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023435: - The Present Peerage of the United Kingdom for the Year 1817 with the Arms of the Peers and Baronets
023397: - Liberty: Mail Order Christmas Catalogue For1984
022881: - Tobacco Talk and Smokers Gossip. An Amusing Miscellany Offact and Anecdote Relating to the Great Plant in All Its Forms and Uses.
023199: - In and out in West Hoathly. Westsussex
023520: - Masters of Colour : Derain to Kandinsky: Masterpieces from the Merzbacher Collection
19571: - Standing Orders and Regulations for the Army in Ireland 1794
19688: - The Song of Songs.
19744: - The Gaping, Wide-Mouthed, Waddling Frog. A New and Entertaining Game of Questions and Commands with Proper Directions for Playing the Game and Crying Forfeits. .
022685: - Pamela Or Virtue Rewarded. (Facsimile )
023539: - Rupert Adventure Book. The Authentic Facsimile Edition of the 1940 Annual
022058: - Catalogue of Exhibitions of British Coloured Books 1738 - 1898
21571: - History of the British Iron and Steel Industry from C. 450bc to Ad 1775
023538: - The Rupert Book. Authentic 1941 Facsimile Edition
022585: - A Suffolk Garland for the Queen 1961
023111: DUBUISSON, A AND C.E. HUGHES - Richard Parkes Bonington. His Life and Work
021646: CAULFEILD, S.F.A. AND B.C. SAWARD - The Dictionary of Needlework
023074: AARON, SOAZIG - Refusal
022790: AARON, ELIZABETH. - The Book of the Morris Eight and the Morris Minor.
023119: ACKROYD, PETER - The Life of Thomas More
022309: ADAMCZEWSKI, FIONA. THE EMBROIDERERS GUILD. - Designer Textiles. Stitching for Interiors.
023212: ADDISON, JOSEPH - Plays
022380: ADEN, PAUL - The Hosta Book
023536: ADIGA, ARAVIND - White Tiger
021844: AESOP. - 12 Fables of Aesop.
022614: D'AGUILAR,LIEUT.-GEN SIR G. C. - Military Maxims of Napoleon
20647: AHLBERG, ALLAN - The History of a Pair of Sinners Forgetting Not Their Ma Who Was One Also. . .
023238: AINSLIE, KATHLEEN - Me and Catherine Susan
19734: AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON. - Windsor Castle.
022592: AITKEN, W FRANCIS - The Childrens Friend Annual for 1910. Containing the Monthly Parts for 1910
022885: AKEHURST, B C - Tobacco
022027: SAVIDGE, ALAN AND OLIVER MASON - Wadhurst. Town of the High Weald
20808: DIXON, ALAN & DONALD. - Stockbook. The Locomotives and Stock of the Kent and East Sussex Railway.
023190: SAVIDGE, ALAN AND OLIVER MASON - Wadhurst. Town of the High Weald
20276: ROUX, ALBERT & MICHAEL. - At Home with the Roux Brothers.
20728: AUTOGRAPH ALBUM. - Links of Memory. An Autograph Album.
022041: ALI, MOHAMMED - A Short History of Afghanistan
20325: PROVENSEN ALICE & MARTIN. - The Provensen Book of Fun and Nonsense.
19375: MCALPINE, ALISTAIR AND CATHY GIANGRANDE. - The Essential Guide to Collectibles. A Source Book of Public Collections in Europe & the Usa.
20886: LYNN-ALLEN, B. G. - Shot-Gun and Sunlight. The Game Birds of East Africa.
21056: ALLEN, CHARLES. EDITOR. - Plain Tales from the Raj. Immages of British India in the Twentieth Century.
022016: ALLEN, AGNES - The Story of Archaeology
021692: WARNER, JOHN ALLEN & THECLA BRADSHAW. - A Cree Life. The Art of Allen Sapp.
022017: ALLEN, AGNES - The Story of Clothes
022018: ALLEN, AGNES - The Story of the Book
21308: ALLEN, JAMES LANE. - A Kentucky Cardinal. A Story. And Aftermath.
023059: ALMEDINGEN, E.M. - Francis of Assisi. A Portrait
023091: ALTAMARANO, IGNACIO MANUEL - El Zarco the Bandit
20028: AMBUTER, CAOLYN. - The Open Canvas. An Instructional Encyclopedia of Openwork Techniques.
19202: AMERONGEN, C VAN ( TRANSLATOR) - How Things Work. The Theory and Practice of Modern Machines and Methods, from the Ball-Point Pen to the Jet Engine, from the Polaroid Camera to Radar.
19349: AMODEO, FABIO - Cats. Art, Legend, History.
022382: ANDERSEN, HANS - Fairy Tales
021932: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Fairy Tales, Three Volumes
20554: ANDREW, MARTIN. - Sussex. Pictorial Memories.
21334: ANDREW, ANNE. - Smocking
022835: ANDREWS, JOHN. - The Price Guide to Victorian Furniture.
19370: ANDREWS, SANDY. - Crested China. The History of Heraldic Ware.
19470: ANDREWS, JOHN. - Victorian and Edwardian Furniture. Price Guide and Reason for Values.
022865: ANDREWS, JOHN. - The Price Guide to Victorian Furniture.
023425: ANGEL, MARIE - The Art of Calligraphy : A Practical Guide
19180: ANGEL, MARIE - The Art of Calligraphy. A Practical Guide
20825: ANGEL, MARIE - Cottage Flowers
023525: ANGEL, MARIE - The Art of Calligraphy. A Practical Guide
21412: ANGEL, MARIE. - The Art of Calligraphy. A Practical Guide.
20234: ANGLUND, JOAN WALSH - Nibble Nibble Mousekin. A Tale of Hansel and Gretel.
20096: BERENDSEN, ANNE AND OTHERS - Elsevier's Tegelboek
023226: ANNUAL - Playbox Annual 1921. A Picture Story Book for Children 1956
023229: CHILDRENS PICTURE ANNUAL - How Birdie and Babby Kept House and Mother Mumbletons Slaves. A Story Book for Children
023428: HALI ANNUAL - Silk and Stone. The Art of Asia.
023429: HALI ANNUAL - Silk and Stone. The Art of Asia.
023578: ANNUAL. - A Parting Gift
021686: ANNUAL. - The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane
20383: ANNUAL - The Prize for Girls and Boys 1907
20388: ANNUAL - Rupert Annual. The 50th Daily Express Annual.
021839: ANON - Souvenir of Scotland, Its Cities Lakes and Mountains
022075: ANON - Gerald Scarfe
022562: ANON - Inns of Kent
023494: ANON - Your Animal Poems
022796: ANON - The Christian Year. Thoughts in Verse for Th Sundays and Holidays Throughout the Year
022748: ANON - A Short Introduction of Grammar Generally to Be Used. . . . . .
022588: ANON - Tuft Book Presenting Aladdin
022558: ANON - Inns of Sport
19669: ANSTEY, F - A Bayard from Bengal. Being Some Account of the Magnifiscent and Spanking Career of Chunder Bindabun Bosch Esq B. A Cambridge Etc. .
023573: ANTHONY, GORDON. - Ballet. Camera Studies By Gordon Anthony.
20700: "NIMROD" CHARLES JAS APPERLEY - My Horses and Other Essays
023438: LYALL, ARCHIBALD;BRANGHAM, A. N. - The Companion Guide to the South of France
21246: ARDLEY, DENIS H. - A Handbook of Fly-Tying
20420: COOTON, SARAH., ILLUSTRATED BY ERNEST ARIS & ROY SMITH. - Tasseltip and the Boozle.
023491: ARISTOTLE - The Works of the Famous Philosopher Contaning His Complete Master-Piece, and Famiily Physician , His Experienced Midwife, His Book of Problems and Remarks Onphysiognomy. To the Original Work Is Affed an Essay on Mariiage, Its Duties and Enjoyments
21498: ARISTOTLE. - Works: Containing, the Master-Piece, Directions for Midwives and Counsel and Advice to Child Bearing Women with Various Useful Remedies.
022894: ARLOTT, JOHN - The Snuff Shop
022033: ARMSTRONG, J. R. - A History of Sussex.
022762: ARMSTRONG, J. R. - A History of Sussex.
021650: GLIMCHER, ARNOLD &MARC.( EDITORS.) - Je Suis le Cahier. The Sketchbooks of Picasso.
022601: ARNOLD, MATTHEW. - The Poems of Matthew Arnold 1840-1867.
023437: ARNOLD, THOMAS. - History of the Later Roman Commonwealt from the End of the Second Punic War T O the Death of Julius Caesar; and of the Reign of Augustus W Ith a Life of Trajan 2 Vols.
19926: ARNOLD, THOMAS. - History of the Later Roman Commonwealt from the End of the Second Punic War T O the Death of Julius Caesar; and of the Reign of Augustus W Ith a Life of Trajan 2 Vols.
20377: ARNOLD, ARNOLD. - Pictures and Stories from Forgotten Children's Books.
20541: ARSCOTT, DAVID - The Landscapes of Sussex.
021680: ART - Matisse. Cut-out Fun with Matisse.
021760: ARTHUR, MAX. - Dambusters. A Landmark Oral History.
20952: MEE, ARTHUR AND C R COUNCER - The Kings England. Kent
022747: HAYDEN, ARTHUR AND J MUNRO BELL - The Furniture Designs of Thomas Chippendale.
021727: ASHWORTH, CHRIS - Action Stations. 9. Military Airfields of the Central South and South East.
021934: "ASPREY - Asprey's Reference Library; a Handy Classical Dictionary and a Handy Dictionary of Mythology
021939: "ASPREY - Asprey's Reference Library; Concise Pocker Enclopaedia.
021940: "ASPREY - Asprey's Reference Library; Gazetteer of the World.
021801: ASQUITH, LADY CYNTHIA - The Silver Ship
022049: AMERICAN WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION - Nan Taeyor Ast ( Dinner Is Served )
21317: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Blind Assassin
023202: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Penelopiad
022782: KIRKMAN, F.B. & HORACE HUTCHINSON EDITORS. - British Sporting Birds.
022852: HONEY. W.B. - Wedgwood Ware.
19801: KIRKMAN, F. B. AND F. C. R. JOURDAIN. - British Birds.
021968: BADAWY, ALEXANDER. - Renoir. The Master Works
022979: BAGGOTT, JEAN - The Girl on the Wall. One Lifes Rich Tapestry
21029: BAILY, LESLIE - The Gilbert and Sullivan Book
022795: BAIN, JOHN - Peter Carl Faberge. Goldsmith and Jeweller to the Russian Imperial Court, His Life and Work
022272: BAIN, IAIN. - Celtic Knotwork.
023052: BAINBRIDGE, BERYL - According to Queeney
20735: BAINES, PATRICIA. - Spinning Wheels. Spinners & Spinning.
021673: BAINES, PHIL. - Puffin By Design.
023191: BAINES, J. MANWARING. - Sussex Pottery.
021966: BAKER, DOROTHY E - O Worship the King
022654: BALL, WILFRED - Weather in Watercolour
20536: BAMFORTH, VICKY. - The Gardeners Companion.
022045: BANNERMAN, HELEN. - The Story of Little Black Sambo
022537: BANNERMAN, HELEN. - The Story of Little Black Mingo
022539: BANNERMAN, HELEN. - The Story of Little Degchie-Head. An Awful Warning to Bad Babas
022138: HIRST, BARBARA & ROY. - Raised Embroidery. A Practical Guide O Decorative Stumpwork.
023443: GREENE, BARBARA AND VICTOR GOLLANCZ - God of a Hundred Names. Prayers of Many Peoples and Creeds.
022451: BARBER, RICHARD - British Myths and Legends. 3 Vols.
022851: BARBER, SHIRLEY. - Spellbound. A Fairytale Jigsaw Book.
21203: BARKER, CICELY MARY - Flower Fairies of the Wayside
023015: BARKER, CICELY MARY - A Little Book of Old Rhymes
21249: BARNARD, DEREK, COMILER. - An Index to Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1864-1984.
023509: BARNES, JUNE - Exploring Dimension in Quilt Art
021942: BARNES, C J - East Sussex Census-1851 Index Withyham, Hartfield, & Lingfield, (Surrey)
21493: BARON, STANLEY. - Diary of a Victorian Cat
20110: BARRACH, A.L. EDITOR. - The Musical Companion. A Compendium for All Lovers of Music.
20982: BARRY, EDWARD M - Lectures on Architecture Delivered at the Royal Academy
19196: BARTHELEMY, L'ABBE. - Voyage Du Jeune Anacharsis En Grece, Dans le Milieu Du Quatrieme Siecle Avant L'ere Chretienne.
20218: BARTHELEMY. - Nemesis. 2 Volumes
021787: BARTLETT, GEORGE - Fuchsias-a Colour Guide
19185: BARTON, CAROL. - The Pocket Paper Engineer. How to Make Pop-Ups Step By Step.
023170: BARTON, MARGARET. - Tunbridge Wells.
022191: BARTON, JULIA. - The Art of Embroidery.
023222: GREENHILL, BASIL & ANN GIFFARD. - The Coastal Trade. Sailing Craft of British Waters 900 - 1900
023400: BATAILLE, MARION. - A B C 3d
19133: MARCHIONESS OF BATH. - Longleat from 1566 to the Present Time.
022013: BATTISCOMBE, GEORGINA - Charlotte Mary Yonge. The Story of an Univentful Life
19717: BAUDELAIRE - Poems
022254: BAUMER, ANGELICA - Gustav Klimt. Women
20360: BAYLEY, NICOLA. - The Necessary Cat.
19222: BAYS, JILL. - Flowers in the Landscape.
022857: BAYTON, MARTIN. - Little Red Riding Hood.
19318: BEALE, S. SOPHIA. - The Amateur's Guide to Architecture.
022726: BEAN, W J - Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles 3 Vols.
022233: BEANEY, JAN. - Embroidery. New Approaches.
21240: BEATLES - Beatles 63
21596: BEAUMANT, ROBERT - Grandma. The Biography of Giles's Infamous Cartoon Character
022665: BECK, THOMASINA. - The Embroiderer's Garden
022153: BECK, THOMASINA. - The Embroiderer's Garden.
022152: BECK, THOMASINA. - Gardening with Silk and Gold. A History of Gardens in Embroidery.
022154: BECK, THOMASINA. - The Embroiderer's Story. Needlework from the Renaissance to the Present Day.
20714: BECKFORD, WILLIAM - The History of the Caliph Vathek
20896: BEDFORD, JOHN - The Notorious Poacher. Memoirs of an Old Poacher.
023461: BEDFORD, JOHN - Talking About Teapots
022279: BEESE, PAT. - Embroidery for the Church.
022346: BEETHOVEN - Symphony No. 3 in E Flat.
023476: BEETON, MRS - The Best of Mrs Beeton. Novelty Boxed Set Containing Eight Titles.
20274: BEETON, MRS. - Mrs Beeton's Every-Day Cookery.
021980: MRS BEETON. - Beton's Book of Needlework
022919: BEETON, S.O. - Beetons Dictionary of Geography. A Universal Gazetteer. Two Volumes
21263: BEKEN, KENNETH J. - Beken of Cowes,a Century of Tall Ships.
021902: BELL, ANDREW - Severn Valley Railway. Steam Portfolio #6
20680: BELL, MRS ARTHUR G. - The Royal Manor of Richmond with Petersham, Ham and Kew.
023234: BELL, CRESSIDA - The Decorative Painter
20496: BENINFIELD, GORDON. - Beningfield's English Landscape.
20498: BENINGFIELD, GORDON. - Hardy Landscapes
021893: BENSON, S. VERE. - The Observer's Book of Birds.
023466: BENTLEY, NICOLAS - The History of the Circus
19519: BENTLEY, E CLERIHEW. - More Biography
21547: BENTLEY, E CLERIHEW. - Clerihews Complete
20918: BENTLEY, NICHOLAS. - The Victorian Scene. A Picture Book of the Period 1837-1901
19654: BERGER, GILDA. - Magic Slippers. Stories from the Ballet.
20072: BESTWAY. - Decorative Belts. Knitted and Embroidered.
20860: CHATTO, BETH AND THOMAS FISCHER - Beth Chatto's Garden Notebook
21432: BETHUNE, COLONEL DRINKWATER - A Narrative of the Battle of St Vincent with Anecdotes of Nelson Before and After the Battle.
21364: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Summoned By Bells.
20947: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Collected Poems
022595: BEWICK, THOMAS - Vignettes Being Tail Pieces Engraved Pricipally for His General History of Quadruoeds and History of British Birds
023002: BEWICK, THOMAS - My Life
023076: BIBLE - The English Version of the Polyglot Bible; Containmg the Old and New Testaments with a Copious and Originalselection of References to Parallel and Illustrative Passages, Exhibited in a Manner Hitherto Unattempted
20509: BIBLE. - The Wycliffe New Testament 1388.
021749: BICKERSTETH, JOHN. EDITOR. - The Battle of Britain
021951: BIELFCHOWSKY, DR ALBERT - Goethe. Sein Leben Und Feine Werte in Two Volumes.
20494: BIGNELL, JOHN - John Bignell. Chelsea Photographer
023320: BILLINGS, SEAN. - Collectible Glass Rose Bowls. A History and Identification Guide.
023321: BILLINGS, SEAN. - Collectible Glass Rose Bowls. A History and Identification Guide.
022104: BILLSON, CHARLES JAMES - Mediaeval Leicester
022061: BIRRELL, AUGUSTINE - Men, Women and Books
023386: BLACK, J. B. - The Reign of Elizabeth, 1558-1603. The Oxford History of England
20642: BLACKMORE, R.D. - Lorna Doone.
022646: BLAKE, QUENTIN - Words and Pictures
21415: BLAKEMORE, KENNETH. - The Retail Jeweller's Guide.
023473: BLANDINO, BETTY - Coiled Pottery: Traditional and Contemporary Ways
21200: BLUNT, ANTHONY. - Art and Architecture in France 1500-1700
20628: BLYTON, W.J. - English Cavalcade
023230: BODKIN, M MCD - Patsey the Omadaun
022386: BODMAN, SARAH. - Picasso
19215: BONAFOUX, PASCAL. - Rembrandt: Self Portrait
022945: BONAFOUX, PASCAL. - The Impressionists. Portraits and Confidences.
021931: BOND,J. - A Complete Guide for Justices of the Peace, According to the Best Approach Authors. Two Parts on One, 1. The Common and the Statute Laws of England Relating to the Office of Justice of the Peace; 2. The Most Authentick and Most Useful Precedents.
19682: BONE, JAMES. - The Perambulator in Edinburgh.
21194: BONNIER,GASTONAND GEORGES DE LAYENS - Petite Flore; Les Plantes Plus Communes
21449: BOOGAART, PIETER - A 272 an Ode to a Road
021995: PRAYER BOOK - Paroissien Romain Contenant Les Offices de Tous Les Dimanches Et de Principales Fetes de L'anne En Latin Et En Francais
022960: PRAYER BOOK - The Book of Common Prayer and Administratioon of the Sacraments and Other Rights and Ceremonies of the Church According to the Use of the Church of England. Together with the Psalter of Psalms of David. And Hymns Ancient and Modern for Use in the Sevices. .
20812: PRAYER BOOK - Book of Common Prayer
20741: PRAYER BOOK. - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites a Ceremoniesof the Church According to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland Together with the Psalter of Psalms of David, Pointed As They Are to Be Sung Or Said.
023071: PRAYER BOOK - The Book of Common Prayer and Adminsitration of the Sacrements Andother Rites and Ceremonies of the Church According to the Use of the United Church of Englan and Ireland with Notes and Annotations; Also a Companion to the Altar. Together with the Psalms
19061: BOSWELL, JAMES - The Life of Samuel Jounson, Lld. Together with a Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides. 3 Vols.
022904: BOUANT, EMILE - Le Tabac. Culture Et Industrie
19216: BOUILLON, JEAN-PAUL. - Art Nouveau 1870 - 1914
022627: BOULGER, G.S. - Familiar Trees. 1st Series
20914: BOULTON, PROFESSOR W.S. - Practical Coal-Mining. 6 Volumes.
19592: BOULTON, HAROLD. - National Songs and Some Ballads.
023345: BOULTON, HAROLD. - National Songs and Some Ballads.
021971: BOUMPHREY, GEOFREY - The Shell and Bp Guide to Britain
023243: BOUQUET,MICHAEL - South Eastern Sale, from the Medway to the Solent 1840 - 1940
19248: BOVEY, DANIEL BAUD- - Peasant Art in Switzerland
20418: BOWOOD, RICHARD. - He Story of Our Churches and Cahedrals.
021711: BOWYER, MICHAEL J. F. - Action Stations. 1. Wartime Military Airfields of East Anglia 1939-1945
022181: BOX, RICHARD. - Flowers in Embroidery. A Step-By-Step Approach.
19435: BRACKETT, OLIVER. - Thomas Chippendale. A Study of His Life, Work and Influence.
20114: BRADBURY, FRANCES M. - Antique Lace Patterns
19390: BRADFORD, ERNLE. - Four Centuries of European Jewellery.
19508: BRADLEY, HELEN. - And Miss Carter Wore Pink. Scenes from a Victorian Childhood
20609: BRADLEY, A. G. - Highways and Byways in the Lake District.
20024: BRADLEY, ELIZABETH. - Decorative Victorian Needlework.
20743: AN ANCIENT BRAMIN. - The Economy of Human Life Translated from an Indian Manuscript.
022085: BRAMLY, SERGE - Leonardo, the Artist and the Man
20648: BREOCK, MRS CAREY - Children's Hymns with Pictures and Music
022553: HART, BRIAN AND DAVID NUNN. - Uckfield. Portrait of a Wealden Town
023023: PEPPIN, BRIDGET AND LUCY MICKLETHWAIT - Dictionary of British Book Illustrators. The Twentieth Century
023405: BRIGGS, MARTIN S. - The English Farmhouse.
19091: BRIGGS, MARTIN S. - The English Farmhouse.
023590: BRIGGS, RAYMOND - Father Christmas.
023037: BRIGGS, SUSAN. - Keep Smiling Through. The Home Front 1939-1945.
20991: BRILL, EDITH - Portrait of the Costwolds
023004: BROCK, JULIET CLUTTON- - Horse Power. A History of the Horse and the Donkey in Human Societies
023583: BROMLEY, A NELSON - A Fly Fishers Reflections
20705: BROOKE, BRIGADIER GEOFFREY. - Horsemanship. The Way of a Man with a Horse.
023427: BROOKE, IRIS - Western European Costume, Thirteenth to Seventeenth Century and Its Relation to the Theatre.
19258: BROOKE, IRIS - Western European Costume, Thirteenth to Seventeenth to Mid -Nineteenth Century and Its Relation to the Theatre.
023342: BROOKE, RUPERT - The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke: With a Memoir.
021874: BROOKE, LESLIE - A Man in the Moon. A Nursery Rhyme Picture Book
21186: BROOKE, RUPERT. - The Complete Poems of Rupert Brooke.
21564: BROOKES, PETER - Nature Notes
023579: BROOKES, JOHN. - A Place in the Country
022712: BROTHER, SOLEDAD. - The Prison Letters of George Jackson.
023441: BROWN, JANE - Gardens : A Social History of Gardens and Gardening
21132: BROWN, JONATHON. - Johanne Brahams. An Essential Guide to His Life and Works.
023398: BROWN, JANE. - The Pursuit of Paradise. A Social History of Gardens and Gardening.
19593: BROWN, JOHN RUSSELL. - Shakespeare and His Theatre.
19865: BROWN, PAULINE. - Applique.
19885: BROWN, PAULINE. - Embroidered Backgrounds. Painting and Dying Techniques.
19968: BROWN, LESLIE. - Birds of the African Bush.
021975: BROWN, PETER. - The Book of Kells.
023430: BROWN, JOHN. - Marjorie Fleming.
19709: BROWND, ELIZABETH KING. - Cattitudes from a to Z.
20757: BROWNING, ROBERT. - Men and Women.
022934: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT. - The Poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
19594: BROWNING, ROBERT. - Poetical Works of Robert Browning, Complete from 1833 to 1868 and the Shorter Poems Thereafter
022440: BROWNING, ROBERT. - Poems and Lyrics
023100: PALMER, WILIAM, W.R. BROWNLOW AND J. SPENCER NORTHCOTE - An Introduction to Early Christian Symbolism, a Series of Compositions from Fresco-Paintings, Glasses and Sculptted Sarcophagi
023189: BRUNNARIOUS, MARTIN. - The Windmills of Sussex.
022468: BRUTON, ERIC. - The History of Clocks and Watches
19672: BRYCE, JAMES. - Impressions of South Africa
21244: BUCKLEY, HOLLAND. - The West Highland White Terrier.
21245: BUCKLEY, HOLLAND. - The Scottish Terrier
022929: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Pilgrims Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come
19130: BUNYAN, JOHN., ILLUSTRATED BY HAROLD COPPING - The Pilgrims Progress. From This Worldto That Which Is to Come
21062: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Devil's Mode
022915: BURGESS, W THORNTON - Mother West Wind "When Stories"
023335: BURGESS, FRED. W. - Chats on Old Copper and Brass.
21199: BURGESS, C R - Meteorology for Seamen
20936: BURKE, SIR BERNARD - Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage Together with Memoirs of the Privy Councillors and Knights
20908: BURRITT, CHARLES H - The Coal Measures of the Philippines. A Rapid History of the Discovery of Coal in the Archipeligo and Subsequent Developments with the Fulltext of the Record of the Macleod Coal Concessions in Cebu Or the Uling -Lutac Coal and Railway Concession.
20805: BURT, F. - L.B. & S.C. R. Locomotives a Survey from 1870-1927
20478: BURTON, MAURICE. - The Observer's Book of Wild Animals.
20806: BURTT, F. - S E & C R Locomotives. A Survey from 1878-1923
19269: BUSBY, JOHN. - Drawing Birds. An Rspb Guide.
021865: BUTCHER, JOSEPHINE - Tunbridge Wells. I Was Born on the Pantiles
19610: BUTLER, SAMUEL. - The Way of All Flesh.
20893: BUXTON, EARL. - Fishing and Shooting
20900: BUXTON, ANTHONY. - Fisherman Naturalist.
20687: BUXTON, DAVID. - Berkshire of One Hundred Years Ago.
022312: CREWS FREDERICK C. - The Pooh Perplex.
021876: ROGERS, JOHN C AND MARGARET JOURDAIN - English Furniture
023312: WILLETT, C & PHILLIS CUNNINGTON. - Foundations of Chinese Art from Neolithic Pottery to Modern Architecture.
023569: CABLE, SHEENA. - Silk Ribbon Embroidery.
20885: CACUTT, LEN - Tales of a Wildfowler
022759: CACUTT, LEN - British Freshwater Fishes. The Story of Their Evolution
20355: CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH - The Hey Diddle Diddle Picture Book.
021827: CALVERLEY, CS - Theocritus. Translated Into English Verse.
022662: CAMPBELL, ETTA. - Linen Embroideries.
20026: CAMPBELL, JOY. - Batik.
023039: CAREY, PETER - True History of the Kelly Gang
021895: CAREY, DAVID - The Story of the Motor Car
023040: CAREY, PETER - The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith
20444: CAREY, DAVID. - The Ladybird Book of Aircraft.
20043: CRABTREE, CAROLINE & PAM STALLEBRASS. - Beadwork. A World Guide.
023164: CARRINGTON, NOEL. - Carrington, Paintings, Drawings and Decorations
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19307: BOHM-DUCHEN, MONICA. - Arnold Daghani
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021974: MARGARY, HARRY (ED) AND R A SKELTON ( NOTES ) - Two Hundred and Fifty Years of Map Making in the County of Sussex. A Collection of Reproductions of Printed Maps Published between the Years 1575 and 1825
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022947: ELSWORTH, ANNE - Watercolour Workbook. A Complete Course in Ten Lessons
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023187: FARTHING, ROGER - Royal Tunbridge Wells. A Pictorial History
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022411: FITZGERALD, EDWARD. - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
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023281: ALDSWORTH, FRED AND DAVID FREKE - Historic Towns in Sussex an Archaeological Survey
20707: FREEMAN, SUE. - John Jorrocks and Other Characters from the Work of Robert Surtees
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022366: FRENCH, VIVIAN - The Thistle Princess
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21073: FRIEDLAENDER, V.H. - Mirrors and Angels
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20137: FUYAMA, FRANCIS - The Great Disruption. Human Nature Ad the Reconstitution of of Social Order.
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20463: BRADLEY A.G. - The English Lakes
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21438: PEACH. L DU GARDE - The Story of Charles 11.
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20054: GARGILL, KATRIN. - Traditional Needle Arts. Cross Stitch.
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022876: GARNER, WIGHTMAN W. - The Production of Tobacco.
021907: GARRATT, COLIN. - The History of Trains
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20716: GAY, JOHN. - The Flowers of English Fable
20202: GEDDES, ELISABETH. - Design for Flower Embroidery
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20199: NATIIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. - Into the Unknown. The Story of Exploration.
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022471: GIFFORD, DENIS - 'bless 'em All' the World War Two Songbook
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023558: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Five Nations
023555: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Barrack Room Ballads and Other Verses.
023554: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Barrack Room Ballads and Other Verses.
023553: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Many Inventions.
20183: KLEINMICHEL, RICHARD - Die Valkiire Von Richard Wagner. Klavierauszug Zu Zwei Handen Mit Unterlegtem Text.
21328: KLICKMAN, FLORA. - Flower-Patch Neighbours
20937: KNIGHT - Knights Pictorial Gallery of Arts 2 Volumes. Vol. 1-Useful Arts. Vol 2- Fine Arts
022064: KNIGHT, DAVID M. - Natural Science Books in English 1600 - 1900
022859: KNOWLES, ELIZABETH, EDITOR. - Oxford Dictionary of Phrase, Saying and Quotation
023499: KOLATA, GINA - Clone : The Road to Dolly and the Path Ahead
023420: KRAUSS - History of Love
022133: KREINIK, JACQUELINE FRIEDMAN. - Metallic Thread Embroidery. A Practical Guide to Stitching Creatively with Metallic Threads.
19402: LACEY, A. D. - Greek Pottery in the Bronze Age.
20403: LACHNER, DOROTHEA, AND CHRISTA UNZNER - Meredith's Mixed Up Magic
20776: LAKE, JW. - The Wandering Hermit. Three Volumes.
023483: LAMB, V. B. - The Betrayal of Richard Iii
19624: LAMB, CHARLES, EDITED BY PERCY FITZGERALD. - The Life, Letter and Writings of Charles Lamb. 6 Volumes
023227: LAMBE, CARY - Billy's Island
022296: LAMMER, JUTA. - Beautiful Old Alphabets. Designs and Stitches.
19320: LANDSTROM, BJORN. - The Quest for India. A History of Disovery and Exploration from the Expedition to He Land of Punt in 1993 B.C. To the Discovery of the Cape of Good Hope in 1488 A.D. In Words and Pictures.
022677: LANG, ANDREW EDITOR - The True Story Book
20302: LANG, ANDREW,. - Fifty Favourite Fairy Tales. Chosen from the Colour Fairy Books.
21025: LANG, MRS - The Book of Saints and Heroes
022310: LANGMUIR, ERIKA. - The National Gallery Companion Guide.
023210: LARDNER, REV. DIONYSIUS. - The History of the Western World Vol. 11. The United States
20092: LATHAM, ROBERT - The Illustrated Pepys. Extracts from the Diary
022900: LAUFER, BERTHOLD - Tobacco and Its Use in Asia
022899: LAUFER, BERTHOLD - Introduction of Tobacco Into Europe
20802: LAUT, AGNES C. - The Romance of the Rails. The Story of the American Railroads.
19556: LAVER, JAMES. - A Stitch in Time Or Pride Prevents a Fall
19670: LAWRENCE, LADY - Indian Embers
022789: LEAR, EDWARD. - Nonsense Songs.
022680: LEAR, EDWARD. - The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear
023442: LEE, WINIFRED TRASK - A Forest of Pencils: The Story of Schools Through the Ages
023228: LEE, MARY KENDAL - All the Fun of the Fair
19572: LEECH, JOHN. - Pictures of Life and Character. 3 Vols
022664: LEES, WENDY. - Inspired to Stitch. The Creative Embroidery Course.
19667: LEES, FREDERICK. - A Summer in Touraine.
023305: ASHTON, LEIGH AND BASIL GRAY - Chinese Art
023591: HANS VAN LEMMEN - Decorative Tiles Throughout the Ages
19860: LEMON, JANE. - Embroidered Boxes.
20297: GARFIELD, LEON AND DAVID PROCTOR - Child O'war. The True Story of a Boy Sailor in Nelson's Navy
023196: LEPPARD, M J - 100 Buildings of East Grinstead
19063: LEPPARD, M J - A History of East Grinstead

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