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43585: [BOYNE, WILLIAM.] - A manual of Roman coins : from the earliest period to the extinction of the Empire : illustrated with 21 plates.
40512: - The Illustrated Guide to Durham and Its Vicinity.
42330: - National church reform.
40632: - Abstract from the public records, &c. of charters, acts of parliament, treaties, &c. concerning 1. The Steuartry and principality of Scotland; 2. The Dutchy of Cornwall; 3. The principality of Wales and Earldom of Chester; 4. The Dutchy of Normandy; 5. The Dauphine´ of France.
42249: [GURNEY, ELIZA PAUL KIRKBRIDE.] - A brief sketch of the life of Anna Backhouse, by one who knew her well, loved her much, and was often instructed by her.
42290: - Clyde pleasure steamers: thirty-two illustrations of the best-known Clyde steamers, with descriptive matter on separate tissue.
41496: - Ben Rhydding. The principles of hydropathy and the compressed-air bath. By a graduate of the Edinburgh University.
38629: - Jarrow Official Guide.
38016: - A Selected List of Books for Young Readers.
38013: - Brown & Poulson's Tea-Time Recipe Book. B Book.
38011: - Brown & Poulson's Corn Flour Recipe Book. "A" Book.
38010: - Verisan Home Medical Guide & Year Book 1936. With the compliments of Taylors British Chemists.
37465: [FORD]. - New Anglia & Prefect Service Bulletins. 1959 Onwards.
37462: [BRITISH LEYLAND]. - Austin Morris MG Wolseley Riley and Vanden Plas Workshop Manual. 1100 -1300. Issue 13. 81489.
37259: [CAPRI]. - Capri 2000 GT Workshop Manual. [Ford of Britain].
1456: [STANLEY, THOMAS]. - Memoirs of Mr Robert Swan Stanley, the Alnwick Stanley family and a few of their contemporaries.
1876: [BOOKBINDINGS]. - Bookbindings from the Library of Jean Grolier, a loan exhibition 23 September - 31 October 1965.
1911: [JUVENILE]. - The Snow Storm; or an account of the nature properties, dangers and uses of snow, in various parts of the world.
1929: [PENZER, N. M. (EDITOR)]. - The Life and Astonishing Adventures of John Daniel. "The Library of Imposters - Vol 1."
1932: [PORCELAIN GUIDE]. - A Guide through the Worcester Porcelain Works.
37376: [THE BRITISH MOTOR CO LTD]. - Fifteen Hundred and One Point Five Workshop Manual.1967. Wolseley and Riley. [BMC Service Ltd].
37375: [THE BRITISH MOTOR CO LTD]. - Fifteen Hundred and One Point Five Workshop Manual.1965. Wolseley and Riley. [BMC Service Ltd].
37374: [WOLSELEY]. - Wolseley 1500 Workshop Manual 1957-1958.
3528: (ARBUTHNOT, FOSTER F.). - Early Ideas. A group of Hindoo stories. Collected and collated by Anaryan.
8509: [HEAD, FRANCIS BOND]. - Bubbles from the Brunnens of Nassau. By an Old Man.
8514: [MACMICHAEL, WILLIAM]. - The Gold-Headed Cane.
16236: [H., S. H. A.]. - Hervey, first Bishop of Ely, and some others of the same name, 1050 to 1500. From domesday, public records, and chronicles.
16550: [MANNING, ANNE]. - An English Girl's Account of a Moravian Settlement in the Black Forest. Edited by the author of 'Mary Powell'.
16565: [WALSH, ROBERT]. - A Letter on the Genius and Dispositions of the French Government, including a view of the taxation of the French Empire.
16703: [BEAUCHAMP, MARY]. - Elizabeth and her Garden.
37263: [TRIUMPH]. - Triumph 2000 and 2.5 PI Workshop Manual.
17015: [ALLEN, JOHN]. - Our Home Population; or, the voluntary principle and lay agency sanctioned of God, and adapted to promote the moral and spiritual renovation of those districts of the country still in a state of moral degradation and religious destitution.
36651: [KNOLE]. - Guide to Knole, its State Rooms, Pictures, and Antiquities, with a short account of the possessors and park of Knole.
36641: [JANE, CECIL] TRANSLATED BY. - The Journal of Christopher Columbus.
36446: [HENDRY, ERIC]. - Hall In the Wood Bolton. Its history and arrangement as a Folk Museum.
36404: [BOWES]. - Handbook to the Bowes Museum Barnard Castle.
36403: [BOWES MUSEUM]. - The Bowes Museum Barnard Castle Illustrated Handbook.
17443: [FARQUAR, BARBARA N.] - The Pearl of Days: or, the advantages of the sabbath to the working classes. By a labourer's daughter. With a sketch of the author's life.
17574: [CROKATT, GILBERT; JOHN MONROE] - Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence Display'd: or, the folly of their teaching discover'd, from their books, sermons, and prayers: and some remarks on Mr. Rule's late vindication of the Kirk, interspers'd with some genuine adventures, in love, etc. ...
17708: G[LOVER], W[ILLIAM]. - Protestant Principles: exemplified in the parliamentary orations of royal dukes, right rev. prelates, noble peers, and illustrious commoners; with the constitutional declarations of Irish protestants; against the Roman catholic claims. To which is prefixed an address to the protestants of Great Britain and Ireland.
17809: - Bossuet and his Contemporaries.
17955: [PORTER, GEORGE RICHARDSON]. - Treatise on the origin, progressive improvement, and present state of the silk manufacture.
18346: [CARR, WILLIAM]. - The Dialect of Craven, in the West-Riding of the county of York, with a copious glossary, illustrated by authorities from ancient English and Scottish writers, and exemplified by two familiar dialogues. By a native of Craven. (2 Vols).
18348: - Thirty Prints of Places Mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, illustrative of the fulfilment of prophecy.
18355: [TOMLINSON, CHARLES]. - The Snow-Storm; or, an account of the nature, properties, dangers, and uses of snow, in various parts of the world.
18501: [HARE, FRANCIS]. - The Barrier-Treaty Vindicated. [Together with a copy of the treaty and counter-project, with some observations upon them].
18508: [BLACKBURNE, FRANCIS]. - An Historical View of the Controversy Concerning an Intermediate State and the Separate Existence of the Soul between Death and General Resurrection, deduced from the beginning of the protestant reformation to the present times. With some thoughts, in a prefatory discourse, on the use and importance of theological controversy.
18514: [WINDHAM, WILLIAM]. - A plan of discipline, composed for the use of the militia of the county of Norfolk.
18647: - Aristotle's Treatise on Rhetoric, literally translated from the Greek; ... to which is added an analysis of Aristotle's rhetoric by Thomas Hobbes, of Malmesbury [1681].
18896: [GAYA, LOUIS DE]. - Matrimonial Ceremonies Displayed: ... various customs, odd pranks, whimsical tricks and surprising customs of near one hundred different kingdoms and people in the world, now used in the celebration and consummation of matrimony, collected from the papers of a rambling batchelor; ... to which is added the comical adventures of Sir Harry Fitzgerald ...
18915: [BLAMPIED, H. J.]. - With a Highland Regiment in Mesopotamia 1916-1917 by one of its officers.
18966: [DODD, GEORGE]. - Knight's Cyclopaedia of the Industry of All Nations.
19021: [POLLARD, GRAHAM]. - Catalogue of I. Typefounders' Specimens. II. Books Printed in Founts of Historic Importance. III. Works on Typefounding, Printing & Bibliography. Offered for Sale.
19030: M., I. - A Health to the Gentlemanly Profession of Serving-Men 1598. With an introduction by A.V. Judges.
36198: [STEPHENS, GEORGE, PROF. DR.] - The Bound Man-Devil at Kirkby Stephen - the Northern Loke. [C & W Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Transactions off-print.]
19135: - Manual of the Congregational Church, in Bradford, Vermont, with a catalogue of its members; unanimously adopted, June 3, 1859.
19138: - Catalogue of Lancaster Academy, Lancaster, N. H., for the Fiftieth Year ending June 7, 1878.
19142: - Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of the New Hampshire State Agricultural Society, for the year ending December 20, 1859.
19165: - Speeches of Messrs. Hayne and Webster in the United States Senate, on the resolution of Mr. Foot, January, 1830.
19171: [PRESTON, SALLY]. - Memorial of My Mother.
19348: [BROWN, A. M.]. - Our Western Hills: how to reach them; and the views from their summits. By a Glasgow pedestrian.
19411: [SAINT JOHN, A., MRS.]. - Natural History and Sport in Moray, collected from the journals and letters of the late Charles St. John ...
19470: [BRADFORD, WILLIAM]. - Bradford's History "Of Plimoth Plantation." From the original manuscript. With a report of the proceedings incident to the return of the manuscript to Massachusetts.
19480: [INNES, COSMO.]. - Concerning some Scotch surnames.
19481: [SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH]. - "Ask Mamma;" or, the richest commoner in England ... with illustrations by John Leech.
19702: - Das Album. [12 issues].
20500: [DEKE, CHARLES WENTWORTH, SIR.] - The Fall of Prince Florestan of Monaco. By himself.
35988: [BEDFORDSHIRE]. - Bedfordshire Parish Poor Law Papers 1622-1834. An Index. Occasional Papers No 2.
21178: [RYDER, W. J. D.]. - Chronicles of Charter House. By a Carthusian.
21493: ILLUSTRATED. - Home Kindness, Sunny Days and Children's Ways, &c. A picture book for the nursery.
35889: [SCOTLAND]. - Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks in Scotland. Eleventh Report 1936.
21783: [GRIONI, UMBERTO (EDITOR)]. - The Metallurgic Industry in Italy. Description of some of the principal works.
21814: [CHARLES, ELIZABETH]. - Wanderings over Bible Lands and Seas.
35757: [CLIFTON COLLEGE]. - Clifton College. School Lists &c Easter 1879.
35756: [CLIFTON COLLEGE]. - Clifton College. School Lists &c Christmas 1881.
35755: [CLIFTON COLLEGE]. - Clifton College. School Lists &c Christmas 1880.
35753: [CLIFTON COLLEGE]. - Clifton College. School Lists &c April 1880.
35754: [CLIFTON COLLEGE]. - Clifton College. School Lists &c July 1880.
22120: [CROKATT, GILBERT; JOHN MONROE]. - Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence Display'd: or, the folly of their teaching discover'd, from their books, sermons, and prayers: and some remarks on Mr. Rule's late vindication of the Kirk, interspers'd with some genuine adventures in love, &c.
35752: [CLIFTON COLLEGE]. - Clifton College. School Lists &c Christmas 1879.
22342: [SHEPHERD, RICHARD HERNE]. - The Bibliography of Carlyle: a bibliographical list arranged in chronological order of the published writings in prose and verse of Thomas Carlyle (from 1820 to 1881).
22493: [BUDDEN, MARY ELIZABETH]. - True Stories from Ancient History; chronologically arranged, from the creation of the world to the death of Charlemagne. By a mother.
22548: [TURNER, ELIZABETH, MRS.]. - The Daisy; or, cautionary stories in verse, adapted to the ideas of children from four to eight years old.
35689: [ROBERT ANDERSON]. - Robert Anderson the Cumberland Bard, born 1770 - died 1833. Centenary Celebration Souvenir.
35544: [THOMAS, E R]. - The Story of the Royal Grammar School Newcastle Upon Tyne 1545.
23133: - The Pope and the Premier, as viewed from Scottish mountain tops.
35758: [CLIFTON COLLEGE]. - Clifton College. School Lists &c Christmas 1878.
35302: [CHESTER]. - The Handbook to Chester, Eaton Hall, Hawarden Castle, and Vicinity.
35301: [WELLS]. - Picturesque Wells and District.
35279: [NEWCASTLE]. - The City of Newcastle Upon Tyne Ofiicial Guide. [Published by authority of the Corporation for the convenience of visitors].
23972: [SWINTON, JOHN]. - A Proposal for Uniformity of Weights and Measures in Scotland, By execution of the laws now in force ...
24125: [CROMWELL, THOMAS KITSON?]. - The Lives of Eminent and Remarkable Characters, born or long resident in the Counties of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. Embellished with 68 portraits.
24506: H., AND J., AND B. M.W. [I.E. HENRIETTA, JANET AND BEATRICE M. WALKER.] - Recollections: sixty years ago and onwards.
24583: F, A. [I.E. BARKER, ALDRED FARRER]. - Leaves from a Northern University.
24693: [BRAITHWAIT, RICHARD]. - Drunken Barnaby's Four Journeys in the North of England ... Together with Bessy Bell. To which is now added ... the Ancient Ballad of Chevy Chase ...
34923: [WHITLEY BAY]. - Road Map of Whitley Bay and District.
34903: [FRAME, ALEXANDER]. - A Short History of the Newcastle Upon Tyne Public Libraries 1854-1950.
24893: - Speeches in Trials for Libels on the Durham Clergy.
24905: R., J. [LORD RUSSELL] (PREFACE). - Letters of Rachel Lady Russell.
24933: [HERDMAN, WILLIAM]. - The Yoredale Rocks of Teesdale.
25091: [EARLE, WILLIAM]. - Sheridan and His Times. By an octegenarian, who stood by his knee in youth and sat at his table in manhood (2 Vols).
25116: L [ODGE], A. - Forty Years Ago; a sketch of Yorkshire life: and poems.
34757: [WILLIAM MOUNSEY]. - Mounsey's Wharfdale.
25391: [DINSDALE, FREDERICK P.]. - A glossary on provincial words used in Teesdale in the county of Durham.
25495: - Remember, Remember, the Twelfth of November! Or, A Lay of Leasowe, showing how the Cheshire Rifles marched to the castle of Sir Edward Cust, Bart., and the reception they met with there.
25956: [HOTTEN, JOHN CAMDEN]. - The Slang Dictionary: etymological, historical and anecdotal.
25966: [PORTER, GEORGE RICHARDSON]. - Treatise on the origin, progressive improvement, and present state of the silk manufacture.
34756: [BOYS OWN]. - Boy's Own Paper. September 1909. Part 367. No 1595 Vol XXXI.
26280: [JENKINS, WILLIAM]. - Consett Iron Company Limited. Description of the Works.
26693: [SMITHIES, THOMAS BYWATER.] - Illustrated Songs and Hymns for the Little Ones. Compiled by Uncle John.
26857: [BUTLER, WILLIAM ALLEN] - Nothing to Wear! A satire on the present extravagance in ladies' wear.
27154: [JEFFERIES, RICHARD.] - The Gamekeeper at Home: sketches of natural history and rural life.
27281: J. G. V. - Recollections of Sedbergh School and Town in Early Victorian Days. (Reprinted from the Sedberghian)
33739: [KIPLING]. - A Kipling Anthology. Prose.
27386: [COWPER, WILLIAM]. - The Poetical Works of William Cowper, Esq, of the Inner Temple.
33020: [HOSKINS, W G] - Chilterns to Black Country. [About Britain No 5].
33021: [GRUFFYDD, W J]. - South Wales and the Marches. [About Britain No 6].
33022: [GRUFFYDD, W J]. - North Wales and the Marches. [About Britain No 7].
33018: [MOTTRAM, R H]. - East Anglia. [About Britain No 4].
33019: [FITTER, R S R]. - Home Counties. [About Britain No 3].
33017: [GRIGSON, GEOFFREY]. - Wessex. [About Britain No 2].
33016: [GRIGSON, GEOFFREY]. - West Country. [About Britain No 1].
27635: [SMITH, HORACE AND JAMES.] - Rejected Adresses: or, The New Theatrum Poetarum.
33015: [HOSKINS, W G]. - East Midlands and the Peak. [About Britain No 8].
33014: [WALMSLEY, LEO]. - Lancashire and Yorkshire. [About Britain No 9].
33013: [ALLAN, JOHN R]. - Lowlands of Scotland. [About Britain No 11].
33012: [EVANS, E ESTYN]. - Northern Ireland. [About Britain No 13].
33011: [DUNNETT, ALASTAIR M]. - Highlands and Islands of Scotland. [About Britain No 12].
33010: [CHAPLIN, SID]. - The Lakes to Tyneside. [About Britain No 10].
27939: [BAXTER, R DUDLEY]. - The Volunteer Movement; Its Progress and Wants. With tables of the Volunteer Corps throughout Great Britain, and of their expenses.
32733: [EXLEY, HELEN]. - Golf. A Celebration in Words and Paintings.
32721: [LUDLOW]. - Ludlow and Ludlow Castle Shropshire.
32720: [WALKER]. - Walker's Guide to Stratford Upon Avon.
32617: [INGLETON]. - A Practical Illustrated Guide to Ingleton and District. Showing the roads, rivers and principal places of interest.
32613: [RIPON]. - St Wilfrid Procession and Pageant Official Programme. Saturday July 31st, 1965. Procession 2 pm. Pageant in Ripon Cathedral 4.15 pm.
32578: [FIEDLER]. - Catalogue of the Fielder Collection. Manuscript material and books up to and including 1850.
32493: [YORK]. - York Tattoo Souvenir Programme 1971.
28134: [LANEHAM, ROBERT]. - A Letter: whearin, part of the entertainment untoo the Queenz Majesty, at Killingwoorth Castle in Warwick Sheer, in this soomerz progrest 1575, iz signified: from a freend Officer in the Coourt, unto freend a citizen and merchaunt of London.
28178: [FARRALL, THOMAS]. - Betty Wilson's Cumberlans Teals. [Reprinted from the West Cumberland Times].
32439: [RIPON]. - Ripon's Historic Wakeman's House.
28224: - Atlas and Blotting Book.
28227: - Excursion to Salley Abbey, Bashall Hall and Browsholme. Wednesday, August 18th, 190, Programme & Arrangements.
28228: - Excursion to Catterick, Hornby and Patrick Brompton. Wednesday, June 14th, 1911, Programme & Arrangements.
28234: - Ye Olde Englishe Faire. Held in the Market Place on Thursday & Friday Sept. 28th & 29th, 1916 in aid of the Mayor's £100,000 Scheme for disabled Sailors and Soldiers of Leicester and County.
28239: - Rules of the Northwich Savings Bank. Certified under the Act of 1863. Established on the 20th November 1818.
28241: - T he Royal Cabinet Album of Saltburn by the Sea.
28257: - The House that Scot Built. The Scottish Accident Insurance Company.
32657: [MINES & QUARRIES]. - Reports of Hugh Johnstone, H M Inspector of Mines for the Stafford District (No 9)...under The Coal Mines Regulation Acts 1887 to 1896, The Metallferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 & 1875, and the Quarries Act 1894. For the Year 1907. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of his Majesty.
28264: - Great Industries Of The United States. Being an Historical Summary of the Origin, Growth and Perfection of the Chiefly Industrials Arts of this Country.
32652: [MINES & QUARRIES]. - Reports of R D Bain, H M Inspector of Mines for the Durham District (No 4)...under The Coal Mines Regulation Acts 1887 to 1905, The Metallferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 & 1875, and the Quarries Act 1894. For the Year 1907. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of his Majesty.
32423: [BOWES MUSEUM]. - Illustrated Handbook of the Bowes Museum Barnard Castle.
32650: [MINES & QUARRIES]. - Reports of J M Ronaldson, H M Inspector of Mines for the West Scotland District (No 2)...under The Coal Mines Regulation Acts 1887 to 1905, The Metallferous Mines Regulation Acts 1872 & 1875, and the Quarries Act 1894. For the Year 1907. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of his Majesty.
32418: [RAPHEAL, TIMOTHY]. - A Picture Story on the History of St John's Wood.
28294: - Beverley Dispensary and Hospital. First and Sixth Annual Reports with a Statement of Accounts.
28298: - Five Pinnock's Catchisms. A Catchism of Natural History, Entomology, Botany, Mineralogy and Heraldry.
28302: - The Happy Family.
28304: M.T & H.T - Pearsall's Illustrated Handbook for Knitting in Silks
28306: - Africa's Mountain Valley. The church in Regents Town, West Africa
28307: - The Trial of Eugene Aram for the Murder of Daniel Clark of Knaresbrough. Who was convicted at York Assizes, Aug. 5th 1759. Also The Dream of Eugene Aram, a poem by Thomas Hood.
32411: [SUFFOLK]. - The Suffolk Review. Spring 1974 Vol 4 No 3.
28318: - A Romano-British Industrial Settlement near Tiddlington, Stratford upon Avon.
32396: [VIZ]. - Viz Magazine Issue 55 1992
32397: [VIZ]. - Viz Magazine Issue 56 1992
32398: [YORK HOSPITAL]. - The York and County Hospital Bazaar. Exhibition Buildings 30th and 31st October and 1st, 2nd and 3rd November 1934. In aid of the Building Fund.
32394: [VIZ]. - Viz Magazine Issue 51 1992.
32395: [VIZ]. - Viz Magazine Issue 52 1992.
28327: - Twenty Four Views of The Isle of Wight. Souvenir.
32461: [WADDINGTONS]. - Waddingtons Practical Guide to York.
28329: - A Trip Around the World.
32387: [ROCK & CO]. - Rock's Views of York 1852-1861.
28335: - Old Bradford Views. Cudworth Collection. Jubilee Album of Old Bradford Views showing Bradford as it was during the early stages of the Corporation
32308: - The Housewife's Darling Sales Manual.
32303: - Cycle and Motor Map. Nnorthampton and District.
32307: - Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Manchester and Salford Branch, Seventy-Second Annual Report. For the year ending Dec 31st 1934.
32300: - Illustrated Guide to Glastonbury. The Central Somerset Gazette. A concise history of the Abbey and other places of interest.
32290: - Flyingdales Group of Artists. Thirty-Fifth Annual Exhibition of Oil and Water Colour Paintings, Drawings etc.
32288: - C.W.S Road Atlas. Motorists' & Cyclists' Compendium of England and Wales.
32277: - Old War Horse Memorial Hospital for Animals, Cairo. Including Cairo Commitee Report and List of Subscribers and Donations.
32027: - Description of the Antique Printing Press and other Hand Appliances.
32025: - Town Trail.2: Mill Hill Village. Barnet Libraries Local History Publications.
32023: - Magic Eye III. Visions: A New Dimension in Art. 3D Illusions by N.E. Thing Enterprises.
32020: - The Story of Sunderland Point from the Early Days to Modern Times.
32014: - Austin A40/A50 Models "Cambridge". Running and Maintenance Instructions. Publication No. 1100/F.
32015: - The Art of Tuning an Engine. Supplement to "The Motor", March 23rd, 1926. The essential information, condensed, on the basic principles and actual adjustments to produce fuel economy, flexibility, improved acceleration, power and speed.
32013: - Andersen's Fairy Tales. No. 69.
31891: [YORKSHIRE]. - Rules and Regulations of the Yorkshire Club 1913.
31824: [BIRMINGHAM]. - Official Programme of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Visit to Birmingham on Wednesday, 1st March 1939.
31562: [RAPHEAL, TIMOTHY]. - A Picture Story on the History of St John's Wood.
32007: - Carlisle Historical Pageant, August 6 - 11, 1928. Book of Words.
31389: - Germany Defeated: Can She Pay? Reprinted from Kelly's Monthly Trade Review.
31383: - Harrow Before Your Time.
31379: - Epsom Town Downs and Common. Living History Local Guide No.3.
31377: - Chigwell Local History Society. Transactions-Number Two.
31378: - Merton Park, The Quiet Suburb. 1904-14.
30931: [WIGLEY]. - Wigley's Plan of Leeds City Centre.
30900: [WETHERBY]. - Wetherby Agricultural Society Catalogue for the 102 nd Annual Show.
30876: [SOUTHEY, ROBERT]. - Robert Southey 1774-1843. Poet Laureate, Historian, Man of Letters.
30981: [THE VICAR]. - The Book of the Parish Church of Holy Trinity, Milllom, Cumberland.
30836: - Central Croydon. Living History Local Guide No. 1.
30838: - Chingford As It Was. A selection of photographs. Bulletin No. 10.
30840: - The History of Castelnau.
30855: [SKIPTON]. - Skipton Castle.
30573: [DALESMAN]. - Yorkshire Legends. Collected by 'The Dalesman'.
30567: [SKIPTON]. - Skipton in Craven. The Official Guide. Issued by authority og the Skipton Urban District Council.
30510: [ASHWORTH, FRANK]. - Burnley. A Town Amidst the Pennines.
30450: [WADDINGTON'S]. - Waddington's Practical and Pictorial Guide to Kirkstall Abbey.
30439: [BEASLEY, E A]. - Descriptive Handbook of the Sheffield Town Hall.
30349: [YORK]. - Official Guide to the City of York. [Issued under the auspices of the City Council of York by the York Chamber of Trade].
30566: [HIS WIFE]. - Sir John Weston, Bart. 1852-1926. His Life and Work in Westmorland. With a foreword by G M Trevelyan.
28842: [WOOLMAN, JOHN]. - A Journal of the Life, Gospel Labours, and Christian Experiences of that Faithful Minister of Jesus Christ, John Woolman, late of Mount-Holly, in the Province of New Jersey, North America, To which are added, his last Epistle, and other writings.
30436: [OAKESHOT, WALTER]. - The Artists of the Winchester Bible. With forty-four reproductions of details from their work and an introduction by Walter Oakeshott.
29658: GENERAL CATALOGUE 1933 - C.G.A. Monthly Notes and Market Prices. Supplement to The Estate Magazine, August, 1933.
29657: GENERAL CATALOGUE 1933 - C.G.A. Monthly Notes and Market Prices. Supplement to The Estate Magazine, June, 1933.
29617: [ANON]. - Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks in Scotland. Eleventh Report, 1936.
29613: [BURROW]. - Burrow's Guide to the Lake District. A Practical Handbook for the Visitor and Tourist. With selections on the chief mountain passes and mountain paths and fell walks by Dora Benson.
28909: [SOMERSETSHIRE]. - Proceedings of the Somersetshire Archaeological & Natural History Society for the Year 1913. Volume LIX.
28917: [MINNESOTA]. - The Geological and Natural History of Minnesota. The Sixth Annual Report for the tear 1877. Submitted to the President of the University, May 25, 1878.
28924: [DECIMAL COINAGE]. - Decimal Coinage. The existing British coinage re-arranged on the decimal basis.
29581: [JOLLIE'S]. - Jollie's Sketch of Cumberland Manners and Customs: partly in provincial dialect, in prose and verse. With Glossary.
29504: [NORTH WESTMORLAND]. - The Rural District of North Westmorland. The Official Guide. [Published by Authority of the Rural District Council].
29803: [PINNOCK'S COUNTY HISTORIES]. - The History and Topography of Westmoreland, with biographical sketches &c &c &c and a map of the County.
29016: - The Beatles starrng in A Hard Day's Night. Special foreword by The Beatles.
29033: - The Tyneside Phoenix. 6 Issues. Journal of the People's Theatre Arts Group. No.1 Spring 1947, No. 2 Summer 1947, No.3 Autumn 1947, No.4 Spring 1948, No.6 Autumn 1948, No. 8 Autumn 1949.
29486: [RAMBLER]. - Green Ways around Teeside.
29045: - The Appalling Catastrophe at New Hartley Colliery near Blyth. Gossip about Blyth 60 Years Ago. Calendar for 1922.
29065: - Jolly Angler or Waterside Companion. 5th Edition. Containing an account of all the best places fro angling as well as the tackle, baits, & other requisites to form an expert angler with a correct description of tying hooks, making artificial flies, repairing tackle &c.
29485: [DORCHESTER]. - Dorchester, Dorset. The Official Guide. [Issued under the Auspices of the Dorchester Borough Council].
29483: [BATH]. - The Roll of the Mayors of Bath.
29478: [HEREFORD]. - City of Hereford Official Guide.
29472: [SCOTLAND]. - Who's Who in Scotland 1988-1989.
29092: - The Beautiful and Historic Villages of Yorkshire. Souvenir Album.
29099: - Some Account of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton. And the restoration thereof. Together with several notices on Ecclesiastical matters. Vizitelly three colour printing.
29107: - The Remarkable History of Goody Two Shoes.
29461: [ANON]. - Horse Ailments and their Treatment.
29457: [STERLING]. - The Royal Burgh of Stirling Illustrated Guide Book.
29452: [WADDINGTON]. - Waddington's Guide to Kirkstall Abbey.
29450: [WARREN]. - Warren's Guide to Winchester.
29443: [STRATFORD UPON AVON]. - Stratford Upon Avon Official Guide.
29440: [DRAPERS' COMPANY]. - The Attorney General v Drapers' Company (Kendrick's Gift). Scheme approved of by the report of Sir William Horne, one of the Masters of the High Court of Chancery, dated 13th day of March, 1847 and an Order dated the 17th day of April, 1847, for the administration of the charity and distribution of the income thereof.
29439: [ROBERT PARKER CHARITY]. - The Attorney General v Bealey. Robert Parker's Charity. Scheme approved of by the report of W Wingfield, Esq, one of the Masters of the High Court of Chancery, dated on the 16th day of June, 1847 and an Order dated the 30th day of July, 1847, for the administration of the charity and the distribution of the income thereof.
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29259: [PARISH OF HORTON, BUCKS]. - Scheme for the Management and Administration of the Estates and Revenues of the Church Lands Charity, in the Parish of Horton, in the County of Bucks, approved by the Court of Chancery, 14th May, 1859.
29256: [TOWN LANDS CHARITY BROOKE, NORFOLK]. - Scheme for the Regulation and Management of the Town Lands Charity, at Brooke, in the County of Norfolk, and the application of the income thereof, directed by the Court of Chancery, by order, dated 25th April, 1857.
29255: [BEAUMONT CHARITY YORK]. - Scheme for the Management and Regulation of the Charity of Richard Beaumont, at Kirkheaton, South Crossland, Mirfield and Lepton, in the County of York, and the application on the income thereof. Directed by the High Court of Chancery by order, dated 30th November, 1859.
29254: [RAVENSTONE AND LITTLE WOOLSTON]. - Chapman's Charity, Ravenstone and Little Woolston. Scheme for the regulation and management of the charity, and the application of the income thereof, directed by the Court of Chancery, by order, dated 31st July, 1857.
29253: [BARROW UPON SOAR]. - Humphrey Perkins's School, Barrow-Upon-Soar, Leicestershire. Scheme for the management and regulation of the charity, and the application of the income thereof, settled by the Court of Chancery, and directed to be carried into effect by order, dated 6th November, 1857.
29252: [MERE HOSPITAL LINCOLNSHIRE]. - Scheme for the Management and Regulation of the Mere Hospital, within the liberty of the City of Lincoln, and the application of the income thereof, approved by the Court of Chancery, by order, dated 16th January, 1858.
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29028: - The True Solution of the Russian Problem.
29081: - Solex No Trouble Carburettor For Commercial Vehicles.
29036: - Through Lovely Wales. Picturesque beauties of this lovely land.
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29773: [YORKSHIRE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY]. - Excursion to Salley Abbey, Bashall Hall and Browsholme. Wednesday August 18th, 1909. Programme & Arrangements.
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29839: [YORKSHIRE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND TOPOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATION]. - Ninth Annual Excursion. Programme and Arrangements at Beverley, on Wednesday the 25th of August, 1875.
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29893: [ANON]. - With a Highland Regiment in Mesopotamia 1916-1917. By one of its Officers.
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30422: [HERTFORDSHIRE]. - Hertfordshire [taken from] A New Display of the Beauties of England.
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30595: CORONATION 1937. - The Coronation of Their Majesties King George VI & Queen Elizabeth. An account of the arrangements and procedure in Westminster Hall, Friday 7 May 1937 on the occasion of the luncheon of the Empire Parliamentary Association ...
30801: [CROKATT, GILBERT; JOHN MONROE] - Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence Display'd: or, the folly of their teaching discover'd, from their books, sermons, and prayers: and some remarks on Mr. Rule's late vindication of the Kirk, interspers'd with some genuine adventures, in love, etc. ...
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31346: - Choice Pictures by American Artists. (Selected from American figure painters.)
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31595: [NORTH WALSHAM]. - Particular and Conditions of Sale of a Piece of Land, situate in North Walsham, in the County of Norfolk. Which will be offered for sale by auction by William Pope, at the White Lion Inn, North Walsham, on Wednesday, the 12th day of July, 1854 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Mr C Coleby, Vendor's Solicitor.
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31712: [ANON]. - The Kentish Traveller's Companion. In a descriptive view of the Towns, Villages, remarkable Buildings and Antiquities, situated on or near the road from London to Margate, Dover and Canterbury. Illustrated with a correct map of the road on a scale of one inch to a mile.
31802: [A MINISTER]. - The Plunging Scheme of the people commonly called Baptists. Completely overturned: wherein it is shewn that plunging or dipping is not baptizing; and that sprinkling, pouring or washing is the only scriptural mode. By a Minister of the word of God.
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28328: - A Short History of the Ancient Historic Parish and Priory church of St. Helen, Bishopgate. In the City of London being the Parish Church of the United Parishes of S. Helen & S. Martin Outwich
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28266: - The Ice Age. Its Date, Duration and Astronomical Cause. As investigated by the late Maj-General A.W. Drayson and recently confirmed by the error in timing the 1927 Solar Eclipse. Some inter-confirmatory proofs from Astronomy, Geology, Archaeology and Meteorology.
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28240: - Sandbach Savings Bank. Rules and Deposits.
28247: - Karte des Berner Oberlandes und Fahrplan fur die Dampfschiffarht auf dem Thuner.u.Brienzersee
28222: - Write Around the World with Plaid Stationery of Scotland. Scotland's National Notepaper and Envelopes made in Scotland by Scots for Scots and their friends.
32888: [PHILIP WILLIAM RAY]. - The History of Greensted Church, near Ongar, Essex.
28193: [RAISTRICK, ARTHUR]. - Rambles in the Dales. Compiled by members of the Ramblers Association. Foreword by Arthur Raistrick.
32911: [TOMLINSON, O S]. - The New Guide for Strangers and Residents in the City of York.
32945: [HOLDEN]. - Holden's Annual London and Country Directory of the United Kingdoms and Wales, in three volumes, for the year 1811.
28291: - Cygnet Rings. 1932-1933. Catalogue and Directory of Cygnet Rings. Including a section on Aerolite Pistons. Covers
32979: [ALLEN]. - Allen's Strangers & Visitors Guide to Nottingham: or, what to see and how to see it in one day.
28097: [GRAHAM, FRANK]. - Famous Northumbrian Woman.
28238: - Cities of the Moguls. Being a selection of views of Delhi, Agra & Faehpur Sikri.
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33372: [SHAW, STEBBING.] - Longdon [Staffs.].
33397: [PENRI, JOHN.] - A viewe of some part of such publike wants and disorders as are in the service of God, within her Majesties countrie of Wales, together with an humble Petition, unto this high Court if Parliament for their speedy redresse. Anno 1588. From the original edition. Edited by James O. Halliwell.
33439: [RUSKIN, JOHN.] - Pre-Raphelitism.
33449: [MOGRIDGE, G.] - Old Humphrey's Country Strolls.
33450: [MOGRIDGE, G.] - Old Humphrey's Walks in London.
33451: [MOGRIDGE, G.] - Pithy papers on Singular Subjects. By Old Humphrey.
33546: [SYMINGTON, J. ALEX.] - Roundhay Hall: the Library of Col. Sir Edward Allen Brotherton ...
33904: [THOMPSON, JAMES]. - The Seasons.
27323: [WHITE, CHARLES]. - Hospitals and Almhouses of London.
34450: [HULL]. - Hull Grand Division Souvenir. Sons of Temperance. 72nd Annual Session, City Hall, Hull 1927.
34461: [BARNSLEY CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY]. - The Coronation History of the Barnsley British Co-Operative Society Limited 1862-1902.
27435: E.M.S. - Walks, Strolls & Excurions Round Patterdale.
34466: [WALLSEND SLIPWAY CO LTD]. - The Wallsend Slipway and Engineering Co limited. A 50 Year Retrospect 1871 - 1921.
34472: [SHORT HORN CATTLE]. - Catalogue of Pure Bred Short Horn Cattle and Cotswold Sheep, to be disposed of by auction without any reserve at 'Riggfoot', the farm of George Miller Esq, Markham Ont, on Tuesday, the 21st day of October 1873. L Fairbanks Jr, Auctioneer.
34488: [HIS WIFE]. - Sir John Weston, Bart 1852-1926. His Life and Work in Westmorland. With a foreword by G M Trevelyan.
34622: [CLEPHAN, JAMES.] - Hareshaw Burn, Evening on Hexham 'Seal,' and other poems.
34724: [CANTERBURY]. - Read and Others v The Lord Bishop of Lincoln. Judgement Nov 21 1890. In the Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
34803: [NEWCASTLE ON TYNE CONGRESS]. - Transactions of the Sanitary Institute of Great Britain. Volume IV. Congess at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 1882-3.
34831: [THE MARQUESS OF SALISBURY]. - Sulphar Purification at Beckton. Return to an order of the House of Lords, dated 14th June 1872, for Report by Gas Referees on Sulphar-Purification at Beckton.
34904: [YORKSHIRE]. - The Baptists of Yorkshire. Being the centenary memorial volume of the Yorkshire Baptist Association.
35000: - An Index to the Records, with directions to ... where they are to be found. And short explanations of the different kinds of rolls, writs, etc. To which is added, a list of Latin sir-names, and names of places ... Also a chronological table ...
35053: [ELLIS, GEORGE (EDITOR).] - Specimens of the Early English Poets.
35054: - First Lessons in Singing, and Notation of Music; as adapted for children. The Singing Master, No. I. Designed for the use of schools.
35062: [A., G. F.] - Australia; a popular account of its physical features, inhabitants, natural history and productions. With the history of its colonization.
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35270: [VAUGHTON, THOMAS A]. - Tales of Sutton Town & Chase. With other tales, some sketches, collected by Tau, and now imprinted for the first time.
37388: [SKODA]. - Workshop Manual for Skoda 100, 100L, 110 LS, R Passenger Cars.
37356: [BEDFORDSHIRE]. - Industrial Archaeology in Bedfordshire.
35616: [FARDELL, JOHN GEORGE, REV.] - Sprotbrough; or, a few passing notes for a morning's ramble.
35619: [ROSCOE, HENRY AND THOMAS (COMPILERS).] - Westminster Hall: or professional relics and anecdotes of the bar, bench, and woolsack (3 Vols.)
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35664: [MURRAY, JOHN]. - A Handbook for Travellers in Devonshire.
35701: E.M.S. - Walks Strolls and Excursions round Patterdale.
24945: - Poems, 1949-1951.
35768: [NORTHUMBERLAND]. - Northumberland. England's Farthest North.
35802: - Sixty Amusing Songs for the use of little singers. A collection comprising several of the nursery rhymes of England and other countries, suited to the capacities of young children, with an easy pianoforte accompaniment.
35828: - Osé, or, The Alpine Flower.
36015: [MOSER, GEO E]. - A pamphlet shewing the necessity for some legislative provision for the better custody and preservation of Old Parish Registers and documents connected therewith, and for affording adequate facilities for ascertaining the genuineness or spuriousness of such entries and documents by microscopic, chemical, or other tests. [Preservation of Parochial Registers and Ecclesiastical Documents]
40337: - Catalogue of the Valuable Library of the late John Stansfeld, Esq. of Leeds.
40334: - Kendal Parish Church 1932. Year Book and Blotter.
36125: [MENNEL, EDWARD N.; SAMUEL F. HURNARD.] - Frederick Richardson: a memoir by two "Old Boys."
36189: - "D'ye ken John Peel?" The song, its author, and his hero.
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36208: [FERGUSON, RICHARD SAUL.] - On the Collection of Chap-Books in the Bibliotheca Jacksoniana, in Tullie House, Carlisle, with some remarks on the history of printing in Carlisle, Whitehaven, Penrith, and other north country towns. [Contained within] Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society. Part I., Volume XIV.
36361: [NORTHAMPTON]. - Architectural Society of the Archdeaconry of Northampton. On the Abbey Church of Peterborough by George Ayliffe Poole. St Mary's Church Kirkburn by Charles Brereton. The Priory of St Oswald at Nostel by R E Batty.
36362: [LINCOLN]. - Architectural Society of the Diocese of Lincoln. The Introduction of Christianity into Lincolnshire during the Saxon Period by Rev Edward Trollope. The Architectural History of Lincoln Minster by Rev George Ayliffe Poole. The Captivity of John, King of France, at Somerton Castle, Lincolnshire by Rev Edward Trollope.
36364: [LINCOLN]. - Architectural Society of the Diocese of Lincoln. Notes on Sleaford, and other Churches in its vicinity by Rev Edward Trollope. Roman remains at Ancaster by Rev John Howard Marsden. Shadows of the past history of Sleaford by Rev Edward Trollope.
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36370: [LINCOLN]. - Architectural Society of the Diocese of Lincoln. St James Church, Spilsby, by Rev Edward Trollope. Bolingbroke Castle and Winceby Field by Rev F C Massingberd. Places visited from Spilsby by Rev Edward Trollope.
36373: [BOND'S]. - Bond's Model and Experimental Engineering Handbook 1938.
36374: [BOND'S]. - Bond's Model and Experimental Engineering Handbook 1933-1934.
36391: [A C GILBERT CO]. - The New Erector Manual of Instructions. The A C Gilbert Co, New Haven, Conn, USA.
36399: [PHILIP]. - Philip's A B C Picture Guide to Popular Map of London.
36443: [MIDDLESEX]. - The Natural History of Middlesex.
36464: [TORBUCK, J]. - A Collection of Welsh Travels, and Memoirs of Wales. Containing I. The Briton describ'd; or a Journey thro' Wales: being a pleasant relation of D[ean] S[wif]ts Journey ... II. A Trip to North Wales, by a Barrister of the Temple. III. A Funeral Sermon, preach'd by the Parson of Langwillin. IV. Muscipula: or the Welsh Mouse-Trap [written in Latin by E. Holdsworth; translated into English by S. Cobb]. The whole collected by J[ohn] T[orbuck], a mighty Lover of Welsh travels
36467: [BEATNIFFE, RICHARD]. - The Norfolk Tour: or, Traveller's Pocket Companion. Being a concise description and present state of all the Noblemens and Gentlemens seats, as well as of the principal towns, and other remarkable places, in the county of Norfolk. Compiled from the most authentic historians and modern travellers, and corrected to the present time. To which is added , a list of the Palaces and chief seats in England.
36488: [JAMES, SYDNEY L. BATH.] - Nottingham Alabasters, etc., at Wardour Castle, and Stone Panels at Christchurch Priory.
36500: [WAKEFIELD, ELIZA.] - Five Hundred Charades, from history, geography, and biography.
36580: [BYRNE, JULIA CLARA.] - Pictures of Hungarian Life. ... Illustrated by the author.
36596: - Annus a Nativitate Salvatoris Nostri Jesu Christi MDCCCXXXVII. Dierum 365 stylo Gregoriano et Juliano deductus sive Calandarium in usum ecclesiae R. Cathlicae.
36645: [PRINTING]. - The art of fine printing and its influence upon the bible in print; being an exhibition held from September 11/ Octobe 13 at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
36754: [DIMITROV, GEORGI]. - Memories of Georgi Dimitrov.
36868: [CRACOW]. - University of Cracow Documents concering its Origins. With an introduction by Leon Koczy.
41905: H, J.I. - Oswald, the hermit. A domestic drama, in four acts.
37194: [PHILP, ROBERT KEMP.] - The Reason Why: a collection of many hundreds of reasons for things generally believed, but imperfectly understood. General Science.
37213: [HARTLEPOOL]. - The German Raid on the Hartlepools, December 16th 1914.
37219: M.H.P. - Henry Pease. A Short Story of his Life.
37227: [ANON]. - A Description of the County of Devonshire; containing an accurate account of all the towns, noblemen's and gentlemen's seats, scenery, curiosities, antiquities, productions, etc of this interesting county. Forming a complete county itinerary; and being a useful and entertaining guide and companion to the traveller.
42063: - Speeches of Mr. P.A. Taylor and Mr. C.H. Hopwood on vaccination. In the House of Commons, June 19th, 1883. Revised from the reporter's notes.
42064: - The genuine speech of the Right Hon. Charles James Fox; Spoken at the Whig club of England, Dec. 4th, 1792. With a poetical exposition of his political principles.
37306: - Three Celebrities of Knaresborough: Mother Shipton; Blind Jack; Eugene Aram.
37325: W[ALKER], H AND J AND B M. - Recollections: Sixty Years Ago and Onwards.
37354: [RAILTON, HERBERT]. - Much Ado About Nothing Souvenir. St James Theatre 1898. Designed, edited & published for Mr George Alexander by The West End Review, Pall Mall.
37389: [SIMCA]. - Simca 1100 Workshop Manual. Sections A-F.
37393: [SHOBERL, FREDERIC] (TRANSLATED BY). - Scenes of the Civil War in Hungary, in 1848 and 1849; with the personal adventures of an Austrian Officer.
37398: [PHOENIX]. - Phoenix Family History.
37413: [ROBINSON]. - Robinson's Guide to Richmond: comprising historical and descriptive notices of the Castle, Monastic Remains, Walks, Views, &c, embracing Aske and Rokeby.
37466: [FORD]. - Ford Zodiac Zephyr & Zephyr V6 Service Bulletins.
37472: [CITROEN]. - Citroen ID 19 Repair Manual. [For Vehicles supplied before 1962.
37473: [CITROEN]. - Citroen DS 19 Repair Manual.
37501: [WENSLEYDALE]. - Views and Scenery of Wensleydale.
37504: [KERR, H., MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH.] - City and County of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health on the Sanitary Condition of the City during the year 1920.
37541: [GUEULETTE, THOMAS SIMON.] - The Thousand and One Quarters of an Hour (Tartarian Tales). Edited by Leonard C. Smithers.
34167: [SANDHURST]. - Report of the Board of Visitors, appointed by the Secretary of State for War, for the inspection of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, in the year 1898. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34168: [WELLINGTON COLLEGE]. - Wellington College. Report of the Governors for the Year ending the 31st Decemeber 1898; with accounts. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34169: [WOOLWICH]. - Report of the Board of Visitors, appointed by the Secretary of State for War, for the inspection of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, in the year 1898. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34170: ALKALI &C WORKS REGULATIONS ACTS 1881 AND 1892. - Thirty-Fifth Annual Report on Alkali &c Works by the Chief Inspector. Proceedings during the year 1898, presented to the Local Government Board and the Secretary for Scotland. Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 21 April 1899.
34171: [BOILER EXPLOSIONS]. - Report to the Secretary of the Board of Trade upon the Working of the Boiler Explosions Acts 1882 and 1890. With Appendices. (In continuation of Parliamentary Paper C-8994). Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34172: [EXPLOSIVES ACT 1875]. - Explosives Act 1875 (38 Vict c 17). Twenty-Third Annual Report of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Explosives; being their Annual Report for the Year 1898. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34185: [PATRIOTIC FUND]. - Thirty-First Report of the Royal Commissioners of the Patriotic Fund to Her Majesty the Queen 1893. Being the twenty-fourth report of the commissioners appointed by the Supplementary Commission, dated the 26th May 1868.
34186: [SANDHURST]. - Report of the Board of Visitors, appointed by the Secretary of State for War, for the inspection of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, in the year 1892. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34187: [SANDHURST]. - Report of the Board of Visitors, appointed by the Secretary of State for War, for the inspection of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, in the year 1893. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34188: [WELLINGTON COLLEGE]. - Wellington College. Report of the Governors for the Year ending the 31st Decemeber 1892; with accounts. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34189: [WOOLWICH]. - Report of the Board of Visitors, appointed by the Secretary of State for War, for the inspection of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, in the year 1892. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34190: [WOOLWICH]. - Report of the Board of Visitors, appointed by the Secretary of State for War, for the inspection of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, in the year 1893. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty.
34191: ALKALI &C WORKS REGULATIONS ACTS 1881. - Twenty-Ninth Annual Report on Alkali &c Works by the Chief Inspector. Proceedings during the year 1892, presented to the Local Government Board and the Secretary for Scotland.
34231: [WHITFIELD COLLIERY EXPLOSION]. - Report on the Explosion which occurred at the Whitfield Colliery, Norton in the Moors, on the 7th February 1881. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
41011: [WILLIAMS, ALEXANDER.] - Report on the cattle plague in Great Britain during the years 1865, 1866 and 1867, with appendix tables and diagrams showing the progress of the disease. Prepared by the Veterinary Department of the Privy Council Office.
37580: M[ARSH], J[OHN] F[ITCHETT]. - Analysis of the Warrington Improvement and Market Act, 1854, and the various consolidation acts incorporated therewith, digested into methodical order, with a copious index ...
37600: [BROUGHAM, H]. - A Discourse of the Objects, Advantages, and Pleasures of Science.
37626: [PULTENEY, WILLIAM (EARL OF BATH 1684-1764)]. - The Budget Opened. Or an answer to a pamphlet intitled, A letter from a member of Parliament to his friends in the country, concerning the duties on wine and tobacco.
37550: - Report of the public meeting at Liverpool, on Wednesday, January 28, 1829, for the purpose of taking into consideration the best means of removing the restrictions imposed upon commerce by the present charter of the East India Company. Compiled for the Oriental Herald.
37555: - Full account of the calamitous earthquake in East Sussex, on Tuesday morning, April 22, 1884. Reprinted from "The Essex Telegraph."
37563: [GORDON, MURRAY & CO.] - A scientific discourse for thoughtful minds. Free (or unoxidised) phosphorus in its relation to the improvement and preservation of human life on earth.
37564: [BEASLEY, B.] - To stammerers, young and old.
37565: - Report of proceedings at a meeting of the county of Hants, held at Winchester, March 1, 1823, "To take into consideration the propriety of petitioning parliament ..." From the notes of a special reporter.
37680: - Les Dessous de la Pudibonderie Anglaise. Explique dans: les divorces Anglais ou proces en adultere juges par le banc du roi et la cour ecclesiastique d'Angleterre (2 parts in 1 Vol.).
33963: [COX]. - Magna Britannia et Hibernia, Antiqua & Nova. Or, a new survey of Great Britain, wherein to the topographical account given by Mr Cambden, and the late editors of his Britannia, is added a more large history...together with the chronology of the most remarkable actions of the Britains, Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans...collected and composed by an impartial hand. Vol I. Containing the introduction.
37701: - Bishop Barnes's Injunction to the Clergy of Durham.
37731: - The Oxford Revolution of 1906. By a British Workman. Extracts from the note-book of an M.A. Edited (un-expurgated) by Mods.
41761: - Calendar 1898.
37795: - Seasonable and affecting observations on the mutiny-bill, articles of war, and abuse of a standing army: in a letter from a member of parliament to a noble lord.
37796: - Letter from the Hon. L---t G----l B---gh, to the Rt. Hon. W[illia]m P[it]t, Esq., Se[cretar]y of S[ta]te. Together with His M[ajest]y's instructions for the late expeditions on the coast of France.
37797: - An impartial narrative of the last expedition to the coast of France. By an eye witness.
37801: - A vindication of the conduct of the English forces, employed in the late war, under the command of Brigadier General Mathews, against the Nabob Tipoo Sultaun.
37803: [CARLYLE, ALEXANDER.] - The question relating to Scots militia considered. In a letter to the lords and gentlemen who have concerted the form of a law for that establishment. By a freeholder.
37804: - A genuine account of the late grand expedition to the coast of France, under the conduct of the Admirals Hawke, Knowles, and Broderick, General Mordaunt, etc. By a volunteer in the said expedition.
37806: - Reflections without doors, on what passes within. Recommended to the perusal of all friends to the militia: as well as those who wish to preserve unanimity and coalition between administration and people, so necessary at this critical conjuncture. By a country gentleman.
37807: - The seasonable address of a militia-man, to those of his fraternity, on the prospect of peace, and that of their dissolution, or rather dispersion, in consequence thereof.
37808: CITY OF LEEDS TERCENTENARY CELEBRATIONS 1626 - 1926. - Handbook of the Old Leeds Exhibition held in the City Art Gallery July 8th-23rd, 1926.
37879: - Proceedings of the Bath Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club. Vol X (4 issues) [and] Vol. XI (3 issues).
41898: - England and the Boers. The short history of a long strife, and the case for the outlanders. Reprinted from the Yorkshire Post.
37959: [LOGAN, DENIS.] - Thomas Bewick: master craftsman of the north-east of England. [Prepared for the Lake District Convention April 1998.]
37964: - The Long Pack: a grim story of two centuries ago. A North Tyne tragedy.
38009: - Berwick-upon-Tweed Division Conservative and Unionist Association Programme. Fete and Bazaar, Wednesday & Thursday, Sept. 5th & 6th, 1928. At Alnwick Castle.
42787: - The poll at the election of knights of the shire for the county of Northumberland: taken at Alnwick on the 13th, 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th. 21st, and 22d Days of October, 1774, before Sir William Loraine, Bart. High-Sheriff. Ralph Heron, Gent. Under-Sheriff. And Michael Pearson, Esq; Edward Roddam, Esq; William Alder, Esq; Robert Ilderton, Esq; Deputy-Sheriffs. The Hon. Lord Algernon Percy, Sir John Hussey Delaval, Bart. joint candidates. Sir William Middleton, Bart. William Fenwick, Esq; joint candidates. Council. Mr Madox, Sheriff's Counsel. For Sir Wm Middleton and Mr Fenwick: Mess. Widmore, Chambre, Bolton, Spranger, Pepard, and M'donald. For Lord A. Percy and Sir John Hussey Delaval: Mess. Lee, Hopper, Wilson, Arden, and Lowes.
40190: - Essays by an old man. No. 1. In memorian - Vanitas vanitatum - Friends.
42836: - Glebe Methodist Church, Westoe Road, South Shields. 1890-1965.
42837: - S. Luke's parish, Ferryhill. 1853-1953.
42800: [YOUNG, EDWARD.] - The complaint; or night-thoughts on life, death, and immortality. To which are added, some thoughts on the late rebellion, and a paraphrase on part of the Book of Job
42920: - A selection of choice pieces, intended for the use and accommodation of the pupils educated at Mr. Bowling's Academy, Milk Street, Sheffield. Part III.
42921: [BYWATER, ABEL.] - The Sheffield dialect, in conversations "uppa are hull arston." With a copious glossary, and an introductory note on the sound of the letters A and O. Written by a Shevvild chap.
42813: - Ars notariatus: or, the art and office of a notary-public, as the same is practised in Scotland. In two parts. I. Giving an Account of the Rise and Institution of the Office, and ancient and present State thereof. II. Containing Notorial Instruments of all kinds. To which is added, by way of conclusion, an advice to notaries, touching the right discharging of their office.
42746: - History of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, called by some "The Young Pretender," but more frequently, in the north, the Young Chevalier, or Bonnie Prince Charlie.
41040: - Lord Mayor's fund for relief of the distressed mining areas in England and Wales. Final report by the central joint committee for the administration of the fund.
41046: [HARE, SAMUEL.] - Fifty years of the Darlington friends' philosophical society. A retrospect. A paper read at the jubilee meeting of the society.
41640: - Papers relating to the Quakers tythe bill ...
41641: - An answer to the country parson's plea against the Quakers tythe-bill. In a letter to R.R. Author.
38026: [STAINTON, H. T. (EDITOR).] - The Entomologist's Annual for MDCCCLVIII.
38032: [H., A. (EDITOR).] - Words of Weight on the Woman Question.
38040: [VINT, W. F.] - A Mayor's Note Book: when England was in peril and after.
38048: [BERGASSE, NICOLAS.] - Protestation de M. Bergasse, Depute de la Senechaussee de Lyon, contre les assignats-monnoie.
38056: [HALLECK, FITZ-GREENE.] - Alnwick Castle, with other poems.
37546: - Nottinghamshire and some neighbouring records: historical, biographical and pictorial. 'The Midland Series.'
38095: [WALDY, FRANCES HELEN.] - Bonny Editha Copplestone. A novel.
38165: - A survey of the history, commerce and manufactures of Lancashire. Together with extracts ... from "The Home Trade of Manchester" and a biographical sketch of Reuben Spencer, Esq., J.P. Including Jubilee demonstrations.
38203: [SLACK, THOMAS.] - The Banker's Sure Guide; or, Monied Man's Assistant ...
38237: [WYVILL, C., REV.] - The Correspondence of the Rev. C. Wyvill with the Right Honourable William Pitt.
38271: [CONWAY, HENRY SEYMOUR.] - The military arguments, in the letter to a right honourable author, fully considered, by an officer.
38272: [POTTER, THOMAS.] - The reply of a country gentleman to the answer of his military arguments, by an officer.
38274: [DOUGLAS, JOHN.] - A serious defence of some late measures of the administration; particularly with regard to the introduction and establishment of foreign troops.
38275: (SHEBBEARE, JOHN?) - A letter to the people of England, upon the militia, continental connections, neutralities, and secret expeditions.
38296: [SHIPPEN, W.; E. JEFFREYS; SIR T. HANMER.] - Three speeches against continuing the army, &c. As they were spoken in the House of Commons the last session of Parliament. To which are added, the reasons given by the Lords, who protested against the bill for punishing mutiny and desertion.
38320: - Observations relative to the establishment of the West India Agricultural Company.
38358: - Duties of officers and sergeants in certain battalion evolutions. By a field officer of the Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers.
38376: - Regulations for the volunteer force.
38377: - Regulations for the Militia. War Office, 1880. 'Revised Army Regulations.-Vol. VIII.'
38362: - Farrow & Jackson's cellar book, arranged in a simple and convenient form. With remarks on the binning, storing, and management of wines.
38364: - Regulations for the volunteer force.
38367: - Address of the general committee on the pew system, to the clergy and laity of the Church of England.
38384: [GLADSTONE, JOHN.] - ... present state of slavery in our West India Colonies ... To the Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel ...
38387: [GLADSTONE, JOHN.] - On the present state of the country. ( ... a copy of the continuation of a letter addressed to a friend.)
38416: [VERE, CHARLES BROKE, SIR.] - The danger to opening the ports to foreign corn at a fixed duty, considered.
38439: - The important question discussed; or, a serious and impartial enquiry into the true interest of England, with respect to the Continent.
38440: - Geography in Miniature; or, The World at One View, in which the various empires, kingdoms, republics, states, principal islands, colonies, discoveries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, alphabetically arranged, are shewn, at one glance, and included in a single line; with the situation, extent, chief ctiies (sic) their population, distances in British miles from London, produce, government, revenue, military and naval strength, arts and religion; also a brief definition of the globe, &c.
38441: [BOWLING, RICHARD.] - Arithmetical tables and rules, the definitions and problems in superficies & solids, with historical tables of the monarchs &c., of England, for the use of the scholars in Milk Street School, Sheffield.
38453: - Honest advice to young Englishmen, from a friend.
38458: [EGGLESTONE, WILLIAM MORLEY.] - A Productive Mountain Rock: the great limestone.
38461: - Bachelorism Portrayed. ... By a member of the female society, for the extinction of that useless portion of mankind, OLD BACHELORS.
38483: [MCINTOSH, MARIA JANE.] - Conquest and Self-Conquest: which makes the hero?
38498: - The historical lines of Dr. Grey's Technical Memory; with various additions, chiefly as they apply to modern history. Arranged for general use.
38499: - A Chat on Tea Cups.
38504: - A brief history of Samuel Williams; or, the advantages of early piety. A tale of truth, designed for the juvenile mind.
38092: - Bowman's guide to Richmond and the neighbourhood, including Rokeby ...
38159: - The court and city register; or, Gentleman's complete annual calendar, for the year 1787; containing, I. New and correct lists of both Houses of Parliament. II. The court register. III. Lists of the army, navy, universities, public offices, hospitals, &c. With many improvements, and the addition of some new lists.
38196: [ALLINGHAM, WILLIAM.] - Rambles by Patricius Walker.
38370: - The poll-book of the late contested elections for mayor and sheriff; together with squibs, addresses, and other papers, issued on the occasion, and a brief narrative of the election ...
37464: [HILLMAN]. - The New Hillman Series Il II, III & IIIA Workshop Manual.
41211: - A full and authentic life of William the First, King of Prussia.
38567: - My Nursery Rhyme Book [and] My Nursery Tale Book (2 Works in 1 Volume). [Nister Publication Numbers 2289 & 2290.]
38570: - Arrows.
38514: - Lectures delivered before the Young Men's Christian Association, in Exeter Hall, from November 1858 to February 1859.
38521: [MADISON, JAMES.] - Three messages, from the President of the United States, to Congress, in November 1811, together with documents accompanying the same. Washington; printed 1811.
38522: - The Bow and Arrow. With which is incorporated the Stockton Critic. By "Criticus." Three controversial pamphlets are added to this volume, as special reference is made to them.
38635: - Durham Official Handbook. Pictureque Old City Ancient Architecture Wooded River Walks Haunt of the Artist & Photographer.
38637: - Proceedings at the Official Inspection of the Glasgow New Central Telephone Exchange & Post Office Glasgow Telephone Service. By Invitation of H.M. Postmaster-General, 19th September, 1910.
38642: - Darlington Corporation Official Handbook Railway Centenary Souvenir, 1825-1925.
38664: [YATES, GEORGE?] - An Historical and Descriptive Sketch of Birmingham, with some account of its environs, and forty-four views of the principal public buildings, etc.
38670: - Catalogue of the very valuable collection of Scottish Manuscripts, formed by the late James T. Gibson-Craig, Esq., W.S.; to be sold by auction by Mr Dowell, within No. 18 George Street, Edinburgh, on Monday, 28th and 29th March 1887 ...
38674: - John Morland of Glastonbury (1837-1934). A Friend.
38702: - A letter to the Common Council of the City of London. With remarks on Lord Chief Justice Pratt's letter to the City of Exeter.
42841: - The Medical Museum.
41213: - The Cantassium treatment for better health.
41598: - Gardner engines LW high-speed oil engine type spare parts catalogue. Catalogue No. 518.
38835: [DAVIDSON, GEORGE.] - Legend of St. Swithin: a rhyme for rainy weather.
38895: C, J. - The Compleat Collier: or, the whole art of sinking, getting, and working, coal-mines, &c. as is now used in the Northern parts, especially about Sunderland and New-castle.
38917: - Prospectus of the Eastern Counties Railway. 1835. From London to Ipswich, Norwich, and Yarmouth, by Romford, Chelmsford, Colchester, &c.
38957: - Morsels for Merry and Melancholy Mortals.
38777: - Mr. Winham's training bill. The substance of an act ... July 16, 1806 ... to enable ... to train and exercise in military service two hundred thousand ... to be chosen by ballot ...
39003: [R, E.] - The Infantry Brigade, 1914-1918.
39099: [WIGHT, ORLANDO WILLIAMS.] - Quinland; or, varieties in American life (2 Vols. in 1).
39100: - The official correspondence relative to the late negociation (sic) with France, as it appeared in the Moniteur of the 26th of March, 1806.
39143: - The Godefroi de Bouillon Preceptory of Masonic Knights Templar. Review, 1853 - 1903.
5951: [MAGRIDGE, GEORGE] - Old Humphrey's Country Strolls.
37178: T, Q. - Beautiful Cleveland, and just beyond its borders ... With digressive notes on some short tours in the Cleveland district, by Q.T.
38709: - A Report of the proceedings and evidence before a Committee of the ... House of Commons, appointed to decide upon the merits of the late controverted Election for the City of Chester.
39242: [VERNON, OF NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE.] - Grace Darling, the maid of the isles.
39256: - Supplement to extracts from the records of the Company of Hostmen of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
38497: [MANSFIELD, WILLIAM MURRAY, EARL OF.] - The Thistle; a dispassionate examine of the prejudice of Englishmen in general to the Scotch nation; and particularly of a late arrogant insult offered to all Scotchmen, by a modern English journalist. In a letter to the author of Old England of Dec. 27, 1746.
38671: - A dissuasive from entering into holy orders, in a letter to a young gentleman, etc.
38323: - The emancipation of the soil, and free trade in land. By a landed proprietor.
38361: - Correspondence between Major Jelf Sharp and the Rev. the Warden of Trinity College, on four several occasions. Private and confidential, for members of the council only.
38273: [JENKINSON, CHARLES.] - A discourse on the establishment of a national and constitutional force in England.
38162: - The Yorkshire Memorandum Book; or, Daily Journal, for the year 1797.
40556: - Bennett's hand-book for travellers in Norway.
42008: [KIRWAN, L. P. (EDITOR).] - The Geographical Journal. Vol. 125. January to December 1959.
37697: [MAXWELL, WINIFRED, COUNTESS OF NITHSDALE.] - Genuine account of the escape of Lord Nithsdale, printed from the original letter, written by the Countess of Nithsdale, to her sister, Lady Lucy Herbert, Abbess of the Augustine Nuns, at Bruges ...
38892: - The Northamptonshire Garland.
39412: - Restoration of the historical and well-known Abbey Church of Wymondham in Norfolk.
39401: - The poll at the election of one citizen to serve in Parliament for the city of Durham, taken before Thomas Dunn, Esquire, mayor : the 1st, 2d ... and 10th days of December 1813 : candidates George Allan, George Baker.
39402: - The poll of the freemen and householders at the election of two citizens to serve in parliament for the city of Durham, being the first general election after the passing of the Reform Bill ... December, 1832 ... Candidates. William Charles Harland, esq. William Richard Carter Chaytor, esq. The Honourable Arthur Trevor. Mayor's counsel. Henry Stapylton, esq., deputy recorder. John Hutchinson, esq., town clerk
39403: - The Church in Cornwall: (new series), a collection of facts and thoughts relating to the work of the Church, past, present, and future, in the County of Cornwall. [Comprising 12 issues Nos. 1-12 inclusive.]
39404: [MATHIAS, THOMAS JAMES.] - A letter to the Marquis of Buckingham, chiefly on the subject of the emigrant French priests, &c. and on the spirit and principles of the romish church, sacred and political.
39429: [GOUGH, JOHN.] - The manners and customs of Westmorland, and the adjoining parts of Cumberland, Lancashire, and Yorkshire, in the former part of the eighteenth century : described in a series of letters, by a literary antiquarian. To which is added, lines from a poem entitled "Westmeria.".
39430: - A summary and catechetical exposition of the sacrifice of the new law: or, A brief explication of the Catholic liturgy, shewing the meaning, the propriety, antiquity and authority of its component parts, vestments, ceremonies and doctrines.
35008: - [The Irish Register, or a list of the duchesses, dowagers, countesses, widow ladies ... as register'd by the Dublin Society ...]
39337: [DOUGLAS, WALTER (EDITOR).] - Durham City Rugby Football Club 1872-1950.
39464: [WATTS, JOHN I.] - The first fifty years of Brunner, Mond & Co. 1873-1923.
39527: [ROBINSON, ROBERT, PSEUD. LEWIS CARBONELL.] - The history and the mystery of Good-Friday, by a gentleman of Cambridge.
39554: [CAREY, GEORGE G.] - The Artisan; or, mechanic's instructor: containing a popular, comprehensive, and systematic view of the most useful sciences: with biographical notices of eminent scientific men, enriched by portraits; and numerous interesting and valuable articles relating to the mechanical and useful arts: the whole intended as a companion to the institutes (Vol. I).
40128: [DODD, STEPHEN.] - Historical and topographical account of the town of Woburn, its Abbey and vicinity. Containing also a concise genealogy of the House of Russell, and late memoirs of the late Francis Duke of Bedford.
39542: - One and All: a Cornish monthly illustrated journal, newsletter, and record of local history. [Comprising 11 issues (all published)] May, 1868 - February, 1869 (inclusive).
39552: - James Platt & Company, woollen manufacturers, woollen merchants, and general warehousemen, 77 and 78 St. Martin's Lane, and 26 ... 30, & 31 Cranbourn Street, London, W.C. Established January 1851. Price List from January 1st until December 31st 1896.
39589: [BLAIR, C. HUNTER (EDITOR).] - Visitations of the North. Part IV. Visitations of Yorkshire and Northumberland in A.D. 1575 and a book of arms from Ashmole MS. No. 834. 'The Publications of the Surtees Society. Vol. 146.'
38742: - Regulations, &c. Christ Church, Oxford.
39090: - The Bombardment of Berry Edge. Described in a conversation between Mr. Terence O'Flanaghan and Mr. Markham, on their road home from Shotley Bridge to Berry Edge, on Friday evening, Jan. 25, 1856.
39706: - Transactions of the Society of Arts for 1846-7. Part I. [Containing:] On the decorations of the Great Room by R.D. Hay; On the art of mosaic, antient and modern, by Digby Wyatt; On the working of the 'Namur' narrow gauge locamotive engine. By T. R. Crampton; On the gold plant. By W. Taylor; The first principals of symmetrical beauty ... By D. R. Hay; On the formation of a national gallery of Britiah art ... By henry Cole; On a speed register. By M. Ricardo; Essay on the effects of heavy discharges of atmospheric electricity ... By E. Highton; On the formation of incrustations in steam boilers ... By Dr. Ritterbandt; On carving by machinery. By T. B. Jordan; On the manufacture of shell cameos. By J. E. Gray; On the manufacture of pure oil or fine silver looking-glasses. By Thomas Drayton.
39719: [HUNTON, JAMES]. - York and its vicinity; a guide for the resident and the tourist.
39625: - Report of the proceedings of the committee for the restoration of St. Wolfran's Church, Grantham, from 1869 to 1870.
39626: - The dates of the history of England, in verse. By a lady.
42089: - The shoe and leather news, Northamptonshire.
41832: [CHRICTON, MARY MAKGILL.] - Recollections of my early Scottish home.
42428: [BRODIE, BENJAMIN COLLINS.] - Psychological inquiries: in a series of essays, intended to illustrate the mutual relations of the physical organization and the mental faculties [and] Psychological inquiries, the second part, being a series of essays intended to illustrate some points in the physical and moral history of man (2 Vols).
40175: - The English Lakes.
39762: [LORD BROUGHAM] - Letter to the Queen on the State of the Monarchy. By a friend of the people.
39765: - Leicestershire Architectural and Archaeological Society.
39363: - Welbeck Abbey, May 22, 23, 24, 25, 1893.: (Christening of the Marquis of Titchfield, May 22, 1893.)
40306: - The Unfortunate Genius. A narrative of real life in Yorkshire. By a Factory Girl.
39827: - The Selector, or Cornish Magazine [afterwards] The Cornish magazine; devoted to original and select articles on literary subjects, ... (4 Vols - all published).
39828: - The Selector, or Cornish Magazine [afterwards] The Cornish magazine; devoted to original and select articles on literary subjects, ... (3 Vols).
39832: [CLAYTON, WILLIAM, SIR, BART]. - Case between Sir William Clayton, Bart. and the Duchy of Cornwall.
39851: [CARR, JOSEPH.] - Sketches of village life; by "Eavesdropper."
33447: - The Rose: being a detection of the pernicious tendency of two libels lately published, viz. in the Old England Journal, and a pamphlet entitled, The Thistle. Together with some considerations for repealing the heretable jurisdictions reserved to the Scots, by the 20th article of the Treaty of Union.
5667: [DAVISON, W]. - The History of Alnwick, the County Town of Northumberland.
39923: [YOUNG, ARTHUR.] - A six months tour through the North of England. Containing, an account of the present state of agriculture, manufactures and population, in several counties of this kingdom ... Vol. IV. (Only).
39985: - The Life of Constantine. In four books, written in Greek by Eusebius Pamphilus.
40012: - A letter to a member of parliament. Concerning the present state of affairs at home and abroad. By a true lover of the people.
40033: - Catalogue du Musée d'Anvers.
40110: - The Parliamentary Pocket Companion, for 1834; including a compendious peerage.
41282: - A Public Meeting of the Miners of Bishop Auckland, will be held at the Coach and Horses, South Church ...
41700: [WALLIS, JOHN.] - The Bodmin Register; containing collections relative to the past and present state of the parish of Bodmin: and also, a statistical view of the twenty-eight parishes within a circle of eight miles round Bodmin church: together with many particulars and statistical tables concerning the county, archdeaconry, parliamentary districts, and poor law unions of Cornwall; with an appendix on the diocese of Exeter &c. &c. &c. (Vol. I - all published.) [Comprising 22 issues + The Exeter Register No. 1.]
39664: [DEWELL, FREDERICK; CHARLES V. BROWNE (COMPILERS).] - Timothy Hackworth (1786-1850) "Father of the Locomotive." Souvenir in commemoration of the centenary of his death, July 7th, 1850.
41346: - Be kind to your old age: a village discussion of the post office aids to thrift.
42146: PACIFIC BOOK AUCTION CATALOGUE SALE 178. - Printing and the book arts. The library of Alan Dietch Thursday, January 21st, 1999.
41086: - Northumberland.
41080: - Lexicon des mittel alters VIII. Stadt (Byzantinisches Reich) bis Werl.
41473: - The history and antiquities of Thorne, with some account of the drainage of Hatfield Chase.
41079: - Lexicon des mittel alters VII. Planudes bis Stadt (Rus').
41955: - Who's Who in County Durham.
42006: [HINKS, ARTHUR R. (EDITOR).] - The Geographical Journal. Vol. 84. July to December 1934.
42159: [AUBORN, A. D'.] - The French Convert: being a true relation of the happy conversion of a noble French lady, from the errors and superstitions of Popery to the reformed religion, by means of a Protestant gardener, her servant ... To which is added, A brief account of the present severe persecutions of the French Protestants.
40400: [HEMINGWAY, JOSEPH.] - Panorama of the City of Chester. Containing its curiosities, antiquities, and ancient and present state with a visit to Eton Hall. Intended as a pocket directory. With an introductory essay by John Trevor.
41371: [RODGERS, CHARLES.] - Tom Treddlehoyle's trip ta Lunnan, ta see Paxton's great glass lantern. Dedicated we all't pleasure it warld ta Prince Olbert.
40759: - The Boy's Own Annual. Volume XLV [1922-23].
40822: - Die Grazien aus dem Reiche der Schönheit (2 parts in one volume).
41216: - Zion's trumpet (Vol. 3.) A theological miscellany for 1800. By a society of clergymen.
42640: - Two Sermons: the first by Samuel Lord Bishop of Oxford, ... ; the second by the Warden of Trinity College, Glenalmond; preached in connexion with the consecration of St. Andrew's Chapel, Fasque, ... 1847.
40236: - Levant, Volume XII, 1980.
40661: - Historical records of the 72d Highlanders now 1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders 1777-1886.
18608: - Eikon Basilike: the pourtraicture of his sacred majestie in his solitudes and sufferings.
41212: - Speech of the Rt. Hon. George Canning delivered at the Liverpool dinner, given in celebration of his re-election, March 18, 1820.
42102: - Alphabet Books: catalogue of an exhibition held in ... John Rylands University Library of Manchester.
41522: - Second report of the commissioners for inquirying into the state of large towns and populous districts Vol II.
20802: [RYDER, W. J. D.]. - Chronicles of Charter House. By a Carthusian.
36226: - Premiere instruction evangelique a l'usage des ecoles elementaires.
37637: - The Strangers' Pocket Companion and Guide to Buxton and Neighbourhood.
38710: - Report of the commissioners appointed to enquire into the existence of corrupt practices at elections for members to serve in parliament for the borough of Great Yarmouth; together with minutes of evidence.
38865: - A true copy of the poll taken at Oxford January 31, 1750. With several papers sent to the common rooms of the respective colleges, relating to the election of a Member of Parliament for the university
39893: [KEARSLEY, GEORGE.] - Kearsley's Gentleman & Tradesman's Pocket Ledger, for the year 1814.
39899: - Plan of an Asiatic Register; or, proposals for publishing annually, a view of the history, politics, commerce, and literature, of Hindustân; together with a connected detail of the principal occurrences, civil, military, and commercial of British India. Prospectus.
39900: - Prospectus of a new and very important periodical work for youth of both sexes, with useful and interesting prizes, ... On Saturday, March I, will be published, price one shilling, ... no. I. ... of the Monthly Preceptor; or, Juvenile Museum of Knowledge and Entertainment, ..
41231: - Album of views of Burnley and neighbourhood.
40122: [DUNLOP, T. C. (INTRODUCTION).] - The Burns Cottage, Alloway. Catalogue of manuscripts, portraits, and other relics in the cottage and the museum. With historical note.
39665: THE BOYS' BRIGADE 1927-1948. - North West Durham Battalion: coming-of-age celebrations, April 10th-19th, 1948. Souvenir programme.
39663: [WILLIAMS, DAVID.] - Durham postal history.
42698: - The colouring-matters of the Actien-Gesellschaft fur Anilin-Fabrikation Berlin: their properties and application in textile dyeing.
41377: - To the subscribers and friends to the contribution in aid of the Halifax circuit: ...
41379: - Specimens of the Yorkshire dialect, in various dialogues, tales and songs. To which is added, a glossary of such of the Yorkshire words as are not likely to be generally understood.
41253: [PROCTER, GEORGE.] - Historical and descriptive view of the city of Durham, and its environs, and tourists' guide for the County of Durham.
42161: - A run through Kilmalcolm. Reprinted from "Greenock Advertiser," June 24, 1856.
42498: - Coronation of their majesties King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. York celebration, June 15th, 26th, and 27th, 1902: official programme.
42084: - Notes on bowling instruction for young cricketers.
42068: - Facts and illustrations relative to the military preparations carried on in France. In the interval between the conclusion of the Treaty of Amiens, and the commencement of the present war.
42073: - Westmorland and Cumberland directory.
42078: - Kendal and district directory.
37380: [ROVER]. - Rover 3 Litre Workshop Manual 1960. Tech Pub No TP/234/C.
41947: - Souvenir of the sixth annual meeting of the Federation of Master Printers and Allied Trades of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Held in Leeds, May 25th to 29th, 1906.
42712: [WEST, RICHARD,] - An inquiry into the origin and manner of creating peers.
43134: - A declaration of the Lords and Commons in Parliament, concerning His Majesties Proclamation, given at his court at York, the 27. of May, 1642.
43590: [CHAPMAN, W.G.] - The G.W.R. engine book containing names, numbers, types, classes, etc. of Great Western Railway locomotives. Great Western Railway "Boy of all Ages" Series.
42465: - Colston Hall Organs, past and present.
40563: [LUND, JOHN.] - Ducks and green peas; or, The Newcastle rider. A farce in one act. Founded on fact. To which is added, The Newcastle rider, a tale in rhyme.
41407: E, T.W.E. - From Devonshire to Yorkshire on wheels.
41559: [PIKE, WILLIAM THOMAS.] - A Dictionary of Edwardian Biography: Durham.
40235: - Levant, Volume XI, 1979.
40941: T., Q. - Beautiful Cleveland and just beyond its borders. Illustrated with photo-engravings. With digressive notes on some short tours in the Cleveland district.
41563: [ROWNTREE, ARTHUR, (EDITOR).] - The Birmingham Battery and Metal Company ... one hundred years, 1836-1936.
41564: [KEIGHLEY, WILLIAM.] - Keighley, past and present: or, an historical, topographical, and statistical sketch of the town, parish, and environs of Keighley, including Riddlesden, Marley, Hainworth, and some other places in the contiguous parish of Bingley: ... an account of the ancient families ... memoir of the Rev. Theodore Dury, M.A., late rector ...
41568: [HARDWICKE, HERBERT JUNIUS.] - Hardwicke, of Co. Stafford.
41591: - Triumph TR6 Handbook Part No. 545078
43353: [WILSON, H. K., H.M. INSPECTOR OF PRISONS.] - Notes on the native question in Natal.
43351: - No. 3.] The gambling house at Monte-Carlo. Petition to the Reichstag, by the Berlin committee of the International association for the suppression of the gaming tables of Monte-Carlo. Opinion of the Russian press : 'Le Golos'.
42986: [BIRD, PETER HINCKES.] - A ramble by the Ribble and Hodder.
42976: - A comprehensive dissertation on the ancient and present state of Pontefract, in Yorkshire. With an account of the civil wars, as to what concern'd that strong and magnificent fortress, thought to have been *impregnable: likewise the manner of its seizure; rendition thereof; and entire destruction.
42189: [ECROYD, THOMAS B.] - Nelson District Illustrated History: from Roman times till 1922. [Including:] Ye Illustrated Chronicles of Nelson District from Roman Times till Now. Being Book II. of "Ye Illustrated Chronicles of Blackburshire," By Rev. Father Smith, of Nelson.
42187: - A History of the Parish of Fence.
42182: - Handbook for Bentley 4½ Litre Mk. VI, with instructions for running and maintenance Number VII.
42181: - The Austin Handbook and Diary for 1936 ...
41597: - Gardner engines LW high-speed oil engine type spare parts catalogue. Catalogue No. 518.2.
41594: - General directions for the management and care of Gardiner cold start high-speed oil engines. LW Type. Instruction book No. 42.4. Penned engine no. 3LW/46535.
41701: - Robin Hood's garland; being a complete history of all the notable and merry exploits performed by him and his men, on divers occasions. ... In three parts. Part I. containing I. Robin Hood's progress to Nottingham, ...
41932: - The charter, granted to the burgesses of Liverpool, by William III. With notes and explanatory remarks on the same; also, the charter of George II ... to which is added a summary of the proceedings of the burgesses and common council from the reign of Elizabeth to the present time.
43024: [SHEARER, JOHN A. (COMPILER)] - In and around Milngavie.
40143: - Leeds Tercentenary Official Handbook. Synopsis of all tercentenary festivities. With a graphic account of the ancient history of Leeds, and the romance of our Municipal Services.
41005: - The fraternity of vacabondes; as wel of russling vacabondes ...
41595: - General directions for the management and care of Gardiner cold start high-speed oil engines. LW Type. Instruction book No. 39. Penned engine no. 4LW/31691.
41596: - Gardner engines LW high-speed oil engine type spare parts catalogue. Catalogue No. 518.2.
40584: - The Murton Coking Plant. Reprinted from 'Coke and Gas' with additional illustrations and a description of the oven heating system.
41830: [BARCLAY, WILLIAM.] - Callirhoe; commonly called The Well of Spa, or The Nymph of Aberdene. Resuscitat by William Barclay, ... What diseases may be cured by drinking of the Well of Spa at Aberdene, and what is the true use thereof. As it was printed by Andro hart, Anno Dom. 1615. And now reprinted at Aberdene by John Forbes Younger ... Anno Domini M.DC.LXX.
41829: [HOWARD, CATHARINE MARY.] - Reminiscences for my children. Private. Vol II.
41828: [LOBB, R.] - Ambulator; or, a pocket companion for the tour of London and its environs, within the circuit of twenty-five miles. Descriptive of the objects most remarkable for grandeur, elegance, taste, local beauty, and antiquity. Illustrated by anecdotes, historical and biographical; and embellished with fourteen elegant engravings, and a correct map.
41812: [WHAMOND, ALEXANDER.] - Chapters from the life of James Tacket.
40160: - Katalog der Europäischen Freimaurer-Medaillen. Ein Führer für Logen, Sammler und Bibliotheken. General-Inhaltsverzeichnis zu Band I-VI des Medaillenwerkes.
40174: [TATTERSALL, GEORGE.] - The Lakes of England.
41776: - A voyage in the coal trade; with an address to seamen, especially the rising youth.
41698: - Notcutt's Northampton Budget, and companion to the almanacks, for 1859.
34667: ABAUZIT, FRANK. - La Pensee du Pere Laberthonniere. 'Librairie Philosphique.'
22815: BATTLE ABBEY. - Chronicon Monasterii de Bello.
24456: KIRKSTALL ABBEY. - Historical Ground Plan.
30596: ABBIE, M. A., ET AL, (EDITORS). - The British Students' Song Book.
39276: ABBOT, JOHN THOS. (PREFACE). - "Age Officium Tuum." The will of George Abbot, D.D., Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, (From A.D. 1610 to A.D. 1633.) Reprinted from the original at Doctors Commons, in Russell's Life of Abbot, A.D. 1777.
38817: ABBOTT, CHARLES. - A treatise of the law relative to merchant ships and seamen: in four parts; I. Of the owners of merchant ships; II. Of the persons employed in the navigation thereof; III. Of the carriage of goods therein; IV. Of the wages of merchant seamen.
21724: ABDILL, GEORGE B. - Rails West.
24036: ABERCROMBY, PATRICK. - The Martial Achievements of the Scots Nation: being an account of the lives, characters, and memorable actions of such Scotsman as have signalized themselves by the sword at home and abroad; and a survey of all the military transactions wherein the Scots nation has ever been remarkably concerned from the foundation of monarchy in Scotland, being 330 years before the birth of our saviour (4 Volumes in 2).
23080: ABERDEEN. - The North-East: the land and its people. The book of the Aberdeen Loan Exhibition 1929 and the proposed regional museum.
39052: ABERIGH-MACKAY, GEORGE. - Twenty-One Days in India, being the tour of Sir Ali Baba, K.C.B.
19600: ABGARIAN, G. W. - The Matenadaran.
30579: ABRAHAM, GEORGE D. - Guide to Keswick and the Vale of Derwentwater.
29576: ABRAHAM, MRS ASHLEY P (COMPILED BY). - Poems of Lakeland. An Anthology. With a foreword by Hugh Walpole.
29291: ABRAHAM, ASHLEY P. - Some Portraits of the Lake Poets and their Homes.
29227: ABRAHAM, GEORGE D. - Derwentwater Holiday Book.
36334: ABRAHAM, GEORGE D. - Motoring in the English Lakeland.
42191: ABRAM, WM. ALEXANDER. - Preston Guild Merchant, 1882. Memorials of the Preston Guilds, illustrating the manner in which the guild merchant has been held in the borough from the earliest on record until the last guild in 1862. Collected from the guild rolls, order books, council books, and other records of the Preston corporation; and from private manuscripts, scarce printed tracts, and other original sources, with full English abstracts of all the royal charters granted to Preston; personal and genealogical notes on many of the guild mayors and their families
26651: D'ABRO, A. - The Evolution of Scientific Thought from Newton to Einstein.
20914: ABSE, JOAN. - John Ruskin: the passionate moralist.
28782: THE BRITISH ACADEMY. - Biographical Memoirs of Fellows. I. [Proceedings of the British Academy 115].
34266: RAILWAY ACCIDENT. - General Report to the Board of Trade in regard to the Share and Loan Capital, Traffic in Passengers and Goods, and the Working Expenditure and Net Profits from Railway Working of the Railway Companies of the United Kingdom, for the year 1883. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty.
31136: ACLAND, REV CHARLES - A Popular Account of the Manners and Customs of India. [Bound With]. Anon. The Campaigns of the British Army at Washington and New Orleans, in the years 1814-1815.
40287: INCLOSING ACT. - An act for dividing and inclosing the moor or common, called Crosgate Moor, in the parish of Saint Oswald, in the county palatine of Durham, and for extinguishing all right of common in certain inclosed intercommon lands there.
24542: ACWORTH, BERNARD. - The Cuckoo and Other Bird Mysteries.
31464: ADAM, FRANK. - The Clans, Septs & Regiments of the Scottish Highlands.
35472: ADAM, WILLIAM. - Gem of the Peak.
8781: ADAMS, ERIC. - Francis Danby: varieties of poetic landscape.
25651: ADAMS, HENRY. - The Formative Years (2 Vols). [A history of the United States during the administrations of Jefferson and Maddison.] Condensed and editied by Herbert Agar.
29708: ADAMS, W. H. DAVENPORT. - Windsor Castle and the Water-Way Thither. 'Our Native Land. New Series.'
31468: ADAMS, W H DAVENPORT. - Windsor Castle and the Water Way Thither. [Our Native Land - New Series].
39285: ADAMS, B. N., REV. - Devon's Most Southerly Parish: a description.
41710: ADAMS, THOMAS F. - Typographia; or, The Printer's Instructor ... 'Nineteenth-Century Book Arts and Printing History Series No. 19.'
25534: ADAMSON, WILLIAM, COLONEL; MAJOR AND HON. LIEUT.-COLONEL ROBERT SCOTT. - The Sevices of the 27th Northumberland Light Militia, now 3rd Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, with a brief account of several local corps of volunteers which were enrolled in the county of Northumberland and in the town and county of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, during the war with France, towards the close of the present century ... continued up to the present time ...
40831: ADAMSON, JOHN. - An account of the discovery, at Hexham, in the county of Northumberland, of a brass vessel, containing a number of Anglo-Saxon coins called stycas. [With:] 'Further account of the Anglo-Saxon coins ...' from the Archaeologia vol. XXVI.
31555: ADDISON, WILLIAM. - Epping Forest. Its Literary and Historical Associations.
31131: ADDISON, JOSEPH. - Remarks on Several Parts of Italy, &c. In the Years, 1701, 1702, 1703.
32834: AN ADEPT. - Hand Reading or the Science of Chirology.
34921: AN ADEPT. - Hand Reading or the Science of Chirology.
31581: ADEY, TONY. CLARE HARVEY & COLIN HASELGROVE. - County Durham through the Ages.
26794: ADLER, ALFRED. - Problems of Neurosis: a book of case-histories. ... Edited by Phillipe Mairet.
29374: GOVERNMENT ADVERT. - Voluntary Pensions.
21744: RAILWAY ADVERTISEMENT. - The Railway Centenary Supplement 1825-1925 ... commemorating the opening of the first public railway and a souvenir of the Tenth International Railway Congress.
21775: CRUISE SHIP FOLD-OUT ADVERTISEMENT. - Royal Netherlands Steamship Company "The Irresistible Call to the West Indies."
29661: COMPANY ADVERTISEMENT - Cook's "Norwich Brushes" Additional price list for 1953/4 and advertising leaflet.
29376: ADVERTISEMENT. - The Sickness Insurance Company, London. Don't forget the Winter Sports Policy.
29377: CRUISING ADVERTISEMENT. - Cruising and Ocean Travel 1934-1935. Winter and Spring. Davidson, Park & Speed, Ltd.
29373: ADVERTISEMENT - Magna Strawmats. Protection- the secret of bigger, more luscious strawberries.
29383: COMPANY ADVERTISEMENT - Wardonia Barrel-Hole Blade Shop Advertising Board. Sole Makers; Thomas Ward & Sons Ltd.
29665: COMPANY ADVERTISEMENT - British Chemist Shops, Your Chemists are British Chemists. Exceptional copy of a fine promotional booklet for British Chemist Shops, namely Timothy Whites, Taylor's, Needham's etc...
40889: WAVERLEY NOVELS AUTHOR ADVERTISEMENT. - Waverley Novels, new edition. Now in a course of monthly publications. A new edition of The Waverley Novels, with notes and introductions by the author, Sir Walter Scott.
40888: WAVERLEY NOVELS PUBLISHER AND AUTHOR ADVERTISEMENT. - Waverley Novels. On the first of June will be published, inscribed by permission to the King's most gracious majesty, volume first, of a new edition of The Waverley Novels, to be continued in monthly volumes: revised and corrected, with a general preface, an introduction to each novel, and notes, historical and illustrative, by the author.
38243: BIRKENHEAD ADVERTISER. - Jubilee Souvenir of the Incorporation of the Borough of Birkenhead, August 13th, 1877.
41103: COMPANY ADVERTISING. - Sterling helpful hints.
8661: AFLALO, F. G.; R. B. MARSTON. - British Salt-Water Fishes.
20572: AFLALO, F. G. - Sunset Playgrounds: fishing days and others in Calafornia and Canada.
24636: AGAR, W. E. - Cytology, with special reference to the metazoan nucleus.
30583: AGATE, C GUSGRAVE (EDITED BY) - Building in Lancashire. The Council for the Preservation of Rural England, Lancashire Branch, The County Offices, Preston.
35735: AGUILAR, GRACE. - Home Influence. A Tale of Mothers and Daughters.
35325: AGUS, JACOB BERNARD. - The Meaning of Jewish History (2 Vols).
24971: AGUTTER, RODNEY. - Fearnley and Eger, 1869-1969.
40227: AHIER, PHILIP - The Story of the Three Parish Churches of St. Peter The Apostle, Huddersfield. (3 Vols.)
40224: AHIER, PHILIP - The Story of the Three Parish Churches of St. Peter The Apostle, Huddersfield. (3 Vols).
35857: AHMAD, NAFIS. - An Economic Geography of East Pakistan.
19070: AIKIN, W. A., DR. - English Vowel-Sounds. With and introduction by Robert Bridges. H. W. Fowler on 'ing': a reply to Dr. Jesperson's paper in tract XXV.
40736: AIKIN, JOHN. - Essays on song-writing. With a collection of such English songs as are most eminent for poetical merit.
40923: AINSWORTH, W. HARRISON. - Windsor Castle: an historical romance. Illustrated by George Cruikshank and Tony Johannot. With designs on wood, by W. Alfred Delamotte.
41434: AIREY, WM. - Lord Kitchener's Appeal (a poem), and Tipperary Parody (patriotic song). Acknowledged by Lord Kitchener. 20 per cent of all sales will be given to the Belgian Refugees' Fund.
32382: AIRNE, C W. - The Story of the Isle of Man. The Earliest Times to 1406. Drawings by J A Kendrick & M C Williams.
28142: AITKEN, ADAM MOFFAT (COLLECTED AND EDITED BY) - Allars of Hawick 1810-1949. Annals of Allars Church.
27399: AKENSIDE, MARK M D. - The Pleasures of Imagination. To which is prefixed a critical essay on the poem by Mrs Barbauld.
34460: AKENSIDE, MARK. - The Pleasures of Imagination. To which is prefixed a critical essay on the poem, by Mrs Barbauld.
41831: BOOK OF ST ALBANS. - An older form of the 'Treatyse of fysshynge with an angle' attributed to Dame Juliana Barnes. ... with preface and glossary by Thomas Satchell.
32437: ALBERTSEN, AUG. - The Cathedral of Nidaros. A Short Historical Statement.
23412: SOUVENIR ALBUM. - The Beautiful and Historic Villages of Yorkshire. With a map, introduction, topographical notes and historical sketches of noteworthy locals.
38068: SOUVENIR ALBUM - The Beautiful and Historic Villages of Yorkshire. With map, introduction, topographical notes and historical sketches of noteworthy localities.
39291: ALCOCK, G. W. - Fifty Years of Railway Trade Unionism.
29421: ALDEN, EDWRAD C. - Alden's Oxford Guide. With key-plan of the University and City, and numerous engravings.
22821: ALDERMAN, H. M. - The Charm of Old Surrey.
18899: ALDERSON, E. A. H., BREVET-LIEUT.-COLONEL. - With the Mounted Infantry and the Mashonaland Field Force 1896.
21646: ALDERSON, STANLEY. - Yea or Nay? Referenda in the United Kingdom.
38046: ALDIN, CECIL. - Old Inns.
25615: ALEXANDER, CHRISTINE. - A Bibliography of the Manuscripts of Charlotte Bronte.
28571: ALEXANDER, W. B. - Birds of the Ocean: a handbook for voyagers ...
34106: ALEXANDER, WILLIAM. - Report upon the Inspection of Mines in the Western Mining District of Scotland for the Year ending 31st December 1880. Mines. Reports of the Inspectors of Mines, to Her Majesty's Secretary of State, for the Year 1880. [Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty].
16270: ALI, SYED AMEER. - The Mahommedans of India. A lecture delivered to the "London Association in Aid of Social Progress in India", at the Society of Arts, John Street, Adelphi, Nov. 16, 1871.
28567: ALI, SALIM. - The Book of Indian Birds.
19737: ALI, A. YUSUF. - The Making of India: a brief history of the different elements ... that went to the building up of the Indian people ...
19381: ALLAN, CHARLES. - The Beautiful Thing that has Happened to Our Boys: messages in wartime.
21937: ALLAN, GEORGE. - Historical and Descriptive View of the City of Durham and its Environs. To which is added a reprint of Hegg's Legend of St. Cuthbert from the edition of the late George Allan ...
23063: ALLAN, WILLIAM. - Sunset Songs.
26497: ALLAN, WILLIAM. - Heather-Bells or Poems and Songs.
31110: ALLBUTT, SIT T CLIFFORD. - Greek Medicine in Rome. The Fitzpatrick lectures on the history of medicine delivered at the Royal College of Physicians of London in 1909-1910. With other historical essays.
38705: ALLEN, W. E. D. (EDITOR). - Russian Embassies to the Georgian Kings (1589-1605) Volume II. 'The Hakluyt Society Second Series No. CXXXIX.'
18642: ALLEN, E. L. - Existentialism from Within.
35704: ALLEN, R M. - Photo Micrography.
35316: ALLEN, CHARLOTTE. - The Human Christ. The search for the Historical Jesus.
26316: ALLEN, E.; J. F. CLARKE; N. MCCORD; D. J. ROWE. - The North-East Engineers' Strikes of 1871: the Nine Hours' League.
30435: ALLEN, J ROMILLY. - Notes on the Ornamentation of the Early Christian Monuments of Wiltshire.
33755: ALLEN, MARION E (EDITED BY). - Wills of the Archdeaconry of Suffolk 1620-1624. [Suffolk Records Society Vol XXXI].
27286: ALLEN, S E. - Natural History of the District around Grange-Over-Sands.
38932: ALLEN, A.M. - The Locksmith Craft in Early Modern Edinburgh.
38934: ALLINSON, SIDNEY - The Bantams. The untold story of World War One.
25058: ALLISON, THOMAS. - Pioneers of English Learning.
38304: ALLISON, ROBERT, SIR. - Belgium in history. 'Carlisle Scientific and Literary Society and Field Naturalists' Club. Lectures printed by request of the members. No. 5.'
25303: ALLSOP, BRUCE (EDITOR). - Historic Architecture of Newcastle upon Tyne.
29541: ALLSOPP, BRUCE; URSULA CLARK. - Historic Architecture of Northumberland and Newcastle upon Tyne.
27975: ALMOND'S MANCHESTER. - Almond's of Manchester Tyre Manufacturers & General Rubber Goods Merchants Trade List 1912.
41972: M'ALPINE, D. - The Botanical Atlas: a guide to the practical study of plants containing representatives if the leading forms of plant life with explanatory letterpress.
21541: ALSTON, R. C. - Handlist of Library Catalogues and Lists of Books and Manuscripts in the British Library Department of Manuscripts.
1865: ALTOUNYAN, E.H.R. - Ornament of honour.
36567: ALVAREZ, ALVAREZ, ET AL. - Agrarian Reform in Roumania and the case of the Hungarian optants in Transylvania before the League of Nations.
20241: AMBLER, LOUIS. - The Old Halls and Manor Houses of Yorkshire, with some examples of other houses built before the year 1700.
41092: AMPTHILL, LORD - The installation of the Earl of Ronaldshay as Provincial Grand Master of the province of Yorkshire, North and East Ridings.. Together with notes of the Dundas family by W. Bro. W.R. Makins.
23827: D'ANCONA, PAOLO; ERHARD AESCHLIMANN. - Dictionnaire des Miniatures, du moyen age et de la renaissence dans differentes contrees de l'Europe.
16250: ANDERSON, JAMES (EDITOR). - The New Practical Gardener, and Modern Horticulturist.
23971: ANDERSON, M. L. (EDITOR). - The James Carmichaell Collection of Proverbs in Scots.
25244: ANDERSON, J. J. (EDITOR). - Newcastle upon Tyne. Records of Early English Drama Series.
28791: ANDERSON, ROBERT. - Cumberland Ballads by Robert Anderson with Autobiography, Notes and Glossary. Edited by Sidney Gilpin.
31472: ANDERSON, HANS CHRISTIAN. - Favourite Fairy Tales.
19248: ANDERSON, MARJORIE OGILVIE (EDITOR). - The Old Scots Surnames: secrets and origins of your name.
42128: ANDERSON, MATTHEW. (EDITOR) - The book & programme of the Liverpool & Manchester railway centenary. LMR 1830 - LMS 1930.
26023: ANDERSSON-SCHMITT, MARGARETE; MONICA HEDLUND. - Mittelalterliche Handschriften der Universitatsbibliothek Uppsala.Katalog uber die C-Sammlung. Band 2. Handschriften C 51-200.
31748: ANDERTON, BASIL. - Sketches from a Library Window.
39459: ANDERTON, BASIL. - Sketches from a Library Window.
25597: ANDRADE, E. N. DA C. - Isaac Newton. Personal Portraits Series.
37394: ANDREAS (MUI SHUKO). - With Gypsies in Bulgaria.
30732: ANDREW, W. J.; P. W. P. CARYLON-BRITTON (EDITORS). - The British Numismatic Journal and Proceedings of the British Numismatic 1910. First Series, Volume VII.
30733: ANDREW, W. J.; P. W. P. CARYLON-BRITTON (EDITORS). - The British Numismatic Journal and Proceedings of the British Numismatic 1911. First Series, Volume VIII.
30734: ANDREW, W. J. (EDITOR). - The British Numismatic Journal 1915 including the Proceedings of the British Numismatic for the year 1914 Volume XI. Second Series, Volume I.
30758: ANDREW, W. J.; P. W. P. CARYLON-BRITTON; L. A. LAWRENCE (EDITORS). - The British Numismatic Journal and Proceedings of the British Numismatic 1908. First Series, Volume V.
8754: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Ecclesiastical Curiosities.
19515: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Bygone Hampshire.
21165: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Old Church Life.
21274: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - The Doctor in History, Literature, Folk-Lore etc.
22639: ANDREWS, ALLEN. - Wonders of Victorian Engineering: an illustrated excursion.
23500: ANDREWS, WILLIAM. - Yorkshire in Olden Times.
23515: ANDREWS, WILLIAM. - Historic Yorkshire.
23765: ANDREWS, C. REGINALD. - The Story of Wortley Ironworks: a record of its history and traditions, and eight centuries of Yorkshire iron-making.
24687: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Historic Byways and Highways of Old England.
25581: ANDREWS, C. REGINALD. - The Story of Wortley Ironworks: a record of its history and traditions, and eight centuries of Yorkshire iron-making. Edited and revised ... by Mary Andrews ...
26889: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Historic Byways and Highways of Old England.
28206: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (EDITED BY). - Bygone Warwickshire.
30874: ANDREWS, H C. - North Western England. Homeland Local Geographies No 4.
29593: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (EDITED BY). - Bygone Northumberland. With a new introduction by Sydney Middlebrook
30314: ANDREWS, WILLIAM. - History of the Dunmow Flitch of Bacon Custom. Poems by William Harrison Ainsworth. William Berry. JJ Briggs. Madame Clara de Chatelain. Le Chevalier de Chatelain. Mrs G M Tweddell. George Markham Tweddell.
32246: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Bygone Durham.
32344: ANDREWS, WILLIAM. - At the Sign of the Barber's Pole. Studies in hirsute history.
35458: ANDREWS, WILLIAM. - At the Sign of the Barber's Pole. Studies in Hirsute History.
35742: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (EDITED BY) - Bygone Warwickshire.
35864: ANDREWS, WILLIAM; ELSIE M. LANG. - Old English Towns.
36070: ANDREWS, WILLIAM. - At the Sign of the Barber's Pole. Studies in Hirsute History.
23486: ANDREWS, WILLIAM LINTON. - Yorkshire Folk: memories of a journalist.
37247: ANDREWS, WILLIAM. - At the Sign of the Barber's Pole. Studies in Hirsute History.
29713: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Bygone Northumberland..
19513: ANDREWS, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Bygone Hertfordshire.
36764: ANESCU, COLONEL VASILE & COLONEL EUGEN BANTEA & COLONEL ION CUPSA. - Participation of the Romanian Army in the Anti Hitlerite War.
29824: ANGAS, GEORGE FRENCH. - Polynesia; a popular description of the physical features, inhabitants, natural history, and production of the Islands of the Pacific. With an account of their discovery, and of the progress of civilization and Christianity amongst them.
37774: ANGUS-BUTTERWORTH, L. M. - Robert Burns and the 18th-century revival in Scottish vernacular poetry.
30859: ANNE (THE STILL ROOM MADE). - The Bolton Castle Book of Recipes. Past and Present.
33509: ANNING, STEPHEN T. - The History of Medicine in Leeds.
40806: ANNING, S. T. - The General Infirmary at Leeds (2 Vols). [Comprising:] Volume I. The first hundred years 1767-1869. Volume II. The second hundred years 1869-1965.
38007: ANON - Do come to my Party! Says Miss Regulo.
38006: ANON - Albatross Home Cookery Book Issued by Spillers Limited.
38005: ANON - McDougall's Cookery Book Issued by the proprietors of McDougall's self raising flour.
38004: ANON. - A New Book of Recipes. Issued by the Proprietors of Robinson's "Patent" Barley and "Patent" Groats.
37336: ANON. - Clarebrand District. A History. [Clarebrand Women's Rural Institute].
37224: ANON. - Buxton Derbyshire. Bracing and Beautiful. An Official Invitation to visit Buxton. With some notes on its history and exhilarating characteristics.
15878: ANON. - A Tract for the Times.
8694: ANON. - The Boys' & Girls' Story Book, or, pleasing companion for all seasons.
8695: ANON. - Prospectus of King's College London. Academical Year 1854-5.
8700: ANON. - Cathedral Wealth and Cathedral Work.
16315: ANON. - Sex Mythology including an account of the masculine cross.
36761: ANON. - Rumania. The British Survey. Main Series No 101. August 1957.
16744: ANON. - Natural Phenomena.
36713: ANON. - The Turkish Presence in Bulgaria. Communications 7 June 1985. [Publications of the Turkis Historical Society Serial VII, No 87a].
17018: ANON. - The Critic in Parliament and in Public since 1835.
17044: ANON. - Life of St. Winfred or Bonifacius, Martyr, Archbishop of Mentz and Apostle of Germany.
17194: ANON - The Book of Houses.
37012: ANON. - The Polish Question as an International Problem.
37011: ANON. - Gdansk and East Prussia. Polish Commission of Work Preparatory to the Conference of Peace.
36442: ANON. - Guildhall Library. Parish Registers A Handlist. Part I. Registers of Church of England Parishes within the City of London.
9379: ANON. - The Short History of Tenrikyo 1956.
17504: ANON - Westcott's Fear. By a disciple.
9415: ANON. - Voyages Round the World, from the death of Captain Cook to the present time; including remarks on the social condition of the inhabitants in the recently discovered countries; their progress in the arts; and more especially their advancement in religious knowledge.
36353: ANON. - The Parish Registers of Holy Trinity, King's Court, York. 1813-1837.
36351: ANON. - Burials in the Parish of Bridlington 1813-1837.
36348: ANON. - Driffield and District. Index to 1851 Census. East Yorkshire Family History Society.
19267: ANON. - The Gretna Blacksmith's Story: historical and romantic.
36040: ANON. - The Royal Armoured Corps Tank Museum. Tanks of other Nations. France.
36039: ANON. - The Church of the Royal Naval College Dartmouth.
36033: ANON. - The Handbook of the Methodist Conference July 11th -25th, 1952 in the Public Hall, Preston. [The Handbook is issued by direction of the Conference Arrangements Committee].
36025: ANON. - City and County of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health for the Year 1952.
35976: ANON. - Index to the 1851 Census of Northumberland. Vol 2. Seghill, Backworth, Burradon and Earsdon.
35971: ANON. - 1851 Census Surname Index. Staines & Sunbury Districts.
35944: ANON. - Extracts and Memorial Inscriptions of Aston Parish Church, Birmingham, Warwickshire.
35935: ANON. - Registers of the Church of St Mary, Old Swinford. Vol 4: Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1736-52. Vol 5: Baptisms, Burials 1753-68, Marriages 1753-4.
35925: ANON. - Parish Registers, Nonconformist Registers and Census Returns in the Warwickshire County Record Office.
36022: ANON. - Cumberland Artists 1700-1900. Summer Exhibition 1971.
35744: ANON. - The First Fifty Yeras of the Institute of Bankers 1879-1929. [Published under the authority of the Council of Institute].
35720: ANON. - Clifton Castle Yorkshire Auction Catalogue. 30th & 31st January 1964.
35723: ANON. - A short account of the ancient historic parish and priory church of S Helen Bishopsgate, in the city of London.
35712: ANON. - Berta Ruck. Ancestral Voices.
35880: ANON. - Favourite Narratives for the Christian Household.
35508: ANON. - Meltons' Guide to Lincoln.
35747: ANON. - Facts respecting the Bradlaugh Case. [Publication of the National Union No 82].
35738: ANON. - The Process Engraver's Compendium. For users of photo-process engraving.
35425: ANON. - List of the Papers of Maria 3rd Countess Grey.
35312: ANON. - Authorised Guide to the Tower of London.
35307: ANON. - Exeter Cathedral. Pictures, Notes, and a Plan.
35297: ANON. - Richmond (Yorks) Official Guide. Issued under the auspices of the Richmond Council.
35295: ANON. - Richmond and Swaledale. Easby Abbey, Reeth, Gunnerside...Teesdale, Etc, Etc. [Handy Guide Series 8].
35536: ANON. - The Falls of Niagara: being a complete guide to all the points of interest around and in the immediate neighbourhood of the great cataract.
35276: ANON. - Guide to the Palace of Westminster.
35273: ANON. - Borough of Colchester. The Corporation Museum of Local Antiquities. Report of the Museum and Muniment Committee for the year ended 31st March 1923.
35268: ANON. - Northumberland County Handbook 1965.
34924: ANON. - The Practical Art of Medicine. Early books from the Kellett Collection. An exhibition in Durham University Library, Palace Green 29 April -16 June 1989.
35154: ANON. - Miscellanea Vol III. Comprising I. Durham Recusants Estates 1717-1778 Part II. II. Durham entries on the Recusants Roll 1636-7. [Publications of the Surtees Society Vol CLXXV].
34880: ANON. - The Roman Army. Report of a Summer School held at York, May 1944.
34822: ANON. - Loyal Carlisle. Eight Centuries of Civic History. [Reprint of an article by Kenneth Smith, which appeared in the November 1959 issue of the Municipal Review, under the Historic Boroughs Series.
34813: ANON. - Bolton Old Hall, Scorton, near Catterick, Yorks. Catalogue of the antique furniture, oriental and other china, silver and plate, books and household effects to be sold by auction on...11th, 12th, and 13th September 1963.
34818: ANON. - Settle Carlisle Railway Centenary Brochure 1876-1976.
34785: ANON. - Settle and North Craven Official Guide.
34804: ANON. - Suggestions to the Managers of Public Elementary Schools.

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