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8845: ABERCOMBIE (JOHN): - Inquiries concerning the Intellectual Powers and the Investigation of Truth. Second Edition.
7695: ABOT DE BAZINGHEN (FRANCOIS ANDRE): - Traite des Monnoies et de la Jurisdiction de la Cour des Monnoies, end forme de Dictionnaire, qui contenient, L'Histoire des Monnoies des ancients Peuples Juifs, Gaulois & Romains; Les Monnoies de France...[etc]. Ouvrage utile & nécessaire aux Officiers des Monnoies, aux Changeurs, Assineurs, Fondeurs, Orsévres, Horologers, Tieurs, Batteurs d'or & d'argent, Negoians, Banquiers, &c. à toous ceux qui emploient & négocient les matieres d'or & d'argent.
8411: ABRAHALL (CHANDOS HOSKYNS): - Rinaldo. A Dramatic Poem. In Three Acts.
8555: ADAIR (JAMES): - Glimpses behind Edinburgh City Life. An Address. Delivered by rquest to a body of represnetative Church and published by certain of their number. For Private Circulation.
8270: ADAM (ALEXANDER): - Classical Biography: Exhibiting Alphabetically The Proper Names, with a Short Account of the Several Deities, Heroes, and Other Persons, Mentioned in the Ancient Classic Authors; and a More Particular Description of the Most Distinguished Characters Among the Romans; the Whole being Interspersed with Occasional Explanations of Words and Phrases. Designed Chiefly to Contribute to the Illustration of the Latin Classics.
4645: ADDISON (JOSEPH): - The Evidences of the Christian Religion..., To which are added, Several Discourses against Atheism and Infidelity, and in Defence of the Christian Revelation, occasionally published by Him and Others: And now collected into one Body, and digested under their proper Heads. With a Preface, containing the Sentiments of Mr. Boyle, Mr. Lock, and Sir Isaac Newton, concerning the Gospel-Revelation.
3646: ADDISON (JOSEPH). SMITHERS (PETER): - The Life of Joseph Addison.
2573: ADDISON (JOSEPH). [TYERS (THOMAS)]: - An Historical Essay on Mr. Addison.
7478: ADDISON (JOSEPH), ET AL: - The Beauties of the Spectators, Tatlers, and Guardians. Corrected and Digested under Alphabetical Heads. A New Edition Corrected.
5676: AESOP. - Select Fables of Esop and Other Fabulists. In Three Books.
7621: AHMAD (ARDABILI). FOX (CHARLES): - Aks-i partaw. A Series of Poems, containing the plaints, Consolations, and Delights of Achmed Ardebeili, A Persians Exile. With Notes Historical and Explanatory.
7249: [AIKIN (JOHN)]: - Essays on Song-Writing: With a Collection of such English Songs as a most eminent for Poetical Merit. To which are added, Some Original Pieces.
4677: AKENSIDE (MARK): - The Pleasures of Imagination. A Poem. In Three Books.
3302: AKENSIDE (MARK): - The Poetical Works of Mark Akenside, M. D. Collated with the Best Editions: by Thomas Park.
7104: AKENSIDE (MARK): - The Pleasures of Imagination. A Poem. In Three Books.
8064: ALBRIZZI (GIAMBATISTA): - Forestiere Illuminato Intorno le cose più rare, e curiose, Antiche, e Moderne della città di Venezia, e dell'Isole circonvicine; con la descrizione delle Chiese, Monisteri, Ospedali, Tesoro di San Marco, Fabbriche pubbliche, Pitture celebri, e di quanto v'e di piu riguardevole, Opera Adornato Di molte bellissime Vedute in rame delle fabbriche piu copiscue di questa Metropoli. Prodtta sotto gli Auspici dis A. R, Federigo Cristiano Principe Reale di Polonia, ed Elettorale di Sassonia ec.
7190: ALCIPHRON. - Alciphron's Epistles; in which are described, The Domestic Manners, The Courtesans, and Parasites of Greece. Now first Translated from the Greek [by William Beloe and Thomas Monroe].
2690: ALFIERI (VICTOR): - Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Victor Alfieri; Written by Himself. Translated from the Italian.
4368: ALGAROTTI (FRANCESCO): - An Essay on the Opera Written in Italian by Count Algarotti.
6850: ALISON (ARCHIBALD): - Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste.
8766: ALLESTREE (RICHARD): - The Ladies Calling In Two Parts. By the Author of the Whole Duty of Man, &c. The Eighth Impression.
3790: [ALLETZ (PONS AUGUSTE): - Dictionnnaire Portatif des Conciles, Contenant Une Somme de Tous les Conciles généraux, nationaux, provinciaux, & particuliers; le suject de leur tenue, leurs Décisions sur le Dogme our la Discipline, & les erreurs qu'ils ont condamnées. Nouvelle [deuzieme] Edition, Augmentée d'une Table de tous les noms des Conciles en Latin, & expliqués en Francois.
8844: ALMANAC. - The Sovereign. Or Royal Tablet of Memory, for 1824. Embellished with Twelve Views & Monuments.
7361: ALMANAC. - Almanach des Muses 1785.
6654: ALMANAC. - The Court and City Register, or Gentleman's Complete Annual Kalendar, For the Year 1771. Containing, I. New and Correct Lists of both Houses of Parliament. II. The Court Register. III. Lists of the Army, Navy, Universities, Public Offices, Hospitals, &c. With many Improvements, and the Additions of some new Lists.
6655: ALMANAC. - The Court and City Register, or Gentleman's Complete Annual Kalendar, For the Year 1772. Containing, I. New and Correct Lists of both Houses of Parliament. II. The Court Register. III. Lists of the Army, Navy, Universities, Public Offices, Hospitals, &c. With many Improvements, and the Additions of some new Lists.
6712: ALMANAC. MINIATURE. - London Almanac for the Year of Christ 1840.
8630: ALMANAC. ABERDEEN. - The New Aberdeen Almanac and Northern Supplement to Oliver & Boyd's Edinburgh Almanac for 1838: Comprising Lists connected with the City of Aberdeen, and the Counties of Aberdeen, Banff, and Kincardine.
8811: ALMANAC. FINGER. MINIATURE. - The Almanac Explained....
7363: ALMANAC. - Almanach des Muses 1774
8538: ALMANAC. BULLFIGHT. - Messager Boiteux Almanach historique  Contenant des Observations astronomiques sur chaque mois. Le cours du Soleil et de la Lune.... Pour l'An de Grace 1845... Par Antoine Souci.
7362: ALMANAC. - Almanach des Muses 1775
7364: ALMANAC. - Almanach des Muses 1776
7132: ALMANAC. - L'EsprIt des Amans ou Les Amours du Siecle. Almanach. Orné de Jolies Gravures.
7332: [AMERICAN CIVIL WAR]. - Union Forever. "The Union of States forever will stand...."
8133: AMES (WILLIAM): - Guiljelmi Amesii de Conscientia et Eius Jure. vel Casibus. Libri Quinque.
7861: AMES (WILLIAM): - Guiljelmi Amesii de Conscientia et Eius Jure. vel Casibus. Libri Quinque.
6964: AMICO (BERNARDINO): - Trattato delle Piante & Immagini de Sacri Edifizi di Terra Santa Disegnate in Ierusalemme secondo le regole della Prospettiua, & uera misura della lor Grandezza dal R. P. F. Bernardino Amico da Gallipoli dell' Ord. di S. Francesco de Minori Offeuanii. stampate in Roma e di nuouo ristampate dallistesso autore in piu piccola forma, aggiuntoni la strada dolorosa, & altre figure.
7014: ANACREON. - [Greek title]. Anakreontos, kai allon tinon lurikon poieton mele. Anacreontis et Aliorum Lyricorum aliquot poetarum Odæ. In easdem Henr. Stephani Observationes. Eædem Latinæ.
8334: ANACREON. SAINT-VICTOR (JACQUES-BENJAMIN): - Odes d'Anacreon Traduites en Vers sur le Texte De Brunck par J. B. de Saint-Victor.
8677: ANDREWS (JOHN): - Remarks on the French and English Ladies, In a Series of Letters; Interspersed with Various Anecdotes, and Additional Matter arising from the Subject.
3413: [ANGLESI (BARON D']: - The Military Mentor. Being a Series of Letters recently written by a General Officer to his Son, on his Entering the Army: Comprising a Course of Elegant Instruction, calculated to unite the Characters and Accomplishments of the Gentleman and the Soldier. Second Edition.
6038: ANIMALS. NATURAL HISTORY. - The Natural History of Animals: Containing An Account of Remarkable Beasts; with many interesting particulars concerning them.
6665: [?ANNET (PETER)]. - A Defence Of the Peculiar Institutions and Doctrines of Christianity. In Answer to a late Pamphlet, Intitled, Deism fairly Stated and fully Vindicated from the gross Imputations and groundless Calumnies of modern Believers.
5860: ANQUETIL (LOUIS-PIERRE) - Louis XIV, sa Cour et le Regent.
8161: ANTI-JACOBIN. - The Anti-Jacobin, Or Weekly Examiner. In Two Volumes. Fourth Edition, Revised and Corrected.
7127: APOLLODORUS OF ATHENS. - Apollorori Atheniensis Bibliotheces, siue de deorum origine, tam graecè, qua`m latinè, luculentis pariter, ac doctis annotationibus illustrati, & nunc primum in lucem editi libri tres. Benedicto Aegio Spoletino Interprete, accessit etiam libris hisce nominum, rerumq éopulentissimus index. Quibus demum additus est Scipionis Tetti viri apprimedocti de Apollodoris ad Othonem Trvcsivm Cardinalem amplissimum commentarius.
6266: APPERLEY ([THOMAS]): - Essays and Reflections, Religious and Moral. Second Edition, with Additions.
8390: [APPLEGARTH (ROBERT)]: - A Theological Survey of the Human Understanding. Intended as an Antidote against Modern Deism.
7271: APULIEUS. - Psyche. Traduction nouvelle par Victor Develay De la Bibliotheque-SeGenevieve.
8593: ARABIC BIBLE. - Old and New Testament. Selections in Arabic.
8404: ARBROATH GUILDRY - Rules and Regulations of The Abroath Guildry Incorporation.
8284: [ARBUTHNOT (GEORGE)], EDITOR: - Home Words. Stratford-on-Avon Parish Magazine.
8291: ARCHERY. TOXOPHILITE (OLD): - The Archer's Guide: Containing Full Instructions for the use of that ancient and noble instrument The Bow; Directions for the Choice of Arrows; and all information essential to the attainment of theoretical proficiency in the graceful, manly, and fashionable pastime of Archery. Accompanied by a Sketch of the History of the Long-Bow, whether as a weapon of war or an instrument of amusement. By an Old Toxopholite.
8114: ARIOSTO (LODOVICO): - Orlando Furioso of Lodovico Arisoto, With an explanation of equivocal words, and poetical figures, and an elucidation of all the passages concerning History or Fable. By Agostino Isola.
5249: ARISTOPHANES. - Aristophanous komodiai duo Ploutos kai Nephelai. Meta scholion palaion panu ophelimon. Aristophanis comoediæ duæ Plutus & Nubes: cum Scholiis Græcis Antiquis, Quibus adjiciuntur Notæ Quædam, Simul cum Gemino Indice.In usum Stuiosæ Juventutis.
6885: ARISTOTLE - Aristotle's Treatise on Poetry, translated: With Notes on the Translation, and on the Original; and Two Dissertations, on Poetical, and Musical, Imitation. By Thomas Twining. The Second Edition, in two volumes, by Daniel Twining.
7092: [ARMSTRONG (JOHN)]: - The Oeconomy of Love. A Poetical Essay. A New Edition
5611: [ARMSTRONG (JOHN)]: - The Economy of Love. A Poetical Essay.
5855: ARNOT (HUGO): - An Essay on Nothing. A Quaint Jeu d'Esprit attributed to Arnot.
8562: ARNOTT (ARCHIBALD DAVIDSON): - The Coming of Spring and Other Poems. Privately Printed 1910.
4831: ARSCOTT (ALEXANDER): - Some Considerations relating to the Present State of the Christian Religion; wherein the Nature, End, and Design of Christianity, as well as the Principal Evidence of the truth of it, are explained and recommended out of the Holy Scriptures; with a general appeal to the experience of all men for confirmation thereof. In Three Parts. The Third Edition.
8419: ARTS AND MANUFACTURES. - An History of Useful Arts and Manufactures.
6230: ASH (JOHN): - Grammatical Institutes; Or,an easy Introduction to Dr. Lowth's English Grammar: Designed for the use of Schools, And to lead Young Gentlemen and Ladies, into the Knowledge of the first Principles of the English Language. With an Appendix, Containing I. The Declension of irregular and defective Verbs. II. The Application of the Grammatical Institutes. III. Some useful Observations on the Ellipsis. To which are now added, Select Lessons, to instil just Sentiments of Virtue in Youth. And a Collection of Books, proper for young Gentlemen and Ladies, to shorten the Path to Knowledge. A New Edition, Revised and corrected by the Author.
3835: ASHBURNHAM (JOHN). - A Narrative of John Ashburnham of his Attendance on King Charles the First from Oxford to the Scotch Army, and from Hampton-Court to the Isle of Wight: never before printed. To which is prefixed, A Vindication of his Character and Conduct, from the Misrepresentations of Lord Clarendon, by his Lineal Descendant and Present Representative.
6374: ASHBY (SAMUEL): - Miscellaneous Poems. The Illustrious Friends; Address to Music and Poesy, &c. &c.
6208: ASHFORD (DAISY): - The Young Visiters or, Mr. Salteenas Plan. With a Preface by J. M. Barrie.
4585: ASIOLI (BONIFAZIO): - Grammaire Musicale, ou Théorie des Principes de Musique, par demandes et par reponses; Adoptée par le Conservatoire Royal de Milan, pour l'instruction de ses Eléves, Et rédigée par B. Asioli, Directeur de cette Ecole; ouvrage traduit de l'Italien.
8618: [AUKERIAN (HAROUTIUN): - A Brief Account of the Mechitaristican Society Founded on the Island of St. Lazaro. [Translated by Alexander Goode.]
4516: AVISON (CHARLES): - An Essay on Musical Expression. With Alterations and Large Additions. To which is added, A Letter to the Author, concerning the Music of the Ancients, and some Passages in Classic Writers, relating to that Subject. Likewise, Mr. Avison's Reply to the Author of Remarks on Musical Expression. In a Letter from Mr. Avison, to his Friend in London. The Third Edition.
7142: BACON (FRANCIS): - Sermones Fideles. Ethici. Politici. OEconomic. Sive Interiora Rerum. Accedunt Faber Fortunae Colores Boni et Mali, &c.
7580: BACON (FRANCIS): - Essays, or Counsels, Civil and Moral. By Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam, Viscount St. Alban, and Lord High Chancellor of England,
8642: [BADCOCK (JOHN)]: - Sportsman's Slang: A New Dictionary of terms used in the affairs of the Turf, the Ring, the Chase, and the Cock-Pit, with those of Bon-Ton, and the Varieties of Life; forming an original and authentic Lexicon Valatronicum et Macaronicum. Particularly adapted to the use of The Sporting World, For elucidating Words and Phrases that are necessarily, or purposely, rendered cramp, mutative and unintelligible, outside their respective Spheres. Interspersed with Anecdotes and Whimsies, with Tart Quotations and Rum-Ones; with Example, Proofs and Monitory Precepts, Use and Proper for Novices, Flates, and Yokels Editio Altera.
5653: BADCOCK (JOHN), EDITOR: - The New Lyre: A Collection of the Best Songs Now in Vogue, and no other; In which are interspersed, A few Duets, Catches, Glees, and Recitations; Some Originals; Including the Whole of the Modern Songs that are received with Approbation at the Theatres, Public and Private Concert, and Convivial Meetings. Accompanied by Notes of curious Readings, &c. A Preface concerning the Vocal Art; and a Glossary of Hard or Doubtful Words by J. Badcock.
7877: BAILLIE (JOANNA): - Miscellaneous Plays. Second Edition.
8127: BAKER (HENRY): - The Universe. A Poem. Intended To restrain the Pride of Man. By Mr. Baker.
2468: BAKER (DAVID ERSKINE): - Biographia Dramatica; Or, a Companion to the Playhouse: Containing Historical and critical Memoirs, and original Anecdotes, of British and Irish Dramatic Writers, from the Commencement of our Theatrical Exhibitions; among whom are Some of the Most Celebrated Actors...Together with An Introductory View of the Rise and Progress of the British Stage. Originally compiled, to the year 1764, by David Erskine Baker. Continued thence to 1782, by Isaac Reed...And brought down to the End of November 1811, with very consideration Additions and Improvements throughout, by Stephen Jones.
5722: [BAKER (THOMAS)]: - Reflections upon Learning; Wherein is shewn the Insufficiency Thereof, in its several Particulars: In order to evince the Usefulness and Necessity of Revelation. The Sixth Edition. By a Gentleman.
4017: BALDWIN (SAMUEL): - A Survey of the British Customs; Containing the Rates of Merchandize As established by 12Car.II.C.4, IIGeo.I.C.7, and other Statutes; with Tables of the Net Duties, Drawbacks, Bounties, &c. payable thereon, Under all Circumstances of Importation and Exportation. Also A Distinct and Practical Account of The several Branches of the Revenue called the Customs. With an Appendix, containing an Abstract of all the Laws now in force relative to the Customs. The whole continued to the End of the Session of 9. Geo. III.
8066: BALLARD (GEORGE): - Memoirs of Several Ladies of Great Britain, who have been celebrated for their writings of skill in the learned languages arts and sciences.
3716: BALZAC (HONORE DE): - Les Contes Drolatiques colligez ez abbayes de touraine et mis en lumiere par lesieur de Balza pour l'esbattement des pantagruelistes et non aultres. Huitieme Edition illustree de 425 dessins par Gustave Doré.
4524: BALZAC (JEAN LOUIS GUEZ): - Letters of Mounsieur de Balzac. 1. 2. 3. and 4th parts. Translated out of French into English. By Sr Richard Baker Knight, and others. Now collected into one Volume, with a methodicall table of all the letters.
3688: [BARBIN (CLAUDE)], PUBLISHER: - Le Boufon de la Cour, ou Remede preservatif contre le Melancolie.
8710: BARCLAY (RACHEL), COMPILER: - Poems Intended to Promote Piety and Virtue in the Minds of Young People. Selected by Rachel Barclay. The Second Edition.
6914: [BARGAGLI (GIROLAMO)]: - Dialogo de Givochi che nelle vegghie sanesi si usano fare. Del Materiale Intronato. All' Illvstrissima, et Eccellentissima Signora Donna Isabella de' Medici Orsina Duchessa di Bracciano.
1779: BARHAM (R. H. DALTON): - The Life and Remains of Theodore Edward Hook.
6216: BARING (FRANCIS): - The Principle of the Commutation-Act.
7464: BARNUM (P. T.): - Struggles and Triumphs or, Sixty Years' Recollections of P. T. Barnum, including Golden Rules for Money Making. Illustrated and Brought Up to 1889. Written by Himself.
7885: BARTOLI (PIETRO SANTI): - Le Antiche Lucerne Sepolcrali Figurate Raccolte dalle Cave sotterranee, e Grotte di Roma, nelle quli si contengono molte erudite Memorie. Disegnate, ed intagliate nelle loro orme da Pietro Sanit Bartoli E che ora sona tra le Stampe di Domenico de Rossi Erede di Gio. Giacomo de Rossi a S. Maria della Pace, con Privilegio del Sommon Pontefice. Divise in tre Parti con l'Osservazioni di Gio Pietro Bellori.
4577: BASKERVILLE. SALLUST: - C. Crispus Sallutius; et L. Annæ Florus.
6951: BATE (GEORGE): - Ristretto Delli Moti Moderni d'Inghilterra, Con vn breue Racconto Delle Ragioni del Rè, e del Parlamento. Tradotto dal Latino in Italiano dal Dottor Gio: Batt: Birago Auogadro Cutadin Venetiano. All'Illustriss. & Eccellentiss. Sig. Giovanni Pesaro, Caualier e Procurator di S. Marco.
7409: [BATH HARMONIC SOCIETY]: - A Selection of favourite Catches, Glees, &c. as sung at the Bath Harmonic Society, with the Rules of the Society, and a List of the Members. Second Edition. With considerable Additions.
4828: [BAUDEAU (NICOLAS), ABBE] AND ABBE MORELLET, INTER ALIA: - Encyclopedie Méthodique. Commerce.
6497: BAYNE (ALEXANDER): - Institutions of the Criminal Law of Scotland. For the Use of the Students who attend the Lectures of Alexander Bayne, J. P.
6894: BEALE (WILLERT) [WALTER MAYNARD]: - The Light of Other Days Seen through the wrong end of an opera glass.
8785: BEATTIE (JAMES): - The Minstrel; or the Progress of Genius: In Two Parts. With Some Other Poems. With Designs by Mr. Thurston: and Engraved on Wood by Mr. Clennell.
7789: [BEATTIE (JAMES)]: - Scoticisms, arranged in Alphabetical Order, Designed to correct Improprieties of Speech and Writing.
8239: BEATTIE (JAMES): - Poems on Several Subjects. A New Edition, Corrected.
8362: BEAUTIES. - Beauties in Prose and Verse, Selected from the Most Celebrated Authors, Antient and Modern, viz. Blair, Goldsmith, Sterne, Percival, Aikin, Brooke, Gessner, Drummond, Pliny, Robertson, Cicero, Jenyns, Fordyce, Johnson, Harris, Collins, Carter, Moore, Cunningham, Shenstone, Merrick, Cotton, Greville, Addison, Parnell, Melmoth, Gray, etc. With some Original Pieces. The Whole Calculated to Exhibit the most striking Pictures of Virtue and Vice to the Minds of Youth.
5641: [BEEKE (HENRY)]: - Letter to a County Member, on the Means of Securing a Safe and Honourable Peace.
7994: BEHN (APHRA): - The Plays, Histories, and Novels of the Ingenious Mrs Aphra Behn. With Life and Memoirs.
5839: BELLENDEN (WILLIAM). - Praefationis ad tres Gulielmi Bellendeni Libros, de Status, Edition Seconda. [With Preface by Samuel Parr.]
5645: BELLENDEN (WILLIAM). [BELOE (WILLIAM)]. [PARR (SAMUEL)]: - A Free Translation of the Preface to Bellendenus; Containing Animated Strictures on the Great Political Characters of the Present Time.
3582: BELSHAM (WILLIAM): - Memoirs of the Reign of George III. To the Session of Parliament ending A. D. 1793. Second Edition.
8645: BENNETT (LUCY ANN): - Henceforth And other Poems. Designs by Alice Price.
4783: BENTLEY (RICHARD): - A Dissertation upon the Epistles of Phalaris: With an Answer to The Objections of the Hon. Charles Boyle. To which are added, Dr. Bentley's Dissertation on the Epistles of Themistocles, Socrates, Euripides, and others; and the Fables of Æsop; as originally printed: With Occasional Remarks on the Whole.
4097: BERINGTON (JOHN): - The History of the Lives of Abeillard and Heloisa; Comprising a Period of Eighty-Four Years, From 1079 to 1163. With their Genuine Letters, from the Collection of Amboise. The Second Edition.
6439: BERINGTON (JOSEPH): - Reflections addressed to The Rev. John Hawkins. To which is added, An Exposition of Roman Catholic Principles, in reference to God and the Country.
8789: BERKELEY (HON. GEORGE CHARLES GRANTLEY FITZHARDINGE): - Berkeley Castle, An Historical Romance.
8414: [BERKELEY (GEORGE)]: - A Miscellany, Containing Several Tracts on Various Subjects. By the Bisoph of Cloyne.
8451: BERKELEY (GEORGE): - Recherches sur Les Vertus de l'Eau de Goudron, Ou l'ou a joint des Reflexions Philosophiques sur divers autres sujbects important. Traduit de l'Anglois Du Dr. George Berkeley, Eveque de Cloyne/ Avec deux Lettres de l'Auteur.
8329: BERQUIN (ARNAUD): - Select Stories for the Instruction and Entertainment of Children, from the French of M. Berquin. Embellished with Four Copper-Plates. The Second Edition.
8873: BETTERTON (THOMAS): - The History of the English Stage, from the Restauration [sic] to the Present Time. Including the Lives, Characters and Amours, Of the most Eminent Actors and Actresses. With Instructions for Public Speaking; wherein The Action and Utterance of the Bar, Stage, and Pulpit are Distinctly considered. Adorned with Cuts.
5520: BEVERIDGE (WILLIAM): - Brif ddledswyddau Christion. Sef angenrhaid a mawrlles gweddi gyffredin, a mynych gymmuno. A fwriadwyd er mwyn adnew yddu'r duwioldeb oedd arferedig gynt ym mhlith y Prif Grist'Nogon. O waith y gwir bartchedig dad yn nuw William Beveridge...o gyfiethiad Edward Samuel.
3348: BIANCHINI [OR BLANCHINI] (FRANCESCO): - Franciscisci Blanchini Veronensis Utriusque Signaturæ Referendarii, & Prælati Domestici, de Tribus Generius Instrumentorum Musicæ Veterum Organicæ Dissertatio.
7725: BIBLE. PRIESTLEY (TIMOTHY): - The New Evangelical Family Bible; or, a complete Paraphrase, Exposition, and Commentary on the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments: Containing A New and Beautiful Edition of the whole Sacred Texts of the Old and New Testaments, Correctly and Distinctly Printed at Large: Fully Explained and Illustrated With Copious Notes and Annotations, Doctrinal, Critical, Historical, and Experimental: Wherein the Mis-translations are Corrected; the seeming Contradictions Reconciled; former Errors Rectified, the Objections of Atheists, Deists, Arians, Socinians, and Free-thinkers Answered; difficult Passages Explained; and the Sacred Writings Displayed in their genuine Purity and Lustre. Together with Practical Observations and suitable Reflections on every Chapter, From the Beginning of Genesis to the End of Revelation.... Embellished with Large Elegant Scripture Prints, finely engraved on Copper.
7728: BIBLE. MINIATURE. BRYCE. - The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments. Translated out of the Original Tongues and with Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. By his Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to be Read in Churches.
8824: BIBLE. RIDER (WILLIAM), EDITOR: - The Apocrypha at Large; With Comments and Annotations, Theological, Historical, Critical, and Moral.
6118: BIBLE. MARTIN (DAVID), EDITOR: - La Sainte Bible, qui contient le vieux et le nouveau Testament, revue sur les originaux, Par David Martin, Ministre du Saint Evangile a Utrecht.
7098: BIBLE. SACRA BIBLIA, - Vulgatae Editionis. Sixti V. P. M. Ivssv Recognita: Tres Partes Divisa. Adjectis, quae in prioribus desiderabantur editionibus, Librorum, Psalmorum & quamplurimorum capitum Argumentis, doctrinaeque factae Summariis: Notatis insuper locis, ex quibus Lectiones, Epistolae, & Evangelia desumuntur. Inserta passim Chronologia cum omnibus Concordantiis, & copiosissimis Indiciibus sub sinem cujusque Partis. Ope & opera D. F. C. P. C.
8671: BIBLE COMMENTARY. BINDING. - A Commentary on the Holy Bible: Containing the Whole Sacred Text of the Old and New Testaments; With Notes Explanatory, Historical, Critical, and Practical. Calculated to assist the Christian Reader in profitably using this most valuable Book.
7498: BIBLE. - Biblia Sacra, sive Testamentum vetus ab m. Tremellio, & Fr. Junio ex Hebræo Latine redditum, et Testamentu novum a Theod: Beza è Græco in Latinu vers.
4441: [BICKERSTAFFE (ISAAC)]: - Love in a Village; A Comic Opera: As is is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden. The Eleventh Edition.
4740: BIDDULPH (THOMAS TREGENNA): - Practical Essays on the Morning and Evening Services of the Church of England. [AND]: Practical Essays on the Collects in the Liturgy of the Church of England, for the Sundays and Other Holidays.
7307: BIDDULPH (THOMAS T.): - Essays on some Select Parts of the Liturgy of the Church of England; being the substance of A Course of Lectures delivered in the Parish Church of St. Werburgh, Bristol. The Third Edition.
8667: DE BIE (JACQUES): - Les Vrais Portraits des Rois de France. Tire de ce quit Novs Reste de leurs Monumens, Sceaux, Medailles, ou autres Effigies, conseruees dan les plus rares & plus curieux Cabinets du Royaume. Av Tres. Chrestien Roy de France et de Navarre Lovis XIII. Seconde Edition. Augmentee de nouveaux Portraits, & enrichie des Vies des Rois par le R. P. H. de Coste....
8240: DE BIE (JACQUES): - La France Metallique Contenant les actions celebres tant publiques que privées des Rois et des Reynes: Remarquées en leurs Mmédailles d'Or Argent etBbronze. Tirees des plus Curieux Cabinetz.
8077: BIGLAND (JOHN): - Essays on Various Subjects.
5211: BIGLAND (JOHN): - Letters on the Study and Use of Ancient and Modern History: Containing Observations and Reflections on the causes and consequences of those events which have produced conspicuous changes in the Aspect of the World, and The General State of Human Affairs.
8801: BINDING. MUSÉE LE GRAMMAIRIEN - Héro et Léandre Dessins de Pfnor, gravures de Méaulle. Notices par A. Pons. Héro et Léandre, poème de C. Marot [Translated by G. de La Porte Du Theil].
8802: BINDING. APULEIUS. - L'Amour et Psyché.
8835: BINDING. FLOWERS. - Flowers from the Holy Land. Fleurs de Terre Sainte. Blumen aus dem Heil. Lande.
8498: BINDING. ALMANAC. - Kalendario Manual y Guia de Foresteros en Madrid, para el Ano 1793.
8865: BINDING. KEN (BISHOP): - Approach to the Holy Altar; By Bishop Ken. From his "Manual of Prayer," and "Practice of Divine Love."
8566: BINDING. BRADY (NICHOLAS) AND TATE (NAHUM): - A New Version of the Psalms of David Fitted to the Tunes used in Churches.
8023: BINDING. OMAR KHAYYAM. - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam The Astronomer Poet of Persia Rendered into English Verse [by Edward Fitzgerald].
7286: BINDING. MAUCHLINE WARE. [KEBLE (JOHN), COMPILER]: - The Christian Year. Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the Year. Twenty-Sixth Edition.
8864: BINDING. CHURCH OF ENGLAND. - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church. According to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland: Together with The Psalter or Psalms of David, printed as they are to be sung or said in churches; and the form and manner of making, ordaining, and consecrationf of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons.
8693: BINGLEY (WILLIAM): - Animal Biography; Or, Authentic Anecdotes of the Lives, Manners, and Economy of the Animal Creation, Arranged according to the System of Linnaeus. Second Edition, With considerable Additions and Corrections.
7718: BISHOP (SAMUEL): - Feriae Poeticae: sive Carmina Anglicana Elegiaci Plerumque Argumenti Latine Reddita a Sam. B ishop, A. M. Scholae Mercatorum Scissorum Hypodidascalo; Et Collegii Divi Johannis Baptistae Nuper Socio. Subiiciuntur Parce Epigrammat Quaedam Nova.
8733: BISS (CECIL YATES): - Israel's Rejection of the Lord Jesus: An Exposition of Luke XIV. An Address Given at Carlton Hill Chapel, St. John's Wood, N.W., on Sunday Evening, June 21st, 1896.
7730: BIZOT (PIERRE): - Histoire Metallique de la Republique de Hollande.
8068: BIZOT (PIERRE): - Histoire Metallique de la Republique de Hollande.
6360: [BLACKWELL (THOMAS)]: - An Enquiry into the Life and Writings of Homer. The Second Edition.
4328: BLAINVILLE (CHARLES HENRI DE): - Histoire Générale, Critique et Philologique de La Musique, Dédiée à La Duchesse de Villeroy.
6338: BLAIR (HUGH): - Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres.
7719: BLAIR (HUGH): - Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres.
6241: BLAIR (HUGH): - Sentimental Beauties and Moral Delineations from the Writings of the Celebrated Dr. Blair, and Other Much Admired Authors; Selected with a View to Refine the Taste, Rectify the Judgment, and Mould the Heart to Virtue.
6633: BLAIR (HUGH): - Sentimental Beauties and Moral Delineations from the Writings of the Celebrated Dr. Blair, and Other Much Admired Authors; Selected with a View to Refine the Taste, Rectify the Judgment, and Mould the Heart to Virtue.
8349: BLAIR (HUGH): - Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres.
7297: BLAIR (WILLIAM): - Anthropology: Or, The Natural History of Man; with a Comparative View of the Structure and Functions of Animated Beings in General.
8600: BLANCH (WILLIAM HARNETT), EDITOR: - The Volunteer's Book of Facts: An Annual Record. Edited by W. H. Lanch...Third Edition.
6582: BLASIS (CARLO): - Manuel complet de la Danse comprenant la théorie, la pratique et l'histoire de cet art depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à nos jours; à l'usage des amateurs et des professeurs.... Trad. de l'Anglais de M. Barton sur l'édit. de 1830, par M. Paul Vergnaud. Ouvrage orné d'un grand nombre de Figures et de Musique.
8337: BLOW (JOHN): - Amphion Anglicus. A Work of Many Compositions, For One, Two, Three and Four Voices: With several Accompagnements of Instrumental Musick; and a Thorow-Bass to each Song: Figur'd for an Organ, Harpsichord, or Theorboe-Lute.
8079: BOCCACCIO (GIOVANNI): - The Decameron or Ten Days Entertainment of Boccaccio. Translated from the Itlaian. In Two Volumes. The Second Edition. To which are prefixed, Remarks on the Life and Writings of Boccaccio, and An Advertisement, by the author of Old Nick, a Piece of Family Biography, &c.
8792: BODONI PRESS. ANACREON - Anakreontos Tejoy mele Praefixo Commentario quo Poetae Gve Traditve et Bibliotheca Anacreonteia Adumbratve. Additis Var. Lect.
8420: BOETHIUS. ANICII MANLII TORQUATI SEVERINI BOETHII: - De Consolatione Philosophiae. Libre Quinaue. Editi á P[etro] Bertio. Accessit Ejusdem de Disciplina Scholarium liber.
6753: BOETHIUS - Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus Boetius His Consolation of Philosophy, in Five Books. Translated into English.
8394: BOILEAU-DESPRÉAUX (NICOLAS): - Les Œuvres de M. Boileau Despreaux, avec des Eclaircissemens Historiques.
2470: BOILEAU-DESPRÉAUX (NICOLAS); - Les Œuvres de M. Boileau Despreaux, avec des Eclaircissemens Historiques.
5636: [BOLINGBROKE (HENRY ST. JOHN), VISCOUNT: - Case of Dunkirk Faithfully Stated and Impartially Considered. By a Member of the House of Commons.
8195: BONIFACIUS VIII. - Sextus decretalium liber a Bonifacio VIII in concilio Lugdunensi editus. Cum glossematu[m] diuisionibus: qui ex nouella Joa[n]nis andree: suis sunt locis passim apposite. Interpretame[n]tis d[omi]ni Helie et Dominici de sancto Geminiano, Casibus litteralibus: summulis: regulis iuris cesarei: ac tabulis q[uorum] optimis. Multa[rum] glossa[rum] castigatione. Additione in margine litteraru[m]: quo minusculi characteres lineis intercepti clarius appareant.
4087: [BONNOT DE MABLY [GABRIEL)]: - Lettres a Madame la Marquise de P.... sur l'Opera.
8006: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. NEW TESTAMENT - The Book of Common Prayer, And Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches.
6696: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of The Sacraments; and other Rites & Ceremonies of The Church of England. Also, The Companion to the Altar, and the New Version of the Psalms of David. With Notes and Annotations to the Whole.
6676: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. HOLY BIBLE. PSALMS. - The Book of Common Prayer, And Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David. Pointed as they are to be Sung or Said in Churches.
8881: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. BINDING. - The Book of Common Prayer, And Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Printed as they are to be sung or said in Churches.
8655: BOSCH (LAMBERT VAN DEN): - Florus Anglicus, Sive Rerum Anglicarum Ab ipso exordio, usque ad Caroli primi mortem deductarum Compendium. Auctore Lamberto Silvio. Amstelodamensi.
6608: BOUDIER DE VILLEMERT (PIERRE-JOSEPH): - The Friend of Women: Translated from the French of Bourdier [sic] de Villemert. By Alexander Morrice.
3121: BOURDILLON (FRANCIS W.): - A Lost God. With Illustrations by H. J. Ford.
7995: [BOUREAU - DELANDES (ANDRE FRANCOIS)]: - Pigmalion ou La Statue Animée.
7225: BOURSAULT (EDME): - Theatre de Feu. Nouvelle Edition, Revué, corrigeée & augmentée de plusieurs Piéces, qui n'ont point paru dans les précedentes.
7650: [BOUTET (CLAUDE)]: - Traite de Mignature, Pour Apprendre aisement a Peindre sans Maistre, Avec le Secret de fair les plus belles Couleurs, l'Or bruny, & Or en Coquelle. Quatrieme Edition. Reveue, corrigee & augmentee par l'Auteur.
8276: [BOWDLER (THOMAS)]: - Letters written in Holland in the Months of September October, 1787. To which is added A Collection of letters, and Other Papers relating to the Journey of the Princess of Orange, on the 28th of June, 1787.
3233: BOWDLER (JOHN): - Select Pieces in Verse and Prose. Fourth Edition.
5453: BOWMAN (THOMAS): - The Principles of Christianity, As taught in Scriptures; Being Seven Discourses on Our Lost State in Adam. Our Recovery by Jesus Christ, And the Necessity of Regeneration and Sanctification by the Holy Ghost. To which is prefixed, A Letter to a Clergyman.
4103: BOYER (JEAN BAPTISTE DE), MARQUIS D'ARGENS: - New Memoirs establishing A True Knowledge of Mankind, by discovering the Affections of the Heart, and the Operations of the Understanding, In the various Scenes of Life: Being A Critical Inquiry into the Nature of Friendship and Happiness. An Essays on other Important Subjects. Interspersed with Letters from the Baron de Spon, the Emperor's Minister at Berlin.... And Two Novels, Spanish and French, shewing the Tragical Effects of Jealousy; the dissembling Arts of Coquetry; and the unhappy State of the Comedian. With Thoughts on the Art of Beautifying the Face, By Mademoiselle Cochois, The Favour both of the Court, and the Theatre, of Berlin.
7211: BOYLE (ROBERT): - An Essay about the Origine & Virtues of Gems. Wherein are Propos'd and Historically Illustrated some Conjectures about the Consistence of the Matter of Precious Stones, and the Subjects wherein their chiefest Virtues reside.
4648: BOYS (JOHN): - A General View of the Agriculture of the County of Kent; With Observations on the Means of it Improvement. Drawn up for The Consideration of the Board of Agriculture, and Internal Improvement, From the original Report transmitted to the Board; With additional remarks of several respectable country gentlemen and farmers.
5227: BRADBURY (WILLIAM ) AND SANDERS (C. W.). - The School Singer, or Young Choir's Companion: a choice collection of music, original and selected, for juvenile singing schools, Sabbath schools, public schools, academies, select classes, etc., including some of the most popular German melodies, with English words adapted, or poetry translated from the German expressly for this work : also, a complete course of instruction in the elements of vocal music, founded on the Germany system of Kübler. Fifth Edition.
4384: BRADY (ROBERT): - An Historical Treatise of Cities and Burgh or Boroughs. Shewing Their Original, and whence, and from whom, they received their Liberties, Privileges, and Immunities; what they were, and what made and constituted a Free Burgh and Free Burgesses. As also shewing When they first sent their Representatives to Parliament. With A concurrent Discourse of most Matters and Things incident or relating thereto. A New Edition, Corrected.
4716: [BRAMSTON (JAMES)]: - The Art of Politicks, In Imitation of Horace's Art of Poetry.
5461: [BRAMSTON (JAMES)]: - The Art of Politicks, In Imitation of Horace's Art of Poetry.
5665: [BRAMSTON (JAMES)]: - The Art of Politicks, In Imitation of Horace's Art of Poetry.
8021: BRANNON (GEORGE): - Vectis Scenery: Being a Series of Original and Select Views, Exhibiting the Picturesque Beauties Local Peculiarities, and Places of Particular Interest in The Isle of Wight, drawn from Nature and Engraved by George Brannon, many years resident in Newport. To which are prefixed, A complete Topographical Description and the general Tours of the Island, Embracing every information in the least degree useful to Strangers.
8591: BREMER (FREDRIKA): - Christmas Eve, and Christmas Matins. A Scene in Swedish Peasant Life.
6859: BRIGGS (JOHN): - Poems. On Various Subjects.
7139: BRINE (JOHN): - A Treatise on Various Subjects: Viz. On the Original Purity of Human Nature. On its present Depravity...Wherein various difficult Cases of Conscience are answered, as they occur, on the several Subjects treated of. The Second Edition.
8753: BRISTOW (AMELIA): - Miriam and Rosette; or, Trials of Faith. A Jewish Narrative. By the Autor of "Emma de Lissau," etc., etc. New Edition, with Illustrations.
2301: [BRITISH MILITARY FORCES]. - Considerations on the Present State of Affairs in Europe, And particularly with Regard to the Number of Forces in the Pay of Great-Britain.
8108: BROADSIDE. EPHEMERA - The Blue Cockade
4251: BRODBELT (REV. GEORGE CAMPBELL): - Original Essays on Miscellaneous Subjects in Religion.
8727: [BROME (ALEXANDER), EDITOR]: - Rump: Or an Exact Collection Of the Choycest Poems and Songs relating to the Late Times. By the most Eminent Wits, from Anno 1639 to Anno 1661.
6180: BROOK (HENRY): - Gustavus Vasa, The Deliverer of his Country. A Tragedy. As it was to have been Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane.
8748: [BROWN (THOMAS)]: - The Lover's Secretary; or, The Adventures of Lindamira, A Lady of Quality. Written to her Friend in the Country. In XXIV Letters. Revis'd and Corrected by Mr. Tho. Brown. The Third Edition.
5089: BROWN (JOHN): - A Compendious View of Natural and Revealed Religion. In Seven Books.... The Second Edition, carefully revised and improved with the Author's Last Additions and Corrections.
5528: BROWN (JOHN): - The History of the Rise and Progress of Poetry, Through it's [sic] several Species. Written by Dr. Brown.
4311: BROWN (JOHN): - Letters upon the Poetry and Music of the Italian Opera. Addressed to a Friend.
8696: BROWN (JOHN): - A Concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, by the Rev. John Brown, of Haddington. Miniature Edition.
3914: BROWNE (JOHN): - A Defence of the Bishop of London's Second Pastoral Letter, Against Exceptions advanc'd in a late Piece, Entituled, A Plea for the Sufficiency of Human Reason in Matters of Religion.
3915: BROWNE (JOHN): - A Letter to the Author of the Plea for Human Reason, Occasion'd by the Defence of it which he has lately made.
5011: BROWNE (ISAAC HAWKINS): - De Animi Immortalitate. Poema. Editio Quarta.
7977: BROWNE (THOMAS): - Christian Morals, by Sr Thomas Brown, of Norwich, M. D. And Author of Religio Medici. Published from the Original and Correct Manuscript of the Author; by John Jeffery, D. D. Arch-Deacon of Norwich.
7922: BROWNING (ROBERT): - Selections from The Poetical Works of Robert Browning. First Series. New Edition.
7856: BRUCE (MICHAEL): - Poems on Several Occasions. A New Edition.
4477: BRYANT (MR.): - The New Skylark; Or, Theatrical Budget of Harmony: Consisting of A Choice Collection of Original Songs, Duets, Trios, Catches, and Glees.
5119: BRYDGES (SAMUEL EGERTON): - Censura Literaria. Comprising Titles, Abstracts and Opinions of Old English Books, With Original Disquisitions, Articles of Biography, and other Literary Antiquities.
8123: BRYDGES (SIR EGERTON): - Archaica. Containing a Reprint of Scarce Old English Prose Tracts. With Prefaces, Critical and Biographical.
8046: BUCHANAN (GEORGE): - Georgii Buchanani Scoti poetarum sui seculi facile principis, Paraphrasis Psalmorum Davidis poetica. Ad optimam editionem Thomæ Ruddimanni, A.M. summo studio recognita et castigata. Præmissa est accuratior quam antehac carminum explicatio.
8442: BUCHARD (JOHANN): - L'Ordine Della Messa che deve tener il Sacerdoto quado celebra seza cato, & senza ministri secodo l'uso delia S. Romana Chiesa
5969: [?BUCKINGHAM (GEORGE VILLIERS, SECOND DUKE OF]: - An Epitaph upon Thomas Late Lord Fairfax. Written by a Person of Honour.
7643: [BUDDEN (MARIA ELIZABETH)]: - A Key to Knowledge; Or, Things in Common use simply and shortly explained. By a Mother.... Fourth Edition, Revised by the Author.
7151: BULSTRODE (WHITELOCKE): - Essays upon the Following Subjects. Viz.1. Of generosity. 2. Of the New Man. 3. Of the Government of the Eye. 4. De Ratione Fidei, &c. 5. Of the Soul of Man. 6. Of Freedom or Liberty of Body and Mind. 7. Of the Passions and Affections. 8. Of Human Perfection. 9. Of the Origin of Sin, &c. 10. Of Gratitude. 11. Of the Blessed Trinity, and somewhat of the Mode. 12. Of Eternal Damnation for Temporal Sin; the Justice, and even Mercy of God therein, vindicated. 13. Of Dreams. 14. Of the Government of our Thoughts. 15. Of Happiness. 16. Of Sinful Ideas. 17. Of Families, and leaving a great Estate to Children. 18. A Letter to Sir R. Southwell, when President of the Royal Society, touching the Equivocal Generation of Plants and Insects; wherein the Creation of the World is particularly lookt into. 19. Of Reading the Holy Scriptures, &c. 20. Of Persons running in debt, and dying without Payment
8520: BUNYAN (JOHN): - Solomon's Temple Spiritualized: or, Gospel-Light fetched out of the Temple at Jerusalem. To let us more easily into the glory of New Testament Truths. A New Edition.
8359: BUNYAN (JOHN): - The Pilgrim's Progress, From this World to That Which is To Come. Delivered under the Similitude of A Dream. Wherein is Disco verd, I. The manner of his Setting Out. II. His Dangerous Journey; and III. His safe Arrival at the Desired Country. Complete in Two Parts. A New Edition, divided into Chapters: To which are added, Explanatory and Practical Notes. Together with the life of the Author, Containing several New and Curious Particulars. By G. Burder, Minister of the Gospel at Coventry.
7716: BUNYAN (JOHN): - The Holy War, made by Shaddai upon Diabolus; For the Regaining of the Metropolis of the World; or the Losing And taking again of the Town of Mansoul.
2107: BURDON (WILLIAM): - Materials for Thinking.
7200: BURGH (JAMES): - The Dignity of Human Nature. Or, A brief Account of the certain and established Means for attaining the true End of our Existence. In Four Books. Of Prudence. II. Of Knowledge. III. Of Virtue. IV. Of Revealed Religion.
5182: BURKE (EDMUND): - A Letter from Mr. Burke, To a member of the National Assembly; in Answer to some Objections to his Book on French Affairs.
2005: BURKE (EDMUND): - Reflections on the Revolution in France, and on the Proceedings in Certain Societies in London relative to that event. In a Letter intended to have been sent to a gentleman in Paris. The Second Edition [i. e., second edition, fourth impression].
4818: BURKE (EDMUND): - Speech of Edmund Burke, Esq... On presenting to the House of Commons (On the 11th of February, 1780) A Plan for the Better Security of the Independence of Parliament, and the Oeconomical Reformation of the Civil and Other Establishments. The Fourth Edition.
4819: BURKE (EDMUND): - Speech of Edmund Burke, Esq... On presenting to the House of Commons (On the 11th of February, 1780) A Plan for the Better Security of the Independence of Parliament, and the Oeconomical Reformation of the Civil and Other Establishments. A New Edition.
4680: BURKE (EDMUND): - Two Letters from Mr. Burke to Gentlemen in the City of Bristol, on the Bills depending in Parliament relative to the Trade of Ireland. The Second Edition.
8032: [BURNET (THOMAS), SIR AND GEORGE DUCKETT]: - A Second Tale of a Tub: Or, The History of Robert Powel the Puppet-Show-Man.
7759: BURNET (THOMAS): - Telluris Theoria Sacra: Originem & Mutationes Generales, quas Aut jam subiit, aut olim subiturus est, Complectens. Libri Duo Posteriores de Conflagration Mundi, et de Futuro Rerum Status.
1651: BURNET (JOHN): - An Essay on the Education of the Eye   with Reference to Painting. Illustrated by Copper Plates and Wood Cuts. Second Edition.
3062: BURNETT (THOMAS): - The Necessity of Impeaching the Late Ministry. In a Letter to the Earl of Hallifax. The Second Edition.
7490: BURNETT (FRANCES HODGSON): - Little Lord Fauntleroy. Fifteenth Edition.
7429: BURNEY (CHARLES): - An Account of the Musical Performances in Westminster-Abbey, And the Pantheon, May 26th, 27th, 29th; and June the 3d, and 5th, 1748. In Commemoration of Handel.
5687: BURNEY (CHARLES): - A General History of Music, From the Earliest Ages to the Present Period. The Second Edition [volume 1].
1954: BURNEY (CHARLES): - The Present State of Music in France and Italy. Or, The Journal of a Tour through those Countries, undertaken to collect Materials for A General History of Music. The Second Edition, Corrected.
4137: BURNEY (CHARLES): - The Present State of Music in Germany, The Netherlands, and United Provinces. Or, The Journal of a Tour through those Countries, undertaken to collect Materials for A General History of Music.
8295: BURNEY (CHARLES): - An Account of the Musical Performances in Westminster-Abbey, And the Pantheon, May 26th, 27th, 29th; and June the 3d, and 5th, 1784. In Commemoration of Handel.
8587: BURNSIDE (HELEN MARION): - The Sower and the Seed designed by W. J. Webb.
7852: BURROUGHS (JEREMIAH): - Gospel-Worship: Or, The Right Manner of Sanctifying the Name of God in General. And Particularly in these Three great Ordinances: Viz. 1. Hearing of the Word. 2. Receiving the Lords Supper. 3. Prayer. Being the Second of the Seven Volumns, lately published by Thomas Goodwin, William Greenhil, Sydrach Sympson, Philip Nye, William Bridge John Yates, William Adderly.
6816: [BURTON (JOHN)]: - The Parish Priest. A Poem. [Translated by Dawson Warren.]
8176: BUSBY (THOMAS): - Concert Room and Orchestra Anecdotes of Music and Musicians, Ancient and Modern.
5538: [BUTLER (CHARLES)]: - Horae Biblicae.
3098: BUTLER (SAMUEL): - The Poetical Works of Samuel Butler. With Life, Critical Dissertation, and Explanatory Notes, by the Rev. George Gilfillan.
6243: BUTTERWORTH (LAWRENCE): - The Super-excellency of the Christian Religion displayed: or, a Treatise on Natural and Revealed Religion. Intend To explain the Nature of Both, and shew their essential Differences. To which is added, An Answer to the Rev. Mr. Lindsey's popular Argument against the Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ
4064: BYROM (JOHN): - Miscellaneous Poems.
7944: BYROM (JOHN): - Miscellaneous Poems.
7770: BYRON (GEORGE GORDON), LORD: - English Bards, and Scotch Reviewers. A Satire. [Second] Fourth Edition.
1861: BYTHNER (VICTORINUS): - Lyra Prophetica Davidis Regis. Sive Analysis Critico-Practica Psalmorum. In qua Omnes & singulae voces Hebrae in Psalterio contentae, tam Propriae quam Appellativae, (nulla excepta) ad Regulas Artis revocantur; earumque signifcationes genuinae explicantur; Elegantiae linguae propriae evolvuntur. Insuper Harmonia Hebraie textus cum Paraphrasi Chaldaea, & version Graeca LXXII Interpretum, in locis, sententiis discrepantibus, fideliter confertur. Cui ad calcem addita est Brevis Institutio Linguae Hebraeae & Chaldae. Opus novum, necante in tali forma tentatum: in quo quid praestitum, Praefatio ad lectorem indicabit.
7033: CAESAR (JULIUS): - Commentarii di Caio Giulio Cesare Tradotti di latino in vulgar lingua: per Agostino Ortica de la porta Genovese. Con la tavola di nomi antiqui et moderni de la Gallia, Britannia, Germania, Italia, Grecai, Egypto, Asia, Africa et Hispagna Ultimamente con somma diligentia revisto, & corretto.
2008: CAIRNS (WILLIAM): - A Treatise on Moral Freedom; Containing Inquires into the Operations of the Intellectual Principles, in connexion generally with Moral Agency and Responsibility, but especially with Volition and Moral Freedom.
8817: CALDWELL (HENRY). - Memoir of the Services of Captain Henry Caldwell, Royal Navy, Companion of the Bath, Aide-de-Camp to the Queen, and Commodore.
3519: CALLCOTT (JOHN WALL): - A Musical Grammar, in Four Parts: I. Notation, II. Melody, III. Harmony, IV. Rhythm.
5850: CALLCOTT (JOHN WALL): - A Musical Grammar, in Four Parts: I. Notation, II. Melody, III. Harmony, IV. Rhythm. Third Edition
7017: CALLIERES (JACQUES DE): - Le Courtisan Predestine, ou Le Duc de Joyeuse Capucin. Divisé en deux Parties. Par M. de Cailliere Maréchal de Bataille des Armées du Roy, &c. Dedié a Mademoiselle.
8315: [CALMET (AUGUSTIN)]: - Antiquities Sacred and Profane: Or, A Collection of Curious and Critical Dissertations on the Old and New Testament. Necessary for all those who desire to have a thorough Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. Done into English from the French, with Notes, by a Clergyman of the Church of England [Nicholas Tindal]. Illustrated with Copper Plates.
6333: CALONNE (CHARLES ALEXANDRE DE): - L'Etat de la France, présent & a venir.
6574: [CAMBRIDGE (RICHARD OWEN)]: - The Fable of Jotham: To the Borough-Hunters.
8879: [CAMBRIDGE (RICHARD OWEN)]: - The Scribleriad: An Heroic Poem. In Six Books.
4735: [CAMPBELL (JOHN)]: - The Present State of Europe; Explaining The Interests, Connections, Political And Commercial Views Of Its Several Powers, Comprehending A Clear and Concise History of each Country, so far as to shew the Nature of the Present Constitutions. The Third Edition. Revised, corrected, and continued by the Author.
8193: CAMPBELL (ARCHIBALD): - An Enquiry into the Original of Moral Virtue. Wherein is shown, (Against the Author of the Fable of the Bees, &c.) That Virtue is founded in the Nature of Things, is unalterable, and eternal, and the great Means of private and publick Happiness. With Some Reflections on a late Book, intitled, An Enquiry into the Original of our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue.
7146: [CANNING (GEORGE), ET AL]: - The Microcosm, A Periodical Work, By Gregory Griffin, Of the College of Eton. The Second Edition. Inscribed to the Rev. Dr. Davies.
8471: [CAPPER (LOUISA)]: - A Poetical History of England; For the Use of the Young Ladies Educated at Rothbury-House School, and dedicated to them, by The Author.
8166: [CAPRANI (GIUSEPPE). STENDHAL. MARIE-HENRI BEYLE]: - The Life of Haydn, In a Series of Letters Written at Vienna. Followed by The Life of Mozart, with Observations on Metastasio, and on the Present State of Music in France and Italy. Translated from the French of L. A. C. Bombet. With Notes by the Author of the Sacred Melodies.
7163: [CAPRANI (GIUSEPPE). STENDHAL. MARIE-HENRI BEYLE]: - The Life of Haydn, In a Series of Letters Written at Vienna. Followed by The Life of Mozart, with Observations on Metastasio, and on the Present State of Music in France and Italy. Translated from the French of L. A. C. Bombet. With Notes by the Author of the Sacred Melodies.
1596: CARBONELL Y BRAVO (FRANCISCO): - Elemens de Pharmacie, Fondes sur Les Principes de la Chimie Moderne. Traduite de l'original Latin. Nouvelle Edition Augmentee par l'auteur, revue et corrigee. Par P. Poncet.
8223: CARRACCI (ANNIBALE), AND MICHELANGELO MONSAGRATI; CARLO GESI: - Aedium Farnesiarum Tabulae ab Annibale Caraccio AEdium Farnesiarum tabulae ab Annibale Caraccio depictae: a Carolo Caesio aeri insculptae, atque a Lucio Philarchaeo explicationibus illustratae.
6899: CARRICK (JOHN D.): - Whistle-Binkie; a Collection of Songs for Social Circle. BOUND WITH: Songs for the Nursery.
2166: CARTWRIGHT (EDMUND): - Armine and Elvira, A Legendary Tale. In Two Parts. The Sixth Edition.
4867: CASTÉRA (JEAN-HENRI): - The Life of Catharine II. of Russia. Translated from the French and Enlarged with Explanatory Notes and Brief Memoirs of Illustrious Persons. A New Edition. By the Rev. W. W. Dakins.
5421: CATEL (CHARLES-SIMON): - A Treatise on Harmony, Written and Composed for the Use of the Pupils at the Royal Conservatoire of Music, in Paris; by Catel, Professor of Harmony in that Establishment. From the English Copy, with additional Notes and Explanations, By Lowell Mason.
8216: CATTEAU-CALLEVILLE (JEAN-PIERRE): - A General View of Sweden: containing, Besides a Geographical Description of the Country, an account of its constitution, religion, civil and criminal laws, population, natural riches, external and internal commerce, finances, money, weights, and measures: Together with The Manners and Customs of its Inhabitants, the present State of the Arts and Sciences in that Kingdom, and the Form of Government as established in 1772. Translated from the French of Mr. Catteau.
7404: CATULLUS. - Catulli, Tibulli, Propertii Opera.
7294: CATULLUS, PROPERTIUS, TIBULLUS. - Catulli Tibulli Propertii Opera
8805: CHALMERS (GEORGE): - The Poetic Remains of some of The Scottish Kings. Now First Collected by George Chalmers.
6394: CHALMERS (GEORGE): - A Supplemental Apology for The Believers in the Shakespeare-Papers: Being a Rely to Mr. Malone's Answer, which was early announced, but never published: with A Dedication to George Steevens..., and A Postscript to T. J. Mathias....
7543: CHALMERS (ALEXANDER): - The Projector; A Periodical Paper, Originally Published in Monthly Numbers, from January 1802 to November 1809. By Alexander Chalmers, F. S. A. Second Edition Revised and Corrected.
4505: CHAMBAUD (LEWIS): - A Grammar of the French Tongue, With a Prefatory Discourse, containing an Essay On the Proper Method for Teaching and Learning that Language. The Eighth Edition, Revised and Corrected.
4803: CHAMBERLAYNE (JOHN): - Magnæ Britanniæ Notitia: Or the Present State of Great Britain; With diverse Remarks upon The Ancient State thereof. The Thirty-third Edition of the South Part, called England; and the Twelfth of the North Part, called Scotland. To which is added, A Complete List of the Queen's Household.....
3881: CHAMBERS (ROBERT), EDITOR: - Cyclopædia of English Literature. A History, Critical and Biographical, of British Authors from the Earliest to the Present Times.
8115: CHANDLER (MARY): - The Description of Bath. A Poem. Humbly Inscribed To Her Royal Highness the Princes Amelia. With several other Poems. The Eighth Edition. To which is added, A True Tale, by the same Author.
6687: CHARLETON (WALTER): - Matrona Ephesia. Sive Lusus Serius de Amore, à Gualt. Charletono, M.D. ante decennium Anglicè conscriptus, Et nunc demum Latinitate donatus à Barth. Harrisio, A.M [sic] ejusdémq[ue] impensis excusus.
8596: [CHARRIERE ( ISABELLE AGNES ELISABETH DE CHARRIÈRE)]: - Lettres Ecrites de Lausanne. Premiere Partie. [And] Caliste ou Suite des Lettres Écrites de Lausanne. Seconde Partie.
7873: CHASTITY. - An Exhortation to Chastity. A New Edition.
4903: [CHATEAUNEUF (FRANCOIS CASTAGNERE, ABBÉ DE)]: - Dialogue sur la Musique des Anciens. A Monsieur de ***.
7853: CHEDWORTH (JOHN), LORD: - Notes upon some of the Obscure Passages in Shakespeare's Plays; with Remarks upon the Explanations and Amendments of the Commentators in the Editions of 1785, 1790, 1793.
8303: CHEETHAM (ROBERT FARREN): - Ode and Miscellanies.
4726: CHESTERFIELD (PHILIP DORMER STANHOPE, EARL OF): - Lord Chesterfield's Advice to his Son, on Men and Manners: Or, A New System of Education, In which the Principles of Politeness, The Art of acquiring a Knowledge of the World With every Instruction necessary to form a Man of Honour, Virtue, Taste, and Fashion, are laid down in A Plain, Easy, Familiar Manner, adapted to every station and capacity. The whole arranged on A Plan Entirely New. [AND]: The Polite Philosopher; or, An Essay on the Art which makes a man Happy in himself and agreeable to others. A New Edition.
7148: CHEYNE (GEORGE): - Philosophical Principles of Natural Religion: Containing the Elements of Natural Philosophy, And the Proofs for Natural Religion, Arising from them.
8617: CHOPIN (FREDERICK). NIECKES (FREDERICK): - Frederick Chopin as a Man and Musician.
8169: CHORLEY (HENRY F.): - Music and Manners in France and Germany: A Series of Travelling Sketches of Art and Society.
8288: CHUDLEIGH (ELIZABETH, DUCHESS OF KINGSTON): - An Authentic Detail of Particulars relative to the Late Duchess of Kingston. A New Edition
7522: CHURCH OF ENGLAND. - The Book of Common Prayer, And Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches.
7367: CHURCH OF ENGLAND - The Book of Common Prayer And Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England: Together with Proper Lessons for Sundays and other Holy Days.
4536: CHURCHILL (CHARLES): - Poems... The Third Edition.
4564: CIBBER (COLLEY): - An Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber, Comedian, and Late Patentee of the Theatre-Royal. Written by Himself. The Second Edition.
4244: CIBBER (COLLEY): - The Dramatic Works of Colley Cibber.
8132: CIBBER (COLLEY): - An Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber, Comedian, and Late Patentee of the Theatre-Royal. With an Historical View of the Stage during his Own Time. Written by Himself.
6992: CICERO - M. Tvllii Ciceronis Epistolae ad Atticum, ad M. Brutum, ad Quintum fratrem, multorum locorum correctionne illustratae, ut, post omnes omnium editiones, exeant emendatissima. In qua omnes epistolas commentarii, separdim impressi, propedim edentur, auctore Paulo Manutio Aldi filio.
7570: CICERO - M. Tvllii Ciceronis Epistolae ad Atticum, ad M. Brutum, ad Quintum fratrem, multorum locorum correctionne illustratae, ut, post omnes omnium editiones, exeant emendatissima. In qua omnes epistolas commentarii, separdim impressi, propedim edentur, auctore Paulo Manutio Aldi filio.
8112: CICERO. NASCEMBENI (NASCEMBENE): - Nascimbaeni Nascimbaenii Ferrariensis in M. Tullii Ciceronis de Inventione Libros Commentari, Ad Senatum Rhaccuisinum
7987: CICERO. M. TULLII CICERONIS - Scriptorum Fragmenta A Roberto Stephano, Carolo Signonio, Andrea Patricio &c. collecta. Accedit Fr. Fabricii Marcoduran: Histoira Ciceroniana, Per Consules descripta, & in annos lxiv. distincta.
8836: CLARE (MARTIN): - The Motion of Fluids, Natural and Artificial; In particular that of Air and Water: in a Familiar Manner proposed and proved by evident and conclusive Experiments, to which are added many useful Remarks. Done with Such Plainness and Perspicuity, that they may be understood by the Unlearned. For whose Sake is annexed, A Short Explanation of such Uncommon Terms, which in Treating on this Subject could not, without Affectation, be avoided. With Plain Draughts of such experiments, and Machines, which, by Description only, might not readily be comprehended. The Third Edition, Corrected and Improved.
6527: CLARENDON (EDWARD HYDE), EARL OF: - The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, Begun in the Year, 1641. With the precedent Passages, and Actions, that contributed thereunto, and the happy End, and Conclusion thereof by the King's blessed restoration, and Return upon the 29th of May, in the Year 1660.
2220: CLARK (RICHARD), COMPILER: - The Words of the most Favourite Pieces, Performed at the Glee Club, the Catch Club, and other Public Societies.
7620: CLARK (H. L.): - Miscellaneous Poems, Original and Translated.
6903: CLARKE (FRANCIS L.): - Letters on Picturesque and Moral Geography; Illustrative of Landscape and Manners in the Various Countries of Europe. Chiefly designed for the Higher Classes in Schools, and for Minor Students in Literature.
8625: CLARKE (JOHN): - An Essay upon Study. Wherein Directions are given for the Due Conduct thereof, and for the collection of a Library, proper for the Purpose, consisting of the Choicest Books in all the several Parts of Learning. The Second Edition.
7360: CLASSICS. SAMMELBAND. PERSIUS - Auli Persi Flacci Satyricorum Celeberrimi gravissimi, &difficillimi Satyrae VI. Ita illustrata ut e quovis facile intelligi possimi, commentariis Eilhardi Lubini.
8167: CLAYTON (ELLEN CREATHORNE): - Queens of Song: Being Memoirs of some of the most Celebrated Female Vocalists who have appeared on the lyric stage, from the earliest days of opera to the present time. To which is added A Chronological List of all the Operas that have been performed in Europe.
5990: COBB (MARY BLACKBURN): - Extracts from the Diary and Letters of Mrs. Mary Cobb.
2729: [COETLOGON (CHARLES EDWARD DE)]: - The Temple of Truth: Or, The Best System of Reason, Philosophy, Virtue, and Morals. Analytically Arranged. Second Edition.
7612: COKE (E. A.): - Footstep to Chronology and History.
5107: COLERIDGE (HARTLEY): - Essays and Marginalia. Edited by his Brother [Derwent Coleridge].
5105: COLERIDGE (HARTLEY): - Poems. With a Memoir of his Life by His Brother [Derwent Coleridge].
3768: COLLIER (J. PAYNE), EDITOR: - Lyrical Poems, Selected from Musical Publications between the years 1589 and 1600.
8002: COLLINGWOOD (FRANCIS) AND WOOLLAMS (JOHN): - The Universal Cook, and City and Country Housekeeper. The Different Methods Of Dressing Butchers Meat, Poultry, Game, and Fish; And Of Preparing Gravies, Cullices, Soups, and Broths; To Dress Roots And Vegetables, And To Prepare Little elegant Dishes for Suppers or light Repasts: To Make All Sorts Of Pies, Puddings, Pancakes, and Fritters; Cakes, Puffs, And Biscuits; Cheesecakes, Tarts, And Custards; Creams And Jams; Blanc Mange, Flummery, Elegant Ornaments, Jellies, And Syllabubs. The various Articles in Candying, Drying, Preserving, And Pickling. The Preparation Of hams, Tongues, Bacon, &c. Directions For Trussing Poultry, Carving, And Marketing. The Making And Management Of Made Wines, Cordial Waters, and Malt Liquors. Together with Directions for Baking Bread, the Management of Poultry and the Dairy, and Kitchen and Fruit Garden; with a Catalogue of the various Articles in Season in the different Months of the Year. Besides a Variety of Useful And Interesting Tables. The Whole Embellished with The Heads of the Authors, Bills of Fare for every Month in the Year, and proper Subjects for the Improvement of the Art of Carving, elegantly engraved on fourteen Copper-Plates. The Second Edition.
7509: COLLINS (WILLIAM): - The Poetical Works of William Collins, With a Biographical Sketch of the Author.
6969: COLLINS (ARTHUR): - The Peerage of England; Containing A Genealogical and Historical Account of all the Peers of that Kingdom, Now existing, either by Tenure, Summons, or Creation: Their Descents and Collateral Lines: Their Births, Marriages, and Issue: Famous Actions both in War and Peace: Religious and Charitable Donations: Deaths, Places of Burial, Monuments, Epitaphs: And many valuable Memoirs never before printed. Also Their Paternal Coats of Arms, Crests, Supporters and Mottoes, Curiously engraved on Copper-Plates. Collected from Records, Old Wills, Authentic Manuscripts, our most approved Historians, and other Authorities, which are cited. The Fourth Edition, carefully Corrected, and continued to the present Time.
6112: [COLLINS (ANTHONY)]. - A Letter to the Author of the Discourse of the Grounds of Reason of the Christian Religion, In Answer to Mr. Green's Letters, &c. With a Postscript Occasion'd by Dr. Lobb's Brief Defence.
8348: COLMAN (GEORGE): - Prose on Several Occasions; Accompanied by Some Pieces in Verse.
3554: COLMAN (GEORGE), THE YOUNGER: - The Iron Chest; a Play, In Three Acts. First Represented at the Theatre Royal, Drury-Lane, on Saturday, March 12, 1796. The Fourth Edition.
4588: COLONIA (DOMINIQUE DE) AND JUVENCIO (JOSEPHO): - De Arte Rethorica [sic] Libri Quique Lectissimus veterum Auctorum Ætatis Aureæ, Perpetuisque Exemple illustrati; Societatis Jesu Presbytero. Accedunt etiam Institutiones Poeticæ. Auctore P. Josepho Juvencio Ex eadem Societate. Edition retractatior.
7738: COLONNA (FABIO): - Fabi Colvmnae Lyncei Phytobasanos, cui accessit Vita FabI et Lynceorum notitia adnotationesque in phytobasanon Iano Planco Ariminensi Auctore et In Senes Academia Anatomes Publico Professore.
3116: [COLQUHOUN (PATRICK)]: - A Treatise on the Police of the Metropolis; Containing a Detail of the Various Crimes and Misdemeanors By which Public and Private Property and Security are, at present, injured and endangered: and suggesting remedies for the Prevention. The Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged. By A Magistrate.
7129: COLSON (NATHANIEL): - The Mariner's New Calendar. Containing The Principles of Arithmetic and Practical Geometry; with the Extraction of the Square and Cube Roots: Also Rules for finding the Prime, Epact, Moon's Age, Time of High-Water, with Tables for the same. Together with Exact Tables of the Sun's place, Declination, and Right-Scension.... Also The Use of the Sea-Quadrant...With Directions for sailing into some Principal Habours.... The whole revis'd, and adjusted to the New Stile, By William Mountaine.
4808: [COMBE (WILLIAM)]: - Letters from a Country Gentleman To a Member of Parliament, on the Present State of the Nation. Eighth Edition. With an Additional Letter to His Grace the Duke of Portland.
3917: [COMBE (WILLIAM)]: - Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Fourth Edition.
5640: [COMBE (WILLIAM)]: - A Word in Season to the Traders and Manufacturers of Great Briton. Sixth Edition.
7322: COMEDIES. EIGHTEENTH CENTURY. - [SHERIDAN (Frances)]: The Discovery. A Comedy. Written by the Editor of Miss Sidney Bidulph. The Second Edition.
2732: CONDILLAC (ÉTIENNE BONNET DE): - La Logique, ou Les Premiers Développemens de l'Art de Penser; Ouvrage élémentaire, que le Conseil préposé aux Écoles Palatines avoit demandé, & qu'il a honoré de son approbation.
5126: CONGREVE (WILLIAM): - Poems on Several Occasions.
3654: CONGREVE (WILLIAM): - The Works of Mr. William Congreve.
8740: CONNELL (SARAH G.): - Eleanor's Lessons.
3900: CONYBEARE (JOHN): - A Defence of Reveal'd Religion against The Exceptions of a late Writer in his Book, Intituled, Christianity as Old as the Creation, &c.
5392: CONYBEARE (JOHN): - Sermons.
8744: COOK (JAMES). KIPPIS (ANDREW): - The Life of Captain James Cook.
7988: [?COOKE (WILLIAM)]: - Theatrical Biography: Or, Memoirs of the Principal Performers of the Three Theatres Royal. Drury-Lane. Mr. Garrick...[inter alia]. Covent-Garden. Mr. Ross...[inter alia]. Hay-Market. Mr. Foote...[inter alia]. Together with Critical and impartial Remarks on their respective professional Merits.
8272: [COOPER (JAMES FENIMORE)]: - The Bravo. A Venetian Story. By the Author of "The Pilot," "The Borderers," "The Water Witch," &c.
4802: [COOPER (JOHN GILBERT)]: - La Vie de Socrate Traduitte [sic] de l'Anglois.
7463: [COOPER (ELIZABETH), EDITOR]: - The Historical and Poetical Medley:; Or Muses Library; Being A Choice and Faithful Collection of the best Antient English Poetry, from the Times of Edward the Confessor, to the Reign of King James the First. With The Lives and Characters of the know Writers taken from the most Authentick Memoirs. Being The most valuable Collection of the Kind now extant, affording Entertainment upon all Subjects whatsoever.
5871: CORNEILLE (PIERRE): - Chefs-D'Oeuvre de P. Corneille. Edition Stereotype, D'apres le procede de Firmin Didot.
8431: CORNERUS (CHRISTOPHORUS): - Psalterium Latinum Davidis Prophetai et Regis cum Familiare et Pia Expositione Ac Brevi Otatione artificij Rhetorici pertinentis ad ratione inuentionis, dispositionis & elocutionis, scripta à Christopho. Cornero.
8560: CORRESPONDENCE. - The Complete Correspondent: Consisting of Original Letters, adapted to every age and situation in life, and on the most interesting topics: Together with various Forms of Busness and Compliment, and the best Directions for Writing Letters With Ease, Elegance, and Correctness; to which are added, Specimens of Real Correspondence, From the best Writers in the English Language, and Translations from the Latin and French.
8654: [CORRY (JOHN)]: - A Satirical View of London At the Commencement of The Nineteenth Century. By an Observer.
5780: COTTIN (SOPHIE RISTAUD): - Mathilde, ou Memoires tires de l'Histoire des Croisades
8506: COTTIN (SOPHIE RISTAUD): - Elisabeth, ou Les Exilés de Sibérie. Nouvelle Edition, Augmentee de Notes Historiques et Géographiques. Par C. Gros. Avec un Frontispice [sic].
8857: COWPER (WILLIAM): - Poems by William Cowper, Esq. With Sketch of his Life, by the Rev. T. Greatheed.
6802: [COWPER (MARIA CECILIA FRANCES )]: - Original Poems, On various Occasions. By A Lady. Revised by William Cowper, Esq.
5118: CRABBE (GEORGE): - Two Volumes. Fourth Edition.
5051: CRABBE (GEORGE): - Tales of the Hall. A New Edition.
6395: CRAWFURD (GEORGE): - The History of the Shire of Renfrew. A Genealogical History of the Royal House of Stewart, with a Genealogical Account of the Illustrious House of Hanover, from the time of their intermarriage with the Stewart family, to the present period. Also, A Genealogical History of the Nobility and Gentry of the County of Renfrew. And, An exact Survey of the County; together with the present State of the public Buildings, Manufactures, different Religions, &c. &c. Collected From the Public Records, ancient Chartularies, the Works of the best Historians, &c. Brought from the earliest Accounts to the Year MDCCX, by Mr. George Crawfurd: And continued to the present Period, by William Semple.
5115: CREECH (WILLIAM): - Edinburgh Fugitive Pieces: with Letters, containing a Comparative View of the Modes of Living, Arts, Commerce, Literature, Manners, &c. of Edinburgh, at Different Periods. To which is prefixed an Account of his Life.
8247: [CROLY (GEORGE)]: - May Fair. In Four Cantos.
6470: CROSSE (JOHN): - A Letter to the Author of Remarks on Two of the Most Singular Characters of the Age. With a Reply by the Former.
7466: CROWE (WILLIAM), REV.: - A Treatise on English Versification.
8277: CROWEST (FREDERICK): - The Great Tone Poets: Being Short Memoirs of the Greater Musical Composers. Fourth Edition.
8676: CULLEN (WILLIAM): - Synopsis Nosologiae Methodicae Exhibens Clariss. Virorum Sauvagesii, Linnaei, Vogelii, Sagari, et Macbridii, Systemata Noslogica. Edidit Suumqu4 Proprium System Nosologicum Adjecit Guilmus CUllen..., Edition Quarta, Emendata et Plurium Aucta, Duobus Tomis.
7330: CULLYER (JOHN): - The Gentleman & Farmer's Assistant; Containing, first, Tables for Finding the Content of any Piece of Land, from dimensions taken in yards. Second, Tables, Shewing the Width required for an Acre, in any Square Piece of Land, From One to Five Hundred Yards, in Length. Third, Tables, Shewing the Number of Loads that will Manure an Acre of Land, By knowing the Distance of the Heaps. Fourth, a Table for Measuring Thatcher's Work, from one to sixty-four feet long, And from One to Twenty-Five Feet High. The Third Edition.
7809: [CUMBERLAND (RICHARD)]: - The Observer: Being a Collection of Moral, Literary and Familiar Essays.
8850: CUMMING (REV. J. G.): - The Runic and Other Monumental Remains of the Isle of Man.
4640: CURLING (HENRY): - Recollections of The Mess-Table and the Stage.
8541: D'ESTERRE-KEELING (ELEONORE): - The Music of the Poets. A Musicians' Birthday Book. Second Edition, Completely Revised.
4356: D'ALEMBERT (JEAN LE ROND): - Elémens de Musique Théorique et Pratique, suivant les Principes de M. Rameau, éclairis, développées et simplifiés. Nouvelle Édition, Revue, corrigée & considérablement augmentée.
6023: D'ALEMBERT (JEAN LE ROND): - Elémens de Musique Théorique et Pratique, suivant les Principes de M. Rameau, éclairis, développées et simplifiés. Nouvelle Édition, Revue, corrigée & considérablement augmentée.
8635: D'ALEMBERT (JEAN LE ROND). RAMEAU (JEAN PHILLIPE): - Elemens de Musique Theorique et Pratique. Suviant Les Principes de M. Rameau. Èclaris, Développés et Simplifiés, Par M. D'Alembernt, de l'Academie Francoise.... Nouvelle Edition. Revue, corrigée & considérablement augmentée.
8305: D'ISRAELI (ISAAC): - Narrative Poems.
7826: D'AFFRY DE LA MONNOY (ALFRED): - Les Jetons de l'Échevinage Parisien Documents pour serir a une histoire metallique du bureau de la vaille et de diverses institutions Parisiennnes. Avec une table analytique e tdeux series de pieces justificatives reunies, coordonnes et annotees par le service historique de la ville de Paris.
4916: DA VINCI (LEONARDO): - Traité de la Peinture, par Léonard de Vinci. Nouvelle Édition, Augmentée de la Vie de l'Auteur.
8603: DA BRESCIA (GAUDENZIO) - Lo Spirito della Regola Esposto in Meditazioni, Conferenze alli Professori della sua Letterale Osservanza da F. Gaudenzio da Brescia Cappuccino.
5529: DALLAS (ROBERT CHARLES): - Recollections Of The Life Of Lord Byron, From The Year 1808 To The End Of 1814; Exhibiting His Early Character And Opinions, Detailing The Progress Of His Literary Career, And Including Various Unpublished Passages Of His Works. Taken From Authentic Documents in the possession of the author. To which is prefixed, an account of the circumstances leading to the suppression of Lord Byron's correspondence with the author and his letters to his mother, lately announced for publication.
6245: [DALRYMPLE (ALEXANDER)], EDITOR: - A Collection of English Songs, With an Appendix of Original Pieces.
7253: DAUBENY (CHARLES): - An Appendix to the "Guide to the Church:" In which the Principles advanced in that work are more fully maintained; in Answer to Objections brought against them by Sir Richard Hill, Bart. In his Letters address to the Author, under the Title of "An Apology for Brotherly Love." Vol. I.
6516: DAUBENY (CHARLES): - A Guide to the Church, in Several Discourses; to which are added, Two Postscripts; The Frist, To those Members of the Church who occasionally frequent other places of public worship; the second, To the Clergy, addressed to William Wilberforce, Esq. M. P.
8246: DAVID. PSALMS. - The Psalms of David, in Metre. According to the Version Approved by the Church of Scotland, And appointed to be used in Worship.
7265: DAVID, PSALMS OF - Psalmi Davidis ex hebraica veritate latins versibus expressi A Io. Matthaeo Toscano, I. V. D. Quibus praefixa sunt Argumenta singulis distichis comprehensa, opera Io. Avrati Poetae Regij.
3949: DAVIES (CHARLES): - A Treatise on Shades and Shadows, and Linear Perspective. Second Edition.
7321: DAVIES (CHARLES): - A Treatise on Shades and Shadows, and Linear Perspective. Second Edition.
8883: DAVIS (J. B.): - The Ancient and Modern History of Nice; Comprehending An Accoutn of the Foundation of Marseilles: To which are prefixed Descriptive Observations on the Nature, Produce, and Climate of The Territory of the Former City, and to its Adjoining Towns: With An Introduction Containing Hints of Advice to Invalids, who, with the Hope of Arresting the Progress of Disease, seek the renovating Influence of these salubrious Climes.
8722: DAY (WILLIAM): - Punctuation Reduced to a System. How to Stop and when to Stop. Fifth Edition.
8726: DE KRUSENSTERN (ALEXANDRE): - Precis du Systeme, Des Progres et de l'Etat de l'Instruction Publique en Russie Redige d'apres des Documents Officiels.
5769: DE LA MOTTE FOUQUE (FRIEDRICH), BARON: - Sintram and His Companions: A Romance from the German of Frederic Baron de la Motte Fouqué.
1180: DE LOLME (JOHN LOUIS): - The Constitution of England; Or, An Account of the English Government: in which it is compared, both with the Republican Form of Government, and the Other Monarchies in Europe. A New Edition, Corrected.
4911: DE WITT (JOHANN): - The True Interest and Political Maxims of the Republick of Holland and West-Friesland. In Three Parts. The First Treating o Liberty in General. Of Manufactures. Fisheries. Traffick. Navigation. Toleration of Religion. A General Naturalization. Freedom from Imposts. Impartial Justice; and Settling of Colonys. Part II and III. Of a Free Navigation and clearing the Seas. Of Ware and Peace, and Alliances, particularly with England, France and Spain. Of the natural Strength and Fortifications of Holland. And Of its Interest in all Respects as to the Government of a Single Person.
7123: DE COURCY (RICHARD): - Sermons, by the late Rev. Richard De Courcy, Vicar of Saint Alkmond, Shrewsbury. To which is prefixed, An Essay on the nature, &c. of pure and undefiled religion.
8215: DEBRETT. - The Royal Kalendar; or complete and correct Annual Register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, for the Year 1791; Including a complete and correct List of the 17th Parliament of Great Britain, summoned to meet for their first Session in November, 1790. Upon a new and more extensive Plan than any hitherto offered to the Public: containing, England. I. Complete and correct Lists of both Houses of Parliament; all the State, Law, Revenue, and Public Offices, at the Court, in the City of London, and different Parts of the Kingdom; the Army and Navy; Baronets, Universities, Hospitals, &c. &c. Scotland. II. All the Peers, Baronets; State, Law, Revenue, and Public Offices, Universities, Physicians, &c. Ireland. III. Both Houses of Parliament, a complete List of the Baronets, all the Law, State, Revenue, and Public Offices, Bankers, Deans, &c. &c. America. IV. Governors, Law and Revenue Officers, &c. &c. Corrected at the Respective Offices.
7758: DEFOE (DANIEL): - The Life and most surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner; Who lived eight-and-twenty years in an uninhabited island on the coast of America, near the mouth of the great river Oroonoque. With an account of his deliverance thence, and his after surprising adventures. Complete in one Volume. A New Edition, revised and corrected.
4965: [DEFOE (DANIEL)]. - The History of the Mitre and Purse, In which The First and Second Parts of the secret History of the White Staff are fully considered, and the Hypocrisy and Villainies of the Staff himself are laid open and Detected. The Second Edition.
7618: DEFOE (DANIEL): - The Life and most surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner; Who lived eight and twenty years in an uninhabited island on the coast of America, near the mouth of the great river Oroonoque. With an account of his deliverance thence, and his after surprising adventures.
2520: [DELAMAYNE (THOMAS HALLIE): - The Senators: Or, A Candid Examination into the Merits of the Principal Performers of St. Stephen's Chapel.
2521: [DELAMAYNE (THOMAS HALLIE): - The Senators: Or, A Candid Examination into the Merits of the Principal Performers of St. Stephen's Chapel. The Third Edition, WIth Alterations and Additions.
8465: DELAND (MARGARET) - Typed letter, signed
2057: DELAVIGNE (CASIMIR): - Sept Messeniennes Nouvelles.
7937: DELLA CASA (GIOVANNI): - Il Galatheo di M. Giovanni Dellas Casa. Nel quale sotto la persona d'un Vecchio Idiota ammaestrante un suo giovanetto, si ragiona. De Mode, che si Debbono o tener, o schifare, nella commune conversatione.
3403: DERHAM (WILLIAM): - Physico-Theology: Or, A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God, from his Works of Creation. Being the Substance of Sixteen Sermons Preached in St. Mary-le-Bow-Church, London...With large Notes, and many curious Observations. The Seventh Edition.
4213: DIBDIN (CHARLES): - Music Epitomized: A School Book; In which the Whole Science of Music is Completely Explained from the Simples Rudiments to the most complex Principles of Harmony, even to Composition and the Doctrine of Writing Down Ideas. The whole is expounded by way of Question and Answer in Ten Dialogues, and illustrated by Plates, containing all the necessary Tables. The Seventh Edition, Revised and Corrected by J. Jousse....
5840: DIBDIN (CHARLES): - Songs, Naval and National, of the late Charles Dibdin; With a Memoir and Addenda. Collected and Arranged by Thomas Dibdin. With characteristical sketches by George Cruikshank.
7502: DICKENS (CHARLES): - The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. With Illustrations by Phiz.
6954: DICTIONARY. - A Compendious Geographical Dictionary Containing, a concise description of the most remarkable places, ancient and modern, in Europe, Asia, Africa, & America, interspersed with historical anecdotes. To which are added, a chronological table from the creation to the present time; a monthly list of all the fixed fairs in England and Wales; and, a table of the Coins of the Various Nations, and their values in English money. To the whole is prefixed, An Introduction, exhibiting a view of the Newtonian system of the Planets, &c. The Second Edition.
6955: DICTIONARY. - A Compendious Geographical and Historical Grammar: Exhibiting a Brief Survey of the Terraqueous Globe; and shewing the Situation, Extent, Boundaries, and Divisions of the various Countries; their chief Towns, Mountains, Rivers, Climates, and Productions; their Governments, Revenues, Commerce, and their Sea and Land Forces; Likewise, The Religion, Language, Literature, Customs, and Manners of the respective Inhabitants of the Different Nations; and also, a concise view of the Political History of the several Empires, Kingdoms, and States. Embellished with Maps. The Second Edition, Corrected and considerably Improved.
8875: DICTIONARY. - The Historian's Pocket Dictionary; Annexing Dates to The Memorable Occurrences, from The Earliest Period of History to The Present Time... Also The Sovereigns of England and Scotland, Distinguished Painters, &c. and Eminent Men of all Professions.
7715: DIONYIUS THE CARTHUSIAN. - D. Dionysii Carthusiani, in quatuor Evangelista Enarrationes, Praeclare admodum, & ab eruditissimis optimisque viris quamdivitissime desideratae, atquie nunc ex altera: eaque diligentissim ad archetypon recognitione, sublastis mendis quibus scatebant pluribus quam diligentissime excusae.
7196: DIONYSIUS CARTHUSIANUS. - Elucidissima in divi Pauli Epistolas commentaria Dionysis, olim Carthusiani apud celebrem Ruremunda, ducatus Geldriae urbem cui in componendis sacrarum literarum libris vix alter similis successit. Vita authoris, simul & operum illius cathalogus, cum indice, & ... Caroli, ducis Geldriæ &c. epistola hortatoria, necnon & sacræ facultatis theologicæ Coloniensis approbatione, co[m]mentarijs ipsis præmittuntur.
7949: DIONYSIUS CARTHUSIANUS: - D. Dionysii Carthusiani Enarrationes piae eruditae in XII. Prophetas minores, Oseam, Iohelem, Amos, Abdiam, Ionam, Michæam, Nahum, Abacuc, Sophoniam, Aggæam, Zachariam, Malachiam. Cum Gratia Privilegio ad Sexennium.
8716: DIRECTORY - The Batchelor's Directory: Being a Treatise of the Excellence of Marriage. Of its necessity, and the means to live happy in it. Together with an Apology for the Women against eh Calumnies of the Men.
7563: DISSERTATION. ESSAYS. - A Dissertation on False Religion: Also Essays and Letters on Various Subjects. A New Edition, With Alterations and large Additions; Particularly an Appendix to the Dissertation on False Religion, containing Answers to some Objects which have been made against it. Likewise an Index to the Whole.
2761: DOBSON (SUSANNA): - The Life of Petrarch. Collected from Memoires pour la Vie de Petrarch. The Second Edition.
3509: DOBSON (SUSANNA): - The Life of Petrarch. Collected from Memoires pour la Vie de Petrarch.
8874: DODD (WILLIAM): - The Sisters: Or, The History of Lucy and Caroline Sanson, entrusted to A False Friend. In Two Volumes. By the Rev. Dr. Dodd.
8656: DODD (WILLIAM): - Poems by Dr. Dodd.
3890: DODDRIDGE (PHILIP): - The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul: Illustrated in a Course of Serious and Practical Addresses...The Fifteenth Edition.
5631: DONALDSON (JAMES): - General View of the Agriculture of the County of Elgin or Moray, lying between the Spey and the Findhorn; including part of Strathspey, in the Counter of Inverness. With Observations on the Means of its Improvement. Drawn up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement.
8585: DOUCET (JEROME), EDITOR: - Anacreon. (Introduction et Pieces Choisies) Illustre de hit compositions de Louis-Edouard Fournier eaxu-fortes de Pennequin.
8840: DOUGLAS (ALEXANDER): - Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect.
7712: DOWNMAN (HUGH): - Poems, The Second Edition, Altered and Corrected, With Several Additions.
1326: DRAKE (NATHAN): - Mornings in Spring; or Retrospections, Biographical, Critical, and Historical.
7102: DRAMA. - The Old English Drama. A Collection of Plays from the Old English Dramatists.
6030: DRAYTON (JOHN B.): - Poems.
8347: DRYDEN (JOHN): - The Miscellaneous Works of John Dryden, Esq; Containing all his Original Poems, Tales, and Translations, Now first Collected and Published together in Four Volumes. With Explanatory Notes and Observations. Also an Account of His Life and Writings.
6510: DRYDEN (JOHN): - The Hind and the Panther. A Poem. In Three Parts.
4319: DU BOIS (EDWARD): - The Wreath; Composed of Selections from Sappho, Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus. Accompanied by a Prose Translation, with Notes. To which are added Remarks on Shakespere, &c. And a Comparison between Horace and Lucian.
4548: DUCHE (JACOB): - Discourses on Various Subjects. The Second Edition.
6621: [DUNCOMBE (JOHN), EDITOR]: - A Select Collection of Original Letters; Written by the most Eminent Persons, on various Entertaining Subjects, And on many Important Occasions: From the Reign of Henry the Eighth, to the present Time.
7641: DUNCOMBE (JOHN), PUBLISHER: - The London Vocalist; An Extensive and Superior Collection of Songs: Including the Most Celebrated Old, and Embracing all the New Songs of Merit, As they appear at the London Theatres, Public and Private Concerts &c. With Numerous Originals, by Moncrieff - Hudson - Beuler - Bruton - Mackey - Pest, &c. &c. Embellished with Splendid Illustrations, Drawn by Mr. Jones, and engraved by Mr. Biggs; with Whole-length Portraits engraved on Steel, from Original Drawings by Mr. Kennerley.
8776: DUSAULX (JEAN): - De la Passion du Jeu, Depuis les Temps Anciens jusqu'a nos Jours. Dedie a Monsieur.
7603: DUTY. - Filial Duty, Recommended and Enforced, by a variety of instructive and entertaining stories of children who have been remarkable for affection to their parents. Also some striking instances of children who have behaved in an undutiful and unnatural manner to their parents.
7611: DUTY. - Filial Duty, Recommended and Enforced. By a Variety of Instructive and Entertaining Stories, of Children who have been remarkable for Affection to their Parents. Also Some striking Instances of Children who have behaved in an undutiful and unnatural manner to the parents. The Whole founded on Historical Facts.
8344: [DYCE (WILLIAM)]: - The Order for Morning and Evening Prayer, and the Litany, both Plain-Text, according to the use of the United Church of England and Ireland.
4352: DYER (JOHN): - Poems. Viz. I. Grongar Hill. II. The Ruins of Rome. III. The Fleece, in Four Books.
8700: [EARLE (JABEZ), INTER ALIA: - Practical Discourses of Singing in the Worship of God; Preach'd at the Friday Lecture in Eastcheap. By Several Ministers.
4428: EDEN (WILLIAM): - Four Letters to the Earl of Carlisle, from William Eden, Esq. On certain Perversions of Political Reasoning; and on the Nature, Progress, and Effect of Party Spirit and of Parties. On the present Circumstances of the War between Great Britain and the combined Powers of France and Spain. On the Public Debts, on the Public Credit, and on the Means of raising Supplies. On the Representation of Ireland respecting a Free-Trade. The Second Edition.
3699: EDEN (WILLIAM), BARON AUCKLAND: - The Substance of a Speech made by Lord Auckland, on Monday the Second Day of May, 1796. On the Occasion of a Motion made by the Marquis of Lansdown.
8173: EDWARDS (SUTHERLAND): - History of the Opera; From its Origin in Italy to the present Time. With Anecdotes of the most celebrated composers and vocalists of Europe.
4174: EDWARDS (PETER): - Candid Reasons, for Renouncing the Principles of Antipædobaptism. Second Edition.
2473: EDWARDS (THOMAS): - The Canons of Criticism, and Glossary; The Trial of the Letter y, alias Y, and Sonnets.
7825: EDWARDS (H. SUTHERLAND): - The Prima Donna Her History and Surroundings from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Century.
8278: EDWARDS (JOHN): - All-Saints' Church, Derby: A Poem.
8250: ELLIS (WILLIAM): - Ellis's Husbandry, Abridged and methodized: Comprehending the Most Useful Articles of Practical Agriculture.
2226: [ELLIS (GEORGE)]: - Specimens of the Early English Poets.
6211: ELLIS (JOHN): - A Reply to "The Academy's" Review of "The Wine Question in the Light of the New Dispensation."
8678: ELLIS [NÉE STICKNEY], SARAH: - The Women of England, their Social Duties and Domestic Habits.
3836: ELTON (OLIVER): - A Survey of English Literature, 1730 - 1780.
8605: EMBLEMS. - Emblems for the Entertainment and Improvement of Youth: Containing Hieroglyphical and Enigmatical Devices, relating to all Parts and Stations of Life; Together with Explanataions and Proverb s in French, Spanisalian, and Latin, alluding to them and Translated into English: The whole curiously Engrav'd on 62 Cooper Plates.
8563: EMENHEISER (J. ANTHONY): - Anti-Destruction, and Other Poems.
6877: [EMERSON (WILLIAM)]: - The Doctrine of Combinations, Permutations, and Compositions of Quantities, Clearly and succinctly demonstrated.
6878: EMERSON (WILLIAM): - Chronology: Or, the Art of Reckoning Time. Describing the several Divisions of Time in common Use; the Nature and Original of Cycles and Periods, and the most remarkable Aera's; and the manner of Computing the Numbers of such Cycles, or the Common Notes, for any Year; the moveable Feasts; the Places of the Sun and Moon; and the Nature of the Calendar. Founded upon Astronomical Principles. To which is added, A Short Chronological Table.
6880: EMERSON (WILLIAM): - Calculation, Libration, and Mensuration: Or the Arts of Reckoning, Weighing, and Measuring. Being a Mechanical Work, adapted To the Business and Practice of Tradesmen and Artificers, in the shortest Method possible, and designed purely for common Use.
6879: EMERSON (WILLIAM): - The Art of Surveying, or Measuring Land. Containing. I. The Work to be Perform'd in the Field, as taking all necessary Dimensions and Measures. II. Concerning Protracting, Reducing, Casting up, and Dividing. III. Measuring inaccessible Heights, and Distances.
5468: ENFIELD (WILLIAM): - The Preacher's Directory; Or, a Series of Subjects proper for Public Discourses, with Texts under Each Head: To which is added, a Supplement, containing Select Passages from the Apocrypha. The Second Edition.
8775: ENGLISH TRAVEL AND TOPOGRAPHY. THE PEAK DISTRICT. - The New Panorama of Matlock, Buxton & Castleton.
7710: EPHEMERA. MARSHALL. - Marshall's New British Gentleman's Pocket Book. for 1845.
7526: EPICTETUS. - The Life and Philosophy, of Epictetus. With the Embleme of Humane Life, By Cebes. Rendred [sic] into English, by John Davies of Kidwelly.
8629: EPICTETUS. - Epicteti Quae supersunt Dissertationes Ab Arriano Collectae: Enchiridio Fragmentisque in fine adjectis. Recensuit Notisque illustravit Joannes Uptonus Praeb. Rossensis.
7629: EPICTETUS. - The Morals of Epictetus: Made English in a Poetical Paraphrase. By Ellis Walker, M. A.
8550: EROTICA. DAMNED STUFF. - Did you ever see such Damned Stuff? Or, So-Much-The Better. A Story Without Head or Tail, Wit or Humor.
8856: ERRO Y AZPIROZ (DON JUAN BAUTISTA DE): - Alfabeto de la Lengua Primitiva de España, y explicación de sus más antiguos monumentos de inscripciones y medallas.
5374: ERSKINE (THOMAS ALEXANDER) EARL OF KELLY (OR KELLIE): - Minuets &c. Composed by The Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Kelly.
6739: ETON COLLEGE. SOLOMON GRILDRIG. - The Miniature, by Solomon Grildrig, of the College of Eton. Inscribed, by permission, to The Rev. Dr. Goodall. Second Edition.
5433: EVANS (JOHN): - A Sketch of the Denominations of the Christian World; With a Persuasive to Religious Moderation. To which is prefixed an Introductory Outline of Atheism, Deism, Theophilanthropis, Judaism, Mahometanism, and Christianity. With an Essay on Enthusiasm and Superstition.... The Twelfth Edition, Containing..., An Original Account of the Shakers....
3080: EVELYN (JOHN): - The Life of Mrs. Godolphin. Now first published and Edited by Samuel Lord Bishop of Oxford....
6090: EWING (GREVILLE): - A Defence of Itinerant and Field Preaching: A Sermon, preached before The Society for Gratis Sabbath Schools, On the 24th of December 1797, In Lady Glenorchy's Chapel, Edinburgh.
3860: FÉLIBIEN (ANDRÉ): - Principes de l'Architecture, de la Sculpture, de la Peinture, et des autres Arts qui en Dependent. Avec un Dictionnaire des Termes propres à chacun de ces Arts.
7943: FABER (PETRUS): - Dodecamenon Petri Fabri San-Ioriani Consiliarii Regii et in Tolosano Senatu Prasedis: sive De Dei nomine atque attributis, liber singularis. In quo vetustorum Patrum ac Theologorum, Latinorum, Græcorumque loci complures & illustrantur obscuri & mendosi castigantur. Editio altera ex auctoris recognitione.
8214: FALCONER (WILLIAM): - The Shipwreck: A Poem. In Three Cantos. By A Sailor.
7243: FALEREO (DEMETRIO), I. E., DEMETRIUS OF PHALERON: - Della Locuzione Volgarizato da Pier Segni Accademico della Crusca Detto L'Agghiacciato. Con postille al testo, ed esempli Foscani, conformati a' Greci. Al Sereniss. Signore, il Sig. Don Cosimo Medici, Principe di Toscana, suo Signore.
3722: FARQUHAR (GEORGE): - The Recruiting Officer. A Comedy. As it is Acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden, By His Majesty's Servants.
4517: FENELON (FRANCOIS DE SALIGNAC DE LA MOTHE): - The Adventures of Telemachus, The Son of Ulysses. In French and English. The Original carefully printed according to the best Editions of France and Holland, And the Translation, which is entirely new, revised by Mr Des Maizeaux.
7971: FENELON (FRANÇOIS DE SALIGNAC DE LA MOTHE): - Pious Reflections For Every Day in the Month. Translated from the French of The Archbishop of Cambray.
7901: FENELON (FRANCOIS DE SALIGNAC DE LA MOTHE): - The Adventures of Telemachus, The Son of Ulysses. By the Archbishop of Cambray. Translated into English by Mr. Des Maizeaux, F. R. S. Eighth Edition, Corrected.
5617: FENNING (DANIEL): - The Universal Spelling Book. or a New and Easy Guide to the English Language: containing I. Tables of Words in one, two , three and four Syllables.... II. A very easy and rational Guide to English Grammar.... III. A Collection of nearly 5000 of the most useful Words.... IV. Alphabetical Copies, and Writing Pieces in Prose and Verse.... Lastly, Tables of Sovereigns of England since the Conquest.... Stereotype Edition.
4998: FENNING (DANIEL): - The Young Algebraist's Companion; Or, A New and Easy Guide to Algebra; Introduced by the Doctrine of Vulgar Fractions. Designed for the use of Schools.... The Fourth Edition, Corrected. To which is added, An Appendix, On the Rudiments of Quadratic Equations.....
8163: [FERENTILLI (AGOSTINO)]: - [Primo Volume] Della Scielta di Stanze Di diuersi Autori Toscani, Raccolte, & nuouamente poste in luce da M. Agostino Ferentilli., Et da lui con diligenza riuste al Signor Francesco Gentile. Con licenza, & priuileglo.
6664: FERGUSON (HUGH): - One View of Human Life Taken, and Reconciled by a Prospect of Heaven; Together with an Attempt towards the Right Direction of our Conduct for the attainment of that Certain, Glorious, and Happy State.
8157: FERGUSON (JAMES): - The Art of drawing in Perspective made easy To those who have no previous Knowledge of the Mathematics. The Second Edition. Illustrated with Plates.
7964: FERREIRA (VICENTE): - Ordo Officii Divinie Recitandi. Sacrique Peragendi, Juxta Breviarum, Missaleque Romanum atque. Inedita specialia; Ad usum Patriarchiatus Olisponensis. Anno Domini 1480. Bissexto. Opera, et Studio Vincentii Ferrerii, Extinctae Congreg. Orator. Olispon. Calendaristae.
8620: FEUCHTINGER (KATHERINE): - The Trip I Made A Brief Narrative of the Lutheran Chautauqua Tour through Europe from the Diary of Katherine Feuchtinger.
6544: FIELDING (HENRY): - The Beauties of Fielding: Carefully Selected from the Works of that Eminent Writer. To which is added Some Account of his Life.
7053: FIORENTINO (GIOVANNI): - Il Pecorone di ser Giovanni Fiorentino, nel quale si contengono cinquanta novelle antiche, Belle d'Invention et di Stile.
7903: FISHER (ANNE): - The Pleasing Instructor or Entertaining Moralist; consisting of Select Essays, Relations, Visions and Allegories, collected from the most Eminent English Authors, to which are prefixed New Thoughts on Education. A New Edition.
4728: FLEMING (ROBERT): - Discourses On several Subjects. The First containing a new Account of the Rise and Fall of the Papacy. The Second upon God's dwelling with Men. The Third concerning the Ministerial Office. The Fourth being a brief Account of Religion as it centers in the Lord Jesus Christ.
7676: FLETCHER (WILLIAM): - Father Alfred's Elements of Knowledge.
6474: FLETCHER (JOHN): - A Vindication of the Rev. Mr. Wesley's Last Minutes: Occasioned by A circular, printed Letter. Inviting principal Persons, Both Clergy and Laity, as well of the Dissenters as of the established Church, Who disapprove of those Minutes, To oppose them in a Body, as a dreadful Heresy: and designed T removed Prejudice, check Rashness, promote Forbearance, defend the Character of an eminent Minister of Christ, and prevent some important scriptural Truths from being hastily branded as heretical. In Five Letters, To the Hon. and Rev. Author of the circular Letters. By a Lover of Quietness and Liberty of Conscience.
7675: FLETCHER (WILLIAM): - The Little Grammarian; or, an easy guide to the Parts of Speech and familiar illustrations of the leading Rules of Syntax: in a series of instructive and amusing tales.
8743: FLEURY (CLAUDE). CORDELL (REV. CHARLES): - The Manners of the Israelites Wherein is seen the Model of a plain and honest Policy for the Government of States, And A Reformation of Manners. Translated from the French of the judicious and learned Abbé Fleury. By the Rev. Charles Cordell, Correspondent Member of the Royal Society of Scotch Antiquaries.
6668: FLEXMAN (ROGER): - The Connexion and Harmony of Religion and Virtue delineated in the Character of Abraham. A Sermon Preached in St. Thomas's, Southwark, January 1, MDCCLII. For the Benefit of the Charity-School in Gravel-Lane, Southwark.
7577: FLORUS (LUCIUS ANNEUS): - Lucii Annæi Flori rerum Romanorum Libri IV, Ex Musæo Joh. Isaci Pontani. Accedunt Breves eiusdem Notæ atque observata, præsertim Politica.
7606: FLORUS (LUCIUS ANNAEUS): - L. Annaeus Florus Cl. Salmasius, addidet Lucium Ampelium e cod. ms. nunquam antehac editum.
6466: [?FOLWELL (SAMUEL)]: - Two 18th century or, more probably, early 19th century, oval, 220 x 150 mms., embroidered pictures of "Emma Corbett," heroine of the first English novel about the American Revolution.
8809: [FONTAINE (NICHOLAS)]: - An Abridgment of the History of the Old and New Testament, interspersed with Moral and Instructive Reflections chiefly out of The Holy Father. By J. Reeve
8610: FONTENELLE ( BERNARD LE BOVIER DE): - Oeuvres Diverses. Nouveaux Dialogues des Mortes. Nouvelle Edition augmentee. AND: Entretiens sur la Pluralite des Mondes. Nouvelle Edition augmentee. AND: Histoire des Oracles. Nouvelle Edition augmentee. AND: Lettres Galantes de Monsieur le Chevalier d'Her***. Nouvelle Edition augmentee. AND: Poesies Pastorales. Avec un Traite sur la Nature de l'Eglogue, & une Digression sur les Anciens & les Modernes. Nouvelle Edition augmentee.
3090: [FORBES (ROBERT)]: - An Essay on the Nature of the Human Body, and the Singular Respect and Veneration shewn to it, After Death, among all People and Nations Whatsoever. In Consequence of which, on the Growing Evil Of profaning and defiling Kirks, and Kirkyards, And other Burying-Grounds. Occasionally interspersed with several Thoughts, little regarded now-a-days, though important and interesting. The whole Intended, for assisting the Judgment, and awakening the Attention, of all true Scotsmen, to guard the Sepulchres of their Forefathers, with Vigilance and Care, against all impious Attempts of Abuse and Pollution, particularly Alienation. By a ruling Elder of the Church of Scotland.
8467: [FORBES (WILLIAM ORSON) OR LOUDON (JOHN CLAUDIUS)]: - A Treatise on the Culture of Wheat, recommending a System of Management founded upon The Successful Experience of the Author. By a Practical Farmer.
6479: FORDYCE (DAVID): - Theodorus: A Dialogue concerning The Art of Preaching. The Third Edition. To which is added, A Sermon on the Eloquence, and an Essay on the Actions, of the Pulpit. By the Reverend Mr. James Fordyce.
8831: FORDYCE (HENRIETTA), MRS.: - Memoir of the late Mrs. Henrietta Fordyce, Relict of James Fordyce, D. D. Containing Original Letters, Anecdotes, and Pieces of Poetry. To which is added A Sketch of the Life of James Fordyce, D. D.
4058: FORKEL (JOHANN NIKLAUS): - Allgemeine Geschichte der Musik.
7184: [FORTEGUERRI (NICCOLO), BISHOP OF ANCYRA]: - Ricciardetto di Niccolo Carteromaco.
8025: FORTEGUERRI (NICOLO), BISHOP OF ANCYRA: - The First Canto of Ricciardetto Translated from the Italian of Forteguerri: with an introduction, concerning the principal romantic, burlesque, and mock-heroic poets; and notes, critical and philological. By Sylvester (Douglas) Lord Glenbervie.
4062: FOSTER (JAMES): - The Usefulness, Truth, and Excellency of the Christian Revelation defended Against the Objections contain'd in a late Book, intitled, Christianity as old as the Creation, &c.
8445: FOSTER (SIR MICHAEL). DODSON (MICHAEL): - The Life of Sir Michael Foster, Sometime one of the Judges of the Court of King's Bench and Record of Bristol. By his Nephew, The Late Micharel Dodson, Barrister at Law.
7812: FOTHERGILL (JOHN): - A Letter to a Friend in the Country, Relative to the Intended School, at Ackworth, in Yorkshire. The Second Edition, with Additions.
8318: FOULIS PRESS. GUARINI (BATTISTA): - Il Pastor Fido Tragicommedia Pastorale del Cavalier Gurarini.
8331: [FOULIS PRESS]. GAY (JOHN): - Fables by the Late Mr. Gay. In Two Volumes.
7403: FOULIS PRESS. PINDAR. - [Greek text]: Ta tou pindarou Sozomena. Olympia, Pythia, Nemea, Isthmia. Pindari quae extant. Olympia, Pythia, Nemea, Isthmia. Cum interpretatione Latina.
8489: FOULIS PRESS. [HAMILTON (WILLIAM)]: - Poems on Several Occasions.
7402: FOULIS PRESS. - Poems by William Mason.
8834: FOULIS PRESS. VIRGIL. - Publii Virgilii Maronis Bucolica, Georgica, et Aeneis. Ex Edition Petri Burmanni.
7401: FOULIS PRESS. GARTH (SAMUEL): - The Poetical Works of Sir Samuel Garth.
8626: FOULIS PRESS. GRAY (THOMAS): - Poems By Mr. Gray.
5778: FOULIS PRESS. BUTLER (SAMUEL): - Hudibras. In Three Parts. Written in the Time of the Late Wars. With Annotations, and a complete Index.
3443: FOULIS PRESS. SALLUST. - C. Crispi Sallustii Opera quae supersunt, Omnia. Ex Recensione Gottlieb Cortii.
7482: FOULIS PRESS. ARISTOTLE. - Aristotelous peri kosmou, pros Alexandron. Aristotelis de Mundo liber, ad Alexandrum. Cum versione Latina Gulielmi Budaei.
7593: FOULIS PRESS. PLAUTUS. - Marci Accii Plauti Comoediae. Ex Editione Joh. Gronovii.
8608: FOULIS PRESS. HOMER. - [Greek title]: The Iliad [and] The Odyssey.
8592: FOULIS PRESS. VIRGIL. - Publii Virgilii Maronis Bucolica, Georgica, et Aeneis. Ex Edition Petri Burmanni.
7483: FOULIS PRESS. SALLUST. - C. Crispi Sallustii Opera quae supersunt, Omnia. Ex Recensione Gottlieb Cortii.
8383: FOULIS PRESS. PLINY II. - Caii Plinii Caecilii Secundi Opera Quae Supersunt; Omnia. Ad Fidem Optimarum Editionum Diligenter Expressa.
8687: FRANCATELLI (CHARLES ELME): - The Modern Cook; A Practical Guide to the Culinary Art in all its Branches, comprising, in Addition to English Cookery, the most approve and recherché Systems of French, Italian, and German Cookery; Adapted as well for the Largest Establisments as for the Use of Private Families. With Sixty Illustrations. Seventh Edition.
4191: FRANCKLIN (THOMAS): - Sermons on the Relative Duties. The Fourth Edition.
8294: FRANSHAM (JOHN). SAINT (WILLIAM): - Memoirs of the Life, Character, Opinions, and Writing, of that Learned and Eccentric Man, The Late John Fransham, or Norwich.
7665: FREE (JOHN): - Poems on Several Occasions, Formerly Written.... The Second Edition, With Additions of later Pieces; and an historical and critieal [sic] Account of the Origin and peculiar Nature of English Poetry, in a Letter to a Member of Parliament.
8631: FRIEDLANDER (HERMAN): - Views in Italy, during A Journey in the Years 1815 and 1816. Published in in Leipzig 1819. 2 vols.
8539: [FRYER (GEORGE)], EDITOR: - The Poetry of various Glees, Songs, &c. as performed at the Harmonists.
8545: FULCHER (G. W. ), PUBLISHER: - Fulcher's Ladies' Memorandum Book and Poetical Miscellany. 1852.
4696: FURNEAUX (PHILIP): - The Importance of Education. A Sermon preached at St. Thomas's, January 1. 1755. For the Benefit of the Charity-School in Gravel-Land, Southwark.
3909: GAINSBOROUGH. BELL (MRS. ARTHUR): - Thomas Gainsborough A Record of his Life and Works. With Illustrations reproduced for the most part direct from the Original Paintings.
7894: GALILEO. [BRESSANI (GREGORIO)]: - Discorsi sopra le Obbiezioni fatte dal Galileo all Dottrina di Aristotle.
7224: [GALLY (HENRY): - A Dissertation against pronouncing the Greek Language according to Accents.
7372: GARDINER (WILLIAM): - Music and Friends; or, Pleasant Recollections of a Dilettante. In Two [Three] Volumes.
7006: GARRICK (DAVID): - The Private Correspondence of David Garrick With the Most Celebrated Persons of his Time; Now First Published From the Originals, and Illustrated With Notes and a New Biographical Memoir of Garrick.
4153: GARRICK (DAVID). MURPHY (ARTHUR): - The Life of David Garrick, Esq.
8606: GAUTIER (THEOPHILE): - Mademoiselle de Maupin. Double Love. Illustrations by Clara Tice. [This book designed and supervised by Henry Cunningham.]
8397: GAY (JOHN): - Fables. By the late Mr. Gay. The Seventh [Fifth]Edition.
8280: GAY (JOHN). BARNETT (JOHN): - The Beggar's Opera Arranged from a very Scarce Edition, the objectionable poetry altered and adapted to the Eye of the Most Fastidious, with New Symphonies and Accompaniments for the Paian Forte. By John Barnett, Composer to the Theatres Royal. National Library of Standard Music.
8619: GELLEROY (WILLIAM): - The London Cook, or The whole Art of Cookery made easy and familiar. Containing A great Number of approved and practical Receipts in every Branch of Cooker. Viz. Chap. I. Of Soups, Broths and Gravy. II. Of Pancakes, Fritters, Possets, Tanseys, &c. III. Of Fish. IV. Of Boiling. V. Of Roasting. VI. Of Made-Dishes. VII. Of Poultry and Game. VII. Sauces for Poultry and Game. IX. Sauces for Butcher's Meat. &c. X. Of Puddings. XI. Of Pies, Custards, and Tarts. &c. XII. Of Sausages, Hogs-Puddings, &c. XIII. O Potting and Collaring. XIV. Of Pickles. XV. Of Creams, Jellies, &c. XVI. Of Made Wines. To which is prefixed, A large Copper-Plate, representing his Majesty's Table, with its proper Removes, as it was served at Guild-Hall, on the th of November last, being the Lord Mayor's Day, when His Majesty, and the Royal Family did the City the Honour to dine with them, and were highly pleased with their Entertainment.
8017: GELLERT (CHRISTIAN FÜRCHTGOTT): - Fabelen en Vertelsels nederduitsche vaerzen gevolgd.
2767: [GENARD (FRANCOIS)]: - The School of Man. Translated from the French. To which is prefixed, A Key to the Satyrical Characters Interspersed in this Work.
4913: [GENARD (FRANCOIS)]: - The School of Man. Translated from the French. To which is prefixed, A Key to the Satyrical Characters Interspersed in this Work. The Second Edition
2098: GENLIS (STEPHANIE FELICITE DUCREST DE SAINT AUBIN, MARQUISE DE SILLERY: - La Religion consideree comme l'Unique Base du Bonheur et de la Veritable Philosophie....Nouvelle Edition, augmentee de quelques notes.
4386: GENLIS (STEPHANIE FELICITE DUCREST DE SAINT AUBIN, MARQUISE DE SILLERY: - Theatre of Education. Translated from the French of The Countess de Genlis.
7929: GEOFFROY (ETIENNE FRANCOIS): - A Treatise on Foreign Vegetables, Containing An Account of such as are now commonly used in the Practice of Physick. With their Descriptions, chymical Analyses, Virtues, Doses and various Effects. Chiefly taken from the Material Medica of Steph. Fran. Geoffroy, M. . By Ralph Thickness, M. D.
8354: GEOGRAPHY. - Abrégé de Géogpraphie Pour les Écoles.
4994: GEORGE II. - Letters In the Original, with Translations, and Messages, That passed between the King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of Wales; on Occasion of the Birth of the young Prnicess.
3834: GEORGE IV. WILKINS (W. H.): - Mrs. Fitzherbert and George IV.
8197: GESSI (BERLINGIERO), INTER ALIA: - La Spada di Honore Libro Primo [ - Ottava]. Delle Osseruazioni Caualeresche del Senator Berlingiero Gessi. All' Altezza Serenissima di Cosimo III. Gran Duca di Toscana.
1730: GESSNER (SOLOMON): - The Works of Solomon Gessner, Translated from the German. With some Account of His Life and Writings.
7063: GESSNER (SALOMON): - Oeuvres de Salomon Gessner Traduits de l'Allemand.
5253: [GIBBON (EDWARD)]: - Essai sur L'Étude de la Littérature.
6064: GIBBON (EDWARD): - Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, in Six Volumes, Quarto, Abridged in Two Volumes, Octavo.
5311: GIBBON (EDWARD): - Gibbon's Journal to January 28th, 1763. My Journal, I, II & III and Ephemerides. With Introductory Essays by D. M. Low.
5312: GIBBON (EDWARD): - Gibbon's Journey from Geneva to Rome. His Journal from 20 April to 2 October 1764. Edited by Georges A. Bonnard.
5260: GIBBON (EDWARD): - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. A New Edition.
5261: GIBBON (EDWARD): - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. A New Edition, in Twelve Volumes.
5262: GIBBON (EDWARD): - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. A New Edition.
5266: GIBBON (EDWARD): - History of the Saracen Empire. [And] History of the Saracens, by Simon Ockley.
5315: GIBBON (EDWARD): - The Memoirs of the Life of Edward Gibbon. With Various Observations and Excursions by Himself. Edited by George Birkbeck Hill.
5307: GIBBON (EDWARD). DE BEER (SIR GAVIN): - Gibbon and his world.
5308: GIBBON (EDWARD). FUGLUM (PER): - Edward Gibbon: His View of Life and Conception of History. Oslo Studies in English, Publications of the British Institute in the University of Oslo.
5316: GIBBON (EDWARD). GROOM (BERNARD): - The Autobiography of Edward Gibbon.
5279: GIBBON (EDWARD). JESSE (WILLIAM): - Lectures supposed to have been delivered by the Author of A View of the Internal Evidence of the Christian Religion [i. e., Soame Jenyns], to a Select Company of Friends. Dedicated to Edward Gibbon, Esq.
5317: GIBBON (EDWARD). JOYCE (MICHAEL): - Edward Gibbon. Men and Books.
5319: GIBBON (EDWARD). LOW (D. M.): - Edward Gibbon, 1737 - 1794.
5280: GIBBON (EDWARD). MILLER (SAMUEL): - Brief Retrospect of the Eighteenth Century... Containing A Sketch of the Revolutions and Improvements in Science, Arts, and Literature, during that period.
5281: GIBBON (EDWARD). MILMAN (H. H.): - The Life of Edward Gibbon, Esq. With Selections from his Correspondence, and Illustrations.
5320: GIBBON (EDWARD). MILMAN (REV. H. H.): - The Life of Edward Gibbon, Esq. With Selections from his Correspondence.
5321: GIBBON (EDWARD). MORISON (JAMES COTTER): - Gibbon. (English Men of Letters).
5322: GIBBON (EDWARD). MOWAT (R. B.): - Gibbon.
5324: GIBBON (EDWARD). PELIKAN (JAROSLAV): - The Excellent Empire: The Fall of Rome And the Triumph of the Church.
5285: GIBBON (EDWARD). PORTEUS (BEILBY): - Tracts on Various Subjects. All of which have been Published Separately before; and are now first collected into One Volume.
5325: GIBBON (EDWARD). ROYAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY. - Proceedings of the Gibbon Commemoration 1794 - 1894.
5326: GIBBON (EDWARD). SWAIN (JOSEPH WARD): - Edward Gibbon The Historian.
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5291: GIBBON (EDWARD). WATSON (RICHARD): - An Apology for Christianity, in A Series of Letters, addressed to Edward Gibbon, Esq. Author of the History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Second Edition.
5328: GIBBON (EDWARD). YOUNG (G. M.): - Gibbon.
6530: GIBBONS (THOMAS): - Rhetoric; Or, A View of its Principal Tropes and Figures, In their Original and Powers: With a Variety of Rules to escape Errors and Blemishes, and attain Propriety and Elegance in Composition.
3916: [GIBSON (EDMUND)]. - A Plea for Divine Revelation: In Answer to a Letter to the Right Reverend Lord Bishop of London, called, A Plea for Human Reason.
7808: GILBERT (SIR JEFFRAY): - The Law and Practice of Distress and Replevin, by the late Lord Chief Baron Gilbert. To which is added An Appendix of Precedents. The Third Edition, with Considerable Additions, Taken from former and later Reports, and other Books of Authority; And full Practical Directions, from the Seizure of the Distress to the Sale and Suing a Replevin. By William Hunt, of Lincoln's Inn.
3481: [GILES (WILLIAM)]: - The Guide to Domestic Happiness. The Second American, from the Fifth London Edition. [AND]: The Refuge. The Seventh Edition.
6475: GILLIES (JOHN): - A Catechism upon the Sufferings of the Redeemer. Compiled for the Use of Young Communicants.
7383: GILLINGWATER (EDMUND): - An Historical and Descriptive Account of St. Edmund's Bury, In the County of Suffolk: Comprising an ample Detail of the Origin, Dissolution, and Venerable Remains of the Abbey, and Other Places of Antiquity in that Ancient Town.
7355: GILLRAY (JAMES): - The Seige [sic] of Blenheim or the new system of Gunning discoverd.
6424: GILPIN (WILLIAM): - An Essay on Prints. Third Edition.
5799: GILSON (DAVID): - Sermons on Practical Subjects.
6369: GINGLE (JACOB): - The Oxford Sermon Versified.
4712: GIOJA (MELCHIORRE): - Filosofia della Statistica. Colle Notizie Storiche sulla Vita e sulle Opere dell'Autore. Volume Unico.
6622: GIOVIO (PAOLO): - Le Vite dei Dodici Visconti che Signoreggiarono Milano. Descritte da Monsignor Paolo Giovio Vescovo di Nocera tradotte da Lodovico Domenichi. Et in quest' ultima Impressione accresciute de gl' Argomenti à caiscuna d'esse Vite, con le annotationi nel margine, & Tauola copiosissima. Abbellite delle ver Effigie d'essi Principi, dedicate all'illustmo. et revermo Monsigr. Honorato Visconti Arcivescovo di Larissa.
1431: GIRARD (GABRIEL): - Synonymes Francois, Leurs differentes significations, & le choix qu'il en faut fair pour parler avec justeste. Et Traite de la Prosodie Francoise, Par M l'Abbe d'Olivet. Nouvelle Edition.
8633: GIRARD (JEAN-BAPTISTE): - The Tryal of Father John-Baptist Girard, On an Accusation of Quietism, Sorcery, Incest, Abortion and Subordination, before the Great Chamber of Parliament at Aix, At the Instance of Miss Mary-Catherine Cadiere. Containing, I. Minutes of each of the Cases, as they were taken for the Use of the Judges. II. The Speech of the President at the Opening of the Proceedings. III. The Speech of M. Chaudon, Advocate for the Complainant, in Maintenance of the Charge. IV. The Examination of the several Witnesses. V. The Interrogatory of Father Girard. VI. The Harangue of his Advocate in his Defence. VII. The Confrontation of Father Girard and Miss Cadiere. VIII. The Reply of M. Chaudon to all urged in the Defence. IX. The Recapitulation of Monsieur, the President, and his pronouncing the Definitive Judgment of that Assembly, &c. With a preface by Monsieur C-, a Learned Refugee at the Hague
2770: GISBORNE (THOMAS): - An Enquiry into the Duties of Men in the Higher and Middle Classes of Society in Great Britain, resulting from their respective stations, professions, and employments. The Fifth Edition, Corrected.
5146: GISBORNE (THOMAS): - Eglur Olygiad or Grefydd Gristionogol, ac o Hanesiaeth (Histori) Cyn belled ag y perthyn i ddechreuad Chrstionogaeth, ac i'w cchynyddiad hyd yr amser presenol. Newydd ei Gyfieithu Alln o waith Saesnaeg Thomas Gisborne.
2772: GISBORNE (THOMAS): - An Enquiry into the Duties of the Female Sex. The Fourth Edition, corrected.
2145: GISBORNE (THOMAS): - Sermons.
8543: GLASGOW LITERARY SAMMELBAND. - Elegies. Moral and Sentimental. Published Nov.r 30, 1807, by George Nicholson, Poughnill, near Ludlow
7932: [GLASSE (HANNAH)]: - The Art of Cookery, made Plain and Easy; Which far excels any Thing of the Kind yet published. Containing, I. How to Roast and Boil to Perfection every Thing necessary to be sent up to Table. II. Of Made-dishes. III. How expensive a French Cook's Sauce is. IV. To make a Number of pretty little Dishes for a Supper or Side-dish, and little Corner-dishes for a great Table. V. To dress Fish. VI. Of Soops [sic] and Broths. VII. Of Puddings. VIII. Of Pies. IX. For a Lent Dinner; a Number of good Dishes, which you may make use of at any other Time. X. Directions to prepare proper Food for the Sick. XI. For Captains of Ships; how to make all useful Things for a Voyage; and setting out a Table on board a Ship. XII. Of Hogs-Puddings, Sausages, &c. XIII. To pot and make Hams, &c. XIV. Of Pickling. XV. Of making Cakes, &c. XVI. Of Cheese-cakes, Creams, Jellies, Whip-Syllabubs, &c. XVII. Of made Wines, brewing, French Bread, Muffins, &c. XVIII. Jarring Cherries and Preserves, &c. XIX. To make Anchovies, Vermicella, Catchup, Vinegar, and to keep Artichokes, French Beans, &c. XX. Of Distilling. XXI. How to Market; the Seasons of the Year for Butchers Meat, Poultry, Fish, Herbs, Roots, and Fruit. XXII. A certain Cure for the Bite of a mad Dog. By Dr. Mead. XXIII. A Receipt to keep clear from Buggs. To which are added, By way of Appendix, One hundred and fifty New and Useful Receipts, And a Copious Index. By a Lady. The Ninth Edition.
7785: GLEES. - The Harmonist. A Select Collection of Ancient & Modern Glees, Catches, Canons, Epigrams Most respectfully Inscribed to the Gentlemen of the Catch & Glee Clubs of Great Britain & Ireland. By their most Devoted & Obt. Servt. The Editor.
6553: [GLOVER (RICHARD)]: - Leonidas, A Poem.
4731: GLOVER (RICHARD): - The Substance of the Evidence of the Petition Presented by the West-India Planters and Merchants to the Hon. House of Commons As it was introduc'd at the Bar, and summed up by Mr. Glover On Thursday the 16th of March, 1775.
8466: GLUBB (PETER SOUTHMEAD): - Edward Bell. A Poem. Not Published. By P. Southmead Glubb.
8393: GOCLENIUS (RUDOLPHUS), JR.: - Mirabilium Naturae Liber, Concordias et Repugnantias Rerum in Plantis, Animalibus, Animaliumque morbis & partibus, manifestans, nunc primo in lucem datus.
6835: GOLDNEY (EDWARD): - A Friendly Epistle to the Deists, and A Rational Prayer recommended to them. In order for their Conversion to the Christian Religion. Humbly Dedicated to his Most Excellent Majesty, King George.
6931: GOLDSMITH (OLIVER): - The Vicar of Wakefield. A Tale. By Dr. Goldsmith. Embellished with Wood Cuts, by T. Bewick.
8039: GOLDSMITH (OLIVER): - The Life of Richard Nash, of Bath, Esq; Extracted from His Original Papers.
4286: GOLDSMITH (OLIVER): - The Beauties of Goldsmith: or, the Moral and Sentimental Treasury of Genius.
1393: GOLDSMITH (OLIVER): - The Deserted Village, A Poem. The Eighth Edition.
6367: GOLDSMITH (OLIVER): - An History of England, In a Series of Letters from a Nobleman to his Son.
7528: GOLDSMITH (OLIVER): - The Poetical and Dramatic Works of Oliver Goldsmith, M. B. A New Edition. With an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author.
8491: GOLDSMITH (OLIVER): - Dr. Goldsmith's Geschichte der Römer von Erbauung der Stadt Rom bis auf den Untergant des abendlädischen Kaiserthums. Aus dem Englishcen nach der sechsten Ausgabe neu übersezt und mit einter Geschichte des Oströmischen kaiserthums ergänzt von Ludwig Theobul Kosegarten der Wenunstweisheit Doctor, Stadtschule zu Wolgast Rector
8069: GOLDSMITH (OLIVER): - Essays and Criticisms, By Dr. Goldsmith; With An Account of the Author.
8767: GOLDSMITH (OLIVER). ROWLANDSON (THOMAS): - The Vicar of Wakefield: A Tale, by Doctor Goldsmith. Illustrated with Twenty-Four Designs by Thomas Rowlandson.
8208: GOMME (ALICE B). - Children's Singing Games With the tunes to which they are sung. Collected & Edited by Alice B Gomme. Picture in lack & White by Winifred Smith [Second Series].
8751: GOODE BROS (PUBLISHERS): - Miniature History of England.
7811: GOZZI (GASPORO), EDITOR: - Componimenti Poetici pel solennissimo ingresso di sua il Signor Cavaliere Eccellenza Francesco Morosini all dignita di Procurator de S. Marco per merito.
3744: GRAHAM (HENRY GREY): - Scottish Men of Letters in the Eighteenth Century.
3083: GRAHAM (WILLIAM): - Idealism: An Essay, Metaphysical and Critical.
8203: GRAHAME (JAMES): - Poems by James Grahame. In Two Volumes.
6138: GRASSINEAU (JAMES): - A Musical Dictionary; Being a Collections of Terms and Characters, As well Ancient as Modern; Including the Historical, Theoretical, and Practical Parts of Music: As also, an Explanation of some Parts of the Doctrine of the Antients; Interspersed with Remarks on their Method and Practice, and curious Observations on the Phaenomena of Sound Mathematically considered, As it's Relations and Proportions constitute Intervals, And those again Concords and Discords. The whole carefully abstracted from the best Authors in the Greek, Latin, Italian, French, and English Languages.
3171: GRAY (THOMAS): - Poems. By Mr. Gray. A New Edition.
5727: GRAY (THOMAS): - The Poems of Mr. Gray. To which are added Memoirs of his Life and Writings by W. Mason.
3454: GRAY (THOMAS): - The Works of Thomas Gray; Including the Poems, with Critical Notes; a Life of the Author; and an Essay on his Poetry; By the Rev. John Mitford.
7103: GRAY (THOMAS). MASON (WILLIAM), EDITOR: - The Poems of Mr. Gray. To which are prefixed Memoirs of his Life and Writings by W. Mason, M. A.
7986: GRAY (THOMAS): - Poems by Mr. Gray.
3739: GREEN (THOMAS HILL). FAIRBROTHER (W. H.): - The Philosophy of Thomas Hill Green.
8219: GREENWELL (DORA): - Broadside poem "The Levee en Masse."
7125: GREENWOOD (JAMES): - The London Vocabulary, English and Latin: Put into a New Method, proper to acquaint the Learner with Things as well as pure Latin Words. Adorned with Twenty-six Pictures. For the Use of Schools. The Twentieth Edition.
8872: [GROSE (FRANCIS): - A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. The Second Edition, Corrected and Enlarged.
7850: GROTIUS HUGO); GROOT (HUGO DE): - Two Discourses, I. Of God, and His Providence. II. Of Christ, His Miracles and Doctrine. Out of the Illustrious Hugo Grotius. With Annotations, and the Authors Life: An Appendix concerning his Judgment in sundry points controverted: By the Translator of the same Author, De Imperio, &c. [Clement Barksdale].
4812: GROTIUS (HUGO): - De Veritate Religionis Christianae. Cum Notulis Joannis Clerici; Accesserunt ejusdem.... Editio novissima, ex collatione optimorum exemplarium emendata.
3158: GROTIUS (HUGO): - The Truth of the Christian Religion. In Six Books. Corrected and Illustrated with Notes, By Mr. Le Clerc. To which is added, A Seventh Book, Concerning this Question, What Christian Church we ought to join ourselves to? By the said Mr. le Clerc. The Fifth Edition, with Additions: Particularly one whole Book of Mr. Le Clerc's, against Indifference of what Religion a Man is of. Done into English by John Clarke, D. D., Dean of Sarum.
8380: GROTIUS (HUGO): - The Truth of the Christian Religion. In Six Books. Corrected and Illustrated with Notes, By Mr. Le Clerc. To which is added, A Seventh Book, Concerning this Question, What Christian Church we ought to join ourselves to? By the said Mr. le Clerc. The Sixth Edition, with Additions: Particularly one whole Book of Mr. Le Clerc's, against Indifference of what Religion a Man is of. Done into English by John Clarke, D. D., Dean of Sarum.
6977: GROTIUS (HUGO): - The Truth of the Christian Religion. In Six Books. Corrected and Illustrated with Notes, By Mr. Le Clerc. Translated by John Clarke, D. D. Dean of Sarum. The Eighth Edition.
4427: GROVE (HENRY): - Some Thoughts Concerning the Proofs of a Future State, From Reason. Occasioned by a Discourse Of the Revd. Mr. Joseph Hallett, junr. on the same Subject.
8111: GWYTHER (JAMES), REV.: - Evangelical Preaching. An address delivered in Nether Chapel, Sheffield, on October 10th, 1836, at the Autumnal Meeting of the Congregational Union of England and Wales. By the Rev. James Gwyther, of Manchester,
8705: HACK (MARIA): - Lectures at Home. Second Edition.
3045: HAGGARD (LIEUTENANT-COLONEL) ANDREW C. P. - The Amours of Henri de Navarre and of Marguerite de Valois. With Photogravure Frontispiece and Numerous Illustrations.
8130: HALE (THOMAS): - Social Harmony. Consisting of a Collection of Songs and Catches, In two, three, four and five Parts. From the Works of the most eminent Masters. To which are added Social Choice Songs on Masonry.
7144: HALL (SAMUEL CARTER): - Book of Gems The Poets and Artists of Great Britain. Edited by S. C. Hall. [ 2 volumes]. The Modern Poets and Artists of Great Britain. [1 volume].
3366: HALLER (ALBRECHT VON), BARON: - Letters from Baron Haller to his Daughter, On the Truths of the Christian Religion. Translated from the German. The Second Edition, Corrected.
4449: HAMILTON (ELIZABETH): - Letters on Education. [AND]: Letters on the Elementary Principles of Education. Vol. II.
4856: HAMILTON (SIR WILLIAM): - Discussions on Philosophy and Literature, Education and University Reform. Chiefly from The Edinburgh Review; Corrected, Vindicated, Enlarged, in Notes and Appendices.
7342: HAMILTON (ANTHONY), COUNT. WALPOLE (HORACE): - Memoires du Comte de Grammont,  Par Monsieur le Comte Antoine Hamilton. Nouvelle Edition,s Augmentée de Notes & d'Eclaircissemens necessaires....
5102: [HAMMOND (JAMES)]: - Love Elegies Written in the Year 1732. The Sixth Edition.
8477: HAMMOND (HENRY): - [Seven Sermons] Of Conscience. Of Scandall. Of Will-Worship. Of Supersition. Of Idolatry [Oxford, Printed by Henry Hall, Printers to the Universities, 1646]. Of Sinnes of Weakness, Wilfilnesse: And appendant to it, A Paraphrasticall explication of two difficult Tex, Heb. and Heb. 10. Of a Late, or Death-Bed Repentance.
7602: HANCOCK (THOMAS), M. D.: - The Principles of Peace exemplified in the conduct of the Society of Friends in Ireland. During the Rebellion of the Year 1798; with some preliminary and concluding observations.
6399: HANDEL. [MAINWARING (JOHN)]: - Memoirs of the Life of the late George Frederic Handel. To which is added, A Catalogue of his Works, and Observations upon them.
7953: HANDEL. [MAINWARING (JOHN)]: - Memoirs of the Life of the late George Frederic Handel. To which is added, A Catalogue of his Works, and Observations upon them.
7417: HANDEL (GEORGE FRDERIC): - The Beauties of Handel In Three Volumes. Consisting of upwards of One Hundred & fifty of his most favorite Songs, Duetts & Trios. Selected from the Various Works of this great Master, arranged with a separate Accompaniment for the Piano Forte, and figured from the m. S. Scores of the Author by Jos. Corfe.
8714: HANDS (THE MOST EMINENT): - The Altar of Love: Or, the Whole Art of Kissing In all its Varieties. Consisting of Poems, And other Miscellanies. By the most eminent Hands. Now first collected into a Volume. The Third Edition.
7527: HANWAY (JONAS): - The Soldier's Faithful Friend, being moral and religious advice to private men, in the Army and Militia. by J. H. Esq;
2679: HARPER (ROBERT GOODLOE): - Observations on the Dispute between the United States and France. To his Constituents, in May, 1797. Third Edition.
8499: HARRIS (JAMES): - Philological Inquiries.
3621: HARRIS (JAMES): - Philosophical Arrangements.
3269: HARRIS (WILLIAM): - An Historical and Critical Account of the Life and Writings of James the First, King of Great Britain. After the Manner of Mr. Bayle. Drawn from Original Writers and State-Papers.
8771: HARRIS (JAMES): - Three Treatises. The First Concerning Art. The Second Concerning Music, Painting, and Poetry. The Third Concerning Happiness.
5600: [HARTE (WALTER)]: - An Essay on Reason The Second Edition.
1153: HATTON (JOSEPH): - Cigarette Papers for After-Dinner Smoking. With Eighty Illustrations By E. Raven Hill, A. J. Finberg, J. L. Sclanders, and John Wallace.
5593: HATTON (THOMAS): - An Introduction to the Mechanical Part of Clock and Watch Work. In Two Parts. Containing all the Arithmetical and Geometry Necessary, with their Particular Applications in the said Branches. A Work very useful for the Working Mechanic, or Gentlemen Mechanically Inclined. Illustrated by Eighteenth Copper-Plates, Geometrically Drawn for the Use of the Trade.
5396: HAWKINS (SIR JOHN): - A General History of the Science and Practice of Music.
1406: HAWNEY (WILLIAM): - The Complete Measurer; Or, The Whole Art of Measuring. In Two Parts. The First Part teaching Decimal Arithmetic, with the Extraction of the Square and Cube Roots. And Also the Multiplication of Feet and Inches.... The Second Part teaching to Measure all Sorts of Superficies and Solids, by Decimals...Also the Works of several Artificers, relating to Building...And some Practical Questions. The Sixth Edition. To which is added, An Appendix, I. Of Gauging. 2. Of Land-Measuring....
6143: HAY (WILLIAM): - Mount Caburn. A Poem. Humbly inscribed to Her Grace the Dutchess [sic] of Newcastle.
4490: HAYDN (JOSEPH). SEEBURG (FRANZ VON): - Joseph Haydn. Scenes de la Vie d'un Grand Artiste. Traduit de Franz Seebourg par J. de Rochay. Deuxieme Edition.
2476: [HAYLEY (WILLIAM)]: - Epistle to a Friend, on the Death of John Thornton, Esq. By the Author of "An Epistle to an Eminent Painter." The Second Edition, Corrected.
5134: [HAYLEY (WILLIAM)]: - Essai Satirique et Amusant sur les Vielles Filles. Traduit de l'Anglois par M. Sibille.
6111: HAYLEY (WILLIAM): - An Essay on Painting: In Two Epistles to Mr. Romney. The Third Edition, Corrected and Enlarged.
7624: HAYLEY (WILLIAM): - An Essay on History; In Three Epistles To Edward Gibbon, Esq. With Notes.
5135: HAYTER (THOMAS): - Remarks on Mr. Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion. With a New Introduction....
2956: HAZLITT (WILLIAM): - Table Talk. Essays on Men and Manners. A New Edition edited by William Carew Hazlitt. First [and Second] Series.
8810: [HEAD (RICHARD)]: - Proteus Redivivus: Or the Art of Wheedling, Or Insinuation Obtain'd by General Conversation, and Extracted from the several Humours, Inclinations, and Passions of both Sexes, respecting their several Ages, and suiting each Profession or Occupation. Collected and Methodized By the Author of the First Part of the English Rogue.
2785: [HEATH (BENJAMIN)]: - A Revisal of Shakespear's Text, wherein The Alterations introduced into it by the modern Editors and Critics, are particularly considered.
8300: HEBER (REGINALD): - Narrative of a Journey through the Upper Provinces of India, from Calcutta to Bombay, 1824 - 1825. (With Notes upon Ceylon.) An Account of a Journey to Madras and the Southern Provinces, 1826, and Letters written in India. The Third Edition.
7760: VAN HEEMSKERCK (EGBERT): - "Alas! poor Whore thou art fairly trap'd/ Tho by the Spark so sweetly Lap'd" "And for thy midnight Vice and Folly/ Your Fate is now to mill your Dolly./ Thy Bully, who cou'd huff before./ Now poorly sneaks behind the Door:/ Whilst Madam Bawd is all intent/ T'extort more Money than was spent."
7617: HEINECCIUS (JOHANN GOTTLIEB): - Elementa Juris Civilis secundum Ordinem Institutionum. Commoda Auditoribus Methodo adornat a Jo. Gottl. Heineccio, IC. Editio Octava. Emendatior et Indicibus Necessariis Aucta.
1473: [HELPS (ARTHUR)]: - Friends in Council: A Series of Readings and Discourses Thereon. A New Series. The Second Edition.
7130: HELVETIUS (CLAUDE ADRIEN): - OEuvres Completes de M. Helvetius.
7723: HEMANS (FELICIA): - Songs of the Affections, With Other Poems.
8296: HENDERSON (ALEXANDER FARQUHARSON): - The History of Ancient and Modern Wines.
7868: HERRENSCHMID (JACOBUS): - Peripatheticus Orgiorum Ethnico-Pontificius Iuste castigatus, iustius profligatus, iustissime condemnatus. Hoc est, Brevis Dissertatiuncula, De Bacchanaliorum Nomine, Origine, Progressu, Placentis, Larvis, excusationibus, exemplis, poenis, ludis, choreis, Symposiis, ludibriis &c.
3410: HERVEY (JAMES): - A Collection of Letters, by the late Reverend James Hervey.
4556: HERVEY (JAMES): - A Collection of Letters.
4359: HERVEY (JAMES): - A Collection of the Letters of the late Reverend James Hervey, A. M. To which is prefixed, An Account of his Life and Death. In Two Volumes. [AND]: Eleven Letters from the late Rev. Mr. Hervey, to the Rev. Mr. John Wesley; Containing An Answer to that Gentleman's Remarks on Theron and Aspasio. Published form the Author's Manuscript, Left in the Possession of his Brother W. Hervey. With A Preface, Shewing the Reason of their now being published.
4537: HERVEY (JAMES): - Meditations and Contemplations. Containing, Meditations among the Tombs...The Twenty-First Edition.
6568: HERVEY (JAMES): - The Works of The late Reverend James Hervey. A. M. In Six Volumes. Volume I. Containing, Meditations among the Tombs; Reflections on a Flower-Garden; A Descant upon Creation; Contemplations on the Night; Contemplations on the Starry Heavens; and A Winter-Piece. To which is Prefixed, A particular Account of the Life, Character, and Writings of the Author
8535: HEY (ENOCH HENRY): - Free Breathings of Poetry; Entered at Stationers' Hall.
6550: HICKEY (WILLIAM): - Memoirs of William Hickey. Edited by Alfred Spencer.
6227: HIGGINS (W. MULLINGER): - The Philosophy of Sound, and History of Music.
6754: HILL (ABRAHAM): - Familiar Letters Which passed between Abraham Hill, Esq. Fellow and Treasurer of the Royal Society...and Several eminent and ingenious Persons of the last Century. Transcribed from the original Letters.
6501: HILL (BRIAN), REV.: - Henry and Acasto: A Moral Tale. In Three Parts. Dedicated, by Permission, To the Right Honourable Lady Kenyon.
6086: HILL (ROWLAND): - Journal Through the North of England and Parts of Scotland. With Remarks on the Present State of the Established Church of Scotland, And the different Secessions therefrom. Together with Reflections on some Party Distinctions in England; shewing the origin of these disputes, and the causes of their separations. Designed to promote Brotherly Love and Forbearance among Christians of All Denominations. Also Some Remarks on the Propriety of what is called Lay and Itinerant Preaching.
8346: HISTORIC TALES. - Historic Tales. A Novel.
5639: [HOADLY (BENJAMIN)]: - An Enquiry into the Reasons of the Conduct of Great Britain, With Relation to the Present State of Affairs in Europe.
8468: HOARE (CLEMENT): - A Practical Treatise on the Cultivation of The Grape Vine on Open Walls. Third Edition.
6127: HOBBES (THOMAS) [FENNER (DUDLEY)]: - The Art of Rhetoric, With a Discourse of The Laws of England.
3179: HODGSON (CHRISTOPHER): - An Account of the Augmentation of Small Livings, by "The Governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne, for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of the Poor Clergy," and of Benefactions by Corporate Bodies and Individuals, to the End of the Year 1825; Also the Charters, Rules, and Acts of Parliament, by which the Proceedings of the Governors are regulated. To which are Prefixed Practical Instructions for the use of Incumbents and Patrons of Augmented Livings, and of other Interested Parties, On various Subjects relating to Queen Anne's Bounty.
7681: HOFLAND (BARBARA): - The Young Pilgrim. Or Alfred Campbell's Return to the East. And his Travels in Egypt, Nubia, Asia Minor, Arabia Petrae, &c. &c.
8171: HOGARTH (GEORGE): - Memoirs of the Musical Drama.
6185: HOGARTH (GEORGE): - Musical History, Biography, and Criticism. The Second Edition, Enlarged
3393: HOLDER (WILLIAM): - A Treatise of the Natural Grounds, and Principles, of Harmony. To which is Added, by way of Appendix: Rules for Playing a Thorow-Bass; with Variety of Proper Lessons, Fuges, and Examples to Explain the said Rules. Also Directions for Tuning an Harpsichord or Spinnet. By the late Mr. Godfrey Keller. With several new Examples, which before were wanting, the better to explain some Passages in the former Impressions. The whole being Revis'd, and Corrected from many gross Mistakes committed in the first Publication of these Rules.
7615: HOLDER (WILLIAM): - A Discourse Concerning Time, With Application of The Natural Day, and Lunar Month, and Solar Year, as Natural; And of such as are derived from them, As Artificial Parts of Time, for Measures in Civil and Common Use: For the better understanding of The Julian Year and Calendar. The First Column also in our Church-Calendar explained. With other Incidental Remarks.
6397: [HOLDSWORTH (EDWARD)]: - Muscipula sive Cambro-muo-maxia.
7947: HOLFORD (MARGARET) - Wallace; or the Fight of Falkirk. Second Edition.
8709: HOLLOWAY (WILLIAM): - The Minor Minstrel; or, Poetical Pieces, chiefly familiar and descriptive.
7714: HOLLOWAY (WILLIAM): - The Country Pastor; or, Rural Philanthropist: A Poem.
6716: HOLMES (EDWARD): - The Life of Mozart, Including his Correspondence.
7292: HOLY DAYS (CHRISTIAN). - Giornata del Cristiano Santificata colle preghiere della mattina e della sera per udire la Santa Messa per confessarsi e communicasi ed altre Preci. Aggiuntavi una Pratica di Divozione per ogni di della settimana.
1301: HOME (JOHN): - The Works of John Home, Esq. Now First Collected. To which is Prefixed, An Account of His Life and Writings. By Henry Mackenzie.
7670: HOME (FRANCIS): - Essai sur le Blanchiment des Toiles. Traduit de l'Anglois de M. Home.
4492: HOMER. - The Iliad [and Odyssey] of Homer. Translated by Alexander Pope.
3616: HOMER. - The Iliad of Homer, Translated into English Blank Verse, with Copious Alterations and Notes, prepared for the Press by the Translator, William Cowper, Esq. And published with a Preface by his Kinsman, J. Johnson. Third Edition.
8482: HOMER. VALERUS (JOSSE), EDITOR: - Odysseae Homeri Libri XXIIII Raphaële Regio Volaterrano interprete Ejusdom batrachomyomachia, Aldo Manutio et Hymni Deorum, Jodoco Velaraco interpretib. Item, Herodoti Halicarnasseii libellus de vita Homeri, per Conradum Herosbachium latinitato donatus.
8884: HOMER. - The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, Translated into English Blank Verse. By W. Cowper....
6396: HONOUR. - The Man of Honour.
7514: [HOOD (THOMAS)]: - The Loves of Sally Brown and Ben the Carpenter. Sung with the most enthusiastic Applause by Mr. J. Reeve, at the Theatre Royal Brighton.
7945: HOPE (JOHN): - Thoughts in Prose and Verse, Started in his Walks, by John Hope.
7511: HOPETOUN (EARL AND COUNTESS OF). - Two Silhouette Portraits. Two silhouette portraits, cut from dark silk and mounted on an off-white oval background.
5576: HOPS. - Instructions for Planting and Managing Hops, And for Raising Hop-Poles. Drawn up and Published by order of the Dublin Society.
7795: HORACE. - Quintus Horatius Flaccus. Accedunt nunc Danielis Heinsii De Satyra Horatiana Libri duo, in quibus totum Poëtae institutum & genius expenditur. Cum ejusdem in omina Poëtae Animaduersionibus, longe auctioribus.
5827: HORACE. - Horace: With Notes by The Rev. Charles Girdlestone and The Rev. William Alexander Osborne.
5029: HORACE. - Q. Horatii Flacci. Quae Supersunt, Recensuit et Notulis instruxit Gilbertus Wakefield.
6746: HORACE. - Quinti Horatii Flacci Carmina. The Odes, Epodes, and Carmen Seculare of Horace: With Three English Translations and Notes Critical and Explanatory.
6707: HORACE. HARWOOD (EDWARD), EDITOR: - Quinti Horatii Flacci opera ad fidem editionum optimarum castigata
8142: HORNE (GEORGE): - Essays and Thoughts on Various Subjects, and from Various Authors, &c. Together with Nine Papers from the Oll Podrida; and Poems.
6031: HORNE (RICHARD HENRY HENGIST): - Orion. An Epic Poem. In Three Books. Second Edition.
5013: HOUSMAN (A. E.): - Fifteen Letters to Walter Ashburner. [Edited by Alan Bell.]
7349: HOWARD (JOHN): - An Account of the principal Lazarettos in Europe; with various papers relative to the plague: Together with Further Observations on Some Foreign Prisons and Hospitals; and Additional Remarks on the Present State of Those in Great Britain and Ireland The Second Edition, with Additions.
6833: HOWARD (JOHN). BROWN (JAMES BALDWIN): - Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of John Howard, the Philanthropist; Compiled from his own diary, in the possession of his family, his confidential letters, the communications of his surviving relatives and friends; and other authentic sources of information. Second Edition.
8868: HOWELL (JAMES): - ?e?d??????a. Dodona's Grove, Or, the Vocall Forrest. By I. H. Esq.
8675: HOYLE. JONES (CHARLES): - Hoyle's Games Improved. Being Practical Treatises on the following Fashionable Games, Viz. Whist, Quadrille, Pique, Chess, Back-Gammon, Billiards, Cricket, Tennis, Quinze, Hazard, Lansquenet, Billiards, and Goff or Golf; In which are contained, The Method of Betting at those Games upon equal or advantageous Terms; Including The Laws of each, as settled and agreed to, at Brookes's, White's, D'Aubigny's, the Scavoir Vivre, Miles's, Payne's, and other Fashionable Houses, &c. Revised and corrected by Charles Jones, Saq. A New Edition, enlarged.
7729: HOYLE (EDMOND): - Hoyle's Games Improved and Selected as a Companion to the Card Table Consisting of Practical Treatises on Whist...[etc.] Wherein are Comprised Calculations for Betting upon Equal or Advantageous Terms.
8438: HUARTE (JUAN): - A Treatise of the Education and Learning Proper for the Different Capacities of Youth; Founded on the Principles of Natural Philosophy: Whereby all Parents, Tutors, and Governors of Youth, may be informed what Sort of Learning best suits with each Genius: By the due Observation whereof, they may be enabled to adapt the Studies of their Children and Pupils to their respective Capacities, and thereby lay a just Foundation for their future Fame and Fortune. Principally extracted from the Examen de ingenios of the famous Spaniard Dr. John Huartes: A Work so universally admir'd, that it has been translated into Latin, and all the Modern Languages.
8772: HUET (PIERRE DANIEL). AIKIN (JOHN): - Memoirs of the Life of Peter Daniel Huet, Bishop of Avranches: Written by Himself; and translated from the original Latin, with copious notes, biographical and critical by John Aikin, M. D.
4246: [HUGHES (JABEZ)]: - An Ode on the Incarnation. To which is added The True State of Morality, By T. R.
2519: HULL (THOMAS): - Richard Plantagenet. A Legendary Tale, Now first Published.
5346: HULLAH (JOHN): - Wilhem's Method of Teaching Singing, Adapted to English Use, under the superintendence of the Committee of Council on Education. Revised and Reconstructed in 1829. Part The First.
4482: HUME (DAVID): - Essais Philosophiques sur l'Entendement Humain, Traduit de l'Anglois de Mr. Hume. Seconde Edition.
5042: HUME (DAVID): - Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects. A New Edition.
2944: HUME (DAVID): - Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects. A New Edition.
4026: HUME (DAVID): - Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects. A New Edition.
5975: HUME (DAVID): - Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects. A New Edition.
4069: HUME (DAVID): - Essays, Moral and Political. The Third Edition, Corrected, with Additions.
5806: HUME (DAVID): - The Letters of David Hume. Edited by J. Y. T. Greig. AND: New Letters of David Hume. Edited by Raymond Klibansky and Ernest C. Mossner.
3077: HUME (DAVID). CALDERWOOD (HENRY): - David Hume. Famous Scots Series.
6486: HUME (DAVID). HUME-ROUSSEAU DISPUTE. - Exposé Succinct de la Contestation qui s'est élevée entre M. Hume et M. Rousseau, avec les pieces justificatives.
3422: HUME (DAVID), INTER ALIA: - Infidelity; Comprising Jenyns' Internal Evidence, Leslie's Method, Lyttelton's Conversion of Paul, Watson's Reply to Gibbon and Pain, A Notice of Hume on Miracles, and an Extract from West on the Resurrection.
7326: HUNGARY. - Respublica et Status Regni Hungariae.
2953: HUNTER (ALEXANDER): - Georgical Essays.
6194: HUNTER (ALEXANDER): - Men and Manners: Or, Concentrated Wisdom. The Third Edition, much enlarged.
3885: [HUNTER (JOSEPH), REV.]: - Who Wrote Cavendish's Life of Wolsey?
5359: HUNTINGTON (WILLIAM): - An Innocent Game for Babes in Grace; Or, Diversion for Infants at the Hole of the Asp.
5360: HUNTINGTON (WILLIAM): - The Servant of the Lord Described and Vindicated, In a Sermon, Delivery at Providence Chapel, Feb. 17, 1788.
5361: HUNTINGTON (WILLIAM): - Tidings from Wallingford.
5454: HUNTINGTON (WILLIAM): - Zion's Alarm, Not Without Cause.
6299: HURD (RICHARD): - An Introduction to the Study of the Prophecies Concerning the Christian Church; and, in particular, Concerning the Church of Papal Rome: Preached in Lincoln's-Inn-Chapel, at the Lecture of the Right Reverend William Warburton Lord Bishop of Gloucester. The Second Edition.
3015: HURD (RICHARD): - Moral and Political Dialogues: Being the Substance of several Conversations between Divers Eminent Persons of the Present Age; Digested by the Parties themselves, and Now first published from the original MSS with Critical and Explanatory Notes By the Editor.
7919: HURD (RICHARD): - Moral and Political Dialogues: Being the Substance of several Conversations between Divers Eminent Persons of the Present Age; Digested by the Parties themselves, and Now first published from the original MSS with Critical and Explanatory Notes By the Editor.
8097: HURD (RICHARD): - Dialogues on the Uses of Foreign Travel; Considered as a Part of An English Gentleman's Education: Between Lord Shaftesbury and Mr. Locke. By the Editor of Moral and Political Dialogues.
8081: HURTADO DE MENDOZA (DIEGO): - The Life and Adventures of Lazarillo Gonsales, Surnamed de Tormes. Written by Himself. Translated from the Original Spanish, and illustrated with Sixteen Copper Plates, neatly engraved. In Two Parts. The Nineteenth Edition.
8790: [HURTAUT (PIERRE-THOMAS-NICOLAS) AND PIERRE-JEAN LE CORVAISIER]: - L'Art de Peter, Essai Theori-Physique et Methodique, A l'usage des Personnes constipées, des Personnages graves & austeres, des Dames mélancoliques, & de touos deux qui sont esclaves duprejugé. Suivi de l'Histoire de Pet-en-l'Air & de la Reine des Amazones, ou l'on trouve l'origine des Vuidangeurs. Nouvelle Edition. Augmentée de la Société des Frances-Péteurs, pour ceux qui désireont y être initiés.
3050: HURTREL (ALICE): - Les Amours de Catherine de du Comte de Soissons.
7266: HUSBANDRY. - Select Essays on Husbandry. Extracted from the Museum Rusticum, and Foreign Essays on Agriculture. Containing A Variety of Experiments, all of which have been found to succeed in Scotland.
8691: [HUTCHESON (FRANCIS)]: - An Essay on the Nature and Conduct of the Passions and Affections. With Illustrations on the Moral Sense. The Third Edition, with Additions.
6502: HUTCHINSON (JOHN): - An Abstract from the Works of John Hutchinson, Esquire. Being a Summary of his Discoveries in Philosophy and Divinity.
6092: HUTCHISON (PATRICK): - Three Discourses on the Divine and Mediatorial Character of Jesus Christ.
6983: HUXHAM (JOHN): - Observationes de Aere et Morbis Epidemicis, Ab Anno MDCCXXVIII ad Finem Anni MDCCXXXVII, Plymuthi factae. His Accedit Opusculum De Morbo Colico Damnoniensi. Editio Secunda. [AND]: Observationum de Aere et Morbis Epidemicis Volumen alterum; Ab Anni nimirum Initio 1738 ad Exitum usque 1748.
6775: JACKSON (THOMAS): - A Treatise of the Holy Catholike Faith and Church. Divided into three Bookes. The first Booke.
5940: JACKSON (JOHN): - The History of the Scottish Stage, from its first establishment to the present time; With a Distinct Narrative of some Recent Theatrical Transactions. The whole necessarily interspersed with Memoirs of his Own life, by John Jackson, ten years manager at the Theatre Royal of Edinburgh.
6814: JACKSON (WILLIAM), OF EXETER: - The Four Ages; Together with Essays on Various Subjects.
8780: JAMAICA ALMANACK. - The New Jamaica Almanack, and Register, Calculated to the Meridian of the Island, For the Year or our Lord 1802. (Being the Sixth after Bissextile, or Leap Year.
7588: JAMES (CHARLES): - Poems by Charles James, Esqr. containing, among others, Vanity of Fame, Petrarch to Laura, Acontius to Cydippé, The Year 1800; or, It will be so, Suicide. Second Edition, with Additions. Vol: 1.
7974: JAMES THE FIRST. - The Works of James the First. King of Scotland. To which is prefixed, A Historical and Critical Dissertation on his Life and Writings. Also, some brief remarks on the intimate connection of The Scots Language with the other northern dialects. And A Dissertation on Scottish Music; the whole accompanied with notes, historical critical and explanatory.
4587: JAMIESON (JOHN): - Sermons on the Heart.
2569: JAMIESON (REV. GEORGE): - The Essentials of Philosophy, wherein Its Constituent Principles are traced through the various departments of science: with analytical strictures on the view of some of our leading philosophers.
3082: JANET (PAUL): - The Materialism of the Present Day. A Critique of Dr. Buchner's System. Translated from the French by Gustave Masson.
7157: JAPANESE PHOTO ALBUM - Photograph Album of 50 photographs, probably black and white albumen photographs, which have been tinted and coloured by hand, dating from about 1880.
3154: JENKINS (DAVID): - The Works of that Grave and Learned Lawyer Judge Jenkins, Prisoner in Newgate. Upon Divers Statutes, Concerning, the Liberty, and Freedome of the Subject. With a perfect Table thereto annexed.
6864: [JENYNS (SOAME)]: - Poems. By *****
5082: JENYNS (SOAME): - Disquisitions on Several Subjects.
4909: JENYNS (SOAME): - The Works of Soame Jenyns, Esq. In Four Volumes. Including Several Pieces never before published. To which are prefixed, Short Sketches of the History of the Author's Family, and also of his life; By Charles Nalson Cole, Esq.
5613: JERNINGHAM (EDWARD): - Fugitive Poetical Pieces. By Mr. Jerningham.
5614: JERNINGHAM (EDWARD): - Poems.
8729: JEROM (STEPHEN): - Origens Repentance: After he had Sacrificed to the Idols of the Heathen. Gathered From Suidas, Nicephorus, Osiander, and the Greeke and Latine Coppies in Origens Works; Illustrated and applied to the case of every poor penitent, who in remorse of soule, shall have recourse to the Throne of Grace. Divided into three Sections: Containing 1 Origens fearefull fall. 2 His behaviour in it. 3 His worthy and sound Conversion. Together with Orignes Life and Death, and other materiall observations. Written by Stephen Jerom, Mast of Arts, and Preacher of the Towne of Newcastle; first for his owne exercise, and now published for the good of others.
7512: JOHN (W.). LISZT (FRANZ): - An oil portrait of Franz Liszt (1811 – 1886) in old age, probably made after his death, signed W. John.
7817: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia. A Tale. By Dr. Johnson Two Volumes in One.
8648: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - Prayers and Meditations...published from his Manuscripts, By George Strahan. The Second Edition.
8652: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - The Life of Samuel Johnson, Ll. D. With Occasional Remarks on his Writings, An Authentic Copy of his Will, And a Catalogue of his Works. To which are added, Some Papers written by Dr. Johnson, in bhalf of a late unfortunate Character, Never Before Published.
8689: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language, containing many additional words not to be met with in former pocket editions. Accentuated for pronunciation on the basis of Walker; also, A Compendium of Chronology, prepared expressly for this work. To which is added, a variety of important information on useful subjects.
7888: JOHNSON (SAMUEL). PIOZZI (HESTER LYNCH): - Anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson, LL.D. During the last Twenty Years of His Life. The Third Edition.
7874: [JOHNSON (RICHARD)]: - The Interesting Story of the Children in the Wood, an Historical Ballad.
8765: JOHNSON (SAMUEL). - A Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions, Historical, Biographical, Literary, and Miscellaneous. To which is prefixed, An Essay on Epitaphs. By Dr. Johnson.
4196: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia. A Tale. By Dr. Johnson Two Volumes in One.
4197: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - The Prince of Abissinia. A Tale. The Third Edition.
5569: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - The Prince of Abissinia. A Tale. The Fourth Edition.
6332: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - Rasselas, Prince d'Abyssinie, Conte. Traduite de l'Anglais par Alexandre Notré.
8695: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. A New Edition.
8651: JOHNSON (SAMUEL). THOMAS (F.): - The Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson, LL. D. Carefully Abridged from Mr. Boswell's Large Work.
8690: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language, containing many additional words not to be met with in former pocket editions. Accentuated for pronunciation on the basis of Walker; also, A Compendium of Chronology, prepared expressly for this work, by Edmund Bellchambers, Editor of "A new general Biographical Dictionary," "Goldsmith's Natural History," &c.. To which is added, a variety of important information on useful subjects.
8628: JOHNSON (G. W.): - The New Biographical Magazine; or General and Complete Library Containing the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons of every Nation in the World. From the Earliest Accounts of time to the Present Period.
8768: JOHNSON (SAMUEL). PIOZZI (HESTER LYNCH): - Anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson, LL.D. During the last Twenty Years of His Life. The Second Edition.
8649: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - Dr. Johnson's Table-Talk: Containing Aphorisms on Literature, Life, and Manners; With Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons: Selected and Arranged from Mr. Boswell's Life of Johnson [Compiled by Stephen Jones.]
8752: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - The Lives of the most eminent English Poets; With Critical Observations on the Works.
8647: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - Rasselas. A Tale.
7626: JOHNSON (SAMUEL): - The Lives of the most eminent English Poets: With Critical Observations on their Works.
4685: [JOHNSTON (JAMES)]: - More Essays of Panegyricks upon the Last Words of William the First, Prince of Orange; The Founder of the Government of the United Provinces. By a Gentleman of Middlesex.
2803: JOHNSTONE (JAMES), CHEVALIER DE JOHNSTONE: - Memoirs of the Rebellion in 1745 and 1746. Containing A Narrative of the Progress of the Rebellion; from its Commencement to the Battle of Culloden...Translated from a French MS. originally deposited in the Scots College at Paris, and now in the hands of the publishers.
3640: JOHNSTONE (JAMES FOWLER KELLAS) AND ALEXANDER WEBSTER ROBERTSON: - Bibliographia Aberdonensis Being an Account of Books relating to or printed in the Shires of Aberdeen, Banff, Kincardine or written by natives or residents or by officers graduates or alumni of the Universities of Aberdeen.
5876: JORDAN (DOROTHY). FRIEND (CONFIDENTIAL): - Public and Private Life of that Celebrated Actess, Miss Bland, Otherwise Mrs. Ford, or, Mrs. Jordan; Late Mistress of H. R. H. the D. of Clarence; now King William IV., Found of the Fitzclarence Family: Delineating The Vicissitudes attendant on her Early Life; The Splendour of her Noon-tide Blaze, as Mistress of the Eoyral Duke; and her untime Dissolution at St. Cloude, near Paris,-- resulting from a Broken Heart. Acompanied by Numerous Remarks and Anecdotes of Illustrious and Fashionable Characters. By a Confidential Friend of the Departed.
5869: JORTIN (JOHN): - Discourses concerning the Truth of the Christian Religion. The Second Edition.
8878: JORTIN (JOHN): - Six Dissertations upon Different Subjects.
7542: JUSTINIAN. - D. Justiniani, Sacratissimi Principis, Institutionum, sive Elementorum, libri quatuor, Notis perpetuis multo, quam hucusque, diligentius illustrati, Curo & studo Arnoldi Vinnii I. C. Editio postrema ab Auctore recognita.
7586: JUSTINUS (MARCUS JUNIANUS): - Justini historiam ex Trogo Trogo Pompeio lib. XLIV cum notis Isaaci Vossii.
1395: JUSTUS. - Observations on the Bedford Charity; In a Series of Letters that were signed Justus. Now first published entire, and recommended to the serious Consideration of the Mayor, Corporation, Resident-Freemen, and Inhabitants of Bedford, And all who are disposed to espouse a truly public-spirited Cause.
7389: JUVENAL (DECIMUS JUNIUS): - Juvenal tradotto di Latino in volgar lingua per Georgio Summaripa Veronese, Novamente Impresso.
7980: JUVENAL. PERSIUS. - D. Junii Juvenalist & Auli Persii Flacci Satyrae Cum eteris Scholiastae & Variorum Commentariis. Edition nova. Qua quid Praestitum sit, praefatio at Lectorem docebit.
6935: JUVENAL AND PERSIUS. - Decii Junii Juvenalis et A. Persii Flacci Satyræ.
5851: JUVENAL. - Satires de Juvenal, Traduites par M. Dusaulx. Seconde Edition.
3794: JUVENAL. - The Satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis, Translated into English Verse. By William Gifford, Esq. With Notes and Illustrations. The Second Edition, Corrected and Enlarged.
7259: KAMES (HENRY HOME), LORD: - Loose Hints upon Education, Chiefly Concerning the Culture of the Heart. Second Edition, Enlarged.
5213: KAMES (HENRY HOME, LORD). TYTLER (ALEXANDER FRASER): - Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Honourable Henry Home of Kames. Containing Sketches of the Progress of Literature and General Improvement in Scotland during the Greater Part of the Eighteenth Century.
3431: KAMES (HENRY HOME), LORD: - Elements of Criticism. Revised, with Omissions, Additions, and a New Analysis. By the Rev. James R. Boyd.
2570: KAMES (HENRY HOME), LORD: - Essays upon Several Subjects concerning British Antiquities; viz. I. Introduction of the Feudal Law into Scotland. II. Constitution of Parliament. III. Honour. Dignity. IV. Succession or Descent. With an Appendix upon Hereditary and Indefeasible Right. Composed anno M.DCC.XLV. The Second Edition.
3023: KAMES (HENRY HOME), LORD: - Sketches of the History of Man. Considerably Enlarged by the last Additions and Corrections of the Author. A New which is now added A General Index.
2572: KAMES (HENRY HOME), LORD: - The Gentleman Farmer: Being an Attempt to improve Agriculture, by subjecting it to the test of Rational Principles. The Sixth Edition. To which is added A Supplement, containing An Account of the Present State of Agriculture, and of the Improvements lately introduced.
3081: KANT. SCHURMAN (J. GOULD): - Kantian Ethics and the Ethics of Evolution. A Critical Study. Published by the Hibbert Trustees.
2804: KEAN (EDMUND):. HAWKINS (F. W.): - The Life of Edmund Kean. From Published and Original Sources.
6488: KEATE (GEORGE): - The Poetical Works of George Keate.
2668: KEITH (ALEXANDER): - Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion, derived from the fulfilment of Prophecy; particularly as illustrated by the discoveries of recent travellers. Second Edition, Enlarged.
7763: AKEMPIS (THOMAS): - Thomae a Kempis canonici regularis ord. S. Augustini De Imitatione Christi Libri Qvatvor; Nunc postremò ad autographorum fidem recensiti. Cum Vindiciis Kempensibus Heriberti Rosweydi Soc. Jesu, Adversus C. Caietanum Abbatem S. Baronti. Ad. S. D. N. Paulum V.
7599: KENDALL (EDWARD AUGUSTUS): - The Canary Bird: A Moral Fiction. Interspersed with Poetry. By the Author of The Sparrow, Keeper's Travels, The Crested Wren, &c.
3265: KERRY (REV. CHARLES): - A History of the Municipal Church of St. Lawrence, Reading.
8582: KEYNES (JOHN MAYNARD): - How to Pay for the War. A radical plan for the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
6686: KING (WILLIAM): - Miscellanies in Prose and Verse.
6832: KING (WILLIAM): - An Essay on the Origin of Evil. Translated from the Latin, with Notes. To which is added, A Sermon by the same Author, on the Fall of Man. The Fifth Edition, Revised. By Edmund, Lord Bishop of Carlisle.
8828: KIPLING (RUDYARD): - Soldiers Three: A Collection of Stories setting forth certain passages in the lives and adventures of Privates Terence Mulvaney, Stanley Orthers, and John Learoyd. Fifth Edition.
4821: KIPPIS (ANDREW): - Sermons on Practical Subjects.
5147: KLOPSTOCK. [SMITH (ELIZABETH)], EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR: - Memoirs of Frederick and Margaret Klopstock. Translated from the German by the Author of "Fragments in Prose and Verse."
5974: KNIGHT (RICHARD PAYNE): - An Analytical Inquiry into the Principles of Taste. The Fourth Edition.
5055: KNIGHT (THOMAS): - The Turnpike Gate; A Musical Entertainment; In Two Acts. Now performing with Universal Applause, at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. The Fourth Edition.
5018: KNIGHT (WILLIAM PAYNE): - An Analytical Inquiry into the Principles of Taste. The Third Edition.
7970: KNIGHT (RICHARD PAYNE): - The Landscape, A Didactic Poem. In Three Books. Addressed to Uvedale Price, Esq.
8882: KNIGHT (RICHARD PAYNE): - An Analytical Inquiry into the Principles of Taste. The Fourth Edition.
6966: KNIPE (REST): - A Course of Lectures: Containing Remarks upon the Government and Education of Children. Thoughts upon the Government and Education of Children, Thoughts upon the present Plan of Education, and An Essay upon Elocution. As read lately in many parts of England and Scotland. To which is added, A Sermon.
2099: [L'ISLE (ANDRE YVES MARIE), DE: - Essai sur le Beau....avec un Discourse Preliminaire, Et des Reflexions sur le Gout. Par M. Formey.
7709: LA MÉSANGÈRE (PIERRE DE), EDITOR: - Voyages en France, Ornés de Gravures. avec des notes par La Mésangère
6525: [LA REYNIE DE LA BRUYERE (JEAN-BAPTISTE-MARIE-LOUIS)]: - The Livre Rouge, or Red Book: Being a List of Secret Pensions, paid out of the Public Treasure of France; and containing Characters of the Persons Pensioned, Anecdotes of their Lives, an Account of their Services, and Observations tending to shew the Reasons for which the Pensions were granted. Transited from the Eighth Paris Edition.
7674: [LA FONTAINE (JEAN DE)]. - Petit Almanac pour l'an 1808, avec six fables de Lafontaine, francoises et allemandes, et 12 estampes quis 'y rapportent. [With German title on facding verso]: Taschen Kalendar auf das Jahr 1808, mit sechs Fabeln von Lafontaine, deutsch und französisch und 12 dazu gebörigen Kupfern.
7956: LA PAILLONNE (MARIE ODIOT DE): - Le Lys. par la Révérende Mère M. D. L. C. de l'Ordre de Prémonté.
8459: LADY (A): - Memoirs of the Danby Family: Designed Chiefly for the Entertainment and Improvement of Young Persons. By A Lady.
3833: LAIRD (JOHN): - Philosophical Incursions into English Literature.
8309: [LAMB (CHARLES AND MARY)]: - Mrs. Leicester's School: Or, The History of Several Young Ladies, Related by Themselves. Third Edition.
5960: LAMB (CHARLES): - Elia. Essays which have appeared under that signature in the London Magazine. WITH: The Last Essays of Elia. Being a Sequel to Essays Published under that Name.
8038: LAMOTTE (CHARLES): - An Essay upon Poetry and Painting, with Relation to the Sacred and Prophane History. With an Appendix concerning Obscenity in Writing and Painting.
7792: [?LANGE (JOHANN PETER]: - Democritus Ridens. Sive Campus Recreationum Honestarum. Cum Exoricsmo Melancholiae.
8794: LANGHORNE (JOHN): - The Fables of Flora. The Fifth Edition.
5861: [LANGHORNE (JOHN): - Letters Supposed to have passed between M. De St. Evremond and Mr. Waller. Now first Collected and Published. Carefully Corrected.
8008: LANIER (NICHOLAS): - Proue prime fatti a l'aqua forte da N. Lanier a l'eta sua giouenile di sessanta otto anni 1656.
8492: LARKIN (EDWARD): - Speculum Patrum: A Looking-Glasse of the Fathers, Wherein, You may see each of them drawn, Characterized, and Displayed in their colours. To which are added, The Characters of the Chief Philosophers, Historians, Grammarians, Orators, and Poets.
6684: LATIN VERSE. - Florilegium Poeticum Ex Ovidio, Tibullo, Propertio, Maritali, &c. ab Omni verborum obscoenitate repurgatum. In Usum Tyronum. Edition Tertia.
6906: [LAUDER (WILLIAM)], EDITOR - Poetarum Scotorum Musae Sacrae: sive Quatuor Sacri Codicis Scriptorum, Davidis & Solomonis, Jobi, & Jeremiae, Poetici Libri, Per totidem Scotos, Arct. Jonstonum & Jo Kerrum, P Adamsonum & G Hogaeum, Latino Carmine redditi: Quibus, ob argumenti similitudinem, adnectuntur alia, Scororm itidem, opuscula sacra.
3060: LAURIE (SIMON S.): - On the Philosophy of Ethics. An Analytical Essay.
1223: LAVERGNE (LEONCE DE): - Essay sur l'Economie Rurale de l'Angleterre de l'Ecosse et de l'Irlande.
8035: LE LOYER (PIERRE): - Discours des Spectres ou Visions et Apparitions d'Esprit, comme anges, démons, et âmes, se monstrans visibles aux hommes, où sont rapportez les Argumens et Raisons de Ceux qui revocquent en doute ce qui se dit sur ce subject, & autres qui en approchent, comme les voix, & sons prodigieux, Signes, Ecstases & songes admirables, & encores les Histoires des Apparitions, & semblables prodiges advenus en chaque siècle, prinses des meilleurs autheurs; & puis finalement les moyens de discerner les bons & mauvais Esprits, ensemble les remedes & exorcismes pour chasser & conjurer les Demons. Le tout en huict livres. Second Edition, Reveve et Augmentee.
1617: LE MAITRE DE CLAVILLE CHARLES FRANCOIS NICHOLAS): - Traite du vrai Merite de l'Homme, Considere dans Tous les Ages & dans toutes les conditions: avec des Principes d'Education propres a former les jeunes gens a la Vertu.
8496: LEATHLEY (MARY ELIZABETH SOUTHWELL): - In the Beginning; or, From Eden to Canaan.
8624: LEATHLEY (MARY ELIZABETH SOUTHWELL): - The Star of Promise; or, From Bethlehem to Calvary. By Mary E. S. Leathley, Author of "In the Beginning," "Conquerors and Captives," Etc.
3690: LECKY (WILLIAM EDWARD HARTPOLE): - History of European Morals from Augusts to Charlemagne. Second Edition.
7519: LEE BOO (PRINCE). - History of Prince Lee Boo, A Native of the Pelew Islands, brought to England by Captain Wilson. Fifteenth Edition.
7843: [LEPESANT DE BOILGUILBERT (PIERRE)]: - Marie Stuart Reyne d'Ecosse.
8326: LESAGE (ALAIN RENE): - Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane. Par M. LeSage. Nouvelle Edition, revue & corrigee.
1690: LESAGE (ALAIN RENE): - The Adventures of Gil Blas, of Santillane. Translated from the French of Le Sage, by T. Smollett.
3493: LETTER-WRITER, THE COMPLETE: - The Complete Letter-Writer, containing Familiar Letters on the Most common Occasions in Life. Also, A Variety of elegant Letters for the Direction and Embellishment of Style, on Business, Duty, Amusement, Love, Courtship, Marriage, Friendship, and other Subjects, To which is prefixed a Plain and Compendious Grammar Of the English Language, With Directions for writing Letters, and the proper Forms of Address. At the End are given Forms of Message-Cards, and a copious English Spelling Dictionary.
5632: LEWIS (JAMES): - Church of Scotland. The Crisis and Preparation; With Directions to the Collectors of Congregational and Parochial Associations. Delivered at the Formation of St John's Congregational Association, Leith. Second Thousand.
7390: LIBURNIO (NICOLO): - Le molte et diverse virtu Delli Savi antichi da Greci, & latini auttori in volgar sermone per M. Nicolo Liburnio tradotte. Motti Elegantissimi de diversi auttori. Tradotti di Latino in Volgare [da M. Cadamosto da Lodi].
8015: LIEUTAUD (JACQUES): - Connoissance des Temps Pour l'Anneé 1706. Au Meridien de Paris. Publiée Par l'Ordre de l'Academie Royal des Sciences, et Calculee Par Mr. Lietuaud, de la meme Academie.
6656: LIND (JENNY). - Lindiana. An Interesting Narrative of the Life of Jenny Lind. With a Portrait by Linton.
7941: LINDSAY (COLIN), THIRD EARL OF BALCARRES: - An Account of the Affairs of Scotland, Relating to the Revolution in 1688. As sent to the Late King James II. when in France. By the Right Honourable the Earl of B------ Never before Printed.
6426: LING (NICHOLAS). [BROOKS (JONATHAN), EDITOR: - Antiquity; or the Wise Instructer [sic]. Being a Collection of the most Valuable Admonitions and Sentences, Compendiously put together, From an infinite Variety of the most celebrated Christian and Heathen Writers, Divine, Moral, Historical, Poetical, and Political./
8885: LINNECAR (RICHARD): - The Miscellaneous Works of Richard Linnecar, of Wakefield.
3840: LISTER. TURNER (A. LOGAN): - Joseph, Baron Lister. Centenary Volume 1827 - 1927. Edited for the Lister Centenary Committee of the British Medical Association.
7813: LISZT (FRANZ): - The Gipsy in Music. The result of the Author's Life-long Experience and Investigations of the Gipsies and their Music. Englished for the first time by Edwin Evans. With Seven Portraits.
7878: LIVY. - T. Livi Patavini Historiarum Ab Urbe Condita Libri XLV. Cum Universae Historiae Epitomis: Omnibus accuratissime castigatis, & in elegantiorum formam, quam unquam suerint, redactis.
6994: LIVY. - Le Deche di T. Livio Padovano delle Historie Romane, Tradotte nella lingua Toscana, da Iacopo Nardi cittadino Fiorentino, & nuouamente dal medesimo riuedute & emendate, con le postille parimente accresciute nelle margini del libro, che diachiarano molti uocaboli delle cose uecchie, piu degne di cognitione: & molti nomi di Paesi, & citta, fiumi, monti, & luoghi, illustrati conomi moderni. Etappress, la ualuta delle monete Romane, ridotta al pregio di quelle de tempionostir: insieme con la dichiaratione di tutte le misure, quanto e stato necessario alla piena intelligenza dell'autore. Allequali, per maggior satisfattion de lettori, habbiamo anchora aggiunto la Tauola de Re, Consoli, Tribuni militari con lad podesta Consolare, & Dittatori: che per i tempi correnti sono stati creati nella citta di Roma. Et appresso, la Tauola di tutte le cose, fatti, & detti notabili, nella presente opera contenuti.
3367: LLOYD (RICHARD): - Christian Theology; Or an Inquiry into the Nature and General Character of Revelation. Second Edition.
8799: LOCKE (JOHN): - Some Thoughts concerning Education. [Pitt Press Series] With an Introduction and Notes by The Rev. R. H. Quick. Stereotyped Edition.
2820: LOCKE (JOHN): - The Conduct of the Understanding. [AND]: BACON (Francis): Essays, Moral, Economical, & Political.
4419: LOCKE (JOHN). WYNNE (JOHN): - An Abridgment of Mr. Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding. The Fifth Edition Corrected.
7387: [LOCKMAN (JOHN)]: - A New History of England, by Question and Answer. Extracted from the Most Celebrated English Historians, Particularly M. Rapin Thoyras. The Third Edition, Corrected, and very much Improv'd by the Author.
6681: [LOCKMAN (JOHN): - A New History of England, by Question and Answer. Extracted from the Most Celebrated English Historians, Particularly M. de Rapin Thoyras. The Third Edition, Corrected, and very much Improv'd by the Author.
5852: LODGE (EDMUND): - The Peerage of the British Empire, as at present existing. Arranged and printed from the Personal Communicates of the Nobility. To which is added a view of The Baronetage of the three kingdoms. Dedicated by Permission to Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent. Fourth Edition.
4905: LOGAN (JOHN): - Poems, and Runnamede, A Tragedy. With a Life of the Author.
6078: LOGAN (JOHN): - Poems, by the Rev. Mr. Logan, one of the Ministers of Leith.
8474: LONGINUS. - Dionysius Longinus on the Sublime: Translated from the Greek, with Notes and Observations, and Some Account of the Life, Writings, and Character of the Author. The Third Edition, Corrected and Improved.
8786: LONGUS. - Daphnis and Chloe. A Pastoral Novel Now First Selectly [sic] Translated into English from the Original Greek of Longus.
8599: LOTI (PIERRE; PSEUDONYM OF LOUIS MARIE-JULIEN VIAUD): - Pecheur d'Islande Roman Quatre-Vinget-Cinquieme Edition. [and] Madame Chrysantheme.
5207: LOTTERY ADVERT. - State Lottery, [C]ontaining Six Prizes of £20,000, Begins Drawing June 28, 1808.... Tickets and Shares are selling by J. Brook, 2, Jamaica-Row, Near the Moat, Birmingham, Agent to Brooke and CO. London.
2822: LOUIS XV. MOUFFLE D'ANGERVILLE: - Vie Privée de Louis XV; ou Principaux Évémens, Particularités et Anecdotes de son Regne.
6581: [LOVELING (BENJAMIN)]: - Latin and English Poems.
3928: LOWTH (ROBERT): - Lectures on the Sacred Poetry of the Hebrews; Translated from the Latin of the Right Rev. Robert Lowth...By G. Gregory, Author of Essays Historical and Moral. To which are added, The Principal Notes of Professor Michaelis, and Notes by the Translator and Others.
8770: LUCAS (RICHARD): - An Enquiry after Happiness. In Three Parts. The Tenth Edition.
4855: LUCIAN. - The Works of Lucian, From the Greek, By Thomas Francklin, D. D.
8456: LUCRETIUS. - Titi Lucretii Cari De Rerum Natura Libri Sex.
7054: LUCRETIUS. - De Natua Rerum Libri Sex.
6638: LUDLAM (WILLIAM): - Essays on Scripture Metaphors, Divine Justice, Divine Mercy, and the Doctrine of Satisfaction.
6639: LUDLAM (WILLIAM): - Mathematical Essays. The Second Edition, with Additions.
8168: LUMLEY (BENJAMIN): - Reminiscences of the Opera.
5394: LUMLEY (BENJAMIN): - Reminiscences of the Opera.
8616: [LUTTEROTH (HENRI)]: - Chants Chretiens. "L'Eternel est mon Cantique."
3255: LYTTELTON (GEORGE), LORD: - The Works of George Lord Lyttelton; Formerly printed separately, and now collected together: With some other Pieces, never before printed. Published by George Edward Ayscough.
3891: LYTTELTON (GEORGE), LORD: - The Works of George Lord Lyttelton; Formerly printed separately, and now collected together: With some other Pieces, never before printed. Published by George Edward Ayscough.
3899: LYTTELTON (GEORGE), LORD: - The Works of George Lord Lyttelton; Formerly Printed Separately: And Now First Collected Together, with Some Other Pieces Never Before Printed. Published by George Edward Ayscough, Esq. The Third Edition. To which is added a General Index.
6846: LYTTELTON (GEORGE), LORD: - The Poetical Works of Lord Lyttelton.
3925: MACAULAY. TREVELYAN (GEORGE OTTO): - The Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay. New Edition.
8528: MACBEAN (ALEXANDER): - A Dictionary of the Bible; or, an Explanation of the Proper Names and Difficult Words in the Old and New Testament, accented as they ought to be pronounced. With Other Useful Particulars, For Those Who Would Understand The Sacred Scriptures, And Read Them With Propriety. The Second Edition, Corrected and Enlarged.
8540: MACCOLL (MARY J.): - Bide a Wee, and Other Poems.
6757: MACDIARMID (JOHN): - Lives of British Statesmen.
5654: MACGREGOR (JOHN): - A Complete Treatise on Practical Mathematics: Including the Nature and Use of Mathematical Instruments: Logarithmic Tables. Trigonometry. Mensuration of Heights and Distances; Of Surfaces & Solids. Land-Surveying. Gunnery. Gauging. Artificer's Measuring. Miscellaneous Exercises. With an Appendix on Algebra. The whole conducted on the most approved plan, with proper Rules, and a variety of suitable Examples to each rule. Principally designed for the use of schools and academies.
8580: [MACKENZIE (WILLIAM)]: - The Sorrows of Seduction. In Eight Delineations, with Other Poems. Second Edition, considerably improved.
7828: MACKENZIE (HENRY). HOWARD (ALFRED): - Beauties of Mackenzie Consisting of Selections from his Prose and Poetry.
4952: MACKINTOSH (JAMES): - Vindiciæ Gallicæ. Defence of the French Revolution and its English Admirers, against the Accusations of The Right Hon. Edmund Burke; Including some Strictures on the late Production of Mons. De Calonne. The Second Edition Corrected.
3032: MACKINTOSH (SIR JAMES): - Memoirs of the Life of the Right Honourable Sir James Mackintosh. Edited by his Son, Robert James Mackintosh. Second Edition.
6882: MACLAINE (ARCHIBALD): - A Series of Letters, addressed to Soame Jenyns, Esq. On Occasion of his View of the Internal Evidence of Christianity.
5615: MACNEILL (HECTOR): - Scotland's Scaith; or, The History of Will and Jean: owre true a tale! Together with The Waes of War; or, The Upshot of the History o' Will and Jean. A New Edition, embellished wiht Engravings.
6029: [MACPHERSON (JAMES)]: - A Short History of the Opposition During the Last Session of Parliament. The Fifth Edition.
5234: MACROBIUS (AURELIUS AMBROSIUS THEODOSIUS): - Quæ Exstant Omnia, Diligentissime emendata, Et cum optimis editionibus collata, ut ex Prefatione manifestum.
2577: MACVICAR (JOHN G.): - An Enquiry into Human Nature.
7699: MAGDALEN CHAPEL. - A New Edition of Hymns, Anthems, Tunes, and Ode, used at the Magdalen Chapel. Set for the Organ, Piano Forte, Voice, German Flute, or Guitar.
6430: MAIDEN HOSPITAL. - The Rules and Constitutions For Governing and Managing the Maiden Hospital, Founded by The Company of Merchants, and Mary Erskine, in Anno 1695. Allowed and Confirmed by an Act of Parliament of Her Majesty Queen Anne, dated the 25th Mach 1707, Amended and Approven in a General Meeting of the Contributers, upon the 9th February 1708. Ratified by the Lord Provost, Baillies and Town Council, upon 9th March the said Year, except in so far as the same have been altered by an Act of the Contributers, dated 10th February 1718.
8565: MAINWARING (SIR THOMAS): - The Legitimacy of Amica, Daughter of Hugh Cyveliok, Earl of Chester, Clearly Proved. With Full Answers to all Objections that have at any time been made against the same.
7705: MAIR (JOHN): - An Introduction to Latin Syntax: Or An Examination of the Rules of Construction, as delivered in Mr. Ruddiman's Rudiments, without anticipating posterior Rules.... To which is subjoined, An Epitome of Ancient History, From the Creation to the Birth of Christ. Intended as a proper mean to initiate boys in the useful study of History, while at the same time it serves to improve them in the knowledge of the Latin Tongue. To which is added, A proper collection of Historical and Chronological Questions; with a Copious Index. The Eighth Edition.
7204: MAITLAND (JOHN ALEXANDER FULLER) AND SQUIRE (WILLIAM BARCLAY): - The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book. Edited from the Original Manuscript with an Introduction and Notes (translated into German by John Bernhoff).
4436: MALCOLM (ALEXANDER): - A Treatise of Musick, Speculative, Practical, and Historical. Containing An Explication of the Philosophical and Rational Grounds and Principles thereof; The Nature and Office of the Scale of Musick; The whole Art of Writing Notes; And the General Rules of Composition. With A Particular Account of the Antient Musick, and a Comparison thereof with the Modern.
3842: MALCOLM (CHARLES A.): - The History of The British Linen Bank.
7914: MALEBRANCHE (NICHOLAS DE): - De la Recherche de la Verité. Ou l'on Traite de la Nature de l'Esprit de l'homme, & de l'usage qu'il en doit fair pour éviter l'erreur dans les Sciences. Septieme Edition. Revûe & augmentée de plusieurs Eclaircissemens.
3215: MALEBRANCHE (NICOLAS): - Dialogues on Metaphysics and Religion. Translated by Morris Ginsbery...With a Preface by Professor G. Dawes Hicks.
3700: [MALLET (DAVID)]: - Elvira: A Tragedy. Acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane.
1966: MALLING (OVE): - Recueil de Traits Memorables, tires de l'histoire de Danemark, de Norwege & de Holstein; Traduit du danois part seu Frederik-Moise Mourier. Orne de Six Estampes.
2801: "MAN (AN IDLE)": - IDEAS of my Own; or, Industrious Moments of "An Idle Man."
7057: MANDEVILLE (BERNARD): - The Virgin Unmask'd: Or, Female Dialogues, betwixt an Elderly Maiden Lady, and her Niece, On Several Diverting Discourses on Love, Marriage, Memoirs, Morals, &c. of the Times. The Fourth Edition.
3471: MANDEVILLE (BERNARD): - The Fable of the Bees: Or, Private Vices, Public Benefits. With An Essay on Charity and Charity-Schools: And A Search into the Nature of Society. The ninth Edition. To which is added, A Vindication of the Book from the Aspersions contained in a Presentment of the Grand Jury of Middlesex, and an abusive Letter to the Lord C.
7883: MANDRIN. REGLEY (ABBE): - Histoire de Louis Mandrin, Depuis sa naissance jusqu'a sa mort; Avec un detail de ses curantes, de ses brigandages et de ses supplices.
8595: [MANLEY, MARY DE LA RIVIERE MANLEY] - Memoirs of Europe, Towards the Close of the Eighth Century. Written by Eginardus, Secretary and Favourite to Charlemagne; And done into English by the Translator of the New Atalantis .
5500: [MANNING (ROBERT)]: - A Plain and Rational Account of the Catholick Faith; With a Preface and Appendix, In Vindication of Catholic Morals, from Old Calumnies revived and collected in a scurrilous Libel, Entituled, A Protestant's Resolution, &c. To which is Annext The Reform'd Churches prov'd destitute, of a Lawful Ministry. The Third Edition Revised and Corrected.
3217: MANSEL (HENRY LONGUEVILLE): - Metaphysics or the Philosophy of Consciousness Phenomenal and Real.
8569: MANUSCRIPT. LEIGHTON (MARIE CONNOR): - Autograph letter signed, addressed to the literary editor Peter Keary (1865-1915), dated 14th May, 1905, from The Red Croft, Gunton Cliff, Lowestoft, Suffolk.
4180: MANUSCRIPT. CRUIKSHANK (ISAAC ROBERT): - Autograph letter signed, dated July 28th [c. 1840], 2 pages, folded leaf measuring (unfolded) 215 mms. x 180 mms., mounted on separate leaf.
4176: MANUSCRIPT. TYTLER (PATRICK FRASER): - Autograph letter, signed, on small quarto leaf folded once, addressed to Robert Scott Moncrieff of Dalkeith, about the widow of his later father's clerk.
4177: MANUSCRIPT. TYTLER (PATRICK FRASER): - Autograph letters, signed, on a single quarto leaf, to Robert Scott Moncreiff, not dated, but probably 1829.
4179: MANUSCRIPT. WILSON (JOHN): - Autograph letter, signed, written on one side of a single, folded quarto leaf, with the address on the same leaf, to Robert Scott Moncreiff, dated 13 March 1834.
5997: MANWARING (EDWARD): - An Historical and Critical Account Of the most Eminent Classic Authors in Poetry and History. In Three Parts.
7822: MAPLESON (JAMES HENRY): - The Mapleson Memoirs 1848 - 1888.
7881: MARIN (MICHEL-ANGE): - La Farfalla ossia la Commediante Convertita composta dal M. R. P. Michelanglo Marin. Parte Prima [Secondo].
5965: MARINE SOCIETY - The Bye-Laws and Regulations of the Marine Society, Incorporated in M,DCC,LXII. With the several Instructions, Forms of Indentures, and other instruments used by it. The Fifth Edition, containing an Historical Account of this Institution, with Remarks on the Usefulness of it. To which is added, A Sermon Preached by the Rev. Dr. Glasse, Chaplain to the Marine Society.
8405: MARIO DI LEO - Amore Pregionero Di M. Mario di Leo da Barletta. Nelquale dimostra qunato stano poche forze d'Amore.
3799: MARMONTEL (JEAN-FRANÇOIS): - Memoirs of Marmontel, Written by Himself: Containing his Literary and Political Life, and Anecdotes of the Principal Characters of the Eighteenth Century.
4519: MARMONTEL (JEAN-FRANCOIS): - Moral Tales. Translated from the French, By C. Dennis and R. Lloyd.
6984: MARRIOTT (JOHN): - A Short Account of John Marriott, Including Extracts from some of his letters. To which are added, some of his Poetical Productions.
6345: [MARRYAT (THOMAS)]: - Sentimental Fables. Designed chiefly for the Use of the Ladies.
8341: [MARSHALL (WILLIAM)]: - A Review of The Landscape, A Didactic Poem: also of An Essay on the Picturesque: Together with Practical Remarks on Rural Ornament. By the Author of "Planning and Ornamental Gardening; a Practical Treatise."
2831: MARSOLLIER (JACQUES): - The Life of St. Francis of Sales, Bishop and Prince of Geneva, founder of the order of the Vitiation. Translated from the original French...By the Rev. William Henry Coombes.
5418: MARTIAL. - Epigrams of Martial, &c. With Mottos from Horace, &c. Translated, Imitated, Adapted, and Addrest to the Nobility, Clergy, and Gentry. With Notes Moral, Historical, Explanatory and Humorous. By the Rev. Mr. Scott, M. A., Late of Trinity College, Cambridge. The Second Edition.
4243: MARTIAL. - Select Epigrams of Martial. Translated and Imitated By William Hay, Esq; With An Appendix Of some by Cowley, and other Hands.
7388: MARTIAL. - The Epigrams of M. Val. Martial, in Twelve Books: With a Comment: by James Elphinston.
7188: MARTIN (BENJAMIN): - Bibliotheca Technologica: Or a Philological Library of Literary Arts and Sciences. Viz. I. Theology.... II. Ethics.... III. Christianity.... [etc., concluding with]. XXIII. Jurisprudence... XXIV. Heraldry.... XXV. Miscellaneous. The Second Edition; with an Alphabetical Index of the principal Matters.
7690: [MARTIN (SARAH CATHERINE)]: - The Comic Adventures of Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog. Part I.
7634: MARTINELLI (VINCENZIO): - Istoria Critica della Vita Civile.
8450: MARTYR STUDENT. - The Portfolio of the Martyr=Student.
7756: MARY (BLESSED VIRGIN): - Officium Beatae Mariae Virginis S. PII V. Pontificis Maximi Justu editum, et Urbani VIII. Auctoritate recognitum, Con l'Uffizio de' Morti, Sette Salmi, ed altre divote Orazioni e Divozioni.
8235: MARY (BLESSED VIRGIN): - Officium Beatae Mariae Virginis S. PII V. Pontificis Maximi Justu editum, et Urbani VIII. Auctoritate recognitum. Additis Hymnis, Vesperisque Dominicalibus, ac Festis Sanctorum per totius Anni circulum occurrentibus.
8634: MASON (MRS. CHARLOTTE): - The Lady's Assistant for regulating and supplying the table., being a Complete System of Cookery.... Likewise Directions for Brewing.... The Ninth Edition, enlarged, corrected, and improved to the present time.
3180: MASON (JOHN): - An Essay on the Power and Harmony of Prosaic Numbers. The Second Edition.
3181: MASON (JOHN): - Essays on Poetical and Prosaic Numbers and Elocution. The Second Edition.
4218: MASON (WILLIAM): - Elegies.
5505: MASSON (DAVID): - Memories of Two Cities, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.
8747: MATHIAS (THOMAS JAMES): - Poesie Liriche Toscane. Nuova edizione, dietro quella di Londra del 1816, e di quella di Firenze del 1817.
4875: MATRIMONY. - The Matrimonial Preceptor. A Collection of Examples and Precepts Relating to the Married State From the most Celebrated Writers Ancient and Modern. Being the Third Edition, Adorn'd with a beautiful Frontispiece not in the former.
6799: MATRIMONY. - The Matrimonial Preceptor. A Collection of Examples and Precepts Relating to the Married State From the most Celebrated Writers Ancient and Modern.
7276: MAUCHLINE WARE. BINDING. [GREENAWAY (KATE)]: - Birthday Book. The Daily Motto Book. A Birthday Calendar, By L. V.
7277: MAUCHLINE WARE. BINDING. SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM): - The Shakespeare Daily Gem Book and Journal for Birthdays.
7280: MAUCHLINE WARE. BINDING. - BIRTHDAY BOOK. Thorn Blossom. Quotations Grave and Gay. Arranged as a Birthday Text-Book.
5633: [MAUDIT (ISRAEL)]: - Considerations on the Present German War. The Third Edition.
8232: MAURY (JEAN SIFFREIN): - Essai sur l'Eloquece de la Chaire, Panegyriques, Eloge et Discours, par le Cardinal Jean Sifrein Maury. Nouvell Editions publiee sur les mansuscrits autographes de l'auteur, par Louis Sifrein Maury, son neveu.
8852: MAXIMUS TYRIUS. - Maximi Tyrii Philosophi Platonici Sermones sive Disputationes XLI Ex Cosmi Paccii Archi-Episcopi Florentini interpretatione, Ab Henrico Stephano quam pluribuis in locis enedata.
2134: MAYNARD (SAMUEL): - A Key to Bonnycastle's Introduction to Mensuration; Containing the solution to all the questions in that work conformable to the present improved state of the science. With references to the problems, rules, and notes, by which the solutions are obtained.
1770: MAZEAS (J. M.): - Elemens d'Arithmetique. d'Algebre, et de Geometrie, Avec une Introduction aux Sections coniques. Ouvrage utile pour fair entrer dans l'esprit de ces Sciences & pour disposer a l'etude de la Physique & des Sciences Physico-Mathematiques. Cinquieme Edition, Revue & corrigee par l'Auteur.
7834: MAZZINELLI (ALLESANDRO), INTER ALIA: - Uffizio della Settimana Santa Cogl'Argomenti de' Salmi, colla spiegazione della Cerimonie e Misteri, e con riflessioni divote dell' Abat Allexandro Mazzinelli. Dedicato Beatissime Vergine Maria Addorata.
3647: MCCANN (TIMOTHY J.), ED.: - The Correspondence of the Dukes of Richmond and Newcastle, 1724 - 1750. Sussex Record Society Volume 73.
7952: [MCDONOGH (FELIX)]: - The Wandering Hermit, By the Author of The Hermit in London.
8198: [MEARS (JOHN)]: - A Short Explanation of the End and Design of the Lord's Supper; With suitable Meditations and Prayers, and a Preface, Recommending a Due Attendance on that Sacews Institution; To which is added A Postscript Concerning Self-Examination, with a few Forms of Prayer for the Use of those who need or desire such Helps.
6662: MEIKLE (JAMES): - Metaphysical Maxims: Or, Thoughts on the Nature of the Soul, Free Will, and the Divine Prescience.
3503: MELMOTH (WILLIAM): - The Great Importance of a Religious Life Considered; To which are added some Morning and Evening Prayers. A New Edition, With a Memoir of the Author Prefixed, and Four Appendices: I. Miscellaneous Notes. II. Remarkable Persons buried in the Cloister under Lincoln's Inn Chapel. III. Short Notices of Prelates and Eminent Divines who have been Preachers to the Society of Lincoln's Inn. IV. Sermons preached at the Warburtonian Lecture in Lincoln's Inn Chapel which have been printed. By Charles Purton Cooper.
8421: MELVILLE (GEORGE JOHN WHYTE-): - Uncle John. A Novel. New Edition.
8713: MERULA ((GIORGIO): - Enarrationes vocum priscarum in libris de re rustica per Georgium [Merulam] Alexandrinum. Philippi Beroaldi in libros XIII Columellae annotationes. Aldus de Dierum generibus, simulque de umbris et horis, quae apud Palladium.
7352: METCALF (JOHN): - The Life of John Metcalf; commonly called Black Jack of Knaresbrough; with many entertaining anecdotes of His Exploits in Hunting, Card Play, &c. some particulars relative to the Expedition against the Rebels, in 1745, In which he bare a Personal Share; and also, a succinct account of his various contracts of Making Roads, Erecting ridges, and Other Undertakings. In Yorkshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, and Cheshire. Which, for a series of years have brought him into a most Extraordinary Characters. The Fifth Edition, with considerable Additions and Amendments.
6286: METHOLD (WILLIAM) [PURCHAS (SAMUEL)]: - Naauw-keurige Aanteekeningen van William Methold President van de Engelsse Maatschappy, Gehouden op sijn Voyagie, in het Jaar 1619. Aangaande de Koningrijken van Golconda, Tanassary, Pegu Arecan en meer andere Landen, geleegen langs de Kust van den Zee-boesen van Bengale; als mede den Koophamdel, die door de Engelsse in die Land-streeken gedreeven word. Beneffens den Gods-dienst, Aart, Zeden en Gewoontens omtrent de Stammen deser Volkeren, Huwelijken, Verbranding der Vrouwen met hare Mannen; ook op wat wijse de Diamanten uyt des selfs Mijn aldaar gehaalt worden, door den Schrijver selfs ondersogt en besien; Van hem in het Engels beschreeven, en nu alder-eerst uyt die spraak vertaalt. Met Noodig Register en Konst-Printen verrijkt.
3238: MIDDLETON (CONYERS): - Dr. Middleton's Introductory Discourse to a Larger Work, Designed hereafter to be Published, concerning the Miraculous Powers which are supposed to have subsisted in the Christian Church, from the earliest Ages, through several successive Centuries...With a Postscript, containing Some Remarks on an Archidiaconal Charge, delivered the last Summer by the Reverend Dr. Chapman, to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury. The Second Edition.
7644: MIDDLETON (CONYERS): - The History of the Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero. The Fourth Edition.
5836: MILL (JAMES): - Elements of Political Economy. Third Edition, Revised and Corrected.
3875: MILL (JOHN STUART): - An Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy and of the Principal Philosophical Questions discussed in his Writings. Fourth Edition.
3839: MILL (JOHN STUART): - Inaugural Address delivered to the University of St. Andrews Feb. 1st 1867. People's Edition.
8508: MILLAR (JOHN): - Observations concerning the Distinction of Ranks in Society. Under the following heads: I. Of the Rank and Condition of Women in different Ages. II. Of the Jurisdiction and Authority of a Father over his Children. III. Of the Author of a Chief over the members of a Tribe or Village. IV. Of the Power of a Sovereign over an extensive Society. Of the Authority of a Master over his Servants. The Second Edition, greatly enlarged.
7164: MILTON (JOHN). GILLIES (JOHN), EDITOR: - Milton's Paradise Lost Illustrated with Texts of Scripture by John Gillies, D. D. The Second Edition, with Additions.
8325: MILTON (JOHN): - Paradise Lost A Poem in Twelve Books. With a Biographical and Critical Account of the Author and his Writings.
5110: MILTON (JOHN): - Paradise Lost. A Poem in Twelve Books. The Seventh Edition, With Notes of various Authors, By Thomas Newton, D. D.

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