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2598: [JENKINS, WILLIAM]: - Consett Iron Company Limited. Description of the Works.
249: [ TAYLER,HUGON S.]: - Dukinfield Old Chapel Sunday School Centenary Souvenir 1900.
2675: (WEETON,MISS): - Miss Weeton's Journal of a Governess.
2097: : - Yesteryears: a History of Deanprint Limited.
2259: [ DAVIES, RICHARD ]: - Chester's Triumph in Honor of her Prince as it was Performed upon St. George's Day 1610.
2523: : - Architectural History: Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain.
1669: ABERDEEN: - Post Office Aberdeen Directory 1940-41.
2230: ABRAM, W.A: - Blackburn Characters of a Past Generation.
1405: ADAMI, J. GEORGE: - Charles White of Manchester (1728-1813) and the Arrest of Puerperal Fever.
392: ADAMS, A.LEITH: - Field and Forest Rambles with Notes and Observations on the Natural History of Eastern Canada.
2069: ALSTON, R. C: - Bibliography of the English Language, English Grammars.
1234: ANDERSON, DORIS GARLAND: - Nigger Lover.
108: ANGIOLILLO, PAUL F: - A Criminal as Hero; Angelo Duca.
2267: ANON: - Phallic Worship , a Description of the Mysteries of the Sex Worship of the Ancients with the History of the Masculine Cross.
1831: ANON: - Lead-mining.
1246: ANON: - Re-adjustment in Lancashire by Members of the Economics Research Section, University of Manchester.
2703: ASHMORE, OWEN: - The Industrial Archaeology of North-west England.
1588: ASHTON, T.S: - Economic and Social Investigations in Manchester 1833-1933. A Centenary History of the Manchester Statistical Society.
1382: AUSTEN, MAJOR E.E. AND HEGH, EMILE: - Tsetse Flies their Characteristics,Distribution and Bionomics with some account of Possible Methods for their Control.
1503: AXON, SUTTON, BROWNBILL: - Chetham Miscellanies, New series,Volume III.
2056: AXON, ERNEST (EDITOR): - Oliver Heywood's Life of John Angier of Denton.
2621: AXON, WILLIAM E. A: - The Annals of Manchester: A Chronological Record from the Earliest Times to the End of 1885.
2702: BAILEY, JOHN EGLINGTON, (EDITOR): - Inventories of Goods in the Churches and Chapels of Lancashire Taken in the Year A.D. 1552.
2717: BAKEWELL, F.C: - Electric Science; Its History, Phenomena and Applications.
1470: BALE, ISLWYN: - Through Seven Reigns; the History of Newport Police Force 1836-1959.
2214: BALSTON, THOMAS: - Sitwelliana 1915-1927: Being a Handlist of Works By Edith, Osbert, and Sacheverell Sitwell and of Their Contributions to Certain Selected Periodicals .
1849: BANKES, JOYCE AND KERRIDGE, ERIC (EDITORS): - Early Records of the Bankes Family at Winstanley.
2298: BARCHILON, JACQUES AND PETTIT, HENRY: - The Authentic Mother Goose Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes .
2595: BARNES, BERNARD: - Saddleworth Heritage.
1724: BARON,WILLIAM: - Echoes from the Loom,a Collection of Poems,Chiefly in the Dialect.
1272: BARTON,B.T: - History of the Borough of Bury and Neighbourhood,in the County of Lancaster.
1824: BEAMONT, WILLIAM: - Annals of the Lords of Warrington and Bewsey from 1587 to 1833.
1933: BEAMONT, WILLIAM: - Warrington in M.CCCC.LXV. [1465].
2176: BEAMONT, WILLIAM, (EDITOR): - Tracts Written in the Controversy Respecting Amicia, Daughter of Hugh Cyveliok, Earl of Chester, A.D. 1673-1679.
2170: BEARD, CHARLES AUSTIN: - The Office of Justice of the Peace in England in Its Origin and Development.
860: BECKINSALE, R.P (EDITOR): - The Trowbridge Woollen Industry as Illustrated by the Stock Books of John and Thomas Clark 1804-1824.
318: BEEVER,W.HOLT: - Notes on Fields and Cattle from the Diary of an Amateur Farmer.
2311: BELL, REV. FRED: - Midnight Scenes in the Slums of New York: or, Lights and Shadows.
304: BESANT,ANNIE: - The Case for India.
2525: BETTESWORTH, A. AND HITCH, C. (PUBLISHERS): - The Builder's Dictionary or Architect's Companion.
827: BINNS, GEORGE S: - Huddersfield Town 75 Years On.
1747: BIRD, R.H. (EDITOR): - The Mines of Grassington Moor & Wharfedale.
296: BLACKLEY,MANCHESTER AND PILLING, LANCASHIRE: - The Registers of the Parish Church of Blackley near Manchester and of the Parish of Pilling in the County of Lancaster.
708: BLUNDEN, E.C: - Pastorals: A Book of Verses.
2236: BOARDMAN, JAMES: - Records & Traditions of Deane Church, Village, and Parish, in Lancashire, A.D. 597 to 1904.
317: BOLTON,HERBERT: - The Geology of Rossendale.
2465: BOOKER, REV. JOHN: - A History of the Ancient Chapels of Didsbury and Chorlton in Manchester Parish.
1564: BOSTON, RAY: - British Chartists in America 1839-1900.
1118: BOUCHER, CYRIL T. G: - James Brindley Engineer 1716-1772.
941: BOWLEY, ARTHUR L: - A Short Account of England's Foreign Trade in the Nineteenth Century; its Economic and Social Results.
531: BRADSTREET, JOHN: - Repton Sketches.
580: BRAUER, E: - The Construction of the Balance.
2157: BRAZIL: - Tenth Report of the Directors of the Imperial Brazilian Mining Association.
2545: BRETSCHNEIDER, E: - Mediaeval Researches from Eastern Asiatic Sources.
2631: BRIERLEY, HELEN: - Morgan Brierley, a Selection from his Writings.
2654: BRIERLEY, HENRY: - Rochdale Reminiscences.
2218: BRINDLE,LANCASHIRE: - The Registers of the Parish Church of Brindle.
1417: BROCKBANK, EDWARD MANSFIELD: - Sketches of the Lives and Work of the Honorary Medical Staff of the Manchester Infirmary from its Foundation in 1752 to 1830.
1150: BROCKMAN, H.A.N: - The British Architect in Industry 1841-1940.
2498: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE (CONTRIBUTES): - The Manchester Athenaeum Album.
2390: BROUGHTON,RICHARD: - The Accrington Old Water Corn Mill: Its History and Owners.
2617: BROWN, W. HENRY: - The Rochdale Pioneers: A Century of Co-operation.
2187: BUCHANAN, ROBERTSON: - A Practical Treatise on Propelling Vessels by Steam,
2609: BUCKLEY, J.S: - The History of Birch-in-Rusholme.
2241: BUCKMAN, JOSEPH: - Immigrants and the Class Struggle:The Jewish Immigrant in Leeds,1880-1914.
1372: BUCKTON, GEORGE BOWDLER: - Monograph of the British Cicadae,or Tettigiidae.
2504: BULLEN, A. H. (EDITOR): - Antient Drolleries: Cobbes Prophecies 1614 and Pimlyco, or, Runne Red-Cap, 1609.
2313: BURGESS, MARJORIE A LOVELL: - A Popular Account of the Development of the Amateur Ciné Movement in Great Britain.
2145: BUSHNELL, GEORGE HERBERT: - Scottish Engravers: a Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Engravers and of Engravers Who Worked in Scotland to the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century .
1889: BUTTERWORTH, EDWIN: - An Historical Account of the Towns of Ashton-Under-Lyne, Stalybridge, and Dukinfield.
1966: BUTTERWORTH, EDWIN OF OLDHAM: - Biography of Eminent Natives, Residents, and Benefactors of the Town of Manchester.
1590: BYTHELL, DUNCAN: - The Handloom Weavers: a Study in the English Cotton Industry during the Industrial Revolution.
2262: CADBURY, GEORGE, JUNR.: - Town Planning with Special Reference to the Birmingham Schemes.
2550: GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS: - De Instructione Principum Libri III.
2273: CAMPION, GEORGE G: - The Riddle of the Sphinx, an Essay.
2632: CARTWRIGHT, JAMES JOEL (EDITOR): - The Travels through England of Dr. Richard Pococke (Volume 2).
2408: EXHIBITION CATALOGUE: - The Order of the Day: Thomas Harrison, 1744-1829, and Architecture of the Greek Revival.
1730: CATLING, HAROLD: - The Spinning Mule.
1952: CHADWICK, WILLIAM: - Reminiscences of a Chief Constable.
2599: CHAPMAN, SYDNEY J: - The Lancashire Cotton industry. A Study in Economic Development.
2203: CHIPPINDALL, COLONEL W. H: - History of the Township of Ireby.
2462: CHIPPINDALL, COLONEL W. H: - A Sixteenth-Century Survey and Year's Account of the Estates of Hornby Castle Lancashire, with an introduction on the owners of the castle.
2566: CHIPPINDALL, COLONEL W. H: - A History of the Parish of Tunstall.
2256: CHRISTIE,RICHARD COPLEY: - A Bibliography of the Works Written and Edited by Dr. John Worthington.
2210: CHRISTIE, R. C: - The Old Church and School Libraries of Lancashire.
2030: CLARKE, STEPHEN: - Clitheroe in its Railway Days.
2534: CLARKE, ALLEN: - Lancashire Lasses and Lads.
2669: COKAYNE, G. E: - The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom.
2704: COLLIER,FRANCES: - The Family Economy of the Working Classes in the Cotton Industry 1784-1833.
1772: COLQUHOUN, MRS ARCHIBALD: - The Vocation of Woman.
2708: CONSTANT, THOS E: - The Naked-Eye Anatomy of the Human Teeth.
1984: CONWAY, H.G: - Grand Prix Bugatti.
2160: CORNWALL: - The Laws of the Stannaries of Cornwall: with Marginal Notes and References to Authorities to which are added the Several Acts of Parliament, Schedule of Fees, Resolutions of the Judges etc.
2419: COUPE, FRANK: - Walton-le-Dale; a History of the Village.
2701: COWARD, BARRY: - The Stanleys, Lords Stanley and Earls of Derby 1385-1672.
2557: CRAIG, EDWARD GORDON: - City of Manchester Art Gallery Exhibition of Drawings and Models for Hamlet, Macbeth, The Vikings and other Plays
2011: CRAVEN, MAXWELL AND STANLEY, MICHAEL: - The Derbyshire Country House.
2699: CROFTON, H.T: - A History of the Ancient Chapel of Stretford in Manchester Parish.
2489: CROFTON, H.T: - A History of Newton Chapelry in the Ancient Parish of Manchester.
2543: DAVIS AND CRONNE: - Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum 1066-1154, Volumes 3 and 4.
2581: CROXFORD, W.B. (EDITOR): - Rugby Union in Lancashire and Cheshire
518: CUNLIFFE, HENRY: - A Glossary of Rochdale-with-Rossendale Words and Phrases.
1766: DARCY, C.P: - The Encouragement of the Fine Arts in Lancashire 1760-1860.
1942: DARTT, CAPTAIN ROBERT L: - G.A.Henty, a Bibliography.
2661: DAVIES, C. STELLA: - The Agricultural History of Cheshire 1750-1850.
1583: DAVIES, JAMES: - The Chartist Movement in Monmouthshire.
1764: DERHAM, WILLIAM: - Philosophical Letters Between the Late Learned Mr. Ray and Several of his Ingenious which are added those of Francis Willughby Esq.
2445: DICKINSON, H. W: - John Wilkinson, Ironmaster.
2466: DICKINSON, J. R: - The Lordship of Man Under the Stanleys; Government and Economy in the Isle of Man, 1580-1704.
2022: DIGBY, RONALD Y AND MILLER, ALICE: - An Accrington Miscellany.
2434: DINGWALL, ERIC J. AND HALL, TREVOR H: - Four Modern Ghosts.
1359: DONALD, ARCHIBALD: - The Transition; a Retrospect of Gynaecology and Obstetrics.
2191: DOUGHTY, DOROTHY AND SAVAGE, GEORGE: - The American Birds of Dorothy Doughty
2268: DUFOUR, G. H: - Mémorial pour les Travaux de Guerre.
1649: DUNLOP, O. JOCELYN: - The Farm Labourer; The History of a Modern Problem
176: DURNING-LAWRENCE,LADY: - Notes and Illustrations concerning the Family History of James Smith of Coventry.
2041: ECCLES, LANCASHIRE: - The Registers of the Parish Church of Eccles in the County of Lancaster.
2514: EKWALL, EILERT: - The Place-names of Lancashire,
1645: ELAM, YITZCHAK: - The Social and Sexual Roles of Hima Women. A Study of Nomadic Cattle Breeders in Nyabushozi County,Ankole,Uganda.
2233: ELLIOT, REV. W. HUME: - The Story of the "Cheeryble" Grants from the Spey to the Irwell.
940: ELLIS, ARTHUR: - The Home Trade in 1882.
2328: BALLARD. ELSIE: - A Chronicle of Crompton Together with a History of the Families of Crompton and Milne and of A. & A. Crompton & Co. by J.E. Hargreaves.
1972: ERICKSON, CHARLOTTE, (EDITOR): - Emigration from Europe 1815-1914.
2713: FARRER, KATHERINE EUPHEMIA (EDITOR): - The Letters (and Correspondence) of Josiah Wedgwood 1762-1795.
2058: FFARINGTON, SUSAN MARIA: - The Farington Papers. The Shrievalty of William Ffarington, Esq.; 1836: Documents Relating to the Civil War: an Appendix Containing a Collection of LettersTaken From the Ffarington Correspondence Between the Years 1547 and 1688.
590: FICARRA, BERNARD J: - Essays on Historical Medicine.
2033: FINCH, REV. JEREMIAH FINCH: - The Admission Register of the Manchester School with Some Notices of the More Distinguished Scholars.
2365: FISHWICK, HENRY: - The History of the Parish of Bispham, in the County of Lancaster.
2211: FISHWICK, SUTTON, AXON: - Chetham Miscellanies, New Series, Volume I
2318: FISHWICK, HENRY: - The History of the Parish of Rochdale in the County of Lancaster.
2089: FISHWICK, HENRY: - The History of the Parish of Kirkham in the County of Lancaster.
2208: FISHWICK, HENRY: - The History of the Parish of St. Michael's-on-Wyre in the County of Lancashire.
2706: FLEMING, ALEXANDER: - Penicillin, Its Practical Application.
1754: FLETCHER, JOHN SAMUEL: - The Correspondence of Nathan Walworth and Peter Seddon of Outwood and Other Documents Relating to the Building of Ringley Chapel.
1811: FLOWER, EELES, AXON,TAIT, OAKDEN: - Chetham Miscellanies, New Series, Volume VI.
2560: FOLKARD, H. T: - Wigan Free Public Library. Index Catalogue of Books and Papers Relating to Mining, Metallurgy and Manufactures.
2668: FOSTER, JOSEPH: - Alumni Oxoniensis.
696: FOTHERGILL, J: - History of the Rochdale Cricket Club 1824-1902.
2352: FOWLER, THOMAS: - Medical Reports, on the Effects of Tobacco in the Cure of Dropsies and Dysuries or Cases of Pain and Difficulty of Passing Urine.
2642: FRAYN, JOAN M: - Markets and Fairs in Roman Italy.
314: FRENCH, GILBERT J: - The Life and Times of Samuel Crompton of Hall-in-the-Wood,Inventor of the... Mule.
2563: FRENCH, G.J. (EDITOR): - Bibliographical Notices of the Church Libraries at Turton and Gorton Bequeathed by Humphrey Chetham.
1615: FROW, EDMUND AND RUTH: - A Survey of the Half-time System in Education.
968: FUCHS, CARL JOHANNES: - The Trade Policy of Great Britain and Her Colonies Since 1860.
2476: GASTRELL, FRANCIS, ( F.R. RAINES EDITOR): - Notitia Cestriensis, or Historical Notices of the Diocese of Chester.
2147: GATTY, CHARLES TINDAL: - Catalogue Of The Engraved Gems And Rings In The Collection Of Joseph Mayer.
1687: GIBSON, ALEXANDER: - Under the Cruisie, or Saturday Nights at a Buchan Farm in the Middle of the Last Century.
114: GLEIG,G.R: - The Campaigns of the British Army at Washington and New Orleans in the Years 1814-1815.
2217: GORTON AND DENTON, LANCASHIRE: - The Registers of the Parish Church, Gorton 1599-1741, and of the Church of St. Lawrence, Denton 1695-1757.
2428: GOSS, REV ALEXANDER (EDITOR): - 1. Abbott's Journal . 2. The Trials at Manchester in 1694.
2288: GOUGH, J. W: - Sir Hugh Myddelton, Entrepreneur and Engineer.
1874: GOULD, JOHN: - Introduction to the Trochilidae or Family of Humming-Birds.
1951: GOULD, LT. COMMDR. R.T: - Communications Old and New
630: GOWLAND, D.A: - Methodist Secessions.
2495: GRAHAM, JOHN W: - The Destruction of Daylight, a Study in the Smoke Problem.
2254: GRAY, GEORGE J: - The Earlier Cambridge Stationers & Bookbinders and the First Cambridge Printer.
2620: GRAY, JOHN EDWARD: - Catalogue of Shield Reptiles in the Collection of The British Museum
2316: GREENWOOD, M AND BOLTON, C: - Bolland Forest and the Hodder Valley.
1514: GROSART, REV. ALEXANDER B. (EDITOR): - The Dr. Farmer Chetham MS. Being a Commonplace Book....temp. Elizabeth, James I. and Charles I.
2681: HABESCI, ELIAS: - The Present State of the Ottoman Empire.
2562: HADDOCK, M. H: - Cultural Contacts of Mining.
1795: HADFIELD, CHARLES AND BIDDLE, GORDON: - The Canals of North West England.
2368: HALCROW, ELIZABETH M. (EDITOR): - Charges to the Grand Jury at Quarter Sessions 1660-1677 by Sir Peter Leicester.
2544: HALL, HUBERT: - The Pipe Roll of the Bishopric of Winchester for the fourth year of the Pontificate of Peter des Roches, 1208-1209.
539: HALSEY, FREDERICK A: - The Metric Fallacy.
1578: HAMBRICK, MARGARET: - A Chartist's Library.
2503: HAMILTON, H: - Scientific Treatise on Smoke Abatement.
1815: HANDFORD, MICHAEL: - The Stroudwater Canal.
2716: HANOUM, ZEYNEB: - A Turkish Woman's European Impressions.
2698: MELEK-HANUM: - Thirty Years in the Harem.
1301: HARDWICK, MICHAEL AND MOLLIE: - The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes.
2010: HARDWICK,CHARLES: - On Some Ancient Battle-Fields in Lancashire.
2464: HARLAND, JOHN: - Collectanea Relating to Manchester and its Neighbourhood.
2406: HARLAND, JOHN, (EDITOR): - Mamecestre: Being Chapters from the Early Recorded History of the Barony, the Lordship or Manor, the Vill, Borough or Town of Manchester.
2212: HARLAND, JOHN (EDITOR): - The House and Farm Accounts of the Shuttleworths of Gawthorpe Hall in the County of Lancaster, at Smithils and Gawthorpe from September 1582 to October 1621.(the Shuttleworth Accounts)
2046: HARLAND, JOHN (EDITOR): - Three Lancashire Documents of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries.
2054: HARLAND, JOHN: - The Lancashire Lieutenancy under the Tudors and Stuarts. The Civil and Military Government of the County....
443: HARLAND, JOHN: - Ballads and Songs of Lancashire Chiefly Older than the 19th Century.
1574: HARRISON, BRIAN AND HOLLIS, PATRICIA (EDITORS): - Robert Lowery: Radical and Chartist.
2579: HARVIE-BROWN, J.A: - A Fauna of the Tay Basin & Strathmore.
2578: HARVIE-BROWN, J.A. AND MACPHERSON, REV H. A: - A Fauna of the North-West Highlands & Skye.
2037: HAWKES, ARTHUR J: - Jubilee Exhibition of Early Mining Literature, Annotated Catalogue.
2239: HAWKES, GEORGE I: - The Development of Public Education in Nelson.
2558: HAYES, LOUIS M: - Reminiscences of Manchester and some of its Local Surroundings from the Year 1840.
1639: HAYHURST, T. H: - A History and Some Records of the Volunteer Movement in Bury, Heywood, Rossendale and Ramsbottom.
2121: HAZLITT, W. CAREW: - The Livery Companies of the City of London, their Origin, Character, Development, and Social and Political Importance.
2526: HEATON, HERBERT: - The Yorkshire Woollen and Worsted Industries from the Earliest Times up to the Industrial Revolution.
2122: HELVETIUS, C. A: - De L'Esprit; or, Essays on the Mind, and Its Several Faculties, to Which is Now Prefixed a Life of the Author .
2196: HENDERSON, THOMAS: - Moffat Early Roads and Coaching Days.
2603: HENRY, WILLIAM, M.D. F.R.S.: - Further Experiments on The Disinfecting Powers of Increased Temperatures.
2423: HEWITT, H. J: - Mediaeval Cheshire. An Economic and Social History of Cheshire in the Reigns of the Three Edwards.
1611: HEWITT, MARGARET: - Wives and Mothers in Victorian Industry.
2375: HEYWOOD, THOMAS (EDITOR): - Cardinal Allen's Defence of Sir William Stanley's Surrender of Deventer January 29,1586-7.
2488: HEYWOOD, THOMAS (EDITOR): - The Moore Rental.
2635: HEYWOOD, RAINES, BEAMONT, HARLAND: - Chetham Miscellanies, Volume 3.
1857: HEYWOOD, ROBERT OF HEYWOOD,LANCASHIRE: - Observations and Instructions Divine and Morall in Verse.
1871: HEYWOOD, THOMAS: - The Norris Papers.
2405: HEYWOOD, RAINES, FFARINGTON,: - The Stanley Papers.
2594: HEYWOOD,T.T: - New Annals of Rochdale.
2307: HICKS, EDITH ADLINGTON: - Savonarola: a Short Study of His Life and Character.
204: HILL,SAMUEL: - Bygone Stalybridge,Traditional-Historical-Biographical.
1314: HILTON, ENID: - More Than One Life; A Nottinghamshire Childhood with D.H.Lawrence.
1850: HINDLE,G.B: - Provision for the Relief of the Poor in Manchester.
2065: HOBSON, G. D: - English Binding Before 1500.
1304: HOLROYD, JAMES EDWARD: - Baker Street By-ways; a Book About Sherlock Holmes.
2592: HOLT, THOMAS: - Pilkington Park, An Account of Whitefield, Besses o'th' Barn and their Parish.
2660: HOLYOAKE, GEORGE JACOB: - Self-Help by the People. Thirty-Three Years of Co-operation in Rochdale.
2198: HOWARD, JOSEPH JACKSON, (EDITOR): - The Chethams of Suffolk. Extracted from the "Visitation of Suffolke".
2693: HOWCROFT,ALFRED J: - History of the Chapelry and Church of Saddleworth and the Township of Quick.
1786: HOWCROFT, A.J: - Tales of a Pennine People.
2697: HOWE, J. ALLEN: - Stones and Quarries.
1474: HUGHES, W.E: - Modern Electro-Plating.
2624: HURST, J. G: - Edmund Potter and Dinting Vale.
1227: IBANEZ, VICENTE BLASCO: - Alfonso XIII Unmasked.
2480: JACKSON, JOHN R: - Commercial Botany of the Nineteenth Century.
2636: JAMES, REV. RICHARD, (REV. THOMAS CORSER EDITOR): - Iter Lancastrense; a Poem Written A.D.1636 by the Rev. Richard James.
2666: JARVIS, RUPERT C. (EDITOR): - Customs Letter-Books of the Port of Liverpool 1711-1813.
116: JEFFERIES,RICHARD: - Hodge and His Masters.
2392: JENKINS, FRANK: - Architect and Patron A Survey of Professional Relations and Practice in England from the Sixteenth Century to the Present Day.
2367: JONES, DUDLEY: - The Church in Chester 1300-1540.
2125: JONES, E. ALFRED: - The Old Church Plate of the Isle of Man.
1563: JONES, ERNEST (EDITOR): - Notes to The People 1851-1852.
1568: JONES, DAVID: - Chartism and the Chartists.
2645: JONES, A.H.M. (P. A. BRUNT, EDITOR): - The Roman Economy: Studies in Ancient Economic and Administrative History.
1525: KAY, HARRY: - Things About Blackburn Rovers.
1897: KAY, JAMES PHILLIPS: - The Moral and Physical Condition of the Working Classes Employed in the Cotton Manufacture in Manchester.
2686: KEAY, JOHN: - The Gilgit Game. The Explorers of the Western Himalayas 1865-95.
2341: KELLY, EDITH AND THOMAS: - A Schoolmaster's Notebook.
1396: KEW, HARRY WALLIS: - A Synopsis of the False Scorpions of Britain and Ireland.
1084: KIRA, TETSUAKI: - Shells of the Western Pacific in Color.
2140: KNIGHT, L STANLEY: - Welsh Independent Grammar Schools to 1600: Their Charters of Foundation, Deeds, Statutes, Customs, etc.
1851: DE LACY, MARGARET: - Prison Reform in Lancashire, 1700-1850. A Study in local administration.
671: LANCISI, GIOVANNI MARIA: - Aneurysms.
2639: LANGTON, WILLIAM (EDITOR): - Abstracts of Inquisitions Post Mortem made by Christopher Towneley and Roger Dodsworth.
2658: LANGTON, D.H: - A History of the Parish of Flixton.
2158: LEA, WILLIAM: - Church Plate in the Archdeaconry of Worcester: Being an Inventory and Notice of the Sacred Vessels in Use in the Different Churches.
2689: LEES, EDWIN: - The Botany of Worcestershire, or the Distribution of the Indigenous & Naturalized Plants of That County.
2707: LEGGE, SIR THOMAS: - Industrial Maladies.
2470: LINDSAY: - Fanfrolicana. June 28. Being A Statement of the Aims of the Fanfrolico Press Both Typographical and Aesthetic With a Complete Bibliography and Specimen Passages and Illustrations From the Books.
2583: LITTLETON, THOMAS: - Littleton's Tenures in English.
2696: LOMAX, SAM AND NORRIS, JOHN: - Early Days. Memories of the Beginnings of Automobile Engineering in South Lancashire and Cheshire.
2692: LORD, JOHN: - Memoir of John Kay of Bury, County of Lancaster, Inventor of the Fly-shuttle, Metal Reeds etc.
1789: LORD, JOHN: - Bygone Bury.
2528: LOWE, NORMAN: - The Lancashire Textile Industry in the Sixteenth Century.
2679: LUKE, ALAN: - A History of Littleborough Pubs.
1960: LUKIS, PARDY AND BLACKHAM, R.J: - Tropical Hygiene for Anglo-Indians and Indians.
2612: LYONS, REV. P. A: - Two "Compoti" of the Lancashire and Cheshire Manors of Henry de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, XXIV. and XXXIII. Edward I.
2251: LYTHAM AND BISPHAM, LANCASHIRE: - The Registers of the Parish Church of Lytham and of Bispham in the County of Lancaster.
830: MACDONALD, ROGER: - Manchester United in Europe.
2507: MACGILL, PATRICK: - The Amateur Army.
2542: MADOX, T: - The History and Antiquities of the Exchequer of the Kings of England.
1925: MANDLEY, J.G. DE T: - The Portmote or Court Leet Records of the Borough or Town and Royal Manor of Salford from 1597 to 1669.
1791: MARLAND, SIMON: - Bolton Wanderers, A Complete Record 1877-1989.
2588: MARRIOTT, FRANK: - The Black Anfielders; Being the Story of the Anfield Bicycle Club 1879-1955.
2391: MARSHALL, J. D: - Furness and the Industrial Revolution. An Economic History of Furness (1711-1900) and the Town of Barrow (1757-1897) with an Epilogue.
2360: MARSHALL, J.D. (EDITOR): - The Autobiography of William Stout of Lancaster 1665-1752.
2718: MARSHALL, ARTHUR: - Explosives, their Manufacture, Properties, Tests and History.
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