to North West.
000708: LAVEDAN (PIERRE) - Nouvelle Histoire de Paris Histoire de L'Urbanisme S Paris 4to
000592: ISOLA LECCHI - Lake Guarda 7. 5"X 5"
000710: LEICESTERSHIRE - Miniature Speed 120x85mm Dusty and Browned to Edges. Title Bottom Left, Mileage Bottom Right.
000574: LEINSTER - Linster Miniature Speed Map of the Province Shaved Tight to Outer Border Margin Bottom. 120 X 85mm It Follows the Coast Round from Old Head of Kinsal in the South to Dalkey in the North. Through Kings Town over to Connaclae and Then South Through
000711: LEINSTER - Linster Miniature Speed Map of the Province Shaved Tight to Outer Border Margin Bottom. 120 X 85mm It Follows the Coast Round from Old Head of Kinsal in the South to Dalkey in the North. Through Kings Town on to Connaclae Then South to Limerick &
000118: LESSING (GOTTHOLD EPHRAIM) - Lessings Werke. Berausgegeben Von Franz Bornmuller. Aritisch Durchgefehene Und Erlauterte 4 Volumns
000127: LEWIS (SINCLAIR) - Free Air
000006: LEWIS (SAMUEL) - Scotland: A Topographical Dictionary of Scotland in Two Vols with Atlas Volume. Three Volumes 4to, Bright and Fresh with Dictionary Printed in Double Column. Second Edition. .
000714: LEWIS (J. SYDNEY) - Old Glass and How to Collect It. 1st Ed Sm 4to
000159: LEYLAND (JOHN) - The Yorkshire Coast and the Cleveland Hills and Dales with Illustrations by Alfred Dawson and Lancelot Speed
000715: LINCOLN - Map of the County of Lincoln 29"X 24" from an Actual Survey Made in the Years 1827 & 1828 by C & J Greenwood Published by Greenwood & Co and Corrected to the Present Period.
000716: LINCOLNSHIRE - Miniature Speed 123 X 84mm Title with Mileage Bar Below Cropped Close to Border on Bottom Left Edge.
000555: LINLITHGOW - Report on the Burgh of Linlithgow with Folding Map 9"X 7"
000718: LINLITHGOW - The New Statistical Account of Linlithgowshire.
000719: LITCHFIELD (FREDERICK) - Pottery and Porcelain a Guide to Collectors; Royal 8vo.
000720: LIVERPOOL - Map, 16. 5"X 12. 5", at 4miles to the Inch Stretching from Bangor in the West to Leigh in the East & South of Chester to 10 Miles North of Preston. Coloured Map C1890
000721: LOCKHART (J.G.) - Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Begun by Himself and Continued by J.G. Lockhart Esq. , Second Edition with Twelve Engravings. 8vo.
000722: LOMAS (ROBERT) - The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Centurynikola Tesla, Forgotten Genius of Electricity.
000175: LOUDON (J.C.) - Ardoretum Et Fruticetum Britannicum; or, the Trees and Shrubs of Britain, Native and Foreign, Hardy and Half Hardy, Pictorially and Botanically Delineated. 4 Vols Text 4 Vols Plates.
000725: LOUYS (PIERRE) - Aphrodite a Novel of Ancient Morals by Pierre Louys with an Introduction by Shane Leslie Drawings by Beresford Egan. Printed at Liege. Fortune Press Ltd Edition
000726: LOWNDES (W.T.) - The Biographers Manual of English Literature New Edition by Bohn. 4 Vols
000729: LUTRELL - Psalter Catalogue of the Luttrell Psalter and the Bedford Horae Two Superb English Manuscripts. And Nine Very Fine Illuminated Manuscripts.
000700: KENDRICK (MISS. M.) CHILD (MRS. L.M.) - The Gift Book of Biography for Young Ladies
000741: MACAULEY (PATRICIA) - Antique Glass Paperweights from France Sm 4to
000733: MACMILLAN - Wild Flower Book; Descriptive Text by Clarence J. Hylander; Illustrations by Edith Farrington Johnston. First Printing 4to
000734: MACQUOID (PERCY) - The Plate Collector's Guide Arranged from Cripps's "Old English Plate". With Numerous Illustrations and Plate Marks.
000735: MALLALIEU (H.L.) - Understanding Watercolours 4to
000738: MANCHESTER - Map of the Area in Some Colour, Wigan in the West, East of Doncaster, South to Mansfield and to North of Leeds. 16. 75" X 12. 5" , 4mls to the Inch Bartholomew C1890
000739: MANHEIM (FRANK J.) - A Garland of Weights Some Notes on Collecting Antique French Glass Paperweights
000151: MANNI (DA DOMENICO MARIA) - Istoria Del Decamerone Di Giovanni Boccaccio 4to.
000740: MASSON (ROSALINE) - Edinburgh Painted by John Fulleylove R.I. With Twenty Full-Page Illustrations in Colour. Tall 8vo. A. &C. Black
000543: MATLOCK - A View of the Town from Below the Bridge 6. 5"X 4. 25" [10. 5"X 7. 25"] a Charming View Taken from Below the Bridge on the River Bank.
000601: MAYENCE - Mayence Cathedral and the Large Market Place in Front with Stalls and Merchants
000742: MCKEARN (HELEN & GEORGE) - Two Hundred Years of American Glass 4to
000743: MEIKLE (DESMOND) -
000744: MERCATOREM, GERARDUM - Mercator Anglia, Scotia Et Hibernia 16"X13" Per Gerardum Mercatorem Cum Privilegio Published C1610
000745: MEREDITH (GEORGE) - The Works of George Meredith, Memorial Edition with Illustrations. 27 Volumes
000748: MILITARY - The Royal Military Chronicle or British Officers Monthly Register, and Mentor Embellished with Superb Engravings Roy 8vo. 3 Vols.
000149: MILIZIA (FRANCESCO) - The Lives of Celebrated Architects, Ancient and Modern: With Historical and Critical Observations on Their Works, and on the Principles of the Art. Translated by Mrs Edward (Eliza) Cresy. Two Vols.
000752: MILLER (HUGH) - The Cruise of the Betsey; or, a Summer Ramble Among the Fossiliferous Deposits of the Hebrides with Rambles of a Geologist; or, Ten Thousand Miles over the Fossilferous Deposits of Scotland. 8vo.
000750: MILLER (E.) - Scripture History, with the Lives of the Most Celebrated Apostles. Designed for the Improvement of Youth. 3 Vols Bound in One. Thick 12mo.
000751: MILLER (EDWARD) - The History and Antiquities of Doncaster and Its Vicinity with Anecdotes of Eminent Men. 4to
000753: MOGG (EDWARD) - Paterson's Roads; Being an Entirely Original & Accurate Description of Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales, Part of Roads of Scotland. 18thed to Which Are Added Topographical Sketches of Several Cities, Market Towns & Entirely New Set of
000369: [RIPERT DE MONCLAR (JEAN PIERRE FRANCOIS)] - Memoire Theologique Et Politique Au Sujet Des Marriages Clandsetines de France Paris 1755; Sentimens Des Catholique de France Sur le Memoire Au Sujet Des Marriages Clandestins Des Protestants [Paris] 1756 Response D'Un Bon Chretien [Paris]
000755: MONCRIEFF (A.R.) - Bonnie Scotland Painted by Sutton Palmer Described by A.R. Hope Moncrieff Pub by a & C Black.
000756: MONCRIEFF (A.R.) - London with 33 Full Page Illustrations in Colour. Rev. Edition A.C. Black
000754: MONCRIEFF (A.R.) - Contemporary Diced Calf, Rebacked with Original Spine Laid Down. 715 Printed Pages, of Which About 600 Are in Triple Column, & 80 Quadruple Columns. Large Folding Map As Frontis, the Holyhead Road Plate, Folding 30"X 6"; Isle of Thanet and
000154: MONTEGUT (EMILE) - Dramaturges Et Romanciers Ex Libris, Attractive Bookplate of Maurice Baring to Front End Paper.
000556: MONTROSE - Report on the Burgh with a Folding Map on a Scale of 6" to the Mile, 12"X 17".
000758: MOON (KAREN) - George Walton Designer and Architect. 4to
000759: MORDEN (ROBERT) - Map of Nottinghamshire [1722] 16"X13" Hand Coloured, Laid Down, Some Marking But Recoverable.
000762: MORRELL (J.B.) - The Arts & Crafts in York York Monuments B.T. Batsford 4to
000523: CAMPBELL (JOSEPH) ROBINSON (HENRY MORTON) - A Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake 1st Ed Faber
000763: MOUNMOUTHSHIRE - Miniature Speed, 121 X 85mm Title Cartouche to Top Left, Mileage Bar to Bottom Left, the Severn As the Eastern Boundary and the Bristol Channel As the Southern.
000146: MUNCHHAUSEN - Aventures Du Baron de Munchhausen Traduction Nouvelle Par Theophile Gautier Fils Illustrees Par Gustave Dore 4to
000557: MUSSELBURGH - Report on the Burgh with Map, 17"X 12".
000558: NAIRN - Report on the Burgh with Map, 17"X 12".
000598: NAPLES - Steel Engraving, 5"X 7. 5" If the Church of Santa Maria Del Carmine
000164: NASH (J. KIRKE) - The Birds of Midlothian with Plates and Map
000769: NETHERLANDS - Map Coloured in Outline, 8"X 9. 5", Hand Coloured It Stretches to South of Luxemburgand Across to Just North of Dunkirk Including All of Present Day Belgium and Luxemburg.
000673: HOLLAND AND THE NETHERLANDS - Map, 7 1/4"X 10 1/2" with Outline Hand Colouring, Dusty.
000439: BEN NEVIS - Looking from Corpach over the Loch to Ben Nevis a Lovely Chromo Litho, 120mm X 75mm. Steamer Coming Into the Pier with Buildings Along the Harbour Side.
000774: NEWCASTLE - Map of the Area 4miles to the Inch, from Morpeth in the North to Whitby in the South, and West of Middleton in Teesdale to the High Force Hotel. 16. 5"X 12. 5" Coloured C1890
000776: NICHOLSON (M.A.) - The Carpenter & Joiners Companion, in the Geometrical Construction of Working Drawings.
000777: NICHOLSON (NORMAN) - The Old Man of the Mountain a Play in Three Acts.
000778: NICHOLSON (R.) - The Drambuie Collection: The Art Collection of the Drambuie Liquer Company. 4to
000657: GIRLS OWN WINTER LEAVE BEING THE EXTRA HOLIDAY NO. - Snowdrifts Being the Extra Christmas Part of Girls Own; Sinlight Being the Extra Summer Edition of the Girls Own 1884; Sheets O' Daisies Being the Extra Summer Part of the Girls Own Paper 1885. Sic Extra Issues of the Girls Own 4to
000779: NORDEN (JOHN) - Speculi Britanniae Pars: An Historical and Chorographical Description of the County of Essex, by John Norden 1594. Edited from the Original Manuscript in the Marquess of Salisbury's Library at Hatfield by Sir Henry Ellis. Folding Map of County Sm
000780: NORFOLK - Map of the County of Norfolk, 27"X 22" from an Actual Survey Made in the Years 1831 & 1832 by C & J Greenwood, Published by Greenwood & Co. And Corrected to the Present Period.
000782: NORIE (J.W.) - A Complete Epitome of Practical Navigation Containing All Necessary Instructions for Keeping a Ship's Reckoning at Sea... Including a Journal of a Voyage from London to Australia and to Which Is Added Extensive Set of Tables.
000790: NORTHUMBERLAND - Fine Map of the County, 7. 5"X 9. 5" by Creighton Eng by J. & C. Walker
000791: NORTHUMBERLAND - Moule Map of the County of Northumberland,
000792: NORTHUMBERLAND - Painted by A. Heaton Cooper Described by Agnes Herbert. A. & C. Black
000907: SWEDEN & NORWAY - Drawn & Engraved by J. Rapkin 9"X 13" Titled in Top Border, Elaborate Decorated Border, Small Tear to Right Margin, Hand Coloured.
000908: SWEDEN AND NORWAY - Very Attractive Map of Part of Scandanavia, Outline Colour, 8"X 9. 5"
000793: NORWICH - Map from Skegness in the North to 56 Mls South of Lowestoft, Including Kings Lynn and Norwich, Prinyted in Outline Colouring. 16. 5"X 12. 5" J. Bartholomew C1890
000795: NOTTINGHAMSHIRE - Map of the County, 7"X 10" Drawn by Creighton & Engraved by J. & C. Walker
000600: OBERWESEL - Steel Engraving of the Round Tower Oberweset a Very Active Scene
000599: OBERWESEL - Valley Near Oberwesel, Rhine 7. 5"X 5"
000866: OLIVER (ANTHONY) - The Victorian Staffordshire Figure a Guide for Collectors 4to
000116: OLIVER (F.S.) - The Endless Adventure 3 Volumes
000880: ST. PETER'S OXFORD - Fine View of This Ancient Chuech 11"X 8. 75" Print 15. 5"X 10. 5" Page Size.
000798: OXFORD - Map of the County of Oxford 27"X 22" from an Actual Survey Made in the Years 1831 & 1832 by C & J Greenwood Published by Greenwood & Co. And Corrected to the Present Period
000562: PAISLEY - Report and Large Folding Map of the Burgh at a Scale of 6" to the Mile, 22"X17".
000803: PAPE (MANFRED W.T.) - Andrea Palladio 1508-1580 Architect between the Renaissance and Baroque 4to
000105: PATERSON (DANIEL) - A New and (Accurate) Description of All the Roads in England and Wales Bound with a Travelling Dictionary: Or Alphabetical Tables of the Distances of All the Principal Cities. . ,
000809: PEMBROKE - Map of the Area from St. Brides Bay in the West, Swansea in the East and Lundy in the South. 16. 5"X 12. 5", Outline Colouring. J. Bartholomew C1890
000811: PERSIA - A Hand Coloured Map of Persia Drawn & Engraved by J. Rapkin. It Goes from the Persian Gulf in the South to the Caspian Sea in the North, 10"X 13" a Little Ragged at Edges, Unaffecting Map, Small Paper Flaw in Unused Part of Map.
000698: JUVENALIS PERSIUS - Satyrarum Libri V. Ex Duobus Manuscritis Emplaribus, & Vetustiss Manuscriptis Commentario Plus Quam Ducentis Locis Correcti. Praeterea A. Flacci Persi Satyrarum Liber Unus...... 4to
000563: PERTH - Report on the Burgh with Folding Map, 17"X 15" and on a Scale of 6" to the Mile.
000544: PETERBOROUGH - Fine Engraving of Peterborough from a Drawing by (J.M. W. ) Turner 6. 5"X 4. 35" (10. 5x 7. 5") Taken from in Front of the Cathedral, an Attractive & Active Scene
000817: PHILLIPS (JOHN) - Manual of Geology: Practical and Theoretical. Illustrated by Map and Numerous Engravings
000818: PINNOCK (WM.) - A Comprehensive Grammar of Ancient Geography and History. For the Use of Schools and for Private Tuition with Maps, Views, Costumes & 12 Mo.
000819: PLYMOUTH - Map, 16. 75"X 12. 5" Goes from Otterton to 4mls West of Fowey and As Far North a S Launceston, an Enlarged Plymouth in the Laft Corner and Torquay & Brixham in the Right. J. Bartholomew C1890
000565: PORTOBELLO - Report on the Burgh with Folding Map, Scale 6" to the Mile, 10"X8".
000875: SPAIN & PORTUGAL - Attractive Outline Hand Coloured Map 10 1/2" X 7 1/4" by Sidney Hall
000097: PRATT (ANNE) - The Flowering Plants, Grasses, Sedges, and Ferns of Great Britain, and Their Allies the Club Mosses, Pepperworts and Horsetails.
000644: FOULIS PRESS - Quintus Horatius Flaccus; Ad Lectiones Probatiores Diligenter Emendatus Et Interpunctione Nova Saepius Illustratus Editio Quarta Rob. , Et Andr. , Foulis 12mo
000093: PRIDHAM (T.L.) - Devonshire Celebrities Square 8vo Illustrated with Ten Photographs.
000656: GERMANY & PRUSSIA - Details the Provinces of Hanover, Prussia, Bohemia, Bavaria and Also Includes Parts of Austria. 8"X 9. 5 Coloured in Outline
000825: PRUSSIA - Map of the Area Called Prussia Which Seems to Verlap with Some Areas Claimed by Germany. 9. 5"X 7. 75" Coloured in Outline with Neufchatel in Bottom Right Hand Corner by J.C. Russell
000566: QUEENSFERRY - (South) Report on the Burgh with Folding Map Scale 6" to the Mile.
000828: RADNOR - Map 17"X 12. 5" Coloured in Outline, Goes from Abergaveny in the South, Newtown in the North, Lampeter in the West and Tenbury in the East. A Very Colouful Map Covering a Very Lovely Part of Wales. J. Bartholomew
000829: RAGLAN - Castle 11"X 9" Plate, 15. 5"X 10. 5" Sheet with Descriptive Page. Drawn by T. Hearne and Eng by W. Byrne
000796: OUIDA [RAMEE (MARIE LOUISE DE LA)] - Ariadne: The Story of a Dream 2 Vols Tauchnitz
000567: RENFREW - Report of the Burgh with Map 7"X 9", 6" to the Mile.
000691: IRELAND REPORT - Fifteenth Report of the Commissioners Inquiring Into the Collection and Management of the Public Revenue in Ireland and Into Certain Departments of the Public Revenue Arising in Great Britain. Folio
000517: RICHMOND - Yorks. J & C Walker Town Plan the Southern Boundary Runs Along the Swale While the It Extends to Just North of Aske Hall 4"X3" . East to West It Goes Just Beyond Catterick Bridge over to Applegarth
000631: EAST RIDING - Moule Map of the East Riding of Yorkshire 10"X8" C1850
000576: CASTLE RISING - Castle in Norfolk, 11"X 8. 75" Eng. 15. 5"X 10. 5" Page Some Damping to Edges,
000370: [ROBERTSON (REV JHOSEPH)] - Itinerary of Scotland Beginning at Edinburgh for the First Fifty Six Routes, Fifty Seven to Sixty Seven from Glasgow, Sixty Eight to One Hundred and Eight from Edinburgh; 109 Glasgow to Inverness; Nine from Inverness Nort
000831: ROBINSON (COMMANDER CHAS. N.) - Celebrities of the Army Edited by Comm. C.N. Robinson. "Seeking the Bubble Reputation, Even in the Cannon's Mouth". 72 Full Page Coloured Ills. Folio
000545: ROCHESTER - Fine View of Rochester with Sailing Ships a Plenty, Bridge Crossing the River to the Castle & Town, 6. 5"X 4. 25" [10. 5"X 7. 25"] by Turner It Is a Very Attractive Engraving
000833: ROCHESTER - Portrait View of Rochester Cathedral 8. 5"X 11. 5" Plate Size, 10. 5"X 15. 5" Page Size.
000602: ROME - Bridge of St. Angelo Rome 7. 5"X 5" Alvely Scene with St Peter's in the Distance, Boats on the River Water Carriers by the River
000603: ROME - The "Scala Regia " in the Vatican Rome 7. 5"X 5"
000605: ROME - The "Sala Regia" in the Vatican, Rome 7. 5"X 5".
000834: ROSCOE (THOMAS) - Memoir of Benvenuto Cellini, a Florentine Artist; Written by Himself.
000114: ROSS (J.F.) - A History of Telecommunications on Stamps Vol 5.
000160: RUSKIN (JOHN) - Mornings in Florence; Time and Tide by Wear and Tyne; the Art of England; Notes on the Construction of Sheepfolds; Deucalion, Collcted Studies 2 Vols; King of the Golden River; the Eagles Nest Seven Works Bound Together.
000840: RUSSIA - Attractive Map of Russia in Europe, 8"X 9. 5" Outline Colouring, Russell
000841: RUSSIA - Russia in Europe, 7 1/4" X 10 1/2" Eng Sis Hall
000876: SPELMAN (M.H.) & LAYARD (G.S.) - Kate Greenaway Adam & Charles Black
000193: SANDEAU (JULES) - Madamoiselle de la Seigliere.
000569: SANQUHAR - Report on the Burgh with Folding Map, 10"X 9" Scale of 6" to the Mile.
000878: SR. SANSON (D'ABB) - Ancien Royau Me de Northumberland Aujourdhuy Provinces de Nort Ou Font Les Comte de Northumberland, Cumberland, Durham, Westmorland, Lancaster, Et Yorck. Par le Sr. Sanson D'Abb Georgr Ord de Roy Avecq Privilege Pour Vingt Ans Chez L'Auteur
000844: SAVAGE (JOHN) - Picturesque Ireland: A Literary and Artistic Delineation of the Natural Scenery, Remarkable Places, and Other Romantic and Attractive Features of Ireland, Illustrated in Steel and Wood. 4to
000121: SAVILLE (LORD GEORGE) - Miscellanies by the Most Noble George Lord Saville, Late Marquis and Earl of Hlifax. 3rd Ed.
000112: [SCHOFIELD (JAMNES)] - An Historical and Descriptive Guide to Scarborough and Its Environs. 8vo
000845: SCOTLAND - Fine Map of Scotland by Russell, Outline Colouring, with Shetland in a Box Above Lewis
000820: POLICE AND IMPROVEMENT SCOTLAND - Bill to Make Effectual Provision for Regulating the Police of Towns and Populousplaces in Scotland, and for Paving, Draining, Cleansing, Lighting, and Improving the Same. Three Reports Folio
000697: JURY COURT IN SCOTLAND - The First Second and Third Reports of the Lord President of the Court of Session Folio
000013: SCOTT (MARY MONICA MAXWELL ) - Abbotsford the Personal Relics and Antiquarian Treasures of Sir Walter Scott with 25 Full Page Coloured Illustrations.
000509: BURNS, SCOTT AND THOMSON - The Complete Works of Robert Burns, Including His Correspondence: And the Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott. Illustrated with Portraits and Numerous Engravings. (the Poetical Works of James Thomson to End of Vol 2) 2 Volumes
000850: SCOTTISH - The Scottish Students Song Book Published for the Scttish Students Song Book Committee Ltd. 4to
000610: COURT OF SESSION - Acts of Sederunt of the Court of Session in Scotlan
000128: SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM) - Shakespeare's a Midsommer Nights Dreame Newly Printed from the First Folio of 1623
000129: SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM) - Shakespeare's the Tragedie of Julius Caesar Newly Printed from the First Folio of 1623
000130: SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM) - Shakespeare's the Tragedie of Macbeth from the Folio of 1623
000131: SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM) - Shakespeare's the Merchant of Venice Printed from the Folio of 1623
000132: SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM) - Shakespeare's Loves Labour's Lost Newly Printed from the Folio of 1623
000133: SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM) - Shakespeare's the Tragedie of King Lear Newly Printed from the First Folio of 1623.
000546: SHEFFIELD - View of Sheffield Taken from a Hill Side, 6. 5"X 4. 3" [10. 5"X 7. 25"] by Turner with Horseman & Walker in Foreground. Fine Engraving
000687: INVERNESS SHIRE - Map of the County of Inverness, 9 1/2"X 7 5/8", Coloured in Outline, Enraved by Lizar for Blackwood,
000633: EDINBURGH SHIRE - Map of the County of Edinburghshire, 9 3/8"X 7 1/2" by Lizars for Blackwood
000905: SUTHERLAND SHIRE - Map of the County of Sutherland, 9 1/4"X 7 5/8", Coloured in Outline,
000890: STIRLING-SHIRE - The New Statistical Account of Stirling-Shire
000663: HADDINGTON SHIRE - Map of the County of Haddington Shire, Which Became East Lothian, 9 3/8"X 7 5/8",
000519: CAITHNESS SHIRE - Map of the County of Caithness, 7 1/2"X 8 3/8", Outline Nadcolouring, by Lizars for Blackwood
000513: BUTE SHIRE - The Map of Buteshire, 7 1/2"X 9 1/4", for Blackwoods by Lizars,
000852: SELKIRK SHIRE - Map of the County of Selkirk, 7 3/4"X 9 1/2" Hand Coloured in Outline,
000835: ROSS & CROMARTY SHIRE - Map of the Counties of Ross & Cromarty, 9 1/8"X 7 1/2", Coloured in Outline,
000838: ROXBURGH SHIRE - Map of the County of Roxburgh, 7 3/4"X 9 1/2", Han Coloured in Outline,
000806: PEEBLES SHIRE - Map of the County of Peebles, 7 1/2"X 9 3/8", Hand Coloured in Outline,
000704: KIRKCUDBRIGHT SHIRE - Map of the County of Kirkcudbry, 9"X 7 1/2", Hand Coloured in Outline,
000706: LANARK SHIRE - Map of the County of Lanarkshire, 7 1/2" X 9 1/4", Outline Colouring,
000702: KINCARDINE SHIRE - Map of the County of Kincardine, 9 1/4"X 7 1/2", Outline Colouring,
000634: ELGIN & NAIRN SHIRES - The Counties of Elgin & Nairn, 7 5/8"X 9 3/8" by Lizar for Blackwood
000642: FIFE & KINROSS SHIRES - Map of the Counties of Fife and Kinross, 9 1/2"X 7 1/2" Engraved by Lizar for Blackwood
000812: PERTH & CLACKMANNAN SHIRES - Map of the Counties of Perth and Clackmannan, 9 1/4"X 7 5/8", Hand Coloured in Outline, Enraved by Lizar for Blackwood
000858: SHROPSHIRE - Moule Map of the County of Shropshire 8"X10"
000860: SIMON (OLIVER) - Introduction to Typography. Faber & Faber 1st Ed.
000173: SIMON (OLIVER) - Introduction to Typography with Many Figs One Folding. 8vo 1st Ed.
000862: SIMPSON (REV ROBERT) - Traditions of the Covenanters: Or, Gleanings Among the Mountains 12mo
000087: SINCLAIR ( SIR JOHN ) - The New Statistcal Account of Scotland for Renfrew 1845
000088: SINCLAIR ( SIR JOHN ) - The New Statistical Account of Scotland Roxburgh
000086: SINCLAIR (SIR JOHN) - The New Statistical Account of Scotland: Aberdeen (Aberdeenshire)
000085: SINCLAIR (SIR JOHN) - The New Statistical Account for Scotland Published 1845 for Inverness
000865: SMITH (SIR JAMES EDWARD) - The English Flora. Four Vols. 1-3 2nd Ed. , 4th 1st Ed. .
000867: SOMERSET - Map of the County of Somerset 27"X 22" from an Actual Survey Made in the Years 1820 & 1821 by C & I Greenwood Published by C. Greenwood & Co. And Corrected to the Present Period.
000868: SOMERSETSHIRE - Moule Map of the County of Somerset, 10"X8"
000870: SONNECK (OSCAR G.T.) - Evised & Enlarged by Upton (W.T. ) a Bibliography of Early Secular American Music, 18th Century
000604: SORRENTO - Sorrento the Birthplace of Tasso Italy 7. 5"X 5"
000560: MINIATURE SPEED, VAN DEN KEERE - New and Accurat Map of the World
000877: SPILLMAN (JANE SHADEL) - Glass Tableware, Bowls & Vases.
000884: STATESMEN - Collection of Fifteen Photographs of Prominent Conservative Statesman with Descriptive Text Large 4to
000885: STEAD (I.M.) - The la Tene Cultures of Eastern Yorkshire Tall 8vo Published by Yorkshire Philosophical Society
000886: STEEGMAN (JOHN) - Cambridge As It Was and As It Is Today. Illustrated from Photographs, Prints and Drawings. Batsford
000138: STEVENS (HENRY) - American Revolution the Genesis of the United States Revealed in an Outstanding Collection of Nine Hundred and Fifty Books and Pamphlets (the Vast Majority of Which Are Contemporary Printings) Political, Historical, Naval and Military Sm. Folio 2
000888: C71/311. STEVENSON (ROBERT LOUIS) - Island Night' Entertainments Consisting of the Beach of Falesa, the Bottle Imp, the Isle of Voices with Ills by Gordon Browne and W. Hatherell. Cassell & Co 1st Ed.
000020: STOW (JOHN) - A Survay (Survey) of London Conteyning the originall Antiquity, Increase, 1603
000892: STRANGE (T.A.) - English Furniture, Woodwork, Decoration, Etc During the 18th Century a Guide to Collectors with 3,500 Ills. Covering the Last Half of the 17th Century, Whole of the 18th and the Earlier Part of the 19th. 4to
000570: STRANRAER - Report on the Burgh with Folding Map, 10"X 7" on a Scale of 6" to the Mile.
000371: [STRETTON (HESBA)] - Ferns Hollow a Tale. Illustrated 12mo.
000002: SUMMERS (MONTAGUE) - A Gothic Bibliography. No 580 of Ltd Edition of 750 Copies.
000901: SURREY - Painted by Sutton Palmer Described by A.R. Hope Moncrieff Reprint, Many Fine Coloured Illustrations Large 8vo.
000021: SURTEES - Six volumes containing 95 finely hand coloured engravings. 6 vols Limited edition. LONDON 1920
000209: [SURTEES (ROBERT SMITH)] - Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds.
000903: SUSSEX - Map of the County of Sussex 27"X 22"from an Actual Survey Made in the Years 1823 & 1824 by C & J Greenwood Published by the Proprietors Greenwood & Co. And Corrected to the Present Day.
000902: SUSSEX - Map of the County 10"X 7" , Drawn by Creighton & Engraved by J. & C. Walker
000906: SUTHERLAND - The New Statistical Account of Sutherlandshire
000622: DENMARK SWEDEN & NORWAY - Vertical Map, 7 1/4 X 10 1/2 Sidney Hall It Also Includes Finland
000909: SWIFT (JONATHAN) - The Works of Jonathan Swift Dean of St. Patricks, Dublin Containing Additional Letters, Tracts, and Poems Not Hitherto Published with Notes and a Life of the Author by Sir Walter Scott 2nd Ed Limted to 750 Copies, 250 of Which Reserved for America.
000910: SWITZERLAND - Map, 9. 75"X 7. 5" Coloured in Outline, J.C. Russell Del at Sculp
000040: [JOHNSON T.] - Berkshire a Map of the County 6. 25"X 9" Fine and Scarce Map Produced by Lithographic Transfer the County Coloured Green with the Coat of Arms Above.
000039: [JOHNSON T.] - Monmouth a Map of Monmouth 9"X 6. 25" Printed
000041: [JOHNSON T.] - Buckinghamshire; Map of 9"X 6. 25" Lithographicly Produced, County Map Coloured in Green with County Arms to Bottom Left.
000042: [JOHNSON T.] - Cambridgeshire Map of the County 9"X 6. 25" a Coloured Lithographic Map County Coloured in Blue with Adjoining County Boudries in, Green, Pink, Yellow, Green Etc.
000043: [JOHNSON T.] - Cheshire a Lithographed Map of the County 6. 25"X 9" with Good Margins.
000026: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Devonshire County Map by Teesdale 16. 25"X 13. 37" Hand Coloured
000200: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Essex County Map 13. 37"X 16. 25" with Mileage Bar Bottom Right, County Title Above and the Explanation Above That with the 'Reference to Hundreds and Compass Rose Top Right. The Nhundreds Are Picked out in Original Colour.
000025: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Derbyshire Map of, by Henry Teesdale 16. 25"X 13,37" Hundreds Picked out in Colour.
000024: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Cumberland County Map Showing the Wards, Market Towns, Turnpike and Mail Coach Roads Piblished in [1829]
000185: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Northammpton a Map of the County of Northampton 13. 75 X 16. 25" Hundreds Individually Hand Coloured with the Detail Published Bottom Right with the Mileage Bar Beneath and the Explanation(S) Abovi. The Title Is Top Left with the Compass Rose Right.
000186: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Northumberland an Attractive Map of the County of Northumberland Showing the Hundreds, Main Roads, Parkland, Churches Etc. 16. 25 X 13. 37" Published [1829]
000179: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Kent an Attractive Map of Kent 13. 37 X 16. 25" the Five Lathes or Hundreds Are Individually Coloured, and Listed in the Bottom Left, Explanation Is Shown Bottom Right with Mileage Bar Beneath and Title Top Right.
000180: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Leicestershire a County Map of Leicestershire Titled in Top Left with Compass Rose to Centre, Explanation Bottom Left with Mileage Bar Beside and List of Hundreds in Bottom Right Attractively Coloured. [1829]
000181: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Lincolnshire a Handcoloured Map of the County of Lincolnshire Attractively Hand Coloured with the Hundreds Listed Bottom Left, Explanation Bottom Right and Title Top Right with Mileage Bar Beneath. [1829]
000182: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Middlesex a Hand Coloured Map 13. 37 X 17. 25" of the County a Nice Copy It Has the Title in the Top Left, References to Hundreds and Explanations in Lower Right with Mileage Bar Beneath [1829]
000183: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Monmouthshire a Hand Coloured Map of the County Showing the Hundreds Picked out, the Bristol Channel Is Edged in Sea Green [1829]
000184: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Norfolk Hand Coloured Map of the County 16. 25 X 13. 75" the Coast Line Is Highlighted in Sea Green, the Main Roads in Brown (Which All Run South. [1829]
000178: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Lancashire an Attractive Map of Lancashire 16. 25 X 13. 37" Approx, Attractively Hand Coloured, Showing the Hundreds, and Explanation of the Symbols Etc, Titled with Compass Rose Top Right. Mileage Bar at Foot.
000166: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Durham County Map of Durham 13. 37 X 16. 25cms. Original Hand Colouring with the Wards Seperatly Coloured. Title and Compass Rose Top Left, Explanation and Wards Bottom Left with Mileage Bar to Centre. [1829]
000167: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Glocestershire an Attractive Map of Glocestershire, 16,25 X 13. 37 with the Hundreds Picked out in Colour, Explanation and Reference and Mileage Bar to Bottom Right [1829]
000168: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Hampshire Map of the County of Hampshire 16. 25 X 13. 37" Hundreds Attracively Coloured, Explanation Bottom Left with Mileage Bar Beneath and Hundreds on the Right. Compass Rose Top Right and Title Top Left.
000169: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Herefordshire Map of Herefordshire 16. 25 X 13. 37 Approx. Map Coloured with the Hundreds Individually Coloured.
000170: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Hertfordshire Contemporary Hand Coloured Map of the County of Hertfordshire 13. 37 X 16. 25" Approx Hundreds and Explanation Bottom Right, Mileage Bar Bottom Left and Title Top Left. With Compass Rose Beside.
000171: TEESDALE (HENRY) - Huntingdon an Attractive Hand Coloured Map of the County of Huntigdon 16. 25 X 13. 37" Approx
000913: TELEMAQUE - Les Aventures de Telemaque, Fils D'Ulusse. Composses Par Feu Hessire Francois de Salignac, New Ed.
000914: TEMPEST (MISS MARIE) - Souvenir Programme of the Matinee Organised by the Daily Telegraph As a Tribute to Miss Marie Tempest on the Occasion of Her Jubilee Sm 4to
000915: THACKERAY (WILLIAM MAKEPEACE) - The Complete Works of William Makepeace Thackeray with the Life of by Lewis Melville. Many Illustrations, Sepia and Colour. Caxton Publishing 13 Vols.
000916: THAXTED - North Porch and Steeple of Thaxted Church Essex, 8. 5"X 11. 5" Drawn by T. Hearne and Engraved by W. Byrne and Jas Sparrow
000730: MACFARLANE (CHARLES) ARCHER (THOMAS) - The Popular History of England, CIVIL, Military, and Religious, from the Earliest Times to the Reform Bill of 1884 Illustrated by Numerous Designs, Portraits, Costumes, Maps &. Royal 8vo 3 Vols.
000082: THOMSON (THOMAS) - The Works of the Ettrick Shepherd. 47 Steel Engravings in Two Vols.
000153: THOMSON (JAMES) - The Works of James Thomson with His Last Corrections and Improvements. To Which Is Prefixed, an Account of His Life and Writings 2 Vols 4to.
000098: THORNTON (COLONEL T.) - A Sporting Tour Through the Northern Parts of England, and Great Part of the Highlands of Scotland;
000044: [JOHNSON THOS.] - Cornwall Attractive Lithographed Map 6. 25"X 9" of the County Nof Cornwall with Scilly Isles and Counties Coat of Arms in the Bristol Channel.
000009: TRISTRAM ( W. OUTRAM ) - Coaching Days and Coaching Ways with Illustrations by Herbert Railton and Hugh Thomson Royal 8vo 11. 5" X 8. 5" Bright Bottle Green Cloth Titled and Decorated in Gilt to Spine and Upper Board.
000596: VENICE - The Giants Stairs, Ducal Palace Venice 5"X 7. 5"
000595: VENICE - The Campanile Venice Steel Engraving 5"X 7. 5"
000943: VIRGIL - Publii Virgilii Maronis Opera Notis Ex Editione Heyniana Excerptis Illustrata. Accedit Index Maittairianus. Royal 8vo
000935: TURNER J.M.W. & GIRTIN T. - Thirty Picturesque Views of River Scenery in Great Britain from Drawings by Turner & Girtin with Portrait by D'Orsay & Facsimiles of Three Interesting Letters by J.M. W. Turner 4to
000547: WAKEFIELD - Sitting on the Banks of the River Calder, 6. 5"X 4. 30" [10. 5"X 7. 5"] by Turner, It Is an Active Scene with Sailing Barges on the Rivermen Talking & Fishing & the Town Winding Up the Hill.
000109: [SCOTT SIR WALTER) - The Abbot; Ist Ed. Ist Issue with Half Titles Before and After Tp. 3 Vols.
000435: BELFAST BY WELLER - Map Showing the Environs Af Belfast by Weller the Part of Antrim Is Coloured Pale Yellow and Down Is Pale Pink. Many Railways Are Shown. 18" X 12. 25"
000104: WHITE (WALTER) - A Londoner's Walk to the Land's End and a Trip to the Scilly Isles Second Edition
000172: WHITTAKER (W.GILLIES) - The Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach Sacred and Secular. 2 Vols
000571: WICK - Report on the Burgh with a Map of the Town 13"X 9" at a Scale of 6" to the Mile.
000572: LEEDS WILSON (EDMUND) - Leeds Grammar School Admission Books from 1820 to 1900. Thoresby Society
000887: STENNETT-WILSON (R) - The Beauty of Modern Glass 4to Studio Publication
000016: WRIGHT (JOHN) - The Flower Growers Guide with Coloured Illusrations by Miss Marie Low.
000145: WRIGHT (ANDREW) - Court-Hand Restored: Or, the Student's Assistant in Reading Old Deeds, Charters, Records, Etc. Neatly Engraved on Ntwenty-Three Copper-Plates, Describing the Old Law Hands, with Their Contractions and Abbreviations. With an Appendix; Eighth Ed.
000113: [YOUNG (ARTHUR)] - A Six Weeks Tour, Through the Southern Counties of England and Wales Describing Particularly, 1. The Present State of Agriculture and Manufactures. 2. The Different Methods of Cultivating the Soil. Etc. Etc. Second Edition Octavo.
000723: LORENZO DE ZAMURA - Septima Parte de la Monarchia Mystica de la Iglesia, Hecha de Geroglificos Sacados de Humanas Y Diuinas Letras. Compuesta Por El Padre M. Fray. Dirigida Al Illustrissimo Y Reve-Rendissimo Senor Don Iuan de Moncada Par Margarit
000772: NEW ZEALAND - The Library of Entertaining Knowledge. The New Zealanders.

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