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057167: [A PEP REPORT]. - Advisory Committees in British Government 1960
058265: - German Women in the Nineteenth Century: A Social History
052041: ?. ?. ???????????, ?. ?. ???????, ?. ?. ????????, ?????????? ??????????????? ??????????? ??. ?.?. ?????????? - ???????? ?????????? ??????: (?. ???????? ? ?????? ?????????? ?????? ? ??????? ????)
048196: - Die Ddr-Gesellschaft IM Spiegel Ihrer Literatur (German Edition)
051874: - Spazio Urbano E Organizzazione Economica Nell'Europa Medievale: Atti Della Session C23 : Eleventh International Economic History Congress : Milano,... Degli Studi Di Perugia) (Italian Edition)
058900: - Narod, Panstwo, Wladza: Wybor Tekstow Z Historii Polskiej Mysli Politycznej Dla Studiujacych Prawo, Nauki Polityczne I Historie (Polish Edition)
057907: - Avec le Commando Kieffer
041606: - French Military Personnel of the War of the Spanish Succession : French Army Commanders in the War of the Spanish Succession
060846: ??????????? ????????? ?. - ?? ??????? ?????? ??? ?????? 1670-1714
082858: ????????? ????????? - ????????. ??????? ?? ????. ????????????? ? ??????????????
055388: 'GLARUS' FESTGABE DES HISTORISCHEN VEREINS DES KANTONS GLARUS 1952. - Beitrage Zur Geschichte Des Landes Glarus. Des Historischen Vereins Des Kantons Glarus Zum Bundesjubilaum Vom 4. Juni. 1952
059103: 'SOLICITOR' - The Citizen and the Law
045524: 20TH CENTURY BIRITISH HISTORY. VOLUME 12 NO. 4 MARCH 2001 - 20th Century Biritish History. Vol. 12. No. 4 2001
045525: 20TH CENTURY BRITISH HISTORY. VOLUME 12 NO. 3 2001 - 20th Century British History. Vol. 12. No. 3 2001
045523: 20TH CENTURY BIRITSH HISTORY. VOLUME 23 NO. 1 MARCH 2012 - 20th Century Biritish History. Volume 23 Issue 1 March 2012, the Documentary Film Movement and the Spaces of British Identity
085489: A. M. HARTLEY - The Oratorical Class-Book; with the Principles of Elocution Simplified and Illustrated by Suitable Examples. Intended for the Use of Public and Private Seminaries.
086941: A.A. GARNER - Boston: Politics and the Sea, 1652-74 (History of Boston)
086762: A.K. MCHARDY - Royal Writs Addressed to John Buckingham, Bishop of Lincoln, 1363-1398: Lincoln Register 12b: A Calendar (Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
044340: A. E. GRIGG - In Railway Service... : The History of Bletchley Branch of the National Union of Railwaymen
085433: A.C. BISCOE - The Earls of Middleton, Lord of Clermont and of Fettercairn, and the Middleton Family
054196: A. EMIL DAVIES - The State in Business or the Collectivist State in the Making
047913: A. J. SACK - The Birth of the Russian Democracy
050511: A. S. WISDOM - The Law of Rivers and Watercourses
080252: A., ED. ROITMAN - A Day at Qumran: The Dead Sea Sect and Its Scrolls
042645: A CATALOGUE OF PUBLICATIONS PRINTED AT THE MIDDLE HILL PRESS 1819-1872. - A Catalogue of Publications Printed at the Middle Hill Press 1819-1872. Including Many Copies in Proof Sheets with Manuscript Corrections by Sir Thomas Phillipps.
083062: A.R. STEDMAN - The Beginnings of the Christian Church
085302: A. J. AYER - Freedom and Morality and Other Essays
087107: A.H. THOMAS - Calendar of the Plea and Memoranda Rolls Preserved Among the Archives of the Corporation of the City of London at the Guildhall A.D... Rolls Ata-A9. 1323-1364.
046456: A. CYRIL A. BRETT - Charles II and His Court
086543: A.G. WEILER - Heinrich Von Gorkum (+1431). Seine Stellung in Der Philosophie Und Der Theologie Des Spatmittelalters.
086842: A.P. JENKINS - The Correspondence of Thomas Secker, Bishop of Oxford 1737-1758 (Oxfordshire Record Society)
080761: A. MARY KIRKUS - The Records of the Commissioners of Sewers in the Parts of Holland, 1547-1603. Volume 1.
054964: A. BARRATT BROWN - Democratic Leadership
049433: A. V. JUDGES - A Health to the Gentlemanly Profession of Serving-Men, 1598, by I.M. With an Introduction by A.V. Judges
052513: A. B. DA COSTA VEIGA, GASTÃO DE MELLO DE MATTOS, AFONSO DO PAÇO - Aljubarrota: Trabalhos Em Execução de Arqueologia Militar
087049: A O H ET AL JARMAN - Gallica: Essays Presented to J. Heywood Thomas
086156: A. PALLARD DE SAINT - AIGLAN - Notice Sur Jean Boutillier, Auteur de la Somme Rurale.
087137: A.V. DICEY - Lectures on the Relation between Law & Public Opinion in England During the Nineteenth Century
054951: A.F. YOUNG - Industrial Injuries Insurance. An Examination of British Policy
086797: A.K. MCHARDY - Clerical Poll-Taxes in the Diocese of Lincoln 1377-81 (Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
086005: A. E. BURN - Facsimiles of the Creeds from Early Manuscripts. Palaeographical Notes by Ludwig Traube.
082069: A. ABRAM - English Life and Manners in the Later Middle Ages.
086940: A. GOODER - Plague an Enclosure. A Warwickshire Village in the Seventeenth Century (Clifton Upon Dunsmore).
080160: A.E.B. OWEN - The Records of the Commissioners of Sewers in the Parts of Holland 1547-1603, Volume II; Lincoln Record Society Volume 63
049926: A BERRIEDALE KEITH - A Historical Geography of the British Colonies. Volume IV- South Africa - New Edition. Part III - Geographical
084403: A. ASPINALL - The Correspondence of Charles Arbuthnot
084274: A. HAMILTON (ALEXANDER HAMILTON) - The Abbey of St. Mary of the Meadows, Leicester.
081565: A.L. ROWSE - Poems of a Decade 1931-1941
086685: A. N. NEWMAN - The Parliamentary Diary of Sir Edward Knatchbull 1722-1730
086988: A.R. MADDISON - Lincolnshire Pedigrees. Volume 2. G - o
085562: A.E. HAIGH - The Tragic Drama of the Greeks
085130: A. CHAMBON, G. FINKIELSZTEJN, T. LESZCZYC, A. DE VINCENZ..... STRUS ANDRZEJ WITH CONTRIBUTIONS BY E.A. ARSLAN - Khirbet Fattir - Bet Gemal. Two Ancient Jewish and Christian Sites in Israel.
054502: A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT - Income Tax and Sur-Tax
049156: A. D. LUBLINSKAYA - French Absolutism: The Crucial Phase, 1620-1629
055376: A. BOSKER - Literary Criticism in the Age of Johnson.
054403: A.L. BOWLEY - Studies in the National Income, 1924-1938
080856: A.G. DICKENS - Tudor Treatises
086044: A. PAZANIN - Wissenschaft Und Geschichte in Der Phanomenologie Edmund Husserls
083252: A. JAMES GREGOR - The Faces of Janus: Marxism and Fascism in the Twentieth Century
056587: A.P. THORNTON - The Habit of Authority. Paternalism in British History
085140: A. J. P. TAYLOR - Lloyd George: Twelve Essays
049665: A. JOHN ALLAWAY - The Educational Centres Movement, 1909-1977.
081772: A. TINDAL HART - Country Counting House. The Story of Two Eighteenth-Century Clerical Account Books.
087104: A. D. MURRAY - John Ludlow: The Autobiography of a Christian Socialist
057757: A.J. INSALL, G. T. WATSON - The Western Front. Then and Now
044473: A. VAN KEMPEN - Uitweg Uit Normandië: Reisverslag, Belofte en Woordbreuk Op Het Tapijt Van Bayeux
085642: A. RAY STEPHENS; DR. WILLIAM M. HOLMES PH.D - Historical Atlas of Texas
056059: A COVILLE - Histoire Du Moyen Age. Tome VI - L'Europe Occidentale de 1270 a 1380, Deuxieme Parte de 1328 a 1380
086987: A.R. MADDISON - Lincolnshire Pedigrees. Volume 1. A - F
080158: A. HAMILTON THOMPSON - Visitations of Religious Houses in the Diocese of Lincoln: Injunctions and Other Documents from the Registers of Richard Flemyng and William Gray, Bishops of Lincoln A.D. 1420 to A.D. 1436
084883: A.J. LAWSON - Essays in Palaeolithic Art.
060765: A.J. PEACOCK - George Hudson 1800-1871. The Railway King . Volume 2.
084871: A.E.B. OWEN - Records of Commissioners of Sewers in Parts of Holland, 1547-1603. Volume III (Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
053495: A.G.H. BACHRACH - Sir Constantine Huygens and Britain : 1596-1687. A Pattern of Cultural Exchange. Volume One 1596-1619
087097: A. E. B. OWEN - Summary Guide to Accessions of Western Manuscripts (Other Than Medieval) Since 1867
046073: AAD BLOK , DIRK DANSMA , HERMAN DIDERIKS , LEX HEERNA VAN VOSS - Generations in Labour History: Papers Presented to the Sixth British-Dutch Conference on Labour History, Oxford 1988
048859: AAGE BRUSENDORFF - The Chaucer Tradition
080630: AAVV - Fiamminghi a Roma: 1508-1608 : Artisti Dei Paesi Bassi E Del Principato Di Liegi a Roma Durante IL Rinascimento (Italian Edition)
052057: ABBATTISTA, GUIDO - Commercio, Colonie E Impero Alla Vigilia Della Rivoluzione Americana: John Campbell Pubblicista E Storico Nell'Inghilterra Del Sec. XVIII
059420: ABBE PAUL ANSIAUX - Les Prieurs Des Freres Precheurs en la Cite de Liege .
046749: ABBOT, W. W.;TWOHIG, DOROTHY - The Papers of George Washington: Colonial Series, June 1767--Dec 1771
055907: ABBOTT LAWRENCE LOWELL - Conflicts of Principle
044640: ABECASSIS, MICHAEL - The Representation of Parisian Speech in the Cinema of the 1930s
058212: ABEL, ANNIE HELOISE; KLINGBERG, FRANK J. - Sidelight on Anglo-American Relations, 1839-58
084610: ABEL-SMITH, BRIAN - History of the Nursing Profession
054545: ABERNETHY, THOMAS P. - The South in the New Nation, 1789-1819
060233: ABIGAIL T. SIDDALL, INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF MILITARY HISTORY - Soldier-Statesmen of the Age of Enlightenment: Records of the 7th International Colloquy on Military History
056365: ABRAHAM BRUMBERG - Poland, Genesis of a Revolution
086537: ABRAHAM (EDIT NEIL COSSONS). REES - Rees's Manufacturing Industry (1819-20) 5 Volumes
048773: ABRAHAM DAVID, WEINBERGER, LEON J. - A Hebrew Chronicle from Prague, C. 1615
087026: ABRAHAM NEWELL - Hillside View of Industrial History: Study of Industrial Evolution in the Pennine Highlands with Some Local Records (Reprints of Economic Classics)
084781: ABRAHAMS ISRAEL , STOKES H.P. - Starrs and Jewish Charters Preserved in the British Museum. Volume 1.
083873: ABRAHAMS, RAY - A Place of Their Own: Family Farming in Eastern Finland (Cambridge Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology)
085748: ABRAM BERGSON - Welfare, Planning, and Employment: Selected Essays in Economic Theory
054333: ABRAMS, FRAN - Freedom's Cause: Lives of the Suffragettes
083209: ABRAMS, RICHARD M. - The Burdens of Progress, 1900-1929 (Scott, Foresman American History Series)
083136: ABRAMSKY, C.; ETC. - The Jews in Poland
056115: ABSALOM WATKIN , MAGDALEN GOFFIN - The Diaries of Absalom Watkin: A Manchester Man 1787-1861
057236: ABU SALIM, M. I. - Land in Dar Fur: Charters and Related Documents from the Dar Fur Sultanate
047583: ABZUG, ROBERT H. - Passionate Liberator: Theodore Dwight Weld and the Dilemma of Reform
081885: ACHILLE LUCHAIRE - Innocent III. La Croisade Des Albigeois
083965: ACKERLEY, J.R. - Hindoo Holiday: An Indian Journal (Penguin Twentieth Century Classics)
055813: ACKRILL, MARGARET - Manufacturing Industry Since 1870
042537: ACT OF PARILAMENT 1677 - A Statute for Building 30 New Ships - 1677
059423: ACTA POLONIAE HISTORICA 5. - Acta Poloniae Historica V.
059422: ACTAS DO SIMPOSIO. - Profecia E Liberdade Em D. Antonio Ferreira Gomes. Simposio 30 Setembro 1 E 2 Outubro 1998. Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian.
049636: ACTES DU 8 EME COLLOQUE DE MARSEILLE (JANVIER 1978) - Travaux Recents Sur le XVII Siecle. Franco Simone Critique Litteraire la Crise Au XVII Descartes.
053145: ACTES DU 103 CONGRES NATIONAL DES SOCIETES SAVANTES NANCY-METZ 1978 - La Lorraine de 1610 a Nos Jours. Questions Diverses
060610: ADAM MATTHEW PUBLICATIONS - Ancien Regime in Turmoil?: Commerce, Politics and Society in France, 1682-1793 - the Gazette Manuscript, 1775-93, and Related Sources from the John Rylands University Library of Manchester
084755: ADAM SMITH - Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres: Delivered in the University of Glasgow by Adam Smith; Reported by a Student in 1762-63 (Landmarks in Rhetoric and Public Address)
050064: ADAMS CHARLES FRANCIS - Railroads: Their Origin and Problems
057826: ADAMS, EDWARD - Liberal Epic : The Victorian Practice of History from Gibbon to Churchill
080138: ADAMS, SIMON; HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION - The Armada Campaign of 1588 (New Appreciations of History)
085516: ADAMS RICHARD E. W. , MACLEOD MURDO J. - The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas: Mesoamerica
059369: ADAMS, FRANCIS - History of the Elementary School Contest in England (Society & the Victorians)
081814: ADAMS, JOHN A. - Conflict and Commerce on the Rio Grande: Laredo, 1755-1955 (Canseco-Keck History Series)
080186: ADAMS, D. K. - America in the Twentieth Century: A Study of the United States Since 1917
043139: ADAMS, THOMAS RANDOLPH - The American Controversy: A Bibliographical Study of the British Pamphlets About the American Disputes, 1764-1783. Volume 2 Only - 1778 - 1783
048097: ADAMS, REGINALD H. - Memorial Inscriptions in St John's College, Oxford
082619: ADAMS LAUREN - Medieval Pottery from Broadgate East Lincoln 1973
080260: ADDIS, ELISABETTA; RUSSO, VALERIA E.; SEBESTA, LORENZA - Women Soldiers: Images and Realities
052421: ADDY, SIDNEY OLDALL - Church and Manor: A Study in English Economic History
080081: ADELAIDE D'ARCHY COLLYER - The Despatches and Correspondence of John, Second Earl of Buckinghamshire, Ambassador to the Court of Catherine II of Russia 1762-1765 Volume I
057754: ADELE CREPAZ - The Emancipation of Women and Its Probable Consequences.
053838: ADELINE DAUMARD - Les Bourgeois de Paris Au XIX Siecle.
042712: ADELMAN, TOM - The Long Ball : The Summer of '75 -- Spaceman, Catfish, Charlie Hustle, and the Greatest World Series Ever Played
051229: ADELMAN, JONATHAN R.; GIBSON, CRISTANN L. - Contemporary Soviet Military Affairs : The Legacy of World War II
080371: ADEMARI CABANNENSIS - Ademarus Cabannensis. Opera Liturgica Et Poetica: Musica Cum Textibus (Corpus Christianorum: Continuatio Mediaeualis: Opera Omnia)
080372: ADEMARI CABANNENSIS - Ademarus Cabannensis. Opera Liturgica Et Poetica: Musica Cum Textibus (Corpus Christianorum Continuatio Mediaevalis)
042634: ADERETH, M. - Line of March : An Historical and Critical Analysis of British Communism and Its Revolutionary Strategy
045905: ADLER, FRANKLIN HUGH - Italian Industrialists from Liberalism to Fascism : The Political Development of the Industrial Bourgeoisie, 1906-34
085799: ADOLPH F. BANDELIER - The Southwestern Journals of Adolph F. Bandelier, 1880-1882
049176: ADOLPHUS BALLARD - The Domesday Boroughs
052008: ADOLPHUS WILLIAM WARD - The Electress Sophia and the Hanoverian Succession
086165: ADRIAN STEWART - Battle of Leyte Gulf
082443: ADRIAN; SLADE, C. F. JOBSON - The Great Roll of the Pipe for the Seventh Year of the Reign of King Henry III, Michaelmas 1223 (Pipe Roll 67)
054688: ADRIANNA E. BAKOS - Politics, Ideology and the Law in Early Modern Europe: Essays in Honor of J.H. M. Salmon
055603: ADRIENNE MONTEITH PETTY - Standing Their Ground: Small Farmers in North Carolina Since the CIVIL War
086663: AELRED WATKIN - Glastonbury, 1538-9, As Shown by Its Account Rolls.
082271: AESCHYLUS , GILBERT MURRAY - The Agamemnon
084244: AESCHYLUS - The Agamemnon
086976: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Appointment with Death (Penguin Books. No. 682. )
080146: AGATHA RAMM - The Political Correspondence of Mr. Gladstone and Lord Granville 1868-1876. Volume 2 Only 1871-76
080295: AGATHA RAMM - The Political Correspondence of Mr. Gladstone and Lord Granville, 1868-1876. Volume I, 1868-71
055539: AGNES ANDEWEG AND SUE ZLOSNIK - Gothic Kinship
060253: AGNES R. VARJKONYI - Husbandry Among the Nobility of Hungary at the Turn of the 18th Century, Their Mentality and Some Problems of Long-Range Socio-Historical Development
056692: AGNEW, JOHN - The United States in the World-Economy: A Regional Geography (Geography of the World-Economy)
043019: AGOCS, SANDOR - The Troubled Origins of the Italian Catholic Labor Movement, 1878-1914
059870: AHARON BEN-AMI - Social Change in a Hostile Environment: : the Crusaders' Kingdom of Jerusalem
059885: AI RUI KE HUO BU SI BAO MU (ERIC J. HOBSBAWM) - Original Rebellion : 19th and 20th Century Quaint Form of Social Movements(Chinese Edition)
060368: AIDAN SOUTHALL - Social Change in Modern Africa: Studies Presented and Discussed at the First International African Seminar, Makerere College Kampala, January 1959
060574: AIRS, MALCOLM - The Tudor and Jacobean Country House: A Building History
082356: AKENSON, DON - An Irish History of Civilization, Volume 2: Comprising Books 3 and 4
048315: AKERS, CHARLES W.;HANDLIN, OSCAR - Abigail Adams: An American Woman
051610: AKHAPKIN YURI - First Decrees of Soviet Power. A Collection of the First Major Acts of Legislation Adopted by the Soviet Government, November 1917-July 1918.
083343: AKHMATOVA, ANNA; THOMAS, D. M. - Akhmatova: Selected Poems (Penguin International Poets)
059290: AL RICHARDSON - Revolutionary History Volume 5 No 1: Eyewitness to Disaster: The German Labour Movement and the Rise of Hitler, 1929-33
084763: ALAIN MONTANDON - Moeurs Des Uns, Coutumes Des Autres. Les Français Au Regard de L'Europe. Une Anthologie.
086656: ALAIN FERRARI; COLLECTIF - Le Poing Dans la Vitre : Scénaristes Et Dialoguistes Du Cinéma Français (1930-1960)
052048: ALAIN MONESTIER - Le Grandes Affaires Criminelles
084499: ALAIN RENOIR - The Poetry of John Lydgate.
059527: ALAN SILLITOE - Alan Sillitoe's Nottinghamshire
045602: ALAN RYAN - Thinking Across Time: Analysis on Military Operations
080474: ALAN EVERITT, ALAN MILNER EVERITT - Perspectives in English Urban History (Problems in Focus Series)
045589: ALAN FOX - History and Heritage: The Social Origins of the British Industrial Relations System
055367: ALAN BULLOCK , MAURICE SHOCK - The Liberal Tradition. From Fox to Keynes
086616: ALAN JEFFREYS - Approach to Battle: Training the Indian Army During the Second World War (War and Military Culture in South Asia, 1757-1947)
060890: ALAN WHITWORTH - Aspects of York: No 1: Discovering Local History
080189: ALAN VALENTINE - Lord George Germain.
082940: ALAN EVERITT, ALAN MILNER EVERITT - English Local History at Leicester, 1948-78: A Bibliography of Writings by Members of the Department of English Local History, University of Leicester
040450: ALAN FOX - A Very Late Development: An Autobiography
050337: ALAN R. MACDONALD, MARY VERSCHUUR - Records of the Convention of Royal Burghs, 1555; 1631-1648
083983: ALAN RYAN - J.S. MILL. [Routledge Author Guides]
041656: ALAN RUSTON - Transactions of the Unitarian Historical Society, Vol. 23 No. 2, April 2004
058138: ALAN T. PEACOCK - The Economics of National Insurance
056180: ALAN J. LEE - The Origins of the Popular Press 1855-1914
086592: ALAN WAKEFIELD; SIMON MOODY - Under the Devil's Eye: The British Military Experience in Macedonia 1915 - 1918
045604: ALAN RYAN - Australian Army Cooperation with the Land Forces of the United States: Problems of the Junior Partner
045375: ALAN BURTON - The People's Cinema: Film and the Co-Operative Movement
055262: ALAN HUNT - The Sociological Movement in Law
083060: ALAN RUSTON - Those Eighteenth-Century Divines: Writing for the New Dictionary of National Biography', Friends of Dr Williams's Library
086440: ALAN SEPINWALL - The Revolution Was Televised: The Cops, Crooks, Slingers, and Slayers Who Changed Tv Drama Forever
055154: ALAN CROW , PETER SAMSON - Bible John. Hunt for a Killer
087040: ALAN S. MILWARD - The Reconstruction of Western Europe, 1945-51
051454: ALAN SMALL - The Fourth Viking Congress. York, August 1961
054088: ALAN WATKINS - The Liberal Dilemma
045610: ALAN RYAN - Putting Your Young Men in the Mud: Change, Continuity, and the Australian Infantry Battalion
057834: ALAN DIXON - Snails and Reliquaries
081148: ALAN THOMSON - The Impact of the First CIVIL War on Hertfordshire, 1642-1647
082354: ALARY, ERIC; VERGEZ-CHAIGNON, BÉNÉDICTE - Dictionnaire de la France Sous L'Occupation
086982: ALBAN GAUTHIER - Beowulf Au Paradis: Figures de Bons Paiens Dans L'Europe Du Nord Au Haut Moyen âge
060501: ALBAN, K.J. - The Teaching and Impact of the 'Doctrinale' of Thomas Netter of Walden (C. 1374-1430) (Medieval Church Studies)
049308: ALBERT KRANTZ - Chronica Regnorum Aquilonarium. Daniae Svetiae Norvagiae. Strasbourg, 1546.
086065: ALBERT SCHRAM - Railways and the Formation of the Italian State in the Nineteenth Century (Cambridge Studies in Italian History and Culture)
084817: ALBERT AXELL - Stalin's War Through the Eyes of His Commanders: Through the Eyes of His Commanders
055915: ALBERT MANSBRIDGE - Fellow Men. A Gallery of England 1876-1946
059363: ALBERT; VENTE, MAARTEN ALBERT DUNNING - Visitatio Organorum: Feestbundel Voor Maarten Albert Vente, Aangeboden Ter Gelegenheid Van Zijn 65e Verjaardag
058161: ALBERT BOARDMAN KERR - Jacques Coeur. Merchant Prince of the Middle Ages.
058213: ALBERT L. WEEKS - The First Bolshevik. A Political Biography of Peter Tkachev.
080009: ALBERT VON RUVILLE - William Pitt Earl of Chatham. Volume III
052446: ALBERT HYMA - Renaissance to Reformation
086070: ALBERT DAUZAT - Etudes de Linguistique Francaise.
087148: ALBERT B. FRIEDMAN , NORMAN T. HARRINGTON - Ywain and Gawain
085375: ALBERT A. NOFI - The War Against Hitler: Military Strategy in the West
052505: ALBERT OWEN EVANS - A Chapter in the History of the Welsh Book of Common Prayer: Or the Letters Which Were Written Preparatory to the Revised Edition of 1841 - Volume One
049410: ALBERT LUDWIG KOHLMEIER - The Old Northwest As the Keystone of the Arch of American Federal Union. A Study in Commerce and Politics.
055934: ALBERT GERHARDS - Okumene Am Scheideweg? Ein Beitrag Der Theologie.
055871: ALBERT MANSBRIDGE - The Kingdom of the Mind. Essays and Addresses, 1903-37
084649: ALBERT E. WEBB - Glastonbury Abbey: A Hasty Story of the Abbey and a Descriptive Guide to the Abbey Ruins
057922: ALBERT H. SCHROEDER , DAN S. MATSON - A Colony on the Move. Gaspar Castano de Sosa's Journal, 1590-1591
085413: ALBERT BARNES - Practical Sermons: Designed for Vacant Congregations and Families... First English Edition. With Additional Sermons
054810: ALBERTO CARACCIOLO - L'Albero Dei Belloni. Una Dinastia Di Mercanti Del Settecento
048547: ALBERTUS JOHANNES ADRIANUS FEHR - Les Dialogues Antiques de Paul Valery. Essai D'Analyse D'Eupalinos Ou L'Architecte.
045452: ALBRECHT MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY - The War and German Society: The Testament of a Liberal
084126: ALCIDE MACE - Essai Sur Suetone
053305: ALCOCK, PETER ; SHEFFIELD GROUP - The Social Economy and the Democratic State: A New Policy Agenda for the 1990s
084074: ALDCROFT, DEREK H. - From Versailles to Wall Street, 1919-29 (History of World Economics in 20th Century)
052908: ALDCROFT, DEREK HOWARD - Full Employment, the Elusive Goal
048355: ALDEN, JOHN RICHARD - The South in the Revolution, 1763-1789
049962: ALDO DE MADDALENA - Prezzi E Mercedi a Milano Dal 1701 Al 1860.
082346: ALDO DE MADDALENA - The Fontana Economic History of Europe: Rural Europe 1500-1750
086428: ALDRIGDE, DAVID DENIS - Admiral Sir John Norris : And the British Naval Expeditions to the Baltic Sea, 1715-1727
086761: ALEC DETSICAS; NIGEL YATES - Studies in Modern Kentish History
051093: ALED EAMES , LEWIS LLOYD , BRYN PARRY - Cymru a'r Môr/Maritime Wales. 11 (1987)
047942: ALEKANDR ZARETSKI - Sosialistinen Realismi - Suuri Utopia , Socialistisk Realism - en Stor Utopi...
058250: ALETHEA D. SAYERS - The Sound of Brown's Guns . The Battle of Spring Hill November 29, 1864
058980: ALEX G. SCHOLES - Education from Empire Settlement. A Study of Juvenile Migration
084326: ALEX AWAD - Palestinian Memories. The Story of a Palestinian Mother and Her People
059606: ALEXANDER DALLIN - The Soviet Union at the United Nations: An Inquiry Into Soviet Motives and Objectives
084127: ALEXANDER DOUGLAS THOMSON - Euripides and the Attic Orators. A Comparison.
046280: ALEXANDER, MARTIN S. , HELEN GRAHAM - The French and Spanish Popular Fronts: Comparative Perspectives
058901: ALEXANDER, JEFFREY C. - Structure and Meaning: Relinking Classical Sociology
054359: ALEXANDER THOMAS KINGDOM GRANT - A Study of the Capital Market in Post-War Britain
059608: ALEXANDER B. CALLOW - The Tweed Ring
060641: ALEXANDER GERSHENKRON - Europe in the Russian Mirror. Four Lectures in Economic History
060484: ALEXANDER ROBERT J. - Latin American Political Parties
040891: ALEXANDER HAMILTON, JAMES MADISON, JOHN JAY - The Federalist, on the New Constitution
086956: ALEXANDER VUCINICH - Social Thought in Czarist Russia: The Quest for a General Science of Society, 1861-1917
080478: ALEXANDER, HARBERT - Tales of Madison: Historical Sketches on Jackson & Madison County, Tennessee
050913: ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, REFORM ASSOCIATION OF THE PROVINCE OF ONTARIO - Reform Government in the Dominion: The Pic-Nic Speeches Delivered in the Province of Ontario During the Summer of 1877
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081703: BALFOUR, MICHAEL - Britain and Joseph Chamberlain
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083021: BOLTON G - Britain's Legacy Overseas
050069: BOLTON, HERBERT E. - Texas in the Middle Eighteenth Century: Studies in Spanish Colonial History and Administration
053393: BOLZERN, RUDOLF - Spanien, Mailand Und Die Katholische Eidgenossenschaft: Militarische, Wirtschaftliche Und Politische Beziehungen Zur Zeit Des Gesandten Alfonso Casati (1594-1621)
053048: BOMBELLES, MARQUI MARC;GURY, JACQUES - Journal de Voyage en Grande Bretagne Et en Irlande 1784
049188: BONAVIA-HUNT, NOEL A. - Horace the Minstrel: A Practical and Aesthetic Study of His Aeolic Verse
044732: BOND MAURICE F. (COMPILED) - Select List of Classes of Records in the House of Lords Record Office.
057296: BONDS, RUSSELL S. - Stealing the General: The Great Locomotive Chase and the First Medal of Honor
042222: BONENFANT PAUL - Du Meurtre de Montereau Au Traité de Troyes.
042822: BONOMI, PATRICIA U. - The Lord Cornbury Scandal : The Politics of Reputation in British America
080070: BONSOR, N R P - North Atlantic Seaway. Volume 1.

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