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38951: N.A. - Certain Sermons Or Homilies Appointed to Be Read in Churches [Bound with] the Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiastical &C.
39714: N.A. - The Form and Order of the Service That Is to Be Performed, and of the Ceremonies That Are to Be Observed, in the Coronation of Their Majesties King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra &C.
18102: N.A. (PREPARED BY W. BANG) - The Tragical Reign of Selimus 1594
42802: N.A. - Christian Lyrics Chiefly Selected from Modern Authors
39012: M.B.K., H.G., AND J.F. B-B. (PREFACE) - Henry Barclay Swete: A Remembrance
41495: R.A.L., B.S.S., AND A.M.W. (INTR.) - Gloucestershire Turnpike Roads [a 'Signal' Teaching Aid]
42588: N.A. - Black and White [and] Black and White Budget [and] Black and White Illustrated Budget [11 Volumes in 10]
39473: N.A. - British Orders and Awards
19339: N.A. - The Great Exhibition: London's Crystal Palace Exposition of 1851
21893: N.A. - Yesterday & Tomorrow: Roots of the National-Revolution
38801: N.A. - Ritus Servandus in Concelebratione Missae Et Ritus Communionis Sub Utraque Specie
37691: N.A. - Turner and the Birmingham Engravers
40342: N.A. - Memorial Services Extracted By Permission from "a Prayer-Book Revised"
40345: N.A. - A Directory of Ceremonial [Two Volumes]
42520: N.A. - Meurtre En Trance
42795: N.A. - The Book of Common Prayer, and the Administration of the Sacraments &C.
39696: N.A. - Saint Herman Orthodox Calendar for the Year 1974, Or the Year 7482 from the Creation of the World
39062: N.A. - Special Forms of Service Sanctioned for Use in the Diocese of Bath and Wells
39947: N.A. - The Coptic Liturgy of St. Basil
17311: N.A. - Surrey Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of That County Vol. Xlvii
36937: N.A. - Short History of the Castle and Priory of Tutbury, Including the Captivity of Mary Queen of Scots, with Some Account of the Town & Neighbourhood
39869: N.A. - An Order for the Administration of the Lord's Supper Or Holy Communion [Alternative Services, First Series]
17753: N.A. - Biographical Sketches of Eminent British Poets, Chronologically Arranged from Cahucer to Burns.
42234: N.A. - Talks with Ramana Maharshi: On Realizing Abiding Peace and Happiness
32120: N.A. - The Deutsche Bundesbank: Its Monetary Policy Instruments and Functions
37232: N.A. - Harvard Studies in Classical Philology Volume 66
40141: N.A. - The Warham Guild Handbook: Historical and Descriptive Notes on 'Ornaments of the Church and of the Ministers Thereof'
39434: N.A. - Ordo Missae Celebrandae Et Divini Officii Persolvendi
39939: N.A. - Exeter City Centre Plan - Draft April 1989
31746: N.A. - Fables de la Fontaine
17256: N.A. - James Lahey: Your Imperfect History
16607: N.A. - The Village London Atlas: The Growth of Victorian London 1822-1903
16300: N.A. - Gower: The Journal of the Gower Society - Volume 23
16299: N.A. - Gower: The Journal of the Gower Society - Volume 23
12764: N.A. - An Account of the Rejoicings in the Counties of Montgomery, Salop, &C. In Honor of the Coming-of-Age of the Viscount Clive, Eldest Son of the Right Hon. The Earl of Powis, November 5th. , 1839
11312: N.A. - An Account of the Visit of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, with Their Imperial and Royal Majesties the Emperor of All the Russias and the King of Prussia. [with] an Account of the Entertainment Given to Field Marshal. The Duke of Wellington
17367: N.A. - Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society: Volume 97 for 2001
17366: N.A. - Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society: Volume 94 for 1998
17364: N.A. - Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society: Volume 95 for 1999
10955: N.A. - Y Weinidogaeth Iachau - the Ministry of Healing
9126: N.A. - Poetry of the Year: Passages from the Poets Descriptive of the Seasons with Twenty-Two Coloured Illustrations By Eminent Artists
8678: N.A. - Antiquitates Sarisburienses
7510: N.A. - History of the Party of Labour of Albania
36346: N.A. - A Concise Account of Ancient Documents Relating to the Honor Forest & Borough of Clun in Shropshire with Copies of Some of Them and Observations on the Custom of Amobyr, Formerly Existing There
36775: N.A. - Glastonbury Antiquarian Society Proceedings for the Year 1886
36934: N.A. - Royal Commission on Capital Punishment 1949-1953
33093: N.A. - Jock Macinnes
42694: N.A. - Tea Ceremony
42652: N.A. - Chronicles of Cannon Street: A Few Records of an Old Firm
36735: N.A. - The Long Stories: A Collection of Stories Written Under the Name "Arthur Long" for the Pages of Fascination
38808: N.A. - The New Funeral Rite: A Study Book Using a Preliminary Translation - Latin and Englush Texts, with Introductions and Notes
20083: N.A. - Lady Newall's New Zealand Gift Book
20078: N.A. - Ko Te Kawenata Hou O to Tatou Ariki O Te Kai Whakaora O Ihu Karaiti
42811: N.A. - The Holy Quran [Qur'an] with English Translation and Commentary [Five Volumes]
40537: N.A. - Yoga, Méditation Et Bouddhisme
21417: N.A. - Some Reflections Upon the Prerogatives, Power and Protection of St. Joseph Spouse of the Blessed, and Ever Immaculate Virgin Mary Mother of God
35125: N.A. - The Holy Bible: Confraternity Text Genesis to Ruth, Psalms, New Testament - Douay-Challoner Text Remaining Books of the Old Testament
21407: N.A. - Memoires Historiques, Et Secrets, Concernant Les Amours Des Rois de France Avec Quelques Autres Piéces Dont on Verra Les Titres En la Page Suivante
39378: N.A. - The Works Now Extant of S. Justin the Martyr, Translated, with Notes and Indices
40689: N.A. - L'Unite Transcendante Des Traditions
40254: N.A. - Graduale Sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesiae de Tempore Et de Sanctis Ss. D.N. Pii X. Pontificis Maximi
39384: N.A. - Styx Bumper Fun Book [and] Styx Weekend Fun Book [and] Styx Again! [and] the Best of Styx
37100: N.A. - The Fox Hunting Reminiscences of "Gin & Beer" and Two "Turpin" Romances of Local Interest
35012: N.A. - Hallifax and Its Gibbet-Law
21406: N.A. - Histoire Philosophique de la Papauté Depuis Son Origine Jusqu'à Sa Chute
37506: N.A. - Rocky Horror Picture Show Official Magazine
37816: N.A. - Tractatis de Herbis
42731: N.A. - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments & Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church According to the Church of England &C.
37191: N.A. - The Illustrated Book of English Songs from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century
37190: N.A. - The Illustrated Book of English Songs from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century
20161: N.A. - The "Three Castles" Book of New Zealand Birds [Two Volumes]
20169: N.A. - Scotland Picturesque & Romantic
39666: N.A. - Libro E Dell' Amministrazione Dei Sacramenti
36768: N.A. - The Transactions of the Radnorshire Society Vol. Xlix [49]
31483: N.A. - Winmore & Co: A Tale of the Great Bank Failure
34809: N.A. - The Church Historians of England (Vol. VI Part II) Reformation Period: The Acts and Monuments of John Foxe
35355: N.A. - The New Reasoner: A Quarterly Journal of Socialist Humanism - 10
35855: N.A. - Permanent Revolution 9 (Theoretical Journal of the Workers Power Group)
42487: N.A. - The Newgate Calenadar Or the Malefactor's Bloody Register
36922: N.A. - Reilly's Daughter: A Selection of Irish Songs and Ballads
39388: N.A. - Ordo Missae Celebrandae Et Divini Officii Persolvendi
19952: N.A. - The Buried Village: Te Wairoa - Rotorua - New Zealand
40197: N.A. - Christian Practice
36137: N.A. - Katona Szabó Erzsébet
35841: N.A. - Suggestions Issued By the Registrar-General for the Guidance of the Clergy Relative to the Duties Imposed Upon Them By the Marriage and Registration Acts
42656: N.A. - The Art of Tea Blending. A Hanbook for the Tea Trade: A Guide to Tea Merchants, Brokers, Dealers and Consumers in the Secret of Successful Tea Mixing
34300: N.A. - Prince Henry the Navigator and Portuguese Maritime Enterprise: Catalogue of an Exhibition at the British Museum
42636: N.A. - James Finlay & Company Limited: Manufacturers and East India Merchants
42674: N.A. - The Franciscan Annals and Monthly Bulletin of the Third Order of St. Francis [29 Volumes, an Unbroken Run]
39064: N.A. - Die Durer-Bibel: Das Neue Testament Mit Holzschnitten Albrecht Durers
19723: N.A. - Great Western Railway Magazine Centenary Number [Facsimile]
39390: N.A. - Ordo Missae Celebrandae Et Divini Officii Persolvendi
38735: N.A. - Canon Law Revision 1959
42685: N.A. - A Handbook to the Tea Industry of Malawi
39367: N.A. - Churchill Taken from the Diaries of Lord Moran: The Struggle for Survival 1940-1965
39677: N.A. - The Weekday Missal: Weekday Masses for the Proper of Seasons, the Proper of Saints, Common Masses, Votive and Occasional Masses, Complete with Readings, in One Volume
21391: N.A. - Graduale Sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesiae de Tempore Et de Sanctis
39389: N.A. - Ordo Missae Celebrandae Et Divini Officii Persolvendi
19955: N.A. - Views of the Hot Lake District Rotorua New Zealand
40877: N.A. - Yves Klein 1928-1962: A Retrospective
42649: N.A. - A New Essay Upon Tea Addressed to the Medical Profession &C.
39563: N.A. - The Liturgy of the Holy Apostles Adai and Mari Together with Two Additional Liturgies to Be Said on Certain Feasts and Other Days; and the Order of Baptism
19674: N.A. - Shipshape and Bristol Fashion
41576: N.A. - The Bibby Calendar 1917
19979: N.A. - Canterbury Old and New 1850-1900: A Souvenir of the Jubilee
42551: N.A. - Reign of George V: Representative Subjects of the King [Two Volumes]
37130: N.A. - Forty Years of Electrical Progress
37109: N.A. - The Faculty of Insurance Year Book [1913-14]
19954: N.A. - Hastings Illustrated: 40 Views and Panorama
37791: N.A. - The Curious Case of Lady Purbeck: A Scandal of the Xviith Century
19623: N.A. - Wright's Directory of Nottingham and Neighbourhood (with Plan of the City) 1915-16
38750: N.A. - St. Boniface [the Buckfast Abbey Chronicle, Vol. 24, No. 2]
19856: N.A. - War: Life in the R.A. C.
18950: N.A. - Schweizerferien 2002 Mit Dampf Und Nostalgie: Bahn, Bus, Schiff, Tram Und Flugzeug
18949: N.A. - Schweizerferien '99 Mit Dampf Und Nostalgie: Nostalgisch Reisen Mit Bahn, Bus, Dampfschiff, Flugzeug Und Pferdekraft
18948: N.A. - Schweizerferien '98 Mit Dampf Und Nostalgie: Nostalgisch Reisen Mit Bahn, Bus, Dampfschiff, Flugzeug Und Pferdekraft
18947: N.A. - Schweizerferien '97 Mit Dampf Und Nostalgie: Nostalgisch Reisen Mit Bahn, Bus, Dampfschiff, Flugzeug Und Pferdekraft
21395: N.A. - Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin
38898: N.A. - Lectionary for Mass [the Roman Missal]
39650: N.A. - The Form and Order of the Service That Is to Be Performed and the Ceremonies That Are to Be Observed in the Coronation of Their Majesties King George VI & Queen Elizabeth
40691: N.A. - Les Artistes Singuliers D'Essaouira 23 Juin - 15 Septembre 2002
19645: N.A. - German Warships of the Second World War
19190: N.A. - Recueil de Planches, Sur Les Sciences, Les Arts Libéraux, Et Les Arts Méchaniques Avec Leur Explication: Théâtres Machines de Théâtre
19644: N.A. - German Warships of the Second World War
39391: N.A. - Ordo Missae Celebrandae Et Divini Officii Persolvendi
31440: N.A. - Essays from "the Times" Being a Selection from the Literary Papers, Which Have Appeared in That Journal [Bound with] a Second Series of Essays from the Times
37248: N.A. - Nice Wanton [Old English Drama Students' Facsimile Edition)
42796: N.A. - The Order for the Administration of the Holy Communion &C.
39065: N.A. - A Catholic Catechism
40346: N.A. - A Directory of Ceremonial [Two Volumes]
31758: N.A. - O Rare Hoffnung: A Memorial Garland
38752: N.A. - The Divine Liturgies of Our Fathers Among the Saints, John the Goldenmouthed, (St. Chrysostom) Archbishop of Constantinople, and Basil the Great, of Caesarea, in Cappadocia
42709: N.A. - The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser, from the Text of the Best Authors
40651: N.A. - Introduction to Kashmir Shaivism
33391: N.A. - An Ecclesiastical Miscellany Containing a Register of the Churches of the Monastery of St. Peter's Gloucester - a Survey of the Diocese of Gloucester, 1603 - Wesleyan Membership in Bristol, 1783
39355: N.A. - The Order for Holy Communion Rite B
42714: N.A. - The Book of Common Prayer and the Administration of the Sacraments
38756: N.A. - Ordo Missae Ritus Servandus in Celebratione Missae Et de Defectibus in Celebratione Missae Occurrentibus
39621: N.A. - Handbook to the University of Oxford
34268: N.A. - Regional Histories: Regional Histories of New South Wales
39678: N.A. - Hebrew-English Lexicon Containing All the Hebrew and Chaldee Words in the Old Testament Scriptures, with Their Meanings in English
39715: N.A. - Graduale Sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesiae de Tempore Et de Sanctis
39092: N.A. - The Divine Office: The Liturgy of the Hours According to the Roman Rite [Three Volumes]
40325: N.A. - A Server's Manual for the Holy Communion
36003: N.A. - The Prayer-Book of Queen Elizabeth 1559 to Which Are Appended Some Occasional Forms of Prayer Issued in Her Reign
21905: N.A. - Sayer & Bennetts Catalogue of Prints for 1775
21907: N.A. - Ss Man Be Fruitful!
34242: N.A. - Y Cymmrodor: The Magazine of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Vol. XXXVI - 36 [Denbigh Castle Issue]
21975: N.A. - The Poetical Works of Edmund Waller and Sir John Denham
21976: N.A. - The Poetical Works of Charles Churchill
34078: N.A. - Korean Music and Instruments
40293: N.A. - A First English Ordo: A Celebration of the Lord's Supper with One Minister, Described and Discussed By Some Members of the Alcuin Club
34824: N.A. - Degree Book of the Independent Order of Good Templars, Under the Jurisdiction of the Right Worthy Grand Lodge
35199: N.A. - A Letter Concerning Libels, Warrants, the Seizure of Papers, and Sureties for the Peace of Behaviour; with a View to Some Late Proceedings, and the Defence of Them By the Majority
34253: N.A. - The Romans in Breconshire and Radnorshire: A Field Guide
39761: N.A. - Anglican Orders (Latin)
35000: N.A. - Suggestions for the Guidance of the Clergy Relative to the Duties Imposed Upon Them By the Marriage and Registration Acts
42751: N.A. - Manuale Ordinandorum Opusculum Non Ordinandis Solum, Sed Et Ordinatis PrÆSertim Sacerdotibus, Utilissimum
42752: N.A. - Missel Romain [No. 1010]
36040: N.A. - Parliamentary Debates on the Dissenters' Chapels Bill 7 & 8 Vict. Ch. 45. A.D. M. DCCC. Xliv
39387: N.A. - Ordo Missae Celebrandae Et Divini Officii Persolvendi
39717: N.A. - Antiphonale Monasticum Pro Diurnis Horis Juxta Vota Rr. DD. Abbatum Congregationum Confoederatarum Ordinis Sancti Benedicti a Solesmensibus Monachis Restitutum
13597: AALAND, MIKKEL - The Sword of Heaven: A Five Continent Odyssey to Save the World
38930: AARON, DANIEL (ED.) - America in Crisis: Fourteen Crucial Episodes in American History
18058: ABARTIS, CAESAREA - The Tragicomic Construction of Cymbeline and the Winter's Tale
40440: THE ABBESS OF STANBROOK, AND TOLHURST, J.B.L. (EDS.) - The Ordinal and Customary of the Abbey of Saint Mary York (St. John's College, Cambridge, Ms. D. 27) [Volumes I and II]
17755: THE BENEDICTINE MONKS OF ST. AUGUSTINE'S ABBEY, RAMSGATE - The Book of Saints: A Dictionary of Servants of God Canonised By the Catholic Church: Extracted from the Roman & Other Matyrologies
34888: ABBINNETT, ROSS - Truth and Social Science: From Hegel to Deconstruction
34097: ABBOTT, ELISABETH (TRANS.) - The Fifteen Joys of Marriage
42029: ABBOTT, BERENICE - The World of Atget
40256: ABBOTT, EDWIN A. - Johannine Grammar
41834: ABBOTT, JUSTIN E. - Life of Tukaram
41109: ABE, SHIGERU - The Cosmic Life of Mankind
31415: ABERCROMBIE, JOHN - Inquiries Concerning the Intellectual Powers and the Investigation of Truth
37436: ABOUT, EDMOND - Le Fellah: Souvenirs D'égypte
35426: ABRAMSON, JEFFREY B. - Liberation and Its Limits: The Moral and Political Thought of Freud
32601: ABRAMSON, PAUL R., ALDRICH, JOHN H., AND ROHDE, DAVID W. - Change and Continuity in the 2004 Elections
16933: ABSE, LEO - Tony Blair: The Man Behind the Smile
14034: ABSE, DANNIE - The Strange Case of Dr Simmonds & Dr Glas
15903: ABT, SAMUEL (ED.) - The Paris Edition: The Autobiography of Waverley Root 1927-1934
32415: ACHAR, GILBERT (ED.) - The Legacy of Ernest Mandel
21053: ACHCAR, GILBERT (TRANS. PETER DRUCKER) - Eastern Cauldron: Islam, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Iraq in a Marxist Mirror
35764: ACHESON, E.D. - Medical Record Linkage
33533: ACQUAVIVA, S.S., TRANS. PATRICIA LIPSCOMB - The Decline of the Sacred in Industrial Society
32726: ACTON, JOHN EMERICH EDWARD DALBERG - Essays on Freedom and Power
40159: ACZEL, AMIR D. - Entanglement: The Greatest Mystery in Physics
20488: ADAMS, JOSEPH - Yeats and the Mask of Syntax
38515: ADAMS, BRYAN - Sydney Nolan: Such Is Life
39477: ADAMS, W.H. DAVENPORT - Famous Regiments of the British Army: Their Origin and Services
40767: ADAMS, WILLIAM Y - The Philosophical Roots of Anthropology
38503: ADAMS, IAN H. - The Making of Urban Scotland
32102: ADAMS, JAMES - Party Competition and Responsible Party Government: A Theory of Spatial Competition Based Upon Insights from Behavioral Voting Research
42858: ADAMS, LINDA - St. Philip's Cathedral and the Birmingham Silversmiths: A History of Church Plate
35401: ADAMS, ROBERT MARTIN - Nil: Episodes in the Literary Conquest of Void During the Nineteenth Century
32979: ADAMS, CLIVE, AND BOWES, EDWIN (CURATORS) - The Art of White: Painting, Photography, Installation
32649: ADAMS, ROBERT M. (SEL., ED.) - Ben Jonson's Plays and Masques: Texts of the Plays and Masques - Jonson on His Work - Contemporary Readers on Jonson - Criticism
34790: ADAMS, PERCY W.L. (ED.) - Staffordshire Parish Registers Society: Deanery of Tamorth - Tamorth Parish Register Part I
34789: ADAMS, PERCY W.L. (ED.) - Staffordshire Parish Registers Society: Deanery of Lapley and Trysull - Tettenhall Parish Register Part I
40967: ADAS, MICHAEL - Prophets of Rebellion: Millenarian Protest Movements Against the European Colonial Order
40836: ADAS, MICHAEL - Machines As the Measure of Men: Science, Technology, and Ideologies of Western Dominance
38324: ADDINALL, PETER - Philosophy and Biblical Interpretation: A Study in Nineteenth-Century Conflict
41498: ADDIS, MICHAEL E. - Invisible Men: Men's Inner Lives and the Consequences of Silence
42705: ADDISON, JOSEPH - Sir Roger de Coverley from "the Spectator"
39398: ADDLESHAW, G.W.O. - The Early Parochial System and the Divine Office
41762: ADDLESHAW, G.W.O. - The Beginnings of the Parochial System
34343: ADDLESHAW, G.W.O. - The Pastoral Structure of the Celtic Church in Northern Britain
13416: ADELINE, JULES - Adeline's Art Dictionary Containing a Complete Index of All Terms Used in Art, Architecture, Heraldry, and ArchÆOlogy
20471: ADELMAN, IRMA, AND LANE, SYLVIA (EDS.) - The Balance between Industry and Agriculture in Economic Development: Volume 4 - Social Effects
42056: APEL, KARL-OTTO (TRANS. ADEY AND FRISBY) - Towards a Transformation of Philosophy
32897: ADHEMAR, JEAN, AND CACHIN, FRANÇOISE (FOREWORD JOHN REWALD) - Degas: The Complete Etchings, Lithographs and Monotypes
37241: ADIGAL, PRINCE ILANGO (TRANS. ALAIN DANIÉLOU) - Shilappadikaram (the Ankle Bracelet)
42472: ADLER, JACOB (TRANS., ED. LULLA ROSENFELD) - A Life on the Stage: A Memoir
41514: HOGBEN, LANCELOT (ED. ADRIAN AND ANNE HOGBEN) - Scientific Humanist: An Unauthorised Autobiography
15032: ADY, PETER (ED.), FOREWORD DUDLEY SEERS - Private Foreign Investment and the Developing World
31630: THE PARLIAMENT OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA JOINT COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND DEFENCE - Disarmament and Arms Control in the Nuclear Age: Recommended Strategies and Policies
14889: AGARWAL, BINA (ED.) - Structures of Patriarchy: The State, the Community and the Household
15329: AGARWALA, A.N., AND SINGH, S.P. (EDS.) - The Economics of Underdevelopment: A Series of Articles and Papers
32559: AGGER, BEN - The Discourse of Domination: From the Frankfurt School to Postmodernism
31582: AGGER, BEN - Fast Capitalism: A Critical Theory of Significance
42439: AGHION, IRÈNE, BARBILLON, CLAIRE, AND LISSARRAGUE, FRANÇOIS - Gods and Heroes of Classical Antiquity
20310: AGMON, TAMIR, AND DROBNICK, RICHARD L. (EDS.) - Small Firms in Global Competition
19959: AGNEW, MAX - Silks and Sulkies: The Complete Book of Australian and New Zealand Harness Racing
20508: EL-AGRAA, ALI M. - International Trade
42512: AHERN, GEOFFREY - Sun at Midnight: The Rudolf Steiner Movement and the Western Esoteric Tradition
41285: AHLQUIST, DALE - The Complete Thinker: The Marvelous Mind of G.K. Chesterton
41861: AHMAD, AIJAZ - In Theory: Classes, Nations, Literatures
38032: AICHELE, GEORGE, AND PIPPIN, TINA (EDS.) - The Monstrous and the Unspeakable: The Bible As Fantastic Literature
38244: AICHELE, GEORGE, AND WALSH, RICHARD (EDS.) - Screening Scripture: Intertextual Connections between Scripture and Film
38041: AICHELE, GEORGE (ED.) - Culture, Entertainment and the Bible
40037: AITCHISON, IAN J.R. - An Informal Introduction to Gauge Field Theories
14676: AIYAR, SWAMINATHAN S. ANKLESARIA - Towards Globalisation: The Case for Foreign Investment
40395: AKELEY, T.C. - Christian Initiation in Spain C. 300-1100
34652: AKERMAN, JOHN YONGE - An Archaeological Index to Remains of Antiquity of the Celtic, Romano-British, and Anglo-Saxon Periods
9888: AKIMOV, A. (ED.), TRANS. R. MOULLIAMINOV - Gennady Rayshev: The Khanty Legends
14573: AKSU, ESREF, AND CAMILLERI, JOSEPH A. (EDS.) - Democratizing Global Governance
36133: BRIDGEWATER, ALAN AND GILL (ED. LAUREL ORNITZ) - Carving Figureheads & Other Nautical Designs
40182: ALAND, KURT, AND ALAND, BARBARA (TRANS. ERROLL F. RHODES) - The Text of the New Testament: An Introduction to the Critical Editions and to the Theory and Practice of Modern Textual Criticism
42815: ALAND, KURT (EDITIT) - Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum: Locis Parallelis Evangeliorum Apocryphorum Et Patrum Adhibitis
33281: ALBERT, MICHAEL, AND HAHNEL, ROBIN - The Political Economy of Participatory Economics
42359: ALBERTI, FAY BOUND - Matters of the Heart: History, Medicine, and Emotion
21404: MAGNUS, ALBERTUS [AND] MICHAEL SCOTT - De Secretis Mulierum Item de Virtutibus Herbarum Lapidum Et Animalum [Rerum Naturalium Perscrutatoris Procemium, in Secreta Naturae
38071: ALBERTZ, RAINER - A History of Israelite Religion in the Old Testament Period [Two Volumes]
14993: ALBRECHTS, L., MOULAERT, F., ROBERTS, P., AND SWYNGEDOUW, E. (EDS.) - Regional Policy at the Crossroads: European Perspectives
39192: MUNCK, JOHANNES (INTR., TRANS., NOTES) REV. ALBRIGHT AND MANN - The Acts of the Apostles [the Anchor Bible]
14599: ALBROW, MARTIN, AND KING, ELIZABETH (EDS.) - Globalization, Knowledge and Society: Readings from International Sociology
34204: ALCOCK, N.W., AND HALL, LINDA - Fixtures and Fittings in Dated Houses 1567-1763
36802: ALCOCK, N.W., FAULKNER, P.A., AND JONES, S.R. - Maxstoke Castle, Warwickshire
34084: ALDARACA, BRIDGET, ET AL (EDS.) - Nicaragua in Revolution: The Poets Speak - Nicaragua En Revolución: Los Poetas Hablan
16132: ALDCROFT, DEREK H. - The European Economy 1914-1990
20576: ALDRED, KEN, AND SMITH, MARTIN A. - Superpowers in the Post-Cold War Era
42792: ALDRICH, BESS STREETER (ED., INTR. CAROL MILES PETERSEN) - The Collected Short Works 1907-1919
42793: ALDRICH, BESS STREETER (ED., INTR. CAROL MILES PETERSEN) - The Collected Short Works 1907-1919
18158: ALDUS, P.J. - Mousetrap: Structure and Meaning in Hamlet
15549: ALEXANDER, TITUS - Unravelling Global Apartheid: An Overview of World Politics
15119: ALEXANDER, GREGORY S., AND SKAPSKA, GRAZYNA (EDS.) - A Fourth Way? Privatization, Property, and the Emergence of New Market Economies
13073: ALEXANDER, PETER - Sensationalism and Scientific Explanation
12798: ALEXANDER, NEIL - The Swiss: How They Live and Work
38476: ALEXANDER, JAMES (ED. STANLEY NIDER KATZ) - A Brief Narrative of the Case and Trial of John Peter Zenger Printer of the New York Weekly Journal
37655: ALEXANDER, BOYD (TRANS., ED.) - Life at Fonthill 1807-1822 from the Correspondence of William Beckford
41263: ALEXANDER, IAN W. (ED. A.J.L. BUSST, INTR. GEORGES POULET) - French Literature and the Philosophy of Consciousness: Phenomenological Essays
31678: ALGAZE, GUILLERMO (ED.) - Town and Country in Southeastern Anatolia - Vol. II: The Stratigraphic Sequence at Kurban Hôyûk - Text
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41680: OLSON, STUART ALVE (WITH JONATHAN RUSSELL) - Steal My Art: The Life and Times of T'Ai Chi Master T.T. Liang
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40333: ATCHLEY, CUTHBERT - The Parish Clerk, and His Right to Read the Liturgical Epistle
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21475: BALLIETT, WHITNEY - American Singers: Twenty-Seven Portraits in Song
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31613: BIENKOWSKI, W. (TRANS. JANE CAVE) - Theory and Reality: The Development of Social Systems
37847: BIERCE, AMBROSE - Can Such Things Be
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41336: BIRD, SUSAN - Greek Designs
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21659: BISHOP, OWEN - Yardsticks of the Universe
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20206: BLACKER, J.F. - The a B C of English Salt-Glaze Stoneware from Dwight to Doulton
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42412: BLACKHAM, H.J. - The Fable As Literature
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42268: BLACKWELL, MARILYN JOHNS (ED.) - Structures of Influence: A Comparative Approach to August Strindberg
19973: BLAIKLOCK, E.M. (GRAMMATICUS) - Between the Foothills and the Ridge: A Tale of Two Climbers
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9794: BLAIR, MAUD, HOLLAND, JANET, AND SHELDON, SUE (EDS.) - Identity and Diversity: Gender and the Experience of Education
34535: BLAIR, H.A. - A Creed Before the Creeds
35897: BLAIR, IAN - Investigating Rape: A New Approach for Police
35143: BLAIR, SARA - Harlem Crossroads: Black Writers and the Photograph in the Twentieth Century
37584: BLAKE, PETER - Le Corbusier: Architecture and Form
21757: BLAKE, ROBIN - George Stubbs and the Wide Creation: Animals, People and Places in the Life of George Stubbs, 1724-1806
40363: FAIRFAX-BLAKEBOROUGH, J. (INTR. PEASE) - Sporting Days and Sporting Stories of Turf and Chase
15705: BLANDFORD, STEVE (ED.) - Wales on Screen
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21097: BLEICHER, JOSEF - The Hermeneutic Imagination: Outline of a Positive Critique of Scientism and Sociology
15365: BLEIER, RUTH - Science and Gender: A Critique of Biology and Its Theories on Women
41612: BLEIER, RUTH - Science and Gender: A Critique of Biology and Its Theories on Women
41611: BLEIER, RUTH (ED.) - Feminist Approaches to Science
14630: BLIGHT, DAVE, AND SHAFTO, TONY - Microeconomics
21886: BLOCK, ALEXANDER - Der Mystiker Alexander Block IM Spiegel Seiner Lyrik
41377: BLOFELD, JOHN - Gateway to Wisdom: Taoist and Buddhist Contemplative and Healing Yogas Adapted for Western Students of the Way
42620: BLOFELD, JOHN - The Chinese Art of Tea
41799: BLOFELD, JOHN (CHU CH'AN) TRANS., ED. - The Zen Teaching of Huang Po on the Transmission of Mind
42308: BLOFELD, JOHN - City of Lingering Splendour: A Frank Account of Old Peking's Exotic Pleasures
42683: BLOFELD, JOHN - The Chinese Art of Tea
35731: BLOMFIELD, JOHN - The Eucharistic Canon with Suggestions for a Possible Revision
32536: BLONDEL, JEAN, AND MÚLLER-ROMMEL, FERDINAND (EDS.) - Cabinets in Western Europe
20530: BLOOM, HAROLD (ED., INTR.) - Major Literary Characters: Marlow
20390: BLOOM, HAROLD (ED., INTR.) - Richard Wright's Native Son
35173: BLOOM, ALLAN - Giants and Dwarfs: Essays 1960-1990
33431: BLOOM, HAROLD (ED., INTR.) - Anthony Trollope's Barchester Towers and the Warden
32252: BLUM, LAWRENCE A., AND SEIDLER, VICTOR J. - A Truer Liberty: Simone Weil and Marxism
33544: BLUM, CAROL - Diderot: The Virtue of a Philosopher
15190: BLUMBERG, PAUL - Inequality in an Age of Decline
41410: BLUNDELL, SUE - Women in Ancient Greece
19797: BLUNDELL, W.D.G. - British Aircraft Carriers
40434: BLUNT, JOHN HENRY (ED.) - The Annotated Book of Common Prayer
35582: BLY, ROBERT - What Have I Ever Lost By Dying? Collected Prose Poems
14977: BLYTON, PAUL, AND TURNBULL, PETER (EDS.) - Reassessing Human Resource Management
37152: BOAG, DAVID (FOREWORD ANGELA YEOMAN) - The Granite Hills of Glensanda & Kingairloch
41401: BOAS, MARY L. - Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences
15989: BOASE, WENDY - The Folklore of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
10409: BOASE, ROGER - The Troubadour Revival: A Study of Social Change and Traditionalism in Late Medieval Spain
19705: THE STAFF OF "THE MOTOR BOAT AND YACHTING - The Motor Boat and Yachting Manual: A Practical Handbook for All Who Are Interested in Motor Boats of Any Type
37528: THE STAFF OF "THE MOTOR BOAT AND YACHTING - The Motor Boat and Yachting Manual: A Practical Handbook Devoted to Yachts, Motor Boats, Also Commercial & Naval Motor Craft
42561: BOATNER, MARK M. - Encyclopedia of the American Revolution
34752: BOBART, H.H. - Basketwork Through the Ages
14710: BOBROW, DAVIS. B. - Prospects for International Relations: Conjectures About the Next Millennium
40807: BOCK, JANET - The Jesus Mystery: Of Lost Years and Unknown Travels
18766: BODY, GEOFFREY - British Railways Past and Present Travelling Companion No 1 - the East Coast Main Line: King's Cross to Newcastle
32459: SCHNEIDER, PETER, TRANS. BOEHM AND HAFREY - The German Comedy: Scenes of Life After the Wall
38760: BOER, RONALD (ED.) - Tracking the Tribes of Yahweh: On the Trail of a Classic
42028: BOGACZEWICZ, ZDZISLAW (ED.) - Maciag: A Family of Artists - Otto, Anna, Ludwik
32025: BOGDANOR, VERNON, AND BUTLER, DAVID - Democracy and Elections: Electoral Systems and Their Political Consequences
32009: BOGDANOR, VERNON (ED.) - Coalition Government in Western Europe
33616: BOGDANOW, FANNI - The Romance of the Grail: A Study of Th Structure and Genesis of a Thirteenth-Century Arthurian Prose Romance
14422: BOGNANNO, MARIO F., AND KLEINER, MORRIS M. (EDS.) - Labor Market Institutions and the Future Role of Unions
20268: BÖHM, THOMAS - Theoria Unendlichkeit Aufstieg: Philosophische Implikationen Zu de Vita Moysis Von Gregor Von Nyssa
41884: BOISSONADE, P. (TRANS., INTR. EILEEN POWER) - Life and Work in Medieval Europe (Fifth to Fifteenth Centuries)
20589: BOJE, THOMAS P., AND HORT, SVEN E. OLSSON (EDS.) - Scandinavia in a New Europe
20353: BOJE, THOMAS P., AND HORT, SVEN E. OLSSON (EDS.) - Scandinavia in a New Europe
35690: BOLD, BENJAMIN - Famous Problems of Mathematics: A History of Constructions with Straight Edge and Compasses
38782: BOLIN, THOAMS M. - Freedom Beyond Forgiveness: The Book of Jonah Re-Examined
38777: BOLING, ROBERT G. (INTR., TRANS., COMMENTARY) - Judges (the Anchor Bible)
41656: BOLOGH, ROSLYN WALLACH - Love Or Greatness: Max Weber and Masculine Thinking - a Feminist Inquiry
36923: BOLTON, ARTHUR T. - Description of the House and Museum on the North Side of Lincoln's Inn Fields the Residence of Sir John Soane
37599: BOLTON, GLORNEY - Pétain
003325: BOLY, JOHN R. - Reading Auden: The Returns of Caliban
42736: BOMPAS, GEORGE C - Life of Frank Buckland
21143: BONAR, JAMES - Malthus and His Work
20047: BOND, MARTYN, AND FEUS, KIM (EDS.) - The Treaty on Nice Explained
40486: BOND, FRANCIS - The Chancel of English Churches
42180: BOND, FRANCIS - Screens and Galleries in English Churches
37810: BOND, FRANCIS - Dedications & Patron Saints of English Churches: Ecclesiastical Symbolism Saints and Their Emblems
39348: BOND, FRANCIS - Fonts and Font Covers
42684: BROOKE BOND - The Story of Tea
41734: BONDESON, JAN - Blood on the Snow: The Killing of Olof Palme
20067: BONDI, HERMANN - Science, Churchill and Me: The Autobiography of Hermann Bondi, Master of Churchill College Cambridge
19880: BONE, DAVID W. - Merchantmen-at-Arms: The British Merchants' Service in the War
35361: BONEFELD, WERNER, AND TISCHLER, SERGIO (COMP.) - A 100 años Del ¿Qué Hacer? Leninismo, Crítica Marxista Y la Cuestión de la Revolución Hoy
30378: BONG, BAIK - Kim Il Sung: Biography (II) - from Building Democratic Korea to Chullima Flight
34321: BONNAR, ALPHONSUS - Medicine and Men
37194: BONNER, HYPATIA BRADLAUGH (ED., INTR.) - Paine's Political Writings During the American and French Revolutions Including "Common Sense," "the Crisis," and Speecehs Upon the Trial and Death of Louis XVI
40764: BONNEY, RICHARD - False Prophets: The 'Clash of Civilizations' and the Global War on Terror
14818: BONOLI, GIULIANO, GEORGE, VIC, AND TAYLOR-GOOBY, PETER - European Welfare Futures: Towards a Theory of Retrenchment
38823: BONOMI, PATRICIA U. - The Lord Cornbury Scandal: The Politics of Reputation in British America
37877: BONSOR, N.R.P. (FOREWORD A.C. HARDY) - North Atlantic Seaway: An Illustrated History of the Passenger Services Linking the Old World with the New
10484: BOOKER, JOHN - Temples of Mammon: The Architecture of Banking
20761: BOOKER, MIKE, AND IRELAND, MARK - Evangelism - Which Way Now? an Evaluation of Alpha, Emmaus, Cell Church and Other Contemporary Strategies for Evangelism
11949: FREE ASSOCIATION BOOKS - Free Associations: Psychoanalysis, Groups, Politics, Culture: Volume 2, Part 3 (Number 23)
34423: BOOLE, GEORGE - An Investigation of the Laws of Thought, on Which Are Founded the Mathematical Theories of Logic and Probabilities
38589: BOORSTIN, DANIEL J. - The Lost World of Thomas Jefferson
21900: BOOTH, P.H.W., AND CARR, A.D. (EDS.) - Account of Master John de Burnham the Younger, Chamberlain of Chester, of the Revenues of the Counties of Chester and Flint, Michaelmas 1361 to Michaelmas 1362
37408: BOOTH, ARTHUR H. - William Henry Fox Talbot: Father of Photography
41510: BOOTH, P.H.W., AND CARR, A.D. (EDS.) - Account of Master John de Burnham the Younger, Chamberlain of Chester, of the Revenues of the Counties of Chester and Flint, Michaelmas 1361 to Michaelmas 1362
41203: GENERAL BOOTH - In Darkest England and the Way out
19893: TALBOT-BOOTH, E.C. (ED.) - House-Flags & Funnels of British and Foreign Shipping Companies
39324: BOOTH, WAYNE C. - The Rhetoric of Fiction
41508: BOOTH, P.H.W. - The Financial Administration of the Lordship and County of Chester 1272-1377
15614: BOR, MIKHAIL (INTR. MAURICE DOBB) - Aims and Methods of Soviet Planning
14375: VON BORCH, HERBERT (TRANS. MARY ILFORD) - The Unfinished Society
31718: BORER, ALAIN, ED. LOTHAR SCHIRMER - The Essential Joseph Beuys
18405: BORGMANN, ALBERT - Crossing the Postmodern Divide
21054: BORGMANN, ALBERT - Holding on to Reality: The Nature of Information at the Turn of the Millennium
21539: BORITT, GABOR (ED.) - War Comes Again: Comparative Vistas on the Civil War and World War II
19989: BORMAN, C.A. - Divisional Signals (Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939-1945)
17153: BORMANN, F. HERBERT, AND KELLERT, STEPHEN R. (EDS.) - Ecology, Economics, Ethics: The Broken Circle
20474: BORNER, SILVIO (ED.) - International Finance and Trade in a Polycentric World
21682: BORROW, GEORGE - Romano Lavo-Lil: Word-Book of the Romany Or, English Gypsy Language
21683: BORROW, GEORGE - Lavengro: The Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest
39695: BORROW, GEORGE - Lavengro: The Classic Account of Gypsy Life in Nineteenth-Century England
32336: BOSE, ARUN - Marx on Exploitation and Inequality: An Essay in Marxian Analytical Economics
19422: BOSTRIDGE, MARK - Florence Nightingale: The Woman and Her Legend
14315: BOTEACH, SHMULEY - An Intelligent Person's Guide to Judaism
20694: BOTT, ALAN - The Sailing Ships of the New Zealand Shipping Company, 1873-1900
39926: BOTTE, BERNARD - La Tradition Apostolique de Saint Hippolyte: Essai de Reconstitution
13633: BOTTOMORE, TOM - The Socialist Economy: Theory and Practice
32352: BOTTOMORE, TOM (ED.) - Modern Interpretations of Marx
42116: BOTTOMORE, T.B. (TRANS., ED.) - Karl Marx: Early Writings
42488: BOTTOMORE, TOM (ED.) - A Dictionary of Marxist Thought
21499: BOULTON, JAMES T. (ED.) - The Letters of D.H. Lawrence - Volume I: September 1901 - May 1913
18810: BOULTON, D'ARCY JONATHAN DACRE - The Knights of the Crown: The Monarchical Orders of Knighthood in Later Medieval Europe 1325-1520
38416: BOURKE, JOHN G. - On the Border with Crook
18528: BOURNE, BILL, EICHLER, UDI, AND HERMAN, DAVID (EDS.) - Voices - Modernity and Its Discontents
21399: BOURNE, V[INCENT] - Poematia, Latinae Partim Reddita, Partim Scripta
38706: BOUYER, LOUIS (TRANS. ILLTYD TRETHOWAN) - The Christian Mystery: From Pagan Myth to Christian Mysticism
31878: BOVA, BEN, AND PREISS, BYRON (EDS.) - Are We Alone in the Cosmos? the Search for Alien Contact in the New Millennium
33236: NEGRI, ANTONIO, TRANS. BOVE ET AL, ED. MURPHY - Books for Burning: Between Civil War and Democracy in 1970s Italy
40504: BOVINI, GIUSEPPE (TRANS. Q.T.S.) - Eglises de Ravenne - the Churches of Ravenna
36057: BOWATER, WILLIAM H. - Birmingham City Battalions Book of Honour
34678: BOWDEN, JOHN EDWARD - The Life and Letters of Frederick William Faber, D.D.
41727: BOWDER, DIANA - The Age of Constantine and Juilian
20447: BOWEN, ALEX, AND MAYHEW, KEN (EDS.) FOREWORD WALTER ELTIS - Improving Incentives for the Low-Paid
19839: BOWEN, FRANK C. - London Ship Types
40693: BOWERS, FAUBION - Scriabin: A Biography
33541: BOWERS, FAUBION - Theatre in the East: A Survey of Asian Dance and Drama
39338: BOWIE, MALCOLM - Lacan
32326: BOWLE, JOHN - Politics and Opinion in the Nineteenth Century: An Historical Introduction
32021: BOWLER, SHAUN, AND FARRELL, DAVID M. (EDS.) - Electoral Strategies and Political Marketing
32003: BOWLER, SHAUN, AND GROFMAN, BERNARD (EDS.) - Elections in Australia, Ireland, and Malta Under the Single Transferable Vote
36355: BOWLER, BERJOUHI - The Word As Image
32450: BOWLER, SHAUN, AND DONOVAN, TODD - Demanding Choices: Opinion, Voting, and D
32824: BOWMAN, PAUL, AND STAMP, RICHARD (EDS.) - The Truth of Zizek
42772: BOWMAN, WINIFRED M. - Five Thousand Acres of Old Ashton: The History of the Limehurst Rural District
19854: BOWNESS, EDWARD - The Four-Masted Barque
19855: BOWNESS, EDWARD - The Four-Masted Barque
19653: BOWNESS, EDWARD - Modelling the Archibald Russell
42850: BOWNESS, ALAN (INTR.) - Nicolas de Staêl
42868: BOWNESS, ALAN (FOREWORD) - Reg Butler
38955: BOX, G.H. (TRANS. FROM SYRIAC) - The Apocalypse of Ezra (II Esdras III-XIV)
33941: BOYAN, P.A., AND LAMB, G.R. - Francis Tregian: Cornish Recusant
7036: BOYCE, BENJAMIN - The Polemic Character 1640-1661: A Chapter in English Literary History
37812: BOYER, CARL B. - The Rainbow: From Myth to Mathematics
16048: BOZHKOFF, ATANAS (TRANS. JOHN WOODWARD) ED. ALAN BLYTH - Boris Christoff: An Authorized Biography
6352: BOZHKOFF, ATANAS (TRANS. JOHN WOODWARD) ED. ALAN BLYTH - Boris Christoff: An Authorized Biography
37524: BOZZINI, LIDIO (DIRETTORE) - La Produzione Italiana 1971-72
37522: BOZZINI, LIDIO (DIRETTORE) - La Produzione Italiana 1972-73
37523: BOZZINI, LIDIO (DIRETTORE) - La Produzione Italiana 1970-71
32109: BRACHER, KARL DIETRICH (TRANS. THOMAS DUNLAP) FOREWORD ABBOTT GLEASON - Turning Points in Modern Times: Essays on German and European History
30322: BRACKMAN, ARNOLD C. - Southeast Asia's Second Front: The Power Struggle in the Malay Archipelago
36026: BRADBROOK, WILLIAM - The Parish Register
16465: BRADBURY, SUE (INTRODUCED BY) - A Traveller's Christmas
35641: BRADEN, WILLIAM - The Private Sea: Lsd and the Search for God
34131: BRADFORD, JOHN - Ancient Landscapes: Studies in Field Archaeology
20901: BRADLEY, FRANCIS - The American Proposition: A New Type of Man
34225: BRADLEY, J.W. - Illuminated Manuscripts [Little Books on Art]
40490: BRADSHAW, PAUL. F. - The Anglican Ordinal: Its History and Development from the Reformation to the Present Day
18249: BRADSHAW, R., ET AL (EDS.) - After the Fall: Central and Eastern Europe Since the Collapse of Communism
33918: BRADSHAW, PAUL F. - The Anglican Ordinal: Its History and Development from the Reformation to the Present Day
40819: BRAGHINE, A . - The Shadow of Atlantis
40195: BRAITHWAITE, WILLIAM C. (INTR. RUFUS M. JONES) - The Beginnings of Quakerism
37299: BRAMAH, ERNEST (INTR. GRANT RICHARDS) - The Wallet of Kai Lung
42627: BRAMAH, EDWARD - Tea & Coffee: A Modern View of Three Hundred Years of Tradition
41208: BRAMBLE, J.C. - Persius and the Programmatic Satire: A Study in Form and Imagery
41714: BRAMBLE, J.C. - Persius and the Programmatic Satire: A Study in Form and Imagery
35839: BRANDON, S.G.F. - Creation Legends of the Ancient Near East
33919: BRANDON, S.G.F. - The Fall of Jerusalem and the Christian Church: A Study of the Effects of the Jewish Overthrow of A.D. 70 on Christianity
37343: BRANDON, S.G.F. (ED.) - The Saviour God: Comparative Studies in the Concept of Salvation Presented to Edwin Oliver James
36952: BRANN, MARTIN, ET AL - Excavations at Caerlaverlock Old Castle Dumfries and Galloway 1998-9
37019: BRANT, SEBASTIAN - The Ship of Fools
36948: DE BRANTOME, ABBE (TRANS. RAYMOND RUDORFF) - More Lives of Amorous Ladies
35539: BRAUDE, MONIQUE C., AND SZARA, STEPHEN, EDS. - Pharmacology of Marihuana: A Monograph of the National Institue on Drug Abuse [Two Volumes]
38978: BRAUNFELS, WOLFGANG - Monasteries of Western Europe: The Architecture of the Orders
18121: BRAUNMULLER, A.R., ET AL (CHECKED FOR THE MALONE SOCIETY) - Collections Volume IX [Drama in Dorset and Suffolk]
18066: N.A. (PREPARED BY A.R. BRAUNMULLER) - The Captive Lady
32004: BRAUNTHAL, GERARD - Political Loyalty and Public Service in West Germany: The 1972 Decree Against Radicals and Its Consequences
36376: BRAY, JOHN FRANCIS - A Voyage from Utopia
34440: BRAY, ALAN - Homosexuality in Renaissance England
35558: BRAZIER, MARY A.B. - A History of the Electrical Activity of the Brain: The First Half-Century
20354: BREEN, RICHARD, ET AL - Understanding Contemporary Ireland: State, Class and Development in the Republic of Ireland
17843: DE BREFFNY, BRIAN, AND MOTT, GEORGE - The Churches and Abbeys of Ireland
32691: BREGER, LOUIS - Freud's Unfinished Journey: Conventional and Critical Perspectives in Psychoanalytic Theory
12692: BRÉHIER, ÉMILE - Histoire de la Philosophie [L'Antiquité Et le Moyen Age - la Philosophie Moderne] (Seven Volumes)
32622: BREISKY, MICHAEL - Welcome to Post-Globalization: The Politics of Second Enlightenment, Human Scale and the Economy of the Mind
20936: BREITENBACH, HANS, BURDEN, TOM, AND COATES, DAVID - Features of a Viable Socialism
15008: BREMNER, GEOFFREY - Order and Chance: The Pattern of Diderot's Thought
38385: WERLEN, BENNO (TRANS. GAYNA WALLS) ED. BRENNAN AND WERLEN - Society, Action and Space: An Alternative Human Geography
37213: BRENNAN, C.J. (INTR. G.A. WILKES) - Poems [1913]
41561: BRENNAN, MARCIA - Modernism's Masculine Subjects: Matisse, the New York School, and Post-Painterly Abstractuon
42688: BRENNAN, PATRICK - Tales of Chai
38084: BRENNER, ATHALYA, AND FONTAINE, CAROLE (EDS.) - A Feminist Companion to Reading the Bible: Approaches, Methods and Strategies
39300: BRETTELL, RICHARD R., WITH JOACHIM PISSARRO) - Pissarro and Pontoise: The Painter in a Landscape
38082: BRETTLER, MARC ZVI - The Book of Judges
38011: BRETTLER, MARC, AND FISHBANE, MICHAEL (EDS.) - Minah le-Nahum: Biblical and Other Studies Presented to Nahum M. Sarna in Honour of His 70th Birthday
33844: BREUIL, HENRI, AND LANTIER, RAYMOND, TRANS. B.R. RAFTER - The Men of the Old Stone Age (Palaeolithic & Mesolithic)
19420: BREWER, JOHN, AND TRENTMANN, FRANK (EDS.) - Consuming Cultures, Global Perspectives: Historical Trajectories, Transnational Exchanges
20363: BREWER, DAVID - English Gothic Literature (Macmillan History of Literature)
15346: BREZINSKI, HORST, AND FRITSCH, MICHAEL (EDS.) - The Emergence and Evolution of Markets
39914: BRIAND, JEAN (TRANS. MILDRED DEUEL) - The Judeo-Christian Church of Nazareth
36671: BRIANT, KEITH - Marie Stopes: A Biography
39454: BRICE, MARTIN H. - Stronghold: A History of Military Architecture
34552: BRICE, DOUGLAS - The Folk-Carol of England
38582: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - Cities in the Wilderness [and] Cities in Revolt
38827: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - Fat Mutton and Liberty of Conscience: Society in Rhode Island, 1636-1690
40826: BRIDGE, MAUREEN, AND PEGG, JOHN (EDS.) - The Heart of Totnes: The Guide to One of England's Most Treasured Towns &C.
18938: BRIDGES, CHRIS, AND MUNDY, CHARLES - Worcester: A Pictorial History
42807: BRIDGES, ROBERT - Poetical Works of Robert Bridges Excluding the Eight Dramas
39461: BRIDGES, ROBERT - Bridges Poetical Works with the Testament of Beauty But Excluding the Eight Dramas
13216: O'BRIEN, SEAN, AND PLAICE, STEPHEN (EDS.) WITH ISSUE EDITOR, EVA SALZMAN - The Printer's Devil: A Magazine of New Writing [Issue D]
41776: O'BRIEN, CONOR CRUISE - God Land: Reflections on Religion and Nationalism
35530: BRIEN, KEVIN M. - Marx, Reason, and the Art of Freedom
35006: O'BRIEN, ERIS, FOREWORD JOHN M. WARD - The Foundation of Australia (1786-1800) a Study in English Criminal Practice and Penal Colonization in the Eighteenth Century

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