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31844: - Film Portraits 3
26809: - The Student's Home Dictionary Containing Urdu Words with Their Meanings in English
32838: - Spanning the Humber: Souvenir Opening 1981 Humber Bridge
7422: - Film-Lovers' Annual
15443: - Russian Theatrical Design of the Early 20th Century
18994: (TENNYSON FAMILY) - The D'Eyncourt Testimonial; Extracted from the Report of the Proceedings in the Lambeth Gazette July 1st 1853
21921: - History of the Abbey and Palace of Holyrood
8870: - A Story Book for Me
31843: - Preview 1950
40522: - Fun and Frolic for Little Folk
39182: - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to St Ives, Carbis Bay, Penzance, Land's End and the Isles of Scilly
38310: TAMPLIN, J M A ET AL - The Miscellany of Honours, the Orders and Medals Research Society No 4 1982
2047: ELIAS, ELIAS A AND ED E - An Egyptian-Arabic Manual for Self-Study
29410: PHILLIPS, A ET AL - Colchester 800: A Celebration 1189-1989
37977: TAMPLIN, J M A ET AL - The Miscellany of Honours, the Orders and Medals Research Society No 13 1999
21235: AA - Ordnance Survey Illustrated Atlas of Victorian and Edwardian Britain
40107: AARON, R I - The Theory of Universals
35988: ABBOTT, JOHN - The Battle of Britain: A Concise Guide to That Momentous Summer of 1940 (Signed)
38451: ABBOTT, P E; TAMPLIN, J M A - British Gallantry Awards
6377: ABERCROMBIE, DAVID - Elements of General Phonetics
3077: ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES - Thomas Hardy: A Critical Study
24984: ABERCROMBIE, M; HICKMAN, C J; JOHNSON, M L - The Penguin Dictionary of Biology
36508: ABRAHAM, TOM - The Cage
2359: ABRAHAM, GERALD - Tchaikovsky, a Short Biography
1889: ABRAHAM, GERALD (ED) - Grieg: A Symposium (Music of the Masters)
31781: ABRAHAM, GERALD - Tchaikovsky, a Short Biography
15344: ABRAHAMSEN, DAVID - Nixon Vs Nixon; an Emotional Tragedy
35096: ABRAMS, M H (ED) - English Romantic Poets: Modern Essays in Criticism
37881: ABRAMSKY, SAMUEL - Ancient Towns in Israel
16463: ABSE, DANNY, ET AL - More Words
33412: ABURDENE, PATRICIA; NAISBITT, JOHN - Megatrends for Women
34880: ACKERLEY, J R; BRAYBROOKE, NEVILLE (ED) - The Letters of J R Ackerley
17802: ACKLAND, JOSS - I Must Be in There Somewhere
5439: ACKROYD, PETER - London, the Biography
38733: ACKROYD, PETER - The Life of Thomas More
20452: ACKROYD, PETER - Milton in America
35062: ACKROYD, PETER - Albion: The Origins of the English Imagination
18591: ACKROYD, PETER - Chatterton
25705: ACKROYD, PETER - Albion: The Origins of the English Imagination
40295: ACTON, JOHN EMERICH EDWARD DALBERG- - Essays in the History of Liberty, Volume 1 Selected Writings of Lord Action
35023: ADAIR, PAUL - Hitler's Greatest Defeat: The Collapse of Army Group Centre, June 1944
26891: ADAMS, JAMES - The New Spies: Exploring the Frontiers of Espionage
27730: GOOLD-ADAMS, DEENAGH - The Cool Greenhouse Today
1982: ADAMS, ALEXANDER - The Eternal Quest; the Story of the Great Naturalists
8460: ADAMS, REV WILLIAM - Sacred Allegories
35626: ADAMS, WILL - British Railways Past and Present No 65: Northamptonshire Part 1 South and West
37223: ADAMS, ROBERT (ED) - Foundations of Health and Social Care
40103: ADAMS, DAVID L - Frome's Fallen Heroes
40339: ADAMSON,JOHN - The Noble Revolt: The Overthrow of Charles I
260: ADAMSON, MARGOT ROBERT - A Rope of Sand
37273: ADAMSON, W A - Trout, How to Catch Them
35578: ADATO, MICHELLE; MEINZEN-DICK, RUTH (EDS) - Agricultural Research, Livelihoods, and Poverty: Studies of Economics and Social Impacts in Six Countries
36039: ADDISON, CHARLES G - The History of the Knights Templars, the Temple Church and the Temple
18460: ADES, DAWN - Art in Latin America; the Modern Era , 1820-1980
37769: ADIE, KATE - The Kindness of Strangers (Signed)
18936: ADLER, KATHLEEN - Manet
37584: ADOLPH, ANTHONY - Tracing Your Family History
38464: ADOLPH, ANTHONY - Tracing Your Irish Family History
37158: ADORNO, THEODOR - Minima Moralia: Reflections from a Damaged Life
34322: SYWELL AERODROME, FRIENDS OF - Aerodrome: The Journal of the Friends of Sywell Aerodrome, 11 Issues
35973: AESCHYLUS - Lyrical Dramas
21791: AESOP - The Fables of Aesop
31359: MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES - Collected Leaflets on Insect Pests of Farm and Garden Crops
36792: AGUADO, JUAN MIGUEL; SCOTT, BERNARD; BUCHINGER, EVA (COORDS) - Technology and Social Complexity Signed)
20834: AHLBERG, ALLAN - The Snail House
3201: AIKEN, CONRAD - Ushant: An Essay
7734: AIKEN, JOAN - A Foot in the Grave
26368: PITT-AIKENS, TOM; ELLIS, ALICE THOMAS - Loss of the Good Authority: The Cause of Deliquency
35901: AILSBY, CHRISTOPHER - Ss: Roll of Infamy
33525: AINLEY, ROSA (ED) - Death of a Mother: Daughters' Stories
38965: AINSLIE, KENNETH - Pacific Ordeal
21938: AINSWORTH, W HARRISON - The Star Chamber
31846: AINSWORTH, W HARRISON - Windsor Castle
23552: AINSWORTH, W HARRISON - Old Saint Paul's
39541: AIREY, WILLIS - A Learner in China: A Life of Rewi Alley
39908: AITKEN, GEORGE A (INTRO) - An English Garner: Later Stuart Tracts
36653: AITKENHEAD, A M; SLACK, J M - Issues in Cognitive Modeling, a Reader
32101: AIVANHOV, OMRAAM MIKHAEL - Death and the Life Beyond
16554: AKENSON, DONALD HARMAN - Saint Paul: A Skeleton Key to the Historical Jesus
30053: AKEROYD, ALAN; CLIFFORD, CAROLINE - Huntingdon: Eight Centuries of History
30681: AKHTAR, MIRIAM; HUMPHRIES, STEVE - Some Liked It Hot: The British on Holiday at Home and Abroad
26774: WOOD, ALAN & MARY - Bertrand Russell: The Passionate Sceptic
22634: BRIDGEWATER, ALAN AND GILL - Mastering Hand Tool Techniques
34342: GRUENING, ALAN ET AL - Boeing B17 Flying Fortress
37122: ALANBROOKE, FIELD MARSHALL LORD - War Diaries 1939-1945
39059: ALANSHIN, MICHAEL E - Fighting Lavochkin
25283: ALBERT, GREG (ED) - Basic Figure Drawing Techniques
26011: ALBURY, PAUL - The Story of the Bahamas
1214: ALCOCK, LESLIE - "by South Cadbury Is That Camelot... "; Excavations at Cadbury Castle 1966-70
36139: ALDEN, JOHN D - Flush Decks and Four Pipes
18984: ALDERMAN, GEOFFREY - Modern Britain 1700-1983; a Domestic History
15424: ALDERSON, FREDERICK - View North; a Long Look at Northern England
38308: ALDIN, CECIL - The Romance of the Road
40282: ALDIN, CECIL - Cathedrals and Abbey Churches of England
179: ALDISS, BRIAN - Seasons in Flight
177: ALDISS, BRIAN - Bury My Heart at W H Smith's; a Writing Life
18175: ALDISS, BRIAN - The Twinkling of an Eye; My Life As an Englishman
27860: ALDRED, CYRIL - Egyptian Art in the Days of the Pharaohs (World of Art)
785: ALDRIDGE, JAMES - Heroes of the Empty View
14945: ALEICHEM, SHOLOM - Marienbad
7182: ALEXANDER, CAROLINE - The Way to Xanadu
28136: ALEXANDER, YONAH; SWETNAM, MICHAEL S - Usama Bin Laden's Al-Qaida: Profile of a Terrorist Network
1370: ALEXANDER, PETER - Shakespeare's Life and Art
33663: ALEXANDER, JOHN T - Catherine the Great; Life and Legend
12097: ALEXANDER, PETER F - William Plomer, a Biography
39816: ALEXANDER, CHRISTINE - A Bibliography of the Manuscripts of Charlotte Bronte
16361: ALEXANDER, JOHN T - Catherine the Great; Life and Legend
18304: ALEXANDER, MARC - British Folklore, Myths and Legends
21197: ALEXANDER, JOHN - From the Sea; the U S Navy & Marine Corps Into the 21st Century
21569: ALEXANDER, JOHN T - Catherine the Great; Life and Legend
21960: ALEXANDER, JENNIFER S; BRYANT, GEOFFREY F - Royal Arms in Lincolnshire Churches
39428: ALFORD, JANE - Beginner's Guide to Berlin Woolwork
10313: PONTING, ALICE AND CLARENCE - The Gnome's Treasure
22918: ALLAN, MEA - Weeds: The Unbidden Guests in Our Gardens
37756: ALLAN, SUE - The Mayflower Maid (Signed)
5420: ALLBEURY, TED - The Judas Factor
37501: ALLBUT, MRS WM - Much in Little: A Compendium of Facts and Information for the Use of Young Persons
4863: ALLDRITT, KEITH - W B Yeats, the Man & the Milieu
37943: ALLEN, ROBERT G - Nothing Down for the 90s: How to Buy Real Eastate with Little or No Meny Down
33611: ALLEN, MARJORY; NICHOLSON, MARY - Memoirs of an Uneducated Lady: Lady Allen of Hurtwood
40478: ALLEN, DR IAN - Gleneagles to Glastonbury, Steam in the Thirties
3792: ALLEN, CHARLES - Raj: A Scrapbook of British India 1877-1947
8740: ALLEN, G FREEMAN - The Western Since 1948
13119: ALLEN, ANNA O - John Allen and His Friends
35624: ALLEN, MICHAEL - British Saloon Cars of the Early Sixties
9650: LYNN-ALLEN, B G - Shot-Gun and Sunlight, the Game Birds of East Africa
7378: ALLEN, CECIL J - The Great Eastern Railway
35786: ALLEN, RICHARD; TRIVEDI, HARISH (EDS) - Literature and Nation: Britain and India 1800-1990
22203: ALLENBY, F EWART - The Master Healer
18469: ALLENDE, ISABEL - The Sum of Our Days
180: ALLENDE, ISABEL - The Infinite Plan
38520: ALLENDE, ISABEL - Paula
38515: ALLENDE, ISABEL - Daughter of Fortune
38503: ALLENDE, ISABEL - Ines of My Soul
38519: ALLENDE, ISABEL - Portrait in Sepia
10619: ALLEY, REWI - Travels in China 1966-71
26570: ALLINGHAM, WILLIAM - The Diaries
8054: ALON, AZARIA - The Natural History of the Land of the Bible
34977: ALPATOV, M V - Treasures of Russian Art of the 11th-16th Centuries
11007: ALSOP, SUSAN MARY - Lady Sackville
32164: ALSTON, ROWLAND - The Mind and Work of G F Watts
32163: WATTS GALLERY; ALSTON, ROWLAND - A Catalogue of Pictures by G F Watts Om Ra
12968: ALTAMIRANO, IGNACIO MANUEL - El Zarco the Bandit
9674: ALTEA, ROSEMARY - The Eagle and the Rose
14560: ALTENA, J Q VAN REGTEREN (SEL) - Dutch Master Drawings of the Seventeenth Century
37088: ALTENMULLER, ECKART; GRUHN, WILFRIED - Music, the Brain, and Music Learning: Mental Representation and Changing Cortical Activation Patterns Through Learning
40464: ALTER, ROBERT; KERMODE, FRANK (EDS) - The Literary Guide to the Bible
37238: ALTET, XAVIER BARRAL I - The Early Middle Ages: From Late Antiquity to Ad 1000
39848: ALTHAM, A J; HARRISON, ROSS EDS) - World, Mind, and Ethics: Essays on the Ethical Philosophy of Bernard Williams
39372: ALTSCHUL, MICHAEL (COMP) - Anglo-Norman England 1066-1154 (Bibliographical Handbooks)
213: ALVAREZ, A - Day of Atonement (Signed)
38088: ALVERY, ROBERT - Meditations and Eastern Wisdom: Whither Goest (Signed)
37492: ALVESSON, MATS - Postmodernism and Social Research
23587: AMBLER, R W (ED) - Lincolnshire Parish Correspondence of John Kaye, Bishop of Lincoln, 1827-53
27076: AMBROSE, TIMOTHY; RUNYARD, SUE (EDS) - Forward Planning: A Handbook of Business, Corporate and Development Planning for Museums and Galleries
33223: AMES, PERCY W (ED) - Chaucer Memorial Lectures, 1900: Read Before the Royal Society of Literature
3308: AMIS, MARTIN - The Information
9063: AMIS, MARTIN - Heavy Water and Other Stories
13948: AMIS, MARTIN - Night Train
18650: D'ANCONA, JACOB - The City of Light
37315: KOROLNIK-ANDERSCH, ANNETTE; KOROLNIK, MARCEL - The Colour of Henna: Painted Textiles from Southern Morocco
40045: ANDERSON, J R L - East of Suez: A Study of Britain's Greatest Trading Enterprise
38918: ANDERSON, ALEX - Simply Stars: Quilts That Sparkle
39555: ANDERSON, CHESTER G - James Joyce and His World
14289: ANDERSON, ENID - Making Nursery Rhyme Toys
32018: ANDERSON, R H - The Trees of New South Wales
38879: ANDERSON, JOAN WESTER - Where Miracles Happen: True Stories of Heavenly Visitors
20233: ANDERSON, P HOWARD - The East Midlands; Regional Railway Handbook No 1
5667: ANDERSON, BARBARA - Change of Heart
38307: ANDERSON, JOHN R - The Architecture of Cognition
25131: ANDERSON, MARK - On the Big Hill: A Non-Climbers Everest
34991: ANDERSON, GAIL-NINA - The Pursuit of Leisure: Victorian Depictions of Pastimes
38186: ANDERSON, M D - History and Imagery in British Churches
39276: ANDERSON, M D - History and Imagery in British Churches
34994: ANDERSON, SHERWOOD - Horses and Men (Travellers' Library)
32212: ANDERSON, WILLIAM - Green Man: The Archetype of Our Oneness with the Earth
40431: ANDERSON, PERRY - A Zone of Engagement
25064: ANDERSON, WILLIAM - Holy Places of the British Isles
37180: ANDERSON, GARRETT - Hang Your Halo in the Hall: The Saville Club from 1868
25255: ANDERTON, DAVID A - American Fighters of World War II
35732: ANDOVER, HENRY - The Dennisdale Tragedy
20159: STOLL, ANDRE ET AL - Honore Daumier, Der Burgerliche Alltag
27764: ANDRESEN, JENSINE; FORMAN, ROBERT K C (EDS) - Journal of Consciousness Studies Volume 7 Nos 11/12
39470: ANDRESS, DAVID - 1789, the Threshold of the Modern Age
2695: ANDREW, W - There Once Was a Bobby
37524: ANDREWS, RICHARD - Blood on the Mountain: A History of the Temple Mount from the Ark to the Third Millennium
38934: ANDREWS, WILLIAM, (ED) - Bygone Northamptonshire
23022: ANDREWS, MICHAEL - The Flight of the Condor; a Wildlife Exploration of the Andes
13970: ANDREWS, MICHAEL - The Flight of the Condor: A Wildlife Exploration of the Andes
39976: ANDREWS, CAROL - Embroideries from an English Garden: Projects and Techniques in Surface Embroidery
1474: ANDREWS, ALLEN - Castle Crespin
35912: ANDREWS, RICHARD; SCHELLENBERGER, PAUL - The Tomb of God; the Body of Jesus and the Solution to a 2000-Year-Old Mystery
19403: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (COLL & ED) - Bygone Yorkshire
2913: ANET, CLAUDE - Mayerling: The Love and Tragedy of a Crown Prince
15518: ANGELOU, MAYA - Even the Stars Look Lonesome
22925: ANGELUCCI, ENZO - The World Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft
25539: ANGELUCCI, ENZO; MATRICARDI, PAOLO - Combat Aircraft of World War II 1941-1942
40193: ANGLESEY, THE MARQUESS OF (ED) - The Capel Letters: Being the Correspondence of Lady Caroline Capel and Her Daughters with the Dowager Countess of Uxbridge from Brussels and Switzerland 1814-1817 (Signed)
24604: ANGOH, STEPHANIE (LAYOUT) - The Renaissance Engravers: 15th-16th Century
14399: ANGUS, ANNE - Hedgerow
35567: ANISSIMOV, MYRIAM - Primo Levi: Tragedy of an Optimist
36900: ANISSIMOV, MYRIAM - Primo Levi: Tragedy of an Optimist
8378: ANLEY, GWENDOLYN - Alpine House Culture for Amateurs
18216: ANNAIDH, SEAMAS MAC (ED) - New Illustrated Irish History
15282: WOODHAM, ANNE AND PETERS, DR DAVID - Encyclopedia of Complementary Medicine
40503: ANNETT, ROGER - Drop Zone Borneo: The Raf Campaign 1963-65 (Signed)
12442: ANON - Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography
6648: ANON - The Concise Dictionary of National Biography, from Earliest Times to 1985, 3 Volumes
39642: ANON - Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
3018: ANONYMOUS - A Lawyer's Notebook
25830: ANOUILH, JEAN - Becket Ou L'Honneur de Dieu
29578: ANSLOW, JOAN; RANDALL, THEA - Around Stafford in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs)
31373: ANSON, GEORGE - A Memorial of Anson's Voyage
15625: ANTHONY, JOSEPH MAC - The Blood God
9931: APEL, WILLI - Masters of the Keyboard; a Brief Survey of Pianoforte Music
33635: APJOHN, LEWIS - John Bright and the Party of Peace, Retrenchment, and Reform
39451: APPLETON, GEORGE (ED) - The Oxford Book of Prayer
26703: APPLEYARD, S F - Marine Electronic Navigation
33414: APTER, TERRI - The Confident Child: Raising a Child to Try, Learn, and Care
32943: ARBERRY, A J - Moorish Poetry: A Translation of the Pennants, an Anthology Compiled in 1243 by the Andalusian Ibn Sa'Id
37703: ARCHER, FRED - When Adam Was a Boy (Signed)
33983: ARCHER, FRED - The Secrets of Bredon Hill: A Country Chronicle of the Year 1900
24310: ARCHER, FRED - The Secrets of Bredon Hill: A Country Chronicle of the Year 1900
38190: ARCHER, MICHAEL - An Introduction to English Stained Glass
36542: ARCT, SQUADRON LEADER B - Prisoner of War: My Secret Journal
39117: ARDEN, JOHN - Left-Handed Liberty: A Play About Magna Carta
25951: ARDEN, JOHN - The Workhouse Donkey (Modern Plays)
40264: ARKELL, DAVID - Looking for Laforgue
40293: ARLETT, MIKE; LOCKETT, DAVID - Great Western Steam in the West Country
5006: ARLOTT, JOHN - Island Camera: The Isles of Scilly in the Photography of the Gibson Family
36068: ARMIT, IAN - Celtic Scotland
12844: ARMITAGE, SIMON - Tyrannosaurus Rex Versus the Corduroy Kid
30509: ARMITAGE, MICHAEL - The Royal Air Force: An Illustrated History
24139: ARMITAGE, MICHAEL - The Royal Air Force: An Illustrated History
29390: ARMITAGE, HAROLD - Rotherham's Forerunners
22551: ARMOUR, DES; SHACKLETON, EDWIN - The Light Aircraft Data Book
17960: ARMSTRONG, DOUGLAS - The Six-Cylinder Om
18584: ARMSTRONG, WARREN - Atlantic Highway
37669: ARMSTRONG, GEORGE GILBERT - Why Another World War? How We Missed Collective Security
32067: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY (ED) - Laughter Parade
39621: ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH - Ronsard and the Age of Gold
39668: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY - The Naughty Princess
27788: ARNAUD, RAOUL - Louis-Philippe and His Sister: The Political Life and Role of Adelaide of Orleans
37420: ARNOLD, W D - Oakfield or Fellowship in the East
21495: ARNOLD, MATTHIAS - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1864-1901; the Theatre of Life
39507: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Matthew Arnold's Essays in Criticism First and Second Series (Everyman)
23113: ARNOLD, MATTHEW; DYMENT, CLIFFORD - Matthew Arnold: Selected Poems (Crown Classics)
24952: ARNOLD, DAVE - Vintage John Deere: Early History and the Two-Cylinder Years 1837-1960 (American Legends)
21344: ARNOLD, BRUCE - Jack Yeats
14346: ARNOLD, MATTHEW; WILSON, J DOVER (ED) - Culture and Anarchy
34344: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Selected Poems of Matthew Arnold
37832: ARNOLD, ANGELA - Inner Scripts: Hidden Patterns and Secret Reasons Why We Act the Way We Do
29460: ARNOLD, GUY - Brainwash: The Cover-Up Society
32423: ARNOTT, ALASTAIR; WRAGG, RACHEL - Images of Southampton
4613: ARNY, THOMAS T - Explorations; an Introduction to Astronomy
6783: ARON, RAYMOND - 18 Lectures on Industrial Society
28704: ARONSON, THEO - Victoria and Disraeli: The Making of a Romantic Partnership
22997: AROSTEGUI, MARTIN C - Twilight Warriors: Inside the World's Special Forces
40466: ARP, ROBERT (ED) - 1001 Ideas That Changed the Way We Think
29811: ARSCOTT, DAVID - Sussex: The County in Colour
30601: ARTHUR, NIGEL - Swansea Since 1900 (South Wales Evening Post)
21773: ROSENTHAL, A M; GELB, ARTHUR; & THE TRAVEL STAFF OF THE NEW YORK TIMES (EDS) - The Sophisticated Traveller; Beloved Cities, Europe
23063: ARTHUR, MAX - Forgotten Voices of the Second World War; a New History of World War Two in the Words of the Men and Women Who Were There
27082: ARTHUR, MAX - Last Post
508: ARTHUR, MAX - Forgotten Voices of the Great War; a New History of Ww1 in the Words of the Men and Women Who Were There
36667: ARUNDELL, DENNIS - The Story of Sadler's Wells 1683-1977
36168: ASBRIDGE, THOMAS - The First Crusade, a New History
18910: ASH, NOEL PERARD - Gesture by Jonathan
37597: ASH, DAVID; HEWITT, PETER - Science of the Gods: Reconciling Mystery and Matter (Signed)
29828: ASHBY, MARGARET - The Book of Stevenage
37753: ASHCROFT, MICHAEL - Special Ops Heroes
1309: ASHE, GEOFFREY - The Quest for Arthur's Britain
22193: ASHE, GEOFFREY - Mythology of the British Isles
23399: ASHE, GEOFFREY - Mythology of the British Isles
34124: ASHFORTH, DAVID - Ringers and Rascals: A Taste of Skulduggery
37227: ASHLEY, LEONARD R N - The Complete Book of Vampires
9413: ASHLEY, LEONARD R N - The Complete Book of Magic and Witchcraft
9967: ASHLEY, MAURICE - The People of England; a Short Social and Economic History
11319: ASHLEY, MAURICE - The People of England; a Short Social and Economic History
18130: ASHLEY, SIR WILLIAM - Surveys Historic and Economic
14225: ASHLEY, LEONARD R N - The Complete Book of Superstition, Prophecy and Luck
20474: ASHLEY, LEONARD R N - The Complete Book of Magic and Witchcraft
3525: COURTENAY. ASHLEY - Let's Halt Awhile in War-Time
14245: ASHLEY, MAURICE - The Life and Times of William I
23462: ASHLEY, MAURICE - The English CIVIL War
9252: ASHTON, STEVE - The Hillwalker's Handbook
9427: ASHTON, HELEN - Parson Austen's Daughter
27294: ASHTON, JOHN - The Devil in Britain and America
40376: ASHTON, ROSEMANY - 142 Strand: A Radical Address in Victorian London
9246: ASKEW, MAURICE - Hill Figures of England
36029: ASLIN, ELIZABETH - The Aesthetic Movement: Prelude to Art Nouveau
32533: ASQUITH, MARGOT; BONHAM-CARTER, MARK (ED) - The Autobiography of Margot Asquith
30202: CALDERDALE WAY ASSOCIATION - The Calderdale Way
23126: ASTBURY, ANTHONY - Verses
25955: ASTBURY, ANTHONY - Party
19570: ASTOR, VISCOUNT; ROWNTREE, B SEEBOHM - British Agriculture, the Principles of Future Policy
16392: ATKIN, RONALD - Pillar of Fire; Dunkirk 1940
20673: ATKIN, RONALD - Pillar of Fire; Dunkirk 1940
15550: ATKINS, HAROLD; COTES, PETER - The Barbirollis: A Musical Marriage
35507: ATKINS, HAROLD; COTES, PETER - The Barbirollis: A Musical Marriage
39967: ATKINS, JACQUELINE M; TEPPER, PHYLLIS A - New York Beauties: Quilts from the Empire State
35007: ATKINS, J B - Side-Shows
39138: ATKINS, JOHN - Sex in Literature Volume 2: The Classical Expression of the Sexual Impulse
8037: ATKINSON, J BEAVINGTON - An Art Tour to Russia
24817: ATKINSON, T D - English Architecture
38224: ATKINSON, FRANK - Northern Life (Pictures from the Past)
1628: ATTENBOROUGH, DAVID - The Zoo Quest Expeditions
17182: ATTERBURY, PAUL - Discovering Britain's Lost Railways
20448: ATTERBURY, PAUL - Discovering Britain's Lost Railways
18234: AUBERT, MARCEL - Stained Glass of the Xiith and Xiiith Centuries from French Cathedrals
28799: AUBREY, JOHN; BARBER, RICHARD (ED) - Brief Lives
30750: AUBYN, GILES ST - Macaulay
2877: AUGARDE, TONY - The Oxford Guide to Word Games
34115: AUGUST, OLIVER - Along the Wall and Watchtowers: A Journey Down Germany's Divide
39486: AUGUSTINE, ST; HEBGIN, DAME SCHOLASTICA; CORRIGAN, DAME FELICITAS - St Augustine on the Psalms: Psalms 1-29 (Ancient Christian Writers)
38743: AUGUSTINE, SAINT - The Confessions of Saint Augustine
2465: AULT, PHIL - Whistles Round the Bend; Travels on America's Waterways
28807: AUSTEN, JANE - Shorter Works
23114: AUSTEN, BRIAN - English Provincial Posts 1633-1840: A Study Based on Kent Examples
33935: AUSTIN, ROLAND (ED) - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1927
35603: AUSTIN, DAVID - Botanica's Roses: The Encyclopedia of Roses
25993: VARIOUS AUTHORS - True Ghost Stories from Ww1 and Ww2
26334: AVE, JOOP - Grand Batik Interiors
16544: AVENI, ANTHONY F - Nasca: Eighth Wonder of the World?
16545: AVENI, ANTHONY F - Nasca: Eighth Wonder of the World?
23423: AVENI, ANTHONY F - Nasca: Eighth Wonder of the World?
37442: AVENI, ANTHONY F - Nasca: Eighth Wonder of the World?
38889: AVERY, CATHERINE B (ED) - The New Century Handbook of Greek Art and Architecture
14228: AVERY, VIRGINIA - Quilts to Wear
39654: AYER, A J; WINCH, RAYMOND (ED) - British Empiracal Philosophers: Locke, Berkeley, Hume, Reid, MILL
39306: AYLING, STANLEY - Edmund Burke, His Life and Opinions
18276: AYLING, STANLEY - A Portrait of Sheridan
29856: HARTOP, B B ET AL - Geographical Field Studies in the Durham Area: A Handbook for Teachers
27055: BABINGTON, ANTHONY - For the Sake of Example: Capital Courts Martial 1914-18, the Truth
31702: BABINGTON, ANTHONY - For the Sake of Example: Capital Courts Martial 1914-18, the Truth
20496: BABINGTON, ANTHONY - The Power to Silence: A History of Punishment in Britain
1273: BACALL, LAUREN - Now
36026: BACKHOUSE, JANET - The Lindisfarne Gospels
40479: BACKHOUSE, JANET - The Illuminated Manuscript
39420: BACON, TONY (ED) - Classic Guitars of the 60s
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37698: BELLINGHAM, LYNDA - Lost and Found: My Story (Signed)
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32145: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Elizabethan Commentary
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12981: BELTON, NEIL - The Good Listener; Helen Baumber: A Life Against Cruelty
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22596: DISRAELI, BENJAMIN AND SARAH - A Year at Hartlebury or the Election
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807: BERCKMAN, EVELYN - Be All and End All
36077: BERDIN, RICHARD - Code Name Richard
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31501: BERKELEY, BILL - The Graves Are Not Yet Full: Race, Tribe and Power in the Heart of Africa
35395: BERKELEY, BILL - Piquet and Rubicon Piquet
11606: BERLIN, ISAIAH; JAHANBEGLOO, RAMIN - Recollections of a Historian of Ideas: Conversations with Isaiah Berlin
40441: BERLIN, ISAIAH - Concepts and Categories, Philosophical Essays
36201: BERLINSKI, DAVID - The Advent of the Algorithm: The Idea That Rules the World
6566: BERLITZ, CHARLES - Without a Trace; More Evidence from the Bermuda Triangle
39734: BERMAN, RONALD - Henry King and the Seventeenth Century
398: HUGHES, BERNARD & THERLE - After the Regency: A Guide to Late Georgian and Early Victorian Collecting 1820-1860
4751: BERNARDI, MARZIANO - The Sabauda Gallery of Turin
7534: BERNSTEIN, RICHARD - Fragile Glory: A Portrait of France and the French
36320: BEROUL - The Romance of Tristan, and the Tale of Tristan's Madness
36640: BERREBY, DAVID - Us and Them: Understanding Your Tribal Mind
32754: BERRISFORD, JUDITH M - Gardening on Lime
23674: BESANT, WALTER; RICE, JAMES - The Chaplain of the Fleet
21878: BESANT, WALTER - London
37115: BEST, JOEL - Damned Lies and Statistics: Untangling Numbers from the Media, Politicians, and Activists
34207: BEST, MURIEL - Stumpwork: Historical and Contemporary Raised Embroidery
15911: BEST, GEOFFREY - Mid-Victorian Britain 1851-75
31526: BEST, MURIEL; LUGG, VICKY - Design Sources for Embroidery
38237: BESTALL, ALFRED - Rupert Annual 1945: A New Rupert Book
38119: BESTALL, ALFRED - More Rupert Adventures 1952
17225: BETHELL, NICHOLAS - Spies and Other Secrets; Memoirs from the Second Cold War
29946: BETJEMAN, JOHN (ED) - Collins Guide to Parish Churches of England and Wales
31691: BETJEMAN, JOHN (ED) - Collins Guide to Parish Churches of England and Wales
27329: BETJEMAN, JOHN - A Nip in the Air
32731: BETJEMAN, JOHN - A Nip in the Air
27335: BETJEMAN, JOHN; GAMES, STEPHEN (ED) - Trains and Buttered Toast: Selected Radio Talks
20523: BETJEMAN, JOHN - A Nip in the Air
37801: BETJEMAN, JOHN; GREEN, CANDIDA LYCETT (ED) - Coming Home, an Anthology of His Prose 1920-1977
749: BETJEMAN, JOHN; GREEN, CANDIDA LYCETT (ED) - Letters, 2 Volumes; Volume One 1926 to 1951, Volume Two, 1951 to 1984
27390: BETJEMAN, JOHN - A Nip in the Air
29386: BETJEMAN, JOHN - A Pictorial History of English Architecture
29870: BETT, W H; GILLHAM, J C; PRICE, J H - The Tramways of North-East England
6335: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - Recollections and Reflections
33583: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO; JANOWITZ, MORRIS - Social Change and Prejudice: Including Dynamics of Prejudice
21986: BETTEY, J H - The Landscape of Wessex
30476: BETTEY, J H - City and County Histories: Dorset
36694: BETZ, OTTO; RIESNER, RAINER - Jesus, Qumran and the Vatican: Clarifications
1896: BEVAN, BRYAN - The Great Seamen of Elizabeth
6640: BEVAN, IAN (ED) - The Sunburnt Country: A Profile of Australia
13408: BEVAN, R M - The Roodee; 450 Years of Racing in Chester
25659: BEVAN, EDWYN - Sibyls and Seers: A Survey of Some Ancient Theories of Revelation and Inspiration
36762: BEVERIDGE, WILLIAM H - Full Employment in a Free Society
38466: BEVERS, HOLM; SCHATHORN, PETER; WELZEL, BARBARA - Rembrandt: The Master and His Workshop: Drawings and Etchings
24608: BEVERS, HOLM; SCHATHORN, PETER; WELZEL, BARBARA - Rembrandt: The Master and His Workshop: Drawings and Etchings
35058: BEWICK, THOMAS; BAIN, IAN (ED) - My Life
29763: BEWICK, THOMAS; BEWICK, JOHN - Select Fables: With Cuts Designed and Engraved by Thomas and John Bewick
36269: BEWICK, THOMAS; BAIN, IAN (ED) - My Life
28268: BEYNON, HUW; GLAVANIS, PANDELI (EDS) - Patterns of Social Inequality: Essays for Richard Brown
35819: BEZZANT, NORMAN - Out of the Rock...
5635: BIANCO, MARIA PIA DAL; CAMPANINO, GIORGIO; CINQUETTI, PIER MASSIMO; RONCHETTA, MARIO - Palazzo Bricherasio; Restoration and Rehabilitation of a Palazzo in Turin
38613: BICKERS, RICHARD TOWNSHEND - The Desert Air War 1939-1945
28915: BICKERTON, L M (ED) - Worthing: A Brief Account of the History of the Town from Neolithic Times to the Present Day
5354: BIDDLE, GORDON; NOCK, O S - The Railway Heritage of Britain; 150 Years of Railway Architecture and Engineering
23658: BIDDLE, GORDON - Victorian Stations: Railway Stations in England and Wales 1830-1923
26482: BIELBY, A R - Education Through Worship
38643: BIERMAN, JOHN; SMITH, COLIN - Alamein: War without Hate
7739: BIERMAN, JOHN; SMITH, COLIN - Alamein: War without Hate
36838: BIGGS, JOHN - Teaching for Quality Learning at University: What the Student Does
39948: BIGHAM, HON CLIVE - The Chief Ministers of England 920-1720
22481: BIGLAND, EILEEN - The Indomitable Mrs Trollope
30465: BIGMORE, PETER - The Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire Landscape
8078: BIGNELL, ALAN - Kent Lore; a Heritage of Fact and Fable
20770: BIHET, MOLLY - Reflections of Guernsey (Signed)
21596: BIHET, MOLLY - Reflections of Guernsey (Signed)
27603: BIJL, NICHOLAS VAN DER - Nine Battles to Stanley
8298: BILLETT, MICHAEL - Highwaymen and Outlaws
7145: BILLINGTON, RACHEL - One Summer
38398: BILLOT, C P - The Life of Our Years: A Pictorial Chronology of Geelong (Signed)
20817: BILTON, DAVID - The Trench; the Full Story of the 1st Hull Pals; a History of the 10th (1st Hull) Batallion, East Yorkshire Regiment 1914-1918
33522: BINDING, PAUL - Imagined Corners: Exploring the World's First Atlas
10664: BINDING, PAUL - Robert Louis Stevenson
12110: BINDING, PAUL - Robert Louis Stevenson
14602: BINDING, PAUL - Robert Louis Stevenson
35826: BINDMAN, DAVID (ED) - William Blake Catalogue of the Collection in the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge
8505: BINGHAM, EMILY - Mordecai: An Early American Family
35907: BINGHAM, MADELEINE - Scotland Under Mary Stuart: An Account of Everyday Life
40209: BINGHAM, ROGER K - The Chronicles of Milnthorpe
29193: BINGLEY, REV W - North Wales, Delineated from Two Excursions Through All the Interesting Parts of That Highly Beautiful and Romantic Country, and Intended As a Guide to Future Tourists
32798: BINNS, A L - East Yorkshire in the Sagas
40348: BINNS, JOHN; MEADOWS, PETER (EDS) - Great St Mary's, Cambridge's University Church
39767: BINNS, J W (ED) - The Latin Poetry of English Poets
27425: BINSKI, PAUL; PANAYOTOVA, STELLA (EDS) - The Cambridge Illuminations: Ten Centuries of Book Production in the Medieval West
34875: BINYON, LAURENCE - English Water-Colours (Library of English Art)
3461: BINYON, GILBERT CLIVE - Prayers for the City of God
34717: BIRCH, CLIVE - The Book of Aylesbury: An Historical Anthology in Pictures
30910: BIRCH, CLIVE - The Book of Beaconsfield
32309: BIRCH, LINDA - Dynamic Watercolours: Bring Movement and Vitality to Your Paintings
30689: BIRCH, CLIVE - The Book of Beaconsfield
28556: BIRCHENOUGH, CHARLES - History of Elementary Education in England and Wales from 1800 to the Present Day
39900: BIRD, ISABELLA L - The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither
40460: BIRD, ANTHONY - English House Clocks 1600-1850: An Historical Survey and Guide for Collectors and Dealers
14648: BIRD, RICHARD (COMP) - Plantsmen on Plants: An Anthology in Memory of Barbara White
36364: BIRD, ANTHONY - Paxton's Palace
32977: BIRE, EDMOND - The Diary of a Citizen of Paris During the Terror 2 Volumes
12589: BIRKENHEAD, LORD - Rudyard Kipling
36999: BIRKETT, BILL - The Hill Walker's Manual
18052: BIRKETT, JULIAN - Word Power; a Guide to Creative Writing
22379: BIRKETT, BILL - Classic Rock Climbs in Northern England
1796: BIRMINGHAM, STEPHEN - The Rest of Us: The Rise of America's Eastern European Jews
5183: BIRMINGHAM, STEPHEN - Duchess: The Story of Wallis Warfield Windsor
5169: BIRNIE, ARTHUR - An Economic History of Europe 1760-1939
39811: BIRRELL, AUGUSTINE - Life of Charlotte Bronte
14600: TYNDALE-BISCOE, CECIL - Tyndale-Biscoe of Kashmir, an Autobiography
1533: BISHOP, ALAN - Gentleman Rider, a Biography of Joyce Cary,
37678: BISHOP, JOHN - How Did All This Happen? (Signed)
25964: BISHOP, CHRIS - Kriegsmarine U-Boats 1939-45 (Spellmount Submarine Identification Guide)
12033: BISHOP, ALAN - Gentleman Rider, a Biography of Joyce Cary,
37441: BISHOP, CHRIS - Victory in Europe: From D-Day to Ve-Day in Pictures
25112: BISHOP, ADELE; LORD, CILE - The Art of Decorative Stencilling
30417: BISHOP, EDWARD - Hurricane
35540: BISHOP, DENIS; ELLIS, CHRISTOPHER - Vehicles at War
33809: BISHOP, CHRIS (ED) - The Encyclopedia of World Sea Power
33800: BISHOP, CHRIS - Aircraft Carriers: The World's Greatest Naval Vessels and Their Aircraft
26792: BLACK, IAN - Lightning
35861: BLACK, JEREMY - Britain Since the Seventies: Politics and Society in the Consumer Age
33921: BLACK, PETER MCKENZIE - The Ward Lock Book of Orchid Growing
1153: BLACK, PETER - The Biggest Aspidistra in the World: A Personal Celebration of 50 Years of the Bbc
38301: BLACK, JEREMY - The Grand Tour in the Eighteenth Century
13064: BLACK, SARA - The Supple Body; the New Way to Fitness, Strength and Flexibility
14556: BLACK, PETER - The Biggest Aspidistra in the World
38525: BLACK, JAN KNIPPERS - Development in Theory and Practice: Bridging the Gap
16162: BLACK, JEREMY - War and the World; Military Power and the Fate of Continents 1450-2000
16308: BLACK, JEREMY - Culloden and the '45
30639: BLACKBURN, GEORGE - The Tramway Routes of Dover Past and Present: 1897-1994 a Pictorial History
6472: BLACKBURNE, NEVILLE - The Restless Ocean: The Story of George Crabbe, the Aldeburgh Poet 1754-1832
37768: BLACKMAN, MALORIE - Knife Edge (Signed)
30989: BLACKMORE, R D - Lorna Doone
38523: BLACKWELL, GRAHAME - Breath of the Cosmos
38390: BLACKWELL, GRAHAME - Tapestry of Light: A Scientific Insight Into the Nature of Material Reality
34816: BLAGROVE, DAVID - Waterways of Northamptonshire
36213: BLAICHMAN, FRANK - Rather Die Fighting: A Memoir of World War II
30918: BLAIKIE, ANDREW - Ageing and Popular Culture
37255: BLAIR, J S G - History of Medicine in St Andrews University
39760: BLAIR, JOHN (ED) - Birds of Moor Lake and Stream
39763: BLAIR, JOHN (ED) - Birds of Coast and Sea
35946: BLAIR, ARTHUR - Christmas Cards for the Collector
39092: BLAIR, JOHN (ED) - Birds of Field and Garden
32576: BLAKE, ROBIN - George Stubbs and the Wide Creation: Animals, People and Places in the Life of George Stubbs, 1724-1806
17751: BLAKE, GEORGE - The Voyage Home
39158: BLAKE, NICHOLAS - The Private Wound
31129: BLAKE, GEORGE - The Loves of Mary Glen
33233: BLAKE, ROBERT - The Decline of Power 1915-1964 (Paladin History of England)
16164: BLAKEMORE, TREVOR - Elementals
34876: BLAKER, MICHAEL - The Autobiography of a Painter-Etcher
32532: BLAKESTON, OSWELL - Isle of St Helena
33590: BLAMEY, MARJORIE; BLAMEY, PHILIP - Marjorie Blamey's Flowers of the Countryside
30878: BLANCH, LESLEY - Journey Into the Mind's Eye: Fragments of an Autobiography
8049: BLANCH, STUART - The Trumpet in the Morning: Law and Freedom Today in the Light of the Hebraeo-Christian Tradition
33607: BLANCH, LESLEY - From Wilder Shores: The Tables of My Travels
38420: BLANDFORD, EDMUND - Two Sides of the Beach: The Invasion and Defence of Europe in 1944
37069: BLANK, STEVEN C; CARTER, COLIN A; SCHMIESING, BRIAN H - Futures and Options Markets: Trading in Financials and Commodities
33487: BLANKERT, ALBERT - Vermeer of Delft: Complete Edition of the Paintings
40428: BLANNING, T C W (ED) - The Oxford Illustrated History of Modern Europe
39132: BLATCH, MERVYN - A Guide to London's Churches
29943: BLEIMAN, BARBARA (ED) - Five Modern Poets: Fleur Adcock, U a Fanthorpe, Tony Harrison, Anne Stevenson, Derek Walcott
33789: BLENKINSOP, R J - Big Four Cameraman
37727: BLENNERHASSETT, ROSE; SLEEMAN, LUCY - Adventures in Mashonaland by Two Hospital Nurses
29376: BLEWITT, LYN; FIELD, BOB - Droitwich, a Pictorial History
17357: BLICKENSDORFER, HANS - Jurgen Klinsmann
7548: BLOCK, ANDREW - Key Books of British Authors 1600-1932,
24889: BLOCK, EUGENE - Fingerprinting
18964: BLOCKLEY, JOHN - Learn to Paint with Pastels
34642: BLOND, ANTHONY - Jew Made in England
34085: BLOODWORTH, DENNIS - Chinese Looking Glass
32682: BLOOM, ALAN - Locomotives of the London Midland and Scottish Railway
95: BLOOM, WILLIAM - Working with Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits
2381: BLOOM, URSULA - Requesting the Pleasure
38392: BLOOM, HOWARD - The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History
36823: BLOOM, HAROLD - Fallen Angels
37166: BLOOMFIELD, BOB - Synchronistic Images
15153: BLOTKAMP, CAREL - Mondrian, the Art of Destruction
38147: BLTCH, MERVYN - The Churches of Surrey
37433: BLUHM, LISA - Simple Soldered Jewelry and Accessories: A Crafter's Guide to Fashioning Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and More
5596: BLUM, ANDRE S - A Short History of Art: From Prehistoric Times to the Present Day
28238: BLUME, FRIEDRICH - Renaissance and Baroque Music: A Comprehensive Survey
17488: BLUNDELL, NIGEL - A Pictorial History of Adolf Hitler
37981: BLUNDEN, BRIAN; BLUNDEN, MARGOT (EDS) - Advertising in a Multimedia Age
6231: BLUNDEN, EDMUND - Cricket Country
35159: BLUNT, WILFRID - On Wings of Song: A Biography of Felix Mendelssohn
39328: BLYTON, ENID - Five Fall Into Adventure
38309: BLYTON, ENID - Secret Seven Fireworks
21923: BLYTON, ENID - Clicky and the Flying Horse
38589: BLYTON, ENID - The Secret Seven Adventure
31495: BOARD, ROBERT DE - Counselling People at Work
40386: BOARDMAN, JOHN (ED) - The Oxford History of Classical Art
40515: BOAS, LOUISE SCHUTZ - Harriet Shelley: Five Long Years
35225: BOASE, T S R - English Art 100-1216
39624: BOASE, ROGER - The Troubadour Revival: A Study of Social Change and Traditionalism in Late Medieval Spain
34795: BOASE, WENDY - The Sky's the Limit: Women Pioneers in Aviation
33636: BOBRICK, BENSON - Fearful Majesty: The Life and Reign of Ivan the Terrible
16955: BOCHNAK, ADAM; BUCZKOWSKI, KAZIMIERZ - Decorative Arts in Poland
9267: BOCKEMUHL, MICHAEL - J M W Turner 1775-1851 the World of Light and Colour
36720: BOCKSTAELE, JACQUES VAN; BOCKSTAELE, MARIA VAN - La Socianalyse: Imaginer - Coopter
453: BOCOCK, ROBERT; THOMPSON, KENNETH (EDS) - Religion and Ideology: A Reader
33045: BODDY, FREDERICK A - Foliage Plants
32991: BODKIN, THOMAS - The Paintings of Jan Vermeer
20022: BODKIN, THOMAS - Hugh Lane and His Pictures
32872: BODLANDER, ADRIAN; SOUTHERN, DAVE - Llangollen Railway Revival: A Pictorial History of the Reopening of the Llangollen to Berwyn Railway 1975-1987
35190: BODSON, GERARD - Cracking the Apocalypse Code: The Shocking Secrets of the Book of Revelation Decoded
39912: BODY, MARIO - The Fever of Discovery: The Story of Matthew Flinders Who Gave Australia Her Name
40527: BODY, GEOFFREY - Railways of the Western Region (Psl Field Guide)
40494: BODY, GEOFFREY - Railways of the Southern Region (Psl Field Guide)
38790: BOELL, JACQUES - High Heaven
34129: BOESCH, BRUNO (ED) - German Literature: A Critical Survey
26788: BOESCHENSTEIN, HERMANN - German Literature of the Nineteenth Century
27944: BOESCHENSTEIN, HERMANN - Gotthelf: Hans Joggeli Der Erbvetter (Studies in German Literature)
7446: BOGARDE, DIRK - Cleared for Take-Off
8597: BOGARDE, DIRK - Closing Ranks
14598: BOGARDE, DIRK - Cleared for Take-Off
17874: BOGARDE, DIRK - Snakes and Ladders
25099: BOGARDE, DIRK - Cleared for Take-Off
25776: BOGARDE, DIRK - Snakes and Ladders
33420: BOGDASHINA, OLGA - Communication Issues in Autism and Asperger Syndrome: Do We Speak the Same Language?
30306: BOIS, E; CROIX, H M DE STE; YOUNG, A - Jersey Through the Lens Again
32030: BOISSIERE, ROBERT - Meditations with the Hopi
39534: BOISSONNADE, P - Life and Work in Medieval Europe (Fifth to Fifteenth Centuries)
32204: BOLDREWOOD, ROLF; RYAN, J S (ED) - S W Silver and Co's Australian Grazier's Guide: 1. Sheep 2. Cattle
8540: BOLDT, ERNST - From Luther to Steiner
8166: BOLINDER, GUSTAF - Devilman's Jungle
1480: BOLITHO, HECTOR - Royal Progress, 1837-1937: One Hundred Years of British Monarchy
9644: BOLITHO, HECTOR/PEEL, DEREK - The Drummonds of Charing Cross
40439: BOLT, RODNEY - As Good As God, As Clever As the Devil: The Impossible Life of Mary Benson
13070: BOLT, DAVID - An Author's Handbook
38098: BOLTON, JANET - Mrs Noah's Patchwork Quilt: A Journal of the Voyage with a Pocketful of Patchwork Pieces
9788: BOLTON, G DOUGLAS - Yorkshire Revealed
12644: BOLTON, NEIL - The Psychology of Thinking
38100: BOLTON, JANET - My Grandmother's Patchwork Quilt: A Book and Pocketful of Patchwork Pieces
40184: BONAPARTE, FELICIA - The Triptych and the Cross: The Central Myths of George Eliot's Poetic Imagination
15509: BONAVIA, DAVID - The Chinese
40052: BONAVIA, MICHAEL R - The Cambridge Line
37544: BOND, K W - The New History of Freemasonry in the Province of Cumberland and Westmorland
38277: BONDESON, JAN - The London Monster: Terror in the Streets in 1790
37221: BONDESON, JAN - Buried Alive: The Terrifying History of Our Most Primal Fear
24157: BONDS, RAY - The Illustrated Directory of a Century of Flight
40005: BONER, LLORENC - Karl Friedrich Schinkel
19586: BONFAND, ALAIN - Tingaud Interieurs
38915: BONG, GAYLE - Twin Peaks: Quilts from Easy Strip-Pieced Triangles
241: BONINGTON, CHRIS - Everest the Hard Way: The First Ascent of the South West Face
20204: BONINGTON, CHRIS - The Next Horizon; Autobiography II
39585: BONJOUR, E; OFFLER, H S; POTTER, G R - A Short History of Switzerland
39475: BONNER, ARTHUR - Among the Afghans
34539: BONNETT, HAROLD - Lincolnshire Steam in Camera
34722: BONSIB, SANDY - Quilting Your Memories: Inspirations for Designing with Image Transfers
15661: BOOKBINDER, PAUL - Marks and Spencer; the War Years 1939-1945
15689: BOOKBINDER, PAUL - Marks and Spencer; the War Years 1939-1945
1340: BOOKMAN, JAY - Caught in the Current: Searching for Simplicity in the Technological Age
31912: TRUE NORTH BOOKS - Nostalgic Stafford
39459: BOORSTIN, DANIEL J - The Discoverers
4034: BOOTH, JOHN - Looking at Old Prints (Signed)
39501: BOOTH, MICHAEL - The Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia
38867: BOOTH, P H W - The Financial Administration of the Lordship and County of Chester 1272-1377
23926: BOOTHROYD, J B - Motor If You Must
37043: BOOTLE, ROGER - Index-Linked Gilts: A Practical Investment Guide
36455: BOR, ROBERT; PALMER, STEPHEN (EDS) - A Beginner's Guide to Training in Counselling and Psychotherapy
35419: BORGE, JACQUES; VIASNOFF, NICOLAS - The Dakota: The Dc3 Story
40135: BORGES, JORGE LUIS - Dreamtigers
36151: BORGNER, HEDWIG; PERLES, ALFRED - Rathausplatz No 16
14840: BOROWITZ, ALBERT - The Thurtell-Hunt Murder Case
39939: BOSHER, ROBERT S - The Making of the Restoration Settlement: The Influence of the Laudians 1649-1662
26698: BOSLY, CAROLINE - Rugs to Riches: An Insider's Guide to Oriental Rugs
31785: BOSSERT, HELMUTH TH - Folk Art of Europe
36956: BOSSY, JOHN - Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair
14861: BOSTON, RAY - The Essential Fleet Street, Its History and Influence
39782: BOSWELL, JAMES; WAIN, JOHN (ED) - The Journals of James Boswell 1761-1795
35760: BOSWELL, JAMES - The Life of Samuel Johnson
26106: BOSWELL, JAMES; POTTLE, FREDERICK A - Boswell's London Journal 1762-63
37868: BOSWELL, PETER J; ESSERY, R J - Raymond Williams' Lms Steam in the Thirties
22252: BOSWELL, JAMES - The Artist's Dilemna; New Developments Number 1
15120: BOSWELL, JAMES - The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Dr Johnson
28851: BOSWELL, PATRICK - Boswell's Norwich
30579: BOSWORTH, G F - London East of Temple Bar Volume II
39973: BOTTOMLEY, MARCUS T - Amulets: How They Can Change Your Life
18679: PLATO; BOTTON, ALAIN DE - The Essential Plato
39078: BOUCHER, DAVID (ED) - The British Idealists
34962: BOULTON, JANET; LAMBIRTH, ANDREW - Janet Boulton: Paintings 1985-1990
18029: BOUQUET, A C - Everyday Life in New Testament Times
26395: BOURDEAUX, MICHAEL - Land of Crosses: The Struggle for Religious Freedom in Lithuania, 1939-1978
27575: BOURGES, MARIANNE R - Exposition Pages Cezanniennes 1991
39924: BOURNE, KENNETH (ED) - The Letters of the Third Viscount Palmerston to Laurence and Elizabeth Sulivan 1804-1863
31040: BOURNE, GEOFFREY (ED) - Cytology and Cell Physiology
39064: BOUSSARD, JACQUES - The Civilisation of Charlemagne
36397: BOUX, DOROTHY; WILSON, ELIANE - As I Trace Again They Winding Hill: Harrow on the Hill, a Tapestry of Prose and Verse
1461: BOWEN, DAVID - Shaking the Iron Universe; British Industry in the 1980s
40252: BOWEN, C E - The Robin's Christmas Eve
26929: BOWEN, MARJORIE - Withering Fires
8027: BOWEN, FRANK C - Sailing Ships of the London River
40212: BOWER, TOM - Broken Vows: Tony Blair, the Tragedy of Power
29138: BOWER, ALAN - Chesterfield and North-East Derbyshire on Old Postcards
35607: BOWER, TOM - Blood Money: The Swiss, the Nazis and the Lotted Billions
29276: BOWERS, FELICITY (ED) - Greetings from Bath: A Collection of Postcards of Bath C1900-1940
22237: BOWLBY, BRENDA J; REGAN, JENNIFER WOOTTON - An Educator's Guide to Human Rights
39271: BOWLE, JOHN - The English Experience: A Survey of English History from Earliest Times to the End of Empire
31275: BOWLT, EILEEN M - Stanmore Past
1847: BOWMAN, GERALD - War in the Air
16790: BOWMAN, GERALD - War in the Air
40166: BOWMAN, ALAN K - Egypt After the Pharaohs 332bc- Ad642
11743: BOWRA, C M - The Creative Experiment
35121: BOWRA, C M - Sophoclean Tragedy
32290: BOWYER, JASON - Starting Drawing
35430: BOWYER, MICHAEL J F - Aviation Photo Album
21249: BOWYER, CHAZ - Path Finders at War
27128: BOWYER, JASON - Starting Drawing
38480: BOWYER, CHAZ - Albert Ball, VC (Signed)
21002: BOWYER, CHAZ - Tales from the Bombers
29194: BOWYER, CHAZ; ISHOVEN, ARMAND VAN - Hurricane and Messerschmitt
40079: BOWYER, CHAZ - Bomber Group at War
35192: BOWYER, CHAZ (ED) - Royal Flying Corps Communiques 1917-1918
38399: BOWYER, CHAZ; ISHOVEN, ARMAND VAN - Halifax Wellington
35431: BOWYER, MICHAEL J F - Aviation Photo Album 2
39887: BOX, RICHARD - Richard Box's Flowers for Embroidery, a Step-by-Step Approach
13484: BOYCE, CHARLES - Extraterrestrial Encounter, a Personal Perspective
18621: BOYCOTT, GEOFFREY - Opening Up
15862: BOYD, WILLIAM (SEL) - Plato's Republic for Today; Together with the Educational Sections from the Laws
28707: BOYD, J (ED) - German Studies Presented to Leonard Ashley Willoughby by Pupils, Colleagues and Friends on His Retirement
21674: BOYD, JAMES - The Era of Goethe; Essays Presented to James Boyd, Taylor Professor of the German Language and Literature 1938-1959
37723: BOYDELL, CHRISTINE - Horrockses Fashions: Off-the-Peg Style in the '40s and '50s
29971: BOYLE, JOHN - Canterbury Pilgrim's Guide: The Official Guide of the City
36175: BOZHKOFF, ATANAS - Boris Christoff
39499: SLASH; BOZZA, ANTHONY - Slash
20227: BRABANT, F G - Rambles in Sussex
33290: BRACE, MARIANNE; FRANKL, ERNEST - London Parks and Gardens

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