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091642: LA TABLE RONDE. PREMIER CAHIER 1946. - First Volume in the Series
F1783: WATERSNOOD RAMP FEBRUARI 1953 - Haagsche Courant Dag Uitgaven
IS00411: ABBEY, J.R., - The Celebrated Library
F1550: ABERCROMBY, JOHN, - A Trip Through the Eastern Caucasus with a Chapter on the Languages of the Country.
IS00661: ABRAHAM, KARL, - Kleine Beitraege Zur Psychoanalyse
F0067EPH: ACKERMANN, R., - St. Peter's Church. Hand-Coloured Aquatint.
F0068EPH: ACKERMANN, R., - All Souls Taken from the Top of the Radcliffe Library. Hand-Coloured Aquatint.
F2576: ACKERSDIJCK, JAN (1790- 1861) - Verhaal Eener Reize in Rusland, Gedaan in Het Jaar 1835. 2 Volumes.
IS00425: ADDINGTON, HENRY, - Some Account of the Abbey Church
F2640: ADDISON, JOSEPH, - Miscellaneous Works in Verse and Prose. Volume 3: Dialogues Upon the Usefulness of Ancient Medals: Especially in Relation to the Latin and Greek Poets. . . .
F0249-I: ADLER, A., - Praxis Und Theorie Der Individual-Psychologie.
F3051: ADRIANOVA-PERETS, V.P. (VARVARA PAVLOVNA)(1888-1972) (ED.) - Slovo O Polku Igoreve.
IS002187: AESCHYLOS - Tragoediae
IS001004: AKERMAN, JOHAN, - Industrialism Och Kultur.
WO040-R: AKHMATOVA, A. - SHILOV, L. (ED.) - Anna Akhmatova V Portretakh I Fotografiyakh. Buklet-Katalog. Vyp. 1
TAM159-3: AKHMATOVA, A. - Stikhotvoreniya I Poemy. (Biblioteka Poeta. Bol'shaya Seriya. Vtoroe Izdanie)
030740: ALAND, KURT (ED.) - Die Katholischen Briefe 4 Volumes
015049: ALBERS, J., - Poems and Drawings / Gedichte Und Zeichnungen.
F1537: ARBASINO ALBERTO - Il Principe Costante
F1504: ARBASINO ALBERTO - La Bella Di Lodi
F0094: ALDIN, CECIL - Zoo Babies. Pictured By. . . . with Short Interviews By G.E. Farrow
F2424: ALDISS, BRIAN, - Home Life with Cats.
012891: ALDISS, BRIAN W, - A Rude Awakening.
F2843: ALDISS, MARGARET AND PATRICIA E. SIMMS (EDS.) - Boars Hill Anthology: Containing a Little History and Many Memories
002705: ALDISS, BRIAN, - Bury My Heart at W.H. Smiths.
IS00422: ALDRICH, THOMAS BAILEY, - The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth.
030894: IGNACIO HERRERO DE COLLANTES (MARQUÉS DE ALEDO) - Colección Marques de Aledo . Volumes 1 and 2
F3150: ALLENBY - Autograph Letter, 2 Pages , 12 Lines. 178 X 133 Mm. , Signed Allenby
IS002209: THE AMALGAMATED PRESS, - Modern Masterpieces
F2559-2: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN, - The Complete Stories
F2559-2B: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN, - The Complete Stories
F3185: ANDERSEN,HANS CHRISTIAN - Sprookjes. 12 Volumes
IS002097: ANDERSON, W.J. & R. PHENE SPIERS (ED. ), - Die Architektur Von Griechenland Und Rom.
091007: ANDRES, STEFAN, - Die Reise Nach Portiuncula.
F1888: ANGERMAIR, ELISABETH, JENS KOCH, ANTON LOEFFELMEIER, EVA OHLEN, INGO SCHWAB, ANDREAS HEUSLER - Die Rosenthals. Der Aufstieg Einer Juedischen Antiquarsfamilie Zu Weltruhm.
F3158: ANKER, ADOLF / BANZER, M(ATTHÄUS) C(ARL): - Küchen-Lexikon Der Fische, Krebse Und Muscheln. Beschreibung Aller in Der Küche Zur Verwendung Kommenden Fische Und Schaltiere Mit über 1000 Rezepten Der Klassischen Französischen, Sowie Der Modernen Hotel-, Restaurant- Und Herrschaftlichen Kueche
IS002181: ANON. - Onomatologia Medico-Practica.
IS002292: ANON. - London Almanack 1801
IS002094: ANON., - Raccolta
IS002291: ANON. - London Almanack 1793
IS002069: ANON., - Homers Odyssee
IS002072: ANON., - The History of Robin Hood
F1929: ANON - Rudyard Kipling - Obituary in the Times of 20 January 1936
F1372: ANON. - Elckerlijc
IS00962: ANON., - Bilder Und Reime,
IS002266: ANON., - Les Aventures de Maitre Tetu
IS00402: ANON., - Un Cas de Jalousie.
IS00765: ANON. - La Natura Morta Italiana
IS00698: ANON., - Story of the Moreton Family
IS002290: ANON. - London Almanack 1786
IS002191: ANON., - The History of Prince Lee Boo
IS002016: ANON. - The British Workman
IS002260: ANON., - Almanach de St-Petersbourg
F2560KI: ANONYMUS - Traité Des Oiseaux de Chant, Des Pigeons de Volière, Du Perroquet, Du Faisan, Du Cygne Et Du Paon
F0156-B: ANOUILH, J., - Nouvelles Pieces Noires.
IS00873: ANQUETIL - Histoire de France
F1309-F: ANSELL, ROBERT ( COMPILED & EDITED BY ) - The Exhibition Catalogues of Austin Osman Spare ( 1886 - 1956 ). A Handbook for Collectors.
NM209-2: GREEK ANTHOLOGY. - Greek Anthology. Bi-Lingual English-Greek Texts. 5 Volumes
R71636: APCHINSKAYA, N. - Mark Shagal. Grafika.
F2107SM: APPEL, ROLF - Das Richtehaus. Eine Gleichnishafte Erzählung
IS002216: APPIAN - Roemische Geschichten
NM129: APPIAN - Roman History. 4 Volumes
001900: ARGONNE, - Angleterre. (D'alcuin a Huxley )
SH0186-2: ARISTOPHANES - Translated By Jeffrey Henderson. 5 Volumes
IS002058: ARISTOTELES (ARISTOTLE), - Ueber Die Dichtkunst
091497: ARISTOTLE - Nicomachean Ethics.
NM138: ARISTOTLE - Works in Bi-Lingual Greek-English Edition 23 Volumes.
F3125: ARISTOTLE - CHASE, D. P. - The Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle: A New Translation Mainly from the Text of Bekker with an Introduction, a Marginal Analysis and Explanatory Notes
F3123: ARNDT, ERNST MORITZ, - Erinnerungen Aus Dem Aeusseren Leben.
F2962: ARNDT, ERNST MORITZ: - Fünf Lieder Für Deutsche Soldaten.
F3135: ARNIM, ACHIM UND BETTINA VON - Achim Und Bettina in Ihren Briefen. Briefwechsel Achim Von Arnim Und Bettina Brentano.
F1649: ARNIM, ACHIM VON, - Die Majoratsherren. Novelle.
IS00978: ARP, HANS. - Neue Franzoesische Malerei.
092165-3: ARUTIUNIAN N.V., - Korpus Urartskikh Klinoobraznykh Nadpisei.
F1427: ARVATOV, B. I. (BORIS IGNATEVICH), 1896-1940. - Iskusstvo I Klassy
F0123: ASEEV, N., - Izbran'. Stikhi 1912 - 1922.
F2111: ASSISI, FRANZ VON, - Der Sonnengesang Des Franz Von Assisi
F3100-2C: ATHENAEUS - The Learned Banqueters, 8 Volumes.
NM140: ATHENAEUS - The Deipnosophists. 7 Volumes.
IS002192: ATHENAEUS, - Deipnosophistae
F2375: AUDEN , W.H. DYLAN THOMAS, STEPHEN SPENDER, RICHARD CCHURCH, WILLIAM EMPSOM, C. DAY LEWIS AND MANY OTHERS - Poetry a Magazine of Verse Founded By Harriet Monroe. Volume Xlix, No. 4, for January 1937.
F0240-7: AUDEN, W.H., - Good and Evil in the Lord of the Rings.
F2952: AUGUSTINE, SAINT, BISHOP OF HIPPO - Single Leaf Sermo Li, First and 2nd Page
TM0012-3: AUGUSTINE - City of God. 7 Volumes.
TM0012-B: AUGUSTINE - City of God. 7 Volumes. Confessions 2 Volumes and Select Letters One Volume. Together 10 Volumes
F2910: AUGUSTINE, SAINT, BISHOP OF HIPPO - Aurelij Augustini Prima Quinquagena
F2198: AUGUSTINUS AURELIUS (354-430) - Augustinus Aurelius (354-430). Augustinus Aurelius (354-430) D. Aurelii Augustini Hipponensis Episcopi Operum Tomi Quinti Pars Secunda : [ Books Xiii - Xxii ]
IS002281: AUSTER, PAUL, - The Art of Hunger
F3147: MANY AUTHORS - Unique Collection of Theses Dating from the 16th to the 20th Century.
007024: AVELINE, C., - Pégomancie.
F2275: AVVAKUM, & EPIFANII - Pustozerskii Sbornik.
IS002249: AXFORDS - Victoria's Dream
F1090: AYLIFFE, JOHN, 1676-1732 - The Antient and Present State of the University of Oxford. 2 Volumes.
F0030: AZIMI, IFTIKHAR [ TRANSLATED BY ] ILLUSTRATED BY RICHARD KENNEDY - The Garden of the Night - a Selection of 26 Sufi Poems
091676-1: AZIMM, MICHEL & GÉRARD RÉVEILLAC (EDS.) - Karnak Dans L'objectif de Georges Legrain . Catalogue Raisonné Des Archives Photographiques Du Premier Directeur Des Travaux de Karnak de 1895 à 1917. 2 Volumes
090648-1: BACHMANN, WALTER. - Kirchen Und Moscheen in Armenien Und Kurdistan.
IS002248: BALLEYDIER, ALFONSO, - Storia Della Rivoluzione Roma
016214: BALZAC, HONORE DE . - Oeuvres Diverses Volume 1
011811: BAMPFYLDE, JAMES, - The Poems of James Bampfylde.
F157C: BANDEIRA, MANUEL - 50 Poemas Escolhidos Pelo Autor.
WB026-6: TKACZOW BARBARA - Topography of Ancient Alexandria
F2388: BARCLAY, IOANNIS, - Euphormionis Lusinini Sive Ioannis Barclaii Satyricon, Partes Quinque Cum Clavi. Accessit Conspiratio Anglicana.
F2923: BARCLAY, ROBERT, - An Apology for the True Christian Divinity,
IS002157: BARKER, CICELY MAY - Flower Fairies of the Spring
F3019: BARKHUDAROV, S.R AND MANY OTHERS ( EDS.) - Slovar Russkogo Yazyka Xviii Veka Volumes 1-21 , All Volumes Published So Far
F2649: BARRÈS, MAURICE , - Les Frères Des écoles Chrétiennes
F2557: BARRIE, J.M. , - Farewell, Miss Julie Logan : A Wintry Tale
F0204-E: BARTHEL, HEISENBERG, HAERING AND OTHERS - Collection of Articles.
F2284: BASHKIN, V.; KUPRIN, A.; OLIGER, N.; SOLOGUB, F. - Zemlya. Sbornik Tretii.
091895-2: ST.BASIL - Letters. 4 Volumes
IS002080: BAWDEN, EDWARD, - Life in an English Village.
016041: BAYANI, MANIJEH AND ANNA CONTADINI - The Decorated Word. Qur'ans of the 17th to 19th Century Part One
F2946: BAYLEY, JOHN - Iris and the Friends. A Year of Memories.
F0248: BAYLEY, JOHN - Iris. A Memoir of Iris Murdoch.
IS00749: BAZIN, RENE, - Paysages Et Pays D'anjou.
F3066: DE BEAUCLAIR , GOTTHARD - Laudate Dominum. Laudes Matutinae Et Vespertinae. Psalmen Und Lobgesänge. Lateinisch-Deutsche Ausgabe.
F1940-2: BECKETT, SAMUEL, - Collected Shorter Prose 1945 - 1980
F1939: BECKETT, SAMUEL, - Collected Poems 1930-1978
091727-1: BEERBOHM, MAX., - Zulika Dobson
F1784: BEERBOHM, MAX - Zuleika Dobson
F2987: BEHAM, HANS SEBALD & TOBIAS STIMMER: - Die Planeten. Sieben Originalholzschnitte Von Hans Sebald Beham.
F2120: BEHRENS, WILHELM - Hilfsbuch Zur Ausführung Mikroskopischer Untersuchungen Im Botanischen Laboratorium.
F2606: BEINFELD, S., & H. BOCHNER - Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary
IS002274: BELL, MALCOLM, - Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Bart. .
F2543: BELLI-GONTARD, - Sammelsurium Der Alten Frankfurter Und Sachsenhäuser Volkslieder, Geschichten Und Redensarten.
F0134: BELLOW, SAUL. - More Die of Heartbreak
R72196: BELYI, A. - Ya (Sumashedshee).
F3059: BENN, GOTTFRIED. - Gehirne. Novellen.
WO041-P: BENN, GOTTFRIED. - Fragmente. Neue Gedichte
F1362DL: BENN, GOTTFRIED, - Destillationen. Neue Gedichte
F1360DL: BENN, GOTTFRIED: - Gedichte
F0401: BENN, GOTTFRIED, - Das Moderne Ich.
F3103: BENN GOTTFRIED, - Aus Dem Oratorium Das Unaufhorliche. Holzstiche Von Otto Rohse.
IS002173: BENNDORF, PAUL, - Maerchen Aus Tausend Und Einer Nacht.
030112: BENSLY, R., HARRIS, J. & BURKITT, F. (TRANSCRIBERS), - The Four Gospels in Syriac.
IS00658: BENZ, RICHARD, - Alte Deutsche Legenden.
F1830: ME'AH BERACHOT - An 18th-Century Miniature Book of Blessings and Prayers.
IS00738: BERGNER, RUDOLF, - Siebenbuergen.
F3188: BERLIN, ISAIAH, . - Personal Impressions (Selected Writings)
091647: BERNARD, TRISTAN, - Soixante Années de Lyrisme Intermittent
IS00438: BERNHARDT, SARAH, - Un Coeur D'homme.
IS00459: BERNT, WALTHER, - Die Niederlandischen Maler
F1626: BERTHELOT, MARCELIN - Les Origines de L'alchimie.
F2949: THE OXFORD BESTIARIUM [BESTIARY ] - Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ms. Ashmole 1511, Southern England, 12th Century
F2255KET: THE OXFORD BESTIARIUM [BESTIARY ] - Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ms. Ashmole 1511, Southern England, 12th Century
090054-2: BETJEMAN, JOHN, - Summoned By Bells.
IS002295: BETJEMAN, JOHN AND GEOFFREY TAYLOR (EDS), - English Scottish and Welsh Landscape
F0724: BEWICK, THOMAS, - A General History of Quadrupeds - the Figures Engraved on Wood By T. Bewick
092060-1: STENDHAL (HENRI BEYLE) - Oeuvres Romanesques Complètes Volume 1
F3167: BIBLE - The English Version of the Polyglot Bible Facsimile Large Edition: Containing the Old and New Testaments with a Copious and Original Selection of References to Parallel and Illustrative Passages
090270: BIBLE, NEW TESTAMENT. SYRIAC - NOVUM... TESTAMENTUM SYRIACUM - Novum Domini Nostri Jesu Christi Testamentum Syriacum Cum Versione Latina, Cura Et Studio Johannis Leusden Et Caroli Schaaf Editum Ad Omnes Editiones Diligenter Recensitum; & Variis Lectionibus, Magno Labore Collectis, Adornatum
F2178: BIBLE - - Neues Testament Und Psalter in Der Sprache Martin Luthers Für Leser Von Heute. Ausgabe Nach Dem Wortlaut Der Lutherbibel Von 1545.
F2533PIC: BIBLIA LATINA, TEXT PAGE 1290 - Text Page 1290
f2616: BICHEVSKAYA, JEANNE, - Poet Pesni Bulata Okudzhavy / Sings Bulat Okujava's Songs
IS0018: BIEHL, WALTHER - Toskanische Plastik
IS002115: BIERBAUM, OTTO JULIUS, - Erlebte Gedichte
IS002271: BILLER, EMMA, - Im Puppenparadies.
F1273: BINER, JOSEPH S.J. (1697 - 1766 ) - Catholische Anmerckung Uber Die Neueste Uncatholische Controvers-Schreiber, 4 Parts Bound in One
F2559: BIRK, STINE AND BIRTE POULSEN (EDS.) - Patrons and Viewers in Late Antiquity
F2948: BLACK, JEREMY , A. GEORGE AND N. POSTGATE (EDS.) - A Concise Dictionary of Akkadian
F2924: BLACKWALL, A. ( 1674-1730 ) - The Sacred Classics Defended and Illustrated, Or, an Essay Humbly Offer'd Towards Proving the Purity, Propriety, and True Eloquuence of the Writers of the New Testament
IS001093: BLAKE, WILLIAM, - Songs of Innocence
IS00868: BLEI, FRANZ, - Glanz Und Elend Beruehmter Frauen.
GYD0001: BLOK, ALEXANDER - Polnoe Sobranie Stihotvorenii: 3 Volumes
F1239: BLUNDEN, E., - Near and Far and the Poems. 2 Titles
F2549: BOBROWSKI, JOHANNES - Mäusefest. Erzählung.
F1119: BOCCACCIO, (GIOVANNI DI). - Boccaccios Buch Von Den Fürnembsten Weibern Mit Den 78 Holzschnitten Der Ulmer Ausgabe Von 1473 Und Einem Nachwort Von Kurt Pfister.
F0356: BOEFT, J.DEN, & HILHORST, A.,(EDS.), - Early Christian Poetry.
german_lo: BOEHRINGER, ROBERT [ED.], - Briefwechsel Zwischen George Und Hofmannsthal
IS002041: BOHNER, HERMANN, - Legenden
F1930: BÖLL, HEINRICH - Georg Büchners Gegenwärtigkeit. Eine Rede
F3140: RUSSIAN BONDS - City of St. Petersburg, 4½% Viii Loan, 1913,
F3163: BONOMI, JOSEPH AND JOHN LEE - Catalogue of the Egyptian Antiquities in the Museum of Hartwell House
F0222-B: HYMN BOOK - Hamburgisches Gesangbuch Fuer Den Oeffentlichen Gottesdienst Und Die Haeusliche Andacht. Mit Eines Hochedlen Und Hochweisen Raths Special Privilegio. Zweite Auflage Im Verlage Des Amts Des Buchbinder.
091866-6: BORD, L.-J., - Le Sumérien à L'usage Des Débutants. 3 Volumes
F3180: BOTTRALL, R.ONALD, - A Collection of 41 (43 of Which 2 Duplicates) Poetry Magazines of Which Most Include Bottrall's Poems / Articles ( One By His Wife Margaret) from the Poet's Library
IS002287: BOURGOING, J.F., - Travels in Spain
IS002296: BOUWINGHAUSEN VON WALLMERODE, - Taschenbuch Auf Das Jahr 1800
005570: BOYD WILLIAM, - Brazzaville Beach.
F1177: BOYER, FRANÇOIS MARIE, - Essai Sur Les épidémies
011641: BOYLESVE, R., - Les Deux Romanciers.
IS00625: BRADBURY, EDWARD, - All About Derbyshire.
F1819: BRANT, SEBASTIAN - Das Narrenschiff . Nebst Dessen Freiheitstafel. Neue Ausgabe, Nach Der Original-Ausgabe Besorgt Und Mit Anmerkungen Versehen Von Adam Walther Strobel
092794: BRASSINGTON, W. SALT, - Historic Worcestershire: Worcestershire Hisotrical, Biographical, Traditional, Legendary and Romantic
002684: BRECHT, B., L. FEUCHTWANGER, W. BREDEL (EDS), - Das Wort.
F1974DL: BRECHT , BERTOLD, - Leben Eduards Des Zweiten Von England (Nach Marlowe). : Historie.
IS002105: BRENTANO, KLEMENS, - Gockel, Hinkel Und Gackeleia
F2881-2: BRENTJES, BURCHARD - Arms of the Sakas (and Other Tribes of the Central Asian Steppes)
F2624: BRESC, HENRI & YÛSUF RÂGIB - Le Sultan Mérinide Abû L-Hassan ‘Alî Et Jacques Iii de Majorque. Du Traité de Paix Au Pacte Secret
F3000-C: BRETON - Album André Breton
F1998: BREUGELMANS, R., (INTROD.) - Les Mères Peuvent le Faire Lire à Leurs Filles: The Prefaces to the First French Translations of Jane Austens Sense and Sensibility and Emma :
IS002237: BRIDGE, ANN, - And Then You Came.
IS002240: BRIDGE, ANN, - The Light-Hearted Quest.
IS035019: BRIEGER, LOTHAR, - Theodor Hosemann.
F2290: BRIGGS, A.D.P., - Vladimir Mayakovsky : A Tragedy
F0124: BRIK O[SIP]., E. POLIVANOV, VIKTOR SHKLOVSKII, B.M. EIKHENBAUM, LEV YAKUBINSKII - Poetika. Sbornik Po Teorii Poeticheskogo Yazyka.
IS002127: BRITTON, J. AND E.W.BRAYLEY, - Derbyshire from: The Beauties of England and Wales.
IS00480: DE BROSSES, CHARLES, - Traite de la Formation Mechanique
F0140: BROWN, MICHELLE P., (COMMENTARY) - The Holkham Bible Picture Book. 2 Volumes.
F2195: BROWNE , JOSEPH ET AL (CONTRIB.) - Gratulatio Solennis Universitatis Oxoniensis Ob Celsissimum Georgium Fred. Aug. Walliæ Principem Georgio Iii. Et Charlottæ Reginæ Auspicatissime Natum
005680: BRUGMANN, KARL., . - Kurze Verleichende Grammatik Der Indogermanischen Sprachen
WO0065-B: LE BRUN, ANNIE - Sur le Champ
IS035067: BRUNSCHWIG, H., - Dis Ist Das Buch Der Cirurgia
004283: LA BRUYERE, (JEAN) DE (1645-1695): - Les Caracteres.
F3057: BRYUSOV, V. (ED.) - Poeziya Armenii S Drevneiishikh Vremen Do Nashikh Dnei.
F3168: BUCKLAND, FRANK, - Natural History of British Fishes; Their Structure, Economic Uses and Capture By Net and Rod, Cultivation of Fish-Ponds, Fish Suited for Acclimatisation, Artificial Breeding of Salmon
IS0103: BUECHI, L., - Heinrichsbader Kochbuch.
IS002202: BUERGER, G.A., - Saemmtliche Werke.
IS00654: BUERGER, G.A., - Des Freiherrn Von Munchhausen
IS0122: BUERGIN, HANS, - Das Werk Thomas Manns.
IS002114: BULWER, LADY LYTTON, - Cheveley;
IS00571: BURCKHARDT, JACOB, - Beitrage Zur Kunstgeschichte Von Italien.
NAZWO106: BURESCH-RIEBE, ILSE, - Frauenleistung Im Kriege
IS002247: BURKE, EDMUND,, - The History of Archery.
F2443: BURNEY, CHARLES (1762-1814 ) - The Present State of Music in France and Italy: One Volume and the Present State of Music in Germany, the Netherlands, and United Provinces Two Volumes
IS002278: BURTON, SIR RICHARD F., - A Mission to Gelele, King of Dahome
091994: DE BURY, RICHARD - Philobiblon
IS002175: BUSCH, WILHELM, - Max Und Moritz Bilderbuch
IS002267: BYRON, GEORGE GORDON NOEL, LORD - The Works; with His Letters and Journals
090016: CALDECOTT, R. - Picture Books.
F2835: CALDERÓN DE LA BARCA, PEDRO, ; 1600-1681. ; - Comedias Del Celebre Poeta Espanñol Don Pedro Calderon de la Barca, , Cavallero Del Orden de Santiago, Capellan de Honor de S.M. Y de Los Señores Reyes Nuevos de la Santa Iglesia de Toledo, Que Saca a la Luz Don Juan Fernández de Apontes, Y Las Dedica
006935: DE LA CALPRENADE, - Cleopatre, Dedie à Monseigneur le Prince.
F2591-4: CAMPA, L. (ED.) - Album Blaise Cendrars
IS001063: CAMPBELL,, LORD GEORGE, - Log Letters from "the Challenger".
F3069: CANNING , CH. P. RAE AND L. NELSON (EDS.) - Theatre Research International Volume 39 (2014) Numbers 1-3
IS002119: CANTIMORI, DELIO, - Italienische Haeretiker
IS0089: CARLYLE, THOMAS, - Sartor Resartus;
IS00655: CARPENTER, WILLIAM, - Political and Historical Essays,
091840-9: CARR, J[AMES] L[OYD] - The First Saturday in May; an Echo of a Shropshire Lad
F1631: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
IS002195: CARROLL, LEWIS, - Alice Im Wunderland.
F0230: CARROLL, L., - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
IS001011: CASSIRER, BRUNO, VERLAG, - Kuenstlerbriefe
nm150-4: DIO CASSIUS - Roman History. 9 Volumes.
F0882: CATTAFI, BARTOLO, - L'aria Secca Del Fuoco
IS002231: CAUER, PAUL, - Grammatica Militans.
091851: CHAGALL, KANDINSKY, MALEWITSCH - Chagall, Kandinsky, Malewitsch Und Die Russische Avantgarde
TAM094-G: CHAGALL, MARC - Exposition Marc Chagall, Japon 1963
F355-C: LA CHAMBRE, PIERRE DE, - Verscheyden Brieven Bequaem in de Scholen Te Ghebruycken.
F2383: CHAMISSO, ADELBERT VON - Peter Schlemihl's Wundersame Geschichte Mitgetheilt Von . . .
IS001037: CHAMPAGNE, ROLAND A., - Jacques Derrida
IS002126: CHAMPSAUR, FELICIEN, - Poupée Japonaise.
091906: CHAMSON, ANDRÉ - L'homme Qui Marchair Devant Moi. Roman
F1789: CHAMSON, ANDRÉ - La Superbe. Roman.
F1790: CHAMSON, ANDRÉ - La Tour de Constance. Roman
F3133: CHARMS, DANIIL & MUTSAERS, CHARLOTTE - Alle Mensen Houden Van Geld
IS002174: CHARPENTIER & FASQUELLE [ED.], - Un Siecle de Modes Feminines
F1933: CHASTEL, ANDRE - Typed Letter, a-5, Dated 8 Decembre 1976 to Professor Jean Seznec.
GC0034: CHATEAUBRIAND, F.A. DE - Travels in Greece, Palestine, Egypt, and Barbary, During the Years 1806 and 1807 . 2 Volumes.
IS002272: CHATELAIN, MADAME DE - The Child's Pictorial Vocabulary.
090920-M: CHAUCER G - The Canterbury Tales
F2894: CHIERA, EDWARD - Sumerian Epics and Myths
F355-F: CHINA - - Si Shu = the Four Books
F3157: CHOLERA, - Anleitung Verhuetung Und Orlaeufigen Behandlung Der Asiatischen Cholera
IS00863: CHOLMONDELEY, R.H. [ED.], - The Heber Letters.
031705: CHRISTENSEN, C.B. - The Hand of Memory. Selected Stories and Verse
TM0033: DIO CHRYSOSTOM - 5 Volumes. Translated By J.W. Cohoon
TM0025-2: CICERO - Rhetorical Treatises and Other Works. 30 Volumes in All.
093138-8B: CLAIRMONT, CHRISTOPH W. - Classical Attic Tombstones. 7 Text Volumes and One Plate Volume
093138-8: CLAIRMONT, CHRISTOPH W. - Classical Attic Tombstones. 7 Text Volumes and One Plate Volume
093138-9: CLAIRMONT, CHRISTOPH W. - Classical Attic Tombstones. Volume 1
F2802: CLARK, WILLIAM LESLIE - Wine-Dark Seas
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F0421: GOLDSMITH, LEWIS. - The Crimes of Cabinets; Or a Review of Their Plans and Aggressions for the Annihilation of the Liberties of France and the Dismemberment of Her Territories. With Illustrative Anecdotes Military and Political.
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F0804: KALASHNIKOV, ANATOLII( IVANOVICH, ( 1930-2007 ) - Voi'na I Mir : Seriia Ksilografii Po Motivam Roman L?Va Tolstogo / R.I. Kalashnikova / War and Peace : A Suite of Wood Engravings Based on the Book By Leo Tolstoy By Anatolii I. Kalashnikov
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F1214: LOEWE, L., - A Dictionary of the Circassian Language: In Two Parts: English-Circassian-Turkish, and Circassian-English-Turkish. Containing All the Most for the Traveller, the Soldier, and the Sailor: With the Exact Pronunciation of Each Word in the English Character?
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F3172: FRANCIS EDWARDS LTD - West Indies: A Catalogue of Books, Maps and Engravings, Including Sections on Guiana, Slave Trade and Buccaneers and Pirates
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F3134: LUTHER, MARTIN, - Ayn Sermon.
F2929: LUTHER, MARTIN - Die Propheten Alle Deudsch (Die Zwölf Kleinen Propheten Aus Der Von D. Martin Luther Verdeutschen Bibel Mit Seinen Vorreden.
F3181: LYALL, ROBERT - The Character of the Russians and a Detailed History of Moscow and Also Containing a Dissertation on the Russian Language and an Appendix Which Contains Tables, Political, Statistical and Historical,
TM0044-1: GREEK LYRIC. - 5 Volumes. Edited and Translated By David A. Campbell
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IS00947: MACDONALD, GEORGE, - Castle Warlock
IS00742: MACDONALD, GEORGE, - At the Back of the North Wind.
IS00720: MACDONALD, GEORGE, - The Light Princess
IS002077: MACDONALD, GEORGE - Alec Forbes of Howglen.
031500: MACKINTOSH, JAMES - Vindiciae Gallicae: Defence of the French Revolution and Its English Admirers Against the Accusations of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke
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F1499: MATZ, B.W., (COMPILER) - Character Sketches from Dickens Compiled with Foreword By B W Matz. Editor of the Dickensian. With an Introduction By Kate Perugini (Charles Dickens' Daughter) Illustrated By Harold Copping,
F1934: MAUGHAM, WILLIAM SOMERSET, 1874 - 1965, - Typed Letter, a-5, Dated 23rd July 1952. Signed in Ink
F1164: MAUROIS, ANDRÉ - Olympio Ou la Vie de Victor Hugo.
002372: MAUROIS, A., - Portrait D'une Actrice.
F254B: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Prométhée Ou la Vie de Balzac.
IS002160: MAUTNER, FRANZ H., - Lichtenberg.
F2257KET: EMPEROR MAXIMILIAN I - Weisskunig. 2 Volumes. Volume 1: Text Volume 2: Plates.
IS002026: MAYHEW, HENRY, - London Labour and the London Poor.
092622: MAZZOLINI, SYLVESTRO, (1456-1523 ) - Summae Sylvestrinae, Quae Summa Summarum Merito Nuncupatur Pars Prima [-Pars Secunda] Ab R.P. Sylvestro Prierate,. . . Edita, Nunc Recens Diligentissime Correcta. Additionibus Autem, Ex Sacro Concilio Trident. Et Catechismo, Pii V,. . . Jussu Edito, Hac in
F1142: MCCRIE, THOMAS - Life of John Knox, Containing Illustrations of the History of the Reformation in Scotland, with Biographical Notices of the Principal Reformers, and Sketches of the Progress of Literature in Scotland During the Sixteenth Century, to Which Is Subjoined an
R53334: MECS, LADISLAS - Poemes Choisis.
F0969: MEEUWS, SCHARLIE - Drafting Driftwood
F3190: MEI,L., - Polnoe Sobranie Sochinenii. 2 Volumes in 8 Parts.
F2035: MEI,L. - Stikhotvoreniya I Razskazy
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F3068: MELIORANSKII,P., - Kratkaya Grammatika Kazak-Kirgizskogo Yazyka. Chast' Ii. Sintaksis.
F0893: MESSEL, SAUL VAN, [PS. OF JAAP (JAKOB) - Strelen Om de Stam. Een Bundel Priapeeën.
IS002028: METIVIER, GEORGES, - Rimes Guernesiaises
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IS002048: MEYER-LUEBKE, W., . - Das Katalanische.
IS00755: MEYERN-HOHENBERG, M.G. VON, - Lawn-Tennis.
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F2786: MICHAELS , DAMIAN (CURATOR) - Fantastic Art Exhibition Catalogue 2001
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IS00426: MICHELET, J., - Les Femmes de la Revolution.
IS00615: MILLER, THOMAS, - English Country Life.
F2816: MILLER, D. GARY - Ancient Greek Dialects and Early Authors. Introduction to the Dialect Mixture in Homer, with Notes on Lyric and Herodotus
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F3056: MINAEV E.N. - 500 Ekslibrisov. Ekslibrisy Khudozhnikov Rossiiskoi Federatsii. Exlibris of the Russian Federation. Les Ex Libris Des Artistes de la Federation de Russie. Die Exlibriskust in Der Russischen Foderation
F3127: MINISTER VAN OORLOG (DUTCH WAR MINISTRY) - Zangbundel Voor Het Nederlandsche Leger
F2427: MIRBEAU, OCTAVE - Le Calvaire
TAM0296: MIRONOVA-KOROL, AGNESSA - From Paradise to Purgatory : A Voice from Stalin's Russia
031431: HARLEIAN MISCELLANY - - A Selection from the Harleian Miscellany of Tracts, Which Principally Regard the English History, of Which Many Are Referred to By Hume
IS002210: MITCHELL, YVONNE, - Frame for Julian.
WO0058: MOCHUL'SKII,V.N. - Vliyanie Poezii Pushkina Na Razvitie Samosoznaniya Russkago Naroda.
F2216: MOHR, EVA, - Dein Sternbild Leuchte Auch Uns. Fuenf Gedichte an Nelly Sachs
091039: MOLESCHOTT, JAC., - Physiologie Der Nahrungsmittel.
F0213DL: MOMMSEN, KATHARINA, - Natur- Und Fabelreich in Faust Ii
IS00764: MONTESQUIEU [NODIER], - Le Temple de Gnide
IS00629: MONTESSORI, MARIA. - Selbsttaetige Erziehung
IS00818: MONTESSORI, MARIA, - Montessori-Erziehung
014495: MONTHERLANT, H., DE - Album Montherlant
GC1310-B: MONTUCLA, J.F., [JEAN ETIENNE, 1725 - 1799) - Histoire Des Mathématiques Dans Laquelle on Rend Compte de Leurs Progrès Depuis Leur Origine Jusqu'à Nos Jours ; Où L'on Expose le Tableau Et le Développement Des Principales Découvertes Dans Toutes Les Parties Des Mathématiques, 4 Volumes , Complete Set
F2000: MOORE, THOMAS - Paradise and the Peri. Illuminated By Owen Jones and Henry Warren, on Stone By Albert Warren
IS00990: MOORE, GEORGE, - The Passing of the Essenes.
F0065: MOORE, GEORGE, - Ulick and Soracha.
IS00992: MOORE, GEORGE, - Avowals.
IS00994: MOORE, GEORGE, - Aphrodite in Aulis.
IS00972: MORE, HANNAH, - Strictures on the Modern System
IS002152: MORE, HANNAH - Sacred Dramas;
IS00486: MORIN, LOUIS, - Vieille Idylle.
092644-3: MORITZ,, BERNHARD, - Arabic Palaeography.
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R71803: MOSHIN, V. - Tirilski Rukopisi U Povijesnom Muzejy Kharvatske Kopitareva Zbirka Slovenskikh Rukopisa I Tsojsov Tirilski Odlomak U Lublani. 2 Volumes( Vol. 1: Text; Vol. 2 : Facsimiles. )
F0216B-2: MOSKOWICH, WOLF, (ED.) - Jews and Slavs Volumes 1 - 24
2950: MOSKOWICH, WOLF, (ED.) - Jews and Slavs Volumes 1 - 25
IS002093: MOSZEIK, O., - Die Malereien Der Buschmaenner in Suedafrika
IS00741: MOUREY, GABRIEL, - Le Livre Des Fetes Francaises
F1170: MÜLLER-KRUMBACH, RENATE: - Harry Graf Kessler Und Die Cranach-Presse in Weimar. Mit Einem Beitrag Von John Dreyfus Und Einem Verzeichnis Der Drucke Der Cranach-Presse.
R70793: MURATOV,P. (ED.) - Sofiya. Zhurnal Literatury I Iskusstva.
F048-F: MURPHY , A.B., - Mikhail Zoshchenko a Literary Profile
F1310: MUSIL, ROBERT, - ûber Die Dummheit (Vortrag Auf Einladung Des österreichischen Werkbunds Gehalten in Wien Am 11. Und Wiederholt Am 17 März 1937)
IS002203: MUSIL, ROBERT, - Die Verwirrungen
IS002139: DE MUSSET, P, - Biographie de Alfred de Musset
IS002012: NADLER, JOSEF, - Johann Georg Hamann
F3038: NADSON, S. YA., - Stikhotvoreniya S. Ya Nadsona
WO079: ESTEBAN DE NAGERA - Cancionero General de Obras Nueves. (Zaragoza, 1554 )
F0061: NASMITH, TED - Tolkien Diary 2003
F3187: NEUDA, FANNY [ GEB. SCHMIEDL ] - Stunden Der Andacht. Ein Gebet- Und Erbauungsbuch Für Israels Frauen Und Jungfrauen, Zur öffentlichen Und Häuslichen Andacht, So Wie Für Alle Verhältnisse Des Weiblichen Lebens.
IS001007: NEUMANN, CARL, - Rembrandt.
IOS001007: NEUMANN, CARL, - Rembrandt.
IS002007: NEWBOLT, FRANCIS, - The History
093071: NEWMARCH, ROSA [HARRIET JEAFFRESON, 1857-1940 ] - Russian Songs for British Soldiers / Words By Rosa Newmarch.
IS002074: NICHOLS, ROBERT,, - Guilty Souls.
031570: NICOLAS, YVON - The Belief in Personal Immorality
092258-4: NICOLIS, F. - Bell Beakers Today: Pottery, People, Culture, Symbols in Prehistoric Europe
F0249-H: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH - Jenseits Von Gut Und Böse. Vorspiel Einer Philosophie Der Zukunft / Zur Genealogie Der Moral.
IS002178: NOVALIS - Schriften
IS001023: NOVALIS - Schriften.
F1122: MONAHINJA JEFIMIJA / LA MONIALE YÉFIMIA [ ( 1349 - 1405 SERBIAN NUN ] - Monahinja Jefimija / la Moniale Yéfimia
IS00712: NUPPNAU, F.P. & OTHERS, - Hamburgischer Taschen-Kalender
F3092: NYPELS, CHARLES - Bij Tijd En Wijle Moet U Eens Komen Kijken. Maastricht in Zeven Prentbriefkaarten.
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F1331: OCHIAI, SIEKICHI AND HILDAHARU ONUMA - Japanese Archery: The Eight Rules Method and Equipment .
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R71415: ODOEVSKII, V., - Romanticheskie Povesti.
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IS002222: OWEN, WILFRED., - The Poems.
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IS002186: PARFAIT, PAUL, - L'arsenal de la Devotion.
091865: RAIMBERT DE PARIS - La Chevalerie Ogier de Danemarche. Poème Du Xiie Siécle.
F2455KI: PARK, MUNGO - Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa: Performed Under the Direction and Patronage of the African Association, in the Years 1795, 1796, and 1797. . . .
IS00945: PARRY, K.L., [ED.], - Companion to Congregational Praise
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092245: PASTERNAK, BORIS - Slepaya Krasavitsa.
F1681: PASTERNAK, EVG., - Boris Pasternak Materialy Dlya Biografii.
F3083: PASTERNAK, BORIS - - Boris Pasternak 1890 - 1960. A Collection of 18 Photographs.
F1988B: PASTERNAK, BORIS - Stikhotvoreniya Esse Perevody Chitaet Avtor- on Longplaying Record
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IS00939: PATTISON, MARK, - Memoirs.
092649-3: PAUSANIAS - Description of Greece. 5 Volumes
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R70059: PAVLOVICH,L. (ED.) - Odlomtsi Rumunske Proze
IS00443: PEEL, FRANK, - The Risings of the Luddites
031300: PERCEVAL, GEORGE - The History of Italy, from the Fall of the Western Empire, to the Commencement of the Wars of the French Revolution
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F3106: PESSOA, FERNANDO: - Gedichte Des Alberto Caeiro Aus Der Hueter Der Herden . Ausgewaehlt Und Illustriert Von Karl Bohrmann.
F0264: PETER, REV. DAVID, . - Hanes Crefydd, Yn Nghymru, O`R Amser Y Daeth Y Cymry
009196: PETITS CONTEURS DU XVIIIE SIECLE, - Three Volumes of This Series.
006295: PETITS POETES DU XVIIIE SIECLE, - Six Volumes in This Series.
IS002070: PETRARCA, FRANCESCO, - Sonette Und Kanzonen.
F2796: PETRONIUS (ARBITER, GAIUS): - Satire de Petrone, Chevalier Romain. Nouvelle Traduction, Par le Citoyen D. . Suivie de Considerations Sur la Matrone D'ephese, Et D'un Conte Chinois Sur le Meme Sujet. 2 Volumes.
IS00858: PFEIFFER, FRIEDRICH, - Das Ross Im Altdeutschen.
IS00730: PFIZER, GUSTAV, - Der Nibelungen Noth
IS00350: PFYFFER DE NEUECK, - Esquisses de L'iie de Java
IS002238: PHELPS, GILBERT, - From Myth to Modernism. A Short Guide to the World Novel
TM0077-2: PHILO - 12 Volumes. Works in a Bi-Lingual Edition.
IS001032: PILKINGTON, M., - A Dictionary of Painters
F3016: PINCHES, T. G. AND J. N. STRASSMAIER. - Late Babylonian Astronomical and Related Texts
F0204-K: PINSKER, LEON, - Autoemanzipation. Mahnruf an Seine Stammesgenossen Von Einem Russischen Juden.
F2630: PINTER HAROLD AS HAROLD PINTA - Poetry London Volume 6 Number 22 Summer 1951
IS002020: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI, - Sechs Personen Suchen Einen Autor.
090434-2: PLATO - Works in a Bi-Lingual English-Latin Edition in 12 Volumes
TM0081: PLAUTUS - 1-4 Edited and Translated By Prof. Wolfgang de Melo, 5 By Paul Nixon. 5 Volumes.
TM0082-5: PLINY - Natural History. 10 Volumes
090187: PLOTINUS - Ennead I-Vi. 7 Volumes
IS00946: PLOTINUS, - Select Works
IS002044: PLOTINUS, - Ennead Iii. 6. On the Impassivity
TM0085-B: PLUTARCH - Moralia 16 Volumes (Volume 13 in 2 Part-Volumes)
TM0085: PLUTARCH - Lives. [Parallel Lives] 11 Volumes
IS002245: PLUTARCH - Varia Scripta Quae Moralia Vulgo Vocantur.
IS00897: POCOCK, ROSE R., - Sketches of Bristol
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090367: POLOVTSOVA, A.A. (ED.) - Russkij Biograficheskij Slovar'. 2 Volumes of the Set
IS002259: POLYBIOS, - Geschichte
TM0086: POLYBIUS - Histories. 6 Volumes
F1401: PONT-DE-VEYLE, ANTOINE DE FÉRIOL DE (1697 - 1774 ) - Le Somnambule. Comédie
008169: MOLIERE ( = JEAN BAPTISTE POQUELIN ) - Oeuvres Avec Des Remarques Grammaticales, Des Avertissements Et Des Observations Sur Chaque Pièce Par M. Bret. 6 Volumes.
F2828: PORST, JOHANN. (1668 - 1728 ) - Geistliche Und Liebliche Lieder, Welche Der Geist Des Glaubens Durch Doct. Martin Luthern, Johann Herrmann, Paul Gerhard, Und Andere Seine Werckzeuge,in Den Vorigen Und Jetzigen Zeiten Gedichtet, Und Die Bisher in Kirchen Und Schulen Der Kön. Preus. Und
F1583: PORST, JOHANN - Geistliche Und Liebliche Lieder,
IS0043: PORTER, ANNA MARIA, - The Fast of St. Magdalen.
F2890: PORZIO, LUCA, & G. MELE (TRANSLATORS) - Arte Gladitoria Dimicandi : 15th Century Wordsmanship of Master Filipo Vadi.
F3164: POSENER, GEORGES - Catalogue Des Ostraca Hiératiques Littéraires de Deir El-Médineh. Tome 2. Fascicles 1 and 2 1109-1266
F0272-C: VAN DER POST, LAURENS - The Heart of the Hunter
F0204-F: POSTGATE, J.L. ( PREFACE DATED 1880) - Umbrae. Poems and Translations.
F0261: POTTER, BEATRIX - - Changing Pictures a Book of Transformation Pictures
IS00634: POUJOULAT, M., - Toscane Et Rome.
F2192: POURTALES, GUY DE, - Monclar
IS00737: POWERS, STEPHEN, - Tribes of California
F0520: PRATCHETT, TERRY - Diggers
F1999: PRATCHETT, TERRY - The Last Hero - a Discworld Fable Illustrated By Paul Kirby
PAM2544: NONESUCH PRESS - Bodkin Permitting Being the Prospectus and Retrospectus for 1929.
PAM2538: NONESUCH PRESS - Prospectus & Retrospectus of the Nonesuch Press 1932
IS00667: PREVOST, L'ABBE - Histoire de Manon Lescaut
093038: L'ABBE PRÉVOST - Histoire de Manon Lescaut Et Du Chevalier Des Grieux, Préface Par Guy de Maupassant.
F1307: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - Different Inside
F0912: BIBESCO (PRINCESSE) - Croisade Pour L'anemone (Lettres de Terre Sainte)
092343-2: PROCOPIUS - History of the Wars. 7 Loeb Volumes
017122-2: PROUST, MARCEL - Jean Santeuil Précédé de Les Plaisirs Et Les Jours
F157D: FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE [FREDERICK THE GREAT OF PRUSSIA] - Der Letzte Staatshaushalt Friedrichs Des GroßEn. General Domainen Und Kriegs Cassen-Etats Von Trinitatis 1786 Bis Trinitatis 1787. .
016496: PSALTER - Kievskaya Psaltyr'. 2 Volumes.
IS002150: PULLMAN, PHILIP, - The Ruby in the Smoke.
F3039: PUSHKIN, ALEKSANDR SERGEEVICH , - Sobranie Sochinenii: Tom Iii: 1823-1824
016498: PUSHKIN - Al'bom Elizavety Nikolaevny Ushakovoi. Faksimil'noe Vos Proizvedenie.
093010: AL-QAMUS - Arabic-Arabic Dictionary, By Al-Firuzabadi
F0657: QUARLES, FRANCIS. - Enchiridion: Containing Institutions Divine, Contemplative. Practical. Moral Ethical. Oeconomical. Political.
030401: TSJECHISCH QUARTET - Een Studie Gewijd Aan de Illustraties Exlibris En Gelegenheidsgrafiek Van de Tsjechische Grafici: V. Cinybulk, M. Florian, J. Lukavsky, P. Simon
F2797: QUEVEDO, FRANCISCO DE. - The Comical Works of Don Francisco de Quevedo. ,
IS002100: QUINET, EDGAR, - Extraits de Ses Oeuvres
016718: RACINE, J., - Iphrigenie En Aulide,
016717: RACINE, J., - Esther, Tragedie En Cinq Actes,
F1875: RADOJCIC,S. - Stare Srpske Minijature
F2693: RAHLFS, ALFRED (ED.): - Septuaginta. Id Est Vetus Testamentum Graece Iuxta Lxx Interpretes. Volume 1
WO058-B: RAINE, K., - What Is Man?
IS002073: RAPP, GEORG, - Das Narrenspiel.
F0674: RASTOUL , [ DE MONGEOT], ALPHONSE [ SIMON ] - Tableau D'avignon.
IS0116: RAUWOLFF, LEONHART, - Aigentliche Beschreibung Der Raiss
IS002103: RAWSTORNE, LAWRENCE, - Gamonia
004100: REA, R. LINDSAY., - Neuro-Ophthalmology.
IS0053: REIK, THEODOR, - Gestandniszwang Und Strafbedurfnis.
IS002199: REINAUD, J.T., - Relations Des Voyages Faits Par Les Arabes
IS002109: REINHARDT, KARL, - Poseidonios.
IS00777: REINICK, R., - Abc-Buch
F2094SM: RELIGION - - Vermehrtes Luneburgisches Kirchen Gesang Buch, Nebst Einem Gebet Buche Auf Sr. Konigl. Grosz= Britannischen Majestaet Und Chur Furstl. Durchl. Zu Braunschweig- Lueneburg Etc. Allergnadigsten Befehl Herausgegeben
IS001092: REMISOW, ALEXEJ, - Prinzessin Mymra
F2545: REMIZOV, A. - Zvenigorod Oklikannyj ; Nikoliny Pritchi
005874: RENNELL, MARY, - Paintings and Drawings of Mary Rennell.
IS00429: RENNIE, DAVID FIELD, - Bhotan and the Story of the Dooar War.
IS00382: REPTON, HUMPHREY, - Observations
IS035153: RESCH, ALFRED, - Agrapha.
F2986: RESCHID, FAWZI, - Texts in the Iraq Museum. Volume Vi: Cuneiform Texts, Administrative Texts from the Ur Iii Dynasty,
012525: RESTIF DE LA BRETONNE, - La Petite Laitière.
IS002294: RETIF DE LA BRETONNE, - L'andrographe,
IS002226: RETZLAFF, OTTO, - Vorschule Zu Homer.
IS00904: REVENTLOW, FRANZISKA, - Gesammelte Werke
IS00722: RHYS, JOHN, - Lectures on the Origin and Growth
091134: RICHARDS, D., & C. COCKRELL, (EDS., TRANSL.), - Russian Views of Pushkin
091134-2: RICHARDS, D., & C. COCKRELL, (EDS., TRANSL.), - Russian Views of Pushkin
F3179: RICHARDSON, SAMUEL - Clarissa : Harlowe; Or, the History of a Young Lady. Comprehending the Most Important Concerns of Private Life;
F1060B: RICHLER, MORDECAI - Solomon Gursky Was Here
091461: RICHTER, JEREMIAS BENJAMIN, - Anfangsgründe Der Stöchiometrie Oder MeßKunst Chymischer Elemente
F1204-3: RICKE, HELMUT, - Glass Art. Reflections of the Centuries
092789: RILKE, RAINER MARIA, - Sonette an Orpheus. Geschrieben Als Ein Grab-Mal Für Wera Ouckama Knoop
091569: RIMBAUD, ARTHUR - Oeuvres Complètes
IS00821: RINK, HENRY, - Danish Greenland.
F1780: ROBERTS, DAVID - The Holy Land and Egypt and Nubia. 2 Volumes
IS00961: ROBINSON, HENRY CRABB, - Diary, Reminiscences, and Correspondence
IS001038: ROBSON-SCOTT, W.D., - German Travellers in England
IS00595: ROBY, J., - Traditions of Lancashire.
F3130: ROEHR, JOHANN FRIEDRICH - Gedaechtniszpreddigt Bei Der Oeffentlichen Todesfeier Der Hoechtseligen Frau Groszherzogin Zu Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach Louise Geborenen Landgraefin Von Hessendarmstadt
F3090-5: ROENTGEN, WILHELM, - Eine Neue Art Von Strahlen
IS002232: ROEVER, FRIEDRICH, - Hydriasis
IS002031: ROHDE, ERWIN, - Der Griechische Roman
F2114SM: ROHSE, OTTO - Einhundert Holzstiche - Cent Gravures Sur Bois - One Hundred Wood Engravings .
F3112: ROLAND HOLST , ADRIAAN (1888 - 1976 ) - Eigen Achtergronden En 4 Andere Werken En Correspondentie
F3141: ROMAIN ROLLAND - Autographed Letter in French Signed, 2 Pages, Dated 11 Juin 1913
IS002228: ROLLIN, LEDRU, - The Decline of England.
F1327: DE ROOS - Tien Jaar "de Roos" 1945-1955, and, Stichting de Roos Catalogus 1956-1960
IS001096: ROSCOE, WILLIAM, - The Life and Pontificate
092955: ROSSETTI, DANTE GABRIEL - Poems, Copyright Edition & Ballads and Sonnets Copyright Edition. 2 Volumes

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