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013587: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - Worthy to be Praised: Volume 8
013582: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - Worthy to be Praised: Volume 3
013585: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - Worthy to be Praised: Volume 6
444363: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - The Psalms of David in Metre: Scottish Metrical Psalms
013614: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - Worthy to be Praised: Volume 4
013590: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - Worthy to be Praised: Volume 11
504642: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF REFORMED CHURCHES 2001 (PHILADELPHIA, PA.) - Proceedings of the International Conference of Reformed Churches, June 20-27, 2001 Philadelphia, U.S.A.
013688: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - The Scottish Psalmody (staff music edition)
013588: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - Worthy to be Praised: Volume 9
013610: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - Worthy to be Praised: Volume 12
013586: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - Worthy to be Praised: Volume 7
013596: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - The Scottish Psalmody (tonic sol-fa edition)
013589: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - Worthy to be Praised: Volume 10
013584: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - Worthy to be Praised: Volume 5
013613: SCOTTISH PSALTER 1650 - Worthy to be Praised: Volume 2
491895: AALDERS, GERHARD CHARLES - The Problem of the Book of Jonah: The Tyndale Old Testament Lecture 1948
421896: ADAMS, KEVIN - A Diary of Revival: The Outbreak of the 1904 Welsh Awakening
422035: ADAMS, THOMAS - The Works of Thomas Adams: Vol 2 (only, of 3)
444103: ADAMS, JAY E - A Thirst for Wholeness: Satisfy Your Hunger for Spiritual Integrity Through Wisdom from the Book of James
482305: ADAMS, WILLIAM HENRY DAVENPORT - The Land of the Incas and the City of the Sun; or, The Story of Francisco Pizarro and the Conquest of Peru
492448: ADDISON, WILLIAM - Understanding English Place-Names
012472: ADDISON, JOSEPH; STEELE, RICHARD; MORLEY, HENRY (EDITOR) - The Spectator: A New Edition, Reproducing the Original Text Both as First Issued and as Corrected by its Authors, With Introduction, Notes, and Index (Routledge's Standard Library, No 17))
482275: AIKMAN, JAMES - Annals of the Persecution in Scotland: From the Restoration to the Revolution
461294: ALEXANDER, JAMES WADDEL - The Life of Archibald Alexander, D.D.; First Professor in the Theological Seminary, at Princeton, New Jersey
427286: ALEXANDER, G M - Sunrise in Scotland: The Coming of the Reformation
504396: ALEXANDER, WILLIAM LINDSAY - Zechariah: His Visions and Warnings
464816: ALEXANDER, ALEXANDER; HOWELL, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Life of Alexander Alexander Written by Himself: Volume 1 (only, of 2)
011778: ALEXANDER, ARCHIBALD - Practical Truths: Consisting of His Various Writings for the American Tract Society, and Correspondence from the Society's Formation in 1825, to his Death in 1851
005834: ALEXANDER, GRACE M - Changes for the Better: Volume 1
421877: ALLIS, OSWALD T - The Unity of Isaiah: A Study in Prophecy
431094: REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF NORTH AMERICA - The Constitution of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America
425078: REFORMED CHURCH IN AMERICA - The Liturgy of the Reformed Church in America: together with the Psalter Arranged for Responsive Reading
504687: ANDERSON, DICK - Fire in My Bones : A Story of Pioneering Mission in Africa
445072: ANDERSON, DR J - Searching the Scriptures in Order to Abiding Communion with God. Also, Suggestions for Bible Reading and Study, and a Plan for Consecutive Daily Reading
437594: ANDREWS, EDGAR H - The Promise of the Spirit
445115: ANGEL, ALFRED - Stop Press! Hugh Redwood's Unfinished Story, Compiled by his Close Colleague
013550: BROADWAY ANNUAL - The Broadway Annual: A Miscellany of Original Literature in Poetry and Prose
504431: ANON - Notes for Sunday School Lessons: Volume 1: The Old Testament: [Bible Study Notes: For Pastors, Evangelists, Sunday School Teachers, Etc ]
465129: ANON - Thoughts for the Thoughtful: A Daily Text Book
469146: ANON (SAID TO BE CARLILE, REV JAMES) - Scripture Lessons, for the Use of Schools: Old Testament, No 1
469169: ANON - A Cloud of Witnesses for the Royal Prerogatives of Jesus Christ: Being the Last Speeches and Testimonies of Those Who Have Suffered for The Truth in Scotland Since the Year 1680, with a Copious Appendix
465150: ANON - Tales and Sketches of the Covenanters
504335: ANON - Chambers's Miscellany of Useful and Entertaining Tracts: Volume 2
011521: ANON - A Catechism for Sunday Schools
476366: ANON (E. A. D. R.) - Mary Brunton: and Her One Talent
425016: ANTHONY, MARK D (ED) - The New Southern Presbyterian Review: Volume 1, Number 2: Fall 2002
491960: ARNOT, WILLIAM - Laws from Heaven for Life on Earth: Illustrations of the Book of Proverbs
482145: ARNOT, WILLIAM - The Anchor of the Soul and other Sermons
464842: CHURCH WORSHIP ASSOCIATION - Manual for Visitation of the Sick
429238: ATKINSON, DAVID - The Message of Job: Suffering and Grace (The Bible Speaks Today)
520402: ATKINSON, BASIL F C - Valiant in Fight: A Review of the Christian Conflict
444333: ATKINSON, DAVID - The Message of Ruth: The Wings of Refuge: BST Bible Speaks Today Series
444331: ATKINSON, DAVID - The Message of Genesis 1-11: The Dawn of Creation (The Bible Speaks Today)
464306: AUBERLEN, CARL AUGUST [KARL] - The Divine Revelation: An Essay in Defence of the Faith (Clark's Foreign Theological Library: Fourth Series: Vol 16)
465104: D'AUBIGNE, J H MERLE; BEVERIDGE, HENRY (TRANSLATOR) - History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century: 4 Volumes in 2
482101: D'AUBIGNE, J H MERLE; SCOTT, DAVID DUNDAS - History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century: Volume 2
464394: AUGUSTINE, AURELIUS; CUNNINGHAM, JOHN GEORGE (TRANS) - Letters of Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (set of 2 volumes) (The Works of Aurelius Augustine, Bishop of Hippo: Volumes 6 and 13)
010120: AUGUSTINE, AURELIUS (DODS, MARCUS, ED); INNES, JAMES (TRANSLATOR) - Lectures of Tractates on the Gospel According to St. John: Volume 2 (only, of 3)
013563: AULD, ALEXANDER - Ministers and Men in the Far North
437364: VAN BAALEN, JAN KAREL - The Chaos of Cults: A Study in Present-Day Isms
431799: BABCOCK, RUFUS - Lessons for the Young
004762: BAGSHAW, ROBERT - Norfolk Remembered
444353: BALDWIN, JOYCE G - The Message of Genesis 12 - 50: From Abraham to Joseph: BST Bible Speaks Today Series
013690: BALL, JOHN - A Treatise of the Covenant of Grace: Facsimile Reprint from the 1645 Edition
011695: BALLEINE, GEORGE REGINALD - Children of the Church: A Year's Lessons on the Catechism
490545: BANNERMAN, JAMES - The Church of Christ: A Treatise on the Nature, Powers, Ordinances, Discipline, and Government of the Christian Church: Set of 2 Volumes
464947: BARBOUR, ROBERT WILLIAM - Homer and Other Papers
491747: BARKLEY, JOHN MONTEITH (ED) - Handbook to The Church Hymnary Third Edition
491828: VARIOUS; BARLOW, ALISON (EDITOR) - While Daylight Lasts: The story of the International Nepal Fellowship during the years 1960 to 1970
421301: BARNES, ALBERT; DICKSON, DAVID; SKINNER, THOMAS H - Notes, Explanatory and Practical, on the Epistles of Paul to the Corinthians (Barnes); A Short Explanation of the Epistle of Paul to the Hebrews (Dickson); Aids to Preaching and Hearing (Skinner)
011314: BARNES, ALBERT - Practical Sermons Designed for Congregations and Families
437318: BARNES, STANLEY - Sermons on the Prayer of Jabez
495409: BARNES, ALBERT - Notes, Critical, Explanatory and Practical on the Old Testament: The Book of the Prophet Isaiah: Vol 1 (only, of 2)
437421: PREACHINGTODAY.COM; BARRETT, DAVID P (EDITOR) - More Perfect Illustrations for Every Topic and Occasion
421226: BARROW, ISAAC - Sermons on Various Subjects: Volume 5 (only, of 5): Containing Sermons on the Creed, Expositions, Etc
498280: BARROW, ISAAC; M'CRIE, THOMAS (EDITOR) - A Treatise of the Pope's Supremacy: to which is added A Discourse Concerning the Unity of the Church
464667: BARTH, CHRISTIAN GOTTLOB - A Brief History of the Church of Christ: from the German of C G Barth
424004: BATEMAN, CHARLES T - Everybody's Life of General Booth
470338: BATTYE, ROSALIE - Guilty Verdict
425211: BAUGH, STEVEN M - A New Testament Greek Primer
013248: BAXTER, RICHARD - The Saint's Everlasting Rest
013267: BAXTER, RICHARD; TAWNEY, JEANNETTE (EDITOR); GORE, CHARLES (PREFACE) - Chapters from A Christian Directory: or a Summ of Practical Theology and Cases of Conscience
421915: BAXTER, RICHARD; FORBES, JOHN (TRANSLATOR) - Fois Shýorruidh nan Naomh
520412: BAXTER, J SIDLOW - Mark These Men: Practical Studies in Striking Aspects of Certain Bible Characters
441441: BAXTER, RICHARD; WILKINSON, JOHN T - The Saints' Everlasting Rest
509260: BEATON, DONALD - Memoir, Diary, and Remains of the Rev Donald MacFarlane, Dingwall
445083: BEAUMONT, AGNES; LUPTON, LEWIS F (EDITOR) - Behind Mr Bunyan
423270: BEDSOLE, ADOLPH - The Pastor in Profile
502018: BEECHER, HENRY WARD - The Original Plymouth Pulpit Vol 9: Sept 1872 - March 1873
502016: BEECHER, HENRY WARD - The Original Plymouth Pulpit Vol 3: Sept 1869 - March 1870
437462: BEISNER, E CALVIN - Psalms of Promise: Exploring the Majesty and Faithfulness of God
509134: BELL, NANCY REGINA EMILY - Heroes of Discovery in North Africa
003826: BELL, MACKENZIE - The Collected Poems of MacKenzie Bell
012293: BELLETT, J G [JOHN GIFFORD] - A Short Meditation on the Moral Glory of Lord Jesus Christ
478070: BELLETT, J G [JOHN GIFFORD] - The Evangelists: Being Meditations upon the Four Gospels
446166: BENNETT, WILLIAM WOODHULL - A Narrative of the Great Revival which Prevailed in the Southern Armies during the Late Civil War between the States of the Federal Union
461315: BENNETT, WILLIAM WOODHULL - A Narrative of the Great Revival which Prevailed in the Southern Armies during the Late Civil War between the States of the Federal Union
441434: BENTON, JOHN; PEET, JOHN - God's Riches: A Work-Book on the Doctrines of Grace
013364: BENTON, JOHN - The Big Picture for Small Churches - and Large Ones, Too! : How to Thrive and Survive as a Small Congregation
011571: BEOUGHER, TIM; DORSETT, LYLE - Tears of Revival: A First-Hand Account of the Dramatic Spiritual Awakening at Wheaton College ... and Beyond
011326: BERKOUWER, G C [GERRIT CORNELIS]; SMEDES, LEWIS B (TRANSLATOR) - The Providence of God: Studies in Dogmatics Series (English Language translation of De Voorziening Gods)
432163: BERRY, WINFORD JENNINGS - Tracing the True Worship of God
442187: BEWES, CECIL - Letters With Love: Flexible Soft Cover Gift Edition (Daily Readings)
504544: BEWES, RICHARD - The Goodnight Book
010310: BEWES, RICHARD - God in Ward 12
493053: BEZA, THEODORE; CLARK, JAMES (EDITOR) - The Christian Faith
492329: BIBLE, GERMAN; LUTHER, MARTIN - Die Bibel: oder die ganze Heilige Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testaments: nach der ├ťbersetzung Martin Luthers [Nach dem 1912 vom Deutschen Evangelischen Kirchenausschu├č genehmigten Text]
495506: BIBLE, AUTHORISED VERSION, KING JAMES VERSION - Extra Large Print Bible: Vol 4: New Testament
009868: BIBLE, AUTHORISED VERSION, KING JAMES VERSION; JOHNSTON, STEVE (NARRATOR) - Holy Bible: King James Version: An Original Word for Word Dramatic Narration: Cassettes
444314: BIBLE, NEW KING JAMES VERSION - Gift & Award Bible-NKJV: New King James Gift and Award Bible: Imitation Leather, White
495505: BIBLE, AUTHORISED VERSION, KING JAMES VERSION - Extra Large Print Bible: Vol 2: 1 Samuel - Psalms
493071: BIBLE, AUTHORISED VERSION, KING JAMES VERSION - Holy Bible: Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms of David in Meeter
491953: BIBLE, GAELIC (SCOTTISH) - Biobull (Gaelic 24mo Bible)
492922: BIBLE, AUTHORISED VERSION, KING JAMES VERSION - The One Year Bible: One Year Bible: Authorized King James Version
431872: BIBLE, AUTHORISED VERSION, KING JAMES VERSION (SELECTIONS) - Proper Lessons to be Read at Mattins and Evensong on the Sundays and Other Holy-Days Throughout the Year
446188: BIBLE, HEBREW, OLD TESTAMENT; SNAITH, NORMAN HENRY (EDITOR) - Sepher Torah Neviim u-Ketuvim; The Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament: Hebrew and English
427185: BICKERSTETH, EDWARD - A Treatise on Prayer: Designed to Assist in Its Devout Discharge
012455: BICKNELL, EDWARD JOHN - A Theological Introduction to the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England
427251: BIMSON, J J (EDITOR); KANE, J P (EDITOR) - New Bible Atlas
510691: BINGHAM, DERICK - On Highest Ground: Surveying Your Resources in Christ: A Daily Devotional
514336: BIRKETT, KIRSTEN R (ED) - Kategoria: A Critical Review of Modern Life: Issue 4: Summer 1997: Stargazing: Astrology and the Lure of the Irrational
445149: BISS, CECIL YATES - Judges: Hard Words for Hard Times (Studies in the Book of Judges)
011752: BLACK, GEORGE F (COMPILER) - A List of Works Relating to Scotland
482172: BLACKIE, JOHN STUART - Altavona: Fact and Fiction from my Life in the Highlands
461334: BLAIKIE, WILLIAM GARDEN - David, King of Israel: The Divine Plan and Lessons of His Life
490594: BLAIKLOCK, EDWARD MUSGRAVE - The Acts of the Apostles: An Historical Commentary: Tyndale New Testament Commentaries Series
012155: BLAKENEY, RICHARD PAUL - Protestant Catechism: Or, Popery Refuted and Protestantism Established by the Word of God
423490: BLANCHARD, JOHN - Does God Believe in Atheists?
444138: BLANCHARD, JOHN - The Beatitudes for Today
435067: BLANCHARD, JOHN - More Gathered Gold : A Treasury of Quotations for Christians
492585: BLANCHARD, JOHN - Gathered Gold : A Treasury of Quotations for Christians
008205: BLUNT, DAVID (ED) - The Presbyterian Standard: Issues 1-9, 11-13: Jan 1996 - March 1999
464590: BLUNT, JOHN JAMES - Plain Sermons Preached to a Country Congregation
464711: BLUNT, HENRY - Posthumous Sermons
495504: BOETTNER, LORAINE - The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination
424215: BOETTNER, LORAINE - Immortality
423524: BOICE, JAMES MONTGOMERY - The Minor Prophets: An Expositional Commentary: Volume 2: Micah-Malachi
423444: BOICE, JAMES MONTGOMERY; SASSE, BENJAMIN E - Here We Stand: A Call from Confessing Evangelicals for a Modern Reformation
442182: BONAR, ANDREW A; BONAR, MARJORY A (EDITOR) - Wayside Wells: Thoughts for Sabbath Evenings, Selected from the Writings and Sermons of the Rev Andrew A Bonar
013622: BONAR, ANDREW A - The Visitor's Book of Texts: The Word Brought Nigh to the Sick and Sorrowful
013652: BONAR, HORATIUS - Light and Truth: or Bible Thoughts and Themes: The Lesser Epistles
461142: BONAR, HORATIUS - Thoughts on Genesis: Earth's Morning
465040: BONAR, ANDREW A; BONAR, MARJORY (EDITOR) - Andrew A Bonar, DD: Diary and Letters: Transcribed and Edited by His Daughter
013627: BONAR, ANDREW A - The Gospel Pointing to the Person of Christ (cover says "The Person of Christ")
482179: BONAR, HORATIUS - The White Fields of France; or, The Story of Mr M'All's Mission to the Working-Men of Paris and Lyons
013630: BONAR, ANDREW A - Christ and His Church in the Book of Psalms (Kregel Limited Edition Library)
465152: BONAR, ANDREW A; M'CHEYNE, ROBERT MURRAY - Memoir and Remains of the Rev Robert Murray M'Cheyne
464741: SCOTTISH PSALTER; FREE CHURCH HYMN BOOK - The Scottish Psalter plus The Free Church Hymn Book with Tunes: The Harmonies Revised by Edward J Hopkins: Tonic Sol Fa Notation
012302: BORLAND, ANDREW - Romans Chapter Eight
464867: BOSTON, THOMAS - The Christian Life Delineated; plus The Nature of Church Communion Illustrated; Worm Jacob Threshing the Mountains; Duty and Advantage of Cleaving to the Lord and His Way in a Declining Time
498299: BOSTON, THOMAS - The Complete Works of Thomas Boston: Vols 1 & 2 (only, of 12): An Illustration of the Doctrines of the Christian Religion with Respect to Faith and Practice, Upon the Plan of the Assembly's Shorter Catechism; Comprehending a Complete Body of Divinity
492879: BOSTON, THOMAS - The Crook in the Lot: or the Sovereignty and Wisdom of God in the Afflictions of Men
421798: BOSTON, THOMAS; PEDEN, ALEXANDER - Camadh 'sa Chrannchur [Crook in the Lot]; Caismeachd do dh'Albainn. Roimh-Radh agus da Shearmon Etc [Peden]
012558: BOSTON, THOMAS - An Explication of the First Part of the Assembly's Shorter Catechism, in Continued Discourses on Each Question. To Which is Subjoined, the Peculiar Advantage and Business of Life Opened Up, and Applied, in Several Sermons from Is. xxxvii. 19. ...
504566: BOSTON, THOMAS - Repentance: Turning from Sin to God: What It Means and Why It's Necessary
442329: BOUGHTON, ROBERT VINCENT; RYDER, HAROLD - The New Carpenter and Joiner (set of 3 volumes)
442027: BOULTON, EDWARD HENRY BROOKE - A Dictionary of Wood
432084: BOUQUET, ALAN COATES - Everyday Life in New Testament Times
442296: BOURNE, FREDERICK WILLIAM - Billy Bray - The King's Son: Compiled Largely from His Own Memoranda
450874: BOYD, ANDREW KENNEDY HUTCHINSON (ANONYMOUSLY) - Our Little Life: Essays Consolatory and Domestic with Some Others
423465: BOYD, ZACHARY; ATKINSON, DAVID W (EDITOR) - Selected Sermons of Zachary Boyd (Scottish Text Society, 4th Series, Vol 17)
472144: BOYLE, SAMUEL E (EDITOR); CHAO, CHARLES H (EDITOR) - The Reformed Faith and Life: Volume 25, Number 4: October - December 1974
012700: BRACHLOW, STEPHEN; HORN, ROBERT M; KENDALL, R T; JAMES, LEIGHTON H; BOORMAN, DAVID; LLOYD-JONES, D MARTYN - The Puritan Experiment in the New World: Westminster Conference 1976
446180: BRADFORD, JOHN - The Writings of John Bradford: Set of 2 Volumes
482229: BRADY, STEVE (EDITOR); ROWDON, HAROLD (EDITOR) - For Such a Time as This: Perspectives on Evangelicalism, Past, Present and Future
504276: BRANDER, MICHAEL - The Country Divine
509238: BRENTNALL, JOHN - William Bagshawe: The Apostle of the Peak
453366: BRETHERTON, JOHN - Why Gambling is Wrong
482282: BRIDGES, CHARLES - Exposition of Psalm CXIX (119): As Illustrative of the Character of Christian Experience
012234: BRIGGS, G W; DEARMER, PERCY; WILLIAMS, RALPH VAUGHAN; SHAW, MARTIN - The Daily Service: Prayers and Hymns for Schools: Full Music Edition
482286: BRIGGS, SAMUEL ROBERT - 500 New Notes for Bible Readings, Mostly by Canadian and United States Authors
437728: BRISCOE, D STUART - The Communicator's Commentary: Romans
464043: NATIONAL REVIEW; BRITISH AND FOREIGN EVANGELICAL REVIEW - The National Review (New Series No 1) Nov 1864; The British and Foreign Evangelical Review : No 49: July 1864
437766: BROADUS, JOHN ALBERT - Commentary on Matthew
492761: BROCK, MRS CAREY [BROCK, FRANCES ELIZABETH GEORGIANA] - The Golden Chain: A Story Illustrative of the Lord's Prayer [originally: Dame Wynton's Home]
427147: BROOKING, THOMAS H [BROOKING, TOM] - And Captain of their Souls: An Interpretative Essay on the Life of Captain William Cargill
469450: BROOKS, PHILLIPS - The Light of the World and Other Sermons
446185: BROOKS, THOMAS - Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices; with The Covenant of Grace
446182: BROOKS, THOMAS - The Works of Thomas Brooks (Set of 6 volumes)
432062: BROOKS, ANNIE (ED) - The Little Girl's Treasury of Precious Things: Children's Heritage Series 1 Vol 7
437539: BROOME, JOHN R - The Reformers
301137: BROOMHALL, A J - The Shaping of Modern China: Hudson Taylor's Life and Legacy [2-volume SET]
444323: BROOMHALL, MARSHALL - The Man Who Believed God: The Story of Hudson Taylor
010484: BROWN, ROGER H - Kingdom of the Sun
520449: BROWN, JOHN - Horae Subsecivae: First Series (Locke and Sydenham etc)
423468: BROWN, JOHN (OF BEDFORD); HARRISON, FRANK MOTT (ED) - John Bunyan: His Life Times and Work
520157: BROWN, JEFF D - A Handbook for the Preacher at Work (Minister's Handbook Series)
429204: BROWN, COLIN - Karl Barth and the Christian Message
427198: BROWN, THOMAS - Church and State in Scotland: A Narrative of the Struggle for Independence from 1560 to 1843: The Third Series of Chalmers Lectures
493061: BROWN, JOHN (OF HADDINGTON) - Sacred Tropology; or, A Brief View of the Figures, and Explication of the Metaphors, Contained in Scripture
432234: BROWN, COLIN; JONES, HYWEL; MARSHALL, I HOWARD - Theological Students' Fellowship Bulletin (TSF Bulletin) : Numbers 38-42, 44, 46-48, 50, 51, 54 (12 Issues from the Years 1964 to 1969)
445136: BROWN, JOHN (OF EDINBURGH) - Expository Discourses on 1 Peter (set of 2 Volumes - Geneva series)
423452: BROWN, JOHN - Discourses and Sayings of Our Lord: Set of 3 Volumes
476282: BRUCE, FREDERICK FYVIE - The Hard Sayings of Jesus (The Jesus Library series)
013290: BRUCE, FREDERICK FYVIE - The Dawn of Christianity
437777: BRUCE, FREDERICK FYVIE - The Epistle of Paul to the Romans: An Introduction and Commentary: TNTC Tyndale New Testament Commentaries Series
437639: BRUINS, CORNELIUS - Joshua: A Challenge for Christians to Possess their Blessings in Christ (Understanding the Old Testament)
492894: BUCHANAN, DUGALD; MACBEAN, LACHLAN (EDITOR, MEMOIR) - Buchanan, the Sacred Bard of the Scottish Highlands: His Confessions and His Spiritual Songs Rendered Into English Verse: With His Letters and a Sketch of His Life
425147: BUCHANAN, DUGALD; MACLEAN, DONALD - The Spiritual Songs of Dugald Buchanan: Edited with Introduction, Notes, and Vocabulary
424276: BUCHANAN, ROBERT - The Ten Years Conflict: being the History of the Disruption of the Church of Scotland: Vol 2
437460: BUDGEN, VICTOR - The Charismatics and the Word of God: A Biblical and Historical Perspective on the Charismatic Movement
504384: BUGDEN, PAMELA D - Ever, Only, All for Thee - Frances Ridley Havergal: Glimpses of Her Life and Writings
445118: BULL, JOSIAH - 'But Now I See': The Life of John Newton
493036: BULLINGER, ETHELBERT WILLIAM - A Critical Lexicon and Concordance to the English and Greek New Testament: Together with an Index of Greek Words, and Several Appendices
011897: BUNKER, LAURENCE H - They Lived in Israel
465083: BUNYAN, JOHN - Heart's Ease in Heart Trouble; or, A Sovereign Remedy Against All Trouble of Heart
012770: BUNYAN, JOHN - GrÓs am Pailteas Do Cheann Feadhna Nam Peacach
012119: BUNYAN, JOHN; TALON, HENRI A (EDITOR) - God's Knotty Log: Selected Writings of John Bunyan: Containing The Heavenly Footman and The Pilgrim's Progress
509299: BUNYAN, JOHN; SMITH, WILBUR, M - The Holy War: The Losing and Taking Again of the Town of Mansoul
421803: BUNYAN, JOHN - Thig agus Se do Bheatha chum Iosa Criosd
490455: BUNYAN, JOHN; BREMER, JACOBA R (TRANS) - Christen- en Christinnereis: Opnieuw uit het Engelsch Vertaald
442327: BUNYAN, JOHN; CHEEVER, GEORGE (MEMOIR) - The Pilgrim's Progress and Other Works (with Memoir by George Cheever)
444382: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Greatness of the Soul: and the Unspeakableness of the Loss Thereof
509192: BUNYAN, JOHN - Grace Abounding; and The Life and Death of Mr Badman
491951: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Intercession of Christ: Christ a Complete Saviour
492711: BUNYAN, JOHN; CHEEVER, GEORGE; MONTGOMERY, JAMES - The Select Works of John Bunyan (with a Life of the Author and an Introductory Essay on the Pilgrim's Progress)
464647: BUNYAN, JOHN - The Practical Works of John Bunyan: Volume 6
437206: BUNYAN, JOHN; WATSON, JEAN - The Pilgrim's Progress Retold in Modern English
495254: BURDER, WILLIAM; PICART, BERNARD - Religious Ceremonies and Customs; or, The Forms of Worship Practised by the Several Nations of the Known World, from the Earliest Records to the Present Time; on the Basis of the Celebrated and Splendid Work of Bernard Picart
493064: BURDER, SAMUEL - Oriental Customs; or an Illustration of the Sacred Scriptures, by an Explanatory Application of the Customs and Manners of the Eastern Nations, and Especially the Jews, Therein Alluded to Collected from the Most Celebrated Travellers .... Eminent Critics
495548: BURGESS, STUART - He Made the Stars Also: What the Bible Says about the Stars
444403: BURLEIGH, JOHN HENDERSON SEAFORTH - A Church History of Scotland
493062: BURNET, GILBERT - The History of the Reformation of the Church of England: Vol 2 (only, of 2)
013501: BURNS, JABEZ - Sketches of Sermons, Designed for Special Occasions
509163: BURNS, JABEZ - 149 Sermon Outlines
504457: BURNS, JABEZ - Sketches of Sermons on the Parables and Miracles of Christ
421208: BURRELL, DAVID JAMES; DOUGLAS, THOMAS (ED); HOYT, WAYLAND (INTRO) - A Quiver of Arrows: Being Characteristic Sermons of David James Burrell, DD, LLD, Delivered in the Marble Collegiate Church of New York City
009340: BURRIDGE, JOSEPH HENRY - Church Theories: or, Edification [or, What is the Church of God?]
437767: BURROUGHS, JEREMIAH; HALL, THOMAS; REYNOLDS, EDWARD; (ED SHERMAN, JAMES)) - An Exposition of the Prophecy of Hosea
437815: BURROUGHS, JEREMIAH - The Saints' Happiness: Together with Several Steps Leading Thereunto. Delivered in Divers Lectures on the Beatitudes; Being Part of Christ's Sermon on the Mount, Contained in the Fifth of Matthew
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013039: MARTIN, ALBERT N - God's Pattern for Marriage (set of 7 cassette tapes)
010113: MASON, GERARD MOORE (COMPILER); CELLIER, CHARLES HERBERT (MUSICAL EDITOR) - Church Militant Hymns, with Tunes. To be Used as a Supplement to any other Church Hymn Book, and for Mission Use
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012585: MCGIFFERT, ARTHUR CUSHMAN - Martin Luther: The Man and His Work
300965: MCGRATH, ALISTER - To Know and Serve God: A Life of James I Packer
446077: MCGRATH, ALISTER E - A Life of John Calvin: A Study in the Shaping of Western Culture
509293: MCGRATH, ALISTER E - Evangelicalism and the Future of Christianity
423534: MCGRATH, ALISTER E - In the Beginning: The Story of the King James Bible
423292: MCINTOSH, ANDY - Genesis for Today: Showing the Relevance of the Creation/Evolution Debate to Today's Society
437408: MCKENNA, DAVID L - Job: The Communicator's Commentary: Volume 12
504360: MCLAREN, ELIZABETH T - Dr John Brown and his Sisters Isabella and Jane
013129: MCLEAN, JOHN - The Presence of the Past: Christian Heritage Sites in the Rhins of Galloway
441025: MCNEILL, JOHN - Bread to the Full: Striking Addresses Blessed to Thousands the World Over
504370: MCNEILL, JOHN - The Twenty-Third Psalm
423515: MEETER, H. HENRY; MARSHALL, PAUL A. - The Basic Ideas of Calvinism
425236: VAN DER MEIDEN, L H - God's Yea and Your Amen
469245: MELLERSH, KATE - Miss Rosemary Mistary: A Story for Girls (Red Cord Library series)
009711: MENTEATH, MRS A STUART - Lays of the Kirk and Covenant
429205: MEROFF, DEBORAH - True Grit: Women Taking on the World, for God's Sake
495550: MEYER, FREDERICK BROTHERTON - Great Verses Through the Bible: A Devotional Commentary on Key Verses (also Published as "Our Daily Homily")
509269: MEYER, FREDERICK BROTHERTON - The Directory of the Devout Life
464854: MICHAEL, CHARLES D - John Gibson Paton, DD, The Missionary Hero of the New Hebrides
421326: MIDDLETON, ROBERT - How is Jesus Coming? And For Whom?
472292: MIDDLETON, JEREMY - Staying Alive: 12 Part Course for Discipling New Believers
421740: MILLER, HUGH; DAVIDSON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Leading Articles on Various Subjects
011265: MILLER, CALVIN - The Singer
200036: MILLER, JOHN - Trees of the Northern Highlands
465098: MILLER, KARL - Cockburn's Millennium
444341: MILNE, BRUCE - The Message of John: Here is Your King! BST Bible Speaks Today Series
423488: MILNE, BRUCE - Know the Truth: A Handbook of Christian Belief
446155: MILNER, REV JOSEPH; MILNER, ISAAC - The History of the Church of Christ (set of 4 volumes)
464911: MILTON, JOHN - The Poems of John Milton: With Introductory Memoir, Notes, Bibliography Etc (The Chandos Classics series)
504585: MILTON, MICHAEL A - What God Starts, God Completes: Gospel Hope for Hurting People
465027: MILTON, JOHN; GORSE, FREDERICK (EDITOR) - Paradise Lost: Book 1: Edited with Life, Introduction, Notes, &c. by F.Gorse, M.A. (Blackie's School Milton)
504411: MILTON, MICHAEL A - Small Things, Big Things: Inspiring Stories of Everyday Grace
008817: MITCHELL, GEORGE - Chained and Cheerful: Paul's Letter to the Philippians
441249: MITCHELL, DAVID GIBB - Sermons in Braid Scots
429906: MITCHELL, GEORGE JAMES - Born Free: Studies in Galatians
426127: MITTING, ELIZABETH (ED) - The Single Woman: Comments from a Christian Standpoint
006489: MOHON, W ROY - The Bible: Its Necessity, Qualities & Use
491929: MOIREACH, MURCHADH - Luach Na Saorsa
446064: MONCRIEFF, HENRY WELLWOOD (SIR) - The Free Church Principle: Its Character and History (Chalmers Lectures 1st Series 1880-81)
445146: MONOD, ADOLPHE - Adolphe Monod's Farewell to His Friends and to His Church
013658: MOODY, DWIGHT LYMAN - Pleasure and Profit in Bible Study
434207: MOODY, JOSH - The God-Centred Life: Insights from Jonathan Edwards for Today
013369: MOORE, T M - God's Prayer Program: Passionately Using the Psalms in Prayer
441411: MOORE, THOMAS VERNER - A Commentary on Zechariah (Geneva Series of Commentaries)
431791: MORE, HANNAH - The Two Wealthy Farmers: The Death of Christ
509308: MORGAN, EDWARD; ELIAS, JOHN - John Elias: Life, Letters and Essays
429264: MORRIS, LEON - The Epistles of Paul to the Thessalonians: An Introduction and Commentary: TNTC Tyndale New Testament Commentary Series
007245: MORRIS, CHARLES RICHARD - Locke, Berkeley, Hume
429244: MORRIS, LEON - The First and Second Epistles to the Thessalonians : The English Text with Introduction, Exposition and Notes: New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT)
437795: MORRIS, LEON - The Epistle to the Romans (Pillar New Testament Commentary)

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