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44407: - Merchantmen at War the Official Story of the Merchant Navy 1939-1944 [Paperba...
44816: - Planers and Planing [Paperback] by Lister Sydney
44601: - The British Army Up-to-Date [Hardcover] by Harris P Valentine
44569: - The Historic River: Rivers and Culture Down the Ages by Haslam, S.M. ; Bower, y.
44821: - Princes in the Tower by Weir, B Alison; Weir, Alison
44316: - The Treasure of the Incas by Henty, G.A.
44174: - Sassoon's Long Journey: An Illustrated Selection from 'the Complete Memoirs o...
44627: - Investigating the Twentieth Century: Sources for Local Historians: Sources Fo...
38643: A. E. (GEORGE RUSSELL) - Imaginations and Reveries
44158: - Private Bruckshaw's Diaries, 1915-16 by Bruckshaw, Horace; Middlebrook, Martin
44481: - A Quaint Old Fashioned Place: East Hertfordshire in the 1830's by Smith, James
44467: - Destroyers by Preston, Antony
44623: - The South East from A.D. 1000 (Regional History of England) by Brandon, Peter;...
44464: - Cruisers by Preston, Antony
44462: - World War I in Photographs [Hardcover] by Gilbert, Adrian.
44298: - The Last Year of Christopher Saint Eve : A History of Charmed Irresponsibilit...
44401: - The Birth of a Movement 1919-1922 the Story of Toch Part II [Paperback] by Ba...
44830: - Rides Around Cambridge a Cyclist's and Motorist's Guide with Maps and Illustr...
44163: - Battle of Loos by Warner, Philip
44375: - Bullets and Billets [Hardcover] by Bruce Bairnsfather
53363: E W B - The Anti-Gallican; or Standard of British Loyalty, Religion and Liberty; Including a Collection of the Principal Papers, Tracts Speeches, Poems, and Songs.
44546: - The Weaker Vessel: Woman's Lot in Seventeenth-Century England [Hardcover] by...
44677: - Arms and Uniforms: Second World War, V. 1 by Funcken, L. ; Funcken, F.
44513: - Britain's Maritime Memorials and Mementoes by Saunders, David
44889: - Come in, My Ghosts (Poets S. ) by Thomas, Joan
44328: - Way Howe to Lymne: Tudor Miniatures Observed by Murrell, Jim
44662: - Cornwall - Land of Legend by Wilson, Joy
44283: - The Theory and Practice of Gamesmanship [Paperback] by Stephen Potter
44236: - Bridges of Britain by Mare, Eric de
44646: - British Battle Insignia: 1914-18 Bk. 1 (Men-at-Arms) [Paperback] by Chappell,...
44302: - Book of the River Lea by Ashby, Margaret
44878: - States of Ireland by o'Brien, Conor Cruise
44882: - Dublin 1913: Lockout & Legacy [Paperback] by Granville, Gary
44329: - Angels of Albion: Women of the Indian Mutiny by Jane Robinson
44330: - Supremely Abominable Crimes: Trial of the Knights Templar by Burman, Edward
44616: - My Sapper Venture by Eberle, V.F.
44550: - The Monumental Brasses of Essex (L-y). [Paperback] by Lack, William & H. Mart...
44809: - How Children Think and Learn: The Social Contexts of Cognitive Development (U...
44353: - Military Badge Collecting by Gaylor, John
44398: - Pretty Maids All in a Row by Meadows, Rose
44342: - Springbok Record [Hardcover] by Klein, Harry
44679: - The Second World War: Part Four (Arms and Uniforms) by Liliane Funcken; Fred...
44399: - Kent's Own: The History of 500 (County of Kent) Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air...
44315: - At Agincourt: A Tale of the White Hoods of Paris by Henty, G.A. ; Paget, Wal
44312: - Captain Bayley's Heir by Henty, G.A.
44310: - Through the Fray by Henty, G.A.
44696: - Driver's Handbook : Morris-Commercial 3 and 5 Ton Vehicles Nvs and Nvo Range...
44272: - Rolls-Royce Catalogue 1910/1911 [Facsimile] by H.F. Fergusson-Wood; Rolls-Royce
44453: - Wilfred Owen: A Biography (Oxford Paperbacks) by Stallworthy, Jon
44186: - The Hertfordshire Batteries, Royal Field Artillery: An Illustrated History, 1...
44187: - Tester Zero One: The Making of a Test Pilot [Illustrated] by Wg Cdr J a 'Robb...
44506: - Hazardous Work: Account of the Decorations and Commendations Awarded to Membe...
44184: - The Home Guard in Hertfordshire 1952-1957 [Illustrated] [Paperback] by J.D. S...
44185: - A Bibliographic List of Officers of the Hertfordshire Yeomanry, 1794- 1920 by...
44420: - Eton: How It Works by Mcconnell, James D.R.
44427: - Bridges of Battle: Famous Battlefield Actions at Bridges and River Crossings...
44313: - With Moore at Corunna: A Tale of the Pennisular War by Henty, G.A. ; Paget, Wal
44314: - The Lion of Saint Mark: A Tale of Venice in the 14th Century (Works of G.A... .
44592: - Plain Tales from Flanders [Paperback] by Clayton P B
44239: - To the Last Man: Spring 1918 by Macdonald, Lyn
44665: - Extraordinary Parsons of Devon and Cornwall by Clay, Emily
44168: - Forgotten Voices of the Great War: A New History of Wwi in the Words of the M...
44358: - 100 Years: The Royal Canadian Regiment, 1883-1983 by Bell, Ken
44258: - For the Sake of Example: Capital Courts Martial, 1914-18 by Babington, Anthony
44259: - Fiddler on the March: A Biography of Lt. Col. Sir Vivian Dunn, Kcvo Obe Fram Rm...
41528: E. C. D. - The Saints of God Addresses on the Saints' Days
44664: - Cornwall's History: An Introduction (Tor Mark Series) by Payton, Philip
44836: - What Is Clinical Psychology? (Oxford Medical Publications) by Marzillier, Joh...
44837: - Modern Sub Hunters (New Illustrated Guides) by Miller, D.M. O.
44461: - Life in the English Country Cottage by Tinniswood, Adrian
44761: - Courcelette: Somme (Battleground Europe) by Reed, Paul
44489: - The London Rich: The Creation of a Great City from 1666 to the Present by Tho...
44490: - The Old Sessions House: Its Setting and Its History by Cacutt, Len; Brown, de...
44770: - A Thousand Years of the English Parish: Medieval Patterns and Modern Interpre...
44719: - The Imperial War Museum Book of the First World War by Brown, Malcolm; the IM...
44488: - Florida: The War Years, 1938-1945 by Freitus, Joseph
44356: - More Fighting Newfoundlanders [Hardcover] by Nicholson, G.W. L.
44512: - The Last Fighting Tommy: The Life of Harry Patch, the Only Surviving Veteran...
44167: - Collected Poems, 1965 [Hardcover] by Graves, Robert
44622: - From a Cat's Whisker Beginning by Cordingly, Norman
44301: - Book of Stevenage by Ashby, Margaret
44765: - The Botanical Garden Vol 1 [Hardcover] by Phillips, Roger; Rix, Martyn
44831: - Living Stress Free: An Introduction to the How of Living God's Way by Davies,...
44712: - The Songs Our Soldiers Sang Full Corus and Music [Paperback] by Varia
44357: - Commando Despatch Rider: From D-Day to Deutschland 1944-45 by Thompson, Julia...
44614: - Tobruk: The Great Siege Reassessed by Harrison, Frank
44732: - French and German Military Uniforms (Discovering) by Taylor, Arthur
44503: - German War Birds from World War 1 to Nato Ally by Munson, Kenneth
44574: - Tudor Rye (C.C. E. Occasional Papers) by Graham Mayhew; Asa Briggs
44440: - Picture Framing: A Practical Guide from Basic to Baroque by Macnamara, Desmond
44528: - Operation Thunderbolt by Cooksley, Peter G.
44703: - Marlborough's Campaigns (Discovering) by Beckett, I.F. W.
44410: - The 47th, London, Division, 1914-1919 [Hardcover] by Alan H. Maude.
44521: - Offside Racism: Playing the White Man [Hardcover] by King, Colin; King
44455: - History of Royal Air Force Manston by Stockman, Rocky
44492: - Nelson's Navy: The Ships, Men and Organisation, 1793-1815: Ships, Men and Org...
44843: - Your Ten to Fourteen Year Old by Ames, L
44514: - Fighting Talk by Thomas, R.
44224: - Out in the Midday Sun by Caffrey, Kate
44411: - From Coruna to Sebastopol : The History of C Battery, Late C Battery, A...
44412: - Julius Streicher [Hardcover] by R L Bytwerk
44885: - Two Houses. [Hardcover] by Perry, Grace
44562: - Princess Alice: Memories of Ninety Years by Princess Alice, Duchess of Glouce...
44594: - My Corner [Paperback] by Leslie R White
44309: - Condemned As a Nihilist by Henty, G.A.
44439: - The Scottish National War Memorial Official Guide. [Paperback] by Deas.
44526: - Information and Communication Technologies in Everyday Life: A Concise Introd...
44497: - And the Walls Came Tumbling Down by Fishman, Jack
44798: - Kosovo: A Short History by Malcolm, Noel
44722: - Journal of the Trevithick Society 1978 by Stengelhofen, John
23686: O R - The King Who Knew Not Fear a Tale of Other Days
44619: - Gallipoli by Bush, Eric
44593: - We Will Remember [Paperback] by Colonel G.W. L. Nicholson
44268: - The War Poets by Giddings, Robert
44299: - Utopia and Organization (Sociological Review Monographs) [Paperback] by Martin
44300: - The Lost Battle: Crete, 1941 by Callum Macdonald
44806: - Herbert Read: The Last Modern by King, James
44318: - Soldier Surgeon in Malaya by Hamilton, Thomas
44661: - Cornwall's Archaeological Heritage by Johnson, Nicholas; Rose, Peter
44621: - Through the Bombsight by Maitland, A.
44350: - Four Five: Story of 45 Commando Royal Marines, 1943-71 by Young, David
44450: - The Fifth Battalion Highland Light Infantry in the War 1914-1918 [Hardcover]...
44636: - Duration Man, 1939-46: My War by Jones, Douglas V.
44524: - Naval Heritage of Portsmouth by Winton, John
44463: - Strike Craft by Preston, Antony
44379: - Somme Battle Stories Recorded [Hardcover] by Dawson Captain a J
44222: - The Fall of France : May-June 1940 by Jackson, Robert
44189: - Properly to Test Book Two the Golden Era: Reminiscences of Flying at the Ae...
44251: - London Transport at War [Hardcover] by Charles Graves
44844: - Derby: The Life & Times of the 12th Earl of Derby, Founder of the Famous Hors...
44217: - The Burma-Siam Railway: The Secret Diary of Dr Robert Hardie, 1942-45 by Hard...
44253: - Twenty Five Days: The Rescue of the Bef, Dunkirk 10 May-3rd June 1940 by Mase...
44547: - The Great Crusade: New Complete History of the Second World War by Willmott,...
44598: - Stand to! the Journal of the Western Front Association September 2005 No 74 B...
44625: - Mitfords: Letters between Six Sisters by Mosley, Charlotte
44697: - Papers Concerning the Treatment of German Nationals in Germany 1938-1939 , Ge...
32322: A L O E (CHARLOTTE M TUCKER) - A Brother's Return and Other Stories
44432: - The Muckleburgh Collection by No Author
44252: - What a Way to Win a War!: The Story of No. 11 Company, Mechanised Transport Co...
44452: - A Higher Form of Killing: Secret Story of Gas and Germ Warfare by Harris, Rob...
44306: - In the Hands of the Malays: A Collection of Short Stories by Henty, G.A.
44273: - The Development of Communication: From Social Interaction to Language by Mess...
44517: - History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France from the Year...
44688: - Culloden : A Guidebook to the Battlefield with the Story of the Battle, the E...
44691: - Privatisation and the Nationalised Industries: Papers from a Seminar Held at...
44176: - Raf Coltishall: Fighter Station by Mick Jennings
44177: - The Riddles of Wipers by Ivelaw-Chapman, John
44460: - Happy Hertfordshire 1797-1997. [Hardcover] by No Author.
44757: - Guillemont: Somme (Battleground Europe) by Stedman, Michael
44846: - La Divina Commedia: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso (3 Volumes) [Hardcover] by...
44584: - D-Day: Our Great Enterprise - Signed [Paperback] by Lesley Burton
44373: - When This Bloody War Is over: Soldiers' Songs of the First World War by Arthu...
44154: - The Way of a Ship [Paperback] by Lundy, Derek
44291: - Damn the Dardanelles!: Story of Gallipoli by Laffin, John
44543: - An Introduction to the Gas Turbine [Hardcover] by Shepherd, Dennis G.
44764: - Great Age of Sail [Hardcover] by Jobe, Joseph; Kelly, M.
44173: - The French Foreign Legion by Wellard, James
44285: - Roads Throughout the Ages [Paperback] by A. Pogue
44580: - North London Trams by Harley, R.J.
24856: G G S - The Dramatic Works of the Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan with a Memoir of His Life
44660: - Cornwall's China Clay Heritage (Cornwall's Heritage) by Smith, John R.
44595: - Epics and Legends of the First World War by Whitehouse, Arch
44416: - A Field Guide to the War in Zululand, 1879 by Laband, J.P. C
44826: - Henry's Notebook (Ypres 1916-1918) [Paperback] by Philippe Glogowski
44827: - Is-2 Heavy Tank 1944 to 1973(Osprey New Vanguard S. ) [Paperback] by Zaloga, S...
44683: - The Kings Royal Rifle Corps Chronicle 1911 [Hardcover] by Varia
44684: - The King's Royal Rifle Corps Chronicle 1954 [Hardcover] by Varia
44853: - The Sleeping Prophet: Life and Work of Edgar Cayce by Stearn, Jess
44753: - Boiselle, la: Somme (Battleground Europe) [Paperback] by Stedman, Michael
44635: - Living in Style: A Guide to Historic Decoration and Ornament by Garnett, Oliver
44808: - Theatre, Drama and Audience in Goethe's Germany by Bruford, Walter Horace
44814: - Italien. Oberitalien Mit Ravenna, Florenz Und Pisa. [Hardcover] by Karl Baedeker
44845: - Stanfords Road and Railway Map of England [Paperback] by Stanford Edward
44819: - Light Plane Recognition by Taylor, John W.R.
44250: - A Guide to the Beaches and Battlefields of Normandy by Watkins, Judge Tasker;...
54112: C DE B - Letters from Paris 1870-1875
2269: M M - Bishop Montgomery: A Memoir
44170: - Martin Leake: Double VC by Clayton, Ann
44311: - One of the 28th by Henty, G.A.
44668: - Coal Mining (Shire Album) [Paperback] by Hayes, G.
44669: - Smuggling Industry in Cornwall (the Tor Mark Series) [Paperback] by White, Paul
44556: - Consumption and Market Society in Israel [Hardcover] by Carmeli, Yoram S. ; Ap...
44434: - A Soldiers Tale [Paperback] by Langley, Robert
44200: - In the Lion's Court: Power, Ambition and Sudden Death in the Reign of Henry V...
44202: - Seeing Life from a New Angle by Bowers, Ron
44204: - The Prime Minister: The Office and Its Holders Since 1945 by Hennessy, Peter
44203: - Heroes of Bomber Command Cambridgeshire (Aviation History) [Illustrated] by G...
44206: - The World of Fred Spalding: Photographs of Essex 1860-1940 by Jarvis, S.M.
44266: - The Last Gentleman of War: The Raider Exploits of the Cruiser Emden by R.K... .
44192: - 10th Gurkha Rifles: One Hundred Years by No Author.
44193: - The Somme Battlefields: A Comprehensive Guide from Crecy to the Two World War...
44797: - The Standard Operas, Oratorios, Cantatas , Symphonies 4 Volume Set [Hardcover...
44561: - The Revolt of Owain Glyn Dwr [Hardcover] by Davies, Andrew; Davies, R.R.
44655: - The Pilgrim's Progress & Other Works with an Original Memoir by the Author by...
44854: - The Man in the Ice: The Preserved Body of a Neolithic Man Reveals the Secrets...
44388: - Can Germany Stand the Strain [Paperback] by Thompson, L P
44389: - All Quiet on the Western Front [Hardcover] by Ramarque Erich Maria - Wheen a W
44894: - Villa Stellar by Barker, George
44815: - Sanders and Sanding [Paperback] by Lister Sydney
44515: - The Great Escape by Gill, Anton
44888: - A Song of the Great Peace [Paperback] by Morris, Tina & Cunliffe Dave
44604: - Clocks and Watches (Antique Collectors' Guides) by Smith, Alan
44890: - H.M. S. Glasshouse (Oxford Poets) [Paperback] by o'Brien, Sean
42985: A. L. O. E (C M TUCKER) - Pride and His Prisoners
44337: - Deadly Stroke by Tute, Warren
44694: - Bodmin Gaol Cornwall by Brunton, Alan; Armour, Ann Brightmore-
44693: - The History of R.A. F. Manston [Paperback] by Fraser Flying Officer W
44456: - Familiar Voices by Harbord, Frank
44847: - Christian Progress with Other Papers and Addresses [Hardcover] by Gongreve Ge...
44274: - Peacock and the Lions by Murray, Sheilagh
44895: - Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis [Paperback] by Cope, Wendy
44729: - The Yorkshire Dragoons (the Uniforms of the British Yeomanry Force 1794-1914)...
44491: - The Wooden Fighting Ship in the Royal Navy Ad 897-1860 by Archibald, E.H. H.
44724: - Efficiency in the Nationalised Industries Forward by Herbert Morrison by Houl...
44405: - Peace and Victory. [Paperback] by Preston, Sir Jacob
44876: - The Wisdom of Bones: In Search of Human Origins by Alan Walker; Pat Shipman
44190: - Plane to Plane: History of Frederick Sage & Co. Ltd [Illustrated] by Martyn C...
44523: - Sundials and Roses [Hardcover] by Earle Alice Morse
44715: - Das Deutsche Bundesheer Band VI Bayern-Nassau-Frankfurt Uniforms-1838-1843 by...
44380: - Norman Collins: Veteran of the Great War by Van Emden, Richard
44480: - The American Plains Indians (Men-at-Arms) by Hook, Jason
44667: - Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Bells and Yells the Town Crier's Story [Paperback] by Trema...
44666: - Legends of Cornwall by Jones, Sally
44868: - The Metamorphosis [Hardcover] by Franz Kafka
44395: - Magic, Culture and the New Economy [Hardcover] by Lofgren, Orvar; Lvfgren, Orvar
44509: - Test Pilot [Hardcover] by Neville Duke
44801: - Selected Political Writings (Roots of the Right) by Gobineau, Arthur de; Bidd...
51154: - Die Vertreibung Der Deutschen Bevölkerung Aus Der Tschechoslowakei. Sonderausgabe. Eine Dokumentation (1)
44611: - Chivalry in the Middle Ages (Sources of History) by Milliken, E.K.
44849: - The Followers of the Lamb a Series of Meditations [Hardcover] by Benson Richa...
44602: - Manual of Map Reading and Field Sketching 1912 Reprinted with Editions 1914... .
44858: - Einstein's Universe: Guide to the Theory of Relativity by Calder, Nigel
44305: - Catch Carp and Tench with John Wilson by Wilson, John
44567: - Quantity Surveying Practice and Administration (a 'Building' Book) by Turner,...
44522: - Praktica Way (Camera Way Books) by Gaunt, Leonard
44494: - Wilfred Owen: The Last Year 1917-1918 by Hibberd, Dominic
44256: - Western Front, 1915 (Vcs of the First World War) [Paperback] by Batchelor, Pe...
44502: - Brassey's Companion to the British Army by Field Marshall Lord Bramall; Makep...
44366: - From Mud to Mufti, with Old Bill on All Fronts [Hardcover] by Bruce Bairnsfather
44769: - Moonport: A History of Apollo Launch Facilities and Operations: The Nasa Hist...
44237: - The Intelligence and Deception of the D-Day Landings by Haswell, Jock
44875: - The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary by Winc...
44583: - The Ypres Salient: Cemeteries and Memorials of the Salient by Scott, M.R.
44879: - Damnable Question: Study in Anglo-Irish Relations by Dangerfield, George
44308: - Held Fast for England by Henty, G.A.
44755: - Thiepval (Battleground Europe) by Stedman, Michael
44726: - The Encyclopedia of Furniture by Aronson, Joseph
44727: - Letters to Dalton: Higher Education and the Degree Salesmen by Turner, John R.
44496: - The West Highland White Terrier a Monograph [Hardcover] by Buckley Holland
44406: - Roof over Britain the Official Story of A. A Defences 1939-1942 [Paperback] B...
44341: - Kitchener's Army, 1914-18 by Westlake, Ray
44873: - The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence by S...
44404: - The German Revolution, 1918-19 (Historical Association Pamphlets) by Ryder, A.J.
44658: - Dear Old Cornwall Camera Pictures of the Duchy [Paperback] by Varia
44738: - Romans in Cheshire by Garlick, Tom
44811: - Spitfire in Combat [Paperback] by Price, Alfred
44841: - Breath of Africa by Allin, Jessica
44510: - Hell in the Pacific by Lewis, Jonathan; Steele, Ben
44511: - Last Battle: Montgomery's Campaign, April-May, 1945 by Whiting, Charles
44438: - Battle in the Skies over the Isle of Wight : The History of Air Attacks 1939-...
44834: - Speak Through the Earthquake, Wind and Fire by Fisher, Graham A.
44618: - Douglas Haig As I Knew Him Foreword by Sir Arthur Bryant [Hardcover] by Dunca...
44708: - Nelson by Oman, Carola
44175: - The Irish Guards in the Great War: The First Battalion by Kipling, Rudyard; W...
41744: A W Y & E Y (COMPILED BY) - The St. Andrew's Lectionary of Bible Lessons for Use in Services of Public Worship
27135: J P B (INTRODUCTION BY) - Lithographs by Whistler
44370: - Titanic Fortune and Fate: Personal Effects from Those on the Lost Ship by M...
44507: - The Secondary Maths Handbook: Laying the Foundations for Good Mathematics by...
44893: - Sweets from Strangers (Poets) by Bell, Colin; Hidden, Norman
44657: - Dear Old Cornwall Camera Pictures of the Duchy [Paperback] by Varia
44232: - Bamboo and Barbed Wire by Wood-Higgs, Stanley
44292: - Action Stations - 2. Military Airfields of Lincolnshire and the East Midlands...
44555: - The Volunteer Annual - (Metropolitan Corps) 1903 [Hardcover] by Johnson, A.E... .
44582: - Keeping Faith: The Royal British Legion (1921-2001) [Hardcover] by Harding, B...
44376: - Ypres 1914 [Hardcover] by by Order of the German General Staff
44377: - Tales of Talbot House Everyman's Club in Poperinghe & Ypres 1915 - 1918 by CL...
44828: - Wings of Glory Reference Manual [Paperback] by Mead Melissa and Smith Lisa
44698: - ABC of Helicopters [Paperback] by Taylor, John W.R.
44208: - Beatles Illustrated Lyrics by Aldridge, Alan
44209: - Witchcraft (Pelican) by Hughes, Pennethorne
44207: - Convicts and Commandants of Norfolk Island 1788-1855. [Paperback] by Hazzard,...
44275: - Orange, Green & Khaki: The Story of the Irish Regiments in the Great War, 191...
44351: - The Hood Battalion by Sellers, Leonard
44766: - A Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells. Book Four (4): The Southern Fells by...
44613: - My Police Court Friends with the Colours, by Robert Holmes [Hardcover] by Rob...
44162: - Men Who March Away: Poems of the First World War by Parsons, Ian M.
44723: - Brunel, Isambard Kingdom (Lifelines) (Lifelines Series) by Tames, Richard
44385: - 1914 [Hardcover] by Field Marshall Viscount French of Ypres
44307: - By Conduct and Courage by Henty, G.A.
44255: - Of Love and War by Curlewis, Adrian; Poole, Philippa
45236: - Decca Record Catalogue (78 R P M) Complete to June 1954
44794: - Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1984 by John Woodcock
44288: - Southgate: A Glimpse Into the Past by Dumayne, Alan
44637: - We Will Remember Them: Voices from the Aftermath of the Great War: Memories o...
44812: - The Spitfire Story by Price, Dr. Alfred
44338: - People at War 1914-18 by Moynihan, Michael
44249: - Roman Army from Caesar to Trajan (Men-at-Arms) by Simkins, Michael
44516: - Une Affaire de Trahison Limited ; 68/500 [Paperback] by Remy
44428: - CIVIL War by Catton, Bruce
44422: - The Golden Virgin [Hardcover] by Williamson,Henry
44525: - Action Stations 1: Wartime Military Airfields of East Anglia 1939-1945 by Bow...
44577: - The Fortunate Blue-Coat Boy or Memoirs of the Life and Happy Adventures of Mr...
44465: - Submarines by Preston, Antony
44466: - Battleships by Preston, Antony
44326: - The Dead Sea Scrolls. [Hardcover] by Vermes, Geza (Translator and Editor)
44754: - Pozieres: Somme (Battleground Europe) [Paperback] by Keech, Graham
44589: - Ulster's Part in the Battle of the Somme 1st July-15th November 1916 [Paperba...
44235: - The Battle of Hamburg: Allied Bomber Forces Against a German City in 1943 by...
44495: - The Canadian Army, 1939-1945; an Official Historical Summary by C.P. Stacey,...
44227: - Big Drop by Golley, John
44368: - Nothing Less Than Victory: Oral History of D-Day by Miller, Russell
44654: - Battle for the Falklands: Air Forces Bk. 3 (Men-at-Arms) by Braybrook, Roy
44226: - German Army Handbook, 1939-45 by Davies, W.J. K.
44829: - What's the Use of Wireless ? -June 16th 1945 [Paperback] by Gompertz Terry
44281: - Cavalry Uniforms of Britain and the Commonwealth Including Other Mounted Troo...
44860: - Zulus and Matabele: Arrior Nations by Glen Lyndon Dodds
44164: - Sticky-Blue!: A Boy and a Battleship by Rowe, Robin W.
44165: - Front Line County: Kent at War, 1939-45 by Rootes, Andrew
44690: - To America and Back with James Hosking 1811 Foreword by W Best Harris by Hosk...
44372: - Some Desperate Glory: The Diary of a Young Officer, 1917 by Vaughan, Edwin Ca...
44630: - Dr. Johnson's London: Life in London, 1740-1770 by Picard, Liza
44629: - Echo of the Guns: The Recollections of an Artillery Officer, 1914-18 by Siepm...
44542: - Development of the Oil and Gas Resources of the United Kingdom 1991: Report B...
44449: - Pozieres by Charlton, Peter
44527: - The Silken Canopy by Dover, Victor
46474: F - Yu
44634: - Memories of Banbury by Lester, Marjory Winifred
44813: - The Diaries of Mary Countess of Meath (Vol 2 Only) [Hardcover] by Meath Lord...
44681: - The Ancient World of the Celts by Ellis, Peter Berresford
44359: - Aircraft of the Royal Air Force Since 1918 by Thetford, Owen
44852: - The Riddle of the Scrolls. [Hardcover] by Medico, H.E. Del.
44262: - Story of the United States Marine Corps by Moskin, J. Robert
44436: - Scottish Tartans (Pride of Britain) by Bold, Alan
44896: - Love in a Life [Paperback] by Motion, Sir Andrew
44548: - Fighter: The True Story of the Battle of Britain by Deighton, Len
44758: - Montauban: Somme (Battleground Europe) [Paperback] by Maddocks, Graham
44810: - Royal Academy Illustrated 2003: A Selection from the 235th Summer Exhibition...
44704: - D-Day: The Battle for Normandy [Paperback] by Beevor, Antony
44891: - A Shropshire Lad (Dover Thrift Editions) [Paperback] by Housman, A.E.
44591: - Archery in the Middle Ages (Sources of History Series) by Milliken, Ernest K...
39417: E W (WHEELER ELIZABETH) - Little Emmie the Mountain Prisoner
44600: - Stand to! Journal of the Western Front Association. Number 76 [Paperback] by...
44892: - Poems of Z [Paperback] by Hyland, Paul
44352: - Pyramids and Poppies: The 1st Sa Infantry Brigade in Libya, France and Flande...
44519: - Locating the Field: Space, Place and Context in Anthropology (Association of...
44538: - Invertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution by Clarkson, Euan
44320: - Reminiscences and Observations of a Hong Kong Chai Lo by Griffiths, John H.T.
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37436: SCHOUVALOFF ALEXANDER - Set and Costume Designs for Ballet and Theatre the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
26045: WALKER ALEXANDER - Rudolph Valentino
25277: HONDORFF ALEXANDER - Der Pendel Enthullt Das Verborgene Radiasthesie Und Pendelptaxes
17863: ADAMS ALEXANDER B - John James Audubon
53873: ALEXANDER, EDWARD - The Jewish Idea and Its Enemies Personalities, Issues, Events
43642: KEITH ALEXANDER - Evidence of the Christian Religion Derived from the Literal Fulfilment of Prophecy
14971: RICHMOND ALEXANDER B - Narrative of the Condition of the Manufacturing Population and the Proceedings of Government Which Lead to the State Trials in Scotland
26532: SCHOUVALOFF ALEXANDER - The Theatre Museum London Victoria and Albert Museum
10926: MCKEE ALEXANDER - The Mosquito Log
51458: KUPRIN ALEXANDER - The Garnet Bracelet Stories
13931: POUSHKIN ALEXANDER - The Prose Tales of Alexander Poushkin
26980: SCHOUVALOFF ALEXANDER - The Theatre Museum London
26493: SCHOUVALOFF ALEXANDER - Theatre on Paper
34086: SOLZHENITSYN ALEXANDER - The First Circle
34271: WOOLLCOTT ALEXANDER - While Rome Burns
35548: REID ALEXANDER - Steps to a Viewpoint
7875: POPE ALEXANDER - The Rape of the Lock an Heroi-Comical Poem
8753: HOWARD ALEXANDER - Endless Cavalcade a Diary of British Festivals and Customs
9994: MCKEE ALEXANDER - Farming the Sea
47616: TIMBS JOHN & GUNN ALEXANDER - Abbeys Castles and Ancient Halls of England and Wales (2 Volumes) Vol1-South -Vol 2 -North and Wales
41801: FINDLEY J ALEXANDER - A Portrait of Peter
48194: KLEIN ALEXANDER (COLLECTED BY) - The Double Dealers Adventures in Grand Deception
51236: DRU ALEXANDER - The Contribution of German Catholicism
19790: DUMAS ALEXANDRE - The Three Musketeers
27586: COUNSON ALBERT AND ECK ALEXANDRE - Grand Artistique: Art Et Esthetique Henri Pirenne
34850: DUMAS ALEXANDRE - Louise de la Valliere
50982: KUPRIN ALEXANDRE - Yama the Pit the Classic Story of a Russian Brothel
50661: PHILO OF ALEXANDRIA - Philosophical Writings Selected and Edited by Hans Lewy
8230: SARANE ALEXANDRIAN - Surrealist Art
6071: BALACI ALEXANDRU - Mantegna
29959: MCCREARY ALF - Corrymeela : Hill of Harmony in Northen Ireland
17749: TOWNSEND ALF - Cabbie
28538: MCCREARY ALF - The Good the Bad and the Barmy
28537: MCCREARY ALF - Princes Residents and Punters
36568: MCCREARY ALF - By All Accounts a History of Trustee Saving Banks in Northern Ireland
7137: MCCREARY ALF - Corrymeela: Hill of Harmony in Northern Ireland.
29814: FRIENDLY ALFRED - From the Doggerel Bank a Selection of Rhymes Perpetrated over the Years
49624: JONES E ALFRED (EDITOR) - Memorials of Old North Wales
47506: O'RAHAILLY ALFRED - Father William Doyle S.J.
1625: EDDY WILLIAM ALFRED (EDITOR) - Satires and Personal Writings by Jonathan Swift
11079: GROSSER ALFRED - The Western Alliance: European -American Relations Since 1945
20054: NOYES ALFRED - Voltaire
16905: AUSTIN ALFRED - Savonarola (a Tragedy)
11803: WAINWRIGHT ALFRED - Fellwalking with Wainwright
41761: GARVIE ALFRED E - The Century Bible Romans
6003: EINSTEIN ALFRED - A Short History of Music
14253: LEROY ALFRED - The Empress Eugenie
11323: RUNTE ALFRED - Yosemite the Embattled Wilderness
25401: KERR ALFRED - Yankee Land Eine Reise
49858: NEUMANN ALFRED - Six of Them
3024: NOYES ALFRED - The Accusing Ghost or Justice for Casement
5479: NOYES ALFRED - William Morris
47640: DUGGAN ALFRED - Thomas Becket of Canterbury
39972: DE MUSSET ALFRED - A Door Must Be Either Open or Shut
21291: AUSTIN ALFRED - Soliloquies in Song
22958: TENNYSON ALFRED - Ballads and Other Poems
56253: DAVIES SIR ALFRED T - O.M. (Sir Owen M Edwards) a Memoir
51583: COBBAN ALFRED - Historians and the Causes of the French Revolution
27491: SCHARF ALFRED - A Catalogue of the Pictures and Drawings from the Collection of Sir Thomas Merton at Stubbings House Maidenhead the Merton Collection
38065: KAHN ALFRED J - Theory and Practice of Social Planning
31182: MEYER ALFRED G - Marxism the Unity of Theory and Practice
33749: EINSTEIN ALFRED - Mozart His Character His Work
34288: EINSTIEN ALFRED - Mozart
35562: PRICE ALFRED - Sky Battles Sky Warriors
35849: HABEGGER ALFRED - The Father a Life of Henry James Sr.
36340: HOWARD ALFRED - The Beauties of Gibbon Consisting of Selections from His Works
36987: JARRY ALFRED - Tout Ubu Text in French
3803: TENNYSON ALFRED - Harold a Drama
6667: ALEXANDER ALFRED - Giovanni Verga a Great Writer and His World
9749: POLLARD ALFRED W (EDITOR) - English Miracle Plays Moralities and Interludes
41109: THOMAS REV ALFRED - The Legacies of Christ a Course of Sermons for Lent and Easter
39149: AUSTIN ALFRED - English Lyrics
51275: WERNER ALFRED (INTRODUCTION BY) - Ernst Barlach & Kollwitz Kathe
7685: LICHTER ALFREDO - Invisible Geography of Peninsula Valdes
13220: BUDRYS ALGIS - Rough Moon
55812: ALGULIN, INGEMAR - A History of Swedish Literature
53058: ALHADEFF, GINI - The Sun at Midday Tales of a Mediterrranean Family
28364: TAYLOR ALICE - To School Through the Fields: An Irish Country Childhood
24269: TAYLOR ALICE - Country Days
18055: WALKER ALICE - Good Night, Willie Lee, I'LL See You in the Morning
10415: MEYNELL ALICE - Alice Meynall : Prose and Poetry Centenary Volume
32097: MILLER ALICE - Thou Shalt Not Be Aware Society's Betrayal of a Child
14730: HOFFMAN ALICE - Here on Earth
4711: BEARDWOOD ALICE (EDITED) - Records of the Trial of Walter Langeton, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield 1307-1312. Edited for the Royal Historical Society
14913: HOFFMAN ALICE - Second Nature
710: TAYLOR ALICE - Quench the Lamp
17573: WALKER ALICE - Living by the Word (Selected Writings 1973-1987)
23649: TAYLOR ALICE - The Village
30013: MEYNELL ALICE - The Poems of Alice Meynell
21749: TAYLOR ALICE - Close to the Earth
37495: TAYLOR ALICE - The Village
5303: COATS ALICE M - The Treasury of Flowers
47628: CURTAYNE ALICE - The Trial of Oliver Plunkett
28356: WEST ALICK - "a Good Man Fallen Among Fabians"
6304: WEST ALICK - A Good Man Fallen Among Fabians a Study of George Bernand Shaw
28127: MONRO ALIDA (EDITED BY) - Recent Poetry 1923-1933
38408: DANTI ALIGHIERI - The Vision of Purgatory and Paradise Translated by Rev. Henry Francis Cary M a
38746: ALIGHIERI, DANTE & MARK MUSA - Vita Nuova
10243: MURRAY ALISON D - The Cotswolds
32844: BRUNER JEROME AND GARTON ALISON (EDITORS) - Human Growth and Development Wolfson College Lectures 1976
15894: WEIR ALISON - The Princes in the Tower
15583: LURIE ALISON - Women and Ghosts
11450: FELL ALISON (EDITED) - Serious Hysterics
36220: COLE ALISON (EDITOR) - Quarterly Spring 2004 the National Art Collections Fund
45658: ALISON, SYLVIA MARY - God Is Building a House
56129: FAIRLIE ALISON - Flaubert: Madame Bovary Critical Study
5247: PLOWDEN ALISON - The Young Elizabeth
5710: WOLFF -WILSON ALISON - A Feather on the Tide
29837: SMITH ALISTAIR - Andre Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini
12633: MACLEAN ALISTAIR - Circus
11062: WHITE ALISTAIR - Poles Apart : The Experience of Gender
29913: WILLIAMS W ALISTER - Commandant of the Transvaal the Life and Career of General Sir Hugh Rowlands VC Kcb
54006: POVELIKHINA ALLA - Imperial St. Petersburg Pages from History 1703-1917
29839: BRAHAM ALLAN - Velazquez
29835: BRAHAM ALLAN - Rubens
41390: ALEXANDER W AND ALLAN W J D - The Observer's Book on Meteorology
14544: FLANDERS ALLAN - The Fawley Productivity Agreements: A Case Study of Management and Collective Bargaining
14121: JOBSON ALLAN - An Hour-Glass on the Run
10699: MASSIE ALLAN - The Hanging Tree
19048: WESTCOTT ALLAN F (EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY) - New Poems by James 1 of England from a Hitherto Unpublished Manuscript (Add. 24195) in the British Museum
23277: JOBSON ALLAN - Something of Old Suffolk
12887: MASSIE ALLAN - The Hanging Tree
11738: WARREN ALLAN - The Confessions of a Society Photographer
16234: MASSIE ALLAN - The Hanging Tree a Romance of the Fifteenth Century
8963: POE EDGAR ALLAN - Poems and Essays
43887: PARTRIDGE A C & NICOLL ALLARDYCE - The Problem of Henry VIII Reopened Some Linguistic Criteria for the Two Styles Apparent in the Play
38677: NICOLL ALLARDYCE (SELECTED BY) - Lesser English Comedies of the Eighteenth Century
4735: NICOLL ALLARDYCE - English Drama a Modern Viewpoint
39480: ALLASON-JONES, LINDSAY - Roman Woman Everyday Life in Hadrian's Britain
28012: NEATBY T M AND ALLCROFT A H (EDITORS AND TRANSLATORS) - Sallust: Catiline a Translation
42122: BROWN R ALLEN - English Medieval Castles
55808: RAINE ALLEN - A Welsh Singer, Garthowen, Hearts of Wales
30664: WHITT J ALLEN - Urban Elites and Mass Transport the Dialectics of Power
56376: RAINE ALLEN - Hearts of Wales an Old Romance
19982: AINGER ALLEN (EDITED BY) - Poems of Thomas Hood: Vol 1: Serious Poems and Vol 2: Poems of Wit and Humour with Memoir
49778: RAINE ALLEN - Queen of the Rushes
16305: ALLEN F L - Only Yesterday (an Informal History of the 1920's in America) Volumes 1 and 2
27756: GRIECO ALLEN J - The Meal
26375: ALLEN D G C - The Houses of the Royal Society of Arts : A History and a Guide
15867: HUTT ALLEN - British Trade Unionism (a Short History)
48037: ALLEN P S - Selections from Erasmus Rincipally from His Epistles
50882: ALLEN, JAMES SMITH - In the Public Eye a History of Reading in Modern France, 1800-1940
23979: ALLEN P S (EDITED BY) - Selections from the Writings of James Anthony Froude
56404: RAINE ALLEN - A Welsh Witch a Romance of Rough Places
33683: ALLEN F. L. - Only Yesterday (in Two Volumes)
40256: ALLEN, CHARLES & SHARADA DWIVEDI - Lives of the Indian Princes
50909: ALLERT, TILMAN & JEFFERSON CHASE - The Hitler Salute on the Meaning of a Gesture
35305: ALLETZHAUSER AL - The House of Nomura
43811: ALLINGHAM, HELEN & STEWART DICK & SYDNEY R. JONES - The Cottage Homes of England
50613: ALLINSON A. R. - The War Diary of the Emperor Frederick III 1870-1871
36219: COLE ALLISON (EDITOR) - Quarterly Summer 2003 the National Art Collections Fund
40188: BRASSEY THOMAS ALLNUTT - Sixteen Months Travel 1886-87
50427: ALLON, YIGAL - Making of Israel's Army
37726: ALLSOP, JUDITH - Health Policy and the National Health Service
39822: ALLTHORPE-GUYTON, MARJORIE - John Thirtle, 1777-1839 Drawings in Norwich Castle Museum
46676: POWER-WATERS ALMA - St. Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal
56033: ALMOG, OZ - The Sabra the Creation of the New Jew
55669: ALMOG, SHMUEL & NATHAN H. REISNER - Antisemitism Through the Ages
55061: ALMOG, SHMUEL & NATHAN H. REISNER - Antisemitism Through the Ages
52109: ALMQVIST, KURT; WALLRUP, ERIK (EDS.) - Cosmopolitanism Perspectives from the Engelsberg Seminar 2003
46632: ROCHE ALOYSIUS - First Monks and Nuns
42048: ROCHE ALOYSIUS - The Light of the Anxious Heart Spiritual Reflections for War-Time
2975: DAUDET ALPHONSE - Tartarin of Tarascon
36651: DAUDET ALPHONSE - Tartarin de Tarascon
10329: MACGREGOR ALASDAIR ALPIN - Somewhere in Scotland the Western Highlands in Pen and Picture
52354: ALTBACH, PHILIP G. & EDITH S. HOSHINO - International Book Publishing an Encyclopedia
50965: CYPRYS RUTH ALTBEKER - A Jump for Life a Survivor's Journal from Nazi-Ocupied Poland
56934: ALTER, ROBERT - Genesis Translation and Commentary
56188: ALTER, PETER - The German Question and Europe a History
56999: ALTER, ROBERT - Hebrew and Modernity
55172: ALTER, ROBERT - Ancient Israel the Former Prophets - Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings - a Translation with Commentary
49332: ALTER, ROBERT - Modern Hebrew Literature Library of Jewish Studies
45920: ALTIMARI, WILLIAM - Horses on the Storm a Novel of the Army of Rome
14575: VONGEUSAU ALTING (EDITOR) - The Lome Convention and a New International Order
55517: ALTMANN, ALEXANDER & ALFRED L. IVRY & PAUL MENDES-FLOHR & EDITH EHRLICH & LEONARD H. EHRLICH - The Meaning of Jewish Existence Theological Essays, 1930-1939
9502: HORNSBY ALTON JR - Chronology of African-American History Significant Events and People from 1619 to the Present
56276: ALTSHULER, STUART - From Exodus to Freedom the History of the Soviet Jewry Movement
54178: ALVAREZ, DAVID & ROBERT A. GRAHAM - Nothing Sacred Nazi Espionage Against the Vatican, 1939-1945
45530: ALVAREZ, A. - The Savage God a Study of Suicide
37016: ALVAREZ A (SELECTED BY) - The New Poetry
16840: TOFFLER ALVIN - The Eco-Spasm Report
28280: REDMAN ALVIN (EDITED BY) - The Epigrams of Oscar Wilde
31872: KERNAN ALVIN - In Plato's Cave
31405: BOSKOFF ALVIN - The Mosaic of Sociological Theory
30774: RUBINSTEIN ALVIN Z - Communist Political Systems
54716: ALVIS, ROBERT - Religion and the Rise of Nationalism a Profile of an East-Central European City
26832: SCHULTZ ALWIN - Allgemeine Kunstgeschichte Der Renaissance Architeftur, Platif, Malerei (2 Volumes)
54136: ALY, GOTZ & SUSANNE HEIM - Architects of Annihilation Auschwitz and the Logic of Destruction
2357: BRODSKY ALYN - Madam Lynch and Friend
34913: WILLIAMS-ELLIS AMABEL - Changing the World Further Stories of Great Scientific Discoveries
37373: MOZART WOLFGANG AMADEUS - Piano Concertos Nos 23-27 in Full Score with Mozart's Cadenzas for Nos 23 and 27 and the Concert Rondo in D
19233: FOREMAN AMANDA - Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire
38520: BIBLIOTHEQUE D'UN AMATEUR - Tres Beaux Livtes Illustres Modernes Mardi21-Mai 1963
51942: AMBROSE, TOM - Godfather of the Revolution the Life of Philippe Egalite, Duc, D'Orleans
13730: BIERCE AMBROSE - In the Midst of Life: Tales of Soldiers and Civilians
43244: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - D-Day June 6, 1944 the Climactic Battle of World War II
34604: MERRITT JOHN & MELNIK AMELIA ( EDITED BY ) - Reading Today and Tomorrow
11374: SCIENTIFIC AMERICA - Technology and Economic Development
38208: AMIN, MOHAMED & ETC. - Roof of the World
51396: AMIN, SAMIR & ILAN HALEVI & A. M. BERRETT - A History of the Jews Ancient and Modern
42962: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Stanley and the Women
36749: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Stanley and the Women
36750: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Girl, 20
36751: AMIS, KINGSLEY - Mr Barrett's Secret and Other Stories
36804: AMIS, KINGSLEY - The Golden Age of Science Fiction
53221: AMISHAI-MAISELS, ZIVA. - Tapestries and Mosaics of Marc Chagall at the Knesset.
39928: AMORY, MARK - The Letters of Evelyn Waugh
10244: OZ AMOS - Fima
10708: SCHEINFELD AMRAM - Twins and Supertwins
27769: STADELIJK MUSEUM AMSTERDAM - Jan Van Herwijnen from 10th November -17th December 1972
27653: JOODS HISTORISCH MUSEUM AMSTERDAM - Joodse Feestdagen Pasen
10942: STEWART FRASER AMY - In Memory Long
11356: RAPHAEL AMY - Never Mind the Bollocks: Women Rewrite Rock
10731: CLAMPITT AMY - What the Light Was Like
16160: CLAMPITT AMY - What the Light Was Like
38269: BISS AMYAS - Dachshunds
31044: RAPOPORT ANATOL - Conflict in Man-Made Environment
14014: FRANCE ANATOLE - The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard
16236: MIN ANCHEE - Red Azalea (Life and Love in China)
38865: ANDERSEN, H. C. & GRACE THORNTON & G. THORNTON - A Visit to Germany, Italy and Malta, 1840-41
29060: OWEN G D AND ANDERSON S P (EDITORS) - Manuscripts of the Marquess of Downshire (Vol 6) Papers of William Trumbull the Elder September 1616 - December 1618
55103: ANDERSON, MALCOLM - Conservative Politics in France
25650: ANDERSON M D - History by the Highway
38130: ANDERSON, DAVID - Social Work and Mental Handicap (British Association of Social Workers (Basw) Practical Social Work)
38468: ANDERSON, MICHAEL - Anger and Detachment Study of Arden, Osborne and Pinter
53107: ANDERSON, MICHAEL - Approaches to the History of the Western Family, 1500-1914
40960: ANDERSON DR - Searching the Scriptures
54157: ANDERSON, ROBERT - Elgar in Manuscript
21860: BLACK J ANDERSON - Your Irish Ancestors: An Illustrated History of Irish Families and Their Origins
37537: ANDERSON M S - The Ascendancy of Europe 1815-1914
56802: ANDERSON, MARGARET LAVINIA - Practicing Democracy Elections and Political Culture in Imperial Germany
40909: ANDERSON, JANE - Sleep on It and Change Your Life Discovering Yourself Through Dreams
27227: UPPLAGAN ANDRA - Johnny Roosval Fornkristen Fonst Samt Bysantinsk Och Karolingisk
11463: HEGEDUS ANDRAS - The Structure of Socialist Society
40669: MAUROIS ANDRE - Disraeli a Picture of the Victorian Age
10470: SOUBIRAN ANDRE - Open Letter to a Woman of Today
43637: GLOECKNER ANDRE (EDITOR) - Flowers Rock Plants
27466: DE RIDDER ANDRE - Andres de Santa Maria
22548: LEBON ANDRE - Modern France 1789-1895
10763: MAUROIS ANDRE - Byron Translated from the French by Hamish Miles
32073: BETEILLE ANDRE (EDITOR) - Social Inequality Selected Readings
19635: NATAF ANDRE - The Wordsworth Dictionary of the Occult
16579: LAUNAY ANDRE - The Girl with a Peppermint Taste
10829: MAUROIS ANDRE - Poets and Prophets
10375: MAUROIS ANDRE - Ariel : A Shelley Romance
56021: LEJARD ANDRE - The Art of the French Book from Early Manuscripts to the [Present Time
27343: MICHEL ANDRE - Histoire de L'Art
40084: MIGOT ANDRE - Tibetan Marches
14694: PHILIP ANDRE - La Gauche : Mythes Et Realites
34204: MAUROIS ANDRE - Bernard Quesnay
36984: GIDE ANDRE - Strait Is the Gate
6458: MALRAUX ANDRE - Antimemoirs Translated from the French by Terence Kilmartin
6817: MAUROIS ANDRE - Disraeli a Picture of a Victorian Age
42845: MAUROIS SIMONE ANDRE - Miss Howard and the Emperor
39644: MAUROIS ANDRE - Why France Fell
39238: COOK THEEODORE ANDREA - Old Touraine (2 Volumes) the Life and History of the Chateaux of the Loire
21513: KRAS ANDREAS (EINFUHRUNG VON) - Berlin Architekten Portraits
10077: VOZNESENSKY ANDREI - On the Edge (Poems and Essays from Russia)
15931: SAKHAROV ANDREI D - Progress Coexistence and Intellectual Freedom
56865: MARKOVITS ANDREI S. - Nationbuilding and the Politics of Nationalism Essays on Austrian Galicia
43374: ANDRESS, DAVID - 1789 the Revolutions That Shook the World: The Threshold of the Modern Age
28849: WAWN ANDREW (EDITOR) - Northern Antiquity the Post-Medieval Reception of Edda and Saga
10992: BERTHON SIMON AND ROBINSON ANDREW - The Shape of the World
34522: WILKINSON ANDREW - The Foundations of Language Talking and Reading in Young Children
32028: GAMBLE ANDREW - Britain in Decline
31761: SCHOTTER ANDREW - Free Market Economics a Critical Appraisal
30062: CURRIE ANDREW M - Dictionary of British Place Names
30485: TUDOR ANDREW - Beyond Empiricism Philosophy of Science in Sociology
8153: TURNBULL ANDREW - Scott Fitzgerald
17914: CARRUTH ALAN A AND OSWALD ANDREW J - Pay Determination and Industrial Prosperity
18189: OSWLAD ANDREW J. (EDITED BY) - Surveys in Economics. Volumes 1 and 2
21419: EWART ANDREW - The Worlds Greatest Love Affairs
19651: MARVELL ANDREW - The Works of Andrew Marvell
23507: LAMBIRTH ANDREW - W B Yeats a Biography with Selected Poems
14387: BERTHON SIMON AND ROBINSON ANDREW - The Shape of the Earth: The Mapping and Discovery of the Earth
55987: ANDREW, JOE - Writers and Society During the Rise of Russian Realism
22191: BOYD ANDREW - Fermenting Elements: The Labour Colleges in Ireland 1924-1964
24599: PELLY PATRICIA AND TOD ANDREW (EDITED BY) - Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus: The Highland Lady in Ireland Journals 1840-50
42619: WILKINSON ANDREW M - Trends in English Teaching -from Educational Review Vol14 No 3 June 1962
48629: MARR ANDREW - A History of Modern Britain
29627: LANG ANDREW - Grass of Parnassus First and Last Rhymes
28137: BONAR ANDREW R - Life of Field Marshal His Grace the Duke of Wellington
33093: MENY YVES WITH KNAPP ANDREW - Government and Politics in Western Europe Britain, France , Italy , Germany
33179: BOTTOMS ANTHONY AND STELMAN ANDREW - Social Inquiry Reports Community Care Practical Hand Book
33492: TAYLOR ANDREW J - Trade Unions and Politics a Comparative Introduction
33638: PHILP HUGH AND CHETLEY ANDREW - A Small Awakening
34019: HUBERT MARIA AND ANDREW (COMPILED) - A Wartime Christmas
35570: POLLARD ANDREW (EDITOR) - Readings for Reflective Teaching in the Primary School
4869: SHIRLEY ANDREW - The Rainbow a Portrait of John Constable
5049: PORTER ANDREW - Musical Events a Chronicle: 1980-1983
6318: TURNBULL ANDREW (EDITOR) - The Letters of F Scott Fitzgerald
6836: FIELD ANDREW - V N: The Life and Art of Vladimer Nabokov
8039: BUCHANAN ANDREW - Film and the Future
9379: MACALLAN ANDREW - Speculator
40998: ANDREWS, ALLEN - Follies of King Edward VII
42927: MORIARTY G ANDREWS - The Origin of the Giffords of Twyford Reprinted from the Genealogist Vol 38 -Oct1921 & Jan 1922

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