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71961: THEOLOGICAL-HISTORICAL COMMISSION FOR THE GREAT JUBLILEE OF THE YEAR 2000 - Jesus Christ Word of the Father the Saviour of the World Official Catechetical Text in Preparation for the Millennium
103066: T124 - Sea Power
113433: JOHNSTON J.A. - Probate Inventories of Lincoln Citizens 1661-1714 Publications of the Lincoln Record Society
106528: JEWITT A. - The History of Buxton and Visitor's Guide to the Curiosities of the Peak
115506: SMITH MAXWELL A. - Knight of the Air the Life of Antoine de Saint-Exupery
109522: WALLIS BUDGE E.A. - The Egyptian Heaven and Hell Volume I the Book of Am-Tuat Volume II the Short from of the Book of Am-Tuat and the Book of Gates Volume III the Contents of the Books of the Other World Described and Compared and Index [Books on Egypt and Chaldaea]
118567: KEMPIS THOMAS A, RAYNAL WILFRID - Of the Imitation of Christ
118653: MARSHALL S.L.A. - Night Drop the American Airborne Invasoin of Normandy
99163: LANDSBOROUGH THOMSON SIR A. - A New Dictionary of Birds
117843: MILNE A.A., SHEPARD ERNEST H. - Winnie the Pooh
114598: EDLIN A. - A Treatise on the Art of Bread-Making
100362: STEELE E. A. - Juris Proverbia with an Appendix Dealing with the Articled Clerk and Examinations
111327: WALLIS BUDGE E. A. - First Steps in Egyptian Hieroglyphics a Book for Beginners
110074: COHEN A. - Everyman's Talmud
76758: ALGOSAIBI GHAZI A. - The Gulf Crisis an Attempt to Understand
103071: VANCE JOHN A. - Boswell's Life of Johnson New Questions New Answers
115821: MEDVEDEV ROY A., DE KADT ELLEN - On Stalin and Stalinism
115928: BELL DANIEL A. - Confucian Political Ethics
118755: FREEMAN M.D.A. - Lloyd's Introduction to Jurisprudence
114914: ANDERSON A.A. - 2 Samuel Vol 11 Word Biblical Commentary
111313: RITCHIE CARSON I. A. - The Eskimo and His Art
111915: KNAPMAN PAUL A., POWERS MICHAEL J. - Sources of Coroners' Law
50597: FRANCISCO RONALD A., MERRITT RICHARD L. - Berlin between Two Worlds
74642: HAMMERTON J.A. - Wonders of Animal Life in Four Volumes
78973: BOYNE GEORGE A. - Research in Urban Policy Volume 6 Constraints Choices and Public Policies
108727: ESDAILE KATHARINE A. - English Church Monuments 1540 - 1840
60879: SEEMAN E.A. - Ernst Barlach Plastische Meisterwerke
99316: CHARTERS DAVID A., FARSON STUART, HASTEDT GLENN - Intelligence Analysis and Assessment
104456: HAYEK F.A. - The Road to Serfdom
111326: WALLIS BUDGE E. A. - First Steps in Egyptian a Book for Beginners
113638: AXON WILLIAM E.A. - An Architectural and General Description of the Town Hall Manchester
114689: BERTIN A., RICCI R.A., VITALE A. - 9th General Conference of the European Physical Society Trends in Physics Florence September 14-17 1993
117618: WEISHEIPL JAMES A. - Friar Thomas D'Aquino His Life Thought and Works
118367: ARNOLD EDWARD A. - As Long As Space Endures Essays on the Kalacakra Tantra in Honour of H.H. The Dalai Lama
118840: YOUNGS FREDERIC A. - Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England Volume 1 Southern England
38234: HAVINDEN M.A. - Estate Villages a Study of the Berkshire Villages of Ardington and Lockinge
118450: RAY REGINALD A. - Indestructible Truth the Living Spirituality of Tibetan Buddhism World of Tibetan Buddhism
63810: HUTCHINSON G.A. - The Boy's Own Paper Christmas 1884 Christmas 1888 Summer 1889 Christmas 1889 Summer 1888 Christmas 1890 Summer 1891
117623: WOOD ANTHONY A., BLISS PHILIP - Athenae Oxonienses Volume I an Exact History of All the Writers and Bishops Who Have Had Their Education in the University of Oxford to Which Are Added the Fasti or Annals of the Said University
117956: MILNE A.A., SHEPARD ERNEST H. - Winnie-the-Pooh
114210: BATEMAN JAMES A. - Trapping a Practical Guide
84350: MILNE A.A. - Behind the Lines
107191: STACE CLIVE A. - Plant Taxonomy and Biosystematics Contemporary Biology
105133: HOFFMANN E.T.A., LABOCCETTA MARIO - Tales of Hoffmann
118615: OSLEY S. A. - Calligraphy and Palaeography Essays Presented to Alfred Fairbank
62096: FOTHERGILL G.A. - Hunting Racing Coaching & Boxing Ballads
102405: MILES NELSON A., WOOSTER ROBERT - Personal Recollections & Observations of General Nelson A. Miles Volume 2
85745: DESJARDIN THOMAS A. - These Honored Dead How the Story of Gettysburg Shaped American Memory
85783: CIMBALA PAUL A., MILLER RANDALL M. - An Uncommon Time the CIVIL War and the Northern Home Front
118353: SPICER JOANEATH A. - Masters of Light Dutch Painters in Utrecht During the Golden Age
79869: FIRMAGE RICHARD A. - The Alphabet Abecedarium Some Notes on Letters
92382: CLEGG H.A., CHESTER T.E. - The Future of Nationalization
98605: STEWART J A. - The Myths of Plato
102855: HEURTLEY W.A. - A Short History of Greece from Early Times to 1964
90399: WITCHELL CHARLES A. - The Evolution of Bird Song
92162: LARRABEE HAROLD A. - Decision at the Chesapeake
118578: DARWIN BERNARD A., WIND HERBERT WARREN, CRENSHAW BEN - The Golf Courses of the British Isles
97146: PUE R.J.A. - Steam Locomotives of the Ulster Transport Authority
92897: ROGOW ARNOLD A. - Thomas Hobbes Radical in the Service of Reaction
65428: CHASSANG A., SENNINGER C. - Recueil de Textes Litteraires Francais XVI XVII XVIII XIX XX Siecle
115499: SCOTT C. W. A. - Scott's Book the Life and Mildenhall-Melbourne Flight of C.W. A. Scott Told by Himself
115136: BARNES J.A. - Three Styles in the Study of Kinship
103889: FEIGENBAUM EDWARD A., MCCORDUCK PAMELA - The Fifth Generation Artificial Intelligence and Japan's Computer Challenge to the World
103158: DOUGLAS JACKSON W.A. - Politics and Geographic Relationships Readings on the Nature of Political Geography
22823: SCHEEN P.A. - Honderd Jaren Nederlandsche Schilder-En Teekenkunst de Romantiek Met Voor- En Natijd (1750 - 1850)
33453: TEBBS, L. A. AND R. - Supplement to the Art of Bobbin Lace
84544: HAMMERTON J.A. - Stevensoniana an Anecdotal Life and Appreciation of Robert Louis Stevenson
41502: IRVINE LT COLONEL A.A. - Land of No Regrets
113496: MARCHAND LESLIE A. - Byron's Letters and Journals What Comes Uppermost Supplementary Volume
112762: FISHER R.A., YATES F. - Statistical Tables for Biological Agricultural and Medical Research
113958: COLES R.A., GONIS N., NODAR A., OBBINK D., STEWART R. - The Oxyrhynchus Papyri Volume LXVII Graeco-Roman Memoirs No. 87
114647: HENDERSON W.A., SCHNEBBELIE JACOB CHRISTOPHER - The Housekeeper's Instructor or Universal Family Cook Being a Full and Clear Display of the Art of Cookery in All Its Branches Containing Proper Directions for Dressing All Kinds of Butcher's Meat Poulty Game Fish &C... . to Which Is Added the Comple
103773: JAMES B.A. - Moonless Night One Man's Struggle for Freedom 1940-45
117744: BURTON ROGER A. - The Heritage of Exmoor
111774: NEWTON PETER A., KERR JILL - The County of Oxford a Catalogue of Stained Glass, Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi Great Britian Volume I.
57210: COX E.A. - The Lives Amours and Misfortunes of Abelard and Heloise
71253: GREEN J.A. - Thomas de Quincey a Bibliography Based Upon the de Quincey Collection in the Moss Side Library
105998: COOK FREDERICK A. - My Attainment of the Pole
108993: GRIBBIN JOSEPH A. - The Premonstratnsian Order in Late Medieval England
89308: WINDLE BERTRAM C.A. - Remains of the Prehistoric Age in England the Antiquary's Books
100982: LEE GERARD A. - A Memoir of the South Western Circuit
110064: WALLIS BUDGE E.A. - Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection Volumes I and II
118593: JACKSON ALAN A., CROOME DESMOND F. - Rails Through the Clay a History of London's Tube Railways
105929: ASPINALL A., SMITH ANTHONY - English Historical Documents Volume 8 1783-1832
98648: ARMES GEORGE A. - Ups and Downs of an Army Officer
97183: MACLEAY W. A., WALLACE FRANK - Rua the Story of a Highland Red Deer
114747: GREEN JUDITH A. - The Government of England Under Henry I.
76472: CARDWELL GUY A. - Twins of Genius
83455: RAYMOND STUART A. - Londoners' Occupations a Genealogical Guide
114714: CURCHIN LEONARD A. - Roman Spain Conquest and Assimilation
101295: STEVEN G.A. - Nets How to Make Mend and Preserve Them
41235: KENNEDY MRS HUGH A. - The Heart and the Mind True Words on Training and Teaching
111073: WALLIS BUDGE E.A. - The Liturgy of Funerary Offerings
100376: SUDEROW BRUCE A. - Thunder in Arcadia Valley Price's Defeat September 27 1864
62373: PICKRILL D. A. - Ministers of the Crown
40193: DIETZ ALBERT A. - Aging Its Chemistry Proceedings of the Third Arnold O. Beckman Conference in Clinical Chemistry
115744: DANILOV A.A. - The History of Russia the Twentieth Century
118713: MENDILOW A.A. - Time and the Novel
113811: PRETTY DAVID A. - The Rural Revolt That Failed Farm Workers' Trade Unions in Wales
112913: SPURR HARRY A. - The Life and Writings of Alexandre Dumas 1802 - 1870
100410: MCKAY ERNEST A. - The CIVIL War and New York City
117624: WOOD ANTHONY A., BLISS PHILIP - Athenae Oxonienses Volume II an Exact History of All the Writers and Bishops Who Have Had Their Education in the University of Oxford to Which Are Added the Fasti or Annals of the Said University
117626: WOOD ANTHONY A., BLISS PHILIP - Athenae Oxonienses Volume IV an Exact History of All the Writers and Bishops Who Have Had Their Education in the University of Oxford to Which Are Added the Fasti or Annals of the Said University
117625: WOOD ANTHONY A., BLISS PHILIP - Athenae Oxonienses Volume III an Exact History of All the Writers and Bishops Who Have Had Their Education in the University of Oxford to Which Are Added the Fasti or Annals of the Said University
113100: SKELTON R.A. - County Atlases of the British Isles 1579-1850
106469: EDWARDS LEWIS A. - Inland Waterways of Great Britain and Ireland
118317: MILNE A.A., SHEPARD ERNEST H. - When We Were Very Young
117637: BRYDEN H.A. - Horn and Hound Memories of Hunting
103701: FREEMAN ROGER A. - American Air Museum Duxford a Tribute to American Air Power
117739: PARKER L.A. - This Fishing or Angling Arts and Artifices
108148: ELLIS MARGARET A., STROUSTRUP BJARNE - The Annotated C ++ Reference Manual
64130: BOORMAN L.A., RANWELL D.S. - Ecology of Maplin Sands and the Coastal Zones of Suffolk Essex and North Kent
116858: GRIFFITHS RALPH A. - The Household Book 1510 - 1551 of Sir Edward Don an English Knight and His Circle
76010: HOPKINS ALBERT A., NEWBURY FROST READ - A Dickens Atlas Including Twelve Walks in London with Charles Dickens
67675: BARTON GERGORY A. - British Scholar Vol I Issue 1 September 2008
117754: BROWN G. A., PRIDEAUX J. D. C., RADCLIFFE H. G. - The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway
77779: PAGE W.A., READ JOHN - Fanta Sea
111349: WILCOX L.A. - Anson's Voyage
73142: MURRAY LES A. - The Daylight Moon
116653: ROBOTHAM W. A. - Silver Ghosts and Silver Dawn
79338: DAVENPORT W.A. - The Art of the Gawain-Poet
92675: BONFIELD LYNN A., MORRISON MARY C. - Roxana's Children the Biography of a Nineteenth-Century Vermont Family
99244: BENSALL ROYAL A., BARTH GUNTER - All Quiet on the Yamhill the CIVIL War in Oregon
106043: CARSON P.A., GARNER C.R. - The Silver Screens of Wirral a History of Cinemas in Birkenhead and Bebington
88608: THIERS M.A. - Histoire de la Revolution Francaise
31247: FREEMAN EDWARD A. - Historical Essays
40252: HORAN MICHAEL A. AND BROUWER ADRIAAN - Gerontology Approaches to Biomedical and Clinical Research
116016: MEDVEDEV ZHORES A. - Soviet Agriculture
117116: SCHAFFNER HERBERT A. - The Fishing Tackle Catalog a Sourcebook for the Well-Equipped Angler
105757: KARIMOV I.A. - Uzbekistan the Road of Independence and Progress
69407: MAHLSTEDT PAYMASTER A. - Out Hunting with the Kronprinz Wilhelm Translated from the Kieler Zeitung of 25th September 1915
116314: HENTY G.A. - One of the 28th a Tale of Waterloo
87774: WALKER STELLA A. - Sporting Art England 1700 - 1900
115778: HOSKING GEOFFREY A., AVES JONATHAN, DUNCAN PETER J.S. - The Road to Post-Communism Independent Political Movements in the Former Soviet Union
118033: BUCHANAN R.A., COSSONS NEIL - Industrial Archaeology of the Bristol Region
105954: BIRMINGHAM GEORGE A. - General John Regan
55936: MOZART W.A. - Die Hochzeit Des Figaro Opera Buffa in 4 Akten Klavierauszug Revidiert Von Gustav Volk
118050: HARRIS A. - Cumberland Iron the Story of Hodbarrow Mine 1855-1968
106013: GREGOIRE J.A. - Best Wheel Forward
73811: ARNDT K.A., NOE J.M., ROSEN S. - Cutaneous Laser Therapy Principles and Methods
112108: MCKENNA CATHERINE A. - The Medieval Welsh Religious Lyric Poems of the Gogynfeirdd 1137-1282
49045: J.B.A. - The Bunny Book for Babes and Their Betters
111071: WALLIS BUDGE E.A. - The Book of the Dead the Papyrus of Ani Scribe and Treasurer of the Temples of Egypt About B.C. 1450 in Two Volumes
118635: WALKER THOMAS A. - The Severn Tunnel Its Construction and Difficulties 1872 - 1887
73700: LOCKE A., HOWE D.H. - The Tigers of Trengganu Adapted for Schools in Malaya
72667: CLEGG H.A. - General Union a Study of the National Union of General and Municipal Workers
113953: LEA F.A. - The Tragic Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche
114319: ROBERTSON UNA A. - Coming out of the Kitchen Women Beyond the Home
117551: KEMPIS THOMAS A, BENHAM W. - The Imitation of Christ in Four Books with Twelve Photogravures After Celebrated Paintings Admonitions Profitable for the Spiritual Life Admonitions Concerning the Inner Life on Inward Consolation of the Sacrament of the Altar
112818: QUETELET M.A. - A Treatise on Man and the Development of His Faculties
112798: MAGUIRE W.A. - Letters of a Great Irish Landlord a Selection from the Estate Correspondence of the Third Marquess of Downshire 1809-45
113444: CRAIG GORDON A. - Germany 1866-1945 Oxford History of Modern Europe
118591: HAMMOND MAURICE A. - Motorcade a Dictionary of Motoring History
86624: EARLY GENERAL JUBAL A., EARLY R.H. - Narrative of the War between the States
69428: RICHMOND I.A., WEBSTER GRAHAM - Excavations in Goss Street Chester 1948 - 9
55359: MERCER F.A. - Gardens and Gardening 1937
118451: RAY REGINALD A. - Secret of the Vajra World the Tantric Buddhism of Tibet World of Tibetan Buddhism
111741: GREENHILL F. A. - Incised Effigial Slabs a Study of Engraved Stone Memorials in Latin Christendom C. 1100 to C. 1700 Volume I [&] II
115052: TAYLOR H.A. - Fairey Aircraft Since 1915
114258: SMITH VINCENT A. - The Early History of India from 600 B.C. To the Muhammadan Conquest Including the Invasion of Alexander the Great
118841: YOUNGS FREDERIC A. - Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England Volume II Northern England
118318: MILNE A.A., SHEPARD ERNEST H. - The House at Pooh Corner
72175: HENDERSON-SELLERS A., MCGUFFIE K. - A Climate Modelling Primer
116332: MILNE A.A. - Toad of Toad Hall a Play from Kenneth Grahame's Book 'the Wind in the Willows'
102404: MCCALL GENERAL GEORGE A. - Letters from the Frontiers
107389: EDMONDS E.A. - Geology of the Country Around Okehampton Geological Survey of Great Britain
109369: SPALDING P.A., CORTIE R.H. - A Reader's Handbook to Proust an Index Guide to Remembrance of Things Past
114775: JEYARATNAM WILSON A., DALTON DENNIS - The States of South Asia Problems of National Integration
62266: HENTY G.A. - Young Buglers a Tale of the Peninsular War
83508: HAVINDEN M.A., QUENIART J., STANYER J. - Centre Et Peripherie Bretagne Cornouailles - Devon Etude Comparee Centre and Periphery Brittany and Cornwall and Devon Compared
109521: WALLIS BUDGE E.A. - The Mummy a Handbook of Egyptian Funerary Archaeology
115863: SHERRILL W.A., CHU W.K. - The Astrology of I Ching Translated from the 'Ho Map Lo Map Rational Number' Manuscript
115864: SHERRILL W.A., CHU W. - An Anthology of I Ching
117332: EPSTEIN RICHARD A. - Forbidden Grounds the Case Against Employment Discrimination Laws
87506: CARSON P.A., GARNER C.R. - The Silver Screens of Wirral a History of Cinemas in Wallasey Hoylake West Kirby and South Wirral
113435: CARROLL R.A. - Printed Maps of Lincolnshire 1576-1900 a Carto-Bibliography with an Appendix on Road-Books Publications of the Lincoln Record Society
100404: HOEHLING A.A. - After the Guns Fell Silent a Post-Appomatox Narrative April 1865-March 1866
103006: SPECK W.A. - Stability and Strife England 1714-60
110488: REMPEL RICHARD A. - Unionists Divided Arthur Balfour Joseph Chamberlain and the Unionist Free Traders
109143: BROWN D.A., CAMPBELL K.S.W. - The Geological Evolution of Australia and New Zealand
88163: ALLEN AARON, SPENCE CATHRYN - Edinburgh Housemails Taxation Book 1634 - 1636
108708: HUC ABBE - Travels in Tartary and Thibet
76886: EL OUALI ABDELHAMID - Saharan Conflict Towards Territorial Autonomy As a Right to Democratic Self Determination
76887: EL OUALI ABDELHAMID - Autonomie Au Sahara Prélude Au Maghreb Des Régions
76795: AL-SOWAYEGH ABDULAZIZ - Arab Petro-Politics
103402: GURNAH ABDULRAZAK - By the Sea
108437: CHAPMAN ABEL - Retrospect Reminiscences and Impressions of a Hunter-Naturalist in Three Continents 1851 - 1928
108451: CHAPMAN ABEL - Bird-Life of the Borders on Moorland and Sea with Faunal Notes Extending over Forty Years
108452: CHAPMAN ABEL - Bird-Life of the Borders on Moorland and Sea with Faunal Notes Extending over Forty Years
108441: CHAPMAN ABEL - Wild Norway with Chapters on Spitsbergen Denmark Etc.
102635: CHAPMAN ABEL, BUCK WALTER J. - Wild Spain Records of Sport with Rifle Rod and Gun Natural History and Exploration
108440: CHAPMAN ABEL - The Borders and Beyond Arctic Cheviot Tropic
115231: LINCOLN ABRAHAM, STEPHENSON NATHANIEL WRIGHT - An Autobiography of Abraham Lincoln Consisting of the Personal Portions of His Letters Speeches and Conversations
86715: LINCOLN ABRAHAM, GRAFTON JOHN - Abraham Lincoln Great Speeches
114479: LINCOLN ABRAHAM, LAPSLEY ARTHUR BROOKS - The Writings of Abraham Lincoln Constitutional Edition in Eight Volumes
59906: BRITISH ACADEMY - Proceedings of the British Academy Volume LXXV 1989
60348: BRITISH ACADEMY - Proceedings of the British Academy Volume 82 1992 Lectures and Memoirs
50944: STIFTER ADALBERT - Das Alte Siegel Parnass Bücherei Nr. 60
84638: ELSCHENBROICH ADALBERT - Aufklärung Und Empfindsamkeit Deutsche Literatur IM 18. Jahrhundert Jubiläumsbibliothek Der Deutschen Literatur
114691: BIRO ADAM - Two Jews on a Train Stories from the Old Country and the New
116919: SISMAN ADAM - John le Carre the Biography
116248: ZAMOYSK ADAM - Rites of Peace the Fall of Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna
85060: JOHNSON ADAM - The Spiral Staircase
118072: SHARPE ADAM, LEWIS ROSE, MASSIE CHRIS, JOHNSON NICK - Engine House Assessment Mineral Tramways Project an Historical Architectural and Structural Assessment of Surviving Engine Houses and Arsenic Calciners in the Mineral Tramways Project Area Cornwall
60188: MICKIEWICZ ADAM, ANDRIOLLEGO M.E. - Pan Tadeusz Czyli Ostatni Zajazd Na Litwie
109050: WILLIAMS ADAM - The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure
86116: DAVIS EDWIN ADAMS - Fallen Guidon the Saga of Confederate General Jo Shelby's March to Mexico
103845: SYMONDS JOHN ADDINGTON - Sir Philip Sidney English Men of Letters
77280: GERAS ADELE - The Tower Room
94968: REPTON JOHN ADEY, WILKINS WILLIAM - Norwich Cathedral at the End of the Eighteenth Century
115288: STEINSALTZ ADIN, HANEGBI YEHUDA, TOUEG REBECCA - We Jews Who We Are and What We Should Do
96923: COLES K. ADLARD - Heavy Weather Sailing
65928: HARNACK ADOLF, MOFFATT JAMES - Early Christian Doctrines Volume I.
106697: BURY ADRIAN - Shadow of Eros a Biographical and Critical Study of the Life and Works of Sir Alfred Gilbert, R.A. , M.V. O. , D.C. L.
105920: MURDOCH ADRIAN - The Last Roman Romulus Augustulus and the Decline of the West
107545: ROOM ADRIAN - Dictionary of Trade Name Origins
52798: BURY ADRIAN - The Old Water-Colour Society's Club 1951 Twenty-Ninth Annual Volume
85565: HOPE ADRIAN, TROUBRIDGE LAURA, LANCASTER MARIE-JAQUELINE - Letters of Engagement 1884 - 1888 the Love Letters of Adrian Hope and Laura Troubridge
118034: BURY ADRIAN - Joseph Crawhall the Man and the Artist
98866: LATIMER ADRIAN - Wild Fishing in Wild Places
96398: LEVY ADRIAN, SCOTT-CLARK CATHY - The Stone of Heaven the Secret History of the Imperial Jade Green
84678: MITCHELL ADRIAN - The Annotated out Loud
57439: CARTWRIGHT JULIA MRS HENRY ADY - Sacharissa Some Account of Dorothy Sidney Countess of Sunderland Her Family and Friends 1617 - 1684
114920: AELRED, TALBOT C.H. - Aelred of Rievaulx Dialogue on the Soul
51202: AESCHYLUS, BLOMFIELD C.J. - Aeschyli Agamemnon Ad Fidem Manuscriptorum
116074: AESCHYLUS, THOMSON GEORGE, HEADLAM W.G. - The Oresteia of Aeschylus in Two Volumes
91922: AESOP, DETMOLD EDWARD - The Fables of Aesop
115185: CHRISTIE AGATHA - An Agatha Christie Omnibus the Mysterious Affair at Styles the Murder on the Links Poirot Investigates
116507: CHRISTIE AGATHA - An Autobiography
117409: CHRISTIE AGATHA - Murder on the Links
117408: CHRISTIE AGATHA - The Mysterious Affair at Styles
118739: CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY - The Cia World Handbook 2017
72487: WESTON AGNES - My Life Among the Bluejackets
77160: MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND WATER - Natural History of Saudi Arabia an Introduction
90777: QUINN AIDAN - Nathan Ford
118794: MOOKERJEE AJIT - Kundalini the Arousal of the Inner Energy
110930: BONNIER AKE - Albert Bonniers Fôrlag 100 år 1837-1937
93633: ABBS AKOSUA - Ashanti Boy
116467: SANTOLI AL - To Bear Any Burden the Vietnam War and Its Aftermath in the Words of Forty-Seven Americans and Southeast Asians
42459: HEAD C.O. GOODWIN E.G.M AT AL - The Journal of the Royal Artillery Volume LXXII No. 1 January 1945
113063: HIRSCHFELD AL - Hirschfeld on Line
77900: TELLAWY SCHEHERAZADE AL - Eclipse of Destiny
112420: HOROWITZ AL - From Morphy to Fischer a History of the World Chess Championship
99059: ERLANDE-BRANDENBURG ALAIN - La Dame a la Licorne the Lady and the Unicorn
102190: PEYREFITTE ALAIN - The Collision of Two Civilisations the British Expedition to China in 1792-4
107880: PEYREFITTE ALAIN - The Collision of Two Civilisations the British Expedition to China in 1792-4
96060: BROWNJOHN ALAN - A Song of Good Life
114850: STRIPP ALAN - Code Breaker in the Far East
111049: SILLITOE ALAN - Out of the Whirlpool
118136: LOMAX ALAN - Mister Jelly Roll the Fortunes of Jelly Roll Morton New Orleans Creole and Inventor of Jazz
115695: HAMBLIN ALAN - 1950's Starlets Film Stars and Starlets Featured in the Magazine 'Picturegoer' But Not Included in 'Quinlan's Film Stars
118564: PALMER ALAN - Twilight of the Habsburgs the Life and Times of Emporer Francis Joseph
118549: COBHAM SIR ALAN - Australia and Back
101771: BELL ALAN - Sydney Smith
112055: COBBAN ALAN - English University Life in the Middle Ages
116100: COTTON ALAN - Alan Cotton Hartland, Provence & C. Kerry
93928: PALMER ALAN - Napoleon in Russia
118828: WALLACE B. ALAN - Balancing the Mind a Tibetan Buddhist Approach to Refining Attention
118829: WALLACE B. ALAN - The Seven-Point Mind Training
36986: BIGGINS ALAN - Argentina
68294: CROSBY ALAN - Unlocking the Past the Local Historian Index and Abstracts 1952 - 1999
47683: COSTER ALAN - Quite Another Story
114755: HARDING ALAN - England in the Thirteenth Century Cambridge Medieval Textbooks
114424: FORWARD ALAN - You Have Been Allocated Uganda Letters from a District Officer
50144: ISAACS ALAN, LAW JONATHAN, MARTIN ELIZABETH, WRIGHT EDMUND - Collins Encyclopedia the Definitive Reference Library in Ten Volumes + Atlas of the World
46542: MULGAN ALAN - The City of the Strait Wellington and Its Province a Centennial History
58885: PEARSON ALAN - Trout Angler's Angles an Approach to Stillwaters
117878: STEWART ALAN - Philip Sidney a Double Life
115446: HENRY ALAN - Ferrari the Grand Prix Cars
110917: HORNE ALAN - The Dictionary of 20th Century British Book Illustrators
104379: WALKER ALAN - Franz Liszt the Weimar Years 1848-61 V. 2
115657: TAYLOR ALAN - The CIVIL War of 1812 American Citizens British Subjects Irish Rebels & Indian Allies
104378: WALKER ALAN - Franz Liszt Vol. I the Virtuoso Years 1811-47
102651: FRANCIS ALAN, HOPE MIKE, ADAMSON DAVID - The Stabilisation of Combe Down Stone Mines
114193: HOE ALAN - David Stirling the Authorised Biography of the Founder of the Sas
82737: KINGSBURY ALAN - Introspections
118030: BIRCH ALAN - The Economic History of the British Iron and Steel Industry 1784-1879 Essays in Industrial and Economic History with Special Reference to the Development of Technology
118000: BORG ALAN - The History of the Worshipful Company of Painters Otherwise Painter-Stainers
109771: BROWNJOHN ALAN - A Night in the Gazebo Poems
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85063: ARISTOPHANES, ARROWSMITH WILLIAM, LATTIMORE RICHMOND, PARKER DOUGLAS - Four Plays by Aristophanes the Clouds the Birds Lysistrata the Frogs
101251: ARISTOPHANES - Aristophanes the Eleven Comedies
77282: ARISTOPHANES, DICKINSON PATRIC - Plays II Birds Lysistrata Thesmophoriazusai Frogs Ecclesiazusai Ploutos
115716: ARISTOTLE, BURNET JOHN - The Ethics of Aristotle
77143: FULLERTON ARLENE, FEHERVARI GEZA - Kuwait Arts and Architecture a Collection of Essays
113757: WILSON ARLINE - William Roscoe Commerce and Culture
117541: ARMINIUS, GRIFFIN GERALD - From Serajevo to the Rhine Generals of the Great War
91127: BANNERMAN DAVID ARMITAGE - The Birds of Tropical West Africa with Special Reference to Those of the Gambia Sierra Leone the Gold Coast and Nigeria Volumes I - IV
41473: SINGLE SHOT J.E. ARMITAGE - Mystic Rites of Match Angling
70103: ROBINSON J. ARMITAGE - St Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians a Revised Text and Translation with Exposition and Notes
104883: ROBINSON J. ARMITAGE - Somerset Historical Essays
83886: BRUSCHI ARNALDO - IL Tempio Della Consolazione a Todi
110900: GINGRICH ARNOLD - The Fishing in Print a Guided Tour Through Five Centuries of Angling Literature
102203: TOYNBEE ARNOLD - Arnold Toynbee a Selection from His Work
64637: SORSBY ARNOLD - Systemic Ophthalmology
103683: BENNETT ARNOLD, BOYD HARTE GLYNN - The Old Wives' Tale
84135: LUNN ARNOLD - Mountains of Memory
118585: FORSTER REAR ADMIRAL D. ARNOLD - At War with the Smugglers Career of Doctor Arnold's Father
107762: LUNN ARNOLD - Mountain Jubilee
118873: MCMILLIN ARNOLD - From Pushkin to Palisandriia Essays on the Russian Novel in Honour of Richard Freeborn
106950: HANSLMEIER ARNOLD - The Sun and Space Weather
109000: HAUSER ARNOLD - The Social History of Art Volume 2
115646: MARLBOROUGH FINE ART - Edward Seago 1910 - 1974 Paintings and Watercolours
115328: COOPER ARTEMIS - Mr Wu & Mrs Stitch
116096: CONAN DOYLE ARTHUR - The Land of Mist
118827: WALEY ARTHUR - One Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems
117419: CONAN DOYLE ARTHUR - Sherlock Holmes the Complete Long Stories a Study in Scarlet the Sign of Four the Hound of the Baskervilles the Valley of Fear
116610: BULLEID ARTHUR, GRAY HAROLD ST GEORGE - The Meare Lake Village a Full Description of the Excavations and the Relics from the Eastern Half of the West Village 1910 - 1933 Volume I [&] Volume II
101569: THIEDE ARTHUR, TEIPNER CINDY - The Log Home Book Design Past and Present
104462: KOESTLER ARTHUR - Bricks to Babel
115693: KOESTLER ARTHUR - Arrow in the Blue an Autobiography
117805: FLYNN ARTHUR - The Story of Irish Film
103787: PEERS ARTHUR - Seaford House Papers 1982
104356: HARRIS ARTHUR - Bomber Offensive
87108: GRIMBLE ARTHUR - A Pattern of Islands
99395: NEVE ARTHUR - The Legacy of Kashmir Ladakh & Skardu
118298: TAYLOR ARTHUR - Notes and Tones Musician-to-Musician Interviews
117418: CONAN DOYLE ARTHUR - Sherlock Holmes the Complete Short Stories
110874: RACKHAM ARTHUR - Mother Goose the Old Nursery Rhymes
81268: ELTON ARTHUR, HARRISON BRETT, WARK KEITH - Researching the Country House
28228: SHORT ARTHUR - Yells Being a Collection of 101 Yells and Cries from the Wide World As Used by Scouts and Others
56422: STRANGE THOMAS ARTHUR - English Furniture Decoration Woodwork & Allied Arts During the Last Half of the Seventeenth Century and the Whole of the Eighteenth Century and the Earlier Part of the Nineteenth Century
117738: HUTTON J. ARTHUR - Our Fishing Diary Hampton Bishop 1908-1933
109632: KOESTLER ARTHUR - Darkness at Noon
45782: LANE ARTHUR - When You Go Home
87461: DOUBLEDAY H. ARTHUR - A History of the County of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Volume I Victoria County History
116963: HUTCHINSON WILLIAM ARTHUR - More Precious Than Gold the Magic of Water
118244: RANSOME ARTHUR - The Big Six
118231: RANSOME ARTHUR - Coot Club
95291: RAISTRICK ARTHUR - Two Centuries of Industrial Welfare the London (Quaker) Lead Company 1692 - 1905
80715: SCHNITZLER ARTHUR, DAVIES J.M.Q. - Selected Short Fiction
57756: SEVERN ARTHUR, DEARDEN JAMES S. - The Professor Arthur Severn's Memoir of John Ruskin
116705: WILCOX ARTHUR - Moon Rocket
74865: WEIGALL ARTHUR - The Life and Times of Akhnaton Pharaoh of Egypt
118600: KING ARTHUR, STUART A. F. - The House of Warne One Hundred Years of Publishing
100860: MEE ARTHUR - Nottinghamshire the King's England
106152: LAMBTON ARTHUR - The Salad Bowl
93321: CONAN DOYLE ARTHUR, HOGARTH PAUL - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
117720: HUTTON J. ARTHUR - Wye Salmon and Other Fish
105348: GOODWIN ARTHUR - Translations from the Exeter Book Selections of Anglo-Saxon Poetry from Manuscripts in the Library of Exeter Cathedral
118473: WALEY ARTHUR - The Book of Songs
117595: KOESTLER ARTHUR - Janus a Summing Up
63908: GRANICK ARTHUR - Jennings Tofel
118887: SADLER ARTHUR - Paper Sculpture
116082: HARRIS ARTHUR - Bomber's Battle Bomber Command's Three Years of War
62274: MANSBRIDGE ARTHUR - Sinbad the Sailor
109349: MURRAY ARTHUR, MURRAY KATHRYN - How to Become a Good Dancer with Dance Secrets
100164: CRANE ARTHUR - The Kirkland Papers 1753-1869 Ferrers Murder and the Lives and Times of a Medical Family in Ashby-de-la-Zouch
69867: SYMONS ARTHUR - Knave of Hearts 1894 - 1908
89442: OGLESBY ARTHUR - Salmon
117336: GOLD ARTHUR, FIZDALE ROBERT - Misia the Life of Misia Sert
112503: CROOKENDEN ARTHUR - The History of the Cheshire Regiment in the Great War
118472: WALEY ARTHUR - The Nine Songs a Study of Shamanism in Ancient China
112639: DOMOSLAWSKI ARTUR - Ryszard Kapuscinski a Life
53847: BAECKSTROM ARVID - Rorstrand Och Dess Tillverkningar 1726 - 1926
40621: BRIGGS ASA, SNOWMAN DANIEL - Fins de Siecle How Centuries End 1400 - 2000
117945: BRIGGS ASA - Secret Days Code-Breaking in Bletchley Park
117938: BRIGGS ASA - A Victorian Trilogy Victorian Cities Victorian People Victorian Things
104962: LEONARD ROGER ASHLEY - A Short Guide to Clausewitz on War
104788: RUMNEY ASHLEY - The Form Book Jumps Annual 2012-2013
117518: WADE ASHTON - A Life on the Line
107907: TINKLER BASIL ASHTON - A Somerset Hero Who Beat the Aussies the Life and Times of J.C. Farmer White
91716: RAZIN ASSAF, SADKA EFRAIM - The Economy of Modern Israel Malaise and Promise
77387: PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION - A Guide to Royalty Agreements Prepared by the Agreements Committee of the Publishers Association
111801: NATIONAL PIG BREEDERS' ASSOCIATION - Herd Book of the National Pig Breeders' Association 1951
50259: EMPIRE FORESTRY ASSOCIATION - The Commonwealth Forestry Handbook 1962

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