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45492: [PSALMS:] - The Whole Booke of Psalmes. Collected into English meetre […]
42703: [HOOGSTRATEN, JAN VAN:] - Afzetzel van de Republyk of Vrye Staat van Venetie, Begrepen in drie Boeken, door J.V.H.
37041: [(TRIPHOOK, ROBERT, ED.:)] - Miscellanea Antiqua Anglicana; or, a select collection of Curious Tracts, illustrative of the history, literature, manners, and biography, of the English nation.
28955: [RANDOLPH, JOHN:] - The Clergyman’s Instructor, or a Collection of Tracts of The Ministerial Duties.
21986: [ROUTLEDGE, JAMES; FARMER, J.H., EDS.:] - Local Chronology; Being Notes of the Principal Events Published in the Kendal Newspapers Since their Establishment.
51414: (BARNWELL ABBEY) - (The History of Barnwell Abbey, near Cambridge, with the Origin of Sturbright Fair, taken from Ancient Manuscripts; to which is added a List of the Mayors of Cambridge, from the year 1488 to 1806, &tc &tc.)
49273: (VARIOUS:) - My Best Adventure Story. An Anthology of Stories Chosen by Their Own Authors.
49912: (HOWELL, JAMES:) - Epistolae Ho-Elianae. Familiar Letters Domestic and Forren; Divided into Six Sections, Partly: Historicall, Politicall, Philosophicall, Upon Emergent Occasions.
51342: [VALPY DELPHIN CLASSICS] (DYER, GEORGE, ED.:) - Scriptores Latini [...] in usum Delphini Variis Lectionibus Notis Variorum [...]
51672: [BOOKSELLING EPHEMERA] - Sidney Kiek & Son advertisement.
36039: [PSALMS:] - Georgii Buchanani Scoti, Poetarum sui seculi facile principis, Paraphrasis Psalmorum Davidis Poetica.
43522: [SHREWSBURY]: - Calendar of the Monuments and Records of the Borough of Shrewsbury.
48701: [GREEK ANTHOLOGY:] - Anthologia Graeca ad Palatini Codicis, Fidem Edita.
50438: [IRELAND, WILLIAM HENRY, ED.:] - Memoirs of Jeanne D'Arc, Surnamed La Pucelle D'Orleans; with the History of Her Times.
50679: [ENGLISH CIVIL WAR] - To the High and Honourable Court of Parliament, the Humble Petition of the University of Oxford, in Behalfe of Episcopacy and Cathedral.
22742: [BURY ST EDMUNDS:] - A Concise Description of Bury Saint Edmund’s, and its Environs, [...]
38455: [MANCHESTER.] - The Court Leet Records of the Manor of Manchester, from the Year 1552 to the Year 1686, and from the Year 1731 to the Year 1846.
22063: [FORD, JAMES:] - A Memoir of Thomas Green, Esquire, of Ipswich; with A Critique on his Writings, and an Account of his Family and Connections.
48592: [GREEK ECLOGUES] (STADTMUELLER, H, ED.:) - Eclogae Poetarum Graecorum.
51511: [BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER] - Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as they are to be Sung or Said in Churches.
51331: (GOODWIN, THOMAS:) - The History of the Reign of Henry the Fifth, King of England, &c. In Nine Books.
46282: [PASTON LETTERS] (FENN, JOHN, ED.:) (FRERE, SERJEANT:) - Original Letters, written during the Reigns of Henry VI, Edward IV, and Richard III, by various Persons of Rank or Consequence [...] with Notes, Historical and Explanatory; and Authenticated by Engravings of Autographs, Fac Similes, Paper-Marks and Seals.
51248: [SEYMOUR, FREDERICK:] - Charlotte, Countess Spencer: A Memoir.
50362: [ENGLISH CIVIL WAR] (LENTHALL, WILLIAM:) - Mr. Speakers Speech, with His Maiesties Speech to Both Houses of Parliament, At the Passing of the Bill for Tonnage and Poundage: Being an Answer to Mr. Speakers Speech at the Presenting Thereof, 22. Iune 1641.
51303: (ANON.:) - Oliver & Boyd’s Little Warbler, A Selection of the most Valuable and Esteemed Songs of the United Kingdom; In Three Volumes.
46288: [HOULSTON:] - Houlston’s Series of Tracts, Numbers 9, 11, 16-20, 30-34, 41-44, 51-54, 61-62, 69, 71, 73, followed by Religious Society Tracts, Numbers 339, 457, 632, 637-638, 641, 739, 757.
36988: [LYTTELTON, GEORGE, LORD:] - Observations on the Life of Cicero.
50004: [RIVERS OF GREAT BRITAIN] - The Rivers of Great Britain: Descriptive, Historical, Pictorial. Rivers of the East Coast.
43249: (ROSE, JOSIAH, ED.:) - Lancashire and Cheshire Historical and Genealogical Notes. Reprinted from the Leigh Chronicle ‘Scrap Book’. Vol. I, July 1878 - July 1879; Vol. II, July 1879 - January 1881.
32949: [WHITTINGHAM, WILLIAM:] - A Brief Discourse of the Troubles at Frankfort, in the Year 1554, about the Book of Common Prayer and Ceremonies. Reprinted from the Black-Letter Edition of 1575, with an introduction.
48713: [BIBLE] - He Palaia Diatheke kata tous Ebdomekonta. Vetus Testamentum, Ex Versione Septuaginta Interpretum, Secumdum Exemplar Vaticanum Romae Editum. Accedit Potior Varietas Codicis Alexandri.
51278: [HEINSIUS, NICOLAUS] - Bibliotheca Heinsiana Sive Catalogus Librorum, Quos, magno studio, & sumtu, dum viveret, collegit vir illustris Nicolaus Heinsius, Dan. Fil. In duas partes divisus.
45751: [OWEN, H. AND BLAKEWAY, J.B.:] - The History of Shrewsbury, Parts V and VI
51467: [KNOX, VICESIMUS:] - Epistles, Elegant, Familiar, & Instructive, Selected from the Best Writers, Ancient as well as Modern; intended for the improvement of Young Persons and for General Entertainment: being a proper Supplement to Extracts in Prose, & in Poetry.
51470: [YORKSHIRE DIALECT] - Dictionary of the Dialect of Batley, Batley Carr, Dewsbury, Ossett, Lee Fair, Morley, Birstal, Gomersal, Cleckheaton, Hightown, Robert-Town, Little-Town, Millbridge, Heckmondwike, Mirfield, and not forgetting Thornhill, Gawthorpe, Earlsheaton, Dawgreen, Kilpinhill, and Pudsey.
51460: E[ARBERY], M[ATTHIAS]: - Elements of Policy Civil and Ecclesiastical, in a Mathematical Method.
25241: [WEST SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL:] - An Account of the Endowed Charities in West Suffolk Prepared for the County Council.
50439: [DEBREUIL, JEAN; CHAMBERS, E., TRANS.:] - Practical Perspective; or An Easy Method of Representing Natural Objects […]
51137: (ALLESTREE, RICHARD:) - The Art of Contentment. By the Author of the Whole Duty of Man &c.
23493: [GUIDE BOOK] (GREEN, RUPERT:) - A Brief History of Worcester; or, “Worcester Guide” Improved: [...] Fifth edition, with considerable Additions and Improvements.
51682: VAN AALST, V.D. & CIGGAAR, K.N. (EDS.:) - The Latin Empire, Some Contributions.
51603: ABULAFIA, DAVID: - Frederick II, a Medieval Emperor.
48588: AESCHYLUS: (SCHROEDER, O., ED.:) - Cantica.
48566: AESCHYLUS: (SCHROEDER, O., ED.:) - Cantica.
51624: ALBINI, UMBERTO & GIGANTE, MARCELLO, (SERIES EDS.:) - Studi Italiani di Filologia Classica. LXXXV Annata, Terza Serie, Volume X Foscicoli I-II. Giornate Pisane, Atti del IX Congresso della F.I.E.C., 24-30 Agosto 1989.
49016: ALDEN, JANE: - Songs, Scribes, and Society. The History and Reception of the Loire Valley Chansonniers.
50827: ALLEN, THOMAS: - The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Parts Adjacent.
46280: ANACREON: (AMADUZZI, G.C., ED.:) - Teiou Mele: praefixo commentario quo poetae genus traditur et bibliotheca Anacreonteia adumbratur : additis var. lect.
51271: ANACREON: (BRUNCK, RICHARD FRANCOIS PHILIPPE, ED.:) - Carmina. Accedunt Selecta Quaedam e Lyricorum Reliquiis.
51256: ANTIPHON: ANDOCIDES: (BLASS, F., ED.:) - Orationes et Fragmenta, Adivnctis Gorgiae Antisthenis Alcidamantis Declamationibus; Orationes.
51556: ANLEZARK, DANIEL: - Water and Fire: the Myth of the Flood in Anglo-Saxon England.
45694: ANON.: - Excerpta Lyrica.
51159: ANON: (SMITH, DULCIE LAWRENCE, TRANS.; SMITH, EILEEN LAWRENCE, ILLUS.:) - Aucassin and Nicolete. A Twelfth-Century Romance.
29960: APHTHONIUS: (CATTANEO, GIOVANNI MARIA & RODOLPHUS AGRICOLA, TRANS.:) - Progymnasmata. [...] Novissima editio, superioribus emendatior, & concinnior.
46569: APULEIUS, LUCIUS: [SCRIVERIUS, P., ED.:] - Opera omnia quae exstant. Ab innumeris mendis, quibus hactenus scatebant, iam serio emendata. Editio nova.
51492: ARCHIBALD, ZOSIA H.; DAVIES, JOHN K. & GABRIELSEN, VINCENT (EDS.): - The Economies of Hellenistic Societies, Third to First Centuries BC.
51642: ARDEN, JOHN: - Silence Among the Weapons. Some Events at the Time of the Failure of a Republic.
26330: ARISTAENETUS; BEHOTTE, ADRIEN: - Epistolae Graecae. Cum Latina interpretatione & notis. Altera editio emendatior & auctior. [Bound with:] Apophoretorum libri tres.
51352: ARISTOPHANES: (BURMAN, PIETER II, ED.:) (BERGLER, S.; DUKER, K.A.:) - Comoediae undecim, Graece et Latine [...]
46254: ARISTOTLE: (NEWMAN, W. L., ED.:) - The Politics of Aristotle. Vols. I-IV.
42681: ARNOLD, EDWIN: - With Sa’di in the Garden or, the Book of Love, Being the ‘Ishk’ or Third Chapter of the ‘Bôstân’ of the Persian Poet Sa’di.
49195: ARNOLD, T. W.: - The Caliphate.
29955: ARNOLD, CHRISTOPH: - Lingua Latinae Ornatus. [...] Editio altera correctior, cum indice.
50147: ARRIAN; (BLANKAART, NIKOLAAS, ED; VULCANIUS, BONAVENTURA, TRANS.:) - De Expedit. Alex. Magni. Historiarum Libri X. Ejusdem Indica […].
48719: ATHENAEUS: (MEINEKE, A., ED.:) - Deipnosophistae.
25378: D’AUBIGNÉ, J. H. MERLE: - History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century.
49944: AURELIUS VICTOR, SEXTUS: (ARNTZENIUS, J., ED.:) - Historia Romana, cum notis integris [...]
51544: AURELIUS VICTOR, SEXTUS: (ARNTZENIUS, J., ED.:) - Historia Romana, cum notis integris [...]
50522: BADHAM, SALLY; NORRIS, MALCOLM: - Early Incised Slabs and Brasses from the London Marblers.
48760: [MINOR LATIN POETS] BAEHRENS, A. (ED.): - Poetae Latini Minores. Vol. IV.
49540: BAINBRIDGE, BERYL: - The Bottle Factory Outing.
51373: BANKS, IAIN: - The Bridge.
51479: BANKS, IAIN M.: - Look to Windward.
50457: BARKER, PAT: - Life Class.
51599: BARNISH, SAM J. & MARAZZI, FEDERICO, EDS.: - The Ostrogoths, from the Migration Period to the Sixth Century: an Ethnographic Perspective.
49382: BARRACLOUGH, GEOFFREY (TRANS. & INTRO.): - Mediaeval Germany, 911-1250. Essays by German Historians. Vol. I, Introduction; Vol. II, Essays.
36006: BARWICK, PETER: - The Life of the Reverend Dr. John Barwick, D.D.
35015: BATESON, MARY (ED.): - Records of the Borough of Leicester Being a Series of Extracts from the Archives of the Corporation of Leicester, 1103-1327 [and] 1327-1509.
42588: BAYLY, JAMES: - Four Churches in the Deanery of Buckrose, Restored or Built by the Late George Edmund Street, R.A. for Sir Tatton Sykes, Bart.
34756: BELL, ADRIAN R.; BROOKS, CHRIS; DRYBURGH, PAUL R.: - The English Wool Market, c.1230-1327.
51631: BELL, W.D.M.: - The Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter.
50837: BELLAMY, J.G.: - The Law of Treason in England in the Later Middle Ages.
51592: BELLORI, GIOVANNI PIETRO: - Veterum Illustrium Philosophorum Poetarum Rhetorum et Oratorum Imagines Ex vetustis Nummis, Gemmis, Hermis, Marmoribus aliisque Antiquis Monumentis desumptæ.
46927: BEN-AMOS, ILANA KRAUSMAN: - Adolescence and Youth in Early Modern England.
48525: BERINGTON, JOSEPH: - The History of the Reign of Henry the Second, and of Richard and John, his Sons; with the Events of the Period, from 1154 to 1216. In which the Character of Thomas a Becket is vindicated from the Attacks of George Lord Lytttelton.
49533: BLAKE, NICHOLAS, PSEUD. [DAY-LEWIS, CECIL]: - The Private Wound.
50459: BLOCK, LAWRENCE: - Hit List.
51140: BLONDEL, DAVID: (DAVIES, J., TR.:) - A Treatise of the Sibyls, so highly celebrated, as well by the Antient Heathens, as the Holy Fathers of the Church; giving an accompt of the Names, and Number of the Sibyls, of their Qualities, the Form and Matter of their Verses; as also of the Books now Extant under their Names, and the Errours crept into Christian Religion, from the Impostures contained therein, particularly, concerning the State of the Just, and the Unjust after Death.
51258: BOBBIN, TIM, PSEUD. [COLLIER, JOHN]; (CRUIKSHANK, G., ILLUS.:) - Lancashire Dialect; and Poems. Rendered intelligible to general readers by a literal interpretation, and the obsolete words explained by quotations from the most early of the English authors.
51680: BOBBIN, TIM, PSEUD. [COLLIER, JOHN]: - View of the Lancashire Dialect; with Large Additions and Improvements. Also a Glossary of Lancashire Phrases.
22148: BOBBIN, TIM, PSEUD. [COLLIER, JOHN]; BAMFORD, SAMUEL; - The Dialect of South Lancashire, or Tim Bobbin’s Tummus and Meary: with his Rhymes and an Enlarged Glossary of Words and Phrases [...]
51267: BOBBIN, TIM, PSEUD. [COLLIER, JOHN]; BOBBIN, TIM, THE SECOND, PSEUD. [WALKER, ROBERT]: - Miscellaneous Works [...] containing his View of the Lancashire Dialect, with large Additions and Improvements; also, his Poem of the Flying Dragon, and the Man of Heaton; Together with Other Whimsical Amusements in Prose and Verse. To which is added, a Life of the Author; [Bound with] Plebian Politics or the Principles and Practices of Certain Mole-eyed Maniacs Vulgarly Called Warrites by way of Dialogue betwixt two Lancashire Clowns. Together with Several Fugitive Pieces.
42446: BOHMAN, HJORDIS: - Studies in the ME Dialects of Devon and London. Inaugural Dissertation.
48545: BOISSIER, GASTON: - La Fin du Paganisme. Étude Sur les Dernières Luttes Religieuses en Occident au Quatrième Siècle. Tomes I et II.
48781: BOISSIER, GASTON: - La Religion Romaine. D’Auguste aux Antonins.
51647: BÖLL, HEINRICH: (VENNEWITZ, LEILA, TRANS.:) - The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum, or: How Violence Develops and Where It Can Lead
51551: BORGES, JORGE LUIS: (DI GIOVANNI, NORMAN THOMAS, TRANS.:) - A Universal History of Infamy.
39535: BORNSTEIN, DANIEL E.: - The Bianchi of 1399. Popular Devotion in Late Medieval Italy.
51645: BOTTON, ALAIN DE: - How Proust Can Change Your Life.
51630: BOUSTEAD, HUGH: - The Wind of Morning. An Autobiography.
51550: BOX, EDGAR, PSEUD. [VIDAL, GORE]: - Death Likes It Hot.
51643: BOX, EDGAR, PSEUD. [VIDAL, GORE]: - Death in the Fifth Position; Death Before Bedtime; Death Likes it Hot.
51638: BRANT, SEBASTIAN: (ZEYDEL, EDWIN H. TRANS.:) - The Ship of Fools.
37709: BRINTON, THOMAS: (DEVLIN, SISTER MARY AQUINAS, ED.:) - The Sermons of Thomas Brinton, Bishop of Rochester (1373-1389).
49994: BRITTON, JOHN: - Cathedral Antiquities. Historical and Descriptive Accounts, [...] of the Following English Cathedrals, viz. Canterbury, York, Salisbury, Norwich, Oxford, Winchester, Lichfield, Hereford, Wells, Exeter, Worcester, Peterborough, Gloucester, and Bristol.
51327: BRITTON, JOHN: - The History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Salisbury; Illustrated with a Series of Engravings [...]
50500: BROOKS, ERIC ST JOHN: - The Irish Cartularies of Llanthony Prima & Secunda.
22645: BROWNE, PHILIP: - The History of Norwich, from the Earliest Records to the Present Time.
51646: BURCHILL, JULIE AND PARSONS, TONY: - “The Boy Looked at Johnny”, The Obituary of Rock and Roll.
28937: BURKE, JOHN: - Encyclopaedia of Heraldry, Or General Armory of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
37661: BURN, JOHN SOUTHERDEN: - The History of Parish Registers in England.
36016: BURNET, GILBERT: - An Exhortation to Peace and Union. A Sermon at St Lawrence-Jury, at the Election of Lord Mayor of London, on the 29th of September, 1681.
49120: BURTON, WILLIAM: - A Commentary on Antoninus his Itinerary, or Journies of the Romane Empire, so far as it Concerneth Britain [...]
49525: BUTLER, WILLIAM: - Danish Gambit.
48577: CAESAR, GAIUS JULIUS: (ORSINI, FULVIO, ED.:) - [Opera Omnia] Rerum Ab Se Gestarum Commentarii. Quae hoc volumine continentur, & quid huic editioni accesserit, sequens pagella indicabit.
51273: [GERALD OF WALES] GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS: (POWELL, DAVID, ED.:) - Itinerarium Cambriae Seu Laboriosae Balduini Cantuariensis Archiepiscopi per Walliam Legationis Accurata Descriptio.
41525: CARDWELL, EDWARD (ED.); CRANMER, THOMAS. - The Reformation of the Ecclesiastical Laws as Attempted in the Reigns of King Henry VIII, King Edward VI and Queen Elizabeth.
35130: CARLYLE, R.W. & CARLYLE, A.J.: - A History of Mediaeval Political Theory in the West. Vol. I: The Second Century to the Ninth; Vol. II: The Political Theory of the Roman Lawyers and the Cnonists [...]; Vol. III: Political Theory from the Tenth Century to the Thirteenth; Vol. IV: The Theories of the Relation of the Empire [...]; Vol. V: The Political Theory of the Thirteenth Century; Vol. VI: Political Theory from 1300-1600.
41708: CARLYLE, THOMAS: - The Letters and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell.
51554: CARVER, MARTIN; HILLS, CATHERINE & SCHESCHKEWITZ, JONATHAN (EDS.): - Wasperton: a Roman, British and Anglo-Saxon Community in Central England.
48612: [ATHENAEUS] CASAUBON, ISAAC: - Isaaci Casauboni Animadversionum in Athenaei Deipnosophistas Libri Quindecem. (Part III of) Deipnosophistarum Libri Quindecem [...] curavit [...] Godofredus Henricus Schaefer.
51557: CASEY, P.J.: (TOMLIN, R.S.O., TRANS. OF TEXTS:) - Carausius and Allectus, the British Usurpers.
48705: CATULLUS, GAIUS VALERIUS: (ELLIS, R., ED.:) - Catulli Veronensis Liber iterum recognovit, apparatum criticum, prolegomena, appendices [...]
51404: CATULLUS, CAIUS VALERIUS: (VOLPI, GIOVANNI ANTONIO, ED.:) - [Opera] et in eum Jo: Antonii Vulpii eloquentiae professoris in gymnasio Patavino novus commentarius locupletissimus.
42945: CELSUS, AULUS CORNELIUS: - Medicina.
22256: CHALMERS, GEORGE: - Churchyard’s Chips concerning Scotland: Being a Collection of his Pieces relative to that Country; with Historical Notices and a Life of the Author [...].
51600: CHAMPION, MICHAEL W.: - Explaining the Cosmos: Creation and Cultural Interaction in Late-Antique Gaza.
50437: CHATWIN, BRUCE: - The Viceroy of Ouidah.
51684: CHATZIDAKIS, NANO: - Icons: The Velimezis Collection.
51555: CHEETHAM, FRANCIS: - English Medieval Alabasters, with a Catalogue of the Collection in the Victoria and Albert Museum.
51549: CHRISTIE, AGATHA: - Hallowe’en Party.
51239: DIO CHRYSOSTOM: (DINDORF, L., ED.:) - Orationes.
39528: CHRYSOSTOM, JOHN, SAINT: (HOESCHEL, DAVID, ED.:) - De Sacerdotio libri vi. Graeci & Latine. [Bound with:] Contra Iudaeos Homiliae vi.
48598: CICERO, M. TULLIUS: (MUELLER, C.F.W., ED.:) - De Officiis Libri Tres.
48741: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS: (MUELLER, C.F.W., ED.:) - (Orationes) (Part II, Vols. I-III of) Scripta Quae Manserunt Omnia.
45899: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS: - Opera, cum Optimis Examplaribus Accurate Collata.
50559: CICERO, M. TULLIUS: (MARX, FRIEDRICH; TRILLITZSCH, WINFRIED, EDS.:) - Scripta Quae Manservunt Omnia, Fasc. I. Incerti Auctoris de Ratione Dicendi ad. c. Herennium Lib. IV.
51694: CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS: (NOBBE, C.F.A., ED.:) - Opera Omnia. Uno Volumine Comprehensa Curis Secundis Emendatiora et Adnotationibus Indicibusque Auctiora [...]
50671: CLARKE, R.R., HAWKES, C.F.C., WHITTINGHAM, A.B., ET AL: - Report of the Summer Meeting of the Royal Archaeological Institute at Norwich 1949. Part I: Prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Antiquities in Norfolk, Including Burgh Castle Suffolk; Parts II and III: Origins and Antiquities of Norwich, with an Account of the Castle, Cathedral and other Ecclesiastical and Secular Buildings; Parts IV and V: Churches, Religious Houses, Castles and Mansions in Norfolk.
51497: CLARKE, M.L.: - Greek Studies in England 1700-1830.
43830: [CLAUDIAN] CLAUDIANUS, CLAUDIUS; STATIUS, PUBLIUS PAPINIUS: - Ex optimorum codicum fide. [Bound with:] Opera, ex recensione, et cum notis I Frederici Gronovii.
49943: [CLAUDIAN] CLAUDIANUS, CLAUDIUS: (BURMAN, PIETER II, ED.:) - Opera, quae exstant, omnia ad membranarum veterum fidem castigata [...]
26280: CLIFFORD, ELSIE M.: - Bagendon: A Belgic Oppidum. A Record of the Excavations 1954-56. With a Foreword by Sir Mortimer Wheeler.
51568: QUINTUS SMYRNAEUS; TRYPHIODORUS; TZETZES; COLLUTHUS: - Carmina de Rebus Troianis, ad Optimorum Librarum Fidem Exhibita.
51633: COLVIN, JOHN: - Not Ordinary Men. The Battle of Kohima Reassessed.
36019: COMBER, THOMAS: - Roman Forgeries in the Councils during the First Four Centuries [...].
51641: COOPER, ARTEMIS: - Patrick Leigh Fermor: An Adventure.
46387: COTMAN, JOHN SELL: - Engravings of Sepulchral Brasses in Norfolk and Suffolk, tending to illustrate the ecclesiastical military and civil costume, as well as to preserve memorials of ancient families in that county [...]. Second edition.
49383: COULTON, G. G.: - Five Centuries of Religion. Volume I, St. Bernard, His Predecessors and Successors, 1000-1200 A.D.
49384: COULTON, G. G.: - Five Centuries of Religion. Volume II, the Friars and the Dead Weight of Tradition, 1200-1400 A.D.
49385: COULTON, G. G.: - Five Centuries of Religion. Volume III, Getting & Spending.
49386: COULTON, G. G.: - Five Centuries of Religion. Volume IV, the Last Days of Medieval Monachism.
42400: COULTON, C.G.: - Inquisition and Liberty. A social history of the Inquisition in Europe with a topical examination of the inquisitorial attitude of mind.
36434: COWLEY, ABRAHAM: - The Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley. In two volumes ... The eleventh edition. [With:] Volume the Second. [And:] The third and Last Volume ... The ninth edition.
47233: COX, J. CHARLES; HARVEY, ALFRED: - English Church Furniture.
51264: CROSTON, JAMES: - A History of the Ancient Hall of Samlesbury in Lancashire, with an Account of its Earlier Possessors and Particulars Relating to the More Recent Descent of the Manor.
49124: CRUCIUS, JACOBUS: - Epistolarum Libri IV. Cum Duplici Indice.
48605: CURTIUS RUFUS, QUINTUS: (LEMAIRE, N.E., ED.:) - De Rebus Gestis Alexandri Magni Libri Superstites. Codices Parisinos Recensitus cum varietate lectionum supplementis Jo. Freinshemii et selectis schmiederi variorumque commentaris quibus notas excursus mappasque et et indices addidit [vols. I & II]; cum itinerario Alexandri et Julio Valerio Aesopi Graeci Translatore [vol. III].
37660: DANSEY, WILLIAM: - Horae Decanicae Rurales. An Attempt to Illustrate [...] The Name and Title, the Origin, Appointment, and Functions, Personal and Capitular of Rural Deans. [...]
51685: DAVIS, NATALIE ZEMON: - Women on the Margins. Three Seventeenth-Century Lives.
43290: DEAVER, JEFFERY: - Carte Blanche.
22260: DELEPIERRE, [JOSEPH] OCTAVE: - Historical Difficulties and Contested Events.
22460: DELLA CASA, GIOVANNI: - Latina Monimenta. Quorum partim versibus, partim soluta oratione scripta sunt.
51605: DELUMEAU, JEAN: (NICHOLSON, ERIC, TRANS.:) - Sin and Fear: the Emergence of a Western Guilt Culture, 13th-18th Centuries.
50908: DEWICK, E.S. (ED.): - Facsimiles of Horae de Beata MariaVirgine from English Mss. of the Eleventh Century.
33431: DEYERMOND, ALAN (ED.): - A Century of British Medieval Studies.
26376: DIBDIN, THOMAS FROGNALL: - The Library Companion; or, the Young Man’s Guide, and the Old Man’s Comfort, in the Choice of a Library.
49518: DIBDIN, MICHAEL: - Blood Rain.
49520: DIBDIN, MICHAEL: - Cosi Fan Tutti.
49519: DIBDIN, MICHAEL: - A Long Finish.
26378: DIBDIN, THOMAS FROGNALL: - Aedes Althorpianae; or an account of the mansion, books, and pictures at Althorp; the residence of George John Earl Spencer, K.G. To which is added a supplement to the Bibliotheca Spenceriana.
51509: DICKENS, CHARLES: (FILDES, S.L. ILLUS.:) - The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
37089: DICKINSON, WILLIAM CROFT (ED.:) - A Source Book of History. From Earliest Times to 1424; 1424 to 1567; 1567 to 1707.
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51507: YATES, FRANCES A.: - The Rosicrucian Enlightenment.
48750: [PAULY] ZIEGLER, KONRAT & SONTHEIMER, HANS, EDS.: - Der Kleine Pauly, Volumes I-IV. Lexikon der Antike [...]
21260: ZORNIUS, PETRUS: - Historia Eucharistiae Infantium, ex antiquitatibus ecclesiarum tum occidentalium tum orientalium secundum decem saeculorum seriem et multiplicem varietatem illustrata.

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