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240208: - Three Courses And A Dessert: Comprising Three Sets of Tales - West Country, Irish, And Legal And A Melange
241214: - The Maidstone Magazine "The Maidstone Muckrag" Vol. I 1915
239623: - Album Di Autografi : Fac- Simili E Cenni Biografici Dei Piu' Rinomati Maestri Ed Artisti Di Musica
241213: - St Canice's Cathedral Stones & Panels: Incised Stones & Panels in Relief - an Annamult Chap Book
241100: - Historical Memoirs of John Knox, Containing a Sketch of the Scottish History from the Earliest Times to the Period of His Death with an Account of the Reformation of Scotland
240272: - Silly Symphonies: Babes in the Woods, King Neptune
241241: - Los Cables Submarinos de Cadiz a las Americas
241179: - Aunt Mavor's Book of Nursery Rhymes with 80 engravings
24709: PAUL ABELMAN - I Hear Voices
239957: CHRISTABEL ABERCONWAY - Mr. Korah and the Monster
240651: AMIS, KINGSLEY - The Anti-Death League
240681: KINGSLEY AMIS - The Riverside Villas Murder
240556: HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN - Danish Fairy Tales And Legends
240252: VICTOR APPLETON - Tom Swift And His Chest Of Secrets or Tracing the Stolen Inventions
240955: DAVID BALDACCI - The Hit : Featuring Government Assassin Will Robie
239748: DAVID BALDACCI - Zero Day
240525: IN SIMPLE WORDS BY KATHARINE B.BAMFIELD - The Story of Christmas
241216: BAMFORD, SAMUEL - Passages in the Life of a Radical - two volumes
30286: BARBERI, FRANCESCO - Il Frontespizio Nel Libro Italiano Del Quattrocento e Del Cinquecento
241239: BARCLAII, IOANNIS [JOHN BARCLAY] - Euphormionis Lusinini Satyricon partes quinque
240941: BARR, JOHN; BRITISH LIBRARY - The Officina Bodoni: Montagnola, Verona Books Printed by Giovanni Mardersteig on the Hand Press, 1923-1977
241006: J.ROBERT BARTH - The Symbolic Imagination : Coleridge and the Romantic Tradition
240643: BAUBY, JEAN-DOMINIQUE - The Diving Bell and the Butterfly : A Memoir of Life in Death
241236: BEDDOES, THOMAS - The Authentic and Interesting History of Isaac Jenkins; Shewing the Sad Effects of Drunkenness and Idleness
240872: PIERRE BENOIT - The Queen Of Atlantis
240856: NIGEL BLUNDELL & ROGER BOAR - The World's Greatest UFO Mysteries
241086: BLUNT, REGINALD (EDITOR) - The Crown & Anchor: A Chelsea Quarto
241237: BRIGHT, CHARLES - Submarine telegraphs : their history, construction, and working. Founded in part on Wünschendorff's 'Traité de télegraphie sous-marine' and compiled from authoritative and exclusive sources
240370: JOHN BROPHY - The Day they Robbed The Bank Of England
240176: SIR BERNARD BURKE - Vicissitudes of Families And Other Essays
240142: ARTHUR MEREDYTH BURKE - Key to the Ancient Parish Registers of England and Wales
240500: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - Jungle Girl
241096: BYRON, GEORGE GORDON NOEL - The Poetical Works of Lord Byron. Collected and Arranged with Notes and Illustrations.
240658: JAMES M.CAIN - Galatea
240439: HALL CAINE - The Master of Man
240613: HALL CAINE - The Christian - A Story
240172: THOMAS CAMPBELL - The Pleasures Of Hope With Other Poems
241224: CATHER, THOMAS - Thomas Cather's Journal of a Voyage to America in 1836
240561: AGATHA CHRISTIE - They Came To Baghdad
23692: H.V.CLARK - Twenty Four Alphabets - Upper and Lower Cases - Plain and Decorative
241200: CLIVE, JOHN HENRY - The Linear System of short hand : by which one half of the words of any discourse may each be fully expressed by a single stroke of the pen
240771: JOSEPH CONRAD - The Rescue : A Romance Of The Shallows
240803: JOSEPH CONRAD - Notes On Life & Letters
241176: COOPER, THOMAS - The Purgatory of Suicides
241166: L COPE CORNFORD (FOREWORD BY SIR JOHN R JELLICOE) - The Merchant Seaman in War
240705: PATRICIA CORNWELL - The Bone Bed
241238: CORVINI, ARNOLDI [ARNOLDUS CORVINUS] - Digesta per aphorismos strictim explicata
239781: GEORGE T.COSTER - Lorrin And Other Poems
240495: WRITTEN BY WILLIAM COWPER - The Diverting History of John Gilpin
241069: COWPER, WILLIAM - Poems by William Cowper, in Two Volumes
30284: CROFT, P. J. - Autograph Poetry in the English Language : Facsimiles of Original Manuscripts from the Fourteenth to the Twentieth Century
240974: CULLEN, WILLIAM - Lectures on the Materia Medica
239702: WILLIAM CUSHING - Initials And Pseudonyms : A Dictionary Of Literary Disguises
240001: D.C. CUTHBERTSON - Dream Roads And Other Verses
240139: RHYS DAVIES - Rings on Her Fingers
241004: JEFFREY DEAVER - The Kill Room
240645: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe (Illustrated Junior Library)
241165: DENHAM, H M - Dardanelles, A Midshipman's Diary 1915-16
240820: DENNIS DOOLEY - Dashiell Hammett
30275: DUFF, E. GORDON; HELLINGA, LOTTE - Printing in England in the Fifteenth Century
241095: LIEUT.-GEN. COUNT MATHIEU DUMAS - Memoirs of his Own Time; Including The Revolution, The Empire, and The Restoration in Two Volumes
240969: DUNCAN, ANDREW - Medical Commentaries for the Years 1783-84, Exhibiting a Concise View of the Latest and Most Important Discoveries in Medicine and Medical Philosophy - Volume Ninth
240831: J.W.DUNNE - The Serial Universe
240588: GERALD DURRELL - Beasts in my Belfry
240135: JAMES BOSWELL : NEWLY EDITED WITH NOTES BY ROGER INGPEN - The Life Of Samuel Johnson ; Vol.I ( 1709- March 18, 1776 ) and Vol.II ( March 19,1776- Dec.13, 1784 )
240799: EDITED WITH NOTES BY HUGH PERCY JONES - Dictionary Of Foreign Phrases and Classical Quotations
241243: HARRY EMANUEL - Diamonds and Precious Stones
240345: "EVOE", E V KNOX - Fancy Now!
240284: J.H.EWING - Jackanapes and Other Tales
240954: GORDON FERRIS - Pilgrim Soul : A Douglas Brodie Investigation
240090: GERALD FINLEY - landscapes of Memory : Turner as Illustrator to Scott
240523: F.SCOTT FITZGERALD - Afternoon Of An Author
240490: C.S.FORESTER - Randall and The River Of Time
240646: GALLICO, PAUL - Ludmila: A Legend of Liechenstein
240457: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Maid in Waiting
240583: JOHN GARDNER - The Liquidator
241215: EDWARD GARRETT - ISABELLA FYVIE MAYO - Premiums Paid to Experience: Incidents in my Business Life
240879: WILL GARTH - Dr.Cyclops : The Story Of The Paramount Picture
241226: GELLIUS, AULUS - Auli Gellii Noctivm Atticarum libri undeviginti
240608: TESS GERRITSEN - Last to Die : The New Rizzoli & Isles Thriller
240391: HIBBART GILSON - Giant And Pygmy : An Appreciation Of Thomas Hardy
240748: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Scorpion God
240692: WILLIAM GOLDING - A Moving Target
240749: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Pyramid
240752: GOLDING, WILLIAM - Close Quarters
240754: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Paper Men
239466: GUNTER GRASS - The Plebeians Rehearse The Uprising - A German Tragedy : With An Introductory Address by the Author
240953: ALEX GRAY - The Swedish Girl
241133: GREEN, E R R - The Industrial Archaeology of County Down
239860: GRAHAM GREENE - A Burnt- Out Case
24155: AN OLD TALE BY WILHELM GRIMM - Dear Mili : Newly Translated By Ralph Manheim
240766: EDITED BY CATHERINE M.GRISE AND C.D.E.TOLTON - Crossroads And Perspectives: French Literature Of The Renaissance - Studies in honour of Victor E.Graham
15463: HALKETT, SAMUEL; LAING, JOHN - Dictionary of Anonymous and Pseudonymous Publications in the English Language
240814: DASHIELL HAMMETT - Woman In The Dark : A Novel of Dangerous Romance : Introduction By Robert B.Parker
240812: DASHIELL HAMMETT - The Glass Key
240813: DASHIELL HAMMETT - The Dain Curse
241211: HANSARD - Factories and Workshops - Legislation. The Debate on the Factories and Workshops Bill 1878
240903: HARTE, BRET - The Queen of the Pirate Isle
24643: H.L.HAVELL - Stories from Thucydides
241188: HAWKESWORTH, JOHN; GREGORY, G. - The Adventures of Telemachus, the son of Ulysses
240099: C. HAYWARD - The Courtesan - The Part She Has Played In Classic And Modern Literature And In Life
241222: HEANEY, SEAMUS; HUGHES, TED - The School Bag
241240: HEINSIUS, DANIEL - Laus Asini tertia parte auctior
240253: HERGE - Les Aventures De Tintin- Les 7 Boules De Cristal
240923: HICHENS, R. S. - The Green Carnation
240673: GEORGE V. HIGGINS - A City on a Hill
241024: HILLERMAN, TONY - The Blessing Way
240759: HOEG, PETER - The Elephant Keeper's Children
240203: MERLYN HOLLOWAY - A Bibliography of Nineteenth- Century British Topographical Books with Steel Engravings
241146: HOLMES, R F G - Magee 1865-1965 The Evolution of the Magee Colleges
241228: HOMER - Homeri Operum Omnium quae extant Tomus Prior sive Ilias Graece et Latine Juxta editionem emendatissimam & accuratissimam Samuelis Clarke
241007: ASCOTT R.HOPE - Round The World
240291: SYDNEY HORLER - The Hostage
241132: HORLER, SYDNEY - The Spy
241204: JACOBI MERLONI HORSTII - Sancti Patris Bernardi, Claravallensis abbatis primi, melliflui ecclesiae doctoris, opera omnia
239819: A.E.HOUSMAN - More Poems
240089: EDITED BY WILLIAM B.HUNTER JR. - The English Spenserians : The Poetry of Giles Fletcher,George Wither, Michael Drayton, Phineas Fletcher and Henry More
241244: HUTCHINSON, THOMAS J. - Buenos Ayres and Argentine Gleanings: with Extracts from a Diary of Salado Exploration in 1862 and 1863
240833: C.J.CUTCLIFFE HYNE - The Little Red Captain : A Early Adventure Of Captain Kettle
241085: IBSEN, HENRIK - When We Dead Awaken
240778: HAMMOND INNES - The Doomed Oasis: A Novel of Arabia
240022: TRANSLATED, WITH INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY HERMANN GOLLANCZ - Tophet And Eden ( Hell And Paradise ) : In Imitation Of Dante's Inferno And Paradiso From The Hebrew Of Immanuel Ben Solomon Romi, dante's Contemporary
240873: WASHINGTON IRVING - Rip Van Winkle With Short Notes
240862: WASHINGTON IRVING - Rip Van Winkle Together With The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow
240077: WASHINGTON IRVING - Abu Hassan ( Hitherto Unpublished ) : With An Introduction By George S.Hellman
239876: SIR THOMAS GRAHAM JACKSON - Memories Of Travel
240819: DIANE JOHNSON - The Life Of Dashiell Hammett
240287: JAMES JONES - Some Came Running
241156: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Leaving Home
241153: KEILLOR, GARRISON - We Are Still Married: Stories and Letters
241155: GARRISON KEILLOR - The Book of Guys
241198: KENNEY, JAMES F. - The Sources for the Early History of Ireland an Introduction and Guide, in Two Volumes: Volume One Ecclesiastical
241038: KEY, C. ASTON - A Short Treatise on the Section of the Prostate Gland in Lithotomy; with an Explanation of a safe and easy method of conducting the operation on the principles of Cheselden
241121: KIDD, BENJAMIN - The Control of the Tropics
241174: KILLEBREW, J. B. - Report on the Culture and Curing of Tobacco in the United States
240810: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water Babies : A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby
240375: RUDYARD KIPLING - They
240796: RUDYARD KIPLING - Indian Tales : II and III
240780: ANDREW LANG - The Disentanglers
239726: JOHN ALFRED LANGFORD - Prison Books And Their Authors
240072: OTTO LANZ - Amor's Rache : Ein Polterabendscherz Und Rascher Ausflug In's Ferne Traumland Der Mythologie
241245: WILFRID LATHAM - The States of the River Plate
240141: JAMES LAVER - Winter Wedding
240774: JAMES LAVER - Macrocosmos ; A Poem
241137: GEORGE T STOKES: HUGH JACKSON LAWLOR - Ireland and the Celtic Church: A History of Ireland from St Patrick to the English Conquest of 1172
239644: EDITED BY A.LAWRENCE - Who's Who Among Living Authors of Older Nations : Covering the Literary Activities of Living Authors and Writers of all countries of the world : Volume 1 1931-1932
240821: RICHARD LAYMAN - Shadow Man -The Life Of Dashiell Hammett
240863: DESMOND LESLIE - The Jesus File
240838: DESMOND LESLIE - Hold Back The Night : Women Were His Downfall !
241203: LESSIUS, LEONARDUS - De ivstitia et ivre cæterisque virtutibus cardinalibus libri IV. ad 2.2. D. Thomæ, a` quæst. 47. vsque ad quæst. 171
240972: LINKLATER, ERIC - Private Angelo
241037: LISTON, ROBERT - Memoir on the Formation and Connexions of the Crural Arch and other parts concerned in Inguinal and Femoral Hernia
240336: WILLIAM J.LOCKE - The Beloved Vagabond
239835: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Courtship of Miles Standish, and Other Poems
240315: E.V.LUCAS - As The Bee Sucks : Essays
241177: LUCAS, RICHARD - La Morale de L'Evangile (Practical Christianity)
241159: LORD MACAULAY - The Story of the Siege of Londonderry as contained in his History of England
239711: TOM MACDONALD - Ouma Smuts : The First Lady of South Africa
240739: MAILER, NORMAN - An American Dream
240738: MAILER, NORMAN - An American Dream
240848: CHARLES ERIC MAINE - Spaceways : Mystery Story Of The Very Near Future
239549: EDITED BY FARIDA MAJID - Thursday Evening Anthology
241045: MANKELL, HENNING - Firewall
241221: WALTER DE LA MARE - Henry Brocken
240652: GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ - The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor
240259: NGAIO MARSH - Opening Night
240712: W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM - Theatre, A Novel
240603: W.SOMERSET MAUGHAM - A Writer's Notebook
240382: SOMERSET MAUGHAM - Then And Now
240671: W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM - The Sacred Flame: A Play in Three Acts
241219: MCCOURT, FRANK - 'Tis: A Memoir
241162: MCCOURT, FRANK - Angela's Ashes: A Memoir of a Childhood
241079: MICHELOTTI, PETRO ANTONI; BERNOULLII, JOHANN - De Separatione Fluidorum in Corpore Animali Dissertatio Physico-Mechanico-Medica; De Motu Musculorum, de Effervescentia, et Fermentatione Dissertationes Physico-Mechanicae
241230: MITCHELL, GLADYS - The Nodding Canaries
241229: MITCHELL, GLADYS - My Bones Will Keep
241231: MITCHELL, GLADYS - Pageant of Murder
241233: MITCHELL, GLADYS - Spotted Hemlock
240788: MITCHELL, GLADYS - The Rising of the Moon
241011: MONCRIEFF, W. T.; EGAN, PIERCE; TAYLOR, JOHN - Monsieur Tonson by John Taylor; Matthew's Comic Annual or the Snuff-box and the Leetel Bird by Pierce Egan; March of Intellect by W T Moncrieff - all with engravings by Robert Cruikshank
241217: STURGE MOORE, T. - Pan's Prophecy
241178: MORRIN, JAMES (EDITED BY) - Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery in Ireland, of the reigns Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, and Elizabeth. Vol. I
241208: EDITED BY HIS MOTHER - From Dartmouth to the Dardanelles: A Midshipman's Log
241144: D D C POCHIN MOULD - The Mountains of Ireland
240897: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - Davidde Penitente Cantate fur Solo Chor und Orchester [K469]
239778: PERCY MUIR - English Children's Books 1600- 1900
240654: NEDJMA - The Almond The Sexual Awakening of a Muslim Woman
240678: P. H. NEWBY - A Guest and his Going
240818: WILLIAM F.NOLAN - Dashiell Hammett- A Life At The Edge
240672: PETERKIEWICZ, JERZY - That Angel Burning at my Left Side
241194: PICHLER, VITUS - Summa Jurisprudentiae Sacrae Universae, Seu Jus Canonem
15467: POLLARD, ALFRED W.; REDGRAVE, G. R. - A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad 1475-1640
241163: POWERS, RICHARD - The Gold Bug Variations
241164: POWERS, RICHARD - The Gold Bug Variations.
24164: WRITTEN BY EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY PRESS - Edinburgh and Its College Printers : Specially Printed for the Visit of The Wynkyn De Worde Society
240423: J.B.PRIESTLEY - Festival at Farbridge
240656: E.ANNIE PROULX - Accordion Crimes
239818: T.PYM - Pictures From The Poets
239650: GORDON N.RAY - The Art of the French Illustrated Book- 1700- 1914 Volume 1
240653: DAVID ADAMS RICHARDS - Nights Below Station Street
241207: FROM THE DIARY OF CAPTAIN R GWATKIN-WILLIAMS RN, BY MRS GWATKIN WILLIAMS - In the Hands of the Senoussi: The Story of the nineteen weeks spent as prisoners in the Lybian desert by the survivors of HMS Tara & the Horse Transport Moorina
241205: PERTWEE, ROLAND AND MICHAEL - Meet the Grove Family
240553: V.SACKVILLE- WEST - The Edwardians
241195: SANCHEZ, THOMAS - Disputationum de Sancto Matrimonii Sacramento
240307: GERARD FAIRLIE FOLLOWING SAPPER - Captain Bulldog Drummond
241077: SCARPA, ANTONIO - Esame Delle Osservazioni Sul Taglio Retto-Vesicale per L'Estrazione Della Pietra Dalla Vescica Ordinaria in Riposte Alle Obbiezioni Del Sig Dottore Annibale Omodei ...
239945: SHEBBEARE, JOHN - A Third Letter to the People of England, on Liberty, Taxes and the Application of Public Money; Fourth Letter to the People of England ........ first differences on the Ohio, to the taking of Minorca
239944: SHEBBEARE, JOHN - A Fourth Letter to the People of England, on the Conduct of the M______rs, in Alliances, Fleets, and Armies, since the first Differences on the Ohio, to the taking of Minorca by the French. To which are added Numbers LII and LIII of the MONITOR
24698: NEVIL SHUTE - The Rainbow and the Rose
241002: KARIN SLAUGHTER - Unseen
240717: JOHN BLASHFORD-SNELL - Where the Trails Run Out
240354: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Vailima Letters: Being Correspondence Addressed by Robert Louis Stevenson to Sidney Colvin November 1890 - October 1894
239772: R.L.STEVENSON - Songs With Music From A Child's Garden Of Verses
240421: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Lay Morals And Other Papers
240492: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Island Nights' Entertainments : consisting of The Beach Of Falsa, The Bottle Imp, The Isle Of Voices
241160: REV. G T STOKES - Ireland and the Anglo-Norman Church
239827: STUART, GILBERT - A view of society in Europe, in its progress from rudeness to refinement: or, inquiries concerning the history of law, governement, and manners
30285: SUTTON, JAMES; BARTRAM, ALAN - Typefaces for Books
241218: SYMONS, JELINGER COOKSON - Arts and Artisans at Home and Abroad: with Sketches of the Progress of Foreign Manufactures
240239: BOOTH TARKINGTON - The Magnificent Ambersons
240084: ALFRED LORD TENNYSON - The Death Of Oenone, Akbar's Dream, And Other Poems
240494: PAUL THEROUX - Chicago Loop
240870: BRANDON THOMAS - Charley's Aunt : A Play in Three Acts : French's Acting Edition No.470
240829: T.THOMPSON - Under The Barber's Pole
240762: THORPE, ADAM - The Flight
241206: THUDICHUM, J L W (JOHN LOUIS WILLIAM); DUPRE, AUGUST - A treatise on the origin, nature, and varieties of wine : being a complete manual of viticulture and oenology
240877: BARBARA EUPHAN TODD - Worzel Gummidge Or The Scarecrow Of Scatterbrook
240633: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Witches of Eastwick
241196: VICE-ADMIRAL C V USBORNE - Smoke on the Horizon: Mediterranean Fighting 1914-1918
241040: WADD, WILLIAM - Cases of Diseased Bladder and Testicle
240271: WALLACE, LEW - Ben Hur. A Tale of the Christ
241036: WALPOLE, HORACE - Notes on the Poems of Alexander Pope, by Horatio Earl of Orford, Contributed by Sir William Augustus Fraser from the copy in his possession
240878: GEOFFREY WEBB - The Inside Story Of Dick Barton : Edited By Neil Tuson
241209: SACKVILLE-WEST, VITA - The Heir: A Love Story
241050: VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM - The Mind-Murders
241058: VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM - Death of a Hawker
241059: VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM - Maine Massacre
241242: WHEELER, WILLIAM HENRY - A Practical Manual of Tides and Waves
240865: LEONARD WIBBERLEY - The Mouse on the Moon
241246: WILKINSON, H D - Submarine Cable Laying and Repairing
241072: WILSON, JASPER - A Letter, Commercial and Political, Addressed to the Right Honourable William Pitt: in which the real interests of Britain in the Present Crisis are Considered
241167: WILSON, DANIEL - Reminiscences of Old Edinburgh Vols I and II
241135: WITHEROW, THOMAS - Derry and Enniskillen in the Year 1689: The Story of Some Famous Battlefields in Ulster
240901: WORTHINGTON, FRANK - The Little Wise One

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